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The mountainside still stank of foul demon blood, burned talisman paper, cigarette smoke, and a hint of winter frost so out of place on a warm summer evening. Zhao Yunlan dragged a deep inhale of the last dregs and flipped the butt out of existence. The fight hadn’t been especially challenging to the pair of them, would have been an utter bore even, if not for the added pleasure of seeing Shen Wei in action. And watch he did! In fact, even now he was shamelessly ogling the gorgeous shape of his husband’s suit-clad behind. Shen Wei was standing a short distance from him, looking regal and powerful, flicking blood off the Ghost Slayer Blade and completely unaware of the salacious ideas running through Zhao Yunlan’s head. Still, as if owning a sense specifically for his love’s pervy gaze, he turned back towards him with a questioning look. Faced with a huge grin promising nothing appropriate, he visibly played through every possible argument and squarely lost them all before Zhao Yunlan could even say a word.

That was how they ended up sparring, all their powers flowing freely with the adrenaline of a match more strenuous and exciting than their supposedly serious fight was before. The clearing where they’d met the stray creatures got a redesign, including deep gorges cut in the soft soil and newly sprouted shrubs with tangling vines. The earth trembled with their steps, and frost clung to Zhao Yunlan’s whip where it twisted around Shen Wei’s dark blade. In all fairness, their power and skill were on equal levels, so Zhao Yunlan decided it was time to turn the tables some. All’s fair in war and love, eh?

He subtly positioned some helpful vines close to Shen Wei while distracting him with a close call of his whip, and in a flash of movement he ripped his own shirt open. The vine had barely finished curling around Shen Wei's ankle when Zhao Yunlan yanked it. Shen Wei, caught unaware mid-jump with his mouth hanging open at the sight of Zhao Yunlan's chest, didn’t manage to evade in time and ended up crashing into the forest ground. He landed hard, earth cracking around him and dust and grass rising up.

"Oops", Zhao Yunlan winced, and jogged over to the small impact crater. Shen Wei lay there, staring up blankly.

"Are you alright, babe?" Zhao Yunlan asked.

Shen Wei mumbled a reply, focus clearly torn between looking and looking away. "You'll catch a cold..."

Zhao Yunlan laughed and kneeled over Shen Wei, straddling him, shoulders relaxing.

"Aiya, if that's all you're worried about, then why don't you warm me up? I've won this round."

"Not exactly by fair - ah - means," Shen Wei said, gasping as Zhao Yunlan rocked against him with great intention.

"Whether by fair means or foul," Zhao Yunlan said, leaning down to whisper the words against Shen Wei's ear, "I still won."


Shen Wei's hips jerked despite himself as the brush of breath sent shivers down his spine.

"Do I…" Zhao Yunlan went on, and nuzzled just the tip of his nose against Shen Wei's ear, when what Shen Wei really wanted was for him to bite, "Do I get a reward?" he breathed.

Bending low had the bonus of widening the gap of his shirt and giving Shen Wei an excruciatingly teasing view down Zhao Yunlan's chest, from his sharp collarbone to his nipples perked by the cold, or perhaps the fight, to the very beginning of a trail of short hair disappearing in his low-waist jeans.

For a moment Shen Wei wanted to simply flip over Zhao Yunlan, and take, own, devour. But over the years, he'd had to restrain himself again and again, until it became a second nature to him, a mask and shield to reach for when needed. It still barely held, and he could feel himself growling as he said, "What kind of reward?"

Far from being disturbed by the feral tone, Zhao Yunlan's eyes gleamed hungrily at the sound. He didn’t answer, choosing instead to trail his lips up the edge of Shen Wei's jaw in a teasing touch, always teasing.

The vine, still wrapped around Shen Wei’s ankle, squeezed. Zhao Yunlan gave Shen Wei a wicked grin and said, “Hold still for me.”

It was an impossible request, but Shen Wei would always be willing to attempt the impossible for his beloved. The scent of spilled demon blood hung in the air, laced with the smell of the forest around them, the disturbed soil below, and Zhao Yunlan's own tantalizing musk. They all seeped into Shen Wei's senses, amplifying his lust. His repressed hunger was enough to shake some underworld palace, yet he held still, like a hunter awaiting prey. He waited silently, only his chest and eyes moving as he kept reminding himself to breathe.

Zhao Yunlan opened Shen Wei's trousers with the speed of someone well-practiced and wet his palm with a wide lick.

His powers must have been involved, for when he wrapped his hand around Shen Wei's dick, it felt coated thickly, slick and cool.

Shen Wei hissed, eyelids fluttering, fingers digging into the earth beneath to keep himself from reaching for Zhao Yunlan's hips.

"Good. You're finally listening to me, huh?" Zhao Yunlan smirked, lifting his weight off Shen Wei. Shen Wei opened his mouth to protest, when suddenly Zhao Yunlan sat back down on him - on him - seating himself slowly on Shen Wei's wet cock. Shen Wei hadn't even realised Zhao Yunlan had misused his godly powers to remove his clothing, and it didn’t matter anymore as everything stopped existing except the wet heat surrounding him, the clench of Zhao Yunlan's body around him, the arch of that lithe body rising up above him.

Oh, Zhao Yunlan was a veritable mirage, gilded in gold by the rays of the evening sun, crowned and adorned with leaves caught in his hair as he threw his head back in pleasure. He was moaning Shen Wei’s name in an erotic chant, canting his hips, rising up and slamming down to his own rhythm. Shen Wei could do nothing but hold on to the broken earth as Zhao Yunlan crashed onto him, gaze fixed on his favored god, drinking him in and offering him and offering him his body for the taking, fully and unquestionably.

Zhao Yunlan paused long enough to pick up Shen Wei's hands from the ground and place them on his own hips, uncaring of the dirt smeared on his skin. Shen Wei immediately latched onto him, holding his waist in hungry reverence and moving with him, following him as always, wherever he led Shen Wei, undulating to the same rhythm and repeating "Yunlan, Yunlan, Yunlan," all the way up to the light.

They came together in a blinding shout, just as the last rays of the sun disappeared over the edge of the mountains. They lay still joined together for an indefinite time, sweat drying on them in the rapidly cooling evening air, surrounded by the song of evening birds.

Zhao Yunlan chuckled. Shen Wei hummed in question.

Zhao Yunlan yawned and stretched languorously, not unlike a certain cat coworker. "Feels good to be on top, yet my ass is still sore. Seems kind of unfair, doesn't it?"

He was smirking as he said it, so Shen Wei didn’t take the complaint very seriously. "Nothing about you has ever been fair."

Zhao Yunlan carefully kneeled up and away, flopping over Shen Wei to sprawl next to him, head resting over his chest. "You're just pouting because I won."

"You cheated," Shen Wei reminded him with a puff of indignant air.

"You liked it," Zhao Yunlan countered.

Shen Wei said nothing, unable and unwilling to refute the truth of it.

Zhao Yunlan laughed. He reached over to the pile of clothing strewn around them, fetching a yellow paper from one of his pockets. He used it to wipe some of the semen off his chest, then discarded it to the side. It caught flame and burned by itself quickly, ash blown off before ever reaching the forest floor.

"We should get home," he said, standing up. His clothing was swirling around him, putting itself back into place, but not quickly enough to keep him from shivering as a breeze picked up.

Shen Wei stood up as well, clothes likewise materialising around him, and drew a half circle over Zhao Yunlan with his arm. Shen Wei's long, heavy cloak settled over Zhao Yunlan's shoulders like a piece of darkness sliced off just for him.

"Yes. Let's go home."