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Of course this bastard decides to break the comfortable silence with his annoying voice. "I'm pretty sure we're going the wrong way Dynamight, maybe we should ask for help." They've been walking underground in a type of sewer that reeked of shit and piss for about an hour now, and the smell is sickening.


Katsuki was just about a second away from turning his damn hearing aid to cancel out any kind of sound that would tick him off. 


Technically, one of Endeavour's little sidekicks told them that if they're stuck, or in any kind of situation they would have to tell them immediately so neither would be wasting time and lose track of the damn villain. But, it's Bakugou fucking Katsuki for god sake! He can 'figure it out his damn self'.


"Like hell we need it! I know where the hell I'm going, just shut the fuck up before I blow your hairy ass to space!" Then small firecracker like sounds were made right after. 


About twenty minutes went by, and Katsuki was beginning to think that the stupid extra was right. It felt like they were going nowhere, in a loop of some sort. He adjusted his mic, turning it on. There were people talking on the radio, and then to him. For the first time since they started the mission, he turned around, looking back. His eyebrows furrowed and he narrowed his eyes, back to his annoyed and frustrated look, he cursed.


The extra looked at Katsuki concerned. confused on why he had stopped walking, just when he was about to ask, Katsuki looked back and behind him. He stared at him for a moment and followed where Katsuki's eyes stayed.


"Oh." Was all he said.


The sun shone through the orange and red colored trees, making the ground a beautiful orange color. The grass was a healthy green color. The air was nice, so warm that you could just lay there and sleep without having to worry about it cooling down. The flowers were fully bloomed, vibrant and flowing as the breeze washed by. Bees and butterflies swarmed the beauties, basking in the sun, gathering what they needed to live another day. 


Izuku and his siblings always went out there to play when they were younger, splashing in the creek and always trying to catch the little frogs that hopped around in the summer. There was this tree, such a beautiful tree, that stood tall in the middle of the field. It was huge, showing off its beautiful, thick leaves. Izuku loved sitting under that tree, always bringing strange items that he collected to it. Though, they were mostly rocks. his siblings called it the "zaiho" tree.


The last time they went to that place was when Izuku turned 10.



Izuku's ears and long tail were the color of his beautiful eyes and matching messy green hair. Him and his family huddled together to share their warmth, always sticking close together. 


A sharp pain shot through Izuku's arm, causing him to jolt awake. Looking around,  his eyes scanned the room to see if his siblings had woken before him, though it was too dark to see clearly. Carefully shimmying out of the large pile of his loved ones, he made sure not to disturb any of them.


 The green haired boy yawned, stretching out his stiffened muscles, ears twitching in the process. The den they lived in was small, cold, and damp, but it was all they could find. The ground was a bit uncomfortable to sleep on, but sleeping next to each other helped.


 A hand grazed the flesh of his back. Turning to see who the culprit was, he watched the brunette feline crawl up to him, concerned about what he was up to. Izuku brushed it off, rubbing his cheeks against hers, smiling at the sound of her rumbling chest. Her sweet scent, and the sound of her purring always calmed their siblings down.


"I just need to freshen up a little bit.” Izu spoke, “The cuts on my body are stinging. It’s making me a bit uncomfortable.." he finished. His eyes were on Ochako as he soothed his aching wounds. She nodded, looking over her shoulder. "You may have to ask Aizawa... I don't think he'll be too happy with you if he finds out you went somewhere on your own... especially without telling him first." She whispered.


"Oh, Oh! I want to go too!" Another voice shouted excitedly from the midst of the crowd of people. The sound made Izuku's other siblings groan, stirring in their sleep. "Mmh.. I guess I'll go, too..." another feline cuts in, his multicolored eyes lazily gazing at both Izuku and Ochako.


A sleepy voice rumbles from an unknown corner, "Just hurry up and go. Make sure no one sees you. You all are old enough to know that already." The four of them nod at Aizawa, then turning excitedly to each other. Ochako looks at them, smiling. "Okay, let's go!" She exclaims, studying the way Izuku nods. Turning to the other two, looking for their approval to head out.


The four of them hurry out of the small, chilly den, the outside air still crisp from the night hours. The sun hadn't come up yet, and it was colder than the warmth of where they slept. The grass looked dry, their feet leaving impressions in the dirt. Izuku took a deep breath, exhaling his anxiousness, before smiling. They got down on all fours, continuing their trek through the tall grass.


They reached the creek, cleaning themselves up, and using the bathroom while they had the time. Izuku sat near the water, watching as his siblings messed around for a bit. "Izuku.." a monotone voice starts behind him. He turns, smiling upon realization. "Hey, Shouto. Is there something wrong?" Shouto's arms loosely wrap around his neck and rest his head next to Izuku's so their cheeks touch. "im sleepy.." 


"Oh, I see" he giggles softly. "I'm sorry to wake you so early." He closes his eyes as Shouto starts to lick his face. He slowly leans back to his chest and sighs. "Do you ever just get curious and want to see where the humans live?" Izuku just noticed that Shouto was purring once the rumbling had come to a pause.


Shouto raises his brow. "Izuku.. what are you saying?" He flinches and quickly waved its hands "i-its not th-that i want to go there o-or anything!! It's just that.. Aizawa said that most of our family went where the humans live so i just wanted to know if-" 


"Izuku! Shouto! It's about time to go hunt, let's not be late again!!" Ochako hollers at them from a distance. "R-Right!" Izuku croaks and shoots up "Alright let's go Shouto!" He smiles down at him. "Yeah.." he stands up and follows Izuku back to the den.





Katsuki makes his way down to his apartment, he comes back from the shitty agency more bruised than he should have been since no one told him a damn thing about that villain's quirk. He did not know that she had a type of illusion quirk. It pissed him off how easily he was tricked by it.


As he unlocked his apartment door and opened it, he sighed, immediately feeling tired. Dunce face and shitty hair made his day way worse by annoying the hell out of him and almost blew their asses up in public.


He ripped off his shoes and went straight to the shower. He stripped from his clothes, turned on the faucet, and stepped in. The hot water stung his wounds, but it felt so good . grabbing the bar of soap, he scrubbed his body and washed his hair, watching all the grime go down the drain.


When he finished, he walked into his cool room, throwing on some comfortable clothes to sleep in. Afterward, he flopped onto his bed, groaning.

  "Tomorrow better be fuckin' good.."  



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