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can i kiss you upside down?

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Jungkook used to have everything under control. 

His academic endeavours, his internship at the Daily Bugle, his double identity as a crime-fighting superhero and especially, his love life. And then a shit-storm bigger than Doctor Octopus by the name of Kim Namjoon came into his life and fucked it all up. 



“Good morning, Jungkook-ssi,” his neighbor says, as if hearing his name coming out of the prettiest mouth that Jungkook has ever seen won’t send him into shock.

“Good morning, Namjoon-ssi.” The reply comes out less awkward than the last time they both got inside the same elevator, so Jungkook will consider it a win. “God, I’m so tired.”

“Didn’t sleep well?” 

Jungkook does his best impression of a poker face, thinking about flying through buildings as fast as he could at 1 in the fucking morning because some asshole decided that was a great time to rob a bank, kicking him right in the face and running off the scene before the police could kindly ask him to put his hands up again.

“I have trouble sleeping.” He clears his throat. “You usually go to work earlier.” 

“Yeah,” Namjoon chuckles and Jungkook wants to die. “I have the first period off on Tuesdays.” 

Right . Because on top of wearing glasses and having dimples to die for, Namjoon is a teacher. Jungkook is aware Namjoon only teaches middle and high-schoolers, yet he has thought about asking him for sociology classes about fifty times since they met 89 days ago (he’s not counting) because one can never know too much about Friedrich Engels. 

“Bye.” Namjoon offers him a small smile before he walks out of the elevator and Jungkook almost forgets to get out of it himself. 

It’s so stupid. He’s a fucking superhero. So-called Spider Man (Taehyung came with that alias and Jungkook must admit, it’s kinda catchy). Yet here he is, getting a crush on his neighbor, who, by the way, he’s had all but one full conversation with. It’s like he jumped inside an ao3 fanfic the moment Namjoon knocked on his door and introduced himself 89 blessed days ago (again, he’s not counting). 

Jungkook pushes his building’s door open and it takes every modified cell on his body not to curse at the harsh, cold wind. He can’t see Namjoon on either side of the sidewalk, which is weird because it’s not like he took long to move out of the elevator, but whatever. He has other, more boring things to think about now, like the fact his boss asked him for five exclusive Spider-Man shots and when he got home last night he realized he was only able to take four good photos of himself. 

A bummer, really. 

He’s lucky the Daily Bugle isn’t far from his apartment because if it was, Jungkook probably wouldn’t resist the temptation to just fly through the city to get to work; why spend more than 30 minutes inside public transportation in rush hour when he can just stick webs to the sides of buildings? 

“Good morning,” greets Taehyung when Jungkook places his bag on top of his own desk ten minutes later. “You look tired. Didn’t sleep?” 

“Did you watch the news?” Jungkook mutters, sinking into his chair. “There was an attempt at a bank robbery.” 

“And that made you stay up all night?” Taehyung raises his eyebrows in feign surprise. “Oh, what a thoughtful citizen.” 

Jungkook rolls his eyes, chuckling. “You’re annoying.” He looks over at the only closed door on the floor, the name Kim Kangdae attached to it in golden letters. “Do you think he’ll be mad? I only got four good photos.” 

“How hard can it be to strike a pose?” Taehyung whispers, rolling his chair closer to Jungkook’s. “Let me see.” 

Opening his laptop, Jungkook shows Taehyung the pictures he took the night before, when he was on his way back from the bank. It’s weird, he thinks, to take pictures of yourself and pretend you’re unaware of it happening. But it got him this internship, so he can’t complain. 

“You can add this one as the fifth,” Taehyung suggests, pointing to a photo where Spider-Man has his leg covering almost the entirety of his face. “It’s a little shaky, but I don’t think he will be mad. Well, not a lot, anyway.” 

Jungkook sighs, pouting. He much rather fight bad guys than to face his boss. It’s much easier to make a joke, throw a punch and fly out of the scene – all things he can’t do here. 

“Drink this.” Taehyung offers him his cup of coffee, probably decaffeinated. “Then stand up and go to his office. If you can fight the Goblin, you can do this.” 

“Louder, please,” Jungkook hushes, taking the cup. “I don’t think all of Seoul heard you.” 

Taehyung slides his chair back to his desk, a witty smile on his lips. “I’m just saying, JK. You’ve faced much worse than an angry boss.” 

Technically, it’s true, but JK and Spider-Man are not the same person. At least Jungkook doesn’t see it that way. When he puts on that suit, he feels almost invincible, like he could do anything and be anyone. 

But now, in a plain black shirt with a flannel on top, blueberry hair and squared glasses he doesn’t need anymore? He’s just Jeon Jungkook, photography student and newspaper intern. Ordinary. 

Jungkook takes a gulp of the stale coffee, wincing at the taste. “This is disgusting.” He puts the cup down. “Okay, I’m ready.” 


Please, leave me alone!

“Oh, for fucks sake ,” Jungkook grunts, throwing his bag on the floor near his couch and shoving his flannel off. “Can’t a guy catch one break around here?!” 

He pulls his shirt over his head, then unbuttons his paints, briefly staring at the spandex red and blue suit he’s wearing underneath it all on the living room mirror before grabbing his mask and flying out the window. 

The crying is coming from somewhere near, of course, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hear, so he’s quick to locate the victim and her attacker, standing in a dark alley. 

Jungkook shoots his web on a rusty staircase and swings to the floor, putting himself behind the man. He’s holding the woman’s wrist with his right hand, pulling her towards him, while his left hand is wrapped tightly around her purse’s strap. 

“Hey, big guy,” Spider-Man says loudly, and the man jumps, turning to look at him without letting go of the woman. “Why don’t you pick someone of your own size? Just let her go so we can resolve this between ourselves.” 

The man scoffs, pushing the woman off, but holding on to her purse. “Spider-Man, is it? I saw you on the news today. You go after bank robbers, why are you wasting your time here?”

“You see.” Jungkook cracks the sides of his neck. “I’m the friendly neighborhood superhero, and in case you didn’t get good geography grades in school and have no sense of direction or space, this is my neighborhood.”

Jungkook feels the movement before it even comes, so he sways to the side and the man’s fist hits the air. He grabs the attacker’s arm and twists it, the unnerving sound of bone being dislocated echoing in the alley, followed by a deafening screech of pain. 

Jungkook sighs, looking at the poor figure lying on the floor with his good hand touching the dislocated limb. 

“Ah,” Jungkook sighs, taking the yellow purse from the floor. “Don’t be so dramatic, it’s just a dislocated shoulder, I could’ve made it worse.” 

“Hfhm,” the man whimpers, tears filling his eyes. “You’re f - fucked up. ” 

Jungkook hums, lifting his head up to the woman running fast towards the street. “Next time you try to attack someone, remember I’ll be there to stop you.” 

He uses his web to fly through the air quickly,  so he can reach the woman and return the purse to her. He finds her half-running, half-crying down a busier road and jumps to the floor. As it tends to happen whenever people see anyone in a latex costume, all eyes turn to him. 

“Hey, miss,” he calls, but she keeps running. Jungkook speeds up. He shoots a web, a bit delighted at the sighs of awe from the passersby. “Miss, your purse!” 

Jungkook jumps next to her and the woman shouts, punching him right in the eye. Jungkook grunts, feeling the pain immediately.

“I’m s-sorry, I thought you w-were,” she starts. 

“It’s okay,” Jungkook interrupts, shaking his head. He hands her the purse, not sure how he didn’t sense that one coming. “Here. Have a good night.” 

She blinks, accepting the object, eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry I punched you, Spider-Man.” 

“At least you have a great story to tell.” Jungkook smiles behind the mask. “Not many can say that they punched a superhero.” 

Before she can reply, he aims his web again and pulls himself towards the nearest building, calculating how long that punch will take to heal. If he’s lucky, he won’t have a black eye to explain to his boss tomorrow. 


Surely, there’s a cosmic force preventing this day to end because Jungkook has just taken off his suit (which is not easy, may he add) and sat his butt on the living room couch with a patch of ice cubes pressed against his left eye when the doorbell rings. The grumpiness only lasts for a moment, however, because then every single hair on his body stands up, sensing who’s on the other side of the door. 

He feels a bit euphoric, which is, again, stupid, because he’s a superhero with a latex suit and webs shooting from his wrists, so his neighbor knocking on his door at 9:46pm should not make him this excited, but it is what it is.

“Hello,” Jungkook greets as casually as he can once the door is open and he’s faced with Namjoon, wearing a silky blue sweater and a grey beanie. His neighbor smiles, looking a bit embarrassed (probably for coming over so late), and then his gaze fixes on Jungkook’s eye. 

“Oh, God, what happened?” Namjoon absentmindedly walks a step forward, putting himself inside of Jungkook’s apartment for the first time.  And this doesn’t go unnoticed by him, who immediately tracks back and clears his throat. “I mean, uh, are you alright? That looks ugly.”

“I’m fine, it was just an accident.” Jungkook moves away from the entrance. “Would you like to come in?”

Namjoon seems to consider for a moment, but ultimately accepts with a short nod. “I’m sorry to bother you so late, Jungkook-ssi, it’s because I know you’re not home during afternoons and this is kind of urgent.”

“Oh?” Jungkook closes the door, already feeling his heart beating faster at the prospect of Namjoon having something urgent to talk to him about. “Do you want coffee, or water? Maybe something stronger?”

“I, uh.” Namjoon looks around at the neatly kept space Jungkook has no idea how he finds time to keep so clean, then shakes his head. “No, thank you. This is, uh, kind of awkward, and I’m sorry, but I, uh, I was supposed to organize a field trip for my students, and– it kinda fell apart last minute. They were supposed to visit the National Museum, but the guy who closed it with me messed up the dates and now I have 40 students with nowhere to go on Friday, so.”

He abruptly stops talking and Jungkook wonders if he’s supposed to understand where this is going, but since he doesn’t, he waits for Namjoon to continue, eye twitching. Man , that lady really hit him hard.

“I know you work at the Daily Bugle…” Namjoon continues and now Jungkook knows where this is going and he absolutely hates it and 100% loathes himself because he cannot say no to this almost complete stranger who he has grown unrealistic and most likely platonic infatuation for. “Is that a possibility, a field trip for 40 teenagers to the newspaper?”

No , is the answer because Jungkook knows his boss and how he’s still in act 1 of Despicable Me and there’s a very slim chance he will get to the point where he learns how to love the kids. But. Oh, dear God, but

“I can make some calls,” is what comes out of his stupid little mouth instead of a simple no . “Not guaranteed, okay? But I can try.” 

“Ah,” Namjoon breathes out in relief and bows right after, a hand on his chest. “Thank you so much, Jungkook-ssi, this would save my ass.” 

And destroy mine, probably, but not in the good way that makes you happy you can’t walk straight in the morning.

Jungkook has very peculiar thoughts sometimes, and whenever they cloud his mind, he’s glad Edward Cullen is just a fictional character. 

“No problem, I hope I can help.” 

Jungkook could play it cool and say that at the back of his mind he’s aware this is only the second time he and Namjoon are alone for more than the few moments it takes the elevator to go from their 10th floor to the lobby, but that’s not true. 

This thought is at the absolute forefront of his mind. This unbelievable reality is the only thing that he can think of and he’s sure not even Edward Cullen would  judge him for that. 

Namjoon sticks his tongue out to lick at his perfectly moisturized bottom lip and tilts his head to the side. “Your eye looks really bad. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m alright.” Jungkook regrets the words as soon as they’re out of his mouth because maybe Namjoon was about to offer help and that was the perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other as more than just guys who live across the hall, but he can salvage this. “I mean, it does hurt a little… I was just trying to help.” 

“What do you mean?” 

Jungkook sighs, sitting on the couch and offering the seat next to him to Namjoon, who ponders for a second. Jungkook fears he might just leave, but the man simply walks to the entrance and takes off his shoes by the door. After he’s seated ( so close ), Jungkook continues. 

“A woman dropped her purse and I started sprinting towards her, you know, so she could get it back, but she freaked out when I stopped next to her and punched me.” 

Namjoon raises his eyebrows in surprise and Jungkook sighs again, even more dramatically. 

“I know, it sounds like a lie, but it’s true.” Sort of . “It probably looked like one of those comedic scenes in D side movies.” 

That makes Namjoon chuckle, placing his hand over his mouth. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.” 

“You can laugh, it’s okay.” Jungkook smiles. “But don’t worry about it, it’ll go away soon.”

“Have you put ice on it?” Namjoon stops laughing, placing both his hands on his knees. “You know you can’t do it for more than 20 minutes at a time, right?” 

“I know.” It’s not his first injury, he wants to add, but being a superhero comes with withholding information a lot. “I was just doing that before you arrived.” 

Namjoon’s mouth goes round, “Oh, right. I just– barged in on you late at night, that’s– rude. I’m sorry.” 

“No, no!” Jungkook says immediately, probably louder than he should. “It’s totally fine, I don’t mind.” 

“Okay.” Namjoon doesn’t seem convinced. He looks from his own hands to Jungkook’s eye and then to the door. “Well, I should probably go, let you take care of that eye.” 

Jungkook nods, not knowing what he could possibly say to make Namjoon stay longer. “I’ll talk to my boss. Can I have your number? So I can, uh, let you know what he says.” 

“Yeah, sure!” 

Jungkook grabs his phone from the center table and gives it to Namjoon, who’s quick to type in the digits. “I’ll save it as Neighbor Namjoon, okay?” 

“Okay.” They stand up at the same time, and Jungkook walks towards the entrance door first. “I’ll probably know more tomorrow.” 

“Thank you so much for this, Jungkook.” Namjoon places his hand on his heart again and Jungkook kinda wishes he could do the same; he can see how bulked up the other man is. “And I’m sorry for the eye.” 

“It’s fine.” Jungkook opens the door and watches Namjoon walk out of his apartment with a heavy sigh stuck on his throat. “Talk to you soon.” 

Namjoon offers him one last dimpled smile before opening the door to his own apartment. “Goodnight.” 


Jungkook closes the door and leans against it, trying to think what he could possibly tell Kim Kangdae to make him allow 40 students to have a field trip at the Daily Bugle. 




“Can you repeat that, please?” Kangdae mutters, voice so low Jungkook can barely hear it. “I’m not sure I understood it.” 

Jungkook clears his throat, notepad pressed tightly against his chest. “A field trip, 40 middle-schoolers. So they can learn more about how– news is created.” 

“And how would that benefit me, or my paper?” 

“In many ways!” Jungkook stayed up very late to come up with a plan; he's got this. “The visit could be a newspaper feature on how crucial it is to teach younger generations the importance of free press, and uh, you could take a picture with the kids! People would speak very highly of you for this. Also, they could be assigned to do papers on the experience and we could feature them on our website.” 

Kangdae hums, leaning against his chair. He’s wearing an awful yellow tie today and very - very - briefly Jungkook imagines him being choked with it.

“Get Kim Taehyung and Son Chaeyoung to assist you,” he says after a couple minutes. “If anything, and I really mean anything goes wrong, you’re fired.”

And where would you get your precious Spider-Man pictures, then? Is what Jungkook thinks, but he can’t say that, so he goes for: “Thank you, sir, I’ll email you all the details.”

After he leaves the office, Jungkook can hardly believe it was so easy to convince his boss to do this, and the euphoria runs so high he immediately grabs his phone to tell Namjoon the news. The man doesn’t pick up until the sixth ring, and when he does, he asks: “Who’s this?”

“Oh, it’s Jungkook, your neighbor.” Jungkook runs a hand through his hair, walking towards his desk. “My boss said yes, you can bring your students for the field trip on Friday.”

Holy fuck ,” Namjoon whispers in a hushed, excited tone. Jungkook thinks curse words sound very pretty coming from him. “For real? Oh, my God, Jungkook, you’re a lifesaver.” Literally , but Namjoon can’t know that. 

“It was actually surprisingly easy to get him to agree.” He takes a seat, not failing to notice Taehyung’s curious expression. “Your kids will have to do papers about it, though, we’re gonna feature them on the website.”

“Wow, that’s such a great idea that they will absolutely loathe me for.” 

Jungkook laughs, feeling giddy. “Send me your email and I’ll forward everything that you need to know, like guidelines and time.”

“Will do.” Jungkook can hear the relieved sigh from the other side of the line. “Thank you so fucking much for this, Jungkook. I owe you one.”

“It’s no problem.” 

“What about dinner?” 

Jungkook sits up straight, almost falling from the chair. “Uh, what about it?”

“Let me take you to dinner.” Namjoon clears his throat. “As a thank you.”

“Oh, okay, yeah, dinner sounds nice.” 

Taehyung actually sprints towards his desk, eyes so wide they’d probably be out of his face if that was easy to do. Jungkook decides to continue to ignore him because now is simply not the time to think about anything other than the fact Namjoon just asked him to have dinner.

“Friday night?”

Jungkook bites down his lip. He usually takes Friday nights to fly through buildings; for some reason, a lot of people think the end of the week is the perfect time to commit a felony. 

“Deal.” He’s weak and dumb and ridiculously infatuated by this man. “Friday night it is.”


When Jungkook presses the ending button, he finally faces Taehyung. “I need your help.”

His best friend grins. “Start from the beginning and don’t leave anything out.”



Jungkook doesn’t hate teenagers. He really doesn’t. 

In fact, teenagers are his primary fanbase. Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts, all dedicated to loving Spider-Man, and a lot of them run by people the same age as the ones standing in front of him right now. 

So, he doesn’t hate teens. He just realized he hates having to interact with 38 of them at the same time. 

“This is so fucking boring,” one of them whispers, arms crossed. “But the museum would be boring too, so whatever.”

Jungkook clears his throat, stepping forward after Chaeyoung has finished giving her speech. “Good morning, my name is Jeon Jungkook. I’m an intern, I just started here, and I am responsible for the Spider-Man section.”

He knew that would get a reaction, but he honestly thought it would be a better one. Some kids gasp, others smile and widen their eyes, but most of them just stare at him as if he just said the cafeteria is out of coffee. Tough crowd. 

“So that means you know Spider-Man’s real identity?” Someone asks, and it takes the man a few seconds to locate her, a short-haired girl with a pink backpack. 

Jungkook nods slowly, and that gets him a better reaction. He can’t help the cheeky smile and turns his eyes toward Namjoon, who’s silently observing by the door in a blue dress-shirt and glasses. They haven’t spoken much today, only the necessary to get things moving, but the thought they’ll go out later for dinner just the two of them makes Jungkook want to dance right there.

“Wow, you’re friends with Spider-Man ,” another kid says. “He’s like, the coolest.”

“He’s alright,” mutters someone else, shrugging. “I prefer Cosmos.”

“Me too, at least Cosmos can fly and he’s super strong, too.”

“Are you stupid? Spider-Man is very strong, and yeah, he can’t fly, but with the power of those webs, it’s almost the same thing.”

The teen scoffs. “Sure, I’d love to see him fly when there are no buildings around.”

Jungkook feels like he’s watching a Twitter discussion thread unfold right in front of his eyes and he doesn’t particularly like it.

“Spider-Man’s webs shoot very high,” comments Namjoon, both getting his students to turn to him and Jungkook’s heart beating faster. “I heard he was able to stick them on a moving plane once.” 

Oh, that was a day. 

“That’s true,” Jungkook agrees. “We featured that story right here in the Daily Bugle. It was actually my first article for the paper.” 

“And did you interview Spider-Man for it?” Asks the kid who first said he preferred Cosmos, an eyebrow raised in defiance. 

Jungkook wouldn’t call responding questions he wrote himself interviewing , but, “Yes, I did.”


“That’s awesome.”

“Tell us more about him!”

The crowd seems a little less tough now, and Jungkook takes a breath of relief before diving into some stories about Spider-Man. 



“I had considered the possibility of the field trip turning into tales about Spider-Man because it is the Daily Bugle, after all,” Namjoon chuckles, chopsticks between his fingers. “But I didn’t know you were the one responsible for his articles.”

“Yeah, I am.” Jungkook has gotten good at talking as if he and Spider-Man are two different people, so the reason why his hands are sweating has nothing to do with that . “It’s how I got this job, really.”

Namjoon places a piece of chicken on his tongue, chewing slowly, eyes on Jungkook. “How is it, to be friends with a superhero?”

“I wouldn’t say we’re friends…” Jungkook takes a sip of diet coke. “He’s a very closed off person.”

“I didn’t get to say it earlier, but your eye looks much better.” Namjoon puts his chopsticks down. “It’s like nothing happened at all.”

“Makeup,” Jungkook replies immediately. “I’m good with it.”

“I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.”

“I’m okay.” It doesn’t hurt at all, Jungkook wants to say; he’s had much worse injuries in the past few years. “I don’t know how you do it. Be a teacher, I mean. They look– scary.”

That makes Namjoon laugh the loudest and prettiest Jungkook has seen from him yet, and he wishes for it to never end. 

“They are, a bit. But in the world we live in, teenagers certainly aren’t amongst the scariest things.”

That can be argued against, but Jungkook chooses not to, taking a bite of the spicy chicken in his bowl. He wonders if Namjoon really considers this just a thank you dinner, because the most delusional part of him is leaning towards calling it a date. 

“Your boss didn’t look too mad when taking the picture.”

“Ah, he was acting.” Jungkook shakes his head. “I’m pretty sure he was screaming bloody murder inside his head.”

And that leads Namjoon to laugh again , and Jungkook’s positive this is a sound he can never get tired of. He must add ‘ make Namjoon laugh’ to his every day to-do list. 

“So,” Namjoon starts, placing his elbows on the table and intertwining his fingers. “I know you work as an intern at the Daily Bugle, and that you take Spider-Man photographs. I also know you have trouble sleeping and that you were hit by a lady when trying to give her a purse she dropped. Those are all very important pieces of information to know about someone, but I’d love to know more.”

Jungkook’s glad he isn’t drinking anything right now because that would’ve probably led him to choking on it and pouring it out through his nose.

“I, uh, well, I’m a photography major, so I guess that kinda makes sense,” he chuckles, feeling his cheeks hot at the attention Namjoon is giving him. “I’m 21 and I really, really love video games.”

“Ah, I’m terrible at video games.” Namjoon pouts. “And I’m a bit older than you, I’m 24, so you should call me hyung.” 

“Okay, hyung.” Jungkook’s been drinking diet coke all night and even though alcohol wouldn’t really affect him anyway, he feels a bit drunk. “Did you move in from out of town or just changed buildings? I never asked you.”

“Well, we didn’t get the opportunity to talk like this before, did we?” It’s a rhetorical question, so Jungkook simply smiles. “I moved from Ilsan, yeah. I wanted to try the big city, feel more… free.” 

Jungkook understands that completely. When he was bitten by that stupid radioactive spider back in Busan, he felt trapped. He wasn’t the person everyone knew anymore. He was bigger, stronger, faster, and everything he wanted to do Jungkook felt like he couldn’t, fearing people would find out. No nickname, no suit, just a bunch of new abilities and no idea on how to use them. So, as soon as he graduated high-school, he left. 

But he guesses Namjoon’s reasons are a tad bit different. 

“I moved to Seoul about… nine months ago?” Namjoon frowns, eyes distant. “But my first landlord was terrible , so I just moved to our building as soon as I got out as soon as I could.” 

That happened 92 days ago (okay, maybe Jungkook's counting).

“Well, I know that you’re a sociology teacher to  middle and high-schoolers,” Jungkook says. “That you’re addicted to coffee and you go to the gym a lot.” 

Namjoon seems surprised by his words and honestly Jungkook doesn’t blame him. He can’t fucking believe he said that out loud either. 

“I mean, half of the time we meet in the hallway or the elevator you’re in a tank top and running shoes,” he explains quickly. “And all of those times you had coffee with you.” 

“It’s cute,” Namjoon mutters, grabbing his chopsticks again. “That you noticed it.” 

Cute isn’t the word Jungkook would use, but if Namjoon thinks so– 

A car chase is happening now in Dongjak-gu, several people have been injured and there’s no way of knowing when the police will be able to stop the vehicle .” 

Jungkook turns his face to stare at the television, where a reporter continues to give details of the situation. He takes a deep breath, putting his chopsticks down before looking at Namjoon again. 

“I’m sorry, I– this is embarrassing, but I promised my aunt I’d call her tonight and if I don’t, I won’t hear the end of it.” He stands up, trying to think of where he can dump his clothes. “I won’t be long.” 

The vehicle is a 2014 Hyundai Grandeur HG in the color grey.

Namjoon nods, a sweet smile on his face. “That’s alright, I understand. I’ll wait for you here.” 

God , this man does not deserve to be lied to, but Jungkook doesn’t really have a choice. For the safety of the people in his life, no one can’t know who he is; Taehyung watching him enter the room through the window of their 5th floor loft was a total accident because Jungkook didn’t think he was home.

He walks out of the restaurant in a rush, successful in not destroying any of the buttons of his dress shirt while removing it in a nearby alley; Jungkook’s been doing this for years, it’s muscle memory by now. 

Jungkook decides to travel by web, considering how distant he is from the busy street. Following the police sirens, it takes him about 7 minutes to find the grey car, speeding fast through the street like it’s the fucking formula one world championship. 

Jungkook’s brain works fast, calculating how far he needs to jump to be able to land on the top of the car, and then he’s flying. The butterflies flutter their wings in his stomach whenever it happens, when he’s midair and the world moves slower for just a moment. 

Then the loud thud of him landing perfectly on top of the stolen vehicle brings him back to reality. The car sways, and he hears curses coming from inside. Jungkook’s fingers are safely stuck on the roof, so he lowers his head to look inside through the passenger’s seat window. 

“Hey, there, idiot,” he sighs, voice loud. “Do you have any idea how many people you’ve hurt?” 

Go fuck yourself! ” 

Spider-Man shakes his head in disapproval. “Bad robber.” He shoots two webs on the robber’s hands, effectively gluing them to the steering wheel. Then he shoots a stream to the emergency brake, yanking it into the upright position. Jungkook can hardly hear his heart pounding over the loud screeching of tires, rubber on asphalt, the car suddenly losing all momentum. It tries to fling him from the roof, but Jungkook adjusts his grip, holding on for dear life while the car screeches to a halt, the back end starting to fishtail dangerously. For a terrifying moment, Jungkook thinks they might flip. It finally comes to a stop, though, turning to one side and revealing to Jungkook just how many cars he has speeding at them full force. 

Jungkook has to work fast now, and all his senses highten simultaneously. He shoots several webs, producing the best net he could possibly make in such little time to prevent impact from the other vehicles, and sure, some of them still collide with one another, but it’s nothing serious. Everyone will be fine. He looks inside the stolen car, to the man’s red angry eyes shouting every curse word in the book towards him. 

Maybe not everyone. 



“Sorry, my aunt talks a lot, but that’s my fault cause I don’t call enough.” That’s not true, Jungkook calls her thrice a week. 

He sits back on his chair in front of Namjoon, hoping he’s not sweating as much as he feels he is, mask safely hidden inside his coat’s pocket. 

“It’s okay.” It seems like an honest answer. “I’ll ask them to heat our food, how does that sound?” 

Jungkook thinks it sounds perfect, just like everything else about Namjoon. “Yeah, thank you.” 

“Great, then.” Namjoon turns around to call for the waiter and Jungkook knows, in the back of his mind, right in that one spot he should listen to and absolutely never does, that he should back off now while he still has time. But then Namjoon looks at him again and he’s gone. “You know, Jungkook, I’ve been so busy with my students and fixing my place that I’ve just not had the time for a night out like this, so thank you.” 

“You invited me,” Jungkook reminds him with a chuckle. 

“Yeah, I know.” Namjoon smiles. “It’s nice, I missed having a friend to go out with.” 

Okay. Alright. Cool.

Jungkook pictures himself in the middle of a stage, sitting prettily in a chair when a bucket of water falls on top of him. He wasn’t expecting it. He thought he was going to be drowned in twinkly colorful confetti, but instead, ice water pours over his entire body. Cold, freezing water. Dramatic, he knows. 

“Yeah,” he replies, clearing his throat. “It’s nice to have a friend.” 



Turns out, it is in fact nice to have Namjoon as a friend (even if it’s also extremely hard because Jungkook wants to jump his bones). 

After their dinner, it’s like an invisible wall breaks and they go from just saying good morning in the elevator to texting occasionally about work, or sharing a cup of coffee in the café next to their building. 

Jungkook likes it, to get to know the real Kim Namjoon and not the idealized version of him, and what both excites and terrifies him, is that it doesn’t change how he feels; if anything, it heightens it. 

Between boring classes, too many papers to deliver, Spider-Man pictures to take, articles to write, and crimes to fight, Jungkook can’t help but feel euphoric whenever this one specific person sends him a text. 

He won’t lie and say he doesn’t smile involuntarily upon seeing Namjoon’s name pop up in a notification on his phone, or deny his heart jumps on his chest when Namjoon stretches his hand to grab the sugar Jungkook was also reaching for (somehow, that happened twice in the span of 10 days like he’s in a coffee shop fanfiction). 

Then, a few weeks after the dinner, their newfound friendship expands again when Namjoon knocks on his door at 6pm on a Thursday night (after Jungkook has kicked several asses, but that’s not important) to ask if he’d like to workout together. 

Naturally, Jungkook’s brain goes smush, and, being the weak little idiot that he is, he says yeah, sure! because there’s no way he would say no to physical exercise with Namjoon (even if it’s not quite what he has in mind whenever he allows his thoughts to wander a little towards the rated R section of his brain). 

“Let me just go change,” Jungkook says, thinking about the red and blue suit he’s always wearing underneath all of the layers of clothing. “I won’t be long.” 

“I’ll wait for you,” Namjoon says ever so casually while standing in Jungkook’s living room in shorts and a tank top, headband holding his hair back. 

Jungkook tries not to look too much; he fights criminals, he faces danger every day. He jumped on top of a vehicle going 120 km/h, for fucks sake. He cannot short circuit over thighs

Even if they are very nice, very strong, very meaty thighs. 

“I’ll be right back,” Jungkook whispers, trying not to walk out of the room too fast. 

Taking the suit off isn’t easy (putting it on isn’t a walk in the park either), so it surprises even him when he’s out of the thing in almost no time at all. He’s surely broken some inexistent record of Fastest Superhero To Take Off Their Spandex Suit. 

Jungkook puts on gym clothes and his running shoes and ties his hair on a ponytail, taking a deep breath before leaving his room. 

It’s just a workout , he tells himself. You literally fought a man with eight robotic tentacles; pull yourself together .

And yet, only five minutes later, Jungkook decides that fighting eight robot legs does seem easier than to watch Namjoon on a treadmill without instantly combusting. 

“This playlist of yours,” Jungkook purposely doesn’t look towards Namjoon, heaving his breaths to pretend the 60kg he’s lifting right now affects him enormously. “Very interesting lyrics.” 

Namjoon chuckles. “Focus on the beat, it’s what makes you keep wanting to push yourself.” 

Jungkook should focus on the beat, but not to push himself. He’s just fine pulling this weight, what he isn’t fine with is how hot Namjoon looks all sweaty with his jaw pressed on a hardline and brows furrowed in concentration. 

Fuck , he wasn’t supposed to look.

He’s weak, he’s so weak. 

“You okay?” Namjoon asks, hopping off the treadmill and cleaning his sweat away with a small orange towel. “That’s a lot of weight.” 

That’s a lot of muscle I’d like to gently bite , Jungkook thinks as a response. 

He puts the weight down. “Yeah, I go really hard sometimes.” All the time , actually. “I’mma take a small break.” 

Downing an entire bottle of cold water does not calm him down or make him feel any less hot. Jungkook sits on the floor against the gym’s mirror, watching as Namjoon starts pulling half of the weight Jungkook had pulled, laughing breathlessly at how heavy it feels. 

That’s about when Jungkook’s mind wanders away from the R-rated section and goes towards the sappy gay version of a Nicholas Sparks book. 

He wonders what Namjoon would think if he knew – not that he’s Spider-Man, but that Jungkook’s hands sweat when Namjoon smiles or that he’s what’s on Jungkook’s mind when his head hits the pillow at night. 

It’s silly, Jungkook knows. The life he’s chosen doesn’t have room for romance, and yet, he wonders. What would Namjoon say if he knew?

“You seem distant.” Namjoon sighs heavily, dropping the weight and sitting in front of Jungkook, elbows to his knees. “Everything okay with work and college?” 

“Everything’s fine,” Jungkook assures him. “You?”

“I’m okay.” Namjoon smiles. “I saw the kids’ essays were posted on the website. Even the awful ones.” 

Jungkook offers a short nod. “We work with the truth, that’s a journalist’s job.” 

“The free press.” Namjoon eyes his own hands. “You’re always honest, then?”

“Uh,” Jungkook frowns. “Most of the time.” 

“Yeah, 100% honesty isn’t necessarily positive. Sometimes, it’s better to just omit things.” 

“You think so?” 

Namjoon shrugs. “Well, yeah. Take it Cosmos or Spider-Man for example. I’m sure they’re omitting a lot of shit to a lot of people in their lives, but that’s for their own security, right?” He takes a large gulp of water. “They’re superheroes. They can’t always be honest. And that happens with non-super people, too. Sometimes, not being honest is for the best.” 

“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees, feeling a type of sorrow he believed to have left behind years ago. 

“But,” Namjoon pops out the word. “If you can, it’s best to say the truth. Some things just get stuck in our throats if we don’t let it out.” 

Jungkook’s not sure if Namjoon’s saying that to him , or just generally, but either way, his tongue tingles. Suddenly, he wants to say hey, Namjoon? I kinda have a crush on you and I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date as more than just friends

“Wanna see who can lift more weight?” He says instead. 

“That’s not fair, of course it’s you.” Namjoon shakes his head. “But I would bet money that you can’t do more than 80kg over your head.” 

Jungkook chuckles. “Yeah, let’s see about that.”


Spider-Man casts out two webs as high up on the closest building as he can, pulling himself away from the scene, the sirens already close. He looks back at the two criminals wrapped up tightly in his webs and wonders how long it will take the police to cut it off. 

Probably no less than 20 minutes. Jungkook will be home way before that, and so he flies from building to building already dreaming of taking a long, hot shower and sleeping for at least 8 hours. 

Finals week are a bitch to anyone, but to a superhero ? Basically like riding a bike and the bike is on fire and– Jungkook doesn’t actually remember how the rest of it goes, but he thinks it ends with it being hell, which is very accurate. 

Entering his home through the window isn’t something he does often, but it’s 4am and he really needs to lay down. 

Jungkook drops himself on the bed after taking off his mask. He closes his eyes, trying to get himself to stand up and take the spandex off, but it’s so much easier to just curl up and sleep. The suit is not even that tight (it is, but who cares). 

He wakes up the sound of his phone ringing. It’s mildly disorienting, and he’s positive the 8 hours he dreamed of sleeping have not passed. Jungkook grunts, pulling the device from the night-stand and saying hi in the rudest way he thinks he has ever spoken. 

“Hello to you too,” Jimin speaks on the other side. “Well, at least I know you’re alive.” 

Jungkook sighs. “I’m sorry, I just had a rough night. I completely forgot we agreed to study together.” 

“That’s okay. We can still meet up if you want.” 

“Yeah, sure.” Jungkook still hasn’t opened his eyes. “Can you come over later? Wait, I don’t even know what time it is.” 

“It’s 1pm, Jungkook,” Jimin chuckles. “And yes, I can come over later. 4 ok with you?”

“It will give me enough time to look presentable, yes,” he says, which actually means: to take off this superhero suit that’s tight in all the wrong places and have a long, deserved shower

“Okay, see you later.” 

“See you.” 




Jungkook’s brain is fried. He’s sure of it. 

“No more,” he whines, pushing the book away. “Fuck, why did you convince me to take this class? It’s not even essential to my major.” 

“Excuse you.” Jimin slaps his thigh lightly. “This class is essential to your life .” 

Jungkook’s ready to argue when his doorbell rings. He knows it’s Namjoon, he can sense his presence. A smile spreads across his face immediately, causing Jimin to raise an eyebrow, but Jungkook doesn’t say anything. He stands up and answers the door, hoping his eyes aren’t sparkling as much as his heart. 

“Hey, I imagined you’d be too tired to cook during finals, so I bought you tteok mandu guk.” 

Namjoon’s smiling, holding a white bag in front of him, and Jungkook suddenly feels so warm. He looks between the taller man standing on his doorstep and the food he’s offering him twice before he gathers himself enough to respond. “Thank you so much, hyung, this is so kind of you, you didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s no problem, Jungkook.” He pushes the bag forward and Jungkook takes it. “I was once a college student, I know how hard it can be. Please, eat and work well.”

“I will.”

Namjoon squeezes Jungkook’s arm for a moment. “We’ll talk later, goodnight.”

After the door is closed and the bag of delicious smelling food is on the kitchen counter, Jungkook finally turns back to Jimin, who sports the sassiest grin he’s ever seen. “Who was that ?”

“That was my neighbor.” Jungkook takes out two bowls and pairs of chopsticks for him and Jimin to share the food. “We’re becoming close… It’s a recent development.”

“He just brought you food because you’re too busy to remember to eat, Jungkook.” Jimin stands up from his spot on the floor and walks towards him, swaying his hips. “He wants to tango.”

“He does not.” Jungkook scoffs. “He said it’s nice being friends.

“He’s just playing it safe,” Jimin insists, placing his hands on the counter. “Come on, he remembered you’re in your finals, figured you weren’t eating well and bought you your favorite food . Like, he’s either your bestest friend in the world, years strong, or he has a crush on you.”

“I can’t afford to entertain these thoughts.” Jungkook’s stomach grumbles when he opens the food container. “Let’s just eat and continue to study, hyung. I really won’t pass this class.”

“You will!” Jimin assures him. “I’ll help you.”

Jungkook nods and they start eating in silence. Each bite he takes, his heart feels a little bit warmer, and even though he really can’t entertain these thoughts, Jungkook knows for sure that’s what he will do when he stares at his bedroom ceiling later tonight. 


“I wanna get a dog,” Namjoon says out of the blue the afternoon after Jungkook’s final exam. They’re sitting in the café at the end of the street, enjoying the wind and each other’s company.

“Just like that?” Jungkook chuckles, taking a sip of his hot drink. 

“No, I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” Namjoon confesses. “But I just woke up this morning and I missed it. Like, I physically missed having a dog.” 

“Have you ever had one?” 

Jungkook has never had a dog. His parents died when he was a kid and he never wanted to bother his aunt and uncle much, even if they were always really sweet to him. 

“Yeah.” Namjoon smiles sadly. “He died when I was 17, he’d been with me for most of my life. It was really hard, but I think I’m ready to take care of another puppy.” 

“Then, let’s get you a dog,” he says, taking one last sip of coffee before standing up and starting to put his coat back on.

“What?” Namjoon stares up at him with wide eyes. “ Now?

“Why not?” Jungkook shrugs. “I know a shelter, come on.”

Namjoon’s up in a heartbeat, putting his beanie on. Jungkook tries not to smile too wide, afraid that’ll make Namjoon see right through his feelings, and then they’re off. 

They take a cab because the place is pretty far, and Jungkook calls the veterinarian on the way there – the only other person in the world apart from Taehyung who knows he’s Spider-Man. 

Long story short, when Jungkook was still getting a hang of it all, he ended up seriously injured and broke into a clinic to patch himself up. It was the middle of the night, so he didn’t think anyone would be there, but Hoseok works really weird hours. 

“Koo-yah,” Dr. Jung greets the moment they get out of the car, a big smile on his face. “Haven’t seen you in a while, and now you call saying you’re coming to adopt a dog?”

“Well, not me.” Jungkook points to the man next to him. “My friend Namjoon wants one.”

Hoseok turns to look at Namjoon and his smile only gets wider. “Hi, Namjoon-ssi,” he bows. “Let’s go, then, let’s see which one of ours makes your heart beat faster.” 

They walk through the clinic to the shelter in the back, and Namjoon coos at the sight of every single dog, big or small. He sits on the floor, pets them, hugs them, his smile so pure, eyes shining with joy. 

“They all need a family,” Hoseok says over the barks. “I know it’s hard to pick one.” 

Namjoon nods, embracing three puppies at the same time, with a bigger one laying their snout on Namjoon’s thigh (Jungkook’s not jealous of a dog, that’s ridiculous). 

“Sure you don’t want one, Koo-yah?” Hoseok asks while Namjoon keeps playing with the dogs and Jungkook turns his head towards him, narrowing his eyes. “Bah, it’d make you happier.” 

“And where would I find the time to take care of another living being, hyung?” 

Hoseok shakes his head, putting his hands inside the pockets of his white coat. “You work too much.” 

“Look who’s talking.” 

“I have two dogs and a cat.” 

“You’re a vet– do you want me to adopt a camera?” Jungkook crosses his arms, voice amused. “You know what, that’s a great idea. It’ll be easy to take care of it.” 

Hoseok steps closer to him, glancing at Namjoon before whispering: “We both know that’s not the job I’m talking about, Jeon.” 

“Shut up,” Jungkook whispers back, a little panicked, but Namjoon’s too entranced by the dogs to even remember they are there. 

The dogs come and go, getting bored or distracted by each other, but the small one who laid on Namjoon’s leg doesn’t move. It’s chaos all around, but the puppy stays where he is, eyes closed. 

“What’s his name?” Jungkook asks. “He hasn’t moved at all since Namjoon sat down.” 

“That’s Monie,” Hoseok replies. “He hasn’t been here long, was found walking the streets alone a few weeks back. He had no collar, we put his photo up on our website and Instagram, but no one claimed him. Probably abandoned.” 

Namjoon lifts his head up towards them, a sad look on his face as he caresses Monie’s white fur. “I don’t get why anyone would do such a thing. It’s pure evil.” 

Jungkook nods, crouching next to the older man so he can caress the dog too. Monie makes a soft, pleased sigh then and Jungkook finds himself laughing, completely enamored. “If you don’t take him, I will,” he says. 

“I think he’s claimed me as his dad already.” 

Namjoon’s fingers brush against Jungkook’s while they caress Monie together, and the younger man feels his heart speeding up. Dear God , he needs to forcefully stop this stupid crush before he falls in love completely, and then what? Heartache, heartbreak, heart-completely-fucked over dimples, full kissable lips and meaty thighs. 

“Am I your dad, Monie?” Namjoon says in a high pitch, like he’s talking to a baby. The puppy rolls over, offering his belly to them while licking Namjoon’s hand. “I guess I am.” 

Jungkook looks up towards Namjoon’s face. He has never seen the other man’s eyes sparkle so much. “Congratulations, new dad.” 

“Thanks, Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon replies, stopping his caressing of Monie’s belly to briefly squeeze Jungkook’s hand. “For everything.” 

“You don’t need to thank me for anything, Namjoon.” Jungkook squeezes his hand back. “I’m happy if you’re happy.” 

“I am,” Namjoon confirms, eyes on Jungkook’s. “I really am.” 

It’s intense, the way Namjoon looks at him, and Jungkook would love to say it doesn’t make him entertain ideas again, but it does. What ifs run free in his mind, in the deepest and most superficial parts of it, taking hold of all of his thoughts, making him prisoner to something that’s possibly not even there. 

But what if it was? 

“I’m going to adopt Monie,” Namjoon says, breaking eye-contact with Jungkook to look at Hoseok. “I’ve decided.” 

“Great,” says Hoseok, cheerful. “Come with me.” 

“Will you take care of him in the meantime, Jungkook?” Namjoon asks, eyes on the dog. “Please.” 

“Of course, hyung.” 

After they leave, Jungkook continues to caress Monie, sitting on the floor while he waits, and he tries his damn hardest not to think about Namjoon’s hand on his hand, and his lips on Jungkook’s skin, but it’s hard. It’s impossible, really. 

“Ah, Monie,” he says. “Can you keep a secret?” 

The dog looks at him, blinking fast. Jungkook’s almost delusional enough to believe he can understand it. 

“I think,” he whispers, looking around to make sure it’s just him and the dogs there. “I’m falling for your new dad.” 

Monie licks his arm. Yeah, he’s replying, Jungkook’s 86% sure. 

“I have so many reasons to believe it’s a bad idea,” he continues whispering. “I’m a superhero, and that comes with a few enemies who’d love to harm the people I love, but I– honestly, I think I’m just using that as an excuse.” 

He sighs. 

“I have people I love that are in my life and I do everything I can to protect them, especially by making sure they don’t find out the truth.” Jungkook’s hand travels over Monie’s fur, who appears to become more relaxed every passing second. “So I guess what it comes down to is that I’m scared. I’m scared of feeling this, and I’m terrified of the possibility I’m feeling it alone.” 

Monie continues to lick him and Jungkook thinks it’s an encouragement. 

“He makes me feel good, and if I confess, if I go there, and he doesn’t feel the same, then what? Our friendship becomes awkward, we distance ourselves and then it’s over.” Jungkook pouts. “I don’t want that. I like his friendship.” 

But , Monie’s eyes seem to say, you want more

“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees. “I want more.” 



“You know what, I’m really not in a good mood today, so,” Jungkook twists the taller man’s arm, making him scream. “Do not piss me off.” 

Why are you everywhere ?” 

“I’m really not,” Spider-Man sighs. “But this is my neighborhood, and for some fucking reason, you keep trying to rob it.” 

His fist hits the man’s jaw and Jungkook hears the sound of bone cracking, making a face as the man falls to the ground. Ouch . He’d say sorry, but the criminal did try to punch him first. Besides, he will be fine. In jail, but fine.

Jungkook makes a net to trap him before shooting a web on the side of the nearest building. 

“Spider-Man, wait!” calls one of the cops, approaching the scene with fast steps. 

“I don’t have time for this tonight,” Jungkook grumbles, allowing himself to be pulled towards the bricks, the cop still screaming from the floor. 

He’d give her the finger if he wasn’t so busy getting away from there. 

Yeah, yeah. The most fun superhero in town is in a sorrowful mood. And he has every reason to be, alright? 

Jungkook used to have everything under control. 

His academic endeavours, his internship at the Daily Bugle, his double identity as this crime-fighting superhero and especially, his love life (which, to be fair, he controlled with all of its non-existence, but still). And then a shit-storm bigger than Doctor Octopus by the name of Kim Namjoon came into his life and fucked it all up. 

Fucked him up. 

It hasn’t been easy. They’ve been spending too much time together ever since Namjoon adopted Moni and Jungkook’s semester ended. 

Too many movie nights, too many café afternoons, too many spontaneous dinners they attempt to cook only to then order in because they’re both terrible in the kitchen. 

If they weren’t front door neighbors who happened to develop a friendship, they wouldn’t see each other this much, but they are, so they do. And Jungkook loves it. He loves spending time with Namjoon as much as he hates not spending time with Namjoon in very specific ways.

Like holding his hand or kissing his lips. Or gently nipping at his earlobe, or maybe even sitting on his lap. Yeah, that’d be nice. 

Jungkook screams in surprise, diving to the side right before hitting a wall. He free falls for a few stomach dropping seconds, but catches himself with a web, spinning away, breathing coming out harshly. 

He’s so fucked .



Jungkook wipes a tear off his face, hugging the cushion tighter. 

“Are you– crying?”


Namjoon chuckles softly, patting Jungkook’s thigh. “It’s okay, buddy, this is a movie. I’m pretty sure Leonardo DiCaprio is alive.” 

“That’s not the point .” Jungkook turns to him, shaking his head and trying not to focus too much on the word buddy . “There was room for them both on that fucking door.” 

“Technically,” Namjoon replies, trailing off. “Well, they could’ve taken turns, but that would’ve defeated the whole purpose of the movie, wouldn’t it?” 

“I guess…” Jungkook pouts, then frowns. “What’s the purpose of the movie?”

“To get you crying, of course.” Namjoon shrugs, a smug smile on his lips, the light of the ending credits on the TV reflecting on his dimples. “And making you look this damn cute while doing it.” 

Jungkook’s pretty sure he blushes then, but thankfully the room is dark enough to prevent Namjoon from noticing it. 

“You’re an idiot.” 

“And you’re cute.” 

“I am not–”

“Have you looked at yourself?” Namjoon interrupts, voice amused. “You’re all hard muscles with an adorable face.” 

Jungkook opens his mouth a couple times, not sure what to say. He’s hardly ever speechless, which makes this whole thing even more maddening. 

Moni jumps on the couch between them, nestling his head on Jungkook’s thigh. 

“Cat got your tongue, JK?” Namjoon wonders, and Jungkook’s not sure what’s going on here. 

Is he being nice? Is he teasing him? Is he… Flirting? 

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Jungkook mutters, deciding what the hell . He caresses Moni’s fur, eyes on the TV. 

“Are you calling me cute?” 

“I’m calling you hot.” 

Namjoon doesn’t reply, so Jungkook dares to glance at him. The older man’s eyes are on the dog and he has a tiny smile on his lips. 

“Did the cat get your tongue, too, hyung?” 

That makes Namjoon chuckle in that way Jungkook has learned to love so much. “Thanks, Jungkook-ah.” 

“You’re welcome.” 

In all honesty, Jungkook has no idea what all of this is, but he thinks of what Jimin said, and the food Namjoon bought, and the way he looked at Jungkook when they were at the shelter, and of right now, this very moment, when they’re both in silence because– 

Because maybe they said too much. Maybe they went there . Maybe these compliments exchanges weren’t so friendly. 

Jungkook entertains the thoughts, he can’t help it. He can only hope that Namjoon entertains them, too.



“I need advice.” 

Taehyung narrows his eyes, lifting his head up from Jungkook’s living room couch and crossing his arms. “You never ask for advice.” 

“That’s not true.” 

“I had to make up a song titled Spider-Man for you to accept it’s a great superhero name for someone who was bitten by a fucking radioactive spider.” 

“How does it go again?” Jungkook smiles, clearing his throat. “ Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can–”

Jeon Jungkook .” 

“Fine, sorry!” Jungkook walks over to the couch, sitting next to his best friend. “It’s just– do you think it’s stupid for me to maybe want a relationship?”


The immediate reply almost startles him, but Jungkook pushes on. “And if that relationship was with Namjoon, what would you say?”

Taehyung smiles softly, taking Jungkook’s hand on his. “Ah, my dear Spidey, I think dating your neighbor is very dangerous because you’re both always so close to each other, maybe it’ll be bad for the relationship.” 

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t date him?” Jungkook’s heart hurts a bit- he thought of all people, Taehyung would be the first to understand.

“No!” He screeches, maybe too loudly. “I totally think you should date him, I just– I don’t know how you’re gonna hide the superhero thing, especially when you’re living so close by.” 

“I’ve been doing just great so far,” Jungkook defends.

“Yeah, because he’s not your boyfriend ,” Taehyung argues. “He’s a friend who occasionally hangs out at your apartment. As a boyfriend? He will sleep here sometimes, and do dirty stuff on the couch and what happens when you’re in the middle of a blowjob and duty calls?” 

Jungkook pouts, both at the amazing mental image of Namjoon going down on him and at the thought of trying to hide why he suddenly has to leave. 

“So what are you saying, exactly, Tae?” 

“Date him, is what I’m saying.” Taehyung kisses Jungkook’s knuckles. “But if it’s serious, if you want it to last, you have to consider that eventually, you’re gonna have to tell him the truth.” 

“But it’s a burden–”

“Speaking as someone who knows your secret,” Taehyung interrupts. “It is not a burden. It’s a blessing. Don’t worry about us, you do too much already, Jungkook-ah. We will be just fine.” 

Jungkook nods, thoughtful.

“And please , fuck the shit out of that man,” Taehyung whines, letting go of Jungkook’s hand. “I don’t know how many more tales of movie nights and coffee dates I can take. I am a R rated man, I need the dirty.”

“You’re nasty,” Jungkook laughs, pushing him on the shoulder lightly. And then he remembers this is all hypothetical. He has no idea of how Namjoon feels about him. 

Maybe to the other man, they are really just friends and there was no look at the shelter, and the compliments were just that. Maybe there’s nothing there for Namjoon and here he is, making all of the scenarios for a possible– relationship. 

“What if he doesn’t feel the same way?” Jungkook nibbles at his bottom lip, suddenly nervous. “What if I’m just his awkward friend who disappears quite often and comes back with a few unexplainable bruises?” 

“You’re not.” Taehyung reassurance comes in such a firm tone that Jungkook doesn’t know what to reply. “How could someone not fall for you, dumbass? Just– tell him. And it’ll all be fine.” 

“And if it doesn’t– if everything’s not fine?” 

“In the case of that slim possibility,” Taehyung reaches forward to kiss his forehead. “Jimin and I will be waiting with a ton of fast food and candy and sappy romantic movies where one of the characters dies in the end because no one needs happy endings when feeling like shit.” 

Jungkook hums, hands sweating and heart hammering as if he’s in front of Namjoon right now, ready to pour out his heart. 

“Not Titanic,” he mutters. 


“Titanic can’t be one of those movies because we watched it together, he and I.” 

JK ,” Taehyung chuckles. “You’re so in love it’s so cute.” 

Cute . Jungkook thinks of it more like a train has caught on fire and he needs to put it out, no matter what. He needs to– be honest. He needs to tell the truth. 

And if he’s rejected, if Namjoon says this is just friendship that’s okay (it’s really not, but whatever). He will face it as Jeon Jungkook, squared glasses and blue hair; no suit on to make him invincible, no webs ready to fly him off the place as soon things are said. 

Whatever happens, he will be honest. Super or not, he owns that to himself. 



Jungkook puts his camera on the living room table and sighs, thinking about how much harder it is to take pictures of himself in broad daylight, but he hopes his boss will be satisfied with the result and finally promote him for a permanent position at the newspaper. 

Don’t get him wrong, he loves to be the Spider-Man Guy , but he wants to have a profession beyond what his alter ego can offer.

He’s in the midst of putting on a comfortable sweater (on top of his very uncomfortable suit, but it comes with the job) when he hears giggles coming from the corridor outside. And Jungkook would normally just go on about his day because his neighbors’ businesses have nothing to do with him, but he recognizes one of those giggles. He’d recognize it anywhere. 

Before he can stop himself, Jungkook swings his living room door open and is faced with Namjoon’s back, trying to unlock his apartment’s door. There’s a man next to him, a bit smaller, with green hair and a septum piercing, hands inside his jacket’s pockets, giggling away. 

“It won’t open ,” Namjoom whines, standing up straight and shoving the card on the other man’s chest.

Jungkook doesn’t need to hear anything else to know Namjoon’s drunk, and the smaller man probably is too, if the way he swings towards the door tells him anything. 

“You’re using the wrong side, you idiot,” sighs the man, shaking his head before pushing Namjoon out of the way.

The sun’s still out; it’s a very unusual time for anyone to be drunk, let alone someone like Namjoon, who’s not that fond of alcohol at all. It sparks Jungkook’s curiosity, to know why or who the other man is (although he has an idea), but neither of them seems to notice Jungkook’s presence in the threshold of his own apartment’s door.

“There!” celebrates the smaller man - who Jungkook will wildly guess is Yoongi, the college roommate Namjoon often talks about being The Adventurous One. He does a little hip dance that’s probably appealing to his very drunk self, but looks very funny to Jungkook. “I need a toilet.”

“If you throw up on my living room floor, this friendship is over ,” Namjoon mumbles, trying to sound firm, but failing miserably. Jungkook smiles, unable to contain the tiny chuckle that escapes through his lips, which makes Namjoon finally turn to him. “Hey.”


Namjoon’s eyes are sparkling, and Jungkook adores to delude himself that it’s because he’s looking at him, but it’s most likely to do with the amount of alcohol in his system. He walks towards Jungkook, throwing his arms around him in a tight, very unlike him hug. And Jungkook accepts, of course, because Namjoon smells like pumpkin cake and his arms feel like sitting at his aunt’s kitchen, tapping his feet on the ground because he can’t wait to taste it. 

“Jungkookie!” He almost shouts in his ear, smooshing Jungkook’s cheek before backing away and all Jungkook wants to do is to say no, keep holding me . “I missed you.”

“We saw each other last night,” Jungkook reminds him, even though the words spread through his limbs like a warm embrace.

Yoongi huffs; Jungkook had almost forgotten he was there. “He talks about you all the time, Jungkook, it’s rather annoying.” That makes Namjoon complain, hush something that sounds a lot like can you shove your tongue inside your ass , but the green-haired man ignores him. “I’m Yoongi, by the way.”

“I know.” Jungkook smiles, eyes on the way Namjoon swings towards his door and takes a deep breath, as if trying to ground himself. “He talks about you a lot, too.”

“Does he?” Yoongi’s tone is teasing. He seems to be way less drunk than Namjoon, who’s now walking inside his apartment and throwing himself on the couch, Moni licking his face. “Sorry you had to see him like that, it’s my fault. I’m spending a couple months in Los Angeles and we were celebrating my departure.”

Jungkook hums. “This explains the day-drinking.” He crosses his arms, pulling the weight of his body to his left foot. “Are you leaving now?”

“Supposed to…” Yoongi trails off. “My flight’s in a couple hours, but I can’t for the life of me leave him alone like this.”

“Well, luckily for you, I’m not only his neighbor, but also his friend.” Jungkook walks inside his own apartment to grab his phone and puts it in the back of his pocket before walking outside again, closing the door behind him. “I can take care of the drunk boy.”

Yoongi doesn’t seem surprised by the suggestion, which leads Jungkook to wonder what exactly Namjoon has been saying about him. The other man simply nods, offers a kind, gummy smile, and places his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. 

“My number’s on Namjoon’s phone. If I’m unavailable and you need someone, just call Kim Seokjin.”

“I don’t know Namjoon-hyung’s password,” Jungkook reminds him.

“It’s 134340.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. “He’s a nerd.”

Jungkook doesn’t know the correlation between the numbers and Namjoon being a nerd, but he can’t disagree with Yoongi on that, so he nods. “He’ll be okay, Yoongi-ssi, I’ll take good care of him.”

“I know.”

Yoongi walks inside the apartment to whisper something in Namjoon’s ear, who just grumbles in response, and then he’s off, bowing to Jungkook before walking down the corridor towards the elevators. 

Jungkook has taken care of a drunk person twice in his life. Once, when he wasn’t Spider-Man yet, he walked a 17-year-old Jimin home after he had too many shots of vodka at a party neither of them should have been to. He held his pink hair back and let his friend throw all the alcohol up. The second time, just a couple years ago, he got home to a very drunk Taehyung, who was trying to put on his Spider suit (the first one, the one who wasn’t made of spandex and despite being more comfortable to wear, it was very easy to tear).

“It’s 4:44pm, hyung,” he says, moving closer to the couch, a smile on his face as he crouches next to the older man while Moni whines a bit, wanting attention. “What would your students say?”

Namjoon pouts, staring at the ceiling. “They’d say I’m cool.”

“That’s probably true.” Jungkook laughs, patting his hair with his right hand as his left hand caresses Moni’s fur. “Do you want anything? Water, a bucket?”

“I think- I think this position right here is perfect, Jungkookie,” Namjoon slurs. “The room’s kinda spinning, but I’m okay here.”

“Okay,” Jungkook starts to move away, but Namjoon holds his wrist. 

“Stay,” he asks, turning his head to look at him briefly, but that was clearly a bad idea because he frowns, looking back at the ceiling. “Please, Jungkook-ah, stay with me.”

Jungkook’s heart skips a beat. Figuratively speaking or not, this is how it feels. Like his heart forgot its job for a second, like the entire world stopped for the instant of time where Namjoon asked him to stay. 

It’s silly, he knows. He’s fucked, he knows. But he feels it. He feels it with every single fiber of his being. And maybe it doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s all a cosmic joke or a badly written fanfiction, but Jungkook feels it, and he enjoys that feeling. 

“I’ll stay, hyung,” he mutters. “Just try not throwing up on me.”

Namjoon laughs at that, a bit hoarse. He doesn’t let go of Jungkook’s wrist, though, chooses to make it even more unbearable to Jungkook’s heart by sloating their hands together, fingers intertwined. Moni lies his head on Jungook’s thigh and stays still. Everything, everyone, if not for their slow, calm breathing, is still.

Jungkook feels his entire body shiver. Danger’s near, somewhere close. But he can’t, not right now. For today, for this moment, he just wants to be Jeon Jungkook, squared glasses, blue hair, photographer in the making, and madly, absurdly, irrevocably in love with his drunk ass neighbor (who he hopes to God won’t throw up on him because that’s a very effective way to ruin the moment) Kim Namjoon.

“Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon whispers after a while. “I think I drank too much.”

Jungkook chuckles, holding his hand tighter. “Yes, yes you did, hyung.”




There’s no right way to prepare yourself to confess to someone you’re in love with them. 

You could do the old fashion way of just sending them a text and hoping for the best, turning off your phone immediately. Or you could casually slide it into conversation that maybe you two could work well as a couple, and if the other person disagrees, you laugh it off; it was all a joke anyway! You could even possibly have someone else break the news for you, which is incredibly impersonal, but makes a turn down much easier to handle (at least in the sense of embarrassment).

But Jungkook decides, maybe stupidly, to go with none of those. He will, in the oldest of old fashion ways, write a letter. Personally, he thinks Namjoon will really appreciate that, even if his feelings aren’t reciprocated. Namjoon likes literature, he’s a writer himself! So, a little old paper, ink, and maybe a symbol of some sorts will make him happy, even if he sees Jungkook as just a friend. 

“You’re so stupid,” Jimin mumbles as soon as he breaks the idea down to his best friends. “Just straight up tell him how you feel.”

“I can’t do that, I’ll choke!”

“He’s right, he’ll probably choke,” Taehyung agrees. “And then we’re gonna have to go to the ER and explain to the doctor that there’s a love confession stuck in his throat, and that’s gonna be a whole mess.”

Jungkook grunts, throwing a cushion towards his friend, who just laughs. 

“I’m going to write the letter,” he says firmly. “I didn’t ask you to come over for you to convince me otherwise, just to help me write the best love confession anyone has ever written.”

“You should have speed-dialed Shakespeare, then,” Jimin butts in, getting a cushion thrown himself. “Okay, okay, we’ll help you.”

Taehyung nods. “Bring out the ink and the paper, let’s go back to the 1840’s.”



“This letter is four pages long,” Jimin says slowly, turning the paper around. “Front and back.”

“I just have a lot in my mind,” Jungkook defends himself, massaging his hand. It took them almost three hours to write all of this, including the three discarded drafts wrinkled in the trash can right now. “Besides, Namjoon likes stuff like this. He’s into poetry, and expressing your feelings through songs.”

“You could’ve made a Spotify playlist, then,” Taehyung suggests, shrugging. 

Jungkook stares at him. “And you say that now , after all this work?”

“You were so determined!” Taehyung laughs, putting his hands in the air in defense. “We can still make one.”

“Maybe that’s a good id-”

The doorbell rings and Jungkook’s heart goes straight to his feet. His entire body feels it, as it always does, when Namjoon’s around. They didn’t agree to meet up tonight, so this is a bit unexpected, especially now when he’s planning the best way to confess how crazy in love he feels. 

Jungkook stands up from his kitchen stool in a heartbeat, hissing to Jimin and Taeyung that they should gather their stuff and get the fuck out of there. His friends laugh, putting their hands over their mouths to not make too much noise and start to put on their shoes the moment Jungkook swings his door open. “Hi.”

Namjoon looks at the other boys, then back at Jungkook. “Is this a bad time?”

“No, they were just leaving,” Jungkook’s tone is incisive, which for some fucking unbelievable reason makes Jimin and Taehyung laugh harder. “What’s up?”

“I-” Namjoon starts, but Jimin goes over to the door, bowing to him. “Hello, nice to meet you, you must be Jimin-ssi.”

“Nice to meet you, Namjoon-ssi,” Jimin says, smiling brightly. “Hopefully we’ll get to meet in better circumstances another time.”

“Hello, goodbye,” says Taehyung, clearly having the time of his life as he bows to Namjoon and follows Jimin down the corridor, still trying to contain their laughter. 

Jungkook wants to commit murder, which goes against his moral code as a superhero, but he’s willing to make an exception. 

“Don’t mind them, they’re a bit drunk.”

“Are you?” 

“Am I what?” 

Namjoon smiles. “Drunk.” 

“Oh,” Jungkook exclaims, opening the door wider so the other man can come inside. “No, not at all. Not even one sip. What’s up?” 

“Nothing’s up…” Namjoon removes his shoes, looking a bit sad. “I just– had a bad day and I wanted to be with my favorite person.” 

Jungkook’s mind does something extremely weird, that consists in spinning around itself and exploding in tiny little red and blue confetti while Deadpool pole dances to the sound of (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

“I’m–” he clears his throat, still glued to the entrance door. “Your favorite person?” 

Namjoon’s face goes through a series of emotions, including surprise, dread, embarrassment, confusion and finally, acceptance. “Yeah, of course, you’re– well, you’ve become my best friend.” He runs a hand through his perfectly styled black hair. “It’s, uh, okay if you don’t feel the same way, though.” 

Jungkook wants to perish . He looks from the man standing in front of him to the letter he wrote, sitting prettily on his kitchen’s counter and decides, at once, that it’s enough. 

“Hyung, there’s something I need you to know.” 

Namjoon’s entire body goes rigid and that’s not a good sign, but Jungkook will push through because he can’t hold it inside any longer, he needs Namjoon to know how he feels. 

“It’s very, uh, hard for me to say this, I’ve been debating how for quite a while, I even wrote a letter , for crying out loud.” He sighs, takes a breath. “But you told me once a little while ago that sometimes the truth gets stuck in our throats so if we can say it, we should. So, here it goes.” 

“You’re Spider-Man,” Namjoon says at the same time Jungkook mutters: 

“I’m in love with you.” 

They stare at each other, eyes wide, completely speechless for the briefest of seconds, and then: 


Jungkook’s heart has never beat so fast in his life, too many thoughts running through his mind all at once. Namjoon’s words ring in his ears, trying to place a moment where he was careless enough to allow him to see right through his facade-

“You’re in love with me?” Namjoon whispers, voice dripping with  surprise, mouth slack. 

“Well.” Jungkook blinks several times, not sure what he should say, or do. “Yeah? I thought it was ob- how the fuck do you know I’m Spider-Man?”

Namjoon shakes his head in complete disbelief. “I- it’s- obvious. You’re always getting hurt, always disappearing, and I uh, I saw you climb up the window when I was getting home from Yoongi’s studio one night. I already knew then, but that confirmed it.”

“Oh, God, this is horrible.” Jungkook’s hands fly to his hair and he starts pacing around the room. “If you know, then maybe more people know, and then I’m like one blockbuster away from getting outed, oh my God .”

“Jungkook, Jungkook,” Namjoon calls, coming closer to him and holding his writs around his slender fingers to get him to stop pulling at his hair. “Look at me.” He looks and his heart skips another beat and this is all very ridiculous because he’s about to get exposed and that should be his top priority, not the way Namjoon’s hazel eyes make him weak in the knees. 

“What?” He breathes out, not sure how a human being could even feel so many different types of emotions all at once. 

“My cousin’s a superhero,” Namjoon says with a soft smile. “I’ve lived with a super since I was kid . I know how to recognize the signs of someone who wears a suit, okay? I know how you talk, how you act, how your terrible excuses work.”

Jungkook frowns, feeling completely thrown off his element. “ What ? What cousin?!”

“Cosmos,” Namjoon’s tone is so casual it’s like he’s telling Jungkook what to buy in the grocery store. “He’s my cousin. He’s been living in Seoul for a while, and was thrilled when I decided to move here, keeps wanting to fly me to work, it’s very annoying.”

“You don’t like flying?” Jungkook doesn’t even know what he’s saying anymore. 

“It makes me feel a bit nauseous,” Namjoon explains, letting go of Jungkook’s wrists and kissing each of them before placing his arms back on the sides of his body. “Now, can we please talk about how you said you’re in love with me?”

Jungkook looks away, cheeks hot. “Yeah, uh, ha-ha, you heard that.”

“Didn’t you mean for me to hear it?” Namjoon wonders, rhetorically. “You kinda said it out loud.”

“I kinda did.” Jungkook takes a deep breath, getting out his head enough to realize he and Namjoon are close, too close. “I just- I really like you, okay? And I tried, God, I really tried to shake it off, to be just a friend, but you’re just- you, and I really- I really want-”

“You really want…?” Namjoon encourages, placing a hand on the small of Jungkook’s back, stepping into his space, a small smile on his lips. “What do you want, Jungkook-ah?”

Jungkook gulps down, brain not fully catching up on what’s happening in this very moment, but who the fuck cares if his brain’s up-to-date, all that matters is that Namjoon’s lips are very close to his and that can only mean he wants to kiss Jungkook, so, due to that amazing conclusion it took all of three seconds for Jungkook to come to, he says:

“I want you.”

Namjoon hums, caressing Jungkook’s cheek with his knuckles. It’s so delicate, so intimate, the way his eyes travel over the younger man’s face, as if he’s taking it all in. “Would it be alright if I kissed you now?”

“Yes, please,” he whispers, finally allowing himself to look down at Namjoon’s lips at the same time the older man closes the distance between them, and Jungkook has almost died a hundred times, but he doesn’t think he has ever come this close to heaven. 

Namjoon’s lips are soft against his. They move against Jungkook’s, silently asking for him to open up, and there’s nothing Jungkook would like more than to allow Namjoon to kiss him fully, breathlessly, as if their tongues melting together is the only thing that has ever mattered in the history of the universe. 

Jungkook steps forward, placing both of his arms around Namjoon’s neck, bringing him closer (is that even possible, he wonders in the back of his mind). He tastes Namjoon’s lips, and his tongue and he feels everything inside of him blossom in the most beautiful secret garden that only Namjoon knows the way to. Jungkook laughs, breathlessly, when their teeth clash for a second, but Namjoon, chuckling back, only kisses him more fully, deeply. 

Their mouths slide into place, as do their bodies, standing in the middle of Jungkook’s living room, and then not so graciously fumbling over to the couch, where Jungkook’s not shy at all about sitting on Namjoon’s lap. He kisses his lips, his cheek, placing love bites all over his neck and collarbones, reveshing in the small, tiny sounds Namjoon makes every time Jungkook’s lips discover a new part of his skin. 

It’s euphoric, as everything that tends to do with Namjoon feels to Jungkook. He wants him, completely, wholly, entirely. In everything he is, everything he was and everything he will become. It’s overwhelming, to realize this as he grinds down on the man, shockwaves going through his body when Namjoon’s hands hold him by the waist, encouraging his movements.

Part of Jungkook urges to say something, make a joke, ask how did they end up here so fast, but he can’t, doesn’t want to. He’s fine with the silent, he’s perfectly satisfied with just feeling Namjoon’s body against his, as best as it can, when there’s a fucking spandex suit underneath his sweater. 

“Joonie,” he breathes out, subduing his movements and absolutely loathing himself for ever deciding to become a superhero. “I- I need to-”

“Do you want to stop?” Namjoon asks, fingers running circles on Jungkook’s waist. “We can, you know that, right?”

Jungkook smiles, pressing their foreheads together. “I don’t want to stop, but I- I’m Spider-Man.” Namjoon seems confused, so Jungkook laughs, hoarsely. “Well, for someone who has a superhero for a cousin, you don’t seem to make connections really fast, do you?”

“You’re wearing your suit,” Namjoon deadpans, resting his nape on the back of the couch. “Is it uncomfortable?”

“Not really…” 

Namjoon licks his lips. “Can you come wearing it?”

Of all the things that Jungkook has dreamt about coming out of Namjoon’s mouth in a moment such as this, that was definitely not one of them. 

“I- I don’t know,” Jungkook whispers, feeling blood rush towards his cock. “I’ve never tried.”

“Do you want to try now?” Namjoon’s voice is a bit sultry, dark, something Jungkook has never heard from him before, but this is a whole new situation for them, so that- fuck , that is hot. “Rub yourself on me until you come?”

Namjoon ,” Jungkook gasps, feeling shy all of a sudden, but that doesn’t stop his dick from growing bigger, trapped inside the spandex suit and his sweatpants. 

“Too much?” Namjoon’s voice is a bit nervous now and all Jungkook can think of doing is kissing the shit out of him, so that’s what he does. 

In this dream-like moment, everything feels just right. 

Jungkook kisses him deeply, aligning their growing erections and humping. It’s dry and it hurts a bit, but it feels so fucking exciting, to be on top of Namjoon like this, feeling the older man’s hands squeeze his hips, lips slotting together as tiny moans escape from their mouths. Jungkook’s young, he hasn’t had that many sexual experiences (too busy pushing people and taking pictures), so he feels himself going high quickly. 

Namjoon kisses his neck, pulling at his hair as he does so, and maybe Jungkook has a slight pain kink because that only makes him hotter, hornier, needier. He whines, truly, fully whines , rutting his hips against Namjoon’s faster, mind focused on the magnificent pressure building inside of him, concentrated in that one place pulsating inside his body, tight because of the suit, begging for release.

“Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon breathes against his collarbone. “You have never sounded so beautiful as you do right now.”

Jungkook doesn’t still his movements, he couldn’t even if the world was ending and Thanos had come back to try to ruin shit one more time. He pulls Namjoon’s head up, kisses him, melts into him, feels his entire body shivering with the intensity of his pleasure, and then he bursts. Mouth slack open against Namjoon’s, eyes shut tight. 

“Gorgeous,” Namjoon whispers. “My Jungkookie.”

Jungkook tries to calm his breathing, deciding to ignore the mess he’s feeling inside of his pants for now. He smiles, dumbly, pecking Namjoon’s lips before lying his head on the other man’s shoulder. Namjoon runs his hands on Jungkook’s back, on his hair, on his arms. He doesn’t say anything else for a while, and they just stay like that, until it eventually becomes a too uncomfortable and painful position. 

“You didn’t come,” Jungkook comments once he’s stood up. 

Namjoon nods. “I can come later, baby.” Baby? God should know by now Jungkook’s not one of his strongest soldiers. “Why don’t you go take off these clothes and come back so we can talk?”


“Yeah.” Namjoon’s entire neck is red and Jungkook feels kinda proud of his work. “You said you’re in love with me and all I wanted was to kiss you, so I did and then we-” he trails off, then chuckles, cheeks tinted in pink. “But now, we should talk.”

“Okay,” Jungkook agrees, biting down his bottom lip. “I’ll be right back. Or- as fast as he can, cause the situation under here seems to be critical.”

Namjoon laughs, hiding his face on his hands. “I’m sorry, it just- the idea sounded hot.”

“And the reality?” Jungkook wonders, a bit nervous. “Was it hot?”

“Spider-Man squirming and humping on my lap? Yeah.”

Jungkook shakes his head, feeling heat on his cheeks. “ I hate you .” He gets out of the room before Namjoon can say anything and his smile only lasts for the amount of time it takes him to remove his sweatpants and actually access the damage the orgasm has done to his suit. 



Namjoon still looks out of it when Jungkook returns to the living room, the perfect image of sin, if you’d ask him; hair all over the place, shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest, bulge very apparent inside his pants. 

“You wanna talk when you’re–” Jungkook doesn’t finish the sentence, simply pointing towards the erection. 

“Does it bother you?” Namjoon seems amused. “It’ll go down in a bit, Jungkook-ah.”

“But I–” Jungkook doesn’t finish his sentence again , and very distantly starts to consider he’s lost the ability of holding a conversation altogether - something he will definitely blame on  dry-humping Namjoon’s leg while wearing his Spider-Man suit.

“I know.” Apparently, Namjoon doesn’t need for him to finish the sentence, which saves Jungkook a little bit of the already enormous embarrassment he feels. “If you ignore the boner and sit over here, then we can talk.”

Jungkook starts walking, “I can sit over there, but I won’t make promises about ignoring the huge boner you’re sporting right now.”

“Huge,” Namjoon repeats as if to make sure Jungkook really used that word, then he chuckles. “Just sit, okay?”

He sits right in front of Namjoon, on his center table, all dried up and ready to be rejected after having the most unusual and quite frankly overwhelming orgasm of his life. Fine , after all of this, Jungkook doesn’t really believe he’s getting rejected, but then again, Jack Dawson didn’t think he was going to freeze to death in the cold north atlantic ocean water when he boarded the Titanic, did he?

“We’re gonna have time later, if you want to,” says Namjoon, and Jungkook decides this is not the time to be thinking about maritime disasters. “I mean, we’re gonna have time for you to make this bulge go away later, if you want to.”

“I want to.” Maybe Jungkook replied that too fast, but at this point, what dignity does he have left? He came in his superhero suit, for fucks sake. 

“Okay.” Namjoon pulls his torso forward on the couch, reaching out his hand to take Jungkook’s and intertwine their fingers, just like he did the other night, when he was drunk. “Every time you were nervous around me, every time it seemed like you were holding something back– like you had a secret you wanted to tell me. I always thought it was about the superhero thing.”

“It was, sort of.” Jungkook sighs. “But also– the wanting to kiss the shit out of you and go on stupid romantic dates thing.”

Namjoon chuckles.

“Ever since I met you, I’ve been on a sort of high,” he says, trying to look Jungkook in the eye but failing in the most adorable of ways. “Seoul’s been hard to adapt, and when you and I started hanging out more, I just– I started feeling like I belonged here.” 

He takes a deep breath and Jungkook’s amazed to discover Namjoon finds it hard to talk about feelings; he, of all people, who loves poetry and is a wordsmith. 

Namjoon brings their hands up to kiss Jungkook’s knuckles. “I’m in love with you, too.”

In his many fantasies about being with Namjoon, Jungkook thought of hearing those exact words, but nothing can compare, nothing could prepare him for it. He smiles, possibly the widest he has ever smiled, and surges forward, unable to contain himself, kissing Namjoon full on the mouth. 

The other man embraces him, accepting the kiss with enthusiasm, and just like that, they are back where they were 20 minutes ago, with Jungkook’s desperate little self on Namjoon’s lap, kissing every inch of him that his lips can find. 



Jungkook has everything under control. 

His internship (soon to be full position) at the Daily Bugle, his academic life, his double identity as a crime-fighting superhero, and especially, his love life. 

“Joon,” Jungkook breathes, pushing his hips down at the same time Namjoon lifts his up, and it’s every bit overwhelming as he thought it would be, to feel Namjoon in him. The older man presses his lips to Jungkook’s naked skin, sucking and kissing, small sounds filling the previously quiet room.

They have been waiting for this particular moment for quite a while (five days), and Jungkook honestly doesn’t know how he made it through almost a week without touching Namjoon again, but after that first night when he sucked Namjoon off and came again just for the high of it (another kink, apparently), it was like they couldn’t find the time . Too many crimes to fight, too many exams to correct and too many Spider-Man articles to write – Jungkook simply had no energy to… prepare.

But now that he has, Jungkook wants nothing more than to feel full, hands entangled on Namjoon’s hair, pulling him impossibly close. “ Holy– ” he whines when Namjoon fucks into him just right. “Don’t stop.”

Namjoon’s hands grab Jungkook’s sweaty hips, fastening his pace and making the other man’s vision go blank for a split second, a scream leaving his lips at the overpowering sensation that takes over his body. “Too much?” Namjoon asks. 

“No, God , no.”

Jungkook holds onto him, letting himself go in the most wonderful of ways, being as loud as he wants to be, absolutely ignoring the fact their neighbors can probably hear them (or maybe thriving off of it, but he has unlocked too many kinks this week already, so he will let this one to be unveiled later).  

They kiss, messy, dirty, hot. Jungkook’s entire body is on fire and all he wants is Namjoon to go deeper, faster. He’s so close, but he doesn’t want this moment to end. He wants Namjoon to stay this close to him forever, he wants to feel the way Namjoon is making him feel every hour of every day. And maybe that’s impossible (nobody has that kind of stamina), but Jungkook’s determined to do it as often as they can, because–

Fucking hell ,” he shouts. “You’re too good at this, how are you this good?!” 

“Jungkook–” Namjoon starts, but his voice breaks into a loud moan, hips faltering for a second. “You’re a God.” 

Jungkook grins, pulling his hair off his face, slowing down the movements of his hips and placing his hands on the bed next to Namjoon’s ankles. The change of position sends a shock wave through him and Jungkook knows, in that moment, that if Namjoon’s hand comes anywhere near his cock, he will come. 

“Touch me,” he begs. “For the love of– anything , touch me.” 

Namjoon does, wrapping his hands around Jungkook’s length and jerking him off towards a vision-blinding orgasm that gets his body shaking violently. 

“Wow,” Namjoon whispers, pulling out of him. Jungkook lies on the bed, taking a deep breath. He stares at the ceiling, feeling his entire body pulsate, then says: 

“Fuck me, Namjoon.” He turns his eyes to the other man. “I want to feel you pulsating inside me.” 

Jungkook ,” Namjoon basically whines, kissing him full on the mouth and placing himself between the younger man’s legs. “Aren’t you too sensitive right now?”

Jungkook smiles, wrapping his legs around Namjoon’s back. “I’m always sensitive. Every touch, every kiss. You make me feel so many things . I want to feel this, too.” 

“Okay,” Namjoon mouths, pecking him on the lips before pushing back inside. 

And it is overwhelming. It is sensitive. But Jungkook loves it. He loves the expression on Namjoon’s face, the earnest adoration, the deep pleasure, the euphoria. It’s all directed to him, it’s all because of him

Namjoon’s hips falter and he comes; Jungkook watches it, hears it, feels it, marvels at it, the way his brows frown and his mouth’s slack open. He’s the most gorgeous being Jungkook has ever laid eyes on.

“I’m so fucking in love with you,” Namjoon whispers as he comes down from his high, pressing his lips against Jungkook’s. 

“I’m so fucking in love with you, too,” Jungkook replies, kissing him back, knowing that right now, in this very moment, he’s the happiest he has ever been. 




“So, you’re dating my cousin,” says Cosmos, who Jungkook met all of five minutes ago when he flew through the open window sporting his blue superhero suit to talk to Namjoon about a family dinner his mother was insisting on having. “And you’re Spider-Man.”

And listen , Jungkook wouldn’t normally tell anyone he is who he is, but when Cosmos started to panic over some stranger knowing Namjoon’s related to a superhero, Jungkook just shouted ‘ it’s okay, I’m a superhero too! ’ and shoot a web across the room because he panicked even worse. 

“I am,” Jungkook replies, sinking further into the couch. “To both your- affirmations.” 

“Think about the good side,” Namjoon says, looking between them. “Now you two can team up or whatever.” 

“I don’t need a team partner,” Cosmos replies immediately. “And his– approach is very different from mine.” 

“You mean I don’t blow up cars,” Jungkook butts in, crossing his arms. “Do you know how expensive those are? Civilians deserve better.” 

Cosmos gasps, completely offended. “Well, if you had searched a little about me you’d know I always send checks to people whose property I damage while trying to save the country , friendly neighborhood superhero.” 

“I was bitten by a spider , I didn’t come from an alien planet, there’s only so much I can do!” Jungkook exclaims. 

“Guys, come on, you’re both amazing,” Namjoon sighs, chuckling awkwardly. “Now, talk to me about dinner, and I’m taking Jungkook.” 

Cosmos stares at Namjoon. “You’ve never taken a boyfriend home before.” 

That surprises Jungkook. His heart feels warm, as it often does when he’s with Namjoon, and he takes his boyfriend’s hand in his. “Really? Are you– are you sure?” They’ve only been together a couple months, after all. 

Namjoon turns to look at him. “About you? Of course.” 

“Awn, that’s adorable.” Cosmos sits on the armchair, his blue cape thrown to the side. “I’m really happy for you, cousin. Although I find it really funny how you moved in next to another superhero.” 

“Trust me,” Namjoon chuckles. “The irony has not been lost on me.” 

Cosmos takes his mask off and Jungkook audibly gasps. He’s– famous . A millionaire, a fucking genius engineer. 

“Your cousin is not only a superhero, but a millionaire public figure?” 

“I am too much for him to handle,” Kim Seokjin says, shrugging. “That’s why he moved out from the amazing apartment I got him.” 

Jungkook laughs. “ He’s the horrible landlord you talked about?” 

How dare you ?” Seokjin shakes his head, feigning disbelief. “You’re so ungrateful.” 

“Hyung,” Namjoon starts, looking at Seokjin. “You're always flying off the window, or exploding something. I need peace and quiet, I am a teacher .”

“I’m a superhero , Kim Namjoon, trying to make the world a better place, or whatever.” He turns to Jungkook. “I’m sure your boyfriend can appreciate that.”

“I can,” Jungkook confirms. “But I understand Namjoon feeling a bit overwhelmed. He- he gets scared sometimes, when duty calls.”

Seokjin hums. “I know, he’d always get that scared look on his face when I came home a little bruised.”

A little bruised ?” Namjoon jumps on the couch. “Last time you came home with an exposed bone fracture on your knee, talking as if you had just left a Red Velvet concert.”

“It doesn’t hurt on me, Joonie, I am an alien .”

Jungkook looks between them, the feeling of warmth spreading further through his limbs as he watches the cousins bicker. Namjoon’s hand is still on his, as if to let Jungkook know he hasn’t forgotten his presence in the midst of a family discussion. And Jungkook likes that, he likes to feel included, he likes that Namjoon wants to take him to meet his family. 

He realizes, maybe belatedly, that to him, home is no longer a place.

“Alright,” says Seokjin after a long discussion over bone fractures, eyes on Jungkook. “Dinner’s Friday night. Our moms are gonna love you. Just- don’t mention the superhero thing, they’re already too worried about me, and you’re only human.”

Jungkook nods quickly. “I won’t mention it.”

“Anyway, time to go.” Seokjin stands up with a sweet smile on his lips before putting his mask back on. “Crimes to fight, people to punch, all of that. You know.”

“I know,” reply Jungkook and Namjoon at the same time.

Cosmos moves towards the window. “You can- continue what you were doing before I arrived.”

“You’re a dick!” Namjoon screams at the same time Seokjin flies off the window. “You think he heard me?”

“Probably,” Jungkook ponders. “He has super hearing.”

Namjoon sighs. “Don’t I know it?”

They both laugh and then they kiss, and just like it always happens, the world disappears and there’s just them, and the way they make each other feel.


“You’re a pain in my ass, did you know that?” Jungkook says, making sure his webs are tight enough around the man’s body, who keeps struggling like an idiot. “I could be at home watching a documentary about whales, but no, I’m here , because you decided that right now was the perfect time to attempt to rob a jewelry store?” 

“Just let me go, man, I didn’t even do anything!”

“Yeah, because I got here before you could.” Jungkook shakes his head, straightening up to look at the frightened victims all curled up in a corner. “It’s okay now, just call the police.”

A kid takes her thumb out of her mouth, eyes wide. “You’re so cool, Spider-Man-nim.”

“You’re cool too, kid.” Jungkook gives her a thumbs up and walks out of the store, shooting webs on the nearest building and enjoying the marvelous sensation of flying. 

One day he will convince Namjoon to let him take him for a ride. 

Jungkook flies, shooting webs, and decides that he won’t come through his window tonight. He walks the wall of their building, going towards Namjoon’s living room window, now shut and taps lightly. His boyfriend, who was reading a book on the couch, looks up immediately, chuckling as soon as he sees him.

“You’re unbelievable.” Namjoon puts the book aside, standing up. “Why are you upside down?”

“Why wouldn’t I be upside down?” He wonders teasingly as Namjoon opens the window. “Don’t I look cute upside down?”

“I don’t know, can’t quite see you with that mask on.”

“Then take it off.”

Namjoon arches an eyebrow. “You’re aware you’re outside, right?” 

“Just take off my mask, hyung.”

“Okay.” Namjoon reaches out his hands, pulling the mask off of him slowly. Jungkook feels the cold air hit his face, thankful that he can breathe more freely. “You’re right. You look very damn cute upside down.”

“Thanks.” Jungkook winks, Namjoon chuckles and it hits Jungkook once again just how much he loves that man. “You look very damn cute, too.”

“Can I kiss you?” Namjoon asks, touching Jungkook’s cheek. “I feel like that’d be an experience.”

“Yeah, you can kiss me, baby.”

Namjoon steps forward, placing his lips over Jungkook’s, kissing him softly. Then he turns his head to the side and opens Jungkook’s mouth with his own. Their tongues touch, and Jungkook feels like his flying higher than any building he has ever shot his webs in. Namjoon’s touch always makes him feel brand new, powerful, invincible. When they pull apart, Jungkook swings inside the apartment, accepting Namjoon’s hug in silence, enjoying the way his boyfriend caresses his hair and holds his body. He feels so safe, so loved

To the world outside, he’s a badass superhero who kicks ass and climbs up building walls, protecting the neighborhood the best way he can. 

But here, inside this home, in these arms, he’s just Jeon Jungkook, part-time photographer, an intern at the Daily Bugle, soon-to-be graduated in University (with honors!) and deeply, so stupidly and idiotically in love with Kim Namjoon.

And he thinks that’s pretty fucking cool, too.