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Elegant Gothic Lolita Murder

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Footsteps echoed against the damp pavement, pointed in the direction of the bar on the way home from his work. Mana had just finished his day of modeling, which had been significantly more stressful than usual. The make-up artist who had been assigned to him today had proven herself unworthy of touching the god himself, by complaining constantly and refusing to take suggestions that would have made the process much smoother. Her uncompromising nature had worn away at Mana’s patience during the nine hours he had spent preparing to advertise his new collection of dresses for Moitie. When the shooting had finally finished, he didn’t even bother to change or remove his makeup before hurrying out the door, not forgetting to throw a glare in the direction of that bitch who had ruined his day.

That was the reason he was going to the bar, he needed something to calm down. Mana rarely drank, but this seemed like a deserving occasion for one or two. Sitting down at the bar in a chair that felt like it would collapse any second, he ordered something without much thinking and waited for it to arrive. The longer he sat thinking, the more annoyed he got. He daydreamed vaguely about the things he would do for revenge, but decided against it. He wanted to prove he was better than her, and seeming like he didn’t care would irk her the most. His drink arrived, and he sipped it slowly while reading the room.

A few men were staring at him, and he looked them right in the eyes before moving on to observe the rest of the space. Nothing else caught his attention, so he turned around and focused on his drink. He wanted to go home and sleep as soon as possible. As he took the last sips, one of the men from earlier approached him from the side, sitting down next to him.

“Get the lady another drink, I’ll pay”, the man said, probably trying to be impressive and charming. Mana didn’t care. He did care about the man thinking he was a woman, because that meant a whole lot more work from him.

“Oh no, that’s fine! I was actually about to leave,” Mana said in a soft, breathy voice, trying to not let the man catch on that he was most definitely not a lady. He didn’t even want to think about the problems that would cause. He picked up his bag delicately with his lacey gloves, handing a few bills to the bartender and exiting quickly. He walked home at a fast pace, ducking into alleys and side streets so it would be ten instead of fifteen minutes to get there.

As soon as he heard the footsteps behind him, he began to run. His new platforms proved unhelpful in his attempt to flee, he realized as a hand attempted to cover his mouth, an arm trying to wrap around his waist at the same time. Mana kept walking, moving as far away as possible.

“I didn’t like the way you walked out on me, baby girl. Don’t you wanna hang out? I'm a cool guy!”
Shit. It was the man from the bar. Mana wished he would just give up and leave him the fuck alone.

“No, actually it was pretty obvious I didn't want to hang out, in my opinion.” He spit out the response.
The man reached towards him again, getting closer. Out of instinct, Mana slapped his hand.

"Why don't you like me? I like you! You're such a pretty girl!"

“Actually, I’m a fucking guy.”

The man's expression changed, looking first sad and then angry. He put up his hands like he was preparing to fight. Based on his shoes, Mana knew that he had no choice but to find some way to fight him off. The man lunged towards him, and the threatened one reacted automatically, pushing him as hard as he could into the wall. The man’s head hit it forcefully, and he slumped down onto the pavement, no longer moving.

Mana stomped a couple times on him, just to see if he would respond. He stomped a few more times after that, just for good measure. Leaning down, he felt the man’s pulse; Nothing. He must be dead. Thank goodness.

Reaching into his pockets, he found a phone and wallet. According to the small license card, the man’s name was Oshiro Gakuto. A better name would have been creepy asshole. Mana grabbed the small amount of money from the wallet, and started to finally walk home. He wasn’t worried about getting caught, his gloves should have prevented much DNA from being left behind on the body. He didn’t mind killing someone either, it was easier than he thought. The main problem was that his day was made worse by getting held up by that awful man. All he wanted was a peaceful drink, and then a calm walk home.

“I fucking hate men,” Mana whispered to himself.

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Mana closed the book he had been reading, and sighed. Ever since he had killed that man a few weeks ago, that had been all he thought about. The adrenaline rush he had gotten had fed him for days, making him accomplish more at work than he had in years. He wished the thoughts away, but the idea of doing it again was horribly tempting. He needed a motive, something to feel less guilty about what he was doing. Mana knew that there were many deserving people, and it wouldn’t take much effort to find one.

Making a list of reasons that made this okay to do, he got dressed and put on makeup, getting ready to head out and look for a target. He walked in a slightly different direction than he had before, not wanting to risk being caught if he left bodies in the same spots. The neighborhood newsletter didn’t mention the murder of that Oshiro guy, instead focusing on a funny story about a man getting attacked by a bird in the building across the street, so Mana was getting away so far. His walking slowed as he approached a good area for man-killing, the only lights being from the flickering street lamps and bar windows. He walked by a few establishments, looking for someone who was causing problems. Before a target was located, a long-haired man that he didn’t recognize started walking next to him.

“Hey! I didn’t expect to see you here! How have you been?”
The man was obviously shaken, so Mana played along.

“I’ve been pretty good, just really busy with work. I’m so glad we ran into each other, I haven’t seen you in such a long time!”
The man nodded, and continued the conversation, speeding up gradually with his walking. After a few minutes, he looked behind him quickly and pulled Mana to the edge of the sidewalk.

“I’m so sorry for involving you with this… A man has been following me for a few days, he was right behind me when we started walking together. I’ve been trying to be next to someone as much as possible when I leave the house now, and I didn’t see anyone but you. Again, I’m really sorry, I hope you don’t mind.”
Mana didn’t mind. He was quite angry at this man’s stalker though, and decided for him to be his next kill.

“It’s fine. I’m Mana. I can take care of him for you if you’d like.”
Mana cringed at how awkward he sounded. He really needed to socialize more.

“Really?! That would be amazing if you could do something! I can try to help too, I just don’t want to worry anymore… I’m Kami, by the way.”

“Alright Kami, follow me. He won’t bother you after today.”

Mana led him back towards his home, figuring that would be the safest option. Kami followed along, listening to the extensive instructions Mana was giving him. They walked slowly back to his apartment, making sure that they seemed carefree. According to the directions, Kami made sure to loudly emphasize how he and Mana would be all alone and had no plans to see anyone else. They arrived at Mana’s apartment, and the plan was explained a bit more to the endangered man.

“Basically, if my thinking is correct, he will be somewhere around here now. He will either try and come inside, or wait around for you until you leave. He thinks you’ll be staying the night, so I assume the first option is more likely. I look even more harmless than you, so I doubt he’d feel that I was threatening his plans.”

Kami nodded, shivering nervously. He didn’t seem to have as strong of tolerance for things like this as Mana did. The calmer one made some tea as the two of them sat around, listening for signs to act. They had finished their tea by the time heavy footsteps approached the entrance, stopping right in front of Mana’s unit. He looked out the small hole in the door and then beckoned to Kami.

“Is this him?”
Kami thought for a second and then nodded.

“I’m absolutely sure, what do we do now?”

Mana held up his finger to silence and then motioned for him to move away from the door. He opened it after a second of thought and prepared himself.
“Excuse me, sir, do you need something? Would you like to come inside?” Mana used the feminine voice again.

The man didn’t answer, instead pushing past him and looking for Kami. The moment he saw him, he started running towards him, hands reaching out. The scared man huddled against the couch, wanting to run and hide but trusting Mana to do something. When the man was about halfway there, he stopped. This was probably because Mana had stabbed him, but there always could have been other reasons, too. As Mana pulled the knife out of his abdomen, the mysterious and soon-to-be-dead man gasped and fell to the floor dramatically. He stood watching the man die, smiling faintly (which was quite a big smile for him). Once the dying man was, you know, dead, Mana turned to face Kami, seeing what his expression and reaction looked like. As expected, he was a little less smiley than Mana. His eyes widened even more as he looked away from the body and at Mana.

“Well, you definitely took care of him for me!” Kami laughed awkwardly, trying to be positive amidst the danger. He was breathing in a way that made you think the air was sand. Mana nodded in confirmation. He did, in fact, take care of the man.

“You won’t tell anyone, I presume?” Mana didn’t mean to make a threat, but he was still holding the knife. Kami almost had a heart attack.

“No, No, of course not! I really… appreciate it! I’ll keep it secret!”

Mana smiled and nodded at that, putting the knife in the sink and beginning to make another cup of tea. Kami stared at this odd man who seemed so unaffected by the dead body on his floor. Stepping around it, he joined the murderer in the kitchen.

“So you’re really not going to kill me then?!”
Mana thought for a second, then did some sort of a… cute eye roll?


Kami was flabbergasted at how weird this man was. Between appearing to be a pretty girl, killing someone emotionlessly, making tea, and acting cute, he didn’t know the right way to perceive him.

“Well, why won’t you kill me?”
Mana continued making his tea, biting his lip like he was thinking.

“Did you do something that makes you deserve death?”

“No, I don’t think so?”

“Then why would I inflict that upon you?”

Kami thought for a second and realized that the complete weirdo had a point. As Mana handed him a glass of orange juice and pushed him back towards the couch, he realized that he had something like admiration for the man who had saved him. He wouldn’t be a bad person to have around, he seemed agreeable enough and protective (and he also gave him nice things to drink, which was a bonus point in Kami’s opinion).

Mana sat next to him on the couch, not too close but not too far, and relaxed instantly. He seemed to be enjoying his tea as if this was a daily routine for him. Maybe it was, Kami didn’t know.

“So, uh, what do you do for work? Or fun?”
He instantly regretted saying anything, scared of the answer.

“Killing men!” Mana replied cheerfully.
Kami took a few deep breaths.

“No, I’m kidding haha, that’s only a hobby! I own and manage a clothing brand.”
Of course he did. There was no way he was making this stuff up.

Kami told Mana about his life in return, and the two men spent hours talking late into the night. They found out they actually had a lot in common, both being into the same types of music and liking the same restaurants, which was a bit random but something easy to bond over. Kami found it hard to leave after staying for so long, dead body on the floor and all. Mana eventually walked him to the door once he had to go, making sure to exchange contact information. Kami stepped outside and turned to go, but looked back at Mana.

“Can I… help you with this… thing you’re doing?”

“Oh, you mean the murder?”

“Yeah.” Kami nodded his head somewhat shamefully.

“Sure, that will be fun! We can meet and discuss more sometime soon!”

With that, Mana shut the door and went to deal with the body, and Kami walked home, wondering if he should regret saying anything.

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As planned, Mana and Kami did meet up to talk about what happened, and what they wanted to do next, and other random things.

Both of them were usually quite shy, so finding someone to talk to was a mutually beneficial move. They regularly went out together, looking for interesting occurances. Kami wanted to help people who had been in the same situation as him, and as for Mana… he just enjoyed murdering. Kami had mostly gotten over the weirdness of that, instead focusing on Mana’s other qualities that were less offputting.


Currently, they were sitting at the bar Mana had gone to over a month ago, keeping their eyes and ears open for trouble but enjoying the drinks and conversation in the meantime. They had been talking with the bartender there for a couple of weeks whenever they went in, a man about their age by the name of Kozi. He was considerably more outgoing than both of them, and nearly as strange as Mana. Kami didn’t know how he had ended up being friends with the weirdest people.

The bar hadn’t been too busy, so the three of them had been having a conversation about a member of one of their favorite bands. This had resulted in a lengthy argument over whether Visual Kei band members should show their asses. Mana was on team “Stay mysterious, we don’t need to see that” and Kozi was on team “A little more ass never hurt anyone”, and neither of them would budge on their opinions. Kami was trying to be the neutral one in this situation, knowing that if he showed support for one the other would kill him. Literally. As the two of them negotiated the proper ass amount, Kami scanned the room.

No one who was super interesting, except maybe a few men being unnecessarily loud. The two who were fighting didn’t seem to notice, so Kami elbowed them to get their attention.

“Hey, do either of you know who they are?” He said while pointing to the men.

Mana shook his head, but Kozi nodded regretfully.

“They come in pretty regularly. All of them don’t have friends, so they’ve somehow banded together in the name of chaos or something,” He laughed.

Coincidentally, one of the men yelled at the top of his lungs something along the lines of, “Skeet skeet.” Mana rolled his eyes.

“Who’s that?”

“That’s Klaha”, Kozi sighed, “That’s not his birth name obviously, it’s something like Haruna, but everyone calls him Klaha because he loves to wear these ridiculously large gold chains with that on them. I remember one of the first times he came in here, someone asked him ‘Who is Klaha?’ and he said that he didn’t know and just liked the way it looked. He gets annoying when he’s drunk, but you should come to hear him do karaoke one of these weekends. I don’t give compliments easily to guys like that, but he might have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.”

Mana paid more attention once he heard that, his eyes snapping back into focus after staring at the wall while Kozi was talking. He didn’t like to admit it, but if someone was musically talented he usually liked them a lot better than normal people.

He was about to ask more about his talent, when the door of the bar swung open abruptly. The three of them looked at the newcomer, and when they turned back the two saw how Kozi’s expression had changed. His eyes widened in fear, and then narrowed in anger. He turned away from the sight of the man, and busied himself with making a few more drinks. He handed them to Kami and Mana, and drank his own more quickly than he usually would have. Wiping his mouth, he set his glass down and started talking.

“That guy… He used to be my roommate. There was always something off about him, but I ignored it since I really needed someone to pay half the rent. It only lasted a few months, I kicked him out once he started stealing stuff and threatening me. We had a really bad fight, and I was unable to do much for a while afterward since I got so hurt. I still haven’t gotten a lot of the stuff replaced, it was probably worth a few hundred thousand Yen. Just thinking about it makes me so mad, I don’t think I can do anything at this point to get it back.”

Mana nodded sympathetically, but inside his head he was grinning evilly. He looked at Kami, who knew what he was intending. Kami nodded his head.

“I think we could get it back for you, if you’d like… As long as you promise not to tell anyone,” Mana offered. Kozi’s eyes brightened a little bit at that, not knowing if they were serious but appreciating the gesture either way.

“Alright, I won’t tell. What are we doing?”

“Killing and robbing him.”

Mana said this to gauge his reaction, always having the option to say he was joking if he seemed in danger. He didn’t have to worry about anything, because Kozi started smiling.

“I love it. When do we start?”

Kami made a horrified expression as Mana planned out the next steps with Kozi, never really seeming to be able to get used to how casual they were about such horrifying things. He didn’t expect Kozi to be so open to it either, but at least he wasn’t as bad as Mana.


Kozi stepped outside, while the other two stayed at the bar according to the plan. He knew his former roommate better than the others and assumed that if he went outside the man would follow. He lit a cigarette and slowly walked towards the darker end of the street, turning into an even narrower area. Unbeknownst to him, this was only a little way from where Mana had committed his first killing in self-defense. He stood there calmly for a moment, before the face he had expected to see turned around the corner.

“What are you doing here?”

“If you mean this alley, I am smoking. If you mean the bar, I work there.”
The man rolled his eyes. He stepped a little closer and lit a cigarette of his own.

“How have you been?”

“Do you really care?” Kozi responded.

“No, not really.”

“That’s what I thought.”
They stood in silence a little longer, neither wanting to break it. The tension was unbearable.

“Are you ever gonna give me my stuff back?”


“That’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure though.”

They finished their smoking without another word, avoiding eye contact. Behind his former friend, he saw Kami and Mana walking past the area they were in. He gave a slight nod in the direction of their glances.

The two men walked up behind the other who was unaware of their presence and quickly made him very aware of it. Once the man fell down to the pavement, neck broken, the three of them searched his body to see if anything could be found to reimburse Kozi for the stolen items. He ended up with quite a lot, considering that it seemed like the man kept everything on him instead of in a bank. This was probably to keep illegal deals off the radar, but whatever it was for had certainly helped Kozi financially.

The three of them decided to leave the body there rather than trying to move it somewhere else, not wanting to risk being seen. As they were dragging it farther into the shadows, they heard loud voices, laughing and saying goodbye drunkenly. It seemed to be the men from earlier, who had been making noise just as they were now. After the goodbyes seemed to be over, a lone figure stumbled towards them, heading off to home after a long night of drinking.

“Shit, what do we do?” hissed Kozi, trying to blend into the wall unsuccessfully.

Mana smiled calmly while Kami started to panic alongside the other man. The person would be able to see them in a few more steps. None of them really knew what to do, so they froze and stared at the stranger, a man who definitely didn’t know he was so close to a group of murderers that he could probably reach out and touch them.

The man had been minding his business, or perhaps he was too intoxicated to notice them until now, but his attention was caught when he tripped.

When he tripped over the dead body, to be specific.

He stared down at it for a few seconds before looking up at them, a lopsided grin plastered to his face.

“Wow, you guys really fucking killed him!”

And that was the reason they kidnapped Klaha.

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The three friends finished pushing the heavy table in front of the closet doors, successfully trapping the man they had kidnapped inside. After they had been caught by Klaha, Kozi and Kami had tied him up and carried him back to Mana’s apartment. Judging by the fact that he had been drinking most of the evening and had passed out on the way to his temporary prison, Klaha probably wouldn’t remember any of the events he had interrupted, but Mana insisted they kept him under supervision for a few days, to make sure he didn't remember anything. There was an overwhelming chance that he would end up dead no matter what, but the three wanted to at least give him a small chance, and maybe they could get some entertainment out of it too.

Kami and Kozi decided to hang around the apartment, worried about leaving Mana alone with the literal mess of a man that was Klaha. They all enjoyed each other's company anyway, so this would be a fun experience for all of them. The “all of them” in question didn’t apply to Klaha, who would likely not be happy once he woke up.

The kidnappers joked and chatted for a few more hours, eventually falling asleep in their own areas which included a chair, the couch, and a few blankets on the floor. This wasn’t uncommon for any of them, considering their lifestyles were not exactly calm and responsible. They probably slept for a few hours, only to be awakened by a quiet and nervous shout.

“Hello? Where am I? Is anyone there?”

Mana rubbed his eyes and sat up. Kami ignored the noises. Kozi groaned in pain. Mana walked over to the kitchen, put some cereal on a plate, and slid it under the crack in the door. In an afterthought, he gave the man a plate of water too. He really didn’t want to open the door to give him anything more suitable.
Sounds of Klaha moving around and looking for the lightswitch could be heard, and then once the light could be seen spilling through the small slit, the man inside groaned loudly.

“I know you kidnapped me, but isn’t making me eat and drink like this really humiliating? I’m not a cat or something, can’t I have a fucking water bottle?”

Kozi and Kami were more awake now, laughing lightly at the commentary they were receiving from the small room. They got ready for the day and resumed waiting for something to be said, eating snacks and listening to Mana’s vinyl collection. Klaha was silent for a while, until he wasn’t.

“Hi, sorry to bother whoever you are, but I really need to pee and there’s no bathroom here.”

The three of them looked at each other and shrugged, not really knowing what to do about him.

Several minutes later, the man talked again, having a more quiet tone.

“I peed in the corner, hope you don’t mind.”

Mana sighed, internally crying about his floor, which couldn’t be doing very well now. Kozi and Kami giggled imaturely, but stopped when Mana gave them a glare that could melt rock. If it was anyone else’s floor that had been ruined, he might have laughed too, but the fact that it was his own was completely heartbreaking to him.

The three of them played a few games, excited to see what their prisoner would do next. He seemed to be talking to himself for a while, and then loudly announced, “Hey, I’m gonna sing because I’m bored, please enjoy it if you like stuff like that.”

Klaha proceeded to first screech like a dying animal, presumably to warm up his voice, and then broke out into a loud rendition of a currently famous American pop song. The listeners could hear him dancing along, not very well by the sounds of him slamming into the walls, but he seemed to be enjoying himself at the very least. He finished the song with a few overdramatized high notes, and went back to wailing miserably to clear his throat for the next ‘performance’. Kozi got an excited look in his eyes, and asked Mana for a piece of paper and something to write with. He scrawled something messily onto the paper, and then pushed it under the door. The odd shrieks stopped as Klaha seemed to be reading the note.

“Yes, I know some Visual Kei songs, I’ll sing one for you,” he said, which must have been a response to the paper he had been given. Taking an audible breath, he begins to sing in a very emotional tone, emphasizing every lyric and sounding to be on the brink of tears. As soon as the men heard the first words, they sighed in remorse and rolled their eyes. Kozi regretted asking for a song.

“Boku Wa… Kimi No.... Vanilla~” Klaha cried out mournfully, stomping around heavily either to emphasize his point or mimic dancing. In between the moments where he wasn’t saying the words, he was attempting to sing the instrumental rather pathetically. Mana was trying to stifle his laughs, but not succeeding very well.

As impossible as it sounds, the already loud song cover grew even louder, shaking the walls and making the kidnappers cover their ears in desperation. At this point, they all wished they had just left him with the body. Klaha wasn’t even halfway through the song, but it had felt like he had been singing for hours.

Thankfully, the horror of the Gackt song was interrupted by loud knocking on the door, so loud that Klaha heard it and stopped screaming. All the men, probably even the one locked in the closet, looked towards the door in confusion. Mana got up to open it, while Kami walked over to the makeshift prison and told Klaha to be quiet.

The door was opened, and standing there was a rather annoyed-looking man. If he would have been happy instead, he probably would have looked quite kind and gentle, but the anger was radiating off of him.

“The singing is great and all, but I was on an important phone call and had to hang up because my client could hear whoever was fucking singing Vanilla by Gackt!”

His widened eyes scanned the room, briefly looking at Kami and Kozi, and then landing on Mana, who he hadn’t seemed to have acknowledged until now. He stared for a few seconds and then shook his head, clearing his thoughts or something like that.

“I’m sorry, that was rude of me. I just moved into the apartment next door, I was trying to organize some of my work assignments and I found it hard to focus because of the singing. I hope I didn’t upset you.”

The man smiled at Mana, eyes practically begging for forgiveness. The other man stared back, not really knowing what to do. On one hand, he could just kill this one too and get it over with, but this guy seemed to be the type where people would notice and care if he died. Plus, it wasn’t as if he had done anything wrong either, other than getting rightfully upset. The way that he was looking at Mana made him feel awkward though, and he didn’t really know what to do about it.

“It’s alright, we should have been quieter, I don’t blame you.”
He looked away and talked quietly, which was normal for him to do with strangers but not usually to this extent. He was torn between wanting to leave, or staying and getting to know his new neighbor better.

“Ah, I just realized that I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Yu~Ki, it’s nice to meet you guys!”