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Accident or Blessing

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It had been a long and hard day for the blond. His team had brought him design after design to be approved or critiqued, in between trying to do his own work and to make matters worse, all day he had felt the impending doom of his heat pressing down on him. He just hoped the blockers were doing their job and covering up his scent. 

It was tough being an Omega, even in this day and age Omega’s were still looked down on and even looked over for most jobs, that's why most tried to pass as Beta’s. In doing so they could blend in but they had to constantly pretend to either be sick or that something family related had come up, just to cover up their heats, overall it was exhausting.

Heat prickled at the back of Naruto’s neck as he rubbed it, exhaling deeply. It was late, everyone else in the office had already gone home hours ago and he was still here trying to finish the last of his work, knowing he would likely be taking the next couple of days off. His only saving grace was it was Friday, so he could at least use the weekend as an excuse for coming down with a cold or something. 

Hitting send on his final email the blond lent back in his chair heavily, breathing hard as he clutched his chest. Would he be able to make it home before the delirium set in? 

Running a hand through his hair and down around the back of his neck, he sighed. “May as well try to make it home before this shit gets worse.”

Hauling himself up and out of his chair he turned off his computer and gathered up his things before making his way to the elevator. Sweat was starting to gather around his collar and he could feel slick beginning to breech his slick sponge. The doors slid open after a moment revealing another occupant, but the blond barely registered them as he stepped in, leaning heavily on the far side of the metal box. 

“Are you in heat?” hissed a smooth voice from beside him. 

Looking over he saw the last person he ever wanted to see in this state. Beside him stood his boss, none other than the most sought after Alpha - since his older brother apparently mated last year - Sasuke Uchiha. He had a look of sheer disgust on his face as he tried to cover his nose and mouth with his hand. 

“Sorry.” was all Naruto could whisper. 

“I thought you were a Beta!” the raven growled. 

“Surprise.” the blond grunted, not caring at the moment as he doubled over from a cramp caused by the scent of such a strong Alpha being so close. It made his body crave to be touched. 

“Are you o…..” Sasuke started before taking a deep breath. A growl slipping from his lips moments later. 

“Don’t,” was all Naruto was able to get out before he was unceremoniously slammed against the side of the elevator hard. His hands were suddenly pinned beside him and a leg was forcing itself between his own, pushing them apart. 

The ravens nose was against his neck, inhaling deeply. “Shit, you smell so good.” he whispered.

“Don’t,” Naruto whimpered as he weakly tried to push the other away, “You don’t really want this.” the scent of the Alpha finally hit him, and it was strong….. Almost like he himself was going into Rut. “Shit…. Have you gone into Rut?”

Sasuke growled at him as he began to rub himself against the blond, coating him in the Alpha’s scent. 

As the raven Alpha’s intoxicating scent began to fill the small box the blond’s inner Omega forcefully gave himself over to the Alpha, baring his neck. The sight of that submission obviously pleased the Alpha as a low satisfied rumbling growl vibrated from deep within his chest as he lent down and licked the blond’s exposed neck. 

The next couple of days were a blur for the blond so when his heat finally broke and he woke up in a bedroom he didn’t know fear gripped him. Quickly Naruto sat up, his hands going straight to his neck, feeling for a mating mark. After finding none he sighed with relief.

“Finally awake dobe?” Came Sasuke’s bored voice. Looking over towards the door he saw the raven leaning against its frame. “Good, get up, get dressed and get out.” he growled.  

“What?!” Naruto all but growled back. 

“Sorry, you must still be being affected by your heat.” The raven said calmly as he walked into the room, “I’ll make it simpler for you.” he bent over and picked up some of the blonds clothes. “Get your shit and get the fuck out of my apartment!” he yelled, throwing Naruto’s clothes at him.

“Fuck, what the hell is your problem teme!?” Naruto huffed as he quickly got dressed. 

“You got what you wanted, now get out.” The raven whispered.  

“What is your problem?” Naruto stood, retrieving the last of his personal effects.

“Just get out!” Sasuke roared. “And don’t bother coming into work today, you still smell like heat!” he growled before walking out of the room. 

After storming out Naruto made it back to his apartment and decided to actually listen to the bastard and took the next couple of days off, spending the time sleeping his exhaustion away and catching up on eating. 

It was Wednesday before the blond finally made it back into the office, noting that nothing seemed amiss as he walked through greeting his colleagues as he went. 

“Hey Naru, you good now?” his friend Kiba asked as he sat down at his desk.

“Ah, yeah.” Naruto replied, turning on his computer. 

“Dude you were only away for two days and shit hit the fan.” Kiba laughed.


Kiba rolled over to Naruto’s cubicle and began to whisper. “Apparently on Monday Chief Uchiha made a huge mistake in the directors meeting and a guy from finance said he saw him in the bathroom growling at some love bites on his neck. Of course the stiff covered them up and walked out, but not before someone saw.” The brunette laughed.

“I don’t see what’s so funny.” Naruto deadpanned him, knowing he was likely the cause of the raven’s discomfort. 

“Mr perfect made a mistake AND got laid?” Kiba looked at him oddly. 

“So? We all make mistakes and people do have sex lives outside this place.” Naruto rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, you’re not curious about who it is he’s bangin?” Kiba looked at him horrified.

“Not in the slightest.” Naruto quipped back as he turned back to his computer and began looking through his emails. “So unless you have something constructive to talk about I have work to catch up on.” 

“You’re no fun.” Kiba huffed as he rolled away. 

The blond made quick work of his massive pile of emails and flew around the office catching up with his team and looking over his subordinates work. It wasn’t till after lunch that he got the phone call he had been dreading. 

“In my office now.” was all Sasuke said when Naruto picked up the phone. The blond didn’t even have time to reply before the line went dead.  

Sighing, the blond made his way up several floors to the ravens office. He didn’t even bother knocking before walking in, shutting the door behind him and presumptuously taking a seat. 

“You didn’t tell anyone?” Sasuke asked seriously after a few minutes of silence. 

“Do you think I want to lose my job?” the blond droned. After receiving a questioning look from the raven he answered the unasked question. “My entry forms say I’m a Beta , but I’m not…. What do you think will happen when everyone finds out an Omega is incharge of a department?”

“We don’t discriminate here.” Sasuke replied.

“Don’t give me that bullshit.” Naruto spluttered as he stood, face red with anger. “The fact that I’m an Omega will ruffle feathers, the fact that I’m in charge of an entire department will ruffle even more feathers. Then I will eventually either be fired for something stupid or forced to quit from the pressure from others that don’t like Omega’s will put me under. Don’t worry, your scandalous sex secret’s safe thanks to my secondary gender. So if you have nothing further to add, I have work to do.” The blond growled before storming out, making a point of slamming the door behind him. 

After making a quick stop at the bathroom to apply more scent blocker and take an extra dose of suppressant he made his way back to his desk and dove head first into his work. 

Hours later he was interrupted by Kiba rolling over, “Shika, Choji and I are going for a drink after work, wanna come?” Kiba asked. 

“Nah, I wanna get ahead on my work. Can I take a rain check?” Naruto asked with a grin.



The weeks went by like this as Naruto all but threw himself as hard as he could into his work in an effort to forget about what he had dubbed as ‘The Regretful Incident’. 

It was about a month later when the blond first noticed something was wrong. After having spent a couple of days with extreme nausea he contacted his mother for advice, after being asked a series of questions he came to a conclusion that he would never have even considered. The final question rang through his mind and a cold feeling washed over him. He hung up the phone without another thought and ran straight to the bathroom rummaging through the draws till he found what he was looking for. 

An Omega pregnancy test.

He had already done his morning pee so he would have to wait till tomorrow if he wanted to get an accurate result. So with that in mind he left his apartment and threw himself even harder into his work, ignoring the thought of the little white stick waiting for him at home on the bathroom sink, silently mocking him. 

“Hey Naru, you okay?” Kiba asked as he rolled over. 

“Ha? Oh, yeah I’m good. Why?” Naruto replied as he broke away from his work.  

“You sure? You look really pale.” Kiba said with a look of concern on his face.

“Is there a problem?” came the last voice the blond wanted to hear, yet again….. 

“No Chief Uchiha.” Naruto droned as he went back to work. “Inuzaka was just asking for my approval on a design.” 

“If that’s all then I suggest the pair of you get back to work.” Sasuke growled as he walked away. 

“Jeeze, he seriously has it out for you. I mean he’s been personally dropping by more and more often to check our ‘progress’ and no matter how hard you work it’s still never good enough for him, that’s like…. bullying.” Kiba growled. 

“Eh, doesn’t matter.” Naruto breathed out heavily. “I’m sorry Kiba, but I really do need to get this done before I leave today.” 

With that Naruto went back to work, ignoring everything and everyone around him till his day came to an end. After finishing up he trudged home, ate, showered and went to bed - like a robot - , trying desperately to forget about his possible impending doom. 

With the morning came the test. Naruto sat on the floor of his bathroom after taking it, waiting the three agonizing minutes for the test to tell him his fate. 

His phone timer finally went off signalling it was time and with a shaky hand he stretched up and grabbed the little white strip, clutching it near bruisingly tight in his hand as he brought it towards himself. Opening his eyes he hadn’t realized he closed he gazed down at the stick. 

His breath hitched and his free hand shot up to cover his mouth, stopping the sob that threatened to escape as his eyes began to water. 

Two obnoxious pink lines stared back at him. 

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“Naruto! Thank Kami you called I was getting ready to….” 

“Mother, I fucked up.” Naruto cut his mother off. 

“Oh Honey, what happened.” His mothers soft voice came through the phone. 

“I’m… I’m p...pregnant.” The blond shuttered. 

“Oh, my baby.” She hushed before asking, “Have you told the Alpha?” 

“It…. It happened during my heat, so I don’t know who it was.” Naruto lied. “Can I come stay with you and dad for a bit?” He asked.

“Of course, when did you want to come over?” 

Taking a deep breath Naruto collected himself, “I’ll call you next week with more details.” 

“Okay, did you need anything in the meantime?” She asked. 

“No, I just…. I just need to….. Think.” He swallowed hard.

“Of course you do. Call me when you’re ready.”

“Thanks mother.” Naruto sighed, “I’ll call you later.” 

With that Naruto hung up, a feeling of numbness washing over him as he sat and stared at the wall. “I can do this.” He said to himself, running his hands through his hair. “I’ll just treat it like a project….. Yeah…. A project…. I can do this.” he nodded to himself.

With a final nod the blond got up, be it a bit shakily and walked over to his desk, turning his laptop on. He quickly researched Omega pregnancy and learnt as much as he could before quickly looking over his work contract, after that he started to formulate his plan. 

He had until week twelve before his scent would change and he would start to show through his clothes. If his calculations were correct he was somewhere in week four to five. He had one month - to be on the safe side - to organize everything. 

His contract stated that he needed to give a minimum two weeks notice before he could resign, but in a subsection he found that if his work was at least a month in advance - giving the company time to replace him - he could give his notice and leave the same day.

So all in all he had one month to prepare two months of advanced work. 

Could he do it…. Who knows….. 

Would he do it….. Yes, yes he would. No matter what……. he had to. 

After taking note of the time Naruto showered, dressed and went to work. He was quick to round up the next couple of months worth of projects and spent his lunch break making himself a timeline of when each one was needed and when he needed to have them done by, to be able to leave on time. 

It was after ten that night when Naruto finally left the office, his new personal project schedule was ready and tomorrow he would start to action it. He just hoped no one else would notice what he was doing. 

To his luck over the course of the next month no one noticed his workload increase or how much effort and time was spent at the office - not even his friends noticed anything ascue - granted his friends were constantly being given other work by Sasuke and what was worse the raven seemed to be visiting him more and more often which was a constant interruption on it’s own, but even he didn’t seem to notice the blond overworking himself. 

It was finally his last night at work and he was exhausted. He had just sent off the last bit of assignments making his department two whole months ahead of its work, which was more than the minimum requirement. The meetings for the next two months were all scheduled, their design presentations ready to go. All the projects needed in the immediate future had his seal of approval on them and any minor jobs still left for his team to complete had detailed explanations and instructions with them. 

With a sigh he hit send on his resignation letter and turned off his computer for the last time. After stretching he gathered the last of his personal effects - he had been slowly taking them home over the course of the month so as not to arouse suspicion - and made his way to the elevator. 

At the sound of the doors opening he sighed when his eyes met the absolute last person on Kami’s given earth he wanted to see….. Sasuke. 

“Chief Uchiha.” Naruto greeted politely. 

“Need me to help you with your heat again or will any Alpha do?” Sasuke asked slyly.

Naruto was far too exhausted to actually argue with the teme, “What I need in my personal life is of no concern to you Uchiha .” He sighed. 

“Oh really?” Sasuke growled. 

“Yes, now if you don’t mind I have a big day tomorrow and need to get home.”

Sasuke reached out, placing his hand in front of the blond, against the wall, effectively boxing Naruto in. “Are you sure you don’t need help? You must be doubling up on your suppressants since you didn’t take any time off last month for your heat. You know that skipping too many heats will make you feel like hell when it finally comes.” 

“Thank you oh gracious Alpha for that biology lesson. But as I said, it’s none of your business.” Naruto growled while looking directly at the raven Alpha. The elevator doors opened and Naruto pushed Sasuke aside, “If you’ll excuse me I need to go.” 

Sasuke grabbed his wrist before he could leave the elevator and yanked him back in, making him crash into the raven’s chest. 

“What the hell Teme?!” Naruto practically screamed as the doors slid shut and Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blond turning them so Naruto’s back was against the elevators wall. 

“You smell good.” Sasuke growled as he lent in and rubbed his face into the blonds neck. Naruto’s heart began to pound in his chest. “You smell like….. mine….” Sasuke swallowed, “I can’t get you out of my head! I have to constantly make up excuses to go see you, to smell you, to make sure no other Alpha is near you!”

‘So that’s why most of my friends were suddenly always busy elsewhere…’ Naruto thought. Looking at the Alpha in the elevator’s reflection he realized this was bad… “Let me go Uchiha.” Naruto growled. 

“Say my name.” Sasuke growled back. 

Swallowing, Naruto inhaled and weakly said, “Let me go….. Sasuke.” His inner Omega was purring, it recognized the Alpha as the father of his child and somehow Sasuke was instinctively recognizing it too and reacting as such to Naruto’s pregnancy. 

The doors slid open and Naruto could hear someone gasp, “Sorry.” 

In that moment Sasuke seemed to vaguely regain his senses and it was enough for the blond to push the raven away and make his escape. He ran out of the building and down the street towards the hotel he was staying at. He just had to get through this last night, then he could start anew. 

Breathing deeply he calmed his nerves and calmly walked into the hotel, taking the elevator up to his room. After taking a warm shower and eating something from room service he crawled into bed and slept.


The door to Sasuke’s office slammed open, “What is the meaning of this?” his brother growled. 

Sighing Sasuke looked up from his work - not that he had been able to do much since this morning, his head felt clouded, like something was missing. “What did I do wrong now Aniki?” 

“The company’s top graphic designer, Naruto Namikazi has quit!?” Itachi growled as he slammed the door, walked over and threw the resignation letter on Sasuke’s desk. 

“What!?” Sasuke roared as he scooped up the letter and read it. “This can’t be right, he can’t just resign with no warning and leave us in the lurch!” 

“He didn’t” The older raven said oddly calmly, “All his and his team’s work is two months ahead, he has even recommended a team restructure and internal promotions.”

“I’ll just have to go and sort this out with him.” Sasuke said as he stood.  

“His desk is already empty.” Itachi sighed. “And when I went to personally ask him if the company had wronged him somehow, I found his apartment empty and then his landlord came and told me that he moved out a week ago.” 

Sasuke fell back into his chair. “He planned this.”

“Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?” Itachi asked. Sasuke shook his head. “Did you hear anyone say or do anything to him?” Sasuke thought about it and hastily shook his head. “Did you say or do something…?” Itachi finally asked, eyeing him knowingly. 

“No.” Sasuke shook his head again. 

“So this isn’t you in the elevator sexually harassing an employee?” Itachi growled as he slapped a picture of Sasuke and Naruto in the elevator from the previous Friday night on his desk. “How long have you been doing this?”

“I… I didn’t mean to…..” Sasuke said, running his hand through his hair frustratedly, “I don’t know what’s come over me of late.” 

“What do you mean?” The older raven asked more quietly, seeming to notice that something was wrong. 

“I can’t get him out of my head Tachi.” Sasuke said as he lent his head down onto his arms on his desk. 

“When did this start?” Itachi asked now full of concern, taking the seat opposite him. 

Sasuke looked up at his brother and hesitated for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. “About two months ago.” He admitted.

“What happened?” the older raven pushed. 

Sasuke bit his lip as he looked away from his brother. “We had sex.” 

“You’re not the type to just have casual sex especially with employee’s. So I’ll ask again, what happened?”

“He was in heat…. He sent me into a sudden Rut.” Sasuke confessed taking a deep breath. 

“Makes sense.” Itachi hummed. “Wait, his file says he’s a Beta, Beta’s don’t get heats.”

Sasuke sighed, leaning back in his chair while looking up at the ceiling. “He lied. He’s an Omega.” 

“Lying on an official document is punishable by dismissal.” Itachi growled.

“And if he had put Omega on his original form he likely wouldn’t have been hired to begin with.” 

“Of course he would have. He had amazing skills, even before he started here.” Itachi concurred. 

“No, he wouldn’t have.” Sasuke sighed. “Face it, no matter how good his resume was, Omega's are still looked down upon even in this day and age. HR wouldn’t have hired him because they would have seen him as a liability.” 

Sasuke watched as realization hit his brother too like it had him. 

“So that’s it then?” Itachi asked. “We just let him go?”

“Did you call his cell?” 

“Disconnected.” Itachi said. 

“He doesn’t want to be found.” Sasuke sighed looking up at the ceiling again. “I don’t know why I attacked him last week, for some reason my inner Alpha felt like he was leaving and I guess he was right and tried to stop him but in the end I only chased him away faster.” 

“An Alpha - especially our inner Alpha - becomes protective over their mate’s once found and can even sense things that we ourselves are unaware of.” Itachi hummed.

“We weren’t mates.” Sasuke sighed. 

“Neither of you gave it a chance.” 

“You don’t date your employee’s.” Sasuke sighed again. “It’s on the first page of the employee handbook.” 

“I know.” Itachi said as he looked at his brother’s deflated look. 

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It had been a little under a year since Naruto left the company and during that time the company’s profits had taken a dive, not a huge one but they were struggling to get eye catching products on the market. Everything their design team came up with was mediocre at best and it was no secret that the cause was their top designer leaving. 

Rumors about his resignation went around the workplace like wildfire, some said he was poached by another company, others said that he ran away with a lover, while the closest to the truth was that he was actually being sexually harassed and his only way to escape was to leave. 

But as fast as the rumors came they died, mainly because in that time Sasuke’s mood also - coincidentally - took a turn for the worst. He pushed all his teams hard and barely gave them time to rest, let alone gossip. 

Naruto’s friends were also questioned about his resignation but even they knew nothing, it was as much a surprise to them as everyone else when he upped and left without notice, making them dejected that he left them no way to contact him.

In the end, everyone in the workplace felt the loss of the blond.  


The older raven sat at his desk typing away when a soft knock came. “Enter.” he called without even looking up. 

The door opened then closed softly. “Guess who has an update on the N file for you.” came a cheery voice. 

Itachi looked up at his blond mate as he stalked over to him like a panther that had cornered his prey, placing a kiss on his lips.

“You I’m guessing.” Itachi smirked, “So what did you find?” he asked leaning forward to take the file. 

The blond moved it just out of Itachi’s reach and smirked at him. “I want my payment guarantee first.” 

The raven just rolled his eyes as he smiled up at his beautiful mate while wrapping his arms around the blonds waist. “And what was it you wanted this time?” he said, playing Deidara’s game.

Deidara continued to smirk down at him. “Let’s say I found him.”

“Then I would give you anything you desired.”

“Good, cause I want to be top for a night.” Deidara said, waving the file around.

Itachi’s face fell, that was the last thing he expected. On the contrary he had thought Deidara would want to pick dinner or get something new for his art room since that’s what he had been asking for for each piece of information he found out about the other blond. That aside had Deidara really found him? If he had, wouldn’t it be a small price to pay for his brother’s happiness.

“Fine.” Itachi puffed out his cheeks as he put his hand out for the file. “For tonight only.” 

Deidara handed him the file and sat on his desk. “Turns out our little blonde moved to the other side of the country, changed his name and second gender. That’s why it took me and my associates so long to find him.” 

“Hmmm. How?” Itachi wondered aloud.

“Seems he has friends in high places.” Deidara mussed. “He’s also been in serious hiding. Took my friends ages to actually see him in person and snap this photo of him.” the blond said as he leant over and flipped through some of the pages revealing a picture of the blond they had been looking for. 

He looked the same yet different, Itachi just couldn’t put his finger on it though. 

“So what’s our next move?” Deidara asked, leaning back on the ravens desk. 

“Finish the buyup and start recruiting.” Itachi smirked.


It was just over a month later before everything was set up and ready to go. Itachi now found himself walking through his second company's new office building, he had finally received a call from the HR team that morning that they were ready to begin the hiring faze and just needed his okay to proceed. With that he had flown straight over.  

“Welcome Mr. Uchiha.” his subordinates greeted as he entered the room.

Once seated several green folders all full of resumes and broken down into best suited departments were placed in front of him. After scanning through each file he quickly noticed that all of the folders contained well suited people, but they were all either Alpha or Beta, none were Omega.

“As you can see Mr. Uchiha, we have picked the best of the best to get this new company section off the ground.” said one of the male Alpha’s in the room. 

“Hmmm.” Itachi replied as he placed the last file down. None of them had contained Naruto’s resume and he was told that the blond had definitely applied. “They are all good candidates, but I think we could do better. Can I please have the rest of the resumes.” he said bordly as he held out his hand. 

“But Mr. Uchiha.” replied the Beta woman. “These are the best of the best, the rest just didn’t meet our necessary requirements.” 

“The folder please.” he said again, this time with a bit more force behind it. 

Slowly but surely a red folder was placed in his hand. After reading through it he noticed that there were indeed some great resumes in there, some better than the ones they had picked and all of them were Omega . He quickly picked out three of the best - one being Naruto’s - and placed them in front of him. 

“What ‘requirements’ did these three not meet?” he questioned looking at each HR member in turn. “Their skills are far beyond some of the ones that met your so called requirements.” he said with a hint of anger. 

“Well…” the Alpha HR reps began. Itachi could see him beginning to sweat as he looked at the two other reps in the room. 

“I’m waiting.” The raven replied impatiently, he could smell the fear rising in the room. 

“You see….” the Beta woman tried next as she bit her lip.

The last HR rep, an Omega male disguised as an Alpha that Itachi had personally placed finally answered in a bored voice. “What my colleagues don’t want to say is that it’s because they are all Omega and that they think it would be wrong to place Omega’s in such high positions, that’s the ‘requirement’ they mentioned .” 

Itachi growled at the admission. 

“That’s not what we said!” blurted out the Beta woman.

“We just simply didn’t want the possibility of distractions or interruptions to business!” cried the first Alpha. 

“Is that so.” Itachi calmed himself. 

“We were simply thinking of the company.” the Alpha continued. 

“I would have to agree with you on one thing, I am definitely thinking of the company.” Itachi smirked as he reached into his briefcase and pulled out two pieces of paper, handing one to the first Alpha and the second to the Beta woman. 

“What are these?” The Beta woman asked. 

“Your termination letters, ” Itachi smirked evilly. “Effective immediately.”

“But… But….” stuttered the woman. 

I will not tolerate second gender discrimination in my company, and effective immediately anyone else caught discriminating against others, especially Omega’s, will be terminated on the spot.” 

“Why doesn’t he get one?” blurted out the Alpha. 

“Because he isn’t opposed to Omega’s unlike you.” Itachi grinned.

“Of course he is!” growled the Alpha. “He’s an Alpha too!”

“I concur. He isn’t opposed to Omega’s in the workplace because he is an Omega.” Itachi laughed. “Deidara, if you would.” he said as he raised his hand.

The blond ‘Alpha’ produced some alcohol wipes and began to rub his arms and neck. Within seconds the room started to fill with the sweet scent of Omega. 

“What is an Omega doing on the HR team!” roared the Alpha. 

“Is there a problem with an Omega being on the HR team?” Itachi inquired darkly. 

“Of course there is!” he challenged. “He could have….”

“Well then,” Itachi interrupted, “I’m glad you showed your true colours now and I was able to terminate your employment before you messed up my company further, because under our new guidance, we at Sharingan Corp. will no longer tolerate intolerance of others. Deidara would you please show my new HR team in?” Itachi asked as he leant back in his chair. 

“With pleasure.” Deidara smiled as he stood and opened the door. 

In stepped another Omega, two Beta and two Alpha. Once in the room all of them bowed. “Thank you for having us Mr. Uchiha.” they all said in unison. “We will serve the company with integrity.”

“Please note that we have given all the candidates an equal chance and await your approval to begin the interviews.” Deidara grinned. 

“You may begin the interviews.” Itachi waved him off and with that the new team left the room. “As for you two,” he said, turning to the Beta woman and Alpha male still seated. “You are formally dismissed.”


Naruto couldn’t believe his luck. He had applied for the job with no thought that he would actually get it - considering his real secondary gender was now on record - and yet he did, he got it!

“Congratulations honey!” his mother squealed, hugging him tightly when he hung up the phone. “When do you start, what’s your position, are you going to be over working yourself again?”  

“Tomorrow.” Naruto said with disbelief. “And I find out after orientation.” he answered, ignoring the last question.  

“What about Menma?” his father questioned, rocking the small boy in his arms. 

“I guess I’ll have to find and enroll him into a child care centre as soon as possible.” Naruto sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. 

“Nonsense!” his mother cried. “I’ll take care of him.” she nodded sternly letting go of him and placing her hands on her hips. 

“Seriously mom, I don’t want to put you guys out any further than I already have.” he whined. 

“Yes, spending the day with my adorable little grandson is such a burden.” she mocked sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine.” Naruto sighed, admitting defeat. “But it’s just until I find a centre for him.” 

“If you say so.” she huffed as she walked out of the room. 

“You know, if your mother had her way, you two would never be allowed to leave.” his father laughed. 

“I know,” Naruto sighed, “That’s what scares me.” 

Chapter Text


Picking up his phone, Itachi hit number one on his speed dial and placed it to his ear, waited for the other to pick up. The moment the line engaged he began talking. “Is everything ready for Naruto’s arrival?” he asked as he put the finishing touches on an email before sending it. 

“Of course Tachi.” Deidara said cheerfully. “He’s got the perfect team working for him and a decked out office with a view.” 

“Good,” Itachi mused. “And what about the interview?” 

“About to start.” 

“Then you better get to it.” Itachi laughed. “I love you, and thank you again for finding him.” 

“I love you too! But don’t thank me yet, we still have to hook them up!” Deidara sang into the phone before hanging up. 

Itachi sighed, finding the blond Omega had been hard enough, getting him to work for him was easy - even if the blond didn’t know Itachi was his real boss - but getting him to see or even be with Sasuke…… that was going to need a miracle.


“Mum, Mum!” Naruto called, “It’s about to start!” he yelled excitedly as his mother came running into the room, a large square cloth in hand.

“Oh, is that your new boss?” His mother swooned at the TV, handing him the cloth. 

“Muuum. I am soooo not even going there! But yes, that’s Deidara, my boss and he’s an Omega .” he whined while covering himself and beginning to feed Menma.

“Oh come on,” she nudged him, “You deserve to find a nice someone , my baby deserves to be happy.” she nodded affirmatively.

“I am happy.” Naruto smiled softly, peeking under the cloth at the baby in his arms silently nursing.



The blond turned around in time to see a young lady running towards him with a huge grin on her face and a mic in her hand. Behind her was a cameraman holding a large shoulder mounted camera.

“While the cameras not rolling I just wanted to firstly say thank you so much for letting us interview you.” she grinned holding his hands tightly in hers,“Both of us have never done anything this huge before!” 

“Well, some of the area’s we’ll be visiting today are restricted to personnel that are Omega’s only, so it was only natural to request an Omega only team to conduct the interview, plus my boss wants to promote that Omega’s can do everything the other two subgenders can do, and sometimes better.” Deidara smiled, squeezing her hands when she looked like she wanted to cry. “What’s your name by the way?”

Taking her hands out of his, she wiped her shedding tears, “Hinata.” she choked. 

“Well Hinata, my boss and I want you and your cameraman to become our permanent interviewers. Every time we hold a press confluence, every time we hold an interview and every time we have something to say, we want you two to be the ones to tell everyone.” he smiled at her softly.

Choking up again she nodded. “Should…. Should we start?” she hiccupped. 

“This way,” Deidara bowed, “We can start at the entrance.” 

Deidara led them inside the building where they stood in front of the empty reception desk. Once everything was set the cameraman began the countdown.

“This is Hinata Hyuga, I’m standing here with Deidara from Sharingan Corp. Deidara, I’m told that you have a new business model that you wanted to share with us today.”

“Yes. Hinata.” Deidara said with a huge grin. “Here at Sharingan Corp. we want to be the first recognized company that is not only Omega friendly but also has Omega safe zones on site for its most vulnerable employees, plus a fully catered to childcare centre onsite, open to all parent employees.” 

“Wow, that is amazing to hear, I’m honestly blown away. Being an Omega myself I know first hand just how hard it can be for an Omega working class citizen just to hold down a job.” She smiled softly, “Would it be too much to ask for a tour?” Hinata beamed. 

“I was hoping you’d ask, if you’ll step this way.” Deidara bowed, sweeping his arm out. They walked over to an elevator and after stepping in Deidara continued. “Our company is like most others, each floor is divided up into departments, but unlike other companies we have special Omega only floors that give them the option to be alone, allowing them to have the freedom of working without the prejudice of gender discrimination. These floors can only be accessed by them.” 

Deidara showed this by presenting a card that he swiped over a small terminal, before placing his hand on a reader. 

“These measures have been taken to allow for maximum security and comfort for all our employees.” 

“What if an Alpha or Beta enters the lift with them?” Hinata asked as the lift began to move. 

“This lift is for Omega employees only and will have a full time guard posted at it, the other lifts are for all genders.” Deidara smiled. “We want to show Omega’s that they are welcome here and that we take their safety seriously.” 

The doors digged and opened. The first thing they were met with was a childcare centre off to the right and a fully stocked kitchen off to the left, then it led to an open office floor plan, lined with cubicles. 

“This is amazing.” Hinata said in awe as she looked around.

“We have three onsite childcare centres, two of them are located on the two Omega only floors and the other on the top floor of the building for all employee access. Here on the Omega only floors we promote and encourage a breastfeeding friendly zone as well as expression cubicles. We feel that working class Omega’s deserve to be near their young and want to promote healthy relationships with their children allowing a new parent the luxury of taking the time to go see their child when they feel the need.”  

“I am honestly lost for words, never in my life have I ever seen such devotion to all gendered employees.” Hinata said softly.

“Well you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Deidara grinned. “If you’ll follow me this way I will show you to our heat rooms.” he gestured. 

“You have heat rooms?” Hinata asked. 

“Yes, we feel that just because an Omega has a completely natural biological cycle that they shouldn’t be left to feel that they are an inconvenience to the workplace, so with that thought in mind we have made sudden heat rooms available for them.” He unlocked one of the pink doors at the back of the room and showed them inside.

Inside to the right was a small office suit allowing for the individual to continue working, a bed with plush pillows was to the back, on the wall to the left was a small hatch and monitor, and at the far back of the room was another door. 

“We have onsite a doctor and a sub-gender specialist, they can help with everything from basic illnesses to sudden Heats and Ruts. This hatch and monitor,” he walked over to it, opening the hatch revealing a tiny elevator, and turning on the monitor pressing the red cross icon, “Allows for the individual to communicate with our onside doctors and chef, this allows them to have food or medicine delivered in safety.”

Pausing Deidara moved back to the centre of the room, “Here at Sharingan Corp. we want Omega’s to not only feel safe but feel that they can continue to work even during the start of their heat, whether it’s sudden or planned. These rooms allow them to do so should they feel like it. If not, they also act as a safe waiting area for someone to pick them up.”   

“How does one in heat get out of the building without disrupting others around them?” Hinata asked.

Deidara pointed to the door at the back of the room, “These doors allow for the safe transport of an Omega in heat, we also have a ‘Heat and Rut response team’ these individuals are older in age and mated, and all of them are no longer affected by an Omega or Aplah’s biological cycles.”  

“This is all so amazing, it’s hard to believe that this is finally a thing.” Hinata gushed. 

Afterwards Deidara showed Hinata around more parts of the building explaining the changes they’ve made to also accommodate the other two genders including but not limited to; having a HR team made up of two of each sub-gender to accommodate full diversity in the workplace and communal areas to promote healthy company relationships for all. 

Once done, Hinata hailed Sharingan Corp. as the future for all workplaces and hoped that other companies would follow their lead in making a better workplace for all.

The moment the camera was off Hinata jumped on Deidara and locked him into a fierce hug, “Thank you again for having us.” she gushed. “You have no idea how much this interview will help us in the future.”

“It’s no problem.” he patted her on the back. “We Omega’s have to help each other if we want to change the world.” 

“Yes,” Hinata nodded, “Well I better be going.” she sighed, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a card. “Here’s my card.” 

“Thank you, and safe journeys home.”


“Wow.” was all Naruto’s mother could say. 

“Yeah,” Naruto replied, just as speechless. 

“Who knew you’d be working at such a leading edge company.” she said with awe.

Naruto looked down at the sleeping baby in his arms and smiled softly. “At least I don’t have to go far to look for a childcare centre. I think I’ll apply tomorrow for a spot.”

“But I wanted to spend more time with my babies baby!” whined his mother making grabby hands towards the sleeping form.

Handing his child over Naruto stood, “I think I’m gonna go and get everything ready for tomorrow.” he smiled widely, excited for the first time ever to go to work.

“Take your time, I’ll watch Menma.” she smiled as she cuddled the sleeping bundle. 

Naruto packed all the basic things he’d need for work, prepped his suit and made his lunch. With everything ready he put Menma in his cot and crawled into his own bed, eager to see what his new job brought.

Chapter Text

Naruto woke up long before his alarm was due to go off, he was just far too excited to sleep any longer!

He took his time in the bathroom making sure to thoroughly groom himself. He needed to make a good first impression after all. After eating a light breakfast, expressing for Menma and double checking he had everything he needed, he kissed his son and handed him over to his mother before waving goodbye and making his way to his car. 

The drive was full of anticipation and all too soon he was pulling into his very own carpark in the underground parking garage, complete with name plaque and all. Locking his car he made his way to the closest elevator and up to reception where he was told he would be directed further. 

After an orientation in the lobby where they were thanked for joining the company they were divided up into their departments to have a quick get to know each other session. From there the Omega’s that had chosen to go to the Omega only floors were escorted up while the rest - including Naruto - were directed to the other floors. 

When Naruto and his new team - a good mix of all second genders - arrived they were told to walk around the floor and get familiar with everything while also looking for their own workstation cubicle that had their name plaque on it at the same time.

After doing two laps of the whole floor the blond felt dejected. All the cubicles seemed to now have occupants and none of them had had his name on them.

“Is something wrong Mr. Uzumaki?” asked the same blue haired woman that had directed them to the floor. 

Using his free hand Naruto rubbed the back of his head anxiously, “I don’t seem to have a cubicle.” he said disheartenedly while still trying to smile. 

“That’s because you don’t have one.” she said simply. 

“Oh.” Naruto replied, feeling like his happy world had just been ripped from him.

“If you’ll follow me this way I’ll show you to your office .” she smiled as she began to walk towards the back of the floor. 

“Oh, sure.” he replied robotically as he began to follow her. “Wait! Office?” he almost yelled, gaining a few stares. 

“Yes, didn’t you get the email sent out this morning outlining your duties?” 

Pulling out his phone he quickly went through his inbox till he found an email from the company. After reading it he was almost in tears. 

“I… I….” he swallowed behind his hand, “I’m head of department?” he asked, his hand holding back his sobs. 

“Yes, and here is your office.” she answered politely, opening a door and letting him walk in.

The office was beautifully furnished in modern soft white furniture. To one side was several filing cabinets and a bookshelf ready to be arranged with personal effects, on the other side was a couch, some pot plants and another door. In the middle of the room was his desk, a beautiful black glass and white steel structure, and behind that an open glass wall with an amazing view of the park below. 

“The door over there leads to a private heat suit complete with bed, a stocked bar fridge and bathroom for your comfort.” she said making her way over to the door and opening it to show him. “There is a button on the inside that will deadbolt lock the room in the event that you’re caught by a sudden heat, this will prevent any unwanted attention.” 

Naruto peaked his head into the room and was reminded that this company really did care about it’s Omega employees. “This is amazing.” he whispered. The room was similar to the ones he had seen during the interview yesterday, the only difference was his heat room seemed more catered to him being able to stay there instead of leave. 

Directing him out she closed the door and went over to his desk. “You have been provided a work computer as well as a laptop for home use, a work phone and a PDA that is linked directly to me.” she said, showing him each item. 

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Naruto said quietly, barely able to maintain eye contact, “But why would it be connected to you?”

“Forgive me,” she smiled and bowed. “My name is Konan, as of today I am your Personal Assistant.” 

“P… P… Personal A… Assistant?” he stuttered, taking a step back. “But you’re an Alpha? Shouldn’t you have like, a higher positioned job somewhere else?” standing up straight he apologised. “I’m sorry if that came across rude.”

“Not at all.” she stood up and continued to smile at him, “My job is to help the head of this department, regardless of their sub-gender. I have also personally read your resume and looked over some of the projects you provided as examples and it would be modest of me saying that your work is the best I’ve ever seen. So with that in mind I look forward to working for you and I hope you find my work satisfactory as your assistant.” Konan bowed again.

“Th...Thank you. I look forward to working with you too.” Naruto bowed back. 

“As a side note Mr. Uzumaki, your sub-gender means nothing to your status both here and to me.” she winked and smiled warmly at him. 

Naruto felt tears prickling at his eyes again, this time though he let them fall 

“Oh my Kami! Please don’t cry, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you!” Konan rushed over with a tissue in hand. 

“No… no, you haven’t done anything wrong.” he choked covering his mouth, “No one other than my parents has ever said my sub-gender doesn’t matter.”


The blond sat in his office reading over some project proposals when there was a soft knock at his door. “Enter.” he said without looking up.

The door opened and closed softly, followed by the sound of light steps that made their way across the floor till they stopped in front of his desk. Once he finished reading Deidara put the file down and looked up at the Alpha in front of him. “How was his first day?” he asked. 

“I have compiled a report for you and Mr. Uchiha,” she answered, placing the milina folder on his desk. “Key points to highlight are as follows, 

He became acquainted with his team - there is no issues with his position verses his sub-gender -, 

He settled into his office and suggested a get to know the team lunch - which was well received by his team, bonding followed and the team is working well together -,

After lunch he began working on some of the projects and allocating certain team members certain jobs - he seems attentive to people’s strengths and weaknesses and proceeded accordingly -,

And finally, he left on time.”

“Good.” Deidara answered, eyeing the folder. 

“On a personal note sir, I gave Mr. Uzumaki some of the projects that failed or barely passed at the main company.”

“And?” the blond asked with interest. 

“In a matter of minutes he re-drafted them into something that would have sold.” she stood there with a look of amazement, while passing another folder to the blond. “He was able to point out where and why each project failed. I can see why Mr. Uchiha desperately wanted him back, amongst other things .” 

Deidara looked over the old proposals that Naruto had redrafted and was amazed that the work was only done in mere minutes. Naruto truly was a genius. “Thank you  for your hard work Konan.” he said, placing the folder down. When she made no move to leave he raised an eyebrow at her, “Was there something else?”

Nodding she pulled out her phone and another piece of paper. “I know why Mr. Uzumaki left.” 

“Sasuke got too handsy, we know this.” Deidara shrugged.

Konan shook her head and passed him a piece of paper. “This is why.” 

The blond took the paper and read over it. It was an enrollment form for the childcare centre on the top floor. “What’s the meaning of this?” Deidara asked, slightly confused. 

“Mr. Uzumaki has a child.” she answered, showing him a picture of a small frame on Naruto’s desk, one that had the blond holding a small black haired baby. “I’ve done the maths, he’s Sasuke’s child.” 

Deidara swallowed hard, running a hand through his hair. “Well fuck.” he breathed out. 

“His name is Menma.” she smiled softly. 

“I want to meet him, Kami, Itachi’s going to want to meet him!” the blond sighed.

“Give Mr. Uzumaki time to meet and trust you, he’s been through a lot and doesn’t seem very trusting of new people asking about his personal life.” 

Biting his lip Deidara hesitated, “When can I meet him then?”

“Why don’t you try getting to know Mr. Uzumaki first?” Konan suggested. After receiving a nod she continued, “Take the time tomorrow to go around to each department, under the pretense of meeting everyone, leave Mr. Uzumaki till last, that way you can ask him out to dinner.” 

“Brilliant!” Deidara stood with a look of triumph.  

Chapter Text

It was late, but Itachi was still sitting in his office working when his screen went black with an incoming video call. Sighing, he accepted the call. “Yes mate?”

“I thought you’d be excited to hear from me?” his blond mate pouted. 

“Normally yes,” Itachi sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. “But Sasuke has been making an absolute mess of his work and his team has been putting in complaint after complaint about him.” 

“Oh dear….. That bad ha?” Deidara winced.

Breathing deeply the raven Alpha answered, “I’ve had to force him to take leave.” 

“Oh….” his mate responded. “Well, maybe my report will brighten your day.” he grinned. 

“I doubt it but go ahead.” Itachi sighed leaning back in his chair. 

“Naruto is settling in well and Konan even gave him some of the old projects to look over and after only a quick glance he redesigned them and explained to her why they originally flopped.” Deidara made crude hand gestures. “BUT!” he grinned, “I learnt something very interesting… Are you ready?” 

“I’m on the edge of my seat.” the raven said, dripping with sarcasm, even adding an eye roll to compliment his comment. 

“Well you should be. I know why our cute little Naru left.” he smirked. 

“We already know this Dei. My brother pushed him too far and he left.” Itachi sighed, rubbing his temples as he felt a headache coming on. 

“After reviewing my new information I feel that no matter how hard Sasuke pushed, he wouldn’t have left for fear of his second gender coming out. No. He had another reason.” Deidaras grin turned into a smirk that grew. 

Letting out a long sigh, Itachi looked up. “Okay, I’ll bite, what’s the real reason?”

“I’d like you to meet your nephew, Menma.” Deidara disappeared as a small picture frame was held up in front of the camera. In it was an fatigued looking Naruto, laying on a hospital bed, beaming past his exhaustion as he held a raven haired infant tightly to his chest, wrapped in a light blue swaddle.

At first Itachi’s brain didn’t know what to make of the information, but as the seconds ticked by it finally sunk in making his eyes go wide. “I’m an uncle?” he whispered. 

“Yep!” Deidara beamed. 

Itachi suddenly found it hard to breathe, he couldn’t believe this….. He was an uncle….. And Sasuke was a dad…. And, and…. Naruto had run away with an Uchiha baby.

“Love…” Deidara whispered softly, “Tachi, I know what you’re thinking, you’re letting your Alpha mind get the better of you.” he moved the picture away, placing it somewhere off screen. “You need to think logically about this….. If you try to take his child away from him, he will disappear again, and the next time it will likely be harder to find him.” 

“He’s of my blood, he belongs with me!” the raven Alpha growled clenching the desk so hard his knuckles turned white as his fangs and claws elongated while his eyes began to flicker between his normal black and enraged red. 

“Listen to me Itachi, you need to get a hold of yourself.” the blond whispered soothingly, “Let me get close to him first then we’ll go from there.” 

Itachi took several deep breaths before looking at his mate again, “You’re right…. I’m sorry.” he tried to calm himself further, even though his instincts were telling him to march right over there and take his nephew. 

“It’s okay, this is big news.” Deidara grinned sweely. “In the meantime, why don’t you put that energy to use and go shopping for our adorable little nephew? I know I will be!” he beamed, holding up his credit card. 

With a deep sigh, Itachi lent back in his chair, calming himself finally to the point he felt stable. “You’re right, you’re right. I’ll leave Naruto to you.” he covered his face, “Just please hurry. I don’t know how much longer I can keep Sasuke in check.” the wheels in his head began to turn at that moment. “I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.”

“Love you too mate.” 

After blowing each other a kiss and ending the call, Itachi's mind went into overdrive. Naruto being pregnant would certainly explain the way Sasuke had been acting. His inner Alpha had known Naruto was pregnant and was trying to protect him, then he must have sensed the blond was about to leave and tried to stop him…… in all the wrong ways. 

He needed to confirm this theory though, and he knew just who to call to reinforce it. 

The raven was at home in his office when a soft melody rang through the house. Standing, he made his way to the front door. Once open he was met with a yawning male Alpha, his brown hair pulled back in a spiky pony. 

“This had better pay damn good Uchiha, do you have any idea what time it is?” he grumbled as he walked in without an invitation. 

“Oh it will, don’t you worry.” Itachi confirmed. 

After pouring them both a drink, the pair sat down. 

“So what’s the job this time?” the other Alpha slouched back into the couch, taking a satisfied sip of the fine alcohol offered. 

Itachi produced a thumb drive and a picture of Naruto. “On here is six months worth of cloned footage and the program to run it through.” He handed him the drive. “I need you to analyze everything about this person and get back to me with your findings, as soon as possible. There’ll be a bonus if you get it done by next month.” 

“You don’t ask for much do you?” laughed the other Alpha, downing his drink. “Do I get a name or even a reason they’ve pissed you off?” 

“No.” Itachi answered flatly. 

“Fine. I’ll see what I can do.” with that the brunette Alpha stood and made his way to the door. “I expect half the payment in my account by morning.”  

“Of course and as always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you Nara Shikaku.”

The other man grunted then left.


“Naruto, the Director's on his way.” said Konan as she walked into the blond’s office. 

“Mmmm….” he hummed as he looked up from his laptop. “Send him in when he arrives, I’m almost done here.” Naruto waved his hand. 

“Ofcourse.” she answered as she placed some forms down onto his desk. “Also, Menma’s enrollment has been confirmed, he’s welcome to start tomorrow.”

“Excellent!” Naruto beamed, before going back to his work.   

It wasn’t long before a knock at the door had him looking up and his breath catching. The TV hadn’t done the mans looks justice. He was still average height for an Omega, but his looks were striking and gave him the air of confidence and dominance almost like an Alpha, and honestly, it was a turn on. 

“Hey, you got a moment?” the blond asked, his voice making Naruto weak from hearing just that one sentence. 

“Ah, yeah… sure, come in.” Naruto stuttered, sitting up straight. He was instantly crushing on his boss and it was embarrassing as hell and his inner Omega was detested the notion of being with a fellow Omega, mind you he thought his inner Omega could go to hell. That little weasel had gotten him in plenty of trouble over the past year. 

“My name’s Deidara, I’ve been taking the time today to meet and greet everyone.” He smiled enthusiastically, his smooth voice wrapping around the other blond like silk. 

Before Naruto’s mind could catch up with his mouth, he had already blurted out something embarrassing to the max. “Do you have a mate?”

Deidara began to laugh, a rich sound that hummed in the blonds ears. “Yes.” he smiled after calming down, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, showing a mating mark on the back of his neck. 

And that was that, in that split second his crush on the man was gone, the attraction was still there but the possible forming lust, poof, gone. “Oh, but you don't use their last name?” He questioned.

“No,” his boss shook his head. “Just the mentioning of my mate’s last name has people bowing down in the hopes of gaining some sort of tie with him through me, and I don’t want that. I want people to recognize me for my hard work and achievements, not my name and what’s connected to it.”

Naruto’s eyes began to sparkle. “I want that too.” What was a crush two seconds ago, was now idolization. Man he was on an emotional rollercoaster at the moment. Damn hormones….

“Hey, I was thinking, since it’s the end of the day, wanna grab some dinner together?” Deidara asked smoothly. Biting his lip, Naruto was about to decline. “I know this great ramen shop up the road, I’ll shout you a bowl or two if you’ll join me?”

This was a man after his own heart, scrap that, stomach. “Sure,” Naruto answered in an instant, “But I can’t stay long.”

“Oh, got a handsome mate waiting for you at home?” Deidara winked. 

Worrying his lip between his teeth, two parts of his mind began a battle. One side was telling him not to trust the other Omega, while the other was telling him he will find out anyway, the man’s his boss after all…. “No,” he shook his head, pulling out his phone and flicking through some photos till he found the one he was looking for and showing it to the other Omega, “I have a son waiting for me.” he whispered. 

Deidara began to gush as he took the phone squealing. “Oh, isn’t he a cutie!” he squealed again. “No mate though?” he asked, flicking through as many photos as he could quickly see before Naruto took the phone back.

“No” Naruto shook his head, putting the phone away. 

“Did the asshole pump you full, then up and leave you high and dry?”

Naruto shook his head, long pushed back memories coming to the surface. “No, he……” he started, biting his lip again, “It’s complicated and I’d rather not talk about it, sorry.” 

“All good, I’m here if you need someone to bitch to.” Deidara winked as he laughed, “Shall we then?” 

“Sure.” Naruto nodded, pushing away the pain of the past.

Naruto grabbed his suit jacket and briefcase before nodding at Konan, “Thank you for your hard work.”  

“Thank Mr. Uzumaki, safe journeys.” she bowed. 

“You’re going to love this place.” Deidara sang as they walked to the elevator. “It has the best Ramen I have ever had.” 

“Sound’s good.” Naruto grinned, easily flipping back to a better mood. “Can’t wait.” 

They took the elevator down to the ground floor, small talking about work the whole way. It wasn’t long before they were leaving the building and walking up the street, continuing till they came to a stop in front of a small ramen booth, where the pair took a seat.

“Order anything, it’s my shout remember.” Deidara laughed as he ordered.

“If you’re sure.” after receiving a nod he ordered as well.

“Wanna drink too?”

Shaking his head Naruto answered softly, “I can't, I'm…. Still breastfeeding.” he shied away.

“That’s amazing!” Deidara grinned, “I respect that, you’re a good mum, too bad about the Alpha.”

“He!...” Naruto started, sitting up and glaring at the other blond Omega, “He’s a good Alpha, I just didn’t want to burden him with a child when he’s at the top of his career.” he looked away, settling back in his seat and feeling ashamed. 

“Hey,” Deidara petted him on the back. “I’m sorry. I’m sure he’s a great guy and he probably misses you too.” he reassured. 

Both of them were handed a bowl of ramen that made Naruto sigh with contentment “Do you mind if we change the subject please?” Naruto asked, taking a slurp from his broth.

“Nah, it's kool.” Deidara smiled, jumping into eating his own bowl.

Some time passed and all too soon it was time for Naruto to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t want another bowl?” Deidara asked with a smirk as he saw Naruto eyeing off his finished bowl.

“Nah, I better go. Two’s my limit these days since my mother says I’ve been putting on weight that I can't blame on being pregnant anymore.” he laughed.

“Well if you’re sure.” Deidara laughed as they stood and made their way out after thanking the chef. On their way back to the parking garage Deidara asked out of the blue, “Hey, I’d love to catch up again both in and out of work if that's cool with you? This has been fun and I like that you’re not letting your second gender stop you from being who you want to be.”

“That… that would be nice.” Naruto smiled genuinely, stopping next to his car.

“Cool, I’ll see you at work tomorrow then.” Deidara waved before walking to his car a couple of bays down.

“Cya.” Naruto called back.

Chapter Text

It was late and Itachi was exhausted, so when the door to his office burst open his first reaction was to yell at the person disturbing him, till he saw the exact person he wanted, stroll in. “I want the other half of my payment in my account by tomorrow.” growled Shikaku. “That was a serious mission and a half to do… and troublesome! Without knowing what I was looking for I just wrote down everything I deemed important.” he said, throwing a milina folder onto his desk. 

Itachi picked up the folder and began to look through it. “Any key points to highlight?” he asked cryptically, waiting for the one piece of information he was looking for. 

“Yeah,” the Alpha rubbed the back of his head, “Your brother had an unhealthy obsession with the boy and Naruto ended up pregnant because of it.” Itachi looked up from the file with a raised eyebrow.

“Do you have any proof of this?” the raven Alpha mused. 

“Plenty,” he answered, grabbing the folder and flicking to a certain page. “Everything was normal up until 2 months before he left.” he flicked through several pages showing normal activities - arrive, work, help colleges, eat, more work, then leave. It seemed to be a running thing. 

“What changed?” Itachi asked. 

“At first I thought he was a Beta - I mean he acted like one and all, and no one seemed to react to him like they would a normal Omega - but 2 months before he left he went into heat at work and was attacked by your brother.” he flicked to a picture of Sasuke ravaging Naruto in the elevator, the blond obviously overcome with heat. “A month later when his next heat never arrived he realized something was wrong and started to plan his leaving.” 

“But what proof do you have he was pregnant?” Itachi pushed. 

“Two words, ‘Morning Sickness’.” Shikaku blanched, obviously remembering his own wife's experience with pregnancy. He lent forward and showed several pictures of the blond Omega running to the bathroom with his mouth covered and a look of distress on his face. “That and your brother’s sudden over protectiveness of the boy - like any true Alpha with a pregnant Omega mate -, going so far as to always be around him and even making sure others were working away from his little blond.”

“You’ve done well.” Itachi smirked, closing the folder. 

“I’m guessing by your reaction, you already knew all this and just wanted confirmation?” Shikaku smirked after receiving a curt nod. 

Anything further that would have been said died when the door to Itachi’s office burst open again, revealing a disheveled looking Sasuke, hair a mess and suit in disarray. “What the hell is the meaning of this.” he growled, slamming a folder down on the older raven’s desk. “You’re outsourcing all our design projects?”  

“Thank you Shikaku, we will finish this discussion later.” he waved the other Alpha off. 

With a bow Shikaku left, leaving Itachi to deal with the enraged Alpha. 

“We were starting to lose contracts left, right and centre.” Itachi waved his hand. “It was a necessary evil to keep the company running.” 

“But to outsource!” Sasuke roared, slamming his fists down on the desk. “This makes me look weak! Are you trying to make me look weak in front of the other Alpha’s in the company, is that what you’re doing?” 

“Of course not.” Itachi responded calmly. “I am simply trying to keep the company running.”

“By making me look like a fool!” Sasuke hissed, beginning to pace the room.

“Sasuke, I am simply trying to keep this company running,” the older raven repeated. “And to do that I need our designs to be eye-catching. Not once have I ever considered you weak nore am I trying to make you look weak.” he sighed. 

“I call bullshit! Why else would you start handing off my work to others, if not to humiliate me!” Sasuke screamed at the older raven, waving his hands around as he continued to pace. 

“Please Sasuke, you are becoming paranoid.” he sighed, rubbing his head. “I think you should take some more time away from work.” 

“You can't be serious?” Sasuke stopped in his pacing to glare at Itachi. “You made me take a week off last month!”

“And I think it would do you some good to take some more time.” Itachi continued to rub his temples.

“You can't do this to me!” Sasuke stomped his foot, making the older raven thing of when Sasuke was a child and throwing a tantrum, a smile threatened to break out on his face that he promptly hid.

“Don't make me call HR and forcibly make you take time off.” he said instead.

“Fine, but you haven't heard the last of this!” the younger Alpha growled before storming out, slamming the door behind him.

“I'd be more surprised if I did.” Itachi sighed.


Slamming the door to his apartment Sasuke retched off his loosely hanging tie, throwing it somewhere in the lounge room as he went. He couldn’t believe his brother, the nerve of him! How dare he take away his work and worse, make him take time off…. again

As he entered his bedroom he went to the back of his closet, pulling out a small, tightly sealed bag. With eyes flashing and teeth aching in his mouth he desperately opened the corner of the bag, taking a deep breath and instantly calming down. 

The shirt in the bag belonged to Naruto. He wasn’t proud, but one time during work he had had the sudden need to roll around in the blond’s scent…. So he purposely spilt a small amount of water on the blond, ordering him to go change. During that time he stole the shirt and told the Omega he had thrown it out, when in fact he had immediately sealed it in a bag and hidden it.

The instant the scent hit his senses he was calm, head leveling out and mind becoming clear from the hazy he was perpetually stuck in. Sealing it again he sat on the edge of his bed and threw himself back, sprawling out, bag still tightly clutched in his hand. 

“Why did you leave me?” he asked the void of his apartment. 

After receiving no reply he hugged the bag to his chest before bringing it to his face and opening the corner again, inhaling deeply. As his senses were taken over by the scent again, his body became warm. Slowly his spare hand began to make its way down his chest to the growing bulge in his pants.  

A soft growl left his parted lips as he palmed himself through his pants. Bucking up into his own hand he quickly made to seal the bag again before ripping off his pants and wrapping his fist around his hardening length. He hissed as he made contact with his throbbing member, dragging his hand up and down as he bit back a moan. 

Rolling over onto all fours he began to fist his member hard and fast, hips thrusting to meet his hand as he imagined his blond Omega below him, writhing and moaning his name. He could feel his knot wanting to inflate but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing. 

Reaching out he grabbed the sealed bag containing the shirt and dragged it to him as he continued to absently thrust his hips into his hand. Opening the corner again he let that rich scent fill him, it being the thing he needed to push him over the edge and allow his knot to inflate. Sasuke quickly vice gripped his fist around his knot, moaning out Naruto’s name as his body clenched and his seed began to pump out in thick white ropes, leaving a large wet, sticky pool below him. 

Once his hips finally stopped thrusting into his fist he fell to his side, making the slowly cooling pool of semen run down towards him and begin to lap at the side of his body, making him feel gross. 

Grimacing he slowly pulled himself up, his knot still painfully inflated making his movements both stiff and jerky as it continued to pulsate and spirt his seed at random times. Making his way to the shower he let the tempered water rush over him, releasing the ache in his muscles and slowly helping his body cool from his release. 

With a sigh he let himself slide down the side of the shower wall, settling on the floor with the waters spray cascading down his down cast head. 

Everything was a mess. He felt lost and emotionally unstable. In moments of clarity - like now - he knew this, could think and see, but when the madness came back he couldn’t stop it. It was like a piece of him was missing and the insanity of it not being there was slowly taking hold, eroding his consciousness away everyday that ticked by. 

Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and let out a soft sob, falling to his side. 

He didn’t know how much time had passed - be it minutes or hours, only Kami knew - but the water was cold, he was laying on the floor of the shower and his eyes were swollen, and that’s how his brother found him. 

Chapter Text

It had taken him months, months of being around the other blond Omega to finally get invited to meet the little bundle of joy. So here he was, a small gift in hand - one he had brought the day he found out about his nephew - and a grin on his face as he took the elevator down to Naruto’s office. 

Deidara greeted people as he walked, only stopping when he was finally out the front of the other blonds office. 

Before he even got the chance, the door opened revealing a smirking Konan. “Mr. Uzumaki, Deidara is here.” 

“Okay! I’m just finishing up now.” Naruto called back. 

After Konan stepped aside facing into the office - her face going carefully neutral as she did - Deidara stepped in. “We’re still on right?” he questioned nervously, placing the small gift on Naruto’s desk.

“Of course, just let me finish this one thiiiiiing…… and done.” the other Omega grinned, standing up and logging off his computer. “Shall we?” he smiled, before looking down at his desk. “Oh you shouldn’t have!” he gushed, spotting the gift.

“It’s nothing big, but I wanted to give you a little something, you know…..” Deidara trailed off. 

Beaming up at him, Naruto took the small gift and unwrapped it. Inside the box was a small fox plushie. Looking up at Deidara, tears sprang to the younger blond’s eyes. “Thank you.” he mumbled, taking the soft toy out, clutching it in his hands. With a warm grin and a determined look he walked towards the door, plushie still in hand. 

They made their way to the elevator and up to the top floor where Menma was enrolled. Walking in Deidara followed Naruto through to the nursery. 

Now for the record, Deidara has been a good boy, he should get a medal for having the patience of a freaking saint at this point! Not once did he sneak up to the childcare or even abuse his boss privileges to use the cameras surveillance system to spy on the little bundle. No, the only wrong doing he’s done is steal the frame from Naruto’s desk a couple of times to gaze at it, he always puts it back though, against his not so better judgment that says to steal it…...

He had respected the other blond Omega’s boundaries and waited - like a saint -, so when Iruka - Menma’s private carer appointed by Itachi - came out holding the tiny raven, he soooo didn’t almost pass out from excitement. 

“Deidara, this is Menma.” Naruto beamed, turning to face Deidara while holding the tiny bundle. 

Biting his lip, his hands began to twitch, “Can I….. Can I hold him?” he whispered after swallowing hard. 

“Of course.” Naruto smiled gently, passing the baby to him. 

Deidara couldn’t believe it! He was finally holding his nephew, and it was almost too much for him. Tears began to spring to his eyes as he gazed down at the most perfect little face he’d ever seen. 

“Mr. U…. Deidara, are you okay?” Iruka asked. 

“Yes,” he answered in an almost sob, “Kami yes.” 

“Dei, are you sure you’re okay?” Naruto asked, his voice laced with concern as he hovered in front of him. 

As quickly as any perfect Uchiha, Deidara composed himself. “Yes,” and came up with something that was at least partial truth, “My mate isn’t ready for kids, so being this close to such a perfect bundle of joy, it’s stirred my inner Omega.” 

Naruto began to smile softly again as he touched Deidara’s shoulder, “Would you like to carry him for a while?”

“Could I?” Deidara asked in awe, hugging the tiny bundle closer to his chest. 

“Of course.” he petted Deidara, “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.” Naruto grinned.


It was early evening, and Itachi had been lucky enough to leave the office early. So here he sat, alone in his study, a tantalizing glass of Shiraz in one hand and a book he’d been meaning to read for ages in the other. His peace barely lasted a single chapter before he heard his front door open and slam shut. 

Sighing he placed the book down and waited patiently for his brother to enter. 

The door to his study burst open revealing his brother more disheveled than he had ever seen him, his hair in a complete disarray, his suit shirt unevenly buttoned up and barely tucked into his pants, but worst of all was his eyes, they were Alpha red.

“You….” he panted heavily. 

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Itachi asked calmly, taking a sip of his wine. 

“You’re trying to push me out of the company, aren’t you?!” Sasuke roared as he took a shaky step forward, his body twitching with barely contained rage.

“Now Sasuke,” Itachi started, sensing the danger emitting off his brother. “You know I would never do that.” 

“Bullshit.” Sasuke cursed, continuing his slow advancement into the room. “You were always fathers favourite,” he spat, “He never wanted me to inherit anything, let alone work for the company he built. I was always a disgrace to him no matter what I did, no matter how hard I worked!” 

“Sasuke, I think,” the older raven suddenly stopped, sniffing the air, slowly taking in the scent that was starting to permeate it. ‘Fuck’ he cursed under his breath eyeing his brother. “Why don’t you sit down Sasuke and we can talk this out.”

“I’m done talking.” the younger raven Alpha growled his clawed hands twitching.  

“Sasuke,” he whispered, talking slowly, “You’re not yourself at the moment. Why don’t you...”

“Shut up!” Sasuke roared as he stopped in front of Itachi. “You did this to me! You took everything away from me! You made him leave me!” 

Sasuke raised his clawed hand and brought it down, shredding the sleeve of Itachi’s dressing gown as he blocked the attack, pushing the other away. With a roar Sasuke launched himself at Itachi, narrowly missing as the older Alpha made a run for the door. Out in the hallway he made for his bedroom where he had Rut suppressant. He was barely able to shut and locked the door behind him before Sasuke was slamming himself hard up against it. 

Quickly he made his way over to his bedside table and grabbed out his Rut case. Opening it he pulled out one of the capped, fluid filled syringes, just as the door to the room cracked and splintered apart revealing his enraged brother.

Just as Sasuke took a step forward the front door opened and the singsong voice of his mate echoed throughout the house. “Itachi! You’ll never guess who I got to meet today? I just couldn’t wait! I had to fly right over and tell you!” 

“Deidara get out of here!” Itachi screamed as he watched Sasuke turn and disappear down the hall. “Fuck.” he yelled as he ran out of the room and towards the stairs. When Itachi got to the top he watched with unimaginable horror as his world slowed down so he could see it all in intricate detail. His brother had reached the bottom of the steps and was launching himself at Deidara, knocking them both into the next room. “Deidara!” he screamed, his heart stopping as he flew down the stairs. 

When he entered the lounge room he saw his brother on top of Deidara, snuggling into him, burrowing under his suit jacket. 

“What’s going on?” Deidara whispered, spotting Itachi carefully, almost silently entering the room. 

Hearing this, Sasuke sat up glaring and growling at Itachi, hovering over the Omega below in a protective but dominant stance. “Mine.” he growled.

“Sasuke,” Itachi said calmly as he edged closer, needle in hand hidden behind his back, “That is my Omega.” 

“Mine!” the younger raven hissed again, standing up to face the older raven.

As if sensing the rising tension in the room, Itachi watched as Deidara grabbed Sasuke’s wrist, drawing his attention back on him. “You’re a good Alpha aren’t you?” he asked his brother. 

Sasuke nodded absentmindedly as he leaned back in seeming to calm down almost instantly.

With Sasuke’s attention on Deidara, Itachi tried to approach him to give him the suppressant, but each time he did, Sasuke would start to growl and the closer he got to the younger raven Alpha the more defensive he became over Itachi’s mate. 

Feeling helpless Itachi watched on as his mate was wrapped up protectively by another Alpha, worse, one in Rut, making him feel both enraged with anger that another Alpha would touch his mate and abandonment that - although slim to non-existent - Deidara would choose another. 

Sighing, he showed Deidara the Rut suppressant needle in his hand and tried to signal that Sasuke was in Rut - since being mated to him meant the blond no longer reacted to other Alpha’s scent and wouldn’t have known. It was then that he saw realization dawn on his mate and he watched on in further horror as his blond began to undress.

“What are you doing?” he hissed, making Sasuke growl at him, only to be brought back to the Omega in front of him when Deidara threw his button up shirt over his head.

With Sasuke sufficiently distracted, Deidara walked over - bare chested - and took the needle from his hand, before walking back and administering it to Sasuke. Instantly Sasuke dropped to the floor. 

“Well that was interesting.” Deidara hummed as he looked down at the now unconscious raven. 

“What was?” Itachi asked, wrapping himself around his mate in an attempt to rub off his brother’s scent. 

“He could smell Naruto and another on me.” 

At the mention of the other blond Omega’s name Sasuke stirred. 

“Did you hug him today?” 

“I did one better.” Deidara grinned, turning in Itachi’s arms so they were face to face with each other. Standing up on his tippy toes he whispered right into the raven’s ear. “I got to meet and hold Menma.” 

Itachi drew away from his blond before delving down and taking in his bare skins scent. It took him a moment but sure enough, he could distinguish another scent on his Omega. Instantly his eyes blew out and his inner Alpha took over, a soft vibrating growl rumbling in his chest. It wasn’t one of aggression, no, it was more of approval. 

“Just a little bit more and I think even you can meet him.” Deidara whispered as he petted the Alpha’s head. 

“Mmmm….” Itachi hummed, snuggling into the new scent. 

The pair were so lost in their moment that the sudden sound of banging startled them. When they looked over at Sasuke they were horrified to see him foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back and convulsing. 

Chapter Text

It was just after nine in the morning, all three of her boys had left over an hour ago and all the cleaning was already done, leaving Kushina alone in her kitchen, making herself a nice hot pot of tea, ready to relax for the day. Her long red hair was out, her fuzzy bunny slippers were on and the couch was calling her, but all that was interrupted by a knocking at the front door making her pause.

Quickly filling the pot with boiling water she left the tea to steep while she went to answer the door. Opening it she was met with the handsome blond Omega she had seen on the TV who was now boss of her son, and she had to say…. if he was an Alpha and maybe twenty years older, Minato would definitely have had some competition she hummed, eyeing him up and down like the cougar she was - for the record though, she loves her husband and would never dream of cheating on him, but a girl can look at eye candy when it’s presented to her…. right? 

Snapping out of her daze, she regained her senses. “Mr. Deidara, if you’re looking for Naruto, he left for work an hour ago.” 

“Just Deidara is fine and actually,” he flashed her a charming smile, “I was looking for you. May I come in?” he asked.

“Ah….. sure.” she answered, slightly confused as to what Naruto’s boss would want with her.

After making Deidara comfortable in the living room, Kushina went back to the kitchen to finish making the tea. Lucky for her, she normally made a couple of cups for herself - hence the whole pot -, so there should be more than enough for the pair of them to enjoy it comfortably.

Returning to the living room, she brought a tray containing the pot of tea, two cups and some cakes she made earlier.  

Pouring the blond a cup, then herself, she settled down into the couch and eyed him suspiciously. “If not for my son, then why are you here?” she asked.

“I’d like to take you out for the day, and get to know you.” he smiled.

“You’re my son’s boss , and I’m mated.” she deadpans him. “That's not a common thing done, so I ask, what’s your real reason for being here?”

Taking a sip of his tea, he placed it down on the small coffee table, leveling his gaze at her. “I hope I’m not intruding much by asking, but how much has Naruto told you about the Alpha that fathered Menma?”

She continued to eye him suspiciously but decided to humor him as she pushed some of her hair behind her ear. “He said it was an accident.” she sighed, placing her cup down and going for the cake, because this sort of topic required cake to get through. “He went into heat and found himself in bed with a random Alpha when he woke.” she shoveled some cake into her mouth and swallowed. “He’s barely spoken about the Alpha, but I know that he's very protective over people bad mouthing him and I figure they must have black hair, because no one in either mine or my mate’s family has ever had black hair, so it must be a dominant gene.” 

“You’re very smart.” he smiled. 

“Don’t patronize me.” she growled. “Now, I will ask again, why are you really here?”

“I want you, and Naruto to meet someone.” he sighed, following her lead and taking a piece of cake, shoving a large amount of it into his mouth. “An Alpha that I think would be a good match for him, for more reasons than one…..” he trailed off.

“So you want to set my son up hmm?” she muses, finishing off her cake and picking up her cup again, contemplating it. 

“In a way, yes.” Deidara nodded, now eating his cake at a slower rate. 

“And if I say no, this won’t harm his working for the company.” she said looking down at him and summoning up all the malice she knew her Omega body could, to look intimidating. 

“Of course not.” the blond Omega chuckled, looking at her with a warm smile as if unaffected. “This is simply a match for him, not for business relations or politics.”

Eyeing him she considered her options. On one hand she didn’t want to force her baby into doing anything he didn’t want to do - especially an unknown Alpha - but on the other hand, her baby deserves to find someone that would love him and make him happy…. ‘What’s the harm in at least meeting the guy?’ she thought. 

“Fine, I’ll meet him, but let's get one thing straight,” she crossed her arms and glared at the man, “If I don’t like him, he’s not coming anywhere near my baby and you’re paying for fuel and food for the day.” she humphed, tilting her head up to show she wouldn’t budge on her demands, and what could she say…. Free food was always a good bonus in her books.

“Done.” Deidara nodded with ease and stood, a devilish grin adoring his face. “Shall we leave then? We wouldn’t want to miss our flight.”  

“Flight?” Kushina choked, almost dropping the cups she was picking up.

“Oh, didn’t I mention? We need to catch a plane.”

“What? No, you never mentioned that!” she shouted. 

“Don’t worry, we're not leaving the country, so we’ll be back before dinner.” he winked, “Also, if you wouldn’t mind, can you please bring something Naruto and Menma have both worn recently?” he asked innocently. 

“Why?” she eyed him suspiciously again. 

“Everything is in the scent.” he answered with ease. 

The red headed Omega watched him for a moment, sizing him and his answer up before nodding. “Fine.” He was right, attraction came from scent. She could easily gage this Alpha’s intentions by how he reacted to her baby and grandson’s scent.

After quickly changing and retrieving the necessary items she was ready, handbag in one hand, ziplock bags of clothes in the other. When she stepped outside she was momentarily stupefied. Right in front of her house was a classic Mercedes limo in midnight blue, with a familiar red and white fan on it’s doors, she just couldn't place it.

“My mate loves the classics, but if you like this, wait till you see the jet.” Deidara laughed as he walked over and opened the door for her. 

Coming back down to earth, she quickly locked her front door and made her way over to the limo at an almost run, diving in through the open door and immediately taking in her surroundings.  

It was luxurious! All black leather seating, with red accents around the edges and varnished dark hardwood. There were two reclinable seats at the back - where she was -, three along one side with a bar opposite and two more recliners near the front. The lighting gave off a soft white glow that made it all the more surreal. And to top it all off there were several gifts taking up the seats in the middle, all with Menma’s name on them. 

“My mate and I kind of went overboard buying gifts for Menma.” Deidara laughed as he climbed in and shut the door. 

“I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but what is my son to you?” Kushina stared at Deidara with mixed feelings, as the limo pulled away from the curb.

Taking a deep sighing breath Deidara looked at the pile of gifts, then at Kushina before casting his eyes down at his hands in his lap. “My mate and I have always wanted children,” he began quietly, “But unfortunately I’m unable to bare them. So when I see Menma, who looks similar to my mate, it makes me want to spoil him, because even though he’s not mine he means everything to me.” after receiving a look from the redhead he seemed to quickly get what she was thinking because he quickly added, “Don't worry, I wouldn’t dream of taking Menma away…. I'm just living out my dream through your son.” He weakly smiled.

After hearing that Kushina felt bad for ever thinking ill of her fellow Omega even for a second. “I’m so sorry.” Kushina whispered as she placed a gentle hand over his. There was no worse feeling for an Omega than not being able to bare children. It was in their instincts, in their DNA, in their very make up that they needed to bare children, and that thought alone put her at unease. “Is there nothing that can be done?” 

The blond Omega shook his head, his hair falling like a golden curtain over his eyes. “We have tried everything and I’ve been to so many so-called specialists with no results that I’m at the point that I feel incompitant as his mate an…..” he choked for a second on his words, making him swallow hard. “And that he would be better off with a mate that can actually produce him an heir.”

Kushina didn’t need to see the tears to know they were silently falling. Standing up as best she could she all but pulled Deidara up and out of his chair, spinning him around so she could sit where he was, she then pulled him down into her lap and hugged him tightly, rubbing small circles into his back as she began to sing him a soft lullaby, one that she use to sing to Naruto and now sang to Menma when he was restless.

After a moment of hesitation Deidara snuggled into her warm embrace, as he silently cried out all the anguish he obviously had pent up. 

Time passed quickly for the two and all too soon they were pulling into the airport. Quickly pulling back Deidara rubbed at his face trying to hide all evidence of his tears. “Forgive me, this day was meant to be about you and a potential mate for your son.” clearing his throat he stood and shuffled over to the door that was being opened for them. “Shall we?” 

After stepping out of the limo Kushina was again stupefied. Rather than arriving at the airport, they had driven straight onto the tarmac and in front of her was a small private jet. Again in midnight blue with a red and white fan on it’s back fin. The more she saw that symbol the more she began to realize she had seen it somewhere before…. Somewhere recent.

“Seriously, are you like made of money or something?” Kushina questioned in awe as she looked up at the jet. 

Deidara - having composed himself again - chuckled. “Yes and no.” he said with a smile. “I’m getting there, but I swear my mate is.” 

Again coming back to herself, she swallowed hard before thinking about what she had been deciding on doing the whole ride there. “Do you mind if I make a quick call?” 

Deidara looked over at the pilot standing at the base of the steps going up into the plane. After receiving a nod he answered, “Sure.” 

Walking a bit away from everyone the redhead quickly pulled out her phone and pressed one of the numbers on her speed dial. After a few seconds she heard the other end pick up, followed by a gunt that sounded suspeciacly like a greeting. 

“Heeeey, remember how you owe me a good favour or few?” she asked sweetly. After receiving another grunt she continued. “Well I have this Omega friend that’s struggling to fall pregnant and he’s been to so many so-called ‘specialists’ that he’s about to give up. So I was wondering….. Would you be willing to take him on as a patient?” 

“Do you know how packed my schedule already is?” came a growl.

“And do you know how hard it was for me to convince the bank to give you that loan that got you that fancy practice you now own? And with the record you had it wasn't easy.” she countered smugly.

“Fine.” the other end said in defeat after a moment of silence. “Tell them to call me later and mention your name and I'll make room for them in my schedule somehow.” with that the line went dead. 

Grinning from ear to ear, Kushina began to walk back to the others, digging out a card from the bottom of her bag as she went. Once in front of Deidara she beamed and handed him the card. “Later today I want you to call this number and mention my name. Okay?” 

“Why?” the blond asked, taking the card. 

“I'd like you to make an appointment with my aunty, Dr. Tsunade Senju, leading specialist in Omega reproduction and cycles.” she smiled warmly. 

She watched as the light slowly filled Deidara’s eyes, now locked down on the card clutched in his hands like it was something precious or even his last lifeline. 

“How?” he whispered on the verge of tears again as one of his hands covered his mouth, while the other holding the card began to tremble. “Not even my mate’s money could buy us a spot in her clinic…. The waiting list is over ten years long.” 

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” she continued to smile. “Plus, the old hag owes me a favour….. or ten.” she shrugged.

Deidara suddenly launched himself at her, clutching her tightly as he whispered ‘thank you’ over and over again. 

After a moment a cough was heard behind them, interrupting them from their moment, “I’m sorry to break this up, but I need to get us in the air before our window closes.”

With a nod Deidara let go of Kushina, the card still clutched in his hand as they ascended the steps into the jet.   

They spent the whole plane ride chatting and getting to know each other. All the way till the plane landed, then again on the way to their destination. It wasn’t till Deidara pulled into a private hospital that Kushina finally questioned where they were and why they were there. 

With hands gripping the steering wheel till his knuckles turned white and a deep sigh, Deidara answered. “I know this is going to be hard for you to believe, but the Alpha I want to introduce you to is actually Menma’s biological father.”

Chapter Text

As they walked into the hospital Deidara explained as best he could what they had pieced together and what they thought happened right up to Naruto’s disappearance. 

“Do you have any actual proof that this Alpha is Menma’s father?” she growled after quietly listening to his story, because that’s all it was….. A story. 

“Why don’t you meet him and decide for yourself if he’s related to Menma.” Deidara whispered as they stopped outside a hospital room several floors up. 

Hesitantly Kushina placed her hand on the handle, slowly turning it and opening the door. On the other side the privacy curtain was drawn, blocking anyone from seeing any further into the room. 

Tentatively she stepped in and around the curtain as the door clicked shut softly behind her. In the bed was a young raven haired male - almost a splitting image of Menma - hooked up to many machines - even without scenting him he screamed Alpha in an almost primal way. As she let her eyes drift over him she saw that the blanket covering him was connected to a pump that seemed to be pumping liquid nitrogen into it at a fast rate. 

“What’s wrong with him?” she asked as she walked closer. 

“Sasuke is currently in something similar to a drug induced coma or what could also be considered as being under heavy sedation, because he’s dying.” came an unfamiliar voice as the door that she never heard open, closed again. Turning, Kushina saw a pink haired woman clad in a doctor’s coat step around the curtain. “My name is Dr. Haruno Sakura, I may be a Beta, but I’m a leading expert in Alpha’s.” she bowed. 

Kushina bowed back as the doctor came forward and began to check over her patient. 

“What’s he dieing from?” the redhead asked as she tentatively walked forward and watched the Alpha raven stir, his teeth beginning to chatter and eyes started to creak open. 

Before they could open fully, Dr. Haruno - as quick as a flash - adjusted the fluids in his IV and he quickly went quiet again. “He’s got the worst case of ‘Bond Mate Fever’ - BMF for short - I’ve ever seen. But to my knowledge Sasuke is unmated, right?” she asked, looking over at Deidara. After receiving a curt nod from him she continued. “The symptomes he’s exhibiting are normally seen in Alpha’s that have been separated from their bonded mate for extended periods of time or after their mate has passed, but since Sasuke technically has no bonded mate it’s a very curious situation.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why I'm here and what this has to do with my son.” Kushina interjected, looking over at Deidara.

“Allow me to demonstrate.” the Beta Doctor said, gaining her attention again as she began to walk towards the door, “If you’ll follow me please.”  

Hesitantly Kushina followed, Deidara falling into step beside her. He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze as they walked down a few halls and into an airlock room. “Thank you for coming.” he whispered. 

“This is our Alpha Rut coma ward.” she explained, “In here we keep all our Alpha patients that have gone into Rut.” she pressed a button and the small airlocked room locked and began to pressurize. “Just so you know, no one in this room can actually hurt you.” 

Kushina looked at her curiously before stepping into the room as the doors opened. The first thing she noticed was how quiet the room was. The only sounds were those of the machine's soft beeps and ventilators breathing for their patients. 

The further in she went the more sounds she began to hear. At first it was just a rustle of sheets here and there, then soft growls started to fill her ears. All around her the Alpha’s began to react to her Omega presence and with that she began to feel hot as their Rut pheromones started to weigh down on her - although her body no longer reacted to other Alpha’s, it didn’t mean she couldn’t feel the pressure of it when she was surrounded by so many of them in the middle of their cycle.

“These are normal reactions by Alpha’s to an Omega's presence, while in their cycle,” Dr. Haruno said as she checked over some of them before walking over to the one Alpha in the room that wasn’t reacting at all. “And this is the reaction of a ‘Soul Mated’ Alpha.”  

“But I thought Alpha’s reacted to all Omega’s regardless if they were mated or not.” Kushina said offhandedly as she gazed down at the elderly Alpha. 

“For the most part, this is true.” nodded the pink haired Doctor. “Unlike Omega’s that once mated will only react to their mate’s scent or other Omega’s in heat, Alpha’s will continue to react to an Omega even when mated, like the ones you see around you.” she gestured to the writhing unconscious forms around them. 

“But why isn't he reacting?” She pointed to the patient in front of her, noticing the same blanket on him that was on Sasuke.

“After many years of research into unexplained Rut and Heat induced deaths, the medical field has begun to understand that there are in fact two types of matings in the world. One is of a normal mating between the two sub genders.” Dr. Haruno gestured around her to some of the patients, before turning and smiling sadly down at the old man in front of her as she took his hand gently in hers. “And the other is of a ‘Soul Mated’ pair. Unlike normal mates this pair will die without the other.”

“He’s lost his mate?” Kushina choked. 

Dr. Haruno nodded. “To have a Soul Mate means you will never react to another, and to lose them means to lose yourself. His mate passed away a couple of months ago from a heart attack.” she said solemnly, “After her passing he fell into a coma from loneliness. All we can do now is make him comfortable as his Rut slowly takes him.” at his pained expression she lent over and adjusted his dose till his face went slack again.

“What do you mean?” the red head whispered as she took his other hand and stroked it. 

“Without his Soul Mate to quell his Rut the temperature caused by his cycle will continue to rise, till it causes multi organ failure and he dies.” she choked at the end.  

“How much longer does he have?”

In that moment Kushina’s heart clenched as alarms around them began to sing their high pitched wail and the heart monitor connected to the man below her flat lined. Her breath then caught in her lungs unable to let her draw in any air as she gazed down at the elderly Alpha, a soft smile on his laxed face. 

Then the doors to the room burst open, several nurses running in and pushing her out of the way as they went to work. 

Dr. Haruno gently touched her, breaking her from her trance as she guided her out of the room. “His time is up, he’s gone.” she whispered as they made their way back to Sasuke’s room. 

Once there Kushina gazed at the unconscious raven Alpha. ‘Was this his fate too?’ she questioned herself as her eyes began to sting from unshed tears. With a sniffle she turned to Deidara, “What do you want from me?” she whimpered, her hands coming up to cover her eyes. 

“It’s not what I want from you, but your son.” Deidara answered with melancholy.

“I don’t understand, what does any of this have to do with my son? They’re not mates!” She growled, baring her teeth at him as her arms fell to her sides and her hands clenched into fists.

Sighing, Dr. Haruno stepped between the two. “I’ll put it simply for you.” she turned to face the now raging Omega. “We believe your son and Sasuke have formed an incomplete Soul bond and it’s that bond that will kill both of them.” 

“What!? No, that can’t be right…. My son is fine .” Kushina growled again. 

“For now,” the Beta nodded, “As you know Alpha’s have a Rut once a year, while Omega’s have to endure a Heat that lasts three to five days every three months unless….” 

“I am an Omega!” Kushina cut her off with a growl, “I don’t need a biology lesson in my own sub gender.” 

Sighing deeply the pink haired Beta continued. “ Unless a pregnancy occurs. During and after this time the Omega will not have a Heat for up to a year after the child is born.”

“Again, I don’t need a biology lesson, just get to your point!” 

“Fine,” Dr. Haruno huffed. “Let me be blunt with you, when his next Heat finally comes - because I have been informed that he has had a child - and it will come, everything will change. With every Heat without his ‘mate’ he will get sicker and sicker, till his Heat consumes him, just like the Rut did to that Alpha, just like it's doing to him.” she pointed at the unconscious Alpha. 

“But…. he’s fine.” she whimpered, swallowing hard. 

“By my estimate you don’t have much time left before his Heat's start up again, and when it does, I give him six to nine months before it  consumes him. Sasuke doesn’t have that long. I give him two, three days max before he dies, and without him…. Your son will die.” 

“NO!” Kushina screamed, “You have no proof of this! My baby is fine, he’s…. He’s fine.” she trailed off in a whimper, choking on her own breath. “He… he reacted to me … so he can’t be Naruto’s Soul Mate….”

“Naruto is made of you and your mate,” Deidara said gently as he touched Kushina’s shoulders, “This means part of your scent is his scent. He was reacting to the part of you that made him .” 

Her breath caught in her throat again as she bowed her head, “I don’t want to believe this!” she shook her head, “I can't believe this…. My baby can’t die…. If he does, he’ll…. He'll leave Menma all alone…….”  she sobbed.

“Then help us so we can help you.” he whispered. 

“But you have no proof.” she sobbed again as the first of her tears made their way down her cheeks.

“Pass me the bags containing Naruto’s clothes.” 

Her breath stuttered as she picked up the bags containing the clothes and clutched them to her chest. 

“Allow me to show you something.” Dr. Haruno said as she pulled out a vial from her pocket. “Can you tell me what this smell is?” she opened the vial and passed it under their noses. 

Instantly both of them covered their noses with their hands and scrunched up their faces as a flush began to creep up their necks. “Heat.” they both hissed, straight away feeling the effect. 

“Right,” she nodded, “This is the Heat Pheromone that all Omega’s produce.” she said as she walked over to Sasuke and placed the vial directly under his nose. After a few calm, unaffected breaths from him she pulled the vial away, capped it and placed it back in her pocket. “As you can see, he doesn’t react to Omega Heat Pheromones at all.” she put her hand out for the bags in Kushina’s hands. 

Clutching them tighter to her chest, Kushina shook her head. “Nn.. No…” she murmured, the last shred of her denial refusing to let her believe. 

“Please?” Deidara begged as he gently touched her hands gripping the bags. 

Slowly she relinquished them, allowing Deidara to pass them over to the Doctor. Opening the first bag containing Menma’s clothes just a fraction, she placed it near the Alpha’s nose, allowing him to breathe in the scent. 

It took barely a moment before his hands and face started to twitch, reacting to the scent. 

Pulling the bag away and resealing it, Dr. Haruno looked back at the Omega pair. 

Kushina’s gaze was fixated on the raven as she watched him begin to quieten again with the absence of the smell. 

“Please remember that he’s currently heavily sedated.” 

Nodding the pair continued to gaze at the Alpha as he fell back into a completely peaceful state.  

With a deep sigh the pink haired Beta continued. “As you can see, Sasuke reacts to his offspring since they share scents, but when I introduce his mates….” she opened the bag again just a faction, but it was enough for the Alpha to smell at a distance, because before she could even bring it close to his face, his eyes shot open, revealing enraged Alpha red as his hand flew up and grabbed the Doctor’s wrist, retching her onto the bed so he could bring the bag and its contents closer to his face. 

As she tried to pull her wrist away, his grip on her tightened, claws growing and piercing into her flesh as a rumbling growl vibrated through his chest, “Mine!”. 

Kushina was petrified, unable to move even a single muscle as she watched the scene unfolding in front of her. She didn’t want to acknowledge it, didn’t want to admit it…. Because admitting it meant that this Alpha was tied to her baby and if she did, it meant Naruto was in as much danger of dying as this Alpha before her.   

With the red headed Omega frozen to the spot, it was up to the blond Omega to save the Doctor. Launching into action he quickly tore the bag open, throwing the garment onto Sasuke’s face. This distracted him enough to release the Beta woman and allow her to quickly up his dose to max. 

When the drug finally hit his blood stream the Alpha went limp, fingers still desperately gripping the shirt even in his unconscious state. 

“Is this enough proof for you?” Dr. Haruno panted as she began to quickly wrap her wrist with a bandage.

“No, no, no, no....” Kushina began to whimper as she shook her head, tears flowing freely down her face. “I don’t want my baby to die, I don’t want my baby to die!” she screamed. 

“Then help us save them.” came a new, commanding voice. 

Turning, Kushina saw an older version of the raven in the bed staring back at her. 

“How?” she whispered.

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Chapter Text

Naruto was going insane! How could this have happened? Everything was set out. Everything was ready . So how was it that he had somehow misplaced his tie?

“Mother!” Naruto called from the doorway of his bedroom, “Have you seen my tie?” 

“It’s hanging on the hook behind your door.” she replied from somewhere else in the house. 

“Thanks!” Naruto called back, shutting his door and retrieving his tie. 

With his tie on and a final check of himself in the mirror, he deemed himself ready. Nodding he turned and picked up his sleeping son before making his way downstairs and into the dining room to check on the dinner preparations. 

While his son slumbered, happily curled up in one of his arms, he used his other free hand to fuss over the table’s presentation, ‘fixing’ the decorations, ‘repositioning’ the napkins and ‘realigning’ the cutlery.

“Everything will be fine.” came a soft voice, as a manicured hand covered his, stopping him from further tweaking anything more.  

Pulling his hand away from hers, he ran it through his hair nervously. “Everything has to be perfect, ya’ know?” he said as he took a deep breath. 

“And everything will be perfect, I promise.” his mother hushed with a sort of unease he had never seen in her, “It’s not like you’re meeting a king and queen or something.” she laughed, but it never reached her eyes. 

“Close enough to it.” Naruto mumbled, turning slightly away as he tried to understand why his mother of all people would be uneasy, she wasn’t the one that had to impress these people. Hell, when he thought about it, she was the strongest person he knew, other than his godmother, so why was she so nervous? 

As swift as any of her mood swings were, her confidence was all of a sudden back with a vengeance as she placed her hands on her hips, leaning her weight to one side, all the while giving him a sceptical look, “I don’t think having dinner with your boss and his mate is anything close to similar as having dinner with a king and queen.” she laughed, this time it reaching her eyes.

Naruto gently placed Menma down in his rocker - seriously, the kid could sleep through a hurricane - before turning and hissing at her quietly, “It’s my boss’s mate !” he waved his hands about to exacerbate his feelings, “He’s rumored to be some sort of super Alpha in the business world.” the blond then began to pace, “What if I don’t live up to his expectations….. And, and I get fired because of it!?” 

“I think you’re overreacting, to the max.” his mother laughed, that nervousness back again. Shaking her head she placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from pacing any further. “Seriously though, this is nothing but a friendly ‘get-to-know-you’ dinner, okay?” 

Taking a deep sighing breath the blond nodded, “Okay, you’re right, I can do this.” With that being said, his heart rate skyrocketed the moment the doorbell rang. “I…. I…. I got it.” he stuttered, rushing towards the door. He could feel his pits begin to sweat and swear he can already smell himself as his hands reached the doorknob. 

Opening the door he was greeted by Deidara’s ever blinding smile. “Hey! I hope you like chocolate cake.” he greeted warmly as he held up a pink box with a bright blue ribbon tied around it and a fancy pastry shop logo printed on its top. 

“Ah yeah.” Naruto grinned nervously, looking around and behind the other blond Omega. 

Without even having to ask, Deidara answered his open hanging question. “He’s just taking a call in the car.” 

“Ah, cool. Uh…. Did you want to come in while we wait for him?” he asked, taking the cake box from Deidara.

“Sure, he’ll follow when he’s done.” the other Omega nodded enthusiastically, following Naruto into the kitchen where the cake was placed in the fridge. 

Once they were settled in the entertainment room - Menma cradled in Deidara’s arms as the Omega cooed at him silently - conviction came easily to them. Everything from business to personal life became a topic to pass the time, till the front door opened once more and a fearful hush - almost palatable in how heavy it was - settled in the room. It was almost like everyone was waiting for something and Naruto was the only one who didn’t know what it was.  

“Naru,” Deidara said with a hint of worry, gaining the other blond Omega’s attention. “I know this is going to be a shock to you, but I need you to hear us out first, okay?” he rambled as fast and calmly as he could, as the footsteps drew nearer and nearer to them.

“O-kay….” Naruto hesitated, looking over towards the door as it opened. In an instant his breath was caught in his lungs and fear pulsed through his veins. For a second he thought he was looking at the Alpha he ran from, but the longer he stared the more he could see the slight differences in the two, but they had to be related, somehow, it was too much of a coincidence otherwise. 

Without even realizing it Naruto was standing, his inner Omega already mapping out the fastest route to Menma, then the exit. It was then that he realized Menma was no longer in Deidara’s arms….. He was actually nowhere in sight. With a soft whimper his head whipped every which way around the room till his eyes landed on his sleeping son’s form, cradled protectively in his fathers arms.

With a relieved sigh he put his arms out for his son, only to have Minato shake his head and turn away slightly, “Hear them out first.” he said softly, obviously trying to keep Naruto as calm as possible, but failing. 

With that being said, he suddenly realized why his mother was so nervous earlier, why his father suddenly had Menma and wouldn’t hand him over, and why he could taste the fear in the room when they all heard this man coming….. 

They all knew . Knew something he didn’t, knew this man and somehow knew about his Alpha, Menma’s father.

“My name is Itachi,” came a smooth voice, cutting off Naruto’s thoughts of escape and the betrayal he felt from everyone in the room. That voice full of authority made him turn his attention back on the raven that was no longer by the door, rather standing with his arm wrapped around Deidara’s waist. “I think you know my brother.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Naruto whispered, turning his head away and crossing his arms as he gazed at his son’s sleeping form. 

“Please, I know you know my brother, as much as I know that child belongs to him.” Itachi said in a matter-of-fact tone. “And that’s what I’m here to talk to you about.”

Naruto’s eyes snapped to the raven Alpha, an overwhelming fear took over him making his inner Omega take control, bleeding his pupils violet. “Are you threatening to take my son?” he growled as the instinct to protect ripped through at him like a lightning strike. 

“Naruto… We wouldn....” Deidara began but was cut off.

“And you… was everything, nothing more than a lie?” he spat out. 

“” Deidara shook his head, putting his hands up to show he meant no harm. “ Everything we did…. was for you.” 

Before Naruto could say anything back, Itachi continued, “After you left I realized how much of a divide there was in the workplace between Omega’s and the other two sub-genres. I’m just sorry it took you leaving, for me to understand that.”

“You expect me to believe that you built an ‘Omega safe’ company out of the goodness of your own heart, because you felt sorry for Omega’s?” he hissed. 

“No.” Itachi replied, stone faced while Naruto scoffed. “ Deidara, a fellow Omega, built that company without my name being in the limelight to overshadow him, both as a gift for you so you could work and feel safe, but also as proof that times are changing and the world needs to keep up. That Omega’s are rising and everyone needs to accept that.”

“That’s a lovely speech and I’m sure the media loved it, but if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere else to be.” Naruto hissed again, walking over to his father to take his son and leave.

“Naruto,” Minato warned, turning so Menma was just out of reach again. 

“What?!” Naruto bared his teeth at the older blond Alpha, his inner protective Omega still fully in control. “He has done nothing but lie to me,” he pointed at Deidara, “And you expect me to stand here and listen to them ?” 

“No.” Minato shook his head calmly. “I expect you to sit down and listen to them.” he growled back. 

Naruto stood there, his mouth agape. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. It had to be nothing more than a bad dream, a nightmare, something that he would wake up from at any moment, because his life was finally perfect, finally running how he wanted it, without fear, without persecution of his sub-gender…. He was finally at the point in his life that he was actually happy, and now…. It was about to be ripped away from him, because of a stupid accident that happened during one of his stupid heats. 

With despair filling him he felt his eyes slowly bleeding back to normal.

“We’re getting off topic,” Itachi said, breaking the silence that was eating its way through the room. “Naruto, the consequences of you’re leaving is what I’m here to talk to you about.” he said as he took a deep breath. 

“Naru, sweetheart, please sit down.” Kushina said softly as she guided him to the couch, sitting down right next to him so he was cornered between the armrest and her. “Just hear them out, hear their side of the story.”

“You knew…” he whispered, a fresh dose of betrayal pumping through his veins as he sank back into the couch. The people he thought he could always trust, thought he could always depend on, were all lying to him, scheming behind his back. As he looked up and over to the other pair, he could see the worry etched in both their faces, but he couldn’t bring himself to care as a coldness made itself at home in his heart. 

After the other two took a seat too, Itachi began. “I think it started before you left but after you mated.” at Naruto’s soft growl, Itachi put his hand up to stop the blond from saying anything that would otherwise interrupt him, “I don’t know if you realized it at the time - and probably still don’t - but you’ve formed an incomplete ‘Soul Bond’ with Sasuke.”  

“Do you see this?” Naruto defended, turning on the spot so he could show the nape of his neck, “No bite mark, means no bond.” 

“Your bond is different from a normal bond,” Deidara explained with a wistful smile, “It’s a special bond formed in the soul, not a physical mark. It’s one that goes above and beyond that of a traditional bite bond. It’s something that most can only dream of.” he said with stars in his eyes. “I have a ‘Soul Bond’ with Itachi and I’ll tell you, it’s amazing and I want you to not only know that, but feel it too. So we want the pair of you to complete this bond and become a truly happy family.” he smiled warmly. 

Doing the only thing he knew how to do when he felt cornered, Naruto lashed out. “Great, so what….. I made a baby with Sasuke and now you’re spewing some bullshit to make me either mate with him or you’ll take my son away, is that it?”

“No! We would never do something like that!” the other blond shouted, “We just want what’s best for the both of you.” he tried, his smile starting to slip.

“Well I’m sorry, but I’m happy with how my life is at the moment. So thanks, but no thanks.” Naruto hissed.

“Don’t you feel it?” Deidara whined.

“Feel what?” Naruto huffed.

“The loss of your partner? His absence in your life. You have to be feeling like a piece of you is missing?” he whispered, almost begged.

“Sorry, but I feel fine. I have Menma and that’s all I need.” he answered stubbornly even as his mother squeezed his knee.

“What you need is to complete this bond you have with him!” Deidara shouted.

“If I do that, my life ends!” Naruto shouted back, tears burning his eyes. “Don’t you get it? I’m an Omega ! Unlike Alpha’s the moment I bond with someone, my life is over . I don’t get a second chance, I don’t get to try again. That’s it, game over! I’m stuck with him for life while he can go out and have as many partners as he wants, while I will be stuck with just him for the rest of my life.”

“That won’t happen!” Deidara was now standing, glaring down at the other blond as he shouted, “What you have with Sasuke is a ‘Soul Bond’! It’s a bond for life that no other can interfere in. He will never be able to take any other mate once you complete it!”

“What you’re asking is for me to throw my life away, for someone else!” Naruto whimpered. 

“Naruto please….” Kushina whimpered.

“For Kami sake, this is going nowhere,” Itachi growled, “Naruto, Sasuke is dying and soon you will be too unless you complete the bond with him right now!” 

“What?” Naruto all but turned and snarled at the Alpha. “Are you blackmailing me now with death if I don’t fuck him?” he didn’t know why, but his inner Omega didn’t like this Alpha very much, didn’t feel right, made him want to lash out.

“Fuck you’re stobourn! No!” Itachi said as he stood, taking a step towards the blond as Deidara sat back down defeated. “I’m warning you.” he took another step, his calmness like that stillness before a storm, “Warning you that when your heat finally comes back again,” another step towards the blond was taken and the storm around the raven threatening to break, “That with each time it comes and goes, it will get worse.” he was now looming over Naruto, his inner Alpha bleeding his eyes red as the storm finally broke. “Till it kills you.” he growled. 

“Itachi!” both Deidara and Kushina hissed at the same time. 

“He needs to know.” Itachi hissed back without breaking eye contact with the blond Omega cowering in front of him. “He needs to know that he will die without my brother, because the bond he started is incomplete.”

“I’m willing to take that chance.” Naruto said strongly, or at least he hoped it sounded stronger than he felt, but by the look in Itachi’s eyes, it didn’t.

“But I’m not. Unlike you who possibly has months left, my brother doesn’t have much time left. He has a day at most.” 

“Then find someone else to be his mate, because I’m not his ‘Soul Mate’ or whatever you called it! I can’t save him and you’re asking too much of me to do it. You’re asking me to throw my life away from him .”

“There is no one else, and I’ll prove it. Prove that I’m not making you throw your life away, but start a better one.” 

Without warning Itachi pulled a tightly packed medium side ziplock bag out of his suit jacket, opening it he emptied the contents onto the unsuspecting bond. The clothing item unraveled and splayed open, wrapping itself around Naruto’s face as it fell. The blond began to flail, trying to rid himself of the item, but as he did his breath quickly became a pant as the scent coming off the item filled his senses, all the way to his very core. 

Instantly heat wrapped itself around Naruto and his body began to flush and tremble as slick gushed between his legs. His thighs began to rub together in a futile hope of gaining some sort of friction, while an incredible desiring need took over him. He wanted to be horrified at his actions - in front of his parents no less -, but the scent filling him to his very inner being made him instead nuzzle into the cloth.

That scent made him feel whole in a way that he never knew he was empty. 

Filled a part of him that he didn’t know was gone. 

Made him realize that something really was missing this whole time.

“Do you believe me now?” he heard someone whisper, but he couldn’t distinguish who…. It sounded so far away at that moment. All he could do in response was whimper as he silently began to beg for the Alpha his inner Omega had been screaming for this whole time without him knowing.

Chapter Text

Pulling his coat tighter around himself, Naruto stepped out of the car into the chilly night air. The bright fluorescent lights of the hospital bathed the area in an unnatural glow, casting shadows that seemed to promise death to all those that entered. 

He didn’t want to be here, didn’t want to do this , but after a late night call to Tsunade - the last person he could trust at the moment - she confirmed that the ‘Soul Bond Theory’ was recognized in the medical community and after she explained everything to him in a way he would understand - and with her condolences -, it became hard from him to reject, not with his own life now on the line. He didn’t want to even entertain the idea of what would happen if he walked away, because he knew the outcome…. Menma would be all alone. 

So here he was, walking through the endless hallways towards his future - or end, he still hadn’t decided - the lights were dimmed for the evening and everything was quiet. The only sounds were those of medical machinery working in the rooms he passed and the hushed chatter from nurses talking amongst themselves as he walked by their stations. 

With each step he took, his chest became heavier and heavier, breath coming out in a pant. He couldn’t tell if it was from nerves or anticipation, his inner Omega was going crazy, a whirlwind of emotions like a vortex was consuming him, then it ceased like the calm before a storm when he was stopped in front of a room. 

The door was opened and he was led in before it shut behind him. On the other side stood a pink haired woman, wearing a doctor’s coat, but she was instantly dismissed by him in favour of staring through the large floor to ceiling glass panel behind her. Before he could register his own movements, he found himself striding towards the glass and peering through it. 

On the other side was a dimly lit room. In the center against the wall was a large bed with a nurse standing patiently by, but it was the person in the bed that drew his eyes like an arrow to a target.  

He was exactly how he remembered him, the only change being the state he was in, hooked up to too many medical monitoring devices. He was still raven haired, pale skin and continued to have a strong aura that he could feel the press of even from the other side of the glass. 

“Mr. Uzumaki?” a soft voice called, breaking him from his thoughts. Turning he saw the pink haired doctor staring at him. “My name is Dr. Haruno Sakura, I’m sorry to rush this, but I need you to sign this release form before we begin.” 

“For what?” Naruto asked, glaring at her.

“It’s to release us from liability of any injury or psychological issues you may suffer or develop from this bonding.”

Naruto growled and continued to glare at the women before snatching the offered pen and signing the paper, then unceremoniously pushing it towards her. 

“Thank you.” she sighed, taking the form, folding it and placing it in her pocket. “I’ll get right to the point and make this quick for you. Since the symptoms Mr. Uchiha has been exhibiting are normally found in those of a fully mated Alpha, we don’t honestly know how it will go when you enter the room. As such, if at any time I feel that either of you are in any kind of danger or that you are being pushed to your limits, I will flood the room with anesthetic, rendering both of you unconscious. Do you understand?”

Being the sulky mess that Naruto was at that moment, he just turned away and nodded. “I get it….. Wait!” he cried, turning and staring straight at her. “You’re going to stand here and watch?”

“For safety reasons, I’m required to.” she nodded. “Now before I give the nurse the signal to begin unhooking Sasuke, I would like to offer you a mild sedative and muscle relaxant. This will help keep you relaxed and reduce the possibility of you tearing.” 

“Why do I need that?” he eyed her. 

Out of one of her coat pockets she pulled two tablets and a needle. “Because there’s a risk that Sasuke might become rough with you during mating and that could result in damage if your muscles don’t relax properly.” 

She went on to explain about the three options he had for muscle relaxants and after a quick call to Tsunade to confirm what she said he took the injection - at Tsunade’s suggestion, since it had the fastest acting effect.

So here he was, bent over an examination table with his pants around his knees. 

“You’ll feel a quick sting then nothing, I promise.” Dr. Haruno explained as she touched the side of his ass, making him clench his fists and eyes shut tight with how wrong it felt being touched by her in such an intimate place. “Please try to relax.” she encouraged, as her hand slid between his cheeks to keep them apart.

‘A sharp pain my ass’ He hissed through his mind as the tip of the needle went in and he felt the fluid being pushed in, but she was right, within seconds he felt nothing, not even her hand that he knew was still between his cheeks. 

“All done.” she said as she moved away to discard the needle and her gloves. “Before you go into his room, you’re going to enter a pressurised air locked space. From there we will vent his scent into the room so that you can acclimatize first. Do you understand what will happen the moment you smell his scent, undiluted on clothing?” 

Pulling his pants back up he nodded, “I’m likely to go into heat.” he whispered, feeling slightly fuzzy and slow.

“If you’re ready, we’ll begin. Please remove your shoes, belt and tie.” 

He wanted to argue, he knew he should, but he felt too relaxed at that moment to do anything but agree.

After removing the items he was led back out into the hallway, then to a door right next door to the room he was just in. He saw his parents, Itachi and Deidara on the way, but he ignored them. After entering, the door was shut behind him and the pressure began to change as a sweet scent began to fill the tiny room. 

Darkness was all he ever saw, unless he used his eyes, but this sensation was new…. It felt like absolut control. He twitched his fingers for the second time in his life, but the first without resistance. 

He could feel the soft hush of cool air swirling around him, on his face and any bare skin it could touch, like the silken caress of a lover, again new. The quiet melody of medical machinery sang in his ears trying to make his heart beat with them while the pressure in the room continued to drop, making him feel compressed.

At the sound of the doors opening that familiar scent that was in the small room intensified, filling his very being. His body temperature skyrocketed, genitals began to itch and his breathing became laboured. 

Finally he opened his eyes and was met by a dimly lit room. 

All focus was drawn to the bed in the center. In it, laying unmoving was the source of that intoxicating scent. The Alpha he’d been craving for was right in front of him. Finally within his reach, but he wanted to deny him, his feelings still hurt from last time. 

Without his permission his feet carried him into the room, stopping several feet from the bed. 

As he gazed down at the raven Alpha he knew the moment his scent finally reached him, because those brilliant red eyes were suddenly open and gazing at him, staring deep into his soul.

They stayed like that for an eternity, just staring at each other before the Alpha raised his hand, pointed at him and growled, “You left me.”

“You threw me out!” he countered. 

In an instant he found himself being pushed against the closest wall, trapped by those big hands and the Alpha’s body, “What did you expect? You refused to let me bond you!” hissed the Alpha, licking up the column of his neck. “But I won’t let you get away from me this time….. You will become mine, little Omega!” 

The Alpha pushed his body into him allowing his scent to intensify and cloud his mind, making the Omega whimper and bare his neck on instinct as slick began to drip down between his legs and he began to pant heavily as his Heat took off, body craving the Alpha in front of him. 

“You don’t want me.” he whimpered as he was hit by a Heat cramp. 

“Of course I do,” the Alpha whispered as he buried his head into the Omega’s neck, taking in his scent, “Didn’t I show you how much I wanted you when you became pregnant with my offspring?”

The Omega swallowed hard and tried to speak but another wave of pain hit him. “P.. please Alpha.” he whimpered, resting his head on the Alpha’s shoulder, “Make the pain go away.” 

“Shhhhh.” the Alpha hushed as his hands ran down the Omega’s body. “I’ll make everything better.” he whispered, nibbling on the blond’s neck. 

Large hands pulled his shirt from his pants and slowly unbuttoned it before pushing it from his shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. Next those sinful hands slipped down the back of his pants, spreading his cheeks apart and allowing a single digit to dip down and began to play in the slick leaking from his hole. 

A soft moan slipped from his lips as the finger was suddenly thrust into him, making him buck against the Alpha in front of him. That shameful finger was met by another as they began to feel around till they found his sweet spot and began to abuse it over and over again, making him bite into whatever he could reach of the Alpha above him with his tiny fangs. 

“More.” he whimpered after a while as he pawed at the Alpha’s shoulders.

“Show me you deserve it.” whispered the Alpha with a smirk, as he pulled away from him while removing his hospital gown and revealing his engorged erection. “Suck it.”

His breath shuttered as he slowly slid down the wall, his head coming in line with the Alpha’s member. Slowly, almost hesitantly, he leant forward and gently licked the precum from around the head before taking just the tip into his mouth and beginning to suck it lightly.

“Just like that.” the Alpha praised as his hand came down to rest on his head and began to pet him encouragingly. 

Preening from the praise he received he began to apply more suction to the member in his mouth and start up a rhythm using his hand to pump the base. 

“Fuck,” the Alpha above him hissed and began to buck into his mouth, “Can you take more?” 

Opening his mouth wider he found the Alpha’s member suddenly being thrust down his throat, making him choke and eyes water at the sudden intrusion. After quickly relaxing and adjusting he began to swallow around the erection down his throat and with a sigh of relief from the Alpha above him he found hands being placed on either side of his head before the Alpha slowly pulled out and pushed back in again. 

“Good Omega, such a good Omega.” the Alpha moaned as his hips began to pick up speed, pushing the large member as far down the Omega’s throat as his face would allow.

Soon he could feel the Alpha’s rhythm begin to skip a beat. Seeing that as the Alpha’s sign he was close, the Omega used all his strength to push the Alpha off and away from him. 

“What the hell?” the Alpha hissed.

“You promised me more.” he hissed back, baring his teeth.   

“So I did.” the Alpha answered, grabbing him by the elbow and hoisting him up and pushing him back into the wall, face first this time. “And more you shall get.” 

Lips and teeth dragged up and down his neck as nimble hands made quick work of his pants. Soon they met the same fate as the shirt - forgotten on the floor. A knee found its way between his legs and pushed them apart as a bare chest pressed against his back making the line of their bodies push flush together. 

The Alpha’s mouth continued its assault on his neck while hands secured themselves on his waist pulling him hard against the Alpha behind him, allowing him to feel the hard throbbing of the member he desperately wanted buried in him. Said Alpha began to rub himself up and down the Omega’s crack, electing all kinds of sound from him. 

“You want this?” he whispered. The Omega nodded eagerly. “Prove it, bare your neck to me so I can claim you.” 

At first he stood there as unmoving as a mountain, a battle of instincts playing out in his mind, till one side finally won and he slowly began to lean his head forward and to the side, exposing the column of his neck and scent glands to the Alpha. 

“Good Omega.” the growled, a low rumble from deep within his chest. 

Quicker than lightning he found himself being impaled by the Alpha’s hard shaft and sharp teeth buried deep into the back of his neck making him scream and smash his fist against the surface in front of him as he came hard against the wall. 

Everything began to change in that single moment. It was like everything suddenly felt real, as if he was waking up from a dream he never knew he was in. It was like everything suddenly made sense while before it was nothing but confusion. It was like everything was suddenly right, where before it was all wrong……. It was suddenly feeling whole, when he never knew he was empty. And, it was like that feeling of being lost, then suddenly found. 

He was overwhelmed by the feelings wrapping around him, his mind became clouded as his body went limp. The Alpha behind him…… no that was wrong….. His Alpha behind him - yes that was better - quickly caught him and pushed him against the wall for support. 

Removing his teeth from his neck his Alpha whispered, “Don’t think that we’re done yet,” he purred, “We’re only just getting started, now that I’ve finally got you.” to punctuate his point he pulled out and slammed back into the Omega, hard, making said blond moan out loud trying to grab onto anything solid to keep him grounded. 

Over and over again his Alpha took him, eventually moving them to the bed at his request. It had to have been hours because he was exhausted and soon the room was filling with an unpleasant smell making him whimper. 

“Don’t let them take me.” he cried as he buried himself in the Alpha’s chest. 

“Never again will I let you go.” his Alpha growled. 

All too soon the gas took over his body, forcing them both into a reluctant sleep. 

The door to the small room opened revealing Dr. Haruno. 

“Is my boy okay?” Kushina asked as she stood. 

Closing the door behind her, Dr. Haruno nodded. “Yes, it is done, they should both be safe now.” 

Itachi ran a nervous hand through his head, “When can I see my brother?” 

“I advise waiting till they wake up, and maybe even several hours later. His bond with Naruto is very fresh, so he will likely be agitated if he’s aproaded my another Alpha - mated or not - he will likely see you as a threat to his mate and possible child.” 

“Naruto’s pregnant again?” Minato asked as he pulled his now shaking wife down into his lap, being mindful of the sleeping baby on his chest. 

“I wont say yes, but the chances are high.” taking a seat on the other side of the hall to the concerned party Dr. Haruno continued, “I also advise that they be together on wednesdays - maybe staying the night with each other - and on weekends till Naruto enters his next Heat. This will help cement their bond and stop any further issues.”

“But if he’s fallen pregnant from this, he won't get another Heat for a long time.” Kushina said shakily. 

“This is true, but they still need to cement their bond, otherwise issues could arise.” at the sound of the elevator opening in the distance followed by heels stepping out and coming down the hall, Dr. Haruno suddenly stood up and at attention. 

It was late at night - or early morning, none of them had really looked at the time - and none of the worried party could understand why someone would wear heels at this time. It couldn’t be a nurse or doctor, they all wore soft soled sneakers and it couldn’t be a visitor since visiting hour wasn’t till after the sun rose. 

Anticipation killed them all as the sound grew louder and louder till the mystery person came around the corner. 

Both Kushina and Minato looked on curiously as Itachi and Deidara both paled.

Chapter Text

“Father?” Itachi whispered as he stared at his fathers makeup covered face, “What are you doing here and what more, what are you wearing?” he looked on with a mixture of horror and curiosity. 

“Well, it’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for a while now.” the older raven said with a slight blush. “Your mother and I have never been comfortable in the bodies we were given, so we have finally decided - now that you boys are old enough - that we would finally do what we’ve always wanted to do that makes us feel happy.”

“And this,” Itachi gestured to his fathers frilly dress and heels, “Is what makes you feel happy?” he questioned. 

“Yep.” Fugaku smiled brightly at him. “What do you think so far? I’m yet to have my surgery, but when I do, I’ll look even better.” 

Itachi shrugged. 

JOKES!! Onwards with the real story!

“Mother?” Itachi whispered as he took a shakie step back, “What are you doing here?” 

“Is that any way to greet your mother?” she questioned, looking down at him with a blank face. 

“No,” he shook his head before walking over and taking her hand, bowing he touched it to his forehead. “Forgive me mother, how are you?” 

“I am well.” she answered, bringing her spare hand to her mouth coyly, fingers playing along her lips. “Your father on the other hand is still overseas trying to negotiate a business deal with that stupid Hyuga group again, I swear that man never learns.” she laughed, her gaze slipping over to Deidara expectantly. 

“Pleasant greetings mother-in-law.” Deidara said, as he bowed towards the older raven woman. “What brings you here?” he subtly asked. 

“To see my sons of course.” she smiled wickedly, turning to look down at her eldest son again. 

“How?” Itachi breathed out as he looked up at her.

“The real question is, did you really think you could hide something from me?” she deadpanned him. “Your father may be socially inept when it comes to the pair of you, but I, am not.” turning to the silent doctor still standing at attention, she nodded her head once, “You are dismissed.” 

“Thank you.” Dr. Haruno replied with a bow before walking away. 

“Really? Did you think you could hide something like this from me?”

“How did you find out?” Itachi challenged her. 

“Who do you think funds this hospital?” she said as she placed her manicured hands on her hips, “Better yet, who do you think approved this course of treatment?” 

“No…” Itachi shook his head. “I paid for silence.”

“Funny thing, my dear son,” she said, her voice becoming low as she stepped towards him, hands falling to her side as she loomed over him, an outstretched hand caressing his cheek gently. “Compared to me, you are in the little leagues. Who do you think it was that stalled you for so long in finding his little Omega and offspring.” 

Itachi paled further, staring at his mother with something akin to fear, as if truly seeing her for the first time.

Sensing the rising tension Kushina decided to break the ice and make herself known, “Excuse me,” she whispered as she came into view of the other woman, “My name’s Kushina, I’m Naruto’s mother.” 

Turning to look directly at the redhead the raven haired woman smiled warmly, “Forgive my rudeness,” she ducked her head and blushed, “My name’s Mikoto, I’m Sasuke’s mother and as I head it, my boy has caused you and your family a great deal of heartache.” 

“On the contrary, I think my son has also caused you much heartache.” Kushina waved her hands around.

“A bit.” Mikoto smiled while nodding. “It would seem both our boys have caused a bit of a mess, at this point I think it best if we go elsewhere and talk, just the two of us.”

Mikoto turned with the flick of her hair and began to walk back the way she came, the sound of her heels clicking against the floor echoing as she went. After a couple of seconds of hesitation, Kushina followed at a quick pace to catch up. 

The pair took the elevator up several floors and continued their trek in silence. Eventually they came to a stop in front of a door. Opening it Mikoto ushered Kushina in before closing it behind them. 

“Would you like some tea?” Mikoto asked as she mulled around the spacious office. 

“Please.” Kushina answered as she took a seat in one of the plush chairs offered to her. A steaming ornate cup of tea on matching saucer was soon placed in front of her on the small coffee table along with a three tiered hi-tea plate of food. 

“I didn’t know what would be to your taste, so I had a mix of sweet and savoury prepared.” Mikoto said as she took a seat opposite the redhead and picked up her own matching tea cup and saucer, taking a sip. “I’m sorry for how I acted earlier, as an Alpha married to another Alpha, I’m expected to always appear in control, when honestly all I wanted to do was run in and give both my babies hugs.”

Taken aback by the sudden change in the Alpha woman, Kushina giggles. “I totally understand, it’s hard being a mother sometimes.” she whispered before becoming solemn, her gaze casting down to the tea-cup clutched in her hands, on her lap. “My son no longer trusts me, he thinks I’ve betrayed him by forcing him to mate, and worse, he thinks I’ve been lying to him.” 

“It was necessary to keep them alive.” Mikoto whispered too. Taking a deep breath, she forced a smile, “I hear I have a grandson, do you have any photos on you?”

Smiling softly, Kushina placed her cup back on its saucer on the table before reaching for her phone. “Do I have photos of my grandson….” she said sarcastically, “What kind of a grandmother would I be if I didn’t?” she laughed as she began to show the other woman photos upon photos. 

It went on like this for a good few hours, both women jumping from topic to topic, anything that popped into their heads was fair game to converse about. But like all conversations, they always have to come to an end eventually. There's ended when they both arrived at the topic, one that would be difficult to discuss because it was about their son’s futures. 

“What would you like to do about a Commitment Ceremony?” Kushina suddenly asked as she took a bite of a small, bite sized, crustless sandwich. 

Sighing, Mikoto finished the bite she had taken then answered, “I feel it would be best if they went through with a traditional ceremony rather than a new aged ceremony, my only reasoning is because of their type of bond.”

“I agree.” Kushina nodded thoughtfully.

“Of course as the Alpha side we would take care of the cost of the ceremony, accommodation of all guests and the party afterwards. The only question that remains, is the location and style. Since they are meant to be the Omega’s choices, I will hold off on organizing anything till we can confirm his decisions.” 

“That I can actually help you with.” Kushina answered, going through her bag and pulling out a tattered, leather bound, A5 book and handing it to the Alpha woman. “All through his childhood and into his teen years, I had Naruto design his dream Commitment Ceremony. That book contains everything he has ever spoken about or pointed out in magazines or in passing.” 

Mikoto looked over the book briefly and was amazed at the detail that Naruto went into, but even further, that Kushina had not only written it all down, but included cutouts and photographs with detailed explanations beside each thing. Here and there there were things scribbled out, as if he had changed his mind or grown out of it, but with this, she could create the perfect ceremony for both of them. 

The first thing he noticed when he woke was how warm he felt, warm and safe. Safer in fact than he had ever felt in his life. Snuggling further into that warmth he felt as it tightened around him. Slowly his mind began to wake up with his consciousness, alerting him more to his surroundings, like the fact that yes, he was in a super comfy bed and more so, that there was another body in it with him. 

Realizing the second fact, Naruto screamed and all but thrust himself out of the bed only to be caught by another set of arms. Turning he saw an older raven - Itachi his mind slowly supplied him - it was then that the events of the previous night hit him. 

The dinner, it getting ruined, learning of his fate, his fate forcing him to go to a hospital, and finally…. mating with Sasuke - granted, that part was fuzzy, like trying to look through a stained glass window made up of many different shaded glass. Tears filled his eyes and began to run down his cheeks. 

“Why, why….” he whimpered, “My life was finally perfect.” 

“Nothing’s really changed, your life’s still going to be perfect, you’ll see.”

“Bullshit, bullshit !” Naruto cursed, pushing the older raven away, “My life is over!” 

“No it’s not, all that’s changed from then and now is that you have a mate.” Itachi tried to reassure the blond.

“You got to pick your mate,” Naruto hissed, tears continuing to stain his cheeks as they began to flush red with anger. “While I was forced to mate with someone because of biology!” 

At this Itachi had no comeback, at least not a fairy tale one he thought Naruto would want. “I promise you, your life isn’t over.” he bowed his head, “If anything, it’s just beginning, I should know.” 

“Know, KNOW, you mated for love .” Naruto growled, taking a shaky breath as raged ripped through him, changing the colour of his eyes. 

“Naruto, I don’t think you understand,” 

“No,” Naruto growled, cutting him off and jabbing a finger into his chest. “You don’t understand. For the first time in my life everything was going how I wanted it and you had to come along and ruin it!” 

Itachi’s eyes flashed red several times before he got himself under control. “Fine, you want it to go back to how it was? There’s the door,” he pointed to it, “ Leave .”

With a glare Naruto walked over to the door, wretched it open and walked out. He barely got halfway down the hall before he started to feel an overwhelming pain that brought him to his knees. 

“Wa…. what’s going on?” the blond whimpered. 

“Naruto,” Itachi whispered as he crouched down next to the blond and helped him up, leading him back to the room, “What you and Sasuke have is the same as what Deidara and I have, a soul bond. To be apart feels like death. Trust me when I say, you’ll feel the difference if you just let yourself feel it, if you do you’ll be happier for it.” 

The raven Alpha guided the blond Omega back into the room and when Naruto’s eyes landed on Sasuke, he instantly felt better….. And calmer.

“Why?…. Why does it have to be like this?….. Why does it have to be me?..... What did I ever do to deserve this?” he sniffed. 

Itachi sighed as he walked towards the door, his hand on its handle, “Do you really think Deidara and I started out as the perfectly lovey-dovey couple we are now?” he questioned before leaving. 

Bringing his fists to his eyes Naruto rubbed at them furiously out of anger. At that moment, all he wanted to do was crawl into his bed, snuggle with his son and forget everything about this whole situation. But he was an adult, and adults don’t do that. Taking a deep breath he looked around the room and spotted a door with a shower symbol on it. 

Second best thing at the moment was a shower. Although someone had taken the time and effort to clean him already - which really should bother him more than it did - a lone shower with no one to bother him sounded like the perfect thing at that moment. 

Waking felt like he’d been asleep for days, no, scratch that, months. He felt weak, but a pleasant smell enticed him to wake. Stirring he had him hearing a familiar voice, one that felt like he hadn’t heard in ages. 

“Glad to see you finally waking, how do you feel?” 

“Like a train hit me repetitively.” Sasuke blanched. “But at the same time, rested.”

Itachi chuckled, “You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice again.” he whispered as he stepped up to the bed. 

Instantly Sasuke’s eyes were open, he was sitting up and a deep growl was rumbling in his chest. He couldn’t understand why, but he felt the need to protect, take over him as he bared his teeth at his brother, forcing the other to take several steps back.

Once Itachi was far enough back, his body calmed down. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me….” Sasuke said, turning away in shame as he scratched his head

“It’s okay.” Itachi said, pulling up a chair at the safe distance that Sasuke had indicated. 

“Hey Tachi, where am I?” Sasuke asked, looking around the room.

“Tell me, what’s the last thing you remember?” Itachi asked instead of answering. 

Sasuke glared at him, but eventually sighed in defeat. “The last thing I properly remember is you telling me Naruto resigned, after that it kind of becomes disjointed and fragmented, like trying to watch tv underwater while ripples cover it’s surface.”

“Hm….” Itachi murmurs before looking straight up at his brother, “You’ve been in what’s called an ‘Omega withdrawal break’. It happens when you’re separated from your bonded partner.” 

“But I don’t have a bond partner.” the younger Alpha replied with confusion. 

Itachi sighed as he slumped into his chair and covered his face with a hand. “The night you slept with Naruto, you formed an incomplete Soulbond.”

“Like what you and Deidara have?” Sasuke asked, thoughtfully.

“Exactly like what Dei and I have.” Itachi sighed again, “Difference is, yours being incomplete meant that it almost killed you.” 

“Then how am I still alive?” 

“The only way to save you was for you to mate with someone.” Itachi whispered. 

“You didn’t…” Sasuke hesitantly asked. After Itachi nodded the younger raven deflated and looked away in defeat. “You did…” refusing to look at his brother he asked, “Who? Who is my mate?” 

“Sasuke, you have to understand you almost died, and worse you went insane.”

“How insane?” he asked curiously, side glancing Itachi.

“You accused me of conspiring against you, of making Naruto leave, you attacked me and worse, you attacked my mate.” 

“Oh Kami,” Sasuke choked, covering his mouth and giving Itachi his full attention, “Is Deidara okay?” 

“He’s fine,” Itachi waved him off with his spare hand. “He was saved because he was covered in Naruto and Menma’s scent.” 

“That’s good.” Sasuke sighed with relief, till his brain caught up with the last part of what his brother had said. “Wait, why was he covered in Naruto’s scent and who’s Menma?” he growled the last part. 

“We spent almost a year looking for Naruto and when we found him, I had Dei start up a new company. Then we dropped a recruitment flyer into Naruto’s mail box, so he would apply and we could keep an eye on him. It made it all the more easier since most don’t know Dei is my mate.” 

Ignoring the fact that his brother had admitted he had been crazy for the better part of a year, he instead focused on the new name. “Who’s Menma?” he continued to growl as his eyes bled red again. 

With a deep sigh Itachi looked between his fingers at Sasuke, “Your son.” he answered. 

That stopped Sasuke in his tracks and made his mind almost shut down for a moment. When he could finally speak again he whispered “I have a son?”

Chapter Text

Even though Mikoto was an Alpha, not once did she try to dominate Kushina during their time together, in fact the pair were getting along so well they were on a fast track to becoming really close friends. So much so that not only had they already swapted details, but were organizing a couple’s retreat with themselves and their mates.

“This will be great!” Kushina giggled as they walked down the corridor to Naruto and Sasuke’s shared room. 

“Agreed, I can’t wait to just relax on a beach for once. No work, no commitments, just good friends and relaxation.” Mikoto agreed.

As they approached the room, laughing madly in their own happy little bubble, they found it quickly being popped, the reality of their current situation hitting them. The closer they got to the room, the louder the yelling coming from their boys became. 

“NO! I won’t let you see him! You’ll just try to take him away from me!” 

“I’m his father and after the stunt you already pulled, I have every right to!” 

The women looked at each other before hurrying their steps and bursting into the room, finding both their boys awake and in what looked and sounded like a heated argument. 

“Naruto,”, “Sasuke,” both mothers called out, gaining both boys attention, “What’s going on?” they asked together.

“He’s trying to take my son away.” Naruto accused, pointing at the raven haired Alpha male. 

“He’s my son too and I have every right to meet him.” Sasuke growled back, crossing his arms in defence. 

With that being said, Naruto faced Sasuke and seemed to start up again. “Bullshit, the moment you have him in your arms, you’ll run!”

“And if I did, I would have every right to! You already stole his birth from me, so don’t make this all about you!”

Naruto growled and was about to lunge at Sasuke when his mother stepped in front and blocked the Alpha from view, Mikoto seeming to do the same to Sasuke. 

“Now now,” Mikoto said calmly, “I’m sure we can work this out like reasonable adults .” 

“Who the hell are you?” Naruto growled.

“Don’t speak to my mother like that!” Sasuke growled back as he tried to step around the raven woman. 

“Sasuke, enough.” Mikoto warned before turning slightly towards Naruto, “Forgive me, my name is Mikoto, I’m Sasuke’s mother. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“At least someone in your family is polite, asshole.” Naruto huffed as he looked away from the pair of ravens. 

“Naruto, hunny, why don’t you sit down and tell me what’s going on.” Kushina said softly as she coaxed the blond Omega into sitting on a chair that was close by. 

Once sitting, Naruto took several calming breaths before turning to his mother, but before he could get a word in, Sasuke beat him to it. “The moron won’t let me meet my son!” he yelled. 

“Now that you know about him, all you’re going to want to do is take him away from me and maybe go start a perfect little family with a perfect little obedient Omega!” Naruto yelled back, trying to stand again, but his mother kept him in place. “He’s all I have! You can’t have him!”

“Get it through your thick brain! I-just-want-to-meet-my-son !” Sasuke growled out each word through gritted teeth.

“Naruto sweetheart,” Kushina whispered, trying desperately to keep the emotionally unstable Omega calm. “Sasuke just wants to meet his son, wouldn’t you feel the same if it was the other way around?” 

Naruto glared at the floor, but after a moment nodded. 

“Naruto, please.” Mikoto begged, “We just want to meet him, no one’s going to take him from you, that I can promise.” 

“If I did take him, I would have every right.” Sasuke mumbled, but it was purposely loud enough for Naruto to hear. 

“What did you say, asshole?” Naruto growled as he stood, fists clenched tight enough to turn his knuckles white.

“Sasuke!” Mikoto growled, turning towards her son.

“Naruto please, think about what you’re doing.” Kushina begged as she tried to stand in front of her son again. 

“No, I’ve had enough of this asshole ruining my life!” the blond growled. 

“Is that what you think I did?” Sasuke hissed, “What about me?”

“What about you? You’re an Alpha, you can have anything you want handed to you on a silver platter!” Just as Naruto took a step towards Sasuke, the door to their room opened and Itachi and Minato walked in, bags of food in hand.

“What’s going on?” Itachi asked as he placed his bags down on a nearby chair.

“This idiot wont let me see my son!” Sasuke growled. 

Itachi sighed as he began to walk towards Naruto, but stopped a few meters away from him as Sasuke began to growl. “Naruto, please. Think about it, Sasuke just wants to meet his son and be there to watch him grow up. At the moment you have all the control.” he placed his hands out in front of himself, showing he meant no harm. “You can be the one to dictate how everything goes, but please, just let him meet his son.”

“Naruto, son.” Minato whispered from the door. “Do you really want Menma growing up without a father?” 

“What if he tries to run?” Naruto asked, his head dropping, hair covering his eyes. 

“We’ll all be here.” Minato answered as he walked towards the blond Omega. 

Itachi was quick to grab the other Alpha by the elbow when he heard Sasuke begin to growl again and pull them back a few steps, till the newly mated Alpha began to settle.

It took all the parents quite some time, some slow coaxing and a lot of promises before Naruto finally agreed to let Sasuke meet their son. It was settled that Kushina - being the only other Omega in the room - would give Menma to Naruto and Naruto would be the one to walk over to Sasuke when he was ready. 

With everything ready Minato took the sleeping child out of the carrier on his chest and passed him to Kushina, who then walked over and gave him to Naruto. Naruto hugged his son close as he took several calming breaths. Once he was ready he slowly began his trek across the room to the waiting raven Alpha on the other side. 

With all the parents on one side of the room and the newly bonded couple on the other, the room itself seemed to hold its breath as Naruto slowly passed the sleeping child to Sasuke. 

At first Sasuke just stared down at the child awkwardly, his arms feeling uncomfortable as he held him, but after Naruto readjusted his hold and the seconds ticked by at an eternal pace, the child’s eyes slowly opened and looked up at him. Clear blue eyes only a shade or two darker than Naruto’s stared up at black and for a split second everything in Sasuke’s world stood still, then he felt something deep inside of him click. 

Eye turned red and tears slowly made their way down his cheeks as he drew the child in closer, taking in his scent as he went. It was a fresh spring smell, like Naruto’s but with an underlining scent of something akin to a storm brewing - which he imagined was what he smelled like.  

Sasuke had never considered kids growing up, he always thought that that was something his brother would do, but not him. He wouldn’t say he hated kids, but he had always thought that he resembled his father too much and didn’t want his own kids to suffer through that. But looking down at the child in his arms, a small smile crept onto his face and he knew in that moment, he would never be like his father.  

With a deep content sigh Naruto gazed at the pair, his eye’s flashing violet, “Sasuke, this is Menma. Menma, this is your daddy.” he cooed to the baby now snuggling into Sasuke’s chest. 

Slowly Naruto crept closer to the pair, drawing in the mixing of their scent, and against everything that he wanted to think, this new blend of scent smelt safe and like ‘home’.  

Unbeknown to the pair, all the parents quietly slipped out of the room to give them some privacy. 

“I think it’s time I called my mate and tell him what’s been going on with our sons.” Mikoto bowed as she excused herself. 

With a deep sigh Itachi nodded, “I should probably update Dei. He’s probably got grip marks all over his desk by now from worry.” the raven chuckled as he pulled out his phone and too walked off. 

With the two Uchiha’s gone, Kushina took a seat out the front of the boys room. “May as well wait till they need us.”

“Hmmmm….” Minato sighed as he too took a seat. “Just wish I grabbed one of the bags on our way out…” at that moment, his stomach gave a loud grumble.

Kushina laughed as she rose, grabbing her mate's hand on the way. “Let’s go to the cafeteria.” 

Some time had passed and the pair had made themselves comfortable on the bed, with Menma cradled between them. Although still guarded against each other they had fallen into a peaceful slumber, till the sound of the door opening had the pair looking over on high alert at the sudden intruder. 

Doctor Haruno made her way into the room - keeping her distance from them to avoid a territorial display - stopping several meters from their bed while still being visible by the pair. 

“Sorry for the intrusion, but there are several things we need to discuss before the pair of you are discharged.” receiving a glare from the pair she ignored it and continued. “As your bond is still new and a soulbond at that, you will need to maintain some sort of closeness for at least the next few months, till your bond settles.” 

Both boys looked at each other and growled, their hands slowly creeping towards the sleeping form between them, but before they could do anything drastic, Dr. Haruno cut them off. 

“I advise you to be in contact on Wednesdays - maybe stay the night - and on weekends. The more time you spend with each other the faster your bond will become cemented.” 

“You mean I have to actually spend time with this asshole?” Naruto hissed, pointing at the raven Alpha. 

Nodding Dr. Haruno continued. “I also advise that during your time together, you either engage in intimate acts or at least have some sort of physical contact with each other.”

The pair choked, both starting up and objecting to the requirement for some sort of intimacy between them. 

“Unless you both want to end up back here, then I suggest you follow my suggestion.” with that she turned on her heel and left, leaving them to their spinning thoughts. 

It was Sasuke that finally broke the silence. “How do you want to do this?” 

“What do you mean?” Naruto glared. 

“Do you want to come to mine or should I come to yours?” 

Naruto thought it over for a bit before sighing. “Flying with Menma will be a pain and everything I need for him is at mine, could you come to us?” 

“Sounds reasonable.” Sasuke nodded, not wanting to start anything that would jeopardize him continuing to see his son. 

“Fine.” Naruto nodded with a deep sigh as he stood up and received a cloth and wrap from Menma’s baby bag - located on a chair close by. Returning to the bed he scooped Menma up and covered both himself and Menma before feeding his son. Feeling Sasuke’s stare he looked up and glared at the raven, “What?” he growled.

Sasuke pointed at him before asking, “What are you doing?”

“My chest hurts and the fastest way to relieve it is to feed Menma.”

“C…. Can I see?” Sasuke asked hesitantly.

“Why?” Naruto snapped. “So you can make fun of me for being a male that can breastfeed?” 

“No.” Sasuke shook his head. “I’m just curious.” 

“Well be curious somewhere else.” Naruto growled, turning his head away. After a moment of silence and a quick glance at Sasuke’s depressed face, he started to feel guilty. He knew that male Omega’s were rare as it was - only 10% of the population rare - and one’s that could breastfeed even rarer - less than 2% of that -, so it was only natural for the Alpha to be curious. 

Sighing, Naruto hesitantly removed the cloth. Unlike women who had large breasts to feed their babies, male Omega pecs as a whole would slightly elevate from their chest, allowing for room for the milk to develop. 

Sasuke gazed at him as their son suckled and to the blond's surprise, he didn’t feel the embarrassment he normally did from those that watched him or see the disapproving gaze from those that criticize him for being a male Omega. If anything, Sasuke just seemed just what he said, ‘ curious ’.

Once Menma was done with one side he instinctively let go to seek out the other side. Without missing a beat Naruto quickly swapped him over and in an instant Menma was suckling again. 

“Does it hurt?” Sasuke asked, his gaze on the child in Naruto’s arms as he fed.

“Breastfeeding?” Naruto clarified curiously. After receiving a nod he answered. “It did at the beginning, till I saw a Lactation Consultant and learnt how to get him to properly latch. It still hurts when he tries to come off while still suckling and worse when he decides to bite down hard, I think a tooth or two are descending.”

“Can I touch you?” Sasuke asked as he stared at the blond. 

Naruto was about to glare and say no, but part of him wanted to be touched. Worrying his lip between his teeth he looked away while nodding. 

Sasuke’s hand was gentle as it caressed his chest, one side, then the other, feeling the difference between the full side and the empty side. “Amazing.” he whispered as he continued to gently grope the blond, earning tiny muffled moans. 

Teeth biting hard into his lip and breath becoming laboured Naruto had to turn away from the Alpha’s touch. “Please stop.” he whimpered, realizing he had started to release pheromones into the air.

“Sorry.” Sasuke whispered, quickly retracting his hand. With a cough he awkwardly stood, hand pulled the hospital gown out slightly to hide his shame. “Ah, I might go have a shower.” 

“Right.” Naruto nodded as his face flushed and he quickly covered himself and Menma up. 

As quick as a flash Sasuke was gone, leaving Naruto and Menma alone. With a soft sigh Naruto curled around the baby boy into his arms, biting his lip again as he whispered, “What are we going to do Menma?”

From under the cloth, a small hand pushed up and rubbed Naruto’s face, instantly calming the blond. 

“You’re right, we should give him a chance.” Naruto whispered. 

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Naruto had been home now for three days and in those three days he had moved into his own small apartment near his parents and his ‘ work ’ had been understanding enough to let him work from home. It wasn't easy and worse, it was lonely without his parents' presence and his body was craving the Alpha that wasn't there, but he was managing. 

As he sat on the couch his body was itching all over and his thighs kept desperately rubbing together for some kind of friction, while he outright denied his hands the pleasure of touching himself. He would not give into his urges, he would not give into his bond and he would not give his son over to a man he barely knew. 

Menma’s cries rang out throughout the apartment startling him back to reality as the young boy woke up from his nap. Quickly, Naruto put his laptop down and ran towards the crying child, scooping him up into his arms. 

“Is my little man hungry?” He cooed as he changed Menma’s diaper then danced out of the room towards the living room. There he made himself comfy and began to feed the hungry boy while going back to his work. 

A little while later while the blond Omega was burping his raven baby, the pair was interrupted by a knock at the door. Walking over with Menma still on his shoulder he looked through the peephole and saw the bane of his existence. 

Instantly he felt the contraction deep within him that was the precursor to slick leaking out and that incessant itch was back again, making his thighs rub together. Sighing he lent his head on the door before taking a deep breath and unlocking it to let the raven Alpha in. 

“You’re early.” Naruto mumbled as he walked away, leaving Sasuke to shut and lock the door behind him. 

“I caught an earlier flight.” He answered, following the blond Omega into the small apartment, placing his overnight bag on the floor of the living room. 

“I don’t have a guest room, so you’ll have to sleep on the couch.” Naruto mumbled as he went back to the couch and back to work, while still burping Menma. 

“The couch is fine.” The raven answered as he stood in front of the blond looking awkward. 

“Do something, don’t just stand there.” Naruto hissed as he moved some of his work aside, making room for the raven on the couch. 

Sasuke hesitantly took a seat next to the pair, his nervous energy instantly affecting the small child in Naruto’s arms making him restless and begin to cry.

“Sorry.” The raven whispered, “I don’t know what to do.”

Sighing, Naruto turned and grabbed a cloth from next to the couch then threw it onto Sasuke’s shoulder, there he placed the whimpering baby on the raven and quickly re-arranged the raven’s arms so Menma was secure. “Pat his back gently till he burps, then rub small circles to keep him calm.” 

“Like this?” Sasuke asked as he tried to pat Menma on the back but ended up with his hand too low. 

“Higher.” Naruto answered as he moved the raven’s hand up to the middle of Menma’s back. After several more attempts, Naruto laughed. “You’re shit at this.”

Glaring at the blond, Sasuke hissed, “I’ve been in a crazed state for just over a year and when I finally come to my senses, I suddenly find out I’m a father. Give me a break, I’m trying here.” 

Rolling his eyes, Naruto stood, taking Menma with him. “I’m going to make dinner.” 

Panic filled the raven as his inner Alpha went into overdrive at the sudden loss of the small child. Quickly he stood and followed the pair into the small kitchen. “I could take him while you cook.”

“Sure.” the blond Omega laughed sarcastically. “You can barely burp him.”

Dead panning Naruto, Sasuke lent against the door frame to the kitchen. “How am I meant to get better if you won’t let me?” 

Naruto stared at him for a while before nodding, “Fine, but you have to stay in the kitchen where I can see you.” 

Sasuke agreed and Naruto carefully passed the wriggling baby to the raven Alpha again. Menma stared up at Sasuke for a bit before glaring at him and beginning to cry, arms reaching out for his mother. 

Naruto came over and cooed Menma until he was calm again, before going back to cooking. During this time Menma alternated between glaring up at the raven Alpha and snuggling into him. 

After an awkward dinner - which consisted of mostly small talk - Naruto showed Sasuke how to bathe Menma before putting the small child to bed. This found the pair sitting on the couch together in an uncomfortable silence. 

“I think it’s time for bed.” Naruto said as he stood to get a pillow and blanket for the Alpha. 

Sasuke’s hand reached out like a whip and caught Naruto around the wrist. “The doctor said we needed to have some sort of physical contact, else we want to end up back in the hospital.” 

Naruto wanted to argue, it was written all over his face, but he chose not to. Instead he turned around and stripped off his shirt before depositing himself down onto the raven Alpha’s lap with a huff.

It took Sasuke a moment to register what was going on, but when he did he was quick to remove his own shirt. Once the garment was gone, Naruto leant back into the raven while Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blonds waist. 

“Don’t get any funny ideas.” Naruto growled as he squirmed a bit to make himself comfortable. 

“Wouldn’t want to even if you offered.” Sasuke mocked, rolling his eyes as his hands automatically began to caress the blond. 

To that the raven received a slap on the arm. “Watch it.” 

Sighing Sasuke’s hands fell away as his head dropped onto the back of the couch. “How do you expect to do any form of physical contact without the contact part?”

Taking in a deep breath and puffing out his cheeks as he held it, Naruto lent back further onto the raven, his head tilting back over the raven’s shoulder as he crossed his arms. Deflating completely he growled, “Better?” 

“Much.” Sasuke sighed quietly as he took in the Omega’s scent, with Naruto subtly doing the same. Neither would admit it out loud but the other’s scent was comforting to them, in more ways than one.

After a while though Naruto couldn’t take the silence of the room any further and reached over grabbing the remote off the arm of the couch, flicking the TV on to some random reality show, something - anything - that would give ambiance to the awkwardness that had befallen them.

As one show turned into another and the night became later and later, Naruto found himself nodding off to the pleasant scent and warmth surrounding him, his head resting back onto Sasuke’s shoulder, the raven’s arms tightly wrapped around him.

“We should go to bed.” Sasuke whispered as he jolted the blond slightly. 

“Hmmm.” Naruto mumbled as he turned more to face the Alpha, his eyes half lidded as he snuggled into Sasuke’s neck, taking in more of the Alpha’s scent.

Sasuke smiled softly as he gently picked up the smaller male, walking him to his bed. There he tucked Naruto in before turning out the lights, checking on Menma and making his way back out to the living room. 

On his way he passed what looked like a linen closet and found spare pillows and blankets. Dumping them on the couch he changed out of his work suit and into his boxers, leaving the shirt covered in both Menma and Naruto’s scent, out. After turning the lights off, he grabbed his business shirt and made himself comfortable on the couch, then fell into a peaceful slumber. 

The next morning Naruto woke up to a pleasant scent and a weighted warmth surrounding him. Slowly cracking open his eyes, he was met with a familiar porcelain chest. Once his mind caught up with him, he screamed, pushing away from the Alpha and ending up on the floor. 

“What the hell are you doing in my bed, Sasuke?” He screamed from the floor. 

Jolting up, Sasuke looked around. “ I’m not in your bed,” he sighed with a yawn. “ You’re on the couch.”

Before Naruto could respond to the raven, Menma started to scream. Scurrying to his feet, Naruto ran to Menma’s room. “Shh, shh.” He hushed the whimpering baby as he picked him up. “Mommies sorry, mommies sorry, he didn’t mean to yell.” Making his way over to the change table, he began to prep everything he would need. Sensing someone behind him, Naruto turned and saw Sasuke leaning against the door frame, staring at them. “What?” he growled.

“Want some help?” 

Taken aback by the offer, Naruto could only nod. 

Naruto spent the next fifteen minutes helping Sasuke change Menma’s diaper and get the baby boy dressed for the day. After what seemed like forever, Naruto sat down on the couch and began to feed Menma. 

While looking at the clock Naruto commented, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?”

“Yeah.” Sasuke sighed as he looked at the time. “Mind if I borrow your shower?”

“Sure.” Naruto answered, waving his hand towards the bathroom. 

Sasuke grabbed his overnight bag and disappeared into the bathroom and within minutes the water was running. Naruto let out a long sigh as he began to gently pat Menma as he fed. 

By the time Sasuke exited - all ready to leave for work - Menma was done feeding and well on his way to burping. 

“Ready?” Naruto asked as he stood, continuing to pat Menma gently on the back. 

“Yeah.” Sasuke sighed. 

Naruto watched as Sasuke grabbed his things and made his way to the front door. Something in the blond wanted to stop him, but he ignored it, holding the door for the raven. 

Sasuke stood in the doorway awkwardly before leaning forward and kissing the blond. 

“What are you doing?!” Naruto hissed, a blush spreading across his face. 

“Kissing my mate.” Sasuke smirked as he left. “See you on the weekend.” 

Puffing out his cheeks Naruto growled, “Well…. Well….. Gah! Whatever, see you on the weekend.” He growled, before shutting the door and leaning on it. 

He only needed to survive this for a couple more months. He just needed the bond to settle, then he could go back to his perfect life. Sighing he pushed off from the door, till then he had work to do and an adorable baby to keep him company. He could do this. 


Chapter Text


This chapter has the following trigger  warnings

Mentions of past parental abuse/control

Mentions of attempted forced underage mating/sex

Mentions of past violence and grievous bodily harm

A synopsis will be placed at the start of the next chapter for those that do not want to read this section.

The section after this contains not trigger warnings, so feel free to skip if the above is not your cup of tea and read the synopsis in the next chapter to come.

Kushina and Mikoto worked tirelessly, night and day from the moment their boys bonded. Even though the situation wasn’t ideal, the mothers wanted to make the best of it and if that meant giving both of them their perfect Commitment Ceremony, that is what they would do. 

It was a rush job - to the max - but they somehow pulled it off. The venue was booked out to allow for maximum privacy, the caterer and menu was sorted to both boys preferred liking and the decorations were in place. Everything was ready and the mothers were both proud of themselves as they did a final walk through, fixing minor things as they went. 

All that was left was getting their boys. Both Sasuke and Naruto knew about the preparations - as unwilling as they were - but they knew it was the right thing to do, so when the call came, the pair begrudgingly packed their bags and were whisked off to opposite ends of their accommodation for some alone time before the Ceremony. 

Sasuke spent his time with the Alpher’s of his and Naruto’s family - minus his mother - quietly drinking, discussing business and the future. While Naruto spent his time with the Omega of both their families - plus Sasuke’s mother - lounging around, getting pampered and enjoying luxurious food and drink. 

Standing in front of the mirror, barely half dressed, Sasuke gazed at himself with something akin to melancholy. It had been just over a month since he had ‘woken up’ and found his whole life had been turned up-side-down. To wake up one day and suddenly find out that not only had he been in some kind of psychosis for a year but to also be suddenly mated and have a son was the shock of a lifetime. 

Don’t get him wrong, he was trying his best and he loved his son and on some levels his mate, but he couldn’t help but feel something was missing. 

As he continued to look at himself, memories of the past recent events began to surface. He could only remember small flashes of those memories from when his mind was absent. It was like looking through a haze covered window, he had more of a sense of emotions and feelings during that time than anything else.

Things like - Fear - Anger - Loneliness, and at times, minute slivers of happiness. 

He knew during that time he had hurt several people, both physically and mentally, but what hurt more was waking up to all this and trying to accept it, yet being denied the opportunity.

It was only Sasuke’s third time at Naruto’s place, but already he was starting to fall into a routine with the blond. When he arrived he would take Menma for a bit and Naruto would either make them food or take the time to have a shower on his own. 

Sasuke was even getting better at Menma’s basic care. He could now bathe the tiny human on his own and even dress him, changing diapers and feeding though were still a struggle, but he was sure he’d get there with a little more time and practice. 

As he held Menma in his arms, he watched as the small boy stared up at him, seeming to observe him as much as he was the child. Menma seemed to have inherited his observation and calculation trait.

After some time of just observing and poking each other, Menma seemed to come to the conclusion that Sasuke was okay because the tiny human eventually snuggled in and fell asleep on his chest.  

It was a little while after this that Naruto returned and to Sasuke’s annoyance he took Menma and placed him in his cot. It was always like this. It was like the blond Omega didn’t trust him with their child. 

“Heaven’s Sasuke, why aren’t you dressed? The Omega party has already arrived!” Croned his mother breaking him from his reminiscing as she stalked into the room with purpose.

“Is what I’m doing right?” Sasuke asked without even looking at her, his gaze fixated on his reflection in the mirror. 

“Of course what you’re doing is right, why would you ask that?” She fussed as she began to dress him in his many layers. 

“It doesn’t feel right.” He sighed. “Just a month ago I woke up and found out that not only had I been a psycho for a year and nearly attacked several people, but I was suddenly mated and had a kid. How the hell am I meant to feel about this?” He raged as he raised his arms so his mother could tie his sash.

“You're reacting as anyone would in your situation, what sets you apart from others though is how you choose to handle it.” She answered, face passive as she continued with her task. 

“What if this isn’t what I want?” He whispered, head hanging low, bangs covering his face. “Naruto is always going on about how it was a mistake and how this has ruined his life, but what about mine? I also had a life before his stupid heat!” He snarled, shrugging his mother off and away from him. 

“Sweetheart,” His mother started as she took a step back, giving him the space he needed. 

“No!” Sasuke growled as he turned around to face her, eyes ablaze with rage. “He thinks everything is about him , that it was just him that was affected by this whole damn situation, without even considering that I was also affected by this!” 

“Sasuke, please calm down.” Mikoto said sternly before sighing and taking a seat on a plush chair close by. “I was twelve when I found out I was an Alpha. And as it turned out, my parents had already lined up a suiter for each of my possible presentations. One for if I was an Omega, one for if I was a Beta and one for if I was an Alpha.” 

“Father?” Sasuke asked, calming down as he listened. 

“Because I turned out to be an Alpha.” She answered without emotion. 

“Did you love him?”

She shook her head, a child-like smile gracing her face as old memories came forth, “Heaven’s no.” She laughed. “He was a sixteen year old, already very dominating Alpha and I was a freshly minted twelve year old child Alpha. The first few times we were put together we fought, of course your father always won, being the older, stronger Alpha. But I gave it to him as good as he gave it to me.” She smirked, holding up her fist, manicured nails curling expertly into her hand like they were just as deadly as her fist itself. 

“Then how did you end up together, I mean, you love him now don’t you?” 

“Of course.” Her smirk turned soft as her gaze became glazed, reliving long forgotten memories. “We found a common ground and it allowed us to tolerate each other and eventually fall for each other.”

“What was it that brought you together?” Sasuke asked curiously. 

“We hated what our parents were doing to us.” Her smile turned sad. “On more than one occasion they tried to induce our Ruts, then they would lock us in a room together and hope for the best.”

“But you were a child!” Sasuke yelled, angry for his mother. 

“True, but back then, that didn’t matter and there was no law governing that you couldn’t do it. ‘If you have a Rut, you’re old enough to breed’ is what my father told me.”

“That’s disgusting.” He growled, having a new found hatred for his grandparents. 

“True, but it allowed us to become close.” Mikoto laughed. 

“How could that get you two closer?” He asked curiously.

“I think the tipping point was when I turned fourteen. After a while, every time your father and I met we would spend the time scheming and plotting against our parents, either pulling pranks or making their lives a living hell.” She smirked mischievously. “It was during one of our ‘ dates ’,” She quoted with her fingers, “That I convinced Fugaku to run away with me. What better way to escape a situation, then to escape it entirely.” She sighed. “But we didn’t get very far before we found ourselves in some serious trouble.”

“What happened?”

Taking a deep breath Mikoto subconsciously touched her shoulder, a point where Sasuke knew his father had a large scar. “We stood out too much due to how we dressed and because of that we caught the eye of a violent gang. They demanded money from us and when we said no and tried to run, they got aggressive.”

“Did they hurt you?” Sasuke asked, voice full of concern.

“No,” Mikoto shook her head. “Fugaku took the whole beating - even though he had no real attachment to me other than our forced relationship - he refused to let them touch me and defended me even when his legs shook from pain and exhaustion, and he was on the verge of passing out from blood loss. Somehow though my family found us right before Fugaku passed out. He was taken straight to hospital and into emergency surgery, then when he woke up he took the whole blame for us running away, saying it was all his idea and that he just dragged me along so I wouldn’t rat him out.”

After a long pause Mikoto looked up at Sasuke and smiled. “We found our common ground and made it work for us, you just need to do the same.”

“But how? He hates me.” Sasuke sighed. 

Smiling Mikoto looked at Sasuke. “Why not start small? Go on family outings so you can learn more about each other.” 

“Sounds easy enough.” Sasuke nodded, grabbing his phone and beginning to mumble to himself about possibilities as he started to search for things and places close to Naruto’s that they could visit and do. 

When a heavy knock came from the otherside of the door, Sasuke almost dropped his phone from surprise. “Is Sasuke ready yet? The Omega party is ready to start.” Came his fathers impatient voice. 

“Shoot.” Mikoto whispered aggressively as she stood and yelled back, “Almost, just finishing up and giving him some last minute advice. We’ll be there shortly.” Quickly she grabbed the last of Sasuke’s garment and confiscated his phone as she hurriedly dressed him. “Be the Alpha I know you are, and make that boy see you’re worth it too.” She grinned warmly before turning him around and pushing him towards the door. “Now go, make us proud!” 

Even though performing the committing part of the ceremony in front of everyone was the most awkward thing in the world for him, the saving grace had been that it was a Shinto Commitment Ceremony, the exact Ceremony Naruto had dreamt about his entire life, flawless right down to the minute detail and placement of everything. The venues and decor had been utterly perfect in every way. The food was beyond what his taste buds could comprehend and he was even able to wear all the kimono sets his imagination could dream up since he was a child - one for each part of the Ceremony.

But like all good things, it eventually came to an end. 

Falling onto the futon in his lavish room, Naruto gazed up at the ceiling with a drawn out sigh. He was expected to ‘mate’ with Sasuke now to complete the ceremony process - since he was dressed in his mating ritualistic attire -, but all he wanted to do was curl up with Menma and sleep for the next week. Who knew Commitment Ceremonies could be so tyresome. 

Laying back, he thought about the past, starting from when all this started and how much his life had changed since then and how unsure he still was about it all.

When he had woken up in Sasuke’s room, surrounded by his scent, for a split second it had felt amazing…. Till Sasuke opened his mouth and all but banished him with his cruel words. It had crushed his inner Omega and caused him to lash out in retaliation as a result.

Then he found out he was pregnant and was mortified. At first he was tempted to abort, but even as that thought formed, his inner Omega came forth and squashed it, then he ran away and had Menma on his own.

When he arrived at his parents house it was his father and uncle - both of whom were politicians - who easily helped him change his name. Then his godmother, who worked in the medical field, changed his second gender status for him - again.

When it came to his actual pregnancy, it had been almost textbook. Zero complication - unless you can call a few weeks of morning sickness complications, then yes, zero complications. His labor had been six hours and the pushing itself had barely been an hour. Then his recovery had him at almost before-baby-body within a month - to the envy of his mother. 

Barely two months after Menma’s birth he then got his dream job - even though it was all a ruse, it was still perfect and he loved it, may even be thankful to the raven but it was something he would never admit.

Finally that led him to that single night where everything fell both in place and apart. Itachi had been pulling all the strings. His dream job was all the older raven’s doing and all of it was to save both his and Sasuke’s life, this he now understood, but it didn’t stop him from feeling resentful for the whole situation. 

In truth, it was trust that was his issue now. Trusting in someone that had already hurt him. 

Naruto had started to become used to the raven coming around, even falling into some sort of routine by Sasuke’s third visit, but the blond still couldn't bring himself to trust the raven completely. He wanted to, he really did, but every time he saw the Alpha’s content look while snuggling with Menma, a voice deep within the blond would awaken once again and unearth his underlying fear that Sasuke would one day wake up and take his child away from him which would make him end up ruining the moment for the Alpha.

He knew what he was doing was wrong, but part of him wasn’t ready to commit to the Alpha yet. He felt like if he did, he would lose that part of him that made him what he was. That part that made him strong and independent. That part that made others look up to him as more than what his second gender made him be. That one single part that set him apart from other Omega. 

What he was doing to Sasuke was wrong. It was above selfish and that was a fact, something that he knew, but it was something that he was struggling with overcoming. To relinquish his control and give into what society dictated how an Omega should be and act, that was his biggest fear. 

The fear of being what society expected and casting away everything he was, all to become a ‘Kept Omega’, he just couldn’t do it…..

With the sound of the shoji sliding open, Naruto was broken from his inner crisis and rolled onto his stomach looking towards it. In an instant his breath was caught in his throat by the sight in front of him. In the entrance way of the room stood Sasuke, dressed in his mating attire - which was somewhat of a turn on and definitely not something he would ever admit out loud - but what surprised him more was that he was carrying Menma. 

“I thought you’d be more comfortable if you saw Menma before…. You know…...” Sasuke said with a small smile as he trailed off. 

Biting his lip, Naruto looked away but nodded, putting his arms out for his baby. Menma was placed into his arms and immediately snuggled in before beginning to paw at his chest. Smiling gently down at his son, Naruto undid his robe and allowed him to latch, humming softly as Menma suckled.  

He felt like he was in a dream, nothing that day had felt real even though he saw it with his own eyes and felt it with his own hands. The ceremony was like it had come straight out of a fairytale and even Sasuke looked surreal during it. A look almost akin to contentment had graced the blond’s face the whole time, but now that he had achieved his dream of having the perfect wedding, being mated and having a family, he wondered if it was what he really wanted or if it was just something his instincts told him he needed. 

When Menma was done, his mother came and took him away, leaving Naruto alone with Sasuke. The Alpha had been quiet the whole time, not uttering a single word, yet Naruto found that comforting rather than annoying. 

“I’ll respect your wishes if you don’t want to do anything tonight.” Sasuke said as he walked towards the Omega. 

“No,” Naruto sighed, “It wouldn’t be my dream day if I didn’t go all the way through to the end.” 

“If you’re sure…. Your mother sent this in, she said it might help you.” Sasuke said as he passed a small thin pen-like object to the blond. “Of course there's no pressure for you to use it if you don’t want to.”

Taking the offending object, Naruto saw it was a mild heat inducer. It wouldn’t induce a full blown heat like most would, it was more just to get him into the mood to mate. 

Staring at it, the blond felt a host of emotions begin to take over him, almost to the point that he felt like passing out from it all. His breath began to stutter and his body began to shake the longer his eyes stayed locked onto it. 

A hand closed over his, blocking the offensive item from view. Following the hand closed over his he gazed up into obsidian eyes. 

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to. I want to be a mate you can trust.” Sasuke whispered as he sat crouched in front of Naruto. 

Worrying his lip between his teeth, both him and his inner Omega believed it and with all the courage he could muster Naruto took a deep breath pulling his hand out of Sasuke’s and as quick as a flash he pressed the inducer against his leg clicking the button once it came in contact. 

The sharpness of the needle piercing his skin made him wince in pain before it quickly began to fade and was replaced with a warmth that spread out from the injection site. Before he knew it he had dropped the inducer and was beginning to pant as the warmth rapidly became heat. It wasn’t as bad as his real heat, but it was still uncomfortable. 

Slick began to seep from his hole and his legs started to rub together for some sort of friction, the need for something to fill him was all he could focus on as his gaze slowly followed the line of the Alpha’s body in front of him, till their eyes locked. 

“Do you trust me?” Sasuke asked, staying as still as a statue. 

Naruto’s breath was laboured as his mind rolled the words over. Did he trust Sasuke? Could he trust this Alpha with his future? He wanted to say no, but part of him wanted to say yes. 

“Show me I can trust you.” Naruto whispered instead as he crawled towards the Alpha.   

“I’ll show you everyday, till the day you feel it and beyond.” Sasuke whispered back as his hand cupped the Omega’s cheek. 

Naruto nuzzled into the Alpha’s large, warm hand almost purring with contentment as he gave his heated body over to the raven. 

Chapter Text

Summary of previous chapter for those that skipper

Sasuke is having second thoughts about committing to Naruto, mainly because Naruto seems to make a big deal about Sasuke ruining his life. During this inner turmoil rant we discover that his mother Mikoto hasn’t had the perfect life he always thought she had. 

Her partner was predetermined and so was her life, so much so that her parents controlled everything, even going so far as to attempt a young pregnancy. At the time Mikoto and Fugaku hated each other and tried on many occasions to rebel against their parents, even going so far as to run away, but they quickly ended up in a bad situation that resulted in Fugaku being seriously injured. It was then that the pair became close and formed a bond.

Mikoto goes on to explain to Sasuke that him and Naruto just need to find a common ground, something that can help them get closer to each other. 

Chapter Start

As Sasuke guided Naruto onto his back on top of the futon, he could feel how rigid the Omega was while placing a pillow under his lower spine for support. For all the blond was doing, he wasn’t ready and the way his legs clamped tightly shut proved that. 

Sasuke thought it'd be best to relax the blond first then wait for him to be ready before taking it any further. To begin with he gently picked up one of Naruto’s legs, feather-like touches caressing and massaging the Omega’s foot before moving up to his calf. Sasuke’s lips met with the sun kissed skin on top of the blonds toes before his tongue sank between them. Slowly he trailed his tongue up to the top of Naruto’s foot where he placed a delicate kiss. 

No words had to be exchanged, but the hint was there. The Alpha was giving the Omega all the control of this, the choice of when he was ready to go further.

As Sasuke’s hands continued their gentle massage, he could feel the Omega’s tension slowly melting away bit by bit but it wasn’t enough, judging by how tight his legs were still together. His lips continued to trace a slow path up, revealing more and more skin as he went. The fabric of Naruto's garment inching higher and higher, falling slightly to the side, till finally he was in view of the blond’s knee.

The raven could feel the blonds thighs rubbing together, forall he was doing, Naruto was still tense and unwilling to fully let go yet, as was evident by the fine tremor that ran through his body and the intense focused expression of his face, but Sasuke couldn’t be sure if that was the induced heat or just stress from the situation. Seeing this, Sasuke decided to change tactics. 

Sitting back a bit from the Omega, the Alpha began by partially undressing himself, pulling out his own member and began to stroke it lazily. 

At the loss of contact, electric blue eyes slowly opened and locked onto the Alpha, a soft whimper leaving his lips as he spotted what the Alpha was doing and the lack of touch he was receiving. 

“What are you doing?” Naruto whispered, eyes locked onto the scene before him as he sat up slightly on his elbows to get a better view.

“You’re too tense and I don’t want you to feel anymore forced than you already are, so I thought I’d play with myself for a bit till you were ready to be touched.” Sasuke breathed out as he picked up his pace a bit, his eyes fluttering shut as his head fell back and lips parted.

That obviously made the Omega stop and think because after what felt like an eternity for the Alpha, he heard a soft voice reply, “If you continue the touches like before, I should be okay.”

“Are you sure?” Sasuke asked as he stopped stroking himself to look at the blond. 

With a confirming nod of determination from Naruto, Sasuke slowly crept forward again, hand delicately touching the blond’s foot - lifting it as if it was made of glass and could shatter at any minute. Slowly his hand caressed up the back of the blond’s calf and further yet, up to his knee, then inner thigh. Each touch brought a shiver from the blond as his robes slowly began to part. 

The blond’s body began to quiver with each passing caress of the Alpha’s hands as they slowly crept closer and closer to the Omega’s heated arousal. With a final passing, Naruto finally, willingly parted his legs, a tremor of what Sasuke could only guess was anticipation shaking through his body at the agonizingly slow pace the Alpha was choosing to travel. Laying between Naruto’s legs Sasuke smirked into his next kiss along the inside of the blond’s thigh, allowing it to rest on his shoulder. 

Even though he was trying his best to make this comfortable for Naruto, his inner Alpha still wanted the Omega below him writhing and begging for him, its own form of control. So with each passing caress missing the blonds mark, he knew it was only a matter of time before the Omega began to beg for him to do more.

And beg he did. 

“P… Please….. A…. Alpha….” Naruto began to whimper as his hands covered his face in what Sasuke guessed was shame. 

“What does my Omega want?” Sasuke whispered as he ran his hand up the outside of Naruto’s thigh, thumb rubbing on his hip when it reached the top. 

“Don’t call me that!” Naruto hissed through his hands angrily before gasping as the back of Sasuke’s hand caressed the underside of his balls.

Crawling up the Omega’s body the Alpha whispered into his ear, hand again ghosted over the underside of Naruto’s balls. “Can I call you Naru then?” 

“Fine…” The blond whimpered breathlessly at the feeling, hands grabbing at the Alpha’s forearms for support. “Just touch me!”

“Where do you want me to touch you?” Sasuke whispered as he continued to avoid the one area he knew the Omega wanted touched most.

“Anywhere!” Naruto hissed, eyes scrunching closed as he yet again missed the Omega’s heated arousal.

Licking the outer shell of the Omega’s ear he blew his next words along the wet line he had made, “Here?” his hand moved to caress the Omega’s leg on his shoulder. After receiving a shaking ‘No’ from the blond, Sasuke ran his hand up the Omega’s chest next, fingers flicking and pinching the perk nub he found. “Here?” He breathed out again.

Shaking his head again, Naruto began to beg, “please, please! Touch me.” He arched up into the Alpha’s touch, body quivering. 

“If you want me to touch you somewhere specific, then you’ll need to tell me where.” Sasuke smirked into the blond’s shoulder.

Naruto took a stuttering breath. “Just touch my damn cock!” He growled, anger flashing on his face. 

“Good Naru,” Sasuke whispered. 

As a reward the Alpha gently cupped the Omega, his large hand covering him from base to tip, electing a soft hissing moan from the blond’s lips as he arched up further into the touch, head falling back against the futon below and hands falling away from the Alpha to grip the futon tightly. 

Sliding his arm under Naruto’s back, Sasuke pulled him up into his lap where the Omega instantly wrapped himself around the Alpha seeking more of his heated touch. In this position Sasuke was able to continue rubbing the blond’s front with one hand while the other slipped around the back and between his cheeks to caress his wet, quivering hole. 

“Yes, yes!” The blond began to chant as he wiggled his lower half enthusiastically. “More.”

“Like this?” Sasuke asked, pushing a single finger into Naruto’s waiting hole.

“Kami yes!” Naruto hissed as he clung to Sasuke tighter. 

The Alpha began his assault at a slow pace, his finger probing in and out while circling and caressing the Omega’s prostate, slowly making sure he adjusted before adding a second and beginning a scissoring motion amongst his other actions. Only when the Omega began to push back onto the fingers did the Alpha add a third. 

With a hiss Naruto threw his head back. “There!” 

“Here?” Sasuke asked with a smirk as his fingers went back to their previous position.

“Yes,” the blond whimpered, his body shaking with sheer pleasure, face going laxed. 

After some time of this the Omega finally came with a scream before slumping against the Alpha panting. 

“What position would you like me to consummate you in?” The Alpha asked as he rubbed the Omega’s lower back.

“On my back,” Naruto murmured as he hung limply from Sasuke, the Alpha’s arms around him being the only thing holding him up. 

“Okay,” Sasuke answered as he gently removed his fingers from the Omega and laid his boneless body back down on the futon below. “Are you ready?” he asked. 

After receiving a sluggish nod, Sasuke positioned himself in front of Naruto’s body, one hand on the Omega’s hip with the other holding his throbbing member. The tip of it touching the Omega’s spasming hole. With a deep breath of the alluring scent below him, the Alpha slowly sank into the waiting warmth while the Omega’s face contorted in a hazed, blissful pleasure.

When Sasuke finally bottomed out - he let go of the breath he hadn’t known he had been holding - with a shaky exhale. 

Several seconds went by as the pair took deep breaths. The Alpha adjusting to the tightness of the writhing body below and the Omega adjusting to the new larger than finger girth of the Alpha’s member. 

With another deep breath Naruto finally broke the silence with his voice barely above a whisper. “Move.”

Not needing to be told twice, Sasuke started up a slow pace, his thrusts increasing in speed and depth as the seconds ticked by till his inner Alpha began to take over, a rumbling growl slipping between his lips and to it the Omega responded with an almost primal whine. 

“More, harder, deeper.” The Omega began to chant as he gripped onto the Alpha to stop himself from scooting up the bed. 

Complying, Sasuke brought his knees under himself and with a grunt pulled Naruto up so the blond could wrap his legs around his waist again allowing him to thrust up into the Omega. The new angle allowed gravity to take hold and assist in pushing the blond down onto his up-thrusting cock. 

With each hard thrust Sasuke could feel himself getting closer and closer as the spring in his gut wound tighter, but being the Alpha he was he wanted his Omega to cum once more before he did. So with that thought taking root, he laid the Omega back down on the futon and without missing a beat began to stroke the blond’s cock intime with his thrusts. 

It didn’t take long before Naruto was spasming again in Sasuke’s arms, watery cum squirting out onto the blond’s chest. With the feeling of the Omega’s walls clamping down around his cock, that was all that was needed to send the Alpha over too. With his own release being triggered, he grunted and went still, his lower half slightly juting back and forth while the Omega’s hole began to milk him of all he was worth.  

With a deep sigh Sasuke lent down and kissed Naruto’s sweaty forehead, relishing in the satisfied purr he received from the now content and drowsy blond. As he gazed down at the Omega below, the Alpha’s thoughts began to harmonize. 

‘He could do this, he could make this work.’

With the last of his strength he pulled out and slumped to the side, making sure to pull Naruto into a comfortable position before allowing slumber to take him too.

Several days had passed since the ceremony and Naruto could finally relax again. No more families doting on him, no more expectations and most of all, no more pressure. The only downside was, it was Saturday, which meant any minute now Sasuke would turn up for the weekend, ruining the blonds' peace.

As if on cue the doorbell rang. Answering it with Menma in his arms, Sasuke was quick to enter and drop his bags. 

Turning to the pair the Alpha greeted them with a quick hug and ‘ subtle’ scenting of both of them, that even the blond could pick up. “Have you got plans today?” He asked, putting his arms out to take his son after pulling away.

Naruto compiled and passed his son to the raven while shaking his head. “No,” he answered. 

“Good.” Sasuke nodded as he followed Naruto into the kitchen. “I’d like to take you and Menma to the Aquarium, if that’s okay with you.” 

Having never been to an Aquarium before, Naruto instantly perked up at the idea. “That sounds good.” He smiled as he moved around the kitchen, already deciding what he needed to pack for all of them to spend the day comfortably out together. 

“I’d like us to be more of a family and learn more about each other, even if it’s only a bit.” Sasuke said as he followed the blond around the kitchen, offering help where he could while still holding Menma.

Within the hour they were ready to go. 

“Got everything?” Sasuke asked as he picked up the diaper bag and moved towards the door.

“I think so.” Naruto nodded as he picked up Menma. 

“What about a stroller?” 

“In the car already,” Naruto answered as he fished for his keys in the key bowl by the door. 

“What about fresh clothes, in case of an accident and extra diapers?”

“Chill Sasuke, I've got everything.” The blond laughed as he looked at the stressing raven.

With everything ready, the pair made their way down to Naruto’s car and in a matter of minutes were on the road. It took less than an hour to get to the Aquarium and to Naruto’s surprise the place was practically deserted.

“It’s off peak season.” Sasuke answered his unasked question while retrieving the bag and stroller from the back of the car while Naruto unclipped Menma. 

“Good news for us then, we get the place practically to ourselves.” Naruto swooned as he thought of how there’d be no lines or crowds to fight through just to get a quick glimpse of each exhibit and better yet, it’d quiet. 

And quiet, it was. 

Naruto was in awe when they entered the first exhibit. It was a large circular room that was floor to ceiling glass and on the other side was a tank full of colourful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes. Crouching low, Naruto started to point out all the fish to Menma as he gently touched the glass, watching as they swam by. 

The next room they went into was a large tunnel that showcased ocean fish. Sharks, stingrays and other sea life swam around them as they walked. Sasuke stopped at one point, picking Menma up out of his stroller and raising him high up so he could touch the roof of the tunnel. He squealed as his hands touched the roof and a hammerhead shark swam by. After that Menma was especially taken by a lionfish as it floated on the spot looking at them. 

After the ocean tunnel they passed into a room full of tanks containing Cephalopods of all shapes and sizes. Then into a dark room full of Cyaneidae from all over the world. This room was Naruto’s favorite so far. The way the jellyfish moved was just serine and the soft coloured light they used in the otherwise dark room made it look magical, so much so that when he turned to the Alpha, he couldn’t hide the grin that had broken over his face. 

It was almost painful for Naruto to leave the Cyaneidae room but the promise of food was too much when his empty stomach decided to make itself known.

They sat down at a picnic table just outside the indoor aquatic life area.

After eating their lunch Naruto spotted an ice-cream vendor, instantly racing over to look at all the flavours. Sasuke strolled over at a slower pace pushing Menma’s stroller. “Do you want one?” he asked as the pair reached the blond. 

“Can I?” Naruto asked with a shine of excitement in his eyes.

After receiving a nod Naruto picked a flavour to share with Menma. “I might get the french vanilla. What about you Sasuke?”

“I don’t like sweets,” Sasuke answered as he shook his head. 

“Come on Sasuke! You can’t not eat ice-cream on a day like this!” He laughed. 

After a slight staring competition Sasuke sighed and turned to the vendor. “I’ll get a small green tea ice-cream in a bowl.” He conceded in defeat.

“Yay!” Naruto shouted with excitement as they were given their ice-creams. 

After finishing their ice-creams the pair relaxed on the picnic blanket under the shade of the tree with a sleeping Menma between them. 

“Seriously Naru, where do you put all the food you eat?” Sasuke asked after a while of silence. “You’re like a bottomless pit, yet still somehow still stay in shape.”

Sighing, Naruto continued to stare up at the clouds as he spoke. “Being a Male Omega means that I need to consume more calories than females in general to produce milk.”

“I didn’t know that,” Sasuke said with surprise.

“It’s okay, most people don’t take the time to learn about the other sub-genders.” Naruto sighed. 

“But I want to learn.” The raven said, turning to look at the Omega. “I want to be able to help you more, so when you’re ready, I’d like to learn more about you and your sub-gender, and how I can help.”

They stared at each other for a while before Naruto nodded and turned away with a blush. “Okay.”

After packing up their little site, they made their way to the last exhibit. To Naruto's surprise it was a touch pool and boy did he have a blast touching and feeling all the lifeforms the pool had to offer. Menma on the other hand didn’t seem as interested as the blond, on the contrary, he was reluctant to touch anything and freaked out when a sea slug was placed in his hand.

In the end Menma stayed snuggled with Sasuke, while Naruto enjoyed himself till they left.

The day after their time at the Aquarium, Sasuke took Naruto and Menma to the local park for a picnic. Spreading out a large checkered picnic blanket, Sasuke invited Naruto to sit beside him with Menma settled between them.

After eating the food Naruto prepared, he pulled out some feed he had also brought for the ducks, tossing it near the lake shore so the ducks had to waddle their way up to gain the tasty treat. 

Later in the afternoon, when the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon, Naruto was surprised to learn that Sasuke knew how to dance with fire. A local fire dancing class had set up in the park and during the hour that they practiced, the blond had become mesmerized. It was a massive surprise to him when Sasuke got up at the end of the class and walked over to the instructor asking if he could borrow one of the sticks. 

The first couple of swings he did without flames, but after he was confident enough, he asked for them to be lit.

Both Naruto and Menma were enthralled as they watched the flames dance around the raven, it was like the flames themselves had come to life as they moved around him almost with a mind of their own guided only by Sasuke’s direction. The fire reflected in the Alpha’s eyes turning them to a burning garnet coal, captivating the Omega with his gaze.

To the blonds sadness the group eventually packed up, meaning the end of his ogling and end of their trip. With everything back in the car, they headed back to Naruto's place.  

It seemed each time the three of them were together - whether it be on the Wednesday when Sasuke slept over for one night or the weekend where he stayed till Sunday evening - the pair learned something new about each other each time.

When the following weekend came around, Sasuke took them to the zoo and while there Sasuke learned that Naruto was obsessed with foxes. After learning this, the Alpha went and bought one of each fox toy the zoo gift shop had to offer and gave them all to the blond as a gift. This had the Omega almost in tears when he received nine fox plushies and two fox figures from the Alpha. 

Once the pair returned to Naruto’s place, the plushies took their prideful place on Naruto’s bed, while the two figures made their way into the blond’s work bag to take their place in his office. 

The following day found the pair at a local pool where they frolicked about in the water and paddled around with Menma, enjoying the coolness the water had to offer and – of course -another round of ice-cream, followed by a leisurely nap under a tree.

That night saw the pair eating dinner with Itachi and Deidara at Naruto’s. It had started out awkward, but after the tension was broken - thanks to Menma - the dinner went by without a hitch.

After eating, they all sat around in Naruto’s living room chatting idly while drinking tea, till the blond host suddenly went quiet and ran off in a flash, one hand covering his mouth while the other clutched his stomach, distress evident in his eyes. At that, everything went quiet and all that could be heard was the sound of the Omega emptying the contents of his stomach.

Once the shock had worn off, Deidara was quick to jump into action and run after his fellow Omega, returning a while later with a slight smirk on his face and a pale, distraught Naruto in tow. 

“I fucking hate you,” Naruto seethed out, glaring at Sasuke. 

“Why? What did I do this time?” he growled back. 

Before he could answer, Naruto turned on his heel and ran back the way he came, the sounds of him emptying his stomach again in the small washroom down the hall.  

Deidara laughed at Sasuke’s blank face as he took a seat on Itachi’s lap. 

“I don’t get it, what did I do?” 

Biting his lip, the long haired blond Omega looked at his long haired Alpha, “Should I tell him?”

“By all means, enlighten my unknowing baby brother.” Itachi smirked in response. 

Turning to grin at the younger Alpha, Deidara almost burst with excitement. “Naru’s pregnant again!” 

At first Sasuke said nothing, then his mind caught up with the situation and he all but ran out of the room. 

“Naru, is it true?” asked the raven as he came barreling into the washroom. “Are you pregnant?” 

Turning angry eyes at the Alpha, Naruto snarled out, “most likely.” before turning back to the toilet bowl and hurling again. 

Hearing the whimper and smelling the distraught scent coming off the Omega, Sasuke’s inner Alpha jumped into action and ran out to the other pair waiting in the living room. “What can I do to help him?” He asked, looking straight at the only other Omega he knew.

Smiling softly at him, Deidara stood and walked over to the younger, stressing Alpha. “I’ll get him a glass of water. There should be a cloth still on the sink, re-wet it and place it at the back of Naru’s neck while rubbing his back gently.” 

Sasuke did all this and soon enough the young blond Omega had all but passed out from exhaustion. After cleaning Naruto up, he put the Omega into bed, making sure he was changed into something more comfortable. 

Returning to the other pair who were snuggled on the couch with a sleeping Menma, he sighed out while slumping into the one-seater couch across from them. “What should I do?” He asked rhetorically, not expecting an answer, but still receiving one.

“Be there for him,” Deidara smiled softly as he hugged the sleeping child closer to him. 

Rubbing a hand over his face tiredly he looked at the other two. “What more can I do though? I live over an hour’s flight away and have work obligations. Short of …...” Suddenly his eyes lit up and he looked directly at Deidara. “Dei, I need a favour.”

Chapter Text

“Sasuke, it can’t be done!” Deidara argued.

“Why not? You’re the CEO of the company.” Sasuke fired back, determination written all over his face.

“As someone in upper management of their brother's company, you should very well know the snowball effect of just placing someone in a position! I’d have to do a major reshuffle of all my employees! And don’t get me started on the ramifications of that.” The blond Omega whisper yelled, not wanting to wake the sleeping child in his Alpha’s arms or his fellow Omega down the hall.

“Please Dei. I need to do this, for Menma and Naruto.” Pausing the raven took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to say as he went down to his knees, hands firmly on his upper thighs. “I’ll get on my hands and knees and beg if I have to. I’ll take any position, right down to a lowly cleaner, anything if it means I can move closer to them.” 

“Don’t you dare criticise cleaners, Sasuke.” Deidara berated. “It takes everyone to make a company run.” He huffed, turning away from the Alpha on his knees, only to lock eyes with his own Alpha. “What?” He growled at the expectant look he saw. 

Itachi sat passively, legs crossed, eyebrow raised expectantly as he cradled the silently sleeping Menma. “Weren’t you saying just the other day that you required a replacement on the ‘H&R Response Team’ because someone recently left?”

“But he’s got no formal training and he’s an Alpha !” The older blond Omega whined.

“And so are several members of the team.” The older raven Alpha responded.

“But they're old, mated and well past their prime, so nothing affects them anymore!” Deidara continued to whine.

“And Sasuke is soul bonded to Naruto, so he’s unaffected by other scents.” Itachi sighed. “Just call Human Resources and see if the position is still available.”

Deidara grumbled but listened to his Alpha, making sure he knew he wasn’t impressed as he walked away to make the call. While he was gone, Sasuke who had been quiet the whole time got up and sat back down on the couch.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Itachi looked at him worriedly as he leaned back on his own couch.

“I do.” Sasuke nodded. “I want to be there, really be there for Naruto this time and what better way than to move closer to him.”

“Why not just have him move in with you then?” The older Alpha questioned.

“He’s got a good thing going here, friends, family, job. I don’t want to make him leave all that just for me, not when he’s already done it once.” Sasuke answered. “I want to prove to Naruto that no matter what, I want to be there for Menma, him and our soon to be addition and that means actually being here for them when they need me.”

Seeming to think it over for a bit, Itachi finally smiled. “You look to be really trying, I’m proud of you.”

Hearing that, Sasuke smiled. He was glad his brother approved of his actions rather than lecture him for being rash about the situation. It may have been a sudden decision on his part, but it felt right.

“Lucky for you,” Deidara said as he came waltzing back into the living room, “The position hasn’t been filled yet.”

“Great, I’ll take it.” Sasuke answered with a grin as he stood.

“Fine, but I’m warning you,” the blond grumbled, pointing an accusing finger into the raven's face, “it comes with a serious pay cut, you’ll be working for someone – not as upper management – AND you’re not allowed to bother Naruto while he’s working!”

“Fine, I agree.” Sasuke accepted with a nod. “When can I start and what training will I need?”

Sighing loudly, Deidara fell back onto the loveseat next to Itachi, the older Alpha instantly wrapping an arm around the small Omega, avoiding disturbing the sleeping child in his other arm. “I’ll send you the paperwork tomorrow when I get into work, you can start in two weeks. As for training, all our training’s done inhouse.” 

“Great.” Sasuke smirked as he turned to his brother. “Itachi, consider this my two weeks’ notice. I’ll send you a formal Letter of Resignation first thing in the morning.”

Smiling over Deidara’s shoulder, Itachi answered, “Consider your Letter of Resignation accepted, but I still expect an actual letter on my desk first thing in the morning, plus a list of chain promotions and a structured plan on how you intend to train your replacement while managing the current workload and projects.”

“Done.” Sasuke answered with a nod as he made his way to the cabinet where his laptop bag was sitting. Taking a seat on the floor in front of the coffee table he pulled out his laptop and after turning it on, pulled out a notebook and pen and began to make a list of all the things he needed to do to make this move happen.

After handing in his letter and showing his plan of attack for the situation, Sasuke had called an emergency meeting with his team. There he announced his resignation, followed by his plan for the department and the promotions that were in order for it to happen. To no one’s surprise, Shikamaru was promoted to Sasuke’s position - which the man had answered with how troublesome it would be -, but what did surprise them was that Sasuke was leaving because not only was he mated, but soulbound. 

After the meeting Sasuke had pulled Naruto’s closest friends aside into a separate meeting and explained the situation to them a lot more in depth than what he had mentioned in the meeting. To say there were mixed reactions would have been an understatement. 

Choji seemed to accept it for what it was and only asked if he could get in contact with Naruto to congratulate him personally. Sasuke had agreed to ask Naruto if he could pass on his number to him. 

Shikamaru just answered that he’d figured something like that had happened, but also that he was happy that Naruto was happy. 

Then there was Kiba…. Kiba blew up and almost launched himself at the raven Alpha - calling him every name under the sun -, the only thing stopping him from actually doing so was Shikamaru threatening to tell his girlfriend about what happened that one drunken night at a strip club. That seemed to shut the man up in an instant.

By the time Wednesday afternoon came round, Sasuke had amassed a duffle bag full of gifts and letters from several of Naruto’s old friends - some even from outside the company, which was a mystery to the raven. It seemed that word of his reason for leaving had gotten around and several of them wanted to show their support and willingness to still stay in contact. 

Sasuke knew that Naruto would probably be mad at him for telling people, but he also knew that the blond missed his old friends, so in this situation he felt it better to ask for forgiveness, rather than permission - granted he had at least kept the blonds whereabouts and contact details secret, giving the blond the choice when he was ready to talk to them all.

With gift bag in hand, Sasuke knocked on the door and was surprised when a stressed and tired looking Kushina answered it with a crying Menma. 

“You’re late.” she grumbled as she let him in, closing the door behind him. 

Ignoring the statement, because he was in fact on time , he instead asked, “Where’s Naruto?” as he placed his bags on the floor next to the couch.

“In with our family doctor, he’s been throwing up nonstop.” she sighed tiredly as she tried to calm Menma. “What’s wrong baby boy? You’re not hungry, or wet. Maybe you’re tired.” she tried to rock him.

“He’s over-stimulated.” Sasuke answered. “And probably picking up on everyone’s stress.”

Turning a heated glare at the raven, Kushina snapped, “Well if you think you know so much, Mr. Alpha , why don’t you just take him then!”

“Okay.” Sasuke nodded, taking the crying child from her before turning out the lights and grabbing one of his light blankets. Sitting down on the couch he placed Menma across his chest so his head was resting on Sasuke’s shoulder, then he placed the blanket over the top of him and began to softly pat his back while whispering sweet words to him.

In no time flat Menma had calmed down, not quite asleep, but just laying calmly on the Alpha’s chest.

“Wow.” Kushina whispered as she stared at the Alpha. “How did you know what he needed?” 

“His cry.” Sasuke simply answered.

“His cry?” she asked. 

Chuckling softly he nodded. “Naruto taught me that there are three main cries to every child. One for food, one for wet nappy and once for over or under stimulation, which can also feed into tiredness.” 

“How did you know it was over-stimulation though?” she pressed.

“While you were holding him, he was trying to hide from the light.” 

Kushina smiled at him softly. “Sorry for snapping at you.” 

“It’s okay.” Sasuke answered. “You look tired and stressed.” 

Sighing, she nodded. “I am. Naruto’s been sick ever since you left, so I’ve been here trying to help as much as I can.”

“Why don’t you go home and rest yourself.” he smiled at the Omega woman, “I’ve got tonight covered.” 

“I think that sounds like a good plan.” Kushina nodded.

“What sounds like a good plan?” grunted someone from the hallway.

Sasuke looked up and saw a very busty blonde woman walking in, carrying a large black bag that she dumped on the floor near the entryway. 

“Sasuke’s got tonight covered, so for tonight, I’m going to head home and sleep.” Kushina smiled. 

“This him?” asked the blonde woman. 

“Yep.” The red headed Omega grinned.

“I thought he’d be younger,” she said as she looked down her nose at him. 

“And you look like a hag,” he replied.

“Got a mouth on him, doesn't he?” she grunted. 

Laughing slightly, Kushina nodded. “Sasuke, Dr. Tsunade Senju. Tsunade, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s mate.” She introduced them.

“Pleasure, I’m sure,” Sasuke said dryly as he looked at the blonde woman. “What’s a doctor doing here?” he asked as he turned to look expectantly at Kushina.

“Tsunade is a leading expert in Omega reproduction and cycles,” Kushina said gleefully. “And at our beck and call being a part of the family.”

“With the way you over use me, I wonder if it’s possible to divorce your own family.” Tsunade grunted as she shook her head at the gleeful Omega. 

“Oh come on, you love us.” The redhead giggled. 

“Hardly.” Tsunade rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. 

“That doesn’t explain why she’s here.” Sasuke deadpanned her. 

“Oh, sorry.” Kushina grinned. “Since Naruto’s been so sick, I called for a house call.”

“Is he okay?” he asked as he turned to look expectantly at the blonde doctor. 

“He’s fine - if not exhausted - he just has extreme morning sickness,” she answered easily. 

“But it’s evening?” the Alpha said as he looked at the woman with confusion. 

Puffing out her breath, Tsunade sighed. “Morning sickness is just a name for it. Really it can happen at any time of the day.”

“When will he get better?”

“How long is a piece of string?” 

“So you don’t know?” Sasuke grunted. “Some specialist you are.” 

“Listen here brat.” the blonde woman growled as she stormed up to him. “Morning sickness affects everyone and every pregnancy differently. There is no way to predict how the mother will react during their pregnancy. All I can do is help alleviate the symptoms.”

Hearing her aggressive tone, Menma started to whimper.

“Shhhhh.” Sasuke whispered to Menma as he rubbed the boy’s back while glaring at the ‘old’ woman. “It’s okay.”

“Tch.” The blonde woman clicked her tongue. “I can see you’ve got your hands full.” Grabbing her bag from the floor, Tsunade made to leave. “I’ve given Naruto something to help settle his stomach. If he’s not up in an hour, wake him and make sure he eats. Also, make sure he drinks plenty of fluids.” At the doorway she stopped to glance back at the Alpha, “I expect to see you at every appointment he has, no exceptions.” With that final comment, she left.

After the front door opened then closed again, Sasuke turned to Kushina. “Who does she think she is telling me what to do?” he grumbled. 

That would be Naruto’s Godmother and favourite aunt. And for the record, she hasn’t forgiven you for what you did at the start of all this.” She looked at him knowingly.

“Why wasn’t she at the Commitment Ceremony then?” he grumbled feeling embarrassed at calling out someone that was likely very important to his Omega.

“She’s a busy woman.” Kushina smiled. 

“Too busy to come to her Godsons’ Ceremony?” the Alpha grumbled.

“She was busy delivering a high risk baby.” She smiled sadly. “But she’s actually a nice person once you get to know her, just a bit rough around the edges.” She laughed, trying to cover what could only be grief. 

It was only a guess, but Sasuke got the impression something went wrong with the delivery that day and that was why Tsunade never made it. 

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to make myself available for every appointment then, won’t I?” Sasuke joked as he tried to lighten the mood. 

It seemed to work because Kushina instantly picked up. “Well that’ll be easy now, with you moving here and what not.”

Sasuke just looked at her with complete astonishment. “How do you know that?” he accused. When all he received was a wicked smile, he groaned and covered his face with his free hand. “Mother told you didn’t she…..”  

“I can not confirm or deny.” giggled the Omega, putting on some sort of failed attempt at a high class accent. “And on that note, I’m going home and going to bed.” standing she smiled at Sasuke. “Have a good night Sasuke.”

“You too.” Sasuke answered after a moment.

Once the older Omega had left Sasuke shifted Menma in his arms and went to check on Naruto. Seeing the blond sleeping peacefully, he smiled softly and decided to make him something hardy but easy to digest. With that he placed Menma into his crib and went to the kitchen.   


When Naruto finally woke, he was greeted with the delightful smell of something meaty. Following that scent he stumbled out of bed and towards the kitchen.

“Mother! Seriously…. You didn’t have to cook.” He greeted warmly as he shuffled into the kitchen with a yawn. 

“Well someone has to, otherwise you wouldn’t eat.” Came a deep chuckle. 

Looking up at the familiar but not expected voice, he was met with raven hair and black eyes. 

“Sasuke,” he jumped with surprise. “What are you doing here?” 

“It’s Wednesday.” Sasuke answered as he smirked while shaking his head softly.  

“Where’s my mother?” He searched around the room as if she would suddenly jump out.

“I sent her home to get some sleep.” Turning back to the stove, the raven poured whatever he was cooking into a bowl and offered it to the blond. “You must be hungry, sit and eat, we can talk more after.” He pointed to the table, placing the bowl on it.

Naruto was about to argue that he wasn’t hungry - more for fear of bringing it back up -, but his stomach chose that moment to let loose a loud grumble. With pink tinted cheeks, Naruto ducked his head and swiftly sat down, taking the offered spoon and quickly digging in. 

As it turned out, it was a nutritiously packed soup and Naruto had to admit, he liked it. Normally he wouldn’t like things like this, with all the vegetables and what not, but this…. This was amazing.

After finishing the rest of the soup in his bowl he looked around the suddenly empty room. ‘When had Sasuke left?’ the blond thought. 

“I know you’re probably going to be angry at me,” came Sasuke’s soft voice from behind him. Turning he saw the raven Alpha carrying a large duffle bag. “But they were your friends, and they deserved to know.” 

Naruto’s eyes narrowed angrily at Sasuke. “What did you do?” he growled. 

“Told your friends about what really happened.” Sasuke said neutrally, face devoid of any emotion as he placed the duffle bag in front of the blond, removing the bowl in the process. Before Naruto could get in any rage filled words, Sasuke cut him off. “Right after I resigned.”


Chapter Text

“YOU WHAT!” Naruto screamed, standing from his chair so suddenly that it flew backwards with the force. 

“Shhhh.” Sasuke hissed, “You’re going to wake Men……” before he could finish the sentence, Menma’s cry echoed through the room. Sighing, the Alpha turned and went to collect the now upset little boy. 

Returning, the raven found his blond Omega sitting back at the table again, silently fuming with his arms crossed tightly across his chest and a mean scowl on his face directed at the Alpha. 

“Why on earth would you quit your job?” Naruto growled through gritted teeth, his anger radiating from him in almost visible waves.

Sighing, Sasuke began to pat Menma’s rump gently and sway back and forth - like Naruto had taught him -, quickly turning the distressed cries into soft whimpers. “I want to be here for you and Menma. And to support you properly, I actually need to be here . Not just stopping by on Wednesday’s and weekends.” 

“You should have talked to me about this first, we could’ve come up with another arrangement, something where you didn’t have to quit your job!” Naruto yelled, making Menma’s soft whimpers become louder again. 

Hushing Menma back into calmness Sasuke countered, “And what would you have suggested? I can’t fly back and forth everyday and night, and I would never ask you to quit your job - again - just to move in with me, that wouldn’t be fair.” With a now calm and snoozing child in his arms, the Alpha walked over to his agitated Omega. “Me quitting and moving here was the only option for me to support you properly, like you deserve.”

“I could have moved back,” Naruto countered with his head cast down, anger leaching away at Sasuke’s evident logic. “Or come visit you instead.”

“Could you really leave the job you have now and your family that’s close by, just to move in with me where you used to live?” Sasuke asked, placing his free hand gently on Naruto’s shoulder. “And I would never make you trek all the way to mine,” he said as he moved his hand to tilt the blonds head up so their eyes could meet. Softly he said, “I’m in this 100% and to show you, I’ve quit my job and I’m moving here to be with you and Menma and our soon to be second child.” 

Eyes glazing over from tears and lip worrying between teeth, Naruto’s voice shook as he asked. “But what are you going to do about work? How can you move and support me - especially while I’m on leave - if you don’t have a job? And where will you live?”

“I was…… hoping to move in with you,” Sasuke whispered, quickly adding, “but I won’t force you - of course - and I start work at your company in a week and a half.” Sasuke whispered. 

“You what?” The blond’s mouth fell open with surprise, eyes bulging out of his head. 

“I want to move in with you.”

“Not that, I don’t care if you move in with me, what I care about is the other thing!”

Sighing, Sasuke pulled his hand away from his Omega, who’s anger bar was obviously on the rise….. again. “I got a job at Dei’s company…..” turning away, the Alpha’s cheeks turned bright red. “After begging him on my hands and knees,” he whispered, barely audible. 

“You begged Dei….. on your hands and knees?” Naruto asked, astonishment written all over his face. After receiving a curt nod from the Alpha, Naruto hesitantly questioned. “What will you be doing?”

“I’ll be working in the Heat & Rut response team,” Sasuke answered as he shifted the now slumbering child in his arms into a more comfortable position for the both of them. Grumbling, he whispered, “It was the only position available, and I’ll be taking a massive pay cut.” Realising what he had said, Sasuke quickly turned to the blond, swiftly adding, “But to be with you and Menma, it’s worth it.”

Sasuke watched as Naruto slumped deeply into his chair, a hand coming up to rub at his face out of frustration. “For now let’s drop this, the stress is making me feel sick.”

“Okay.” Sasuke nodded. “While I clean up and pack away the leftovers, why don’t you go have a bath and relax?”

“Fine.” Naruto nodded, getting up to leave. Pausing by the door, a small smirk gracing his face, the blond added, “Just so you know, I can’t have a bath while I’m pregnant.” Then he disappeared beyond it. 

Making quick work of cleaning up the kitchen, Sasuke made himself comfortable on the couch with a sleeping Menma resting on his shoulder, then took to his phone to research what he could do for his pregnant Omega. With his phone in hand skimming through Omega pregnancy forums, his laptop sat open next to him looking for possible properties to move into, both to buy or rent. He didn’t expect Naruto to let him move in with him straight away, so the next best thing he could do was to at least move nearby…. Something close enough so he could be here at the drop of a hat. 

A while later, Naruto emerged from the bathroom, a content and carefree look on his face and a body showing complete ease from his relaxing time alone. 

Noticing this Sasuke asked, “Feel better?” as he closed his laptop and put away his phone. 

Nodding, Naruto rubbed his eyes. “Mm tired.” he hummed. 

Standing, Sasuke ushered the tired Omega towards the bedroom. “Let’s get you into bed.” he whispered. After tucking Menma into his crib, the raven tucked the blond into his bed. “If you need me, I’ll be in the living room.” 

Turning to leave, a hand sprung out and grabbed him before he could. “Stay.” Naruto whispered, burying his face into his pillow. 

With a soft smile, Sasuke nodded and whispered, “If you’re sure.” as he climbed into the bed from the other side. 

With what Sasuke could only guess was hesitation, he felt the bed slowly dip and Naruto gradually rolled over and curled up into him. A soft, not so subtle  deep inhaling sound came from the Omega. 

“You smell nice.” he said in a hushed voice. 

Wrapping his arms hesitantly around his Omega, Sasuke allowed himself that moment of happiness as the pair went to sleep. Before he could nod off though, a funny thought came to mind after an article he read on a forum. “If you go under water while pregnant, does that make you a submarine?” 

A soft growling huff emitted from his Omega, followed by a half hearted smack to his chest but he knew he was in the clear when a moment later Naruto started to subtly giggle.  

It had been two weeks since his resignation and to say Sasuke was stressed to the max would be an understatement. First, Tsunade had called and abused him ‘When did he give her his number?’ making sure to make a point of telling him he had already missed the first scan - even though he wasn’t told -, but also threatened him that if he missed another one, she’d castrate him. Second, he had yet to find a place to live - he was currently living out of a hotel. And third, he was meant to start training at his new job in less than an hour. When was the last time he was this nervous about work? 

After triple checking he had everything, Sasuke made his way down to his car, then drove to his new job. Once there he waited at the reception desk - like he was told to - for one of his new team members to collect him and take him to the H&R response staff room for introductions. 

The guy that arrived shortly later wasn’t what Sasuke expected. It wasn’t the fact that he was a Beta, or his white hair, or even the fact that he looked like he belonged at some beach or at a swimming pool as a lifesaver or something. 

It was his greeting that threw the raven.

“You Sasuke?” The white haired Beta blurted out with a cheesy grin. After Sasuke had nodded and the guy came closer, he seemed to give him the once over. When he seemed satisfied with his assessment, it was his next comment that completely blew the raven away. “Oooooh, the boss is going to eat you alive, pretty boy !” he grinned toothily as he laughed at some inside joke.

Sighing, Sasuke looked at the Beta and mustered every ounce of self restraint he had in himself to not just walk out. “Can we just get this over with?” he said instead. 

“Sure, if that’s what you’re into, we can get straight to the fun.” the white haired Beta answered suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows at Sasuke. “The name’s Suigetsu, ya better remember it since y’ll be crying for me when the boss’s done with ya.” Suigetsu smirked.

Shaking his head, Sasuke wondered what he had gotten himself into. 

When they arrived at the department's common room, he saw several Beta and Alpha milling about either lounging on couches or huddled around the coffee machine that was brewing fresh coffee for the waiting zombie-like horde. All in all the room looked comfortable with its half living room, half kitchen/dining room setup. 

It was then that Sasuke noticed how quiet the room had gotten and the fact that all eyes were suddenly on him. The silence in the room seemed to stretch on until a huge Alpha stood from where he was lounging on the couch and made his way over to the pair by the door.

His slightly blue skin gave him a sickly appeal, but the raven Alpha could tell there was nothing sick about this hulking man.

“This the runt Dei hired to fill the vacant position?” he asked gruffly after a moment of sizing Sasuke up.

“Ye p .” Suigetsu answered, with a childish pop of his ‘P’.

For a moment it was as if all the occupants in the room held their breaths, waiting for something to happen.

“Hn….. Pretty boy .” The Alpha in front of Sasuke finally said after what felt like an eternity.

At that comment the whole room erupted in laughter at some inside joke that Sasuke wasn’t a part of, or maybe he was the joke ?

“Called it!” Suigetsu boasted heartily, fist pumping the air, “Called him pretty boy the moment I saw him.” He laughed, bending over in two, clutching his stomach. “Tell them, tell them Sas-gay!” he wheezed out between laughs.

“Am I missing something?” Sasuke finally asked when the room had calmed down enough for him to speak.

“Ah, yes.” Suigetsu grinned as he wiped the tears from his eyes, “Ya see, it’s kinda a tradition that whatever the boss calls ya when he meets ya, it’s ya permanent radio call sign.”

Sasuke deadpanned the Beta as he asked himself, ‘why was he doing this again?’ …..

It had been 2 weeks since Sasuke had started working at the same company as Naruto, and true to what Deidara had told the blond, Sasuke never bothered him while at work. In fact the Omega had barely seen the Alpha in that time. The two times he had seen him at work, the Alpha seemed to be extremely busy and without realising it he had started to miss his Alpha, even though he saw him more now that he was living close by.

When Sasuke came over straight after work, he always smelled like others and it was starting to piss Naruto’s inner Omega off. He could handle Sasuke smelling of other Alpha’s, but smelling of other Omega - and other Omega’s in heat no less - to say it was starting to make his inner Omega territorial would be an understatement. He had even caught himself scent marking Sasuke a couple of times, which was embarrassing as hell to explain, but somehow, the more often it happened, the harder it was becoming for him to stop.

‘Maybe I should ask Sasuke to move in with me?’ Naruto wondered as he failed to read over the documents in his hands. ‘I mean, it would make sense right? We are mated and have a kid together with a second on the way….’

“Mr. Uzumaki, is everything okay?” came Konan’s voice, breaking him from his thoughts as a delicate hand touched his own. 

“Uh… yes.” Naruto quickly answered, dropping the documents to his desk and moving away from the female Alpha. “What were you saying, sorry?”

With a soft smile she repeated herself, “Deidara is on his way for lunch.”

“Shit! Is it that time already?” he asked, quickly looking at his watch. After seeing that it was indeed almost lunch time, he quickly saved his work and gathered his things just as Deidara burst in through his office door.

“Miss me?” The fellow blond Omega grinned as he strode in. “So where are we eating today?”  

The pair made their way to the small ramen shop that they frequented often and after placing their orders Deidara dove straight into conversation. “So, I know things have been rocky between all of us since your bonding with Sasuke, but Itachi and I want to have a family dinner this weekend and we were kind of hoping you and your parent’s would join us?” 

Sighing deeply, Naruto sunk into his stool and leaned down onto the counter, hands crossing and head resting on top of them to face Deidara. “Everyone’s been trying hard and I really appreciate everyone for their support and space, so of course I’d love to go, and I’ll shoot my parents a message now. When and where is it happening?” he said as he pulled out his phone. 

“It’s this Saturday at 6pm at the BBQ place we like, is that okay?”

After quickly looking at his calendar, Naruto sat up and nodded. “I’m free. I’ll just shoot it off to my parents and see if they’re available.” Within a minute of sending his mother a message, she had replied with a confirmation that it was locked in and a thumbs up emoji. “My parents are keen.”

“Excellent!” Deidara practically squealed with excitement. “Now, when do I get to know if I’m getting another nephew or niece?” The blond Omega eyed Naruto with a cheeky grin.

It was 7pm and the family dinner was well and truly in full swing with everyone chatting as they ate and milled about. As Deidara sat and watched them all enjoying themselves, his nerves began to rise making him feel sick with worry.

“Don’t worry my love, everything will be fine.” Itachi whispered as he squeezed Deidara’s hand. 

“But they didn’t come….” he choked, tears threatening to fall. “I don’t know why I even expected them to.”

“Listen to me,” Itachi said, voice betraying his anger as he grabbed Deidara’s face, turning the blond and forcing their eyes to meet. “They aren’t worth your tears, they never were.” Pulling the upset Omega into a tight embrace, Itachi whispered, “I’m here and so is my family , isn’t that enough?” 

Swallowing hard, Deidara nodded. “Yes. yes it is.” he whispered back, snuggling into the embrace. “Your family has been more of a family to me than mine ever was.” With a confirming nod he pushed himself away from the Alpha and stood up, face set in a hard stare. “Let’s do this.” 

His resolve boosted even more when he heard a laugh he’d never heard before ring out through the suddenly quiet room. It was loud and strong. Turning from his mate’s embrace Deidara searched the room, seeming to follow everyone’s eyes till they landed on the patriarch of the family - Uchiha Madara - who was seemingly laughing at something Naruto had said to him. 

“Well that’s highly unusual.” Itachi commented dryly as they watched the pair. “Madara doesn’t like most people on the best of days.” As an afterthought he chuckled, “Maybe we should check if the seasons have suddenly all switched and hell has frozen over?” 

“Well, Naruto does have a certain charm about him that draws everyone in. I’m honestly not surprised that he bespelled the old fool…. Even if I can’t get him to even acknowledge my existence.” He growled the last bitterly. 

Coming from behind, Itachi rested his head on Deidara’s shoulder, arms wrapping around the blond. “Don’t worry yourself my love, even I don’t get along with the old fool. Plus, it’s not good for you to be worrying so much in your condition.” the Alpha whispered as he stroked the Omega’s sides to calm him, hands drawing him slowly into a loving and comforting embrace. “Shall we get everyone’s attention on us instead? Maybe that’ll make you feel better?” he whispered wickedly. 

Deidara nodded and signalled for a waiter to cut the music. Once done Itachi let go of the blond and picked up a glass, chiming it with his knife to get everyone's attention. 

“I’d like to thank everyone for coming this evening.” Itachi opened, gaining the full attention of everyone in the room. “As many of you know, Deidara and I joined in union several years ago, after having been together since we met in high school.” He joined hands with the blond Omega. “And like many relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs. You name it, we’ve probably gone through it.” 

Deidara squeezed Itachi’s hand, a look of adornment dawning his face as he took over. “Through thick and thin, Itachi and the Uchiha have stood by us and for that I am eternally grateful.” He smiled, turning to face the crowd. “So with that being said, we’d like everyone here to be the first to know.” he beamed as Itachi took over.

“In seven months, Deidara and I will be welcoming our first child into the world.” Itachi smiled softly.

Several seconds ticked by before the room erupted in cheers. Everyone wanted to be the first to congratulate the couple and ask how they finally got pregnant after being told that Deidara was sterile.

Putting his hand into the air, Deidara slowly gained control over the bustling crowd. “After many years of failures and countless specialists telling me that I was infertial, we owe our final success to Kushina Namikaze.” The blond Omega smiled warmly at the red haired Omega. “She was able to get me into finally see the top specialist in the world, that not even the Uchiha’s money or influence could get me into.” 

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Kushina called out with a smirk.

“And we are more than thankful that you know Dr. Senju, or better, that you held something over her that could get us an appointment almost straight away.” Itachi smirked back, a knowing smile playing on his lips. 

“Here, here.” Kushina raised her glass and cheered, gaining some laughter around the room.

“It was all thanks to Dr. Senju that we were able to not only find the problem, but a solution to it and here we are, announcing our soon to be first born.” Deidara raised his glass. 

At this everyone in the room raised their glass, a choir of cheers ringing out. 

After several more speeches, the room was served dessert and it all began to quiet down enough for Deidara to pull Kushina aside.  

“I wanted to thank you again for your help, if it wasn’t for you, we’d have never known that the problem was so simple and easy to fix.” Deidara beamed as he held onto Kushina’s hands, tears threatening to breach his glassy eyes.

“Oh honey,” Kushina cooed, pulling her fellow Omega into a hug. “You deserve nothing but happiness.” she whispered as before pulling away, leaving her arms loosely around the blond Omega’s waist. “But I have to ask, what ended up being the cause of your infertility?”

“As it turns out, I have extremely high acidic levels in my body, making it impossible for me to fall pregnant.” Deidara sighed, “Dr. Senju suspects it was purposely done as the levels were far above what occurs naturally.” the blond whispered, head casting down, hiding his eyes. 

“We believe it happened when I started courting him.” Itachi took over. “Dei had a prearranged mating partner that was decided for him when he presented. The Alpha was thirty years his senior at the time.” the Alpha said in disgust, placing a hand on the blond Omega’s shoulder. “I met Dei in high school and we hit it off straight away and before I knew it, I was courting him.”

“Obviously my family was furious when I chose Itachi over their plans,” Deidara continued, “The moment they realised I wasn’t going to give, they tried everything they could to break us up, then when they saw they couldn’t, they gave me a final dinner in my home , before…..” the blond swallowed hard, but after a quick reassuring squeeze to the shoulder from his Alpha he continued. “Before they disowned me and legally divorced me, taking away my last name.” he finally choked out.

Hearing this, anyone around could see the array of emotions that crossed the red headed Omega’s face. Everything from a rage promising death, too compassionate sympathy was shown. 

“Well that just won’t do!” Kushina finally settled on, with a small smile. Pulling out her phone she quickly sent off a message, receiving a reply within seconds. “I’ll be right back.” she said, pulling away from the blond Omega and grabbing her mate by the hand and disappearing around the corner for a few minutes before returning. “Okay, I know you’re already mated and have a last name, but we'd be more than honoured if you’d allow us to adopt you and for you to take my maiden name as your own maiden name. That’ll show that unworthy family of yours that you don’t need them, cause you’d be a part of ours.” she beamed with a devilish grin, fist pumping the air viciously. 

Deidara’s head shot up, seeing the serenity and heat in the woman's eyes. At this, the tears that had been threatening to fall finally fell. “Are… Are you serious?” he whispered. “I…” he swallowed, “I can join your family?”

“One hundred percent.” Kushina continued to beam. “That would also make you and Naru brothers.” 

“I’m okay with that.” Naruto piped up from behind his mother, a grin adorning his face. 

Minato slid in behind Kushina, a welcoming smile on his face. “Welcome to the family.” he chuckled. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Can’t be worse than mine.” Itachi laughed.

Chapter Text

It was close to 9pm and both Naruto and Sasuke were exhausted - the blond Omega more so than the raven Alpha. Being thirteen weeks pregnant Naruto was seriously feeling the effects of it, even more than his first pregnancy. He had already ducked off several times during the family dinner to relieve the contents of his upset stomach - much to his disappointment, since the dinner and dessert provided was amazing - and each time he did, Sasuke had accompanied him, fanning him and placing cool, wet cloths on his neck and head to alleviate the hot flushes he’d go through during it. 

The pair were just getting ready to leave with Naruto’s parents when Mikoto came waltzing over, hips swaying and a warm smile on her face as she waved to catch their attention. “Ah, before the pair of you go, I was wondering if I could have a quick word?”   

“Of course mother,” Sasuke answered, pausing in his actions and rearranging the sleeping Menma in his arms to give her all his full attention, “What did you need?”

“I know this is sudden, but I was hoping the pair of you would be available tomorrow for an outing?” She asked. 

“I’m free,” The younger raven answered before turning to the blond. “What about you Naru?”

Naruto quickly pulled out his phone and checked his planner. “I’m free,” he nodded, putting his phone away. “What did you have in mind?”

“Excellent,” Mikoto smiled, clapping her hands together. “I want to take you both somewhere, so I’ll pick you up at 9am sharp.” Before Naruto could voice any of his concerns regarding Menma, she added, “And don’t worry about Menma, I already have a carseat in my car for him.” 

“Ah…. O-kay then, did you need us to bring anything, Mikoto-san?” Naruto asked.

Shaking her head, she waved her manicured hand. “Just yourselves and an open mind,” she said cryptically with a mischievous grin.

“We’ll see you tomorrow then,” Sasuke nodded, placing a hand onto the small of Naruto’s back, gently urging him towards the door. “Safe journeys home, mother.”

“You too.” She replied with a wave before making her way back over to her mate.

“Ready to go?” Kushina asked, taking the diaper bag from Naruto’s shoulder. 

“Yeah.” Naruto nodded tiredly. “My bed is calling me,” he laughed.

“We’ll drop you straight home then, kiddo.” Minato laughed as he ruffed Naruto’s hair. The younger blond batted his fathers hand away with a scowl. “Ah, you're just like your mother.” he teased, receiving another agitated scowl.

They made it back to Naruto’s apartment without any further arguments and in the state the blond was in, Sasuke offered to spend the night, much to Naruto’s appreciation. 

As the weeks had gone by, Naruto had found himself relying more and more on Sasuke - much to his dismay - and secretly becoming depressed whenever the Alpha left for work or went back to his hotel for the night. Sadly, his own pride prevented him from voicing this to the raven, instead he soaked up the attention from any moment they had together, much like the current one. 

“Did Menma go down easy?” the blond asked as he looked up from where he had made himself comfortable on the bed, laptop and papers strewn around him. 

“Yep, out like a light.” Sasuke laughed walking in and over to the bed where he sat on the corner. “I think all the attention he received tuckered him out.” 

“Good, maybe he’ll sleep the whole night.” Naruto replied as he began to pack up the last of his work having had enough for the evening. “Wanna lay down with me?” he asked shyly. 

“Of course.” Sasuke nodded, helping Naruto pack up the last of his things before stripping down to his boxers and climbing into bed. 

“Should I pack a small morning tea for tomorrow?” the blond asked as he shuffled over to be as close to the raven as he dared, without giving away that he wanted the physical attention. 

Taking the subtle hint, Sasuke wrapped an arm around the blond, but said nothing about it, instead focusing on what Naruto had asked, “No,” he shook his head, “If mother said to just come as is, it’d be rude to do otherwise.” 

“I feel like I should do something.” he whined, “Your mother barely likes me as it is.”

“She likes you.” Sasuke concurred, “If she didn’t, she’d have never allowed us to be together as we are.”

Sitting up, Naruto turned to look at the Alpha. “You don’t see how she looks at me when she thinks no one is looking. She hates me!” he whimpered, dropping down on top of the raven and snuggling into the offered scent.

“Trust me,” Sasuke chuckled, “She likes you.” 

After that, nothing more was said between the two, rather, they engaged in snuggling their inner desires for the night, allowing their subconscious to take the reins and do as they pleased. As it would have it, the inner selves of the two wanted nothing more than to cuddle, so that’s what they did for the rest of the night. 

It had been little over a half hour drive from Naruto’s current apartment when Mikoto pulled into the driveway of a large, old traditional, but well maintained one story house, before turning off the engine and departing from the car.

The front of the house had a beautiful ornate garden complete with cherry blossoms, stones and sand features that disappeared around the back of its open plan area. The surrounding of the house was fenced in by a large solid wall that gave the appearance of a compound.

“Why are we here?” Sasuke asked curiously as he helped Naruto take Menma out of the car.

“To look around.” Mikoto answered simply as she walked up to the front porch and produced a key that opened the front sliding door. 

The inside was as ornate as the outside, all white walls lined with dark hardwood accents. It was in perfect condition considering the age of the traditional style house, similar to Sasuke’s parents own house that he grew up in and admired to the point of making it his own goal to own one almost as similar. Bar how empty the house was compared to his parent’s, every detail was how he had envisioned it growing up, from the dark colour scheme, to the size proportions of everything and even the garden out back was how he had dreamed it would look when he peeked out to take a look.   

Turning to his mother, Sasuke eyed her suspiciously. “Why are we here?” he asked, a demand in his tone. 

“To gain your approval.” she answered with a smile as she took a seat at a low table where food and beverages were already laid out. 

“Approval for what?” he asked, sitting down opposite his mother as Naruto continued to look around while holding Menma.

Mikoto poured the pair of them a cup of tea as she spoke. “I started building this place when you were a small child with the intention of giving it to you on your Commitment Ceremony day as a gift. But as things would have it, it turned out to be complicated, so I had to wait and make adjustments to the house to accommodate your mate .” 

Sasuke practically choked on his tea as his mother spoke, not only from the insinuation of his mate being an issue but the fact that this place was for him. “This place is for me?” he spluttered, wiping his mouth with a napkin. After receiving a nod he asked, “But why?”

“Every child needs a proper nurturing environment to be brought up in. This promotes succession in their future.” Mikoto grinned behind her cup, “Just like you and Itachi, I want what’s best for my grandchildren.” 

“Mother, I don’t know what to say.” 

Mikoto simply placed the keys on the table in front of the younger raven. “This place has been built with all the necessities you will need to raise a family. It now has two studies and five bedrooms - with the hopes of many more grandchildren might I add,” she laughed warmly, “A kitchen that is fully equipped with the finest materials and appliances to prepare quality meals. A garden that is ready to grow anything you desire. A chicken coop has also been added since I heard that your mate likes chickens. And a pet run should you decide to have a pet.”

Sasuke stared at his mother, dumbfounded by everything he was telling her till Naruto came into the room with a big grin on his face. 

“This place is amazing, Mikoto-san, are you planning to move here?” the blond asked as he sat down with Menma resting on his lap, as the small boy tried to grab at the fruit being placed in front of him by Sasuke. 

“No,” the older raven woman shook her head, her piercing gaze locking onto him from behind her cup, “You are.” she answered with a finality in her voice that was unwavering and demanded he submit without question. 

Not wanting to upset her further - since she had already made it abundantly clear that she didn’t like him - the blond stayed silent and accepted the cup of tea that Sasuke had poured for him. 

After a small and tense meal where only the two Uchiha’s spoke, Mikoto smiled at her son, “Sasuke, why don’t you take Menma for a walk around the house and familiarise yourself with it.”

Sasuke eyed her suspiciously, but did as he was told. He picked Menma up and left the room, closing the shoji door as he went.

The room was silent for several breaths before Mikoto placed her cup down on its saucer with well trained ease. “Now, I think it’s time you and I had a little chat.” the raven woman said with an undertone of anger. “Throughout this whole ordeal, you have played the victim with little regard for what you have put my son through. Did you even stop to think about him during that time? How it might affect him when you upped and left, robbing him of more than you will ever know?”

Before Naruto could attempt to defend himself, her piercing gaze locked him in place, preventing him from uttering a single word as his breath caught in his throat and the scent of a strong Alpha filled the room, demanding him to surrender to her will. 

“Although I am an Alpha and will never be able to fully grasp what Omega’s go through during their heats, I will say that it is as much my responsibility to take care of my Rut’s as it is your responsibility to take care of your Heat’s properly . Going to work during a time when you knew you were about to go into Heat was foolish and you only have yourself to blame for my son attacking you.” 

Anger spiked in the blond, making his eyes flash purple as his inner Omega went on the defence. “Now listen here….” he hissed, his teeth bared and a venomous retort on the tip of his tongue, only to be cut off by the older Alpha.

“No, you listen.” She growled back, filling the room further with her pheromones as she bared her own teeth while her eyes flashed Alpha red and her hands were placed on the table so she could slightly lift herself up to put herself on a higher ground to the Omega and show her dominance. “I tolerate you at the moment because you are the mother of my first grandchild and mate of my son, but do not think for a second that I like you.” 

Naruto’s inner Omega instantly backed down at her threatening aura making him drop and bare his neck to show her his submission all the while he wanted to scream at Sasuke ‘I told you so’.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Mikoto sat back down and composed herself. “My anger towards you is just. First, you took away the experience of pregnancy and childbirth from my son, then you hid his own child from him. Then finally if that wasn’t enough, you almost killed him.”

“I didn’t know.” Naruto whimpered from where he still sat, neck bared to the Alpha as his inner Omega tried to appease her.

“Don’t know or didn’t care to know, hmmm? All actions have consequences, child.” Mikoto hissed as she picked up her tea again, taking a sip from it before continuing. “But in saying that,” she said a little calmer, “All actions can be forgiven, if the other party shows they are worth it.” 

Still baring his neck, Naruto whimpered and nodded. “Please, forgive me.” he mumbled.

“When you prove to me you are worth my forgiveness, I will.” She said as she fell into silence. 

“Where can I start?” Naruto asked.

Putting down her tea, Mikoto picked up the teapot and poured Naruto a fresh cup. “You already took the first steps when you engaged my son in the Commitment Ceremony. The next step will be you moving into this house with my son and showing him the respect and sharing with him the parental experiences he deserves.”

Biting his lip, Naruto nodded as he accepted the offered cup. “When can we move in?” he asked meekly.

“The house is ready, it needs only be furnished.” She answered as she picked up her own cup again. “I will leave Menma's room, the nursery and your heat room to you, the rest will be designed by my son.”

Naruto nodded again as he took a sip of the offered tea. “Thank you Mikoto-san.”

The silence between the two dragged on till Sasuke reentered the living room with a slight warm smile twitching the corner of his lip. At this sight Mikoto's mood instantly changed. 

“Would you say that the house is acceptable?” Mikoto asked as she placed her cup down on its saucer. 

“It’s perfect.” Sasuke smiled genuinely. 

“Excellent.” She said as she stood, taking Menma from Sasuke’s arms. “I’ll leave the pair of you to talk about the specifics.” making her way to the door, she turned to address them again, “When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting in the car.” With that, she left.

After Mikoto left, Naruto stayed in much the same position he had been in for most of their conversation, and upon a closer look at him, Sasuke seemed to pick up on his distress. “Did she say or do something to upset you?” he asked as he knelt down beside the blond.

Shaking his head, Naruto refused to look at the Alpha, even as a gentle hand was placed on his face, encouraging him to look up and meet the others’ eyes. Instead he pulled away and asked, “When would you like to move in?”

“When you’re ready.” Sasuke answered with a soft smile. Although he’d be happy to move in straight away, he also wanted to make things work between him and his Omega, and if that meant waiting, he would.

“I’m ready.” the Omega answered meekly. 

Not wanting Naruto to do anything against his will - especially if his mother has said something - Sasuke asked, “Then show me you’re ready.” 

Taking a deep breath, Naruto lifted his head slowly till their eyes met. “I’m ready to take the next step.” 

Hearing those words, Sasuke knew his mother had said something to the blond Omega, but chose to stay silent, searching the blond’s eyes for any hint of fear. When he found none, only determination mixed with uncertainty he said, “Then we will move in, next weekend.” 

Nodding the blond stood. “Would you like to stay at mine till then?” he asked, voice slightly wavering with the request.

“Only if I am welcome.” Sasuke answered as he stood and began to follow the blond out. 

“We have an appointment tomorrow, it would be easier if you stayed over.” Naruto whispered as they left the house and Sasuke locked the door behind them.

“Then I’ll stay.” Sasuke smiled softly to himself. 

As the four of them drove back, Mikoto and Sasuke engaged each other in conversation about the new house. During that time, Menma slept exhausted from the excitement and Naruto chose to stay silent, instead reflecting on everything that Mikoto had said. 

Once back at Naruto’s apartment, the blond - with the help of the raven - quickly fed, bathed and put Menma down for an afternoon nap before sitting on the couch together. The peace though didn’t last long before the Omega was up and racing for the washroom. 

After another eventful hurling session, Naruto laid out on the cold tiled floor, a washcloth over his face as he concentrated on his breathing in hopes of not spending any more time with his head in the bowl.

“Here, I brought you some tea.” Sasuke said quietly as he entered the room again, sitting next to the blond as he placed the tea on the ground. After a moment of silence, he added, “Your morning sickness seems to be lessening.” 

“I’ll be happy when it stops completely.” Naruto groaned as he sat up, accepting the tea as he leant back against the raven, wrapping himself in the Alpha’s scent to calm him further. 

“How bout we go for a nap?” Sasuke asked with a soft, knowing smirk.

Taking a sip of the tea, Naruto nodded tiredly. “Sounds like a plan.”

The pair spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening lazing about the apartment with each other.

“Glad to see you turned up this time, brat.” Tsunade grunted as Sasuke and Naruto stepped into her office. 

“Granny.” Naruto growled at her, but his tone had no bite as he smiled at her with fondness.

“Shall we get this over with then?” she huffed as she grabbed the scanning gel from the warmer. 

Knowing the drill, the blond Omega easily laid down on the bed, lifted his shirt and lowered his pants slightly, allowing Tsunade to tuck some paper towel into the front of his pants before squirting the warm gel onto his now bare stomach.

Turning on the ultrasound machine, Tsunade smiled as she placed the scanner on to Naruto’s stomach and began spreading the gel around before using the buttons and knobs to start the session. “Let’s see what we can see today.” she grunted as she stared at the screen. “Might even be able to tell the gender if the lil brat gives us a good view.” she laughed.

Grinning, Naruto looked over at Sasuke who was staring intently at the screen, trying desperately to make sense out of the static shapes that appeared, much to Naruto’s amusement.

As the seconds and minutes ticked by and Tsunade began to make unsure and odd sounds, Naruto began to become concerned. 

“Is something wrong granny?” he asked in a voice barely above a whisper as his hand found Sasuke’s for some form of reassurance that everything was fine and she was just being the perfectionist she was, rather than something actually being wrong.

Instead of answering, she instead continued to move the device around the Omega’s belly, all the while mumbling to herself under her breath as she adjusted things on the screen only she could make out. 

“Granny?” he asked again, this time with fear evident in his voice as he began to shake. 

At this, Tsunade finally tsked as she put the scanner down and began to rub her face with her hand, “Kami, Naru, I’m so sorry…. I don’t know how I missed this.” she said in a defeated voice, deflating slightly. 

“M…. Missed what?” he asked, his voice wavering with the effort it was taking not to clutch his slightly swollen belly.

“Naru, I don’t know how to tell you this.” she said with worry. 

“Tell us what?” Sasuke asked for his mate.

Her lips moved but Naruto couldn’t hear a sound over the rushing in his ears as the world swam and began to fill with spots. 

Chapter Text

Sasuke’s pheromones were everywhere. It was like Naruto was rolling in a field of them and it made him feel calm. Then the Alpha’s voice cut through his emotionally hazed state. 

“Come again? I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you properly, can you please repeat that?”

“I said, Naruto is pregnant with twins.” Tsunade’s muffled voice echoed through Naruto’s mind as he felt her fingers lift and press against his wrist. “Naruto, are you still with us?” She asked softly.

He didn’t want to respond, he didn’t want to face the reality that he might be carrying not one, but two babies. So he left his body floating in the state it was in, wrapped protectively in Sasuke’s scent, the Alpha’s warm hand holding his while the other rubbed his hip in small soothing circles.

“How could you have missed that in his last scan?” Sasuke growled, hand slightly squeezing Naruto’s in obvious annoyance.

“I honestly thought it was just an echo because I couldn’t get a clear view at the time.” She defended. “But it would explain a lot. Either he’s pregnant with girls or at least one - like the wives tale of a perfect vs a sick pregnancy, meaning you’re carrying the opposite gender to the first - or it’s just his body reacting to the twins that made him so sick.” 

“So will his sickness subside then?” Sasuke asked.

“Only time will tell.” Tsunade answered softly. 

The soft sound of Tsunade typing away at her computer filled the room and after floating in that silence long enough to comprehend his situation, Naruto’s eyes fluttered open and he took in a deep breath of Sasuke’s scent. “Twins,” he whispered into the quiet room as tears welled up into his eyes. “I’m carrying twins.” 

Sighing, Tsunade stopped her typing and turned to the couple. “Naru,” she started as she rubbed her face out of frustration. “Knowing now you’re carrying twins, moves you from low, to high risk. You understand that right?”

“What’s the difference?” Sasuke asked as he continued to rub soothing circles into Naruto’s side.

For once not condescending or belittling the raven Alpha, Tsunade answered his question as it was, a question. “Pregnancies have several categories, and the categories dictate the treatment the patient receives. In Naru’s case, he’s now been placed into high risk because he’s carrying twins.”

“But why? What does having twins do to change his pregnancy?” 

“Twins have a tendency to want to come early as they max out the space quicker than that of a single child pregnancy.” Turning to Naruto she continued, “you understand you’re going to need to be a lot more careful this time round than last time right?”

Stuttering in his breath, Naruto nodded. “Should I book straight in for a C-section?” he asked, his mind starting to treat it like a project as his way of coping.

“No,” Tsunade shook her head. “Even though you’re now classed as high risk, it’s only for early labour, I still think you can give birth naturally, but we'll have to monitor your progress closely.” 

Nodding, Naruto began to break everything down in his mind, working out the best plan and course of action for the situation. He was just over three months pregnant with twins , and would likely go into labour early, which meant that everything needed to be ready by month seven to be on the safe side for a possible birth at eight months. Taking mental inventory of what they already had vs what they needed, the blond noted the time delays everything could possibly take. 

“You’re mumbling.” Sasuke chuckled, “What are you thinking?” he asked. 

“Working out the timeline for everything.” Naruto answered. 

“And how's that working out for you?” The raven mused. 

Coming back to the real world, Naruto nodded. “It’s doable.” 

“Excellent.” Sasuke replied. 

The pair left the clinic a short while later, making their way back to the blonds’ apartment. There Sasuke made them dinner, while the pair waited for Kushina to drop Menma home. 

“If it’s alright with you, I’d like to keep the fact that you’re pregnant with twins a secret till the birth.” Sasuke said as they ate their dinner. 

Nodding, Naruto agreed. “I think it would be a great surprise for everyone.” He laughed. 

“You know what we forgot to do while we were there?” Sasuke smirked. 

“Hmmm?” Naruto hummed. 

“Find out the gender.” 

“We can always just tell everyone Tsunade couldn’t get a clear pic or we’re keeping it to ourselves?” Naruto offered. 

“Doable.” Sasuke nodded. “Hey, how about after dinner, we go online shopping for furniture for the new house?” He asked with a smile. 

Instantly the blond’s mood sank as he remembered what Mikoto had said. “Why don’t you focus on that,” Naruto answered after a moment’s silence. “I’d rather look at baby stuff,” he mumbled. 

“If you’re sure?” Sasuke said back, looking at the blond thoughtfully.

Nodding, Naruto stood up and picked up his half finished plate.

“Not hungry?” Sasuke asked. 

“Not feeling great.” Naruto said meekly as he dumped the plate on the bench and retreated to his room. 

Over the following week, Sasuke had ordered most of the furniture and started to fill the house with it, making sure either himself or Itachi were available to sign for the items when they arrived and have the movers directed to the right rooms. By the end of the week, the only rooms not done were, Naruto’s heat room - which his mother pointed out wouldn’t be needed for a while anyway - Menma’s room and the nursery. 

“You ready to see our new place?” Sasuke asked excitedly as he pulled the car into the driveway. 

“Sure.” Naruto answered lifelessly as he opened his door. 

Grabbing his arm and preventing him from leaving the car, Sasuke asked, “Are you okay Naru?” 

“Just tired.” The blond answered in the same listless voice. 

Sasuke eyed the blond carefully before letting him go and departing the car himself. While Naruto grabbed Menma, Sasuke went ahead and unlocked the house, letting the pair in once they caught up to him. 

The raven watched intently as he led Naruto through the house, hoping for any form of reaction to their new place. Instead, all he was met with was an almost empty reaction from the blond. 

“Is something wrong?” He finally asked after they’d done a full lap of the house. 

“No, why?” Naruto answers flatly. 

“You don’t seem yourself.” Sasuke said, full of concern as he drew both Naruto and Menma into a hug.

“I’m just tired.” Naruto answered, pulling away and taking a seat at the low set table in the dining room. “Should I make us something to eat?” 

“You rest, I’ll do it.” Sasuke said quickly as he made his way to the kitchen. He came back sometime later to find Naruto relaxing just outside the dining area, on the landing that overlooked the garden, with a sleeping Menma in his lap. “I just made something simple.” He said, handing the blond a plate of dumplings.

“It’s fine.” Naruto whispered, taking the plate and beginning to nibble at the food. 

“To what do I owe the pleasure of your unexpected company, dear brother.” Sasuke said sarcastically as he removed the last of his personal effects from his locker before slamming it shut and turning towards the older raven.

“Can’t an older brother just visit his younger brother when he feels the need for company?” Itachi replied with a smug smirk, his immaculate suit out of place in the H&R teams common area. 

“For one, not in our family. We always want something when we talk to each other and two, when was the last time you actually visited me just to chat pleasantries?” He dead panned Itachi before walking past the older man, waving at a few of his fellow teammates as he left for the night.

“Fine,” Itachi huffed as he walked after Sasuke, easily catching up with him so they walked side by side, “Deidara asked me to talk to you, can you give me a lift?” 

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke nodded before continuing with a huffed sigh, “What does he want now?” he asked, wondering what the blond Omega had in store for him this time since Sasuke apparently hadn’t finished paying off the debt he owed him for getting him his current job.  

“It’s more something that’s been brought to his attention and now mine.” Itachi answered, grabbing Sasuke by the elbow and making him stop. “Has Naruto’s behaviour changed recently?” he asked, eyes cold as they bored into the younger raven. Something akin to an accusation crossing his eyes. 

Sasuke’s immediate Alpha reaction to the challenge was to pull away, but instead he held his ground in his brother’s tight grip. Jaw tight, he nodded, his words slipping through clenched teeth, “Yes.” 

Pulling Sasuke towards him, Itachi whispered into his ear, “Did you hurt him?”

At this the younger Alpha growed, the sound vibrating through his chest as Sasuke pushed the older Alpha away, “No!” he growled, “I would never hurt him, not again!”

Sighing, Itachi backed down quickly to his reaction. “I fear something has happened to your mate then.” 

Calming down, Sasuke eyed his brother. “What do you mean?” 

Hearing the whispers around them and noticing the eyes and ears all turned their way, the two began to walk again, heading for the lift that would take them down to the carpark. Once inside, Itachi continued. 

“I was visiting Deidara today as a surprise and when I arrived, Naruto was there.” 

“That’s not unusual, they spend a lot of time together.” Sasuke interjected. 

Nodding in agreement, Itachi continued. “This is true, but it’s what happened after I arrived that has us both concerned.” 

Itachi had just finished his greetings with Deidara - scent marking him as his amongst other things - when he turned his head to the side to greet the other blond Omega in the room. What he found though, had him slightly taken aback. Naruto was backing away slowly from them, a look of sheer terror on his face as he did so. 

“Naruto?” He asked as he released Deidara to fully face the other Omega. Said Omega squeaked before hurriedly waddling out of the room, his pregnancy slowing him down as the weeks advanced and his baby grew within him. “What’s wrong with him?”

“No idea,” Deidara answered, “But he’s been acting like that for about a week or so now.”

“How so?” Itachi asked, drawing the Omega back into his arms and rubbing his free hand on the slightly present swell hidden below his clothing. 

“He’s been sending Konan out on lots of errands and won’t be in the same room as her. Seeing him react to you as he did, I suspect it’s Alpha’s he’s suddenly afraid of.” Deidara mumbled questionably as he snuggled into the Alpha’s touch.

Biting his lip, Itachi started to run several scenarios in his head. After a moment of silence he asked, “Do you think Sasuke did something to him?” 

Shaking his head, Deidara disagreed. “No, he only talks fondly of your brother and how much he’s been helping. No, I think something else is going on.”

“I’ll go talk to Sasuke.” Itachi said as he withdrew his arms reluctantly from the blond Omega. “When does his shift end?” He asked, looking at his watch to see the time.

“6pm.” Deidara answered as made his way to his deck. 

Sighing, Itachi walked over to his mate and pulled him into another quick hug, a chaste kiss followed before he let go. “I’ll see you tonight at 8 then.”

Finishing his story, Itachi looked at Sasuke with expectant eyes. “So, do you want to tell me what’s going on?”

Sighing as they made their way to Sasuke’s car, the younger raven stopped after opening his car door. “Naruto’s been…… different since maybe a week before we moved into the new house together.” 

“In what way.” Itachi asked, opening the passenger door.

Following suit, Sasuke entered his car and shut the door behind him. His hands gripped the steering wheel till his knuckles turned white as he answered through gritted teeth. “He’s been quiet, withdrawn and whenever the house is mentioned, he locks up and finds an excuse to leave the room.” 

“Can you pinpoint when it started?” 

Starting his car and beginning the drive to Deidara’s place, Sasuke thought about it. ‘When did it start?’ He asked himself. ‘Was it when we started to move into the house?’ Shaking his head he continued to think on it, thinking further back. ‘No, he was fine at Deidara and Itachi’s baby reveal. I think it started the following day.’

After driving a while and realising when it started, Sasuke voiced his concerns. “I think it started when Mother was showing us the new house.” He paused as he let the full memory come to him. “She asked me to take Menma for a bit and when I returned, Naruto was….. different.” 

“What’s the bet Mother said something to him.” Itachi sighed. 

Before Sasuke could comment, his phone began to ring. Answering the call he didn’t even have time to say a greeting before a voice screeched throughout his car. 

“What the fuck did you do to my son!” 

Chapter Text

All she knew was that something was wrong with her baby. When Minato and her had shown up early for dinner, she had all but run in ahead of her Alpha, leaving him to bring their things in while taking her grandson straight into her arms. Everything was fine, she was happily snuggling with Menma, till Minato walked into the room, from there it all went to hell. 

Naruto went into a fear filled frenzy, immediately grabbing Menma before bolting out of the room with a look of sheer terror on his face, then proceeded to lock him and Menma in his bedroom. It took Kushina almost an hour, a phone call to Tsunade for help and forcing Minato to leave, to get her baby boy to calm down enough to convince him to unlock the door and lay down to rest. 

Tsunade had expressed extreme concern in his behaviour almost immediately, stating that it sounded like a PIP - pheromone induced psychosis - episode, caused by an Alpha dominating an Omega into submission with their pheromones. While pregnant, there was little that could be done, other than removing the object of fear completely, so as to minimise the risk to both Naruto and the baby in his womb. Before hanging up she had told Kushina that she’d be around later that evening after the clinic closed, to give a proper diagnosis.  

Making sure her son and grandson were comfortable, she’d made her way to the other end of the house where her mind had instantly gone to Sasuke as the cause and anger had filled her to the breaking point. She’d taken out her phone, hands shaking with rage as she called the raven Alpha and gave him a piece of her mind. 

It took a lot of back and forth for her to calm down enough to listen to what the raven idiot had to say, but when she did, she was almost at a loss for words. She’d whimpered, and cried to him and in the end, he’d kept her talking the whole time till he arrived home, where he embraced her the moment he walked in the door. 

“I’m sorry,” Sasuke said in a soft whisper as he held her tight. “I don’t know how this has happened, but know that I’d never purposely hurt Naruto again, and I will get to the bottom of this,” he reassured her. 

“Promise?” Kushina sniffled, as she pulled away from the Alpha. 

“Promise.” Sasuke confirmed. 

Letting go of the young raven Alpha, Kushina finally took notice of the third occupant in the room. “Itachi?” she questioned, slightly surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Ah,” Itachi said awkwardly, “I was going to have Sasuke drop me at Dei's place, but as you know, a family emergence has come up.”

“Agh… sorry about that,” Kushina blushed. “How about I drop you off instead?” she offered, feeling bad, but knowing she wouldn’t be able to help here any further.

“That would be welcomed.” Itachi nodded. 

“Will you be okay with Naru?” Kushina asked worriedly, turning back to Sasuke.

“I should be fine,” Sasuke reassured her with a small smile.

Biting her lip, she waited a moment before nodding. “Okay… Tsunade will be around later to check on him.”

“Tell her to text me when she arrives and I'll let her in.”

Agreeing, Kushina left with Itachi in tow.

Sasuke silently made his way up to his bedroom, where he found his blond and baby snuggled together in the middle of a pile of blankets and pillows. Making his way in, he stopped by Naruto’s sleeping form and brushed a stray lock of hair out of his face. Smiling softly, he crawled in on the other side of his Omega and encircled them both in his embrace, giving both a kiss as he settled down. 

Tsunade came by later that evening and confirmed her fears. Naruto had PIP and at this stage of his pregnancy, no treatment could be conducted to rectify it without putting them both in danger. 

The sound of the doorbell ringing through the house, had Sasuke sighing out a deep breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. He was nervous about finding out the truth, but it had to be done if he wanted his mate and the babies growing in his womb to be safe. 

“Mother,” Sasuke greeted, hugging Mikoto as she crossed the threshold of his door after opening it. 

“Sasuke,” she greeted back. 

“Thank you for coming over on such short notice,” he said after closing the door behind them and guiding her to the sitting room where he’d already laid out a small spread of cakes, sandwiches and tea. After taking a seat, he quickly poured them each a cup of tea and took a steady breath, preparing for what he was about to do. 

“Of course I’d come when my son calls for me,” Mikoto answered, taking the offered cushion at the low-set table, then the tea. Looking around she asked as she took a sip from her cup, “Where’s Menma? I was hoping to snuggle with my cute little grandson for a bit.”

“He’s out with Naruto and Dei shopping,” Sasuke answered, taking a sip from his own cup. 

“If they were only going shopping, Menma could have stayed here,” she said matter-of-factly, taking some of the offered cake in hand. “When will they be back? I’d like to see him before I leave.” 

“That will depend on the outcome of this conversation,” Sasuke answered, gently placing his tea cup down on its saucer and steeling himself for the topic that was about to start. 

“And what do you mean by that?” she asked, following suit, eyes trained on the younger raven Alpha. 

Eyes never leaving his mother, Sasuke asked the burning question that was on the tip of his tongue. “Did you force your pheromones on Naruto and make him submit to you?”

A soft smile appeared on Mikoto’s face as she reached across the table and gave his hand a quick squeeze. “If I did, he deserved it,” she answered coyly, retracting her hand and picked up her tea again. “Everything I do, I do for my sons and their futures.”  

Hearing this and knowing what his mate was going through, Sasuke began to fill with an almost uncontrollable rage. His fists clenched where they were on the table, his shoulders drew up and a feral growl began to vibrate in his chest, spilling from his lips when he parted them. 

Claws growing, teeth extending and eyes burning and bleeding to Alpha red, Sauske looked up at her and hissed through clenched teeth, “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!”

Ignoring his blatant anger fueled dominant display, Mikoto waved her hand like it was nothing, dismissing the notion that she had done something wrong. “I was only making sure you got what you truly deserved,” she stated, gesturing to the house. “If I didn’t do something , he might have ruined all the hard work I put into building this house and future for you, and if I’m being honest, I was not about to let all that hard work be ruined by some hussy ,” she hissed with a defiant nod as if she was in the right for what she did. 

Bringing his fists up into the air, Sasuke brought them down hard onto the table, not caring as he knocked things over with the force. Glaring at his mother as he rose up onto his knees, Sasuke yelled, “Forcing my mate to submit to you has put him and his pregnancy in danger!” he seethed, eyes never leaving his mother as he watched her absorb it before continuing. “He now has PIP and can’t be around any other Alpha’s except me till he’s treated!” 

“Pip is easily treated these days,” she concurred with annoyance. “Just have him start necessary therapy and he'll be right as rain in a couple of months.” 

Through clenched teeth, he lent on the table towards her, hissing, “He can’t be treated till after his pregnancy because he will miscarry if they proceed, and worse, if he comes in contact with Alpha’s too often, he may miscarry anyway.” 

With her teacup held in both hands, her smirk was barely seen, but Sasuke could hear it as she snidely said, “He’d be better suited as a housewife anyway, which would mean you could go back to a job better suited to you.”

Standing, Sasuke stalked around the table and stood right in front of her as he practically seethed anger through his pores, allowing his scent to fill the room. “ You did this to him, and you don’t even have the decency to care or feel guilty for what you’ve done!”

Rolling her eyes at him, Mikoto continued to ignore Sasuke as if he were a mere child throwing a temper tantrum and carried on like it was nothing as she ate a small sandwich. “He’ll get over it eventually.” she said in a bored tone after she’d swallowed.

“Do you have something against Omega’s?” he asked her with horror, completely taken aback by her behaviour.

“Of course not,” Mikoto sighed with a huff. “Naruto’s mother is an Omega and she’s my best friend!” she answered with another huff at the accusation.

“Then it’s just Naruto you have a problem with, isn’t it,” he said matter-of-factly.

Mikoto stayed silent for a moment, the sandwich in her hand barely touching her bottom lip as she froze before gently placing it back down and taking a deep breath through her nose. “Naruto left the moment he found out he was pregnant, not only taking my grandson away from you, but the joy and amazing experiences you would have gone through in becoming a parent,” she growled, finally letting her own anger seep out as she slowly turned towards him. “I will never forgive him for taking that away from you.”

“You don’t care about Naruto at all, do you?” he hissed, baring his teeth at her. “You only care about getting grandkids from him, like he’s nothing more than a baby factory!” Standing tall and having had enough of her bigited thoughts, Sasuke did the only thing he could think of, to defend his mate’s honour. “Until you accept Naruto as my mate, you are no longer welcome in my house, around my son or near Naruto himself!”

“Now Sasuke,” Mikoto started, but before she could continue, Sasuke’s phone began to ring. 

Seeing Deidara’s name flash on screen, he immediately answered the call, “Dei?” he questioned.

“SASUKE!” his brother’s mate screamed through the phone, he could hear Menma crying in the background close by. “Naruto’s not breathing!” he cried. “I don’t know what to do!”

“I’m on my way,” Sasuke answered. Turning back to his mother, he pulled the phone away from his ear and covered the speaker, “My answer is final, now get out of my house,” he growled, before turning around and quickly running to gather his things. “Dei, tell me what happened.” he whispered softly to the frightened Omega.

Naruto laid in a hospital bed, eyes closed and gentle puffs of breath leaving his mouth through the mask placed on his face. Sasuke sat in the chair right beside him, hand entwined in the blonds, while Menma slept in his arms. The raven had almost died inside when Deidara had told him that they couldn’t get Naruto breathing again. It was like his whole world was coming to an end, and through his bond with the blond Omega, it almost felt like it. 

They’d eventually gotten Naruto breathing again and rushed him to Tsunade’s clinic - thanks to Deidara informing them he was a patient of hers. When Sasuke had arrived at the clinic, he’d finally been informed of what had happened. An Alpha in rut had broken into the Omega only shopping mall that Naruto and Dei were shopping at. 

The pair had been taking a break at the time and were sitting out the front of a cafe when the sirens went off. All the Omega’s in the area had been quickly shuffled into Safe-rooms, but before the two blonds could be herded into one, the Alpha had come into view and Naruto had picked up his scent, instantly affecting his PIP. The Alpha had been quickly subdued by security, but not before Naruto had passed out, that was when he’d received Deidara’s call. 

After Naruto had been stabilised, he’d quickly been transferred home at Tsunade’s request. Due to his condition, he needed to be in an environment his inner Omega knew to be safe. Now home, he’d started to calm down and was resting without the aid of light sedatives, all he had now was an oxygen mask to help keep him breathing calmly. 

Seeing his Omega in the state he was in, only fueled his anger towards his mother. He vowed that he’d make sure she felt how he felt and if that meant withholding her grandchildren from her, he would. 

Sighing, he let his mind wonder. Naruto loved his job, there was no doubt about that, so making him give it up for his own health would likely send him into a downward spiral. He needed a way for the blond to keep working, but safely. 

As he turned many scenarios over in his mind, he eventually thought of one that could work. 

Pulling out his phone, he texted both his brother and Dei, again asking for their help.

The sudden knock on the door first thing Monday morning had Naruto confused as he slowly, hesitantly prepared to leave for work. Opening the door with Menma held tightly in his arms, he was even more confused to find Deidara, Iruka, a young orange haired man and several others further back holding boxes. 

“Dei?” he said his name with a confused look as he continued to glance at everyone behind the blond. “What are you doing here?”

“Morning!” his fellow blond Omega grinned, “Since our company strives to accommodate all its employees, that and the fact that it’s potentially dangerous for you to be at work around Alpha’s at the moment, I’m bringing work to you,” he beamed.

“Ahhh….” Naruto said as he stared at Deidara, completely confused by the situation.

“Can’t have my lead designer unable to work now can I?” Deidara grinned mischievously. “Now, I’ve been filled in by your mate and doctor about your new work requirements, soooooo…. I’d like to introduce you to your new Assistants,” he continued to grin as he pointed first to the orange haired Omega next to him, then the redhead further back.

“My name is Yahiko, it’s a pleasure to be working for you,” the orange haired Omega smiled brightly as he bowed before rising. “Rest assured, I am just as competent as my mate Konan, and so is the redhead further back.” He pointed to the other. 

“Nagato,” greeted the redhead further back as he gave a shallow bow and went back to whatever he was doing on his phone. 

“Don’t mind him,” Yahiko laughed.  “He’s just very work focused, I’ll be the one helping you directly while he’ll be liaising with Konan back at the office,” he said as he came up to the blond.

“Umm… okay, but how am I meant to conduct meetings and help the people on my team?” Naruto asked.

“That’s easy.” Deidara grinned, beconing Iruka forward. The brunette came forward and put his arms out, patiently waiting for the blond to hand Menma over to him. When Naruto was ready, he did so - after double checking there were no Alpha’s close by - once done Deidara continued. “These people,” he pointed to the ones carrying boxes, “Are here to set up your office so you can communicate effectively with your team.”

Nodding in understanding and feeling slightly awkward about having everyone standing around the front of his house, Narurto quickly let them in, directing the people carrying boxes to his office. He watched as those people began to set things up, till his office seemed to reflect one of their conference rooms back at the office, with a large screen TV, cameras and dial in setup - like when they talk to their partners overseas. 

“This is really too much,” Naruto whispered, watching the techs filed out of his house after finishing their task.

“Nonsense!” Deidara grinned, patting Naruto on the back. “I can’t have my lead designer out of commission. This will do for the time being till you’re fit to return to work.” 

“I… I don’t know what to say…” Naruto said with a shaky breath. 

“Nothing,” Deidara grinned. “Just continue to work to the best of your capabilities,” he laughed as he began to walk towards the door. “I’ll drop by later tonight to hear all about your day!” With that, Deidara left with a wave. 

At first, the blond just stood there, unsure of what to do till Yahiko came over with some files in hand. “I took the liberty of bringing over some of the projects you’re working on, as well as some that may interest you,” he said, laying them out on Naruto’s desk. “Once you’re ready, just say the word and we can start wherever you thinks best.” He grinned widely. 

Nagato then appeared out of nowhere and smacked the orange headed man up the side of the head. “Please excuse his overly excitable behaviour,” he said flatly as he gave the blond a cup of tea. “If you would please begin by looking over the documents in this file,” he said as he rearranged the files and placed a specific one on top. “We can get the team back at the office started on what is required to get it off the ground.”

Accepting the cup with a soft ‘thank you’ Naruto’s mind instantly began to focus on work. Taking a seat at his desk, he picked up the top file and began looking it over and instructing both of his new assistants on what tasks needed to be done as he came across them. 

It wasn’t till Naruto heard the soft whimpers of Menma’s cries entering the room that he looked up at the time, noting several hours had already passed. 

“It seems Menma’s a little hungry,” Iruka said with a warm smile, bringing the small bundle over to his mother. 

To Naruto’s surprise, Iruka already had a nursing cloth with him as he passed his son to him, ushering everyone out of the room to give him some privacy. Pulling up his top - after making sure the area was safe -, he helped Menma latch before going back to his work, only stopping to swap him to the otherside. Once he was done feeding his baby boy, he was surprised by a gentle knock at the door. 

“If you’re finished feeding Menma, I’ve made you a snack,” Iruka said through the door. 

“I’m done,” Naruto called back, just as his stomach began to grumble. “Just in time too,” he laughed awkwardly as the brunette came through the door, a tray balanced on his hands.

“While you eat, I’ll burp and put him down for a nap,” Iruka said warmly, placing the tray down on Naruto’s desk and taking Menma from the blond, leaving Naruto to eat. 

Naruto was barely two bites into his sandwich when he felt his stomach give the first signs of it rejecting what he was eating. Quickly standing, he ran as fast as he could out of the room and to the toilet, where he made it just in time to bring up what little was in his stomach. 

Several minutes passed before he was able to safely say no more would come up. Sitting back against the wall, he was surprised again when Yahiko appeared with a warm cup of ginger tea. “It should help you feel a bit better,” he smiled softly, handing the blond the cup, while placing a damp cloth on the back of his neck. 

“Thank you,” Naruto smiled weakly, taking a sip from the tea. 

“We’ve accomplished enough for now,” Nagato said flatly from the doorway. “Why don’t you try to eat again and get some rest?”

Nodding, Yahiko helped Naruto stand, before the blond made his way back to his office and slowly finished his food. Once done, he went up to his room and had a nap.

Opening the door late Monday evening, Itachi was surprised to see his mother standing there, waiting for him. “Mother?” he said, using her name as a question. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to visit my eldest son.” She smiled warmly. “Will you leave me standing in your doorway all night?” she asked with humour. 

“Of course not,” he said, stepping aside to allow her to pass. “Please come in.” 

“Itachi, who was it?” Deidara called from further in the home. 

Before he could answer, Mikoto stepped forward and answered for him. “Hi Dei, I brought some of Itachi’s things from when he was a baby, I hope you don’t mind.” 

“Not at all!” Deidara said as he came flying into the room to see what she’d brought. 

Settling down with some tea, all three of them chatted idly for a bit exchanging pleasantries about work, home and life, before Itachi sighed and turned to his mother. “Thank you for bringing the gifts around, but I doubt that’s the only reason for your visit.”

Placing her tea cup back down on its saucer, Mikoto straightened up and gave an exasperated sigh of her own. “You are quite right, dear. I just didn’t know where to start or even how.”

Following suit of his mother-in-law, Deidara placed his cup down and leaned forward with concern, offering her a gentle smile. “Start where it’s easiest.” 

Taking a stuttering breath, she nodded. “Sasuke has forbidden me from seeing Menma,” she choked. 

Eyes wide, Deidara looked at Itachi unsure of what to do or say, but before they could do anything, Mikoto was talking again. 

“I just don’t understand why he’s doing this to me, when everything I’ve done, I’ve done for him.” pausing, she looked straight at Itachi, “Can you please talk to him, convince him it’s not my fault?”

Taking in her words, Itachi remembered the conversation he overheard in the car on the way to the younger ravens house, how distraught Kushina had sounded just the Friday prior. Then again most recently what he’d been told by both Sasuke and Deidara regarding the little blond Omega. 

“Mother, you have to understand, I’m siding with Sasuke on this. You had no right to force Naru to submit to you. He is Sasuke’s chosen mate,” Itachi said with a firm and unwavering voice. “And you need to respect that.”

At hearing this, Deidara’s mind seemed to put two and two together and anger filled the little blond Omega as he stood. “It was you?” he hissed, teeth baring at the older Uchiha matriarch. “Do you have any idea how much pain and torment you’ve caused him?”

Seeing that she was losing the battle, Mikoto instantly went on the defensive. “I did what I had to, if not for Naruto fucking up all my hard laid plans, Sasuke would be happy right now!” she hissed.

“Sasuke is happy!” Deidara yelled, as he glared down at her.

“Sasuke only thinks he’s happy, the beautiful Omega I had lined up for him was perfect !” she growled back, standing so her height was above the Omega’s as she began to fill the room with her Alpha dominant pheromones. 

Before she could get any further though, Itachi quickly grabbed his pregnant Omega and swiftly removed him from the room, locking him in their bedroom before storming back to his mother. 

“How dare you come into my house, demand I fix what you fucked up, then attempt to force my mate to submit to you!” Itachi seethed as he stood up to his mother for the first time in his life. “Where do you think you get off?” Getting right up in her face, Itachi released his own well hidden pheromones, flooding the room with enough of it that it caused his mother to stumble back several paces with its strength. “Get off your high horse, mother ,” he spat the word with venom. “ I-will-not stand by you on this matter. You want to see Menma again, earn the right to.”

“I… I…” Mikoto whispered as she stumbled over her words and collapsed in the chair behind her. “I never meant for any of this to happen,” she said in a hushed tone, her breath stuttering as she took it. “When I saw him assault,” she swallowed hard and licked her lips before continuing, “Naruto…. In the elevator, I quickly began monitoring him so if he tried anything against Sasuke, I could easily head it off, but then he upped and left…. And I thought it was over.” 

She went silent for a moment, and Itachi let her, instead also taking a seat, listening intently to what she had to say. 

Several more stuttered breaths later, she continued. “I kept tabs on him, hindered your efforts to find him till I found out he was pregnant. Then I became angry. I thought to myself ‘how could he take an Uchiha baby away from us?' so I tried to file to take the baby, but I had no good reason to legally take the child other than in name.” 

Hearing this and what his mother had tried to do, Itachi’s fists clenched so hard they turned white. 

“Then I thought that maybe it would be best if you found him, so I let go of the tight grasp I had and allowed you to find him. It was only then that I learnt of Sasuke going crazy.” 

Mikoto turned to look at Itachi and at first all he saw was madness in her eyes, but the longer he looked the more vulnerability he saw. It was a type of vulnerability that comes from losing everything and being forced into a life never wanted. Having known his mother never really loved his father, only sharing enough of a common ground to keep it together, he started to feel sorry for her. 

“I had everything perfectly laid out for Sasuke, I was going to make sure he was happier than I could ever be, but Naruto ruined that, so I did what I had to, to make things right. And to do that, he had to submit and become the perfect house Omega for that to happen.

“Can’t you see that what you’ve done is wrong, mother?” Itachi begged.

“No,” she answered with confusion.

“You almost killed him and the child he carries, your grandchild!”

“After the baby is born and he gets his treatment, everything will be right again and we can all move on.”

“You don’t get it, do you?” Itachi said with a mixture of surprise and sorrow. “Mother,” he said, gaining her attention. “Until you can see that what you’ve done is wrong, I’m also going to have to forbid you from coming around.” 

“What, you can’t do this to me,” she whimpered. “Not you too!”

“I can’t risk having you around Dei, not with the possibility that you might hurt him too,” he whispered. “Please leave.” 

“Itachi,” Mikoto pleaded as she stood. 

“LEAVE!” the younger raven screamed, angry tear filled eyes glaring at her. “Just go!”

Standing with all the elegance she’s been taught, Mikoto looked down at her son, “I will let the pair of you cool your heads, then we will discuss this again.” With that, she left. 


Chapter Text

At a complete loss at what to do, Mikoto called the last person she could think of and hoped that they’d know what to do and would maybe even be able to talk some sense into her sons for her. As the line engaged she sobbed into the receiver, “Kushina…”

Hearing her distress, the redheaded Omega was quick to fire off questions of concern, “Oh my kami, Miko, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Do I need to come over?” In the background, rustling could be heard and the sound of rushing footsteps. 

“Both of my baby boys have forbidden me from visiting them,” she whimpered. “I’m not even allowed to see Menma”

The sound of something dropping on the other side of the line followed by a hissing sound had Mikoto wincing as Kushina’s anger filled voice came over the line. “WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY DO THAT TO THEIR OWN MOTHER?!” 

“I don’t know,” Mikoto whimpered. “All I did was try to help Sasuke and he forbade me from coming over for it, then when I tried to talk to Itachi about it, he also forbade me from coming around.” She began to cry harder, “why are they doing this to me?”

“Oh Miko, I’m so sorry to hear that,” Kushina whispered, having stopped what she was doing. “Do you know what caused him to do such a thing?” 

Sniffling, Mikoto dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and took a stuttering breath. “He said he doesn’t want me influencing his mate.” Growling, she added, “he seems to think that just because I’m the cause of Naruto’s PIP, that it gives him the right to bar me from his and my grandchildren's lives!”

“Oh Miko dear that’s…….” Kushina suddenly paused. “Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone!” she started to growl. “ You’re the cause of my baby boys PIP?” she hissed.

“Not directly,” Mikoto defended. “I was only tryi…” 

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!” she roared. “Minato can’t be around his own son now, and has to keep contact with Menma to a minimum!” 

“Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?” Mikoto huffed, crossing her arms in disbelief at her so-called friend. She’d called Kushina looking for support and all she was getting was attacked! Why could no one see that what she’d been doing was all for the good of her sons! 

“Exaggeration, EXAGGERATION?” Kushina screamed into the phone. “Naruto can’t be around any Alpha now because of you! Doing so could kill him or kill the baby growing in his womb !” 


“No, you don’t get to say anything!” The fiery redhead growled. “Knowing it was you that did this to my baby makes me so angry!” She panted angry before beginning to whimper, “I thought we were friends, Miko.”

“We are!” Mikoto pleaded.

“Then how could you do this?” Kushina fired back. 

“I-I-I was only doing what I thought was right,” the raven alpha stuttered. 

“Well what you did was wrong . You hurt my baby, and now you’ve hurt me.” Kushina paused for a while, neither of them speaking, neither of them wanting to acknowledge the elephant in the room. “Until I can forgive you for this, Mikoto , I’m putting a hold on all our plans.”

“No, Kushina, please!” Mikoto pleaded. 

“Good bye Mikoto,” Kushina answered, after that the phone line went dead. 

“Kushina, KUSHINA! Please! I’m sorry!” the raven cried out, tears streaming down her face. “Why? Why?” she screamed out, curling up on the bed. “What did I do that was so wrong?!”


This is how Fugaku found her several hours later. Curled up, eyes puffy with tears. His heart bled for her. Although their marriage was a marriage of business, he’d tried to make it work. He provided her with everything she needed as well as the freedom she deserved - having had it taken from her at such a young age. But he had to wonder, did he do the right thing with the amount of freedom he gave her. 

Early into their marriage, he gave her the freedom she craved that had been taken from her, then gave her even more once Itachi was born. But over the years, he’d started to see her decline mentally, the early signs having been when she’d started to construct the houses for both their sons. He’d let her go, allowed her to do it, hoping by having a project to focus on, she wouldn’t turn it on their sons, but he’d obviously been wrong. 

He’d heard from Itachi recently the mess she’d caused for both him and Sasuke, and was saddened that he’d let it go this far. Sighing, he gazed upon his wifes trembling form and felt nothing but love for her. Yes, their marriage had started as business, but over time, he’d grown to love his strong willed wife, and he liked to think that she loved him too. 

Pulling out his phone, he texted a number he’d been holding off on since he’d received it. He hated to resort to asking for help, but with everything that was going on, he needed to get his wife back, and if that meant asking for help, he would. Getting an instant reply, he nodded and slipped his phone into his pocket and walked over to his wife. 

“Mimi,” he whispered her pet name gently. “It’s time for us to leave, I want to take you somewhere.” 

Smoothing his hand over her trembling shoulder, he tenderly rolled her into his arms and lifted her with ease. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck and drew herself into his scent, whimpering and mumbling as she clung to him. Humming a gentle tune, he carried her out of the room and to the car.

Menma stared up at Sasuke, deep ocean blue eyes glaring at him before he huffed and put his arms out for the Alpha to pick him up. Smirking softly, Sasuke picked up his baby boy from his crib and quickly changed him out of his wet diaper before walking them out of the room and to where Naruto was already working away with Yahiko hovering close by, ready to do whatever task was asked of him. 

The orange haired Omega had almost become a permanent fixture in their house, with how often he was there. If Sasuke didn’t know he was an Omega and already bonded to Konon, he’d be jealous by how often the carrot top was over and close to his mate.

He’d just passed Menma to Naruto for a feed when his phone began to ring. Looking down at the caller ID, he was surprised when his father’s name flashed on screen. 

“Who’s calling you this early in the morning?” Naruto asked, glancing up at him as Yahiko passed him a feeding cloth. 

Worried onyx eyes met sapphire blues and Sasuke whispered, “it’s my father.” A slight tremor of fear passed through his body. He didn’t know what his old man wanted, but it couldn’t be good, he only ever called Sasuke when the younger raven had done something wrong. 

“You should answer it,” Naruto encouraged. “It might be important.” 

Nodding, Sasuke bent down and kissed Naruto’s forehead as he accepted the call. Leaving the room, he answered it. “Father,” he used as a greeting.

“Sasuke,” the older Alpha greeted back. “If you’re free, I’d like to talk with you for a bit?” he said, sounding neutral, giving nothing to the raven of what the call could be about.

Looking down at his watch, he nodded, “I have an hour before I have to leave for work.” 

“If it’s alright with you, do you mind coming outside? I’m in front of your house.”

“What? Why?” Sasuke began to splutter, running down the hall to the front door. Opening it, he indeed saw his father standing by his car, a hand raised waving at him as he hung up his phone and pocketed it. 

“I wanted to see you, but I also know about the predicament your mate’s in,” Fugaku answered, closing his door to his car and leaning against it. “Which is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Before the raven could stop it, a snarl left his lips as Sasuke glared at his father, “My decision is final!” he hissed, hoping that his father wasn’t here to either try and change his mind or defend his mothers obscene behaviour. He didn’t think he could take it if both his parents felt entitled over him. 

Bringing up a hand in front of him, Fugaku shook his head. “Your decision is yours and after hearing everything that’s been going on, I feel your decision is just and I support you.” 

Sasuke stood in front of his father, looking at him like he’d sprouted a second head. Did he hear right? Did his father really just say that he was supporting a decision he made? Was this real? Sasuke was at a complete loss for words and had no idea what to do, this had never happened to him. 

Bowing his head, Fugaku coughed, clearing his throat, snapping the younger alpha out of his swirling inner turmoil. “I also came to tell you that I’m getting your mother the help she needs, and to also apologise that I let it get this far.” Sighing, the older raven ran a hand through his thinning hair. “I saw the signs after Itachi was born and stood by as they got worse after you were born, I just hoped she’d get better or focus on other things, but she didn’t, and for that, I’m sorry, I should have stopped her long ago, before it got to this,” he said, voice full of sorrow. “I hope in time, you and Itachi will forgive me.”

After a moment of silence, while Sasuke was at a loss for words, his father softly added, “I also want you to know how proud I am of you. I know I was strict on both of you growing up,  but I only ever wanted to see both my sons succeed, and I am proud to say you both did.”

Smiling softly at his father, Sasuke could see for the first time how vulnerable the older Alpha felt regarding this. He‘d never really noticed it, but his father was actually a weak man when it came to his wife. She was his weakness, his life and his reason for going on. He had to wonder, even though their marriage was forced upon them, was what he saw in his father right now, was what it truly meant to be mated? To be weak, if only for one person?

“I forgive you,” Sasuke said softly after a long silent pause. 

Fugaku slowly looked up at the younger raven Alpha, eyes brimming with unshed tears while a soft smile crept along his face. “I promise, I’ll fix this.”

Biting his lip and worrying it between his teeth, Sasuke decided to do something that could go one of two ways, but he thought his father deserved it if he was willing to go this far for him. “Please, would you stay for some tea? I have something I want to tell you.” 

Smiling, his old man nodded and followed the younger raven around the side of the house to the backyard. 

For the past few days, Naruto had been feeling a slight pressure building between his legs, and no amount of playing with himself relieved the pressure that continued to grow. It was at the point that whenever he entered or left a room, he had to cover himself so others wouldn’t see him with an erection. It was made worse every time he had to feed his son, the feeling the stimulation brought had him squirming and begging for Menma to finish quickly.

Although his relationship with Sasuke had steadily been getting better, he felt weird just walking up to him and ask Sasuke to have sex with him, all so he could feel better.

Biting his lip to stifle his moan, Naruto’s eyes closed as he released into his hand, the warm water cascading over his still thrusting hips to wash the evidence away. Even after spending himself three times in the shower, he still felt the pressure between his legs, his Omega cock still hard in his hand. 

Whimpering, he slid down the wall cursing his biology. Pregnancy can make an Omega horny, craving the touch of the father of their child. He remembered being like this while pregnant with Menma, but it was never this bad. 

Taking a stuttering breath he leant back against the tiled wall, willing his erection away, to no avail. He knew if he took Sasuke’s knot, the feeling would go away, but he really couldn’t bring himself to ask such a selfish request of the Alpha.

A soft knock at the bathroom door had him looking up and covering himself before granting entrance to the person on the other side. 

Sasuke stepped in with a soft smile playing on his lips, “Menma’s asleep, do you need anything?” he asked as he walked further in. When he was halfway in the room, he stopped and scented the air, a frown now displayed on his face. “Is everything okay?” 

Naruto’s eyes met Sasuke’s through the heavy mist that had built up in the room and after a heartbeat and a breath, he shook his head. He didn’t want to say it outloud, no he couldn’t , not without feeling embarrassed, so he instead moved his hands and spread his legs, using his foot to wipe a small window through the fog on the shower door so Sasuke could see the issue. A whimpered moan left his lips as he accidentally brushed against his painfully hard erection. 

Smelling and seeing how distressed Naruto was, Sasuke immediately rushed over to the blond, opening the stall and entering the confined space, uncaring of how the water wet his clothes. “What can I do to help?” he asked seriously as he gently grabbed the blonds face, making their eyes meet. 

Having his Alpha’s scent so close to him, had Naruto’s inner Omega go into overdrive. Partly taking over, his eyes flashed purple as Naruto’s hand began to rise, grabbing Sasuke’s crotch and giving it a squeeze. “I need your knot,” he whispered, face flushing red with shame as his Omega begged his raven Alpha for what he needed.

Face softening and eyes flashing red to meet Naruto’s purple, Sasuke stood and began to strip off his wet clothes, throwing them to the floor once removed. Bare before him now, Naruto quickly rushed forward and began to lick at his Alpha’s half hard cock, taking the tip into his mouth to encourage it to harden faster. 

Looking up, Naruto watched as Sasuke took a deep stuttering breath, his head falling back as he placed a hand gently on the back of his head, fingers lacing through his blond locks. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on making his mate as hard as possible. He could feel the raven’s hips shaking with the effort not to start thrusting into his mouth - not that the restraint was necessary, Omega’s didn’t have a gag reflex like the other subgenders.

With his mate fully hard, Naruto pulled off Sasuke’s cock with a slight pop, making the raven above him slightly jerk from the movement. Helping him stand, Sasuke was quick to turn off the shower and hop out, pulling Naruto with him. After quickly towelling dry with the towel handed to him, Naruto’s Omega took Sasuke by the hand and practically dragged him to their room.   

Impatiently, Naruto let go once in the room and quickly climbed onto the bed on all fours, belly now dragging along the sheets as he presented himself to his mate in hopes of him hurrying up and penetrating him, locking them together with his knot. Panting heavily, he shook his hips at his Alpha when he showed no sign in matching his speed. “Please,” he begged, sobbing with need. 

“Shhhhh,” Sasuke hushed as he climbed onto the bed, hand running down the blond’s spine to grab one of his cheeks, giving it a slight squeeze. “I’ll give you what you need,” he purred, hand moving around to stroke the blonds swollen belly, while a finger began to trace down Naruto’s crack and through the slick gathering at his entrance.

Shivering, Naruto’s breath hitched as the probing finger slid into the depths of his warm, wet heat, breaching him for the first time since their Commitment Ceremony and beginning to move around. Even though it wasn’t what he wanted, wasn’t what he needed , it still felt amazing to be penetrated by his Alpha. 

Panting heavily as one finger turned into two, then three, he soon found himself rocking back onto those sinful fingers, desperately trying to get more of what he wanted, but it wasn’t enough, he needed more, needed to be filled fuller than what fingers could provide.

Turning his head to look at the raven behind him, he hissed out, “more,” baring his teeth at his Alpha with his demand. 

Smiling softly at him, Sasuke purred, “lay on your back.”

Not needing to be told twice, the Omega quickly turned over, whimpering at the loss of the fingers leaving his hole. The Alpha above him helped him get comfortable by giving him several pillows to prop himself up with and one to go under his back. Once he was comfy, he began to growl again. 

“Shh, my love,” Sasuke whispered, crawling up to him and placing a hand on each of his knees, running them down the insides to encourage him to spread them. Eagerly, Naruto compiled and spread his legs, wanting to be filled. “Tell me what you need .”

“More, MORE!” Naruto's Omega begged, not able to fully string sentences together. 

Smiling down at him, he watched as Sasuke began to massage his thighs slowly while lowering himself down to his angry red tipped cock. In one swift move the raven both took the blond to the back of his throat and pushed four fingers as deep as they would go into his hole. Moaning loudly, Naruto began to buck his hips up into that inviting warmth, only to have Sasuke's other hand hold his hips down. Unrelenting was his Alpha in his assaults, thrusting and twisting his hand and fingers this way and that, humming delicious vibrations down Naruto's cock making the pleasure travel up his spine. It was almost too much, but at the same time not enough. He-needed-MORE!

The orgasam took him by surprise, causing his whole body to shake and arch up with the impact, all the while Sasuke continued his actions, causing wave after wave of unfinished pleasure to crash down upon him. It may have been a body rocking release, but his body still craved to be filled in a way that only a knot could satisfy. This was not only on a physical level now, it was biological, the need to be tied to his mate and feel the safety and security that came with them being bonded. 

When Naruto finally came down from his high, he started to growl at his Alpha, baring his teeth as he pushed him away “Want more. Need more.” Getting up onto his knees he pointed to behind him. “You sit there.” 

Complying with the Omega’s demands, the Alpha smirked as he took his new assigned position. “What now?” he asked. 

“Sit on hands, no touching,” Naruto growled. With the Alpha exactly where he wanted him, he climbed up onto the ravens lap, swollen belly bumping against the Alpha’s chest and face as he did so. When lips grazed against his chest, a new idea popped into his mind. “Suck!” he demanded as he pulled his Alpha forward by his hair and shoved his nipple into his face. 

Naruto took in a sharp breath as Sasuke obeyed his order, lips parting and taking his nipple into his mouth, tongue lapping at the tip as he began to apply suction, first gently but after some encouragement, he began to suck harder, tongue lashing out more wildly. The Omega could feel his milk beginning to flow out from his teeth and into his Alpha's mouth and somehow couldn’t bring himself to care that it wasn't his son feeding . The feeling of having his Alpha latched to his tit, did wonders for him. It wasn’t so much the action, it was the fact that the Alpha had done what he was told. 

Not able to take it any more, Naruto grasped Sasuke’s cock, making his Alpha hiss around the nipple in his mouth. Wrapping his free hand around his Alpha’s head so he couldn’t detach, Naruto forced himself to take Sasuke’s swollen Alpha cock all in one go. Watery cum shot from his bouncing cock, spilling between them while a scream left his parted lips. Below him, Sasuke started to buck wildly with his hands still tucked beneath him, biting down deliciously on the flesh Naruto had stuffed into his mouth, making the blond moan louder. 

After recovering from the initial shock, Naruto began to bounce up and down on his Alpha’s cock, rich pleasure surging up and down his spine at being almost as full as he needed to be, his Alpha just needed to swell his knot in him, for him to feel the relief his instincts required to feel satisfied. 

Alternating between bouncing up and down, and rolling his hips back and forth, Naruto brought himself to completion several times, his watery cum painting them both, but not once had his Alpha knotted him. With his hands still trapped beneath him, Naruto could see how Sasuke was beginning to struggle with maintaining the order given to him. His upper arm muscles were beginning to flex uncontrollably, hips were now moving in rhythm with Naruto’s own and the mouth on his tit hungrily devouring all the milk the Omega had to offer. His Alpha obviously needed something more , something that would tip him over the edge and knot him. 

Biting his lip as another wave of their passion rolled over him, Naruto forced himself off his Alpha and shifted himself around on all fours, presenting himself to the raven. Making sure his Alpha's eyes were on him, he began to pump himself to another small completion, back bowing downwards, giving his Alpha the perfect view of his hole, cock and belly swelling with their children. 

Hearing his Alpha growl behind him, Naruto turned slightly to look at him while panting. “Alpha want more?” he asked. Receiving a curt nod, Naruto purred, “then mount me and knot me hard .” 

In an instant, Sasuke was on his knees, hands gripping handfuls of Naruto's ass cheeks, spreading them apart as he stuffed himself quickly into Naruto’s hole all at once. Moaning out his pleasure, the Omega could feel how his Alpha almost struggled with his need to please him, and this made him feel it even more to the point he needed to give his Alpha more commands.

“Knot me, Knot me NOW!” he yelled, feeling his Alpha pick up his pace, thrust coming harder, deeper and faster. 

It wasn’t long before he felt the first tug of the knot, followed by the pressure that came with it inflating. With every thrust he felt it catching more and more, till finally Sasuke could no longer pull it out. The pressure of the inflation rocked through Naruto’s body as he felt Sasuke’s seed begin to pump into him with the short thrusts he could still do, filling him to the brim and beyond, making the pressure not only be from the knot, but from the expansion of the fluid being forced into him. 

WIth the knot tying them together, he released a final time, his instincts finally feeling content and allowing his body to settle, the itch no longer between his legs. Sighing, he slumped forward, pulling on the knot embedded deep within him and pulling his Alpha down with him. 

Feeling them begin to collapse, he felt Sasuke quickly turn them onto their side, so as not to hurt the bubs in his womb. Taking slow deep breaths, Naruto relished in their mixed scents and the scent that was entirely them being intimate, it was nice. 

“Feel better now?” Sasuke whispered into the silence, his fingertips gently caressing up and down the blond’s arm. 

Nodding, Naruto hummed, too exhausted to actually talk, but at feeling a gentle push from within his belly he found he had to. Grabbing Sasuke’s hand, he pressed it firmly against his belly where he felt the phantom movement. “I just felt them move for the first time.” he whispered back, gaining interest from his Alpha. 

The pair of them stayed silent, unmoving for several moments till Naruto felt it again. The barest brush of a movement, but it was enough, and through the fingertips pressed into his side, Sasuke felt it too. 

Hearing a sniffle from behind him, Naruto turned as best he could and saw the tears rolling down his Alpha’s face, along with a gentle smile. Feeling his heart ache for his mate, Naruto said the first thing that came to his mind, - granted, it was originally a bad memory, but right now, it just felt right - “I’m sorry for taking this away from you when I had Menma.” 

“And I’m sorry for what my mother put you through,” Sasuke choked. “She had no right to do what she did, this is our future, not hers.”

Long after Sasuke’s knot released them, they stayed curled up tightly against one another, hands touching and stroking everywhere they could reach, they just basked in each other’s presence and the comfort it brought them. It was during this time that Naruto realised, for the first time since it had all started, he felt sure of himself, sure that he was finally happy and that happiness only grew when Sasuke suddenly made him an offer.

“I know this house wasn’t your idea and probably not what you wanted. So if you want to, we can move and make a place of our own.” 

Not knowing what else to say, Naruto nodded and whispered softly, “I’ll think about it.” while burrowing more into the delicious scent of them

Naruto sat in his bedroom, unsure of what was going on. When he woke up from a nap, his mother was suddenly there, telling him he couldn’t come out of the room and his mate was also being all secretive as well. They didn’t seem to be giving off any signs of there being danger close by, but he could hear muffled, unfamiliar voices outside the room and was starting to stress the longer he was left.

When Sasuke finally entered again over an hour later, he was carrying Menma, a gentle smile gracing his face. “You can come out now, love.”

Hesitantly, Naruto took Sasuke’s hand, following his Alpha out of their room, trusting that he would keep him safe if need be. When they entered the main sitting room, he found the room packed with many familiar faces and outside in the garden, behind the closed large glass doors he saw old friends - all Alpha's - he thought he left behind.

Tears began to fill his eyes as he looked around the room, taking in the soft orange party decorations, tables piled high with snacks and drinks, and a pile of presents.  

Looking questionably at Sasuke, the raven smiled down at him. “Your mother told me you never got to have a babyshower when you had Menma, so this time, we wanted to make sure you got to experience everything ,” he whispered, hugging him tightly and kissing the crown of his head. “Everything, including a baby shower”

Looking out at all the people, friends and family, new and old, he smiled with watery eyes, “thank you, this means a lot to me.” He turned and buried his head in his Alpha's chest.

The party was amazing and as it turned out, his mother had secretly thrown a double baby shower, for both of her son's - him and Deidara. The food was great and the company even better. He never thought he'd ever get to see his old friends again, but here they were,  granted, he had to talk to his Alpha friends through a glass door, but still, it was worth it. 

Between the two blond Omega’s, they received thousands of dollars worth of gifts. Deidara mainly got things for bub, while Naruto got mainly things for himself and a couple of gifts for bub. Kushina had apparently mentioned to everyone that they were keeping the gender to themselves, so everyone decided to focus on mum instead of bub.

The biggest surprise had come when Fugaku and Madara turned up with a catalogue of land packages for them to choose from, with the promise that both Sasuke and Naruto would get a say in how they wanted their house to be built. When Naruto had asked about what would be done with the current house they were living in, Fugaku mentioned that he wanted to buy it off them and give it to Mikoto, since the house they lived in was built by his family and since she poured so much of her own personal desires into it, it would be a good place for her to settle down in. 

After a bit of coaxing from several parties, Naruto had finally agreed and they set a date for next week to go over the details with the builders, interior designers and gardeners. Naruto had to admit, he was most excited about this gift, as it was something they both could work on. 

The pair stayed up late that night, looking through the many catalogues that they’d been given, circling all the possible things they liked and making short lists so they could compare. As the evening drew on, Naruto laid his head on his Alpha, a small smile graced his face as he was circled by one of the raven’s strong arms, a kiss brushing his crown as Sasuke adjusted them to a more comfortable position, while a gentle scent filled his nose as sleep began to take hold of him. 

Now not only did Naruto feel comfortable in his relationship with his Alpha, but soon he’d feel safe in a home he knew was theirs.