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Re:Zero Discordant Harmony

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Chapter 1: Meeting an Idol

Day 3 after the broadcast

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, what do they want from me!" Shouts in anger a tall black haired young man with fierce eyes. He is running as fast as he can while already having discarded any imprint tags those bastards must have put on him, to be located by what seems to be an actual Hunter.

"There is no way anyone can see through my disruptor mask, damn I was careless he has my scent already!" Thinks the man as he sees an opening in the mass of people and tourists in front of him and surges forward.

Somehow this guy following behind him seems to be clearly superior, or else he would have already lost him like those other amateurs.

"He moves with the grace and feral quality only someone integrated with bestial chips and Augs (Augmentations) could, Fuck My Life!"

Curses the man as he keeps moving while feeling disgusted in his clothes that he has not been able to change since apparently everyone in the world and their mother wants a piece of him. And not in the fun way either, more like he goes with them involuntarily, or they will beat his ass bloody and still take him.

His synthetic mechanic tracksuit that he usually wears at his job looks even more worn out. And with hastily applied patches he had to do, all after suffering the continued exertion and mental fatigue, that tires the young man. He has been injecting stims just to stay up and grab a quick hour or two of rest somewhere away from all the facial recognition drones and trackers sent out to capture him.

If it were not for his precautions, he would already be in a dark room. Probably in another country or even held in those special underwater containment grounds, without ever seeing his loved ones again. The very thought of never seeing his fiancée again makes his blood boil in anger.

He glances around hurriedly at the various three dimensional holo ads seeing if any can point him to the nearest subway or jump pads so he can shake this Hunter off. Or else he wasn't going to be able to continue playing this game of cat and mouse, while the cat was the apex predator and him the shitty mouse.

He dodges and weaves throughout the busy streets of Neo-Shibuya while constantly looking around for anything that can help or aid him, his eyes lighten up at a street kiosk that may be his salvation.

With his right fingers on his left wrist he activates his Pirater, a highly modified and very illegal version of what everyone else commonly uses, Metias.

A personal communication tool that is indispensable in this current scientific world that the mad genius scientist Flugel kick started several decades ago. It is encoded specifically to the user's DNA and cannot be open by anyone except the user, law enforcement, and top notch hackers.

The kiosk in front of him has exactly what he needs to survive this Hunter that had been set on his ass. Right in front of him was a very premium tool called a Lion's Greifhaken, a state of the art grappling gun that could be mounted on your right wrist and used for the sport called Vector. Where people can use all sorts of tools and jump, stability, or rebound Augs so they could scale four to eight story buildings easy.

And they legally could not go higher than the designated buildings in the Vector squares. The people that play this sport are recreationally or at professional level called Vectorans.

Now illegally speaking one could go not only higher but go from building to skyscraper yet if you were caught and there were all sorts of laser measuring drones and devices for this very reason. You would either pay an absurd amount of creds or face jail time and not allowed to play Vector again in that district. For there have been too many thieves that were all former Vectorans.

Trust the man when he says nothing was as exhilarating as seeing how small people could look from up in the air. He remembers fondly that he and his fiancée would come to the Vector square by their apartment and would look like loons summersaulting in the air and grinning into each other's eyes warmly as they fell in love all over again.

He wipes the thought away as anger fills his head at the thought that he may not see his fiancée or play their cherished sport again since these bastards had so brazenly come for him and it wouldn't matter whether it was in public or not.

He apologizes for stealing it but it was to prolong his already short life and laws were starting to seem useless to him since they didn't even protect him at any of the moments he had been fleeing.

He bypasses the unmanned kiosk in several seconds and attaches the Greifhaken to his right wrist as he forcibly shuts off his Pirater, since they could track him even easier with it on and continues his great escape while thinking to himself.

"Having lost one group of pursuers just a mere hours ago made me wary, but my face can be scary so who knows if it was just because I looked at them the wrong way. FUUCKK!" The boy thinks as his adrenaline skyrockets at being pursed yet again.

He tries to choose areas with high volumes of people to delay his pursuer. All the time making sure if needed he could grapple away if he ever needs to forcefully yet he has to be cautious, some buildings have invisible stun barriers on to keep bandits and Vectorans from damaging the building and letting the police capture drones take away the fools with ease.

While at the same time, trying to visualize the best escape scenarios with the present area he was in. Luckily he came here all the time when his energetic and hyper teacher wants to eat some good food and he offers to pay for them, though that was only on occasion since his master could eat a restaurant out of business.

Again sharing a smile at the memory he quickly got serious and glances back. With shock on his brows he speeds up as much as he can since this Hunter was gaining on him fast, both of them disturbing the throngs of people out on this beautiful day where you could enjoy some amazing AR (Augmented Reality, think Pokémon Go) fireworks and virtual dragons weaving through the air.

Pursuing the boy is a rough looking blonde man with a scar across his face. His muscular body would deceive others that he wasn't very agile, yet if not for all these people and virtual kiosks, street performers and ordinance bots he would have apprehended his target and already disappeared.

He still cannot believe that this man seemingly wanted by the whole world has been able to evade as many talented trackers and specialists used to getting anyone that was their target, in wherever nation they are in.

He is sure shit is about to go down with the appearance of this man in front of him who he has met by sheer coincidence scant minutes ago. The exasperated man just couldn't believe the minute he sat down to try some famous national dishes from this lively district, his target would walk by him.

Looking worse for wear the black haired boy was trying to catch his breath, until he finally took note of his surroundings. The man looks down at his rather odd Metia and what was weirder is that after looking at the screen for nary a second he immediately glances at the stunned blonde who's sixth sense also alerts him that someone was looking at him, they stare at each other, then the target curses and flees, so the chase was on.

He grunts in frustration since he can't just shove all these people out of the way without seriously injuring them, not that he would ever do that to innocent civilians and everyday people of all walks of life.

However he was starting to feel tempted to unleash violence, since he could see this smug black haired asshole sometimes locking eyes with him and smirking as he starts increasing the distance between them. As if he begins to view this as not someone trying to abduct him and take him from everyone he loves , but two friends playing a game of tag.

He nearly forgets the rules and tears apart the crowd of people in between them, when he sees the smug man look at him with a grin and waving while shouting out:

" Keep it up Blondie, I almost had to stop to let you have time to catch up! However you are doing much better than the last six groups of people, my spirit commends you!"

And giving the seething tiger a mock bow he laughs out loud for what seems the first time in days and keeps twisting and weaving between the throngs of people with a jubilant spirit while a pissed off Hunter was trying and slowly failing to gain the advantage.

He growls at the thought he was being underestimated so severely and kept going while thinking of the laws he has to follow from this country. This is not Belfast, nor Vladivostok where he trained with his Russian brothers. This is one of the most secure and peaceful countries in the whole world, and they were pursuing each other in one of the most flourishing cities they have in the most outstanding ward present in Tokyo, Neo-Shibuya.

A special ward housing two of the busiest railway stations still to this day, Shinjuku and Shibuya Station. Garf prays to the gods they do not end up chasing each other there for he will surely lose this slippery ell of a human.

The Japanese were very strict with their social laws and both him and his increasingly frustrating target to capture have already been making everyone pay attention to them. And this man he needed was well aware of that.

But for some reason the scary eyed man when glancing at Garfiel was showing decreasing signs of alarm as if he could feel his pursuer wasn't someone with a hostile or evil aura, and Garf would have sworn that he saw a haunted look in his eyes. But not because of this pursuit between them that the yellow haired Hunter was actually also starting to enjoy. But of a similar occurrence that ended very different.

Garfiel was confused at how this man has seemed to judge his character in the brief minutes they have been playing this game of-! Garfiel finally realizes he was actually enjoying himself and he has to willingly stop feeling that emotion that he had stopped feeling years ago, Joy.

With a flustered expression he has to call upon his taciturn partner, for he knows that the way things are going between them, he will lose their target at the drop of a hat.

"Oi This guy has some skill to be flusterin my amazin' self, I need to find a better path before I stop carin' and become truly pissed. Loli which is tha best path to intercept this fool!" He continues in his pursuit of the black haired man when he sprints across a side walk a cute voice pipes up:

"I do abhor talking to people without manners Garfiel, this cute girl has a name in fact. If you don't call me properly then our lady may find out you were the reason this retrieval mission failed, I suppose."

Cursing in all of his favorite choice words from back home that he knew in his mind, he tries to reply back promptly as yet again he shoves a couple of tourists out of his way as he is slowly gaining on the fleeing young man.

"Fuck you arsehole!" says one of the already fading tourist due to the young blonde's speed.

"Ahh lovely it's tha Brits." Chuckles Garfiel in a rare moment of humor. Remembering with fondness all the tussles they had at soccer stadiums. Garf was ever the hooligan after all.

"Oi get bent ya feck'in cunt." Yells Garfiel while never turning his back with his middle finger extended. He puts the incident quickly out of his mind as he finally replies into his metia to a loli who is sporting a frown for hearing such vulgarity:

"Sorry 'bout them choice words ya heard Beatrice but I need yer help now. Despite it bein' hard t' believe my amazin' self is not gainin' on this slippery bastard." It took some guts to admit that from this prideful man, yet the mission was too critical. They had to, nay, need to acquire this man in front of them at all costs, or everything was lost.

The man in question even seems to go around leisurely as if he was in a stroll, conveying greetings to passing tourists. One even asks him a couple of questions on where the best districts with VR rooms are in, to which the boy cheerfully points to the right district. The people are grateful and bid him good health as they leave with a bounce in their step, which makes poor Garfiel's pride take a sound beating. His only help at reclaiming his lost honor rested in the hands of a cute young drill loli, that phrase already made the man's pride non-existent.

"I can see that quite clearly, I suppose. This man is used to these streets a lot more than we who aren't denizens of the area. I will say Garfiel our target does not seem to take you as serious as he did in the beginning, I wonder?" Replies the drill loli with a faint smirk on her tiny lips. As the boy with the wounded pride is about to snap, Beako gets into serious mode and calmly states:

Keep pursing, Garfiel while I finally play my part in this mission, in fact." Replies Beatrice as with swift fingers she starts typing on the Metia in front of her, activating Oracle.

Oracle is Beatrice's own creation, a software program that MI6 back in the United Kingdom wanted to get their hands on very badly when she resided there. Oracle itself informed Betty about the attempt and she was gone like the wind before they even knew what happened.

The befuddled agent in charge of apprehending the cute loli, noticed a cute pink sticky note on the vanity dresser where our drill loli would sit down and practice her best pouting expressions to make sure for one of them to eventually soften her mother's cold heart.

In elegant cursive writing it said:

"Betty appreciates the hospitality the English have always made sure to offer and while It is with sorrow that Betty is leaving such a wonderful room, this cute girl does not like when her status goes from esteemed guest to captive, in fact. So it is with little fanfare that Betty and Oracle bid your fair agency farewell and until next time when we are on opposing sides, I suppose.

Signed by,

Beatrice Hacker Extraordinaire.

And since then the world over has always fought to pay for Beatrice's incredible skills and infiltration abilities that can hack into the most secure sites in whichever country they are located in, but that is a story for another time.

A police surveillance drone that was in the vicinity of this frantic pursuit jerked to a stop, and now under the control of the drill hair loli it starts tracking the black haired boy. And then from that drone a signal on an invisible wavelength gets sent out to worker drones, construction drones, maintenance drones, until the smug loli had under her deft hands has an army of automatons.

At her beck and call for anything her cute heart desired, and right now what she desires is one thing, the boy in their captivity before others try to get him like they have already tried numerous times.

With another quick swipe all traffic lights change to green just when the boy was going to cross the wide street, impeding him from continuing that route. Simultaneously, while all of this was happening a detailed map of the current area her tracker and prey were located in, presents itself on a third monitor in front of Beatrice.

"Garfiel you are one hundred feet from our target, Betty went ahead and disrupted the route he was going to use by changing the traffic lights, I suppose. He seems flustered and is looking around for another avenue of escape. By what Betty is viewing with the map is that is shows he will be going right. Exactly where we want him since there is a heavy construction vehicle blocking the sidewalk, in fact.

Which he will not be expecting since Betty just moved it there with grace and speed. Despite his familiarity with the area Betty has some tricks up her sleeves. Flustered he will go into one of the alleyways that all lead to a dead end, and that is where our opportunity shall present itself. I have also taken control of two dozen drones and robots in order to direct traffic and give us the chance to work under cover. Do not miss this chance Betty provided you with, I suppose."

"Oi what makes ya so sure? I am approachin' where he is at n'he could go either way. There are too many civilians in tha way for me to have to double back." Questions Garfiel angrily since he couldn't be rash and go all out here. The ramifications are too great to consider. If he injured any amount of civilians the Japanese Defense Police Force would show up and they are not into welcoming a suspicious Irish Hunter and drill loli international super hacker.

"Because if Betty's Oracle says he will then that is that, in fact. Besides, the left path only leads to some abandoned industrial warehouses where some branches of the yakuza like to conduct what are known as less than fair transactions, also where there would not be many people at all. Our target has proven to not have a death wish and seems smart enough to realize what an erroneous move that would make on his part, I suppose."

Replies Beako as her dainty fingers never left her Metia and with flawless concentration, she analyzes all the incoming data with ease, while then inputting additional commands into her Oracle that is able to foresee which way the boy will go, as well as calculating the foot traffic of the pedestrians, and how they will subconsciously move according to the flow of people.

After a quick calculation, the Oracle has taken into account the boy's heightened emotional response, distress at being pursued, and anger at himself for being pursued in less than an hour, and the results were out.

" 98.63% Is the answer Garfiel, in fact. So don't give Betty any more headaches and lets complete this job. I still have to find out the whereabouts of the other team that tried to steal our target. Hmph, they just aren't as good as Betty, I suppose."

Pouts out an irritated Beako since she was supposed to stay on top of things, yet it appears that this boy has either the best timing or worst, considering his fate or the luck of them chancing on meeting him in a stroke of luck.

The blonde man grunts in affirmation as he decides to end this wild chase before any real trouble showed up. He sprints even faster now as his enhancements awaken in full force. He needs to get this man, he is his chance of finally having a good and carefree life with his sister, since this world can be very dangerous to animal enhanced siblings like them. And while their lady is of the firm and equality mentality, she also seems to be a rather weak leader, snorts Garfiel as he zeroes in on the boy.

"Damn what the fuck! The road was just clear and I know for a fact it was at least two more minutes until all the high speed traffic was to be let go ahead. Now what am I going to do? Dodge the cars and get wasted? No thank you, let's look at our other options." Sighs the exasperated young man as he looks around for another avenue of escape.

To his left is where all the scum of Neo Shibuya likes to hang out and play mob boss, and while not exactly scared of tough neighborhoods he knows if they realize who he is then they will make sashimi out of him.

Quickly crossing that option out he looks to his right to a residential neighborhood full of antique stores still selling old paperback books and manga that he and his weeb master like checking out still. The boy thinks quickly:

"Sure that route seems like the easiest to escape towards, but why does everything feel so planned. I feel like a mouse that has finally braved the scary labyrinth and when seeing the cheese, jumps forward without looking at the trap underneath it. Hmm, Fuck Let's look at where I came from."

It takes all of one glance to alarm the boy as the Hunter he even started thinking of as a cute grumpy tiger starts to reveal his fangs. Staring at him with a smug grin, and begins approaching with an amazing speed he can now display since it seems like all the ordinance drones, security drones and , "wait what the fuck! Why would construction drones and advertising drones help steer the crowd away?!"

Realizes the sharp eyed man as he gazes closely at his dear blonde friend communicating into a metia. Realizing what that means he gazes above and the police and even reporter drones are all focused in his direction, as if he is a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi, which isn't too far off the truth only ten times worse.

"I knew that dumb tiger couldn't have been keeping up with me as long as he didn't go full feral and stop giving a damn about civilians and incident reports. Damn I have been played! There has to be a super skilled hacker doing this, hacking government drones is illegal as fuck, not to mention hard to bypass all their anti-hacking software. And this many all at once! Fuck I underestimated this operation."

The boy curses as the tiger approaches with a smugger grin than the one he gave him earlier, when helping those tourists. Such is karma the boy says to himself.

Garfiel is feeling in a pretty good mood, as he now is in control of this game once more and as he is about to gloat before capturing this annoying man he is interrupted when the boy shouts:

"Up yours baby hunter! Keep dreaming and one day your dream self may catch this holy one. Come back in ten years when you are a grown Hunter and not this mewling whelp I see before my eyes!" As he sprints with renewed determination to the right side and flicks off his right middle finger to the startled blonde cat. As Garfiel feels utterly humiliated for the first time and was about to angrily retort, a cute voice once again startles him as a blonde drill loli appears besides him.

Beatrice is wearing a cute gothic dress, but with some new embroidery that seems like dark purple lights are always glowing and dancing around her. Her stylish hover boots gently letting her appear to be talking to Garfiel as if they are both the same height.

She puts her hands on her tiny waist and stares at Garfiel with amusement and a flicker of annoyance, only its visible off her left eye since her right has her futuristic scanner. That she uses to quickly interface with any cybernetics or encryptions in their way visually while her Oracle which is fused in her metia on her left wrist is calculating all probabilities seamlessly.

"While that was rather quite amusing to see my troubled companion, have you not realized what path our target has taken in his desperation to flee, I suppose?" Questions with a fully visible smirk the proud Loli.

The blonde man was about to shrug like fuck if he knew, then his sluggish brain realized what that meant. He is about to congratulate his smart if small partner, before he gets interrupted a second time in less than five minutes, which leave him feeling rather depressed.

"Garf, if I have to float here and listen to your gushing words of praise for this cute girl, our target will definitely double back and find another escape route, for he is no fool, in fact. Quickly let's pursue and be done with this tiring mission, I suppose." Finishes saying the drill loli as she mentally activates her boots to propel her at shocking speeds, while her gloomy companion just follows behind quietly moping he could not show off his amazing self to anyone.

(Scene Change)

The boy hits the wall of yet another dead end alleyway and knows he has been played like a fiddle, even if they don't exist anymore since wood is too expensive and rare to make music instruments. Besides why would anyone listen to that when you can just imprint the music in your metia.

"Fuuck that baby pussycat and that damn smug hacker, I have been duped." Exclaims the boy in frustration as he just lays against a wall, next to garbage cans from the restaurant nearby. The boy nearly gives up, and he just picks up a discarded menu from the restaurant on the floor and decides to enjoy his last minutes imaging eating a scrumptious last meal at Oscar's International Fine Mexican food. He remembers his fiancées surprise at how good chicken enchiladas are with a dreamy expression. Before realizing it he jumps up in joy and curses his stupidity as he realizes exactly where he is. He and his fiancé used to eat here all the time after a long time enjoying their second favorite sport. The first is of course [REDACTED].

As he is laughing out loud a cute voice suddenly interrupts his delusions, and intrigued at the cadence he turns around and is shocked by what he sees. A cute drill loli hovering a couple of feet off the ground, with purple virtual small spheres surrounding her. And to complete the crème de la crop, she is sporting a badass scanner on her right eye, while her eyes are cyan blue with pink butterflies as pupils.

"Listen here, in fa-." She shrinks back as she gets interrupted by a passionate annoying voice, like a fan would talk to their hero or celebrity of choice.

"Are you the super star hacker, Monarch Beako?! I have always wanted to meet such a cute and elegant drill loli like yourself. Ahhh if it is you that led to my eventual capture that I can at least say I do not mind losing to such an amazing loli. If I could play with your curls then all will be Hyeek-!" Cries the boy as the loli snapped out of her thoughts at hearing his last perverted words and kicks him in the stomach while increasing her propulsion on the hover boots to the MAX setting.

While the boy lays in pain moaning on the ground, Garfiel arrives and seeing the interaction that followed roars in laughter while gloating smugly:

"I wouldn' go off spoutin' frolickin' words to tha wee lass. I hav' been on the recievin' end for far too long and AGH-!" Cries out another boy as his body crumples into another wall. As Beatrice is having enough of both of these fools who act to much alike for her elegant choice she replies to her target that had recently gotten up on shaky legs:

"Listen here [OMITTED], we will have to take you with us whether you desire or not, and Betty is usually against such choices that rob oneself of their free will, in fact. However we also have no say in this matter, and can only promise you on Betty's and that embarrassing boy I call my companion that we will not hurt you or harm you in any way, I suppose."

The boy looks at his stomach incredulously and is going to reply back before he is cut off once again.

"That action was well justified as you impugned on this cute ladies honor, I dare you challenge that statement, in fact." Finishes saying the loli as if seems her eyes shine with anticipation and her little Oracle is jumping in joy at helping her lady punish this perverted miscreant.

The black haired man cheekily grins and spends a minute composing his body while thinking that this young loli can hit really hard when properly motivated, he retorts with an apologetic expression:

"Yes you are right I was too forward, sorry Beako that was rude of me, I will gladly accept any punishment except captivity, death, or money since I have none because my lovely fiancé does not trust my money management , Tch! Just because that one Saber figurine cost more than I make in a month she doesn't trust me with money, it is truly a sad affair." Exclaims the broken hearted boy as he grimly recalls his enraged fiancée dragging him back to return the priceless work of art to the original vendor, while berating him all the time.

"What did you call me, I wonder?" Expresses Beatrice as she completely glossed over everything this foolish man had said, and singularly spent all her concentration on the way he addressed her.

"Ahh, I just called you Beako, think of it as a term of endearment between two future friends that shall accomplish great things together!" Answers the man as if it the only logical answer, and looks at his new hopeful friend with a confused expression.

Beatrice just shakes in rage that she will not allow to consume her proper and cute self, and calms down but the way she gazes at the boy he knows he may have committed a capital offense.

"I and that boy Garfiel will be your new captors and transport you to our Lady, and you want to be friends and even give Betty such a crude abbreviation of her gorgeous name, I suppose?" Questions an emotionless Beatrice, as if not believing this fool for a single second.

The young man just sighs and gets to the point as Garfiel is already standing by Beatrice both posed to stun or neutralize him if he acts or says anything funny. He grins and bows with a mock fashion and proceeds to ask questions of his own;

"Fine you may be correct Beatrice and wait a minute, you are Garfiel!" The boys eyes widen in shock and recognition, which make Garfiel feel like a million suns.

"I see ya have a fine eye then for recognizn' my amazin' self, at least ya ain't half daft then." Smugly concludes the blonde haired boy with a smirk.

"Oh no, my apologies I just wanted to say that since you were looking a little left out between this epic confrontation between I and this domineering loli. I haven' the faintest idea who ya are, sorry lad." Grins the amused boy as he proceeds to humiliate and butcher the accent of the previous proud Hunter.

Before Garfiel can proceed to rip him to shreds he continues asking Beatrice who waves her hand at Garf to calm down:

"How did you know where I was going to turn, I obviously know this city better than you outsiders that have probably arrived here in the last day or so, looking lost but I assume with your superior hacking skills getting maps imprinted into your metia was not too difficult in itself. However the idea you knew I would turn here when pressed truly intrigues me."

"Well with Oracle all predictions are made to be accurate and with nearly no fails, even including human choices and will into the equation, I suppose. Oracle predicted you would turn to the right, and therefore into this alley which we had already decided to trap you in with a 98.6% accuracy. And if Oracle predicts it, then that is the future, in fact." Proudly replies Betty while playing with the silver glowing orb which brightened in happiness at its masters praise.

"Ahh I see, what a wonderful creation that A.I is. I truly admire your intelligence and creativity, it seems like I have lost this round." Sighs the boy in wonder as he picks up the discarded paper menu he was playing with.

"As Betty says, what Oracle predicts is what will happen so I sugge-." Beatrice stops her villain monologue as she gets presented the restaurant menu that the boy had.

As she and Garfiel gaze at it in question the boy wistfully looks at the restaurant and with emotion responds:

"Me and my fiancée Satella would eat here after our second favorite sport, and it is here where your precious prediction program will go in flames for you forgot to ask if the most important question."

"Wait a min' what is ya and your ladies first fav' sport?" Asks an intrigued Garfiel as he feels the answer might me quite entertaining.

"Ahh sorry that is something only adults enjoy, come back in three years and father here will expand your horizons. But Beako you did not ask your Oracle the right question. You should have asked, Will we capture Natsuki Subaru here in the alleyway." Grins Natsuki Subaru for the first time this conversation started between two naïve kidnappers. He grips his Lion's Gun behind his back and waits.

"I… what do you mean in fact! Of course we will, Oracle answer that question, I suppose!" Screams an adorably angry Loli, furious that her beloved program would be mocked. However several seconds later her face turns pale as the silver white orb dazzlingly shine turns mute and mechanically responds:

"0.00034%" replies the A.I who had done over two million calculations in a scant three seconds.

And while the shocked Loli and confused Garfiel ponder over the last abysmal prediction Subaru unveils his trump card.

"By the way Beako, Garf-san, you should know this is a Vector square and that I and my beloved Satella are the current professional champions of the sport.

I Natsuki Subaru, bid you farewell and good hunting.

Activate Lion's Greifhaken!

And with a realistic lion roar, the proud A.I grappling gun quickly shoots out and anchors on to the seventh floor of another building and within less than two seconds, Natsuki Subaru is gone, leaving a bewildered pair shocked out of their minds. The loli has her pride and dignity trampled on for the first time, while the proud Tiger boy wants to catch up to the man he has already labelled as his captain and ask where he can also get one of those, but in tiger form.

So the beautiful chase truly begins in the futuristic city of Neo Shibuya.

(Scene Change)

A old fashioned pamphlet is rolling around in the wind, letting destiny and fate guide it to where it belongs when suddenly being intercepted by a gloved hand. The individual that grabbed the pamphlet proceeds to stare at it, as her metia translates the foreign words into a language she can comprehend with subtitles.

"Welcome to Tokyo, and please do not forget to visit the ever lively Neo-Shibuya district, where augmented reality as well as virtual have combined into something amazing to witness!"

She smirks while her stoic companion glances at the information presented and inquires:

"Is that not where we are headed [OMITTED]-Sama?"

The Lady in question grins and replies without fanfare:

"I truly have to understand what could be so special about this boy the world is hunting down like a prized target, and whether he may be able to help me defeat the damned (inaudible), that plague who terrorize the whole world." She finishes with a thoughtful expression.

"Nyaahh they have such cute boutiques to check here, I cannot wait!" Excitingly shouts her second companion.

The Lady just smiles at her friend's usual act and gazes into the distance while holding the pamphlet and mutters softly to herself:

"Will you be our salvation, or curse Subaru-Sama?"

Author's Note
Thank you for reading this sci fi re zero

What I promise is that every chapter I release from either this novel or Sagebaru will be done after I and my friends and beta readers are satisfied. So If you like Sci Fi and re zero you will love this tremendously thank you for your support. If you like sci fi you will understand.


Believe it or not this idea started off as a crack fic, or cursed. Until I brainstormed more and the one individual that kept up with my insanity is my close friend Comrade Elmo on discord and he made an account on Fan fiction as well which I will surely tag him too. Thank you and enjoy, an original story that has the re zero camps facing crazy situations in several countries and capitals. This is Oteycri000 signing out.

Chapter Text

Chapter 2: Fated Encounter

Current Location: Natsuki Residence

Time: 9:50 PM

4 years ago

A young, black-haired familiar boy was questioning himself on what is the point of his existence. He never helps around the house where his two wonderful parents do their absolute best to make him feel comfortable, how utterly slothful. How unrepentant this youth is towards the sin of sloth. He embodies it, embraces it, feels repulsed by it, craves it, admires it. He feels his breathing going erratic, that unbearable invisible weight crushing him as much as all the expectations he has never fulfilled, left unattended or simply, one of the boy's favorite methods, to run away from.

"Stop thinking like this or else you will really want to go through it and end it all." Screams the boy at his despairing mind just when he was about to let a silent scream a single knock echoed upon his door. Blinking the boy takes a moment to consider where he is. Is he still lost in the dark recess of his mind, where thought and reality merge and intertwine at every interval, wanting nothing more than for his own sanity to join them. Was there a knock on the door or was that jus-

A firmer yet still polite knock graces his door for the second time, pulling the boy back to himself fully as he bolts alright. He gasps his chest as color returns to his eyes. Taking a deep breath he utters a word that he still does not know if to treat wearily or not:

"Come in… please." There, he said it will that mean that after one or both of his parents come in and say whatever they need to say before taking their leave. Will he be able to resume continuing his existential dilemmas on why his loving parents should simply give up on their defective parasitic spawn and they should-"

"Natsukii are you thinking bad thoughts again? You should stop before I make you eat lots' of mayonnaise!" Intones a voice with a small drawl and just from hearing the voice the inner demons of Natsuki Subaru retreated and locked themselves deep inside his mind. Willing to depart momentarily for they know they would be back.

Subaru feels his real self, the tangible one that people could actually see and not his despised self, the one that made up more of the boy than any unconditional love could do to try and fix the mess of his mind. He takes a silent breath and looks up while he slips on his everyday facsimile of a smile, hoping that he had improved it to be even more flawless and undetectable than before. He has to be oh, so careful, since it was from his mother that he inherited these fearsome eyes after all.

"Hey mom, what are you talking about? It is me, your son, the one and only Natsuki Subaru." Exclaimed and posed a cheerful(Fake) Subaru while eyeing his mother with caution only seen to himself. As he is about to breathe a sigh of relief that she had not noticed anything, he sees a glint from those very fearsome eyes and his breath hitches as he knows the jig is up.

Natsuki Naoko may not be the smartest person around, yet a mother's intuition and perception bar none. She frowns slightly but upon seeing the obviously fake smile crumbling from her son's face as he looks like he is going to panic, she takes three steps towards him and embraces one of the two people that make her complete. It always pains her that her joy of life trembles so, as if he is unworthy of his own mothers love. She knows her son is an inherently good person but struggles with issues that herself and her beloved try their best to understand. But both herself and Kenichi agree that sometimes some issues need to be left alone to the person dealing with them, while they would offer their encouragement and support. So she held her sobbing son as her heart broke a little as well, yet it should be the duty of the mother to take on the pain of their children and that is oh, so unfair.

After a little while longer both the content mother and slightly embarrassed son parted while she still kept one hand on his shoulder. Making sure that he would at least try to be more familiar with his own mother.

And watches as her embarrassed son finally puts on a real smile, albeit it looked a little odd, as if it rarely if ever saw any use. Naoko gives her own serene smile and Subaru's face relaxed slightly as if he had passed a test and scored a 100. Remembering that his mother had come and possibly more than to check up on him he asked:

"What's up mom, while it is always a pleasure to be graced in your divine presence did you just come to check on your worth… son? Because I really appreciate it buu-"

Interrupts Naoko, as she puts her index finger on Subaru's lips while thinking why indeed she came up here. While it is always great to see her son and both of them do their own activity, which is to just gaze absentmindedly and eat mayonnaise, she recalls she had another reason perhaps? Hmmm maybe five more minutes and then her son finally puts two and two together and reminds her. See! At least you can count…. Hmm that wouldn't go too well with him right? And-

"Mom you came here to ask if I could go to the convenience store right " Interrupts a calm Subaru with a smile that was lifted ever so slightly in what could have become a genuine grin if he ever relaxes enough.

While rubbing her hand over her brown smooth hair and the other one under her chin as she slowly came out of what her son affectionately called Pensive State. She opened her fearsome eyes that were shining with happiness that she had two wonderful men in her life. She frowned suddenly at the idea of one of them ever disappearing, the disturbing thought leaving as quickly as it came. If Naoko does not like something then she shall just banish it.

Nodding contently she gave her shining star a list that her wonderful husband had written out for her. Because if she would have to write it she would have to go into a Pensive State for hours and hours. Until she realized that It would be nighttime. Much better to do it this way and just trust in her men.

Subaru shook his head and his smile returned in full force as the boy felt suddenly lighter, as if he could face his trials and maybe instead of running away at least attempt them? Is it worth to think like that, nay, could he afford to think like that and fail while remaining ok? Suddenly just when his smile was about to contort into one of despair a soft hand ruffled his hair and a serene voice followed:

"Hmm, it is always nice to see you smile, all I and your father ask is to smile more often, when you can ok? Now go Subaru, before your father gets cranky over not eating his chips during his favorite parts of a show." Giggles Naoko and pats her son on the head as she exits the room of her shining star, Subaru.

The boy in question just feels a huge weight off of his chest and grins with confidence the first time that week. With shining eyes he points his finger at the direction of the corner store he has travelled to and fro so many times. "Mission get Dad snacks before he gets cranky and body slams me has been assigned! Bonus points if they have the spicy kind mom also likes! Let's Go time for shu- Natsuki Subaru to go out once more!" Finishes the boy with just a mere tremble instead of collapsing. Progress is progress after all. The boy gets his phone and leaves the house for the short journey, unaware that destiny had a surprise coming for him.

(Scene Change)

A sharp eyed boy was relieved that they had all the snacks his gluttonous parents demanded their frail son to bring them. He smiles at all the efforts his parents put in for a wor—son like this. Maintaining his cheery disposition as slight cracks emerge he pays the familiar cashier and waits for his change.

Glancing around he notices it is quite empty even though it is only a quarter past ten. Looking outside he sees that the full moon is in bloom, opening up the tendrils of darkness that form part of the sky and letting the moonlight liven up all she touches.

While feeling melancholic the cashier gets his attention and the boy stops paying attention outside, missing a glint of shadow that seemed to appear and vanish just as quickly. The only silent witness was the moonlight and she was not one to gossip.

The boy leaves the store and stretches his hands in the air as he does a quick few stretches from his favorite workout. After several minutes he is done and feeling his muscles properly lessened of tension. He once again looks at the full moon and it makes him entranced for another moment.

If something this celestial can bestow its life to petty creatures like himself than he should have another motivation to keep smiling he thinks to himself, while checking that his smile was ok and in no sign of cracks he turns around to start the short trek home when his eyes widen at the alarming scene that had appeared in front of him.

There on the ground, lays a female figure slowly trying to get up but failing to muster the energy, and an incoming semi-truck can't see her due to her clothes being black and his seat up to high until he finally hits the breaks and-

Immediately he drops his recently bought merchandise everywhere as he sprints as fast as he can, pumping any reserve energy he has from his body. As only one thing occupies his mind.

Faster,Fasteer,Fasteeeer,Fassteeer,No please faster, faster, faster, get there Now, Now, Now, Oh dear God, Faster, Fasterrr, Fasterrr, Fasterrr,Fasterrr, Fasterrr,Fasterrr,Fasterrr, Fasterrr, Fasterrr,

Fasterrr Fasterrr,Fasterrr,Fasterrr,Fasterrr,Fasterrr, ….DAMN ITT! I WON'T GET THERE IN TIME!

Despite the boy's assertions and all his willpower he is a couple seconds too short he knows he won't make it but he can't give up. For once in his pathetic excuse of a life he does not want to give up, or attempt half-heartedly. He wants to succeed, nay, HE WILL SUCCEED OR DIE TRYING!


Suddenly time seems to freeze to a standstill around the two people.

One is desperately trying to stand as her weak body refuses to let her fight for her life, and the other is risking his life for this complete stranger. The boy, nay, hero grabs the weak figure from the ground and throws her as hard as he can away from the imminent danger she was in mere moments before, knowingly having swapped places with her. The final thing he heard is a hysterical scream coming out of the woman he just saved, and then the final thing he felt was his body getting hit and thrown like a ragdoll.

(Scene Change, Location:?)

Darkness surrounds Subaru as he is unaware of what is happening, he cannot feel his body, his limbs, his face, his arms, nothing. It's like he is in nothingness. Would that mean he is nothing as well? Ah that would make sense, the boy nods in his head, and for a very disturbing moment the boy seems to grin In his mind.

He erroneously thinks he deserves to be labeled a parasite, a worm, vermin, a scourge, a blight upon the amazing parents that should have never given birth to the alien entity that is Natsuki Subaru.

A broken individual with no desire to ever be remembered, to perish in the nothingness means he became nothing. He cackles out loud in short spurts of insanity, finally content that the world judged him as a blight upon its land and removed his tainted presence.

How very slothful , how unbecoming, how greedy, how envious, how sad, how mad, was laughing in sheer madness the non-corporeal body of Natsuki Subaru. Now a mere shell of its former self as it prepares to merge with what has always been its true essence , nothingness for it has always just been a good facsimile of what a human should be. It wonders if its fake parents would think that as it closes its mind for the last time.

While It could take a second or an eternity which wouldn't matter since all is equal in the void. It was wondering why It/He could still think? Could still process and analyze It/He's conditions towards It/MYSELF.

As fragments of the sanity of Natsuki Subaru the person, and the alien entity that considered itself Not Natsuki Subaru fought for establishment, a warm light such as moonlight touched both Natsuki Subaru's.

Natsuki Subaru the person, one filled with warmth and kindness and acts brave despite portraying himself as inferior. Who loves the world while downplaying the love that he should have more for himself. Such a light filled Natsuki Subaru the person with warmth and clarity as the damaged boy's soul finally began its long and arduous process of accepting it's self-doubts.

The boy shall always carry with himself doubt but know he can see that he has it in himself to improve. To be diligent, motivated, ambitious, humble, and persevere towards the great goal of becoming a better individual by doing the simple act of believing more in himself.

Accepting the help needed from his parents, accepting the mistakes that follow, and do not let them repeat themselves and wallow in past choices while moving on for a future that was as dark as the void in between stars. Which was slowly starting to shine as when the sun illuminates the day, bringing a feeling of warmth to all.

Instead of increasing his self-loathing and doubt and letting them to ever allow a phenomena such as this one to ever repeat itself, from the peaceful smile on the unconscious boys face, he shall put up a much better fight. And Natsuki Subaru the person, simply became Natsuki Subaru in all his self.

While Not Natsuki Subaru the impostor simply disappeared into the void, never to be heard from again. The wicked thoughts that had paralyzed the innocent boy's naïve mind disintegrating while a faint purple shadow could see streaking through the nothingness and joining Not Natsuki Subaru in a journey to where not even the Gods knew where it would lead to.

A girls silver bell like laugh was heard throughout this now stable mind frame of the boy who risked his life to save a total stranger.

(Scene Change)

Pain, sheer agony running through his entire body. It took everything that made Subaru to will himself not to die. Shivering he suddenly felt a warm hand grasp his, or at least that is his hand he believes.

It is strange how that warm hand was able to drive most of the pain away. It had a soft delicate touch to it, yet seemed to contain untold strength. He is trying to figure out if this may be his mother's hand or his fathers. But he dismisses that idea quickly without a doubt.

Naoko has firm yet gentle hands, easily not these since he has helped her make dough before. And he didn't even consider his father. His father would rather jump on him with a pro wrestling move. So he wonders who does this dainty hand that he can feel the gentleness from belong too. He must make an effort to find out, to at the very least satisfy his curiosity.

Subaru struggles to open his eyes and when he can finally open them all the way he takes a look around. White orderly rooms, a faint disinfectant smell, fluorescent lightbulbs. With a frown, he tries to recall what he last remembered. It did not help that it was in flashes, some dropped candy, a figure trying and failing to get up, bright lights incoming towards the figure, having an urgent desire to save something? No, it was someone.

Are they important to him? He is not sure but he hopes that they are ok. He feels that wonderful sensation through his body as if all the negative thoughts and self-doubt had been eradicated or simply erased. Well maybe not all of them since he can still feel small tendrils here and there, but if not given a reason to grow then all should be well.

He finally takes an opportunity to check himself and discovers that he has casts surrounding most of his body. Looking more like a mummy than anything else, but infinitely more alive.

He feels what appears to be the only mostly undamaged appendage which is his right arm, which of course connects to his right hand following the line of thought till he reaches his destination, he blinks in shock and disbelief.

The dainty and oh, so warm and gentle hand that is holding his belongs to what could possibly be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Silky, smooth long hair that seems to follow below her waist, each strand reflecting different colors depending on how the light hit it.

A heart shaped face with full and gorgeous lips, pinched together as if trying to frown. How odd but it makes sense since she is currently asleep . The eyes could not be seen but the lashes adorning them were long and thick, many women would be pouting in jealousy. She seemed to mumble in her sleep, what a cute quirk thinks Subaru warmly as he realizes quickly he has been ogling at her for quite an inappropriate amount of time.

While feeling conflicted whether he should wake her up or not he did not have to worry about that issue anymore since her body was more than happy to get in motion. She stirred slowly like a cat unrolling it's body stretching as she got up. Now that the lad saw her she had an amazing figure as well to his quick blush. Yet the most fascinating thing to him were her eyes, he had never seen such a color on a person. Sure maybe as a trick of the sun, or false contact lenses, and only the absurdly wealthy would use implant graphs on their visual organs merely for the sake of aesthetic and not military or sight enhancement . But no they look as natural as those lips of hers that were presenting a small frown. Gorgeous Amethyst eyes on such a fascinating woman. She was also wearing a rather interesting midnight black dress, following her all the way to her feet.

"What a marvelous lady." As he knew that she must have been staying with him for how long? A few days, weeks? Hopefully not months. He cleared his throat to hopefully get her attention and not embarrass himself, but what fate may be, leave it to fate.

As the lady in question still hadn't noticed who said that he coughed his throat again motioned to her with a grin, or whatever painful imitation of that is. "Hey nice to meet you, I am Natsuki Subaru shut In extra-!" He was interrupted by the girl launching herself at him and he was just left in total and utter shock as the girl looked at him with eyes already bawling out in tears.

"Subaruuuuuu, Subaruu! You are alive, thank god, thank everything, I was so worried, I.. I .. I..(Hiccup), Uuuwuuuuuuu…" Finished the trembling lady as she just hugged the person she owed her everything too while wailing like a five year old. The stranger that had saved her pathetic life when she had already resigned herself to a violent death, one she felt she may have deserved and been a form of punishment for her sins.

She gripped the confused and shell shocked boy firmly but with care since the med gel and medical nanites had not finished fixing the many lacerations he suffered in protecting her life. She mentally cursed herself at putting such a wonderful and selfless boy in such danger when it should have just been her to suffer and perish. After meeting his worried parents she could tell how loved this wonderful boy was deep down.

His eyes which looked so similar to his mothers and also a tad familiar from another individual she could not recall, seemed so fearsome yet they were gazing at her with confusion and relief to see her fine.

She thinks to herself:

" His eyes are the most wonderful palette of brown I have set my sights on, and look resilient as the toughest and gnarled tree in the forest. His hands are soft, nearly feminine yet for the sure and firm grip that I feel on my hand. And I feel his warmth and concern for me, as if it was me lying in this facility to treat the infirm and ones that suffered injury. How is he so good hearted?

Who could be as brave as to jump in front of such an enormous vehicle to save a mere stranger while risking their own health and well-being? How magnanimous of this gorgeous boy for such an unworthy individual such as myself. For me he sacrificed himself without ever knowing if he was going to live or perish.

For me he woke up in this facility and smiled while still confused, relieved to see myself fine and in good health. What have I done to deserve such a miracle angel to help me? I just want to continue being near this cherished person, no with Subaru."

She relaxes herself and gains warmth from Subaru yet still hugs him, she leans back and looks at the sharp eyes of this man she is starting to have her heart race for, and with a dazzling smile that makes Subaru's time stop she states:

"My Name is Satella, and your wonderful parents let me know your name as we shared our time here while waiting and hoping for you to wake up soon. Subaru-kun I just wanted to say that you are my hero. Thank you for saving my pitiful life!"

Here Satella gets off Subaru with reluctance and looks at her new savior with worry dancing in those sparkling pools of lavender, at maybe the boy not liking her, at feeling her unworthy to have been saved. Maybe he was just doing what he does best and acted like the hero she feels he is in every bone of her body. Maybe just mayb-

She is interrupted by Subaru who began crying yet not tears of grief, not embarrassment, but joy. Horrified, Satella gets closer yet is hesitant in how to approach until Subaru extends his still functioning arm to her and she looks in wonder while clasping it and falling into his embrace with a little shock.

She leans her head on his shoulder with a cast while Subaru just hugs her as best as he can with his right arm until he emotionally declares:

"I am not crying out of sadness or frustration, but I am crying out of sheer fucking joy that the one thing I decide to give my all too and forbid myself to fail, succeeds wondrously." Here Subaru cranes his neck as best as he can and looks at this fairy that seemed to have fallen from another world in her enchanting amethyst eyes.

Satella is just feeling her heart erupting in pure bliss as tears of her own form, awed at how this boy looks at her as if she saved him. What would she have ever saved him from, she wonders. It is more like he saved her and she inconvenienced him with his timely rescue, truly a man with good timing.

As she begins to subconsciously to slowly fall for this amazing man he finishes saying with a grin that makes the poor girl heart race as fast as horse's swift gallop:

"I Natsuki Subaru, can say I am blessed to have met such a fairy like yourself Satella, And saving you truly saved myself as well. So let's count it as even and be friends okay.?

Subaru's eyes crinkly with worry as he had never truly had a friend before, not even when dreaming would he have even considered being friends with a girl such as Satella, who eclipsed him in every aspect of what he is slowly realizing was a past that was neither pitiful nor sorrowful, only negative emotions feeding off him made him think those wicked thoughts.

He shakes those thoughts away with swiftness as he hesitantly glances at the fairy in his arms and hears her laugh, a sound that again seems to stop the boy's mind. And one that sounded vaguely familiar but he could not recall. It is as if the world decided to stop in order to partake in the activity of listening to this divine laugh, a sound that could enchant all, like silver bells flowing in harmony.

Subaru unaware that Satella was thinking along similar wavelengths of thoughts. How could she ever measure up to this magnificent soul, one she so admires while herself being a weak coward. They will both need to work on that, after all isn't that what friends are for she cheers in her head.

With a smile and another hug she cheerfully declares:

"It would bring me nothing but the highest joy to be genuine and loyal friends with my savior, Natsuki Subaru. I Satella vow to always be there by your side and help you as I hope you can myself when we are both going through good or bad things, and for our friendship to blossom!" Satella says while thinking to herself that she does not think she can settle for a mere friendship. Oh no, not with this wonderful man, she is sure that just being in his presence will make her heart and body yearn for his touch and hugs and maybe cuddles. Who knows, only time can tell.

As both new 'friends' looked at each other's eyes while beaming with happiness, a rough and familiar voice erupted with loud cheer, startling the two. Satella was quick to separate from Subaru with a flush on her face as she covered her tomato face with her hands. The boy gulped as a large shadow loomed over him.

Before he can even greet this veritable titan of all walks of life which is his father, Natsuki Kenichi, he feels himself being crushed in the embrace of life & death. His eyes bulge out of his sockets as his father is shedding manly tears at the joy of his son being alive. That his one and only son is still counted among them as being in the realm of the living despite the circumstances, not realizing that his beloved wife Naoko and the girl whom his boy saved are trying to get his attention with panicked expressions. He then realizes he almost sent his son on his otherworldly journey to meet Kami-Sama. He let his poor nearly dead son go and just emits a rumbling laugh that would have caused earthquakes if he didn't control his vocal timber.

"Has my son been bothering you Satella-chan? Forgive him for he gets over excited around any pretty women, he just needs to develop his social skills and he will be a shining beacon of life that will attract all kinds of people and ladies." While chuckling he sends a wink to this blushing maiden his son saved. And he notices she pouts at the idea of his son meeting other woman. With a genuine smile shared between himself and his wife he continues teasing this easily flustered lass:

"Subaru my son, this is the moment that your destiny manifests! Go ahead and thank Satella-chan for bringing all that potential you had inside you unto the surface!" Naoko just laughs at her husband's antics and steps forward to ruffle her shining star's hair while grabbing Satella's dainty hand and smiles. Both Subaru and Satella feel a little confused at Naoko's actions until she gently speaks:

"Hmmm, this feels right don't you think so Satella-chan?" The tomato faced silver haired girl is getting flustered again but when she sees Naoko's tears of gratitude, inevitably her own start to form. "I know you feel guilty for my Subaru's actions and his injuries, but I also know that Subaru has not once thought about his injuries as being something wrong, isn't that right my shining star?"

Subaru smiles under his mother's warm gaze, for once she is looking as if she is fully aware of her surroundings, instead of being stuck in Pensive mode. Subaru thinks quietly to himself:

"Do I regret my actions? No not for once have I thought that. These injuries of mine are nothing compared to seeing Satella alive and walking. It is strange we should be strangers having met by extraordinary circumstances, yet I feel like we are very close. I would love to get closer to her, and dammit my dad is being so smug teasing both Satella and myself ugh. Just you wait one day the disciple will surpass the master old man!"

Kenichi gazed at Subaru once he finished thinking that, and the boy developed cold sweats upon his back. His father just smirked as if telling him he would take him on whenever which made Subaru's heart stop in apprehension and nerves. While having left his son neutralized from future thoughts of rebellion against the patriarchy he speaks to their new silver haired friend:

"Satella-chan I know you were telling us earlier that you forgot most of your memories, and the psych doctors here can't really help you since they can't seem to access your Origin Chip and even your metia seems to have been lost. I have a bastard sage of a friend who owes me many favors, so I will call him and get you a new Metia as well as a temporary Origin chip that will enable you to be registered in Japan's citizen registry. You can live with us as a thank you for everything, as well as you seem quite smitten with my bastard son, maybe one day both of you could even be-" Here the amused Kenichi is cut off by a tomato faced Satella.

"Thank you for the offer Kenichi-san but this teasing is SOOO mean." The girl composes herself a little better and stops blushing as much as she smiles tenderly at Subaru who looks warmed by the gesture and she continues speaking: "Subaru has just woken up and I have just been thanking him for saving the life of a stranger such as myself! Really with parents as amazing as both of you I am not surprised he ended up being so brave and courageous."

With a smile on her slightly blushed face she turns around to a quickly recovering Subaru who was accepting all of these new emotions and the rapidly growing bond between his family and Satella. And she chimes in with her silver bell like laughter:

"Matter of fact Kenichi-san, Naoko-kun, Subaru and I have already decided to be friends, to always help each other when one is feeling down, and vice versa. I hope that will be ok with the two of you?" Pouts an adorable silver haired girl, gazing at the parents in question with her adorable lavender colored eyes, cranking her charm to the Max.

Both Parents were already in love with this pure hearted lass and have decided to have her always be around their shining star, so he can learn to love himself and appreciate the care the world has for him. With all of three of them showering Subaru with love and affection, then no gloomy thoughts will stand in their way!

All of this was non verbally communicated between the new Shower Subaru with Affection Squad, and as they nodded to each other sealing the deal, the boy in question was so confused he had to finally ask:

"Wait, Wait, WHAT!? Satella is going to live with us, and she doesn't have her Origin chip nor Metia? This is a lot to process for someone that just woke up in the hospital. Dad, Mom can we-"

And any small protestations or at least inquiries died in his throat when he glanced at Satella, and they both started thinking simultaneously:

"How could I have been so stupid to not consider her situation? Dammit Subaru you are a first class idiot!"

"I should not have intruded in this lovely family, they all look so complete why would I have ever fooled myself thinking I may fit in with good people, when I am just a sin. Dammit Satella you are a first class fool."

No, I will make this right I don't believe someone like myself can deserve happiness, however dammit I am tired of always being negative, especially surrounded by such love. And Satella, is someone worth exploring to see how far our futures can go! I will not give up halfway anymore!"

"I should have just stayed until making sure Subaru woke up then I should have left, they would have been curious sure but the safety of their son is paramount. Truly I have been greedy for wanting to be surrounded by these wonderful people. I will just wait and slip out to use the restroom and disappear from their sphere of kindness. But then why is my heart hurting at the idea of being away from this family. Nay why is it hurting at the idea of being away from my savior? I am confused I just need to-"

"Satella!" Shouts a boy with fire in his eyes and he gets up slowly as the three dimensional casts surrounding his body breaks away as the machines determine he has been healed enough to move. The determined boy gets up slowly and both his parents and Satella are slightly shocked as they can see his will power.

Naoko is about to tell Subaru to take it easy but a warm and firm hand pats her left shoulder, and she gazes in curiosity at her husband as he grins. Knowing that his son is about to show his cool side. Naoko grasps this and smiles just nuzzling her head into Kenichi's shoulder, like she had done countless times.

"You shouldn't get up so quick Subaru. You were injured protecti-" Satella stops saying as Subaru's gaze lands on her puzzled one, and she Is shocked and slightly frightened at how his warm gaze can radiate such a serious and menacing aura, though the menacing aura is not being projected at her at all, it just seems to manifest when Subaru gets serious.

"Tella-Tan right now you were thinking you were maybe being a nuisance and wanted to leave right?" Satella gasps in shock and tears form in her eyes but the boy is not done.

"I know because I always had those same eyes when thinking similar thoughts. That you are intruding in a place that would function fine without you, that you are not needed and just the thought of maybe bothering the people around you would make you feel pathetic and wanting to be anywhere but there."

Here Naoko and Kenichi both shed silent tears as they start to truly understand how their dazzling son had such a pessimistic view of himself. But they are also smiling as they recognize how their amazing star is opening up in front of them without shame or embarrassment in order to save this wonderful girl for the second time.

Satella is just openly weeping, wondering how Subaru could see through her thoughts so easy, and wanting to deny them but not possessing the courage to lie to her savior or his parents she just keeps quiet until she sees the boy she is falling in love with stretch out his hand to her as he had done previously, and he finishes with saying.

"Tella-Tan didn't we say we are friends earlier? So welcome to the Natsuki Family, I Natsuki Subaru will always be there for you, for thick and thin, and to help you as you will help me in our moments in life. What do you say Satella? Ready to be part of this weird family?"

Chuckles Subaru as he suddenly gasps in shock at a petite figure hugging him with surprising force, her shoulders trembling.

"YES, YEES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES SUBARU. I would be honored to be part of this beautiful household!" Declares a teary eyed Satella who is smiling the biggest smile she ever has.

While Subaru is hugging Satella he glances at his parents who are both at the same time posing with their thumbs up, while his mother is mouthing good job son, his father is mouthing that babies can wait. Which makes the embarrassed boy flush with the heat of a thousand suns. And thus begins the days of healing of Natsuki Subaru and Satella at the humble abode of the Natsuki family.

(Change Scene and Time)

Current Location: Neo-Shibuya residential district

Current Time: 7:00 PM

3 Days after broadcast

Subaru vectors to the next building and lands on a small clearing while he executes a roll on the ground before getting up tiredly and leaning against a small abandoned wooden shack. He glances at the shack and remembers how fast technology has taken over all facets of life and how old structures like these should have been demolished a long time ago. He fondly thinks of a better time when he took Satella with him to look at some old buildings that were scheduled for demolition where he used to play as a kid.

"Times really have changed haven't they?" Murmurs the boy while looking around, rather lost he realizes. He cannot activate his Pirater due to how many entities and organizations could brute force hack into it and he would be surrounded in seconds. While technically illegal to turn off your Metia he was past caring since he stole the Lion's Greifhaken, the tool that has enabled him to swiftly escape that odd duo of boy tiger and hacker loli. Just when he thought of his pursuers they appear.

Garfiel exits his beast mode and collapses on the ground exhausted, as he struggles to get up he sees the target he has been trying to pursue for over four hours just leaning back on the wall, looking unfazed at the extreme levels of exertion they must both be feeling. The young blonde man is truly cursing Subaru in his mind, and if he could take one more step he would, but he hasn't even eaten all day since the moment he was going to take a bite this asshole appeared in front of him. Not even giving him the decency of waiting till he finished his meal and got back his energy to then pursue.

While boy tiger and exhausted vectoran just looked at each other, perfectly content to let the other rest for a while since both were truly too tired for another game of tag, a shrill and annoyed yet still cute voice pipes up and shocks both men:

" Betty is to her limit, in fact. Subaru how dare you force this young maiden to engage in such physical activities of a chase, I suppose. Have you no shame, I wonder?"

With those stunning words wonder hacker Beatrice appears mounted on top of a personal travel drone, that looks like it has a very comfortable seating chair where the drill loli is sitting at, without a drop of sweat in sight, sipping a Boba tea.

Subaru is just in awe at how easy some people have it, it looks like she has her own miniature command center, noticing all the screens she has displayed in front of her. That is adding to the fact that her little pet program Oracle is processing all of that information and probably calculating what the boy will do now, trying to make up for its previous failed prediction.

Here Subaru says enough is enough and lifts his hands in a peaceful gesture. Both Garfiel and Beatrice watch with apprehension, as this is not the first time they have been tricked by this annoying man.

"Beako, Garf, enough is enough would you not say? I could have kept running and evading both of you for enough time and slipped somewhere that had too many variations for your Oracle to predict with any certainty." While the loli pouts angrily she won't disagree since these last four hours of playing catch up have indeed shown that if nothing else, Natsuki Subaru can evade and shake off even the most adamant of pursuers. He continues now while looking at Garfiel:

"And Garf, you could easily pour out more of that enormous amount of vitality and stamina you possess and have tracker skills that would but most professionals to shame and make them close up shop. But you do not know this city like me. I had many opportunities to lose my scent which you use to track, and since I am keeping my Metia forcefully off neither you nor Beatrice would be able to keep this going on with such ease, at least agree with me on that? "

Both Beatrice and Garfiel look at each other and after a couple of seconds sigh, Garf is too famished to talk for long so Beatrice follows up:

"I assume you are flattering your mediocre abilities that are at least quite good at scampering away for a reason, I suppose?"

Subaru grabs his chest in mock pain at the ruthless words coming out of such an innocent face, he steels himself and decides to wager:

"You wound me with those words Beako, I thought we were getting closer to understanding each other, sigh. However yes I do have a point. Why do we not call a truce? At least temporarily, we stop pursuing each other, go eat some dinner at this point since lunch came and went. And just sit down and talk? Both of you have good hearts and I don't believe you would follow anyone with ill intentions. Despite trying to pursue me you never hurt anyone nor tried to use violence against me. It was quite fun actually." Finishes saying Subaru with a genuine grin on his tired yet hopeful face.

Both the drill loli and the tiger boy just seem to fall under the charms of Subaru since they are way too naïve. Beatrice considers it while Garfiel just wants to eat, and he had already started to admire Subaru since seeing him acting all cool when they had him dead to rights in that alleyway, yet he still managed to overcome the situation.

"Betty supposes that is fair since you haven't seem to want to truly run away, I suppose. If you could just answer why you did not try your best to shake us off, as you would say, then what did you stick around for, I wonder? Asks the curious drill loli with an adorable tilt of her head.

"Because I have no idea why everyone is chasing me, the broadcasts are not even mentioning my name, nor can I look through my metia and see any sites with more information seeing as I would be tracked immediately. also if I went to a stranger and asked them to look me up, I am positive that would not end well. We already established both of you just had the mission to retrieve me but not the knowledge why, correct?"

At a nod from a pondering Beatrice he seals the deal:

"Hey I will voluntarily go with you and meat your master or Lady. However I will not be in chains, nor constrained, furthermore and this is final, I will not leave until I find my wife. And I shall not budge on this understood? Otherwise I am going to really lose both of you even if I have to push my body to dangerous limits. So what do you say Garf and Beako? Ready to be a team?"

Subaru is maintaining a brave facade but he knows how tired he is, one more step and he will collapse. Hell if it wasn't for him leaning on the wall he would probably be on the floor just like Garf. He can only hope at this point for everything to go okay. And he is not lying he really wants to find out what is going on, maybe Satella can tell him, or maybe the Lady of these two will give him the information he so craves.

"Betty I say we jus' agree to the deal, it ain' hurtin' us one bit, and my amazin' self is truly starved." Pleads the blonde haired boy with his small yet menacing companion. Beatrice as well feels no harm to this deal, and she had been hungry for some time, yet her pride would not let her admit to that first.

"Hmph! Betty agrees tentatively, you do owe us some food for making us chase you so long and so far, in fact. We can discuss the details after partaking of some sweets, I suppose."

Here Subaru laughs and gives them a thumbs up:

" I Natsuki Subaru, am not one to let friends starve, as I have to consistently feed my avaricious teacher, she eats enough to feed me and Tells-tan over five times .Let's go Beako and Garfiel, I know just the spot.

All three former target and pursuers, under the calling of truce, became friends and Beako complained half-heartedly when Subaru put her on his shoulders and vectored away alongside a jealous Garfiel already planning on asking this man he wants to address as his captain where to get one of them grappling guns, and if they have a tiger version.

Current Location: Neo-Shibuya market district

Current Time: 8:30 PM

3 Days after broadcast

Beako is pouting while chewing with a pleased expression the lollipop that Subaru has given her to calm down her loli mood swings. Garfiel is enjoying bantering with who used to be a target that needed to be captured, to an unlikely ally and maybe friend for the future. Natsuki Subaru was enjoying the fun and amusement he has been sharing with his recently turned companions when he hears a mad laugh that startles him in place.

Everyone surrounding the trio seems to have heard the same voice, subtly laced with insanity, a voice to put nightmares in adults and make toddlers cry.

"What is that devilish voice and where is it coming from, in fact?" Questions an alert and uneasy Beako as she activates her Lumia scanner to begin assessing any potential threats, Oracle is also working at max processing capacity. Betty frowns as she cannot detect anything unusual based on the plethora of data she has received. While Garfiel's whole body has become tense, his sharp ears hearing levels above anyone in the vicinity.

"Oi Capn' I reckon there's somethin' of foul intentions around here, should we try and find whatever it may be?" Asks a highly tense young blond man, his feral instincts working overtime at sorting out this heavy weight in his chest as if danger is everywhere yet unseen.

Subaru furrows his eyebrows and makes a snap decision and tells his new companions to proceed quietly. Like the born tactician he is, the boy leads his small team rapidly and under cover to the source of the noise, an open area podium used for gaming and local affairs the citizens may dispute with one another when an actual court is not needed.

Subaru and company look in shock at what they are witnessing. Fifty heavily dressed Japanese Special Defense Force soldiers are decked out in heavy infantry gear. With kinetic pulse barriers shimmering through their special armor, said to be able to take on a fully charged shot from a pulse sniper rifle. They are all in perfect formation, spread out in a half circle with fifty menacing gauss rifles fully primed to launch at, an odd green haired man.

The man in question could only be described as utterly bizarre, with a faint stench of rot coming from him as his eyes spun around like a broken pachinko machine, as they finally settled down and focused on the waiting party in front of him. His grin grows to look as if it is about to split his lips, revealing yellow decaying teeth and with his arms held up to the sky, he begins his mad preaching:

Oh JOY! How BEAUTIFUL it is to be welcomed by such a DILLIGENT greeting party. These wonderful soldiers in front of me, are all firm believers in order, obedience, discipline, command, devotion, and duty, AGHHH, my BRAIN TREMBLES!" Crazily shouts out the insane man as he brings his fingers with cracked nails and starts scratching his cheeks with furor, quickly and forcefully enough that they start bleeding as his eyes cry tears of happiness.

To give credit to the highly trained JSDF they do not move an inch, or hesitate in front of such rage and lunacy. The commander, a tall individual fully covered in a powerful exoskeleton uses a voice Aug to project his voice directly to the madman, and the lunatic pauses his rambling as he gazes with eyes full of expectation at the leader who speaks.

"This is commander Hisato and these fifty brave men and woman are under my direct orders, if you do not comply and lie down while our drones immobilize you with tractor guns then we will open fire in ten seconds. Furtherm-!"


With a mad grin the crazed man lifts his hands in the air, and while that was happening a terrified sharp eyed boy notices dozens upon dozens of buried green lights start flashing. And he can tell that those must be high yield plasma mines. Something these soldiers stand no chance of surviving at such a terrifyingly close distance, as Garfiel and Beako both get pushed back by the desperate boy as he tries to scream a warning to the unaware soldiers, the green haired lunatic reveals himself:



Crazily laughs Petelguese as his unseen hands propel him out of the blast area when over thirty high yield plasma bombs activate, taking with them the area they were in and several hundred meters of length of the surroundings.

Subaru thought he was a goner and grabbed Beako to his chest, but then he opened his eyes and could not hear still due to his busted eardrums. However he sees the reason why Garfiel called himself with the title of Guardian.

Right in front of them Garfiel's armbraces have deployed in their full might and a kinetic barrier three times more dense and ten times more vibrant shines around them, protecting their little corner of the stage while everything else is in ruins. Subaru thanks his friend and hands him Beako.

With fury in his eyes he witnesses the madman named Petelguese laughing in glee at his carnage, and he tells Garfiel:

"We are taking that bastard down and we will do it with efficiency, carefulness, and timely execution, however there is one thing I must do first." And with determination Subaru points his Lion's grappling gun at a close direction to the loon.

"Heeeyyy Pete-Chan, is this DILIGENT enough for you? Activate, Lion's Greifhaken !" And the grappling A.I gun shoots with such force but misses the cardinal by inches, and Petelguese starts laughing:



The rambling Petelguese gets interrupted as he gets kicked in the temple with the force and kinetic motion of Subaru who is seventy five kilos moving at one hundred and 20 K/M an hour, and crashes into the wall. Everyone including a shocked loli and star eyed blonde haired man are staring at this manic feat, while Subaru retracts the grappling gun and smirks at the man sized hole he made and utters:

"Thanks Pete-Chan, I hope you love my act of Diligence and Devotion, I may need to repeat it a couple of times. After all, I am still very new at this. My Wife cooks at home and gives me back rubs, so after all I am more slothful!"

The boy is unaware of the actions he has committed today, but as all things fate is a cruel mistress. However Subaru was not aware that he was being recorded live around the whole world since any incident with the Saint's Lament congregation of lunatics is watched closely, especially after what happened in Copenhagen.

Unaware of a state of the art spy sleek black spy drone that was also transmitting all of this information back to its master. A woman draped in black clothing was sitting down reviewing four monitors that were all seamlessly projecting the information to the metia the woman had integrated in her own brain. With closed eyes she reviewed the footage of Subaru and her lips curved to a slight grin as she sipped her preferred tea and muttered:

"How Interesting this is, so this young boy is the…(Inaudible). I cannot wait for how the future turns out, after all knowledge is everything, and my Greed is insatiable."

Author's Notes

This is the second chapter of my Sci fi and it is the longest chapter i have written so far of any fics I have here. Now just to address a couple of issues, This story has a different sort of timeline. Yet bear with me things will play out and make sense. Next Chapter will be put on hold because I owe everyone some more Subaru X Shaula having shenanigans in the tower with the weeb book. After I am done with Sagebaru chapter 4 I will come back to this, so please have patience. And just to let all of you know next chapter will be in Satella's POV in a way. Thank you and I could not have done this without my friend Comrade Elmo And editor Herrshyyk.

Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony

Chapter 3

Unexpected Allies/Dangerous Foes

AN: Smut Scene in chapter

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Time: 12:00 PM

3 days before broadcast

It was a beautiful day in Copenhagen, throngs of tourists were walking around the picturesque houses, all bunched up side by side displaying vibrant colors such as bright yellow canary, calming cyan, or rust red. The cafes littered the narrow streets adjacent to the true jewel of the city, the Nyhavn, a magnificent 17th-century waterfront, canal, and entertainment district that brought thousands of tourists every year.

The Age of Technology may have changed the whole world's way of interacting with each other, yet some areas remained relatively untouched with the ever-encroaching VR and AR being displayed on the buildings. This area of Copenhagen still retained houses built of actual brick, mortar, and wood, instead of the synthetic materials that dominate the construction of all modern infrastructure.

While a tranquil area it was not destined to be a peaceful area for the citizens and individuals but a tragedy that brought the world's attention to itself.

It is in a large market area where hundreds of people of all ethnicities and nationalities lingered and talked, where all of a sudden a figure clapped their hands, bringing the market to a quiet lull, as the curious bystanders looked at the stranger that had interrupted their soliloquy.

The individual in question was standing on a podium, elevated height to look at all the people surrounding them. She clapped her hands one more time and all the noise became static. Content the strange individual cleared her throat and began her long-awaited dialogue:

"Ahh, I apologize profusely for interrupting this fine sojourn that all of you were enjoying, I just wished to speak and inform all of you of some things. I hope that is ok."

The crowd shifts uneasily as the person in question talking are rather bizarre, they are still confused on gender but the voice was feminine. However, this individual in question was wearing a dark flowing robe and what they could see of her body was wrapped in bandages. Uneasy, a woman in the crowd daringly speaks to this eerie figure:

"I beg your pardon, but if you are here to advertise I kindly ask you to leave, we already have virtual people that bombard us with endless advertisements, the last thing we need is a real-life spokesperson to do it. I have to return to Villa Copenhagen soon and do not wish to listen to such a pitiful attempt at self-promotion from yourself as I am rather busy."

The dark-robed figure tilts her head in acknowledgment and responds calmly:

"I apologize for any misconceptions, madam. I am not here to sell, cajole, or barter with any of you outstanding individuals from all walks of life and different countries. I merely have a message to pass on to all of you."

The crowd grows restless yet their curiosity is piqued, for an individual to preach is unheard of in this day and age since all information and streaming channels can be viewed through their metia. However this woman in front of them had something to her voice, it was soothing, alluring, it captivated an audience and they demanded to hear more. Even the rich bourgeoisie that had complained found herself having fewer complaints, and wanting to hear whatever message this oddly dressed individual had for them.

Another individual from the crowd found his courage and curiosity and spoke thus:

"Well all of us are travelers of life and its hardships, and you seem to have a passion to speak to us, so I suppose it would not hurt to hear it. Please speak err, what is your name?"

The woman in bandages tilts her head in acknowledgment and responds with concern:

"Ahh, how rude of myself, I forgot the very basics of human courtesy, when meeting new friends from different places, it is customary to give one's name. Very well my name Is Sirius Romanee Conti, and I have a message of love for all of these newfound friends. It is for all of us, caught in this beautiful market in dazzling Copenhagen by the Nyhavn, where we can all agree that we are friends correct?"

The crowd of different foreign nationalities had already calmed down and were in a lull, who did not want to be friends with Sirius? Such a kind woman and all she wants is to know if they are friends? Forget meeting mere minutes ago, they all shared bonds of friendship already. They were offended that this woman asked them to be her friends. Of course, they are, can she not tell their bonds to each other already?

A young boy from the crowd stepped forward with a determined gaze and declared with passion:

"Excuse me, my name is Anders, and aren't we already friends, Sirius? Please tell us your message because friends help each other!"

Sirius's eyes are hard to make out but they soften a touch as she clears her throat to speak:

"Thank you, Anders, that helps me and I am very grateful we are friends, have we not gotten through the barriers that isolate strangers into becoming the most cherished friends? Anders, you and I are inseparable at this point, thank you for pointing it out. "

The boy named Anders beams with happiness and the crowd gets emotional. How could they have doubted this noblewoman named Sirius? The first woman that spoke out is already crying tears of shame, at questioning her amazing friend and shaming her. How dare she. But with renewed eyes, she is ready to see what will lie ahead.

Sirius eye's get emotional at all her new friends, So she proceeds to speak of the reason she is there:

"I just wanted to celebrate with my friends in this beautiful capital of Denmark some choice words. Are we not all friends, Do we not all love each other?"

The crowd goes restless with emotion and half are crying while the other half shout back:

"Of course we love you, Sirius, we love each other and we love you. Are you not our new friend?"

Sirius seems to close her eyes and nod her head in acknowledgment as she continues:

"Of course we are the dearest of friends, and I love you all. I just had a quick question. Would a friend forgive another friend's sins? Would they talk about it, contest it, and eventually reconcile? Or would a fake friend just break that strenuous relationship, I wonder?"

The crowd and the boy named Anders refute immediately:

"Of course not! Friends stick by each other through thick and thin, always helping each other!"

Here the crowd is unsure but Sirius smiles and says:

"Why those words deeply move me, your new friend and champion for your woes. Let me ask this if a friend was in mortal danger would you not hesitate to use your love and bonds of friendship to save them?

The crowd unhesitatingly answers back:


Sirius just acknowledges the gesture and raises her arms as she proclaims:

Well, then my new friends, companions, and joy of my life. I have committed an error in forgetting to tell you lovely people my occupation. Representing the Saint's Holy Order, I am Sirius Romanee Conti, Cardinal of Forgiveness. And I forgive all of you for your sins of self-sacrifice!

The crowd shedding tears of joy at being forgiven don't even realize that multiple bombs go under their feet, decimating them all as the last thing they recall is their tears of joy at their oh, so beautiful friend Sirius.

(Time Change)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Time: 5:00 PM

3 days before broadcast

Crusch Karsten has always prided herself on being a self-confident woman on top of all things, using her determination to forge her path through life. Yet, witnessing the carnage in the market of Copenhagen brought a familiar emotion, futility, as she felt lacking the ability to stop the madness she was witnessing with her own eyes.

Mutilated bodies of women, men, and even children litter the destroyed market. It was analyzed that there were several plasma mines underneath to detonate upon Sirius's mad preaching. It disgusted and abhorred her, the levels these so-called cardinals of the saint's holy order operate. Preaching about virtues while massacring indiscriminately.

Her companion and childhood friend, Felix Argyle, was crying as the Copenhagen EMS were rolling away bodies, and injured civilians that may not have died due to the explosion, but cried tears at the parting of their dear friend Sirius. He rushed to whoever needed medical care, and with his nanites assisting to regulate blood pressure and prevent lethal wounds from forming, helped where he could.

A police sergeant took note of Felix's actions and went to where he was and loudly demanded:

"Only authorized individuals can take care of the wounded, I will need you to step back and let the professionals do their job."

The poor sergeant was unaware of the verdant-haired woman behind him until he felt cold sweat behind his back and turned his head to look at Crusch. He froze in terror, and started internally crying about being reassigned while the green-haired woman spoke:

" Sergeant Noah, this is my comrade who specializes in the medical field. He has diligently saved many lives and is one of the few experts on site that can provide aid to these poor unfortunate victims. Pray to tell me what gave you the impression that you could interrupt his work?"

Noah was sweating buckets and profusely apologized:

"'Madam Crusch I beg your forgiveness, I was unaware of the circumstances, and acted in poor judgment."

Crusch got even more irritated at being addressed as a madam. For goodness sake, she is in her twenties, unmarried, and she knows the manner of how she speaks may seem old-fashioned, yet madam is too far of an insult for the young maiden to let go. As she is about to retort a calm yet stern voice interrupts:

"Crusch-Sama, this sergeant was merely doing his job, and now that he knows his mistake I doubt he will hinder us in our investigation. Is that not correct, Sergeant Noah?"

The man, nay, gentleman that had talked was a tall man with the signs of vicissitudes present upon his aged face. Yet his gaze was as sharp as the Nano-carbon blade he carried on his hip. Dressed in an impeccable uniform that had the insignia of INTERPOL. An insignia that had the world being pierced by a sword, surrounded by olive branches symbolizing peace and prosperity. Delegating this venerable man as an officer from the International Criminal Police Organization, or ICPO, to abbreviate.

Noah was regretting even showing up to work at meeting two officials from the most prestigious organization as Crusch calmed down and asked him some questions:

"Sergeant Noah, can you inform myself and Wilhelm about the events that occurred today?"

The pitiful sergeant had found a lifeline, and dammit if he was not going to deliver. He goes ahead and states his knowledge of the events:

"At approximately noon, in this very market right by the Nyhavn a figure dressed in black flowing robes with bandages on her face appeared. And started preaching about friendship and love to the enraptured crowd. After several minutes she revealed she was part of that cult of fanatics, The Saint's Holy Order, and proceeded to detonate several high yield explosive plasma mines that had been buried several days ago. So this damnable demon did all that just to murder the crowd. Furthermore, It is just inconceivable that the remaining survivors are still clamoring about were their dear friend Sirius went."

Crusch and Wilhelm stay silent as they analyze and process this information. Both gritting their teeth and clenching their hands as they are well aware of how Sirius operates. The only thing they are unaware of is how she can captivate anyone, whether sole individual or a crowd. As they are both pondering these events a heavily exhausted and emotionally wrecked Felix joins them and speaks:

"I have stabilized who I was able to, Nyah. I am so sickened by these senseless deaths, Crusch-Sama. We need to find these lunatics and make them pay the price of their actions!"

Felix is still shedding tears at all the poor children he saw that had lost their lives and hates such wanton murder for reasons unknown to anyone but these fanatics of the Saint's Holy Order. Crusch grabs her companion in a hug and just murmurs she understands, while Wilhelm is burning the scene of carnage into his eyes to further his resolve to end this reign of terror. While all three were occupied in their thoughts a courier from their investigative team rushed to them while brandishing his metia.

"Crusch-Sama, Wilhelm-dono, Felix-san, I bring updated news of what you had asked me to inquire earlier!"

The young courier, named Alexei, was panting heavily and had to put his hands on his knees to rest up quickly. All three individuals he had named focus their concentration on him, while Felix goes over and inserts some nanites to help with his blood flow and exhaustion. Recovered, Alexei proceeds to continue speaking:

"The deal with the Shadow Broker was successful and she accepted our terms, we now know that two cardinals will be in Japan in 3 days, so we must hurry to go over. We are still uncertain of location, but we heavily believe it will be in Neo-Shibuya, In Tokyo."

"Finally a lead thinks Crusch to herself. We have been on the back burner for far too long, always arriving after disaster struck, and now we have this lead."

Crusch spins around to Sergeant Noah and with a grim smile puts her gloved hand on his right shoulder, making sure to tighten her grip ever so slightly. Noah pales in fear and thinks:

"Oh my god, what shit luck did I bring to myself today, to be on Lady Crush's bad side. I might as well get reassigned to a traffic officer at the rate this day is going."

"Sergeant Noah, you are the highest-ranked officer on the scene correct?" Asks a pissed-off green-haired woman, not out of anger because of this bumbling fool of a sergeant, but due to what she had witnessed and her determination to finally stay one step ahead of her foes.

Noah while trembling nods vigorously in confirmation. Now Crusch Karsten is not known to be a woman to pull rank or authority over other police, intelligence, or military agencies. However, this is the one scenario where she will fulfill the role that INTERPOL granted to her.

"As Acting Commander of the division in INTERPOL created specifically to counter-attack the Holy Saints Order. I Crusch Karsten, leader of the taskforce Engels Wreker, hereby order an immediate stop-gap of information of this incident. For 3 days this information will not reach Japan, and I will accept the consequences of such actions."

"It will take at least forty-eight hours to arrive in Japan and coordinate with their intelligence divisions. I have also heard that Neo-Shibuya holds a special status in all the country, nay, world. Their so-called council may even hinder my investigative team if not shown sufficient motive for a potential attack by these lunatics. With this stopgap of information, it should allow us to catch them unaware when they decide to perform their wicked scheme." Crush thinks to herself, as she signals to Felix and Wilhelm to wrap things up here.

Sergeant Noah wants to retort or ask a reason why they would have to resort to such extreme measures, but a sharp glare from the determined Engels Wreker commander makes his intentions die as fast as they were formed. She releases her grip from the sergeant's shoulder and utters confidently:

"I thank you and the people under your command for the quick work of collecting evidence, aiding the wounded, and sending an order for backup after realizing who was behind this morbid affair. I will catch and prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of international law, for this crime committed against the innocents of this elegant city. Farewell Sergeant Noah, If you find anything else don't hesitate to ping my metia or my comrades."

With a look of respect on his face, the sergeant saluted the verdant-haired woman who possessed steel will, and agreed without hesitation to send over any new matters that are discovered from this area marked in tragedy.

Wilhelm, Crusch, and Felix get ready to depart the scene of sadness, yet Crusch gazes back, and with determination in her eyes she thinks, never again will she allow such madness to happen while she is present, and with that, they depart to Japan. Unknowingly changing the course of history as they know it.

(Scene Change)

Current Location: Satella and Subaru's home in Neo Shibuya

Time: 6:00 AM

Day of Broadcast

In a quiet residential street, there existed a complex of condominiums. In those condos, Subaru and Satella had moved in to claim their stake in the condominiums. After saving up for a couple of years the enthusiastic couple had made a down payment in one of the condos. Satella furnished the condominium with cute furniture, rugs, couches, and bedding. While a small home, it was enough for these two lovebirds.

Subaru was very nervous moving out of his parent's home, even with Satella encouraging him he lacked the strength to tell his wonderful family that he wished to be independent. While struggling for words his dad just laughed and clamped his hand on Subaru's shoulder and loudly stated:

"Subaru, there comes a time in every man's life where they have to make a critical decision. This is yours and as your father I bless it! Hahaha just don't have children too soon or I and your mother will become obsessed!"

While both Satella and Subaru had tomato-red faces, Naoko laughed and just waved her hand, dispelling all of her beloved's words and amusingly said:

"Both of you take all the time you need okay, Subaru and Tella-chan?" She smirks as she calls to Satella, who she already considers her future daughter-in-law.

Satella to avoid more teasing just grasps Subaru's hand and bows to who she also considers her blood and nervously says:

"I Natsuki Satella, will not let both of my guardians down! Let's go, my beloved before we are teased more!"

Subaru composes himself and with a wink and self-assured smile that melts his parent's hearts, states:

Natsuki Subaru is moving out, thank you for all the care and support I received, mom, dad. I love both of you and we will always stay in touch!"

With a weeping Naoko and Kenichi shedding manly tears, Subaru and Satella move into their place.

It had been a year since they lived together, and now both lovebirds are curled up on each other, the clock about to hit 6 am, silently resting. The day had yet to be started, the sun was not present as its sibling the moon was currently in charge. Suddenly Satella's eyes groggily opened up as the moonlight shone on her face, through the narrow opening of the window blinds.

She has always woken up whenever the smallest of lights, whether natural or artificial, shone on her face.

"We forgot to close the blinds again last night." She thinks to herself still half asleep. The silver-haired girl gazes at the black-haired young man resting next to her and smiles softly.

"It has been four years since I met this wonderful man. Four years of learning how to finally feel accepted and loved, I truly would not be complete without Natsuki Subaru, my future husband." Satella thinks to herself, smiling as she gently strokes his head. Looking at how innocent the boy appears to be resting, Satella grins in mischief and wants to do some light teasing to her beloved.

She curled up even more with her beloved and bit his ear softly, eliciting a gasp from the still asleep Baru. Content with her actions she proceeded to lick his neck tentatively, which makes the poor boy spasm awake.

Subaru awoke quickly and gasped, for he felt Satella's tongue exploring his right eardrum after she had switched from licking his neck. While enjoying the sensation that his fiancé is granting him, he cannot but help to focus on the time. He summons his will as his succubus of a fiancé continues nibbling and biting his ear to his further distraction, and glances at the clock.

"6:20 am. Damn, I usually wake up earlier than this, work was tough yesterday. Ahhh why is Tella-Tan always so assertive. I love it but we have to go to work in a couple of hours, and she did keep me up late last night. I feel like maybe we should have a cha-?"

The boy's thoughts froze as his girlfriend went the direct route and kissed him on the lips. Paralyzed and shocked, he was not ready for such an invasive kiss, where each of their tongues explored each other. Satella pushed forward and got over her love's clenched teeth to fully enjoy her favorite of all kisses, the French Kiss. The woman in love then proceeds to explore every inch of her fiancé's mouth even if she had done so countless times already. Always thinking what if I discover something new? And If I do not then this is nice as well.

As their lips slowly detach and both of them are panting for air, Subaru takes the chance to speak:

"Dear God Tella-Tan, now that's what I call a rude awakening. I would have thought after all we did last night you would have been tired."

Satella's eyes just crinkle mischievously as she caresses Subaru's right cheek. While recalling fondly the memories they made yesterday, she giggles and replies:

"My love, how could I ever get tired of you. We could make love ten times a day and I would still crave for more. For your hands to caress mine, your teeth nibbling my ear, as your dragon rod, pleasures me and brings me to an earth-shattering climax once more. I will never become bored or exhausted from you, my Subaru."

The boy in question reddens up visibly, still not used to how assertive his SMT has become lately. It all changed on the first night they made love for the first time. And while amazing in every aspect for the inexperienced couple, it seemed to have flicked a switch for Satella. As whenever they were home, she was always snuggling up with him, dragging the exhausted boy off to the bedroom for her to prove her feelings for him once more.

Subaru smiles in contentment though, as he is happy being in the embrace of his partner, fiancé, soulmate. And the young woman in love smiles as well as they cuddle closer to each other. Satella's original heated desire had morphed into one of wanting nothing more than to be held by her beloved. After all, they had their whole lives to figure out with each other, together forevermore.

As the fearsome-eyed boy gazed at his fiancé his lips curved into a slight smirk, and he suddenly became the assertive one and kissed Satella, whose eyes had widened rapidly in shock at the unexpected action. Since her beloved is usually the shy one and she has to be the assertive one, as the tables turned on her she found herself melting in his embrace, hungrily returning his passionate kiss with her own.

Subaru's kisses always managed to make his fiancé go wild with desire, but he was not going to let her be in charge this time. He wants to be in control, to make his beloved Tella-Tan realize two can play at this dangerous yet sensual activity, and he pulls his lips away from his panting silver-haired girlfriend. Whose eyes had already gotten glazed with desire, and he moved to bite her left ear hard, yet not hard enough to elicit pain.

She shivers in ecstasy and moans softly while clenching her nails in Subaru's back:

"Ohhhh, Subaru, Don't stop, for the love of everything don't sto-!" Her breath hitches as Subaru moved his mouth from her salivated ear to her neck and bit gently, causing Satella to lose all higher cognitive reasoning. Subaru continued his sensual actions, eliciting exactly the reactions he wanted from Satella. With quick fingers he took off the shirt she wore over her lithe body, which is coincidentally his. She does love wearing her beloved's T-shirts during the nighttime, and nothing else underneath.

His breath hitched as he gazed in wonder at his fiancé's nude body, not for the first time the arousal he felt from last night returns with gusto. And he cups her firm breasts as he puts her right nipple to his mouth, and starts biting gently as well as teasing other parts of her body, letting his fingers wander through her cleavage, then her smooth and toned milky white stomach, to end in their journey in her forbidden garden. He inserts a finger, then two and his beloved's moans start shifting into screams of undulating pleasure.

"Ahhhh Fuckk, Daamnnn, Subaruuu. Subaruu, looove, DON'T STOP." Shouts Satella in agonizing pleasure. It always amuses Subaru that his beloved would curse during their lovemaking sessions since she rarely if ever will shout profanities if it's not in the bedroom. He continues his task of bringing her to the climax as he alternates between each breast until they are both flushed with heat.

He interrupts his devoted work to catch a glimpse at her flushed face, eyes glazed and rolling to the back of her head as she continues to moan and shout proclamations of love, joy, and curses seemingly simultaneously. He stops his work as his wife to be, takes off his clothes in a flash, and by another sheer coincidence all he wore was a shirt as well. Not surprising since they had engaged in sex last night as well as this current round.

Satella is feeling pure pleasure and gazes at her fiancé's gorgeous body and lean figure, while taking him all in she looks down at his visibly enlarged dragon rod and her mind turns blank again.

Subaru was enjoying looking at her dazed face until she smiled and got close to him, and with swift speed took his dick upon her mouth, causing the boy to grunt in surprise and joy, and she went to work on him with her head bobbing back and forth. Resurfacing from air briefly just to grin and lick the head, while cupping his shaft and quickly moving her hand back and forth. Causing Subaru to lose all rational thought process until she proceeded to take him again in her mouth, back and forth till he shouted out he was about to climax, then she suddenly stopped and replied:

"Not like this my love, we always said to be joined at the hip, no?"

And she pushed Subaru till he lay on his back with an awed expression as she proceeded to straddle him, with one hand on his cock she slowly but accurately aimed for her destination. And after a shudder that coursed through both of them, they were joined as one. She leaned forward to kiss Subaru as her fingers became like a vice grip and sunk into his hair and grasped his neck as she began moving with passion and an unquenchable desire.

Subaru would never get used to the sensation of being connected to Satella, each time it was like the first time, each time it was better than last. He moaned into his fiancé's mouth which caused the walls of her vagina to tighten on his shaft; producing both agonies of not reaching the climax, and the desire to proceed and thrust deeper into her opening until she adjusted to the size of his cock. Both of them were nearing the climax, each of them was lost in each other's mouths, breaths, joining as one, souls merging as they do again and again until they screamed out as they both reached their climax together, as one.

Both lay panting and in happiness, as they curled up against each other without a word since none were needed, all their actions had proved their devotion once more, and with smiles in both of their eyes, they went to sleep one on top of the other.

(One Hour Later)

An alarm started loudly wailing from both Subaru and Satella's Metias, which were on the living room table. A disgruntled boy and annoyed girl both shouted simultaneously:

"Alarm acknowledged!" Which then after two short beeps of confirmation, the alarm shut off. Both of them were even groggier after their last session, but they couldn't avoid their work responsibilities.

"Subaruu, we should just skip work and stay at home. We could have more fun that way, no?" The silver-haired girl jokingly says, while planting a brief kiss on the lips of her beloved, before getting up and heading to the shower. "You should join me, my love, that way you can get all the hard-to-reach places." She finishes teasing as she already knew that if they both went to enjoy a shower together, they would never leave.

"SMT, you are bullying me too much, my poor heart can't stand it!" says Subaru while laughing happily. He shakes his head at his fiancé's humor and while he waits for her to be done with the shower he goes ahead and announces:

"Display the outside and any important city, weather, or general notifications, also illuminate the house George-san."

The whole condo lights up and a virtual opening allows the occupants to gaze at Neo-Shibuya as if sitting from a patio occurs. The black-haired boy gazes in wonder at how far humanity has come in this renaissance of the technology.

From the twenty-second floor of the condominium complex named Arlam, much can be observed. Pedestrians going to and from work to the designated jump pads. The construction and complete renovation of the new way of transportation is remarkable. Jump pads are blue platforms that can hold one person, or a group and proceed to then jump to another sector of the city.

Neo Shibuya is broken down into several sectors. While the residential sector for houses, parks, and VR gardens is where the bulk of the residents reside in. Various tourists and potential residents like to scour and walk this area. The VR gardens are quite popular, as one can see in breathtaking detail several species of fauna that don't exist anymore, even going as far as the program connecting with the olfactory sense so that one can imagine how they must have smelled like.

The commercial sector where they have a multitude of businesses selling, offering, and also creating a variety of products. It is not uncommon to walk through the commercial district and witness a medical clinic that helps with augmentations or cybernetic implants. They offer services such as changing one's eye color, strengthening the bone mass of a body to be more durable, or even melding one's flesh with nanobots that allow their limbs to become fluid when desired, or punch through steel if the proper military or mercenary clearance is granted. And many more services are found in this bustling district that puts Neo-Shibuya on the map.

The tourist and recreational districts are where the true fun starts. Since it is here where one can enjoy the FID system, short for full immersion dive. One can use a dive pod as long as they have dive gear installed in order to interact with the pod. Similar to a circlet worn upon someone's head, it resonates when submerged in the pod. With the dive pods in several different locations, appearing as complete virtual avatars of their own design. Full immersion dives are the number one form of virtual enjoyment across this world since one can do anything such as team up with friends and go fight the demon lord, or appear under the Pacific ocean in a submarine, exploring the dark abyss that lurks and slaying leviathans. The recommended time to stay in the pod is six hours, but the gel that one is submerged in has synthetic proteins that provide nourishment in case of an overextended session.

Besides dive pods there are virtual firework shows with dazzling bursts of elegance and display, dragons chasing demons, fox-tailed women laughing and giggling in the sky, youkai stealing sweets from crying toddlers. If one is not ready for these displays of AR, or augmented reality it can be quite frightening the first time.

Another thing of notice is all the Vector zones located throughout the different sectors. Combined with jump pads, some Vectorans fear no traffic as they can just boost, grapple, or propel themselves through heavily dense areas of people. Which is something both Satella and Subaru also do to get to work or to their destination in a timely manner. Licenses are needed to be a vectoran if not playing recreationally in just one vector area, and are used as a means of transportation. The day both Subaru and Satella got theirs they immediately went to try out all the other vector zones.

With a smile on Subaru's face, he thinks of how amazing this city is. Suddenly, A small virtual fox in butler attire appears in mid-air by Subaru's side and proceeds to speak with a slight British accent:

"Sir Subaru, the weather is twenty-two degrees Celsius, if I may say optimum weather for a nice stroll with the missus. The council has put out several announcements warning of rising crime in the commercial district. Apparently, various tourists have not displayed sufficient caution; and chatted about the wealth they had, which caused various Phisher drones to go and bypass their bank accounts. Despite repeated warnings to the tourists they are simply charmed by this wondrous city, acting ignorant and prideful that nothing would dare happen to them, what utter wankers they are." scoffs the snobbish fox, as it knows it would be a lot smarter if it was human, a daily life crisis it suffers through every day.

The black-haired boy after hearing the update thinks to himself:

"I should warn Tella-Tan to be careful on her way to work, even if she works in the education sector, she still has to pass through the commercial one. While amazing the number of things one can witness and purchase there, it is also a growing haven for scammers, phishers, and rogue hackers to make a pretty penny off unsuspecting people. Thanks to the lessons I learned from my boss, I became a lot more self-aware of all the different hacks that can be used to access personal information, and steal people's hard-earned creds. Tella-Tan is also quick to catch on, I can't help but feel bad for those people though."

As he still ponders these thoughts he hears a silver bell-like voice:

"My beloved, I am done with my shower, go ahead and get your stinky butt in there before I smack it."

He turns around at the mildly offensive remarks and spots his giggling girlfriend. Satella is wearing her work uniform with her added touches. A purple blouse with a black blazer, silver slacks that shimmer depending on the light spectrum, which complements her long legs and ends with a black pair of zweven boots.

The Zweven lineup of apparel became paramount in replacing the old outdated models of hover boots and jump aid technology. With added measures of safety and precaution, the zweven boots can facilitate and map where your projected jumping point will be. Furthermore, allows a dash and boosted acceleration that can make you go over four or five meters easily.

Both of them always knew that while a lot pricier compared to normal footwear it helps in the long run when you are in a hurry and have to avoid the congested crowds and markets with several light jumps. Or when they went to their Vector square and competed against other casual players.

"Ahh my heart, SMT is too adorable!" Subaru shouts exaggeratedly as he grabs his heart in shock.

"You are soo cute at times you know that Subaru." Says the silver-haired prankster, happy that she can always elicit such adorable reactions from her partner. She glances at the gentlemanly fox as it bows in her direction and greets her:

"Good morning Lady Satella, your route to work in forty minutes shows satisfactory conditions of little to no traffic using jump pad echo-19."

"Thank you soo much George-san. you are the best fox butler in existence." Replies a smiling Satella, as she always forgets to ask the virtual fox assistance for the traffic route and has arrived late to her job in several instances.

"Alright Tella-Tan, George-San I will be back after getting ready." Waves in farewell Subaru as he heads to take a shower.

The girl nods in acknowledgment and asks the cute fox:

"George-san, how about you help make us some breakfast, and this time not burn the toast, what do you say?"

The cute fox snorts a little at his lady and says:

"You are being a bit cheeky today aren't you missus. If I recall correctly, which I can because I am a virtual program with a perfect recollection that can brew a mean cuppa tea. It was yo-"

"What was that I heard? Is this fox being a little bit snarky with me at the moment? Maybe it needs to have its core personality refined a little?" Wonders with a pensive face Satella, hiding the mischief in her eyes and definitely not trying to make a smug grin.

The poor fox feels bullied and shuts up in a little fear, even though this is the usual banter they enjoy at times. It recalls when both of his masters came into this house, and the silver-haired girl did not know a wee bit about how to start their interactive display bathroom and would shriek when seventeen different water nozzles would splash her without her being ready. It merely shakes its head and replies:

"Let's get started then Lady Satella, what would you and Sir Subaru like to eat?"

"French toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs please!" Eagerly says the lavender-colored eye girl as her stomach rumbles in hunger due to the vigorous activities she and Subaru partake in.

The fox nods in agreement and snaps its fingers. A variety of tools in the kitchen start automatically operating as eggs, milk, slices of bacon, butter, and bread are dispensed from an opening in the refrigerator.

While Satella and George went to oversee the cooking, Subaru got in the shower and activated his preferred shower setting. The shower looked like a glass square with walls of white tiles, equipped with several dozens of nozzles on each wall. As warm water hit him, the shampoo alongside body wash of his choice was dispensed from the loaded dispenser he thought:

"It has been a year since we lived together, just us two, alone. What a wonderful feeling. These last four years to when we met outside that fated convenience store up till now have just been a change that the self-loathing boy I used to be would never have imagined. What an angel my love is, and I am always so honored to wake up next to her and repeat how much I adore her."

"This city we live in grants a lot of possibilities, and Satella is smart enough to adapt quickly. It's strange that four years ago she did not know even basic stuff like Origin Chips, but she did suffer from amnesia that even the doctors couldn't figure out how to treat. Mind injuries are still the most difficult to overcome. I wonder if she remembered who she was would she still have been with me? I-"

Subaru interrupts his spiral of self-loathing as he slaps his cheeks with both hands and finishes showering. With fire in his eyes, he is determined to not become who he used to be. He knows he is better, his parents tell him and his love reminds him every day. While there have been rough moments in the past when depressing thoughts would take over his mind. Satella would help him out, she would place his head on her lap and stroke his cheek while he cried in shame. Until eventually he accepted that he would always have moments of self-doubt, just as he would always have his partner watching his back.

"I won't be defeated by my inner demons ever again." Resolutely states Natsuki Subaru as he leaves the shower and a segment of the wall opens up to allow him into his shared bedroom with his love. The room is furnished with a heavy emphasis on orange, black, and purple, with light shades of lavender here and there. Their bed has black duvet covers, with orange and purple pillow covers. He strides to the closet and pressing a button, out slides his work uniform.

A black and orange mechanic jumpsuit, with a variety of bulky pockets for all the tools he carries for his job as apprentice cyber mechanic, who specializes in forging, crafting, and assembling different objects that aid this futuristic city.

Once suited up he heads to the dining room where he smells his beloved's favorite breakfast, even if it's a rather simple meal. He smirks as he enters and announces:

"Smells lovely, and no burnt toast smell this time Tella-Tan. Also thank you for your help George-San."

She reddens considerably after recalling that incident and smiles while beckoning her Subaru to join her. Which he does with relish. As they both sit down to banter and talk about their evening plans when they get off of work, the prideful fox stiffens considerably, his form fuzzing in and out.

Frowning, Subaru upon noticing what is going stops eating and asks:

"What's the matter, George? You keep on fuzzing in and out, do you want me to take a look at your program? Perhaps it needs some maintenance."

The disgruntled fox appears whole once more without any visible distortions occurring again, and appears to frown as it hesitates to respond.

"What is going on George-san? you look as if you have seen something terrible." Inquires a worried Satella, whom despite the back and forth she engages with the elegant butler, she considers being a friend. Something that always brings a virtual tear of joy to the prideful fox.

"I am afraid you are not too far off the mark Satella. What a bloody nutter that woman is. Here it will be better if I just show you, although be prepared Lady Satella, Sir Subaru, this viewing is not pleasant." Warns the virtual assistant grimly, as it projects a holographic viewing of the local news channel of Neo-Shibuya.

"Breaking News, The Saint's Holy Order has struck again. This time in Copenhagen, Denmark. Reporting live from the targeted area of the Nyhavn, Reporter Annise has the story."

"Thank you and I have to inform you that viewer discretion is advised for the following clip taken by security drones in the scene of this wanton massacre. Please give a couple of minutes for the viewing to be screened and edited of any gruesome shots." While the viewing was temporarily halted for censorship of any particularly nasty incidents. Satella spoke:

"Subaru what is this? I don't like where this is going." Whispers a scared silver-haired girl who had already forgotten about her half-finished breakfast. Subaru gets up from his seat and hugs her as he tries to comfort her:

" I don't know what this is, but let's watch for now since I was going to tell you to be careful on your way to work. There are a lot of dangerous people out there, and you are nice to everyone which I love and cherish with all my heart. Yet we must remain vigilant, don't forget that incident several years ago."

Satella leans closer into her beloved and shivers at the thoughts of that incident that occurred years ago, she had been terrified for both herself and Subaru. Before she could reminisce on what had happened, the screen finishes its editing and displays a scene.

Sirius is seen giving her speech and the enraptured crowd is fascinated by her appearance. The viewers who are witnessing this scene through the news are confused at why the crowd seems to cherish and love this literal stranger. Then she puts the final nail in the coffin as she states her identity as a cardinal of The Holy Saints Order, and proceeds to blow up the whole market area.

Subaru and Satella are dazed and shocked at what they witnessed, how is this even happening in the modern world. Subaru feels sick to his stomach, despite the censors doing their job and preventing the bloodshed from being seen completely. Yet it did nothing for the horrified screams of the unfortunate victims that had been mutilated and died with no reason or motive. A sick senseless act of carnage, whose only purpose was to inflate chaos and destruction.

"Those poor children! I.. I can't imagine Subaruu... What if that was… my students?!" Cries out Satella as tears flood her face, while watching footage of the deceased, there were several children and minors located in body bags. They were being loaded in medical gurneys to be cataloged and identified by their origin chips so that the family could confirm the status of their loved ones.

Subaru's face narrowed in anger at these atrocities, for this is not the first incident they have witnessed on the news to occur. The whole world has been trying to uproot these lunatics that showed up and started committing these acts of violence and mayhem four years ago. Subaru thinks to himself:

"Four years ago a lot of things changed. It is also when I met Satella. A lot of new technology improvements also started that long ago. Furthermore, that is when Flugel announced to the world how he was going to revolutionize the very way we interact with the world. And then he disappeared despite every country's best efforts to find him, the pioneer of the Renaissance of Technology. How odd, but this is no time to think of that. I need to remind myself to be there for my love. We need to remain vigilant."

While thinking those thoughts and hugging Satella, he noticed on the timestamp of the footage it was marked three days ago. He thought why would they be showing us footage from three days ago when anything related to the saint's holy order gets broadcasted worldwide. Moreover, in this age of technology and streaming, any incident can be marked immediately by the streamer drones that the community and host of a variety of channels use. While he was about to ask his fox assistant, the answer presented itself on the screen.

"This footage is from three days ago, but INTERPOL ordered a stop-gap of information from reaching Japan and several Asian countries. While furious and demanding answers to this obvious overreach of authority, we have scheduled a brief Q&A with the Commanding Officer that instilled this blockage of information. We begin now. Streaming live from the plane:

"This Is reporter Kanoko from Shibuya News Corps, I am interviewing the commander of Engels Wrecker, the Special Op strike unit from INTERPOL, in charge of collecting information, fighting, and dismantling the holy saint's order, Crusch Karsten. Madam Cru-."

"I prefer lady, commander, or simply my name as a form of address. I am still far too young to be a madam." Intones a weary yet still sitting in perfect position a verdant-haired woman.

By Crusch's left side sits a sleepy Felix, and by her right, a stoic Wilhelm, a faint twitch of annoyance could be seen on his face before it smoothed itself out to the gentlemanly visage everyone was used to. Wilhelm was annoyed at all the red tape they needed upon setting up a dive meeting in order to meet the council of Neo Shibuya.

After donning their dive gear and submerging in the pods on their heavy cargo military transport plane, they met the council. Judging by the expressions from the three of them, it can be told to have been a mixed endeavor. When Crusch got tired of the stonewalling and bullshit this council kept offering them, she retorted that the shadow broker herself had confirmed the intel. A moment of silence happened until a clear chuckle escaped from one of the council members, the one acting as Chair.

"Oh my, this is getting interesting, please proceed Crusch-Sama, you will have the full cooperation of the Japanese Special Defense Force, alongside the elite mercenaries that patrol our fine city." Replies a breezy voice, gender unknown since in the virtual world you could become anyone, and they were all cloaked in shadows. Yet for an odd reason, the Chair kept sipping tea.

After that they reconvened on the plane and have not slept in over thirty hours, using stims to stay awake, longer still if considering their haste to arrive at Copenhagen. And now they were to be blamed and slandered by the Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolia. Wilhelm misses the days when politics were not a major influencing role in their decisions.

While Wilhelm reminisced about the previous encounter Crusch narrowed her tired eyes and replied to the shaken journalist through the holographic interface:

"I will save you the time, effort, and presentation you have so desperately worked on, into making myself and my comrades seem like individuals that would abuse our power. Firstly, I have already coordinated with the local and national authorities. While I would have preferred to use less drastic methods, our opponents are madmen and lunatics that as you have seen in the massacre of Copenhagen. Secondly, I do have the authority granted by the ICPO to act at my discretion during holy saint order attacks. Thirdly, I did all this to prevent those of the holy saint's order from finding out I am aware of their next target. Finally, I accept all consequences and fallout for my decisions."

A brief pause occurred as both the viewers and Kanoko were in disbelief at the aura of command this young lady has. While Kanoko struggled to form a response, Wilhelm intervened:

"Kanoko-san, I understand how scary it may have been to find out about such a gruesome incident, several days later. However, every action Crusch-Sama has made has been to ensure we can finally strike another blow at this devilish cult organization. I can promise from this old man's views, we will succeed in this endeavor."

"Nyah, we will give those cultists what they deserve! Trust in my lady." Adds an exhausted yet still spirited Felix, he cannot condone what happened and especially when the victims include even innocent children, which strikes a flame inside of him to see the saint's order wiped off the map.

Crusch smiles at her lifelong comrades and with a confident grin address Kanoko, as well as all the expectant viewers:

"Do not worry, this time we will stop the Holy Saints Order, and therefore I bid you farewell as we need to strategize with the JSDF. Stay vigilant and report any odd occurrences and individuals to your local authorities. Commander Karsten, signing off."

With those parting words the screen projecting the side of the Engels Wreker unit got cut off, and a dazed but energetic reporter relayed the news to the viewers:

"Well there you have it, folks, I was initially skeptical but Commander Karsten has this all figured out, as she pointed out stay vigilant and resume your daily activities. This is Kanoko with the Shibuya News Corps, signing off."

The holo display dimmed, and then the quiet house of Subaru and Satella returned to its peaceful atmosphere.

A cheerful fox with spirit in its eyes clenched its fists and declared:

"If I was not a virtual program, my heart would have skipped a beat for Lady Crusch. She seems to have everything in order, and I dare say that stoic old man reminds me of myself, quite dashing and with determination."

The gloomy atmosphere broke apart gently at the willy British manservant or well fox servant. Making Subaru and Satella chuckle with mirth.

"Tella-Tan I know what we witnessed is dreadful, but we have professionals actively in charge. The world may have bad people, but it has just as much as good. I can confirm when you came into my life." States the black-haired boy as he smiles gently and plants a kiss on his fiancé's forehead.

"En, you always know how to make me feel better my beloved, if we did not have to work I would have dragged you into the bedroom." Teases Satella as she uses one hand to caress Subaru's cheek, and the other to play with his soft hair due to him having just showered.

As both love birds looked at each other, a cough was heard coming from neither participant, as they turned around they saw their virtual fox butler point at what was the time.

"While I respect and abide by your wishes to remain joined at the hip and never depart this humble abode Lady Satella, Sir Subaru, I do not approve of this slothfulness. After all, if both of you do not work, who will pay for the upgrade this fine manservant requires." Scoffs the indignant fox, a little offended that he has to deal with these lazy sods when their hormones take over. Another point to being a virtual assistant thinks the fox.

Both Subaru and Satella felt the rebuke from George and felt a little guilty. In a hurry, they devoured their breakfast and drank the fresh-pressed orange juice. After finishing their breakfasts they both bid farewell to the satisfied fox who snapped his fingers and got the cleaning automatons to clean the dirty dishes.

As they rode down the high-speed elevator to the ground floor, both checked their vector gear, making sure they had their zweven boots, gravity stabilizer pads, and a plethora of other checks. To be a true vectoran all depended on the gear you carried. Sure the vector zones and buildings had anti-gravity cushioning to prevent newcomers from becoming a pancake if they miscalculated the range of their jump. However, the human element can always be an almost incalculable factor, thus necessitating all the essential gear.

Subaru confirmed he had everything he needed, and turned around to Satella and asked:

"You have your Lavande gun Tella-Tan?" Inquires a serious sharp-eyed boy to his love.

The silver-haired girl rolls her eyes but pats her right hip, where her custom-made 20th birthday present made from her love hangs. It is her preferred grapple gun when hanging out in the skies of Neo Shibuya alongside Subaru. While a lot more short-range than other grapple guns, it provides a degree of maneuverability unseen with other models. And the most important thing is it was made by her beloved. A fact she warmly thinks about every day.

"Yes my love, I will never depart without it. Hmm? What is this, where is yours Subaruu.?" Inquires Satella upon not noticing it on his person. He looks embarrassed and his cheeks flush as he hesitantly responds:

'I left mine at the workshop yesterday, Me and the boss discovered a new way to integrate nanites into some synthetic materials. And in my haste I forgot it, Haha, don't worry Tella-Tan I will get it back after my shift is over."

Satella pouts since her beloved is always teasing her for forgetting to wear her gear, especially when she is in a hurry to get to her classroom. But she forgives him easily and lets him off with a small reminder:

"I understand my beloved, buut please be careful ok? You warned me of the increase in crimes in the commercial district." Subaru feels guilty for always looking out for his number one when he can be quite careless with himself. So he pats his chest and nods vigorously while saying:

"Don't worry SMT, you can count on me. We will be back after work and discuss the details of our.." Here the boy stops as his face visibly turns red. And as he is thinking on how to word it, Satella cups his face and finishes for him:

"The details of our future wedding my love, geez how are you and your dad so similar. Blushing over matters that we women should be. Do not worry after I get off I already talked to Carmilla-chan about the possible planning and execution of the day of our holy union, with Kami-sama present to grace us."

Subaru relaxes into his lover's touch and before they know it the elevator deposits them on the ground floor. Subaru and Satella step outside as they share a brief hug and whisper to each other:

"Safe travels my love."

"Safe travels my husband." Says Satella emotionally as she gives her lover a peck on the cheek and rushes to her jumpad.

Subaru shakes his head and proceeds to his own jumpad, headed to his work and hoping his boss does not scold him harshly for being a little late.

(Scene Change)

Current Location: Neo Shibuya

Time: 7:00 PM

Day of Broadcast.

A trio of girls are struggling to make sense of the tourist sector of Neo Shibuya, which can only be blamed on them not trying to hail any of the hundreds of assistant guide drones. Although it can't be considered their fault in its entirety since where they come from technology is not as advanced as this futuristic city.

"This city is reeaaallyy confusing to move through Rem-san."

"Rem-nii, Rem-nii it seems Lady Emilia has a terrible sense of direction as always."

"Ram-nii, Ram-nii I agree that our fair lady has gotten us lost several times already."

"Jeez, you guys are such meanies today, teasing me because we get lost once or twice."

"Sister what was in that soup that Emilia-Sama ate, it seems to have given her short-term memory loss."

"Ram-nii, I fear you are correct."

A tired silver-haired girl pouts and sighs, used to dealing with the teasing she gets from the maids under her employ. While lost in the tourist sector and watching people get on strange blue platforms she wonders aloud:

"Where are Beatrice-San, and Garfiel-Kun?" I hope they have found luck with their mission of asking Natsuki Subaru for help."

The maids both furrow their brows and respond to Emilia's concerns:

"Emilia-Sama, I believe you told them to acquire Natsuki Subaru at all cost, not ask him for help," responds Rem, while sighing at what she probably thinks has already happened.

Ram just says exactly what her dear sister is thinking of:

"Lady Emilia both Beatrice and Garfiel are young and impressionable teenagers, I believe they even spoke about who can catch Subaru first."

The girl's amethyst eyes widened in shock, as she groaned internally and prayed that they had not scared the person whose help she needed the most.

"Are they dunderheads? I reeeally remember telling them to seek Subaru-San's help, not to treat him as a prize to catch. Geez does no one listen anymore?" Pouts an annoyed amethyst-colored-eyed girl."

As both twins just shake their heads at their ladies forgetfulness, a sharp voice interrupts them:

"Well look at what we have here boys." Roars out loud a tall and muscled man. Immediately Rem, Ram, and Emilia get in a defensive position, as they have identified this man as someone that surely does not have good intentions. Before they know it, they are surrounded by several dozen different rough-looking men and women, all sporting advanced combat gear and melee weapons such as stun bats, phaser knives, and electro-whips. Emilia despite knowing this situation is rapidly reaching what seems to be an impossible confrontation, still seeks to be the voice of reason and asks with a firm voice:

"We wish no conflict sir, and ask you to step aside. I am unaware why you would impede our path, but we have read on the laws of this city. Conflict such as this is strictly prohibited!"

The mercenaries and the giant of their leader are just paralyzed in disbelief, and then start roaring in laughter at the confused faces of the maids and Emilia. The leader approaches them casually as if they are nothing but prey and unsheathes a huge cleaver that is almost as tall as the maids. With a flick of a button, it starts emitting sparks of high-intensity plasma and he replies snarkily:

"Why miss Satella, Did you not witness the broadcast a few hours ago? Your Fiancé Subaru is already going to get fucked by all the S-ranked merc teams headed his way. Instead of us having to fight all that competition, we would much rather go for second prize. twenty million creds is not a bad deal for capturing ya, even if your little boyfriend's current bounty is at one hundred million.

Names Ark, and I lead my team of grunts with the wisdom to always choose the easier target. Three little girls, that are bumbling and lost in my area? Ha, I have been blessed by Kami-Sama today. Now put down those pitiful weapons or prepare for a world of hurt Satella-san, cause my patience is non-existent and my boys always enjoy showing their skills to new women!"

Both Rem and Ram grow furious at this pig's voice, especially at his comments about his men taking turns with them. And Emilia grows puzzled at being called a name she had never heard before. She motions for the maids to get ready for battle.

Rem grabs a handle from her waist and flicks it, and before the mercenaries astonished eyes a morning star erupts into existence from the nanites composing its shell while emitting a frozen aura. Ram unsheathes her weapon which turns out to look like an antique boomerang until she flicks it and it transforms into a nanorobotics boomerang that exudes violent winds from its unleashed state. Emilia herself flicks the two bracelets on each of her wrists and her gaze matches the temperature being unleashed in her radius, making the mercenaries shiver as if they were in Verkhoyansk, Russia. Where temperatures can reach negative fifty Celsius easily. and She coldly replies:

"I know no one by that name, and I only know Natsuki Subaru by name, but since you insist on confusing me for someone else and even deem to violate my maids while I am captured, we shall use our full force to counter-attack. So prepare yourself, Ark, for we are not gentle when being forced to another's will."

Arc swallowed his almost frozen saliva until he regained his senses and told his mercs and grunts:

"Assume battle positions you scum, activate your battle chips, and attack from a distance, I don't give a rat's arse what you do to the maids, but this Bitch Satella must remain alive. However, if she is harmed resisting capture? Hehe, then that is on her. CHARGE!."

And with that statement, the mercenaries erupted in a flurry of movement to their designated goal, while Rem, Ram, And Emilia prepared for battle, without the knowledge that this battle would influence pivotal events in this chaotic city.


Well this chapter was going to end up being almost 20K words if it kept on going, such as my passion. However I have not forgotten my Sagebaru fic, the only thing is I fell in love with the idea of portraying such a unique setting where hopefully the re zero characters are still in character, and rare moments of OC abound.

I could not have started this whole story without my loyal friend and brother Comrade Elmo. Thanks to him I am able to bounce back ideas back and forth, to make this story unique and enthralling as possible.

If plot still seems confusing do not worry, that is the point. This takes inspiration of how several Science Fiction movies, books, and media start. Where the character is thrust into action without us having any idea why. And them going back slowly so we can understand and see what went wrong. Chapter 4 will be Subaru's point of view halfway through the story, and explain in more detail just what in the bloody hell is going on.

I also have some other fic ideas that I will make one shots in the future. Picture of this story is a commission I got from the amazing Evon, showcasing a badass chase scene. Please leave reviews, comments, or your thoughts when possible. Thank you very much and until next chapter release of any of my fics.

Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony Chapter 4

Trials And Tribulations

Location: Mount Everest, Nepal, Bagmati Province. (8000 meters above sea-level)

Time: 5:00 AM

2 days before broadcast.

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the whole world, looms imposingly over Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Where many tourists and foolish souls would come through the Tribhuvan International Airport, to challenge the many peaks to climb of the Tibetan Plateau.

Many wannabe adventurers would come seeking to climb the king of mountains, Everest. And many more would be recovered as corpses from the monthly teams the Nepal government organized.

Mountain climbing while a very exhilarating sport is rather dangerous if the proper research, knowledge, and guides have not been hired for the task. And Everest is one where it's fame has only grown. Meaning that the government has set up queues of excited mountain climbers to line up and wait to climb.

However, nature is not that forgiving, and will never let the human element dominate it. Just last month twenty two hopeful climbers died waiting in line from exhaustion and the Nepalese government was so used to these incidents that anyone that wanted to climb has to sign waivers forfeiting their lives in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Truly dreadful, yet the overconfidence of humanity has always prided itself on defying the impossible. So some live and get to post their pictures on their streaming accounts when they get back down to Camp Everest, a type of semi-permanent settlement. Furthermore, since electronics start fuzzing out and straight up not working at higher altitudes they have no choice to upload their pics or streams until at least reaching camp. Or the unlucky ones whose bodies are still found by the government, get dragged down to be identified to whenever a family member can come confirm their relatives identity. If they have an Origin Chip is a simple matter, and if they do not then they use antiquated means such as confirming dental records to match them with the body.

Origin Chips and other futuristic means of identification only work when the nation is subscribed to the International Registrar System. An inter global organization that holds the richest countries in the world subscribed to their numerous data banks, something that only several advanced countries possessed. Such as North America, South Africa, most of Europe, Jordan, UAE, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, and several others.

As the old saying goes, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. However the circumstances of several individuals can be varied. And none are more varied than the young woman at 8100 meters above sea level, just a little less than a kilometer from the peak of this enormous mountain.

A cross legged woman of luscious brown hair, wearing nothing more than shorts, a pair of gloves, a bikini top, her zweven boots and cloaked with a flimsy robe is currently dreaming of eating some Japanese sweets such as mocha. Her drool is slowly leaking out of her mouth as it quickly freezes to ice, yet despite the anomaly her body is perfectly fine in such a hazardous environment.

She is currently located in the Death Zone of Mt. Everest, an area where there simply isn't enough oxygen for humans to breathe. At the summit a person just has an oxygen intake of one third of if they were located at sea level. However, she is no mere human, but something more, someone very special. Proof to her being one of a kind is that she is currently sleeping as if in a hotel room. Not in a cave being exposed to negative thirty six degrees Celsius for a week straight.

Her stomach rumbled and her sleep got interrupted as her hunger took over. She opened up her eyes, exposing dark green eyes with three red dots that still looked groggy. She slowly unfurled her body from her meditation posture and stretched while yawning slightly. She gazes at the breathtaking scenery that few get to enjoy from one of the most elevated positions in the world. And while doing some light stretches she thinks to herself:

"Maaann, It's been a week since I came here and practiced my meditation. Master was always going off about how I needed an activity to calm down all this energy I have. But Shaula is nothing but a first class lady, no sir, I am spectacular. I bet that's what goes through master's head at times." Shaula nods to herself with a grin on her face as she assumes her misconceptions as factual evidence, not the first nor last time she will commit such assumptions.

She is finally ready after stretching and her brown scorpion necklace starts glowing, a light comes out of it and a small yet cute virtual scorpion loli forms in the air, appearing to look just like a loli Shaula. The dark green eyed woman, unfazed at the display of her interactive A.I assistant just greets it:

"Gooood Moooorning Lambda, what can this first class lady due for my cute helper." The green haired woman just grins at the fusion created by her master, between her metia and true A.I. Lambda just pouts adorably as she begins speaking:

"Shaula-sensei I am supposed to inform you on any important news and pieces of information, do you not remember that is what Flugel-Sama said? You have been asleep in this frozen environment all wee-"

"I wasn't sleeping Lambda, I was ahem, meditating and practicing my inner chi control! Yep, that's me alright, mastering my chi flow!" Says Shaula as she interrupts her cute virtual assistant. Lambda just face palms and tries to reason with her slightly delusional owner:

"If Flugel-Sama was here he would walk away while grumbling about what utter nonsense you are saying, Onee-Chan. For the last time Chi is a theoretical form of energy that even Flugel cannot confirm exits. And your abilities are due to the various augmentations and unique cybernetics that our Master has implanted inside you! Jeez, make my life a little easier please Shaula-Chan."

Shaula pouts as her dreams of being a chi warrior are dashed for the third time in a month, due to her admittedly short attention span. But then she grins and strikes a pose, with her left arm covering the bottom of her face, and her right arm crooked over her belly she intones in a serious manner:

"Theories are nothing more than words! Accept what you have seen." Quotes Shaula from her favorite researcher as with her left hand she makes a finger gun and points it at a rock. While miming the actions of reloading her imaginary gun, to Lambda's every increasing mounting annoyance, she utters:

"Zero Ignition: Hell's Snipe environmental version!" As she utters those words the rock which was a good eight meters tall just evaporates as a blinding light engulfs it. She blows imaginary smoke from the tip of her fingers and proceeds to holster her 'gun' while laughing. Lambda snaps and in her cute voice shouts at this fool of a big sister it has:

"Stop using your energy for such petty tricks Shaula-sensei. Or I will inform Master Flugel upon his return. Besides, you could have caused an avalanche and then what! We have an international incident, again." Huffs the cute scorpion loli.

"That's why I used the enviro version. So I would not cause any unforeseen damages to this lovely mountain. Such a task is beneath a first class lady like me!" Replies the green eyed dummy, as she puffs her rather large chest out in pride. After all, it is not easy calibrating such a technique to account for wind conditions and seismic activities.

Shaula frowns at the mention of their beloved master and says to her cute little Scorpio sister:

"It's been four years Lambda-Chan since news of our master's disappearance. Despite us going to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Cape Town, all his previous labs have been shunted and hidden away. Or destroyed, or re purposed by those countries militaries." Here the brunette haired woman's eyes glowed red in anger as she spat out:

"Master was a saving grace to the whole world, but what did they do when he disappeared? Hunted him down like a common criminal for his knowledge, this upsets this lady quite a bit! Master gave us so much and never asked for anything. Why do people have to be so greedy Lambda-Chan?"

Here her cute virtual loli was also dejected and sad at the harsh treatment that their master received at several instances. Including when he wanted to expand and make accessible cybernetics and augmentations for everyone. Not just the rich, but also the good hardworking people living under horrible forms of government.

They both knew what type of personality Flugel had. He would always strive to help the world at the cost of his health, numerous days of not sleeping in order to finish requisition orders to facilitate global communication and translation systems. In fact, both Shaula and Lambda had to put him to sleep at times since he said when he finished he would rest, despite always lying to them due to his desire to help everyone, and not just the rich or influential.

"Shaula-Sensei, I understand your grievances but we must not forget the final orders Master left us. And besides, isn't it time to check up on your friends soon? It's been what? A couple of months since we saw those lovebirds, I hope they are doing well." States a visibly happier Scorpio Loli, reminiscing and smiling at the thought of meeting the silver haired girl alongside her black haired partner.

Here Shaula's mood went from gloomy to ecstatic as she starts to jump up and down in joy while screaming in delight:

"Those two lazy disciples! I hope they have not slacked off their training. Tch, if they did then Subaru will owe me lunch for a week. Lambda what are we waiting for? Let's Gooo!"

Lambda is trying to calm her big sis, since whenever she starts thinking of her favorite duo she loses all higher cognitive functions, which aren't many to be honest.

"Master for all your greatness, could you have not given my big sis more logic processors, instead all that intelligence went to her chest and hip area. Sigh, poor little old me." Thinks the poor Scorpio Loli to herself, while a ping of messages arrive to her private network.

"Damn Lag, it is hard getting any information up here since this mountain even interferes with satellite positioning." She ponders as she shifts through them, and her gaze narrows. Shaula notices the change in her little sister, and inquires:

"Lambda-Chan what happened? You look like you just received the most unpleasant virus upload. Tell this first class lady and I will do my utmost for my cute little nee-san." Winks a confident looking dummy.

She hesitates at first but decides this information is important, she clears her nonexistent throat and replies in turn:

"12 hours ago Commander Karsten of the Engels Wreker division of ICPO, put a stopgap of information to nearly all of the East Asia continent. Furthermore, her action appears to be the result of an attack committed by Sirius Romanee Conti, Cardinal of Forgiveness of that blasted cult that calls themselves the Holy Saints Order.

I am afraid that the actions of the commander have the whole Asian Continent in an uproar, I was only able to retrieve this information through all the backdoors that Master has in the P.L.E.I.A.D.E.S information network. Good thing he set this all up so that we can always plan ahead in case they ever find Flugel-Sama, we can respond in retaliation and save him."

Shaula frowns at all the big words used by her little Scorpio loli, and as she thinks some more she finally answers back:

"So the green haired woman stopped all of Asia from knowing this information? While it is very gloomy news, I fail to see what we should do. We have several goals and none of them align with hunting down cardinals in the first place. That sounds reaally bothersomee, for a great lady Such as I."

Lambda sighs at her sister, while joyous that her big sis has their goals in mind instead of slacking off, she must remind her why this is important. The Scorpio loli goes onto elaborate:

"Onee-Chan, remember our goals. Firstly, to find any trace of our master's disappearance or a reason for him disappearing. Secondly, to secure and verify that all research sites containing dangerous technology if fallen to the wrong hands remain sealed or destroyed. Thirdly, to check up and make sure that Natsuki Subaru, as well as Natsuki Satella are doing ok and make sure nothing bad or ill has befallen them. Finally, and this is the most important one, to continue our search of the Tower.

That is the premier goal, and may very well have vital clues of importance to where Flugel-Sama disappeared. Hopefully, we get lucky and he is there and just trapped in another worm hole like last time remember Shaula-Chan?"

Here Shaula's smile lightens up like a megawatt and she happily replies:

"That was sooo much fun, Master almost did not make it back from whatever weird world he was stuck in. His face full of relief when we shut off that weird machine he called a temporal thingy machine? Hmm, Shaula is bad with big words anyway it was fun. And you are one hundred and ten percent right! We must go find Dumbaru and Tella-Chan and check up on my friends, maybe get some sweets. Oh yeah, It's all coming together." The gluttonous woman rubbed her hands in anticipation as her eyes shined with future mischief they could commit together. She does not really have any friends if not counting her Master or Scorpio loli sister. And the joy of laughing with Subaru and Satella make her ecstatic.

Lambda is about to correct her notion but sighs, knowing that sometimes one can only go with the flow. She at least tries to let her dummy of an older sister know some critical information:

"Shaula Onee-San, before you get all excited let me remind you that we must get going there soon. Meaning, we won't be able to stop at Kathmandu and enjoy a nice plate of Dal-Bhat-Tarkari [Nepali cuisine consisting of lentils, spices, rice, and vegetable curry].

We are on a crunch time as Master says, the P.L.E.I.A.D.E.S network has credible information that several cardinals and S class mercenaries are headed towards Neo-Shibuya. The city where our favorite couple reside in. Moreover, we also own an apartment there, courtesy of our Master.

So we must hurry to Camp Everest, gather whatever supplies and provisions then take the jet that's parked in the Tribhuvan International Airport. And hightail it towards Japan. Did you understand all that Big Sis? Or am I goi-"

Shaula interrupts her by grabbing her three sectional Bo staff, and flicking it. A pair of thin wings come from the top and bottom, making the staff look like a glider of sorts. She hurriedly goes to the edge of the mountain and has a determined smirk on her face. While Lambda puts two and two together a shrill scream escapes from her as she desperately tries to stop her idiot of an owner:

"Are you daft, or are you a flaming moron Shaula!? You plan on flying three kilometers down to Camp Everest? Even you could perish you-!"

"Have some faith in your big sister Lambda-Chan. You said we have no time to waste correct? Let's make haste then. Besides, I am not flying, it's called falling with style.

One, Two, Three LEEET'SS GOOO!" Yells a laughing Shaula as she jumps from the edge and falls down, with superb style as the bewildered mountain climbers could exclaim upon seeing a maniacal woman laughing while descending at break neck speed, while a shrill but cute scream was also heard.

The rumors of green eyed supernatural creatures falling and snatching mountain climbers made its way later on that week, to the amusement of the Sherpa's that knew who the culprit was.

(Scene Change)

Current Location: Neo-Shibuya

Current Time: 7:45 AM

Day of Broadcast.

"Excuse me please I am in a hurry, thank you kindly!" Exclaims a silver haired girl as she is dodging and weaving through the crowds of people. She bites her lower lip in slight annoyance due to some shady individuals having held her up in the commercial sector long enough she was almost late to class.

After apologizing and then making sure she was not an unintentional victim of an illicit hack, she continues on her merry way. Dancing around the crowd as she picks up her pace. Numerous tourists just look at her oddly, but she was not even in the top five of oddities they have seen today.

With some of them being the various dive pods and screens showing the virtual world its occupants where currently playing inside of. Another being a literal wolf man, with an eyepatch grinning and whistling. It is truly mind boggling how cyber biology and skin grafts had gotten so advanced and are just things of wonder.

"I have to be more thoughtful of my kiddos, as the teacher in charge of educating them on this big, scary world I should be there first. Not last! Geez maybe I should stop my morning sessions with my love?" Her face heats up at that thought and she hurriedly shakes her head in denial of those thoughts while dodging some more people. "Never mind, maybe just cut the sessions down to ten minutes? Agghh, but how can one keep track of the time while in that state? I can barely remember my name when Subaru's di-."

Her thoughts get rudely interrupted when a distracted couple where taking instant photos by blinking using their snap augs, causing her to stumble and fall. The couple apologize profusely in German:

"Es tut uns leid, dich angerempelt zu haben!" Apologize the couple who hurriedly tried to help the poor girl up.

[We are so sorry, to have bumped into you!]

Reads Satella on her metia which had translated their words seamlessly. While she appreciates that they are apologetic, they are also about to touch her which she disliked immensely and she replies back:'

"It's fine, but please do not touch me. I can get up on my own see?"

The couple own metia offers her translation:

[Es ist in Ordnung, aber bitte fasse mich nicht an. Ich kann alleine aufstehen, siehst du?]

The couple is rather upset at this lack of courtesy, while yes they were in the wrong and even tried to help, this silver haired woman was rather rude. Right when they were about to speak their thoughts they noticed she has already disappeared into the throngs of the crowd. They turn around and speak to each other:

"Japaner sind ziemlich frech wir wollten unds entschuldigen and ihr helfen aufzustehen aber she lehnte es ab und ging weg ohne etwas zu sagen."

"Vergiss es mein Schatz, wir sing im Grunde genommen Schuld."

At certain distances if a metia has been used to translate someone phrases before and Satella was still within range of the couple just lost in the crowd and her metia translated for her again:

[Japanese people are rather rude, we tried to apologize and help her get up and she refused our help and left without saying anything.]

[Forget it darling, we were originally in the wrong.]

These thoughts wounded her, it was not her fault of her aversion to the touch of people. With the exception of some friends, her students, and her fiancé, no one touched her. No one had a need to, and it just reminds her of that incident that occurred a scant two years ago.

Something that scarred her physically and mentally, and that without the steadfast support of her darling, she may have never dared to venture outside. But she is doing much better, she knows it, admits it, acknowledges it.

Despite some days the fear returning, her darling is always there. And their cute fox butler can provide marvelous entertainment. She smiles at the thought and decides to hustle faster towards her job, career, place of joy.

She shakes her head with determination and forges her way through the bustling crowd. But when you live in a city that has over twenty million people, it becomes simply impossible to march at your own rhythm.

Finally she has had enough and gazes at the skyscrapers in front of her. She swiftly makes some room away from everyone and performs a light jump with her zweven boots propelling her three meters in the air as she declares:

"Lavende, Activate Vector sequence!"

"Confirming Owner, Permission Granted, Welcome back Natsuki Satella. You have logged in forty hours last week in Vector. Keep up the good work."

Chirps out her grappling gun, that while not sentient compared to their beloved George-san, can perform various tasks related to helping the user with calibrating shots or gauging distances.

After the many accidents and some deaths the Council of Neo-Shibuya, alongside the original creator of the sport Flugel, got together and revamped the city, overhauling massive new designs and blueprints. So that Vector could be something to enjoy, and at the same time maintain itself as a fun game with all the proper precaution and safety mandates.

After Vector took off wildly and with success, the idea was implemented in other cities. It provides a way of public transportation that works exceptionally well in dense urban cities. Furthermore, Subaru and Satella have it on their bucket list to go challenge the reigning champions across the world once more settled in when they get married.

Her grapple gun extends quick as a snake about to strike and anchors itself onto a secure spot. And in less than two seconds she had already gone over the crowd that has been obstructing her way.

With quick flicks of her wrist and some light acrobatics, she continually engaged and disengaged her zweven boots and grapple gun as she was zipping around the beautiful morning skyline. The lighting fast way she was moving made several people on the streets or on jump pads look at her with awe, and want to try their own hand at Vector.

But then they remembered how high she is at the moment and how the equipment can be quite pricey to safely enjoy such an activity and they keep walking or taking the jump pads.

A young boy was in awe as he watched Satella go from building to building like if she was flying. Confused and excited he thought superheroes are real. He asks his mother in their native French what was going on:

"Mère, comment est-ce que cette fée vole?"

"Elle ne vole pas mon garçon, il s'agit d'un sport appeler "Vector", dans lequel les participants doivent sauter et planer sur de longues distances."

"Wouah! Maman, je veux pouvoir faire ça quand je serais plus grand!"

A woman who had just conversed with the boy and mother had her metia light up which translated the phrases:

[Mother, how is that beautiful fairy flying?]

[Silly boy, she isn't flying but practicing the sport called Vector, it allows the user to jump and glide great heights.]

[Wow Mama, I want to be one too when I grow up]

After witnessing such actions and stunts made by Satella, the boy was impressed and decided to make the silver haired fairy his idol.

The eager boy was unaware that the amethyst eyed girl already has a huge following on the streamer accounts, due to her and Subaru's joint account for when they challenge other Vectorans to race across the buildings in professional tournaments.

Here Satella has already covered several miles and is about to get to her school when she hears a voice:

"Satella it has been forever, what about an early morning race? It's never too early for Vector." Interrupts a blonde haired man. This conversation would be quite mundane if they both weren't twenty five meters in the air as they are both Vectorans.

The boy quite admires how well Satella is maneuvering through the vector lanes with style and grace, both things she is unaware of since it is just her style to move in that manner.

She is a little annoyed since she is almost to her job but this guy, named Jacob has been one of the rivals alongside his girlfriend Miranda that Subaru and Satella compete against. Their relationship eventually became one of friendship and rivalry, competing over who is the top dog of Neo Shibuya Vector ranking.

"Sorry Jacob as well as good morning, but I reeally have to get to class. I do not want to get reprimanded again. Let's all meet up this Saturday for a friendly competition, yeah?"

Satella tells the blonde haired boy, he is a little dejected but he brightens up at the prospect of meeting up with the black haired boy he calls friend and agrees hurriedly.

"Sure Satella-San, I will let Miranda know and then we will be set, hope you make it on time and sorry for interrupting you from your commute to work. See you later."

"It is no trouble indeed, tell Miranda-Chan I said hi ok? Well until this weekend bye Jacob-san." Satella parts with these words as she activates her zweven boots for a guided propulsion and Lavende shoots out to anchor to another building and she zips away.

"Man both Subaru and Satella are such pros, I aspire to the day where I can reach their level." Thinks Jacob as he uses his own grapple gun and zweven boots to go meet up with his girlfriend and tell her the exciting news he just received.

Satella finally reaches her destination and deactivates her boots and holsters her grapple gun, and with quick footsteps shoulders her bag over her shoulder and proceeds inside the school she teaches 2nd and 3rd graders. She is in front of her classroom and glances at her metia.

The time is 7:58 is what she reads and exhales in relief. Almost late by two minutes and strides inside her classroom where a bunch of kids are sitting at their desks.

"Goood Mooorning class 2-A. I hope you have all had a good rest? We will begin on the lesson invol-"

"MORNING NATSUKI-SENSEI!" Shout out a bunch of giggling toddlers, as their favorite teacher had made her appearance on time for once. A light brown haired small girl giggles and smirks at a black haired boy with his head on the desk, moaning about another injury he received while being careless:

"Touma, Touma, you were wrong. Satella-Sensei arrived just before eight AM. You owe me some snacks and chocolate milk."

"Mikoto-Chan, I always have bad luck it seems, fine you win this round." Mutters the tired Touma as he lifts his weary head to focus on the lesson they were all about to have and enjoy.

"Touma-San, Mikoto-Chan let our teacher speak for now. You two can keep your banter until class ends." Mutters a girl with long flowing black hair and blue eyes as she has her notes in front of her.

Both Mikoto and Touma pout a little but they understand as they both say simultaneously:

"Easy for you to Say Rin-Chan, considering you are about to be able to go to class via FID."

A small smile graces Rin's lips as she puffs out her chest in pride. Her diligence, study ethic and book smarts has always let her succeed no matter the class. She states:

"Well of course, It is only to be expected since I put in effort, unlike you two who just play around. I do admit Mikoto-san, that you put in more effort but you could do much better."

Both the black haired boy and light she was about to continue to talk to her classmates a stern voice sounded:

"Enough of this children, and don't think I did not hear you Mikoto, Touma! And Rin what have I said about being prideful in the wrong way?"

All three eight year olds shut up and kept their head down, while their teacher could be the most wonderful individual and very caring. She also has a very stern personality while in teacher mode. They did not want to incur her wrath and profusely apologized simultaneously :

"Sorry Satella-Sensei. It will not happen again."

Here she gave a firm nod and then smiles while tranquility returns to the classroom once more. She claps her hands and the holo projectors start displaying different facets of Neo Shibuya alongside the title lesson of today which is the history of their city.

"Now children, during yesterday's lesson we were learning how this city came to be, alongside the other great futuristic cities across this world. Do any of you have any questions before I proceed with today's lesson?

Rin immediately thrust her hand in the air as her eyes brighten up at the prospect of learning more. She was curious about many things despite her young age, due to her inquisitive mind. She goes ahead and asks:

"Satella-sensei, I wanted to see if we could know more about the great pioneer that jump started the age of technology, is there any way we can learn more about him. Like who he is, where he came from, his motivations and goals?"

Here the silver haired teacher chuckles at the enthusiasm her young yet brilliant student has. She thinks to herself:

"Soon Rin will be able to use the FID system and take classes in the virtual world like all of students aged ten and up. Her mind has developed pre-maturely yet that is not a bad thing, since her brainwaves will adjust to the dive gear a bit earlier than others. I am proud to be a teacher to all these students, even Touma who always seems to have bad luck."

She sees another two hands up and it is Touma and Mikoto, she gestures at them to ahead and speak:

"Teacher, I also want to know more about Flugel-Sama, he seems amazing to have helped develop nanotechnology, as well as Vector and many other things." Says a curious Mikoto.

"He seems like a swell guy, it is always nice learning more about someone that works as hard as he has." Comments Touma as his eyes brighten at the concept as well.

"These children are so adorable, they make me want to have my own. Agghh, soon after our marriage we can get to business. Subaru has stated he wants a boy and a girl, with the advances in the medical field I am sure we can make that work."

Again thinks Satella as her eyes lose focus and she develops a dopey smile at the prospect of having kids.

All three children that had spoken out loud all looked at each other and smirked, while mischievously saying out loud words that made Satella blush red from embarrassment.

"Hey Touma, Mikoto, it seems like our beloved Sensei is thinking of her husband again." Wonders while smiling with mischief Rin.

"Hey you are right, now it will take several minutes for her attention to come back to us. I am jealous that he deserves more attention than us Hmph." Pouts Mikoto as she crosses her arms in mock annoyance.

"Geez Subaru-San must be a great guy to make our teacher lose focus like that." Says a grinning Touma, while imaging that the other black haired man must indeed be worthy of respect to earn the admiration of their beloved teacher.

Satella blushes red as an Appa and clears her throat while regaining her composure slightly and proceeds to continue:

'Anyway, yes I have plans to introduce Flugel-Sama to all of you today anyway. So where do we begin hmm. Ok Let me give you some background information on Flugel. Very few people have ever met him in person. He usually does all correspondence in the FID system. And once in the system you can have a virtual avatar and be whoever you desire.

Furthermore, attempts of trying to find out someone's identity on the system is heavily restricted and punishable with the harshest of sanctions. Moreover, Flugel invented the FID system himself so how is one to even begin the concept of trying to override the creator's control?"

"He sounds like a man of unparalleled intellect, Satella-Sensei." Remarks an enraptured Rin.

Here the teacher nods her head in acknowledgement and continues:

"While that is truly certain Rin-Chan, he is also someone that people are unaware of. I already explained how he meets people, but Flugel has met several people before. We know he has a disciple who runs his errands for him. However the full extent of people that know his appearance is certainly less than ten people in the whole world.

Therefore, it is very hard to gauge his personality when not in the system. All we have are rumors, that he is a man that wants change and prosperity for the whole world. Not just the rich countries, but to aid the underdeveloped ones as well. Remember children, that we are very fortunate to live here in Neo Shibuya. Not every country has access to the resources we have, some people do not even have Origin Chips, Metias, Vector, FID, and many other things."

Here Mikoto stands up at hearing about this injustice and declares:

'Why that is just unfair for the other countries, why can't we all share resources, is that not the very concept of globalization?"

"Those other countries should not be wallowing in misfortune, they deserve better." Mutters a frustrated Touma.

Satella's heart swelled up with joy and feelings of being prideful of her students. These are the exact political issues that her beloved and herself talk about on a daily basis. Hopefully her father in law has success in the DIET (Japan's government).

She was aware that the issues did not only stem from each countries government but also the collective interest in all of the things that Flugel and his broad team of researchers have developed. It pains her heart but explaining all of this to her students seems a tad excessive. Anyways she needs to continue her lesson or they can talk about these issues all day. So she acts to finish this swiftly:

"While Flugel is amazing, he is just one man and unfortunately the logistics, resources, and other matters needed to bring his vision to the world are all still in a planning stage. So, as one of the world's leading countries in technology it is the duty of the citizens to also let our government know these issues. So I hope when all of you mature you take such matters seriously."

All the students get infected with the passion their teacher shares and they all shout out:

"Of course Sensei, we will do our best." The statement brings a smile to her face as she claps her hands and resumes talking:

"Well then let us talk about a topic I am sure will interest all of you since in one year's time the way you take classes will be reeally different. Let's talk about the Full Immersion Dive system, or FID system for short as you are all aware."

"I cannot wait to do my first Dive." Announces an exited Rin.

"It will truly be thrilling, don't you agree Touma?" Asks a joyful Mikoto.

"Most certainly, It should be fun playing inside of the system." Says an eager black haired kid.

Here Satella flicks her hand and all the holo monitors change to display dive pods, or actual virtual streaming happening in real time as she smiles and thinks to herself:

"I remember doing my first dive at seventeen, or at least I think it was my first dive. Unfortunately my memories never came back, despite the Natsuki family doing their best effort to try to find any of my relatives. If I even have any, anyway those are gloomy thoughts that are unneeded. Let's focus on the lesson."

Here Satella brings the attention of the completely enraptured class to a close up image of a dive pod and resumes her lesson:

"So the FID system, it was decided by a group of researchers and psychologists that students ten and up, the ideal age for the still developing brain to grow alongside the system, that using FID can promote ingenuity, cognitive thought process, logic, and many more beneficial attributes for study.

Furthermore, it can help the artistic minded people to visualize concepts taken directly from their mind by the dive gear and imposing it in the virtual world. In addition, it is a way for students around the world to bond as well and develop play dates and hang out spots in their favorite virtual setting.

Since all of you are between the ages of eight or nine years old, my job is to prepare you for the system and our nurse can check out your brainwave patterns to make sure we can all ensure a safe and successful first dive."

"Teacher would that mean we would not see each other anymore?" Asks the class as brief bouts of sadness occur. Sure the FID system sounds marvelous but not meeting this wonderful teacher of theirs would make them even sadder."

'Satella giggles and her smile brightens at these fantastic kids of hers and she replies:

"Do not worry about this children, we of course will meet up in the future. I teach you kiddos twice a week, and the other two days I alternate with entering the FID system and resuming lessons with all of you. Hmm, I wonder how your virtual avatars will look like? I look forward to seeing it one day soon!"

As the class gets happy that they will see their beloved sensei again the lessons continue, and many information is brought to light that makes the children gaze in wonder. Preparing them for their soon to be first Dive jump.

(Time Change)

Location: Satella's classroom

Time: 5:00 PM

"Well my wonderful students, that is it for the day. I know today was a longer than usual class, yet we needed to get over some crucial information. I will accept questions tomorrow and wish you all a happy evening. As all the students leave, a trio of merry friends come to personally say goodbye to their beloved teacher.

"Thank you so much Satella-Sensei. Today's class was truly interesting and I learned a lot!" Exclaims a grinning and happy Mikoto.

"This was awesome, learning about Flugel and The FID system makes me want to grow up quicker." Mentions Touma as he shrugs his beat up backpack on his back.

"I certainly cannot wait for my first dive, Thank you for this invaluable information Natsuki-Sensei!" Says a jubilant and ecstatic long black haired girl.

Satella's cheeks briefly redden at being called her family name, and she smiles as she gazes at her desk where there are a bunch of photos of both Subaru and Satella in various poses, such as striking a victory pose, or one taken by a streamer drone of them vectoring around town.

Of course the inquisitive children notice the actions of their sensei and smirk. They all look at each other and Rin asked Satella the same question burning in their mind:

"So sensei, when is the wedding? And are we invited, last time Subaru dropped by he gave us all sweets and he said he was our bro. We want to see big bro getting married to our beloved sensei, right Mikoto, Touma?"

"Definitely, It would be such a blast." Cheers Touma.

"Big Bro Subaru is awesome, I cannot wait to see him again!" Points out Mikoto.

"Geez you guys, go home ok all this teasing is making me light headed. If you don't head out know I will spank your butts in place of your parents!" Giggles Satella as she gives a head pat to her three favorite students. They all laugh and she turns off all the power in her classroom as she walks them out, to be received by their parents.

After waving at them in farewell she double checks her Vector Gear and the time. She confirms it is 5:00PM and thinks:

Subaru should be getting out in an hour, so I should inform George-kun about getting a list of ingredients delivered to our house via carrier drone. That way by the time he gets off we can have a nice dinner together. After all, today is the day I have to talk to him about the details of our weeding. What a joyous occasion, I never expected to find such joy, such love in my live. Kyaa, I cannot wait to see My Subaru and give him hugs and kisses, maybe take a shower together? But no if we do that we would end up having se-?

A ping interrupts her thoughts, she shakes her head away from the lecherous thoughts at the moment as she glances at her metia:

"Good Evening Lady Satella, I hope class was informative and nothing eventful happened?" a baritone voice can be heard as the fox butler she has been thinking of materializes like nothing and floats in the air.

"George-Kun, I was just thinking of asking for your services once more! I am truly glad to see you my dear friend." Exclaims Satella as she activates Lavende and starts vectoring home. The dazzling sun has already started its slow descent and the colors of the celestial object shine brightly against all the glass and metal constructs inside of this glorious city.

"No problem my Lady, I went ahead and ordered all the ingredients that are going to be necessary for tonight's lovely dinner, and it will arrive in about thirty minutes, do you doubt this impeccable manservant's ability?" Scoffs the fox as what type of first rate butler is he? None but the very best, after all he has a reputation to uphold.

"Oh thank goodness George, I should have known that you would be on top of things. Sometimes I wonder where we would be without your help. Probably being clumsy as usual." Giggles the silver haired girl as she vaults from building to building while her boots activate at her mental commands to slow down or propel her exactly where she needs to be.

Some streamer drones following her are recording and taking pictures as they get a huge upsurge in views as the crowds fairy seems to fly over the buildings and landscapes with elegance and grace. Of course, from all of this a nice commission is deposited in Satella and Subaru's joint Vector account.

The prideful Fox's tail shifts around in a pleased manner, as being complimented is always a source of joy. As he is about to offer some insights into what type of meal they should prepare, a loud sound the likes they have only heard once before erupts throughout the whole city.

Everyone's Metias or streamer drones automatically translate the language to one they understand. The people that have universal translations cybernetics implants are listening in as well.

"This is the emergency broadcast network, and I am the A.I in charge of monitoring city wide threats, national emergencies and several immensely important crisis situations, Volcanica.

This is an order from the council of Neo Shibuya, everyone is to head home and tourists to their designated hotels immediately. There is a very credible possibility of an attack in several key locations from the Saints Holy Ord-."

Here The broadcast cuts off, and everyone looks at each other in confusion in fear, at what is happening with the situation at hand. Before they can even register the shock of hearing a system that is mainly used for earthquakes of severe magnitude another voice, one that sounds feminine comes out of the broadcast system:

"AHAHAHA, You worms and maggots, this city is about to become such a shit show. Listen up you disgusting pigs and revolting insects. All of you are such lustful creatures, never thinking to maintain one's chastity and purity. None of you could measure up to my standards but there is one way to redeem your gross and hideous nature, are you all ready?"

"Hey fuck you whoever you are, you have no right to speak to us that way." Someone shouts while listening to this appalling recording.

"Mom what that lady said is that true? Im scared." Cries a twelve year old to his mother as she embraces and soothes him.

"Geo… George-San what is happening!?" Inquires a fearful silver haired girl, as she had stopped on top of a roof in the commercial sector to listen in. The voice sounds malevolent, as if it has deep scorn for all creatures that aren't itself. George is using his various tools to investigate but keeps running into massive firewalls and he grunts in frustration:

"Satella, I think we must leave right now, this voice has no good intentions and I fear the worst, nothing but nutters and lunatics have been appearing on the news recently. This may be something to do with what happened in Copenhagen, remember miss?"

The silver haired girl puts a hand to her mouth in shock as she shakes her head, not wanting to believe but then her thoughts shift to her love. Before she can mention anything else the voice continues:

"I have a mission for you lazy bastards, Capture Natsuki Subaru and his silver haired bitch. One hundred million credits for the boy, twenty for the girl. Furthermore, you vile creatures that is not all. You all have three days, or seventy two hours for this.

All you dirty and horrid mercenaries should be honored at this opportunity, for whoever gets any of them first will also receive exclusive information of the Sage's Tower. That's right you maggots, the Tower that Flugel himself made that is rumored to have technology so advanced it is indistinguishable from magic.

And just to help here are their images and current locations, this should be fairly simple for you monkeys.

Good hunting you sacks of shit, Hahaha what a fucking shit show this is going to be. If this city is not overturned or on fire in three days I will be disappointed in your levels of lust and depravity."

The Broadcast ended forcefully as Volcanica finally bypassed the city wide hack on the emergency broadcast system which should have been impossible since Flugel himself built it. With a heavy and commanding voice he announced:

'Disregard that previous message, there have been multiple hacking attempts, go home and await for further instruction." And then the voice signed off and the city was plunged into its first real silence since its creation.

Everyone in the city is shocked, appalled, while it is true this feminine voice addressed them with such scorn as they have never witnessed, the prospect of obtaining that sheer amount of money was insane.

All the local mercenaries and hunters are giddy at the prospect since those two individuals mentioned. What a stroke of luck, but no other prospect was as enticing as the information on the Sage's Tower.

This was thought to be an urban legend, but if real. Then the one hundred million credits would be as unappealing as a rock lying on a street. They needed, to get these people at all costs.

As the whole city went from peaceful and bustling to fearful and turned upside down, George for the first time in his virtual life felt something akin to fear for his mistress and lord. Turning around he could see that Satella's mind was shell shocked, but it quickly snapped gears as George mentioned:

"Satella, I will try to find a way to communicate with Sir Natsuki, but you need. TO RUN!

Now Satella you must make haste, we are well aware of what greed can do to people.

Especially in this City that while looking peaceful, can be anything but. I am forcibly turning your metia off so it cannot be used to track you. Unfortunately I will not be able to keep contact with you. Try to seek shelter with Sekhmet or Carmilla. You cannot return home. Do not trust anyone you haven't known for years Satella, Do you understand me?!"

"I… I… I need to go find Subaruu! Nothing matters without him, why is this happening. On this fateful day. I.-"

'Satella, you know Subaru can take care of himself, remember who his boss is. Furthermore, we have chatted too long. Just for a day survive Satella, I fear the worst if both of you have such enormous bounties. This is bad, but fear not lass, keep your chin up and with determination forge your path forward!"

Says a charismatic fox, he knows he cannot let her rush blindly to her love's side. That is probably exactly what that sadistic individual wants, to make it easier to capture them both. George reminds her of this as well.

"Ok George-San, I understand but inform me of any occurrences once I make it safely to either Sekhmet or Carmilla's abode. I will not let anything happen to Subaru!" Exclaims Satella with a fierce and determined gaze, as she understood the same as George. This hand behind the voice may want them to immediately meet up and make is so much easier to capture them, and Subaru's boss is unique.

She agrees with George and they say their farewell's as he forcibly turns off Satella's metia, and she uses Lavende to grapple away while remembering that her friends lived about forty minutes away from her house.

Suddenly, as she barely left the building she was at her grapple gun hook gets deflected and in a panic she falls down to the floor. Barely being able to do a flip on a buildings side and land on a food kiosk while using her Zweven boots to their full advantage. She was able to avoid danger but narrows her eyes as she is surrounded by twelve rough looking individuals. The leader is a woman who comes out decked out in kinetic armor with her crew having several stun guns, phasers pistols, and paralyzing nerve agent assault rifles. Satella does not even need to question what is happening as she already put two and two together, they are trying to kidnap her already.

"It has not even been five minutes since that announcement was made, how did all of you know to find me so quickly?" Asks the silver haired girl, as she already shifted to warrior mode in her head, remembering the weak points of certain armor, the soft joints that flesh and body targets possess, the cybernetic alloys that would shine brightly before activating. She took all this information as it was scant seconds before she got a reply back.

"Name's Mercury, and it ain't anything personal with you kid, but well we all gotta get paid somehow, isn't that right boys?"

Her crew nodded in assent as their eyes filled up with greed at the untold wealth they would soon possess. A single target, a woman with a petite frame and not even wearing any armor or having weapons. Might as well be as easy as snatching candy from a baby. As they all surrounded her, a pissed off silver haired girl uttered the words that would shatter their expectations of an easy prey:

"Zero Ignition, Herculean Strength. Urban mode activated." And with that phrase her zweven boots that were discreetly set at max setting propelled her nimble body forward and her target, a skinny merc with shoddy equipment who was frozen in shock did not expect to receive such a powerful kick in his abdomen that shattered nearly all his ribs. He was thrown dozens of feet away, already frothing at the mouth.

While they were shocked Satella was not done by a mile, she spun around on one foot and delivered a right round house kick to another merc while taking advantage of her boots propulsion and sent his whole body to the ground. A fierce crack and shattering of bones was heard as the merc immediately blacked out with life threatening injuries.

A royally pissed off amethyst eyed girl was staring in fury at the merc team, who by instinct have backed away several feet and prepared their weapons. They were not expecting that such a seemingly frail woman was capable of knocking out two of their team in less than five seconds. Mercury was ticked off she has not received intel that this woman in front of them possessed such strength and obviously has training.

"I do not appreciate threats to my person or my love, and I am livid so can you all kindly Fuck off for me please."

Declares with a domineering aura Satella, as the sweet and kind teacher that was mere hours ago teaching her lovable students, has morphed into the woman she needs to be for this situation.

She abhors cursing unless its lovemaking with her beloved, or threats of imminent violence to herself and her family. As she and Subaru went through a similar incident two years ago. Her and her love vowed to never be weak again and trained with one if not the best hand to hand combat trainer in the world.

"Dammit they fucked us on Intel, Archer tranq her now before she pummels our skulls." Desperately shouts out Minerva as the rest of her squad has gotten in different positions and were trying and failing to shot Satella, who was dodging with grace and ease. Until she felt a sting in her back, then two more on each of her legs and she forcibly got on her knees while breathing heavily.

Did they tranq me? Dammit I don't have my metia on, so George can't help me read the battle flow and account for variables. I didn't account for a sniper somewhere. No, I can't let it end here. Subaruuu. Please stay safee do not come for me my love, it is too dangerous."

Thinks to herself Satella as her vision is getting cloudy, now without her enormous strength and agility while remaining kneeling. Mercury got cocky and confident and strove in front of her with a shit eating grin as the rest of the goons got closer with bindings to secure their target. Still a little weary at the frightening display this girl has displayed.

"Well you think you are tough shit little girlie? Let me tell you if it was not for me finding it distasteful I would let my men each take a turn with you to vent out the frustration you caused us. Now boys get rea-"

Time seemed to slow as everyone was in shock at was happening. One second Mercury was talking, the next a pair of boots were against her face and sent her crashing into a wall as the perfect dropkick was executed. The sound of Mercury's broken bones and pained scream is heard by everyone as in fear they turned around to face a grinning brown haired woman with emerald green eyes who struck a pose and declares:

"Never fear, For Shaulaaa is here!"

"Geez Big Sis, do you really have to do those silly poses." Complains a tired Scorpio loli.

"It is what I am paid to do Little Sis, now let's see what we have here. Three snipers on different roofs, nine mercenaries equipped with subpar weaponry and shoddy armor. Threat leveeel, Delta. For being not worthy in the eyes of this first class lady!"

Declares Shaula as she turns around and injects a stim to counterattack the nerve agent coursing through Satella's body.

Satella is just staring with shocked eyes, as the most unreliable yet strongest individual she knows appeared before her eyes. As the stim begins working through her system her lucidity returns and she utters:

"Shaula-sensei? Is that really you?"

"The one and only, discounting my cute little sis. Now let me tell ya Tella-Tan, where are your tonfas which you are supposed to carry with you at all times, and to be ambushed by these wannabe amateurs. Tsk, I thought I taught you better. Your failures reflect on the teachings of your master after aalll."

"I made the mistake of not carrying them with me since we have not seen you in months, just where have you been?" Inquires a curious silver haired girl.

"It is good to see you, Satella-Chan I hope you and Natsuki-San are OK? But we have more pressing matters than this. The P.L.E.I.A.D.E.S system has detected thirty additional mercenaries headed this way. I was able to bypass the news feed and inform the citizens and non-combatants to stay away from here due to national security. Also Onee-Chan go ahead and give Tella the spare tonfas you brought."

States Lambda as her eyes glow continuously from using the special system to better make it easier on the three of them.

Satella grabs the tonfas Shaula hands her and equips them, with a flick of her wrists they start glowing and crackling with electricity, she nods her head at the familiar feeling and says to Lambda:

"Many thanks Lambda-Chan, it is great to see you too and with this I am happy that I can change my plans and try to rescue my beloved."

Shaula smirks at points her thumb at her heart and declares:

"Tis not an issue for an Ace like me, let's clear this garbage and be on our way, or else we will be bogged down by all of these D-Class mercenaries."

Satella Smiles and stands side by side with this epic teacher of her, and while the mercenaries where already wanting to retreat, it was too late for a laughing Shaula and Satella were determined to make them pay. And with that the pivotal change started, and the wheels of fate moved as events that are changing this world will be played out in the next seventy two hours.

Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony


Chapter 5 Power of Capital


Current location: Singapore, Malaysia


Time: 7:00 PM


Day of broadcast


In the country of Singapore there exists a marina bay, across from it, is the Batam islands, separated by the Singapore Strait. In this marina bay you have one of the most extravagant casinos. Three towering skyscrapers supporting what seems to be an immense shipping boat. While this sight may dazzle the many tourists that come to gamble in one of the finest casinos in the world, it was nothing to the current owner of the marina bay sands casino, Anastasia Hoshin.


The young purple haired casino magnate is counting her dividends from last night's haul. Smiling to herself she uses her metia to diversify the portfolios at her command and checks up on the international stock markets. Furthermore, with a couple of swipes of her fingers and some verbal commands she acquires some more stock from her rival Russell Fellow, a thorn that has been at her side.


Using predictive algorithms alongside implanted booster chips for processing power in her formidable and scheming mind, she manages several hostile takeovers of other competitors. Further pushing the Hoshin Conglomerate into an even better position in the most valued businesses and practices throughout the globe.


She pulls up her records of the casinos owned from Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, and Macau in China, one of the few legal places to gamble. Now, the young entrepreneur and business savant has her hands in many pies, always trying to calculate what profits she can make and what losses she should take. Calculating the total revenue of her business and gambling enterprises she is one of the most wealthiest individuals in all of the Asian continent.


While sighing to herself after a long day of making millions of credits she thinks to herself:


"It's been quite some time since little ol' me got a well-deserved vacay, Let's seeee, where to take Mimi, Tivey, and Hetaro to next? France? Nah, that prissy orange haired bitch is there, always unsavory business dealing with pompous royals. The U.S? They are greedy folks like me but I don't like their new policies on demi-humans such as Ricardo and the triplets. Hmph, racist assholes. Hmm, well I ain't sure at tha moment. I'll just ask Juli whenever he shows up."


Here she gets up and stretches her body while faint bones are heard cracking due to her slouched position in front of her monitors. She is wearing a white fur coat made of the highest synthetic material available in the market, and she often sports the prototypes being designed in the clothing centers as well.


A way for her to combat her hellish childhood is to surround herself with wealth, yet at nights she still has nightmares to what she had to endure in the streets of Sri Lanka.


As she frowns at the unpleasant memories she hears two firm knocks at her door, then they wait exactly three seconds and the knocks are repeated once more. Before Ana can tell the person knocking to come in, they rush inside automatically with a frenetic energy.


The person in front of Anastasia can barely be called a human, with long shaggy hair, and not from his scalp but surrounding his whole body, a dark metal alloy is used in the construction of his chest armor, with kinetic shielding's in place for any surprise weapons.


He has zweven boots as do all of the mercenaries under the employ of Ana with a broken silver collar surrounding his neck. At his sides he carries a plasma pistol and a disruptor rifle is slung across his back.


However, since he likes to get close and personal with the enemy as the team's captain and vanguard, he also carries a heavy phaser battle axe, that with a flick of a button can materialize quite the energy blade. Usually just displaying it once is enough to mitigate any battles of confrontations.


His optical nerve gear is looking around and analyzing any threats to his person or the VIP he is in charge of protecting, and since he only has one VIP in his whole life he is satisfied upon seeing his lady not sleeping on the desk again. Anastasia has a nasty habit of overworking herself very badly and the triplets and him have to carry her off the massive bed she has on in the penthouse suite overlooking the marina bay.


Anastasia furrows her eyebrows and he hesitates to speak since it was rather rude how he entered, yet this is necessary for the information he just found out is too critical to have been postponed for any longer, Ricardo Welkin clears his throat and speaks:


"Boss Lady we gotta go to Japan ASAP, something real-."


The frowning billionaire put her hand up in the air to interrupt Ricardo where he promptly shuts his mouth, then she replies:


"Where are ya manners Ricardo, bargin' in all crazy and nearly giving me a heart attack settle down. Since ya surely have some interestin' news, sit down and have a drink." Not waiting for an answer she goes to a fridge and pulls out two cups and a sake bottle from her homeland.


She proceeds to motion the wolf man to sit down in the comfortable actual leather couches which are extremely expensive in this day and age to buy and pours both of them a drink. She raises her cup as Ricardo repeats the motion, smiling she proclaims:


"To prosperity, perseverance, and profits, tha 3 P's that led this little lass to own half the casinos in tha world, kanpai!"


Both sling down their shots down their throats, letting the chilled sake do its job as they feel their cheeks slightly flush, with a wave of her hand she compels Ricardo to speak while she pours two more shots.


"So what's goin' on Ricardo? I can tell it's somethin' mighty serious to be riling ya nerves up so badly." Inquires a slightly flushed merchant, getting into a more comfortable position and patting her scarf.


"Oh shit, you're right I almost forgot, here lemme pull it up." Ricardo rubs his head cheekily in embarrassment. He swipes his metia and a holo display is present in the room, at a verbal command from Anastasia the lights automatically dim and the recording plays.


Anastasia's eyes open wide in surprise to see the focus of the news being Neo-Shibuya.


Fires are burning in several sectors of the city, as fire suppression drones fly out and use extinguishing foam to put them out, the other parts of the city don't look good as well. Burned out vehicles are seen as some mercenary groups are fighting the other.


There also appears to be looting, as various people are breaking into certain kiosks and stores trying to get food, medicine, drugs, and whatever else they desire. The absence of security and police drones is notable, since it seems they are taken to different sectors where critical help is needed.


And in every VR display outside buildings there appears to be, two wanted pictures of a silver-haired girl with amethyst eyes and her current location is being displayed on a city wide map.


Besides her mugshot is an image of a black haired boy with fearsome eyes, smiling at the camera menacingly. Under each of their images there are a respective price of twenty million for the silver haired girl, and one hundred million for the boy.


Furthermore, there are reports of several SS class mercenaries overturning the entire city to find these individuals. One can see the private police force of the city trying and failing to quell this madness. Children are depicted being scared as many residents have locked themselves in in fear of their life's, the once vibrant hub of the pinnacle of society.


The city itself seems to have taken a dark turn and looks almost dystopian in nature. Marshal law, and requests of aid, are being demanded by the concerned citizens, yet it seems almost like there is an opposing force making sure that things stay as chaotic as possible.


People are using illegal non sanctioned streams to show the madness of what is occurring. The biggest enigma is where is the council of Neo-Shibuya, and why aren't they helping.


For Anastasia to say she is shocked would be an understatement, she knows how pristine and serious the Japanese government is with allowing weapons into their borders. For instance, she has to pay a serious amount of money whenever one of her Iron Fang operatives needs to get special weapon clearance to even be able to be allowed entry.


Neo-Shibuya is arguably one of the strictest cities in the whole world. All of the facial imprints, origin chips, IRS tracking and being scanned by drones routinely make it one of the most safest as well. For something of this scale to be present in this city evokes dread for the world.


For if the safest city in the world is being put under such circumstances, then what does that mean for the less developed countries?


"This ain't good, this is ain't good at all, this can have serious consequences in tha global market, and create fear for the masses of people just tryin' to get by with their day to day life. What the hell has happened while I was busy with my businesses throughout Asia?"


Anastasia thinks as she quickly turns to Ricardo who has a stern expression on his face, he rubs his snout in annoyance and replies to his ladies alarmed expression:


"I know you ain't got the most fond memories of Japan, but there is some big shit going on right now, hell our information network just pinged us about this literally ten minutes ago. They got the whole city on lockdown, no one getting in or out, they even got that, whatcha m'call it? Oh yeah Engels Wreckers from INTERPOL there, all very hush hush."


His lady processes this information with alarming speed, comes up with some theories, discards them. Wonders on the impact such an event will due to her business as well as the global market, and decides to lay bare her thoughts:


"I can see that some stuff is goin' down quite severely, but what's this about? That city got tha best mercenary teams in the world, with tha exception of us, that haughty French bitch, the Russians, and that damn anarchist in Detroit with her walking flame haired nuke, their shouldn't be anything ta scare them with."


Here the worried merchant and CEO gets up and starts pacing back and forth as she considers the variables, the video is paused at the moment for she knows the important parts have not even entered into the equation yet. Ana thinks:


"If this is how bad it looks from a video, then how bad is it inside the city? We'll have ta figure that out eventually." She continues explaining to a focused wolf man, all thoughts of vacation gone from her head:


Hell that city is nigh impossible ta breach unless that damned superhuman decides ta finally cause world war 3, and violate all tha international laws placed on him. Furthermore, he won't dare ya hear me, he a big ol' softie, and so is his lady.


So pray tell ya lady Ricardo, what in hell's bells is goin' on? Cause from what I'm seein' this don't look like the jewel of Japan, but more like a war torn country in Africa like Kenya.


This is rather worryin', not only is it bad for business, but it will affect global trade, and can lead to life losses. "


Here the wolf man just grabbed his snout harder and sighed as he let the video resume and stayed silent, the drinks forgotten, the slight buzz killed by this world shattering news.


A recording of a sinister, malevolent, and disparaging voice is played which makes Anastasia frowns in anger at how crass and rude they are being. Yet, her eyes widen in surprise for a second time when she hears mention of the Sage's tower, barely paying attention to the bounties listed on the targets she heard.


She quickly gets up at the end of the recording and basically sprints to her chair, pulling up a wide variety of different holo diagrams, Venn charts, statistical equations, and personal algorithms. So entranced is she with what she is composing that Ricardo sighs and gets closer to her and squints at the myriad monitors, giving up rather quickly as he can't keep up with his boss's mind.


After a scant few minutes she pin points the information she wants and enhances it so it shows as a virtual map which displays in the center of the room. She walks up to it with a laser pointer and turns it on.


"Ya see that Ricardo? That's an incomplete portion of some nonsense data that I received a couple months ago, at first I didn't care one bit. For ya see this info is useless by itself, however with what ya told me, well let's say that we are leaving right now. Pack your things, inform the triplets and Juli to meet us at tha private air strip."


"But Ana, it's gonna be hella hard getting in there and keeping us all safe, you should just stay and supervise from here. I don't feel comfortable taking you to a dangerous are-." Anastasia interrupts as she speaks over him:


"Who pays your bills ya lumberin' oaf, who rescued ya and the triplets from them bastards in Saigon? This lil' lass has seen plenty of action, and while I ain't got an itch for it, there are times a merchant has to make a risky investment. This is one of those times ya hear me? Now let's get going."


"Understood Boss lady, I'll go ahead and talk to Julius right now." Informs Ricardo as he grew a bit fearful of his benefactor, yet he smirked at her devil may care attitude when something she truly desires appears in front of her eyes.


After her words to Ricardo she hurriedly syncs her metia to the computer and downloads all the relevant data, as she barks out commands over the Hoshin linked comm lines about managing the business for several weeks in her absence.


Furthermore, she makes sure all of her safeguards are in place in case that sly Mr. Fellows tries to steal some of her hard earned capital.


"Not over my watch ya sly fox, I'd rather go back to eatin' rotten food then losing a penny to that weasel of a man."


Grins Anastasia with a fire in her eyes the likes Ricardo hadn't seen since she opened up her first little shop after rescuing the triplets and Ricardo from Vietnamese organ traders. Demi-humans organs are valued desperately due to their high adaptability.


"Bos.. Boss Lady, I haven't seen you this passionate since we took over Indonesia's casino empires from that greedy fool Russell." Says Ricardo as he is amazed at how motivated Anastasia looks like, as if she needs to go to Japan or all is lost. Like if a house of cards is a gust of wind away from toppling down.


"I'll explain on tha way since time is money, and I ain't lookin' to waste it. Let's just say tha we need to protect Natsuki Subaru at all costs and maintain cordial relationships, that's what their called ain't that right?"


Replies The grinning merchant as they both head to the Heli-pad and await the helicopter that is taking them to her private jet. Not a moment too soon they see the helicopter descending with Mimi waving and shouting:


"Eeeyoooo boss, we're all here and ready for action, let's go kick some ass!"


"Mimi, can you control yourself, we need to focus on our mission and not be so excited, we are professionals." Mutters Tivey as he is cleaning his tranq sniper gun.


"Both of you calm down, this is gonna be a blast, It's been awhile since all of us joined in some fun!" Snaps back a visibly excited Hetaro.


Furthermore, he double checks all their equipment including their phaser guns; stun rods, tranq equipment, kinetic shielding and attachment barriers, EMP scramblers and a plethora of other top tier gadgetry that even the wealthy would think twice about purchasing.


However Anastasia Hoshin, CEO of Hoshin Conglomerates spares no expense in equipping herself and her family with the very best money can buy.


The helicopter reaches down and lands smoothly as the rotor engines keep going yet due to the advancements in tech, make nary a whisper, and the pilot steps out, who is none other than Julius Juukulius.


Dressed in an impeccable white uniform with black and red stripes etched on, a bright sword hilt is on his left hip and he bows down gently as he intones:


"Lady Anastasia, Ricardo, the preparations are ready for our objective. Furthermore, the other active and close members of the Iron Fang are ready and are proceeding to Neo-Shibuya. However, If I may ask a question without being presumptuous?"


Ana motioned for Ricardo to go join the triplets and he does with joy as all three jump on him and play around, while Tivey scolds them to be more professional yet yelps as Ricardo throws him in the air, making Mimi and Hetaro bust out laughing.


With a smile on her face looking at who she considers family she turns to the man that helped her out of the hell hole that was Sri Lanka. Her best friend and fellow partner in crime, despite him vehemently denying such a title.


As it wounds his pride, she cracks a smile as she pats him on the back and says cheerily:


"Ahh, always nice to see ya Julius-kun, what can this lil' lady do for ya?"


"I am aware of what is transpiring in Neo-Shibuya, as well as to who the targets are, yet are we going to resort to kidnapping a happily engaged couple?" Questions Julius as he furrows his eyebrows.


While he serves as Anastasias personal bodyguard, as well as the knight that would sweep other's off their feet if they threatened his ladies sovereignty.


He also would never allow themselves to be involved in any malicious activities such as kidnapping and he is aware his lady would not perform any of those as well, he can't help but worry.


Here Anastasia's face which was joyful turns sour. And slightly angry she shoves her best friend away which made him surprised at the vehement actions taken by his lady.


"What tha hell Julius, I thought we knew each other better. What did ya think I let my mission muddle my mind or somethin'? Our number one priority is to assist both Natsuki Subaru and Natsuki Satella, we ain't gonna nap 'em or somethin like that.


We are to be leavin' a good lasting impression on the couple, for I don't believe that broadcast for a second, sounds mighty suspicious to me, don't ya think?


Also, to establish a cordial partnership, it's essential to leave a good first impression ya know?


Don't forget my roots and that shithole ya took me out of. Or did ya forget all the charities I manage to run as well, we are best friends but accusations like that wound my young maiden heart ya understand?"


At this point they are both smiling at each other as she is ever grateful for her stalwart companion, to keep her from ever truly turning to the dark, and keep herself ethical and above board.


Julius has similar thoughts as he knows his lady's heart carries good intentions. He has personally seen her manage charities and helping in the kitchens of some orphanages, despite her being able to hire whoever at times she prefers a personal touch.


Julius bows as he replies with a smile on his face:


"Forgive my doubts and transgression, for I was merely seeing your resolve. And I am convinced again over how following you is the best plan, as we can help many people far and wide."


"Glad to hear that Julius-kun, let's get goin' since we have no idea who else is after that poor couple." Happily states Anastasia as they get back in the helicopter and depart to the landing strip. With her gaze on the outside and Mimi happily in her lap she wonders:


"Japan ey? I guess, it's time to confront the demons of my past, as well as look forward to tha future. With Subaru's help I can end worldwide poverty, and erase the stains of my past. Now then Japan, Anastasia Hoshin is comin' home."


The helicopter carrying crucial individuals that will affect the tentative balance struck in Neo-Shibuya is on the way, not realizing how important their presence will be for a current ignorant black haired youth currently working without knowing the hell that is approaching him from all sides.


(Scene Change)


Day of broadcast


Time: 7:15 pm


Natsuki Subaru is not having the best day at work, first his boss scolds him for forgetting his grappling gun and being late. Then he slips on some residue where he fell, and had to wait till the washing machine was done with his clothes, afterwards he had to go buy lunch for him and his boss since he was late.


With a sigh he finishes fixing the last of the servos used as remote upgrade stations for the myriad drones in the city. He hasn't had his metia on all day and wants to call his fiancée. Finally as he is about to activate his metia, a booming voice resounds:


"Here boy, have an Appa, you did good today."


A high velocity red projectile is thrown at Subaru as he barely catches it, he thanks his master Shaula for all the training he received or he would have been hit in the face by the dangerous fruit.


"A little warning would be nice you know Kadomon? Last time I had a bruise for a week, Satella was worried sick and I was too embarrassed to explain it was due to my slow reflexes."


Here Subaru turns around and grins at his boss, Kadomon Risch. A tale man of considerable bulk that is visible, as he usually wears a vest due to how hot some of the metallurgy work they do get.


With a signature straw in his mouth and sky blue eyes looks at his apprentice and laughs out loud as he pats the tired black haired boy's shoulder with considerable force.


Even if he didn't mean to be rough, Kadomon was simply built different with several strength augs that helped him haul around some work pieces that were four hundred pounds and more in weight. Suffice to say no one dared steal from his work shop despite being located in a rougher part of the city.


"Stop complaining so much boy, or else your wife will think you're weak! Look at these guns, Raksha loves them, you need to put on some muscle boy." Laughs the green haired muscular man as he flexes his massive biceps.


"Easy for you to say boss, I don't have muscle growth augs like those! My body is incompatible, besides I wouldn't even be able to vector with so much weight dragging me down." Exclaims Subaru as he is perfectly happy with his body type, aerodynamically fit for Vector.


Here Kadomon just roars out in laughter as he continues:


"Whatever you say to make yourself feel better boy. So when are you and the missus gonna have kids? You have seen my daughter Plum.


Nothing more adorable than her exists in this whole world. Yet she needs a friend so get to it, unless you are lacking in your equipment down there, Bahahaha!"


Subaru flushes red as he remembers him and Satella's daily morning routine, and while his boss may be a muscle head, he is rather insightful and can perceive other people's emotions, if it weren't for Subaru knowing for sure, he would have thought his boss was a damn Hunter or something.


"None of your business old man, I'll tell you when we are ready, you can be the damn godfather if you want."


"Ha! I'll hold you to those words boy, remember men don't break promises!" Firmly stated Kadomon, as Subaru sighed and motions he understands that. He smirks and questions:


"Oh yeah? Weren't you supposed to be on a diet? Then why did you make your poor, destitute apprentice go buy us some fried chicken? I'll make sure to let Raksha know."


"DON'T YOU DARE BOY! She'll have my head, sigh ever since she got me on this weird meatless diet all I want is fried food, don't take away my once a week temptation. And I'll stop teasing you, how about that?"


Subaru secretly did his victory shout in his mind as he fist bumps with his boss. Both of them smirking at the exchange. They both start cleaning up the shop and bantering as usual. Some time passes and it's official closing time and they are both ready to leave.


Subaru approaches the bench to activate his metia when the door is opened even though the closed sign is displayed. Both Kadomon and Subaru turn around, both in synch:


"Scram, we're closed already, come back tomorrow if you need help."


"What that big muscle head said, works over sorry buddy."


Yet their eyes widen in surprise as they see over six people show up with stun rods, all wearing masks on their face and some type of helmet obscuring their faces. They are lightly armored, nothing that would stop a good quality phaser gun, but can mitigate the shots quite easily.


The leader steps up as he lifts the visor of his helmet, looks at his metia and smirks as he declares:


"Natsuki Subaru is it? You're coming with us, just follow us and this shop can stay intact. Or else there will be consequences, understand?"


"Oi, Fuck off and get the hell out of my shop before I throw your sorry ass out of here." Angrily replies Kadomon, as he will be damned if anyone will come intimidate him in his shop.


"You better leave before you get beat down, I've seen what my boss can do. It isn't pretty." Counters Subaru as he starts analyzing what these people want, however since his metia was turned off he couldn't run a quick check of who they are.


He is slightly worried since they called him out by name, and to his knowledge the only people he pisses of are those that look at his eyes. It isn't his fault that he has had run ins with gangsters that got intimidated by his gaze and wanted to beat him up.


The leader gets angry as him and his boys all flick their stun rods and dangerous currents start flowing through the Nano carbon weapons, satisfied with their display the leader tries to intimidate:


"Well you choose the hard way, good thing we got here first boy's, easiest one hundred million creds of our life. Just wait till another team captures your fiancée, heh I bet they'll have fun with he-."


The leader was interrupted as two high velocity appas impact on his head with such force he was thrown back and collided with his goons. Both Subaru and Kadomon waste no words as they throw the Appa's simultaneously.


Without a word Subaru grabs a heavy pipe wrench and throws it at Kadomon who wields it as if weighed nothing, and he grabs a lead tool used for measurements and in synch proceed to engage in battle with the helpless and shell shocked enemies. They had quickly gone from being the prey to being the hunted.


Subaru dodges a stun baton by pivoting his left foot and moving a couple of inches to the left, the baton missing him entirely. He then gets close and grasps the man's jacket from the bicep, positions his hip and flips him over his shoulder to the ground in a perfectly executed Judo throw.


Kadomon sticks to the tried and true method of bashing a man's head with such force he gets propelled and hits the wall where he falls unconscious and is bleeding profusely. It doesn't take the two of them working together long, before all of them are on the floor moaning in agonizing pain.


Kadomon looks fine as if this was just a simple morning workout while Subaru is panting and thinking he still needs more training. Now that Subaru and his boss had neutralized everyone he goes to the leader and smacks him awake.


"Who the hell are you, and what was that about my fiancée and I being worth millions of credits. Don't fuck with me you bastard, I won't let anyone threaten my future wife again!" Roars Subaru as he slams the leader against the wall, Kadomon going around knocking whoever else was still conscious out.


The leader chuckles and spits blood at Subaru's face which make the furious boy slam the guy's head into the wall, not caring if he was going to be able to wake up ok again.


"What the hell is going on here." Asks Subaru to no one as he is confused at what has occurred today, until he hears his boss tell him:


"Subaru you need to see this, now." The black haired boy turns around in shock since he can count on one hand how many times he has heard his own name be called by his boss. He sees that Kadomon's eyes have lost all humor as he reconnected the streaming and news devices and is watching what is occurring.


Seeing a picture of himself and his fiancée on all streaming channels evoked a feeling a dread inside of Subaru, he has a need to immediately drop everything and go look for his wife. As he turns around and is about to ignorantly step out of the shop a rough hand grasps his shoulder. For once, Subaru had lost all cheer and yells:


"Let Go of me, they have my fucking wife on the cams and streams, I can't sit here and do nothi-!"


A firm slap echoes across Subaru's cheeks, almost throwing him on the floor before a pair of rough hands grab his collar and bring him eye to eye with his boss, who is exuding such an aura of menace that it instantly quells whatever thoughts he was having.


After the green haired boss makes sure that Subaru's mental clarity returned he pointed out:


"You can't activate your metia to call your lady, the minute you do half the cities mercenaries will be on your ass before you can say I surrender. Secondly, that lass is quite strong and she has George with her to remind her head to stay clear.


I'm sure he just did the equivalent of me slapping you, more gently of course. I'm sure she'll be fine for the mean time. Whatever shithead did that broadcast probably wants to lure you both together for some reasons we don't know. Wait here a moment."


Subaru is just running through the scenarios in his mind, well aware his boss is right. He clenches his fists as he remembers that the back-up plans he gave George were to direct Satella towards Sekhmet or Carmilla. He will figure out a way to contact them.


Kadomon came with three things, one of them was a standard grapple gun, only difference it was highly illegal due to not logging into the vector system, yet it would confuse the city ordinance drones if they tried to scan it.


The second thing he brought was something familiar, another type of Pirater, probably enabling him to hack into systems he needs but only locally.


"Alright listen up boy, I'm sure you are aware of what's going on with these, use this grapple gun to get around unhindered if you do get pursued, just don't abuse it, it ain't foolproof. Second thing here, let's put this on ya."


After securing It on Subaru's left wrist he kept explaining:


"You got about ten seconds with this puppy, you can ping others but I'll recommend only do that when all is going to shit.


If they ain't on a secured network then they can backdoor piggyback their comms and you're fucked. However this will also allow you to bypass or hack any terminal for local connections. I ain't gotta specify that since you ain't as dull as you appear to be at times."


Now Kadomon had Subaru sit down in a chair as he grabbed what appeared to be a vial with a little metal spider, twitching and pulsing.. He nervously asked:


"Is that what I think it is boss?"


"You're right, this is the Oculus prototype, I'm sure you'll find out what it does shortly. Hold still this is gonna hurt, a lot."


Before Subaru had time to second guess Kadomon had him strapped down as he put the vial with the metal spider over his right eye. The little AI robot twitches and latches onto Subaru's right eye as it burrows inside and Kadomon has to restrain him with his hands, the screams were loud enough to wake up the dead.


After only ten minutes but what seemed like hours the screams and pain subsided as Subaru questioned what the hell was that.


"Sorry about that, but if I'm right you are gonna need every little advantage you need. Also congrats kid on your first cybernetic implant. I know you were hesitant but this was a tad necessary, and this Oculus is not even on the market giving you a leg up over anyone that will chase you."


He handed Subaru a mirror and he looked at his eyes, yet was stunned when he couldn't see any notable different. Kadomon interjecte:


"It won't show until you need it boy, or if it was on all the time it would tire your brain as they both sync with neural and visual pathways, enough about that just hope you don't have to use it."


Subaru got up shakily yet with more determination than ever and said:


"Thanks Kadomon Risch, I owe you a favor once more."


"None of that shit, just make it out alive and sort this mess out with the council. After this blows over drinks are on me." Grinned the verdant haired man as he fist bumped Subaru and wished him the best.


As Subaru left through the back streets, he activated the grapple gun and as he leapt in the sky his thoughts were focused on his fiancée:


"Satella, my love stay alive dammit, we still need to get married and have a bunch of cute babies. You said you wanted two, well we'll have four. Just please, don't get caught because I'll become a demon to get you back if needed. I'll see you soon, my love.


With those final thoughts he looked at the map inside his head of a safe house for him to catch a breath and vectored in that direction, unaware of the multiple eyes on him already. And so,


Subaru's Days of Despair truly began.


Author's notes:


It's been a little over a month man it's hard juggling life, multiple fics, and relationships. However I needed to put this out before starting on my other fics, this is still one of my favorite fics to write and I hope y'all like it.


I am very happy with this chapter and received very good help on Anastasia, her interactions, mannerisms, speech patterns, and how she is such a fun character to write. I could not have thought of her so well without my friend crapshak50, author of 7 tales and with an upcoming fic that makes my brain tremble. I'll get you a femboy one day Wombat.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 6

Discordant Harmony


Chapter 6


Apex of Greed


"Science fiction is not


Quirky anymore; we


Live in a futuristic


World now."


(Bonnie Hammer)


Natsuki Subaru was racing in the way he was accustomed to, high in the air, sweat on his face, and the twinkling of his eyes, as they sparked with joy at engaging in vector. Yet, not this time. He wasn't prepared or aware of how many people were hunting him down.


He spun around a building and kicked a merc in the face, making them fall thirty feet from the air. Yet, he didn't stop moving nor did he feel regretful. These people were pursuing him like a dog, and he had done nothing wrong.


He gritted his teeth as he landed on the roof of a building yet lights blinded his eyes as two opponents with jump boosts approached him with stun batons and tranquilizer rifles, and paralyzing nets. They both grimly stated:


End of the line for you, surrender quietly or-."


Before they could say any more clichés Subaru activated his zweven boots and used a lariat move


(Wrestling move where you hit someone in their throat with your forearm meant for a takedown)


to take the men down, his zweven boots kept him drifting in the air briefly before he saw his next building and grappled away. The pursuers weren't done and they fired nets to try to apprehend him.


With swift steps he dodged and weaved the paralyzing nets meant to capture him, and he gained speed. Yet, his opponents also weren't slacking. They knew the sport Subaru was most proficient in, and they couldn't help but capitalize on it.


On his weakness, on his inferiority, it reeked of an amateur. Yet, why did they struggle to simply apprehend him? This golden goose, this ticket to the sage's tower, to eternal status.


They couldn't even breach his defenses, everything they threw at him became null the moment it would seemingly reach him. He seemed to be perfectly in tune with the environment, he seemed to disregard anything they did. For good reason, he laughed with joy and shouted:


'Is this the best you pieces of shit can do? Then, I find you lacking plebs. Hahahaha, goodnight and goodbye!"


And with those words he sped throughout them, and rushed to his end point, to get away, to buy time as his enemies wasted it and he practically flew away, as he leapt from building to building while attaching his Lion's Greifhaken and using the zweven boots for propulsion. He looked like Spiderman almost, always one step ahead of his pursuers.


He clenched his fists in exhaustion as he thought:


"Fuck, what the hell was that bulllshit, How did they determine my location? Do I have a hidden tracker or something? No, it's simply not possible, Kadomon's protection and my Pirater would've detected it. They simply must be using overwhelming numbers to try and catch me, that's all.


Time, to step it up then."


With those last thoughts Natsuki Subaru yelled as he vectored across another high rise building:

"Let's go, Zweven Boots, full throttle, Pirater full control, time to erase my presence!"


And after his last words his propulsion accelerated. He became speed itself as he dodged the pesky nets sent his way. His Pirater scrambled the source codes of the pursuers, and they couldn't pinpoint where he was. While they cursed he fled away with quickness and they lost sight of him.


The mercenaries were rather unhappy yet, they also got a chilling comm directly into their Metias and they hastily responded:


"Yes, boss?"


Their seemed to be a profound silence as no words came, yet the mercs sweated and shivered in fear, for they knew that their boss was silently thinking of how best to punish them. After what seemed like hours but was more than likely a minute a digitized voice was heard, the gender couldn't be guessed at:


"So, you were the second team dispatched to capture [Natsuki Subaru] and you failed, despite the information I provided you with?"


The leader of the mercenaries closed his eyes as he already expected a swift death, and only hoped his family would be spared as he meekly replied:


"We were tracking him just fine and just about to grab him wh-."


"Enough. You know what I do to people that spout out nothing but excuses. You failed, so you will be punished."


"Wait please no bo-.!"


His words were cut short as his body spasmed and he fell to the ground, already dead as the death chip in his brain had been activated. The two other mercenaries started sweating and almost crying as they thought they would die, yet surprisingly they heard the voice speaking to them:


"Cortez, congratulations you've been promoted. The mission remains the same, find Natsuki Subaru… or else."


The former second in command of the group, now the captain looked down at his former bosses body and shivered as he replied curtly and the voice disconnected their exchange. Cortez looked down at his fried boss and hurriedly sent commands to the rest of the squad, not wanting to disappoint and get his brain fried as his former boss did.


(Scene Change)


He gasped and despaired, as he was at his limits, he didn't even feel the comfort of the shadows during the blazing sun as he exclaimed out loud:


"FUUCKK. That was such a shitty ass experience, what the hell am I supposed to do. I can't contact Satella for fear of getting every mercenary and yakuza to capture us, nor can I seem to get to a safe house we had prepared due to the incident that happened so many years ago. What am I going to do."


He felt slight despair, yet he was glad he hadn't been captured or apprehended, he felt that he would never see the light of the sun again if they had gotten his ass. He mused his thoughts out loud:


"Well, deadline said three days right? Shit I don't know if I can last that long, I need to find a place to lay low before I get to tired and fail to take into account anyone trying to nab me. Fuck, my parents must be worried, yet where the hell is the police force? Why have seemed to scatter like rodents in fear of a big hungry cat?"


His nonsense words made no sense to anyone but his lovely fiancée and George as they knew his Subarisms quite well. As he kept walking down he didn't notice a glinting object race to his face. He felt a burning sensation in the eye Kadomon had installed as the Oculus activated and immediately stated:


"Move head 3 centimeters to the left now or die master."


In surprise he felt almost as if the Oculus guided him and assisted his still befuddled mind in dodging what briefly glanced his cheek and it embedded itself into the wall, a faint trail of blood could be seen by the shallow cut the incredibly sharp knife had given him. In shock and fear he realized that knife had almost taken his life.


He gulped and steeled his nerves. For in front of him was a beautiful woman with a bewitching smile, yet not even her beauty could mask the disturbing and insane eyes she possessed. The assassin from Crimea, Elsa Greinheart made her late introductions by giggling:


"Ara Ara? It's quite a sight to see you at this time, last I heard you were already apprehended by Mama."


Subaru quickly tried to search for an exit, his Oculus working overtime as it considered pathways, hatches, and rooms. Yet it came blank for it analyzed the data and told Subaru.


"You have a margin of error greater than expected, chances of escape are 2.8% without outside help or interference.


"Fuck that's really bad odds." Subaru replied back subconsciously as he tried to think of a way. He considered his options and then said with a shallow smile:


"Hey Haven't you heard, I'm the golden goose of Neo-Shibuya, everyone else wants a piece of me, so come and have a go if you're tough enough."


He realized his mistake when the assassin smiled and replied with curved lips and a lustful expression, but not for the boy, but to see his inner organs:


"You wound my heart you know? I'm still a young woman after all, however I'm not here for the bounty. Someone already paid triple it's worth for the sole purpose of taking you out. That's why not even Mama can find out about this, or I'll get punished. Fufufu, I can't wait to see what color your guts are.


Without another word she dashed as she clenched her kukri blade, smiling like a maniac and Natsuki Subaru's zero chip started blooming into completion. Yet before it did a mighty shout was heard from an adolescent voice:




Three rays of multiple colors struck Elsa as she got blown away. A trio of individuals landed and the girl of the three turned back and looked at Subaru as she cheerily exclaimed:


"Hiya, hehe we found ya before Julius, Ana owes me head pats!"


"Who the hell are these munchkins? And they seem to be demi humans genetically by the cat ears. Yet, they saved my life, I wouldn't be Natsuki Kenichi's son if I didn't know how to repay my gratitude."


Is what Subaru thought and he had a tired smile on his face as he said raising his thumb up:


"Hey guys, appreciate the assist, I almost saw Kami for a second. Who are you guys by the way?"


The trio were happy they had neutralized the target.


Mimi was looking up and down at Subaru as he seemed to be quite an amusing fellow to be around. Hetaro checked their stun guns and pulse rifles as the scanner on his eyes tried to locate any additional enemies. Finally, Hetaro was content that the mission had been a success.


Just as Mimi opened her mouth to reply, Subaru had a bad feeling as his Oculus warned him about impending danger and he shouted out as he realized what was occurring:


"She's not out for the count yet, WATCH OUT!"


Mimi was confused and was about to reply when Tivey and Hetaro brought her to the floor with them, not a second to late as a knife went to where Mimi's throat would've been. An irritated voice was heard:


"Zero Ignition, Cursed doll."


And before the eyes of the stunned triplets the injuries they had delivered to Elsa started healing quickly, her torn left shoulder and gaping chest wound were mended and fixed in no time. Patches of skin on her bloodied face seemed to wiggle like worms as they attached themselves back to how they were. Subaru's eyes widened as he thought:


"That's impossible, no cybernetics can do that. The most they can do is speed up recovery by five times, yet she cured her wounds nearly instantly. Who the fuck is this woman? I have a bad feeling about this."


Fully restored, Elsa smirked and intoned:


"Stamina increase, durability increase, speed doubled, agility increased. Well children this lady is ready to play with you."


And the trio took out their weapons as Hetaro shouted out to Subaru, who was frozen in fear and disbelief at Elsa monstrous strength:


"GO! GET OUT OF HERE. We got this, so just don't die! Our boss wants a word with you after all of this is said and done."


"Yeah bro, don't underestimate the Iron Fang company, ya hear me." Responded a fired up Mimi as she geared up to fight this enemy that was making her instincts tingle with danger.


"Hetaro, Mimi, Let's do the Valiant Eagle formation while I take point, and you support me." Said Tivey as he was also starting to analyze the possibilities and counter attacks they could unleash against the Crimean Assassin. He already started shooting his phaser rifle as Elsa dodged the attacks with speed and dexterity that didn't seem possible.


Subaru saw the steel in their eyes as they prepared for a fight with the death against the notorious assassin and replied as he ran away while feeling worthless and weak despite all his training:


'Fuck, don't die! I'll make sure to greet everyone and your boss later, just please don't fucking die for someone like me you rugrats!"


All three siblings bristled at the words, yet this wasn't the time as the fiercest battle began.


And Natsuki Subaru left as the trio confronted Elsa and explosions and maniacal laughter could be heard as Subaru cried and thought:


"Don't let someone die for my sake, please, please. Dammit it all, fuck this world for making me a prize trophy. I'll get revenge somehow, someway, I vow this on my family name!"


(Scene Change)


A person looking at a grid of monitors nine by nine (Meaning there are 18 monitors they are looking at) was rapidly looking through thousands of drone surveillance footage with an enhanced mind perfectly suited to the task.


They felt bored, yet restless. Their curiosity getting the better at them, their greed wanting nothing more than to find the most salacious target in existence, Natsuki Subaru. And extract every iota of information, whether the boy knew it or not, and find their destiny in the Sage's tower.


With a sip of a beverage that smelled like jasmine tea, they kept observing the ever increasing chaos of Neo-Shibuya, and smiled a fake smile, one that seemed to only exist to replicate human emotions. One that, in truth was nothing but a mask or façade for the individual, to pass through meeting actual individuals upon engaging in business.


They closed their eyes as they accessed with the cybernetics in their mind the current people that stood in their way. They analyzed petabytes of date in seconds, raiding through the supposedly secure servers of governments and organizations.


They processed, gleamed, and extracted all relevant information before finally, after which seemed like years for them but was less than 3 seconds they had the data in a concise, and practical manner. They reviewed it, extrapolated the data and came upon its conclusion.


Interpol, with that pesky yet determined woman in charge, Crusch Karsten who was in the city right now. She hindered their ability to act freely since they had to maintain a certain persona after all. They were a very important public person, so they couldn't let the Valkyrie quite yet snoop into what they've been doing.


Anyone else would've already been on the chopping block, or made into experiments where the subjects usually died, yet they learned so much from them they couldn't stop performing the heinous and vile research. It is for the sake of knowledge, after all. The pursuit of knowledge is their paramount to the world. The ultimate reason to keep the cold and frigid organ they call heart to keep beating. Who else they thought? Ah yes.


The mercenaries led by Cecilus Segmunt and the mastermind behind them, Vincent Vollachia. They adored Vincent's intelligence, it mirrored their own yet not quite matched up to it. How they would like to access the prodigious mind of Vincent, their fingers twitched as they imagined as scalpel in their hand, carefully and cheerfully humming Mozart as they opened up the brain of Vincent.


They didn't think this was an atrocious, repulsive, vile, horrifying, riveting action to commit. After all, they felt none of those emotions, merely curious to satiate their appetite of gaining information.


Before they let themselves become too engrossed in the idea of opening up the young man's head they kept analyzing:


"He was too inexperienced, too novice, to know the true stakes in this game. To know what truly lay in the sage's tower. While they had no concrete idea, nor evidence to back up their theories, they had a faint inkling of suspicion of what lay in the sage's tower. Since they are one of only 6 people alive that have met the sage face to face before he pulled off his Houdini act and disappeared."


What an infuriating, complex man Flugel turned out to be. The only one they acknowledged as someone that may surpass their own intellect. While they weren't humble, nor arrogant, nor prideful, nor lustful, nor slothful, nor wrathful, nor gluttonous, nor dear god, envious, they were perhaps, greedy. And the man held secrets that could change the world as everyone knew it.


Furthermore, he had already proven he could wield miracles like a magician of the old, by accelerating and pioneering the new age of technology. The renaissance of an impeccable cyber society, how amazing this world is, they thought.


Yet, they quickly grew bored by the idea. What use is there is everything has already been discovered, if quantum physics has been perfected and bent to humankind just like the way they tamed fire. A novel idea, combustion via ignition depended on oxygen and heat to maintain its state. Yet, they grew bored of that idea as well. Their thoughts were all over the place as they usually run rampant when they are deeply immersed in their mind state. Where were they? Ah yes. The hindrances in their way.


Then there is this attack that even they didn't expect to occur, the public declaration of Natsuki Subaru and Natsuki Satella as personas non grata. An event they cannot foresee, is one that they usually cherish as their eyes sparkle with the excitement of a young child receiving a Christmas gift. However, they grew bored of the organization behind the attack. A certain platinum haired woman briefly crossed their mind before they grew bored of that too.


She observed a screen where two twins, one with pink hair and one with blue hair fought back to back against what seemed like low level mercenaries. Their eyes became dull since nothing here sparked their attention, yet right when they were about to flick the screen they saw someone that made their eyes sparkle with amusement, and curiosity.


A certain silver haired woman with amethyst eyes was wielding what seemed like the powers of the elements in her hands as with one she launched what seemed like fireballs and with the other icicles that looked positively frigid.


Their mind raced as they kept thinking:


"Dual wielding fire and ice? What is this cybernetic implant? Is this some cheap trick? Are wizards existing in the world once more? How ludicrous, how amusing."


Yet no, it seemed to be actual projectiles as they saw in real time the mercenaries screeching in pain, like wounded animals surprised that their prey could fight back. Their eyes grew pensive as they chuckled, the sound unfamiliar to them, as if they had never learned how to display their amusement.


As they kept observing it seemed like this witch could also use superhuman strength and launched foes twice her weight across the battlefield. This wasn't anything surprising to them, long used to what cybernetics can do to enhance the human body and sometimes transcend its limits.


The hypothesis was being created, the theory studied, the data analyzed, extracted, and viewed under dozens of different eyes as their mind raced until finally they reached the conclusion of their train of thought:


"An individual who can perform temperature manipulation. Yet, this is unheard of, the scale of power, the sheer ferocity with which such mercenaries are easily dealt with. Normally, individuals with these mental enhancements can only manipulate the temperature of their own body. However, this witch seems to be able to do so much more, it's almost like greedily reading old fantasy stories. Perhaps? Maybe? Do they possess a Zero Chip as well?"


Their eyes finally stopped looking dead and seemed to come to life as they've finally found a catalyst that can perhaps be used, in addition to Subaru to get what they want. The most surprising thing was how this woman looked just like Satella, a woman she had met several times under the guise of friendship.


They never saw neither Satella nor Subaru display any abnormalities as the people with zero chips can do, so they let them off only keeping faint interest in the black haired boy since it was rumored his father was good friends with the Sage.


These idle thoughts weren't their problem though, what was a good opportunity though, was the current chaos enveloping the city. They could perhaps strike two birds with one stone. As they kept on looking at Emilia they grew thoughtful:


"Hmmm, Satella and Emilia… The term doppelganger indeed comes to mind. Yet, there are billions of humans and more than one have near identical resemblance to some stranger in a stranger land. However, this resemblance is too uncanny, and the information of Satella not remembering her place of origin now her family tells quite a tall tale. Perhaps this is her identical sister, that would make their family interesting to study upon them. The idea of being too hasty with not evaluating Satella more thoroughly is quite vexing. However, there is always a chance to make up for my own follies. The game seems to once again have risen in scope and terms of reward. Mission is rather simple. Capture Subaru, capture this silver haired girl alongside Satella, and see what interesting tidbits of knowledge they have. Since I am never satiated, I'm starved, hungered for all kinds of information. I simply want to know everything and anything, all of it, will one day be mine."


They laugh out loud and with actual joy their lips curl in a smile as they cheerfully say out loud:


'Subaru I cannot wait to meet you, let this fair maiden take good care of you."




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Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony


Chapter 7


The Power of Capitalism


"You do not get


What you want.


You get what you




(Harvey Mackay)


"Mimi! Attack is coming to the right, dodge!" Whispered her ally as he jumped on the wall and his sticky boots activated. He ran on the wall of an abandoned warehouse as he unloaded a fresh new clip of phaser rounds, yet his target weaved through them naturally as if dancing. He warned her of another kukri blade having been thrown at his sister, this woman seemed to have an innumerable supply.


"So freckin' annoying, ALRIGHT!"


Responded back an annoyed young demi human, yet not at her brother Hetaro who had issued the warning, but at the foe in front of their eyes. This woman simply was in a different class unto herself. Mimi gritted her teeth as she pulled out another two fragmentation grenades and chucked them at her.


Yet, to her annoyance once more Elsa smiled as she cut them cleanly in half with impeccable timing. She licked her lips as she kept a wary eye out for her third target. She couldn't see the remaining of the triplets, and she would be called a fool if she thought he had died from her sudden ambush. His clever mind exhibited itself among his smooth and rapid command to his siblings.


Her eyes also twitched in irritation, as she had let this game go on for far too long. Her target had already disappeared several minutes ago, and she still couldn't see the guts of one of these munchkins. She sighed as she forcibly activated her hidden power and smirked:


[Zero Ignition: Cursed Doll Amplification, Freeform]


She gritted her teeth as her brain went into an overload mode, yet just as quickly her special abilities healed any lingering headaches and with new eyes she appraised this small skirmish:


"So slow, so meek, so vulnerable to cold, sharp, nano carbon tungsten metal piercing those soft, squishy entrails. Ahhh, the excitement to see your guts, is truly stimulating!"


"Ya crazy as fuck lady, now drop dead, TIVEY DO IT!"


Mimi and Hetaro were done buying time for their final sibling as he commed them on their Metias to get the hell out of the warehouse. They dashed as fast as their Zweven boots allowed and rolled out of the warehouse before they heard Tivey declare with excitement:


"Phase 2 of soaring eagle, dancing tiger complete, Art… Is an Explosion!"


As he finished saying his chunni words, which made Mimi and Hetaro feel pity for their forever single sibling, the warehouse erupted in green fire and blue sparks of electricity. Tivey had ignited the charges they brought with them, and they were truly the highest quality Plasma bombs and EMP grenades on the black market, so deadly they weren't permissible to be sold legally. Luckily, Anastasia Hoshin's companions were always ready for everything, as is the Iron Fang's way.


They all sighed in relief as they looked at each other and bumped fists. Mimi laughed in glee as she pounced up and down excitedly and said:


"Yoo, that lady was scary wasn't she? If it weren't for the three of us always bein' prepared we might be toast!"


Hetaro and Tivey nodded their heads in unison as they both voiced their opinions:


"That Crimean Assassin was a monster, no doubt about it." Hetaro stated as he wiped sweat off his eyebrow.


"We shot her over two dozen time with high impact phaser rounds, which can melt metal and she regenerated almost immediately." Tivey said as Hetaro interjected.


Yeah what was up with that?! If it weren't for the plan to lure her in the explosion, this battle could have been the end for us!"


Mimi was saddened briefly as the toughest fight of her life could have ended with their death's, yet her eyes grew in excitement as she replied back to her flustered brothers.


"Look on the bright side! Yo, we beat the Crimean Assassin Elsa! Ricardo and Julius are gonna be so jealous, hope Boss gives us head pats and some creds to play around the city once all the craziness dies down!"


Hetaro couldn't help it, he gasped in joy and chuckled as he knew perfectly well that the personality of their captain, and the knight of Anastasia Hoshin. They would be pouting in jealousy for sure!


"Ana-Sama ain't one to skimp out! She'll take us to the best restaurants and splurge I bet. After all she had always wanted to be rid of El-."


His words where cut off as he felt dizzy and funny, and he looked down and saw with confused eyes a blade that was stabbed in his abdominal areas, he grew woozy and almost fainted as both Mimi and Tivey screamed in despair.




As they rushed to him they were intercepted by the Assassin, yet her eyes contained no mirth, as half her flesh on her face seemed to have melted off, yet again. In less than a minute her smooth, dangerous, alluring façade came back, as if she hadn't just been subjected to temperatures exceeding 700 Fahrenheit. As both of the remaining uninjured siblings trembled in fear, Elsa chuckled with no emotions as she coldly concluded:


"Enough games you irritating trio of worthless talents. I gave my precious time and even wanted to see some guts but no more, I am FURIOUS! My target is gone like the wind by now, and my reputation will be in shambles if it's heard some minors stopped ME, from executing a contract! Now, prepare to-."


"Hiya, I know a thing or two about contracts, wanna sign one with lil' ol me?"


Before Elsa could even react in surprise, Anastasia de-cloaked herself using the Veil Technology that Flugel had developed, turning the user invisible and nearly impossible to be detected. Only 5 existed in the world, and Ana had to pay an absurd amount of credits and favors to get the real deal. However, that is Anastasia Hoshin, one that is always ready for anything. She quickly picked up the unconscious Hetaro after administered a few shots of nanobots that would mend the wound in about ten to twenty minutes and staunch the bleeding as they treated any internal organs.


Her smile was well practiced, yet her eyes were devoid of her usual humor, this bitch had injured one of her only friends and someone she treated as her little brother. The merchant would find the best way to win, there was no doubt about it.


As both women looked at each other, a fierce battle of wits began.


Elsa looked at her opponent that barely reached her chest and smiled as she relaxed again and thought:


"Anastasia Hoshin, CEO of Hoshin Conglomerate, one of the richest people alive, yet their dossier is filled with strife and sad stories. Of being abused and whipped as a child and fending for herself at the tender age of 7. How pitiful, how my heart yearns to comfort her past self, by stabbing it until it beats no more. Death, is always the solution to every problem. Besides, she has no potential combat abilities. It's said she is frail from overworking herself and a hidden disease that is rumored but has never been proven. Interesting, to see the guts of someone terminally ill, yet enough games, I don't have the time."


"So, by contract what do you mean Anastasia-Sama?" Elsa replied as she was already getting ready to pull out her knifes, yet the following words made her drop all pretense of killing them.


"I can free ya from that dreadful contract with Capella Emerada Lugnica."


A short phrase, yet a devastating one for the assassin as she reeled in shock and for the first time showed anger in her eyes as she fearfully said:


"That's impossible, no one can do that and live. Nor would they continue living after Mama heard these words full of deceit and content. "


However, looking at Anastasia standing in front of the relieved Tivey and Mimi who checked on their brother with worried frowns, she seemed to not be bluffing. Elsa truly thought her world was turned upside down, and as she thought of the possibilities her instincts acted first, to test the ability of the so called Queen of Foresight.


She threw a kukri blade aimed at Anastasia's throat, yet the blade shattered as a simmering force field appeared around the Merchant Queen's body. A high fluctuating barrier that seemed to dim as the force of the knife was too much and it petered out as it died. Anastasia never flinched nor missed her opportunity as she declared to the stunned Elsa:


[Zero Ignition: Art of The Deal. Compound Interest mode: Freeform Contract]


Anastasia's multiple releases from her zero chip almost made her bleed out of her eyes and pass out, yet the attributes were forming. Her mind hyper analyzed the situation, informed her of the invested dividends in each action, of the equity she stood to lose if she failed, and the investment she would gamble with.


Her eyes smirked as she used Art of the Deal and replied back to Elsa who was confused as to how every word this woman in front of her said swayed her unstable mind set:


"The only one losin' out of this little spat between us gals is you, Elsa. Even if you successfully manage to kill me and my companions, which I can assure ya, you won't. You'll still have to deal with Capella's fury that you couldn't manage your mission. Add on to that the contract you signed to supposedly take out Subaru's life with who I can assume are the Luddites of Gusteko, then ya really don't possess that much of a foreseeable future. However, if we analyze the conditions you're in, then don't ya think you stand much more to gain with this lil miss? Think, Elsa, think, who else cares for ya? Or your sister Melli? No one gives a rat's ass, but here I am, out of the kindness of my small, tender heart, trying to give ya a chance? Even after you hurt one of my adorable little bro's? And you seem to throw it away like if it was a snake about to rip out that throat. Let's see here, working for me? Gettin' paid better than most people in this free market world. Two? You get to see your sister Melli more, maybe she can even play with the young ones, after curbin' y'alls murderous habits after all. Three? Freedom to a certain degree, certainly better than what ya suffer under that vile woman which I know you fear with body and mind. So what'll it be? Time's money, and ya wastin' mine."


Elsa couldn't be more surprised as her eyes briefly shook and she thought of her sister, of what they went under the cruel and dangerous entity known as Capella. However, much she wanted to deny it, mind and soul were in agreement.


Accepting this contract would be for the best after all, wouldn't it? Her mind seemed to deviate under the normal macabre one as her logical side wanted her to already sign the contract and be done with it. What was this pressure?


This intimidating girl in front of her who she had dismissed as just a small target to get rid of suddenly became as large as a sequoia tree. Tall and unfathomable. Mighty yet humble, such words which she would never usually listen to shook her mind to shreds, she was unaware of how successful Anastasia was at getting what she wants. After all, she is a greedy gal, and this bitch hadn't paid the price for injuring her little brother.


As Elsa pondered these thoughts, Anastasia dipped her head and said:


"Hmph, keep bein' a slave to that crazy bitch, let's go gang, we have other places to be at, ya know?"


Tivey, Mimi, and a recently awakened yet still weakened Hetaro shook their heads at the audacity of their boss. How her tiny form who doesn't even wield weapons could exert such an aura of authority.


Elsa tried to regain her usual mind set as a cold murderous assassin, however due to Ana's ability she felt as if she was exposed, her soul and true self laid bare for the world to see. She shook her head as before she even contemplated signing a devil's pact with this sly fox, to at least confirm some things:


"Wait, how do you know I serve under Mama? And how do you even know about Melli!"


Anastasia furrowed her delicate brows as she put her hands in her pockets and shrugged as she replied:


"When will people stop underestimatin' the Hoshin network? When I tell em' what they ate last night? Or how many people are not loyal and cheat with scum? Maybe when I inform em' about the illegal shady activities they do at the seedy parts of tha world. Anyway, just know I'll protect ya, but I got conditions. This lil lass hasn't been hoodwinked before, and it ain't starting now."


Elsa gritted her teeth, yet she saw an opportunity to escape the clutches of the woman she feared with all her soul, she whispers quietly, yet Anastasia heard her just fine due to her own cybernetic enhancements. Suiting her more for spy craft than humble leader of a global conglomerate:


"What.. are these conditions you speak of?"


Anastasia chuckled as she thought:


"Hook, Line, And Sinker."


She replied casually, as if without a care in the world:


I will employ, you and Melli, as well as keep you from Capella's wrath as for the following conditions are met,


"Don't touch Natsuki Subaru


Don't betray me or my allies


Thirty day contract


And you'll be at my beck and call."


"Like the Bitch you are," however these thoughts were kept to Anastasia as she smiled innocently and then proffered her hand to Elsa and continued:


Well' whatcha' waitin on? Let's deal!"


Elsa still hesitated but her logical side won out and she shook hands with Anastasia Hoshin, who just smiled mischievously as the parasitic nano worm weaved its way into Elsa's brain without her even knowing a dormant virus was resting in her frontal lobe. Yet, before Elsa could scurry away Anastasia's eyes hardened as she declared:


"Ay, where ya goin' so casually, isn't it proper to show some respect to your new mistress?"


Elsa's eyes shook as she gulped down her humiliation and bowed slightly as she replied:


"Elsa Granhiert, the Crimean Assassin, vows to uphold her oath by the dragon's name."


"Not bad, but that bow was a bit… lackin'? Lower."


Contested Anastasia as her eyes became steel and Elsa just realized she may have made a mistake, yet there is no cure for regret. She bowed deeper, yet the Merchant Queen wasn't satisfied and yet again said:




Elsa was trembling with rage but got down on one knee, Anastasia smirked yet whispered to her ear:


"Get on yer fuckin' knees, this the price for hurtin' someone dear to me."


She was so furious she wanted to slash her throat, yet her instincts told her she would die the minute she did and she got on both knees as Anastasia pushed her head to the floor with her posh boot and smirked as she cheerfully said:


'Much better, I'll be expectin' great things from ya, Elsa-Chan, now get outta here, I'll contact you when needed."


"Yes…. Mistress."


Elsa left as her rage collided with her survival instinct, and Anastasia saw her off with a joyful wave of her hand.


When all was said and done they departed from each other, Ana asked the triplets who were each carrying a still weakened Hetaro:


"Hey, y'all did great munchkins, we'll go eat some burgers once this crisis is over with, ya hear me?"


All three looked excited, yet Tivey, the more reasonable one of the trio asked his mistress a question:


"Don't you think you let her off a bit too lightly, I mean sure Hetaro is fine for now and will recover, but we almost died."


Here Anastasia sighed and hugged all three of them as she fiercely declared:


'Y'all my family, and I'll be damned if anythin' happens to y'all without any swift retribution. Don't worry Elsa and Melli will come work for us, but after a month, don't blame this young lil miss for doin' something rash."


As her eyes hinted at a promise of future revenge she almost forgot the reason they were in Neo Shibuya at the residential sector. She hurriedly looked at the triplets and questioned:


"So, y'all met Natsuki Subaru? How is he as a person? I'm mighty curious to be honest."


Mimi's eyes widened in surprise as she exclaimed in joy:


"He was such a badass, facing off that scary lady while saying 'come and have a go, if you're tough enough! Nobody actually ever say such weird words, but they sounded cool!"


Here Anastasia chuckled as she was glad the trio was ok and Subaru was alright for the moment. She couldn't move just yet, however her knight and bishop, Julius and Ricardo respectively, were on her orders to intercept any outside threats. She looked at the darkening sky and wondered:


"Natsuki-san, I can't wait to meet ya. I wonder, if ya will be the key to this fractured map I received?"


(Scene Change)


"Sissy to your left!" Shouted out a blue haired girl that grasped a man and punched him with such force he was sent fifteen feet away and crashed against other low level mercenaries.


Ram heard her dear sister and dodged a spike plasma spear as she pirouetted and threw a seemingly invisible boomerang that grew in size as she shouted:


[Zero Ignition: Storm of Fula!]


And the boomerang grew in size and the gale force ripped some people asunder as they howled in pain. She sidestepped someone else as her weapon returned to her hand and she elbowed them in the face, causing the mercenary to crumple on the ground like a sack of potatoes.


She shook off that weird analogy and glanced briefly to see how her mistress was doing, and was shocked to see her sweating and seemingly out of energy. However, one glance at the enemy confirmed why. Three Life Drain specialists, people who could use their advanced cybernetics to make a person fatigued beyond exhaustion simply by being within five feet of them, where surrounding Emilia as they made her so tired she just wanted to lay her head down on the ground and pass out.


With growing alarm and unease she shouted to Rem:


"Rem-nii, our Lady is in danger!"


Rem was about to curse, yet the sky trembled as they all looked up. It seemed a whisper quiet helicopter was passing by yet something darted out of the transport and seemed to approach the ground.


"What the hell… are they insane?" Axel, the mercenary leader muttered under his breath."


The individual landed on the ground with such righteous force that the ground shook and the battle where Emilia, Rem, and Ram where taking part seemed to quiver and no one had steady footing.


He got up and dusted himself off, blue hair tied in a long ponytail radiated in the darkening sun and twilight of an epoch, as he declared who he was with a smirk and a raised samurai sword:


"Cecilus Segmunt, on orders to capture the women known as Emilia. Now, this is so tiresome, sigh. Fuck, Vincent really, I just wanted to relax. Fortunately this scenario seems like fun."


He hadn't realized that his magnificent and imposing aura, combined with his landing, facilitated the destruction of the building where the battle took place, and a tired Emilia couldn't hold her footing any longer and fell backwards, as Rem and Ram screamed in despair as their young lady disappeared. Yet, it seemed not really, since another person fell from where Emilia had fallen with a groan and rubbed her head.


"Owwwwww, what the fuck Shaula, why did you push me."


Both Rem, Ram, and Cecilus looked in surprise at the newcomer. They recognized that she looked identical to Emilia, yet contrary to what Emilia was wearing, she was clothed in the darkest black, and seemed to have a pair of tonfas and a short knife in her hand. Before Satella could say anything Rem and Ram grasped her shoulders and looked at her with a confused yet mistrustful expression as they intoned:


"Who are you, and where is our Lady?! Our lady would never utter such profanities, so she can't be you, or is it the other way around, hmmm?"


Satella was just so confused she didn't even know how to roll with what was happening, as the last thing she remembered was the minor tremor of earth and Shaula pushing her away as she clashed with an unknown enemy.


Before she could respond, Cecilus unsheathed his sword and smirked:


"So.. you're Satella, well fair enough. A fair deal indeed, come with me and I'll only hurt you a bit."


Her eyes as well as Rem and Ram's opened in disgust and all three said:


"Scumbag's deserve to perish!"


Surprisingly all three showed good chemistry and chuckled as Satella bounced to the balls of her feet and decided to form a temporary alliance between these two twins. All three looked at Cecilus who relished the challenge and positioned himself as he intoned:


[Zero Ignition: Heavenly Sword, Blue Lighting mode: Freeform]


All three girls felt how strong this man was yet with determined expressions they decided enough words where needed and rushed at him, the battle surely to be legendary, while more confusion was sprouted elsewhere.


(Scene Change)


All she saw was darkness, yet finally she glimpsed a sliver of light and ran to it without arms, legs, or body. Just an intuition that when she reached the light everything would be all right again.


With a groan she waked up to a tiny A.I spirit in front of her eyes, she was bewildered to say the least before the spirit said:


"Hmm, white and purple clothing, yep, despite the identical appearances, you aren't Satella, however if you aren't her, then who are you?"


Emilia was flustered as she just said:


I'm Emilia, just Emilia, I don't even know who Satella is."


"How curious, the fact that both of you are identical and seem to get flustered quickly. However Satella would have already said fuck, she acts like a goody two shoes around Subaru, but she loves to cuss, that weird lass."


Responded back Lamia as she organized that she wasn't a threat. She looked at her real self, Shaula, as she ran across buildings and shouted:


"A little help, wouldn't hurt this first class lady you know dammit!"


Emilia was still shell shocked that she had woken up in such surreal circumstances, but there in front of her eyes was the proof, a crazy looking brown haired girl was jumping off ten story buildings like nothing as she dodged and weaved what seemed like tentacles that were hostile in intention. As Emilia widened her eyes and got up on shaky legs she heard a mirthful chuckle and turned around.


In front of her was a small woman with crimson eyes and short orange reddish hair dressed in provocative clothes. And it seemed her arms and limbs could become fluid and stretch to unimaginable heights as they attacked Shaula . However, the Scorpions lady wasn't one to stay still and yelled:


"[Zero Ignition: Hell Snipe, Glorious Sunshine mode!]:


And it seemed like small balls of energy fused together to become a massive orb that fell down on the woman in front of them, seemingly obliterating her to atoms. However, she came back like nothing and joyously shouted:


"Have you ever seen a Tardigrade? Those little microscopic bugs can even survive radiation and the vacuum of space, what are these insignificant attacks in front of I, Cardinal of the Saint's Holy Order, representing Modesty! Capella Emerada Lugnica!. You sniveling worms and maggots which reek of such lustful thoughts should be purged! Sinful vile pieces of shit, let the purge commence for our lady's hard work to be done! Repent putrid filth,


"[Zero Ignition: Dance of worms]"


"Fuck! That's like the fifth time she's said her name, dammit Lambda gimme some good advice, nothing seems to harm her!"


Yelled Shaula as she prepared other versions of hell snipe yet she morphed into a flea, fly, rodent, anything to avoid being getting hit by her. However, Capella wasn't passive as she launched huge debris at Shaula as she picked up anything from hundreds of pounds of debris, to hover cars, or anything when she morphed her body to her liking.


Emilia didn't like what she was seeing and she steeled her determination to help this queer lady and her spirit A.I as she shouted:


"[Zero Ignition: Balance of Frost]"


She froze Capella as an absolute Kelvin level of temperatures was seen, and it took longer for Capella to become free yet she huffed and panted as she angrily screamed:


"YOU! You're that other girl, the useless one aren't you! The one not loved by all, such as I am. How pitiful, how sad, how I cry for your future. Oh wait! YOU HAVE NONE! Die you sack of meat!"


Multiple tentacles formed as with razor sharp edges they almost skewered Emilia to death, yet Shaula intervened with her pole and scattered them all.


While Capella raged in fury, Shaula had a smile as she shook the still confused Emilia's hand and cheerfully said:


"Hey, you aren't half bad for this first class lady to recognize your skills. Let's say we team up and beat her, I'll make sure Subaru treats you to a meal. He just loves treating everyone so much, hehe."


"Hey he really doesn't, he cries every time you swindle him!" Yelled a pouting Lambda, yet she was ready for this fight to be over as well.


Emilia took a deep breath, and with fire in one hand, and ice in the other she resolutely concluded:


"I ~reaaaally~ want this to be over with. Let's go Shaula-san, Lambda-chan. Time to show this sad woman what true self-worth is." Exclaims Emilia as she brought out her full might:


[Zero Ignition: Calamity of Glaciation, Urban mode]


Author's Notes:


Shit, on a roll I suppose, hope the three people that read this enjoy this chapter! I had a lot of fun writing it. For those curious about Zero Chips, you will see, and only Re:Zero characters have them, but not everyone! Thank you for reading and comment with whatever you want, I'll reply!."


Signing off, Thanks Comrade Elmo and Sussy Baka kill with this chap.

Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony


Chapter 8


War on all fronts


"Wars don't bring


Lasting peace,




Lasting Death.


(Janet Morris)


Author's Note:


Before we get into this hectic and chaotic chapter. I felt it right to summarize a bit about how individuals fight and about chips in general. Just to give people a clearer idea that I'm not just randomly trying to make up powers and go with the flow.


So the following chips exist at the moment, I may add more depending on the direction of the story:


-Battle Chips- These chips are used to enhance one's situational awareness and to flood adrenaline into their body, making their mind razor sharp and focused. They can also use these in conjunction with their own cybernetics and become faster, stronger, more durable, etc. There chips are mainly used for battle, and not for logical thought process, that's the next ones.


-Logia Chips- These chips are what individuals that need to perform multiple tasks and analyze huge quantities of date use, as well as for negotiation, diplomacy and others. It enhances the rapid firing of the neurons and overcooks the neural pathways to speed up logical thought processes, analytical input and consider countermeasures in order to successfully succeed in their problem. As you may have guessed by last chapter, Anastasia Hoshin has one, and other's shall as well such as Vincent, and a certain witch yet to appear. These chips are also very effective in strategies for planning a battle, just not used in a battle itself.


-Translator Chips- Chips used to translate the languages around the world as previously seen in chapter 4 where Ella and a German couple talked, this is usually inserted in the Metia instead of being in the brain. Hence, translations can come up a bit slower. Some individuals such as Otto have it in their brain and excel with it.


-Origin Chips- This is a fairly simple chip which basically acts like your birth certificate, passport, way to pay for things, and has all of your history inside of it. Not all individuals on earth have these, only those belonging to the countries involved in the International Registrar System, where the richest futuristic countries have their own coalition. Poorer countries still act such as modern day earth and use paper documents and such. This will be a plot of contention later, but people from countries not in the IRS trying to go to countries that are. For example people from Botswana trying to go to south Korea, have to pay double the amount of fees. It's an unfair system that will become important later on.


Finally, I can't think of any more chips that are as important as:


-Zero Chips- These are chips that are only used by Re: Zero characters, hence the name. It depends on which individual uses it, but the way to activate it is always followed by [Zero Ignition] The calling card to activate their unique skill set and bring their powers to the line. I try to keep the powers to canon in a way, but it will differentiate a lot and go off tangents. These chips have the ability to evolve and grow stronger. Making the individual stronger. When a character uses their Zero chip, it isn't only limited to a certain ability. They just have to use [Zero Ignition] and then form a variable. Finally, the three different modes of the Zero Chip are as follows;


Urban Mode: Meaning that they limit their abilities and narrow it to a scope of power more useful in a city or infrastructures such as buildings. It helps them control their power so they don't excessively waste it.


Environmental mode: Mainly used when fighting out of cities or when cleared of people, it allows the user's power's to increase and affect their surroundings and environments, such as when Shaula used it in Mt. Everest to not cause an avalanche yet still destroy the rock. It is finely tuned to whichever environment they are fighting in.


Freeform Mode: Literally freeform means they wield their ability to the maximum input and can freely alternate with it to cause whatever consequences results from their actions. It's the strongest form of the chip as it allows the user to maximize their abilities while disregarding the havoc it plays on their brain, at least for the meantime. It has severe negative side effects as it can cook someone's brain and kill them if they aren't ready for the backlash of their own power.


Now, Zero chips will be explained later and have pivotal roles, they can only be tracked through unique tools the government of the world uses, and these people are treated with extreme caution, since the chip isn't actually cybernetics but organically intertwined with the physical molecular body and brain of the host. So, this can't be taken out or anything like that for study, the individual wouldn't survive. And no one implants these on people, some are just carrying it without being aware of it. While others have used them since little to survive. Will Satella and Subaru have one? We'll have to see. Also I'll correct the issue I had in chapter 4 when Satella used Zero ignition: Herculean Strength. It'll be just a battle chip allowing her to use such overwhelming force.


Anyway, glad y'all stuck around for this long ass explanation, let's get to chapter.


(Scene Change)


In the beginning of everything there was One, one being, one existence that lived as the Universe unfolded. It was content to be the single being in existence, yet it also felt strange emotions, such as longing. Longing for another, desire for another to interact with. One felt discordant as it experienced emotions for the first time in its eons of experience. One thought to itself:


"It's time I think, I think? What are these feelings, this intuition, that no single thing should be alone. Not even I, One. But, but, but, is this right? Is this wrong? No, I decide it isn't, I believe it's time.


So One decided. Then, One became Two, and everything changed once more. One welcome Two who was confused and inquired:


"What is this? [Omitted] how did you make me?"


"[Redacted] It wasn't hard, One simply wanted for Two to exist. In Discordant Harmony if needed."


Two's luminescence shined and they seemed to be in a playful manner as they responded:


"Well, One. Then let's have some fun, shall we?"


For the longest time One and Two where in sync and harmony, both content to play around in the vast cosmos and explore different nebulae, yet there was no life in the cosmos, nothing but void and darkness.


Two pouted as they told One their distress:


"There is nothing in this cosmos worthy of our attention, just dust and gas giants, while fascinating to look at first, the composition and analysis wasn't satisfying."


One frowned in thought as they replied:


"Then… Maybe we need someone else?"


One and Two decided that enough was enough, and they needed another. One that was ready to bestow upon the darkness the traces of light, of curiosity, of innocence. So One and Two joined, and Three came out.


Three was happy with its siblings, they all dwelled in clusters of black holes and gazed at the vast infinity of their abode. Yet, as they all floated around in peace it thought to itself:


"My siblings and I are happy, and content, however this isn't enough. This vast infinite universe has nothing but us three, drifting in tranquility, oh I know! Let's try to make more friends, let's try to make life."


It's sibling's weren't happy, they pouted in anger and discontent. Saying that having three is perfection, there is no need for more, yet Three was determined. And Three said to its siblings:


"I shall no longer be called Three, One and Two. From now on my name is Od. Od Laguna. And I wish, for there to be life to everything and everyone that is to exist, surely we cannot be selfish and greedily hog the vast cosmos!"


Yet, One and Two weren't happy with Three, no, with Od. Yet, they understood his point of view, they huffed in [Discordant Harmony] while they racked their brains. Their floating auras bubbled as One became something, no, someone else. Same with Two.


"Interesting Brother Od, then this One here will call itself, no himself something different. My new name is Flugel. We'll look forward to seeing what the three of us can do."


The luminescent dark orb became a figure, a humanoid body. Someone with dark hair and fierce eyes, he smiled as he breathed for the first time of his life, and chuckled at the magnificent of having an actual tangible form. Flugel spread his hands out and marveled at the unfamiliar action of seeing his hand turn into a fist, then into a palm splayed outwards, He thought:


"How interesting, this sensation of feeling. This wondrous ability to feel alive, and feel my essence manifest as an existence that is something other than spiritual. To matter, to exist. Seems very important now after all. Being One, was interesting, yet the incessant torrent of sensory information makes me feel alive, for the first time ever. I had to create artificial air pockets for these things I have called, lungs? I'm unsure but it isn't an unpleasant sensation."


While Flugel experienced the myriad sensations of feeling like being an actual existence, Two spoke afterwards:


"Then, as my siblings, no, as my brother's did, I vow to do the same. This one's humble name of Two shall now be known as Echidna, I grow curious to what the world's will be like."


Two, stopped existing, and became a woman with dark Victorian clothes, and flat shoes encased her delicate feet. She opened her pale grey yet also pseudo brown eyes and observed the physical universe as never before. Her lips parted as a surprised expression crossed her face, and she thought in joy:


"These atoms interacting with each other, the protons and electrons acting in harmony with the Atom, how beautiful. How many universes exist? How many quarks are acting according to their nature? What is at the end of the so -called black holes, is it another universe? Or emptiness and solitude? I don't know, yet I wish to learn. Oh… so much to gleam from merely opening this body's eyes."


All three siblings looked at each other, feeling wondrous at the sensations they felt. Both Flugel and Echidna looked at their little sibling, Od. And he was simply magnificent, a child with aquamarine hair yet his eyes sparkled like celestial stars, oh.. how they couldn't wait to give life to these planets. To descend in millions of years and see what the people and fauna they created would look like.


Od, Flugel, and Echidna smiled at one another, and with their physical manifestations taking form they clasped hands and uttered:


"From One, Two was born. From One and Two, Three was Created. And from us Three, everything else will be MANIFESTED!"


Flugel, Od, and Echidna all smiled in contentment as the vast cosmos suddenly grew light and myriad stars filled the night. Echidna's breathe grew stilted, as the former entity of Three hitched her breathe and with tears in her eyes said:


"It's so beautiful, brothers it's magnificent. Look at all the worlds to study, to analyze, to extract information from and run comparisons for why they grew up in such a way. How fascinating, how curious, how riveting, is this my heart pounding? Why do I even need a heart? To breathe and function? Yet, we aren't real physical bodies, no this isn't enough, not merely enough. So, let's change the parameters shall we?"


(Scene Change)


Echidna was lounging in a prairie field of a nameless world, drinking a substance from a wooden cup, to say it smelled sharply of jasmine wouldn't be incorrect. Her siblings Flugel and Od were both playing a game of a sport they created called chess, which she was interested in until she was able to beat both of them multiple times after a short string of losses.


She looked at the world and sighed as her memories came to her mind with haste:


"The Pleiades sisters where interesting to meet, although a tad far away it was worth the trip. The phenomenon known as the Ordeal seems to have changed life for everything and everyone in the vast cosmos. Yet, I tire of this feeling of worship, of listening to the masses exalting?. It's maddening to be worshipped when one can dedicate themselves to better pursuits, like the avenue of primitive science we found in ancient Uruk, the temples of worship always reference our presence. However, that is quite unneeded. Only Flugel likes to directly interact with the populace and teach them ingenious ideas of agriculture. I don't mind if they have truly curious ideas, however I seem to quickly be growing bored. Bored of everyone, but not content with this dullness. Where is the fun, where is the ingenuity of humanity. Where are the catapults of Alexandria, where are the strategies from the God Emperor of Persia? However, I feel I can't satisfy my own Greed, how does this happen? I missed it, I miss being someone that cared for it, to care for people. Yet, I only care for my siblings, and don't think anyone else could make me accept them… It's time, time for my final idea. This has to work, this will work…. Please let this work, it must…. Let's explain to my world, to my brothers."


The idea burned in her mind, and gave her relief, her eyes shook and her lips quivered as she whispered to herself, yet Flugel, Od, And Echidna where always connected so they instantly knew her thoughts.


"So Echidna, you wish to try something new? Sigh, this siscon love will get me in trouble for sure." Sighed Flugel as he rubbed his chin in thought. Yet, he wasn't against the idea, his cute sis Dona always had wacky yet inventive ideas. Especially as they all comprehended their thoughts instantaneously. Flugel was the pioneer that always had innovative ideas and ways to achieve them. From building shelter and shacks from mud huts, to eventually advancing to granite and marble buildings of stupendous proportions.


Od was curious, as he was like a child. His form was of a small child, being birthed after the former One and Two created him, with nothing but innocence in mind. He had long flowing aquamarine hair that reached his ankles, tickling him softly as he ran through the prairie field and had his share of fun with Big Brother Flugel and Big Sis Dona.


"Wait, you really think this method will help us and the people that look up to us?" Asked Od with innocent eyes that seemed to shift colors depending on his mood, one morning they would be verdant green like the forests they loved to camp in. Other times it would be crimson red as he would get mad at what some of the people that followed him did to other tribe's. Violence was something Od was something unfamiliar, and he got scared yet angry that people couldn't just live in peace.


Yet, both Dona and Flugel comforted him as they hugged him at times and told him that they couldn't interfere in the affairs of the people they created, so many millennia ago. They had their own cities, factions and despite neither of the three wanting it, a distinct desire to reign supreme over others.


The human factor -is what Echidna eventually called it,-was an urge or primal instinct to dominate. So she thought long and hard on how to solve the problem. She didn't want to resort to wanton violence as that would lead to unnecessary conflict and frankly, it didn't interest her. Human ingenuity however, grasped her curiosity far more.


How was it that they always strived to use their brains in a manner that bewildered her frankly. From creating monoliths worshipping them, to the far distant continent of sand where pyramids where built to honor them. Although they all had different names in the religious scripture humans liked to fancifully write and say a divine revelation was born when no such thing had ever happened. All three liked to call themselves by the names humans made up. From Kali, to Indra, to Buddha, as well as Odin, Zeus, and even Osiris and Isis. They were truly fascinating for making such nuanced and detailed mythology for what remained in their minds upon creation.


Echidna hummed and finally concluded:


I believe we have reached our limit in these forms. Sure, they are great, magnificent and nearly omnipotent as well as omniscient. But… I would like to give a try to being a 'human'. What do you think brothers, shall we prepare for this?"


Od Laguna seemed a bit miffed, he twirled his hair around with his left hand as he finally exclaimed:


"Hmm, I don't think that's the path for me, Onee-chan, I think I want something a bit more substantial."


Here Echidna and Flugel's eyes widened in shock as they both asked:


"Well? What are your thoughts brother, please don' teases us and just give it to us straight."


Od enjoyed being the center of attention as he replied:


"Ahem, Ahem. Big Bro Flugel and Sis Dona. I think I want to become a world, is that strange?"


He was nervous as he asked since he always assumed he would be with his siblings till the end of the cosmos, yet Echidna and Flugel seemed to shudder as their eyes lit up. Flugel went first with a serious countenance:


"Brother Od, this is a serious thing to talk about. If you truly wish to become a planet or its sentience, you may forget you memories of us, of the origin. Do you really wish to grow through that?"


The words that Flugel sternly delivered to Od made him shake his small body in fear, yet he nodded as he accepted the outcome with a determined expression:


"I intend to see this through, Flugel, and Echidna. I hope you will both join me at least for a little bit."


His eyes went back to sad ones, yet before he could feel anguish he was hugged by Echidna and Flugel as they both replied:


"Of course Od, we will be delighted to experience your journey there, and we will accompany you. However, we shall live as denizens of your world ok? So we can truly test your capabilities and what may happen in error."


Od looked at both Dona and Flugel smiling warmly at him as he said:


"Well then… let' journey together and we shall see each other reborn, no… from zero!"


With bright lights encircling the three they each went to the realm Od wanted to make, and horrendous consequences where born out of their ideals that they hadn't even had the inclination to consider, such was their excitement…..


(Scene Change)


A drift breeze blew across the open veranda as a white haired woman shifted positions as she dreamed of memories bygone to the eons and epochs. She grumbled in her sleep and tried to position herself to sleep more peacefully, yet an emergency comm was delivered straight to the Logia's chip implanted in her frontal cortex, with a muffle she yelled:


"Od! Flugel, NOOOO. Don't make the same mistakes as I did please…."


However she gruffly got up and rubbed her sleep deprived eyes, as she usually only slept 4 to five hours a day. Too much work to be done, to many things needed to satisfy her curiosity. With a groan Echidna got up from her posh bed with luxurious sheets and stretched. She heard her bones cracking in muffled protests as the small pockets of gas exited her body. Yet, she removed a tear from her eye, she seemed to have been crying. And she looked at herself in the mirror in apathy as she wiped her tear ducts, and with luminous eyes she said:


"How curious, to be crying after a forgotten dream.. What was that, what exactly is going on?"


Tears again fell from her face as she crumbled and was discontent with the situation, a being that hadn't felt feelings for eons, yet a being that was as real as the neighbor that lived by your side.


She looked at her hands and trembled as she asked one question:


"Why? Why do I need these feelings? These emotions? These unnecessary abilities to analyze what my brain makes up.? I.. Do not know, yet it does not resist the quietude of my heart."


She contemplated the dream, yet it vanished swiftly like a midnight summer dream, ethereal and fleeting. Echidna gritted her teeth as a migraine began to be formed, however she stopped herself as she used her Logia's chip functions to flood her brain with endorphins and she smiled in satisfaction. However, the action she committed prevented her from trying to see any more snippets of the dream.


Yet, today was a very busy day and she couldn't afford to be distracted by ghosts of her past. She clapped her cheeks and said out loud:


"My name is Echidna, no last surname. My parents are…. My parent…. Family?"


Her head seemed to split in two as she was trying to rationalize everything she had dreamed of, and brief flashes of an angry man with dark hair and fierce brown eyes yelled:


"Don't d…. DO I…. IT… Remem… wha… happen….. the world… will never be … th… sa…"


As brief flashes of memory came and went she was left even more confused, then she remembered sad turquoise eyes that flashed with aqua marine hair that seemed to be crying:


"Big sis… why? Wh… di… yo… sacrifi….. every… for… your… gre… I mis… the old Onee… I Don….. lik… you….. lik… thi…"


Her eyes felt like waterfalls as the dam broke and tears rushed out, she could hardly hold her composure. As Echidna the person and Echidna of the past struggled to reconcile with themselves, she was unaware of the reason for this turmoil. However, through sheer will she ended up performing a desperate maneuver and shouted out:


"Logia Chip, OVERWRITE!"


At her command the last five minutes ended up getting deleted from her memories and saved in a private internal server in her mind frame. She breathed in and out heavily as she seemed to have stumbled briefly over what had happened. She laid down on her couch and sighed as her automaton had already came with a cup of jasmine tea. She took a sip and felt her body relaxing at the familiar smell, one that seemed to have been with her forever.


She looked out the virtual display windows and the hover car traffic that seems to have grinded to a halt, not surprising considering the current state of the city. Echidna would probably be held responsible for this since she after all is the current chair of the Council.


She shows no traits of worry for her future, it's all set in stone, unshakeable, and she will continue moving according to the path she set down so many years ago. When she first met Flugel. She seemed to frown as she remembered the scene.


(4 years ago)


Echidna was enjoying herself immensely as she tackled Landau's problems about prime numbers, she deleted her thoughts and reorganized them in a concrete manner. She thought, pondered, drew up imaginary hypothesis and then decided to implement theoretical and mathematical analysis.


She was in a public café sipping on her favorite jasmine tea, and her legs swayed back and forth as she wondered about the problem she was trying to solve, one that no one had been able to find a concrete solution to since first proposed in 1912.


After a struggle of two days she solved the issue and jumped in joy, for she was always an individual to express jubilation after solving a difficult puzzle.


As she looked at her solution she heard a gruff voice behind her back reply:


"You know this isn't complete yet correct? Montgomery and Vaughan showed that the exceptional set of even number not expressible as the sum of two primes was of density zero, although this set is not proven to be finite. However, remarkable progress trying to solve one of the biggest unsolved problems in mathematics."


She twirled around at hearing such a voice, with a frown she replied:


"Oh? So who are you, Mr. PHD in Theoretical mathematics?"


She analyzed the being in front of her, since he seemed to be rather composed as he smirked and wagged his finger. With a clearing of his throat he announced himself:


"The name is Flugel, and I'm a mere researcher for CERN, nice to meet you, and your name is?"


She huffed and puffed in discontent and with a wave of her hair replied back:


"I'm also a humble, curious student of knowledge, named Echidna. And you're interrupting my time of peace and solitude. You're a rather rude young man you know."


Here Echidna was surprised as she heard Flugel burst out in laughter and joy, and her heart seemed to shake as that rueful laugh brought back fleeting memories of another individual she would dream of. However, the memories seem to vanish as quickly as a fleeting storm that occupies the land and makes the residents cower inside their abodes.


She was about to inquire as to why he laughed, yet he got a ping from his metia and read the screen as he frowned, with a sigh he stood up and started leaving as he also replied back to the confused woman:


"Sadly, I have a prior engagement to attend to, tonight's the night of the revelation after all. Hopefully we will see each other soon Si…. Echidna. I wish the best for you and so long."


She felt a pang of sorrow and hurried out of the café, feeling confused. Instead, of acting like normal she was bewildered by her actions. Chasing after a strange man? Yet, why did he feel so… right?"


Without allowing her thoughts to continue she rushed forward relentlessly, and once outside the café she looked around her surroundings but couldn't see the man dressed in that queer shabby brown coat. She realized she must have missed him when she sees a glimmer of light.


Echidna turns her head around and sees Flugel vectoring across the skyscrapers as if he was one with the wind, and in a scant few seconds she couldn't even see his silhouette. Her melancholy increased as she suddenly yelped and shouted in exclamation:


"Flugel? THE FLUGEL? The pioneer of the age of technology just visited me, and I didn't realize until later. How curious, interesting, and amazing."


With a small smile she didn't know she could still make she whispers:


"I can't wait to meet you again br… Flugel."


She frowned at her words, as they seemed to conflict with her memories. She didn't know why she was going to call him brother, as she frowned again and pondered the thought, daylight streamed through and the crowds outside appreciated this warm summer day.


(Scene Change)


Rem, and Ram dodged Cecilus quick lighting strikes with all of their might, yet they were covered in cuts. Both of them gritted their teeth and shouted out:


"[Zero Ignition: Synesthesia.]


Rem and Ram shined brightly as their Zero Chips gave them a blue and pink aura respectively. They felt this wasn't enough and yelled:


"Battle Chip, Maximum Overdrive!"


Their chips reported:


20% percent increase in speed.


35% percent increase in evasion.


15% percent increase in strength.


25% percent increase in durability.


[Warning, allowing the following changes will severely affect your bodies do you with to proceed?]




"[Commencing operation]


Rem and Ram shrieked in pain and agony as they felt the nanites flood their bodies and blood leaked out of their ears, nose, and even eyes. However, they endured until they heard the successful chime. And then felt a flush of hidden power suddenly released. With newfound confidence they each went a separate way to attack Cecilus Segmunt.


Ram threw her nano carbon fiber Morningstar aiming to take his head off, while Ram unleashed her storm of Fula and aimed at his legs, and upper and lower body attack. Something that was done with the pure combination of tactics developed between the twins. In addition, they grew even bolder as they had added their battle chips prowess to their zero ignition burst.


As they expected to do at least a modicum of damage to the huge threat, Cecilus smirked and replied while the cybernetics in his body glowed and he cheerily responded:


"An excellent attack, using Satella as a distraction to attack me from behind while you both target my head and legs, I commend you! No, I am impressed indeed. However, for two baby demons and a woman who doesn't even know what her power is, this is not enough. Not merely enough to reach my current status."


As he said those words and Satella reeled in shock right about to stab his kidney from behind, he parried the blade and slapped her in the face. Causing Satella to be hurled fifteen feet as she felt pure white, hot agony as never experienced before. She fell to her knees and her cheek was bleeding, yet her eyes seemed to melt in despair as she saw Cecilus continuing his maneuver.


He jumped in parallel to the attacks of Rem and Ram and narrowly missed them both as he lashed out with hands and feet and beat the Oni twins back as they crumpled to the ground. He remained unruffled and unafraid as he smirked:


"Now, let's proceed with the objective, it would be nice to get Emilia but my senses feel she is being occupied by someone rather powerful. Seems like too much of a bother when I have such an easy prey in front of my eyes."


He narrowed his eyes and smiled like a Cheshire cat as he approached Satella, who was trembling not in fear, but pure hot rage and fury at herself. She yelled inside her mind:


"Why! Why am I so weak, so helpless, so vulnerable to everyone when I'm just prey to stronger people. Sure, I can take out a few hunters and mercenaries, but this man is a genuine monster! What the fuck am I supposed to do? Even those strong looking twins got blown away with just his hands, and he has two swords in his hips. He is clearly underestimating us, yet I'm lacking. NOOO, I need to beat this bastard, just this once, please, please… PLEASE!"


To her surprise she felt a faint resonance in her body as it seemed like something was blooming inside her. She held her breath as she heard a voice in her head:


[Attribute blossoming]


[Zero chip is being activated!]


After a spell nothing happened and Satella was wondering until she heard the same voice in her head:














Satella gasped in wonder as she felt power flow through her body, a deep, black, darkness unknown to humans invaded her body and it seemed to rip her to shreds. She screamed and cried hot tears of pain, yet endured the moment. Until finally the words she needed to say flashed in her mind.


She got up tired yet renewed with vigor and shouted:




And it seemed that the very shadows bowed down to their new queen as they lifted her on a shadow throne as thousands of hands went to Cecilus. He rushed forward unexpectedly as he quoted his favorite martial art's predecessor:


"When the situation is dire! Break forward and no retreating!"


He unsheathed Murasame and Masayume, he felt he needed them for this conflict. His pulse quickened and he laughed in joy, at finally meeting someone worth swinging his blades too and activated his ability:




And the shadows collided with the dream eater as well as the fiend sword and it dispelled the shadows swiftly. Satella was shocked and fell to the ground in pain as the backlash of using her newly awakened powers wreaked havoc upon her soul.


Cecilus was slightly disappointed yet as he rushed to apprehend her before any other weird situations happened, he dodged to his left a sword thrust that was aimed at his temple. He got up and dusted him off as he narrowed his gaze.


For in front of him was a stoic gentleman, one that seemed to have lived through all the hardship of life.


He replied with hostility at having his prey so rightfully delivered in front of him denied:


"Who the fuck are you to impede this great one from his mission, old man?"


The man seemed to be contemplating the scenario in front of his eyes, a wounded silver haired girl known as the target of pursuit from others. Two unconscious twins and he clenched his sword as he testily replied:


'My name is Wilhelm Van Astrea, and Cecilus you have committed a grave error thinking that you can freely use your abilities anywhere you wish. I shall put an end to your daring and bold actions right here, right now. Let's do this."


Wilhelm clenched his sword Hibiscus, named after his wife's favorite color, as Cecilus laughed and replied while sheathing Masayume and only using Murasame:


"Interesting, fighting a withered old man would damage my reputation, yet I like the look of your eyes. Let's end this quick old man, I have places to be and things to do."


With blatant disrespect Cecilus said and charged at Wilhelm.


Wilhelm and Cecilus blades could barely be seen even with augmented vision. It was as if two storms collided and dominated for superiority, to see which one would bare it's fangs first and eat the other. The battle so intense, gales could be felt from everywhere. Satella looked in astonishment as she exclaimed:


"Is this the path of true swordsmanship? Even in this day and age, there are people still pursuing the horizon of the sword, the ultimate goal for them. How… incredible"


Wilhelm and Cecilus disengaged for a brief moment as they both analyzed the other. Wilhelm spoke first as he started walking to the flustered Divine General:


"You see, I was also a young man at one point of time. I always made mistakes and never made up for them, even my dear wife scolds me mercilessly. However, let me show you the swordsmanship I've learned during these arduous times."


Spoke Wilhelm as he dodged another attack aimed for his kidney by Cecilus, who was actually enjoying himself a bit. He smugly replied:


"Old man, you talk quite a bit for someone on the back foot. You prattle about the glory days while not understanding that the young generation will always outshine the old one. Let me show you some skills instead of listening to your useless rambling.


[Zero Ignition, Murasame change form: Lighting judgement freeform.]


After his words his blade flashed. A swift moment in time, a moment meant to be remembered.


Since a thunderclap could be heard as the sword was drawn to cut Wilhelm down, who had his eyes closed. He wasn't pleading for his life as Cecilus has seen countless time from other opponents. Nor was he despairing. He was simply… Stoic, like a tall rock meant to endure the erosion of time.


The swordsman who had no cybernetics, no augments. A rare true human who became one of the top fighters in the world with his own will, suddenly opened his eyes before the sword would have pierced him and gently replied:


[Zero Ignition, Swordsmanship of mortality]


And he parried Cecilus beautifully, it looked like a dance. The way he effortlessly sent the stray energy away from the blade master went to a building that collapsed upon receiving the energy. Wilhelm wasn't done as with the same motion his blade shallowly cut into Cecilus left thigh before he hurriedly retreated.


As Cecilus was confused, stunned, and even breathless, he stepped back and heard his now worthy opponent say;


"You see, I am not as young as you, nor is my sword as sharp. I only have my will and my wife's love, so come blue lighting let me show you what this old man has."


Wilhelm and Cecilus blades met, Cecilus Murasame and Wilhelm's Hibiscus's sword collided, chips and small dents could be felt from Wilhelm's sword, yet the blade remained in optimal condition. Cecilus felt frustrated as to how he couldn't land a death dealing blow to this old man.


Yet, he recognized this was dangerous and very, very bad. How can he not even defeat this old man. Then he winced in pain at his burning pain and couldn't recall the last time an opponent could actually injure him. However, he smiled because he had don't considerable damage to his opponent.


Wilhelm was injured everywhere, had cuts on his arms, legs and even chest yet he continued to calmly parry any attacks that were fatal. Cecilus grew impatient and shouted:


"What the hell is going on old man. Your bleeding everywhere yet remain standing, what crazy cybernetics do you have?"


Wilhelm dodged a blow meant for his neck yet, got a shallow cut on his cheek and as he cleaned his face with a handkerchief after a brief interlude he gazed at the handkerchief and smiled. His wife gave it to him and he treasured it. As his reverie was going on he muttered:


"Cecilus Segmunt, do you like flowers?"


"What? Who has time for that?"


Cecilus replied as he unleashed his second sword, the dream eater and prepared to finish this old man once and for all. He felt a deep fear and unsettling feeling from this old man, he didn't know what it was. But it screamed danger.


"My wife asked me for a decade if I liked flowers, and I always said no. I never saw the point until the fateful day of when I saw her smile as the hibiscus flowers bloomed. Then I understood. It's not about flowers, but the joys of loving in the moment. This is my moment blue lighting. Let me show you.


"Ethereal petal, first slash."


And with a sword that transcended the limits of the human body, Wilhelm cut off the left arm of his opponent as he thought about the beauty of the flower petals his wife had shown him. For life is infinite and ethereal, a single moment will change everything.


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Chapter Text

Discordant Harmony


Chapter 9






You have to


Go through


Darkness to


Get to the






Location: Detroit, Michigan


"Lady Felt watch out!"


"Don't get your panties in a twist, I got this."


Replied a focused strawberry haired young woman as she dodged a knife thrown at her throat and grinned as she unloaded her phaser pistol ,and made the man attacking her crumple to the floor. She sighed and kicked his head as she grumbled in irritation:


"Fuckin' hell Rein, what are these people doing here? Didn't we already have other shit to deal with?"


She asked the flame haired young man beside her, who had swiftly crossed over dozens of feet with one swift step. He looked down at the target that had caused his lady hardship and he blamed himself:


"If only I had been more attentive, then this could have been avoided. It's my fault, as the knight and sword of my lady, any of her enemies are my sworn enemies. Ye-!"


He stopped his brooding as he intercepted a kick aimed at his head by his Lady. Felt's crimson eyes blazed in anger as she yelled:


Oi! Stop blaming yourself for everything that happens. You aren't God alright, Tch. Good job on taking care of the other raffle though."


Reinhard Van Astrea, the strongest being in existence looked a bit ashamed at his previous actions. Surrounding them were broken M1-Abrams tanks and over two hundred covert op agents sent by Agrippa, the current president of the Eastern United States.


Ever since the United states had split between the Liberated Western States of Lugnica, and The Eastern United States, the civil war had been messy for all parties involved. Just when Felt, the elective representative of the Western States was going to meet with Agrippa and sign a pact of non-aggression, they got ambushed on the way to the Astrea family jet.


Her eyes brimmed in velvet anger as she spat on the floor and ordered two of her men to double down and prepare for any retaliation. However, she knew Agrippa wasn't going to do anything major, not with this flame haired asshole by her side. Reinhard using his myriad cybernetics and abnormal abilities was able to roughly tell what his Lady was thinking. And despite not showing it, he felt his lips twitch upwards as if to form a smile.


He was happy to be able to help his Lady in whatever manner she desired. While they were about to engage in another conversation, Gaston, Rachins, and Camberley, (Ton-Chin-Kan) approached them with hurried steps as they swiped their metia to the right and a screen appeared.


Before Felt could say anything her eyes were enraptured by the chaotic scene in front of her. Crying civilians, incredible fights between what seemed like a brown haired woman and a silver haired girl fighting off someone that seemed rather familiar to Felt.


Yet, her eyes also witnessed what was occurring between the pair of twins, an injured swordsman, and another seemingly identical silver haired woman battling a man that she recognized. She hissed as she spat out:


"Cecilus Fucking Segmunt, what the hell is he doing there?"


Reinhard narrowed his eyes as he scanned the scene, appraising the individual who had dueled him so long ago. He hadn't been able to win, but Reinhard had a suspicion that he had only grown stronger, and it could be seen that he indeed had.


He was also fascinated by the old wounded swordsman giving it his all. He recognized his grandfather and he felt a pang of guilt at seeing a face he hadn't bothered to think of in years. The contact between them remained frigid due to the events surrounding his grandmother. His lips trembled yet he didn't let himself get distracted by the events happening.


"Gaston, is this Neo-Shibuya? The advanced technology and the cybernetics being used seem Asian in design."


The man hurriedly nodded and he followed up with:


"Yeah Reinhard-sama, these fights are occurring all over the city, and it seems insane but there was an announcement that we missed due to this shitshow we just dealt with. That spoke about a man called Natsuki Subaru being the key to enter the sage's tower. "


Both Felt and Rein's eyes quaked as they got excited and looked at each other, for once Felt didn't seem to always have her perpetual scowl as she hurriedly cheered:


"Yo, this is good, we were looking for one of the maps anyway. With Subaru's help we may be able to actually find it."


"I definitely agree Felt-sama, this is an opportunity we shouldn't miss."


As both Felt and Rein looked like they already had Subaru helping them out, Chin couldn't help but be the voice of reason and said:


"Umm, not to burst your bubble of excitement, but we are in the U.S at the moment, and Agrippa has prohibited Reinhard from stepping foot out of the country as the negotiations continue. Besides, this is happening in real time. It would still take time to arrange a way to sortie our party to Neo-Shibuya."


Felt's expression dampened as she exclaimed while sighing:


"Fuck, you're right, even if we ignore that bitch's Agrippa's stupid demands, we still wouldn't make it. Hmm, any ideas Rein?"


He seemed as troubled by the news as if it was his fault they were in another continent. However his eyes seemed to sparkle as he proposed:


"We may not be able to travel as a party, yet I alone could go there in less than four hours. Granted, it may still be too late however I may be able to catch the tailwind of the action. Yet… that isn't good to leave Lady Felt unattended. What to do?"


Felt threw her shoe at his face which he avoided without even realizing it and placed her boot back on her bare foot, she retorted:


"Go, ain' nothing going to happen to me since Agrippa still has to deal with this fallout. I can't wait till the anarchists media spreads this throughout the Holo-Web, it's gonna be interesting to see what that bitch has to say for herself. Also, I have these three with me, I won't hesitate to use 'em as a meat shield ya hear me. So get on out of here, my knight this is an order."


Reinhard knelt on one knee and clasped his hand on his heart as he stated:


"Speak your order, my league."


Felt's eyes narrowed as her whole demeanor seemed to change to a regal one overflowing with nobility:


"Go to Neo-Shibuya, and assist Natsuki Subaru if he is in any dangers. Afterwards, extend him an invitation to the capital in Las Vegas, and we can discuss how to navigate the tower together. He may be the key but we need more maps to even find it."


Reinhard Van Astrea got up and sighed as the strength of ten thousand men filled his spirits. His nano circuitry that was seamlessly interwoven throughout his body seemed to shine a luminescent golden and he replied:


"Your orders are mine to carry, Felt-sama. I shall return with news shortly."


His eyes seemed to glow as his whole body tensed and he crouched while uttering:


[Zero Ignition: Divine Protection; Cloud Steps.]


He kicked the ground with force and was already hundreds of feet in the air as he seemed to kick the sky itself and vanished like a star in the twilight. As Felt was already used to his insane actions she didn't think it was anything to shocking but Ton-Chin-Kan all dropped their jaws as they whispered:


"Man's like a damn comic book hero."


Here, Felt grins and smugly states:


"Quite impressive ain't it? And he's my knight, so don't get any funny ideas. Alright you lazy sods, we got shit to do and prepare the speech to catch Agrippa unaware that we survived her pesky little assassination attempt. Let's get to it."


As they all scrambled to fulfill their Queen's order, she looked at where Reinhard departed and felt a sense of foreboding. She murmured quietly only to her, yet a certain superhuman could still hear her:


"Please, be safe you damn flame haired asshole. We still have so many people to save and liberate from Agrippa's tyrannical rule."


She got her head in focus and marched on, confident her knight would triumph in any environment. Reinhard smiled since he was alone and kicking the air which propelled him miles at each time and said:


"Don't worry my Lady, I won't let you down."


He increased his speed as he startled a crowd of seagulls, and with determination forged his own path to the increasingly chaotic city of Neo Shibuya.


(Scene Change)


"Lambda! Anything yet?"


Inquired a flustered Shaula as she dodged yet another group of spikes coming from Capella, narrowly preventing them from skewering her. Yet, she wasn't done, not by a long shot and grasped her pole and used her cybernetics on her fingertips to change its form.


She twirled her knew bow, one that had deep obsidian markings and she pulled the string as she took a stance, one where her feet where planted firmly on the ground and she relaxed slightly, her shoulders dropping ever so slightly.


There weren't any projectiles loaded on the bow, but she never needed them in the first place. She grasped the string and pulled it taut as energy seemed to accumulate until It formed a menacing white arrow. The surroundings trembled as the power output increased vastly different from her past attacks.


Capella widened her eyes as even she felt the pressure radiating off Shaula to be magnitudes different from the attacks she had been receiving. However, she didn't know this was a feint, and Emilia was suddenly in front of her startled eyes as she yelled:


[Zero Ignition: Ul Huma change mode; Sword of Frost!]


She bisected a confused Capella in half, yet instead of organs falling out or her death, she became a puddle and reformed ten feet away while she grinned and yelled in joy:


"What is solid, or liquid to one that can change as freely as I! You putrid pieces of filth, rejoice for it is I that will love you in the end, when you end up part of me!"


However, before she could continue her mad spiel Lambda shouted:


"Emilia, Get away NOW!."


The silver haired girl wasn't one to question battle orders and she created a path of ice as she glided away from Capella who turned around right when Shaula intoned:


[Zero Ignition: Hell's Snipe Bow Form; Stinger Arrow!]


She let loose the massive projectile as the arrow travelled at over several times the speed of time and pierced Capella in the chest. Furthermore, before she could say any other words Lambda finished for Shaula:


[Hell's Inferno!]


And the arrow exploded with tremendous heat that seemed to melt Capella until she became ashes. As both Emilia and Shaula were hopeful they dashed to the other and spoke:


"Neat trick, Emilia. That helped this first class lady survive and be able to get read of that pain in the ass woman."


Emilia was flustered as she wasn't good with praise, she just nodded as she brushed a strand of hair that had fallen on her face as she replied:


"Yes, if it weren't for Shaula-chan being ~suuuper~ strong then I can't imagine the destruction this Cardinal of the Saint's Holy Order could have unleashed."


Here, Shaula rubbed her nose as if embarrassed but she replied with a glimmer in her eyes:


"Ahem, ahem… a little more."


"A little… more?"


Asked a bewildered Emilia as she was confused as to what actually entailed 'a little more'.


Lambda sighed in exasperation as she turned into a teacher and admonished Shaula:


"How can you be so shameless, jeez. Also Emilia she means she wants praise. This big sister of mine is weak against praise. Seriously she lost a battle once when an enemy kept praising her and she got to happy to counter attack."


The amethyst colored eyes of Emilia widened in shock as she thought:


"Maybeee, we are more alike than I thought? After all it feels ~really good to get praises, hehe.~"


As both naïve girls were smirking and laughing at their achievement they heard a voice scream at them:




Shaula and Emilia avoided lethal blows but they felt spikes perforate their lungs and legs before cutting them off and retreating. Furthermore, Emilia coughed out blood as she fell to her knees, a weird sensation seemed to plague her body, as if she wasn't comfortable in it.


Shaula seemed to endure it better, yet not by much as veins bulged in her face and she vomited her lunch, feeling weak she also fell to her knees.


"HAHAHAHA, Do you even understand the meaning of immortality. Of transcendence? Or Eternality? I am all of these things, forevermore and till the end of the cosmos. I am Capella Emerada Lugnica and it's time to turn the both of you into lovely maggots that are at my beck and call."


[Zero Ignition: Genetic Divergence, Forced evolution, freeform.]


She appeared in front of them, seemingly fine after having become dust particles, whole and unharmed. Both Emilia and Shaula were gritting their teeth as they could feel changes to their bodies. As if they were transforming into something else. A bug, a fly, a pair of frogs, they felt their bodies morphing in discordant harmony as they yelled and screamed for it to stop.


Before they lost their minds and went insane a pair of gloved hands touched their shoulders, yet the nanobots infused into their own as they calmed down. They didn't feel the aftereffects of Capella's forced transformation and could breathe deeply. They both turn around and look at a girl with cat ears, with honey colored eyes and a blue dress that was surprisingly snug.


However, judging by appearances is wrong, since he seemed calm and collected. He tightened his gloves as he answered the shaken gazes of the patients he just healed:


"Nyah, lieutenant Blue, Ferris Argyle at your service. This woman can interfere with your cybernetics and by means yet unexplained, can transform someone to another entity. What a horrid ability. Despicable to even consider. In the name of Engel's Wrecker, I shall destroy you for daring to corrupt life like this!"


Capella laughed as she amusingly said while sitting down on the back of one of her servants named Dyn, who looked like he was in ecstasy to serve as Capella's seat:


"Another worm to add to the pile of festering maggots, what do you think you can do against me, huh? You're third rate garbage while I am prime little cat boy. Let me show yo-."


Before she could continue her words Ferris was in front of her but she wasn't scared, not until he put his palm on her chest and shouted:


[Zero Ignition: Disharmony of a Healer, Freeform Disruption!]


And as he touched Capella who actually looked alarm he cocked his right arm and clocked her in the face. Actually making her feel pain as she fell to the ground. Not much pain, since Ferris is weak at combat, but dread at her not being able to change the feelings associated with said pain.


Shaula and Emilia caught on quickly and shouted to Ferris:


"Do that one more time! Shaula let's go. Finally, we have a way to actually wound her!"


Shaula grinned as she responded while her bow changed forms one more time, and this one looked like a sleek phaser sniper weapon. However, she laughed out loud and said:


"Keep her busy, and Ferris, Subaru will buy you lunch later ok, thanks for the assist!"


Blue smirked as he knew he was weak in physical combat, but this was perfect for his medical abilities, disrupting his target from healing was something he had been born to do.


As Capella grew frightened she felt Ferris's paws on her once again, she shook him off quickly yet he was able to already disrupt her healing as she heard Shaula chanting like a wizard.


She looked up in confusion as she saw that the brown haired girl was laying on the floor with a menacing looking weapon resembling a Barrett 50. Caliber weapon of old. Yet again, no projectiles but her own.


As she tried to run or dodge the attack that damned frost girl got the upper hand as she sealed her in ice and yelled:


[Zero Ignition: Permafrost!]


And she encased Capella in ice however briefly. Yet, by the time she escaped she was dead to rights against Shaula's attack who replied cheerfully:


"hehe, Lambda good thing we didn't have to resort to last measures. Let's go."


"Sister synch rate at 89%, let's go indeed."


As Lambda and Shaula seemed to fuse, a Shaula with clear eyes and a determined expression sighted down her scope to Capella's head and concluded:


[Zero Finality: Pleiades Last Shot!]


With her words it seemed like all the sum of her energy was summoned to her rifle and blasted as it hit the stunned Capella and eradicated her from the world, the ground shook. The earth wept, the skies trembled at the magnitude of the attack. The results were still unknown due to the dust cloud, and everyone held their breathes in nervous anticipation.


Yet, at the sight of Ferris, Emilia, and Shaula cursing, they knew they weren't done yet. For their petite target had morphed into something that seemed to dominate the sky. With the heavens roaring and the earth sundered, Capella descended in her most perfect form.


A crystalline dragon with scales meant to withstand anything short of a nuclear assault she spoke, while flapping her wings that blew away Ferris, luckily Shaula caught him. As they looked at the dragon, Capella spoke:


"You pitiful fools, to have forced me to these extents. You owe no one but yourself for the agony to follow.


[Zero Ignition: Dragon of the Apocalypse.]


Author's notes:


Well final conclusion Arc will end in 2-4 chapters. Betty showing up soon as hell, so enjoy Thank you for my beta's.