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Discordant Harmony


Chapter 9






You have to


Go through


Darkness to


Get to the






Location: Detroit, Michigan


"Lady Felt watch out!"


"Don't get your panties in a twist, I got this."


Replied a focused strawberry haired young woman as she dodged a knife thrown at her throat and grinned as she unloaded her phaser pistol ,and made the man attacking her crumple to the floor. She sighed and kicked his head as she grumbled in irritation:


"Fuckin' hell Rein, what are these people doing here? Didn't we already have other shit to deal with?"


She asked the flame haired young man beside her, who had swiftly crossed over dozens of feet with one swift step. He looked down at the target that had caused his lady hardship and he blamed himself:


"If only I had been more attentive, then this could have been avoided. It's my fault, as the knight and sword of my lady, any of her enemies are my sworn enemies. Ye-!"


He stopped his brooding as he intercepted a kick aimed at his head by his Lady. Felt's crimson eyes blazed in anger as she yelled:


Oi! Stop blaming yourself for everything that happens. You aren't God alright, Tch. Good job on taking care of the other raffle though."


Reinhard Van Astrea, the strongest being in existence looked a bit ashamed at his previous actions. Surrounding them were broken M1-Abrams tanks and over two hundred covert op agents sent by Agrippa, the current president of the Eastern United States.


Ever since the United states had split between the Liberated Western States of Lugnica, and The Eastern United States, the civil war had been messy for all parties involved. Just when Felt, the elective representative of the Western States was going to meet with Agrippa and sign a pact of non-aggression, they got ambushed on the way to the Astrea family jet.


Her eyes brimmed in velvet anger as she spat on the floor and ordered two of her men to double down and prepare for any retaliation. However, she knew Agrippa wasn't going to do anything major, not with this flame haired asshole by her side. Reinhard using his myriad cybernetics and abnormal abilities was able to roughly tell what his Lady was thinking. And despite not showing it, he felt his lips twitch upwards as if to form a smile.


He was happy to be able to help his Lady in whatever manner she desired. While they were about to engage in another conversation, Gaston, Rachins, and Camberley, (Ton-Chin-Kan) approached them with hurried steps as they swiped their metia to the right and a screen appeared.


Before Felt could say anything her eyes were enraptured by the chaotic scene in front of her. Crying civilians, incredible fights between what seemed like a brown haired woman and a silver haired girl fighting off someone that seemed rather familiar to Felt.


Yet, her eyes also witnessed what was occurring between the pair of twins, an injured swordsman, and another seemingly identical silver haired woman battling a man that she recognized. She hissed as she spat out:


"Cecilus Fucking Segmunt, what the hell is he doing there?"


Reinhard narrowed his eyes as he scanned the scene, appraising the individual who had dueled him so long ago. He hadn't been able to win, but Reinhard had a suspicion that he had only grown stronger, and it could be seen that he indeed had.


He was also fascinated by the old wounded swordsman giving it his all. He recognized his grandfather and he felt a pang of guilt at seeing a face he hadn't bothered to think of in years. The contact between them remained frigid due to the events surrounding his grandmother. His lips trembled yet he didn't let himself get distracted by the events happening.


"Gaston, is this Neo-Shibuya? The advanced technology and the cybernetics being used seem Asian in design."


The man hurriedly nodded and he followed up with:


"Yeah Reinhard-sama, these fights are occurring all over the city, and it seems insane but there was an announcement that we missed due to this shitshow we just dealt with. That spoke about a man called Natsuki Subaru being the key to enter the sage's tower. "


Both Felt and Rein's eyes quaked as they got excited and looked at each other, for once Felt didn't seem to always have her perpetual scowl as she hurriedly cheered:


"Yo, this is good, we were looking for one of the maps anyway. With Subaru's help we may be able to actually find it."


"I definitely agree Felt-sama, this is an opportunity we shouldn't miss."


As both Felt and Rein looked like they already had Subaru helping them out, Chin couldn't help but be the voice of reason and said:


"Umm, not to burst your bubble of excitement, but we are in the U.S at the moment, and Agrippa has prohibited Reinhard from stepping foot out of the country as the negotiations continue. Besides, this is happening in real time. It would still take time to arrange a way to sortie our party to Neo-Shibuya."


Felt's expression dampened as she exclaimed while sighing:


"Fuck, you're right, even if we ignore that bitch's Agrippa's stupid demands, we still wouldn't make it. Hmm, any ideas Rein?"


He seemed as troubled by the news as if it was his fault they were in another continent. However his eyes seemed to sparkle as he proposed:


"We may not be able to travel as a party, yet I alone could go there in less than four hours. Granted, it may still be too late however I may be able to catch the tailwind of the action. Yet… that isn't good to leave Lady Felt unattended. What to do?"


Felt threw her shoe at his face which he avoided without even realizing it and placed her boot back on her bare foot, she retorted:


"Go, ain' nothing going to happen to me since Agrippa still has to deal with this fallout. I can't wait till the anarchists media spreads this throughout the Holo-Web, it's gonna be interesting to see what that bitch has to say for herself. Also, I have these three with me, I won't hesitate to use 'em as a meat shield ya hear me. So get on out of here, my knight this is an order."


Reinhard knelt on one knee and clasped his hand on his heart as he stated:


"Speak your order, my league."


Felt's eyes narrowed as her whole demeanor seemed to change to a regal one overflowing with nobility:


"Go to Neo-Shibuya, and assist Natsuki Subaru if he is in any dangers. Afterwards, extend him an invitation to the capital in Las Vegas, and we can discuss how to navigate the tower together. He may be the key but we need more maps to even find it."


Reinhard Van Astrea got up and sighed as the strength of ten thousand men filled his spirits. His nano circuitry that was seamlessly interwoven throughout his body seemed to shine a luminescent golden and he replied:


"Your orders are mine to carry, Felt-sama. I shall return with news shortly."


His eyes seemed to glow as his whole body tensed and he crouched while uttering:


[Zero Ignition: Divine Protection; Cloud Steps.]


He kicked the ground with force and was already hundreds of feet in the air as he seemed to kick the sky itself and vanished like a star in the twilight. As Felt was already used to his insane actions she didn't think it was anything to shocking but Ton-Chin-Kan all dropped their jaws as they whispered:


"Man's like a damn comic book hero."


Here, Felt grins and smugly states:


"Quite impressive ain't it? And he's my knight, so don't get any funny ideas. Alright you lazy sods, we got shit to do and prepare the speech to catch Agrippa unaware that we survived her pesky little assassination attempt. Let's get to it."


As they all scrambled to fulfill their Queen's order, she looked at where Reinhard departed and felt a sense of foreboding. She murmured quietly only to her, yet a certain superhuman could still hear her:


"Please, be safe you damn flame haired asshole. We still have so many people to save and liberate from Agrippa's tyrannical rule."


She got her head in focus and marched on, confident her knight would triumph in any environment. Reinhard smiled since he was alone and kicking the air which propelled him miles at each time and said:


"Don't worry my Lady, I won't let you down."


He increased his speed as he startled a crowd of seagulls, and with determination forged his own path to the increasingly chaotic city of Neo Shibuya.


(Scene Change)


"Lambda! Anything yet?"


Inquired a flustered Shaula as she dodged yet another group of spikes coming from Capella, narrowly preventing them from skewering her. Yet, she wasn't done, not by a long shot and grasped her pole and used her cybernetics on her fingertips to change its form.


She twirled her knew bow, one that had deep obsidian markings and she pulled the string as she took a stance, one where her feet where planted firmly on the ground and she relaxed slightly, her shoulders dropping ever so slightly.


There weren't any projectiles loaded on the bow, but she never needed them in the first place. She grasped the string and pulled it taut as energy seemed to accumulate until It formed a menacing white arrow. The surroundings trembled as the power output increased vastly different from her past attacks.


Capella widened her eyes as even she felt the pressure radiating off Shaula to be magnitudes different from the attacks she had been receiving. However, she didn't know this was a feint, and Emilia was suddenly in front of her startled eyes as she yelled:


[Zero Ignition: Ul Huma change mode; Sword of Frost!]


She bisected a confused Capella in half, yet instead of organs falling out or her death, she became a puddle and reformed ten feet away while she grinned and yelled in joy:


"What is solid, or liquid to one that can change as freely as I! You putrid pieces of filth, rejoice for it is I that will love you in the end, when you end up part of me!"


However, before she could continue her mad spiel Lambda shouted:


"Emilia, Get away NOW!."


The silver haired girl wasn't one to question battle orders and she created a path of ice as she glided away from Capella who turned around right when Shaula intoned:


[Zero Ignition: Hell's Snipe Bow Form; Stinger Arrow!]


She let loose the massive projectile as the arrow travelled at over several times the speed of time and pierced Capella in the chest. Furthermore, before she could say any other words Lambda finished for Shaula:


[Hell's Inferno!]


And the arrow exploded with tremendous heat that seemed to melt Capella until she became ashes. As both Emilia and Shaula were hopeful they dashed to the other and spoke:


"Neat trick, Emilia. That helped this first class lady survive and be able to get read of that pain in the ass woman."


Emilia was flustered as she wasn't good with praise, she just nodded as she brushed a strand of hair that had fallen on her face as she replied:


"Yes, if it weren't for Shaula-chan being ~suuuper~ strong then I can't imagine the destruction this Cardinal of the Saint's Holy Order could have unleashed."


Here, Shaula rubbed her nose as if embarrassed but she replied with a glimmer in her eyes:


"Ahem, ahem… a little more."


"A little… more?"


Asked a bewildered Emilia as she was confused as to what actually entailed 'a little more'.


Lambda sighed in exasperation as she turned into a teacher and admonished Shaula:


"How can you be so shameless, jeez. Also Emilia she means she wants praise. This big sister of mine is weak against praise. Seriously she lost a battle once when an enemy kept praising her and she got to happy to counter attack."


The amethyst colored eyes of Emilia widened in shock as she thought:


"Maybeee, we are more alike than I thought? After all it feels ~really good to get praises, hehe.~"


As both naïve girls were smirking and laughing at their achievement they heard a voice scream at them:




Shaula and Emilia avoided lethal blows but they felt spikes perforate their lungs and legs before cutting them off and retreating. Furthermore, Emilia coughed out blood as she fell to her knees, a weird sensation seemed to plague her body, as if she wasn't comfortable in it.


Shaula seemed to endure it better, yet not by much as veins bulged in her face and she vomited her lunch, feeling weak she also fell to her knees.


"HAHAHAHA, Do you even understand the meaning of immortality. Of transcendence? Or Eternality? I am all of these things, forevermore and till the end of the cosmos. I am Capella Emerada Lugnica and it's time to turn the both of you into lovely maggots that are at my beck and call."


[Zero Ignition: Genetic Divergence, Forced evolution, freeform.]


She appeared in front of them, seemingly fine after having become dust particles, whole and unharmed. Both Emilia and Shaula were gritting their teeth as they could feel changes to their bodies. As if they were transforming into something else. A bug, a fly, a pair of frogs, they felt their bodies morphing in discordant harmony as they yelled and screamed for it to stop.


Before they lost their minds and went insane a pair of gloved hands touched their shoulders, yet the nanobots infused into their own as they calmed down. They didn't feel the aftereffects of Capella's forced transformation and could breathe deeply. They both turn around and look at a girl with cat ears, with honey colored eyes and a blue dress that was surprisingly snug.


However, judging by appearances is wrong, since he seemed calm and collected. He tightened his gloves as he answered the shaken gazes of the patients he just healed:


"Nyah, lieutenant Blue, Ferris Argyle at your service. This woman can interfere with your cybernetics and by means yet unexplained, can transform someone to another entity. What a horrid ability. Despicable to even consider. In the name of Engel's Wrecker, I shall destroy you for daring to corrupt life like this!"


Capella laughed as she amusingly said while sitting down on the back of one of her servants named Dyn, who looked like he was in ecstasy to serve as Capella's seat:


"Another worm to add to the pile of festering maggots, what do you think you can do against me, huh? You're third rate garbage while I am prime little cat boy. Let me show yo-."


Before she could continue her words Ferris was in front of her but she wasn't scared, not until he put his palm on her chest and shouted:


[Zero Ignition: Disharmony of a Healer, Freeform Disruption!]


And as he touched Capella who actually looked alarm he cocked his right arm and clocked her in the face. Actually making her feel pain as she fell to the ground. Not much pain, since Ferris is weak at combat, but dread at her not being able to change the feelings associated with said pain.


Shaula and Emilia caught on quickly and shouted to Ferris:


"Do that one more time! Shaula let's go. Finally, we have a way to actually wound her!"


Shaula grinned as she responded while her bow changed forms one more time, and this one looked like a sleek phaser sniper weapon. However, she laughed out loud and said:


"Keep her busy, and Ferris, Subaru will buy you lunch later ok, thanks for the assist!"


Blue smirked as he knew he was weak in physical combat, but this was perfect for his medical abilities, disrupting his target from healing was something he had been born to do.


As Capella grew frightened she felt Ferris's paws on her once again, she shook him off quickly yet he was able to already disrupt her healing as she heard Shaula chanting like a wizard.


She looked up in confusion as she saw that the brown haired girl was laying on the floor with a menacing looking weapon resembling a Barrett 50. Caliber weapon of old. Yet again, no projectiles but her own.


As she tried to run or dodge the attack that damned frost girl got the upper hand as she sealed her in ice and yelled:


[Zero Ignition: Permafrost!]


And she encased Capella in ice however briefly. Yet, by the time she escaped she was dead to rights against Shaula's attack who replied cheerfully:


"hehe, Lambda good thing we didn't have to resort to last measures. Let's go."


"Sister synch rate at 89%, let's go indeed."


As Lambda and Shaula seemed to fuse, a Shaula with clear eyes and a determined expression sighted down her scope to Capella's head and concluded:


[Zero Finality: Pleiades Last Shot!]


With her words it seemed like all the sum of her energy was summoned to her rifle and blasted as it hit the stunned Capella and eradicated her from the world, the ground shook. The earth wept, the skies trembled at the magnitude of the attack. The results were still unknown due to the dust cloud, and everyone held their breathes in nervous anticipation.


Yet, at the sight of Ferris, Emilia, and Shaula cursing, they knew they weren't done yet. For their petite target had morphed into something that seemed to dominate the sky. With the heavens roaring and the earth sundered, Capella descended in her most perfect form.


A crystalline dragon with scales meant to withstand anything short of a nuclear assault she spoke, while flapping her wings that blew away Ferris, luckily Shaula caught him. As they looked at the dragon, Capella spoke:


"You pitiful fools, to have forced me to these extents. You owe no one but yourself for the agony to follow.


[Zero Ignition: Dragon of the Apocalypse.]


Author's notes:


Well final conclusion Arc will end in 2-4 chapters. Betty showing up soon as hell, so enjoy Thank you for my beta's.