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When Yaldabaoth took control, only those with the name ‘Phantom Thieves’ still on their lips refused to fall. Those people were few in number, a small handful who had been touched by the group in some way.


Their rebellion had no place left in the domain of the God of Control, and it was cast out, echoing through the sea of souls.


Twenty-three motes of will and rebellion pulled themselves together, taking on new forms in the sea of souls. They drew on archetypes and images that resonated with their essence, and soon they floated together in a wide ring, in forms ranging from the human to the alien. None spoke for a time, the mere thought of doing so seemed too exhausting to pursue.


“Robin Hood,” said a demonic figure with a top hat and a pair of dark feathered wings, breaking an eternity of silence to address another. “I didn’t expect to find you here.”


“Had you expected me here as Loki?” the spirit asked. “You know as well as I wouldn’t have joined you in a circle to sing songs and make merry as that .”


“I hate to interrupt,” said one figure, a gorgeous and decadent woman decorated with blue and gold jewels in the shape of dice, “but now that we have decided to commune, we should at least establish our circumstances. Would I be heedless for supposing that we were each able to maintain some semblance of our former selves through a personal connection to the Phantom Thieves?”


“Nobody around me seemed to recognize the Thieves even as they fought,” said a masculine humanoid with spindly limbs and a cane. “They went about their business, even as they vanished into nothing. I couldn’t get them to wake up to what was going on around them.”


“I believe we all have a connection to the Trickster,” said one voice, belonging to a beautiful woman. She had a different cadence from the rest, more relaxed and at-ease with the circumstance. “Our souls are out here somewhere, resting peacefully. And yet we persist outside of them as recollections of their rebellion. But all the same... we are them, and they are us.”


“Is there hope for recovery?” asked a motorcycle inlaid with a beautiful woman. “What shall be our plan of action?”


“We do nothing,” replied the calm woman. “Ruin has prevailed.”


“We exist because we cannot accept that,” said the one with a top hat. “It is against our nature.”


The calm woman smiled sadly. “You’re right. But what can we do but suffer under the futility of that self-imposed nature? The God of Control won.”


A silence fell over the circle, though no amount of quiet could have been peaceful enough. The world they all knew was gone.


“I say we involve ourselves elsewhere, then,” one finally said. This one, a mass of sculpted bronze with features suggesting both a gladiator and a gatling gun, held a seething fury in his voice. “I refuse inaction.”


“Elsewhere?” challenged a gaunt woman with razorlike teeth and claws. “Where would we go?”


“Do you recall the theater?” asked one, a beastial war-machine hidden under the skirts of a headless humanoid. “I’ve regained my memory of it, and I recall there were visitors there from other worlds.”


“Milady,” a bulbous humanoid with a thin sabre began, “are you proposing we go off to some other world, and interfere with the events there?”


“Going to other worlds and interfering with business that is not our own is what we Phantom Thieves do, is it not?”


“Should I consider that an invitation to join the Phantom Thieves, then?” said the woman with the dice, a smirk on her face. “What does their leader have to say to that?”


All at once, the heads of the unfamiliar-looking spirits turned to Arsène. He thought it was funny, how easily they recognized him through the demonic and otherworldly features. Perhaps he shouldn’t have put the top hat so prominently on the logo of the calling cards.


“I hope you can excuse me for lapsing into our other selves’ names,” Arsène said, “but I’m unfamiliar with the names we wear now. Lavenza, how viable would it be for us to be summoned as personas by someone with my own former power?”


“Not impossible,” the calm woman said. “Though if we wish to go that route, we could instead walk directly into some world’s Velvet Room. From there, it would be easy to bond with ourselves in that world, and act as their personas.”


“All of us could?”


“We all hold contracts with you, do we not? The Velvet Room shall be open, though they may swear us to some degree of secrecy. I’ve been held to such oaths before.”


He responded with but a nod. “Very well. We should find a world where we can band together, then. One where we have something connecting us.”


“I’ve located a spread of worlds where we’re all close to the same age,” said a flying saucer, cutting Arsène off. “Does that make things any easier?”


The group slowly began to chatter and discuss options amongst themselves, and Arsène smiled, despite everything.


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Topic: ‘Persona’ and confessions. Seeking others with this power. (0 views, 1 reply)
User: MaidenOfRelief (User-Review Rating: 98%)
It’s time for me to make a confession. I want this post to appear for anybody researching this power, because I know I’m not alone in wielding it. We’re meant to find each other, and somebody might find this as a search result.

As many of you know, I’ve spoken many times about my personal history with visions and foresight into the future. I left out something important from these discussions. I have a second power, which I’ve used to supplement my fortune-telling and other spiritual abilities.

I awakened to her about five years ago. She calls herself a ‘persona’.

Think of her as a sort of guardian-angel, except also part of me. She’s the spirit of a ‘me’ from another world, who died when a mysterious ruin befell her and everyone else. Somehow, she had built up a spiritual defiance to ruin, some form of essential rebellion that allowed her to persist and find me in this world, manifesting as the power I have now.

I’ve been supplementing her otherworldly knowledge into my fortune-telling, which is how I’ve achieved the highest accuracy on this site. She assured me that destiny was shared between our worlds, but that the order of things might be different. Things might come up in a different order, or manifest differently, but assured me that this ruin is coming, and that I can’t fight it alone.

If you have this power too, my inbox is open.


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Metaverse Research Log , Pt. 46

I have successfully walked the full distance from one Jail to another, thus I can say for certain that all Jails are part of a single Metaverse structure, and not individual instances like Palaces. I cannot determine who birthed this structure, but the golden-eyed Shadows that take control of their own Jails won’t also have a Palace or a domain in Mementos.

My persona says that in her world, these Jails didn’t exist alongside Palaces. She’s just as curious about them as I, and more than a little nervous.

I have a new hypothesis that could explain the discrepancy: the Jail-world is a Palace that was modified to accommodate new features.

I can’t begin to speculate on the willpower that would be required for this task, and I’m beginning to suspect some inhuman origin. Further inquiries are required.



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Arrest Report (page 4)

A decorated piece of red cardstock was confiscated from the suspect's belongings. The card is postcard-sized, and was crumpled after being received.

The front of the card reads:


The back of the card reads:

“Sir Kazuya Makigami, burglar, abuser, and scoundrel,

If you’re reading this, you’ve already fallen into my trap. Congratulations.

I am the charming Phantom Thief of Hearts, and this is not a recruitment offer. Your paltry burglary ring that only targets restaurants is unsightly, and your abuse of your own younger brother cannot be overlooked. I will take your distorted desires from your heart, and you will repent.

Good day to you.”

The card was created using magazine clippings. Its connection to the suspect’s confession, if any exists, is unknown at this time. At the request of SIU officials, this card was submitted to detailed forensic analysis.

Lab reports indicate that the card has only been handled by the suspect and a housecat with black fur. No fibers or residues that would indicate the use of gloves during the card’s construction have been found. However, the presence of freshly shed cat hair in the glue indicates that there are animals present at the location of the card’s construction and that the creator of the card may be a pet-owner.


“Now onto news in Entertainment,” the anchor said, adjusting a stack of papers in front of him. “We’re taking a look at the latest craze, a trio of virtual idols from Madicce. Made to showcase the power of the EMMA application, these three idols can perform live, right on your phone.”

“That’s right,” his co-anchor said, “these idols are an extension of the EMMA application, running on the same servers and using the same base code. One could even call them the various personas of the application, drawing on the same knowledge base as EMMA itself.”

“According to Madicce, as EMMA gets to know you, so too will the Rhine-Maids Flossi, Welli, and Glindi, give you a personal relationship with Madicce’s latest and most beautiful representatives!”

The image behind the anchors changes. “In other Entertainment News, artist Ichiryusai Madarame has announced a showing of his work, starting...”


Experiment 12.

Specimen: soul drop
Application: consumed orally.
Effect in Reality: mild stimulant.
Effect in Other World: invigorates, reduces fatigue.
Side effects: Unknown.
Misc. Notes:
Soul drops are found around Mementos, often in chests. I haven’t found a way to reliably source them, but when evaporated, the active ingredient separates from the water vapor.

Specimen: life stone
Application: crushed in-hand, the stone breaks along veins of some mineral. Loose mineral powder is then applied directly to the wound.
Effect in Reality: none.
Effect in Other World: rapidly heals, sterilizes, relieves pain.
Side effects: unknown.
Misc. Notes:
Found in Mementos. When ground and washed, the crystal mineral can be extracted from the wash-water.

Whatever energy exists in the soul drop seems to be enough to activate the abilities of personas. If the lifestone functions because of the natural energies of the other world, then supplying an alternate energy-source may allow it to manifest its properties in reality.

Life stone mineral and active ingredients of three (3) soul drops are combined and mixed. Figures and measurements on page three. Product is consumed orally.

Effect (Other World):
Healing properties exacerbated, but minimal stamina restoration.

Effect (Reality):
Highly effective laxative, typical of life stone powder ingested orally. Note to self made to stop eating rocks.


I really need a guinea pig...


“I’m Hikari, and this is my video diary.”

The camera shook in the girl’s hands. “I visited that support group at school, the one run by Maruki. I told him I want to fit in, and he told me he’d help me. I didn’t believe him at first, but I feel much better now—every day now, it gets harder to ignore how silly I was for caring about videography or anything like that. Having hobbies only made me stick out, it’s so much easier to get into popular things like, uuuhhh... um...”

The girl pauses for a long moment, a glazed look encroaching over her eyes. She shakes it off.

“For once in my life, I feel happy, because I finally have a place where I belong: with everybody and anybody . It’s so much easier to feel like I belong now. I can smile and laugh just like everyone else can, for the same reason they do: because I have to.

“This is the end of my diary.”