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Hear’s to University!

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It seems like Kongpob hasn’t forgotten a thing as Prae strums her guitar, keeping time with his foot as he taps out the beat. 


Hearing the music isn’t the issue, he can feel its vibrations tickling his skin and he knows that even without his aids, he could follow this song. 


The words though.. the words keep tripping through one ear and out of the other. It’s not a song he’s familiar with and he wishes that he’d put his foot down about the one he wants to sing. 


In all the practices with P’Gift, he had felt confident that he could do this, could represent his faculty on the stage and maybe.. maybe even win?


But P’Minnie’s song choice.. that’s not going to help him out. 


When they leave, Prae pulls him into a separate empty room and gives him a look, “It’s all wrong isn’t it Kong? Here, how about we look through my phone and find something suitable.”


He nods sadly and she plonks herself on a chair, grabbing her phone from her bag and flicking onto the internet. 


Then she grabs a set of headphones and offers him one. 


Kongpob feels the panic rising in his chest. If there’s one thing he can’t really do, it’s use headphones. After all, his hearing aids are kind of occupying the space where they would traditionally go. 


“Umm, how about you play it to me?” He suggests, “We need to pick something you already know really or we won’t have time to learn it, will we?”


She grins at him, “Why are you so smart?” Then she grabs her guitar pick and begins plucking a tune from the strings that he recognises. 


“This is a good choice, Prae,” he says and quickly googles the lyrics to check they’re ones he recalls.


She begins to sing and quickly he joins her, a good feeling filling his chest as she lets him take the lead. 


Together they start to harmonize, the lyrics tripping off their tongues easily, both of them beginning to try out runs, piecing together the song in their own unique way.


When they finish, Prae’s eyes are bright with excitement. She claps loudly and hits him on the shoulder, “That one! We have to do that one!”




In his room, later, hearing aids charging, blissful silence surrounding him, Kongpob thinks about the lyrics of the song, grabbing his phone and tapping out a message to Arthit. 


We found our song, P’ Arthit. It’s definitely the one and we are damn amazing at it!


The reply takes barely a second to come:


Which one? I’m so pleased for you. Can I hear it? Maybe get a free preview?


Feeling cheeky, Kongpob quickly types his reply and sends it before he can change his mind:


It’s a VERY important secret and I shouldn’t really tell you. What will you pay me with?


Arthit’s reply takes a while this time. For a few moments, Kongpob is worried he’s pushed it too far, but then his phone lights up and he’s glad he took the chance. 


I can think of a few things that you’d enjoy 😉 But how about I wait instead and I’ll give you a treat when you win?


The level of flirting is so high that Kongpob can’t help his reaction, a whole body shiver that leaves him with an interested bulge in his pants. 


Feeling brave, he grabs a quick photo of his face, hand pushing back his fringe, staring into the camera. 


P’Arthit? We can’t be together, but.. can we.. you know.. over the phone?


When he presses send, he’s shaking. A little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement rumbling inside him. Waiting, he presses the heel of his hand down over his crotch, trying to push down his expectant cock. 


The reply lights up his phone, but for a second, he daren’t look, fear rising up. What if Arthit is unhappy with him? Or disgusted? Or just… uninterested? That would be the worst one. 


That is.. sexy. So sexy, Kong. Do you mean.. like, look at each other? And do something.. naughty? I’ve never done that before, Kong. But..


The message ends there and Kongpob wonders what the But means..


He’s not left wondering for long however, as his phone soon lights up and it’s Arthit… video calling him. 


Kongpob is thrilled to see Arthit’s name on the screen and answers without thinking, Arthit’s nervous expression filling the whole space. 


He starts to speak straight away, but Kong can’t hear him of course, so he tries to lip read as he reaches for his hearing aids. 


“…but.. maybe?” Arthit finishes as Kongpob finally gets the buds in his ears and the sound of Arthit’s gorgeous voice surrounds him. 


“Maybe what?” He says, a little out of breath because of grabbing for his aids.


Arthit shivers noticeably, “You sound so.. umm.. are you.. already..?”


Kongpob grins cheekily, “I’m not.. touching myself, if that’s what you meant?”


Arthit blushes pink, “I.. well.. you just sound.. you know… intense.. and I thought maybe..”


It’s like a fire has been lit in Kongpob’s belly as Arthit fumbles through his words, “P’Arthit,” he says, interrupting, “You didn’t let me finish, I said I’m not touching myself.. but I, I could be?”


Arthit freezes, eyes boring into Kong’s, then he nods once and bites on his lower lip, “I’d… like that.”




They fumble through the first few minutes, both flushed and adorably awkward. Kongpob keeps forgetting to look at the screen and Arthit says his name in a voice that makes his budding erection firm up and twitch against his pants. 


“Arthit,” he breathes out, hand already touching himself over his trousers, “Please, please can we..”


Arthit gasps loudly and Kongpob is gifted with the sight of his senior screwing his face up, biting his lip, fluttering his eyelashes, and he feels like he couldn’t adore or fancy him more at this point. 


“Yes.. please, Kong, touch yourself, please!” 


Kongpob’s hand flies over his cock, squeezing and rubbing over his trousers. 


“Are.. are.. are you touching.. yourself?” He pants out as he continues to stroke at his hard dick. 


Arthit’s mouth is stretched wide and he spits the words out, desire evident in the tone of his voice, “Wish.. you.. were.. here..”


Kongpob hesitates for a second, slowing his hand and then he calls Arthit’s name, “Arthit? Please, can I touch myself?”


“I thought you were?” Arthit says, smiling, still breathing deeply but clearly pausing too.


“Arthit! I want to.. naked?”


Arthit closes his eyes, and even through the screen Kongpob can see his desire. 


He breathes hard and then whispers, “Yes, please, yes.”


There’s a rustling sound over the phone and Kong quickly hastens to slide down his trousers, pulling his underwear with them. 


“Ready?” He asks once his bottom half is nude. 


Arthit’s face is back looking unbearably sexy, ruffled, sweaty even. 


“Shirt please,” he says and Kongpob watches in awe as he slowly moves the camera down to show Kong that he’s shirtless. 


Kongpob finds himself speechless for several seconds and then he grapples with his t-shirt, dragging it over his head and dislodging his hearing aids for a moment. 


Arthit makes a strangled sound at the end of the phone and when Kongpob looks back up, he sees that Arthit’s eyes are wide and he’s so pink he looks like his favourite drink. 


“Arthit?” He asks, but there’s only a choking noise and then Arthit blinks.


“Did you mean for me to see that, Kong?”


It’s Kongpob’s turn to blush as he imagines the camera rocking around and showing off his.. well.. everything!


“Hey!” He says, “You saw..” he points down and Arthit nods slowly, “Everything?”


“I.. did.”


“Then you… you have to show me, it’s only fair!”


Arthit’s camera moves and Kongpob can only see a blurry blackness.


“Arthit?” He whispers, “I’m sorry, you don’t have to..”


He inhales sharply, unable to believe what he’s seeing as Arthit slowly pans the camera down his smooth chest, two taut brown nipples, the beginnings of soft abs, the ‘V’ leading down to a patch of dark hair. 




Arthit’s voice is nervous, questioning. 


“Please,” Kong whimpers, then gasps again as Arthit continues to slide the camera down. 


His cock is beautiful, Kongpob decides. Silky looking, hard, BIG!


He doesn’t get a long look, because Arthit whips the camera back to his very red face and Kongpob has to blink a few times, the image still there behind his closed eyes. 




“Kong!” Arthit says, a little sharply, a little embarrassed.


“Wow..” Kong whispers again. 


“Is it..” Arthit starts and Kongpob nods fiercely. 


“It’s amazing!”


“Oh.. I was worried.. well.. you know..”


Kongpob regains use of the muscles in his face,  cracking a cheeky smile, “Better than I imagined!” 


“You imagined it!” Arthit sounds squeaky, surprised!


“Of course.. you didn’t think about little Kongpob at all?”


Arthit’s deep red cheeks and pinched mouth tell Kong the answer and he smiles even more.


“So, want to…?”


Arthit’s mouth tilts into a smile, “Yes please.”




The next day, Kongpob doesn’t quite know what to say to his senior. When he sees him in the halls, he ducks his head and dashes away. He hadn’t imagined being embarrassed after his first.. experience.. with someone else. He had thought he would feel more confident.


Instead, he spots Arthit in the crowd and his mind automatically shoots to an image of Arthit’s eyes squeezed tightly shut, the panting sound, the soft little groans and the sound of slapping skin, and his cheeks fo red and he has to hide!


Em is completely bemused by him, of course. 


“You don’t have to hide from the hazers, Kong! You’re the Moon of our faculty! You should be rubbing that in their faces!” 


However, Tew, wandering along besides them, shoots him a knowing look and Kongpob can’t help but feel a little scrunch of shame that hos friend thinks he’s being sensible and waiting. 

It’s after hazing though, that he has to face Arthit in the flesh, Knott calling him over to speak with. 


“Kongpob, the other hazers and I wanted to check on your progress for the competition? Arthit here seems to think you’ve got it all sorted, but I was thinking we should check since Minnie os more obsessed with what you’re going to be wearing than answering my questions!” 


Kongpob speaks politely with Knott, assuring him that he and Prae are organised, but the whole time his attention is stolen by Arthit who is hiding his face and pretending to be busy. 


As the Hazer’s turn to leave, he reaches out and tugs on Arthit’s jacket and calls his name and then almost melts under the gaze of the warm, chocolate eyes that meet his own. 


“P’Arthit, can I speak with you for one minute?” He glances around them, and continues, “Alone?”


The others hoot and holler and Tootah reaches out to pat Arthit’s shoulder, giving Kong a questioning look which he smiles at. Then, the pair of them are alone in the hazing hall, standing beside the stage. 


“Kongpob?” Arthit asks him, voice strangled like he’s trying to control it.


“P’Arthit, are we okay?”


Arthit coughs and then looks up at Kong again, “Just.. well, did we kind of overstep? Last night?”


His senior sounds so worried that Kongpob can’t help it, stepping forward and wrapping him in his arms. 


When Arthit’s hand lift and hesitantly hold on, Kongpob squeezes him closer and whispers in his ear, “Maybe a bit, it was more than this hug that we agreed on, I know.. but, truly? It was the best moment of my life.. well, the best one since you kissed me and said you loved me.”


Arthit’s hands claw at his arms and he’s suddenly even closer, chest to chest, “Me too,” he says and then he lifts his head and their eyes meet again and he angles his and Kong moves closer and their breath is mingling between them. 


“You’re not going to fight, are you?” Bright calls across the hall, interrupting them, and Arthit lifts his hands and shoves at Kong’s chest, pushing him so he’s a safe distance apart. 


“No Bright, just.. I’m..”


“Giving me basketball tips!” Kong calls out merrily and Bright grins at them and then jogs over. 


“Well, he is damn good at it, aren’t you Arthit! So, you came to the right place.. now, what you have to do is..”




“That was insane,” Kongpob says as he and Arthit pause outside their dorm, “You think Bright really believed us?”


Arthit frowns, “He’s quite intelligent usually, but, yeah.. he hasn’t teased me or acted suspiciously or anything for the rest of the day, so, I think he did!” 


“Weird.. I always thought he was more intuitive..”


“So.. am I calling you later?”


“Arthit?! Seriously?”


“I haven’t slept that well in a while, Kong!” 


“You’re saying I’m a sleeping pill?”


Arthit looks around to make sure no-one is close enough to hear, then he drops his voice to a whisper, “I’m saying you made me pass out with how good it was..”


“Oh.. then.. yeah, same time?”




“Tootah, best friend in the universe, most wonderful man I know..”


“What do you want, Bright?”


“How long has Arthit been seeing Kongpob?”


Tootah’s jaw drops open and he stares at his friend, his knees feel weak as he tries to process, “What do you mean?”


“I mean, how long has 0062 been seducing our good friend and head hazer Arthit? And how long have you known about it?”


“Oh.. I.. Just.. what?”


“Shall I ask Prem instead?”


“No, come here, I’ll tell you what I know..”