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Inexplicably Tempting

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The sun was setting in the parking lot as Steve exited the college building. He was teaching an art class in the hope of earning some much needed money. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough money. His shoulders were slumped as he walked down the street. As he waited for the subway, his mind wandered to his best friend, his nestmate. Bucky would probably be off work soon.

When they'd left Brooklyn and settled in Manhattan, Steve had dreamed of making it big as an artist. Now, he just wanted to be able to afford dinner tonight. He knew that if it weren't for Bucky they'd have ended up on the streets a long time ago, that or in a whorehouse. Steve thought of the unsold paintings sitting in their living room. Oil based paint on white canvases that lay hidden under white fabric. Protected from the dust that gathered as they waited in vain to be noticed.

Steve tried selling them at street fairs, only managing to sell one or two, for a measly amount. Nothing what they were worth Bucky insisted. Steve had once thought they were worth something. Some great dollar amount. Now, he'd take enough to reimburse for the cost of making them, if anyone would even be willing to purchase them. He'd even taken them around to different art galleries, begging the owners to consider selling them. They never did.

It just wasn't meant to be.

Steve sighed and got off at his stop. He walked through the wind and sleet, wishing he'd brought an umbrella to work. The apartment was dark when he got home. Bucky wasn't back yet. Steve kicked off his boots and peeled off his dripping rain coat. He shivered, wishing he could turn on the thermostat. They could hardly afford this place as is. They definitely couldn't afford to heat it in the winter or cool it in the summer.

He headed to the kitchen, rifling through the cabinets to find something, anything to cook. He was relieved to locate a half empty sack of potatoes. He grabbed them, scrubbing and slicing them into cubes. He stuck them in a pot of boiling water. He pulled carrots and celery out of the fridge, chopping them up, before dumping them in the pot, as well.

He frowned when he realized they were out of onions. Without them, the soup would be terribly bland. It was bad enough they didn't have any seasonings left, other than salt and pepper. He added an ample amount of both to the pot and prayed for the best. It certainly wouldn't be the worst thing they've ever eaten. At least they weren't going to starve tonight. That was something worth being grateful for.

Steve was stirring the pot of vegetables, soup being perhaps too generous of a term, when the door opened. He glanced up from the stove, nestled at the far wall of the small studio apartment. Bucky's eyes met his and smirked at him. Steve flushed under his gaze and turned back to the pot. He could hear Bucky unlacing and kicking off his boots, and removing his outer layers. The light thud of footsteps approaching echoed in his ears and Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve's slender waist.

"No welcome home, dear, or honey, how was your day, huh?" He teased, kissing Steve's cheek.

Steve shrugged, his face flaming red. Bucky furrowed his brows at Steve's gloomy demeanor. His hand slipped under his shirt, tasting his abs with his digits. Steve flinched away from the ice cold touch, pressing further into Bucky's chest. Bucky chuckled and withdrew his hand.

"What's wrong, Stevie?" He murmured, his lips brushing Steve's neck.

Steve whimpered as Bucky sucked at the sensitive skin, baring his neck in invitation. He didn't answer the question. Mostly because he just didn't want to admit how useless he felt, but also because Bucky was very distracting. His legs wobbled under him and the arm around his waist tightened to hold him up. Steve sighed, letting Bucky support his weight.

"Don't burn the soup, Stevie. Stir it." Bucky taunted. "Distracted much?"

Steve scoffed, but did as instructed, watching white, orange and green swirl together in the pot of boiling water. Bucky nipped at his neck.

"I hate to see you so down, baby."

Steve frowned. Bucky acted like his boyfriend, every bit of an Alpha, really, but he wasn't. Far from it, actually. Bucky was just as much of an Omega as Steve was. Well, sort of. They were both Omegas, but Bucky was a dominant Omega and Steve was submissive. Bucky could still submit, of course. Anyone was capable of submitting, even a higher Alpha, but he was less inclined to than Steve was.

"Bucky." Steve breathed out.

Bucky was kissing and sucking at his neck. Nipping lightly, almost as though he was going to claim him. He couldn't. Only Alphas were allowed to claim their mates. Besides, if Bucky did bite him, the evidence would be incriminating. Technically, Steve and Bucky weren't even together. They never really could be. They certainly couldn't be nestmates, not publicly anyways. Though they could mate the same Alpha. They had talked about it, but Bucky was very put off by the idea. Steve was too submissive to not agree with his more dominant mate's decision.

They were only intimate in the privacy of their home, because it was forbidden for Omegas to be together. It wasn't unheard of for Omegas to have nestpartners that helped each other through their heats, but Omegas were often persecuted for it, so it was the kind of thing that was kept very hush hush. 

The one exception to Omegas feeling up other Omegas was if they were pleasing their Alpha. For instance, an Alpha could order his Omegas to entertain him by being intimate, but without an Alpha's permission, it simply wasn't allowed. Pleasing your Alpha was one thing, but falling for another Omega was the ultimate sin. Even Omegas that helped their friends through heat in secret tended to frown upon the thought of having a fellow Omegan mate, a nestmate, as they were called once upon a time when that sort of thing was acceptable, common even.

Which is why Steve always told Bucky no when he asked him to be his boyfriend. It wasn't a lack of feelings or attraction, it was a fear of complacency. If Bucky got too used to being with Steve and slipped up in public it would be a disaster. Potentially fatal. Omegas had been executed for less. Bucky tended to be reckless enough as is, and though it scared Steve to think that they might get caught fucking in a bathroom somewhere, Steve could never bring himself to stop Bucky. He wanted Bucky just as much as Bucky wanted him.

Omegas were little more than an Alpha's property, and an unclaimed omega belonged to their Alpha parent, or the government, if they didn't have an Alpha parent. Steve and Bucky were already unclaimed Omegas, living on their own with both of their Alpha parents gone. Steve's was dead and Bucky had been disowned by his for loving Steve. It was bad enough as is without adding an illegal relationship to the mix.

Still, Steve couldn't find it in himself to tell Bucky no. Not a final no, a no that said I don't want this. It had less to do with his submissive nature and more to do with his desire to be with Bucky. Their secondary gender kept them apart, but their hearts didn't understand that trivial boundary.

"Stevie, let me make you feel good. I promise you'll like it." Bucky coaxed.

Bucky's hands roamed his body, persuading him with soft, teasing touches. Steve melted into him. He could feel Bucky's cock hard against his back. Steve's was soft in his pants, but he was leaking profusely from his ass, slick wetting his underwear. He wasn't soft out of lack of arousal, rather because a submissive Omega wasn't capable of getting hard.

They were always slender and weak. Incapable of becoming muscular or gaining weight, no matter how much they worked out or ate. Their skin always stayed smooth and hairless, and their cocks were never large enough to be considered a cock. No, submissive Omegas had cocklets, a fact that embarrassed Steve.

He would hate it, if it wasn't so obvious how much his tiny, soft member turned on Bucky. Steve moaned softly as Bucky's hands grazed his crotch, before slipping under his waistband and cupping him. He felt so secure in Bucky's hand and pressed forward to feel it even more. The sense of safety that washed over Steve was debilitating. He was weak at the knees and his head lolled back onto Bucky's shoulder.

If Bucky wasn't there to hold him up he would have hit the ground. His body was as limp as his dick, his muscles loose and body soft, pliant. Steve was the epitome of a submissive Omega. He was exactly what every higher Alpha desired. Small and soft. Eager to please and incapable of saying no. It wasn't that Steve didn't want an Alpha. It was that he would never go against Bucky, the love of his life, and Bucky didn't want an Alpha.

"Bucky, p-please."

Steve wasn't sure if he was asking him to stop or not. He really didn't want Bucky to stop, even though the logical part of him told him that this was dangerous and they shouldn't. The arousal he felt masked his fear, as it always did. Bucky breathed in the potent scent of submissive Omega slick. It was even sweeter and more irresistible than his own scent. Bucky just couldn't get enough of his Stevie, his Omega. As far as he was concerned, Steve was very much his.

He had no intention of sharing the man's affection with anyone. Steve was his and his alone. It was that intense possessiveness that had always kept him from even entertaining the idea of having an Alpha. Bucky knew it was selfish. He knew Steve wanted one, needed one. They both had to struggle through their heats and it was all because Bucky couldn't share. Bucky wondered if today changed anything.

Maybe it changed everything.



"I got a job, Stevie." Bucky told him, as they sat around the table.

Steve looked up in surprise, his spoon halfway to his mouth. He dropped the spoon into his bowl with a splash, his eyes wide.

"Really? Already?"

Bucky nodded.

"Sure did, doll. I told you that it wouldn't matter. Who cares if that fuddy duddy old man was a bigot? I was offered an even better job. Higher pay and great benefits for both of us, Stevie. You'll never have to skip a gynecologist appointment again."

Steve blinked at him.

He frowned at how casually Bucky dismissed his former boss knowing about their relationship. Not that they were even technically together. Though, that didn't really matter, did it? The fact that Steve refused the label, didn't change that they lived together, slept together, got through their heats together. There was no getting around the truth, no matter how much Steve denied it. He was in a relationship with Bucky, in every way but name.

He chose to not voice his concerns. Bucky wouldn't want him to and Steve was a good boy. He asked the next question he wanted to ask instead.

"How'd you manage that, Buck?" He asked, honestly curious.

It wasn't an easy feat for an Omega to get a job, even a dominant one. Bucky fidgeted nervously with his cloth napkin. Steve's concern went through the roof at the simple action. Bucky rarely showed shyness or nervousness. Those were submissive displays. Bucky tried his hardest to not show anything of the sort.

"Um, well, I met someone. He offered me the job." Bucky muttered, his voice soft, barely audible.

Bucky glanced up at Steve, worrying his lip. Steve's eyebrows shot up in shock. His mouth dropped open. By every account Bucky appeared to be an Omega. He never liked to come off as one, preferring to display dominance in all of his acts. Steve could only assume that this meant Bucky had met an Alpha and he wasn't sure what to think of that.

Steve had always been the one pushing for an Alpha. Now, having Bucky show an interest made him feel jealous. He wondered if this was how Bucky had always felt when Steve talked about Alphas. No wonder he hadn't liked it.


That was all he could manage, a small breathy sound, his mind reeling and his thoughts jumbled.

What did this mean?

"It's not what you think." Bucky rushed out.

Steve just stared at him, unable to say anything. He didn't know what to say. There must have been hurt or confusion on his face, because Bucky was quick to assuage his fears.

"It's not like that, Stevie, I promise. He's just an engineer and he offered me a job. That's all." Bucky said.

His eyes pleaded with Steve to understand.

He didn't.

"Is he an Alpha?" Steve bit out.

He was shocked by how aggressive his voice sounded. Bucky was, too. He flinched, unused to Steve using such a harsh tone with him.

"I'm sorry, doll. We need this though. We need the money."

Steve clenched his jaw.

"Is he an Alpha?" He repeated, his words low and dangerous.

Bucky swallowed, looking away nervously.

"Yeah, he is." Bucky said, sounding guilty.

Steve shot up.

He took his half finished bowl of soup to the counter, dumped it in a container and shoved it in the fridge. His empty bowl clanked as he set it in the sink harder than necessary. He didn't even glance at Bucky as he stormed over to the dresser, changing into PJ's, before climbing in bed and curling up under the covers.

Steve hated that tears stung his eyes and sobs wracked his small form, hated that he couldn't force them down.

Bucky was lost, sitting at the table, only a few feet away from the lump in the bed, but feeling impossibly far from Steve. For once, he didn't know what to do to help his best friend, his nestmate. He was Steve's Alpha, the more dominant of the two, even if Steve insisted they weren't together like that, that they couldn't be. He'd never seen Steve like this before, never not known how to help, because he'd never hurt Steve like this before.

He didn't regret being offered the job. It was necessary. Bucky did feel guilty for how much he'd felt drawn to the Alpha that had offered it to him though.

He thought back on that morning.



He was sitting in a café wishing that he had work to go to, not because he particularly enjoyed working, but because he needed the money. Steve needed it and Bucky wanted to provide for him.

The man had walked in, unbeknownst to Bucky who had been hunched over his cup of coffee that he really couldn't afford to be drinking. Luckily, he was friends with the barista and Clint always offered him free coffee. Clint's Alpha, who owned the café, was a good man, so Clint never worried about getting in trouble for giving out free drinks. Sam even gave Steve and Bucky the leftover pastries at the end of the day, if they were around.

Bucky knew he was letting off miserable Omega scent and that it was stinking up the place. If Clint wasn't his friend, he was sure he would have been kicked out for driving away customers. 

The man, wealthy, by the looks of it, approached Bucky. His suit was tailored to fit him and Bucky's eyes snapped up to look at him. The man undid the button of his jacket, before crouching down, until he was lower than Bucky.


Bucky blinked in confusion.

The man was clearly an Alpha. Bucky assumed he was a lower Alpha, if he was willing to lower himself for an Omega, not that it was common for anyone, Alpha or otherwise to lower themselves for an Omega. He leaned forward without realizing it and sniffed the air. He could smell his own scent, foul, like his mood. There was something else there too though.

Worried Alpha.

Bucky gasped softly at the realization.

"Are you okay?" The dark haired man asked, his voice soft and careful.

Bucky's scent shifted from miserable to curious. He tilted his head at the man, his long hair shifting with the movement. Clint sent him a questioning look from behind the counter where he was making a coffee, presumably for this man. Bucky barely spared him a glance, instead tracing the lines of this gorgeous Alpha's face with his eyes. He wished Steve were here to see this. He would be able to sketch a life-like portrait of the man. Bucky had never envied that ability as much as he did in this moment.

The Alpha smiled at him, a kind, soft smile, and Bucky's heart fluttered. His cheeks heated up and he felt all flustered. He was even more embarrassed, because he could feel the wetness in the front of his pants that indicated he was leaking. The scent of his precum filled the air, unfurling around them and Bucky knew that this man, the source of his sudden arousal, could smell it.

The man cleared his throat and shifted, standing up slowly, backing away as he did so. Every movement was cautious and deliberate, as to not scare the Omega.

"I'm glad you're feeling better." He said.

Bucky just stared stupidly at him, his lips parted and breath quickened. Fear and anxiety started to taint his scent. His precum was sweeter than an Alpha or Beta's, stronger, but it wasn't potent the way slick was. It wouldn't cover all other scents in an overwhelmingly impossible to miss way that Steve would have, if he were here and as aroused as Bucky.

Which is why the Alpha immediately took note of the change in scent and froze, looking alarmed. Clint reacted too, alerting his own Alpha, pulling him away from the kitchen. Sam was around the counter in the blink of an eye. He set a hand on the Alpha's shoulder, placing himself between the man and Bucky. Clint rushed to Bucky's side, feeling safe that his Alpha could handle the other Alpha, if he became aggressive.

It wasn't unreasonable to assume this new Alpha may react violently. Sometimes that happened when someone tried to stand between an Alpha and their prey. In many instances, Omegas were little more than the victims of Alphas. An unsuspecting Alpha, assaulted by the scent of an aroused Omega, was often quick to pounce.

Clint and Sam were being cautious, but neither of them really expected Tony would do something, they mostly wanted to put Bucky at ease, so he didn't feel like he was in danger of being targeted by this Alpha that he didn't know. Sam and Clint did know this Alpha though.

Tony was one of their friends and he'd gone out of his way to come to their café, even though he had perfectly good coffee in his tower, just because he had wanted to see his friends and support their business.

In this particular instance, Bucky wasn't afraid of this man. He was afraid. Afraid that the man had backed away, when his Alpha should be coming closer to him, drawn in by the scent of his arousal. He wanted this man so badly that it hurt. Bucky had never felt this way before, and it would probably scare him later for a different reason. Right now, all he could think was that he wanted this man to touch him and he was afraid that the man was backing away, because he didn't want him.

Clint's hands touched his face, his body placed protectively in front of him. Bucky strained to see around him. He scowled at the way Sam was blocking his Alpha's path to him. Distress filled the air, mixing with Clint's worry and concern that wafted towards Bucky, concern that was coming from his Alpha.

Bucky shook off Clint, rising to his feet. He barely heard Clint's voice calling to him, as he approached the two Alphas.

Sam frowned.

"Bucky, stay with Clint, I've got this." Sam said firmly, before speaking to the man, "I'm glad you came by, man, but I think it'd be best if you leave. We'll see you at movie night."

Bucky bristled at the order and glared at Sam.

How dare he tell him to stay away? How dare he keep him from his Alpha?

Any logic and reasoning had been thrown out the window. All Bucky could think about was getting to his Alpha. Tony nodded to Sam and Bucky's mind caught up enough to process that Sam clearly knew the Alpha, Bucky's Alpha.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving. I'll see you later, Sam." He said, his voice purposely calm and steady.

Sam nodded and allowed the man to pass. He eyed Tony warily as he walked past Bucky, nearing Clint, who was still at Bucky's table, located near the door. Sam trusted Tony, knew he was a good man, but if Sam's time overseas had taught him anything, it's that you could never be too careful when it came to an unmated Alpha being confronted by the arousal of an unclaimed Omega.

Bucky sucked in a breath as Tony skirted around him, keeping as much distance as possible from the two Omegas. His heart ached, thinking his Alpha didn't want to be near him.

Tony wasn't trying to upset Bucky, just the opposite, he didn't want to make the Omega anymore uncomfortable. Both Clint and Sam were obviously feeling protective of this unmated Omega that Tony assumed was their friend, though he knew that they would step in and help any Omega, even if they didn't know them.

Bucky whimpered, a display of submissiveness that was uncommon for him. Tony's fists clenched, but he kept walking and opened the door to leave. Bucky couldn't let him leave. He just couldn't. This man was supposed to want him, just like Bucky wanted him. Bucky wasn't sure why he felt so certain of this. He'd never wanted an Alpha before, not even slightly, but he wanted this one desperately.

He lurched forward, snagging Tony's jacket and Tony came to a halt, looking questioningly back at him. Bucky didn't notice the tension in Sam's shoulders as he wondered if he would have to defend Bucky from an angry Alpha.

It wasn't unheard of for Alphas to have little to no tolerance for a disobedient Omega. Bucky grabbing Tony, an Alpha, could easily be viewed as stepping out of line. Sam had never seen Tony get upset with an Omega before, so he was pretty sure that Tony wouldn't do anything to hurt Bucky, but he tensed up anyways, ready to step in on the off chance that he did have to.

Bucky wasn't afraid though. Not of this man. Not of his Alpha. He was afraid of being left.

"Don't go." He whined, pouting.

Bucky didn't acknowledge the confusion that swirled around them, coming off of his friends. His focus laid solely on his Alpha.

"Please, Alpha." He begged.

Tony sucked in a sharp breath at the sound of Bucky's pleas.

"You need to go back to your friends, little one." Tony said softly.

Bucky whimpered at the rejection. He shook his head, clutching Tony's suit tighter, wrinkling the expensive fabric.

"No, don't." He sobbed, his eyes filled with tears. "Don't say that."

Tony looked warily at Sam, trying to judge his reaction, before turning to face Bucky fully. Bucky's hand was dislodged from his jacket with the motion and his pout deepened. He stepped closer, wanting to be close enough to touch him, to press against him, to rub his scent on Tony and have his Alpha's scent on him.

Tony stepped back though, much to Bucky's dismay, holding up a hand to stop him when he tried to follow.

"Stay." He said, his voice firm.

Bucky whimpered, but lowered his head in submission, a display that he'd never willingly shown before. Tony studied him for a moment before speaking.

"My name's Tony. What's yours, little one?"

"Bucky." He rushed out, snapping his gaze up to meet the Alpha's eagerly.

He blushed and ducked his head again when Tony chuckled.

"Um, I mean, James Barnes, sir."

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Tony's fine. Why were you upset, Bucky?" Tony asked softly.

A jolt shot through him when Tony used his nickname, his preferred name, and he couldn't help but think that he loved the way it rolled off of the man's tongue. Bucky shifted uncomfortably on his feet, not wanting to answer the question.

"You don't have to answer." Tony added, when he hesitated.

Bucky didn't want to, but he felt compelled to give Tony what he wanted, and he clearly wanted to know the answer.

"I lost my job, sir." He mumbled, embarrassed to admit his failure to this perfect man.

Even though he'd been told that he could call him Tony, it just didn't feel right. Not right now, when Bucky felt so submissive, like he'd present for this man, if he was given the slightest chance.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Tony said, his sympathy evident in the air and Bucky whimpered stepping closer to him instinctively. "Their loss really. I think anyone would be so lucky as to have you work for them."

Bucky shrugged.

He didn't really want to talk about it.

"Maybe I could offer you a job. Would you like that?" Tony asked. "You can say no. I won't mind."

Bucky's eyes widened in shock and he nodded eagerly. He'd do anything to be close to his Alpha.

Tony smiled at him.

"What can you do?"

Bucky bit his lip. He had always done manual labor, but that wasn't something that most people considered appropriate for an Omega to do.

"I can do anything you want, sir." He responded.

He cringed slightly at how suggestive that sounded. Clint snickered behind him and Bucky sent a glare in his direction. He turned back to Tony when he cleared his throat, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Um, okay. Well, what did you do before?"

"Oh, I was an auto mechanic, sir." He mumbled.

Tony looked surprised.

"Really? Interesting. I could use someone like you to help me out. How are you with older cars? I have some classics that I like to work on in my spare time."

Bucky grinned.

He didn't get very many opportunities to work with older vehicles.

"I fixed up Clint's Dodge Challenger for him a while back. You can ask him. I'm great with classics!" Bucky said, eager to have Tony allow him to help out.

Tony stifled his laughter, deeply amused.

Bucky blushed, snapping his mouth shut.

"Okay, well, I'll pay you a thousand dollars a week, and you can have access to my private medical facility, free of charge."

Bucky's jaw hit the floor.

"Anything else you need?" Tony asked, nonchalantly, like he hadn't just offered Bucky the most lavish deal he'd ever heard of.

Bucky was dumbfounded, but he still managed to ask the question that mattered the most. He felt guilty that this was the first time Steve had crossed his mind since he'd seen Tony.

"Those benefits, do they apply to family, or um..." Bucky trailed off.

He couldn't say that Steve was his partner. He couldn't admit to Tony that he was in an illegal relationship. It was too risky, even if every part of him was screaming that he could trust his Alpha. Something flashed across Tony's face. Bucky wasn't sure what it was, but it made him nervous.

"It applies to anyone you bring in, Bucky. I have to run now, but here, take my card. Call me, if you're interested. No pressure."

Bucky nodded, taking the card. His fingers brushed Tony's and he gasped. Tony just smiled politely, nodding to Sam and Clint, before exiting the café.

"What was that?" Clint demanded. "I've never seen you behave like that for an Alpha before. Hell, I've never seen you act like that period."

Bucky ignored him.

He raised the card up to his nose and sniffed it. It smelled like his Alpha.



Bucky pulled himself back to reality, focusing on Steve, upset and hurt in their bed. He could still feel the tingle of Tony's touch where their fingers had lightly grazed each other. It was stupid and ridiculous how he had automatically claimed Tony as his. He couldn't let Steve know. He'd already hurt him badly enough.

Bucky pulled off his clothes, quickly exchanging them for a comfy pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He slipped under the covers and pressed up against Steve's curled up form.

"Don't be mad, doll." Bucky murmured. "I promise it was nothing."

He was lying. He really wished he wasn't though. He was deeply ashamed of how much Tony had affected him and he had no desire to admit it to Steve, or anyone else. He was not a submissive Omega, but the desire to submit to Tony had been irrevocably undeniable. There was no redo. No start over. No going back and reacting differently.

He knew it wouldn't matter even if he could time travel and repeat it. He'd be just as helplessly desperate for Tony. Though he might not have let the Alpha walk away, if he could go back and redo it. He'd probably demand that Tony take him home and claim him.

Bucky was glad he hadn't done that. He'd never be able to explain that to Steve. That was the worst part of the interaction. It was like Steve hadn't even existed. He had been lost in Tony. Couldn't think about nothing but the Alpha. His Alpha. Tony was his. Just like Steve was his. He just hoped that Steve would feel the same way, when he met him.

Steve turned around, pouting. His cheeks were wet and his eyes red. He sniffled, snuggling closer to Bucky. Bucky scented him. Steve smelt like home. Even though his scent was miserable, it was still sweeter than Bucky's would ever be. Submissive Omegas were just like that. He smelled like apple pie that was a little burned around the edges, his pain muddying his sugary sweet scent.

Steve nuzzled against him, his nose tracing his scent gland. Steve breathed in Bucky's scent, letting out a pleased mewl when it didn't smell like Alpha. He kissed and sucked at Bucky's skin possessively. Bucky laughed and wrapped him up in his arms, pulling him impossibly closer, their legs tangling together.

"God, I love you, Stevie. You're pretty cute when you're mad, you know that?"

Steve pouted.

"I'm not cute and I'm not mad, Buck. I'm just- When I talked about getting an Alpha, you never liked the idea. So, I guess I just assumed that if we ever got one, I'd choose them, and then I'd be the one convincing you to like them." Steve admitted, his voice a tad whiny.

Bucky smirked at him

"Are you jealous, doll? I promise I don't love you less. You're still my favorite little Omega, you know that right? A pretty little thing like you, I'd let you hang off of my arm, if only you'd say yes. I'd marry you in a heartbeat. Mate you. Breed you. You know I would, Stevie."

Steve rolled his eyes at his cocky best friend.

"I'm not your mate. We can't be mates, Buck. Besides, what makes you think I'd want you anyway? I need a strong Alpha to breed me. You talk big, but you can't even really claim me." Steve teased.

His words were a little too real, but Bucky knew he was just teasing. They teased like this a lot. After all, if you couldn't laugh about it, then it was just depressing.

"You little brat! How dare you?" Bucky said, pretending to be upset. "I can bite you and I'd do it a thousand times over, just so the whole world knows who you belong to. I'd claim you every morning before letting you leave the bed. Breed you up, until you were full of my pups. You'd like that wouldn't you, baby? To be round with my pups?"

Steve blushed.

He did like that. He liked it a lot. He wanted it so badly, that it hurt. It hurt mostly because Bucky wasn't capable of giving him pups.

"So, this job? Tell me about it." Steve said, his voice soft and uncertain.

Bucky could sense the change. He could smell it in the air and taste it as he licked at Steve's neck.

"I haven't even really accepted it, doll. If you really don't want me to, then I won't. There's always other jobs."

Once again he was lying. There weren't always other positions, certainly none as lucrative as this. Plus, none of those other jobs would allow him to be around Tony. At least, he hoped that this position would allow that. Tony did say he could help him out, but that didn't necessarily mean the Alpha would be around.

"Just tell me about it."

"Well, the pay is... it's a lot. And we can go to the doctor for free. The facility is amazing."

Bucky had looked up the Stark Industries medical facility on Clint's laptop and it was indeed phenomenal. They had a whole wing just for unmated Omegas. The wing was staffed solely by submissive Omegas, to make it the ideal experience for a vulnerable Omega. It sounded better than anything Bucky had ever imagined.

Steve gave him an incredulous look.

"What's the job, Buck? What does he want you to do?" Steve asked, sounding worried.

Bucky's eyes widened at the implication.

"Nothing sexual, Stevie. He's an engineer. He has classics that he's gonna let me work on."

Steve looked skeptical.

"How much is he offering you?"

Bucky swallowed and avoided eye contact.

"Bucky? Tell me."

"A thousand." He mumbled.

"A thousand? Bucky, that's barely half of what you made before and you were working for minimum wage. Is it only part time?"

Bucky worried his lip. He actually didn't know what the hours were. He hadn't even asked. He was too embarrassed to admit that though.

"It's a thousand a week." He said, finally.

Steve's eyes widened.

"It's what? Are you serious? Are you sure he's not expecting sexual favors? I mean you're a good mechanic, but a thousand a week? There's no way."

Bucky shrugged.

"He's a billionaire. He's got a lot of money to throw away I guess. He won't ask me for sexual favors, and if he does, I'll quit. I promise."

Another lie. Bucky knew there was absolutely no way he'd say no if Tony asked him for a blowjob or a quickie. He really wished he would, actually.

Steve shook his head in disbelief.

"I want to meet him."

"Okay, yeah. 'Course, doll. I'll call him tomorrow, set up a time to meet him. What should I tell him though? I mean, it might be strange to say my friend wants to meet you."

Steve cursed.

That's right, they were just friends. He really hated that, even though he was the one insisting on it.

"You're right. Don't say anything. Just accept the job. It'll be... fine."

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When Bucky called the number on the card, he was disappointed that it wasn't Tony that picked up. The number wasn't for Tony directly. That made sense really. A billionaire of a huge organization, couldn't just hand out his phone number all willy nilly. A woman picked up, Ms. Potts.

Bucky gritted his teeth when it occurred to him that the Alpha may have a partner. Why that thought hadn't already occurred to him? He wasn't sure. The woman told him to come in on Monday for a trial day, just to see if it would be a good fit. That made Bucky hella nervous.

Not because he doubted his abilities. He was a damn good mechanic. No, his fear was that Tony wouldn't keep him. Maybe the Alpha had only offered to be polite because Bucky had been whiny and clingy and upset. Maybe he'd use this as a way out. That scared Bucky because he wanted this so badly. He wanted Tony.

When Bucky showed up, he was immediately intimidated. Stark Tower was a skyscraper, stretching up to the sky. Fifty floors high, easily. The lobby was pristine and large and high-tech. The security was also insane. There were guards in front of the entrance that wouldn't even let him into the building without a reason.

Then, once he was inside, he had to wait for Ms. Potts to appear. She handed him a badge that would allow him access to only the necessary floors. He could only access the ground level, where the garage was located, and the three food floors.

Why there were three floors dedicated to food? Bucky hadn't the slightest idea. Though with a building this large, there must be a large staff, which meant a lot of mouths to feed. On the other hand, there were literally a dozen different places to eat within a one-block radius of the building so having three floors just for food seemed like a bit much.

Ms. Potts accepted the resumé he handed her but didn't so much as glance at it. She did make him sign an NDA.

"So, if I do good today, then I get the job?" Bucky asked, handing the form back to her.

Ms. Potts seemed amused by the question, but Bucky wasn't entirely sure why.

"I'm fairly certain that this trial day isn't to examine your abilities, but rather to give you the opportunity to decide if you want the position, Mr. Barnes."

Bucky furrowed his brows at that, surely she was just teasing because that didn't sound right at all. It was almost like she was insinuating that the job was already his if he wanted it. Bucky knew that couldn't be the case.

A part of him hoped that it was because Tony was as eager to keep him close as Bucky was to be close to him. He knew that he couldn't get his hopes up though. He needed to work hard and do his best and maybe Tony would be impressed and keep him.

Ms. Potts led him to the garage, behind a set of secured doors, showing him how to swipe the flat of his card over the sensors to gain access. Then, she left him there. Bucky just stood there like an idiot. The cars were beautiful, but he had no clue what was expected of him.

Bucky started when a voice spoke. He whipped around to find the source, but he was all alone.

"Mr. Barnes, I'm JARVIS, Mr. Stark's AI. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them for you. Mr. Stark would like you to start by taking a look at his 1932 Flathead."

"Anything specific that he wants me to look at?"

"I'd start with the engine, sir." The AI said sarcastically.

Bucky scoffed, but approached the car and propped the hood open. It didn't take him long to assess and find the source of the problem and within an hour he had finished.



He was sitting around bored since the AI insisted there was nothing more for him to do. In fact, he'd been told to go home. Bucky couldn't just leave though. He wanted to see Tony.

When the man finally did walk into the room, he raised a brow at Bucky. He was laying on the couch, with his feet up over the back and his head hanging off the cushions. He cursed and tried to reposition himself, but only ended up falling off the couch. 

"Well, I see you're hard at work."

Bucky blushed, moving to sit on his knees.

"I was told I could leave." He rushed out.

He needed Tony to know that he wasn't just slacking off. Tony didn't look surprised by this news, so he must have already known.

"Then why didn't you?"

Bucky looked down at his hands, twisting them in his lap.

"I wanted to see you." He mumbled.

Tony frowned and Bucky whimpered.

Bucky was pretty sure that Tony didn't like that response, but it was the truth and he didn't want to lie to his Alpha.

Tony sighed, running a hand through his hair and eyeing Bucky. The Omega was kneeling for him and he made no attempt to get up like he was content to just stay there. Like he was waiting for his Alpha to do something.

Tony couldn't deny that he liked the thought, that he enjoyed the show of submission, but he was also concerned by just how attached Bucky seemed to be, how eager he was to submit for an Alpha that wasn't his, even though Tony could tell by his scent he was a dominant Omega. Tony was concerned mostly because he didn't want Bucky to get hurt. 

He had a feeling that Bucky had someone waiting at home for him, maybe not an Alpha, but perhaps a Beta. He certainly didn't smell any Alpha on him, not at the café when Bucky had been so close to him, nor did he smell any Alpha scent other than his own in the air now, so there was no way Bucky was claimed. That didn't mean he wasn't being courted by an Alpha or that he couldn't have a Beta. 

It was less common for Omegas to end up with Betas because Betas couldn't knot them, but it did happen. Betas were also known for their absence of a scent, which meant Tony wouldn't be able to smell one on him, even if Bucky did have a Beta.

Tony wouldn't encroach upon someone else's territory, so if Bucky did have a partner, he would leave him alone. Tony knew it would hurt to do so and he was pretty sure that it would hurt Bucky, too. Tony certainly didn't want that, but he didn't promote cheating and he certainly wasn't going to encourage it by participating. 

Tony did wonder briefly if they could have a mutual arrangement. If perhaps his partner would be willing to share, or maybe even want Tony to join them. It wasn't common, but it definitely did happen, an Alpha having both a Beta and an Omega. It was far more common for an Alpha to have multiple Omegas, but that didn't mean that it was the usual way things were done. Most relationships were between an Alpha and Omega, or between two Betas.

Tony shook off the thought as soon it crossed his mind because there was such a slim chance that Bucky was with a Beta, and an even slimmer chance that his partner would allow something like that.

Bucky waited in anticipation as the man approached him. Tony crouched down in front of him, not unlike how he had at the café.

"Look at me."

Bucky swallowed at the softly spoken order, but lifted his head, meeting Tony's eyes.

"You're not claimed."

It wasn't a question, but Bucky still shook his head. Anyone could tell from the lack of a bite mark that he wasn't claimed.

"Do you have an Alpha?" Tony asked gently.

"N-no, sir."


"Um, no," Bucky said squirming a little because he knew what Tony was trying to discern.

He wanted to just tell his Alpha about Steve but he couldn't, so he kept his mouth shut.

"Do you usually offer yourself up to strange Alphas?"

Bucky scowled at the implication.

"I'm not easy." He snapped, offended.

Tony raised a brow.

"If I asked you to present for me, you wouldn't then?"

Bucky hesitated.

He would without a doubt.

"I would, but only for you, sir."

Tony frowned, trying to fight the arousal that wanted to seep through and taint his scent.

"Don't call me that. Just call me Tony."

Bucky didn't want to call him Tony.

He pouted and looked down at his lap.

"Look at me," Tony said again, curious to see if Bucky would obey him or tell him to fuck off.

Tony wasn't sure why Bucky was being so submissive. Dominant Omegas tended to scoff at being given orders, were resistant to mating, and often ended up being forced into it. The thought of breaking an Omega honestly just made Tony feel ill. He had never liked the way that some Alphas bragged about how they broke their mates and forced them to obey, made them compliant through fear. Tony had no respect for those sort of Alphas.

Tony did happen to know three dominant Omegas who were in loving relationships and willingly submitted to their partners. His assistant, Pepper, was a Beta, but she had a dominant Omega as her partner. Natasha was sweet and soft for her chosen Alpha, but if anyone else tried to tell her what to do they were in for a serious reality check in the form of one very pissed-off Omega. Tony had seen Natasha throw a higher Alpha twice her size across the bar hard enough to break through plaster, and the petite Omega hadn't even broken a sweat. 

Clint, who was also Natasha's best friend and former nestpartner, was a dominant Omega as well. Clint found a new nestpartner, Brock, to ride out his heats with after Natasha mated with Pepper, but both Clint and Brock had been claimed by Sam during their last heat. Neither of Sam's Omegas were in any way submissive, but Tony had seen both of them melt into their Alpha's arms and purr contentedly when he held them close.

Usually, it took a lot of time and trust-building to get to that point, so it baffled Tony that Bucky so easily kneeled for him, like it came naturally to him, though Tony was certain that it didn't. Dominant Omegas tended to prefer being in control and though they could submit, they weren't very likely to for anyone other than their Alpha. 

Tony expected Bucky to tell him to fuck off, but as seemed to be the case with this particular Omega, he obeyed, looking up at Tony with an amount of trust that shouldn't have existed yet. Tony wondered if Bucky was this vulnerable with everyone he crossed paths with. The thought definitely concerned Tony. 

It also made something possessive rise in his chest. Just the thought of Bucky on his knees for another Alpha was enough to make Tony's scent shift towards angry. He quickly suppressed it and let a much softer, comforting scent fill the air. The last thing he wanted was to upset the pretty little Omega.

"For a dominant Omega you're pretty obedient, aren't you?"

Bucky blushed.

He wasn't usually. He didn't know why he was for Tony. There was just something about him that made Bucky want to please him.

"I'm not usually like this." He mumbled.

Tony hummed thoughtfully.

"So, if I touch you, there won't be any angry Alphas storming in here to rip me apart?"

Bucky gasped.

Was Tony going to touch him then? God, he hoped so.


"Answer the question."

"No, I promise," Bucky said immediately, but then he hesitated, chewing his lip nervously, his eyes darting away from Tony's.

He didn't have an Alpha, but Steve wouldn't be thrilled. Tony narrowed his eyes at the guilty look on his face.

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not." Bucky denied, needing his Alpha to believe that he wouldn't do that.

Bucky hadn't lied. He didn't have an Alpha, but he did have a nestmate.

"I just- I have a best friend who wouldn't be happy about it, but he's not an Alpha, I promise."

"A best friend? So, a lover then?"

Bucky hesitated again, he shouldn't have brought up Steve. It was dangerous. He immediately felt like crying, which wasn't something he did often, so clearly, this Alpha was affecting his hormones. He couldn't lie to his Alpha, but he couldn't spill this secret either, because it wasn't just him that could get hurt by the truth coming out. Bucky would never allow his Omega to be persecuted just because he was feeling all submissive for an Alpha. He would never do that to Steve. 

Bucky wasn't sure why, but his entire being had already accepted this Alpha as his, claimed Tony as his. It wasn't entirely unlike the way he'd accepted Steve as his Omega the moment Steve presented as one. Bucky still remembers that first time that Steve went into heat. Being a submissive Omega, Steve's heats came every month. Bucky only went into heat once a season, but lord did he suffer during his first heat.

His father had to lock him in a closet to keep him from seeking out an Alpha to calm the burning inside of him. It had been the most miserable week of his life. Steve hadn't presented yet, being a few months younger than Bucky, but when Steve went into heat, Bucky vowed to never let the Omega, his Omega, suffer the way he had. From that day on, every month Bucky was there for Steve.

Steve was always there for him too, but being a submissive Omega meant that he couldn't fuck Bucky. It was illegal to sell sex toys to Omegas, just one of the ways of trying to force Omegas into mating an Alpha. Sam had bought them several very useful toys to help them out though. Back before that, Steve had struggled to help Bucky through his heats and usually ended up fisting him in order to give him the feeling of being full. It wasn't a knot, but it had helped quite a bit.

Tony sighed when Bucky didn't answer and nodded knowingly.

"Okay, I'll tell you what. Why don't you go home, take the week to decide if your friend is more than that, and then come back and ask again? You can still have the job, either way, but I won't touch someone who's already taken."

Bucky pouted.

He didn't like that offer at all. He didn't get the chance to answer though. The door opened and Pepper led Steve into the room. Bucky's eyes widened. 


Steve stared at him kneeling on the ground, gave him a confused look, and then glared at Tony, assuming that this Alpha had forced Bucky to kneel for him.

"Bucky? Are you okay?" Steve asked immediately, running over to him.

Bucky whimpered and flinched away from him, leaning closer to Tony who reached out automatically to pet the Omega. It was just an Alpha's instinct to soothe a distressed Omega. Bucky leaned into the touch, the slightest purr vibrating in his chest at finally having his Alpha touch him.

Steve's eyes widened, because not only had he never seen Bucky behave like this, Bucky had never refused Steve's comfort before. Steve would be lying if he said it didn't hurt to see Bucky accept comfort from this Alpha, but flinch away from his own nestmate.

Tony raised a brow at Pepper, wondering why she let someone unauthorized into his garage. 

"This is Steve, Bucky's best friend. He insisted on being let in. He was very determined to see his friend. Apparently, Bucky was supposed to be home an hour ago." Pepper said, sounding more amused than exasperated.

Tony looked like he finally realized something and Bucky was sure that he knew just what that was. He knew about him and Steve, knew that they were both Omegas and that this is why Bucky had been reluctant to tell him about Steve. This was about as bad as it could get. He'd lose the job. He'd lose Tony. Maybe Tony would even report them to the authorities. Just the thought of being betrayed by his Alpha was enough to make Bucky break down crying.

"What did you do to him?" Steve demanded.

Tony frowned and Bucky cringed.

He didn't like the implication that Tony had hurt him any more than Tony liked being accused of hurting him. 

"I think you should comfort your friend," Tony told Bucky and Bucky was relieved to be given permission to seek comfort from Steve.

Bucky didn't hesitate to grab Steve and pull the smaller Omega into his lap. He'd been holding Steve close and seeking comfort from the other Omega for so long that not doing it physically hurt.

Steve buried his face in Bucky's neck. It wasn't uncommon for Omegas to comfort each other, they were known for being touchy-feely and loving to cuddle. That in and of itself, wouldn't be alarming, so Steve didn't think twice about scenting his best friend.

Tony watched them for a moment before standing up and backing away.

"Please, don't go." Bucky pleaded, his eyes snapping up to Tony's retreating form.

"I think you're in good hands. Have a good night, Mr. Barnes." Tony said, his words soft and his eyes softer, but it was dismissive nonetheless.

Bucky sobbed at the perceived rejection.

"Do you hate me?" He asked, his voice breaking.

Steve whimpered at the distress wafting off of his nestmate, his Alpha, mixing in with his own uncertain scent, and pressed closer, wrapping his arms around Bucky's neck. 

Bucky's instinct to submit to his Alpha didn't override the urge to soothe his Omega. A hand went up automatically to grip the back of Steve's neck, the submissive Omega going limp in his arms before the hand slipped into his hair.

He cradled Steve to him and murmured low in his ear, "Shh, you're okay pretty Omega. I've got you."

Bucky shouldn't have said it, but what did it matter? Tony already knew so he might as well provide comfort for his Omega.

Tony didn't miss any of it, Steve's submission and trust in Bucky's dominance, or the way Bucky comforted his submissive, even as he struggled with the desire to please his Alpha. Tony wanted to soothe him, wanted to comfort both of them, but it wasn't his place. Tony had nothing against nestmates, but he knew better than to interrupt when mates were comforting each other. 

Without an invitation from both Omegas, Tony wouldn't pursue either of them, even if the thought of leaving Bucky hurt. Even if Bucky was extending an invitation. It wasn't fair to Steve to have an Alpha forced on him, just because his nestmate wanted one, and it was obvious that Steve was feeling protective at the moment. Tony would wait and let them come to him if that's what they wanted.

"Why would I hate you?" Tony asked, trying to fight back the urge to be closer to Bucky, to hold him close and promise that he could never hate him.

Bucky sobbed.

He couldn't say it. He couldn't let Steve know that Tony knew about them. There was a good chance that knowing about Steve would turn Tony off to the idea of mating Bucky. It was one thing for an Alpha to have more than one mate, but Alphas didn't let their Omegas mate each other.

"I watched you over the monitors, you did great work today," Tony said when Bucky just held Steve tighter. "We'd be happy to have you at Stark Industries."

Bucky hated it, hated how polite Tony was being, hated the distance he was putting between them not just physically, but emotionally as well. He also couldn't help the way his heart leapt at the thought of his Alpha watching him.

He tightened his arms around Steve's waist to the point that Steve whined in pain. Bucky cursed and loosened his hold just ever so slightly, mumbling an apology.

Tony smiled sadly at them before leaving, Pepper right on his heels. Pepper followed Tony into the elevator and down to his lab. 



The moment Tony reached his desk he dropped his head into his arms, folded over the top of his desk, and groaned.

"Are you okay, Tony?" Pepper asked softly.

"He has a nestmate, Pep."

Pepper pursed her lips.

"He likes you, Tony. I've never seen a dominant Omega behave like that before, not with someone they've just met. Whatever happened at that café clearly left an impression on him. I'd say if the way your feeling right now is any indication, that he left quite the impression on you too."

Tony lifted his head to look at Pepper.

"I've never felt this way about anyone before, the instant draw, the irresistible urge to comfort and keep safe. The moment I stepped into that café and scented miserable Omega I had to help him. I tried to resist because I know that it's creepy for a strange Alpha to approach a vulnerable Omega who's all alone. I could tell he was dominant too. I thought he'd get mad at me for asking if he was okay, but he was all shy and, God, Pep, he blushed and I thought I might die. Then I smelled his arousal and-" Tony shook his head a groan on his lips. 

Pepper looked amused.

"He smelled good then?" She teased.

"Fuck, you have no idea. He smells like cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven on a winter night. There was something about it, almost like snow or ice, or I don't know a cool breeze, but there was a sweetness there, too. I know they say dominant Omegas don't smell as sweet as submissive ones, but damn, did he smell sweet to me. I can only imagine what his nestmate smells like when he's not scenting of worry and uncertainty."

Pepper hummed thoughtfully, leaning against Tony's desk, her thigh brushing Tony's from where he was seated in his chair.

"I've never seen a dominant Omega submit so easily to someone they don't know, but I have seen submissive Omegas being protective. I've witnessed that sort of thing when someone threatens their pups. I've also seen submissives take on the dominant role when their mates are injured and unable to protect."

"Bucky wasn't injured."

"Perhaps not, but he was hurt, and he was also submitting. When Alphas show submission, what do Omegas do?"

Tony's eyes sparked with understanding. Omegas were known to compensate for their Alphas. When an Alpha shows submission to his Omega, it's met with dominance from the Omega. It's a way of keeping the peace within their dynamic. A shift in power can't be one-sided or the relationship is thrown off balance.

Pepper continued when Tony didn't speak up.

"There's a good chance that Steve's instincts flared up and made him feel like he had to comfort and provide, to protect his Alpha from an outside threat, or perhaps from heartbreak. I suspect you'll have one angry Omega out for your blood, submissive or not, if you hurt his Alpha."

Tony sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Bucky's not an Alpha. He's-" Tony cut off, licking his lips and glancing up at Pepper.

"He's what? Yours?" Pepper asked, raising a perfectly manicured brow at him. "He's more Steve's Alpha than he is your Omega, Tony."

"I feel like I'll die if he rejects me." Tony blurted out, the confession barely more than a murmur.

"You won't. You haven't claimed him, there is no real bond formed between the two of you. You'll both be fine, physically at least, but it might hurt inside."

Tony nodded, swallowing back the bile that rose in this throat. He wanted to tell Pepper that she was wrong. There was a bond, an inexplicable draw, like an invisible string that connected their hearts.

"What about his Omega? Did you like him?" Pepper asked hesitantly, "He wasn't very submissive, at least not towards you."

Tony smirked at that.

Steve had been unexpectedly protective and Tony had loved the way he so easily accused an Alpha of hurting his nestmate. There was no fear in his eyes when he glared at Tony, no fear of repercussions. He didn't cower away or flinch at the thought of confronting an Alpha. His concern lied solely on Bucky.

"Did you see the way they were together?" Tony asked, his voice fond and his eyes shining with affection at the mere thought of his Omegas.

Pepper smiled and nodded.

"I did. They're cute together."

Tony hummed in agreement, leaning back in his chair and trying to fight back a smile.

"What if he wasn't submissive for you though? What if he only wants to submit for Bucky?" Pepper asked, watching Tony carefully.

Tony frowned at that.

"I'd never force him if that's what you're asking. I won't pursue either of them if they don't both want me to. It'd be different to share an Omega with a Beta, but Steve will view me as a threat if I take his Alpha from him, Pep. I can't do that to him."

Pepper eyed him for another moment before placing a hand on his shoulder.

"What if he wants you, but he doesn't want to submit for you?"

Tony's brows furrowed at the question.

"You mean what if he wants to dominate me? Pepper, that's just-" Tony began to say, like the suggestion was ludicrous, but he cut off, clearing his throat. "I mean, he wouldn't want that would he? He's a submissive."

Pepper shrugged and squeezed Tony's shoulder.

"I'm not saying he would want that, Tony. I'm saying that he could still want you to join them, even if he doesn't want your knot."

Tony just stared at her, trying to wrap his head around that.

"Well, fuck." He muttered under his breath.

Pepper laughed.

"I'm gonna go run your company. Why don't you get to work on that project I sent you? R&D wants to take a look at it by the end of the week, so you better have it finished."

Tony nodded absently, but his thoughts were far away, even as he told JARVIS to pull up the schematics and got to work.



"What was that, Buck?" Steve demanded the moment they got back home, turning on him with eyes blazing.

Bucky just shook his head and tried to blink back tears.

"He's my Alpha, Stevie, but he doesn't want me," Bucky said, his voice cracking.

Steve was furious, and hurt, and terribly confused, but he couldn't deny the pain that swirled in Bucky's eyes or the desire to protect and comfort that surged through him at the sight. The anger inside of him gave way to his submissive instinct to step up and take charge when his Alpha couldn't. 

Bucky had always been the one to take care of Steve, to provide comfort and soothe him, but this time Steve was the one to pull him over to the bed and cuddle up to him. Bucky cried for his Alpha, but in between his sobs, he mumbled apologies to Steve.

Steve held him and whispered calming words in his ear, all the while wondering what it was about Tony that tempted his nestmate so. There must be something truly worth submitting to, if Bucky was willing to go to his knees for him.

It was as they were laying in bed and Steve was comforting Bucky that Bucky admitted that he wanted to submit to his Alpha. That he needed it. This was a feeling that Steve was familiar with, but it wasn't one that most dominant Omegas experienced.

The way that Bucky referred to Tony as his Alpha was unnerving to Steve. He didn't like it one bit. He didn't understand it, didn't know why Bucky was acting the way he was. Steve mostly was worried about where this left him. If Bucky wanted Tony, would he still want Steve too? Would he abandon Steve, throw him aside in favor of being knotted by an Alpha? Surely he wouldn't, right?

Steve used to feel certain that Bucky would never leave him, but Steve wasn't so sure anymore. He'd never seen Bucky act like this before and the sudden change in behavior scared him, made him feel defensive and jealous. He wanted to hoard Bucky away and never let him go, the way a dragon hoards their treasure.

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Bucky didn't return to Stark Tower. He couldn't. He was sure that his Alpha had rejected him and it hurt so badly that he was pretty sure that it would kill him. 

Steve felt guilty about just how relieved he was when Bucky didn't want to go back. He felt guilty mostly because he knew that Bucky was hurting and he knew that Bucky did want to go back, he was just scared of being rejected again.

Steve tried his best to cheer him up, but Bucky was clearly depressed. Lost in his head and overwhelmed by the pain that he felt. He was a wreck, barely eating and just barely able to offer assistance during Steve's heat. 

Bucky couldn't sleep, but he spent all day in bed. He stopped looking for jobs, finding it hard to even drag himself out of bed to use the restroom or brush his teeth. 

They didn't have enough money to pay the rent. Their landlord was nice enough to let it slide the first month. The next month, when they still couldn't afford to pay the price of even one month's rent, he gave them notice. He wasn't trying to be mean, their landlord was a good guy, he even said they could take two months to move out and if they could scrape together rent before then that he'd let them stay.

As nice as that was though, it did no good, because Steve had no way of getting that rent. Which is how Steve found himself back at Stark Tower, demanding to see Mr. Stark.

"I'm not leaving until I talk to him," Steve told the security guards.

They wouldn't even let him in the building, but someone must have been alerted to his presence, because, much like before, Ms. Potts came out to meet him.

"What can we do for you, Mr. Barnes?" She asked a professional smile on her lips, but there was something about her that seemed colder than it had been the last time Steve had dealt with her.

Steve paused at being addressed as Mr. Barnes, like he was married to Bucky. He'd dreamed of being Bucky's before, of marrying him and taking his last name, but he'd never heard someone call him Mr. Barnes before.

"It's Rogers." Steve corrected. "And I need to speak to Mr. Stark. It's important."

Pepper pursed her lips. She knew from her past experience with the Omega that he wasn't one to easily take no for an answer, though perhaps that was only where Bucky was concerned. The Omega was a submissive and that didn't usually translate to being stubborn. 

The truth was, Steve usually was compliant, quick to agree, and eager to please. Or at least, he had been until his nestmate fell for an Alpha. Now their entire life had been flipped upside down. 

Bucky was whiny and inconsolable at best these days, and at worse, he was irritable or crying. He was depressed and barely able to function and it was hard on both of them. It hurt Steve to see Bucky hurt, to see his Alpha hurt because though Bucky may not really be an Alpha, Steve had always accepted him as the more dominant one. Bucky was Steve's chosen Alpha, regardless of his second gender. 

Steve wanted Bucky to hold him close again and comfort him just like before, but he was beginning to realize that Bucky couldn't just get over this. He needed Steve to bring him his Alpha in order to fix this problem. That's exactly what Steve was going to do.

Pepper was very wise to let Steve in because he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Fine, but make it quick." She conceded.

Steve rushed after her, the sound of her heels clicking across the linoleum floors echoing in the large lobby. Tony looked up from his desk, when they entered his office. He frowned when he saw Steve and Steve narrowed his eyes at him.

"You have to do something," Steve demanded. "This is all your fault!"

Steve bit his lip at the way the Alpha's jaw clenched at his outburst. That wasn't what Steve had planned to say. He meant to ask politely for the man to help them out, to beg him to come back with him and make Bucky all better, but apparently, that wasn't the approach he was taking.

"Well, I'll leave you two to it," Pepper said, her eyes glimmering with amusement as she walked out.

Tony scoffed at her, then looked at the Omega. Tony stood up and Steve's scent shifted to anxious, his fear making his apple pie scent smell like charcoal cake. 

At his full height Tony was very intimidating and Steve shrank in on himself. He whimpered and Tony had to suppress the urge to comfort him. Tony was ticked off that this Omega was coming into his office, making demands of him like he was in the wrong, when it was his nestmate that hadn't even called to say he wasn't going to accept the job offer. 

Tony stepped around his desk, leaning against it and crossing his arms over his chest. Steve stumbled back a few steps, putting more space between himself and the ticked off Alpha. His heart was racing in his chest and his teeth bit into his lip so hard that he tasted blood. His eyes were wide as Tony's narrowed at him, the Alpha scenting irritated.

"I offered your friend a job with phenomenal pay. He didn't show up or even have the decency to call and let me know that he wasn't coming back. Whose fault is that?" Tony said, his voice cold.

Steve swallowed and looked down at his feet, unable to hold the Alpha's angry gaze. He shuffled his feet nervously. He felt his submissive nature rise up inside of him and the feeling almost brought him to his knees.

"Um, Mr. Stark, sir?" Steve asked uncertainly, his voice barely more than a whisper. "If I may, Bucky's really not doing so good and that's why he couldn't come in."

Steve was about to apologize for not even calling, but Tony's whole demeanor changed. He reached out for Steve, his hands resting on his shoulders. Steve flinched slightly, but Tony held him firmly in place.

"What happened?" He demanded.

"You rejected him. That's what happened." Steve snapped, his anger flaring back up again and making his scent smell spicy, like someone had sprinkled cayenne in their apple pie.

Tony frowned.

"I did not. Besides, he has you, why does it matter if I want him or not?"

Steve's eyes were wide and fearful, his scent shifting again, the fear damn near suffocating as it unfurled around them.

"He told you?"

"No, I figured it out on my own," Tony said, realizing the mistake he'd made.

He shouldn't have said anything about their relationship. Most people would frown at something like that, maybe even cause trouble for them by alerting the authorities.

"Oh," Steve said, feeling anxious, but wondering why the Alpha didn't sound disgusted by the thought of Omegas mating. "Well, you should know that it doesn't matter."

"Why is that? You don't love him?" Tony asked, wondering if he'd somehow misread the situation.

Steve's eyes were blue and wide as he shook his head, his hair flopping as he did so.

"No, I do! I swear. It's just- well, we can't be together. Besides, whenever I reject him, he's fine. When you rejected him, it really hurt him." Steve admitted, sounding bitter.

Tony furrowed his brows. He didn't understand it, but he believed that Bucky was having a hard time. Tony had been struggling with the loss of the Omega that he had deemed his from that very first moment they met, but since he hadn't claimed Bucky he should have been fine. They both should be fine, but that wasn't the case.

Tony thought he was only feeling sick about losing the Omega, because he had wanted Bucky to be his, but perhaps that wasn't the whole story. Maybe the nausea and loss of appetite, the tossing and turning at night, the aching in his heart, maybe it was more than just being down over some unrequited feelings.

It was rare, something only talked about in history books from so long ago that it was practically a myth now. Imprinting on an Omega, forming an instant bond that would leave both Alpha and Omega off-kilter until the Omega bore their Alpha's mark. It would explain their rather intense reactions to each other, though how it was possible was a mystery.

"Take me to him." Tony insisted.

Steve met Tony's gaze.

"If you do this, you have to be all in," Steve told him, it was a threat and they both knew it. "I won't let you off easy if you hurt him again."

Guilt flashed in Tony's eyes.

"I never meant to hurt him the first time, little one."

Steve blinked at the endearment, blushing.



Bucky didn't even look up when the door opened. The scent of miserable Omega filled the air. It was so thick and heavy that it made Steve want to gag. He went to the windows, prying them open to air the place out. 

Tony walked towards the bed. Bucky was curled up under the blankets, completely hidden. Tony hesitated only a moment, wondering if he was intruding, but his Alpha instincts won out and he pulled back the covers.

Bucky glared, ready to snap at Steve for disturbing him, when the scent of his Alpha hit him. He stared up at Tony with wide eyes and his scent began to shift to hopeful.

"Oh, sweetheart." Tony cooed.

Tony scooped him up and cradled the poor Omega in his arms, settling on the edge of the bed with Bucky on his lap. Bucky just whimpered and nuzzled closer.

"Shh, it's okay."

Bucky was pretty sure that it wasn't, but he didn't argue. He wanted to be good. He wanted his Alpha to stay, to want him.

Steve watched them, watched the way that Tony rubbed Bucky's back soothingly and murmured comforting words in his ear. He watched the way that Bucky melted into Tony, so glad to finally be held close by his Alpha. Steve felt a little jealous at the sight, but he wondered how much of that was that he didn't want Tony touching his nestmate, and how much of it was feeling left out.

"Mr. Stark?" Steve asked uncertainly, standing off to the side of the bed.

"Call me Tony," Tony said, glancing up at Steve.

"Um, Tony? Can I have a job? I'm not sure Bucky can work right now, but maybe if you gave me a job..." Steve trailed off.

They really needed the money and the part-time position at the university that Steve has now was not cutting it. He had tried getting other jobs, he desperately needed them, but getting that teaching gig had been hard enough as is. No one wanted to hire a submissive Omega.

Tony frowned, he didn't want either of his Omegas to worry about money. If he had a say in it, they'd never have to worry about anything again. Tony was beginning to accept that he had most likely imprinted on Bucky, but that possessiveness, that desire to protect and provide and hold close, extended to Steve too. One would not be happy without the other and Tony would not be happy without both of them safe.

"Bucky's going to be just fine, Steve. Why don't you come sit with us?"

Steve frowned back at him.

"You're not my Alpha," Steve said, sounding defensive and not wanting this man giving him orders.

Tony chuckled at the response and kissed Bucky's head when he whined.

"You're okay, love," Tony murmured to Bucky, before speaking to Steve. "I mean for Bucky's sake, Steve. I think it would help."

Steve shifted on his feet before nodding. He stepped closer, each move slow and cautious. Steve watched the Alpha warily, taking a seat. Bucky shifted on Tony's lap, wrapping his arms around Tony's neck. Steve ran a hand through Bucky's hair, but Bucky cringed away from him, and Steve withdrew his hand, looking hurt. 

At that moment Bucky was concerned that accepting Steve's touch would upset his Alpha. He had wondered over the course of the past two months if Tony had rejected him because he was disgusted that they were nestmates. 

It wasn't exactly something that most Alphas encouraged. Even the ones that liked to watch their Omegas fool around together, didn't want their Omegas to be mates. They wanted their Omegas to be theirs and only theirs.

"Alpha?" Bucky whimpered.

"Shh, you're okay. Let Steve pet you, sweetheart. He wants to help you."

Bucky sobbed, relieved to have permission to seek comfort from his nestmate. He reached out his hand and latched onto Steve's.

"I'm sorry, Stevie. I just- I just- I don't know. It hurts. Everything hurts. I just didn't want it to hurt again." Bucky sobbed.

"It's okay, Buck," Steve said softly, swallowing down the lump in his throat.

Bucky shook his head and pulled Steve's hand to his lips, pressing them against his knuckles.

"No, it's not. I've been pushing you away and I don't want that. I really don't. I love you, doll." Bucky said.

Steve gasped when Bucky leaned over and pulled him in for a kiss. It was soft and sweet, but Steve moaned into it. They hadn't kissed much since Bucky had been so depressed. They hadn't touched much and Steve found himself pressing closer, his shoulder bumping into Tony's, the Alpha's breath hot on his neck as Bucky's hand tangled in his hair.

"Bucky." Steve whimpered against his lips. "Alpha."

Bucky's grip tightened in his hair and he all but shoved Steve down on the bed. In a moment Steve found himself flat on his back with Bucky hovering over him. Bucky nipped at his neck and Steve tilted his head to give him better access, squirming under his Alpha. The scent of his slick overwhelmed the space around them, covering up all of their scents, including the scent of arousal coming from both Bucky and Tony.

Tony shifted himself in his pants, trying not to stare at the Omegas, at his Omegas, and failing epically. Bucky's hand skirted along the hem of Steve's shirt before slipping under. Steve arched into his touch and whined high in his throat when Bucky pressed their hips together and rolled his hips down into Steve's.

"Oh fuck, Bucky, please," Steve whined.

Bucky chuckled against his throat and Tony shifted next to them, unsure of whether or not he should leave and give them space or not. Tony regretted moving the moment that Bucky's eyes snapped over to him. His entire demeanor shifted from horny Omega to submissive and uncertain.

Steve was dazed and blinked in surprise when the weight of his Alpha disappeared. Bucky pulled Steve up and Steve shrieked in surprise.

"Come on, pretty Omega." Bucky purred, hauling Steve into his arms.

Steve clung to him and Bucky tugged on Tony's sleeve. Tony raised a brow at him.

"What do you need, baby?"

Bucky smirked and leaned forward to nuzzle against his cheek.

"Need you, Alpha," Bucky murmured softly.

Tony groaned and didn't hesitate to follow Bucky onto the bed. Bucky pulled Steve under the covers with him. Steve pressed closer to him, wriggling until he felt Bucky's dick twitch against his ass. Bucky nipped at his neck.

"Don't move, or I'll make you present for me, doll," Bucky growled in his ear.

Steve's eyes fluttered shut at the sound and he moaned. Tony chuckled and hesitated only briefly before slipping under the covers and spooning Bucky. Bucky purred, content to have both his Omega and his Alpha there with him. For the first time in two months, Bucky was happy. Steve was happy that Bucky was happy and Tony was happy that his Omegas were happy.

Bucky wondered if that's the way their lives would work from now on. If so, well he wouldn't hate it. As much as he wanted Tony, he knew that he would always feel like a part of him was missing if he didn't have Steve too. Bucky knew now that he'd met Tony, having only Steve could never be enough either. 

He had to have them both, and if that was selfish, then so be it. 

They stayed cuddled up together on the bed for a good half an hour before Steve's tummy growled. Tony chuckled when Steve blushed bright red and Bucky nuzzled into Steve's neck, licking at his scent gland and tasting the embarrassment on his skin.

"You both need some food," Tony said.

"Um, we don't have much, but I'll see-" Steve started to say.

Tony cut him off.

"No, you stay with Bucky. I'll do it."

Bucky whined and shifted to grab Tony's shirt. He didn't want his Alpha to leave. Tony wouldn't make Steve cook for him though. He didn't want the Omega to feel like he had to after he had already invited a strange Alpha into his home, an Alpha that he thought had rejected his mate and was now curled up in their nest with them. Tony knew that this bed was where they nested, he could smell it, even if the abundance of fuzzy blankets and the fact that it was literally the only place in the studio apartment that could accommodate a nest didn't give it away.

"He needs you," Steve said, sounding unhappy about it.

"No, little one, he doesn't. He can smell me, he knows I'm pleased with him. He's going to be just fine. I want you to snuggle with him, while I sort out dinner."


Tony gave him a stern look and Steve pouted and curled up to Bucky. He purred happily when his nestmate, his Alpha, pulled him in closer and scented him. Steve relished the scent of happy Omega that filled the room after so long with misery hanging in the air. Tony even shut the open windows now that the place scented of pleased Alpha and happy Omegas.

Tony wanted to provide for his Omegas, to make them food and make sure they were taken care of. Some Alphas would insist that Omegas lived to serve and please, and perhaps some Omegas, especially more submissive ones enjoyed that, but Tony wasn't that kind of an Alpha. The kind that viewed Omegas as beneath him. As far as Tony was concerned, a good Alpha provided for their Omegas and accepted care from their Omegas, but never expected it.

Steve hadn't been kidding when he said there wasn't much. There literally was nothing but a can of beans in the otherwise bare cupboards and part of a cabbage in the fridge. If that didn't scream desperate, Tony wasn't sure what did. 

He felt angry at himself for letting his Omegas struggle to get by when he had more than enough means to provide for them both. Tony pulled out his phone and ordered a pizza to be delivered from the nearest pizza place.

Tony looked over at the Omegas cuddled up under the blankets and became suddenly aware of just how cold their apartment still was, even though he'd shut the window. Tony walked over to the thermostat, but Bucky noticed, his eyes watching his Alpha move throughout his home, the home that belonged to him and Steve.

"Alpha?" Bucky called out. Tony glanced up at him, his hand hovering over the thermostat. Bucky bit his lip. He still felt the need to just be good, but it wasn't as strong now that he had his Alpha here and the scent of pleased Alpha was in the air, along with Steve in his arms and the happy purring coming from his little Omega. Bucky felt more like himself than he had in the past two months. So he only hesitated a moment before telling Tony, "Don't turn it on."

Tony furrowed his brows in confusion.

"It's too cold in here. You're going to get sick."

Bucky shrugged and Steve whimpered, burying his face in his neck.

"Shh, you're okay, Stevie. I've got you, pretty Omega." Bucky murmured and Tony watched the exchange.

He watched the way that Bucky slipped a hand under Steve's shirt and up his back and the way that Steve arched his back, pressing further into Bucky's chest. Tony licked his lips and swallowed down the urge to go and join them again. He needed to focus. 

His eyes scanned the space. Almost bare, the most minimal amount of furnishings. The apartment was small enough that one might think it was a lack of space, but even the bookshelf was almost empty. No, knick-knacks or clutter to suggest that they actually lived in this space. Yet their scents had seeped into the floorboards and been absorbed by the walls, suggesting that they had been living here for years.

Tony was concerned by what he was seeing. He walked over to a few covered canvases that were leaned up against the wall. His fingers brushed the old sheet that hid them from view. His fingers itched to pull it off and reveal what was underneath.

"Don't touch those." Steve snapped when he noticed, clearly irritated about having Tony in his space.

Tony could smell embarrassment as well. The Omegas were embarrassed to have their Alpha see their space, to see just how little they had. Tony didn't want them to feel that way. He wasn't going to judge them. 

Tony wasn't oblivious, he knew that being an unclaimed Omega was challenging in this day and age when having an Alpha was pushed on all Omegas. It hadn't always been that way, but it certainly was that way now.

Tony stepped away from the canvases and returned to the side of the bed. His fingers reached out tentatively to brush through Steve's hair, almost as an apology for upsetting him.

Tony was surprised when Steve leaned into the touch, but Bucky glared at him and tugged his Omega closer. Tony pulled his hand back, his eyes widening in shock when Bucky growled at him. 

Steve immediately nuzzled against his Alpha, soothing him and Bucky settled, but his eyes watched Tony warily. Tony watched him, trying to understand the situation. 

Then it occurred to him that Bucky was the Alpha, at least in their relationship. He may not be an Alpha technically, but he certainly was the more dominant of the two Omegas.

"I'm sorry," Tony murmured soothingly, trying to appeal to the submissive side of Bucky. "I didn't mean to touch yours without permission."

Bucky's body relaxed and his eyes widened. He was clearly just as shocked by his reaction as Tony was, though Steve didn't seem surprised in the slightest, which suggested that this wasn't the first time that Bucky had growled at someone for touching him. Bucky was only ashamed, because he had growled at his Alpha, and he hadn't meant to, it just sorta happened.

"'M sorry, I shouldn't have growled at you, I just- I don't like it when people touch Stevie."

Tony nodded and smiled reassuringly at him. The doorbell rang just then and both Omegas tensed up.

"Hey, it's okay. I ordered us a pizza, I'm going to go grab it. Wait here." Tony told them, going to answer the door.

Tony pulled out three plates, but it turned out they only needed one. He called over the Omegas to get food and they shuffled out of bed.

Steve fidgeted nervously, his cheeks bright red. Bucky had been unable to decide whether he wanted to kneel for his Alpha or hold his Omega in his lap, so he had settled for kneeling by Tony's feet with Steve in his lap. This was so strange for Steve who had never known Bucky to kneel for anyone else before. Until he had walked into Tony's garage, Steve had never seen Bucky kneeling for an Alpha.

Bucky wasn't above dropping to his knees for Steve, but only when they were alone together and pleasuring each other. This was different. This display of submission, mixed with the need to hold his Omega close, was new to both Omegas. Steve hadn't refused, of course, more than happy to be held close. He did blush bright red when Bucky insisted on hand feeding Steve bite-sized bites of pizza. 

Tony had recognized that Bucky both needed to provide and be provided for at that moment. He didn't make a big deal about the seating arrangement or having the Omegas at his feet. He did start to slice the pizza into small bites. 

He offered the first piece to Bucky, expecting it when the Omega offered it to his nestmate. Bucky smirked when Steve opened his mouth obediently. Clearly, this wasn't the first time that Bucky had hand-fed his Omega.

The next piece Tony pressed to Bucky's lips and he rumbled happily when the Omega parted them, pulling the pizza into his mouth and nipping lightly at Tony's fingertips. 

Tony watched intently as they alternated between Bucky accepting bites for himself and offering them to Steve. Tony's eyes dilated when Steve licked the sauce off of Bucky's fingers and Bucky seemed to appreciate this as well because he pulled his Omega in for a kiss.

Their lips pressed together, moving in sync. It spoke of how comfortable they were with each other, of how well they knew each other's bodies. Bucky cupped Steve's cheek, his tongue slipping into his mouth when Steve moaned. The sight alone would be enough to arouse Tony, but then the scent of precum hit him and was almost immediately masked by the scent of slick filling the space around them.

Bucky whimpered at the scent of his Alpha that hit him just before Steve's scent covered it up. He kissed Steve harder, slipping a hand down to cup his Omega through his pants. Steve whined and tugged at his hand, but Bucky didn't want to stop, he wanted more. Tony noticed the moment that Steve's eyes snapped open and fear flashed in them as he glanced up at Tony.

"Stop," Tony said instinctively, the urge to protect overpowering his arousal.

The order made both Omegas freeze. It wasn't just an order, it was an Alpha's order. 

Only higher Alphas could bend others to their will with just their voice. It was one of the few things that differentiates a lower and higher Alpha. Nothing about their appearance or scent gave away where they fell in the hierarchy, it simply spoke of what their secondary gender was. The classification of an Omega was easier to tell, but Alphas were a different story. 

Which is why neither Omega had been aware that Tony was a higher Alpha. The thought terrified Steve, but it only made Bucky leak more, a wet spot forming on the front of his pants.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that." Tony murmured apologetically. "Steve doesn't want to play right now though."

Bucky withdrew his hand from where it was cupping Steve immediately and glanced at his Omega who looked relieved. Bucky bit his lip and scented Steve.

"'M sorry, Stevie. I don't know what got into me."

That wasn't entirely true. Bucky did know. It was the scent of Tony's arousal before it mixed in with the scent of Steve's slick that had urged him to take things further. He didn't want to admit that though. He also didn't want Steve to get upset that Bucky had lost control because Tony was there. 

He wanted Steve to want Tony, to trust the Alpha the way that Bucky had instantly trusted him. Bucky wanted his Omega to like his Alpha because he wanted them both. 

He also recognized that a part of him felt defensive even just thinking about Tony touching Steve. He was pretty sure that would settle eventually. At least he could only hope that in time he wouldn't feel that way. That Steve would learn to trust his Alpha and that he would learn to trust his Alpha with his Omega.

Tony waited until after they were both fed before heading out. He told them that they could both have jobs at Stark Industries. Tony wanted to just take them home and provide for them, but he knew they needed to come to that conclusion on their own. He had to wait until they came to him and asked to be provided for, instead of demanding that they be his. 

Tony made sure to make it clear that he wasn't rejecting them, either of them.

He pulled Bucky in for a hug and pressed a kiss to his cheek at the door and sent Steve a smile when the Omega looked at him with wide eyes. 

He didn't try to touch Steve, because he was fairly certain that Bucky wouldn't appreciate it, but Bucky saw the way that Steve looked at Tony like he wished that he would touch him. Bucky shoved aside the protective feeling inside of him and nudged his Omega closer to his Alpha. They both glanced over at Bucky for permission. When he smirked and nodded his head in approval Tony cupped Steve's cheek and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Bucky chuckled at the small needy sound that Steve made and pulled him close, as soon as Tony stepped back.

"I'll see you both tomorrow," Tony said, trying to control the desire that wanted to take over his scent.

Instead, he let the scent of pleased Alpha unfurl around them and he loved the way that the Omegas answering scents spoke of safety and home. Bucky nodded, biting Steve's scent gland in a way that could only be described as possessive.

"Yes, Alpha, I'm looking forward to it," Bucky mumbled into Steve's neck, trying to satisfy his desire to present for his Alpha by licking at his Omega's neck.

Steve whimpered and his knees wobbled. Tony felt the urge to reach out and wrap his arms securely around his waist, but he suppressed the instinct when Bucky tightened his hold on Steve, supporting his weight. 

It took Tony every ounce of willpower inside of him, and even then, he was barely able to force himself to walk away from them. He knew that if they didn't accept him into their lives, he would never be able to get over it. Tony clung to the fact that they were clearly as affected by him as he was by them.

He just hoped that they accepted him soon because he had already decided they were his if they wanted him.

Tony felt lonely when he looked around his penthouse. Being there alone and knowing his Omegas were most likely losing themselves in each other's bodies at that very moment, urged on by a desire to be close and the scent of Alpha mixing with theirs. 

Tony groaned, wishing he could knot them, but settling for jacking off in the shower, thoughts of two blue-eyed Omegas filling his head.

Chapter Text

Bucky had Steve curled up in his arms that night. He'd fucked his little Omega as soon as they were alone, and didn't stop until Steve had passed out. It was necessary, the only way to really satisfy a submissive Omega if you couldn't knot them. Bucky had suggested using a toy with an inflatable knot, because that would at least settle him temporarily, but Steve had shaken his head and begged to have Bucky inside of him. How was Bucky supposed to resist a request like that?

Submissive Omegas were practically insatiable once they got going, heat or not, they wouldn't stop whining and dripping slick until they got a knot. Bucky had figured out when they were teens that if he forced Steve to have multiple orgasms, then it would wear him out enough that he'd fall asleep. Then when he woke up he was usually fine. On the off chance that he woke up begging for more, well, at least they both got a few hours of shut-eye first.

It was a different story when Steve was in heat. Bucky didn't need to be filled every second of his heat, but Steve just couldn't stand being empty. They often resorted to plugging him up when he was full of Bucky's cum, just so that Bucky could make them food. Because Steve just couldn't go without when he was fully in heat.

It was honestly taxing and it was even harder because Bucky couldn't just take the whole week off. Steve wasn't his Omega, not technically, so Bucky couldn't just say he had a submissive Omega that needed him. Employers weren't legally allowed to tell an employee they had to work while their Omega was in heat, but Bucky didn't have that luxury.

Which meant he had to leave Steve alone for hours at a time and it was excruciating for both of them. Admittedly, that part was much harder on Steve, but neither of them enjoyed it. Bucky would always try to get off the day during the peak of Steve's heat, but it didn't always work out that way.

When they woke up in the morning Steve was all cuddles and purrs and love you, Alpha. Bucky loved it and he hated that they had to get up, but they needed to eat something before they headed off to work.

They definitely couldn't show up late on their first day. Well, it was Steve's first day. It was Bucky's second first day. Thank God for the leftover pizza that Tony had put away in the fridge, otherwise they may not have had any breakfast to eat.

"He does know I'm not an auto mechanic, right?" Steve asked as the guards let them through the doors and into the lobby of Stark Tower.

Bucky nodded but bit his lip uncertainly.



"Don't worry about it, Stevie. We can live off of my salary, so it doesn't matter if you lose your job. You can just be a stay-at-home Omega, doll."

Steve scoffed.

"That's not reassuring at all, Buck."

Bucky smirked at him.

"You'd like that though, wouldn't you?"

"That's not the point." Steve insisted, a blush on his cheeks.

Bucky just snickered.

"I'm glad you two could make it," Pepper said.

She stood up from where she was seated and handed Steve an NDA to sign. Steve glanced at it curiously, handing Pepper his resumé, before taking a seat and looking over the contract. Bucky rolled his eyes at his meticulous Omega. Steve was a bit of a perfectionist.

"Is Tony here?" Bucky asked Pepper who seemed to approve of Steve's desire to read over the paperwork.

Pepper smiled knowingly at him, clearly amused by his question.

"He is. Would you like to see him?"

"Can I?" Bucky asked perhaps a little too eagerly.

Steve glanced up and raised a brow at his nestmate.

"You can," Pepper said.

Steve frowned.

"Isn't he busy?"

"Yes, I believe that he's in a meeting at the moment."

"Then how can we see him?" Steve asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"I'm sure Tony would be more than happy to abandon our stockholders in favor of seeing you two."

Steve furrowed his brows and shook his head.

"We can't interrupt him while he's working," Steve said decidedly.

Bucky gave him the most offended look.

"Stevie, don't say that. I want to see him." Bucky complained, his voice little more than a whine. 

Steve rolled his eyes and Pepper chuckled at them.

"You're welcome to go see Tony if you'd like. I'll stay here with Steve. You have full access to all parts of the tower as Tony's Omega." Pepper told Bucky.

Bucky grinned, not questioning that Pepper had just referred to him as Tony’s Omega. Steve frowned at it though, clearly not quite as thrilled with the title. Bucky ignored Steve's disapproving look and made his way over to the elevator.

He only realized after the doors closed that he had no idea where he was supposed to go. It seemed that the elevator had a mind of its own though because it let him off on the thirty-fourth floor, which was apparently reserved for conference rooms.

"Second door on your left, Mr. Barnes."

Bucky's eyes darted around warily, not used to the AI, but he nodded in thanks and headed for the door. He hesitated, wondering if he was really about to barge into an ongoing meeting just to see his Alpha. The answer was yes, he was definitely going to do just that. Bucky contemplated knocking but decided to just walk in.

There was someone talking at the front of the table, pointing to some graph, but everyone in the room turned to look at Bucky when he entered. He shifted uncomfortably, pouting when the only eyes not on him were his Alpha's. Tony was tapping at his phone, clearly not paying attention to the meeting, but the scent of uncertain Omega drew his attention to the door.

The moment Bucky's eyes met Tony's he whimpered and headed over to him. Tony sucked in a breath at the sight of his Omega dropping to his knees. He didn't want that though, not here in front of all of these people, where the other Alphas would see the display and think his Omega beneath them.

"Oh, sweetheart, no, come here. Sit with me." Tony murmured, pulling Bucky into his lap instead.

Bucky melted into him, nuzzling close. Tony wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Can we continue?" The man giving the presentation asked, clearly irritated about being interrupted by an Omega.

Tony narrowed his eyes at him.

"I don't remember telling you to stop, Justin."

Justin gritted his teeth, before smiling a little too politely.

"Anyways, as I was saying..."

Bucky tuned the man out as he talked, pressing his ear to Tony's chest and listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat. Tony rubbed his back soothingly and Bucky found his eyes drooping.

By the time Pepper came to find them, Steve following behind her obediently, Bucky was asleep and the meeting was just wrapping up.

Tony had barely paid attention, his focus on his Omega, not that he would have really listened if Bucky hadn't been there. Steve's eyes flashed with jealousy, before warming into something softer when Bucky made a small sleepy sound and pressed closer to Tony.

Steve walked over, ignoring the people that Pepper was addressing now, clearly having taken over the end of the meeting. He ran a hand through Bucky's hair, a tender look on his face, before leaning down to kiss Tony's cheek.

"Alpha." He greeted, bowing his head slightly in respect.

Tony looked amused and raised a brow at him.

Pepper was dismissing people and Justin stood up and eyed Tony and the two Omegas. Neither one was claimed, but the one in Tony's lap was clearly off-limits. Justin smirked and raked his eyes up and down the smaller one.

"You looking for your Alpha, Omega. A pretty little thing like you shouldn't be walking around in a place like this all alone." Justin said, leering at Steve.

Steve frowned at him, and Tony's eyes flashed dangerously, but before he could say anything Steve had beat him to it.

"I've already found my Alpha, thank you very much," Steve said, making his distaste known as he pursed his lips and wrinkled his nose at the man.

Steve was referring to Bucky, but he knew that the man would assume that he meant Tony and that was for the best really. An Alpha like this would be sure to cause them problems if he knew the two Omegas were nestmates.

"You going to let your Omega talk to me like that, Stark?"

"Well seeing as I like his mouth too much to gag him, yes, yes, I am. Why don't you run along and creep on someone else's Omega? Or better yet, just learn to be a decent person."

Steve's cheeks flushed bright red at the sexual innuendo and he squeaked. Tony just chuckled and stood up, Bucky in his arms. Bucky wasn't exactly small, especially not in comparison to Steve, but Tony was still able to hold him in his arms easily. One of the benefits of being a higher Alpha he supposed. That and the muscles he got from lifting heavy parts while working in his lab or on his cars which definitely helped when it came to carrying an Omega around.

"Come on, little one, I'll show you where you're going to be working for the day."



Steve glanced curiously around the lab that Tony had led him to. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to be expected to do in here. He hoped it wasn't anything that he couldn't do. Steve wasn't exactly good at maths, he was much more artistically inclined than scientific-minded.

"Welcome to my humble abode," Tony said, shifting Bucky slightly in his arms.

Bucky grumbled in his sleep but settled when Tony's chest rumbled, soothing the Omega. Bucky sighed contently and nuzzled against him.

"You live here?" Steve said cheekily, plopping down on his couch and kicking off his shoes. "I guess I'll just have to make myself at home then."

Tony smiled at the sight of the Omega stretching out and getting cozy. Steve went as far as to pull a blanket, from off the back of the couch, and snuggle up under it.

"Yes and no," Tony said and Steve tilted his head at the confusing answer. "I spend most of my time down here, so in a way, I do live here. Technically, I live in the penthouse though."

Steve blinked at him in surprise.

"You live in the tower?"

Tony nodded but felt a little anxious at the look on Steve's face.

"Yes, but we can always stay somewhere else if you'd rather. I have a place in Malibu, a house."

Steve cocked a brow at him.

"I don't remember agreeing to live with you," Steve said, but he giggled and the sound made Tony relax.

He smiled at the Omega.

"Well, I'll buy you a house then, and you and Bucky can live there. I'll just visit on the weekends."

Steve hummed thoughtfully,  and tapped his lip dramatically like he was really considering it.

"Well, I have always wanted to live in the suburbs. They have great schools and the pups can play in the cul-de-sac with the other neighborhood kids. But you'll have to be on time for dinner on Fridays, otherwise, I'll be upset when the food goes cold."

Tony knew that Steve was just joking but as silly as it sounded, he wanted that. He had never cared for the suburban life, but he wanted that for Steve. He wanted to have a house with both his Omegas, where they could raise pups together and Steve could be a stay-at-home Omega, making them dinner and giving him a kiss on the cheek when he came home.

Tony tried to push the fantasy away. He'd never thought much about family before, or Omegas and mating, for that matter. That was before he met Bucky though. Before his whole world was dumped upside down and Steve and Bucky became the center of his universe.

The two months he went without seeing or hearing from them hadn't dulled the thoughts of them that ran through his mind. He had thought more about the future in the sense of marriage and family in the last two months than he had in his entire life.

He was pulled from his thoughts by Steve pushing himself up and fidgeting uncertainly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to just come in and take over. What do you want me to-"

"No, it's fine, just- you can stay there."

Steve blinked at him, but nodded and curled up into the blanket again. Tony really wished he could go cuddle with him, but he wasn't sure Steve would want that. He settled down at his desk instead, not wanting to disturb the Omega that yawned and rubbed at his eyes sleepily as he rubbed his cheek against one of Tony's velvet couch pillows. Tony had a feeling that if he left him there he'd crash.

Tony smiled at the thought and rubbed Bucky's back. The Omega sniffed at his neck and whimpered, before settling. The scent of happy and safe mixed together and the Alpha scented pleased as he snatched up his Starkpad. He decided to check some of the many emails he's been ignoring, so he wouldn't have to set Bucky down.



Pepper came in around lunchtime to find both Omegas curled up on the couch together. She raised a brow at the sight but smiled softly when she smelled the air in the lab. She'd never known it to smell quite so comforting down here as it did now.

Tony didn't notice her at first, focused on his work, but when Steve made a soft sound and shifted slightly Tony's eyes snapped up.

Pepper chuckled at the very obvious protective Alpha vibes that he was giving off and Tony huffed.

"How can I help you, Pep?"

"I was wondering if any of you are hungry? I ordered Thai food because Natasha insisted on it.”

“Is it just you and Nat then? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure she’s still upset about the comment I made at the last game night, and I really don’t want her to murder me.”

Pepper chuckled and Tony narrowed his eyes at her obvious amusement.

Tony had made an innocent comment about how ballet is ballet, so why does Natasha always insist on correcting people and saying that she does classical not modern? Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say and Tony will never bring up dance with her again because he quite likes his head, thank you very much, and that one statement turned Natasha into the queen of hearts.

"Clint will be there too," Pepper said.

Bucky pushed up to a seated position and Steve whined in protest when it jostled him.

“Clint?” Bucky asked, suddenly wide awake, his hand rubbing Steve’s back to settle him.

“Yeah, Pepper wants to know if we want to join them for lunch,” Tony told him.

“Mm, food, please,” Steve mumbled sleepily.

Bucky cooed at his nestmate and Tony had to bite his lip to keep from doing the same.

“I guess we’re gonna join then, Pep,” Tony said.

She smiled and nodded.

“Great, let’s go then before Natasha and Clint wreak too much havoc. I swear leaving those two alone together is dangerous.”

Tony grimaced in understanding, remembering the jello incident that had taken weeks to recover from. There was no amount of deep cleaning that Tony’s help could do that would extract all evidence of the slimy substance from the cracks and crevices. Tony had ended up renovating the whole common floor just to rid himself of the constant remnants of jello that had haunted him on a daily basis.



Clint and Natasha were quite literally fighting when they reached the common floor. Bucky was holding Steve’s hand tugging him out of the elevator while the smaller Omega rubbed his eyes sleepily. Clint and Natasha had pushed the coffee table out of the way so they could spar in the living room.

Pepper rolled her eyes and Tony sighed in exasperation. These fucking Omegas were nothing but a pain in his ass.

Bucky didn’t seem deterred by the scene in front of them and pulled Steve further into the room, heading straight for the duo who were now on the ground. Nat was just pinning Clint down when Bucky all but tackled her off of him and suddenly they were rolling around, fighting for dominance and growling playfully at each other. Steve at least had the decency of asking Clint if he wanted to play before dropping down on top of him.

Tony cringed and had to fight the instinct to protect his Omega when Clint immediately flipped them around, shoving Steve onto his back. He had to remind himself that they were just having fun. He knew logically that none of them were really trying to hurt each other.

“Jesus, they’re like pups that never grew up,” Tony muttered.

“I know.” Pepper agreed, looking equally as exasperated.

“The food has arrived, sir. Should I have it sent up?” JARVIS asked.

“No, that’s okay, JARVIS. I’ll go grab it.” Pepper said.

Tony was relieved when they sat down at the table and the Omegas came running over to eat.

Bucky served up Steve like it was the most natural thing in the world, which maybe it was for them. Pepper didn’t even attempt to serve up her Omega, since Natasha was clearly not in the mood to be pampered. She was bickering with Clint about God knows what, and Pepper just rolled her eyes, a smile on her lips as she handed over the box of pad thai that Natasha was reaching for.



Clint didn’t hesitate to cuddle up to Bucky on the couch afterward, as Steve chatted with Natasha about why he preferred impressionism when he was trying to capture the essence of a scene, but he felt that expressionism was, well, more expressive and he liked the way he could portray his feelings through strokes of his brush.

"You smell like Tony," Clint remarked when he scented Bucky.

Bucky blushed.

"Shut up, I do not."

"Deny it all you want, but scents don't lie." Clint teased.

Bucky huffed but shifted until he was practically in Clint’s lap. Tony smiled as he watched his Omegas getting along with his friends, who apparently they knew from university. The thought made Tony feel old. It had been almost twenty years since he got his masters. 

Natasha had interned at Stark Industries briefly which is how Tony had first met her, but she had quit in favor of pursuing a career in dance.

Ever since she mated with Pepper they had been having weekly hangouts at the tower, which is how Tony had befriended Clint and Sam. Sometimes they watched movies, and other times they played games, but either way, they always ate together and Tony thought it was the closest thing to a family dinner he’d ever experienced.

Steve looked over at Bucky, smiling when he found his nestmate all curled up with Clint. Steve felt the urge to join them, but then he noticed how Tony, even though he was chatting with Pepper, was sitting all alone in an armchair. Steve couldn’t help but think that it looked lonely. 

He wondered how often anyone cuddled up to the Alpha. Steve’s heart stuttered when he felt jealous at the thought of some random Omega curling up to Tony, and his instincts told him to go to his Alpha. Tony wasn’t his, but maybe he could be one day, maybe Steve wanted him to be his Alpha, to be their Alpha.

Steve hesitated for only a moment before standing up. Tony raised a brow at him when Steve shuffled over to him, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his shirt.

“Need something, little one?” Tony asked him, watching Steve carefully.

Tony could smell the scent of uncertainty coming off of Steve and he desperately wanted to soothe him. Steve shook his head, but bit his lip. Bucky glanced curiously over at him.

“You okay, Stevie?”

“Yeah, ‘m fine, Buck,” Steve said automatically, before stepping even closer to Tony.

He was standing right in front of him now and the need to kneel for his Alpha, to offer himself up and please, was so strong that he whimpered in distress and dropped to the ground. Bucky immediately tensed, his own instincts flaring up, telling him that his Omega needed him. He forced the feeling down though when Tony cooed at Steve and brushed his fingers through his hair.

Clint smirked at Bucky and Bucky narrowed his eyes at him, but tried to relax, laying his head on Clint’s shoulder, letting the other Omega wrap his arms around him and pull him closer.

Steve felt all floaty when Tony murmured soft words and stroked his hair soothingly. 

“Shh, you’re okay, love,” Tony murmured and Steve purred from the attention, his eyes fluttering shut.

Clint glanced over at Natasha who had also found her way onto her knees, her head pressed to Pepper's thigh. Pepper swatted the Omega's hand away when she tried to slip it up her Alpha's skirt.

"Not now," Pepper said, frowning in disapproval.

Natasha rolled her eyes, but nuzzled her Alpha's thigh and settled.

"I wish my Alpha was here, and my nestpartner," Clint said longingly.

Both Steve and Bucky froze at the casual admission. They knew that Clint had a nestpartner, but the subject was so taboo that it made them nervous to even hear it brought up. 

The anxiety that was rolling off of them was instantly noticeable and Tony gripped Steve’s hair lightly, just enough to coax him forward, spreading his legs to let Steve nestle in between them. Steve immediately melted again, surrounded by his Alpha and Tony groaned when he nuzzled at his crotch. Tony had to fight back the scent of arousal that wanted to break through and let safe and calm fill the air instead.

“Don't worry, you can say or do anything you want in the tower," Tony reassured his Omegas. "Everyone who even enters the lobby has to sign an NDA saying they won't release any information about anything they see or hear in the tower. Not that JARVIS would let just anyone onto the residential floors. This is just about the safest place you can be."

Steve hummed softly and started purring again. Tony sucked in a breath when he scented his crotch, the scent of Alpha so much stronger there that it made Steve crave more. Tony was quick to encourage the Omega to rest his head on his thigh instead, not wanting to get hard. He could already feel himself twitching to life just from the proximity, from having his Omega so damn close that it was tempting to encourage him to take his cock in his mouth.

Tony shoved aside the thought. The last thing they needed was for Steve to feel coerced into blowing his Alpha because encouraging something like that without even discussing it first would certainly be taking advantage of the Omega's vulnerable state of mind. Not to mention they had company and Tony didn't think Steve would appreciate being watched. 

Tony took a deep breath to calm himself and relished the fact that Steve was even this close to him. Bucky shifted on Clint’s lap and whimpered, wanting to be closer to his mates too.

Pepper seemed to sense the shift in the mood and she pulled Natasha and Clint away, both Omegas protesting but letting her usher them into the elevator anyway. 

Bucky was already pressed up behind Steve and kissing his neck, his hands slipping under his shirt, before the elevator doors shut.

Bucky had a thing for touching Steve, for feeling just how soft his skin was and the way that Steve shivered and melted into his touch. Bucky had a real thing for just being with Steve and it was made so much better by having the scent of pleased Alpha surrounding them.

Safe and warm and home filled the space around them as Bucky pressed up so close that Steve was in his lap, his ass pressing up against Bucky’s cock.

“Alpha.” Steve whimpered and though he was most likely referring to Bucky it made Tony groan.

Bucky smirked at the sound and one of his hands left Steve in favor of sliding up Tony’s thigh and inching closer to the bulge in his pants.

“Fuck, baby, I don’t think we should do this,” Tony said, but he was having a hard time remembering why they shouldn't do this.

Bucky chuckled and palmed Tony through his pants, earning a hiss from his Alpha.

“I don’t know, Alpha, I think we should.” Bucky teased. “Don’t you agree, Stevie?”

Steve shook his head, his eyes out of focus, and his weight fully pressed back into Bucky’s chest. Bucky frowned and pulled his hand away from Tony, one arm wrapping securely around Steve’s waist, the other wrapping lightly around Steve’s throat, Steve’s pulse steady under his thumb. Steve whimpered and arched his back, his head falling back onto Bucky’s shoulder to give him better access to his neck.

“What’s wrong, pretty Omega? You don’t want to play?” Bucky murmured in his ear.

Steve didn’t want to play, he didn’t want to be teased. He wanted Bucky inside of him. He didn’t want any drawn-out foreplay that was damn near torture, the way that Bucky liked to play. Steve needed to be filled up and he needed it now.

“No, Bucky, please.

“Please what, angel?”

“Please, need you, Alpha.”

Bucky chuckled and squeezed Steve’s neck ever so slightly, before tilting his head to press their lips together. Steve whined into the kiss and Tony watched, trying to control himself, but finding it hard when the scent of slick was making him feel high. 

Bucky broke their kiss to bite lightly at Steve’s neck, right where a mating mark would go. Steve moaned as teeth grazed his skin and he squirmed on Bucky’s lap.

Tony swallowed hard at the sight of his Omegas together, shifting himself in his pants and praying that he wouldn’t do something that they’d all regret later. Bucky and Steve didn’t seem in the slightest bit concerned about the effect they were having on their Alpha, lost in their lust, fuelled by the potent scent of slick and the sounds that escaped Steve’s mouth as Bucky slipped a hand into his pants and fondled him.

Steve was pleading with Bucky to put an end to his misery and it took everything inside of Tony to not offer to help him. Tony cursed when Bucky shifted them, manhandling Steve until he was on his belly on the ground with Bucky hovering over him. Steve scrambled to get his legs under him and present for his Alpha, pushing his ass up and arching his back beautifully, his chest on the floor and his face pressed into the carpet. 

Tony just about lost it at the sight, his hands gripping into the armrests so tightly that the leather tore and the wood underneath caved in. Bucky growled, low and possessive, and it was just about the hottest thing Tony had ever heard, though his Omega's whimpers and moans were definitely strong contesters for that title. 

When Bucky tugged Steve’s pants down, just enough to expose his perfectly round ass, and Tony realized that the Omega was wearing panties, Tony growled too.

The sound, lower and deeper than Bucky’s, made Steve whine and Bucky froze, his eyes snapping up to meet Tony’s. Bucky’s eyes widened and Tony could practically taste his confusion in the air, it was so strong. Steve’s scent quickly took over, but Tony had already dropped down next to them, running a hand through Bucky’s hair.

“Hey, hey, you’re doing so good, love. Keep going, your Omega needs you.” Tony murmured.

Bucky’s eyes fluttered shut for a moment and he leaned into Tony’s touch, a whine on his lips when Tony withdrew his hand.

“None of that. I’m not going anywhere. Take care of our Omega.”

Bucky’s eyes flashed from the approval and the acceptance from his Alpha that Steve was theirs. His attention snapped back to Steve who was whining under him, clearly distressed and desperate to be filled. Bucky’s hand trailed down Steve’s spine to grip his neck until the Omega went limp under him.

Tony got up to grab pillows off of the couch to support him, running his hand reassuringly through Bucky’s hair once more as he passed by him.

“Thanks, Alpha,” Bucky said when Tony helped him situate the pillows under Steve, so he could still present, even though his limbs had clearly given out.

Tony smiled softly at Bucky and pulled him in for a kiss that was slow and sweet and just about as soft as Steve was. They separated when Steve started to squirm again, needing to be settled. Bucky growled at him, slapping his ass just hard enough to make him stop. Steve relaxed under him, sinking into his submission and trusting his Alpha to give him what he needed.

What Steve really needed was to be knotted, but Bucky knew from experience that fucking him and filling him up with cum and forcing him to orgasm a few times would be enough to make him pass out. Once he woke up he'd probably be sated, since he wasn’t in heat at the moment, though Bucky knew it wouldn’t be long before they were dealing with that again.

Bucky did just that, slipping inside of Steve’s dripping wet cunt and fucking him until he shot his load inside of him. He didn’t stop there, because he knew that it wouldn’t be enough. He pulled out of Steve, who whined at the loss of his cock, shifting them until Steve was in his lap. Bucky was quick to press back into Steve’s hole, Tony watching from close by, but maintaining enough space that he wouldn’t reach out and touch them. 

As much as Tony wanted to join in, he knew he couldn’t yet. Steve had been too far into his submission to consent to a new sexual partner and they hadn’t discussed anything like that beforehand, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for Tony to just assume that Steve would be okay with it. He already probably shouldn't be watching, but he couldn't bring himself to look away from the sight in front of him.

It was hard not to join them when he knew that what Steve’s body was really craving was a knot and Tony’s was swelling in his pants, his dick red and throbbing, just begging to be touched. Tony didn’t dare, because he was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be able to stop if he touched himself, not with a whiny, needy Omega right in front of him that smelt sweet as apple pie.


Steve was barely lucid enough to ride Bucky, but he wrapped his arms around his neck, clinging to him, Alpha falling off of his lips like a prayer as Bucky used him like a fleshlight, his dick unable to really go soft with the scent of his Omega so desperate and needing in the air.

Tony was sure that the show was done when they each had another orgasm, Bucky from his cock, and Steve from his ass, an impossible amount of slick dripping out of him as he did so. The slick was mixed with Bucky’s cum and Tony groaned when Bucky reached down to scoop some up with his fingers. 

Bucky tasted the mixture, sucking it off of his fingers, before shoving his tongue into Steve’s mouth. Steve whined, his eyes barely able to stay open and his body completely slack as he slumped up against Bucky.

Bucky reached down to scoop up more of the mixture and used it to coat Steve’s cocklet. It couldn’t get hard, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t provide stimulation. Male submissive Omega's cocklets were basically the equivalent of a clit and had millions of nerve endings that gave them immense pleasure when played with.

It was a common belief that a good Omega should be able to orgasm on a knot alone, but Tony thought that was bullshit. There was nothing wrong with an Omega being pushed over the edge by a knot popping inside of them, stretching them to the max before it locked in place, but that didn’t mean there was anything wrong with an Omega orgasming from other means.

Tony did feel compelled to stop Bucky when Steve squirmed in his lap, whining in pain as he was overstimulated.

“Bucky, I think he’s had enough,” Tony said, frowning when Bucky shook his head.



“He needs at least one more. If I don’t wear him out, then he’ll need it again the moment I pull out. He’s practically insatiable until he passes out, so unless you're offering to knot him, let me do what I do best.”

Tony pursed his lips.

“And what’s that?”

“Take care of him.”

Bucky’s hand, which had been playing with Steve’s tip, wrapped around the tiny length and tugged on it. He stroked Steve’s cocklet, Steve crying and begging him to stop until he had forced out one more orgasm from the Omega.

Tony was concerned when Steve screamed through it, sounding less like he was being pleasured and more like he was being tortured, but he was relieved when Steve slumped against Bucky afterward, clearly no longer conscious.

Bucky pulled his hand away from Steve’s cocklet, slumping back against the armchair that his back was pressed up against. He was clearly feeling worn out as well. Tony felt compelled to step in and he didn’t resist this time.

He pulled Bucky in for a soft kiss, murmuring praise to him and running his fingers through his Omega’s sweaty hair. Bucky grunted when Tony lifted Steve off of his dick and into his arms.

“Stay right here, baby, I’ll be right back.”

Tony really wanted to take them up to his own bed and tuck them in surrounded by his scent, but he didn’t want to leave Bucky alone any longer than necessary. He laid Steve down in a guest room instead, before returning to scoop up Bucky who clung to him and nuzzled against his neck.

Tony tucked them in, helping Bucky out of his pants and tucking his soft cock back into his briefs. He tugged Steve’s pants off of him too, hesitating only briefly before pulling up his panties and tucking his small cocklet back into them.

He definitely felt weird about touching Steve while he was sleeping, but Bucky didn’t seem to have the same qualms, his hands roaming Steve’s back and sides before one slipped into his soaked panties. Bucky’s fingers dipped into Steve’s hole coaxing cum and slick out of it and fingering him lazily as he sucked bruises on his neck.

Tony didn’t stop it, but he really hoped that was something that they had talked about before. It probably was, seeing as Steve was a submissive and he most likely needed to be used and filled, even in his sleep, during his heats.

Tony slipped under the covers and pressed close to Bucky, his back to Bucky’s chest and his arms wrapping around his waist. Bucky purred, content to have his Omega sated in his arms and his Alpha scenting him. 

It was only mid-afternoon, but they slept soundly surrounded by home and safe and sated. Though Tony was still hard, he had no regrets about staying with his Omegas and though they only slept a couple of hours, it was the best sleep Tony could ever remember getting.

Chapter Text

Steve woke up surrounded by the scent of his nestmate and their Alpha and he stretched out, Bucky grumbling in his sleep and rolling over. Steve just giggled and pushed himself up. He glanced over at Bucky, who was pressing closer to Tony and smiled to himself. It was just after five in the evening, so Steve slipped out of bed to call up Sam.

“Hey, Sam, you still at the café?”

“Yeah, just closing up. Why? What’s up?”

“Can I drop by and get some coffee?” Steve asked, biting at his lip.

“'Course. I don’t mind sticking around a bit.”

“Thanks, man. You’re a saint.”

Sam just laughed.

Steve was just getting off the phone, heading towards the elevator, when Pepper stepped out of it. She smiled when she saw him, taking note of the smell of sex that still lingered in the air, but the lack of a bitemark on Steve.

“How are you doing, Steve?”

“I’m good, ma’am. I’m just going to head out for a little bit. I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay, well if you need a ride, feel free to use our driver.”

"Oh, no, I couldn't."

“Yes, you can. Besides, I know that Tony would prefer it if you did.”

Steve blushed, but nodded and agreed to let Happy drive him to the café. Sam pulled him in for a hug when he arrived, scenting him and raising a brow at him. Steve just blushed, cleared his throat, and pointedly didn’t acknowledge the way he smelled like sex and sated Omega mixed in with Bucky and Tony’s scents.

Sam smirked, his eyes dancing with amusement, but didn’t bring it up. Brock was less inclined to let it slide. He made Steve a cup of coffee, before scenting the other Omega.

“I guess I don’t need to ask what you’ve been getting up to. I’m surprised you don’t smell more like Tony though. You didn’t let him knot you, did you?” Brock said, though from his smirk and teasing glint in his eyes it was obvious that he already knew the answer.

“Brock.” Sam scolded his nosey Omega, pulling him onto his lap.

Brock rolled his eyes but settled in his Alpha’s lap with little more than a grumble of a protest.

“No, I didn’t. I’m not sure I want to.” Steve told him softly, mixing a spoon in his coffee idly, not sure of what he wanted.

Brock raised a brow at him and Sam hummed thoughtfully.

“I thought all you submissives were just waiting to present for an Alpha, desperate to be claimed by the first one that looks your way. If it wasn’t for Barnes you’d have been claimed before you were even of age I’m sure.” Brock said his gaze flickering down Steve’s slender frame. “A pretty little thing like you, the Alphas would have chewed you up and spit you out. I don’t doubt you would have ended up barefoot and pregnant at fifteen.”

Steve wrinkled his nose at the thought.

“I was just a pup then.”

“Maybe, but you were a submissive pup. Not many of those around anymore.”

Steve huffed but didn’t deny it.

“You’re probably right. Bucky was the only thing that kept me safe from all of the big scary Alphas that wanted to eat me right up." Steve teased but pouted as he added. "But now he likes Tony and I don’t know what to do with that.”

Brock snorted.

“Drop to your knees and let him knot you up all nice and breed you real good. You’ll feel better afterward.”

“Brock, don’t project. Just because you’re enjoying being pregnant doesn’t mean Steve will.” Sam told his mate, his hands immediately splaying out protectively on his Omega's protruding stomach.

Brock was only in his first trimester so he was barely showing, but he was far enough along that you could make out his baby bump now. Steve felt a longing that was akin to envy when he glanced at it and the way his Alpha held his mate and the pup inside of him close.

“No, it’s okay, Sam. I do want pups. You know I do, it’s just, I don’t know. What if I do it and it’s not everything that I want it to be? I barely even know Tony. What if he’s not as great as he seems to be? You know him, is he a good guy, like really a good guy?”

Sam smiled at Steve, gentle and understanding.

“Tony’s one of the best Alphas there is, Steve. I don’t think you need to worry about anything like that. The question is do you want to be with him. You know you can be with him and not have his pups too, right? You don’t have to let him knot you, even if you decide to be his Omega.”

Steve sighed and nodded, sipping at his coffee. He sat there a while, just thinking and Sam let him. Brock was less patient, shifting in Sam's lap until he could scent his Alpha and rub up against him. Sam just snorted and murmured words in his ear that Steve was too lost in thought to acknowledge.

Which was probably for the best if the way that Brock started moaning was any indicator. Steve was fairly certain they were getting handsy right there at the table, but he didn't mind it really. It isn't exactly uncommon for Alphas and their Omegas to feel each other up or even fuck in front of others.

Steve didn't think that Sam would fuck Brock in front of him, not right now, but Steve had seen Brock get knotted before. He was pretty much horny all of the time now that he was pregnant. Steve wondered if he would be like that too.

It seemed to take forever, but finally, Steve spoke again.

“I do want his knot," Steve said, a light blush on his cheeks as he finally admitted it out loud. "I want Tony, I just don’t want it to change me and Bucky. I like what we have now and I don’t want anything to ruin that.”

“Adding someone else will change things, but that doesn’t mean it will ruin things. It could be even better than what you have now.” Sam told him.

Steve sighed again and pushed aside his coffee to drop his head into his hands. Clint walked into the cafe just then, pouting.

“You’re late.” Clint accused, glaring at his partners.

Brock smirked at him, standing up to let Clint scent him. Clint bent down to nuzzle against his tummy too, scenting their pup.

Technically, Brock was carrying Sam's pup, but though Clint may not be Brock's mate, that didn't mean he didn't love him. Mates or not, they were nestpartners and they shared an Alpha, so Brock's pup would be just as much Clint's as Clint's would be Brock's, should he have any in the future.

“Steve wanted coffee,” Brock told him.

“Yeah, well Steve’s Alpha invented a coffee machine that makes just about any kind of coffee he could ever want and it all tastes damn delicious, so he should go home to his own Alpha and leave ours alone,” Clint grumbled.

Sam just chuckled and pulled Clint in for a kiss.

“Why don’t we drop Steve back off at the tower and we can go home,” Sam told his pouting Omega.



Clint clung to Sam when they got out of the car and Sam just laughed and picked him up so he could walk without tripping over his Omega. Brock rolled his eyes at them and walked around them to open the door to their apartment.

"Why do you have an obsession with my kitchen counters? We have a perfectly good nest, but no, Clint always wants to be fucked with his ass on my granite countertops." Brock complained when Sam set Clint down on the counter and Clint trapped him with his legs, licking at his neck.

"Fuck off. Sam's the only one who uses the kitchen." Clint said, before adding, "You spent twenty minutes this morning searching for the car keys and you were holding them."

It was completely unnecessary for Clint to bring that up, but he kinda liked the way Brock got when he was aggravated.

"I have pregnancy brain, and you could have just told me instead of laughing at me," Brock whined.

"You're barely pregnant and it was funny."

Brock scowled at him.

"It was not funny."

"Nat thought it was."

"Yeah, well, I hate her. She makes my life miserable." Brock grumbled, pulling leftovers out of the fridge.

"I thought I made your life miserable." Clint teased.

"You both make my life miserable." Sam groaned.

Clint just snickered and nuzzled against him.

"Yeah, but you love us, 'cause we drive you crazy in all the right ways." Clint purred.

Sam chuckled and nipped at his matemark.

"I don't know what possessed me to fall for the two most stubborn Omegas this world has ever known," Sam murmured, but his eyes were soft.

Brock snorted at their cheesiness. 

"I'm gonna eat this and then I want your knot," Brock told Sam.

Sam nodded, but pulled him close and kissed his cheek as he tried to walk past them. Brock narrowed his eyes at him, but a blush rose on his cheeks. Brock nipped at Clint's finger when he poked his cheek.

"You're blushing."

"Fuck off." Brock bit out pulling away from Sam.

"I'd rather fuck you," Clint called after him.

"In your dreams." Brock shot back, sitting down at the table to eat.

Clint pouted.

"Ever since you knotted him he doesn't like me anymore," Clint whined.

"Ah, baby, that's not true. He just doesn't want to have sex with you." Sam teased.

Clint gave him a flat look and Sam kissed his nose.

"Not helpful, Sammy," Clint whined.

"If you didn't insist on calling him by pet names while you fucked him, he might be more willing, angel."

Clint groaned in annoyance.

"I miss the days when I was his only option and he came crawling back to me when he got horny."

"You know I can hear you, right?" Brock said from where he sat at the table about five feet from them.

"Then why don't you fill me in on why I can't fuck you anymore?" Clint asked, a brow raised at his nestpartner.

Brock narrowed his eyes at him.

"Because you called me princess while you were cumming and it was the most cringe thing that has ever happened to me."

Clint gave him an offended look, pushing Sam away to jump off of the counter and slam his hands down on the table.

"I apologized for that!"

"You gave me a blowjob," Brock said flatly.

"An apology blowjob!"

"Never again, Clinton. Never. Again."

"Don't call me that," Clint whined.

"It's your punishment for being gross." 

Clint narrowed his eyes at him.

"Bed. Now." Clint ordered, his voice dropping and his eyes flashing.

Brock scoffed.

"What are you, my mom?"

"No, I'm your Goddamn nestpartner and you're gonna take my cock and you're gonna like it." Clint snarled.

Brock's eyes widened slightly before he slammed his lips into Clint's, standing up to press closer to him.

"Fuck, I miss the way you boss me around." Brock moaned into his mouth.

"Yeah? Well, I miss the way you submit so pretty for me."

"You should make me submit more often then."

Clint groaned and ground his hips into Brock's.

"That's it, from now on you don't get Sam's knot until I get you first. He can have my sloppy seconds."

Brock swallowed, his dick hard and leaking and his hands clutching at Clint's shirt.

"Yeah, okay." He breathed out.

"Okay, what?" Clint demanded.

"Okay, Sir."

Clint smirked and nipped at his bottom lip.

"Good boy."

Sam shook his head at his Omegas as they disappeared into the bedroom. They were really something, but Sam didn't regret a moment of it, even though half of the time he felt like his main role was just trying and failing to keep the peace. 

He reached over to grab a tater tot.

"Don't touch my tots!" Brock hollered from the other room.

Sam sighed and dropped his hand, going to the fridge to pull out ingredients for spaghetti. He was just adding the sauce to his pasta and getting ready to finally eat when Clint called out to him.

"Alpha! Brock needs your knot now!"

Sam sighed, sent his plate of pasta a longing look, before resigning to the fact that he would be eating it cold.



When Steve showed back up on the common floor, he found Bucky and Tony on the couch, a show playing on the screen. Though Bucky was chatting animatedly and Tony's focus seemed to be solely on whatever Bucky was talking about. They both looked up when Steve exited the elevator and Steve blushed, but went to join them.

“Where you been, pretty thing?” Bucky murmured, pulling Steve in for a kiss.

Steve shrugged and settled in Bucky's lap.

"At the café." He mumbled.

Tony smiled, glancing at Bucky briefly for permission, before reaching over to run his fingers through Steve's hair. Steve squeaked in surprise, blushed, and hid his face in Bucky's neck. Tony just chuckled and withdrew his hand, standing up.

"Aah, you being shy, doll?" Bucky teased.

Steve huffed, wrapping his arms around his neck and scenting his Alpha.

"I'm going to head down to the lab, I have some things I need to get done, but feel free to stay here as long as you want. You can sleep in the guest room. Just let JARVIS know if you need anything." Tony told them.

Steve frowned, lifting his head up.

"You're going to work?"

Tony hesitated for a moment, wondering if Steve wanted him to stay. He wanted to stay, but he really did need to get some things done before the meeting with their investors in the morning.

"Um, yes, but I can come back when I'm done if you want."

Steve glanced up at the clock on the wall.

"Should we be working now too?"

Tony shook his head at the question.

"No, 'course not. Just relax. You're not on the clock anymore."

"But we didn't do anything today." Steve insisted. "We just slept and we-"

Steve cut off with a blush and Bucky smirked, squeezing Steve's hip and kissing him softly.

"Aah, pretty Omega, you're cute when you blush like that." Bucky cooed.

Steve blushed harder at the compliment but shook his head to clear it and turned his attention back to Tony.

"I'm sorry that we didn't do any work today." Steve started to say, but Tony stopped him.

"No, don't apologize. I didn't give you anything to do. I haven't really figured out what I want you to do."

Steve furrowed his brows at that.

"I don't understand." He admitted and Bucky looked equally as confused now.

Tony sighed.

"I just mean that I don't really need the help."

"Then why did you hire us?" Steve demanded.

"I thought that was obvious. I want you to have money."

Steve blinked at him.

"You can't pay us to do nothing," Bucky said.

"Sure I can," Tony said like it was no big deal. "I could pay you to sit there and look pretty while I work."

"Tony..." Bucky said, shaking his head.

"Okay, look, I promise I'll find you something to do. Okay?"

Both Omegas looked uncertain, but they nodded.

"Why would he hire us if he doesn't need us to do anything?" Steve asked Bucky once Tony had left.

Bucky looked thoughtful for a moment before he spoke up.

"I think he wants to provide for us."

Steve blinked at that, thinking back on how Tony had jokingly offered him a house. Maybe that wasn't quite a joke. Bucky blushed, a small smile on his lips.

"Wouldn't that be nice, Stevie? To have an Alpha to take care of us?"

Steve whimpered and pressed closer to his nestmate. That did sound nice, but it didn't feel right. Tony wasn't their Alpha. He hadn't courted them or claimed them. They weren't married. It just didn't feel right to let Tony take care of them when he had made no long-term commitment to them. What if they got used to being provided for and then Tony decided to leave? No, Steve wasn't ready to be dependent on him. He needed to work to earn a living until he knew for certain that Tony planned to stick around.

He didn't say any of that to Bucky though. He just pulled him in for a kiss and whimpered into his mouth, because he did like the idea of being taken care of. He also liked the blush on Bucky's cheeks and the whimper on his lips that met Steve's own. If this was the influence that Tony had on them, the shift in their dynamic that Tony's presence caused, well Steve could see himself enjoying it.



Tony groaned when he got down to his lab and scrubbed a hand over his face while contemplating what he should have his Omegas do. He knew they didn't want to just get paid for doing nothing, but honestly, Tony just wanted to provide for them. He didn't really want them to have to work, and realistically, he didn't actually need them to either.

The place wasn't understaffed in the slightest, but Tony would find something for both of them to do that would make them feel useful, but would also be fun for them. Tony had a feeling that Bucky wasn't just good with cars, but that he really enjoyed working with them. Tony had watched him work that first day and though the problem with the radiator was easy enough for him to fix, Bucky had seemed to enjoy doing it as well.

Which is why Tony had JARVIS purchase him a new car, well an old car, but one that he hadn't previously owned, that desperately needed some love. He'd let Bucky fix it up for him and then he'd let him keep it.

Tony spent the next hour trying to come up with something for his little artist to do. He considered just giving him an easel and telling him to paint. He also considered getting him to sketch a nude portrait with Tony as the model, but shoved that thought aside. It would be highly inappropriate and he was clearly just horny. He finally settled on a mural. He'd have Steve create a mural of whatever he wanted in the lobby.

With that decision made, Tony got to work.



Natasha slipped down the street and into a back alley. Her eyes facing straight ahead, but she didn't miss it when a man dropped down behind her. She paused and turned to face him, smirking at the gun aimed at her head.

"Come now, we both know that if you wanted to kill me you would have done it by now."

"Maybe I want your intel first?"

Natasha laughed and leaned casually against the brick wall, kicking a patch of dirt off of her boots with her other foot. The man glared at her, but lowered the gun and tucked it away. He leaned back against the alley wall too, facing the former assassin and watching her closely.

"He asks about you every time I see him." She told him.

"He shouldn't."

"He loves you."

"I wish he didn't."

Natasha hummed.

"What do you want, Wade? Why are you asking me to meet you in a dark alley at night?"

Wade gritted his teeth.

"I have to leave town, I don't have time to see him before I leave."

"You can't make time tonight?"

"I'm leaving tonight." Wade snarled, annoyed by her questions.

"You can't even stop by?" Natasha snapped back at him, unintimidated by the snarling Alpha.

"It's best if I don't," Wade said, his voice quieter, almost sad.

"Because you won't be able to leave," Natasha said.

Wade clenched his jaw, a growl rumbling in his chest.

"Just tell him." 

"Tell him yourself. I'm not your damn messenger."



Peter was sitting at his desk in his dorm when his window slid open. His head shot up and a dazzling smile lit up his face. He bounced to his feet and flung himself at the scarred bounty hunter.

"Wade! I didn't know you were coming over tonight!"

Wade couldn't help but growl and pull the petite boy into his arms. Peter giggled and wrapped his limbs around him, scenting his Alpha.

"Am I interrupting your plans for the evening?"

"What? No, Wade, you could never-" Peter stopped and shook his head at the ridiculous notion, his curls flying all over the place. "I'm glad you came."

Wade just grunted and settled down on Peter's twin-size bed, not even bothering to kick his boots off. Peter didn't complain, he just snuggled up close and nuzzled against his chest. Wade ran his fingers through Peter's hair, before gripping the curly strands. Peter licked his lips, knowing what his Alpha needed from him.

"My roommate might come home."

"He'll live," Wade grunted.

Peter just smiled, scenting of happiness and slick.

"Okay, Alpha." The Omega murmured.

Wade shoved Peter's sweatpants down. There was no pretense, no foreplay, he just took and Peter gave. Peter took his knot when Wade gave it to him, just like a good Omega should. It wasn't rough though, it was soft and Wade's hands roamed Peter's body, unable to get enough of his silky smooth skin. Their lips locked and their bodies melded together and it was beautiful.

Peter smiled up at his Alpha, still tied to him by the knot locked inside him, but he furrowed his brows when he noticed that something was off. Wade looked guilty.

"What's wrong, Alpha?"

"My pretty little Omega, I have to leave."

Peter sighed but nodded. This always happened. Wade never stayed until morning, though on occasion he would hold Peter until he fell asleep. 

Peter loved those nights. 

He still remembers the first time it happened. Instead of slipping off immediately after his knot went down, Wade had held him close and told him that he would leave after he fell asleep. Peter had looked up at him with stars in his eyes and told his Alpha that he'd stay up all night then.

Wade had just raised a brow at the boy, clearly amused, and stroked his hair. Peter had fallen asleep within ten minutes. Though he had been unaware of it, Wade had stayed until the sun rose in the sky, slipping off only minutes before Peter stirred.

"I know," Peter said sadly, but then he smirked cheekily at his Alpha. "But you can't leave me yet. You're still locked to me."

Wade smirked back and brushed his fingers through the curls that were now sticking to Peter's forehead. 

He knew that he needed to warn Peter that he wouldn't be coming back. His job required him to travel a lot and he rarely settled in one place for long. He'd already been here for months, which was longer than he usually stayed in one place. 

He knew that Peter was the thing that kept him tied down to this place, but he couldn't stay forever. He had to follow the money and the money was leading him away from Queens.

Wade needed to tell Peter, but he couldn't. He knew it was a mistake coming here. If he told Peter, the boy would cry and beg him not to go and Wade would give in and make promises that he couldn't possibly keep. He could already feel his resolve melting, replaced by a desire to stay with Peter.

"I'll hold you until you fall asleep, Pete."

Peter smiled and kissed him.

"Thank you, Alpha." He murmured.

Wade wanted to tell him not to thank him, wanted to tell him that he was a monster, dangerous, undeserving of someone like Peter. He knew that if he stuck around he would taint Peter with the blood that stained his hands and he couldn't stand to be the reason that this precious heart was blackened. Wade knew that it would crush Peter when he left, but surely that was better than sticking around and stealing whatever innocence still remained inside of the boy.

"Just shut your eyes and go to sleep. I'll watch over you."

"You'll leave once I'm sleeping though," Peter whined, pouting.

Wade thumbed over his lip, before lifting his chin and pressing their lips together. The kiss was soft and chaste and Peter whimpered into it.

"No matter how far away I am, I'll always be with you."

Peter wrinkled his nose at that.

"That's cheesy and I don't want you to be in my heart. I'd much rather have you inside of me. " Peter said, rolling his hips.

Wade growled at him, gripping his waist hard enough to leave bruises on the otherwise unblemished skin.

"Don't tease me, little boy, or I'll never let you off my knot."

Peter smirked at him, rolling his hips again, slower this time, more sensual, a moan falling off of his lips.

"Yes, please, Alpha. "

"You little slut." Wade snarled.

Peter just leaned forward his tongue darting out to lick Wade's lip. His eyes were hooded as he peered up at his Alpha, and he batted his lashes oh so prettily.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Daddy," Peter said innocently, smiling sweetly at him.

Wade flipped them over, pulling his barely deflated knot out of Peter and the Omega screamed. Wade just growled, manhandling him until he was on his stomach, and shoved his face into the mattress to muffle his screams.

"Fucking brat," Wade growled. "You think you're ready to play games with the big boys, but you're not."

Peter just moaned into the sheets, getting his knees under him to push his ass into the air and entice his Alpha. Wade rumbled low in his chest at the sight, but grabbed his ankle and pulled his legs out from under him. Peter whined and Wade slapped his thigh.

"Quiet." Wade snarled. "You don't present until I tell you to. Now keep your hands above your head." 

Wade grabbed Peter's wrists in one of his and pinned them above his head, before slipping two of his fingers into Peter and slamming them into his prostate. He fingered him hard, hitting his prostate mercilessly until Peter had screamed through not one, not two, but three more orgasms on top of the two he'd had on his Alpha's knot.

Peter wasn't even awake for the last one, but he still screamed as his body twitched under Wade, unable to do much more. His hole clenched around Wade's fingers and his gland never stopped producing slick, but Peter's body was limp on the bed.

Wade panted, his knot ready to pop again. He growled in frustration and thrust back into Peter's loose hole. Peter whimpered in his sleep when the knot caught on his rim as Wade tested it, pulling to see if his Omega would clench down and keep his cum inside. Satisfied that he was securely locked inside of his Omega and his cum was safely locked inside as well, Wade nuzzled against his neck, licking and sucking the spot where his bitemark should be.

Wade felt the urge to bite down, to claim his Omega, but as always he shoved it aside and settled for grinding his knot into Peter. Wade knew there was a good chance that even outside of his heat Peter would end up pregnant. The likelihood was even higher with multiple knottings, which happened more often than Wade would like to admit. Peter was just too damn irresistible, the perfect mixture of innocent and way too damn bratty for his own good.

Wade sighed, his breath hot on Peter's neck. He was careful to not squish his little mate as he waited for his knot to go down. As soon as his knot had gone down enough for him to slip out, Wade was tucking himself back into his pants. 

He shook his head, groaning as he looked down at his fucked out Omega. He tucked Peter under the covers, kissing his head and running his fingers through his sweaty curls. Peter was just way too damn good for Wade. He deserved so much better than a coward who snuck in through the window and slipped away into the dark of the night.

The dorm door opened just then and Wade tensed, his instincts screaming at him to protect his Omega. Wade relaxed slightly when he saw it was just Ned, Peter's roommate.

"Oh, hey, Wade," Ned said, scrunching his face up at the scent of sex that hung heavy in the air. 

Wade ignored him.

"Sweet dreams, princess," Wade murmured to his sleeping Omega, reluctantly slipping his hand out of Peter's hair before slipping back out the window. 

"Hey, leave that open won't you," Ned called after him.

Wade clicked his tongue in annoyance and slammed the window shut. As if he'd leave the window open while Peter was asleep. 

Stupid Beta.

Chapter Text

Steve woke up in the morning curled up in Bucky's arms, but he immediately looked around the room for Tony. He pouted when he realized that Tony had never joined them in bed last night.

"Bucky, wake up," Steve said, shaking him.

Bucky grumbled unhappily but pried his eyes open, narrowing them at Steve when he saw the clock only read five after six.

"Stevie, I love you, doll, but unless you're in heat or dying, do not wake me up before seven."

Steve huffed at him and shoved the blankets off of them, letting them fall onto the floor. Bucky groaned, glaring at his bratty Omega.

"Tony didn't come to bed," Steve whined.

He wasn't sure why he cared so much, but he really did. He wanted the Alpha close by and he couldn't pinpoint exactly why he felt that way. Bucky's gaze softened and he sat up, yawning.

"Okay, let's go find our Alpha and bring him to bed."

"You don't think he's still working do you?" Steve asked, sounding horrified by the thought of Tony staying up all night.

"Don't know. JARVIS?"

"Sir is currently in his lab consuming his sixth cup of coffee."

Bucky and Steve shared a look before pulling on clothes and heading down to the lab. Tony was wired when they got down there, clearly running on caffeine and muttering to himself under his breath. Tony looked up immediately when they entered though like he was drawn to them.

"You never came to bed." Bucky accused, raising a brow at him, his arms crossed over his chest.

Tony swallowed and glanced back down at his work.

"I, um, had work to do."

"You're not done yet?" Bucky asked, frowning when Tony shook his head.

"I'm close, but I have to finish this before my meeting at eight. JARVIS? What time is it?"

"A quarter past six, sir."

"Good, good. I'm doing fine then. You two should go get some breakfast. I'll come by and see you when my meeting's done."

Steve pouted, not liking that Tony was distracted and not focused on him. Any thoughts he'd had previously about not interrupting him while he was working were thrown out the window. Bucky blinked in surprise when Steve straddled Tony, and just barely managed to suppress a growl at the sight. Tony was equally as shocked to find the Omega on his lap. He was even more shocked when Steve rolled his hips and mouthed at his neck.

Tony tensed up, scenting Steve and noting the subtle shift in his scent, barely there and only noticeable if you were looking for it. Tony knew that soon the scent would be overwhelming. Sweet and irresistibly tempting. Tony knew exactly what was happening.

"Steve, look at me," Tony said firmly.

Steve's wide blue eyes met his, his pupils dilated and his hair ruffled from sleep.

"You're going into heat, so I need you to make a decision about what you want. Can you do that for me, little one?"

"Yes, Alpha." Steve nodded, willing to give Tony anything he wanted.

"Do you want to stay here, or go home?"

"Stay here, Alpha," Steve said immediately.

He wanted Tony close. He couldn't stand the thought of being separated from either of his Alphas, he needed their scents around him just to keep from losing it. Tony took a deep breath and nodded.

"Okay, good boy. I need to know now before you're lost to your heat, if you want me there for this and if you want me to knot you."

Steve whimpered and nodded, rutting against Tony and whining.

"Want you, Alpha."

Tony's eyes flashed, but he shoved aside the desire to throw his Omega down and breed him right there in the lab.

"If I knot you, I will claim you and you will get pregnant. There's no way around that, Steve. Now tell me, are you ready for all of that?"

Steve swallowed, trying to shake off the heat that was creeping around the edges of his mind and threatening to consume him. He knew he still had a little bit of time before he was lost in his heat. Maybe a day if he was lucky.

Did he want Tony to breed him? He did, but did he want that right now? He wasn't sure. Tony read the uncertainty in his eyes and made the choice for them. He wouldn't knot Steve yet.

It wasn't that Tony was incapable of knotting Steve without claiming him. It happened all of the time where an Alpha takes an Omega in heat, with no intention of keeping them. Alphas didn't lose control during an Omega's heat, though it certainly made them aroused. 

An Alpha using an Omega's heat as an excuse to force them into sex or mating was just an asshole. As far as Tony was concerned there was no excuse for taking advantage of an Omega in heat.

Alphas did lose control during their ruts, which is why they were sometimes restrained unless they had a partner who had consented to help them through their rut. Mates also synced up with each other when they bonded, which made it convenient because the Alpha would lose themselves in lust at the same time that their Omega needed their knot. 

It's also possible to sync up with the cycle of someone you live within close proximity to if you live together long enough.

Tony could easily knot Steve without claiming him, but he wouldn't. Submissive Omegas almost always conceived when they were knotted during their heat. The problem with that was that submissive Omegas tended to have adverse reactions to being bred while they weren't claimed. It was a dangerous game to play, one that held risks that most Alphas didn't care about, but Tony did care.

He also didn't like the idea of the first time they mate happening while Steve is in heat. He wanted his Omega to want to mate with him, not to feel compelled to because of a hormone imbalance. 

Tony wanted to court Steve. It was seen as old-fashioned, and most dominant Omegas rolled their eyes at the mere thought of it, but submissives tended to enjoy it. Some Alphas insisted on it too, preferred to take things slow and get to know each other before mating, to have a bonding ceremony, or even get married legally. 

Marriage was much more common between Betas since they weren't allowed to bond the same way that Alphas and Omegas were, but that didn't mean Tony couldn't marry his Omegas. He kinda wanted that too.

Which is why Tony decided he wouldn't knot Steve during this heat, probably not even the next one. But someday, if his Omegas wanted him, he would marry them and bond with them, and then he would knot them both.

Steve seemed to sense the decision his Alpha had come to because he whined and rubbed their cheeks together, Tony's stubble tickling his cheek.

"Alpha, please."

Tony sighed and kissed his cheek. Bucky was clenching and unclenching his fists next to them, trying to fight down the urge to growl at Tony for touching his Omega.

He wasn't quite sure why his instincts were telling him that Tony was his and shouldn't be touching that other Omega. They were simultaneously telling him that Steve was his and shouldn't be touching another Alpha like that. His hormones were going haywire and sending him mixed signals, and Bucky wasn't quite sure how to interpret them.

"Steve, sweetheart, I need you to let Bucky take you up to the penthouse."

Steve shook his head, his bottom lip trembling.

"No, Alpha, please. I'll be so good for you."

Tony gritted his teeth, swallowing down a growl.

"You are so good, little one, the sweetest little sub ever. Now be a good boy and do as you're told." Tony told him softly, cupping the back of his head and pressing a kiss to his lips.

Steve whined and tried to deepen the kiss, but Tony pulled back and looked over at Bucky.

"Take him upstairs for me, baby," Tony told him and Bucky nodded.

Steve didn't like it, but he let Bucky scoop him up. Bucky bent down and nuzzled against Tony, scenting his Alpha and Tony pulled him in for a kiss too.

"Good boy, my pretty Omega." Tony cooed at him when Bucky blushed. "You go take care of our little Omega until I'm done working. Then, I'll come take care of both of you."

Bucky whimpered, pressing his lips to Tony's once more and tightening his hold on Steve when he squirmed, before heading towards the elevator. 

Steve clung to him like a koala bear and rocked his hips against him, a needy whine on his lips. Tony had to bite his tongue to keep from calling out to them, calling them back and knotting Steve and then Bucky, claiming both of his Omegas as his.

He watched them disappear behind the elevator doors, groaning. The chance of him focusing on his work was practically nonexistent now.



Bucky settled Steve down in the living room, asking JARVIS if there was any way that they could get someone to grab some of their stuff from their apartment. Bucky kept his distance from Steve, but Steve wasn't offended by it. He knew that his heats were rough on Bucky, and though Bucky would never say it to him, Steve could tell that it was hard on his Alpha.

Bucky didn't have a knot to offer Steve, which Steve had never cared about. It did mean that he was practically insatiable during heats. Even their knotting toys could only do so much to help when the part of the knot he needed the most was an Alpha's cum. 

Historically Alpha cocks were seen as magical, but modern science now understood that there was a component inside of their sperm that offset the hormone imbalance that induced heat in Omegas. Which is why there was a push these days for Omegas to have an Alpha mate. 

Technically there was no real reason for an Omega to be required to have an Alpha since the hormone imbalance wasn't fatal. It also corrected itself after heat, for reasons that science had yet to determine. It was true however that Omega's heats tended to be twice as long if they weren't knotted by an Alpha.

Which is why Steve's heats take so much out of both of them. They're far longer than they should be and Steve is whiny and desperate for about five of those days. It's also why Bucky knew this routine so well, why he knew that Steve would be okay for the first day, only mildly in heat, but then he would need to be filled constantly for days.



Tony was hesitant to go up to the penthouse. Though he was fairly certain that Steve wasn't in full heat yet, he was sure that the scent would still send his thoughts to the gutters and his blood straight to his dick. 

Tony had never actually been in an enclosed space with an Omega in heat for any great length of time because he'd never actually dated an Omega. He wasn't abstinent or anything, he'd had sex with Omegas before, and Betas, even a few Alphas, but he didn't really do the whole dating thing. 

He did date Pepper briefly years ago, but it hadn't lasted long and they both decided it was for the best if they were just friends. Tony had only technically dated two other people and neither relationship could have been considered healthy.

Maybe that was one of the reasons he felt compelled to take things slow with his Omegas. He had never done the whole dating thing before, not really. Going on a few casual dates with one of his best friends wasn't the same as courting someone and being in a toxic relationship, well, Tony didn't really like to count that, because he didn't really like to think about that.

Tony knew that he wouldn't lose control from heat pheromones alone, but that doesn't mean the scent of slick would make things easy for him. Which is why Tony stalled after his meeting, grabbing a cup of coffee and refilling it twice before he found the strength to head up to the penthouse. 

Tony blinked in surprise when he stepped out onto the floor and wasn't hit with an overwhelming heat scent. He could smell Steve, and his scent was a tad bit stronger, but it wasn't at all what Tony had been worried he'd find.

He was even more surprised to find that Steve was laid out on his tummy sketching. His hand steady and his tongue captured between his teeth as he concentrated. Steve wasn't wearing anything but a pair of panties, his skin pink and flushed, but there was no scent of sex or pleasure in the air. The absence of desire and need confused Tony.

Steve knew that Tony was there, he could feel his skin prickling the moment his Alpha stepped out of the elevator, but he ignored it. He was finally feeling calm, settled, content to just relax for the moment. He knew that if he went to Tony now, he'd be begging for his knot and Steve didn't want that yet. Especially since he knew Tony wasn't going to give it to him.

Initially, Steve had been disappointed about it, but now that he wasn't touching either of his Alphas and could think somewhat clearly again, he knew that it was the right choice. Tony was right that he would almost certainly get pregnant, and Steve wasn't ready for that. He barely knew Tony and suddenly he was in his space, thinking of him as his Alpha and going into heat. It was a lot, even without ending up claimed and tied to Tony forever.

So Steve didn't lift his head to look at Tony. A part of him even felt proud, because he was choosing to not engage Tony, knowing that it would make him beg to be bred. His Alpha didn't want that yet. His Alpha had already made the decision for them. It wasn't going to happen. Steve felt good knowing that he was obeying his Alpha by respecting his choice.

Tony was about to walk over to Steve when Bucky popped out of one of the guestrooms and gestured for him to follow. Tony frowned but entered the guestroom. Bucky was laying out fuzzy blankets and other soft things that must have come from their apartment.

"Happy grabbed some of our stuff for us," Bucky said in a low voice.

Tony nodded.

"Why are we whispering? And why isn't he consumed by lust? I had the impression that heats were a bit more eventful than this?" Tony said, almost teasing, but clearly confused.

Bucky smirked.

"This is preheat Tony. He'll get there, for now, we're enjoying the absence of desperation. It's a reprieve you'd understand wanting to have as long as possible if you'd spent a week out of the month every month for the last five years doing this. I love him without a doubt, but submissive heats are a lot. Especially when you don't have a knot."

Tony frowned at the way Bucky said that, almost bitter like he was resentful. That wasn't it though, Bucky didn't resent Steve's heats. He felt like he was failing as an Alpha because he couldn't give his Omega what he needed.

Tony stepped forward and scented Bucky, who tensed slightly and stepped away from him. He looked ashamed, but Tony wasn't sure why. 

He didn't understand that Bucky felt resentful of the fact that he was an Omega and not an Alpha. That he felt guilty about being selfish and keeping Steve for himself. He knew that Steve being a submissive meant that just about any Alpha would be eager to snatch him up and keep him for themselves.

Sure there would always be those assholes that just wanted a taste of a submissive, but not the responsibility of taking care of one. There were also the assholes who would want to own him but wouldn't really care about taking care of him. Bucky was far too protective to trust any Alpha with Steve because he knew far too many asshole Alphas. 

Tony though, Tony was different. Bucky liked Tony, and Bucky had never liked an Alpha before, not the way he liked his Alpha.

Bucky liked Sam, and he was the only other Alpha that Bucky had ever not despised. Tony though, he was something else. 

He was everything. 

He scented of earth, grounding and safe, like a rock in the middle of a coursing river. He was sweet and gentle and cautious, but he lit a fire inside of Bucky that burned red hot and dangerous. Bucky wanted him to hurt him so good and love him so sweetly because he knew Tony would respect him. He was the first Alpha who had ever lowered themselves for him.

Bucky wonders sometimes if that's what had done it for him. If it was Tony crouching down in an attempt to not scare him that made Bucky fall for him, made him claim Tony as his, right then and there. Maybe it was something else. Something biological, or perhaps a soul connection. Whatever it was, Bucky knew that he trusted Tony wholeheartedly.

Sure, he still got a bit growly when it came to Steve, but the truth of the matter was that, if he truly didn't trust his Alpha with his Omega, Tony wouldn't be allowed anywhere near his Omega when they were vulnerable. He wouldn't be allowed to cuddle with them, or enter their nest, or be there while they slept. And he sure as hell wouldn't have been allowed to pull Steve away from him while Bucky was still inside of him.

Bucky didn't want Tony's touch now, because he didn't feel like he deserved it. Not because he really didn't want it. He felt like he was failing Steve, failing their Omega, and in doing so he was failing his Alpha too.

Tony watched Bucky carefully, his hindbrain telling him that his Omega was pulling away, rejecting him, and should be punished for it, forced to submit. Tony pushed that instinct away because logically he knew that something was going through Bucky's head that he didn't understand. He could tell that Bucky didn't want to talk about it though, so he decided to just drop it for now.

"He seems fine," Tony said, easily brushing off the rejection.

Bucky eyed Tony for a moment, still tense, wondering if his Alpha was upset with him. He shrugged it off when Tony's scent didn't spike with anger.

"He is, for the moment."

"He doesn't smell like sex and he barely even smells of slick," Tony said, stating the obvious.

Bucky sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, patting the spot next to him. Tony hesitated briefly but took the opportunity to press their shoulders and thighs together. He hoped the contact would help his Omega and was relieved when Bucky slumped into his side. Tony wrapped an arm around him, nuzzling against his cheek.

"He's surrounded by the scent of his Alpha, by your scent, Tony. If he wasn't I probably would have fucked him at least once by now. I don't know how long your scent will soothe him. At some point, I imagine it will perpetuate his heat, but I'm not sure."

Tony nodded, he wasn't really sure either. Submissive Omegas were pretty rare so there really wasn't all that much known about them. Not that Tony was well versed in Omega biology, but he had done a bit of reading after he met Bucky. 

At that point, he hadn't been seeking out information on submissives, but when he found out about Steve one of the first things he did was look into submissives and nestmates.

There was a serious lack of knowledge when it came to understanding why submissives responded differently than dominants, or why there was a biological difference between the two types of Omegas.

"Would it help if I went out there?" Tony asked. "I hate the thought of him being all alone."

Bucky bit his lip, but shook his head and let it fall to Tony's shoulder.

"No, I don't want to risk it. He's okay right now, but touch usually lights his skin on fire, makes the burning so much more intense and the need so much stronger." Bucky explained. "It's nice that we're here, it smells like you and there's space. I just need a little bit of space before he seeks me out. Before my Omega needs me."

Tony frowned, his instincts telling him that his Omega should be bred and filled up during his heat, but he wasn't going to breed Steve and he was much more concerned by just how tired Bucky sounded. 

They hadn't even started yet, but Tony could tell that the weight of helping Steve through his heat was already weighing on him. It probably never really lifted, always weighing him down, because there was always another heat just right around the corner.



Steve lasted longer on his own than he usually did and he had a feeling that the distance and Tony's scent allowed for that. Not having Bucky within sight meant he wasn't constantly being reminded that all he had to do was whine and his Alpha would fill him up. 

Tony's scent was warm and soft in a way that was hard to describe. He smelled like pine and musk, earthy like moss on rock, but there was something else in there too. Something like a flowing river, cold to the touch, but the constant rumbling of running water was soothing. It was an odd thing to think of in the context of a scent, but that's what it brought to mind for Steve. 

He hummed thoughtfully, eyeing his sketch. It was Bucky curled up in Tony's lap, asleep and peaceful, just happy to have his Alpha close. Steve smiled softly at it, his fingers brushing lightly over the lines. 

He sighed and rolled over on the rug he was laid out on. It smelled like Tony, but Tony's scent wasn't as strong in the apartment as Steve wished it was. It made sense since Tony spent so much time in his lab. Still, it was clear that Tony had lived here many years, because the floor and walls had absorbed his scent and Steve hummed happily at the thought, inhaling Alpha.

Steve wasn't sure how long he'd been sketching, time was always hard to keep track of during his heat, even in these early stages. Steve ran his hands over the rug, his eyes taking in the details of the room around him. So large, yet so lonely. The furniture smelled new enough that Tony couldn't have had it more than a few months max. It wasn't homey, more of a bachelor pad than anything else and the thought made Steve frown and sit up.

He whimpered, pouting at the thought of his Alpha bedding other Omegas. Steve wanted him all to himself. Well, he wanted to share him with his nestmate too, but not with anyone else. Steve found himself on his feet though he couldn't remember making the decision to stand, let alone actually doing it.

His fingers brushed over books on a shelf, scientific and mathematical, things that held no real interest for Steve, but he plucked one off of the shelf anyway. He opened it and let his fingers skim over the pages, his eyes darting over words that he'd never heard of. 

He smiled when he realized that Tony had clearly read this book on several occasions. His scent was fresh like he'd read through it only the other day. Steve leaned forward and sniffed at the paper, noting the way that Tony's scent had sunk into it like he'd not only read it multiple times, but it had lived in his space for countless years.

Steve moaned softly and took the book over to the couch with him. His sketchpad and pencils abandoned on the floor by his feet, as he curled up under a blanket. His feet tucked under him and a yawn on his lips as he read. 

It was dry and boring but Steve liked thinking about Tony reading these same words, how Tony would understand what this all meant, and maybe if Steve understood it even just a little bit, then they'd have something in common to talk about. 



Bucky was hesitant to go out there, he kept expecting Steve to come in at any moment, but he never did. Tony was getting anxious about it too, so after an hour or so they tiptoed out of the guestroom to find Steve asleep on the couch. Bucky smiled softly at the sight, his hair tousled, cheeks flushed, lips parted, and a book open in his lap.

Bucky approached him carefully, not wanting to disturb him, but gently pulled the book off of his lap. He frowned at it when he closed it and raised a brow at Tony, handing him the book. Tony blinked at it in surprise. 

It was a book on quantum physics, a subject that fascinated Tony, but he was certain that it had put Steve right to sleep. A smile tugged at the corner of Tony's lips as he set the book down on the coffee table.

Bucky shifted him so he was laying on the couch, pulling the blanket up, and tucking it around him. His fingers brushed through Steve's hair and his eyes were soft as he watched his Omega sleep. He pulled away when Steve moaned and stirred slightly. Bucky bit his lip, backing away slowly. He almost looked scared for Steve to wake up. It made Tony sad to see.

"Come on, Buckaroo, let's go get some sleep."

Sleeping at odd times was something Tony was used to, but napping with someone else in his arms was strange, so uncommon that it was rare, but he liked it. He liked the way that Bucky curled up in his arms and scented him. He liked the way that it felt to have a body pressed up against him. 

They were both content, but there was something missing. That something crawled into bed not too long after they fell asleep and squirmed his way in between them, his fists rubbing his eyes and a yawn falling off of his lips.



Bucky woke up to the familiar sounds of Steve whining in his sleep, his cheeks red with heat and his hair sweaty as it clung to his forehead. 

Bucky mumbled a curse under his breath.

"Stevie, baby, it's okay. I'm right here, doll."

Steve whined again, but the sound turned into a moan as his hips rutted against Bucky's thigh. Bucky was quick to shove down his own pants to his thighs, letting his hard cock out, and ripped Steve's panties clean off of him, tossing aside the torn fabric. 

Steve just whined, feeling like fire was licking at his skin. Bucky murmured soothing words and hauled the Omega onto his lap, slipping inside of him.

Tony's eyes blinked open and widened at the sight of Steve rolling his hips and kissing Bucky's neck, his teeth scraping at his skin.

"Oh, fuck, Stevie, no biting," Bucky grunted when Steve's teeth sank into his neck.

Steve whined pitifully when Bucky grasped his hair and tugged his head away. Bucky flipped them over so that Steve was no longer in his lap, but instead pinned down to the bed.

There was nothing frantic about it, Bucky's thrusts slow and his touch gentle. Steve was needy, but he wasn't lost in his heat quite yet, and Bucky was trying to savor it, to save his strength for later when he would really need it.

Tony watched them together, skin slick with sweat and bodies moving in sync. Bucky's hands pinned Steve's down, their fingers entwined as Bucky held him in place. Tony swallowed hard when Bucky groaned, his hips stilling and his lips pulling back in a snarl. 

Tony knew that he wanted to claim his Omega, that he was holding back from biting Steve, and the thought made Tony frown. He wanted them to be able to claim each other, bear the other's mark. It only seemed fair since they were mates in every other way.

Steve was whimpering Alpha over and over again and the sound was driving Tony crazy with the need to reach out and soothe his Omega.

"Tony," Bucky grunted, breaking through the litany of Steve's whimpers.

Tony's eyes snapped up to meet Bucky's, only just then realizing that he'd been staring at Steve's lips.

"What?" Tony croaked out, clearing his throat when it cracked.

"We need a plug. Can you grab the blue one out of that bag over there? Our collars too." Bucky said, leaning down to nuzzle at Steve's neck.

Tony was quick to scramble off of the bed and grab what Bucky had requested. He frowned when he saw the collars. These weren't the kind of collars for claiming ownership of an Omega, these were full coverage collars that fended off teeth. Which maybe that made sense, but Tony still didn't like it.

"It's not too bad right now, but it'll get worse," Bucky said when he saw Tony staring at one of the collars.

"What will?"

"The desire to claim."

Tony pursed his lips at the resigned sound to Bucky's voice, but he nodded and handed the items over. Bucky slipped out of Steve, silencing his whines with a kiss as he replaced his dick with a plug. 

Steve moaned into his mouth as the silicone stretched him, before sighing in relief when it popped in and his rim clenched around it, holding it in place. It was almost like having a knot holding his Alpha's cum inside of him, and the feeling had Steve going limp under Bucky.

"Good boy, there ya go. That's right, pretty Omega." Bucky murmured, "That's good, isn't it, doll?"

"Mm, good, Alpha," Steve mumbled, reaching out to pull Bucky closer until their chests were pressed together.

Bucky was careful to keep his weight off of Steve, his forearms pressing into the mattress by his head, but he scented his Omega, sucking on his neck while it was still exposed and accessible. 

When Bucky finally pulled away there was a certain reluctance to the action. Still, he grabbed the collar, slipping it around Steve's neck and tightening it. His fingers checked the tightness before he gripped the loop on the front and tugged, pulling Steve closer. 

He growled and Steve whined, and Tony just watched, his eyes blown and his hand palming himself through his pants.

Their lips crashed together and Steve's back arched off the bed. Bucky pressed him back down with one hand on his lower stomach, the other one tightening on his collar until his knuckles were white, holding Steve's head off the bed. 

Steve's cry was broken off as he struggled to suck in another breath, the collar restricting his airway as Bucky pulled on it. Bucky let him struggle a moment longer before he released him, letting him drop back to the mattress.

Steve was breathing hard, his chest heaving, and Tony wanted to soothe him, but he wasn't sure how Bucky would react to that. He reached out to brush a hand up Bucky's spine instead. Bucky shivered under his feather-light touch, his eyes fluttering shut.

"A bit aggressive, huh? You usually get like that during Steve's heats?" Tony murmured, curious and a touch concerned about watching Steve struggle to breathe like that, even if it had only been for a moment.

Tony couldn't deny that he was insanely turned on by it though. His knot was about ready to pop and he knew it wasn't just the scent of slick in the air that had him so close. Bucky whimpered and Steve's brows furrowed in confusion at his Alpha's sudden submission.

Tony wasn't going to knot either of his Omegas today, but they were his and he had no problem taking control. Steve had already consented to it and Bucky wasn't in heat, so Tony felt confident that he was lucid enough to consent, or refuse, in the moment.

Tony pulled Bucky off of Steve, shoving him down onto the mattress. Tony nuzzled against him and Bucky went limp under him, baring his neck for his Alpha. Tony let himself suck and nip at Bucky's neck, leaving marks on his skin to ease his desire to claim before he slipped the other collar around Bucky's neck. 

His fingers slipped under the leather to check the tightness after he fastened it, lingering just briefly when Bucky shuddered under him. Bucky whined staring up at him with wide eyes full of undying trust, and Tony silenced him with a soft kiss.

"Stay," Tony told him and Bucky's eyes fluttered shut briefly, a moan slipping past his lips at the order.

Bucky snarled possessively when Tony climbed on top of Steve, but it was cut off by the hard look that Tony sent him. He pouted instead and Tony just chuckled at him.

Steve was scenting anxious, his body confused by Bucky submitting, while Tony's dominating presence still surrounded him. His instincts told him to take charge because Bucky had submitted, but his instincts were also telling him that Tony would take care of them. The conflicting message was confusing the Omega. 

Tony was quick to reassure Steve that everything was fine, hovering over him and nuzzling against his cheek.

"You're okay, little one. You're doing so good."

"Alpha." Steve whimpered, pouting.

"Shh, you're okay, I'm right here, Bucky's right here. Everything's just fine."

Steve nodded, accepting his Alpha's words as true without any resistance. He bared his neck for Tony as best he could with his collar on, his fists coming up to claw at Tony's forearms.

"Fuck, you're gorgeous. Look at you, baby, God, you're perfect." Tony murmured.

He rumbled low in his chest when Steve purred from the praise. His lips met Steve's and he kissed him soft and sweet, tasting his Omega, and letting their tongues tangle together. Steve went limp under him, scenting his Alpha when Tony pulled away to nuzzle against him.

"God, how did I get so lucky? Two perfect Omegas." Tony murmured. "Fuck, you both drive me crazy with the need to breed you up."

Steve moaned and arched up into him.

"Alpha, please, I need you."

"I know, angel, but you're going to wait," Tony said, and Steve whined pitifully. "That's what I want, little one. You'll give that to me, won't you? Give your Alpha what he wants?"

Steve sobbed, tears filling his eyes, but he nodded.

"Yes, Alpha, I'll be so good for you."

"Good boy, you're so good, Steve. My sweet little Omega, I hate to be the cause of your tears, but I sure do love it when you cry."

Bucky chuckled next to them because he knew just how tempting it was to hurt Steve. The Omega was just so damn pretty when he cried. 

Bucky pushed himself up, glancing at Tony to see if he would allow it. Tony looked over at him when he shifted position, admiring the way his cheeks flushed pink under his gaze. Bucky's dick was still hard, standing up and red. 

Tony felt compelled to reach over and touch it, so he did. His hand wrapped around it, his thumb brushing over the tip, smearing precum. Bucky gasped, whining, his eyes fluttering shut again at the feeling. 

Tony stroked him, using his precum to ease the way. Steve's breath quickened as he watched Bucky whine and squirm for Tony. It was so different than how Bucky was when he fucked Steve, but it wasn't entirely new to Steve. Bucky got needy and whiny like this, submissive for Steve, during his heat.

Steve, even during his own heat, compensated for Bucky's submissiveness. When Bucky submitted he automatically took over, his instincts pushing him to take control and take care of his Alpha. 

This was different though because Tony was here, and he was taking care of Bucky, of both of them. Steve didn't need to worry about that, and so he just sank into the mattress.

His hand reached up, his finger lazily drawing patterns on his Alpha's chest. Tony glanced down at him, smiling softly at how relaxed he looked. His hand twisted on Bucky, his palm gliding over his head, and Bucky cried out, whining high in his throat.

"Alpha, please!"

Steve tensed up slightly at the sound, wanting to help his distressed nestmate, but Tony just ran a hand through his blond strands.

"You're fine," Tony told Bucky, but it wasn't soft, it was condescending and Bucky twitched in his hand.

He dropped back onto his back, whining in frustration when Tony stopped moving, his hand gripping his base.

"Alpha, please, I need it," Bucky begged.

Tony smirked at him, but ignored his plea, glancing down at Steve instead.

"What do you think, Steve? Does he need it?"

Steve's eyes widened at being asked to make this decision. His first instinct was to give Bucky what he wanted, and Bucky wanted to cum, but he hesitated. 

He couldn't lie to Tony, to his Alpha, and he didn't think Bucky really needed it. Wanting something and needing something was different. Bucky wanted to cum, but he wasn't desperate enough to need it yet.

Steve bit his lip and shook his head.

Tony hummed, amused. He released his grip on Bucky and leaned down to kiss Steve instead. His hand slid down to cup Steve's cocklet and the Omega whimpered under him. Bucky was panting hard next to them and glared at Steve when he glanced over at him.

"What the fuck, Stevie?" Bucky bit out, annoyed.

"What?" Steve said, pulling away from Tony and batting his eyes innocently at his nestmate.

Bucky growled at him, his eyes flashing in irritation and Steve's eyes widened in surprise, not expecting the hostility from his Alpha. His bottom lip trembled as he felt his Alpha's displeasure roll over him.

Tony flicked one of Bucky's nipples, turning his growl into a whine, and the Omega pouted up at him.

"None of that." Tony scolded. "You're upsetting the baby."

Bucky groaned, grumbling under his breath about how unfair it was, and stormed off to the bathroom. 

Tony rolled his eyes, shifting until he could get his mouth on Steve's cocklet. It didn't take long before he was cumming dry, his cocklet twitching and his hole spasming, slick dripping out of him.

Chapter Text

Tony scooped Steve up, the Omega dazed and pliant in his arms as he carried him to the bathroom. 

Bucky was gripping the counter, and his eyes met Tony's in the mirror, glaring at him. Tony ran his tongue over his teeth at the obvious challenge. 

"JARVIS, run Steve a cold bath," Tony told his AI, never dropping Bucky's gaze.

"Yes, sir," JARVIS responded, dutifully running water.

Bucky gritted his teeth and dropped his head, breaking eye contact. Tony clicked his tongue, brushing past Bucky just so he would shiver from his Alpha's touch. Tony set Steve in the tub gently.

The Omega whined in displeasure as the cold water filled up around him, but he sighed when his heat subsided slightly. The cold water soothed his heated skin and provided a brief relief from the symptoms that were starting to flare up inside of him.

Tony pressed a kiss to his head before approaching Bucky. He wrapped his arms around his waist and nuzzled against his Omega's neck. Bucky tensed up but whimpered and melted into him when Tony nipped at his neck.

"Tell me what's going through your head," Tony murmured against his skin.

Bucky shook his head, sucking in a breath that sounded almost like a sob, but responded anyway.

"I don't know, Tony. I don't know. My head's a mess, I'm a mess."

"Shh, hey, no you're not."

"Yes, I am, I'm falling apart at the seam and I don't know why."

Tony nuzzled against him again, rumbling soothingly in his chest hoping to soothe his upset Omega.

"You're not falling apart."

"I am."

"Then I'll hold you together. If you need to fall, then fall, I'll catch you."

Bucky's bottom lip trembled and he twisted in Tony's arms to wrap his arms around his neck.

"You promise?" He asked, his voice small.

"I promise little one. I've got you."

Tony held him close for a moment longer before coaxing him into the shower, telling JARVIS to monitor the temperature of Steve's bath and his body temperature to make sure that they both stayed cool. 

Steve looked half asleep as he leaned against the curved back of the tub. Tony took one look at him and told JARVIS to alert him if Steve slips under the water.

Bucky barely seemed to process Tony's words, instead, he was nipping and licking at his Alpha's neck. Tony chuckled and gripped his hair, tilting his head up to kiss him. He undid the collar, tossing it onto the counter before telling JARVIS to turn on the shower. 

Hot water rained down on them and Bucky moaned. It had been far too long since he'd had a shower that wasn't freezing cold. Tony let him enjoy it, grabbing a loofah and body wash. Bucky leaned into Tony's chest when he ran the loofah over his back and shoulders, slow and gentle, as he washed his Omega. 

The circular motions were practically hypnotic and Bucky was pretty sure he would fall asleep if Tony kept it up. He gasped, his eyes shooting open when the loofah slipped between his cheeks and rubbed up against his hole.

"Alpha!" Bucky moaned.

Tony chuckled and kissed his temple.

"I've got your attention now, don't I?" Tony teased.

Bucky nodded, gripping Tony's forearms.

"Yes, Alpha, all of my attention. You can have it all, anything you want." Bucky promised.

Tony nuzzled against him.

"I appreciate the sentiment, baby, but I don't want all of your attention. We have a precious little Omega who deserves it just as much as I do. I'll take your devotion though, angel. What do you say? You want to devote yourself to your Alpha, promise to always please me, to let me use you when I need you?"

Bucky nodded.

"Promise, Alpha. You can have anything you want." Bucky mumbled, his eyes fluttering shut as Tony started up the circular motion again, going back to scrubbing his back.

"Good boy," Tony murmured, his chest rumbling happily from his Omega's submission.

Tony let Bucky relax into him for a few more minutes, before encouraging him to turn around.

"Hands on the wall, pretty Omega," Tony murmured the order and Bucky obeyed without question.

Tony started with his chest, pressing up against him and mouthing at his neck, water cascading down around them, flowing over their hair and trailing down their skin. 

Tony ran the loofah over his arms, scrubbed his underarms, making Bucky shriek and try to squirm away. Tony just huffed out a laugh and nipped at his neck to settle him. He ran the loofah over Bucky's sides before he dropped to his knees and scrubbed his legs. 

Tony was enjoying the simplicity of just taking care of his Omega, instructing Bucky to lift his feet one at a time so Tony could scrub the soles. 

Bucky was enjoying being taken care of in a way that he wasn't accustomed to. It was almost always the other way around with him and Steve. Bucky was the Alpha, he took care of his Omega, washed him and fed him, and tucked him in. Bucky loved that, loved taking care of Steve, but he loved this too.

Tony dropped the loofah and it hit the tiles with a splat. He nuzzled against Bucky's thigh, leaving a trail of kisses up the back of it.

A soapy hand reached out to wrap around Bucky's shaft and stroke him a few times, dropping down to fondle his balls and get them all soapy. Bucky squirmed and whined as he touched him. Tony growled lightly and nudged Bucky so he would spread his legs. He kissed the insides of his thighs, sucking the sensitive skin and scenting him.

His hands came up to knead and spread his cheeks and Tony took the opportunity to scent his Omega where his scent was the strongest. His nose running along his crack and his lips brushing over his hole.

Bucky's head fell forward, his forehead pressed against the shower tiles. Tony's tongue darted over his rim, and he marveled at the way it fluttered. His tongue prodded at it, the resistance he was met with told him that it hadn't been used in a while. Yet Tony knew that his body would open up easily, his hole made for taking a knot. 

Most Alphas felt that an Omega should be able to take their cock without any lube or preparation, even dominant Omegas who didn't produce slick. 

Tony wouldn't deny that he liked the thought of fucking Bucky dry, with nothing more than his spit and precum to ease the way, but he wasn't an asshole. He'd prep him first, and then he'd push inside of him and watch Bucky cry as he opened up and took his Alpha beautifully. 

It would be painful and a struggle for his Omega and Bucky would do it just for him. Tony loved that thought more than he probably should. It would all be worth it, the pain and the tears, when Bucky got his Alpha's knot.

Tony shoved aside the fantasy for now. Soon. He would use his Omega soon, but now he just wanted to make him feel good. He wanted to drive away any doubts and dark thoughts and replace them with desire and lust and pleasure. Until all that was left was a need to please his Alpha and a desperation to be used. 

Tony didn't believe that an Omega's only purpose in life was to serve, but he did know that Omegas enjoyed being used. They wanted their Alpha to use them and felt a sense of accomplishment when they were good for their Alpha. Tony did believe firmly that a good Alpha always took care of their Omegas, made sure they were praised and loved and given affection.

Which is why Tony kissed and licked at his Omega's hole, worshiping his cunt until his legs were trembling. Tony gripped his cock when Bucky's body tensed and stroked him once, twice, and Bucky shuddered, moaning. Tony pushed up to his feet, his hand still gripping his cock, and pressed kisses to Bucky's shoulder.

His finger circled his rim before it slipped inside of him and rubbed his prostate. Bucky cried out, strings of cum painting the shower wall and his whole body trembling from the force of his orgasm. 

Tony was quick to pull his finger out of him and wrap his arm around Bucky's waist when his legs gave out. Bucky whimpered as Tony pulled him flush against his chest, releasing his dick and pressing a hand over his heart, holding his Omega close.

His nose brushed the column of Bucky's neck, his tongue darting out to taste the pleasure of sated Omega on his skin. Tony growled at the taste and Bucky whimpered, purring when his Alpha nipped at his scent gland.

Tony waited until Bucky had come down from his orgasm to pull him in for a kiss and then pull him out of the shower. He patted him down with a fluffy towel, stopping to lap up a bead of cum on the tip of Bucky's cock, before he wrapped the towel around his Omega. Tony slipped the collar back around his neck too, and Bucky tilted his head to make it easier for his Alpha to fasten it.

"You good, love?"

Bucky nodded.

"So good, Alpha. Thank you. " Bucky breathed out, his eyes shining with gratitude.

Tony smiled and cupped his cheek, kissing him softly. Feeling confident that Bucky was feeling better now, that he wasn't lost in a bad space and consumed by negative thoughts, Tony turned his attention to Steve. 

The Omega was asleep, but he hummed when Tony ran his knuckles over his cheek. He pressed a chaste kiss to Steve's lips and they parted under him, offering up his mouth to his Alpha. Even in his sleep, Steve was submissive and it was beautiful.

Tony kneeled by the side of the tub, a soft washcloth in hand as he washed Steve just as gently as he had Bucky. Bucky fell to his knees behind him wrapping his arms around Tony's waist and leaning into him, the towel still draped over his shoulders like a blanket. He mouthed at his Alpha's neck reverently as Tony washed up their Omega.



Tony made sure they were both settled and cuddled up in bed together before slipping off. He pulled out berries and bottles of water to keep them hydrated. Steve took a bit of coaxing to wake up, but once he did he seemed content to curl up in Tony's lap and be fed by his Alpha and Bucky was happy to let Tony take over.

That possessiveness he'd been feeling seemed to have been shoved aside in favor of gratitude. Bucky was damn grateful that he didn't have to do this on his own anymore. 

He wanted their Alpha to help him, to help both of them, to carry the burden that had fallen on Bucky's shoulders. He didn't regret falling for Steve, but he did wish that he had a knot, because that's what his Omega really needed.

Tony had said that he wouldn't knot Steve this time, but Bucky kind of hoped that he would anyway. That maybe he would give in because it would make things so much easier if Steve got knotted and bred real good like he needed. 

He was pretty sure that Tony wouldn't do that without talking to Steve about it beforehand because having pups wasn't really something they'd discussed yet. Honestly, it was one of the reasons that he trusted Tony so much. The Alpha was so cautious in a way that Bucky had never known an Alpha to be, yet he had no problem stepping in and taking control now that they'd accepted him as their Alpha.

It wasn't entirely true that they'd never met a respectful Alpha before. Sam showed Omegas respect that they were rarely shown, didn't assume they wanted him, just because he had a knot. He was the first Alpha they'd ever met who didn't just take what he wanted, regardless of what those beneath him wanted. 

Tony was like that. He didn't just take, he gave and gave, and took only what was offered and it made Bucky want to offer up everything. His body, his mind, his heart, his soul . He wanted Tony to own every part of him. He was pretty sure that Steve felt the same way now, though he hadn't felt immediately taken with Tony the way Bucky had.

Bucky watched Tony feed Steve a strawberry. Watched the tip press against Steve’s lips before they parted obediently, Steve's eyes wide and trusting as they peered up at Tony. Juice ran down Steve's chin, leaving Tony's fingers wet and staining Steve's lips red. Steve sucked his fingers into his mouth, licking them clean and Tony's eyes dilated.

He leaned down to capture Steve's lips, pulling his fingers free. Bucky watched, his thighs clenching together and his dick leaking. He listened to the moans and whimpers coming from Steve and the growl that Tony released in response. 

Bucky damn near cummed his pants just from the sounds alone. Then there was sight, the image that the two of them made when they were together like this, like an Alpha and his Omega, and God, Bucky needed his Alpha so badly and he wasn't even the one going into heat. 

He wanted to be knotted and he wanted to be claimed, and he wanted to claim his Omega too. He wanted it all, but he knew he wasn't going to get any of it yet.



It wasn't long before Steve was squirming and whining and desperate to be fucked again. Bucky pulled him close, pushing his tongue into his mouth, and pinching one of his nipples as his other hand slipped down to play with the plug-in his ass. The cum inside of him sloshed around and Steve writhed under him, clawing at the sheets.

"Alpha, please, fuck, please," Steve begged.

Bucky chuckled and tugged the plug out in one swift motion, making Steve scream and his hole clench at the sudden emptiness. Cum and slick spilled out of him, but Bucky barely took the time to enjoy the way it looked as his gaping hole released his cum. 

He pushed inside of Steve, giving his Omega what he wanted and fucking him rough, Steve begging for more even as he cried. Tony knew he should feel guilty that he was so turned on by Steve's tears, but he really didn't. Maybe that was wrong, but if it was wrong, than Tony really didn't want to be right.

Bucky thrust into him so hard that Steve's head hit the headboard. Bucky immediately reached up to cradle Steve's head with his hand and Tony pushed a pillow up to cushion any more blows, but Steve didn't seem phased by it.

He just moaned and whined and begged for it harder, more, Alpha, please. It was intoxicating and when Steve looked over at Tony, whining high in his throat, that Omegan sound that demanded an Alpha give them what they needed, Tony sucked in a breath. Bucky groaned and pulled Steve up by his collar until they were both on their knees.

He didn't stop thrusting into Steve, his hand wrapping around his neck and his teeth biting at his earlobe, but he looked over at Tony.

"Come on, Alpha, can't have you feeling lonely now can we?" Bucky teased, a little out of breath and a hell of a lot turned on.

Tony didn't think twice about sitting in front of them, his back up against the headboard and his legs on either side of them. Bucky released Steve's neck and shoved him back down, but this time his face was level with Tony's crotch.

Tony growled low in his throat, Steve whined and Bucky just smirked.

"Why don't you help him out, doll? Our Alpha needs you to make him feel good."

Steve whimpered, his face already buried in Tony's crotch, scenting him. Bucky held Steve's hips still, slowing his thrusts so Steve could focus on their Alpha. Tony groaned at the feeling of Steve mouthing at him, licking and sucking him through his pants until they were wet from his saliva and Tony's precum.

Bucky chuckled low under his breath, Tony's head thrown back and his hand gripping Steve's hair.

"Oh, come on, Stevie, surely a pretty little thing like you can do better than that?" Bucky taunted. "I've seen you do better. Why don't you be a good boy and take him into your mouth like the little slut you are?"

"Fuck, if you keep spewing that filth I'm going to have to gag you, little boy." Tony groaned.

Bucky just smirked and pulled him in for a kiss.

"Don't worry, Alpha, Stevie likes it, don't you, baby?" Bucky asked.

Steve responded with a moan and pushed up onto his hands, pressing his ass back into him. Bucky growled and slammed into him, forcing him to face dive into Tony's crotch, his trembling arms giving out. Steve just whined and tried to get his arms under him again, but Bucky was having none of that. He shoved Steve's face right back down. 

"I don't think so, Omega." Bucky sneered.

Steve whimpered his ass clenching and dripping slick, squelching sounds filling the air as Bucky fucked in and out of him. Steve loved it when Bucky got like this, condescending and mean, rough and forceful. 

Everything about it lit Steve on fire and made his body sing. He loved pleasing his Alpha and he loved it when Bucky used him for his own pleasure. Bucky knew just how much Steve was into it, how turned on he got from being talked down to and degraded.

It wasn't uncommon for submissive Omegas to like that sort of thing but Bucky could tell that it caught Tony off guard. He clearly wasn't expecting it, but Bucky was pretty sure he liked it.

Steve wasn't lost to his heat yet, his heat had barely started, but he was deep in his headspace, floating and fuzzy and damn near losing his Goddamn mind from the way Bucky was treating him. He was pretty sure that Bucky was holding back because Tony was there, but Steve didn't want that.

Bucky removed his hand from Steve's hair when Tony brushed his fingers softly over Bucky's and coaxed him into letting Steve up. Tony didn't have a problem with Bucky being aggressive with Steve. Bucky didn't seem worried about it either, so Tony could only assume this was pretty normal for them. 

It did kinda make sense since Bucky had been kinda forceful before. There was no doubt that Bucky was in charge and that concerned Tony slightly. He wanted to make sure that Steve wanted this, and didn't just do this because Bucky wanted him to.

There was a difference and it was a fine line to walk, especially when it came to dominating someone who was so eager to please like Steve was. Then again Tony hadn't had any qualms dominating Bucky and he was just as eager to please his Alpha as Steve was. Maybe Tony was just being a hypocrite.

Bucky stilled, holding Steve's hips flush against his own. Steve immediately started whining, wanting him to keep moving, but Bucky ignored him, watching Tony. 

He was worried that maybe his Alpha was upset. Tony was always so damn cautious, and though Tony had shown that he had no problem dominating them, Bucky was still worried that he wasn't happy. Bucky wondered if he'd get scolded for being mean. Tony had flicked him when he growled at Steve so it certainly wasn't out of the question.

Bucky didn't want to upset Tony, but the thought of his Alpha scolding him like a little boy, or maybe even spanking him as punishment made him shiver with want and his dick twitch inside of Steve.

Tony barely glanced at Bucky, not sure of how to handle him until he had a clear understanding of the situation. He encouraged Steve up onto his knees until he was practically sitting in Tony's lap. Bucky had to move closer so he didn't slip out of Steve and now they were both in between their Alpha's thighs.

Tony liked that, having both of them close, it felt right. He cupped Steve's cheek and brushed his thumb over his red lips. Steve gasped, staring up at him and pressing closer, their lips brushing.

"I need you to listen to me, little one." Tony said softly, but it was firm an order.

"Yes, Alpha." Steve managed to breathe out, the words slightly slurred.

"Good boy. You're so good for me, angel. Tell me, do you like this?"

Steve nodded.

"Yeah? You wanna use your words for me, baby?"

"Yes, Alpha. I like it."

"You want Bucky to be mean to you."

Steve blushed, whimpering and biting his lip before answering.

"Yes, Alpha. I like being hurt. I'm a good little slut and I'll take anything you give me. Promise." Steve said, his voice somehow managing to be both irresistible and yet so damn innocent it wasn't fair.

Tony cursed, gripping Steve's chin and kissing him.

"Good boy, what a good little Omega. So pretty, baby." Tony all but cooed in his ear.

"Can I please have your cum, Alpha?" Steve asked, glancing down at Tony's crotch and smiling sweetly.

"No, I think I'm gonna keep you right here."

"You don't want my mouth?" Steve whined, pouting.

"Oh, no, I do, love. You have the prettiest little mouth I've ever seen, which is why I want it right here within my reach." Tony said, thumbing over Steve's bottom lip and slipping his thumb inside to pry his jaw open.

Steve whined when Tony's tongue pressed into his mouth and he squirmed. Bucky hissed and gripped his hips tighter to still him.

"Alpha?" Bucky whined, uncertain of whether his Alpha was happy with him or not.

Tony's hand slipped up Bucky's chest and around to the back of his neck. He pulled away from Steve to crash his lips into Bucky's. Bucky moaned into his mouth, their tongues colliding and teeth clashing. It was anything but soft, but Bucky melted into it anyways.

"Sorry, baby, I didn't mean to stop your fun." Tony murmured, separating from Bucky and leaning back against the headboard. "Why don't you go ahead and use your Omega?"

Steve moaned in agreement and Bucky started to move again. 



Eventually, Steve did get his mouth on Tony's cock, the Alpha a solid weight on his tongue and his cock unforgiving as it forced its way into his throat. Steve gagged, his throat and ass spasming in sync, tears running down his cheeks and spit covering his chin. 

It was sloppy and wet and Steve was too far in his headspace to care. Especially when Tony wrapped a hand around his knot to keep from knotting him, and released string after string of Alpha cum down his throat.

Steve was eager to take it all and begged to be knotted, but Tony just chuckled and kissed him.

"Patience, little one. We have all the time in the world, no need to rush anything. I'll knot you soon, I promise, but you need to be a good boy and wait."

Steve whined and pouted, and Tony sighed, compromising.

"I won't knot your pretty little pussy, but I could knot your mouth, if you really want that."

Steve nodded his head eagerly.

"Yes, Alpha. I do, I want it, pretty please." Steve begged.

Tony smirked and kissed his nose.

"What do you think, Bucky, should I give our Omega what he wants?"

Bucky had half a mind to say no, just to get back at him for earlier, but Steve stared up at him with the widest eyes and Bucky couldn't possibly deny him this.

"Yeah, knot the bitch, maybe he'll be less desperate if you do." Bucky teased.

Steve just grinned at him and crashed their lips together.

"Thank you, Alpha." He murmured against Bucky's lips.

"I'd do anything for you, Stevie, you know that."

Steve pulled back and raised a brow at him.

"You once tied me to the bed and edged me for hours." Steve accused.

Bucky shrugged.

"You liked it and you know it."

Steve rolled his eyes but a smile twitched at his lips.

"It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I passed out. From just one orgasm."

"I think you mean the best orgasm, 'cause if I remember correctly you begged me to do it again as soon as you woke up."

"That's not the point."

"Oh, I think it is, doll."

"The point is you're an asshole." Steve teased.

"And you're a brat, so I think we're evenly matched."

Tony shook his head at his Omegas.

Steve just huffed, giggling when Bucky pinned him down and nuzzled against him.

"Bucky!" Steve squealed when he tickled his sides.

Bucky laughed and stopped, kissing his cheek.

"It's okay, doll, 'cause you're the cutest brat ever."

"I don't know, Bucky, you're pretty cute yourself," Tony said, smirking.

Bucky rolled his eyes at him but blushed.

"Shut up." He mumbled, clearly embarrassed by the compliment.

Tony just chuckled and leaned back against the headboard, his hand stroking his length lazily. Both Omegas narrowed in on the motion. Tony didn't offer them anything though, he just watched as Steve's heat hit him full force and he whined and cried while Bucky fucked him again. It was mean and rough and Tony loved watching it as much as Steve loved taking it.

It was after when Steve was full of Bucky's cum with a knotting dildo inside of him that Tony laid out the schedule for the evening. Tony had settled on this particular plan, when it became obvious that the knotting dildo wasn't enough. Steve was already whining and begging to be fucked again, and he'd only been plugged up for five minutes.

Bucky didn't understand why Steve was so insatiable already, usually filling him up would be okay for the first day or two after he fully went into heat. He did usually peak on the third day or so, and then there would be a few hours where Steve couldn't stand it if Bucky stopped fucking him, but they shouldn't be anywhere near that point in his cycle yet.

"Alright, this is the plan." Tony said, drawing their attention to him. "We're gonna go eat at the table, you're both going to kneel for me while I feed you, then I'm going to knot Steve's mouth. Afterwards we're gonna set him up on the bench and let my machine fuck him to sleep. Any questions?"

Bucky stifled his laughter behind his hand at Steve's expression.

"Your what? I'm sorry what?" Steve squeaked.

"Don't worry, JARVIS controls it. He'll stop it if it's too much and he'll alert me if you're distressed." Tony said like it was no big deal.

Steve was pretty sure that it was a big deal, but he let Tony lead them out of the bedroom anyway. Bucky ended up fucking him once more on the table and then they stuffed him full of a vibrating dildo and that did well enough to get him through the twenty minutes of dinner.

Steve enjoyed kneeling on a pillow for his Alpha and being fed bites of chicken and roasted potatoes. It wasn't what he really wanted, he would have preferred something sweet, but Tony insisted that he couldn't live off of fruit and berries for the next week. Steve seriously disagreed. Bucky seemed to feel similarly about it because he knew for a fact that Steve could happily live off of just fruit and berries during his heats.

Tony did reward him with chocolate afterward and Steve eagerly accepted bites, licking melted chocolate off of Tony's fingers. Steve had completely forgotten about this whole fucking machine thing by the time dinner was over. 

Tony settled Steve on his pillow in front of the couch and told him to wait. Steve pouted when Tony walked off, leaving Bucky to watch over him. Bucky nuzzled Steve's cheek and kissed him languidly, toying with the vibrator in his ass until Tony returned. 

At that point, Bucky was happy to curl up on the couch, under a blanket that Tony tucked around him, and just watch.

"You doing okay, little one?" Tony asked Bucky, pressing a kiss to his head.

Bucky nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

"Any bad thoughts?" Tony asked him gently, cupping his jaw and rubbing his thumb over his cheek.

Bucky shook his head.

"M'okay for now, Alpha."

Tony's eyes searched his for a moment before he nodded. Bucky was really fine for the moment. He was too exhausted to think much about anything, let alone get all twisted up about how confusing his instincts were these days.

"I'm glad, sweetheart. You let me know if that changes."

"Yes, Alpha."

Tony nodded again and settled on the couch, one foot planted on either side of Steve.

"How about you, baby? You doing okay?"

Steve pouted, squirming. The vibrator was still buzzing inside of him, but it wasn't nearly enough.

"Need more, Alpha."

"C'mere, angel. I'll give you my knot now." Tony all but cooed down at Steve.

Steve bit his lip. He did want his Alpha's knot, though he would prefer it to be in his ass instead. Tony didn't give him any time to protest, pulling himself out of his briefs, his pants long since discarded, and feeding his cock to Steve. Steve hummed around the head, his tongue swirling around it.

He squirmed more, whining as the scent of Alpha made his skin burn. Tony bent over him, reaching down to turn the vibrator up to the highest setting. Steve moaned and took more of Tony's length into his mouth, bobbing up and down.

Steve wasn't entirely sure how long he sucked his Alpha, but at some point, the vibrating alone wasn't enough for him. Tony just took it in stride, grabbing the hilt of the dildo and fucking it in and out of him. He didn't stop until his knot was about to pop.

"You're doing so good. Fuck, your mouth is perfect." Tony groaned. "I'm gonna knot you now, baby, you ready?"

Steve whined pitifully, wriggling his ass, wanting Tony to keep playing with it, needing more. He lowered himself further though, Tony's tip lodged in his throat and his nose buried in his pubes. Tony grunted, his hand gripping Steve's hair as his knot popped, locking behind Steve's teeth and forcing his jaw to open wider to accommodate it.

Steve sobbed from the feeling, his jaw felt like it was going to dislocate, but he instantly sagged with relief when Tony started to cum. Load after load shot down Steve's throat, settling in his tummy and making him feel warm and so full. 

Steve had never been knotted like this, never had anything but a fake knot inside of his ass before. He had no idea just how great it was. 

In that moment he didn't feel like he needed to be fucked, he didn't feel desperate or on fire. He felt content. Tears ran down his cheeks and he gagged and choked on the cum that didn't seem like it would ever stop. 

Tony just brushed his hand through his hair and murmured praise and Steve felt like he belonged right there on his knees being knotted by his Alpha.

Steve barely even noticed when Tony's knot deflated, but he whined when Tony slipped his hand in Steve's hair and lifted him off of his cock. Tony just shushed him and pulled him into his lap. There was more praise, soft words, and softer touches as they cuddled on the couch. Steve vaguely recalls thinking that this was not on the itinerary for the night.

Tony was relieved that the knotting had soothed Steve, but it didn't last long. Within ten minutes he was squirming on Tony's lap, then he was begging and whining, rutting up against Tony and grinding down into his crotch.

"Shh, you're okay, angel." Tony murmured. "I'm going to set you up with a fun toy that's gonna keep you happy all night."

Steve moaned and nodded.

"Please, Alpha, more."

"I know, shh, I'm gonna give you more."

Bucky had fallen asleep, exhausted from a long day of fucking and way too many orgasms. Tony left him there on the couch and scooped Steve up. Steve was too lost in his heat to notice the room that Tony took him to or the bench he was strapped down on. He cried when the vibrator was turned off and slid out of him, but moaned in relief when something else was pressed up against his hole.

Tony lined up the dildo and turned on the machine, making sure that Steve was enjoying it. He stayed and watched over Steve for a good hour, the Omega's mind going blank, unable to process anything but the feeling of the fake cock inside of him milking orgasm after orgasm as it hit his prostate relentlessly.

Steve moaned and thrashed as much as his restraints allowed, lost in heat and bliss. He didn't even notice Tony's presence or when he disappeared. Steve went in and out of sleep. Being fucked until he passed out, fucked while he slept, and waking up still being fucked. It was honestly perfect and Steve loved every moment of it.

He protested when Bucky came and turned the machine off in the morning, releasing Steve from the bench. Steve cried in his arms, begging to be put back, but Bucky just shushed him and took him out to the dining room. Bucky settled him on his cock at the table and fed him.

Tony checking in on them and making sure that Steve was okay. Rubbing Steve's arms and legs, trying to ensure that he had proper blood flow to his limbs. Steve just pouted and told him how mean Bucky had been, taking him away from the nice machine. Tony had laughed at that and told him to eat.

Steve ate, but he liked it so much better when Tony fed him his cum after breakfast. He loved the way it filled him up and settled heavily in his tummy. Mostly he loved the way his mind calmed and his body settled. He snuggled up in their nest, his Alphas on either side of him.

Steve's hand rubbed at his belly, it was protruding just slightly, full of food and cum and Steve smiled.

"I hope I get pregnant." He mumbled sleepily.

Tony and Bucky shared a look, not wanting to burst the Omega's bubble by reminding him that that just wasn't possible. Bucky wasn't surprised though. It was Steve's heat talking. 

Every time he went into heat, he would mumble about pups and thank his Alpha for breeding him so good. Bucky knew that it was during his post-heat when Steve would feel upset, his mind telling him that he was carrying pups, even though he knew logically that he wasn't.

Chapter Text

The scent of heat was so thick in the penthouse that it made Tony feel intoxicated as he worked his fingers in and out of Steve. The Omega was in the peak of his heat, the very worst of it where even being filled up didn't seem like it was enough. It was far too early for him to be this far along, and Tony had half a mind to just knot him now, waiting be damned. 

Bucky assured Tony that this part would only last a few hours and then he would be fine with just being filled, wouldn't constantly need to be fucked, but that was hours ago. Even as Bucky had made the assurance he seemed uncertain. They both knew there was something wrong. Tony hated to think it was his presence and his scent that was making it worse, but he had a feeling it was something to do with him.

Bucky had seemed all for Tony just knotting Steve and Steve was certainly begging for it, but Tony felt conflicted, not sure he wanted to just knot his Omega for the first time out of desperation. So he didn't. Well, he did, but not the way they were hoping he would. Steve still seemed happy about it, though he needed something inside his cunt too. 

Which is why Tony was hovering over him, his cock tied to Steve's mouth but his own mouth pressing kisses to Steve's thigh. One hand holding his weight off of the boy as he used his other hand to pump fingers in and out of his greedy hole. Steve was wet and sloppy, his slick leaking nonstop and his hole squelching as Tony worked his fingers inside of him, twisting his wrist just to make Steve whine and squirm. His sounds were muffled by Tony's dick but he still sounded so damn sweet.

Tony grunted as more cum shot down Steve's throat and the Omega gagged on it, trying not to choke but unable to pull away. That didn't mean he didn't try to lurch away from the unexpected intrusion. Tony gritted his teeth when Steve tugged on his knot, the back of his teeth pressing against the sensitive bulge.

Tony forced himself to release a calming scent and nuzzled against his thigh, his chest rumbling in the hope of soothing his Omega. Steve whined, distressed, tears running down his cheeks and his hands pushing at Tony's hips, but he gave up and went limp when he realized he couldn't escape. 

A part of Tony, the instinctive part inside of him ruled by his hindbrain, reveled in the way his Omega surrendered. The logical part of his brain felt bad knowing that Steve wasn't submitting because he wanted to, but rather accepting his fate. He wanted to give some of the control back to his pretty little Omega, but he couldn't. 

Oral knotting didn't really allow for much leeway when it came to swallowing. It was either take it or choke on it. The thought made him release more cum and Tony cringed, trying to keep his thoughts from straying down that path. Steve sobbed but swallowed it down easier this time.

Tony wanted to apologize, but it wouldn't help and it was better if Steve saw his Alpha as the dominant one in this moment. A show of submission would likely make Steve's instincts flare up and the last thing they needed right now was for Steve to feel like he should take charge. There was no room for that with oral knotting so it was important that Steve felt submissive and drowned in his Alpha's dominance.

Tony wanted to apologize, but he didn't. He just sucked at the sensitive skin of Steve's thigh, nipping at it and leaving bruises and bite marks all over the pale surface. His fingers milking Steve's prostate to provide a distraction for his Omega.



Bucky had fucked Steve as long as he could, but he was worn out. Steve was feverish and desperate and his need to be not just filled but fucked constantly was wearing on both of them. Tony had decided that enough was enough sometime after midnight. They couldn’t stay up all night if they were going to be doing this for the next four days. 

He sent Bucky to his bed to get some much-needed sleep without Steve waking him up every five minutes, begging for his cock. Tony was concerned about Steve and was hoping to wear him out some more before joining Bucky in bed. Well really he was hoping that Steve would settle, the peak of his heat passing, but he was also concerned about how much Bucky was willing to push himself just to be there for his Omega. Tony knew he had to step in and insist that Bucky take care of himself because he was the Alpha and that's what Alphas did. They took care of their Omegas and made sure they were safe and healthy.

Bucky had frowned when he entered Tony's room. He had immediately gone over to his bed and slipped under his covers, burying his face in Tony's pillows, sniffing at them, and finding the one that Tony clearly preferred. It did smell like Tony, but the scent was so faint, even on this pillow, that Bucky realized Tony didn't sleep here all that often.

He pouted, whining but settled quickly too damn tired to do much else. His eyes fluttered shut and his breathing evened out. His last thought before he slipped off to sleep was that he was so grateful to have Tony here with them, to have his Alpha taking care of his Omega so Bucky good have a break.



Tony ended up handcuffing Steve to the headboard after his knot deflated. The Omega had cried and tried desperately to twist out of his bonds but had gone slack, his mouth opening in a silent scream when Tony pushed a thick dildo up his ass.

He was gentle about it, but the girth of the silicone cock was much wider than Bucky. Steve's body swallowed it up like it was made to take a monster cock and well it was made to take a knot so this wasn't too far off. Tony was still concerned that it might rip him open. Of course, it didn't, Tony knew logically that it wouldn't. He had used this toy on Omegas before and he was always astonished by the limits an Omegas body can be pushed to.

Steve's eyes fluttered shut and he moaned as the dildo filled him up, but he whined the moment it was all the way in and Tony stopped to let him adjust to the size. Steve immediately started to push back, wanting more, needing it.

"Alpha, please, more." Steve sobbed, tears soaking the bed as they dripped off his chin.

Any moment of reprieve was too much, the fire burning inside of him like agony the moment he wasn't getting fucked. Tony wanted to give him more time to adjust, but he also knew that Steve could take it, that he needed it. Which is why he pulled the dildo back out until only the tip was still inside and slammed it back in.

Steve screamed, his hands twisting in the sheets and his body lurching forward, but Tony didn't stop this time. Steve was so grateful and he moaned thank you like a damn mantra, over and over again, the words slurred and barely comprehensible. 

Tony wasn't sure exactly how many times that Steve cummed on the dildo or exactly how long they stayed like that, but what he did know is that his wrists were killing him by the time he tossed aside the dildo in favor of getting his mouth on Steve.

His Omega whined and squirmed under him, tugging at his restraints uselessly as Tony slurped up his slick. The taste was sweet and the texture somewhere between creamy and oily, but damn was it the best thing Tony had ever tasted. He drank it down, Steve's scent glands working on overload to keep him wet allowing Tony to just keep swallowing more. His tongue diving inside to lick it out of him and his fingers slipping inside to fuck the whiny Omega.

Tony pulled away, feeling lightheaded and absolutely drunk on Steve's slick. He grabbed the dildo that came from Steve and Bucky's apartment. They had already used this one countless times today alone. Tony shoved it inside of Steve and pressed the button on the base that made the knot inflate.

Steve was far past words now, but he whimpered, his body going slack as he collapsed onto the bed. Tony sucked a hickey onto the inside of his thigh, before crawling up the bed to nuzzle against his Omega and pull him close. He undid the handcuffs, hauling Steve on top of him, and rubbed his back.

Steve's eyes fluttered shut and he was out like a light, purring in his sleep as his Alpha combed fingers through his hair and pressed kisses to his sweaty forehead. Bucky wandered in at some point, it must have been hours after Tony had sent him to bed Tony realized from the way the sun was rising outside the window and snuggled up next to Steve.

"Thank you, Alpha," Bucky mumbled against Steve's back.

"For what?"

"For taking care of us."

Tony smiled softly and brushed his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Always, little one. Did you sleep well?"

Bucky hummed, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like yes, daddy. Tony sucked in a breath, Bucky's whimper making him realize that he was gripping Bucky's hair. He relaxed his grip, letting his fingers brush through his hair instead and Bucky melted into the touch, pressing closer to Steve and scenting his nestmate.



Within twenty minutes Steve was rutting against them and crying in his sleep, clearly in pain and needing to be fucked again. Tony ended up strapping Steve back to the bench in the hope of getting a few hours of sleep, but he couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning as he worried about his Omegas. 

Bucky fell back asleep, but Tony was used to staying up days on end so he laid awake for a good hour or two before he gave up. The clock read ten past seven and Tony knew he hadn't slept since that nap they took yesterday. He also knew he wasn't going to get any sleep for a while longer. He groaned, pushing himself up and telling JARVIS to start up the coffee.

Tony went to check on Steve while he waited for the coffee to get done. The Omega was passed out, straps around his waist and legs, but his arms free allowing him to tuck them under his head. Steve looked peaceful, his head pillowed in his arms and drool trailing out of the corner of his mouth. Maybe that seemed strange seeing as he was currently being fucked at an astonishing speed, but it was true. Tony smiled, running a hand through his hair.

“JARVIS, go ahead and shut it off.”

Tony unstrapped Steve, rubbing his legs to ensure they weren't numb from lack of blood flow before he detached the dildo from the machine and slipped it out of Steve. He pulled Steve into his arms as the Omega started to whine in protest, wanting to be fucked even in his sleep. Tony just shushed him and rubbed his back soothingly.

“Don’t worry, angel, I’m here now,” Tony murmured, carrying Steve back to the nest.

Tony laid him down on the heap of fuzzy blankets in their nest, Bucky still sleeping soundly. By this point none of them were wearing any clothes, it was really just an unnecessary barrier and Steve whined in distress anytime they covered up. Tony wasn't exactly modest, so there was no need to upset his little Omega. 

Steve sniffed at the blankets, inhaling their mixed scents that smelled strongly of slick and heat. Tony was very aware that even if he aired the place out his place would likely smell of Omega in heat for days after this was all over. He would be lying if he said he wasn't thrilled about that.

Steve rubbed his cheek against the soft fabric under him, whimpering. He was still asleep but his body was reacting to the scent of his nest. His body also felt like fire was licking his skin and wrapping around his limbs, hot and intense and demanding more. He whined and Tony was quick to shush him, slipping into Steve's gaping hole. 

"Shh, don't wake Bucky, baby. He needs his sleep." Tony murmured.

He wasn't entirely sure why he had even brought Steve back to the nest. He had forgone coffee in favor of having Steve back where he belonged and he figured it must have been Alpha instincts dictating his actions. The fucking machine sure was convenient, but Tony wanted Steve near him and he felt a subtle itch that grew worse the longer he was separated from his Omega. The itch was telling him that they needed to be close because his Omega needed to be bred.

Steve's body went slack, relieved to be filled and fucked again, and he was able to settle back into his sleep as Tony fucked him slowly, leaving kisses on his shoulder and wishing he had access to his Omega's neck when Steve tilted his head. Everything about the Omega screamed submission, from the way his lips parted under Tony's when he kissed him and the way he bared his throat instinctively, to the way his pussy took his cock like it was begging to be used. It was beautiful and Tony loved every moment of it.

He kept his pace slow, moving and rolling his hips just enough to keep Steve content under him. Bucky shifted to press up against them at some point and sighed, happy to have his mates there. Tony had been fucking Steve for hours, enjoying being in his Omega, but also feeling like he was being tortured as he brought himself to the edge and then denied himself over and over.

Did he have to fuck his Omega and deny himself his orgasm? No. He could easily fuck Steve and still release inside of him, could knot him, could fill him up without knotting him. Was he going to? No, he wasn't. He had already told Steve that he wouldn't knot him, and cumming inside of him without knotting him may decrease the likelihood of pregnancy because his fluids would spill out, but it didn't prevent it altogether.

Which is why when Tony decided to give in and finally cum he pulled out of Steve with a groan. The Omega immediately started to squirm in distress, but Tony ignored him, pumping his fist over his cock until his cum painted Steve's back. Steve continued to whine in distress as Tony rode out the aftershocks of his orgasm, grunting and groaning as he stroked himself until he could think straight again.

Bucky stirred next to them, reaching out for Steve reflexively but pulling back in surprise when his fingers squished in Tony's fluid. Bucky blinked his eyes open, staring at his Alpha's cum in surprise before stuffing his fingers in his mouth. Bucky moaned at the taste and Tony cursed under his breath, growling as another spurt of cum shot out and landed on the dip in Steve's back.

Bucky leaned forward and lapped up the cum greedily like he couldn't get enough of it. He didn't stop until Steve's back was clean and Tony just watched, his eyes dilated and his breath coming in shallow pants. Steve's squirming and whining had gotten worse and that's when Tony finally snapped himself out of his daze. 

He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a vibrator, hoping that it would appease the Omega, even if it was only temporarily. Tony needed to fill his Omegas up with something that wasn't his cum, even though the thought of them living off of his cum sent a thrill through him. If only that would be healthy, but it wasn't so Tony dragged his protesting Omegas out of bed.

Steve swallowed reflexively when Tony spoon-fed him yogurt and then applesauce, but he didn't really fully wake up. Bucky ate on his own, still not fully awake either, but awake enough. Tony was worried that he was in a bad place again and watched him carefully as he ate.

"How are you doing, Buckaroo?" Tony said eventually. "Any bad thoughts this morning, baby?"

Bucky just shrugged, but he frowned a little and set his spoon down like he just couldn't manage another bite. Tony didn't like that at all. Bucky almost looked ill, but Tony wasn't quite sure how much of it was physical and how much was mental. Both were equally as important but Tony would have to approach them slightly differently.

Taking care of Bucky physically was important, but if that was merely a symptom of something going on inside then treating the symptoms wouldn't be good enough. Tony needed to figure out the root of Bucky's problems. He also needed to get Steve through this heat. Bucky seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Alpha? I don't understand why Steve's cycle is all messed up. I don't- what if-" Bucky cut off, looking down like he felt guilty voicing his thoughts.

Tony sighed and scooped Steve up into his arms. He crouched down next to Bucky who looked so small and overwhelmed. Steve was whining again, rutting up against Tony, but Tony just reached down and turned the vibrator up a notch to soothe him.

"It's okay to tell me what you're thinking, love. You can tell me anything." Bucky just whimpered and bit his lip, his hands clenching the seat of his chair. "Are you worried that I'm the reason that Steve's heat is worse?"

Tony voiced the question for Bucky only because he had a feeling that Bucky was scared to voice it aloud himself. Bucky's eyes widened and he shook his head.

"No, I would never- I don't want-"

His mouth snapped shut again and frustrated tears welled up in his eyes.

"You don't want to upset me?" Tony guessed.

"Never, Alpha. You take such good care of us."

"Oh, sweetheart, this isn't about that though. You're allowed to be upset about your nestmate struggling and you're allowed to be frustrated that his heat is more intense than usual. I wouldn't blame you if you blamed me for it either, baby."

Bucky bit his lip until it bled, sucking in a shuddery breath.

"I don't blame you, Alpha. I'm just worried.”

“I know, little one, I’m worried too. I called my Aunt last night and she gave me the name of a biologist who specializes in Omega biology. I’m hoping that he will be able to give us some answers about Steve’s heat.”

Bucky gasped, his eyes wide. He threw himself at Tony who grunted in surprise, just barely managing to stay upright.

"Oof, okay, I love holding you, baby, but why don't we move this over to the couch?"

Bucky backed up blushing and smiled sheepishly at Tony.

"Sorry, Alpha."

Tony just huffed out a laugh and pulled him over to the couch.

"I'm glad you're happy, little one," Tony murmured, brushing his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Thank you for taking care of us. I-" Bucky pulled away, swallowing.

He fidgeted nervously, scenting anxious briefly before Steve's slick covered it up.

"What is it, angel?"

"I know that I'm not a good Omega like Stevie is and I know I've been challenging and I'm really sorry about that. I just- please don't leave me. I promise I'm gonna try to be better." Bucky finished with a sob, his bottom lip quivering.

"Woah, hey, no, baby, that's not how I feel at all. I don't think you're being difficult, love. You're the perfect Omega, just like Steve is. There's nothing wrong with you, Bucky. I don't want you to be exactly like Steve, because you're not Steve. I want you to be yourself."

Bucky's lip wobbled as he sucked in a breath and he looked so conflicted.

"I'm not disillusioned, Tony. I know that I'm not obedient enough. I keep growling and getting all twisted up about things that are stupid and shouldn't bother me. I don't even know why either. I want you and Steve to be together and to love each other. My heads just all confused and my body's acting strange and I don't know how to fix it."

"Hey, look at me, there's nothing to fix because you're not broken, baby."

Bucky shook his head and groaned.

"You don't get it. Something's wrong with me, I can feel it. I'm not lying about it."

"I'm not saying you're lying," Tony said gently, running his hand through Bucky's hair. "And I'm not saying that something isn't wrong. I'm just- I guess I'm trying to say that I think you're perfect just the way you are and whatever you're going through right now, whether it's something that will get better or it isn't, doesn't change the way I feel about you."

Bucky swallowed hard.

"And how do you feel about me?"

Tony smiled at him, his expression fond.

"I feel like I would do anything for you, support you, protect you, take care of you. There's nothing you could ask of me that I wouldn't at least consider giving you and there's nothing that you could ever need that I wouldn't be willing to give you."

Bucky sucked in a breath and lurched forward to slam their lips together. The moment didn't last long, because Steve started to whine in desperation and beg his Alphas to fuck him. Bucky pulled away with a groan and snatched up Steve.

"You fucking slut, so Goddamn desperate. You just need it don't you? Can't live without a cock in you?" Bucky taunted.

Steve whined and nodded, pressing closer and sucking at Bucky's neck. He made a frustrated sound when the collar blocked his way and pulled back with a huff.

"Need you, Alpha, please, it hurts."

Bucky's eyes were soft despite his harsh words and he nuzzled against Steve's cheek.

"I know you do, baby. I know just how needy your pussy is. Don't worry I've got you. I'm not mad. I love it when you need me." Bucky soothed.

Bucky was somewhere between soft and sweet, but still condescending and degrading as he fucked Steve. He wasn't rough, his touches gentle and kisses tender, but he sneered and called him names and Steve lapped it up like a dog in the summer sun laps up water. He was desperate and needy and begged for more and Bucky just laughed and told him to not be so greedy and just take what he's given like a good boy.

By the time Bucky had cummed twice and flopped down on the ground and pulled Steve on top of him, Steve could feel his skin rapidly cooling like his fever was breaking. He moaned in relief and snuggled into Bucky who was panting hard his chest heaving.

"Fuck, Stevie, you sure know how to wear a guy out, don't you?" Bucky teased when he managed to gain control of his breath.

Steve just hummed and nuzzled against his chest. Tony had moved off to the kitchen to slice up fruit for them to eat, but he stopped to watch them when he came back. They looked so peaceful together and Tony took a moment to enjoy the calm. He hadn't yet realized that Steve was in post-heat and neither had Bucky.

Steve was exhausted and snuggled up to Tony when he pulled him off of Bucky and into his lap. Bucky stayed on the ground for a few more minutes while Tony started feeding Steve. His hand was thrown over his eyes to block out the glare of the overhead light. Tony prodded him with his foot.

"Come on, Buckaroo, let's get some more food in you. You're gonna need it if you're gonna help me fuck Steve for the next four days." Tony teased, but they both knew he was serious.

Bucky groaned and started to push up to a seated position.

"I don't need it, Alpha," Steve said after he swallowed the bite of cantaloupe in his mouth. Bucky blinked at him and Tony looked equally as surprised. Steve hadn't said much else than need more and please, Alpha since his heat fully kicked in. Steve just shrugged. "My heat broke."

"Wait, what? Stevie, what are ya talkin' about?" Bucky said, pushing up to his feet and leaning over to scent Steve.

His eyes widened when he realized that Steve was right. The scent of his heat still lingered on his skin and would for probably most of today and into the next, but he clearly wasn't in heat anymore. Bucky sent Tony a look that was equal parts confused and worried. Tony cleared his throat drawing Steve's attention to him.

"How are you feeling, baby?"

Steve hummed and pressed closer to scent Tony.

"So good, Alpha." Steve purred.

"Good. That's good, little one." Tony murmured.

Steve was still horny for the rest of the day, but he would settle after he was fucked and not want it again for hours. It was a major relief to Tony and Bucky though they didn't fully understand why Steve's cycle was so short. If Tony had knotted him maybe it would make sense, and well, Tony had knotted him, but as far as Tony knew an Omega had to be bred to receive the benefits of a knot.

He read up on it when Steve was settled, but everything he read confirmed that knotting and breeding an Omega was how they received the proteins from Alpha sperm that would offset their heat. Not a single thing he could find said anything about oral knotting helping. In fact, many articles seemed to discourage oral knotting during heat because it didn't provide the benefits of breeding.



Steve squirmed slightly, seeming to be pulled out of some kind of trance. He became suddenly very aware of the fact that he was curled up with not one but two naked bodies. Seeing as he had just spent his heat with Tony, he really shouldn't have felt embarrassed, but he still blushed and pushed away from him.

The thing was heats were basically like being drugged and Steve had only very vague recollections of his heat, so he didn't really remember spending the last three days begging for Tony's knot. Though he could only assume that's what had happened since the Alpha was here.

Tony raised a brow at his little Omega and Bucky chuckled, pulling him flush against him. Steve squeaked when he felt Bucky's hard-on pressed against his back. He was so exhausted and quite frankly sore that he wanted nothing to do with it anytime soon.

"No, nuh-uh, get that thing away from me." Steve protested, shoving away from Bucky and glaring at his dick when it twitched.

"Ah, come on, doll. Don't you wanna be a good Omega for me, please your Alpha?" Bucky teased but made no attempt to pull Steve close again.

Steve sent him a scathing look and scrambled out of bed, grimacing when he realized just how sore he was. Steve groaned and looked around the room in confusion, like the drugs in his body were just wearing off and he was trying to make sense of what had happened, fill in the gaps in his memory.

"Where are we?"

The question made Tony freeze and Bucky bite his lip guiltily.

"You don't remember?" Tony asked softly. "You asked to stay here."

Steve frowned, glancing over at Tony, but blushed and looked away from the naked man.

"No, I don't remember that. Heat's always kinda a blur for me."

Tony swallowed, not sure of what to do with that. Did Steve's consent really count if he was too out of it even in those early moments of his pre-heat to remember it happening?

"You don't remember anything? Not even from your pre-heat or your post-heat?" Tony questioned.

Steve shook his head.

"No. Bucky knows that's how it works. Don't worry, I'm not mad about...” Steve paused looking around at the evidence of sex, the rumpled sheet and mussed up hair, the sex toys on the nightstand still glistening with slick. Steve swallowed before clearing his throat. “This. I just, um, do you have any clothes I can wear?"

Bucky got up and grabbed their bag off of the ground.

"I had Happy grab sweats and tees for us when he was at our place."

Steve nodded and grabbed the bag, his face still red as he skirted around the bed and into the bathroom. Tony just stared after him confused and then narrowed his eyes at Bucky.

"You knew that he was too out of it to consent to be with me." Tony accused. "Why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have joined you if I'd known."

"That's exactly why I didn't tell you. He needed you here and-" Bucky cut off, looking guilty again. "I needed you here, Alpha."

Tony groaned and pushed himself out of bed. He pulled Bucky in close and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"I'm glad I was here for you, for both of you, but don't ever do something like that again, Bucky. It's not fair to Steve that an Alpha took advantage of him in a vulnerable state. He should have been allowed to have a say in that."

"He did. He wanted it, he wants you,  Tony. I know he does. Trust me on this one, I can feel it. He likes you."

Tony just sighed. He didn't want to argue with Bucky about it and he couldn't change what had already happened. He definitely didn't agree with Bucky making that call when it should have been Steve's choice. There was nothing to do about it now though.



Steve showered, taking the time to enjoy the feeling of the hot water loosening his sore muscles. He was also lost in thought, slightly confused, but overall he was happy. He wasn't upset about having Tony close or being in the Alpha's space. He certainly wasn't upset about the fact that he was sure his Alpha must have knotted him. What other reason would there be for an Alpha to stick around for an Omega’s heat?

A hand even went down to his tummy as he stood in front of the mirror afterward. He was slightly scared at the thought of being a parent and more than a little nervous about the prospect of being Tony's forever. He did frown when his eyes landed on his neck. He didn't have a mark and usually that happened during the first mating, but Steve shook that thought away. 

He wondered briefly if this meant his Alpha intended to court him. Some Alphas insisted on courting their Omegas before they fully bonded. Tony seemed like that kind of an Alpha, always so gentle and cautious, he definitely seemed the type to want to take things slow. Steve smiled at the thought, his cheeks rosy red and his teeth sinking into his lip. Steve was sated and comfortable, his mind and body settled and his heart soaring, but the thought that proper courting didn’t include sex and certainly didn’t include spending heats together definitely crossed his mind.

He dug through their bag to get clothes, shaking away his silly thoughts of dates and gifts and wedding dresses. The clothes smelled like him and Bucky. They were freshly laundered, but the fabric had lived in their drawers long enough to retain some of their scent even after a wash cycle. 

It wasn't that Steve didn't like the way they smelled, but it felt like something was missing. His skin felt itchy just thinking about putting them on so soon after his heat when he should smell like both of his Alphas, be wrapped up and cocooned in both of their scents.

He ended up forgoing the clothes, modesty be damned, and returning to the bedroom as naked as the day he'd been born. He was slightly hesitant when he exited the bathroom, hovering by the door for a moment, but then he sucked in a shuddery breath and crawled back into bed. If either of his partners were surprised that he reappeared naked, well they didn't show it.

Steve's memories of his heat may all be one big blur of barely definable moments where time seemed nonexistent and reality very far away, but he had already been warming up to Tony before his heat started and he had already started thinking of him as his Alpha. 

Not to mention he had literally spent the last ten minutes in front of the mirror picturing being round with his pups and whether they could throw a wedding together before he started showing, so it was probably a good time to just accept that he had feelings for Tony. He blushed bright red at the thought but slipped back under the covers.

Tony watched Steve carefully as the Omega sniffed at the pillows, then the blankets and sheets. Steve pulled back, his eyes widening in surprise. Their scents were so mixed together they were almost indistinguishable from each other and the scent of his Alpha in their nest sent a jolt through him. Not of arousal or fear, but something softer like longing and affection.

Steve scented Bucky next and his nestmate laid back and let him explore as he pressed up against him and sniffed at his neck. They had removed their collars once they realized Steve was in post-heat, the desire to claim more manageable. Steve licked and nipped at Bucky's neck, taking advantage of the exposed skin and the way Bucky bared his neck for him. He scented his face, rubbing their noses and cheeks together, brushing their lips together, sucking on his earlobes. 

Bucky expected it, this is what his Omega did after his heat. He wasn't sure if it was a submissive thing or just a Steve thing, but Bucky didn't feel compelled to have the same in-depth exploration of his nestmate after his heats faded. 

Steve didn't stop there, he never did. He kissed down Bucky’s arms and sucked on his fingers languidly, the whole process slow and lazy, devoid of the rush or desperation of the last three days. Steve nudged under Bucky's armpits with his nose and Bucky dutifully lifted them so his Omega could run his nose against the hairs and bite at them.

His lips ran over Bucky's pecs, stopping to suckle on his nipples like a pup feeding before he licked over his abs. Steve made small sounds as he scented Bucky, mewls and snuffles, soft moans and whines, but he purred when he reached Bucky's dick.

It had gone down while Steve was showering, the scent of sated Omega strong enough now to finally start to overpower the scent of slick allowing Bucky to go soft. It twitched back to life under Steve's attention and Bucky shoved aside the covers that were now hiding Steve, just to watch his Omega lick at his tip and nuzzle up against his cock.

Steve's tongue tasted every inch of him, licking up the shaft and swirling around the head, pushing into the slit in the hope of finding some of his Alpha's potent precum, licking his balls and sucking them into his mouth one at a time. He ventured down further to lap at his ass and Bucky's thighs tensed. He bent his legs, letting them fall open as Steve's tongue circled his rim. 

Bucky groaned, his head falling back when Steve's tongue slipped inside of him tasting where his Alpha's scent was the strongest. Steve giggled when Bucky clenched around him, grinding his hips down. Bucky just smirked down at his cute little Omega knowing that Steve was far from done. 

He spent the longest amount of time rimming and tonguefucking Bucky before he moved on, nuzzling against his thighs and kissing down his legs. He licked and sucked on Bucky's toes which always made Bucky squirm, but he allowed it. 

Steve would get all upset and out of sorts if Bucky denied him access to his body right now. Bucky knew this was just something his Omega needed. He turned over when Steve pulled away, knowing that he would want access to his back too.

Steve kissed and licked his way back up Bucky's legs, nipping at his ass before burying his nose in his crack one more time, his tongue swiping over his hole again. His hands ran over Bucky's sides and his tongue licked up his spine. Kisses were pressed to his shoulders before Steve scented his neck again, their bodies pressed up together.

Bucky just relaxed into the bed, letting Steve tangle their legs together and mark up his Alpha with hickeys. His chest pressed up against Bucky's back and his cocklet pressed up against the dip in his back. They molded together perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle clicking into place. 

It was a mostly silent process, other than the sounds coming from Steve. Bucky groaned and grunted from time to time, but didn't say anything. He just let Steve have his way with him, allowing his Omega access to every part of him just the way Steve wanted. 

When they did speak, it was Steve who broke the soft silence that had settled around the three of them as Steve explored and Bucky enjoyed his nestmate’s touch, and Tony just watched in awe. He'd never seen anything quite like it. The moment somehow felt far more intimate than any moment shared during the heat, so much being said with no words at all.

"Mmm, thank you, Alpha." Steve purred.

"'Course, Omega," Bucky murmured, the words little more than a rumble.

Steve smiled softly and pressed one more kiss to his scent gland before sighing and pulling back. He glanced over at Tony who suddenly had the distinct feeling that he was a deer caught in the headlights as Steve raked his eyes over him. Steve paused to bury his nose in Bucky's hair, his fingers running through the strands before he really pulled away.

"Alpha?" Steve questioned, crawling over to him.

Tony swallowed and settled back on his back, his voice was caught in his throat and his tongue felt heavy in his mouth. Steve just smiled softly and settled on top of him, his eyes blue and round, full of questions and wonderment.

"May I?" Steve asked sweetly.

Tony swallowed again and nodded not sure he was capable of speaking at the moment. Steve seemed amused by the speechless Alpha, giggling, just the softest sweetest of sounds. Tony was pretty sure that's what angels sounded like. Tony's breath hitched when Steve leaned down to scent him, their bare skin touching and chests pressed up together.

Steve purred when Tony's chest rumbled at the feeling of his Omega nipping and licking at his neck. Tony had watched Bucky go through very much the same experience only moments earlier, but it still stole his breath when Steve worked his way over his body. Noses brushing, cheeks rubbing, eyelashes fluttering against his cheek as Steve moaned in his ear. Clearly, Steve was getting as much pleasure out of this as Tony was.

Bucky had stayed soft, very used to these intimate touches that weren't strictly sexual, only hardening when Steve got his mouth on him, but Steve hadn't kissed him the way he kissed Tony. Where Steve's lips had merely brushed over Bucky's, they lingered on Tony's. The kiss was soft and sweet and Tony thought he might die, groaning when Steve's tongue darted out to swipe against his lip.

Tony parted his lips allowing his Omega to rub their tongues together and explore his mouth thoroughly. His tongue gliding over the roof of Tony's mouth and the backs of his teeth. Tony wondered briefly if his breath tasted foul, but if it did Steve certainly didn't complain. He just moaned so pretty and rocked his cocklet up against Tony's abs. The combination of lips locking, tongues brushing and hips rocking had Tony's blood rushing down to his cock. 

Steve continued his exploration, Tony groaned as his lips wrapped around his fingers, sucking on them like he was blowing him, every pull shooting straight to Tony's dick. It honestly wasn't fair just how hot and wet Steve's mouth was. It made Tony want to live buried inside, his cock rammed down his throat and his hand tangled in his hair.

Tony grunted when Steve nudged his nose into his armpit, not used to that particular sensation as Steve sniffed and rubbed his nose against his hairs. Bucky chuckled and reached over to run his fingers through Tony's hair.

"He's really something, ain't he?" Bucky murmured, his eyes soft and tone affectionate.

Tony hummed in agreement and Steve's eyes darted up to his face. Steve's hand reached over to snatch up Bucky's wrist and rub his cheek against his palm, pressing kisses to it before leaning down to kiss Tony again. Tony could taste his own sweat on Steve's lips and maybe that should have been disgusting but it just made him groan and pull him closer, growling at his pretty little Omega.

Tony flipped them around, Steve shrieking in surprise when his back hit the mattress. He looked up at Tony startled and Tony bumped their noses together in apology.

"Sorry, I just gotta get my mouth on you. Can I?"

Steve's eyes followed Tony's gaze down to his cocklet and he blushed all the way down his chest. He bit his lip, nodding. Tony smiled softly, kissing him again slowly before shifting lower and engulfing Steve's cocklet. Steve whined at the sensation of heat, wet and overwhelming, lighting up his skin and making his blood boil. 

It wasn't the same as his heat though. This fire didn't burn fast and demand soothing. No this was a slow sensation that licked its way up his limbs, warming his skin and leaving it red as his cheeks. It made him moan and his head fall back as he squirmed under Tony.

Bucky's lips captured Steve's swallowing his sounds and Steve's eyes fluttered shut. His toes curled and his hands clawed at the sheets. Tony hummed around Steve's cocklet before taking his balls into his mouth too. Both fit easily in Tony's mouth and Steve cried out, his ass spasming as an orgasm washed over him.

Tony pulled off of him in favor of sucking at his hole and swallowing down his slick as it gushed out. Bucky's hand trailed down Steve to fondle him and he cried out in pain when the feeling became too much. Tony pulled away but Bucky just smirked, peeling back his foreskin and running his thumb over the soft tip of Steve's cocklet. Steve writhed under him, pleas for him to stop falling off his lips.

Tony's hand snatched Bucky's wrist and Bucky narrowed his eyes at him, a growl in his throat. Tony just growled back at him, the sound lower and deeper and Bucky felt the urge to shrink away from it, but his mind was telling him that Steve was his and this Alpha was a threat.

"I'm trying to show him pleasure, not hurt him." Tony gritted out.

"What's pleasure without a little pain?" Bucky shot back.

Tony clenched his jaw trying to fight back the instinct to put his Omega in his place. He was really hoping that Dr. Banner, the biologist that his aunt had put him in contact with, would be able to provide some answers about what was happening with Bucky. He had initially contacted him with concerns about Steve's mating cycle being off, but he couldn't deny that in the back of his mind he'd been hoping the man could help Bucky too.

Dominants were known for being stubborn and challenging their Alphas, but Tony couldn't help but feel like this was something else. If it was just Bucky challenging him then Tony would shrug it off, maybe even be amused by his Omega playing Alpha. It was the way Bucky seemed so conflicted and had broken down and cried like it was all just too much that had Tony worried. He knew he had to do something to help his Omega.

For the moment Tony just backed off and let Bucky take Steve in his mouth, relieved when he just held him there. Steve cried out when Bucky's heat engulfed him but slumped against the bed, his eyes fluttering shut and a moan on his lips. Bucky didn't suck, he just warmed him, falling into a more submissive headspace himself.

Tony sensed the change and brushed his fingers through Bucky's hair to encourage him to settle, to be soft and pliant. When Bucky pulled off of Steve the Omega whined in protest, but Tony just rubbed his thigh soothingly.

"Shh, you're okay, little one." He murmured to Steve before he pulled Bucky closer and nuzzled against him, coaxing him down onto the bed and nipping at his neck. 

Bucky whimpered and went limp under him.

"Good boy, there you go. That's it, just be soft for me, little one."

Bucky nodded and Tony grabbed a fuzzy blanket and tucked it around him, pressing a kiss to his head and murmuring soft words to keep Bucky under. Bucky mumbled something incomprehensible and yawned. 

"Get some sleep, Buckaroo." Tony cooed softly at him.

"Night," Bucky mumbled back.

Tony chuckled lightly but didn't point out that it was nowhere near nighttime.

Steve looked like he might fall asleep too. Tony shifted off of Bucky and nudged his nose against Steve's cheek, brushing their lips together.

"You wanna sleep, angel, or do you wanna keep scenting me?" Tony rumbled soothingly.

Steve purred in response and bared his throat.

"Want you, Alpha." He mumbled, his legs spreading instinctively.

Tony chuckled softly and kissed his cheek, a hand running up Steve's thigh and slipping in between his legs to cup him. Steve whimpered and pushed his hips up, rocking against Tony's palm.

"I'm not gonna breed you right now, baby. You're being so good waiting for me. I could knot your mouth again if you really need it, but I was thinking it'd be nice if we all got a break."

Steve whimpered but nodded. As much as he wanted his Alpha in his mouth and his knot locked behind his teeth his jaw was sore and his throat raw from being fucked. A break would be nice.

"Scent?" Steve asked instead.

Tony rumbled in approval and nuzzled against him before he laid back on the bed.

"Sorry I interrupted you before," Tony said, thinking about how he probably shouldn't have taken charge while his Omega was scenting him.

Nothing to do about that now except lay back and let Steve climb back on top of him, his hands trembling as he trailed them over Tony's chest.

"Don't be. I thoroughly enjoyed having your mouth on me." Steve teased.

He leaned down to scent his neck and Tony wondered if they had to start the whole process over. That seemed to be the case, not that Tony was complaining.

Steve didn't lick into his mouth this time or suck as long on his fingers, but he still buried his nose in Tony's armpit. Tony glanced over at Bucky to find him asleep, the fuzzy blanket pressed up against his cheek. 

Tony grunted, his attention drawn back to Steve. The Omega was suckling on his nipples and if that wasn't the cutest damn thing ever Tony wasn't sure what was. Steve made a frustrated noise when nothing came out and Tony snorted softly. He'd done the same thing when he'd suckled at Bucky's breasts. 

Tony jolted in surprise when Steve's tongue slipped into his belly button but forced himself to relax. His head fell back when Steve sucked and licked all over his dick and balls. Tony's eyes flashed and a growl ripped through him when his Omega's tongue darted out to lick his rim. He bent his legs up to give him better access and Steve purred gratefully. He didn't spend as much time there as he had for Bucky. Steve had spent more time and energy worshipping Tony's dick because that's where Tony's scent was the strongest.

The scenting ended very much the same way it had for Bucky with Tony on his stomach and Steve pressed up against him, marking up his neck, except their legs weren't tangled together because Steve was straddling his hips. It was still just as intimate. Steve grinded slowly into Tony's back, moaning softly in his ear, his teeth lightly grazing his neck.

The sheer softness of the moment, the calm and the slow affection was like a balm on sunburnt skin. The intensity of Steve's heat soothed away by the tenderness of his touch.

They fell asleep with Steve curled up in between his Alphas and Tony holding him close. Any thoughts of modesty long since forgotten, replaced by a sense of right and safe and home.

Chapter Text

Steve was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, his hand over his tummy as he stared at himself. It was flat, but he wondered if it would be for long.

"What are you doing, little one?" Tony asked, glancing over at Steve as he grabbed his toothbrush.

They were up in the penthouse. It had been a couple of days since Steve's heat broke but neither Omega had brought up going back to their apartment. Tony hoped they didn't. He was getting way too used to having them around.

"Do you think I'll get pregnant? It's pretty likely, isn't it? Submissive Omegas almost always get pregnant when they're knotted during heat."

Tony froze, setting his toothbrush down and considering his next words carefully.

"You really don't remember anything about your heat do you?"

Steve shook his head.

"Not really. I remember feeling like I was burning up and hurting sometimes and feeling blissed out other times like the fire had been put out."

"But nothing specific? Not even when you came down to see me in my lab?"

Steve frowned.

"Did I?"

Tony swallowed feeling a sinking sensation in his stomach that kinda felt like guilt settling inside of him like a rock. It kinda made him feel nauseous.

"Yeah, you did and I asked you about knotting."

Steve tilted his head at him.


"Why? Because it's your body and I wanted you to decide if you wanted to take the risk of pregnancy or not."

Steve's eyes darted around the room as he tried to figure out what Tony was implying.

"Wait, I said no?"

"Not technically, but you didn't seem like you wanted it. You seemed uncertain."

Steve just stared at Tony for a moment, his face going pale.

"You didn't knot me."

It wasn't a question but Tony confirmed with a shake of his head.

"No, I didn't, love, not like that. I didn't breed you."

Steve looked like he might cry, a sob escaping his throat.

"Oh, sweetheart, I don't want it to upset you," Tony said, pulling Steve into his arms.

Steve clung to him, burying his face in his neck.

"Why didn't you? Do you not want to?"

"Steve, baby, no, that's not it all. Of course, I wanted to, but I didn't want to push you into anything that you weren't ready for. I do want to breed you, angel. I want to knot you and fill you up with my pups. Of course, I want that."

Steve whimpered and pressed closer.

"I want that too."

"Yeah? 'Cause I'll breed you whenever you want me to, little one. You just say the word and you can have my knot and my pups and my mark."

Tony would rather wait, but not if it was going to upset his Omega. He didn't want that and if Steve wanted it now that he was in the right state of mind to make that decision then Tony would give it to him.

Steve shuddered in his arms.

"I-" Steve broke off, scenting his Alpha and whining when he noticed how anxious Tony was.

"Fuck, sorry." Tony mumbled, forcing his scent to shift to something softer, soothing.

Steve's body relaxed in response and he inhaled the scent greedily.

"I want all of that, Alpha. I want to be yours. I'll be so good for you. I'm just not sure if I want that yet."

Tony felt everything inside of him relax, Steve's words confirming that waiting had been the right choice.

"That's alright, baby. You don't have to rush anything. I'll wait as long as you want to wait."

Steve whimpered.

"I don't want to wait, but I think I need to. I don't think I'm ready. Being a parent scares me. What if I'm a bad one or what if we don't stay together?"

Tony rubbed Steve's back.

"You won't be a bad parent and I'll never leave you, not as long as you want me. You don't have to worry about that, but you don't have to make any decisions right now either. We'll talk about it later when things don't feel so intense. We can talk all about pups and bonding and we'll do it with Bucky, make sure everyone's on the same page."

Steve nodded and bit his lip.

"What if I wanted to be courted?" Steve asked hesitantly.

Tony's chest rumbled happily at the thought.

"Then I'll court you, sweetheart."


"I'd be honored to."

Steve smiled softly and nuzzled against him before pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Thank you, Alpha."

Tony smiled softly at his Omega, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"Come on, let's go get some breakfast."

Bucky was cooking bacon at the stove when they entered the kitchen and Steve sniffed the air and moaned.

"Smells delicious," Steve told him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Bucky smirked at him, smacking his hand away when Steve tried to snatch up a piece of bacon off of the plate sitting on the counter.

Steve pouted and Bucky rolled his eyes but chuckled in amusement.

"They're still hot, Stevie. Go sit down with Tony and I'll serve you up a plate."

Steve huffed but let Tony pull him away and settled in his lap.

"How are you doing, little one?" Tony asked when Bucky set down plates at the table.

Bucky glanced up at him and licked his lips.

"I don't know... I feel weird."

Tony watched him carefully and Steve frowned, opening his mouth to say something.

"Hush, eat your food," Tony murmured handing Steve a piece of toast. "Weird how?"

Bucky shrugged, shifted on his feet nervously, and sat down next to them.

"Don't know. I'm hoping it'll pass."

Tony pursed his lips. He wasn't willing to take that risk.

"You're gonna be working in my lab with me today. Steve's gonna be working in the lobby." Tony told them.

Bucky looked like he wanted to protest, he didn't need to be babysat, but Steve's eyes widened.

"The lobby? Why?"

Tony kissed his cheek and held a bite of eggs up to his lips. Steve opened his mouth for the bite automatically, chewing on autopilot, but his mind was racing. Was he going to be a receptionist then? He could probably do that better than fix up cars or help out in the lab, so this was probably a good thing. Steve was honestly just grateful to have any job at all.

"I still teach a class at the university though. Just once a week, but I'm going to need Thursday afternoons off."

Tony nodded.

"Yeah, no problem. I'll let Pepper know. She's the one who keeps track of scheduling and, well, everything really. It won't be a problem though. You can work whenever you want. You could even work at night if you ever get the urge to, but I must confess I'd miss you if you didn't join us in bed. I got a bit spoiled these past few days, holding you close."

Steve flushed, reaching behind him to wrap an arm around Tony's neck and grip the hair at his nape.

"Alpha." Steve whimpered.

Tony scented him, pressing a kiss to his neck and nipping at his scent gland.

"You're okay, little one."

Steve hummed, scenting of pleased Omega. It took him a moment to resurface, but when he did he frowned.

"Wait, what will I be doing?"



"You want a mural?" Steve asked, blinking his eyes at Tony and looking at the wall.

Pepper was shaking her head in exasperation but had clearly already lost the argument because she just sighed and walked away.

"Yeah, just to, you know, liven up the place," Tony said, glancing at Steve nervously.

He really hoped his Omega would like the idea and enjoy painting the mural.

"Uh-huh. Sure..." Steve agreed uncertainly. "What do you want me to paint?"

"Doesn't matter. Just paint anything you want. If I don't like it I can always just have it painted over."

Tony was teasing, he'd never do that, even if he absolutely hated whatever Steve came up with, but Steve stiffened. He looked truly horrified by the thought and Tony immediately wished he could take the words back. Bucky abandoned the receptionist he'd been unabashedly flirting with five feet away from his Alpha and Omega and wrapped an arm around Steve's shoulders. 

"So, a mural, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess," Steve said, but he sounded anxious and Tony really wished he didn't.

Bucky frowned at the scent of anxiety rolling off of his Omega. He nuzzled against him and pulled him closer.

"Hey, don't be nervous, doll. You're gonna do great. Tony will love it no matter what you paint. Won't ya, Tony?"

Tony nodded and cleared his throat.

"Yeah, 'course I will. As long as you have fun while doing it then I don't care so much what you come up with."

Steve worried his lip anyways but nodded. It took a moment, but his cheeks flushed just ever slightly and he smirked at Tony.

"So if I painted something like Gustave Courbet's L'Origine du monde, you'd be okay with that?" Steve teased.

He didn't expect Tony to understand the erotic reference, but the Alpha snorted.

"As long as it's my genitals you're painting, I wouldn't mind, sweetheart. I don't need either of my Omega's displayed in my lobby though." Tony teased right back.

Bucky snickered and Steve's eyes widened, his blush crawling down his neck. Tony wondered how far down it went. Steve squeaked in embarrassment and hid his face in Bucky's chest. Bucky just cooed at him and Tony chuckled under his breath.

"Alright, I'll leave it to you, little one. Anything you need just ask JARVIS for."

Steve mumbled something incomprehensible into Bucky's chest and Tony smiled, pressing a kiss to his head. Steve tilted his head up to look at him, his eyes wide and blue, dancing with wonder and Tony's smile softened. He pressed a kiss to Steve's nose just to watch the way he wrinkled it adorably. 

Bucky's expression was just as soft as Tony's as he watched the exchange and Tony didn't hesitate to kiss him. Bucky whimpered into the kiss, his hand coming up to tangle in Tony's hair and pull him closer until Steve was sandwiched in between them. Steve's breath hitched as he felt the warmth of both bodies surrounding him. The moment was over far too soon and Tony was gone, Bucky pressing a kiss to Steve's lips before following after him.

Steve just stood there blankly for a few moments feeling dazed, before he blinked the feeling away. He turned to look at the wall appraisingly. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with it, he just hoped that Tony would like it.



"You told him you want to be courted?" Bucky asked at lunch.

Tony was still in his lab, but he had told Bucky to drag Steve away from painting and make sure their Omega ate something. Steve hadn't been painting. He'd been scouring through thousands of different paint samples that JARVIS had sent for him. He was trying to find the perfect colors, when Bucky found him and tugged him away.

Steve shrugged like it wasn't a big deal, but his blush told a different story.

"Jesus, Stevie, I want him to just claim us and knot us already and you're over here telling him that he should take things slow." Bucky groaned.

"It'll be fun, Buck. We can go out to dinner or walk around museums or just go for a stroll around Central Park. Maybe Tony will even buy us gifts."

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Okay, first of all, going to a museum just sounds like torture, and second of all, Tony would do all those things for us anyway. Why do we have to wait to be claimed?"

Steve pouted and poked at his pasta with his fork.

"I don't know, Alpha, I just thought it'd be nice, but I guess we don't have to if you don't want to."

Bucky groaned again and stood up, pulling Steve into his arms, his fork clattering to the ground, and laying him down on the couch. Bucky hovered over him and stared down at his Omega's pouty lips. He nuzzled against Steve's cheek, brushing their noses together, before claiming those lips as his. 

His tongue slipping inside to taste and his hand slipping under Steve's shirt to touch, because Bucky will never be able to get enough of his Omega, his Stevie. Steve whined into his mouth when Bucky tweaked his nipple and then whined again in protest when Bucky pulled back.

"I didn't mean nothin' by it, baby. I guess I just never thought much about it before, but if you want that then of course I want that for you, Omega."


"I always want to give you everything you want, Stevie. Don't you know that by now? I'd find a way to give you the moon if you asked me to."

Steve smiled at him, purring.

"Thank you, Alpha."




(You can find the artist of this amazing fanart on tumblr @peterrose)


Tony glanced up and just about choked on his coffee when Steve came out wearing his button up. His legs exposed and his hair tousled from sleep. Bucky followed after him in nothing but a pair of briefs with his hair thrown up in a sloppy bun. Tony thought he might die at the sight of them.

"Fuck." He breathed out.

Steve tilted his head at him and slid into his lap.

"I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed one of your shirts."

"Yeah, I see that." Tony said, his hand running up his smooth thigh and slipping under his panties to squeeze his perfectly round cheek.

Bucky leaned down to press his lips to Tony's and Tony's free hand reached out to cup the back of his neck and keep him from escaping.

"Don't ask me how I'm doing." Bucky said when they pulled apart. "I don't need you worrying about me all of the time."

Tony sighed.

"I'll always worry about you, little one. I'm an Alpha that's what we do, but I won't ask if you just offer up the information."

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"I'm fine, Tony."

Tony snorted and shook his head.

"I doubt that. You didn't sleep much last night."

Bucky narrowed his eyes at Tony when Steve frowned.

"You didn't sleep much?" Steve asked, worried.

Bucky groaned and kissed Steve's cheek.

"I slept fine, baby, don't worry about it."


"Uh-uh, none of that. Everything's fine. I promise." Bucky told him firmly.

Tony and Steve shared a concerned look when Bucky turned away and grabbed a mug, but neither of them said anything.



Tony waited until after breakfast to bring up the plans for the day.

"I set up an appointment with a biologist and I'd like you both to come with me."

"Yeah? The Omega biologist?" Bucky asked Tony, glancing over at their Omega.

Tony nodded.

"Dr. Banner is supposed to be one of the best. Hopefully he can provide some insight about Steve's cycle among other things."

Bucky frowned at the among other things part but he was glad that his Alpha was worried about him, even if it kinda annoyed him that he needed it. He didn't want there to be anything wrong with him.

Steve just looked confused, which was fair since this was the first he'd heard of this.

"Omega biologist? Why are we going to see an Omega biologist? My cycle was fine."

"Your cycle was short, Stevie." Bucky said.

"So? That's not that big of a deal. An irregular cycle isn't a big deal." Steve said, but he sounded slightly panicked and his scent shifted to anxious.

"Of course not, doll. There's nothing wrong. It's just a precaution really." Bucky said immediately, not wanting his Omega to worry.

Tony frowned though. Of course he didn't want Steve to worry, but he also didn't want to lie to him and they didn't know if everything was fine. It could be not a big deal, but it also could be. He didn't feel comfortable lying about it when it was Steve that was affected by it, it was his body after all.

"Well, sweetheart, we don't know yet, but that's why we're going to go see this doctor. He'll hopefully be able to give us some answers or refer us to someone who can."

Steve whimpered and shifted in Tony's lap until he could wrap his arms around his neck. Bucky glared at Tony for worrying their Omega and got up to run his fingers through Steve's hair and murmur soft words in his ear. Tony just focused on keeping his scent soothing so they would settle easier.

"We have time before our appointment. Why don't we do something, get our minds off things for a bit?" Tony suggested.

Steve glanced up at Tony and bit his lip.

"We could go to the café, see if Clint's working today. Even if he's not we can see Sam for sure and I wouldn't mind seeing Brock."

"I would. He rubs me the wrong way." Bucky grumbled.

"I like him." Steve said.

"Of course you do, you like everyone. The fact that you like Brock just proves that."

Steve giggled and kissed his cheek, sliding off of Tony's lap and scurrying off to get dressed. Bucky smiled as he watched him leave, but gasped in surprise when Tony pulled him into his lap.


"Shh, you're alright. I've got you, baby. I didn't mean to upset you earlier, I'm just worried about you and I can't help it because I care about you. I'm worried about Steve too, but I don't think it's fair to lie to him about this."

Bucky pouted but nodded his head.

"Okay, Alpha. I just didn't want him to get all worked up about it when we don't even know there's anything wrong."

Tony cupped Bucky's cheek.

"I know. I'm not upset about it, love." Tony murmured, pulling Bucky closer to press their lips together.

Bucky whimpered and parted his lips, letting Tony lick inside, but then he pulled back and frowned.

"Why'd you say that in front of Steve?"

"Say what?"

"That I didn't sleep well."

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Why wouldn't I say that?"

"Because he's my Omega and I don't want him worrying about things like that."

"He's our Omega and Steve has every right to worry about you, love. Being our Omega doesn't make him any less our partner and partners worry. I don't just worry because I'm your Alpha, I worry because I'm your partner."

"Partner." Bucky said softly. "I'm not sure I know what that means."

Tony cupped his cheek when Bucky dropped his eyes to his lap. That was a hard thing for Bucky to admit, but the truth was he'd never really been with someone before. He's been with Steve of course, but in secret and that's just not the same. Not to mention that Bucky is the Alpha in their relationship and he's always been told certain things about how he has to behave, but when Tony talks about relationships and Alphas and Omegas it seems much more like a partnership than anything that Bucky has ever known.

"Yeah, baby, partners. I may be your Alpha and that might mean that I make decisions for us, but I only am allowed that power because you've given it to me. If you ever feel like a decision I've made for you isn't fair then I want you to tell me. I want you to always have a say in your life, the final say. If you say no I will respect that."

"What if I told you I didn't want you to be my Alpha?" Bucky asked, his voice barely audible.

"Then I wouldn't be." Tony said just as softly. "I don't care what anyone else says. As far as I'm concerned I'm only yours for as long as you say that I am, mark or no mark.

Bucky licked his lips and pressed closer to Tony.

"I do want you to be my Alpha." He murmured.

Tony smiled softly and kissed him.

"Good because I really want to be your Alpha."

"Even if I'm Steve's Alpha?"

"Being Steve's Alpha doesn't make you any less mine. You're still my Omega, for as long as you'll have me."

"Forever then."

"Forever then." Tony echoed, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Let's go check on Steve. He got upset earlier when he realized I didn't breed him and I want to make sure he doesn't spiral."

Tony knew that JARVIS would let him know if Steve was spiraling, but he wanted to distract Bucky. Bucky's eyes widened and he scrambled off of Tony's lap. Steve looked up in surprise when Bucky appeared in the doorway.

"You okay, Stevie?"

"Yeah, but I think we need to go back home."

Bucky raised a brow and leaned back against the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest as he eyed the way all of their clothes were in a pile on the floor. Tony came up next to him and kissed his shoulder and Bucky shifted to lean his weight against his Alpha. Tony's chest rumbled happily, his arms encircling Bucky's waist.

"What are you doing, little one?"

"I don't know what to wear." Steve complained.

Tony chuckled.

"Would you like me to buy you something new?"

Steve shook his head immediately, his cheeks pink at the thought of his Alpha buying things for him.

"I, um, I don't know, Alpha." Steve murmured, staring at his feet and biting his lip.

"Hm, well, why don't we stop by a store before going to the café?" Tony suggested, watching Steve carefully to see how he'd react to that.

Steve blushed harder and whimpered softly, nodding and shuffling his feet.

"Do we have time for that?" Steve asked.

"We have plenty of time, love." Tony reassured him.

Steve shrieked when Bucky wrapped his arms around him and nipped at his scent gland. Tony just chuckled and went to his drawers, pulling out a pair of sweats. Steve wrinkled his nose at them.

"I don't want those."

Bucky frowned when Tony just nodded and put them away.

"You can't go out without pants on." Bucky told Steve.

Steve pouted, but Tony just kissed his cheek.

"It's fine. If he wants to then he can."

Bucky clearly disagreed.

"You're going to allow that? He's your Omega. Do you really want others leering at him?"

Tony raised a brow at him. He didn't want to have this argument in front of Steve. Parents shouldn't fight in front of their kids and Alphas shouldn't fight in front of their Omegas. Tony felt very strongly about that and it might not always work out that way, but he would try his darndest to keep Steve out of these things. The argument might be about him to some degree, but it was really less about Steve and more about Bucky questioning Tony's authority.

"I don't want to do this with you right now, Bucky. We can talk about it later." Tony said dismissively.

"No we fucking can't. I want him to change."

Tony gritted his teeth, but forced himself to stay calm.

"Steve, baby, I need you to go wait for us on the common floor. We'll be down soon."

Steve's eyes widened.

"Alpha?" Steve asked, looking scared.

Tony cupped his cheek.

"I need you to go now, little one. I'm not going to fight with Bucky in front of you."

Steve swallowed and glanced over at Bucky, his eyes pleading with him to not do this, but Bucky was glaring at Tony and didn't notice. Steve whimpered but left when Tony nudged him towards the door. Tony watched to make sure that Steve was in the elevator before turning back to Bucky.

"What Steve wears is not up to you, Bucky." Tony told him firmly.

Bucky scoffed.

"So much for being partners. What happened to me having a say in things?"

Tony narrowed his eyes at him, stepping closer.

"That doesn't apply to Steve."

"What so you get the final say, because what you're the Alpha?" Bucky scoffed, his fists clenching at his side.

Bucky knew even as he objected to Steve going out in public in his underwear that he was making a big deal out of something that maybe shouldn't have been such a big deal. Tony clearly didn't care about it, so why did he care so much? He wasn't entirely sure but something inside of him was telling him that he shouldn't allow it.

"No, Bucky. Steve gets the final say, because it's Steve's body."

Bucky's eyes widened. That made sense, really it did, but he still wanted to fight against it. Steve was his and he didn't want others to see him and stare at the way his panties hugged him.


"No, that's final. I'm not asking your opinion on it. You don't get an opinion on it, because I'm your Alpha and I told you what's going to happen."

Bucky scoffed.

"You said that I could have a say." Bucky protested.

Tony growled and shoved Bucky up against the wall, caging him in. Bucky's eyes widened at the show of aggression and he felt that urge to submit, but that voice was telling him to fight back and he felt so conflicted about what he was supposed to do.

"I know what I said, but you said that you want me to be yours and you want to be mine. You gave me that power, so no, it's not always going to be equal. If you don't think that's fair you can always tell me, but not in front of Steve. You don't get to undermine my authority. You're just going to confuse him. When an Omega has two Alphas, they have to be on the same page. If it's not hurting Steve then I need you to follow my example and we can discuss it later, privately, if you disagreed. We don't fight in front of Steve, I won't allow it."

"What if I disagree about that?"

Tony clicked his tongue.

"You can disagree all you want, but I don't have to change my mind."

"Because you're the Alpha?"

"Yes, because I'm your Alpha and if you don't like the way I do things then don't be my Omega."

Bucky sucked in a sharp breath at those words and clenched his jaw, trying to hold back the tears pricking his eyes. Tony softened and pressed his forehead to Bucky's.

"I'm not trying to be mean, love, but when it comes to Steve you don't get to make the final call."

Those words only spiked Bucky's anger again, because Steve was his, not Tony's, and why did Tony get to make the final call? Bucky knew even as the thought surfaced that it wasn't right. Steve was theirs. It didn't stop him from growling at his Alpha.

"So you're okay with him going out in his underwear?"

Tony growled back, dropping a hand to grip the back of Bucky's neck until the Omega slumped against him. Tony cradled his head and held him close.

"I'm not thrilled about it, Bucky, but if Steve wants to then it's his call. I'm not always going to concede to his wishes, but I'll give him the choice to have control if he wants it, whenever I can allow it." Tony told him softly, but firmly.

"What does that even mean?" Bucky whimpered, nuzzling against Tony's neck.

"It means that there will be times that I ignore his wishes, because I am his Alpha. He's given me that power and when I feel that it's necessary I will use it, but I'll try my best to never abuse it. Think of it this way, if I can allow it I will, but I can't always make such allowances. There's no real harm in Steve walking around in his underwear. I'd feel more concerned about it if he was going out on his own, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't allow it. I might want to collar him though, just to ensure that no one feels they have the right to touch him. But we'll be there to protect him, so even if it annoys me to see others staring at him I'll deal, because that's what Steve wants."

Bucky hummed, feeling much more submissive now, inhaling the calming scent of his Alpha and wrapped up securely in his arms.

"And when wouldn't you allow him to make a decision?"

"When I deem it unsafe. I'm not going to let him fight me on his own safety, but anything else is fair game. It's different if he's fighting me on a choice I'm letting you make though. Does that make sense? Steve doesn't get to make choices for you that override the choices I'm allowing you to make."

Bucky bit his lip, pulling back to look at Tony.

"And I don't get to tell Steve what to do, if you're letting him make the choice for himself."

"Exactly. I don't say that to be mean. It's just important that Steve sees me as his Alpha and I can't have him running to you to undo what I've done. I also can't have you thinking that you can go against my choices. We have to be on the same page and anytime you disagree I want you to tell me, but not in front of Steve. You don't get to undermine me by calling me out or disagreeing with a choice I've made for him in front of him. You come to me privately and we can discuss it."

"But that doesn't mean you'll change your mind."

Tony's eyes were soft and his hands ran through his hair.

"No, it doesn't. Sometimes I might, and sometimes I won't. You just have to accept that."

"Because you're my Alpha."

"Yes, Bucky, I am your Alpha and I'm Steve's Alpha. As long as you both want me, as long as you are giving me that title and the power that comes with it, then I get to make decisions that I feel are best for all of us."

Bucky whimpered and pressed forward to kiss him, Tony's hand gripping his hair as their lips collided. The kiss didn't last long but it was soft and sweet and Bucky melted into it.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. Thank you, I just- I got lost."

"Shh, it's okay. I'm not mad."

"You were." Bucky pointed out.

Tony nodded.

"I was." He said carefully. "I didn't want to do this in front of Steve. I was raised in a world where those with power fought openly in front of those who didn't have any. I don't want that for you and Steve. I don't want you to experience that, and I don't want to strip you of all of your power either. I want to find a balance between controlling you and giving you control and I'm not sure I've found that balance yet, but I'm trying."

Bucky shook his head.

"You're doing so good and I'm fucking it all up."

"You're not. You're struggling and as your Alpha it's on me to help you through that."

"I shouldn't be though. I shouldn't be struggling this much." Bucky said, his lower lip trembling with frustration and his eyes welling up with tears.

"Hey, shh, no, don't say that, love. Dominants always find submitting hard."

Bucky shook his head.

"That's not true. We don't submit naturally to just anyone, but that doesn't mean we can't submit when we want to."

"You can submit, Bucky. Baby, I've seen you submit and you do it so beautifully." Tony reasoned.

Bucky curled his hands in Tony's shirt and cried into his shoulder.

"You don't get it."

"Then explain it to me, love, because you're right I don't really get it. I want to understand though."

"It's hard for me, Alpha. Even when I want to submit I can't always and I don't know why." Bucky said sobbing.

"Oh, baby, come here."

Tony scooped him up into his arms and held him close while Bucky cried, frustrated and confused and just desperately wanting his Alpha to make it all better.

"Steve's waiting for us." Bucky said after a few minutes of crying and feeling awfully pathetic for doing so.

"Steve's fine, little one. He's not my main concern right now."

"How do you know he's fine?"

"JARVIS would tell me if he wasn't."

"He would?"

"Of course, JARVIS is my eyes and ears." Tony told his Omega before addressing his AI. "Hey, pal, tell me how Steve's doing?"

"Steve is conversing with Natasha. He appears amused and his vitals are within reasonable levels suggesting that he is well."

"Thanks, JARVIS."

Bucky glanced up at the ceiling and Tony smirked, trying not to laugh. Bucky glared playfully at him but nuzzled against him, rubbing their noses together and dropping a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you, Alpha. I don't even know why you put up with me."

Tony cupped his cheek and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

"I'm not putting up with you, little one. I'm taking care of you. You're not a burden to me and your struggles don't make you any less worthy of my time and attention."

Bucky sucked in a shaky breath and looked away, unable to look Tony in the eyes when he was looking at him like that. So warm and loving, like he wanted nothing more than to be here helping sort Bucky out when he was all out of sorts.

"Can we go find Steve now, Alpha?" Bucky whispered.

He really wanted to be done with this. He felt foolish for bringing it up and he felt foolish for wasting Tony's time, even if Tony insisted that he wanted to help Bucky through it. Bucky couldn't just accept that. It was hard to not feel like a burden and it was hard to believe it when Tony said he wasn't a burden. Maybe that would change in time, but it wasn't going to change right now, so Bucky just wanted to move on.

Chapter Text

Steve looked up when they exited the elevator. He was chatting animatedly with Natasha, but he immediately scented anxious and his eyes raked over Bucky like he was looking for signs that Tony had hurt him. Steve didn't think Tony would do something like that, but he didn't know for sure. He really didn't know Tony that well. Bucky's dad used to hurt Bucky when he challenged him, so Steve still had that lingering concern, even if Tony had never hurt them.

"Is everything okay?" Steve asked uncertainly.

Bucky nodded and scooped Steve up off of the couch.

"'Course it is, pretty Omega. Our Alpha made it all better."

"He did?" Steve breathed out, his eyes so blue as they stared into Bucky's that it made Bucky want to get lost in them.

"He did." Bucky confirmed softly, kissing his cheek.

Steve purred and snuggled up close.

"Can we go shopping now?"

Bucky turned his gaze to Tony and waited for him to nod before answering.

"Yeah, Stevie, we can go shopping now."

Tony smiled softly and ran his fingers through Steve's hair, kissing Bucky and nodding at Natasha. 

Natasha smirked.

"I have someone I want you to meet. He needs an internship and he's brilliant."

Tony raised a brow.

"What's his major?"

"Dance, but he's a science nerd. You'll like him."

Tony hummed.

"Sure, just have Pepper set up a time and date."

"Already did."

Tony rolled his eyes.

"Of course you did." He muttered.



Bucky was pouting but Steve was grinning from ear to ear. He was tugging Bucky through the store and stopping to look at everything that caught his eye. Tony had told him he could get anything that he wanted. A part of Steve felt horrified because the price tags on these clothes were insanely high. On the other hand, he kinda liked that his Alpha was willing to splurge on clothes just to dress his Omega. 

There was still a little voice inside that told Steve he shouldn't get too attached, that he shouldn't get used to this because Tony might not keep them. That voice was drowned out by the one that told him this was his Alpha and he wasn't going anywhere. Tony had spent his heat with him and said that he wanted to breed and claim him. He was even willing to wait and court him first. As far as Steve was concerned that said a lot about how much Tony wanted to keep him around. 

Tony certainly seemed attached to Bucky as well and that really sealed the deal for Steve. He and Bucky were a package deal and Steve wouldn't ever agree to mate an Alpha that didn't want Bucky too. That would definitely be a deal breaker, but as far as Steve could tell Tony was perfect in every way. So there was no harm in having a little fun and letting his Alpha spoil him.

Steve stopped and Bucky groaned when he pulled a pair of booty shorts off a rack. They were so short that they definitely wouldn't cover his ass and would almost certainly show off his lace panties. Maybe Steve should get some thongs to go with them. That definitely wouldn't make Bucky happy but Tony would let him anyways. The thought made Steve giggle and he handed the shorts to Tony who added them to the pile that he had slung over his arm.

"What?" Steve asked innocently when Bucky narrowed his eyes at him. "I'm gonna look great in them."

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Trust me, that's not my concern." Bucky muttered.

Steve just grinned at him and kissed his cheek.

"Come on, I want to look at panties."

Bucky's eyes darkened and he smirked following after his Omega. Tony trailed behind them, grabbing a couple more things along the way that he wanted Steve to try on. They spent a good half an hour looking at panties and Bucky was equally turned on and enraged by the thongs that Steve added to the pile. 

Tony was just amused. His Omegas bickered and teased each other and Tony thought they were just the cutest ever. Bucky tried to get Steve to choose less revealing clothes and Steve pranced around in nothing but Tony's button up over his panties ignoring Bucky's wishes and saying that it didn't matter because he now has two strong Alphas to protect him.

It took over two hours of Steve modeling and rejecting more than half of the pile before they were out the door. Tony and Bucky were each carrying bags and boxes and Steve was dressed in the shortest booty shorts imaginable and a crop top that hung off his shoulder teasingly. Both his Alphas wanted to bite and suck at his exposed neck and touch the soft skin that his outfit did little to hide. 

Bucky had left the tower in only his briefs, Tony was fairly certain he was just being rebellious, because he had smirked at Tony and said that if Steve doesn't have to get dressed then why should he. Tony had just rolled his eyes. Steve had convinced Bucky to get skinny jeans that hugged him like a second skin and a t-shirt. It was far less revealing than Steve's outfit and yet Tony thought it was equally as appealing.

Bucky had his hands all over Steve the moment they reached their car. Tony had to have Happy put up the partition when it became clear that they were going to be doing a lot more than just feeling each other up and kissing a bit. Tony didn't join them, he just watched and enjoyed the scent of slick that filled the small space. His Omegas were happy and Tony was happy that they were happy. He let them have their fun, because he was pretty sure that this appointment wouldn't be fun.

They pulled up at the café and had to wait for Steve to finish blowing Bucky before they could leave the car. Tony instructed Happy to take their bags back to the tower and leave them in the penthouse. Tony carried Bucky in his arms, still blissed out and recovering from his orgasm and Steve walked beside them looking awfully smug. He was very pleased with himself for pleasing his Alpha.

Tony just chuckled and slipped his hand into Steve's, leading him into the café. They arrived during lunch rush so the place was packed but Steve didn't seem concerned about it.

"Clint will let us hangout in the kitchen with Sam." Steve assured his Alpha.

Tony raised a brow at him. Tony had never been here at this hour, not to mention that Tony didn't usually stick around long. He really only stopped by to support his friends and chat a bit before heading back to his lab.

Clint grinned when he saw them and leaned over the counter to kiss Steve's cheek.

"I didn't know you were coming today."

Steve shrugged.

"I didn't know until this morning."

Clint eyed Bucky in Tony's arms and pulled Steve closer again to scent him.

"Oh, fuck, what have you been getting up to? Enjoying having an Alpha?" Clint teased.

Steve blushed and pushed away from him. Clint just laughed.

"Head around back, Sam and Brock are both in the kitchen."

Sam greeted them the moment they entered the kitchen and pulled Steve in for a hug. Brock raised a brow at Steve from where he was sitting on a couch in the corner.

"You look like a slut." Brock commented.

"You are a slut." Steve shot back, walking over and snuggling up to him.

Brock growled at him, but wrapped his arms around Steve and pulled him into his lap. Steve rested a hand on his baby bump.

"When do you think you'll feel the pup kicking?"

Brock shrugged.

"I heard you had your heat. It was over pretty quickly." Brock said, smirking.

Steve blushed, knowing what Brock was implying.

"He didn't breed me." Steve mumbled ashamed to admit that his Alpha hadn't wanted to have pups with him.

Tony had said that wasn't why he didn't do it, but Steve found that hard to fully accept.

Brock frowned then hummed.

"Well if you keep dressing like this I'm sure he'll knot you soon."

Steve rolled his eyes.

"He did knot me, if you must know."

Brock raised a brow.

"So what you're saying is he prefers you with your mouth plugged."

Steve smacked his chest and glared at him.

"Shut up." He mumbled.

Brock just snickered.

Tony glanced over at the Omegas and smiled when Steve snuggled up close to Brock. Before Brock met Sam he hated Alpha's with a passion. Now he can't seem to get enough of his Alpha and Tony had seen Sam knot him on multiple occasions, because Brock had zero patience and Sam didn't like telling him no. Not to mention, Tony spent a lot of time with Sam and his Omegas.

"A biologist, huh?" Sam asked.

Tony nodded.

"Yeah, I didn't breed Steve, but I did knot his mouth. I'm assuming that's why his heat was so short, but I've never heard of that happening."

"Yeah, I can't really give any advice there. My Omegas wanted to live on my knot during their heat and were constantly fighting over who got it. Hardest day of my life trying to get them to share when they were heat drunk. I'm honestly glad I knocked up Brock the first time around, because it means the next heat will probably be easier."

Tony laughed.

"Theoretically maybe, but Brock practically wants to live on your knot because he's pregnant. What makes you think that'll be any different a month from now?" Tony teased.

Sam groaned.

"Don't say that, man. Let me live in my little bubble. I would like to think that it will be easier."

"Fair enough. You have to let me know how that goes." Tony said with a smirk.

Sam chuckled and nodded.

"How are things going with Bucky?"

Bucky lifted his head to glare at Sam.

"I'm right here. Don't talk about me like I'm not." Bucky grumbled.

The Alphas just chuckled and Tony rubbed his back soothingly. 

"Do you want to answer the question then, love?" Tony asked him.

Bucky just huffed and dropped his head back to Tony's shoulder.

"Bucky's having some struggles right now, but I'm hoping this doctor can help us out with that, too." Tony said when it became clear that Bucky wasn't going to respond.

"Yeah? What kind of struggles?"

"It's like his instincts are all mixed up or something. I'm not entirely sure why or even what's happening, but it's clearly hard on him so I want to get him the help he needs and find him some answers. I don't like seeing him struggling so much."

"That's rough, I'm sorry about that." Sam told Tony before running his fingers through Bucky's hair. "I'm sorry you're having a hard time, Buck."

"Don't call me that." Bucky said annoyed.

"He's just grumpy, because he didn't sleep well last night." Tony told Sam.

"Would you stop that?" Bucky snapped.

"Stop what?" Tony asked.

"Stop telling people that. I don't need every random person we cross paths with knowing everything about me."

Tony raised a brow at that.

"Sam's not just some random person."

Bucky just glared at him and Tony sighed.

"Give me a moment would you?"

"Yeah, of course, you can sort him out in the backroom."

Bucky bristled at that statement, but Tony just pressed his head into his neck, releasing calming pheromones. Bucky inhaled and melted against his Alpha, pressing closer and burying his nose in his neck. Steve sent them a worried look, but Tony just smiled reassuringly at him and winked.

"Stay here, we'll be right back, little one."

Steve nodded, scenting anxious. Sam's soothing scent filled the space and Tony smiled in thanks knowing that him and his mate would keep Steve calm for him.

Tony shut the door to the backroom taking in the small space. This was clearly where Sam knotted his Omegas, because it smelled like sex. Clearly he'd fucked one of them in here recently, probably Brock, since the scent was still thick in the air.

Bucky squirmed when the scent hit his nose and lifted his head to look around at the couch and sofa chairs.

"Alpha? I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have snapped at you."

"Shh, I'm not mad at you, baby. I just think you need to be sorted out so you can know that your Alpha is happy with you. I think that'll help you feel better."

Bucky whimpered and buried his face in Tony's neck again.

"But you just settled me before we left. I shouldn't need to be sorted out." Bucky whined.

"It's not about should, I don't care what you should need. I want to give you what you do need. I'd settle you all day long if that's what it takes, love." Tony told him firmly, then he licked his lips. "I settled you, but I didn't sort you out like I should have. I scolded you and I comforted you."


"So I'm not sure that was enough. This time I'm gonna make sure you're fully settled before I let you leave this room. And if that means using a firmer approach then that's what we'll do."

A shiver rolled down Bucky's spine and he whimpered.

"Please, Alpha." He mumbled, clinging to Tony.

"My pretty little Omega, let me get you all sorted out and then you'll feel so much better won't you, baby?" Tony said, laying him down on the couch without putting him down.

Bucky nodded, looking up at Tony as he hovered over him.

"You gonna knot me, Alpha?"

Tony hummed and nuzzled against him.

"Do you think I should?"

Bucky shrugged.

"I want you to."

Tony pulled back to look at him consideringly.

"I don't want to claim you yet." Tony admitted.

Bucky whined but nodded.

"I know. Steve told me that he asked you to court us." Bucky pouted.

Tony smiled softly at him and cupped his cheek.

"It's not just that. It's not just because Steve wants it. I want it. I want to wait, to take it slow and court you properly. Or somewhat proper." Tony said with a smirk.

This wasn't exactly proper, settling Bucky wasn't something an Alpha was supposed to do when they were courting an Omega. It was their Alpha parent's job to sort them out with a good spanking until they were claimed and the duty fell to their new Alpha. Tony didn't really care much for those kinds of small details, but he did want to take the time to really get to know his Omegas and spoil them rotten before they officially became his.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I won't object because Steve wants it, but I don't really care about all of that."

Tony hummed, rumbling in his chest and lowering himself until he was pressed up against his Omega and could feel the ridges of his body and the firmness of his muscles. Bucky was strong and Tony loved the way his muscles flexed when he moved and the way he could manhandle Steve with ease.

"I could knot your mouth if you want that, but you can't fight me on it if I do. There is no fighting with oral knotting. There's only submission and taking what your Alpha gives, or struggling and choking on it because you can't." Tony warned him.

Tony wasn't so sure that oral knotting was the right thing for Bucky, but he'd give him the choice. Being knotted could be really good for him, could make him feel less conflicted and settle him into his submission the way an Omega should be able to. Bucky swallowed and squirmed under him, scenting anxious. It was that reaction that made up Tony's mind. He wasn't going to knot him yet.

"Never mind, I know exactly what you need." Tony said confidently.

He sounded more confident than he really felt, but it was important that Bucky felt secure in his Alpha's choices right now. Any insecurities needed to be pushed aside to be dealt with later. Bucky sighed in relief and nodded.

"Yes, Alpha." Bucky said, not knowing what he was agreeing to but trusting that Tony knew what he was doing.

Tony kissed him softly.

"Turn around and present for me, pretty Omega." Tony murmured.

Bucky whimpered and scrambled to do just that. Tony growled softly and sat back to admire his Omega, his hands kneading at Bucky's ass.

Bucky whined when Tony undid his jeans and tugged them down along with his briefs. His hole clenched in anticipation. Tony ignored it though, rubbing one of his cheeks. He watched Bucky relax under the soothing touch before smacking him. Bucky shrieked, jerking forward. His whole body tensed up when Tony touched him again, expecting a blow. 

Tony just rubbed the spot soothingly, kissing the sore spot. He leaned over Bucky, his covered crotch rubbing up against his Omega's exposed ass and his member straining against the zipper of his jeans.

"I'm gonna spank you until you're crying real pretty for me, little one, but I need you to tell me if you need me to stop. I promise I will if you tell me to."

Bucky swallowed and nodded. He wanted to say that he didn't want this, that he didn't want Tony to hit him, but he couldn't find the words. He just nodded instead and prayed that it wouldn't last long.

"Good boy." Tony murmured, nuzzling against his neck and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "You're doing so good for me, baby. So pretty presenting for me."

Bucky's eyes fluttered shut from the praise, but he tensed when Tony's weight lifted off of him and his hands were rubbing his ass again. Each smack rang out in the small space and bounced off of the walls along with Bucky's yelps. Tony didn't stop after ten or twenty and Bucky eventually lost count. Tony didn't stop until Bucky begged him to. Only then did he pull him up into his lap and hold him close.

"Shh, you did so good for me, baby. God, you look so pretty with your ass all red and tears running down your cheeks. Look at you, my pretty boy." Tony murmured, pressing kisses to his wet cheeks and rubbing his back soothingly.

"Alpha." Bucky sobbed.

"Shh, I know, that was hard wasn't it, little one?"

Bucky nodded and buried his face in Tony's neck. Tony cooed at him, running fingers through his hair.

"I know it was, but you did so good. I'm so proud of you for taking it so well, baby."

Bucky just sobbed harder and Tony continued to soothe him until his cries petered off and he was soft and pliant in his arms.

"There you go, that's a good boy. So sweet for your Alpha." Tony murmured.

Bucky whimpered in pain when Tony pulled his briefs and jeans back up covering his red ass. His thighs were red from swats too and Bucky's lower lip trembled and his eyes fell down to his lap.

"Hey, look at me. Are you okay, love? Was that too much?"

Tony had stopped when Bucky asked him to just like he promised but he still felt uncertain about it. Tony felt very lost when it came to Bucky, like he was constantly walking on thin ice and hoping that he wasn't fucking everything up. He kinda felt that way with Steve too, but it was harder with Bucky because he didn't just submit the way Steve did.It made Tony doubt himself, because he really didn't want to force Bucky to submit for him.

He didn't want to break him, but he did want to settle him and maybe there was a way to sort him out without breaking him in. Tony wasn't entirely sure, but he wanted to think that what he'd just done wasn't bad.

Bucky sniffed, but looked up at Tony, his eyes shining with unshed tears that wanted to spill over.

"I-" He tried, but he couldn't say it. 

"Tell me, little one. I want to know." Tony said softly.

"I don't like being hit." Bucky mumbled, dropping Tony's gaze.

Tony groaned and pulled him close, pressing Bucky into his neck and forcing his scent to be soothing for his Omega even though inside Tony was all over the place.

"I'm sorry. I should have asked you about it."

"You did." He mumbled against Tony's skin.

"Yeah, but I should have discussed it more, made sure you were okay with it."

Bucky shook his head, pulling back.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. You did everything right, you always do. It's me, I'm the problem. I'm a mess, Alpha."

"Shh, no you're not, baby. You're not, I just need to figure this out, learn how to help you."

Bucky bit his lip to refrain from saying that it wasn't possible, that it was just a waste of Tony's time. He was pretty sure that wouldn't make his Alpha happy, so he swallowed back the words. Tony sighed and reached down to cup Bucky's dick, palming it and making his Omega whimper out little moans.

"Let me make you feel good instead, baby. Maybe that'll do it for you. Hm? You just need to be settled real nice. Is that it, angel?"

Bucky nodded in encouragement.

"Yes, please, Alpha." He mumbled, dropping his forehead to Tony's shoulder.

Tony kissed his temple and slipped a hand into his briefs, his jeans still unzipped, stroking him until he was hard. Bucky whined and squirmed in his lap as he jerked him off and screamed out when he cummed. His cum soaked into his briefs and Tony didn't do anything to help with that. He just pulled his hand out and coaxed Bucky into cleaning off his hand.

"Come on, love, lick me clean like a good boy."

Bucky nodded and sucked and licked at his fingers, humming softly.

"There you go, good boy. So good for me, baby." Tony murmured.

He kissed him and licked into his mouth to taste his cum on him and Bucky moaned into his mouth. He melted into the kiss and nuzzled up against Tony when it ended. Tony pulled out his phone to glance at the time and cursed. They needed to leave.

He zipped up Bucky's pants,  called them a car and stood up with Bucky in his arms. The Omega whined softly at being jostled, but settled when Tony rumbled soothingly in his ear.

Bucky was out of it, lost in his submission and his Alpha's scent when they entered the kitchen again. Steve blushed and Brock snickered. They were cuddled up on the couch together and Tony sniffed the air, noting the scent of slick, but more than just that. It smelled like sex. Steve bit his lip and pressed closer to Brock, wondering if his Alpha was going to be upset with him.

Tony wasn't upset, more amused than anything else, but definitely a little turned on at the idea of his Omega playing with other Omegas.

"You good?" Sam asked from where he was rolling out dough on a countertop.

Tony knew he was asking more about Bucky's well being than anything else.

"Yeah, he's settled. I see your Omega convinced mine to have some fun while I was gone." Tony said with a smirk.

Sam laughed.

"I think you mean my Omega lent a helping hand, because yours was squirming and whining, all slicked up over the sounds that one was making." Sam said, nodding towards Bucky.

Tony chuckled and rubbed Bucky's back.

"Well, I'm glad, because we have to go. I don't have time to get him off, so it's a good thing that Brock helped out." Tony said winking at Brock.

Brock grumbled and pushed Steve off of him. Steve huffed, glaring up at him and pulled himself off of the ground.

"Fuck you." Steve grumbled.

"You wish." Brock snickered.

Steve rolled his eyes, but his cheeks were red and he scurried over to his Alpha. Tony leaned down to scent him, loving the scent of sated Omega wafting off of him, before tugging him out of the café.

Chapter Text

The office building was small, brick, and the pathway out front was lined with flowers. Tony carried Bucky in his arms, his hand entwined with Steve's as he led him inside.

Steve glanced curiously around the space but there wasn't much out of the usual. A desk and bookshelves and a seating area by two large windows. Bruce gestured to the couch and took a seat in an armchair across from them. Steve plopped down next to his Alphas and tilted his head at Bruce.

"I'm Dr Banner, though I'm sure you're aware of that." Bruce told him with a soft smile.

Steve bit his lip and glanced at Tony. It wasn't exactly proper to address an Omega directly when their Alpha was present. Tony smiled softly. The fact that Bruce greeted Steve, who was clearly a submissive, was a good sign as far as Tony was concerned. It meant the man didn't care much for traditional dynamics.

"You can talk to him if you want to." Tony encouraged.

Steve leaned closer to Tony.

"Does he know about me and Bucky?" Steve whispered in his ear.

Tony shook his head.

"I would never share that without your permission. It's not my secret to share. You can tell him if you want to, of course. Pepper had him sign an NDA, so you can tell him anything you want."

Steve licked his lips and looked back at Bruce.

"This is my Alpha, Bucky, and this is our Alpha, Tony." Steve told him politely. "I'm Steven Grant Rogers, but most people just call me Steve."

Steve was clearly nervous about the introduction and it was unnecessarily formal, but Tony thought it was cute. Bucky lifted his head to snicker at Steve.

"Jesus, Stevie, what are you addressing the queen of England? You don't have to introduce yourself as ours. I'll admit the sentiment is cute. You definitely don't need to give him your full name though."

Steve just shrugged and blushed.

"Well, I appreciate the introduction." Bruce said with a small smile. "You can call me Bruce if you'd like."

Steve nodded and leaned closer to his Alphas. Bucky shifted and worked his way in between them, Tony scooching slightly to give him space to fit. Steve immediately curled into his side and Bucky wrapped an arm around him, leaning up against Tony. Tony just smiled at them.

"Should we get started then?" Bruce asked. "I'm very curious about why you've come and the nature of your relationship."

"The nature of our relationship?" Steve asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"I thinking he's asking if we're fucking." Bucky said crudely.

Bruce shook his head, looking amused.

"I wasn't actually. Not really. Rather the intricacies of your relationship. How you function."

Bucky laughed.

"Well, jokes on you doc, because we're very dysfunctional." Bucky told him with a smirk. "Tony holds us together, but Steve and I are just a mess."

"Hey! I'm not a mess." Steve objected, glaring at Bucky.

"Fine. I'm a mess and Stevie's a saint."

Steve giggled.

"I'm not a saint. I've had sex before bonding so I'm not exactly innocent. My first time wasn't even with my Alpha either, well, not a real Alpha." Steve teased, sending Bucky a mischievous look.

"You little brat. I am a real Alpha. I'm your Alpha aren't I?"

"Oh I don't know, Buck. A real Alpha would be able to knot me up real good and breed me full of pups. You can't offer me either of those things, so I might run away with Tony. He can give me a knot."

Bucky growled and shoved Steve back onto the couch, climbing on top of him and nipping at his neck.

"Mine." Bucky growled.

"Yours." Steve purred, baring his neck sweetly.

Bucky rumbled happily and nuzzled up against the exposed skin. Tony watched his Omegas and shared a look with Bruce who was watching them curiously.

"What do you think?" Tony asked him.

"It's interesting. Not very surprising that Bucky would be the Alpha seeing as he's the dominant, but the way Steve goads him into dominating him suggests that he enjoys riling him up. Perhaps he likes making his Alpha jealous or possessive. Likes inciting the aggression that is often associated with Alphas."

Bucky turned to glare at Bruce. Steve made a small noise like a whine and called his attention back to him. Bucky went willingly, returning to his neck to suck and nip, leaving his mark on his Omega.

"The marking is interesting as well. It suggests that Bucky wishes to claim his Omega but is restraining himself, therefore the desire to make his claim on Steve known is being redirected. Hence the desire to leave hickeys on him."

Tony chuckled.

"Steve does that too." Tony said.

"Does he now? That would suggest a desire for mutual bonding."

Tony licked his lips, shifting himself in his pants. The sight of his Omegas together and the thought of them claiming each other and claiming him was enough to make his dick stir to life.

"Yes, well, we should probably get started." Tony said, feeling distracted, his eyes trained on his Omegas.

"I was under the impression we'd already started." Bruce said with a smirk.

"Perhaps." Tony murmured.

Tony reached out and ran a hand up Steve's thigh, before trailing it up Bucky's thigh. They both squirmed and whimpered from their Alpha's touch and Bucky pulled back to look at Tony.

"You're okay, little one. I'm enjoying the show." Tony murmured, his voice low and his hand reaching in between Bucky's legs to cup him. He was hard in his briefs and Tony traced the length before gripping it. Bucky hissed and rocked into his hand.

"Fuck, Alpha." Bucky whimpered.

Tony chuckled and pulled away, turning his attention back to Bruce who was watching them, not with lust but fascination, like a scientist studying a test group.

"I reached out to you because of my Omega's heat. I spent it with him, but I didn't breed him."

Bruce nodded, looking at Tony.

"You have more restraint than most." Bruce told him.

"Maybe, but his heat was much shorter than usual and I'm not sure why."

Bruce considered that for a moment, humming thoughtfully. Bucky pulled back, settling back on the couch, wanting to hear what the doctor had to say. Steve whined and Bucky pulled him into his lap, letting his Omega scent him.

"Do you have any... thoughts on it?" Bruce asked, glancing at the Omegas wondering if they would add their thoughts to the discussion or if they preferred to let their Alpha speak for them.

Tony licked his lips.

"I knotted him, I just didn't breed him, but everything I read told me that they need to be bred to receive the benefits of knotting."

Bruce's eyes lit up with understanding.

"Ah, yes. It's true that it's not common knowledge that oral knotting is beneficial, because oral knotting doesn't produce pups and that goes against the idea that Omegas exist to be bred. However swallowing an Alpha's sperm is just as effective when it comes to balancing out an Omega's hormones as breeding is."

Tony nodded, that made sense, plus Tony was well aware that the government cared less about what was best for Omegas and more about what would keep them dependent on Alphas.

"When I looked into submissive Omegas I found a ton of information on how to best claim them or court them or knot them. How to treat them, how they like to be treated, how they should be used and bred and put in their place. Half of it just sounded like propaganda bullshit, but some of it rang true from what I already know about submissives. I've slept with a few over the years, but I have a whole wing in my medical center dedicated to Omegas. It's run solely by submissive Omegas. They come from all over the world to seek refuge under the Stark name. My assistant works with them to ensure it's as accommodating as possible."

"Yes, I have of course heard many great things about your mother's work with Omegas." Bruce said. "From what I hear the Maria Stark Foundation for Omegas and Pups in Need has been taking in Omegas for decades. It's one of the most reputable foundations when it comes to supporting and providing shelter for vulnerable Omegas and their pups."

Tony nodded slowly.

"My mother, a submissive, ran it before her passing and ever since then it's been run by my auntie, Ana, and her submissive. I've had very little active participation in the foundation because I'm an Alpha. My presence in the clinics and shelters would likely frighten the Omegas there. However I know enough to know that some of the things I've read about submissives are generally true, while other things are simply a means for Alphas to assert their control over the more vulnerable population. What I have found very little about is the why? Why do submissives biologically differ from dominants? They're differences are quite drastic and yet we group them together as Omegas. They're instincts differ, their needs differ, so why do we insist that dominants are simply more troublesome Omegas that must be broken, and submissives are docile and demure enough that with very little training they can be kept as, for lack of a better word, slaves."

Bruce hummed.

"Ah, yes, domestic servitude. I do believe that's what you're referring to. Dominants do not naturally wish to live to serve and please, which is why they are broken before they are considered to be good Omegas. It's disgusting really. I have done extensive research on Omegas to answer these questions and many more like them. The truth is that submissives do naturally enjoy pleasing others and they will generally comply with anyone who asserts control over them. Dominants however do not. They will only submit when they feel emotionally connected to the one giving them orders. Without that connection dominants do not feel a desire to please. Now I use the words comply and submit intentionally, for these terms are not interchangeable the way we are often led to believe they are. Submissives will, for the most part, comply with anyone whether they truly wish to or not, simply because their instinct tells them to. Dominants will comply only when they're will is broken. However there is a distinction between compliance and submission. Submission by definition cannot be demanded or coerced through manipulation or punishment. It must be given willingly and cannot be taken by force. When one is forced to be obedient they are not truly submitting, they are complying."

"So submissive Omegas aren't really submissive as much as they are compliant?" Bucky asked.

Bruce nodded.

"Yes, in fact calling them submissives is merely one of the ways that our society intentionally muddies the definition, by implying that there is no difference between submission and compliance. Or rather by suggesting that what submissive Omegas do is submit, when in fact they are almost always complying. There are very few submissives who actually feel an attachment to their bonded mates and truly submit to them. Dominants are far more likely to truly submit, because it's not in their nature to simply comply. Hence the reason we have to break them."

Bucky raised a brow at that.

"Then why do we say dominant Omega? I've always wondered about that, since we're taught that Omegas are always supposed to be submissive for their Alphas. It seems contradictory."

Bruce nodded and clasped his hands together, placing them in his lap.

"Yes, well the implication there is that dominant Omegas are unnatural. Their nature goes against the accepted purpose for the existence of Omegas. Dominant Omegas fight for control that they supposedly don't deserve and therefore it is expected that their Alpha puts them in their place. Using force and, quite frankly, beating or emotionally manipulating them into complying to their Alphas will. That is essentially what it means to break in an Omega. The name "dominant Omega" implies that the Omega is a bad Omega and that they can only become a good Omega by destroying their natural instincts. This is why once a dominant is broken in they are called a broken Omega. They can never truly be a pure Omega, a submissive, but it as close as one of their nature can get. Of course it is appalling to break in an Omega and I wholeheartedly believe the practice should be illegal. Unfortunately, it's still the way that the world works."

A lot of what Bruce was saying wasn't news to Bucky but it was still a hard pill to swallow. Hearing it all laid out like that made him feel sick. Tony could smell the shift in his Omega's scent and changed the subject.

"There is something else that I wanted to talk about."

Bucky stiffened at that, certain that his Alpha was about to bring up how bad of an Omega he was, even for dominant standards. Tony didn't though and that surprised Bucky.

"I was curious if you knew anything about imprinting."

Bruce looked surprised as well but nodded.

"I do actually, though it's not so much a science as biology is. The concept of soulmates falls into the category of myths, however it is a subject that has fascinated me for quite some time. Why do you ask?"

Tony glanced at his Omegas, both were looking at him curiously. Tony cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Bruce.

"When I first met Bucky I felt drawn to him. He was upset and I felt that I just had to comfort him. Now normally I would never have approached a distressed Omega who was all alone and clearly in a vulnerable place like Bucky was. I tried to fight the feeling but it was nearly impossible. The desire to soothe him was so strong that I did give in. He was very submissive, and I don't mean compliant, I mean truly submissive. I did nothing to suggest I wanted him to please me, but he submitted so beautifully for me. I wanted to claim him right then and there. Of course I didn't, but I went home that night and thought about stories I had heard growing up. Stories about imprinting."

"Ah, yes, of course. The fairytales where an Omega meets an Alpha and they fall in love at first sight. Stories about soulmates."

Tony nodded.

"Is there any chance that something like that could be real?"

Bruce considered his next words carefully.

"I do not wish to mislead you in anyway, so we should all keep in mind that anything we discuss on this matter is merely theoretical. We have stepped outside of the realm of facts and firmly into the realm of beliefs."

"But theoretically it's possible that I imprinted on Tony, or he imprinted on me, or something like that?" Bucky asked.

Steve's brows were furrowed and he looked wary of where this conversation was headed. He ducked his head to hide in Bucky's neck and Bucky ran his fingers through his hair absently, almost reflexively.

"It is possible, theoretically, that you imprinted on eachother." Bruce confirmed.

Tony had so many questions that he wanted to ask, but he waited, wanting to allow his Omegas to ask their questions first. He may be their Alpha, but he had no desire to speak for them. Not now, not in this instance, not unless they were looking to him for answers or guidance.

Bucky seemed to be considering something.

"I felt like Steve was mine, like I was his Alpha and he was my Omega, the moment he presented. Does that mean I imprinted on him too?" Bucky asked after a moment.

Bruce looked at them thoughtfully, considering something.

"Did you feel drawn to him when you met him?"

Bucky nodded.

"'Course I did. He's always been my Stevie."

The response was automatic and didn't require any thought. Steve blushed, lifting his head to look at Bucky.

"And you, Steve? Did you have a similar reaction to Bucky?"

Steve nodded, but felt hesitant.

"We were just kids, though. Surely we couldn't have imprinted on each other. Besides don't most kids feel compelled to play with another kid when they meet them?"

Bruce was amused by Steve's word choice. He didn't say that he had wanted to play with Bucky, but that he had felt compelled to. That meant something to Bruce that the Omegas didn't understand.

"Did you feel that way about other kids? Compelled to play that is?"

Steve frowned slightly, shifting closer to his nestmate.

"No, but Bucky's my best friend, it's different." Steve mumbled, pressing his nose into Bucky's neck.

Bucky smiled softly at him, gripping the back of his neck and rumbling happily when Steve melted into him with a purr.

"He wasn't your best friend when you saw him that first time though, now was he?"

Steve furrowed his brows at the question and glanced at Bucky who just nuzzled against him.

"Face it Stevie. I claimed you as mine the moment we met." Bucky teased.

Steve huffed and twisted to look at Bruce.

"That can't be right, we were just kids."

"Imprinting isn't a romantic thing. It can be purely platonic, so age isn't a factor. It's very likely that we imprint on many people in our lives, though most of these bonds remain platonic. I believe that this is because our souls are drawn to those we recognize. So perhaps you both share a soul connection that made you care deeply for each other. Over time as you grew and your feelings shifted it became something more. You matured and so did your connection. There are stories from long ago where imprinting is purely platonic, no romantic or sexual feelings developing from the connection, but there are other stories as well. Ones not unlike yours where friends become more. Then there are stories of the love-at-first-sight sort that are similar to Tony and Bucky's story. Those are perhaps the most commonly known these days. However I do not believe that the people in these stories truly fall in love upon meeting each other. I believe that it is their connection that draws them together, but their feelings, their desire to be more than just close friends, is something that develops on its own. The reason I say this is because I would like you all to understand that your feelings for each other are not something that happened because you imprinted on each other. Your feelings are real, for those you imprinted on," Bruce said looking at Bucky, "And those you did not." Bruce looked at Steve and then over at Tony, who nodded in understanding.

"So, you're saying that me and Tony can love each other just as much as we love Bucky?" Steve asked softly, hesitantly.

"I'm saying that many people fall in love who haven't imprinted on each other and their love is no less real than those who might be called soulmates."

Steve seemed to relax, looking relieved and peered over at Tony, biting his lip like he felt the desire to go to him. Tony must have felt it too, because he opened his arms invitingly. Steve grinned and launched himself at his Alpha, snuggling up to him. Bucky just chuckled and shook his head, his eyes sparkling with amusement and affection.

"The belief is, and there is no scientific evidence to prove this, but many do believe that imprinting is caused by souls that have met in a prior life meeting again in their current one. Now whether this is true or not, I can't tell you for certain. In fact everything that I've said here should be taken with a grain of salt, because this is not hard science, it is softer. Faith and belief, matters of the heart and soul. If this belief is to be considered true though, it would simply mean that Tony and Steve's souls have yet to meet. That does not mean you are any less fated to be together in this life."

"Why did Bucky submit for Tony though?" Steve asked. "He's dominant, he's not supposed to just submit like that. I've never seen him just submit like that before he met Tony."

"Bucky's desire to submit to Tony might have come from his connection with him." Bruce looked at Tony. "He trusted you the moment he met you, because his soul remembered you. That's my best guess as to why he immediately accepted you as his."

"I do have a question about something. I, um, have been struggling ever since I met Tony in a way that neither of them have struggled." Bucky admitted.

"And what way would that be?" Bruce asked curiously.

Bucky worried at his lip for a moment, shifting closer to his partners.

"Well, I've been getting all growly at Tony sometimes. It's like my instincts are telling me two different things at the same time that completely contradict each other. Sometimes I want to submit but there's a part of me that's fighting it and makes me think things that don't really make sense."

"So you're struggling to submit?"

Bucky nodded, looking ashamed. Tony wrapped an arm around his waist and nuzzled against his ear and Steve shifted until he was able to wrap his arms around Bucky's neck and scent him, his lower half straddling one of Tony's thighs.

Bruce took a while to respond to the question.

"I believe this is either because you imprinted twice in one lifetime and both bonds were more than purely platonic or because you imprinted in such a way with both an Alpha and an Omega. Perhaps it is a combination of these two factors. I'm not entirely sure of course." Bruce told him. "You had already matured when you met Tony, so there was no need to have such a gradual development in your connection. You were drawn to him because your soul recognized his, you were compelled to care deeply for him and that alone allowed you to instantly form a connection that gave you the desire to submit, and you most likely had an instant physical attraction that, from what I've read in stories, seems to be the tipping point when an imprint extends passed purely platonic. Because you met Steve as kids you most likely didn't reach that point until you hit puberty, at which time I imagine your feelings began to shift in one way or another."

Bucky smirked at Steve and the Omega blushed.

"The adverse reactions though, you said it might be because there were two imprints?" Bucky said.

"Yes, two that were something more. It's not something I know much about, there are very few stories where someone imprints on more than one person in such a way, however it could be the reason. Since you had already attached yourself to Steve romantically, your soul might be confused by your attachment to Tony. This most likely led to your mind and body having adverse reactions, due to the confusion from your heart and soul. Of course, it might not be the two connections that are causing the confusion. It could be because of the nature of those connections. That maybe you're confused because you are split between an Alpha soulmate and an Omega soulmate. Perhaps you are unable to settle into either role because your soul and your heart are telling you that you are both, but your mind and your body are unable to accept that."

"And what do we do about that?" Tony asked when Bucky remained silent.

"Honestly? I think if you claim Bucky his hormones might even out again and his mind will probably accept the connection. I believe that Bucky's mind and body are waging war on him, because they are receiving what they view as conflicting messages from his heart and soul. Most likely this is because of our societal influence. The ideas about what a relationship should be as opposed to what your relationship is. Ideas about how an Omega should have an Alpha, and an Alpha can have two Omegas, but an Omega should be solely devoted to their Alpha. Bucky having an Omega would possibly challenge his accepted belief that an Omega should devote themselves fully to their Alpha."


The word rang in Tony's ears and it took him a moment to realize why, but then it clicked.

"I told Bucky to devote himself to me and he settled."

Bruce looked at him consideringly.

"Interesting. Perhaps that is because it appealed to those beliefs he already had. Perhaps it soothed his mind briefly, allowing both his body and mind a reprieve from the confusion."

"So what does that mean?" Tony asked.

Bruce looked at Bucky thoughtfully and Bucky frowned.

"If you claim Bucky, I imagine that his mind will accept the connection and hopefully that will be enough to settle him firmly in his role as your Omega and for him to accept that he can be yours even if Steve is his."

"And if it's not?"

Bruce considered something for a moment glancing between all three of them.

"Then I would suggest that you claim both of your Omegas and they claim each other. Solidify your bonds, so there is no space left for confusion, only love and devotion for all."

Steve frowned, because Omegas were not supposed to claim their Alphas. Instead of saying that he asked a question about something that was nagging at him.

"If we're both his soulmates then why is it that everytime I rejected him he was fine, but Tony doing it hurt him so much?" Steve demanded, looking hurt. "I rejected him countless times over the years and Tony rejected him once, but he didn't even outright tell him they couldn't be together. It doesn't make any sense."

Bucky's eyes widened. He hadn't realized just how much Steve was doubting himself and their relationship because of that, though maybe he should have.

"Stevie, baby, I'm sorry. I don't know why I got so twisted up about that, but I swear it doesn't change the way I feel about you. It never did and it never will." Bucky said, pleading with Steve to understand.

Steve swallowed, tears pricking at his eyes. He ripped his gaze away from his nestmate and looked expectantly at Bruce. The Beta sighed, a sadness in his eyes, Steve recognized it as pity and he hated it instantly.

"How did you reject Bucky?" Bruce asked Tony softly, recognizing that it might be a sensitive subject.

Tony swallowed and glanced at Bucky who pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

"I didn't technically reject him. Neither of us rejected each other in the traditional sense. We just weren't in contact for a couple of months."

"I see. When you rejected Bucky, Steve, did you leave him?"

"What do you mean?" Steve asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"You were still his best friend, were you not? Or did you distance yourself from him because you could not be more?"

"No, I mean, we live together so it's not like I could go far even if I had wanted to."

Bruce nodded.

"So you never actually left him, you just told him that you couldn't be together. You were physically still there and emotionally with him, right?"

Steve nodded.

"'Course I was, even if I wasn't in love with him like I am he's still my best friend. I'd never leave him." Steve said like the thought was ludicrous.

Bruce smiled softly, his eyes crinkling in amusement.

"Well, I believe that is the biggest difference. Your rejection didn't feel so much like a rejection, rather like you were resigned to the fact that it could never be. You were still there, so Bucky never actually doubted that you cared for him. Whereas Tony and Bucky most likely questioned whether or not the other cared for them."

Tony looked so guilty about that and turned to Bucky.

"Shit, baby, that was all my fault. I didn't think it mattered since we weren't bonded, but I should have reached out to you."

Bucky nuzzled against him.

"I didn't reach out either. It's not your fault. No one blames you." Bucky murmured.

Steve huffed, glowering in a way that made him look like a petulant child.

"I do. You made my Alpha hurt. You should have just stayed."

Tony nuzzled against Steve and Bucky cooed at him. Steve blushed and shifted to hide his face in the crook of Tony's neck, scenting his Alpha and melting into him.

"I know I did. I'm sorry, little one. I know it was hard on you too."

Steve nodded, whimpering, and clinging to Tony.

"I didn't like it." He whined.

"Shh, I know you didn't, sweetheart. It's all over now. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." Tony rumbled.

Steve purred in response and licked at Tony's scent gland, tasting safe and comfort on his skin. Despite Steve's purrs Tony could tell that this was a lot for his Omegas to take in. He did have something that he wanted to ask Bruce about without them there. Bruce seemed to sense this and told the Omegas that they were free to explore, nodding to a door.

Steve glanced at it curiously. Bucky scented Tony before pulling Steve up to his feet and tugging him towards the door. He was aware that the doctor wanted to get their Alpha alone and Bucky was certain that they were going to discuss him. As much as he didn't like that, he was still grateful for the reprieve. He didn't want to think about all of this right now. It was a lot to take in.

Tony waited until they were alone to ask Bruce the question that was nagging at him.

"What if I don't want to claim them yet?"

Bruce raised a brow at him.

"Do you not intend to bond with them?"

Tony shook his head, that wasn't it at all.

"I do, but I want to court them. There's a way that things used to be done. I've already deviated from that in the most traditional sense, however there are still things that I want to do right. I've never cared much for traditional unions, but from what I've been able to discern from the very limited information on submissives is that they like those things."

Bruce nodded and hummed in agreement, watching Tony carefully.

"It's true that submissives tend to respond well to traditional unions, but they also like to please, so if you tell Steve you want to claim him now, he'll do it for you."

"You mean if I order him to he'll do it to please me." Tony said, but it wasn't a question.

"More or less. You could do it gently, but he'll accept it if you tell him that's what you want. He might not like it, but he won't tell you no." Bruce said honestly though he seemed wary about saying it.

"And if it's not what I want?"

"You could always claim Bucky now and Steve after you court him."

Tony sighed.

"I can't do that. He's already doubting my feelings for him, because he just found out I imprinted on his nestmate but not him. I can't claim them separately."

Bruce nodded, understanding in his eyes.

"He wants you to claim him, even I can tell that."

"I know he does, I don't doubt that. I just don't want him to look back years from now and have any regrets."

"So you want to know if Bucky can wait?"

"I do. I won't risk his health, so if I have to I'll claim him now and Steve will just have to live with it."

"That's reasonable."

Tony groaned.

"So there's nothing I can do for Bucky."

"I didn't say that." Bruce said softly.

"You didn't say anything." Tony growled in frustration.

"There is one thing that might work, but I can't guarantee it. It would require a lot of effort on your part and it wouldn't be easy for you or your Omegas. I'm not entirely comfortable with suggesting it, but I feel that if any Alpha is capable of doing it without overexerting their authority it would be you."

Even as Bruce said it he seemed to doubt himself.

"But you can't guarantee that it would work?"

"No, but you can always claim him if it doesn't work out."

"What is it?"

"You can put him in his place when his instincts are acting up. If he's confused because he has both an Omega and an Alpha and his mind is struggling to accept that, then you can dominate him. Show him that you're the Alpha and then knot him, orally if you'd prefer. Your sperm should help balance out his hormones and being reassured that you're his Alpha will help retrain his instincts."

"Retrain him to be compliant? So you want me to break him in?" Tony asked slowly, narrowing his eyes at Bruce.

Bruce shook his head and leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands clasped together.

"Not at all. I don't want any Omega to be broken in. Breaking an Omega is done by force and against their will. I suggest that you talk to Bucky and see what he wants. He may just wish to be claimed now. And if he does then I urge you to respect that."

Tony nodded and swallowed.

"And if he doesn't I should suggest breaking him in? I can't do that."

Bruce shifted uncomfortably and licked his lips.

"Let's put it this way. If he chooses it, if he wants you to put him in his place, then it's not really breaking him in, it's sorting him out."

Tony thought back on spanking him and how it did effectively settle Bucky even if he clearly hadn't liked it. He had been totally fine throughout the whole appointment because of it. Maybe Bucky didn't want to be spanked but perhaps he didn't need a gentle hand to settle him. Maybe he needed a more firm hand to sort him out. Spanking wasn't the only way to sort out an Omega after all.

It was an Alpha's responsibility to give their Omegas what they needed and that didn't always line up with what they wanted. Regardless, if Bucky said no, told Tony he didn't want that, then they would find another way. Tony would claim him now, whether he really wanted to or not, if that's what Bucky wanted.

"Why don't you bring him back after you have the time to talk to him, and if he wants it then I can run some tests for him. I won't be able to tell you definitively if you're soulmates or not, but I can tell you if Bucky's hormones are out of balance."

Tony nodded and thanked Bruce before checking in on his Omegas. He would have to talk to Bucky about it before he made any decisions, but he already knew what he wanted to do. 

He found Steve and Bucky in a room with ample amounts of natural light pouring in through the windows and plants all along the walls. Steve was stretching on a yoga mat and Bucky was watching, looking amused.

He glanced over at Tony when he walked in and walked over to scent him. Tony rumbled low in his chest, looking over his shoulder as Steve pushed up into a position that put his ass on display up in the air. Tony decided immediately that he liked that particular pose. Bucky pulled back when he smelled Tony's arousal and looked over at Steve.

"He's beautiful isn't he?" Bucky asked.

"He sure is and he's all ours." Tony agreed.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Steve lowered himself and settled on his knees. He turned his head to see them and blushed when he realized they were watching him. His face scrunched up adorably and he frowned at them.

"Don't just stare, it's creepy." Steve whined, pouting.

"Ain't nothing creepy about it, doll. We're just keeping an eye on our little Omega, and enjoying the show."

Steve huffed, but bit his lip.

"Did you like it then?"

"Oh, definitely." Bucky said, smirking.

Tony rumbled in agreement and kissed Bucky's neck before scooping Steve up off the ground.

"Come on, little one. Let's get you home and feed you before the sun goes down."

Steve nodded and tucked his nose into the crook of Tony's neck.

"Yes, Alpha." He mumbled against his skin.

Bucky trailed after them, smiling softly at the sight of them together.

Chapter Text

Peter woke up to sticky sheets and legs still slick from the fluid pouring out of him. He groaned and pushed up on trembling arms, whimpering. The light was still on and Ned had his headphones in, sitting at his desk hunched over what was most likely a comic book. Peter sobbed as he acknowledged that his Alpha had left him again.

He had expected it, he knew it would happen, because it always did, but it still hurt every time. Ned lifted his head at the scent of distressed Omega that suddenly spiked around them. It was quickly covered by the scent of Peter's slick, but the Beta was already swiveling around in his chair, a look of pity on his face.

Peter just grimaced and let his arms give under him. He sobbed, burying his face in his pillow. Ned sighed, pulling his earbuds out of his ears and sitting on the edge of Peter's bed.

"You okay, Peter?"

Peter shook his head.

"When did he-" Peter started to ask, but his voice broke off.

He couldn't even say it, but he didn't have to.

"About twenty minutes ago."

Tears spilled over and ran down Peter's cheeks and his sobs only grew when he shifted slightly and his entire body tensed up in pain. He was sore and achy and it would all be worth it if his Alpha was here, but he wasn't. Peter wanted to hate him for leaving, but he couldn't bring himself to hate Wade.

He loved him too damn much. It hurt to love so deeply. 

Peter knew that he'd have to get up in the morning and dance and he'd be cursing Wade for this. He also knew that he'd ask Natasha about him the moment he saw her.

"I'm an idiot, Ned."

"No, Peter, you're not. You're just-" Ned paused for a moment. "In love."

Peter laughed, but it was a bitter sound, lacking humor.

"Love makes you do stupid things. Like keeping letting a bad man into your life."

"Wade's not bad for you, Pete." Ned said.

Peter sighed.

"I know, he's perfect." Peter groaned.

"That's not what I'm saying. That man is as far from perfect as someone can get, and he's definitely dangerous, but he'd do anything for you. He's soft with you in a way that I'm pretty sure he isn't with anyone else."

Peter glanced over at his roommate.

"You're pretty wise you know that?"

"I wish my mom felt that way. She's threatening to stop paying for my classes if I fail algebra again."

"You're an art major. Why do you even have to take a math class?"

"Apparently I have to prove my math competency or something stupid like that."

Peter rolled his eyes.

"That's ridiculous."

"Says the dance major with a minor in biology."

"Yeah, but I like that kind of thing, you don't. It's different."

Ned just shook his head and stood up. "I'm going to go grab a chocolate bar from the vending machine. You want something?"

"Snickers, please."



Peter didn't want to wake up when his alarm went off in the morning. He didn't want to face the day and pretend that everything was fine the way he always did. He felt numb inside, but that wasn't new. He never felt anything when Wade was gone. 

Still he smiled and waved at classmates as he passed them in the hall. He helped Ned with his algebra homework, which meant giving him most of the answer. He managed to make it through the day just fine.

He was holding it all together just waiting for his ballet class that evening. He was sore and cursed Wade throughout his three hours of contemporary that morning, but he still sought out Natasha immediately when he entered the studio.

Natasha walked over to him and gave him a sympathetic smile. Peter smiled back, wondering how she always seemed to know that he was one thread away from falling apart at the seams.

"Hey, Nat, how was your weekend?" Peter said cheerily.

He didn't feel cheery, but he never really did anymore. Natasha ignored his question and set down her dance bag.

"How are you holding up, ларушечка?"

"I'm good! You?"

Natasha frowned at him and Peter's smile wavered. What did he do wrong this time? Usually she played along and smiled, acting like everything was fine, so what was different this time. Natasha didn't say anything though, she just changed into her leotard and tights, slipping on her ballet slippers and went to the bar to stretch.

Peter sighed in relief and followed suit. Everything was fine throughout dance, well nothing was fine, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. That was fine, Peter could live with that. What he couldn't live with was being confronted. After class Natasha pulled him aside.

"I know that he's gone, Peter. You don't need to lie to me. You can tell me how you're really feeling."

Peter furrowed his brows in confusion.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Natasha sighed.

"Wade, Peter. I know he left."

Peter didn't understand why she was bringing that up, but he assumed she was talking about last night. Natasha was one of Wade's contacts, someone that he's worked with before so she must have talked to him today. Peter's stomach fluttered at the thought of Wade talking about him, bringing him up like Peter was his and he was telling his friend about him, or his acquaintance, since Wade and Natasha can't really be considered friends.

"Of course he left, Nat. I knew he would. We don't live together or anything." Peter said.

Natasha's frown deepened.

"So you're okay with it?"

"Why wouldn't I be? He'll come back around when he's horny. He always does." Peter told her, shrugging it off like it was no big deal when the truth was that it killed Peter a little bit inside everytime Wade walked away.

He never knew when or if Wade would return, but he always got his hopes up, hoping that next time would be different. It never was but that didn't stop the boy from hoping.

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him, searching for something but Peter wasn't sure what.

"What if he doesn't come back this time?" She asked.

Peter swallowed, but forced himself to smirk.

"He'll be back. You know what they say, once an Alpha gets a taste of a submissive, they'll starve themselves before they accept anything less." Peter teased, all snark and sass.

Natasha rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. If you ever want to know where your Alpha is, all you have to do is ask. I'll hunt him down for you."

"He's not my Alpha." Peter called after her retreating form.

Natasha just laughed.

Peter groaned and hiked his bag up higher on his shoulder, trying not to wince from the pain in his lower back as he walked down the hall.



Weeks turned into a month and then two and Peter felt hollow inside, like he was moving through life without really being aware of what he was doing. He danced and his teacher criticized him for lack of emotion, but he had no emotion to show. He felt nothing, because that was easier than feeling the pain and the anger and the resentment that was building inside of him.

He went to a meeting that Natasha set up with Tony Stark and he smiled and tried to play it off like he wasn't dead inside. He was fairly certain the man would not be calling him back but he didn't really care. He didn't really care about anything anymore. He just wanted Wade to come back.

Natasha invited him out to get drinks after dance one day and he tried to turn down her offer. Natasha wasn't one to easily take no for an answer, which is how they ended up at her place. Peter was too young to go to a bar, but he was old enough to die for his country, which honestly made no sense.

Peter stared blankly out the window of the apartment Natasha shared with Pepper. She was mixing drinks for them and cursing because she was awful at it.

"Of my many talents, mixing drinks is unfortunately not a skill I ever picked up. Clint though, now he makes a mean margarita." Natasha told him with a smirk.

Peter accepted the drink she offered him, but eyed it warily. Natasha rolled her eyes.

"I didn't poison it."

Peter glanced sideways at her before taking a sip and grimacing.

"You sure about that? 'Cause this is awful. Is this supposed to be a margarita?"

"It is a margarita."

"No, it's not. How did you mess it up so badly?"

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him but snatched the drink out of his hand. She dumped the drinks down the drain and poured shots of tequila instead.

"I've always preferred straight shotting tequila anyway."

Peter laughed and for the first time in what felt like forever it didn't feel forced. He wasn't sure how many shots they did but at some point Peter found himself lying on the rug with his feet up on the couch.

"You're such a lightweight." Natasha said, downing another shot.

Peter just giggled and stared up at the ceiling fan like it was the most entertaining thing ever. 

"I'm just glad you're smiling." Natasha said.

Peter glanced over at her.

"Yeah, I guess I haven't been doing that much lately. There isn't much of a reason to smile anymore."

Natasha gritted her teeth.

"He's an asshole."

Peter swallowed and shifted his position until he was sitting with his legs crossed.

"He's not coming back is he?"

"I can make him."

Peter shook his head, that familiar feeling of loneliness settling over him again.

"No, I don't want to make him do anything. I just want him to want me. I should have known I was nothing but a quick fuck when he refused to claim me. Him sneaking in through my window should have been a red flag too, huh?" Peter said, smirking.

"Probably. But Peter, Wade would do anything for you. He'd die for you. That's not something that you just walk away from."

"I didn't walk away."

"I know."

They lapsed into silence again, it wasn't uncomfortable it was just quiet. 



Pepper raised a questioning brow when she got home but her Omega just shrugged and kissed her cheek.

"He might be sick when he wakes up. I don't think he's very good at holding his liquor."

"And where are you going?"

"To visit a friend. I'll be back in a couple of hours. There's a good chance he'll stay like that until I return."

Pepper glanced over at the Omega passed out on their couch and sighed. She grabbed a blanket and tucked it around him before grabbing the shot glasses off of the coffee table and taking them to the kitchen.



Natasha found Wade in a bar that he visited frequently, hunched over his drink.

"You look like shit." She said.

Wade's eyes snapped up to see her and he glared at her.

"The fuck are you doing here?"

Natasha just smirked and took a seat next to him.

"Whiskey neat." She told the bartender.

Wade gritted his teeth when she ignored him, but maybe it was for the better. He didn't want to talk to Natasha. He knew why she was here and he really didn't want to think about Peter. Which is why he was currently trying to drown his sorrows and regrets in a bottle.

"He's at my house."

Wade jolted at the reminder, briefly considering demanding to be taken to him. He shoved that desire aside. He needed to stay away from that Omega, for both their sakes. Wade had realized that on top of being bad for Peter, Peter was a liability. Wade couldn't make himself leave because he was too attached to him and he worried too much for the boy's safety.

"You never left."

Wade just grunted and downed his drink.

"I have something to take care of first."

"I've seen you around the university. You're watching him."

"And so what if I am? He's mine to watch."

Natasha smirked.

"Is he? I don't see any mark on him."

Wade gritted his teeth.

"What the hell do you want, Natalia?"

"I want to know who threatened him. You're acting like an Omega whose pup has been threatened."

"I'm acting like an Alpha whose Omega is too damn weak to protect himself." Wade growled.

"Peter's stronger than you think and I thought he wasn't yours, or have you decided to claim him?"

"He's not, but if anyone touches him I'll kill them."

"So who threatened to touch him?"

"Someone from my past who clearly didn't remember what I'm capable of. Don't worry I reminded them. They won't be causing any problems for anyone again."

Natasha nodded.

"Good. If you didn't kill them I would have, but Wade?" Wade narrowed his eyes at her. "You're hurting him every time you walk away and I won't forgive you for that as easily as Peter will."

"You think I don't know he's in pain. I've been watching him, I can tell he's miserable. I'd rather him miserable and alive than dead though."

Natasha downed her drink, slamming the glass down on the bar and leaned over to whisper in Wade's ear.

"I would kill you if I didn't think it'd just hurt him more. Get your shit together and come pick up your Omega."

"You're not gonna give me your address?" Wade called after her as she walked away.

Natasha turned around, a perfectly manicured brow raised.

"Please, we both know the only reason you're not stalking him right now is because you know he's passed out on my couch."

Wade snorted and pushed up to follow her, leaving some bills on the bar as payment.



Pepper was sitting on a sofa chair when the door opened. She glanced up, smiling at her Omega, but it turned to a frown when she saw Wade there too.

"I didn't realize you were bringing your friend home."

"He's here for Peter." Natasha said slipping off her shoes before settling herself in Pepper's lap.

Wade stood by the door for a moment before shutting the door and walking over to the couch. Pepper watched him cautiously, but Natasha didn't seem in the slightest bit concerned. Peter was drooling in his sleep, his hair tousled and his hands curled up in the couch blanket.

Wade's lips twitched into a smile at the sight. His heart soaring now that he had his Omega close. It hadn't been that long, barely two months, but it was longer than usual and the distance was excruciating. Wade ran his hand down Peter's side, loving the way his Omega shifted and whimpered in his sleep.

"Come on, princess. Let's get you home." Wade murmured, scooping the boy up.

He was small and weighed barely anything and Wade easily settled him in his arms, his arm under Peter's ass and his hand cradling his head, holding it to his shoulder.

Peter made a soft sound and pressed closer to him, turning his face to press his nose into Wade's neck. Wade rumbled soothingly and reveled in Peter's answering purr. Natasha just snickered and Wade glared at her.



Wade considered taking Peter back to his dorm, but he felt compelled to bring him back to his apartment. Peter had been there before. Wade always came for him during his heats and brought his heat drunk Omega home. It wasn't all too different this time, though Peter smelled of liquor instead of slick.

Wade kicked the door shut but had to set Peter down before he could lock all of the bolts. Peter whined when he was laid out on the couch and his hand reached out to grab Wade, wanting to be close to his Alpha even in his sleep. Wade just snatched his hand and pressed a kiss to his palm before locking up. 

He carried Peter into the closet off of his room. It was large enough to fit both of them comfortably but small enough to feel secure, not only for Peter but for Wade as well. Wade had a hard time letting his guard down, especially when Peter was in heat. The Omega was just so vulnerable and it put Wade on edge. So the enclosed space helped him to settle.

The decision to let Peter suffer through his heats alone these past two months had just about killed Wade. Now he was just happy to have his Omega back in his arms. Peter was limp as Wade stripped him down to only his panties, before laying him down.

Peter sighed, scenting of home and safe when Wade laid him down in his nest.



When Peter stirred he was confused, disoriented and slightly nauseous. His eyes stayed glued shut and he burrowed deeper into the soft blankets and abundance of pillows. His mind felt fuzzy so it took him a moment to process that he was surrounded by the scent of his Alpha and their nest. It took him even longer to realize that the soothing sensation on his head was a hand petting him, lulling him back to sleep.

Peter tried to fight off the feeling but he felt safe and comfortable and the tranquility of the moment pulled him down under. Wade smiled softly at his Omega, nuzzling up against him as his eyes fluttered softly before he fell back to sleep.

It wasn't long though before Peter was waking again, but this time he lurched up to a seated position and scrambled desperately to get out of the nest. Wade tensed, fighting the scent of panic that was triggered by his Omega's distress. It was the scent of sick that made Wade jump up and grab Peter, pulling him out of the closet, settling him on his knees in front of the toilet.

Wade held him around his waist and rubbed his back soothingly as he heaved. Trembling hands reached up to wipe sweaty curls off of his forehead and Wade grabbed one gently and pressed a kiss to Peter's palm. Peter just whimpered pressing further back into Wade, a distressed whine leaving his throat.

"Shh, you're okay. I've got you, princess." Wade soothed, kissing his temple and scooping him off of the floor, flushing the sick away.

Wade held Peter up, one arm under his ass so he could brush his teeth. 

"Open up, princess.

Peter opened his mouth obediently, but made no attempt to offer any sort of assistance. Wade was fine with that. Everything inside of him had been screaming at him to help and provide these last few weeks and Wade was finally giving in to the desire. He scented of pleased Alpha, safe and home filling the air as Wade took care of his Omega. 

"Tongue out."

Wade was pretty sure this was the most innocent way he'd ever given Peter that order. Usually their interactions were sexual, rough and rushed. Wade fed his Omega when he was in heat, but it involved a fair amount of kissing and licking fingers and almost always was followed by sex.

This was different. Not necessarily better, but definitely not worse. It was just a different way of providing for his Omega. Wade nuzzled against Peter's cheek, the toothbrush clattering against the ledge of the sink. Peter whimpered and buried his nose in Wade's neck, scenting his Alpha.

Wade wished he had a bath to set his Omega in, but he didn't so a shower would have to do. Peter sobbed when he tried to set him down and Wade couldn't stand the sound. Seeing Peter upset, tears in his eyes and bottom lip trembling was too much for Wade. Not after two months of watching Peter pretend to smile and laugh when Wade could tell he wasn't really happy. It's not that Peter wasn't good at pretending everything was fine, but Wade saw right through the lie.

Wade still wasn't convinced that sticking around was what was best for Peter. Cutting all ties was the best way to keep Peter safe, and yet Wade couldn't do it. There was always the fact that he didn't know how Tiberius had known about Peter. Wade kept telling himself he was only sticking around until he knew Peter was safe, but the truth was that he wasn't sure he could ever really leave Peter.

Wade growled softly, his chest rumbling to soothe his Omega before scooping him back up and pulling his panties down. He propped him on the edge of the sink and Peter made a sound in protest as his bare ass made contact with the cold porcelain. Wade shushed him, tugging the panties down his thighs until they slid down his legs and off his feet.

"Come on, princess, let's get you washed up."

Washing Peter proved to be difficult since he refused to let go of Wade, his limbs wrapped around his Alpha like he'd die if he let go. Or more likely like Wade would slip away.

Wade eventually gave up on any chance of a thorough scrubbing and pulled Peter out of the shower. He didn't even bother trying to dress him, just wrapped him up in a towel and threw some toast in the toaster.

Peter was half asleep again in his arms, but Wade nudged him awake thinking that dry toast would probably settle his tummy. The Omega grumbled unhappily about it, pouting when Wade insisted and bit into the toast. 

"There you go, good boy." Wade murmured.



"Wade?" Peter asked hesitantly when his toast was gone.


Peter wanted to ask why Wade left, why he was back, why he waited so long to come back, but he didn't.

"You- why am I here?"

Wade licked his lips and stood up, brushing crumbs off of Peter before carrying him over to the couch. Peter curled up in his lap, his head resting on Wade's chest.

"Do you not want to be here?"

"No, that's not- you know I like being here. It's just that I thought-"

Peter swallowed and shook his head, his curls flying and his teeth biting into his lip.

"Tell me, Pete. What did you think?"

"I thought you left me. I thought you weren't gonna come back."

"I tried to, but I couldn't."

Pain flashed across Peter's face and he flinched away from Wade.

"You wanted to leave me?" Peter asked, his voice breaking.

"Of course I didn't, princess. I could never want to leave you. I should leave though. Staying with you is selfish. I'm a dangerous man and you shouldn't be anywhere near me or my life."

Peter laughed bitterly.

"Selfish?" He asked in disbelief. "Wade if being with me is selfish then I want you to be selfish everyday of your life and if being with you is dangerous then I live for danger."

"Don't say that."

"Why? It's true."

"It's not true and if it is I don't want to hear it."

Peter glared at him.

"You don't want to hear it? You know what Wade? Fuck you. I was miserable. Hell, I'm miserable every time you walk away, because you always walk away. I love you, but half of the time I'm pretty sure I'm just a quick fuck to you."

Wade rolled his eyes, trying not to convey how much it hurt to think about being the cause of Peter's suffering or how much he wanted to tell Peter he loved him.

"There's nothing quick about when I fuck you." Wade said instead.

Peter clenched his fists in Wade's shirt and gritted his teeth together.

"You know what I think the other half of the time? I think that you're afraid of falling in love with me. I also think that you already have and it scares you too much to admit it. You come to me when you know I'm in heat just to whisk me away and have me in your space where you allow me to nest, because you can’t stand the thought of being away from me when my body’s begging for your knot. You sneak into my dorm to see me like you just can't help yourself even though there must be countless other Omegas to fuck-"

"Right? Like every Omega is dying to fuck a scarred Alpha like me?"

"Why wouldn't they?" Peter demanded. "I am.”

Wade growled and slammed their lips together, groping Peter’s ass and grinding into him.

“Fuck, princess, you’re gonna kill me if you keep that up.”

Peter pulled back and whimpered, looking down at his lap.

“Wade, I-” Peter took a deep breath trying to work up the nerve to say what he wanted to say. “I don’t want to just be someone you fuck. I want to be yours. I want you to be my Alpha.”

Wade gritted his teeth, his heart beating rapidly in his chest and his hands sweaty. He wanted to say yes, wanted to tell Peter that he was his and he would never let him go, but he couldn’t. Peter would never be safe as long as Wade was selfish and kept him close and Wade couldn’t lose another mate. He had barely survived the last loss and Peter was just so damn precious, so damn sweet.

“I told you the first time we met that I wasn’t looking for another Omega, Peter. I’m sorry, but I’m not your Alpha and I’m never going to be. I shouldn’t have brought you here and I shouldn’t be sneaking into your dorm, but I’m going to take you back and I’ll keep my distance this time.”

Tears welled up in Peter’s eyes and he clenched his fists, shaking his head.

“No, please, don’t do this. Don’t leave me. I won’t survive without you Wade. I’m lost without you.”

“Hey, no, don’t say that. You’re stronger than that, princess. You don’t need anyone to swoop in and save you, because you can take care of yourself.”

Peter glared at him.

“So what if I can? Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I just want you to do it for me. There’s nothing wrong with that, with wanting to be taken care of.”

Wade groaned and pulled Peter closer, cradling his head to his chest.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with that, princess.”

Wade knew he should take Peter home, knew he shouldn’t be selfish and hold him close, but that was the problem wasn’t it? Wade was selfish, so selfish that he would endanger his Omega just so that he could have him in his arms.

“Then don’t leave me.”

Wade ran his fingers through Peter’s curls and kissed his temple.

“Shh, I’m not going anywhere.” Wade rumbled and Peter purred in response, nuzzling against him.

Wade held him close, his mind running through all of the options, trying to come up with a way that he could keep Peter without putting him in danger. He determined that his life would always put Peter at risk, but maybe he could prepare Peter, teach him how to protect himself from the evils of his world, and there were many evils in Wade’s world. Peter fell asleep on his lap and Wade scooped him up in his arms, pulling out his phone.

Meet me in the alley.



Natasha was sipping coffee and watching her mate flip pancakes on the stove, anticipating the taste of whipped cream and strawberries on the fluffy cloud like pancakes that Pepper made for her every Sunday morning, when her phone chirped. Natasha glanced down at it and cursed. Pepper glanced back at her, a brow raised in question.

“Wade wants to meet.” Natasha groaned.

Pepper hummed.

“Do you think it’s about Peter?” Pepper asked, sliding the pancake onto a plate.

“It’s always about Peter.” Natasha grumbled.

She slid off of the stool she was perched on, downing the rest of her coffee before placing the mug in the sink. She sent the pancake a longing look before sighing. Pepper smiled and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Go on. I’ll make you a plate when you get back.”

Natasha grinned at her and gave her one more kiss.

“Thanks, Alpha.”

Natasha made her way to the agreed upon alley and waited the three minutes that it took for Wade to appear. He dropped down from a fire escape like he usually did, but this time he was cradling Peter to his chest, an arm under his ass and a hand holding Peter’s head securely to his shoulder. The boy was asleep. He made a sound of protest when they landed on the ground, whining and squirming in Wade’s arms.

"Shh, you're okay, princess." Wade murmured in his ear, his chest rumbling soothingly.

Peter sighed, his breath warm on Wade's neck, and settled. Natasha raised a brow at Wade.

"Can I take this to mean you're keeping him then?" Natasha asked, smirking.

Wade rolled his eyes but nodded.

"Turns out I'm selfish, huge surprise I know."

Natasha laughed and leaned back against the brick wall, crossing one foot over the other and pulling a knife out of her jacket to flip idly.

"What do you need, Wade?"

"I need you to keep him safe when I can't."

Natasha paused, grabbing the hilt of her knife and licking her lips.

"What are we supposed to tag team then? Assign shifts so there's always someone watching him?"

"No, just keep an eye out when you're with him."

"I already do."

"Good. Keep doing that then."

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him, before going back to flipping the blade. Wade clearly wanted something, she wasn't going to ask him again though, so he would have to come out and say it. Wade seemed content to run his fingers through Peter's curls, lost in thought.

It was a good twenty minutes before he finally spoke.

"I know we can't always be there to keep him safe, which is why he needs to learn how to defend himself. I would teach him but..."

Natasha nodded in understanding, flipping her knife once more before sliding it back into her jacket. Alpha's were too protective. Wade would never be able to push Peter, he would be soft with the boy, when what he really needed was some firm guidance. Wade may fuck rough, but he'd never be able to raise a hand with the intent of hurting Peter. Natasha did not have the same qualms. 

She cared about Peter enough to not seriously hurt him, but she knew that getting knocked on your ass a few times was just a part of the learning process. For some it was a long and miserable part and others, the ones that caught on quickly, only had to hit the ground once or twice. Natasha had been trained as a child, but she had no intention of training Peter with the same cruel methods that had been used on her. That doesn't mean she'd go easy on him though.

"Fine, I'll do it. We'll start with basic hand to hand combat and then move on to weapons."

Wade nodded.

"Sounds good. I'll drop him off at five."

Natasha rolled her eyes.

"What makes you think I'll be available?"

"Because my Omega's too pretty to deny anything and he'll be there at five."

Natasha shook her head and pushed off of the wall.

"Fine, five. But make sure he wears something he can fight in and don't get all pissy when he comes home with bruises on him."

Pepper asked her what Wade wanted when she came home and Natasha just groaned and curled up on the couch with her head in her Alpha's lap. Pepper didn't press it. She just combed her fingers through Natasha's hair and hummed a tune that was probably some pop song that Natasha would make fun of. Natasha purred softly and Pepper smiled at her.

"Is Peter okay?" Pepper asked after a while.

Natasha blinked her eyes open and glanced up at her. She nodded and snuggled closer, nuzzling into Pepper's crotch and scenting her. Her nose traced the seam of Pepper's shorts and her teeth nipped at the fabric. Pepper just smiled and gripped her hair lightly.

"Settle, love. We will play after I finish my coffee."

Chapter Text

Tony smiled softly at Steve as he went on and on about the painting he was staring at. They'd been standing here for a good twenty minutes as Steve took in every brush stroke and explained things about the painter.

Tony listened, but he didn't understand most of what Steve was talking about. He had some knowledge of paintings, but it was nowhere near what Steve knew. Which made sense since Tony wasn't nearly as fascinated or passionate about art as Steve was.

Bucky had declined the offer to join them, saying that he didn't need to suffer through another trip to some museum when Tony was there to do it for him. Tony really didn't mind and he didn't think that Bucky minded it half as much as he said he did. Tony was more than happy to spend the day following Steve around either way.

Steve finally walked away from the painting, still talking excitedly, this time about a sculpture he wanted to show Tony. He was walking backwards so he could see Tony and bumped right into someone.

"Oh, sorry, sir." Steve said immediately, his eyes wide.

The Alpha glared down at him and Steve squeaked in fear, darting back to Tony. Tony was quick to scoop him into his arms and rub his back soothingly. His eyes narrowing at the other Alpha, daring him to challenge him. He didn't, the man just dropped his gaze and walked off. Tony reigned his scent back in, letting it soothe his Omega instead of intimidating those around them.

"Shh, you're okay, little one. Do you want to show me that sculpture now?" Tony asked softly.

Steve shook his head.

"Just want you, Alpha." Steve mumbled, clinging tighter to Tony.

"Oh, angel, come on let's go find somewhere to sit."

Tony found a room that was empty but for the exhibits on display. His footsteps echoed in the large space, but otherwise it was still and quiet, the perfect atmosphere to comfort his Omega. He sat down on a bench and settled Steve in his lap, murmuring soft words in his ear and running fingers up and down his spine.

Steve whimpered and melted into him, his head resting on his shoulder and his hands loosening their hold on Tony's lapels.

"Sorry, Alpha."

"Hush, baby, no need to apologize. I don't mind being your safety or comfort."

Steve bit his lip and nuzzled closer, scenting his Alpha and sighing softly.

"Thank you, Alpha."

"You're so very welcome, little one." Tony rumbled, kissing Steve's nose.

His Omega giggling sweetly, scenting happy.



The next few days following their appointment with Dr Banner went by easily. Steve and Bucky talked about just moving into the tower since they were being evicted anyway. Tony enjoyed having his Omegas close, but he knew he needed to talk to Bucky still.

Bucky was doing really well, he didn't growl at Tony and he didn't get lost and break down crying, because it was all too much. Tony almost hoped that things were sorting themselves out, but they weren't.

Tony was working in his lab when JARVIS told him that Bucky was distressed. By the time Tony got to the garage he was curled up in the corner weeping. Tony cursed and crouched down in front of him.

"Bucky? Baby, what's wrong?"

"I don't know, Alpha, I don't know." Bucky sobbed.

Tony cursed again. He should have done something sooner, because now he didn't know what Bucky wanted from him. He knew that his Omega needed settling, though. Not a firm hand. No, Bucky needed something softer right now. Tony sat down next to him, his back up against the wall and pulled Bucky into his arms.

"Shh, it's okay, angel, I've got you." Tony soothed, holding him close and running fingers through his hair.

It took a good thirty minutes of soothing until Bucky had calmed down, but eventually he was soft and purring, snuggling up to Tony and scenting him. He still scented anxious, but Tony knew he was so close to settling fully.

"Better?" Tony murmured.

Bucky nodded and hummed.

"I'm sorry, Alpha."

"Shh, don't be. This is my fault, little one."

Bucky furrowed his brows and pulled back to look at Tony.

"No it's not. It's me. I'm a-"

"Hey, shh, no. Whatever you're going to say, don't. You're wrong about this, Bucky. We need to have a talk, but it can wait until you've settled all the way."

"What if I don't settle?" Bucky asked, sounding small and scared.

"You will." Tony said softly, but firmly. "You're so good for me, baby, and you will settle, you already are settling. Just let me hold you. You're so close, little one. My pretty Omega, so good for me."



Tony filled Bucky in on what he'd talked about with Bruce when he was certain that his Omega had settled, but Bucky felt numb afterwards. They had moved up to the penthouse. He sat there on the couch and stared at the wall, not sure of what he was thinking.

"Bucky? Are you with me, love?"

Bucky blinked, trying to shake off the heavy feeling settling inside of him.

"I'm good. I just- I don't know." Bucky said, not sure how to voice what he was feeling.

"Bucky, I want you to know that I'll claim you now if you want me to."

"Right now?"

Tony hesitated.

"It doesn't have to be right now, but it could be soon, if that's what you want."

"What if I said I want it right now?"

"Right now right now? Like right this moment?" Tony asked, his eyebrows raising in surprise.

Bucky nodded.

"Would you do it?"

Tony swallowed and glanced away, but nodded slowly.

"Of course I would, little one."

Bucky shifted on the couch, pulling Tony on top of him and laying back until his back hit the cushion. Tony sucked in a breath, hovering over Bucky, feeling his dick twitch in his pants, his Omega laid out underneath him, his throat bared invitingly.

"Would you? Would you really?"

"Bucky..." Tony growled, his voice strained.

He leaned in closer, his nose brushing Bucky's throat, scenting him.

"Baby, you're shaking."

"'M not." Bucky denied.

"You are. You're shaking and you smell scared. I don't want to claim you like this. I don't want this to be the way we remember this happening years down the road when we look back on this moment. Mating, claiming, that's supposed to be something special, love. I don't want to bite you like this."

Bucky whimpered, pulling Tony closer, needing his weight to press into him. He needed to feel safe and Tony made him feel safe, a firm but loving presence that surrounded him and promised him safety and protection.

"What if I want it?"

Tony groaned.

"Do you, though? Can you honestly tell me you want this?"

Bucky licked his lips, trembling beneath his Alpha. Tears started to well up in his eyes and spill over. He didn't want this, but he did want the confusion to stop. He didn't want to feel lost all the time. He didn't want to feel like he was constantly fighting himself.

"I hate feeling this way, Alpha. I just want to not be so fucked up." Bucky sobbed.

Tony's eyes watered, too, and he dropped his forehead to Bucky's chest.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Bucky. If I hadn't come into your life none of this would have happened. This is all my fault."

Bucky shook his head, hugging Tony to him.

"No, that's not true. This isn't your fault and I don't regret having you in my life. You're one of the best things that has ever happened to me, Alpha."

Tony pushed himself up, sitting next to Bucky and wiped at his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put that on you."

"Hey, no, come back to me. Don't pull away from me. You're allowed to cry. Alphas are allowed to show emotions." Bucky said, feeling like that's something that Sam would say.

Tony glanced over at Bucky, huffing out a laugh.

"I know, but I want to be strong for you."

"Crying doesn't make you weak."

Tony looked at him for a moment, before a small smile appeared on his face. He reached over and pulled Bucky into his lap.

"Smart and beautiful. What did I ever do to deserve you?" Tony muttered.

Bucky shrugged half heartedly, because he didn't feel all that worthy of Tony's praise at the moment.

"I don't want you to claim me, yet." Bucky blurted out.

Tony blinked in surprise for a second at the sudden admission, before his eyes softened and he cupped Bucky's cheek.

"I know."

Bucky bit his lip.

"It's stupid. You wanting to court us. Steve wanting to be courted. It's all so stupid." Bucky said.

Tony laughed.

"Is it? Or is it romantic?"

Bucky shook his head, blushing.

"No, it's just stupid." Bucky said. "Steve wants it, though, and I want to give him that. He wants you to court me alongside him and I want him to have that even if it's stupid and ridiculously cheesy."

Tony nodded, smiling softly at him. 

The truth was that Bucky wanted it, too, but he would never admit it. He didn't want to admit it. The thing about dominants isn't that they necessarily don't want the things that submissives want. It's that even if they do they won't easily admit that they want it. They were just stubborn like that. Bucky was stubborn like that.

Tony saw through it, though. He knew, but he would indulge Bucky for the moment. There was no harm in letting Bucky insist that he only wanted to be courted, because he wanted it for Steve. There was no reason for Tony to make him say that he wanted it too. And if one day Bucky did want to confess how much he wanted it, Tony wanted it to be of his own volition.

So Tony just pulled him in for a kiss and rumbled happily in his chest. Bucky purred at him, scenting him, pressing closer to feel the vibrations in Tony's chest in his own.

"I'm glad you told me, baby. We can wait if that's what you want, but you can always change your mind about it, too. It's your health at stake so it's your decision to make."

"Thank you, Alpha." Bucky breathed out, hesitating before continuing. "That thing that Dr Banner told you, about you sorting me out, what exactly does that mean?"

"It can mean whatever we decide it means, Bucky. You didn't like being spanked, so it won't mean that."

"There's nothing wrong with spanking an Omega." Bucky rushed out. "Steve likes that sort of thing."

Tony nodded.

"I know there's not. I'm not saying there is. It's just not right for you. We'll figure out what is together."

Bucky bit his lip, nodding, a tempting blush surfacing on his cheeks.

"I like it when you're firm with me. When you-" Bucky hesitated, glancing at Tony nervously.

"When I what, baby? You can tell me." Tony coaxed.

"When you tell me you're the Alpha and you take control. I like that side of you. It's exciting, but also makes me feel small, like I just want to turn to you for answers and let you make all of the decisions."

Tony hummed, bumping their noses together.

"You want me to dominate you, pretty Omega? You need your Alpha to put you in your place?" Tony all but growled.

Bucky whimpered, his arousal spiking and swirling around them. Tony was careful to control his scent around his Omegas, but he let his own desire slip out just a little bit, just enough to make Bucky moan and rock his hips.


"Shh, I'm right here. I've got you."



Steve walked out of the elevator and the scent of sex hit his nose like a freight train crashing into him. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of his Alphas, still fully dressed, dicks out, Tony's fist wrapped around them, pumping them. Bucky was whining and squirming in his lap, thrusting into his hand and moaning in his ear, and Steve just stood and watched it happen.

Watched Tony grunt as his knot swelled and his cum covered his hand. The strokes of his hand became obscenely wet, each stroke squelching as Tony's cum eased the way further. It only took a few more strokes before Bucky was crying out, clutching at Tony and slamming their lips together.

Steve felt slick dribbling out of him slowly, but he knew that he'd be leaking profusely any minute now. Bucky was still shaking from his orgasm and Tony was panting hard, when Steve slipped onto the couch next to them.

"Alpha." He whined.

Tony cursed under his breath and Bucky huffed out a laugh.

"Stevie, baby, you feeling needy?"

"Need it, Alpha. Please."

Bucky gripped his hair, pulling him closer until their lips could crash together, his tongue slipping into Steve's mouth when he moaned. Bucky pulled back, pushing Steve away when he tried to chase after him.

"Don't be greedy now, doll. Now go lay down. Wait for me in our room."

Steve whined, not liking that at all. Tony just leaned back, raising a brow at the little Omega when he turned his pleading gaze on Tony. Steve whined again, hoping they would give in and give him what he wanted.

"I said go lay down." Bucky snapped.

Steve squeaked and scrambled off of the couch.

"And you better be presenting when I get there." Bucky called after him.

"Harsh much?" Tony teased, pulling him in for another kiss.

Bucky laughed.

"Don't worry, Alpha. This is what we call the waiting game. The longer I make him wait the more desperate he becomes. He really is beautiful when he's whining and squirming, begging for it."

Tony hummed in agreement.

"I'll pour us wine while we wait then."

They tucked themselves back into their pants, washing their hands and stripping off their cum stained shirts. Then they sipped at their glasses of way too expensive wine and chatted for a good half an hour before Bucky glanced up at the clock and smirked at Tony.

"Is it time?"

Bucky winked at him and drank the rest of his wine.

"Come on, Alpha, we have a pretty Omega to fill up."

Tony groaned and followed him down the hall.

Steve was definitely squirming and desperate when they entered the bedroom. He was fully naked, his exposed body perfectly displayed as he presented himself to them. Slick sliding down his thighs and pooling on the covers. Bucky clicked his tongue, walking over and smacking his ass.

"What a little slut. Look at this mess you're making Omega." Bucky said with false disapproval.

Steve whined, squirming more, his hands clenching and unclenching in the blankets.

"Fuck, I think we should plug him up. What do you think, Tony? Should we keep this little bitch plugged up when he's not in use. Just so he doesn't keep leaking all over the place."

Tony hummed, walking around until he could slip his fingers into Steve's hair.

"I think we should make him clean up his mess." Tony said. "What do you think, Steve? Little boys should clean up their messes, shouldn't they?"

Steve's bottom lip trembled, tears rolling down his cheeks, and he pressed his face into the pillows, trying to hide away. He was so turned on, wet and swollen, desperate to be fucked, but being turned on by this only added to his humiliation. He shouldn't like this, shouldn't want this, but he did, fuck he really did.

Tony gripped his hair, tugging lightly, before pulling him up, until Steve was on his knees, his ass settled over his heels. Tony licked his lips, leaning down to kiss him softly. The kiss was such a contrast to the shame he was feeling and the frustration from being told to wait, sent off to present and knowing that his Alphas weren't desperate like he was. 

No, they had just gotten off. They had no need to rush to fuck their Omega. They were sated and took their leisurely time before they finally decided they wanted to use him.

Steve whimpered into his mouth, squirming when Bucky's hands trailed down his sides. Bucky settled on the bed behind Steve, nuzzling against his neck and nibbling at the sensitive skin, biting lightly into his scent gland and relishing the way that it made the scent of slick more potent in the air.

"Come on, pretty thing. Go lick up your mess like a good little slut. Show us how desperate you are and we might just give you what you want." Bucky murmured in his ear.

Steve sobbed, his head dropping to Tony's shoulder.


"Shh, you're okay." Tony soothed, his grip on his hair loosening until he was merely cradling his head. "Go be a good boy, baby. Give Bucky what he wants and he'll give you what you want."

Steve whined again, his face flushed, the red spreading all the way down his back deliciously. Bucky wanted to lick all over him, but he climbed off the bed instead, kneeling down on the ground so he'd have a good view. Steve bit his lip, ducking his head shyly when Tony nudged him towards the end of the bed, where his slick had pooled on the blanket.

"Come on, doll. Lick it up. You know you want to." Bucky taunted, a wicked gleam in his eyes and a devilish smirk on his lips.

Steve pouted, but crawled over and started to lap up his slick. It was sweet, but it wasn't what Steve really wanted. He would much rather swallow down his Alpha's cum then his own slick. Bucky growled, his tongue darting out to lick Steve's. His hand grabbed the back of Steve's neck, holding him still so he could suck his tongue into his mouth, sucking the slick right off of it.

"Fuck, baby, you're killing me." Bucky groaned. "Keep going. Get it all."

Steve did as he was told, embarrassed and squirming, but so desperate to please, to make Bucky happy, so turned on by the thought that he was certain he would make a mess again soon from all the slick leaking out of his hole. Tony seemed to consider that though, because he had grabbed a plug and started to lap at Steve's cunt. Slurping up his slick, the sound of it obscene as he cleaned up his Omega just enough that wasn't leaking, before pushing the plug into him and sealing him up.

Steve moaned at the feeling, squirming when it wasn't enough. Tony just chuckled and smacked his ass, before lapping at his thighs, cleaning up the slick trails left behind.

"Look at that, doll. Our Alpha's cleaning you up so nice. Cleaning up your mess for you." Bucky teased. "I think you should thank him. Don't you?"

Steve nodded eagerly.

"Yes, please. Let me be good. I'll be so good."

"Oh, I know you will, baby. You're such a good little Omega. So good for me, so good for our Alpha. Now go be good and suck him off."

Steve was quick to scramble around, eager to have Tony's cock in his mouth. They both laughed at him, saying he was such a greedy slut. He was. He really was and he loved it. He wanted to be called names and pushed around a little, he got off on it. Tony pulled his cock out, stroking it lazily, and gripping Steve's hair in his hand.

"Come on, baby. Make me feel good." He murmured, pushing Steve's head down and encouraging him to take him in his mouth.

Steve did so willingly, eagerly, moaning around it and sucking like it was the last cock he'd ever suck.

"See, this is why we play the waiting game, Alpha. 'Cause Stevie's so fucking beautiful when he gets like this. So damn needy, he'd do anything just to get a little attention."

The words were cruel, the tone a sneer and Bucky's hand reached out to rip the plug from his hole in one swift motion that had Steve screaming around Tony's dick. Bucky just laughed and pressed his dick into him, no preparation needed. Steve was loose and wet, his body ready for his Alpha's cock.

"Ah, don't worry, angel. I'll get you nice and plugged up. Keep your sloppy hole from making a mess." Bucky cooed in a demeaning way that had Steve moaning and pushing back against him.

Bucky slapped his ass, Tony grunting when Steve deepthroated him.

"You fucking slut," Bucky laughed. "I didn't ask you to move. Hold the fuck still and dont be so Goddamn desperate all the time."

He glanced up at Tony, winking at him, and had to muffle his giggles with his hand when Tony rolled his eyes at him. Bucky shook his, trying to clear it and get back into character. Tony looked amused, his hand reaching out for Bucky and pulling him in for a kiss.

"Fuck, you're so hot like this, baby." Tony groaned.

"Yeah? You like it, Alpha?"

Tony licked his lips and nodded.

"Fuck yeah, I love it."

Bucky's chest swelled with the praise and his hips bucked forward, making both him and Steve moan. Bucky's mouth ran wild as he fucked Steve and Tony goaded him on, Steve a mess in between them. They all got off on the show of truly awful dominance from Bucky, his words degrading and his touch rough. Tony exploded down Steve's throat, Bucky and Steve following their Alpha's example, Bucky cumming in Steve and Steve pushed over the edge by his Alpha's cum hot inside of him.



It was after when they all scented sated, the smell of sex still fresh in the air, that they snuggled Steve up in between them and murmured praise and soft words. Bucky running his fingers through his hair and telling him how good and pretty he was. Tony releasing pleased Alpha scent into the air and rumbling soothingly, his arms wrapped around Steve's waist.

Steve just laid there and floated, basking in the attention and the warmth of it all. The warm feelings and warm touches. The softness of it all that felt a hundred times better when following harsh words and harsher touches.

His Alphas weren't cruel to him, on the contrary, they were giving him exactly what he wanted. His Alphas were so good to him always, took such good care of him always, and Steve loved them for that. He loved them with every fiber of his being.

"Love you, Alphas." Steve mumbled, only half aware that he said it.



Since Tony took Steve to the museum, Bucky more than happy to stay behind, Tony thought it was only fair that Bucky got to choose a place this time around. Tony wasn't sure what to expect when he asked Bucky what he wanted to do, but strolling down the boardwalk wasn't what he had pictured.

"Here, Buck." Steve chirped, handing Bucky an ice cream cone.

Bucky took it with a thanks and a kiss on the cheek, before sitting down at one of the round metal tables.

"This is your idea of a great date then?" Tony asked, taking a seat next to him.

"I don't really do dating, but me and Steve used to get ice cream cones on the boardwalk growing up. Closest I ever came to a date I suppose."

"You two never go on dates?"

"We're not allowed to do that sort of thing."

"Yeah, but not even secret ones, like pretending you're just friends getting together."

"Are you asking if we ever hang out publicly?" Bucky snorted.

"No, I mean, like saying it was a date and knowing between the two of you that it's one, even if you couldn't act like it openly."

Bucky shifted uncomfortably, watching as Steve chatted with the man behind the counter, bubbly and happy, thrilled to be out on a date with his Alphas. Bucky would have loved to take Steve out on a date, but it just seemed depressing to pretend, like a tease of something they could never really have.

Bucky always pretended that he didn't care about it, didn't like that sort of thing anyway so it didn't matter. It did matter though. It mattered to Bucky even if he didn't want to admit it and it mattered to Steve.

"I never had to court, Steve. He's always been mine."

Tony watched him carefully as he licked at his ice cream.

"Courting's not the only reason to go on dates."

Bucky just shrugged.

"I can never really court him, Tony. I can never really be with him."

"Maybe you couldn't then, but you can now."

Bucky shook his head.

"No, you can. I'm just your Omega. I'll never really be Steve's Alpha, no matter how much I say I am. No matter how much I want to be."

Tony clicked his tongue and decided to play along.

"Okay, fine. Then you're mine. As your Alpha I get to decide what you can and can't do. So I say you can court him, and date him, and be with him. I say you can have him for as long as he wants you."

Bucky licked his lips.

"What do you want from me, Tony?" Bucky asked, his voice almost pleading.

"I want you to come with me to buy our Omega some chocolate."

Bucky furrowed his brows.


"Because it'll make Steve smile."

Tony stood, licking at his melting ice cream.

"Hey, baby, stay here. We'll be right back." Tony murmured, pressing a kiss to Steve's lips.

Steve blinked at him in surprise.

"Wait? Where are you going?"

"Not far. Just be a good boy and wait here for us."

Steve was confused, but nodded as they walked off. Bucky was confused, too. Watching Tony as they finished off their cones and tossed their napkins. Tony's hand reached out for his, entwining their fingers, and Bucky bit his lip, trying not to stare at their hands. Tony just smiled softly and pulled him into a small shop and over to a display of heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

"This is stupid." Bucky said.

"Why?" Tony hummed, picking up one of them and flipping it over to read what it contained.

"It's cheesy."

Tony hummed again, setting the box back down and pulling Bucky in close, their foreheads pressed together. Tony bumped their noses together, kissing him softly.

"Steve will like it."

"Yeah, but- I don't know. It wasn't something we could ever do."

"It's something you can do now." Tony said, wrapping his arms around Bucky's waist and pulling him in even closer.

Bucky whimpered and tucked his head into Tony's neck, his nose brushing his throat, scenting him, his hands curling in his jacket.

"I know. I guess it's just hard to accept that, to truly believe that it's okay now."

"That's fair, love."

"It's just so sudden. Everything's happening so quickly, that's all."

"I know. I think that's why it's so important that we do this. That we take things slow."

"What if I don't want that?"

"Then we won't." Tony said easily.

"But Steve-"

"Hey, no. What Steve and I have between us, what he wants for him and me, shouldn't be a deciding factor for you. You should make up your own mind for what you want. For what's right for you."

Bucky bit his lip, shaking his head.

"Steve will always be a deciding factor for me."

Tony sighed.

"I'm not surprised, but that doesn't mean I like it."

"Are we not deciding factors for you?"

Tony swallowed, squeezing him tighter.

"You are, but that's different."

"Because you're our Alpha? I'm Steve's Alpha, right? Wouldn't you agree that a good Alpha revolves around their Omega?"

Tony pulled back, groaning.

"No, baby, I wouldn't. It's not about who's the Alpha. It's about a balanced relationship. In a balanced relationship, the relationship doesn't revolve around any one person or any one role."

Bucky shifted from one to foot to the other uncomfortably, his brows furrowed in confusion as he considered this. He picked up a box of chocolate and handed it to Tony.

"He'll like this one."

Tony raised a brow.

"You didn't even check to see what's in it."

"Don't need to. It's aesthetically pleasing." Bucky teased. "It'll make Steve smile, trust me."

It did make Steve smile and beam up at them, a bounce in his step as he clutched the box to his chest. 



Clint glanced over at him.


"Why what?" Bucky groaned, frustrated.

"Why does it scare you so much?"

Bucky scoffed.

"You say that like you weren't scared."

Clint shook his head.

"That's not what I mean. Of course I was, but that doesn't mean we're scared for the same reasons. I want to know what about being claimed scares you ."

Bucky clicked his tongue.

"You spend too much time with Sam. You're starting to sound like a therapist."

Clint laughed.

"Sam's not a therapist."

"Could have fooled me."

Clint smirked at him, before his expression shifted.

"Seriously though. Tell me what you're so afraid of. Is it Tony? Are you scared that he'll hurt you?"

Bucky shook his head immediately.

"Of course not. Tony's perfect. He would never do that."

Clint hummed.

"What is it then?"

"It's me, Clint. I'm scared that I'll ruin everything, because I'm not a good Omega."

Clint snorted at that.

"What is a good Omega anyway? If it's an obedient one then that's not exactly me or Brock either, and Sam doesn't care about that. If it's one that has no opinion or thoughts of their own, then that's not Steve and he's a submissive who has both you and Tony wrapped around his finger. If it's one that's weak and helpless, well, Natasha is as deadly as they come and Pepper still loves her. So what is a good Omega? Why do other people get to decide what makes a good Omega? Why do Alphas get to tell us if we're worthy or not?" Clint said, practically ranting now.

Bucky just listened. He understood what Clint was saying and he didn't disagree, but it was still hard to accept. 

He sighed.

"Hey, Bucky, look at me. You're a good Omega. Whatever the fuck that means. Tony wants you, Steve wants you, and you want them, too. It's not that complicated." 

Bucky nodded and cuddled up to him.

"Thanks, Clint."

"Yeah, whatever." Clint said, but he grinned at Bucky and pulled him closer.



When it was Tony's turn to choose a place he of course had to choose a place on the other side of the country. Which is why they flew to the west coast, ending up in Oregon, so they could visit Multnomah Falls.

Steve leaned out over the railing, feeling the spray of the waterfall on his face and he laughed, spinning around to face his Alphas.

"This is amazing!"

Tony smiled, sharing a look with Bucky.

"Yeah, it's a beautiful view, Stevie." Bucky said.

Tony smirked, stepping up and wrapping his arms around Steve's waist.

"Isn't it?" Steve asked, his eyes full of wonder.

"Sure is, doll." Bucky murmured, leaning against the rail, and watching Steve.

"Best view ever." Tony murmured, kissing his cheek, his eyes trained on the little Omega as well.

As far as they were concerned the natural beauty of the waterfall held no comparison to their Omega. Both fully convinced that Steve was the prettiest submissive ever.

Steve beamed at him.

"Thank you for taking us here, Alpha. It's perfect."

"Oh, pretty Omega, this is nothing. I can take you anywhere you want to go. I'll show you the most beautiful landscapes. You'll never want to go back home once you've seen Bali."

Steve shook his head.

"If you're home, that's the only place I'll want to be. I want to be wherever my Alphas are."

"And if we're in separate places?" Bucky teased.

"Then my heart will be split in two directions." Steve teased back.

Bucky rolled his eyes, but smirked when Steve leaned over and kissed him. Tony backed away from Steve when he pulled out his sketch pad and a pencil. Bucky sighed, leaning back against the rail and staring out at the waterfall.

It really was beautiful, even if he was convinced that it wasn't prettier than Steve. It wasn't prettier than their Alpha either. That's what he was thinking when Tony lifted him up and propped him up on the rail.

Bucky squeaked, glancing down at the drop below him. His eyes widening and a gasp on his lips.

"Eyes on me, little one." Tony told him.

Bucky swallowed and shifted his eyes to Tony.

"If you drop me I will kill you." Bucky threatened.

"I won't drop you." Tony promised, pressing a kiss to his lips.

"You better not." Bucky grumbled, wrapping his arms around his neck and resting his head on his shoulder.

They stayed like that, perched on the edge of death, Bucky putting all of his trust in his Alpha to keep him safe, until Bucky's butt went numb and Tony scooped him up. Steve had already started a rough sketch of them by the time that happened. 

They headed off the bridge and back down the path, Steve telling Tony about his plans for the mural and Bucky just happy to be scenting his Alpha.

Steve was practically skipping as they made their way back to their car, a bounce in his step and a huge grin on his face. Steve was in heaven, floating on some sort of high, because his Alpha was spoiling him and Bucky was happy and everything was perfect.



Steve's leg bounced restlessly as they drove off. Tony raised a brow at him.

"You good, baby?"

Steve nodded, but he squirmed in his seat. He didn't want to go back home yet. He wasn't ready. He just wanted to stay here, live in this moment, just the three of them together, a thrill of adrenaline running through him and his blood rushing in his veins.

"Stevie, doll, you're shaking the car." Bucky teased.

Steve blushed and stopped bouncing his foot, but it took a considerable amount of effort. He sighed, staring longingly out the window at the open fields and pastures they were whipping passed. Tony watched him with a thoughtful expression.

"Pull over the car, Happy." Tony said suddenly.

Steve and Bucky gave him a confused look.

"Come on. Out."

"What are we doing, Alpha?" Steve asked him, tilting his head, making no move to get out of the car.

"Running free." Tony said, walking around the car and pulling Steve's door open. "Come on, little one. Go run wild. Be free."

Steve gave him a strange look, but climbed out, Bucky following after him. Bucky raised a brow at Tony.

"What are we doing?"

"We're letting our Omega have fun."

They did just that. They let Steve run around the field, rolling in the grass, picking flowers to make into flower crowns and to braid into Bucky's hair, and climbing on logs. He even found a creek to wade through and found some frogs. It was refreshing being in the countryside. It was so different than being in the city. Steve loved the city, but this was nice, too. Different.

Tony and Bucky followed him around the whole time, teasing him and cooing over how cute he was, letting him do whatever he wanted. They got into it, too. Climbing up into a tree with him and kicking off their shoes and stripping down to their underwear to wade through the creek with him, cursing over the chill of the glacier run off.

Tony had never cared all that much about being out in nature. His family wasn't really the type to do outdoorsy things and camping when he was growing up meant staying in a two hundred and sixty square foot vacation house. This was something else, something new. It was different, a simple pleasure, and it was beautiful. His Omegas were beautiful as they laughed and smiled and enjoyed themselves.

As far as Tony was concerned this was what courting them was all about, just spending time together and getting close to each other. Sure, Steve and Bucky knew just about everything about each other, but they knew little to nothing about Tony. This was the perfect opportunity to just make experiences together, shared memories, and Tony loved every moment of it.

Steve laughed and spun around in circles as the sun set and the stars came out, collapsing on the grass and panting as he stared up at the sky.

Tony laid down in the grass next to him, Bucky flopping down on the otherside of Tony.

"We're staring up at the stars together." Bucky snorted.

"Yeah, isn't it perfect." Steve said dreamily.

"It's the cheesiest shit ever." Bucky said, but he turned to snuggle up to Tony.

"You okay, little one?"

"I'm perfect. This is perfect. Thank you, Alpha." Bucky murmured in his ear, like a secret shared just between the two of them.

Tony pressed a kiss to his lips, pulling him in closer and relaxing into the grass.



When they finally dragged themselves back to the car Steve was half asleep in Tony's arms and Bucky was yawning. They both fell asleep in the car and Tony had to carry them onto the jet one at a time, neither so much as stirring as he laid them down on couches. They slept soundly through the flight, but Tony had to wake them when they arrived back in the city.

Steve was practically asleep on his feet and Bucky grumbled unhappily all the way back to the tower, flopping down on their bed as soon as they got back and promptly falling back asleep. Steve was quick to crawl into bed next to him, yawning and burrowing into Bucky's side.

Tony just chuckled, licking his lips and shaking his head. He had the cutest Omegas ever. He grabbed himself a nightcap, before taking a shower and joining them in bed.

Chapter Text

“Let's say that your ankles and wrists are bound with rope and you're gagged. You try to free your wrists, but the rope is too tight and your bone structure prevents you from turning your wrist the way you'd need to in order to pull it free. What do you do?"

"Shimmy until the knife up my sleeve falls down and use it to saw through the rope."

"You have no weapons." Natasha countered.

"Then I scream for help."

"You're gagged." Natasha reminded him.

"Hope my muffled sounds draw the attention of passersby?" Peter asked.

"Wrong! You never rely on anyone else to save you. Try again."

"Fuck, I don't know." Peter groaned in frustration.

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him.

"You break your wrist so you can turn it and slip free. Then you block out the pain so you can undo your ankles, you scan your surroundings to find any potential weapons, and run."

Peter sighed and blocked out Natasha's rant, his eyes drifting down to her collar. It was simple, for casual daytime wear. Really it was more of a choker than anything else, but it was symbolic, it meant that she belonged, and there was someone out there that cared enough to collar her. Some people saw collaring as regressive or arbitrary, but Peter loved the idea, which wasn’t exactly uncommon for a submissive.

“Peter! Stop staring at my tits and focus.” Natasha snapped.

Peter blushed, his eyes snapping up to meet Natasha’s.

“I wasn’t!” Peter squeaked

“I know, but I knew that’d get your attention.” Natasha said with a smirk.

Peter huffed.

“If you must know, I’m staring at your collar.”

Natasha rolled her eyes.

“I’m aware, you’re not exactly subtle.”

“I can’t help it, Nat!” Peter whined. “I want one!”

“Don’t be a baby about it. Just tell Wade that you want one.”

“I’m sure he knows that I want one. He knows I want to be his.”

“Yeah, but those aren’t the same thing. Not everyone collars their Omegas. Besides, if he doesn’t want to claim you yet, then collaring you is a good way to let others know that you’re taken. You know, like wearing a sign that says this one’s mine, touch and I will kill you.” Natasha teased.

Peter giggled and licked his lips.

“Yeah, maybe I will ask him about it.”

“You should, but right now you need to stop being a whiny little wimp and get over here and let me kick your ass.”

Peter made a face, but got up and fell into his fighting stance.



Sam was working, well, Sam was trying to work. Clint was manning the counter, making coffee and serving up pastries, while Sam baked and prepped in the kitchen. The task was becoming increasingly difficult, because Brock was needy and just wanted his Alpha's knot.

Sam groaned when Brock wrapped his arms around his waist as Sam was pulling a sheet of cookies out of the oven. He set the tray down on the stove, Brock kissing and nipping at his neck, grinding his hips into Sam.

"Come on, Alpha. You know you want to." Brock murmured, his hand slipping under Sam's shirt, his fingers running over Sam's abs before dipping into his chef pants.

Sam grunted and grabbed Brock's hand. He was not going to fuck Brock in the kitchen, not the bakery kitchen at least. Brock whined and Sam chuckled, turning around to press him against the island.

Brock blushed when Sam's eyes landed on him hot and hungry, his tongue darting out to lick his lips and a soft moan on his lips.

"Alpha, knot me." Brock murmured, all soft and sweet in a way that Brock hated being.

He knew that Sam loved him like this though. Sam just couldn't resist his mate when he blushed and batted his eyelashes at him. Brock had already tried demanding and Sam had simply ignored him, saying that he was busy. Maybe he was, but he had knocked Brock up and now his hormones were going haywire. As far as Brock was concerned he owed him for that.

"Brock, baby." Sam groaned. "Fuck, c'mere."

"Don't call me that." Brock grumbled, but he eagerly pressed their lips together, melting into Sam.

Sam just chuckled against his lips, his hands grabbing his hips and lifting him up onto the counter. Brock loved the way that his Alpha could so easily manhandle him. It wasn't an easy task, Brock wasn't exactly petite, but Sam was strong and a higher Alpha. Brock loved the way his muscles rippled and bulged when he moved his mates around.

Both of Sam's Omegas were large and muscular, and they'd both been in the military. Sam had, too, for that matter, but he'd been in the air force and Brock and Clint liked to tease him about it. Saying that real soldiers were infantrymen. That didn't mean they didn't admire their Alpha's body, because they certainly did and Brock was feeling so horny that he was so ready to admire his Alpha's body. 

Brock was all down with the idea of worshipping Sam's dick at the moment, and if anyone ever asked Brock would unabashedly tell them that his favorite part of his Alpha was his knot. Brock had been the kind of Omega that hated Alphas with a passion before Sam knotted him up and bred him real good. Now he couldn't get enough of it. He insisted that it was the pregnancy hormones, but he wasn't so sure it was. He was pretty sure he was just addicted to Sam.

Brock would live on Sam's knot if he could, and he would let him breed him over and over and over again. Back before Sam if an Alpha had suggested breeding him, Brock would have smashed their face in and if an Alpha was stupid enough to try and touch him they'd end up with broken fingers. Sam was different though.

Maybe part of that was the fact that Clint had been so smitten with the large Alpha. Brock wasn't sure, but he knew that when Sam finally did scoop him up and carry him into the backroom that he would most definitely beg his Alpha to knot him, if that's what it took to get Sam inside of him.

Sam pushed Brock down onto the couch, hovering over him.

"Alpha, fuck me. I need you." Brock demanded with a note of desperation in the order.

It was as close to begging as Brock was willing to get at the moment. If Sam made him wait any longer though, he would definitely reach the point of desperation where he would say or do anything to get what he wanted. Brock knew that Sam's greatest weakness was having his strong Omegas go soft under him and he was fully willing to take advantage of that.

Sam chuckled, leaning down to nip at his mating mark and Brock moaned, arching off of the cushions. Sam could feel his baby bump, that was progressively getting larger, and he found himself wondering again if it would be twins. Brock had gotten pretty pissed off when Sam suggested it might be though, so he was going to keep that thought to himself from now on.

Sam kissed him, Brock's lips parting at the slightest nip of encouragement, his tongue flicking out to meet Sam's.

"Fuck, baby, you have no idea what your teasing does to me. I've been trying to hold it together all morning, but all I wanted to do was throw aside the damn muffins and fuck you, baby."

"Don't call me that, and I will kill you if you throw out the blueberry muffins. This damn baby inside of me is hooked."

Sam huffed out a laugh, reaching down to pull himself out of his pants. Brock groaned when he saw Sam's cock, hard and glistening with pre-cum, standing up proudly.

"Clint will be mad at you for knotting me before he gets a chance to fuck me." Brock said, but he was already reaching for Sam's dick, stroking it and smearing beads of pre-cum with his thumb.

"Yeah, well, in most houses Alphas tell their Omegas what to do, not the other way around." Sam teased.

Brock rolled his eyes, but flushed prettily and peered up at Sam through his lashes.

"Why don't you take charge then, Alpha?"

Sam groaned and cupped Brock through his pants, Brock's hips lifting up, rocking into his hand.

"You're gonna be the death of me, you know that?" Sam murmured.

Brock just batted his eyelashes, smirking when Sam cursed, his hips jerking forward into Brock's fist. Sam panted, his forehead dropping down to Brock's shoulder. Brock's hand came up to caress the back of his neck and his lips brushed against Sam's ear.

"Fuck me, Alpha. Please." Brock whispered softly.

That was all the encouragement that Sam needed to whip down Brock's pants and press into him. He was wearing a jockstrap and damn if that didn't do things to Sam. Brock gasped, his nails digging into Sam's shoulders. Sam pressed into him slowly, nothing but his pre-cum to ease the way.

Brock groaned, but his ass was loose from being fucked earlier in the morning and in the night. Brock was pretty insatiable these days and Sam and Clint took turns passing him back and forth. Was Brock going to complain about it? Definitely not. Would he complain if they stopped? One hundred percent. Which is why he'd been so whiny and persistent this morning when Sam was trying to get the baking for the café done.

Usually Sam did almost all of the baking early in the morning, before the café even opened. This morning he'd had a late start, because he'd spent the first hour they arrived tied to Brock and unable to get any of the baking done. Clint had helped with some of it, so they had fresh things ready to serve to customers, but Clint was easily distracted and burnt four trays of muffins and a tray of cookies. There was a reason they didn't let Clint in the kitchen. He might be an Omega, but he was far from domestic.

Sam grunted when he bottomed out, nuzzling against Brock's neck lovingly before biting down. Brock's whole body jerked, tensing, before melting into the couch like he'd turn to jello. 

"There you go, baby. So soft for me." Sam murmured, pulling out and thrusting back in lazily.

If Brock wasn't floating on some kind of damn high from being bit and filled up full and surrounded by the scent of his Alpha's arousal and pleasure, then he definitely would have told Sam not to call him that. As it turns out, he was floating and he didn't give a fuck what Sam called him, as long as he didn't stop fucking him. Even the torturously slow pace of Sam's thrusts, his hips rolling into Brock like they had all day to just lay on the couch and fuck, didn't upset Brock.

He just whimpered softly when Sam grinded into him, parted his lips when Sam coaxed him with his own, and let his arms be lifted above his head when Sam wanted to pin his wrists down. It was soft and sweet and if someone asked Brock later, when his hormones weren't going haywire, he would definitely tell them that he hated it.

In the moment though, well, it was everything. Nothing else existed, the world drifting away like it didn't matter. All that mattered was his Alpha and his Alpha's knot that was slowly starting to make itself known, inflating ever so slightly as Sam got closer to the edge.

Brock wasn't even worried about having an orgasm himself, he really couldn't care less about that at the moment. He also knew that Sam would make sure he found his relief. If Brock didn't cum from his knot popping, then Sam would stroke him off until he did. Sam was just like that.

Brock barely even remembers it, was barely even there for it. All he remembers were sensations that set his blood on fire and made his mind fuzzy and words that felt like the heavens had come down and claimed him. He did acknowledge it when Sam's knot popped and he was pretty sure he whined, or maybe he moaned, or whimpered. He made some sort of noise and Sam had shushed him, nuzzling against his neck the way he always did before sinking his teeth into him.

Brock's whole body felt oversensitive, like every shift inside of him, Sam's knot pulsing and cum filling him, the fluttering of his ass, every little thing felt like too much. Brock whined in protest when Sam slipped a hand into his jockstrap and cupped him. He doesn't really remember cumming, too lost in his Alpha to separate Sam's pleasure from his own, but he must have, because he squirmed under Sam, trying to get away from his touch.

"Shh, you're okay." Sam murmured, pulling his hand out and sliding it over Brock's thigh.

His pants were still on, slipped down enough to expose his ass. They were sweats so they were stretchy enough for his legs to be spread, pushed up until he was practically folded in half, Sam notched in between them. Sam's thumb slipped under the strap on his thigh and pulled it back, letting it snap against his skin.

"Alpha." Brock whined.

"Sorry, I'll stop." Sam chuckled.

"Don't you dare. Kiss me."

Sam smirked, but leaned in and claimed his lips.

"You feel better now?" Sam murmured when he pulled back, nuzzling at his throat.

"Like I'm floating in heaven." Brock said, almost dreamily.

"Yeah? That good? Huh?" Sam rumbled.

"Yeah, but don't flatter yourself, it's just the hormones." Brock mumbled, but he purred happily under his Alpha.

Sam snorted and nipped at his mate mark and Brock's eyes rolled back briefly, before fluttering shut. Sam always took advantage of the opportunity to be all cuddly and mushy when Brock was on his knot. It was disgustingly domestic as far as Brock was concerned. That didn't stop him from pulling Sam closer, until his weight was pressed up against him and wrapping his legs around his waist to encourage Sam to grind into him.

Brock whimpered when Sam rolled his hips, his eyes fluttering back open.

"Alpha. Kiss me."

It wasn't a demand, or an order, no, it was a plea, because when Brock was sated and on Sam's knot he was soft in a way that he always insisted was only because of hormones. He was more than happy to kiss his Alpha softly, their tongues rubbing together and Brock's hands running up and down Sam's back and over his broad shoulders. 

With his pregnancy hormones fucking with him sometimes Brock was all soft even when he wasn’t being knotted. Other times he was breaking down crying because he forgot to add salt to his mac n’ cheese, or throwing the mac n’ cheese at Sam when he offered to add salt for him. It was pretty hit or miss.

It was moments like this though that felt perfect. Brock was soft and floating, but safely anchored by his Alpha and it was beautiful. Sam rumbled happily in his chest, scenting his Omega, careful not to put too much of his weight on Brock, not wanting to put pressure on their pup.

“Love you, Alpha.” Brock mumbled sleepily, his eyes fluttering shut.

Sam’s heart soared at those words. Brock wasn’t exactly the type to go around making confessions of love, even though he was very open about his love of Sam’s knot. Sam kissed him softly, rumbling happily and Brock purred in response.

“Love you, too, Omega.” Sam murmured softly.

Brock’s nose scrunched up at being called Omega, but he just hummed sleepily. Sam would take that as a win.



Sam's knot had gone down, Brock fast asleep and scenting sated, so he was able to slip out and pull Brock into his lap, holding him close as he slept. Brock was clingy when he was asleep, but he didn't want to cuddle with Sam while he fell asleep unless he was on his knot and all soft from it. Clint came in and sent Sam an amused look.

"I see you two have been having fun while I do all the work."

Sam chuckled.

"What happened to me getting him first? Huh?" Clint teased.

"He was being annoying and you weren't around."

"I was at the counter." Clint said, rolling his eyes, but he walked over and dropped down next to them.

“Clint, someone needs to be outfront to deal with customers.”

“I’m on my break. You do it.”

Sam sighed, his Omegas were impossible. It was honestly ridiculous how much he loved them. He sent a longing look at the pregnant Omega in his lap, all cuddly and purring in his sleep, before standing up and carefully laying Brock down on the couch. Clint was quick to cuddle up to him, throwing a leg over Brock’s and scenting his nestpartner. 

Technically, they were nestmates, but Brock stubbornly insisted that since Clint didn’t have a knot there was no reason for them to be mates. Clint always just rolled his eyes at that. He knew that Brock loved him, the man was just emotionally stunted and couldn’t admit it, and that was fair after all of the shit Brock went through growing up.

It was okay, because Clint didn’t need a label or a voiced confession to know that he was in love with his partner, or that his feelings were reciprocated.



"I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, Pep." Tony groaned.

Pepper watched him for a moment, hunched over, with his head in his hands and his gloom hanging in the air, making his scent smokey.

"You said that Bucky agreed to it, so I don't see what the problem is. If Bucky wants to wait to be claimed then you're really just giving him what he wants."

"But what if I should be giving him what he needs instead? What if he doesn't really want that he's just saying he does? What if-"

"Tony, stop. You could go around in circles all day thinking about what ifs." Pepper said firmly. "You need to trust your Omega. If he says something you need to be able to trust that he's telling the truth. Just like when you say you won't do something he needs to be able to trust that you mean it."

Tony sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, you're right, Pep. You're right, I'm just... confused. Every instinct inside of me is telling me that I should claim them, knot them, and fill them up with my pups. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for that, but I don't want that to be the driving force behind our relationship. Does that make sense?"

Pepper raised a brow at him.

"You're talking to a Beta, Tony. I can't breed Natasha, but that doesn't mean our love means less. Having kids isn't everything. You want your Omegas, because you love them, not because you feel inclined to breed them. They're more than just holes for you to stuff your dick in."

Tony rolled his eyes.

"I know that."

Pepper laughed and kissed his cheek.

"With that being said, they might like a show of ownership."

Tony raised a brow at her and leaned back.


"They might not, but it could be worth offering. That's how things were traditionally done, and you do keep talking about courting them. You should consider getting them ownership collars. That way everyone knows they're yours and they can feel secure that you plan to claim them."

Tony made a face.

"That's so old fashion, Pep. I can't do that. Only asshole Alphas make their mates wear collars."

"I'm not saying you should force them to, but it doesn't hurt to bring it up. Natasha wears a daytime collar and she loves it. I let her choose it, making a day out of it, and she has a collar we use for scenes sometimes too."

Tony considered that for a moment.

"Yeah, but that's a daytime collar. It's more symbolic than anything else and that's different than a locked collar."

Pepper shrugged and patted Tony's knee.

"You can always get them a daytime collar too. I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your Omegas. I'm just offering up suggestions."

"Yeah, I know and I appreciate that, Pep."

Pepper gave him a sympathetic smile.

"You'll figure it out, Tony. You're a good Alpha."



When Tony brought up collaring Steve was excited and all but jumped up and down, before climbing into his lap and begging his Alpha to collar him.

"Please, Alpha."

Tony laughed, fending off kisses and pushed Steve off of his lap. Steve pouted, but dropped to his knees and nuzzled against Tony's thigh.

"I see you like the idea, little one." Tony rumbled.

Steve purred.

"Definitely. I want a pretty collar, Alpha. A pink one."

Tony petted his head, amused by his little Omega, but glanced over at Bucky who had yet to say anything. 

Bucky didn't like the idea. He had never been interested in being collared, not many dominants willingly accepted collars, but a part of him felt all warm at the thought. 

Unfortunately, his instincts were at war, so half of them told him to say yes, to beg like Steve was, and the other half was adamant that being collared would make him less. Like his mind was telling him that he couldn't be a collared Omega and still be Steve's Alpha. Really that part was telling him that he couldn't be both an Omega and an Alpha.

Tony bit his lip. Bucky was looking down at his lap, but Tony could tell he was having conflicting feelings about the idea by the way his brows were furrowed and his lips pursed.

"Bucky?" Tony asked him softly.

"I don't want it." Bucky blurted out.

Steve's head popped up and he opened his mouth to object, but Tony pressed his hand to the back of his head and he dropped back down to his Alpha's thigh.

"Okay, that's okay. I just thought-" Tony started. 

He had expected that Bucky wouldn't want it so he wasn't surprised to find that he was resistant to the idea. Tony was caught off guard by the anger that rolled off of Bucky, making his cinnamon scent smell burnt around the edges.

"I don't care what you think." Bucky snarled, jumping to his feet and glaring at Tony. "You're not my Alpha."

Steve gasped and Tony's eyes widened a fraction before narrowing. His hand gripped Steve's hair hard enough to make the Omega squirm and whine in pain. Tony could feel his own anger burning red hot inside of him and his eyes flashed with a ring of red, a reaction that he was usually very good about controlling. He forced himself to release his grip on Steve's hair and stood up.

He couldn't control his scent at that moment, couldn't control himself, couldn't think of anything but putting his Omega in his place. Tony wanted to hurt him. Wanted to bring him down a notch or two for the mere audacity to say something so disrespectful, and after his Alpha had just offered to collar him. 

Collaring was a gift and Omegas should be grateful when their Alpha's were willing to collar them, because it means their Alpha wants to keep them. Tony hated that his instincts told him that this Omega was a dominant and should be grateful that a higher Alpha like him even thought he deserved a collar.

He knew it was just his hindbrain saying all of these things to him and he knew that's what was happening with Bucky now too. That didn't change the fact that Tony was beyond mad. He was livid. His fists curling up at his side and his anger thick and suffocating around them.

Steve whimpered and Bucky swallowed and took a step away from him. Logically, Tony knew it was out of fear, but in that moment Tony just saw it as disobedience, an Omega backing away from their Alpha, and before he knew it he was slamming Bucky into the wall.

"Don't you ever say something like that to me. You are my Omega, and I swear to God you will regret it if you ever pull this shit again." Tony snarled at his Omega, vicious and dangerous, his arms trapping him in.

Bucky's eyes were wide and he scented afraid

"Do you understand?" Tony snapped when he didn't answer.

Bucky tried to respond, he wanted to be good, but he couldn't breathe and he was trembling so badly, that he wasn't sure he could speak if he could force air into his lungs.

Tony gritted his teeth, his fists clenching and unclenching against the wall. He could tell that his Omega was afraid and his hindbrain was smug about it. His Omega should be scared of him. Tony didn't really want that though, and he knew if he stayed here he was going to do something that he would really regret, like bend Bucky over and spank him until he broke him.

The thought sent a jolt of desire through Tony that instantly settled in his stomach like a stone sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Guilt crashed over him in a wave and he sucked in a breath, backing away.

"Fuck, I shouldn't-" Tony swallowed. "Fuck."

What had he done? He had totally lost it and now his Omegas were terrified. That's the last thing that he wanted.

"I have to go." Tony muttered, because he needed to get away, needed space. "Stay here, you hear me? Don't go anywhere. I'll deal with you when I get back."

It wasn't a growl and it wasn't an Alpha's command, but it was an order and then Tony was gone and Bucky dropped to the ground. 



Tony knew he had fucked up. He knew that wasn't the way he should have handled that. That wasn't the way he had wanted to handle it. He'd been totally caught off guard, not just by Bucky's words and the obvious challenge, but by his reaction to it. The anger and possessiveness that had hit him like a freight train, consuming him.

Tony got down to his lab, anger still coursing through his veins and he felt like he could destroy something. He didn't, but he did swipe some papers off of his desk onto the floor. He watched them float down to the ground and groaned, dropping into his chair and dropping his head into his hands. 

What the fuck had he just done?



Bucky was in shock and he felt numb and weird. He was still trembling, but he felt like he wasn't really there. Like he was floating without an anchor, like he wasn't himself. He felt like he was watching himself from above and he watched Steve approach his body, watched him kneel down next to him.

"Bucky?" Steve asked, his own fears of their Alpha walking out tainting his scent. "How could you say that?"

Bucky gritted his teeth.

"How could I say that?" Bucky scoffed, laughing bitterly and cringing at the way it sounded so distant in his ears, like he was underwater.

Steve frowned.

"Bucky, Tony's a good Alpha. He's our Alpha-"

"He's not my Alpha." Bucky snapped, glaring at Steve.

Steve glared right back on him, balling his hands up into fists and standing up. Steve was small and barely over five feet, but he seemed to tower over Bucky like this.

"What's wrong with you? How can you say that? He's so good to us and now he's gone, because of you." Steve yelled at him, his words cruel. "Why are you trying to ruin this for me? Why can't you just be a good Omega?"

The moment Steve said the words his eyes widened and he gasped, his hands snapping up to cover his mouth.

"No, I didn't mean that-" Steve started to say, but the damage had already been done.

Bucky jumped up and shoved past Steve.

"Bucky, no, don't go. I'm sorry. You are a good Omega, I'm sorry." Steve sobbed, tears rushing down his cheeks and his hand snatching Bucky's wrist.

Bucky glared at Steve's hand on him and pulled away like it burned.

"Fuck you, Steve. You want your Alpha, go find him." Bucky said, his tone cold.

"Alpha, please. Bucky, you are my Alpha."

Bucky just scoffed.

"No, I'm not. I'm not an Alpha, Steve. And I'm not a good Omega either." Bucky's tone was harsh, but his lip trembled and a lump formed in his throat.

Steve grabbed his wrist again when he tried to leave.

"Bucky, Alpha, please." Steve begged, his cheeks wet with tears and his scent desperate.

He needed his Alpha to stay. He needed to be forgiven for the horrible things he'd said, and he couldn't stand the thought of both of his Alphas leaving.

Bucky's anger spiked again and he shoved Steve down to the ground.

"Don't touch me." He growled, before storming off.



Bucky showed up at Sam's, halfway to hysterical, and Clint took one look at him and pulled him into their house. It was a new place they'd only recently gotten. With a pup on the way they knew they were gonna need a bigger place and their one bedroom apartment really wasn't going to cut it.

"Hey, what happened?" Clint asked, shutting the door and pulling Bucky into a hug.

Bucky broke down, sobbing in his arms.

"I'm a horrible Omega."

Clint frowned.

"What?" He asked, pulling back.

"I'm the worst Omega ever and Tony doesn't want me anymore." Bucky got out between sobs.

Clint's frown deepened.

"What are you talking about, Bucky? I'm sure that's not true."

"It is."

"Did Tony say that to you?" Clint demanded a hard edge to his voice.

Bucky shook his head.

"I told him he wasn't my Alpha and he- he left."

"He left? What do you mean he left?"

"I mean he left." Bucky snapped. "My Alpha left and my Omega hates me for it and I hate myself for fucking this all up."

Clint looked somewhere between pissed off that Tony had left and concerned that Bucky was saying mean things about himself. 

Bucky doesn't even remember exactly how it happened, but one moment he was breaking down and sobbing in Clint's arms and being brought into the living room, and then Clint said something, or maybe it was Brock, and next thing he knew he was screaming at them.

Clint got defensive, his instincts telling him he needed to protect his pregnant partner. Sam came in from outside, hearing the noise, and had no clue what was happening, but Bucky was knocking things off of shelves and punching holes in the wall. It elevated so quickly and Bucky was just so pissed off. 

The thing was that he wasn't mad at Sam or Clint or Brock, he wasn't even really mad at Tony or Steve. He was mad at himself, because Steve was right and he was a bad Omega and Tony left him because of it. Why shouldn't he? Bucky didn't deserve someone like Tony.

Tony was kind and sweet and such a good Alpha and he deserved someone like Steve. A good Omega. There was a voice in his head telling him that Tony didn't really want him, he just wanted Steve, but he felt like he had to keep Bucky around in order to get Steve, and that that's the only reason he put up with Bucky. Like Bucky was just some burden that they'd both be better off without and he hated it. He hated himself for being like this.

Even more so than that, Bucky was terrified. He was scared, because Tony had reminded him of his dad. He was scared, because Steve hated him. He was scared that if he didn't let Tony collar him he'd lose him. He was scared, because he kinda wanted to be collared and he didn't know what that meant. He didn't think he should want that. He was just scared of everything. His Alpha left and he was alone and he was so scared.



Tony had only been gone for maybe twenty minutes, just enough time for him to cool down and get his head on straight, but when he got back he knew something was very wrong. More so than he had expected. Steve was crying on the ground, curled in on himself, still in the same place that Bucky left him.

Tony's eyes widened and he dropped down to pull Steve into his lap.

"Shh, baby, hey, it's okay. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I shouldn't have said any of those things. I shouldn't have reacted like that."

"Alpha, you came back." Steve sobbed, clinging to him.

"Of course I did, baby. I couldn't leave my precious little Omega, now could I?" Tony murmured.

He glanced around, wondering if Bucky had stormed off to their room, or maybe one of the guest rooms.

"Where's Bucky, baby?"

Steve just sobbed harder.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Steve sobbed, the words almost unrecognizable.

"Hey, hey, shh, it's okay. I'm not mad at you, baby. You haven't done anything wrong."

Steve shook his head, his bottom lip trembling, and he sucked in a couple of breaths, that were somewhere between gasps and sobs, as he gasped for air. Tony recognized it as hyperventilating. Steve was having a panic attack.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry, c'mere." Tony murmured soothingly, pulling him closer, until Steve's ear was pressed up against his chest. "Can you hear my heartbeat, angel? Can you feel the way my chest rises and falls?"

Steve whimpered, his fist gripping Tony's shirt so hard that his knuckles turned white.

"I need you to focus on breathing for me, baby. Nice and steady. Can you do that for me, little one?"

Steve was still gasping, trying to breathe right and failing, but he nodded. It took a little bit, but eventually Steve calmed down and Tony stood up with him in his arms. He was eager to find Bucky and fix this. Steve's words had Tony's blood freezing in his veins though and a curse falling off his lips.

"He's not here, Alpha. I was mean to 'im and-and I told him he wasn't a good Omega."

"You did what?" Tony snapped, before cringing and lowering his tone when Steve flinched. "No, shit, I'm sorry. That's not what I meant to say. Where did he go, baby?"

Tears started to form in Steve's eyes again.

"I don't know, Alpha. I'm sorry." He sobbed, his breath speeding up again.

Tony's feet were already heading towards the elevator.

"JARVIS, call Sam." Tony told his AI, rubbing Steve's back soothingly. "Shh, you're okay, baby. It's okay. We all said things we didn't mean, but it's going to be okay. I'm gonna make it okay."

Steve just cried into his shoulder.



When they showed up at Sam's, Clint let them in the door, holding Brock's wrist. The Omega was tense and immediately returned his attention to his pregnant nestpartner. Brock looked annoyed when Clint crowded him into the corner of the foyer and rumbled soothingly. A hand resting on Brock's protruding stomach protectively and the other hand gripping the back of Brock's neck until he melted into him.

"You're Omega's that way." Clint said, nodding towards the door.

There was the sound of something that sounded like glass shattering and then Bucky yelling, clearly pissed off.

"Fuck you, Samuel! I don't need you and your stupid Alpha wisdom!" Bucky was screaming when Tony entered the living room. 

Sam cursed and dodged a picture frame that Bucky hurtled at him.

"Bucky!" Tony snapped, when he picked up a lamp.

Bucky froze at the sound of his Alpha's voice and immediately dropped the lamp in his hand. His head dropping and shame filling the air. The fight left him instantly as his anger shifted into shame.

"I'm sorry." Bucky sobbed, dropping down to his knees. "I'm sorry."

Tony sighed and set Steve down, kissing his cheek, letting his scent unravel around them, calm and safe , because the little Omega was scenting scared .

"Go see Sam, baby."

Steve looked like he wanted to protest, but Tony gave him a firm look and he bit his lip and let Sam pull him into his arms. 

Tony approached Bucky slowly, carefully, not wanting to set him off. He crouched down next to him and hesitated only briefly before reaching out and running his fingers through Bucky's hair.

Bucky's head was hanging in shame, his tears running down his cheeks and dripping off his chin and into his lap.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. I'm sorry."

"Shh, I know, baby, but I'm not the one you need to apologize, too."

"I was just scared." Bucky said, peering up at Tony, begging him to understand.

Tony sighed.

"I want to say that it's okay, baby, because being scared is okay. But this was not okay." Tony said, gesturing to the broken objects and the holes in the wall. "You destroyed Sam's house, baby, and you ran away when you should have stayed. I told you to wait for me. Why did you leave?"

Bucky whimpered.

"I'm sorry."

"That's not what I asked, Bucky. Answer my question."

Bucky's lip trembled and more tears ran down his cheeks.

"I was scared. You left me and Stevie was mad at me and-" Bucky sobbed again, "And I didn't know what to do."

Tony's eyes were soft and his touch gentle as he pulled Bucky into him, cradling his head to his shoulder.

"Shh, it's okay. You're such a good boy, baby. Such a good Omega. Thank you for answering me."

Tony held him close and Bucky cried in his arms and repeated sorry like it was a mantra.

"Shh, you're okay, little one. I'm right here." Tony shushed him. "I'm sorry, Bucky. I should never have said those things to you, or gotten in your face like that. I was angry and I reacted badly, that's not your fault, that's on me."

"I shouldn't have said you weren't my Alpha. You are my Alpha and- and I love you, and I don't want you to go." Bucky said, pulling back to look at Tony with wet eyes.

"Hey, hey, no, I'm not going anywhere, baby. Even if I need space, that doesn't mean I'm leaving you. I promise, Bucky. I'm sorry that you doubted that and I'm sorry that I scared you. It doesn't matter what you say or do, that doesn't give me the right to ever treat you the way I did. You’re such a good Omega, baby. You’re so good.”

Bucky shook his head.

“I’m not.”

“You are.” Tony insisted.


“Hey, shh, don’t fight me on this.” Tony murmured, gripping the back of his neck and pulling Bucky closer until he could sink his teeth lightly into his neck. It wasn’t deep enough to leave a permanent mark, it wasn't a forever claim, but it was enough to make Bucky whimper and melt into him. “That’s right, there you go, baby. Be soft for me, like a good Omega.”

“‘M not.” Bucky mumbled, his words slurring slightly, like he was drunk off of his Alpha’s show of dominance.

“Don’t argue with me right now. You are a good Omega, because I said so.” Tony told him firmly.

“And what the Alpha says goes?”

Tony chuckled.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right. Right now, what I say goes, because I’m your Alpha.” Tony said swallowing and licking his lips. “So all you have to do is relax, submit so pretty for me, and let me make all of the decisions for you, little one. That’s all you have to do right now.”

Bucky hummed and nodded, purring as he scented his Alpha. It was such a relief to just give it all over to Tony. The pain and the hurt. The anger and the confusion. The control and the decisions. Bucky didn't want any of it, he wanted Tony to just take care of it all, to take care of him. He wanted to just let go and fall apart, because Tony would catch him, would hold him together.

“Good boy. So good, baby.”

“Love you, Alpha.” Bucky mumbled into his neck, dazed and out of it, floating, but safe in the belief that his Alpha would keep him from drifting too far, would ground him to this earth, to his body, so he wouldn’t just float off and end up lost at sea.

The sea was a dark and scary place, and the waves were deceivingly calm and alluring until the storm began. Tony calmed the raging storm in Bucky’s mind and he floated gently in a sea of blue.

“I love you, too, baby.” Tony murmured back.

“You can collar me, Alpha.”

“Shh, that’s not important right now, baby. I don’t care about you wearing a collar. You’re mine, collar or no collar, mating mark or no mating mark. You’ll be mine, Bucky, for as long as you want me as your Alpha.”

“I’ll always want you, Alpha.”

“Then, you’ll always be mine.” Tony said, allowing a touch of possessive to flare in his forest scent and Bucky trembled, a soft moan on his lips.

“Need you, Alpha.”

“Shh, you have me, pretty Omega. I’m not going anywhere.”



Once Bucky had settled Tony made him apologize to Sam, the Omega in his arms, clinging to his Alpha. Sam was still holding Steve in his arms, who pouted when Sam set him on his feet. Tony just chuckled and grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to scent him. Steve sighed and melted into his Alpha’s side.

“I’m sorry about all of this, Sam. I’ll pay for all of the repairs and the, um, damages.” Tony said, glancing around at the wrecked room.

“It’s really not necessary, Tony. I’m always happy to help Bucky, even when he’s destroying my house.” Sam teased, winking at Bucky when he squeaked in embarrassment.

Bucky blushed and hid his face in Tony’s neck. Both Alphas just chuckled.

“I am really sorry about it though, and I insist on helping out. It’s not like I’m hurting for money.”

Sam rolled his eyes, but accepted his offer.

Chapter Text

Tony frowned at Steve's request, his frown only deepening when Bucky echoed his sentiment. They wanted him to punish them, but Tony didn't feel like they deserved to be punished. He still felt guilty about the way he had reacted and the last thing he wanted to do was to punish his Omegas for this. Maybe he should want to, maybe that was his responsibility as their Alpha to correct their behavior, but that didn't change the fact that Tony didn't want to do it.

Alphas couldn't always get what they wanted, sometimes they just had to give their Omegas what they needed. On the other hand, Omegas couldn't always get what they wanted, but they should always be given what they needed. So Tony needed to figure out whether this was merely a desire of theirs or if it was actually something they needed from him.

Tony sighed.

"I don't want to punish you, either of you. Not for this-"

Steve opened his mouth to protest and Bucky did the same, but they both snapped their mouths shut when Tony sent them a firm look.

"But if you feel it's necessary I will."

"It is necessary, Alpha." Bucky insisted.

"Quiet, I'm not done speaking." Tony said and Bucky bit his lip, murmuring an apology. "I'll think about it and then I'll tell you whether I think it's necessary or not."

Neither Omega was happy about that response, but Tony just pulled them close and rumbled soothingly. They had a stressful evening and Tony was just glad to have them safe in his arms. Bucky looked ashamed though and he squirmed.

"What's wrong, little one?" Tony murmured.

"I don't think I should be here."

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Where do you think you should be?"

Bucky shrugged and glanced over at the corner.

"Time-out, Alpha."

Tony pursed his lips and shook his head.

"No, you're going to stay right here, because this is where I want you, and I don't want to hear another word about punishments until I decide I'm ready to talk about it."

Bucky dropped his head.

"Sorry, Alpha."

Tony just hummed and pressed a kiss to his head.

"You're a good boy, Bucky. You're just confused. You need an Alpha to tell you how things are, so that's what I'm going to do."

Bucky licked his lips and sagged against Tony in relief, reaching out a hand to clasp Steve's and entwine their fingers.

"Thank you, Alpha."

"Always." Tony murmured, his fingers running through Steve's hair and his arm wrapped securely around Bucky's waist.

They stayed like that for a while, just cuddled up together, all lost in thoughts and regrets. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but it was better than suffering alone. 



Tony eventually decided they had to do something or they'd never get out of this funk, so he pulled them up to their feet and sent them to the kitchen.

Steve and Bucky peeled and diced potatoes while Tony went to the playroom. Whether he collared his Omegas or not, Tony had already decided they needed to do some shopping. He called Pepper and asked to have some people sent up to the penthouse tomorrow. He wanted to get this room cleared out and ready for all of the new things he was going to add to it.

Bucky glanced up at him when he entered the kitchen before glancing away quickly, like he didn't even feel like he had the right to look Tony in the eye. Tony had to suppress a groan and walked over and tugged Steve into his arms instead, slipping the knife out of his hand and setting it on the chopping block. Steve squeaked in surprise.

"Alpha?" Steve asked when Tony just nuzzled up against him.

"Shh, you're fine." Tony murmured, pressing a kiss to his head. "Why don't you go grab us a pot, baby? A large one."

Steve nodded and scurried off to do as he was told. Tony took his place next to Bucky at the counter and Bucky tensed, but he kept his eyes on the garbage and dutifully peeled potatoes, setting them aside for Tony to chop.

The air around them felt tense, but Tony wasn't sure what to do about it, so he just kept his focus on the task at hand. 



They ate together and things lightened up a bit, Steve and Bucky teasing each other and Tony pulling Steve into his lap to feed him. Bucky glanced at them, looking down at the floor by Tony's feet, but he didn't ask to kneel. Tony knew that he wanted to though.

"Come kneel for me, pretty Omega. Come be a good boy and let your Alpha take care of you."

Bucky all but shot up out of his chair, then blushed. Tony just chuckled and gestured for him to come over. 

"Bring your plate with you."

"Yes, Alpha." Bucky mumbled, grabbing his plate and setting it down next to Tony's.

Steve's plate was already sitting on the other side of Tony's, so Tony now had all three plates in front of him.

"Down." Tony said and Bucky dropped to his knees, settling his hands on his thighs and opening his mouth obediently.

"Good boy." Tony rumbled.

Tony offered him a bite of steak and Bucky moaned as the flavor exploded on his tongue. His entire being lighting up with pride at being praised and rewarded. Bucky really did just want to be a good Omega for his Alpha.



Tony tucked them into bed that night, hair damp from the shower, and wondered if things would always be this hard for them, or if it would eventually even out. What if Bruce was wrong and Bucky never settled into his role as Tony's Omega? Tony hated to think that that was a possibility, but it certainly was.

He sighed and reached over Steve to grip at Bucky's hip. Bucky whimpered, his hips jerking forward, his dick rubbing up against Steve's ass. Tony just smirked, pressing his lips to Steve's neck in a soft kiss, the little Omega already asleep. Bucky whined, rocking his hips, but Tony gripped his hip tighter to stop him when Steve stirred slightly in his arms.

"No, baby, don't wake up Steve." Tony murmured softly, his hand slipping up his side and back down, over the curve of his bare ass to grip his thigh.

"Alpha, please." Bucky whimpered.

"Shh, you're okay." Tony soothed.

Bucky gasped when his finger slipped in between his cheeks and pressed up against his hole. Tony pushed inside, just far enough to rub his prostate and make his hips jerk forward again.

"Stay still, baby. I'm gonna make you feel real good, but I don't want you waking Steve, so you gotta hold still and keep quiet."

Bucky whimpered, turning to bury his face in the pillow in an effort to muffle his sounds as Tony milked him. Tony just rubbed lazily, his movements consistent and soothing, steadily bringing Bucky closer and closer to the edge, while Bucky tried his hardest to not squirm too much.

"You think you can cum like this, angel? With just my finger in your ass?" Tony asked him, loving the idea.

Bucky moaned into the pillow and nodded.

"Please, Alpha." He mumbled.

"Good boy." Tony murmured and continued to milk his prostate until Bucky's body tensed up, his ass clenching and unclenching as he cummed all over his chest and Steve's back.

Bucky's cry was muffled into Steve's shoulder, his teeth sinking into Steve's skin hard enough to make their Omega jerk awake. Then Bucky went soft, slumping against Steve, his hole fluttering around Tony's finger and his teeth pulling out of Steve’s shoulder. He didn't break skin, but he did leave an indent from where his teeth had bit down.

"Alpha?" Steve mumbled, confused and still half asleep.

"Shh, you're okay." Tony murmured, pulling his finger out of Bucky so he didn't overwhelm him and rubbing Steve's arm soothingly. "Go back to sleep, little one. I was just helping Bucky out."

Steve nodded sleepily and scented Tony, Bucky scenting his Omega, his arms wrapped around his waist. Tony just smiled softly, loving the scent of sated Omega coming off of Bucky and warm and safe coming off of Steve.



Steve and Bucky woke up needy, whimpering and pressing kisses to their Alphas jaw and neck, hands wandering down his body and over the bulge in his boxers. Tony grunted, his eyes fluttering open in time to watch his Omegas have some sort of unspoken conversation. Then Bucky smirked and wiggled his way down the bed and shoved aside the covers, pulling Tony out of his boxers and licking at his tip.

"Oh, fuck." Tony groaned, his hand reaching down to grip Bucky's hair.

Steve molded into his side, one leg thrown over his waist and leaned in to steal a kiss.

"Mornin', Alpha." Steve murmured, batting his eyes at Tony.

Tony just groaned again, his hand tightening in Bucky's hair as he swallowed him down, sucking softly, his tongue licking almost lazily at the underside of Tony's cock.

"Good lord, are you two trying to kill me? I'm too old for this much excitement first thing in the morning." Tony said, but he smirked and slipped his hand down Steve's back and into his panties, dipping a finger into his slick hole.

"Just want to make you feel good, Alpha." Steve murmured, pressing up closer and sucking at his neck.

Bucky hummed in agreement and Tony's hips jerked forward, his hand pulling Bucky down. Bucky grunted, gagging slightly at the unexpected length, before he opened his throat and swallowed him down so pretty. Fuck did Tony think he was so pretty like this. So Goddamn pretty.

"You know, Bucky's never really been throat fucked before." Steve told Tony, a hand running over his chest and down to dig into his hard abs. "Never had anything but my tiny little cocklet in his mouth, certainly never taken something down so big as you Alpha."

Tony growled and Steve smirked devilishly up at him. 

That wasn’t entirely true, Bucky had played around with other Omegas before, something that definitely wasn’t allowed and most Omegas had no desire to do unless they were in heat and didn’t have an Alpha. Bucky didn’t want to play around with just any Omega, but he’d gotten pretty close with Clint and Nat over the years and he and Steve had even shared their heat with them before when they were both in heat. Having Omegas there that weren’t going to try and claim them, but were clear minded enough to make sure they ate and drank water was helpful and Clint and Nat had helped them like that multiple times over the past year or two.

"You should fuck him, Alpha, fuck him real good. Make him your little bitch." Steve teased.

Bucky popped off of Tony and glared at Steve.

"You're evil."

Steve just giggled, shrieking when Bucky all but tackled him onto the bed and nipped at his neck. Tony snagged Bucky around the waist and hauled him into his lap, shifting until he was sitting on the edge of the bed. Bucky's eyes widened in surprise, but he nuzzled against his Alpha.

"I'm not done with you, baby." Tony growled, teeth sharp on Bucky's neck, before he shoved him down to his knees in front of him. Bucky squeaked in surprise, squirmed in anticipation when his Alpha slipped a hand into his hair tilting his head back, and moaned when Tony leaned over and licked into his mouth.

Steve draped himself over Tony's back, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and Tony chuckled and straightened out.

"What are you doing, little one?" Tony asked, glancing back at him.

Steve just purred and kissed his cheek.

"I'm gonna go get started on breakfast." He murmured. "Have fun."

Tony shook his head, laughing under his breath. Bucky glanced up at him, scenting anxious. Bucky may have sucked cock before, and he’d even been deepthroated by Clint, but he’d never been knotted before, orally or otherwise, and the thought scared him a little bit. He had used knotting toys during his heat, but heats were different and he never really remembered them.

"You gonna knot me, Alpha?"

Tony smirked, running his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah, I am, baby, and you're gonna submit so pretty for me."

Bucky swallowed nervously.

"What if I can't?"

Tony hummed, petting him softly.

"Then you're gonna choke on it." He said, with the slightest smirk and a gleam in his eyes.

Bucky whimpered and nodded.

"Yes, Alpha." He mumbled.

"Good boy. You said some nasty things yesterday, didn't you, baby?" Tony asked softly, cupping his cheek.

Bucky bit his lip and nodded.

"I'm sorry, Alpha." Bucky mumbled, before furrowing his brows. "Is this my punishment?"

Tony hummed, stroking his cheek with his thumb.

"No, baby, this is you pleasing your Alpha. Don’t worry, when I punish you you'll know it."

Bucky chewed on his lip nervously and Tony slid a thumb over his bottom lip, pulling it out from under his tooth and slipping his thumb into his mouth.

"Open up, baby."

Bucky parted his lips and let Tony pry them open further, his hand gripping his hair and pushing him down onto his cock. Tony controlled his movements with his hand, and Bucky's hands scrambled to find purchase, clawing Tony's thighs when he found himself unable to breath, his Alpha's cock lodged in his throat.

Tony pulled him back up after only a moment, wiped a tear from off his cheek and cooed at him before pushing him back down.

"Don't try to suck, baby, just keep your mouth open wide and let me use you." Tony instructed.

Bucky grunted softly, but gave up any attempt to really do anything, keeping his teeth out of the way and letting Tony take control. He focused on breathing when he could and relaxing his throat when he couldn't. He definitely still gagged and choked and drool was running down his chin and into Tony's pubes. It felt sloppy and Bucky squirmed, wanting to flinch away from it all, the wetness he could feel on his face and the dryness of his throat as it was abused, and the squelching he could hear as Tony fucked him.

It all seemed like too much, but it was nothing to the struggle he felt when Tony's knot finally popped, locking behind his teeth and stretching his jaw so far he thought it might break. Then it was pulsing, Tony's dick twitching before unloading the first load of cum down his throat. Bucky knew it was coming but he still coughed, trying to pull away. Tony's hand on his head held him firmly in place, not that there was anywhere to go.

There was no room for fighting when it came to oral knotting. There was only submission and taking it, or struggling and choking on it. Bucky definitely struggled and he definitely choked on it, his hands pushing at Tony's thighs and hand. Tears rolled fat and hot down his cheeks, his eyes stinging and his throat burning. 

Tony was murmuring soft words to him, trying to coax him into relaxing, but it wasn't working. Bucky was too panicked to pay attention, barely able to hear his words through the roaring in his ear and the sounds of himself choking. Tony groaned when Bucky tried to jerk away again, the backs of his teeth digging into Tony's sensitive knot.

His hand gripped the back of Bucky's neck, pressing down forcefully, until the Omega went limp. Bucky swallowed the next load of cum down reflexively, and he started to feel all floaty, sinking into his submission and accepting that right now all he was was a mouth for his Alpha to use.

When Tony's knot deflated enough to pull Bucky off of him, the Omega just pressed closer and nuzzled against his softening cock, scenting his Alpha, his tongue darting out to catch a bead of cum that dribbled out of his slit. Tony chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Good boy, baby. You're such a good Omega. Such a pretty Omega. You look so damn pretty on my cock.”

"Look pretty taking your knot." Bucky mumbled, pressing kisses to Tony's soft member.

Tony growled in agreement, tightening his grip in Bucky's hair.

"I'd look prettier wearing a collar, Alpha."

Those words lit a fire inside of Tony and he tugged Bucky up, pulling him into his lap and slamming their lips together.

"You sure as fuck would, Omega."

Bucky purred happily and parted his lips sweetly.

"Breakfast is done." Steve said, popping his head in.

Tony just grunted in response, slipping a hand down to cup Bucky and growling when he realized that his Omega had cummed while on his knot, had cummed without his cock or ass even being touched. Bucky whined and squirmed away from Tony's hand and Tony pulled it away, lifting it up to his nose to smell his Omegas release on his palm.

Steve giggled when he realized that Tony wasn't quite done with Bucky and flopped down on the bed, sprawling out on his stomach and rubbing his cheek against silk pillow sheets. Tony had Bucky pinned down on his back next to him now and was ravishing his mouth. Then Tony was slipping down and licking the cum off of his sensitive member.

Bucky cried out, whining and squirming as Tony engulfed him and sucked on him, licking him clean, tasting his Omega. Bucky's toes curled and his body twisted, trying to escape the too much feeling, but Tony growled and held him still. Bucky sighed in relief, relaxing when Tony released him, nipping and nuzzling at his thigh instead.



They eventually did make it to the table and Bucky didn't hesitate to drop down to his knees and wait for his Alpha to feed him. Steve just smirked, teasing him for being a soft Omega. He shrieked when Tony growled at him in warning, smacking his ass and ordering him down to his knees, too. 

Tony wasn’t sure if it was the strain of not having claimed his Omegas yet, just stress in general that he kept pushing aside like it didn’t matter, or the whole losing it with Bucky and for that brief moment seeing his dad in him, seeing his past leak into his current actions, that had him wound tight, but whatever it was Tony was feeling a touch feral.

Maybe it was because his Omegas needed to be punished and he hadn’t punished them or maybe it was because he wanted to collar them but was suppressing the desire, because he just wanted to be a good Alpha and he wasn’t sure he knew how to do that. 

There could be a million different reasons why he felt like he would definitely lose it if his Omegas acted up. He just prayed that he could hold it together just a little bit longer and maybe everything would settle soon. Tony knew better though. An unsettled Omega didn’t just settle on their own, just like an unsettled life wasn’t going to get fixed by ignoring the problem.

Steve's eyes widened, but he fell to his knees hard and stared up at his Alpha reverently. Tony just winked at him and fed him a small bite of bacon.

“Good boy.” He rumbled.

Steve whimpered, sucking at his fingers as he accepted the bite and scenting so sweet, his slick pooling in his already soaked panties and he wondered if he was going to start dripping onto the floor soon.



Steve fidgeting nervously on the couch, they were all curled up together freshly showered and fully dressed, both Omegas cuddled into their Alpha's side. Bucky kept squirming on the other side of Tony, thinking about the same thing that Steve was. They wanted their Alpha to collar them. Steve glanced over at Bucky, meeting his eyes and Bucky groaned, burying his face in Tony's shoulder.

Steve wanted him to say it and, well, Bucky was his Alpha, so maybe he should be the one to say it. 

"What's wrong, baby? Are you two still fretting over being punished?"

"No, that's not- well, you should punish us, Alpha, but that's not what we're thinking about right now."

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Do you two always just know what the other's thinking?"

"Not always." They said at the same time.

Tony chuckled and licked his lips. God, they were cute.

"Tell me what you're thinking about then."

"We want you to collar us, Alpha, and I'm not just saying that, I mean it."

Tony hummed consideringly, but nodded.


"Okay, you'll collar us?" Steve asked eagerly.

"Okay, I'll think about it and I want you both to think about it, too."

Steve pouted.

"What's there to think about it?" Bucky demanded.

"Think about what it means to be collared, about why you want it and whether you understand what that will mean for us. Collared Omegas don't get to run away when they're scared. They don't get to say no and they don't get to disobey. They do as they're told and they submit to they're Alpha, because that's what they want to do, they want to be owned and they want to give up that control. It's not a decision you should make lightly and when I brought it up it wasn't because I wanted you making a rash decision. So I want you to take some time to think about it."

"Being collared doesn't mean that for all people." Bucky objected. "It's not like that for Natasha."

Tony licked his lips.

"Natasha wasn't given an ownership collar. Daytime collars are important and it's still very significant to their relationship, but it's different. It also doesn't matter what Pepper does or doesn't allow with her Omega. I'm telling you that if I collar you, you won't get to run from me or tell me no. You'll have a safeword and I'll always respect that and check in with you to make sure you're comfortable, but you'll belong to me as more than just my Omega."

"So what? We'll be your slaves then?" Bucky asked with a frown.

Tony smirked, pressing a kiss to Bucky's lips.

"You'll be an owned Omega."

Bucky bit his lip, scenting anxious.

"I'm scared that I won't be a good Omega for you, Alpha." Bucky blurted out.

Tony hummed, nuzzling against him.

"Do you want to be good for me, little one?"

"So badly, Alpha, so badly." Bucky whimpered.

"Then you will be. I'll make sure of it."


"Shh, no, stop. I'm your Alpha, so I get to decide who you are. If I say you're a good Omega, then you're a good Omega. If I say I own you, then I own you. And if you don't agree with that then you can tell me and we'll decide how to handle that together. Just us. The world doesn't get a say in this. No one else gets to tell us who we are. We get to decide that, we get to set the rules for our relationship and no one outside of it gets to judge us for what we do or how we choose to do it." Tony told him firmly. "You're mine, because I told you you are, because you told me that you want to be mine."

Bucky swallowed.

"I'm sorry I told you you weren't my Alpha. That was an awful thing to say and I didn't mean it."

"I know you didn't, baby. We all said things we didn't mean, but that doesn't make it okay. I haven't decided how I'm going to punish you, but I know that I have to. It's what you need, what you both need, so you can be forgiven and know that your Alpha is happy with you, that you're good Omegas."

"Thank you, Alpha." Bucky breathed out, relieved.

He was anxious about it, he didn’t have any good experiences being punished growing up, but he trusted Tony and he needed this. He needed to know that he had paid the price for his actions so that he could move past it, knowing that his Alpha wasn’t mad at him.

Steve squirmed, and Tony pulled him closer, until he was practically in his lap.

"Does this mean you're going to collar us then?"

"Of course, I'll collar you, baby. I'm not saying that I won't. I don't think it would hurt for you to think about it for a little bit though."

Steve whined and pressed closer, scenting his Alpha.

"How long do we have to think about it?" Steve grumbled, pouting.

Tony's hand ran up his back and gripped his neck.

"I'm not going to give you a specific time, little one. You take the time you need and then you come back to me and tell me why it's important to you. If you want it, then of course I'm gonna give it to you." Tony murmured, nipping at his scent gland. “I’m not gonna collar you today, but if you really want it then we can go shopping in the morning.”

Steve shivered and sucked at Tony's neck, purring. Bucky peered up at Tony, blinking his blue eyes at him and Tony smiled down at him, coaxing him closer for a kiss.



Tony wanted them to think about being collared, and even though the two Omegas were sure they already knew what they wanted, they also wanted to please their Alpha. Which is why they invited their friends over to get their advice on collaring and headed down to the common floor to wait for them. Tony had said that he wanted to talk to Sam, so they gave him space to do so.

"I already know what I want, Alpha." Steve pouted, pressing closer to Bucky.

Bucky nuzzled against him and kissed his cheek.

"I know you do, but I think you should talk to Brock anyway. Tony wants us to really consider it and I think we owe him that. You're an absolute angel, but I've been making his life hell and I have to make it up to him."

Steve bit his lip and nodded.

"You're a good Omega, Buck, and a good Alpha." Steve told him, kissing him softly.

They pulled apart when the elevator doors opened and Steve hopped off of Bucky's lap, happily bouncing over to Brock. He grinned up at the larger Omega, wrapping his arms around his neck. Brock rolled his eyes, but leaned in closer to scent him.

"I'm going to get collared." Steve told him.

"Jesus, don't sound so excited about it. You submissives, always so eager to give up your control."

"Says the Omega who would happily live on his Alpha's knot."

"Just wait until you have a knot up inside of you," Brock teased, gripping Steve's ass. "Then you'll understand. Your nestmate will never be good enough after that."

Steve giggled and nipped at Brock's neck.

“Don’t tell him that.” Bucky protested, bristling a bit at the comment.

Brock ignored him and Steve stuck his tongue out at Bucky when he growled playfully at them.

"Come on, I'm starving." Brock said, pulling Steve with him into the kitchen. “I swear this baby wants to ruin my body by making me crave food twenty-four seven, until I can never get my shape back.”



Clint and Natasha plopped down on the couch on either side of Bucky. Anxiety and uncertainty hanging in the air. Bucky sighed and tried to relax when they pressed up close, nuzzling against him and scenting him.

"What's wrong, pretty Omega?" Natasha teased lightly, playing with his hair.

"Tony wants to collar us."

Natasha hummed.

"I'm sure he doesn't care that much either way. He cares more about you two than he does about collars. That much is obvious." Natasha said.

"No, I know that. At least, I think I do. A part of me is telling me that if I don't do this for him, that I'll lose him forever."

"Do you want to be collared?" Clint asked.

Bucky swallowed hard and groaned.

"I think I do, but I shouldn't."

"Why not? There's nothing wrong with it." Clint said.

"You don't have one." Bucky pointed out.

"Yeah, but that's different."

"Is it though?"

"Yeah, it is. Sam doesn't like collars, but if he did, I'd wear one. I don't really care that much either way, but I do care about my Alpha. If he said he wanted it, I'd give him that."

"Why? Because you think he'd be disappointed if you didn't?"

Clint shook his head.

"Nah, it's 'cause I love him. If anyone else tried to collar me I'd put up a fight, but not Sam. Nah, I'd let him lock me up just as quickly as I fall to my knees to suck him off or present so he can knot me. It's not because I have to. It's because I want to."

Bucky licked his lips considering that for a moment.

"What about you, Nat? I know you can't be claimed by Pepper, so the collar is the only way to show you're taken, but do you ever regret being collared?"

Natasha laughed.

"The day I regret it will be the day I remove it from around my neck. I'm not a slave and I don't have to wear it. I choose to wear it, because I like the reminder that my Alpha owns me. I also like the way her smile softens when she sees me in it and the way her eyes burn hungry when I toy with it. I'm not ashamed of being Pepper's and she's not ashamed of being mine, which is why she wears the necklace I gave her. Hers is as much a symbol of our love as mine is."

"So no regrets then?"

"No regrets. I honestly doubt that I could ever regret it. I'll never regret falling for Pepper, so why would I regret being collared by her?"

Bucky hummed and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"Thanks, Nat." He murmured.

"What about me? I was helpful." Clint whined.

Bucky smirked and shoved him onto his back, hovering over him and pinning him to the couch.

"You want a kiss, too?" Bucky teased.

Clint nodded, tugging his wrists out if Bucky's hands and wrapping his arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

"Fuck, yeah. It's been too long since we last played."

"Yeah, it has." Bucky agreed. "Maybe our Alphas will want to play with us sometime."

Clint moaned when Bucky kissed him, his legs wrapping around his waist, urging him even closer so they could grind against each other. Natasha just rolled her eyes and turned on the TV.



Brock was throwing together a sandwich and Steve hopped up onto the counter. He sighed and glanced over at Brock when the other Omega ignored him.

"My Alphas think I should think about it." Steve told him.

Brock grunted, slathering mayo on slices of bread.

"I already know what I want though." Steve said.

Brock huffed.

"Then who cares what they think. Alphas are idiots."

Steve just hummed, not really willing to agree with that, but not openly disagreeing either.

"Tony seems to think it's a huge decision, but it's an easy one for me. Just as easy as knowing that I want Tony."

"It is a big decision to make, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard."

Steve's eyes dropped to Brock's scarred throat, Sam's bite mark on display and easily accessible to anyone, not that Brock would let just anyone get close enough to touch it.

"Why do you hate collars so much?" Steve asked.

"I think they're stupid."

"But you proudly wear Sam’s mark. So why not a collar?"

Brock paused, looking over at Steve.

"I don't like collars and I don’t like the implication that I’m vulnerable and therefore need something to protect my neck from all the big bad Alphas who want to bite me, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with wearing one. It's a personal choice, between an Alpha and their Omega. That's all. I don't like collars and Sam doesn't either."

"What if Sam did like them?"

Brock clicked his tongue.

"I would never let an Alpha collar me, not even Sam. That's my choice. I think it should always be the Omega’s choice. I chose to let Sam knot me and claim me, that was my choice. If you do it, you should do it because you want to, not because you think your Alpha wants you to."

Steve smiled softly and kissed Brock's cheek. Brock just grumbled and pushed him away, going back to making his sandwich. Steve giggled and hopped down. 



When he entered the common area he found Bucky fucking Clint, their pants pulled down to their thighs and the scent of sex and arousal hanging heavy in the air. Natasha was sitting casually at the end of the couch, undisturbed by the Omegas fucking next to her. To be fair, they'd all played together before, so it wasn't like it was something she hadn't seen before.

Steve blushed, but there was a bounce in his step as he walked over and kneeled on the floor in front of them.

"Hey, Buck?" Steve asked, practically vibrating with the desire to be collared.

Bucky grunted, stilling his movements and sitting back on his knees, lifting Clint's hips and pulling him closer so he didn't slip out of him. Clint squirmed, whining in protest, but Bucky ignored him.

"What is it, doll? I'm kinda busy."

Steve giggled, glancing over at Clint who was pouting.

"Do you think Tony would collar us today if we told him we had thought about it and were ready?"

Bucky raised a brow at his Omega.

"He said he wouldn’t and I don’t think he’s going to change his mind about that, but we can tell him we want to do it tomorrow."

Steve grinned at him, moaning when Bucky leaned over and pulled him in for a kiss.

"Okay, but Alpha?"


"Can you fuck me first?"

Bucky chuckled in amusement.

"Yeah, of course, I will. How can I say no to a pretty little thing like you?" Bucky teased. "I'll help you out after I finish helping Clint."

Steve's scent warmed, like apple pie fresh out of the oven, and he settled on his knees as he watched his Alpha take Clint apart, waiting patiently for his turn, and thinking about how he'd look in a collar.

Chapter Text

Bucky nuzzled up against Clint, kissing him softly, before pulling out of him. Clint was floating and high on the scent of slick that hung heavy in the air. He was hard even though the remnants of his orgasm painted their chests. Clint whined when Bucky pulled away, reaching out to pull him back.

Bucky just chuckled and pinned one of his wrists down, grabbing his other hand and kissing the palm.

"No, you stay." Bucky murmured, glancing up at Brock who was just finishing up his sandwich at the table.

Brock wiped a bit of mustard off the corner of his mouth, sucking it off his thumb before heading over to the couch and switching places with Bucky. Clint immediately latched onto him, pulling him closer and rutting up against him.

"Please, I need you." Clint begged.

Steve repeated the same sentiment, pulling Bucky down to the ground where he was kneeling.

"Please, Alpha, I need you."

"Yeah? You liked watching me fuck Clint, didn't you?" Bucky said, his hand trailing down Steve's side and slipping into the back of his pants. "You fucking slut, you're sopping wet and I haven't even touched you yet."

Steve whimpered, moaning when he suddenly found himself presenting, Bucky pressing his cheek into the ground and lifting his hips up until Steve was able to get his legs under him.

"That's right, present so pretty for me, doll." Bucky murmured, tugging Steve's pants down.

Bucky wasted no time in burying himself inside of Steve, nipping at his neck and growling when Steve clenched around him.

"Alpha." Steve moaned.

"Such a fucking slut, fuck, baby, you feel so good. So sloppy, fuck." Bucky groaned. "You're so fucking wet."

Steve rolled his hips back enticingly and Bucky growled, slapping his thigh, making him yelp and jerk forward.

"Don't fucking move. Hold still and fucking take it, you little whore." Bucky growled in his ear.

Steve gasped, nodding his head and relaxing his body, letting Bucky just use him, slick running down his thighs as Bucky pulled out and snapped his hips forward. The pace he set was brutal and Steve's legs were shaking from the effort to hold himself up, but anytime his hips dropped Bucky pulled them right back up.

"Keep your fucking ass up! I swear sluts these days can't even be a proper hole." Bucky grunted, winking at Natasha.

She just laughed.

"He's such a pretty slut, too bad he's such a bad fucktoy." Natasha sneered.

Steve burst out in tears, sobbing into the ground. He was so turned on and humiliated and so desperate to be a good Omega, a good slut. The muscles in his legs were protesting. Bucky had been fucking him for almost an hour now and made no attempt to make things easier on Steve by propping him up with pillows. Instead he just snapped at him for struggling and then took him harder as punishment. 

It was so hard and Steve was shaking from the effort to be good, tears and snot running down his face, but Steve was still so wet, the scent of his slick thick in the air, preventing any of them from going soft. Even Natasha was dripping wet and fingering herself as she watched Bucky fuck Steve and Clint fuck Brock, cheering them on from the sidelines and helping to shame the Omegas being fucked.

Brock and Clint had switched places, so now Brock was on his hands and knees, his hands gripping at the couch cushion as Clint fucked him. Clint wasn't quite as rough with Brock as he might have been if his nestpartner hadn't been pregnant, but he was just as mean. Between Clint and Bucky trying to outdo each other, like it was some kind of challenge to see who could treat their Omega worst, and Natasha goading them on, both Steve and Brock were a mess, thoroughly shamed, but so damn into it that it wasn't even funny.

"Fuck, princess, even the sub can take it harder than you can." Clint sneered.

"Keep your fucking ass up!" Bucky snapped. "Jesus, how many times do I have to tell you before you learn?"

"Tighten up, fuck, I feel like I'm fucking a penny paid Omega whore with how fucked out your ass is."

"Fucking take it, bitch, I love it when you cry on my dick."

"I swear you're so fucking loose, it's not even worth my time to fuck you anymore. I should put you in chastity until you tighten back up. Fuck you again when you feel like a virgin and rip your ass back open."

"I swear to God, if your legs give out one more time I'm gonna strap you down to the bench and leave you there. Let the machine fuck you to sleep. You don't even deserve my cock, can't even follow simple directions."

Bucky and Clint seemed to bounce off of each other, throwing insults back and forth and laughing at each other's comments. Steve hated how much he loved it, and Brock was way too fucked out to threaten to kill Clint for calling him princess. Both Omegas were lost in their submission and desperate for it to never end, enjoying being used and degraded.



"I don't see what the problem is, Tony. You want to collar them, they want to be collared. So collar them." Sam said.

"But what if Bucky's only saying he wants it, because he thinks I want it?"

"Do you want it?"

Tony groaned.

"Yes, I like the idea and it makes me want to breed them and bite them, but that's not the point."

"Isn't it though?" Sam asked, raising his brow at Tony. "Look, you know I'm not a fan of collars, but that's my own opinion, Tony. You like collars, and your Omegas are saying they want it, so do it."

"And if Bucky doesn't really want it, or maybe he wants it now but regrets it later? Then what?"

"Come on, baby, you're smarter than that. Stop overthinking everything and doubting every decision. What would you do if you collared them and then they didn't like it? Hm?"

Tony shook his head, taking a deep breath, because he was definitely working himself up into a panic.

"I'd reassess."

"Exactly. It's as simple as that. This isn't an eternity collar, Tony. You hold the key to unlock it and you could even give them each a key if they want that or you feel it's necessary. There's so many ways to go about doing this, it's not such a black and white thing. It's not just a yes or no. It's a how and where. Maybe they don't wear it all of the time. Maybe they only wear it in public or in private. Maybe you switch them to a daytime collar once they have your mark. Just talk to them about it. Be on the same page and everything will be fine."

Tony swallowed. He knew that Sam was right, he knew this wasn't as complicated as he was making it, but there was one more thing, maybe the biggest thing that was nagging at him. That had been nagging at him ever since he lost his cool with Bucky.

"What if I'm like my dad, Sam? My mom wore a collar and she loved him, she would have done anything for him. And all he did was tear her down and hurt her. There was no praise, no aftercare, just complying and pain if she didn't. That's not the kind of Alpha I want to be and I'm terrified, Sammy. I'm terrified of turning into that."

Sam pulled Tony into his arms, holding him close for a few moments, then he tilted his chin up.

"Hey, baby, listen to me. You're not your dad and I promise you that collaring your Omegas, punishing your Omegas, even being rough and mean to them during a scene, that doesn't make you a bad Alpha. Some people like being treated mean and I've seen Bucky and Steve together, Tony. Bucky's mean and Steve laps it up. He loves it. There's nothing wrong with that. My Omegas get mean when they're together, too, but that's just how they like to play. I don't really care for it that much, but I've seen you be mean before, Tony. You remember how you were with Justin before Bucky came along and flipped your whole world upside down?"

Tony rolled his eyes.

"That was different. Justin's an Alpha and a pain in my ass."

"Justin's a person and you were a pain in his ass. That boy couldn't sit right for days after a scene with you, Tony. You were mean to him-"

"Not helping my confidence here, Sam." Tony groaned.

"My point is that you know how to be mean, you liked being mean, Justin loved it, and you might have been an asshole sometimes, but you always provided aftercare. You weren't mean to him when it really mattered."

Tony groaned.

"I know you're trying to help, Sam, but you're really just fucking with my head right now. You know how I used to be. You know how much of a dick I was to Justin and then Ty-"

"Hey, no, Ty was a piece of shit Alpha, Tony. You are not to blame for that." Sam said, cutting him off.

"We were awful for each other, but it wasn't just Ty, Sam. The relationship might have been toxic, and yeah, Ty was awful, but it was both of us. I kept coming back for more and then we'd fight and fuck and fight more. It was both of us."

Sam groaned.

"Okay, okay, forget about Ty and Justin. Just remember that if your Omega wants it, then giving it to them is like providing for them. You may have done some things wrong in the past, Tony, but you were younger, and that's all in the past now. You've tried so hard to distance yourself from that. I promise that collaring your Omega, or losing your temper every now again, doesn't change the fact that you're a good Alpha. You've never raised a hand to an Omega before, and you and Ty might have gotten into some fist matches, but that was two Alphas fighting for dominance in a toxic relationship. It's not the same as you collaring a willing Omega or punishing them for their misbehavior."

Tony nodded and slumped against Sam. He knew that Sam was making some good points. He was also confusing the shit out of Tony, but he was just trying to be helpful. Tony could appreciate that.

"Thanks, Sammy." Tony said sincerely, before smirking. "You're the only Alpha I'd let dominate me now."

Sam laughed and nuzzled against him.

"Yeah, well, next time you need to be knotted up real good you just let me know. If you feel like you need to be rough with someone and you're too scared to do it with your precious Omegas, then you come find me. I'll put you in your place." Sam growled in his ear.

Tony laughed softly, brushing his nose against Sam's.

"Yeah, you'd let me fight you for dominance, Sammy?"

Sam laughed softly and kissed him.

"We both know you have no desire to really fight me, Tony, but yeah, I'd let you. I just wouldn't let you win."

Tony snorted, scenting him, before pulling away with a groan.

"We should probably go check on our Omegas before they destroy the whole floor. Leaving Clint and Nat together is never a good idea, but adding Bucky and Brock to the mix is just a disaster waiting to happen." Tony said, only half joking.



When the two Alphas headed down to the common floor and stepped out of the elevator, into the heady scent of slick that was thick in the air, they both groaned, they're dicks twitching to life. Clint was buried in Brock on the couch, Natasha's hand was in her pants, and Steve was whimpering, half asleep under Bucky, their bodies glistening with sweat. Bucky and Clint's mouths were spewing bullshit, truly saying the most awful things and Steve looked wrecked. They couldn't see Brock's face from the elevator, but Sam's dick twitched at the thought of seeing him as fucked out as Steve looked.

"Good God. This is what we get for letting our Omegas spend time together unsupervised." Tony teased, nudging Sam playfully.

"Yeah, well, this is the way things should be. It used to be that pack Omegas played together and it helped to ease the burden on their Alphas. Omegas are just so damn horny and small packs couldn't afford to have the Alpha's out of commission half of the day, because they were tied to their Omega." Sam rambled only half aware of his words, and Tony nodded along only half processing them.

They both stood back and just watched, their dicks hardening rapidly in their pants from the scent of slick, preparing to assist the needy Omega and knot him up, help expand the pack. Pack dynamics used to be common, readily accepted, back when people grouped together and provided for each other. Those were nothing more than pages in a long forgotten history book now.

There was no space for pack dynamics in a world where every Alpha is supposed to be the leader that rules their Omegas. Nowadays Omegas being together wasn't allowed and Alphas being with Betas or other Alphas was frowned upon, because Omegas were meant to be bred and Alphas were meant to breed them. Alphas submitting was just weakness, just like needing a pack was considered a weakness. Alphas were supposed to be strong enough to provide and protect and they shouldn't need help, or at least that was the common message nowadays.

Tony licked his lips, shifting closer to Sam.

"You know, it used to be that pack Alphas played together, too. Took the edge off so they didn't have to knot up their Omegas all the time." Tony purred.

Sam growled, pulling Tony even closer and cupping his member.

"No, it was so Alphas could establish dominance. In a pack you can only have one leader and all the other Alphas have to learn to submit to them."

Tony whined and rocked forward into Sam's hand and Bucky's eyes snapped up at the sound. His eyes landed on the Alphas, tongues tangling together in a heated kiss, urged on by Steve's scent that overwhelmed the space around them. Just like that Bucky grunted and spilled over, his weight just about collapsing onto Steve, before he managed to catch himself with his forearms.

Bucky cursed, shifting his weight to one arm, his hand reaching down to swipe through the slick and cum and sweat that ran down Steve's thighs, before fondling Steve's cocklet. Steve whimpered, all but collapsing under him.

Bucky just chuckled under his breath, cooing at his Omega. There was soft laughter from their audience and more coos as people stopped to watch the submissive be brought over the edge one last time before finally scenting sated and relieving them all of the constant state of arousal that slick left everyone in. Steve barely processed the sound of their adoring coos, but the laughter registered in his brain and his flushed cheeks brightened, red spreading down his neck and back.

"Alpha." Steve whined, squeaking when Bucky flipped him over.

"Shh, you're okay, pretty thing. I'm gonna make you feel so good, doll." Bucky murmured, his slick hand stroking Steve.

Steve whined, trying to shove his hands away. Bucky just nipped at his thigh, licking fluids off of it and groaning at the taste of himself and his Omega mixed together.

Tony broke away from Sam to drop down in front of his Omegas and pin Steve's hands above his head. Steve's head tilted up to look at him and his lips parted reflexively at the sight of his Alpha's bulge, straining in his pants and so damn close. Tony just chuckled at the obvious request, ignoring it in favor of watching the show.

Steve screamed when Bucky sped up his strokes, and thrashed under them, Tony tightening his hold on his wrists, and Bucky pressing a flat palm to his stomach to hold him in place. His struggles elicited a growl from Tony that ripped through him and had Steve's eyes rolling back. His whole body jerked, body lit on fire as he had yet another orgasm.

When he went limp, his eyes closed and his scent shifted to sated, his Alphas rumbling happily above him.

"Fuck, I'll never get over the way you two look together." Tony murmured.

Bucky laughed, sounding tired, and let Tony pull him in for a kiss.

"I think it's time for a nap." Sam said to Tony.

"Yeah, I think you're right about that." Tony murmured, brushing a hand through Steve's sweaty hair and standing up to pull Bucky into his arms.

He wasn't asleep, but his eyes drooped when Tony rumbled soothingly, cradling his head to his shoulder.

Chapter Text

There had been enough times when Sam and Pepper had fallen asleep with their Omegas curled up between them, even Tony joining them on occasion when he just needed to feel like he belonged somewhere and gave into the temptation to just be close, for there to be a king sized bed in one of the guest rooms.

It was a small room, little more than a box really and the bed was the only thing that really fit in it. It was perfect for a pack to cuddle up together and feel safe, almost like they were in a communal nest. Of course, they weren't a pack technically. Packs weren't a thing anymore, because pack dynamics threatened the modern world order.

Nonetheless the two Alphas settled all of the Omegas into the bed. Natasha curled up between Clint and Bucky in the middle, half laying on top of them, and Sam and Tony on the outer edges, each with a sated Omega in their arms.

"Brock's in his second trimester now." Sam said softly, all their Omegas fast asleep.

Tony hummed, glancing over at him from across the bed, Sam's hands splayed protectively over Brock's stomach.

"Is he supposed to be that big already?"

"I think he's carrying twins, but Brock's adamant that he's not. I think he might kill the doctor if she tells him he is."

Tony laughed, brushing his fingers through Steve's hair when the Omega shifted in his sleep.

"I can't stop thinking about my Omegas round with my pups." Tony admitted, like a secret whispered into the dark.

"We could raise our pups together, like packs used to back before everyone started living separately." Sam said.

Tony's scent softened at the thought, warm and comfortable.

"Yeah, like a family." Tony said, almost dreamily.

"A very large, slightly dysfunctional family." Sam laughed softly.

They were quiet for a moment, both Alphas lost in fantasies of pregnant mates and pups running around.

"You know, the house next to ours just recently got listed." Sam said, breaking the comfortable silence.

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Yeah? The pink one?"

Sam grimaced at that, but nodded.

"It's an awful color, I know, but the house is nice and the property is a decent size. At least for a normal person. I know you grew up in a fucking mansion."

Tony grinned and shook his head, a hand coming to rest over Steve's flat stomach.

"There's only six houses in the cul-de-sac. It's small, but large enough for the pups to run around in the loop." Sam added.

Tony hummed.

"It's all rentals though, isn't it?"

"There's nothing wrong with rentals, Tony, and I'm sure you can bribe the landlord into letting you repaint."

Tony snorted.

"I don't deal with landlords. Maybe I'll buy out the cul-de-sac, though."

"You are not buying my house, Tony."

"Oh, come on, Sam, I'll give you a good price on renting. Hell, if you agree to watch the pups so we can have date nights, then I'll let you live there for free." Tony teased.

"Never mind, forget I said anything." Sam huffed.

"No, I like this idea. This way I can control who gets to live near us. We could even go one step further and turn it into a gated community. That way we always know who has access to our pups and mates."

Sam looked like he wanted to protest, but then he hummed consideringly.

"That's actually not a bad idea."

Tony nodded, pushing up onto his elbow to better look at Sam.

"Right? Our Omegas are pretty protective. I'm sure they'd love the idea, too. If they're this protective of each other, I can only imagine how they'll be with pups."

"Brock will probably insist on posting at least one guard out front. We'll have to talk him out of not arming them."

"We can compromise by giving them tasers." Tony said like this was the most normal conversation ever. "Hell, he can run the neighborhood watch for all I care."

Sam snorted.

"Yeah, I'm sure he'll be head of the PTA, too."

Tony's eyes lit up.

"What if we homeschooled?"

Sam sent him a you're-kidding-right look.

"Tony, what do we know about homeschooling?"

"Nothing, but I'll read a couple of books and be an expert by morning. It'll be great. Pepper could teach the pups financing, I'll teach them about science, and you can teach them to bake. Steve can do art projects with them and Bucky will teach them to fix cars. Nat can teach them how to dance."

"And my Omegas will do what? Teach them self-defense and gun safety?"

"We'll call it gym." Tony laughed.

Then he glanced down at Steve, the Omega snuggling closer to him in his sleep.

"I think Steve would like it. He'd probably even want to keep the damn pink, but Bucky would hate it. I don't think he'd ever agree to it."

Sam snorted.

"I think you underestimate what he's willing to do for Steve. Bucky would do anything for his Omega. I haven't known them all that long, but I do know that."

"You've known them twice as long as I have."

"Which just means neither of us knows them that well."

Tony reached over Steve to brush his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Yeah, but they all know each other really well, Sammy. They're great together, they'd make great pack Omegas. I don't just say that, because I get horny when they play together either. I really think they'd all be great together."

Sam shifted until he was propped up on his elbow too, so he could see Tony better in the dark room. Nothing but the moonlight filtering through the window to light up the room. Sam nuzzled against Brock.

"I know what you mean. They've all been nestpartners before, they might as well be a pack."

Tony's brows furrowed, he knew that Steve and Bucky were nestmates, of course, and he was aware that Clint and Natasha used to be nestpartners, but that was all he knew of.

"Were they?"

"Oh, yeah, I've heard stories about it and I can only imagine how hot it would be to watch them all together, all desperate and lost in their heats."

Tony groaned, already hard from watching their Omegas together.

"Fuck, we have to stop talking about this or I'm going to need you to come over here and knot me."

Sam snorted.

"I'm not going anywhere, but if you want to come over here you can have my knot."

Tony groaned again, sucking at Steve's neck to try and stave off the desire to do just that, to go over there and beg Sam for his knot. He had Omegas now and Tony had promised himself that he would stop bottoming once he had Omegas that depended on him. They needed him to be strong and how was he supposed to do that when he was all weak at the knees and soft for Sam. Alphas weren't supposed to be submissive, Tony wasn't raised to be soft like that, and he hated himself for wanting to be.

"We shouldn't." Tony whispered, like he was afraid to even say it.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"You know why, Sammy." Tony groaned.

"No, I don't. Baby, we've been over this. You're not weak for wanting my knot. There's nothing wrong with submitting, Tony, and I know that you know that. So come over here and let me help you."

Tony bit his lip and whimpered, he just couldn't. He wanted to, but he knew that he shouldn't, even if Sam was saying it was okay. Tony wanted to believe it was, but it was hard when he'd been told one thing for so long. It was hard to break away from that. 

Sam could tell that Tony was spiralling, his scent souring, and Sam felt that Alpha instinct that said protect and keep safe. 

Tony wasn't an Omega, but if Sam had any say in it he would be his, would be a member of his pack. Tony insisted that Alphas shouldn't need packs to lean on, but Sam knew it was only because he felt like it made him weak to admit he needed help. Sam was a firm believer that even the strongest people needed to lean on others, needed people to pick up the pieces when they fell apart and to put them back together again.

"Tony, come here." Sam ordered, making Tony whimper. "If you don't come over here and ride my cock right now, pretty boy, then I'm gonna come over there and get you. And if I have to come to you then it's not gonna be you riding me, it's gonna be me pinning you to the ground and fucking you real good until you're all soft for me and submitting so pretty."

Tony shivered, pulling away from Steve, careful not to disturb the sleeping Omegas and made his way around the bed to where Sam was. Sam shifted, too, separating himself from Brock and sitting on the edge of the bed so Tony could climb in his lap. Tony didn't though, he just whimpered and dropped to his knees.

"Oh, pretty boy, you're desperate aren't you? You just need it, don't you, baby?"

Tony nodded, licking his lips and gasping when Sam spreaded his legs, gripping Tony's hair and tugging him closer until he was nestled in between his legs.

"Need you, Sammy." Tony whimpered, mouthing at his crotch.

Sam stroked his hair and cooed at him, making Tony blush, whining and squirming in embarrassment.

"I know what you need, little one. So why don't you climb up here and let me give it to you, because I don't want your mouth right now and I know that you don't really want to give me a blowjob."

"I give great blowjobs." Tony grumbled, pouting.

Sam smirked at him, running a finger over his bottom lip.

"I know you do, but that's not really what you need, baby, and I want to give you what you need."

Tony swallowed and glanced down at the ground.

"I don't wanna ride you, Sammy." He mumbled.

Sam hummed, brushing his fingers through Tony's curls.

"Yeah? You want to present for me, pretty boy?"

Tony bit his lip and glanced longingly at the ground, before pouting up at Sam and nodding.

"Okay, then, go present so pretty for me, baby."

Tony bit his lip, trying to keep it from trembling, tears of frustration welling up in his eyes because he wanted to, he really did, but his mind was telling him that it was wrong, that he shouldn't.

" Sammy," Tony sobbed. "I need you."

Sam cooed at him again, something that he tended to do a lot with Tony and Tony wondered sometimes if maybe it was because his own mates would kill him if he cooed at them. Then again Tony had seen him coo at them while he was knotting them and they seemed to enjoy the attention.

"Yeah? What do you need, baby? Do you need to present so pretty for me, like a good Omega?"

Tony sucked in a shaky breath, but nodded, his head dropping and the tears welling in his eyes spilled over.

"Hey, shh, don't cry, little one. Let me help you."

Sam stood up, pulling Tony into his arms and coddling him for a moment, Tony sobbing into his shoulder, before setting him back down on his knees. Sam slipped a hand into his hair, pressing Tony's head down until his cheek was resting on the floorboards, and lifting his hips up, nudging the inside of his thighs to get him to spread them.

"There you go, little one. Is that better?"

Tony hummed, scenting of pleased Alpha and rocking his hips back until his ass brushed up against Sam's crotch.

"So good." Tony purred.

Sam rumbled in his chest and leaned down to nuzzle at Tony's neck, nipping at his scent gland and making him whimper. 

"Such a good boy, Tony. You're such a pretty boy." Sam murmured, his hands slipping under Tony, resting his weight against the smaller Alpha, his fingers undoing Tony's jeans.

Tony grunted when his dick was released from the confines of his pants, and moaned when Sam slipped his hand into his boxers, wrapping his large hand around Tony's dick and pumping him, spreading his precum up and down his shaft.

"Fuck, you're so wet, baby. You soaked right through your boxers."

Tony bit his lip, rocking forward into Sam's hand. It was true, there was a sizable wet spot forming from how much Tony was leaking and he knew he wasn't going to last long. Sam was in the same boat, neither of them had gone soft after watching their Omegas playing and now playing together... neither of them was going to last long.

"Fuck," Sam groaned, rutting up against Tony's ass and shoving his jeans down to his thighs. "Can you feel my knot? I haven't even gotten inside of you and I'm already ready to pop."

Tony whimpered, thinking about the stretch of Sam's knot popping inside of him, locking them together. It had been over two months since he'd taken anything up his ass and he knew that it would burn, be a tight fit. Tony loved the idea.

Of course, Sam was going to prep him first, Sam was just like that. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube in the night stand. This room had been used on more than one occasion by Sam and Tony, usually with Clint and Brock joining in on the fun. It had been used often enough to fuck Tony that they kept it stocked with lube. Clint and Brock didn't really need lube, they might not produce slick, but they're bodies were made to take a knot and they were knotted frequently enough that they didn't really even need to be prepped half of the time.

Tony's body was not made to take a knot, his body wasn't made to take anything, so he definitely needed to be prepped. Which is why Sam released his dick, and tugged down his boxers, pouring a generous amount of lube on his hole. Tony jerked at the cold feeling and Sam gripped his hip to hold him still, a finger circling his rim, before pressing in.

Tony groaned, the sound turning into a whine when Sam's other hand reached back under him and started to fondle his balls. Sam took his time opening Tony up, until he could work three fingers in without much resistance. By then both of them were so close to popping that it wasn't even funny.

Tony was a mess under Sam, clawing at the ground, pressing back and grinding against his fingers. His hair clung to his forehead from sweat and his lips were parted, moans slipping past them and drool pooling on the floor. The Omegas on the bed were awake now and Sam was aware of it, but Tony wasn't. He couldn't focus on anything, but Sam's fingers in his ass and the delicious jolts of pleasure that kept surging through him when Sam would brush over his prostate.

"Sammy, please, I'm ready. I need it." Tony begged, desperate to get Sam in him before he cummed.

"Shh, I know, baby. I'm gonna give it to you and you're gonna take it so well, like a good Omega."

"Yeah, so good. I'm gonna be so good for you, Sammy." Tony promised.

"I know you will, Tony. You always are, little one." Sam murmured.

Bucky swallowed, glancing at Steve who had squirmed his way into his lap. Everything about it, watching Tony and Sam together, reminded him so much of the way he was with Tony. The way that he wanted to be good so badly, and the way that Tony always reassured him that he was good. Bucky wondered if this was how Tony learned to be gentle with them, if Sam had taught him by being gentle with him.

Steve whined and Bucky slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound.

"Shh, we don't wanna distract our Alpha, now do we, doll?" Bucky murmured softly in his ear.

Steve shook his head and clenched his thighs together, slick leaking out of him and soaking through his panties as he watched the show.

Tony was oblivious to the Omegas watching them, watching him. He was lost in Sam and he sighed in relief when he felt Sam's tip brush against his hole.

"Yes, yes, please, Sammy. Need you." Tony begged.

"I'm so close, baby. I'm gonna pop the moment I'm inside you." Sam warned. "You gonna take it so good for me, baby? Let me knot you up real good?"

Tony nodded, feeling his saliva smearing across his cheek and grimacing, pushing up onto his arms to get away from the mess he made. He blushed at the thought, but pressed back encouragingly.

"Yeah, I'm gonna take it so good for you, Alpha. Gimme your knot."

Sam chuckled and pressed into him, making Tony grunt as he was split open. His teeth gritted together and he cursed. As soon as Sam bottomed out he grunted and his knot popped. Tony's eyes widened and he screamed, trying to scramble away from the burning stretch, more painful than anything else. Trying to escape only made it worse and Tony whimpered, Sam gritting his teeth.

"No, baby, don't fight me." Sam growled. "Stay with me, Tony. You're doing so good, little one."

Tony sobbed, tears wetting his cheeks and he forced his hips to still, to press closer to Sam. Then Sam rolled his hips and Tony moaned, the sound was echoed by Steve and Tony's head snapped up at the sound.

Steve's eyes met Tony's, wide and blue, a hand slipping into his pants to touch himself. He was leaning back against Bucky's chest, Bucky's hand roaming over him, but his eyes glued on Tony. Brock, Clint, and Natasha had already clambered off the bed, climbing off the end so they didn't disrupt the Alphas playing. Tony couldn't believe he'd been so unaware of what was happening around him, but suddenly he was way too aware of it.

"Alpha." Steve whimpered, his fingers slipping inside of his sloppy hole as he watched his Alpha take a knot.

Tony's heart picked up and he could hear his dad's voice in his ear, telling him that an Alpha's made of iron, rules with a steel fist, never shows weakness. 

"Hey, no, baby, stop." Sam murmured in his ear, draped over him protectively. "I can smell your panic, but there's no space for that here. No space between us for negative thoughts."

"Sammy." Tony whimpered, glancing up at his Omega's and trying to fight the shame that was consuming him.

He shouldn't be on his knees like this, shouldn't be submitting to another Alpha like this, not here, not in front of his Omegas.

"Stop." Sam growled in his ear, shoving Tony's head back down until his cheek was pressed up against the cold wood floors, right into the puddle of his drool.

Tony moaned, Sam's hips rolling, his knot jostling inside of Tony and making his body light up with pleasure as it rubbed over his prostate. Tony's ass clenched around him, his eyes fluttering shut and his scent shifting to safe and secure . That's how Sam made him feel, held down like this, knotted up real good. Tony felt safe and he just wanted to give into that feeling and float. Sam's next words were enough to coax Tony into doing just that.

"Come on, pretty boy. Let go. Be soft for me." Sam rumbled.

Tony whimpered softly, his body going slack under Sam.

"There you go, good boy, Tony. That's right, be soft for me."

The praise made Tony sink even deeper and he rolled his hips, moaning, feeling his own knot swelling. He was so close and he knew that submitting was what was really doing it for him right now. He had missed this. As much as Tony loved taking care of his Omegas, and he really loved taking care of his Omegas, not just sexually, but just providing for them in general, Tony also loved being taken care of. No one was better at that than Sam. There was no one that Tony trusted more to dominate him than Sam.

Sam's hand slipped under Tony, grabbing his dick and stroking it, his precum slicking the way. Tony jerked under him, gasping, and Sam kept stroking until his knot popped and he was spilling over, painting the ground beneath them. Sam's hand wrapped around his knot, providing a delicious weight as he squeezed him softly, coaxing more cum out of him.

Tony cried out at the feeling of both being knotted and having something to knot, even if it was only a hand. It was a firm, strong hand and the pressure had him out of his mind. His hands scrambled in front of him, clawing at the ground, trying to find something to grab onto as his body tried to lurch forward, tried to fuck into Sam's hand. He couldn't really though, couldn't go far with Sam's knot tying them together.

"Hey, shh, like this, baby." Sam said, rolling his hips, a hand on Tony's hips encouraging him to do the same. "Just like that, baby. There you go."

Tony groaned, rolling forward into Sam's hand and back into his knot, loving the feelings of too much. It was a lot, overwhelming even, but it was Sam and Tony loved it, loved Sam.

"S'good, Sammy." Tony slurred, feeling drunk off of his submission.

"I know, baby, you're doing so good."

Sam put down a hand to brace himself, draping his body over Tony's, keeping his other hand securely wrapped around his knot. He nuzzled at Tony's neck, nipping at his scent gland and making Tony whine, his hips stilling.

"Keep going, baby. Just a little bit longer." Sam murmured in his ear.

Tony grunted, but continued his movement, rolling his hips slowly, lazily even. Eventually Sam's knot deflated, but he was still rock hard, the scent of Steve's slick still hanging in the air enough to keep him from going soft. He didn't pull out of Tony, keeping him speared on his dick until Tony's knot went down, Sam's hand squeezing it lightly and making him scream out, one last spurt of cum being milked out of him.

Tony slumped onto the ground, his legs giving out, and Sam eased out of him slowly. His dick twitched again at the sight of Tony laying in his own cum, but Sam ignored the instinct to just shove back inside of him and knot him up again. He ran a hand down his side, Tony panting hard under him. Sam nuzzled against his neck, licking at his skin and tasting the scent of sated Alpha on him, growling in his ear when Tony squirmed and whimpered.

"Shh, you're okay, little one." Sam murmured, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him up until Tony was leaning back against him. "Come on, pretty boy, let's get you cleaned up."

Tony made a sound of protest, his unfocused eyes darting around the room and his brows furrowed in confusion when he realized that the Omegas on the bed had disappeared.


"They're in the bathroom." Sam answered, knowing exactly what was confusing him. "Come on, let's go join them."



They found the Omegas in the tub that was large enough to be considered a hot tub. Natasha had her feet in Clint's lap, and Bucky had Steve perched up on the side of the tub, sucking on his cocklet and making the Omega squirm and whimper, not unlike the way Tony had squirmed and whimpered for Sam. Tony blushed at the thought and stepped closer to Sam.

Sam just wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him even closer, until he was flush up against him. Tony hummed and scented him, relaxing into him, then squeaked in surprise when Sam scooped him up.

"Jesus Christ!" Tony cursed, hitting Sam on the chest and glaring at him.

Sam just laughed and set him gently in the tub next to Brock, Tony's cum stained clothes already discarded on the bedroom floor. Tony glanced over at Brock, swallowing nervously. Brock was kinda scary and Tony wasn't sure how he'd react to his Alpha knotting him, Brock didn't always take it so well. Brock was pretty possessive when it came to Sam's knot. Well, Brock was pretty possessive in general, but especially when it came to Sam's knot.

Brock just rolled his eyes and shifted closer, scenting Tony. Tony held still, his heart pounding in his chest.

"You smell like my Alpha." Brock commented, but he didn't sound mad. "His knot's like a drug isn't it?"

Tony blushed.

"Shut up."

Brock just smirked knowingly, before getting up and settling in Sam's lap when he sat down in the tub, his clothes in a pile on the floor with their Omega's clothes.

"Knot me, Alpha." Brock purred.

"I already fucked him, so he's nice and loose for you, all soft, too, just the way you like him." Clint teased from across the tub.

Sam chuckled.

"Were you waiting for me, baby? Hoping I'd finish up with Tony so I could knot you up?" Sam murmured.

Brock hummed and kissed him, gasping when Sam lifted him up by his ass and pulled him down onto his dick.



Pepper met Peter out front and escorted him into the building. He had already signed an NDA when he came for his interview. He wasn't here about his internship, though. Tony had never called him back, and honestly Peter didn't expect him to. He'd been in a really bad place during that interview and he had ruined any chance he might have had of getting an internship with Stark Industries.

No, Peter was here because Natasha was supposed to be training him today. She hadn't shown up, though. Peter had called her cell which had gone straight to voicemail. So he had called Pepper and she had told him to come over to the tower.

JARVIS directed them to the common floor, and then to the bathroom off of the guest bedroom where Natasha was. Pepper raised a brow when she walked in and Peter's eyes widened in surprise as he took in the scene before him. Peter was a fairly sheltered Omega, only ever playing with one other Omega as a teen, then he went off to college and Ned helped him through a few of his heats until he met Wade. He'd been Wade's ever since, even if Wade refused to admit they were together.

Peter wasn't used to seeing other Omegas together and he certainly wasn't used to seeing other Alphas knotting their Omegas. Other than ending up on Wade's knot, Peter didn't really do much more than dance and study maths and science. He didn't go out and party with friends like most college kids did and, because of his limited interactions with others, Peter wasn't prepared for seeing what he was seeing.

He squeaked in surprise, his eyes meeting Tony's, who eyed him with interest. Bucky had Steve on his dick now, the Omega rolling his hips and riding him very similarly to how Brock was riding Sam. Bucky's eyes also found Peter and he smirked at him.

"Don't tell me you brought us a gift, Pepper?" Bucky teased, winking at Peter.

Pepper rolled her eyes and Steve glared at Bucky, stilling. His nestmate was a shameless flirt, Steve knew this, that didn't stop his jealousy from spiking.

"Jesus, Buck. Don't flirt with random Omegas while you're inside of me." Steve whined, pouting.

"Ah, baby, don't pout. You're still the prettiest Omega I know." Bucky said, but then he eyed Peter again. "He is pretty, though. Are you seeing this, Alpha?"

"Yeah, I'm seeing it." Tony muttered, still feeling a bit drunk from being knotted, his tongue loose and his ass looser.

"I wouldn't mind getting my hands on him." Bucky said, ignoring the withering look that Steve sent him and snickering at his obvious annoyance.

Natasha rolled her eyes.

"I wouldn't count on it." She said, standing up, water cascading off of her body. "He's Wade's."

Natasha was gorgeous, with curves in all of the right places and a belly ring in her navel. She knew she was gorgeous, too. It was obvious from the way she sauntered out of the tub and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself.

"Hey, ларушечка."

Peter pouted at her.

"I waited for you, but you never showed up." He whined, blushing when Tony and Bucky growled at the sound.

Natasha shrugged.

"I got distracted." She said simply, leading him out of the bathroom.

Pepper glared at the men staring hungrily at the Omegas as they walked out of the room, before following them.

"That's Wade's Omega?" Brock said in disbelief.

Bucky shook his head, equally as bewildered.

"How did he possibly land himself an Omega like that?" Bucky said.

Steve huffed in annoyance and went to stand up, but Bucky gripped his hips and pulled him right back down onto his cock.

"Where do you think you're going?" Bucky asked, raising a brow at him.

"Well, you're obviously too distracted by the pretty new Omega to fuck me." Steve snapped.

Bucky just smirked and thrusted his hips up, making Steve squeak in surprise.

"Don't act like you hate it, Stevie. I know you're a slut for it. Remember the first time I met Natasha? I was so horny and she'd barely even said a word to me."

Steve blushed, but smirked at him, rolling his hips. He remembered it alright. He had been horrified afterwards, but he definitely had masturbated before, his fingers fucking his slick hole, just thinking about that day.

"Lord knows it wasn't her words that had you bending me over the bathroom sink."

"That's right, doll. I just had to have you and I didn't care who walked in and saw just how much of a whore you are or how badly your Alpha needed you. I fucked you so good I had you crying so pretty for me and I didn't let you off my dick, until your voice was hoarse from screaming and your eyes couldn't stay open."

It had been reckless in a way that normally they wouldn't be, well, Steve normally wouldn't choose to be. Bucky was needlessly reckless on a regular basis and as much it scared Steve to do things like that, because what if they did get caught and they were reported, Steve couldn't deny that he loved it. There was something about the taboo of it all. Not just fucking in a public place, but the forbidden nature of it all. Not being allowed to be together and then risking everything just because they had to get their hands on each other, having his Alpha be so turned on that he just had to use him, couldn't wait. It lit Steve on fire, and then just to add to the humiliation, Bucky wasn't even horny because of him, but because he'd seen some pretty redhead, and yet Steve still spread his legs for him.

Steve moaned, glancing over at Tony who was groaning, his hand wrapped around Clint's dick and Clint's hand wrapped around his. Steve's hole clenched as he realized that everyone was listening to their story and getting off on it.

"Yeah, and when my legs gave out you just lowered me to the floor and I let you fuck me right there on the bathroom tiles. If that doesn't say devotion I don't know what does."

"Only real sluts would let their Alphas do something like that." Bucky taunted.

Steve purred, his hips rolling and his nails digging into his shoulders.

"I'm nothing if not dedicated to being your slut, Alpha."

Chapter Text

That night when they were back in the penthouse Tony agreed to collar them and punish them, and Steve was ready to go out that minute and buy collars. Tony just laughed and pulled him close, saying they would have to wait until tomorrow. He insisted that they needed to negotiate punishments. Both Omegas felt like that defeated the purpose of punishing them, but Tony refused to budge on the matter.

It was their first punishment and as much as Tony would like to think he knew his Omegas well and that they knew him well, too, he couldn't deny that there were things that they didn't know about each other. That wasn't a bad thing, part of playing together was the exploration, learning what they all like and how they fit together. It did mean that Tony would have to set some ground rules and the most important one for now was having a safeword.

"The first thing we need to establish is safewords."

Steve frowned.

"I don't want safewords, not for a punishment. There's no point in being punished if I can say no to it." Steve said.

Tony gave Steve a firm look and cupped his cheek.

"Safewords are non negotiable, Steve. You can say no to anything, but you can't say no to safewords."

Steve glared at him.

"You said that collared Omegas don't get to say no." Steve accused, not like the contradicting statements.

"That's right, good memory, baby. I sure did and I meant it. My collared Omegas won't get to say no, but that's one of the reasons we're gonna have safewords. Once I collar you then telling me no will be seen as a sign of disobedience and punished accordingly. Which is why you'll have safewords, so that if you ever do need something to stop, you have a way of communicating that to me that tells me you're not just acting out. It tells me that you need whatever is happening to stop in a way that is respectful. It's important that all three of us respect the safewords. So if Bucky uses his safeword while you're playing together you have to stop and check in with him, and the same thing goes for him if you use your safeword."

Steve pouted, but didn't argue with it. If his Alpha wanted it, then Steve would do it, and if his Alpha said that it was important then Steve would accept that it was. That's what good Omegas did after all.

"Okay, fine. So what's my safeword?" Steve asked.

"I was thinking we could use the traffic lights. Any thoughts, Bucky?"

"Yeah, that's cool." Bucky said, shrugging.

He seemed casual enough, but he was picking at a string on his shirt and scenting anxious.

"You okay, baby?" Tony asked him softly.

"Yeah, I'm just- I know we need to be punished, but I'm nervous. It's been a while since I was punished."

Tony nodded.

"That's understandable, baby. It's okay to be nervous. I'm not going to do anything you're not okay with, though. You don't need to be worried about that. That's why we're talking about everything now. To make sure we're all on the same page."

Tony meant that, too. He didn't feel like he had to discuss every last detail, or that he couldn't do something spontaneous, but he definitely wasn't going to do anything that crossed his Omegas boundaries. Limits were there for a reason and hard limits should always be respected, even during punishments.

Bucky nodded, still picking at the loose thread.

"Okay, so what are you guys thinking for your punishments? Since it's your first one I'm willing to let you pick what you think is best."

Steve tilted his head in confusion.

"That's up to you to decide, Alpha. Omegas don't choose their punishments."

"Well, I'm happy to help you decide, if you don't know what you want, baby." Tony told Steve.

Bucky snorted.

"Stevie, gets spanked real good when he gets mouthy, and then fucked until he don't want to mouth off no more. Until he's soft and sweet again, submitting pretty for his Alpha." Bucky said, smirking at Steve.

Steve blushed, squirming, the scent of his slick starting to unfold around them.

Tony cleared his throat.

"Good to know. Well, it sounds like you've got that sorted out, so I'm gonna let Bucky punish you, little one."

Steve's eyes widened.

"But you have to punish me, Alpha." Steve insisted.

"I think you need to get forgiveness from Bucky for disrespecting him."

"Need forgiveness from you, too, Alpha." Steve whimpered, pouting.

Tony cupped his cheek and pulled him in for a kiss.

"Alright then, angel. You'll get your punishment from me and then from Bucky, and then you'll know that both of your Alphas are happy with you. Will that make you feel better?"

Steve grinned and purred.

"Thank you, Alpha."

Tony chuckled and kissed him again.

"Okay, baby, then you'll get your usual punishment from Bucky. So we just need to decide how I'll punish you. Should I pick a punishment for you, or do you want to pick one for yourself?"

"I think you should do whatever you see fit, Alpha." Steve said immediately.

Tony hummed thoughtfully.

"I think that you made Bucky feel ashamed when you told him he wasn't a good Omega. For that I think you deserve to feel some shame yourself, be shamed like a bad dog would be."

Steve furrowed his brows.

"What do you mean, Alpha?"

"I think you need to spend the afternoon being treated like a dog. Experience some humiliation, so you know how it feels, how you made Bucky feel bad about himself. How does that sound, baby?"

Steve tilted his head at the strange suggestion. Being treated like a dog wasn't exactly what he'd been thinking when he thought of being punished, but if that's what his Alpha wanted then he'd do it.

"Sounds good, Alpha." Steve said. "If that's what you want, then I'll do it."

Tony smiled and kissed him.

"Good boy." Tony murmured against his lips.

Bucky raised a brow at Tony.

"You do realize that Steve likes being humiliated and degraded, right?"

Tony nodded.

"I'm aware. I'm not sure he'll like being treated like a dog in quite the same way as he likes being called a slut, but punishments shouldn't be something that you're not okay with. That's why we have safewords and limits. If Steve tries it and it's really too much, then we'll stop and reassess."

Both Omegas frowned at that and Bucky furrowed his brows.

"Punishments shouldn't be fun."

Tony hummed.

"I'm not saying it has to be fun, but I don't have to do something you're not okay with in order to get my point across. In fact, I won't do something you're not okay with. Ignoring your limits is not the purpose of a punishment. It's about correcting your bad behavior."

Bucky's knee bounced anxiously as he considered that.

"I don't know if I agree with that, Alpha."

"No? Don't you?" Tony asked, raising a brow at him. "Tell me, Bucky, why do you choose spanking and fucking to punish your Omega?"

Bucky frowned.

"It's the way it should be. You spank them and then you put them in their place. A good Omega knows that they're made to be bred." Bucky said like he was reciting something he'd heard a million times.

Tony pursed his lips, but he wasn't going to try and tackle that problematic thought process at the moment. Clearly, Bucky was clinging to things he'd been taught growing up and Tony could understand that. He was the same way for a long time, and it was still something he struggled with. Choosing to actively go against the way you were brought up isn't something that happens overnight.

"Perhaps, but doesn't Steve like being spanked and bred?" Tony asked.

Bucky's knee started to bounce again, and Tony resisted the urge to pull him close and soothe him.

"Yes, but when I'm punishing him he understands that it's not about pleasure. He understands that I'm hurting him because I'm not happy with him, not because it's fun. So yeah, maybe I still get off on it and he's turned on by it, but he doesn't get to have an orgasm when he's being punished. It's not about his pleasure. He gets denial and frustration so he can understand how frustrated I feel when he's bad."

Tony licked his lips, rumbling soothingly when Steve whimpered.

"You do it to correct his behavior, right?"

Bucky nodded, glancing over at Tony.

"I think you should do that to me, too. It's how an Alpha should punish their Omega."

Tony shook his head.

"I won't spank you." Tony said, his mind already made up on the matter.


"No, quiet. It's not up for discussion. If you ever want to try impact play, we can discuss it, but it won't be as punishment. It will be for fun, us exploring something new together, not because I'm punishing you. I won't push your hard limits for a punishment. I'm not that kind of Alpha. If we decide at some point that it's a soft limit and we're going to push it together, it will be done for pleasure and out of curiosity, just to see how far we can push. Is that understood?" Tony told him firmly.

Bucky bit his lip, looking down at the ground.

"Yes, Alpha. I understand."

Bucky's anxiety lessened and he relaxed slightly, safe and relieved filling the space around them, Steve's slick no longer present in the air. Steve was sending Bucky a sad look, because he knew that Bucky's last punishment had been at the hands of his dad and it hadn't been at all the kind of spanking that Steve was used to receiving from Bucky.

Steve trusted Bucky, knew that he punished him out of love, even respected him for it. Bucky had none of that with his dad. What Bucky's dad did was abuse, plain and simple, and it was a scar that Bucky would wear on his heart for the rest of his life. A scar that Steve would never fully understand, because he had never experienced it himself.

"C'mere, baby." Tony murmured, pulling Bucky into his side and scenting him. "You're doing so good, angel. Let's take a break and eat some food, then we can come back to this."

Bucky nodded, letting his Alpha pull him up, letting him pull him into his lap and feed him, letting him murmur soft words and rumble soothingly. Bucky felt numb just thinking about his past punishments, but Tony made him feel safe, like a beacon shone out to sea to guide the lost boats home.



"I think I know exactly what punishment I want for you, baby. You ready to hear my suggestion?" Tony murmured when they were curled up on the couch again.

Bucky nodded, shifting on his lap.

"I think you need to learn to trust me, to just let me take care of you, no struggling, no doubting, just letting go."

Bucky chewed at his lip, remaining quiet and waiting for Tony to continue.

"I want you to be dependent on me for the afternoon. I'll tie your hands and blindfold you, and then you won't be able to fight me on it. Then you don't have to make the choice to give up control. You won't have any to give up."

Bucky's first thought was that that sounded awful and his instincts made him want to snarl at the suggestion, but Tony seemed to expect this and bit into his neck lightly. Bucky melted against him, whimpering. His second thought was that it was hot, and his dick twitched to life at the thought of being bound and vulnerable for his Alpha.

His third thought was that Tony was brilliant.

"So I can just relax into my submission, right, Alpha?"

Tony smiled and nodded.

"That's right, little one. I'm going to make it easy for you, and then you can learn how much you love just submitting to me. I'm going to teach you that you don't always have to fight me on everything, and we can repeat the lesson as many times as it takes until it sinks in and you accept it as true."

Bucky purred and nuzzled against him.

"Thank you, Alpha."

"Always, baby."

"Are we done with this now?" Steve asked after a few minutes of silence passed. "I'm sleepy, Alpha."

Both of his Alphas cooed at him and Steve blushed, scenting happy.

"Yeah, we can go to sleep soon, baby. There's something I want to reiterate though, just so we're clear. Once the punishment is over you're both forgiven and the problem is resolved. Understood?"

Steve squirmed and glanced up at Bucky. Bucky met his gaze and licked his lips.

"What if we still feel guilty?"

Tony shook his head.

"I'm your Alpha, so when I say you're forgiven, then that's final. There is nothing else, it just is. You're forgiven and we move on, because I say so and that's what I want."

Steve nodded.

"Okay, Alpha." Steve accepted.

"Bucky?" Tony said, looking at him expectantly.

"Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, Alpha." Bucky said, sounding slightly breathless and almost reverent.

He looked up at Tony and his eyes shined with trust and respect, and when he leaned in closer Tony could practically taste his vulnerability.

"I'm so glad you're my Alpha, our Alpha." Bucky whispered, hesitating briefly before adding, "I love you."

Tony smiled softly and pulled him in for a kiss that was just as soft.

"I love you, too, pretty Omega."

"What about me?" Steve pouted when they just stared lovingly into each other's eyes.

"What about you?" Bucky teased, snickering when Steve gave him the most offended look ever.

"Fuck you." Steve pouted.

"Ah, don't pout, baby. I'm just teasing." Bucky said, shifting off of Tony to pull Steve into his lap.

Tony gripped Steve's chin, tilting his head up to kiss him.

"We love you, too, baby. Don't ever doubt that." Tony rumbled.

Steve's scent warmed like apple pie fresh out of the oven and he purred, scenting Bucky, his hand gripping Tony's shirt to keep him close. Tony nuzzled against him and kissed his cheek.

"There are two more things I want to do before bed. Just so we're all on the same page."

The first thing was to set a time frame. Tony felt that for this particular punishment it should start in the afternoon and go all throughout the evening. His Omegas agreed to that and thought it sounded reasonable, so they decided they would start their punishment at two and end it at ten.

Tony said if they were still up for it afterwards then Steve could receive his punishment from Bucky, too. Otherwise they could do that the next day. Both Omegas seemed to feel strongly about not pushing it off until the next day. Tony just chuckled and told them they'd have to see how they felt about it tomorrow night. 

Tony had them all sit down after that and fill out yes/soft no/hard no checklists and they hung them up in the playroom that was now cleared out and empty. He made it very clear that they won't always be having discussions like this before punishments, but that this one is different, because it's the first one. He also said that there's a difference between being settled, because you're having a hard time emotionally, being sorted out in the moment with a firm hand for being defiant, and having a formal punishment that's meant to teach you a lesson.

"If we're sorted out for talking back or something, can we still be punished for it later?" Bucky asked.

"Good question. Yes, you can be. Sorting you out is just a quick reminder of who you belong to, what your place is, and is done to give you an attitude adjustment. I'm not saying you'll always get both, but if I feel that you did something that requires a punishment, that doesn't mean I won't sort you out real quick when the original offense occurs."

"But punishments always come later?" Bucky asked.

Tony nodded.

"I don't believe that punishments have to be given immediately in order to teach a lesson. I also feel strongly that you should always be told what your punishment is and why you're being punished before you receive your punishment. I also won't always have the time to immediately deal out a punishment, especially if I feel you deserve a lengthy one, like being tied up and put on display for hiding things from me."

"Hiding things from you?" Steve asked, swallowing.

"Lying, baby, if you lie to me, I might take away your privilege to talk and hide things."

"By tying us up?" Bucky asked, his brows furrowed.

"And gagging you." Tony said, smirking when Bucky's eyes widened and he pressed closer with a whimper.

Tony just kissed his forehead and wrapped an arm securely around his waist.

"That doesn't mean punishments will always happen days later, preferably most of them will happen the same day or maybe the next day if it's late at night when you're acting out. Depending on how busy we all are, of course. We all have things to do, like work, and Steve has his class that he teaches."

Steve and Bucky nodded, because that seemed reasonable. It wasn't what they were used to and it's not how they were raised, but they definitely didn't hate it. This was just one of the many things that made Tony such a good Alpha, one of the many things that made them love him.

Chapter Text

(You can find the artist who made this amazing fanart on tumblr @peterrose)



Steve's hand immediately reached out, his fingers brushing over a pink necklace on a display.

"This one's pretty." Steve said.

Tony glanced over at it, but tugged Steve away from the display of daytime collars. Bucky stayed close to Tony's side, staring at the collars and scenting anxious.

"Hey, you're okay, angel. C'mere." Tony murmured, pulling Bucky into his side. "Look at these ones."

Bucky looked at the collars that Tony directed him to, but he bit his lip nervously and felt overwhelmed by all of the choices. Steve tilted his head at the collars before pouting.

"I want a pink one, Alpha."

Tony chuckled and waved over the employee behind the counter.

"Do you have any ownership collars in pink?" Tony asked.

"Of course, sir." The man said, pulling out a tray from below the counter.

Steve's eyes lit up.

"Ooh, pretty!" He squealed, grabbing one with a rose gold heart shaped lock. "Look at this one, Alpha."

Both Tony and Bucky admired the collar and showed the appropriate amount of excitement over it in order to please their Omega, before he demanded it be put on. Bucky's hand twitched at his side, but he glanced over at Tony. Tony just smirked and leaned back against the counter.

Steve looked between them expectantly, pouting when neither of them made a move to put the collar on him. Bucky sighed and grabbed the collar out of his hand. Steve beamed up at him as Bucky slipped it around his neck. The man behind the counter handed over a key and Bucky bit his lip, glancing at Tony for permission before locking it and handing Tony the key.

Tony slipped it into his pocket, turning to the man behind the counter. 

"We're going to need a second key."

The man nodded and pulled out an identical key and Bucky's eyes widened when Tony handed it to him.

"Don't look so surprised, baby. He's your Omega, too."

Bucky smiled softly, touched by the gesture. It wasn't traditional in any way, but then again nothing about their relationship could be called traditional.

Tony just smirked, winking at him, before pulling Steve closer, slipping two fingers under the collar to inspect the fit and tugging him in for a kiss.

"You look beautiful, baby." Tony murmured.

Steve blushed and whimpered, the scent of slick hitting them.

Tony groaned, nipping at his shoulder.

"Why don't you go find yourself a leash, baby?" Tony said, smacking his ass and nudging him towards a whole bunch of leashes hung up on display.

Bucky was still looking at the collars uncertainly, holding Steve's key in his fist. Tony snaked his arms around his waist and pulled him snug against him, resting his chin on Bucky's shoulder.

Bucky bit his lip, glancing back at Tony.

"I want to wear it on a necklace." Bucky murmured, blushing and leaning back into Tony. "I wanna keep it close to my heart."

Tony growled in approval and nodded to the man behind the counter.

"Get my Omega a chain for his key."

The man nodded and grabbed a chain, setting it on the counter when Tony made no move to grab it.

"It's Steve's key."

"And Steve is your Omega. Anything that's his is yours." Tony murmured in his ear, pressing a kiss to his neck and nipping at his scent gland.

Bucky whimpered, his eyes fluttering shut.

"What are you thinking, Buckaroo?" Tony murmured in his ear.

"I feel like this is important." Bucky said, opening his eyes to look at the collars.

Tony hummed.

"I would say so."

Bucky chewed on his lip.

"I don't want to choose the wrong one." He admitted.

Tony kissed his neck again, giving his scent gland another nip.

"There is no right or wrong choice, baby. Choose whichever one you want."

Bucky fidgeted with the button on the cuff of Tony's sleeve for a moment before pointing to a black collar, simple with a gold padlock. He glanced up at Tony to judge his reaction and Tony smiled softly, kissing his cheek. He nodded at the man behind the counter and the man handed him the key. Tony pressed it into Bucky's palm.

"Hold this for me, baby." Tony murmured, pressing a kiss to his lips, before grabbing the collar and slipping it around his neck.

Bucky sucked in a breath, tensing when Tony held his hand out for the key. He exhaled and handed it to Tony, who pulled him in for another kiss before taking the key and locking his collar in place.

"There you go, baby. Now you'll never forget that you're mine." Tony told him softly, slipping a hand into his hair and pulling him in for a searing kiss.

Bucky moaned, melting into him, his head feeling light and floaty.

"Alpha." He whimpered when Tony pulled back.

"Shh, I'm right here, baby."

Tony grabbed the chain off the counter and Bucky held out the key in his palm with no hesitation. Tony smiled softly and took it, slipping it onto the chain.

"Hold your hair back, baby." Tony muttered, before slipping the necklace around his neck.

Bucky held the key in his hand for a moment after the necklace was hooked and just stared at it in awe. He hadn't dreamed that he'd ever get to collar Steve, but now he had and Tony was giving him this, giving them this. It was beautiful and heart wrenching, and Bucky thought he might cry if he thought too hard about it. 

He dropped the key, letting it fall to his chest, before tucking it into his shirt where it would be nice and safe.

"Let's go find you a leash, baby."

Bucky's brows furrowed in confusion.

"Why do I need a leash?"

"You don't, but I want you to have one." Tony told him, slipping his hand into Bucky's.

Steve ended up choosing a pink leash, and Bucky chose a simple black one. Tony wasn't surprised in the slightest. Bucky teased Steve about his love of pink and Steve got all flustered and then begged to be fucked in the dressing room. 

Tony just rolled his eyes.

"I'm shopping, but you can take Bucky with you."

Tony wanted to get this shopping trip done before noon, but he also wanted to be thorough. He also wanted to buy them things that they would probably never use, just in case they decided on a whim they wanted to use it. It's not like Tony was exactly hurting for money or storage space.

Steve pouted slightly, before batting his eyes at Bucky and smiling sweetly.

"Need you, Alpha."

Apparently, that was all it took for Bucky to damn near attack Steve right there and Tony snapped at them to take it into the dressing room, before they fucked right out there in the open. It wasn't exactly unusual for Omegas to be fucked in the open, though Omegas fucking each other... that was a different story. Not that they couldn't do it with their Alpha there, but Tony didn't like the idea of strangers watching them and getting all horny over his Omegas.

Tony couldn't blame Bucky for his lack of control though, because he had been close to ordering Steve to his knees when he had batted his eyes so pretty at Bucky. His blue eyed beauties were damn near irresistible. Tony needed to stay focused though. He was their Alpha, he couldn't afford any distractions. Not when he needed to get this done and get them back home and fed before their punishment began at two.



"I don't want ears." Steve said. "Or a tail."

His nose scrunched up in distaste.

Tony laughed and kissed his temple.

"No, you just want to be treated like a dog." Tony teased.

"As a punishment.  Besides, it wasn't my idea to be treated like a dog. You're the perv that's getting off on me on all fours." Steve teased, before adding thoughtfully, "I guess if it's part of my punishment then I could wear them."

Steve frowned when Bucky held up a bunny tail and tickled his cheek with it.

"I'm not going to make you dress up as a puppy, Steve, but let's be clear about one thing." Tony said firmly, gripping Steve's chin and making him look him in the eye. "We're using it in the context of punishment, because that's what we've decided together, but puppy play is not a punishment."

Steve gave him a look like he didn't believe him.

"Why would I want to pretend to be a dog?" Steve asked, clearly judging the idea.

"Oh, my naïve little one. You have so much to learn." Tony murmured, amused. "Good puppies get love and attention. They get pets and treats, and get to curl up in their owner's lap and sleep in their owner's bed. I have a feeling you would enjoy being a pampered puppy."

"I don't know, Alpha, I think Stevie would make a pretty cute bunny." Bucky said, holding up a pair of bunny ears that went with the tail. "What do you think, pretty Omega? You want to be a bunny rabbit?"

Steve glared at him and his Alphas laughed.

"I think maybe he'd rather be a spoiled little kitten." Tony teased.

Steve rolled his eyes, but blushed crimson red. 

Bucky hummed consideringly.

"We'll get both the kitten ears and bunny ears then." Bucky decided, before glancing at the round fluff ball of a tail. "And this tail, too."

Bucky grabbed the plug and glanced over at Tony for permission before bringing the items up to the counter where the store clerk was holding things for them. Steve grumbled unhappily about it, but glared at Tony when he held up a rubber mask made to look like a puppy.

"I will kill you if you get that." Steve growled.

Tony raised a brow at him in amusement. He knew Steve was serious about not wanting it though, especially since he had never heard Steve growl before. Tony didn't buy the mask and he didn't get any paws either, but he did tease Steve about it just to hear him growl again.

Tony did want to get him a harness though. He didn't want to be putting too much strain on Steve's neck, not that Tony had any plans of keeping Steve on a leash all eight hours. Still, he kinda liked the idea of Steve in a harness.

Steve tilted his head curiously at the harness in Tony's hand.

"Alpha?" Steve asked hesitantly, not sure why Tony was looking at it.

Tony hummed absently, examining the material and checking the size.

"I think this will fit you. Go try it on." Tony told him, handing him the harness and nodding towards the dressing room.

Steve's eyes widened and his cheeks turned red.

"What?" He squeaked.

"If you need help just call out and I'll come help you." Tony said.

Steve swallowed and took the harness in his hand.

"But Alpha, why do I need a harness?" Steve said, pouting. "I already have a collar."

Tony followed Steve's eyes over to the play collar being held for them at the counter. Tony just chuckled and cupped his cheek, kissing him softly.

"You don't need it, but I think it'd be cute. I think it'd be cute if you had ears and a tail, too, but I know you said you don't want that. Maybe you'll like this and if you don't then we won't use it." Tony told him, shrugging easily.

Steve frowned.

"But you're still going to get it?"

"Yes, because I want you to have one."

"Even if I don't want one?"

"Hey, shh, I'm not going to make you use it if you really don't want to, but there might come a time where you do want it and I'd like to have it on hand in case you do. I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared."

Steve thought about that for a moment then nodded. His Alpha was getting it, because he wanted it for his Omega, even if Steve didn't want it. That made Steve feel all fluttery inside, cared for, spoiled even. His Alpha wanted to buy it for him, so who was Steve to deny him that, and if his Alpha wanted him to wear it, then Steve would wear it for him.

"Okay, Alpha. Um, do you think you could make me use it, even if I say I don't want to?"

Tony chuckled and kissed his nose.

"If you want me to, then, of course, I will."

"I just want what you want, Alpha."

Tony smirked.

"Then go be a good boy and put your harness on. Maybe take Bucky with you to help, so I can keep shopping."

Steve nodded and bounced away to find Bucky.

Tony ended up buying them all sorts of things, many that he wasn't even sure they'd ever need. Basically anything that caught his eye he purchased. They needed all new things, since Tony had cleared out the playroom. He wanted new toys, ones that he'd bought just for his Omegas. Ones that he hadn't used on anyone else. 

He bought everything from plugs and vibrators, to silk ties and rope, to less common things to satisfy Tony's own personal kinks. He even got them a new bench and fucking machine, because that was definitely something they would use. Tony was pretty sure he'd bought almost one of everything the store had to offer. Most things he'd bought two of, so his Omegas wouldn't have to take turns, and he'd placed a couple of special orders for things to be custom made for them. 

Some people say quality over quantity, but why not have both? 

Tony had no financial limits, so he could have as much of the best as he wanted, and he certainly wasn't going to deny his Omegas any luxury that he could easily provide them.



By the time they were done shopping it was after noon and they'd spent hours in that store, Steve and Bucky cringing at half of Tony's purchases and oohing and aahing at the other half.

Bucky groaned and fell onto the couch.

"Thank God we're done. If I had to try on one more thing I was gonna lose it. Why do we even need latex shorts?"

"'Cause they make your ass look great." Tony said, directing Happy to take the bags and boxes into the playroom.

"Mmhm, they sure do." Steve purred, settling into Bucky's lap and bumping their noses together.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Oh, yeah, totally. The only thing I want more than to watch you walk around in them is to watch Tony rip them off of you. Want him to fuck you real good, Alpha. Make you his bitch."

Bucky snorted in amusement.

"Listen to that filthy mouth on you. You're just begging to be punished."

Steve shrugged.

"Well, I'm already being punished, so what's the harm?"

"With an attitude like that you're gonna end up making things much worse for yourself, little boy."

"Yeah?" Steve whispered in his ear. "You gonna hurt me, Alpha?"

Bucky growled and gripped Steve's hair, slamming their lips together.

Tony raised a brow at them when he walked in and they pulled apart, Steve making grabby hands at him. Tony scooped him up off of Bucky's lap, pressing a kiss to his nose, before sitting down and settling him in his own lap. Tony pulled Bucky closer, his hand gripping his hair, and his teeth nipping at his lip. His tongue darted out to soothe the sting, before diving into his mouth, Bucky moaning and opening up, eager to taste his Alpha.

"You know what this means now?" Tony asked when he pulled away, brushing his fingers over Bucky's collar.

"That we're yours?" Steve asked.

Tony chuckled.

"You were already mine." Tony murmured. "No, this means that I'm not going to be as lenient with you. If you talk back or you're rude, if you say no when I'm telling you yes or walk away from me when I tell you to stay, then I'm going to deal with you however I see fit. That might mean punishing you by gagging that pretty little mouth of yours so it doesn't run wild."

Tony ran his thumb over Steve's lips, nipping at them, and Steve giggled.

Tony chuckled, smiling softly at him.

"It might mean settling you with kisses and cuddles, or bending you over my knee to sort you out and spanking your ass until it's red and you're crying so pretty for me."

Steve shivered and pressed closer, scenting his Alpha, and Tony glanced over at Bucky.

"It won't mean that for you, angel. I'm not gonna spank you." He promised Bucky. "But that doesn't mean you won't be sorted out."

Bucky bit his lip.

"It won't mean that, because I'm not a good enough Omega to take it you mean." Bucky grumbled, pouting.

Tony growled softly, tugging Bucky closer by his collar and making him gasp in surprise, his eyes wide.

"It will mean whatever I tell you it means, because you're mine and I get to decide how and when you're punished. I get to decide if you just need to be settled or sorted out and how it will happen, because I'm your Alpha and you're mine, pretty Omega."

Bucky whimpered, melting into his Alpha and curling into his side.

"Yes, Alpha."



Tony made sure they all ate well, knowing they'd need the energy, and while he fed his Omegas JARVIS offered assistance to Happy, who was setting up the playroom. Tony trusted that JARVIS knew exactly what he wanted, because Tony had given him very detailed instructions, adding to the plan he'd made when he decided to have the room remodeled.

"Come look at the playroom. I want you to see how it's set up before we start your punishments." Tony said, pulling Steve into the playroom, Bucky cuddled up in his arms.

"Is this where you're gonna punish us then?" Steve asked, glancing around the space curiously.

"We might use it, or some of the toys, but we won't be confined to this space." Tony told him.

It was a large room, plenty of space, but there was also a lot of storage in the two large closets that held a lot of things that weren't on display. Things that Tony didn't think they'd use often enough to want easy access to them, but also things that Tony wasn't sure he wanted his Omegas to see yet. He had a few kinks that he was hoping they'd indulge, but he didn't want to scare them away by showing them too much too quickly. It would be better to ease them into it slowly. 

He had decided to have a cage set up at the end of the bed and a pillow placed in the corner for timeouts. He figured, since Bucky had already mentioned timeouts, it was probably a safe thing to start them out with. They would be exploring puppy play today, so a dog crate probably wasn't too out there, at least he hoped it wasn't. He wasn't going to use it today, not unless Steve showed an interest in it. He definitely wouldn't lock it today, but he kind of liked the idea of locking Steve up for the night.

Tony released Steve's hand knowing he wanted to explore the space and all the new things in it, his fingers brushing over different sized paddles and flogs, before running over the new bench and purring when he noticed just how soft the padding was.

"It's tempurpedic, so it will mold to your shape and keep you from getting sore for longer periods of time. I figured if we're gonna be strapping you to it for the night, then you'll need the extra support." Tony told him with a smirk.

Tony wasn't going to strap him into it all night tonight, because his punishment would end at ten. They had resorted to that during Steve's last heat though and both of his Omegas were due to go into heat very soon.

Steve blushed, biting his lip.

"It's so soft. Is it velvet?"

"It is."

Tony had had this one custom made, but he'd called it in when he initially had the room cleared out, so it was ready when they came in this morning and he was able to bring it back with them. He was glad, because he could see it being something he might like to use during their punishment. With their heats coming up Tony had considered buying two benches, but he figured that might be a bit of an overkill and he didn't really want to take up that much space just for benches.

Steve walked over to the cage next and dropped down next to it, his fingers running over the metal and stopping on a padlock. It was made for a large dog so his Omegas wouldn't be cramped in it, but it wasn't large enough to stand in, though they could probably sit up just fine. The bottom of the cage was solid plastic, no padding, but it wouldn't dig into their knees. 

He frowned.

"Is this for me?" Steve asked, sounding unhappy.

Tony laughed lightly, but he bit his lip. He really wanted Steve to like it.

"Are you planning on being a bad dog, baby?" Tony teased.

Steve shook his head, looking horrified by the mere thought of wanting to be bad.

"No, Alpha. 'Course not."

"Then I don't see why I'd put you in a cage, little one. Good dogs get nice beds."

This wasn't entirely true. Good dogs could like cages, too, but Tony didn't want to say that yet. He needed to ease his puppy into the idea.

"And bad dogs get locked in a cage?" Steve asked, pouting.

"Sometimes they do, but don't worry, I'm not going to put you in a cage unless you want me to, baby."

Steve looked relieved and got up to walk away from it, pressing up close to Tony.

"I don't like it." He murmured into his shoulder.

"Shh, that's okay. Maybe we can try it some other time and if you really don't like it then we'll get rid of it."

Tony didn't want to admit how much he was into this idea of Steve as a dog. Steve was so eager to please and so needy that Tony just knew he'd make a great puppy. He may have gone a little overboard by buying a cage before even knowing if Steve liked puppy play, but he wasn't lying about getting rid of it. 

He probably wouldn't really give it away, but he'd store it in the back of the closet if Steve really didn't like it, keep it out of sight so it didn't bother his little Omega. He had a feeling that someday he would come around and want to use it.

"What do you think of the bed?" Tony asked.

Steve shrugged, pressing even closer, still pouting over the cage. Tony just chuckled and pressed a kiss to his cheek, because he sure was cute when he was all pouty like this.

"What do you think, Buckaroo? You want to look around at all?"

Bucky lifted his head off of Tony's shoulder, glared at the flogs and paddles, made a face at the cage, eyed the bench and bed with interest, before his eyes finally landed on the pillow in the corner. 

He tilted his head adorably at it.

"Is that for timeouts?"

Tony nodded.

"It is, baby. How do you feel about that?"

Bucky shrugged.

"Don't know." Bucky said, before adding, "Can I go look at it?"

"Yeah, of course, baby. Everything in here is for you and Steve, and unless I tell you otherwise you're always welcome to play with anything in here. This is your space, anytime you want to use it."

"Unless you tell us we can't?" Bucky asked.

Tony smiled softly at him, setting him down so he could go explore.

"I might tell you you can't play with the toys if you're being punished, but you can always come in here. I won't ever ban you from the playroom, little one."

Bucky didn't respond to that, not sure what to think of it. Instead he bent down to run his fingers over the velvet covered pillow, before dropping down, almost cautiously, like he might be yelled at for doing so, and kneeled on it. He looked at the plastic stars stuck to the wall and bit his lip.

"Why are there stars?"

"Because only little boys get timeouts." Tony told him, wondering if Bucky would object to being called a little boy, but happily surprised when he didn't.

Bucky hummed, considering that for a moment.

"And bad little boys get to look at stars?" He asked skeptically.

"Timeout isn't a punishment, angel. It's about space and reflection. That doesn't mean it can't be used as part of a punishment or as a way to sort you out, but this is a safe place for you to go if you ever just need space. If you ever just want somewhere quiet to sit and think then you can come here and have that. It's not a bad space, it's just your space."

Bucky seemed to consider this for a moment, shifting on the pillow.

"The pillow's comfortable. I could kneel here for a while before getting too sore." Bucky said, his fingers reaching out to trace one of the plastic stars. "The stars are... nice."

"Yeah? I'm glad you feel that way, little one." Tony said softly, walking closer to run his fingers through Bucky's hair. "They glow in the dark."

Bucky just hummed, pressing back into Tony's touch. As much as Tony didn't want to rush them, he knew it was getting close to two, so he needed to get them ready soon.

"I'm gonna start preparing Steve for his punishment first, so you can stay here for a while longer if you want." Tony told Bucky.

Bucky shook his head though. 

"No, it's okay, but Alpha? If my punishment is ever too much and I need a break... Can I come here?" Bucky asked hesitantly.

Tony smiled softly, leaning down to press a kiss to his head.

"Of course you can, baby. This is your space, you can come here whenever you want to."

Bucky smiled in relief, but then his brows furrowed.

"What about Steve?"

Steve giggled and dropped down behind Bucky, scooting close and nuzzling against his neck.

"It's okay, Buck. I want you to have a space that's just yours."

Bucky bit his lip, glancing over his shoulder at his nestmate.

"You could use it, too, if you ever wanna, Stevie."

"Thanks, Alpha." Steve purred. "But this one's yours."

"You're mine. So anything that's mine is yours." Bucky told him softly.

Chapter Text

It was only a few minutes before two. Tony wasn't concerned about it though. Their punishment could start while he got them ready, that was fine with him. As far as he was concerned the scene had already started anyway. Tony had stepped into his role as their punisher. He was Steve's owner and Steve was his pet and that's the way it would be for the next eight hours, unless there was some reason for him to step out of that role.

"You ready, little one?" Tony asked, giving him the opportunity to back out if he needed to.

This was all new to Steve. Tony had played like this before. He'd never been a puppy, but he'd been an owner. Steve wasn't used to any of this and if he was having second thoughts about it Tony definitely wasn't going to force him into it. Eight hours was a long time to be stuck doing something you've never even tried before. So if Steve wanted to choose a different punishment or if at any point it needed to be shortened or altered, Tony was more than willing to do that for his Omega.

Steve wasn't having second thoughts. He was nervous, but he was also eager to prove himself to his Alpha. He wanted to be good and he wanted to be forgiven, so even if he didn't want to be a dog, he would do it for his Alpha.

Steve nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

"Do you remember your safewords?"

"Yes, Alpha."

Tony nodded approvingly.

"Good. Make sure you use them if you need to." Tony told him. "Do you know why you're being punished?"

Steve bit his lip, whimpering.

"Answer me, baby."

"Yes, Alpha," Steve mumbled, looking down in shame.

Tony lifted his chin with two fingers until Steve's eyes met his again.

"Tell me."

"Because I was bad, sir," Steve said, pouting.

Tony raised a brow at him. He really would rather his Omegas not call him sir.

"Call me Alpha."

"Yes, Alpha." Steve corrected.

"You were a bad boy. You were mean, you said rude things and you made Bucky feel ashamed of himself. It's not your place to shame Bucky. He's your Alpha, you don't get to punish him. If I feel he needs to be shamed, then I will do so, but that's not your place."

"I'm sorry, Alpha." Steve whimpered, tears pricking his eyes, dampening his scent.

"Where is your place, Omega?"

"On my knees," Steve said immediately. "My place is beneath you, Alpha."

Tony tsked, gripping Steve's hair and tugging him closer, his lips brushing his ear.

"No, baby, your place is wherever I tell you it is. If I say it's on your knees, then it's on your knees. If I say it's on my knot, then it's on my knot. And if I say it's by my side, then it's by my side." Tony hissed. "Got it?"

Steve nodded, devastated that he had already messed up, already done something wrong.

"Good, let's try that again," Tony said, pulling back. "Where is your place, Omega?"

"Wherever you say it is, Alpha," Steve said, his voice shaking.

Tony rumbled approvingly.

"Good boy. You're so good, baby."

Steve sucked in a shaky breath at the praise, gasping in surprise when Tony claimed his lips in a reassuring kiss.

"Such a good boy." Tony praised again when he pulled back, gripping the bottom of Steve's shirt. "Arms up."

Steve did as he was told, lifting his arms above his head, so Tony could pull his shirt off. Tony tossed the shirt aside, prying Steve's jaw open, his thumb running over his bottom row of teeth before slipping over his tongue. It was almost like Tony was inspecting him and the thought made Steve's scent turn nervous.

Tony just hummed, noting the shift in his scent and ignoring it for the moment. Humiliation, disappointment, nervousness. These were just part of being punished and Tony wasn't going to save Steve from that. He wasn't going to let him drown in it, but a little wallowing wouldn't hurt the pretty little thing. Steve was precious, but he wasn't weak. He could take it and if he couldn't then Tony would reassess, but they weren't at that point yet.

"I'm thinking of gagging you. If you're going to say mean things, then maybe you shouldn't be allowed the privilege of saying anything at all." Tony said, pulling his thumb out of his mouth and slipping his hand into his pocket to retrieve the key to Steve's collar. 

It was hanging off of a key ring along with the key to Bucky's collar. Bucky's was gold and Steve's was rose gold, both keys matching their locks. Tony slipped the key into the heart-shaped lock hanging off of Steve's collar, turning it, a soft click being heard as it unlocked. Tony pulled the lock out of the two loops that held the collar closed, slipping it into his pocket, along with the keys.

Steve bit his lip as his collar was removed, pouting because he'd only just gotten it and he didn't want to see it go yet. It felt wrong to have it off, but it's what his Alpha wanted so Steve wasn't going to complain. It was replaced by a different collar, and Steve released a breath of relief when he felt it on his neck.

It was silly, since he hadn't even been collared for more than a couple of hours, but he felt secure having one on. He felt owned and for Steve that was a very good thing. Tony could smell the relief in his scent and smiled softly, nuzzling against his Omega and rumbling in approval. Tony was just as eager to have his Omega collared as Steve was to be collared and really that was the way it was supposed to be.

"What a pretty puppy you are?" Tony said, smirking when Steve blushed. "I think I might make a habit of it. I kind of like the idea of showing you off, keeping you on a short leash so you don't wander, and putting you in a crate when you're a bad dog."

Steve's eyes widened and his heart raced in his chest, but Tony just chuckled softly. He really had no intention of doing that this time. He wouldn't mind making Steve spend the night in a cage as punishment, as long as Steve didn't have any objections to it, but he'd already told him they wouldn't do that this time and Tony wouldn't go back on that. He did enjoy the way Steve blushed and squirmed, whimpering at the thought of being locked up like that for being bad.

Tony pushed the thought away for the moment, undoing Steve's jeans and tugging them down over his plump ass and down his thighs until they pooled at his feet. Tony almost didn't want to remove his panties. Steve was irresistible in panties, especially the lacy little things he was currently wearing. They did nothing to hide him from prying eyes and very little to offer any kind of coverage or support, but Steve's cocklet was so tiny that it sat perfectly in them, just the slightest of a bulge to suggest that he wasn't, in fact, a very flat-chested girl.

Tony chuckled at the thought and the blush on Steve's cheeks spread down his neck, over his shoulders, and reddened his chest. He wasn't sure exactly what Tony was laughing about, but he had a feeling that his Alpha was laughing at him, at his body, at the way his cocklet looked in his panties. The thought made Steve squirm and he could feel himself starting to get wet.

It was a shame to remove them, but Tony wanted his Omegas naked, fully exposed, and on display. He did take a moment to fondle Steve through his panties and enjoyed the way he whined and squirmed as he did so. When Tony did slide them down, he did so slowly, walking around Steve to crouch down and ogle his little Omega as he pulled them down over the curve of his ass, nipping at an asscheek as it was exposed.

Steve whined, shifting on his feet, his body burning from embarrassment and his ass wet from slick. Tony could see it glistening at his entrance and there was already some pooling in his panties. He growled as the pungent scent of slick hit him, so close he could practically taste it on his tongue. It was that thought that had his tongue swiping between Steve's cheeks to get a taste.

Steve shrieked in surprise at the unexpected sensation, before moaning when Tony's tongue pushed inside of him, seeking out more of his Omega's slick. Tony growled, the sound reverberating through Steve like a vibrator, sending sparks of arousal shooting up his spine. Steve knew he wasn't supposed to be wanton, wasn't supposed to be focused on his own pleasure, but he still whined in protest when Tony's tongue disappeared.

Tony just laughed, commenting on how desperate he was and slapping his ass just to watch it jiggle.

"Step out, baby," Tony told him.

Steve did as he was told, lifting his feet one at a time so Tony could slip his panties off of them. Steve shrieked again when he found himself swept off of his feet and all but thrown down on the couch. He bounced as he landed, his knees bending to give Bucky space. 

Bucky jumped, startled by the sudden movement. Tony just laughed, his scent warm and comforting around them. His fingers ran through Bucky's hair, slipping down to grip the back of his neck.

"Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to startle you." Tony murmured, smirking, and pulling Bucky in for a kiss.

"S'okay." Bucky breathed out when he pulled back.

Tony just rumbled happily and bumped their noses together, before letting Bucky go and settling in between Steve's legs.

"Fuck, you're gorgeous, baby. Prettiest puppy I've ever seen." Tony murmured, running his hands down Steve's sides, one settling on his hip and the other gripping at his thigh, encouraging Steve to hook his leg around his waist.

Tony rutted up against him, the fabric of his jeans rough against Steve's sensitive skin making him whine in protest. That didn't keep Tony from doing it again though. He did it again and again, grinding down and mock fucking his Omega. It was so good and nowhere near enough. Nothing more than a tease of the real thing, but Tony couldn't bring himself to stop.

His hair was sticking to his forehead when he let it fall to Steve's shoulder, his breaths coming in pants as he rutted up against his Omega, and his grip bruising on his creamy skin. Tony snarled, his teeth sinking into Steve's shoulder hard enough to make him cry out in pain, his body trembling through an orgasm under his Alpha.

Tony thrusted his hips against him a few more times, before grunting and spilling over into his jeans. He groaned, his hands fumbling with his buckle, desperately trying to release his knot from the too-tight confines of his pants. Tony sighed in relief when he pulled his dick free, a hand wrapping around his knot as it throbbed, his cum hitting Steve. Tony cursed, reaching his hand down to stop it as the cum pooling on Steve's lower stomach tried to trail down further.

He didn't want it getting anywhere near Steve's cunt. Even out of heat, submissives were way too fertile for Tony to take any risks. He smeared his hand through his own seed, rubbing it into Steve's skin like he was marking him up, and watching it run down Steve's sides and onto the cushions.

Tony growled, directing his flow upwards until he was cumming all over Steve's chest, some of it splashing up to hit his face. Steve licked his lips, moaning at the taste of his Alpha. It took a good twenty minutes before his knot deflated fully, his dick giving one valiant last twitch and spurting out another glob of cum onto Steve before it finally stopped.

Tony chuckled, wiping his hair off of his forehead with the back of his hand, the cleaner of the two. 

"I'll admit I wasn't planning to take it that far. I really just wanted to feel you up a bit, but I can't say I regret it. I love the way you look covered in my cum."

Steve blushed under him, biting his lip and squirming. Tony just patted his thigh and climbed off the couch. Steve was still wet, desperate for more and nowhere near sated, but he was trying very hard not to beg for more. This wasn't about him. It might be his punishment, but it was about pleasing his Alpha, being good, and earning his forgiveness.

Bucky was also squirming and desperate, all hot and bothered and feeling rejected, because he hadn't really been touched yet. He was still waiting his turn until Tony tied him up, but it was really hard to wait patiently when Steve was getting all of Tony's attention. 

Bucky bit his lip, but he couldn't stop the whimper that escaped. Tony glanced over at him, winking. He could see the bulge in Bucky's pants, but he wasn't going to do anything about it yet. A little denial would only do the boy good, make him desperate to give his Alpha whatever he wanted. It would make things more fun later.

Tony sighed, his eyes drifting back to Steve who was a mess, covered in cum and in desperate need of a shower before Tony could put a harness on him. His mind flickered to thoughts of hosing Steve down and watching him whine and shiver from the cold water, but he shook the thought away. His good boy deserves a nice warm bath.

"Come on, pup. We need to get you washed up."

Steve whined in distress, his body demanding a knot, his hole clenching around nothing and feeling terribly empty. Still, he pushed himself up, freezing when Tony frowned at him.

"Down," Tony ordered.

Steve dropped to his knees without question, staring up at Tony, waiting for further instructions. Tony reached down to pet his head.

"Good boy." Tony praised and Steve's chest swelled, his cheeks heating up at the praise. "Dogs don't walk, do they, baby?"

Steve's eyes darted away from Tony for a moment, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip before he met his eyes again, shaking his head slightly.

"No, Alpha."

"That's right, pup. They don't. They crawl."

Steve swallowed but nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

"Good boy, now get your pretty little ass into the bathroom so I can wash you off," Tony said, smirking as his eyes trailed down Steve's chest, looking at the mess he made of his Omega and thoroughly enjoying the sight. "You're a mess."

Steve whined in embarrassment but started to crawl when Tony nudged his ass with his foot.

"Um, Alpha?" Bucky spoke up hesitantly.

Tony raised a brow at him, waiting for him to continue.

"Can, um, can I come, too?" Bucky asked hopefully, already feeling rejected enough from being ignored.

He really didn't want to be left alone, too. Tony smiled softly and walked closer, leaning down to kiss him softly.

"'Course you can, angel." Tony rumbled, scooping Bucky up into his arms.

Tony passed Steve on the way to the bathroom and Steve huffed in annoyance because he didn't want to have to crawl while Bucky got to be carried. Steve knew that his knees were gonna be sore by the end of this and he regretted refusing knee pads. He could probably still change his mind if he wanted to, but he knew that he could take it. He liked pain, so he could deal with sore knees, even be proud of them in the morning, proud of himself for taking it and not complaining.

Steve kneeled when he got to the bathroom, the bath already running and Bucky sitting up on the counter where Tony had set him down, telling him to be a good boy and stay. Tony waited until the tub was full before scooping Steve up and setting him down in the water, slipping off his collar and setting it aside. Steve was sad to see it go.

"Come on, pup, let's get you all cleaned up." Tony cooed at him, the way pet owners often coo at their dogs.

Steve whined at him, blushing.

"On your knees, pup."

Steve shifted to his knees obediently.

"We've gotta get you all scrubbed down, so you don't smell like a stinky dog," Tony said as though Steve smelled.

Steve did not stink. In fact, the little Omega smelled heavenly, but Steve's blush deepened at his words and he squirmed when Bucky snickered. Tony looked over at Bucky and winked. Steve whined and Tony ran his fingers soothingly through his hair.

"You're such a good boy, pup. Such a pretty puppy." Tony cooed at him.

He turned to Bucky.

"Can you hand me that comb, baby?"

Bucky nodded, grabbing the comb, but tilted his head in confusion.

"Why?" He asked, even as he handed it to Tony.

"It's important to always brush the doggy before you bathe him. So he doesn't have any tangles." Tony told him, like a parent explaining something to a small child.

Bucky huffed but blushed when Tony's fingers lingered on his as he grabbed the comb.

"You're doing so good, Buckaroo. Waiting so nicely, baby." Tony said. "I'll get to you as soon as I finish up with Steve."

"Okay, Daddy," Bucky mumbled, squirming, and peering at Tony through his lashes.

Tony's breath caught in his chest and his dick twitched in his pants. He swallowed hard and ripped his gaze away from Bucky, pulling his hand away so he didn't take Bucky on the counter. He turned his attention back to Steve, cooing at him as he combed his hair.

Steve's hair was so short that it really only took a moment and his hair definitely wasn't tangled, but Tony kept at it for a moment longer than necessary, just because. This was part of their play, their scene. Steve was a dog and he needed to be groomed and bathed, just like all dogs do when they get dirty.

Tony set aside the comb, pouring body wash on his hands and scrubbing Steve's chest with his hands. He didn't scrub all of him, it wasn't like the Omega really needed a bath. Tony just as easily could have wiped him down with a washcloth, but that's not how dogs were cleaned. This was better, it fit the scene and Tony liked that.

Even though Bucky hadn't been tied up or blindfolded yet and Steve wasn't wearing his harness or his collar, they had already begun. Their punishment started the moment the clock read two o'clock, the agreed-upon time, and the scene had started the moment Tony stepped into the role of an owner, slipped into the right headspace to take care of his puppy. Unless they safeword out of it, or Tony feels there's some reason to stop the play, then the scene wouldn't end until eight.

Steve squirmed and whined as Tony spoke comfortingly to him, like an owner trying to calm a dog that doesn't like to be bathed. Steve's hips jerked up when Tony washed his cocklet, lingering longer than strictly necessary, and he grinded against Tony's fingers while he washed his cunt, slipping soapy fingers inside.

"We've gotta be thorough, pup. Can't have you dirty, now can we?" Tony teased as he fingered Steve.

Steve was on his hands and knees now, giving Tony better access to play with him, and he rolled his hips, pushing back against Tony's fingers.

"Alpha, " Steve whined.

Tony was about to reprimand him for whining when Bucky spoke up.

"That's a neat trick," Bucky said, smirking. "When'd you teach the doggy to talk, Daddy?"

Apparently, that was what they were doing now, maybe Tony had started it by talking to Bucky like a child, or maybe it was calling him a little boy earlier that had planted the seed in his head, but Tony hadn't expected him to start calling him Daddy. Tony definitely didn't hate it though. 

He decided to just roll with it, they were roleplaying after all, and it worked best when everyone just went along with what happened.

"I didn't," Tony said, sending Steve a stern look that made him whine. "Sometimes doggies are just bad though."

Bucky hummed and Steve looked thoroughly shamed, his eyes filling with tears and his lip trembling. He just wanted to be good, but he kept messing everything up.

"Should we punish him then, Daddy? Bad doggies should be punished, right?" Bucky asked, sounding innocent enough, but he grinned wickedly at Steve.

"I think you're right, baby, but first we need to get him washed up and put his harness on him. Then we can keep him on a short leash until he's being better behaved."

Bucky looked awfully smug about this and Steve glared at him through the tears in his eyes. Tony just curled his fingers to hit Steve's prostate making him yelp in surprise, the sound turning into a moan when Tony did it again. Tony kept playing with his ass until he was gushing slick and his limbs were trembling with the effort of holding himself up, then Tony pulled his fingers out, pushing Steve's ass down.

"Sit," Tony ordered, scrubbing his hands in the water to remove the slick coating his fingers before grabbing the shampoo.

He lathered up Steve's hair well, cooing at him as he scrubbed his hair.

"Head back," Tony told him, filling up the cup on the side of the tub with water.

Steve shut his eyes tight, but Tony put a hand up to block his eyes and keep the water from running into them as he rinsed his hair, making sure to get all of the suds out. He repeated a similar process with the conditioner, then pulled Steve out of the tub.

Steve shivered when he was set down, Tony placing him on his feet so he could dry his body off properly with a towel. 

"C'mere, doggy," Bucky said, pulling Steve closer when Tony finished toweling him off to sniff at his wet hair, before wrinkling his nose up like he smelled bad. "Ew, you smell like a wet dog."

Bucky pushed Steve away and Steve looked both hurt and horrified. Tony just laughed and pulled him over to the mat, pushing him down to his knees.

"Come on, let's get your hair dried. You'll smell better when you're dry." Tony said, plugging in the blow dryer.

Steve whined when the hot air hit him and squirmed.

"Hold still," Tony told him sternly, before cooing at him. "You're such a good boy. Look at how pretty you are now that you're nice and clean. Such a pretty puppy."

Steve blushed at the compliment, not sure how he was supposed to feel about being treated like a dog. He didn't hate it, but it was weird. He wasn't used to it, that's for sure. He liked the praise, but being shamed like a dog wasn't exactly the kind of shaming that Steve got off on. There was something different about it that Steve couldn't quite place.

Tony slipped the collar back on him when his hair was dry, ran the comb through his hair again, then scooped Bucky back up.

"Come on, pup," Tony called to Steve as he walked out of the bathroom.

Steve pouted but crawled after him.



Tony was holding the harness in his hand when Steve caught up to them and the cum on the couch had been wiped off the leather surface with a wet washcloth. Steve kneeled on the ground in front of his Alpha. He wanted to say that his knees were sore. He wanted to ask for a kiss because he was feeling very uncertain about this whole thing. He wanted to, but he wasn't supposed to talk. Good dogs don't talk and he wants to be a good dog. 

Well, in all honesty, Steve didn't really care about being a dog, but he did care about being good. Right now, being good means being a good dog. That's what his Alpha wants, but Steve didn't realize that meant he couldn't talk, maybe he should have but he didn't. He didn't realize that it meant he would crawl while Bucky got carried around. He didn't realize that he would feel so rejected when Tony walked off and left Steve to crawl after him or when Bucky pushed him away, because he was a wet dog.

Steve didn't realize it would be like this and he was scared.

"Alpha?" Steve asked uncertainly.

Tony glanced down at him.

"Dogs don't talk, Stevie." Bucky taunted.

"That's enough." Tony snapped at him, sending him a firm look.

Bucky's eyes widened and he flinched away, whimpering. Tony ignored him, crouching down to Steve's level.

"Speak, baby. Tell me what's wrong."

"I, um, yellow, Alpha," Steve mumbled, feeling ashamed for having to say it.

Tony's eyes softened and he smiled, cupping his cheek.

"You're such a good boy, Steve. My beautiful little Omega." Tony murmured, his thumb brushing over Steve's cheek. "Tell me what's wrong."

Steve's bottom lip trembled.

"It's a lot, Alpha."

"Oh, baby, I know it is. I think you can do it, but if you need to stop we can stop. We can delay it or change it to something else if that's what you need, little one." Tony promised.

Steve shook his head.

"No, I can do it, " Steve insisted. "I just-"

Steve cut off, biting his lip and scenting anxious.

"You just what, baby? Tell me what you need and I'll give it to you."

"You promise?"

Tony nodded firmly.

"Anything, baby. Whatever you need, it's yours."

Steve chewed on his lip, searching his Alpha's eyes to try and figure out if he really meant that.

"Kiss me." Steve breathed out, the demand sounding more like a request, but it was a demand.

Tony's eyes widened in surprise briefly, before his lips twitched in amusement.

"My pleasure, little one." Tony rumbled, pulling Steve in for a kiss that was soft and sweet and Steve melted into it with a moan.

"If you ever need a kiss, you just ask, angel. You can always have a kiss." Tony promised.

Steve pouted at him.

"Dogs don't talk."

Tony chuckled, pressing their foreheads together.

"Oh, baby, you're so cute." Tony cooed at him, nuzzling against his cheek. "If everything's fine then I want you to stay in character, to stick to your role, but when you're anxious, when you need reassurance or to stop, then you feel free to speak up and we can talk. You're always allowed to speak up when you need to, Steve."


"Of course, baby. I'm so proud of you for telling me what you needed and I'm so proud of you for using your safeword. You're such a good boy, my pretty little Omega."

Tony kissed him one more time, groaning when Steve pressed closer, trying to deepen the kiss. 

"How about this, baby? If I tell you to speak, then you can speak, and when I tell you to be quiet, then you'll know that I don't want you to talk unless you need to use your safeword."

Steve nodded because that seemed reasonable.

Tony smirked, his fingers slipping under Steve's collar and tugging him up to his feet.

"Up," Tony growled, slamming their lips back together, slotting Steve up against him so he could feel just how hard his Alpha was, just how much he was wanted.

Steve squirmed anxiously when Tony pulled away, he knew he deserved a punishment and he knew he wouldn't be able to let it go until he felt like he'd paid his dues, but that didn't make it easy. He had never done anything quite like this before and he wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. He knew that he could safeword out of it if it was ever too much and he was relieved that Tony had checked in with him when he used his safeword, but he was determined to make it through the rest of his punishment without any complaints.

How hard could it be to be a dog anyway?

Steve knew it was more the uncertainty than anything else that was making him so anxious at the moment. He glanced over at Bucky who was fidgeting nervously on the couch, waiting his turn and pouting because Tony had snapped at him. Tony helped Steve into his harness, checking the fit of it and brushing his fingers over Steve's exposed nipples, making him whimper and squirm. 

Steve bit his lip as Tony admired the way he looked in his harness. It was the only thing, other than the collar around his neck, that covered his body and it really didn't cover anything. Tony licked his lips at the sight, thoroughly enjoying the scent of embarrassment wafting off of Steve. He could tell his Omega was anxious, but he wasn't in any rush to soothe him. Tony felt confident that if Steve needed reassurance again that he would ask for it.

Instead, he ran his hands down his side, slipping them lower to feel the curve of his ass, before drifting even lower to grip at his thighs. His teeth nipped at Steve's neck above the skinny collar, nuzzling his soft skin, and groaning in his ear when Steve whimpered and clutched at his biceps, his scent shifting to aroused and slick slipping out of him.

"So beautiful," Tony murmured, his fingers swiping through the slick dripping down his thigh, before bringing them up to Steve's lips. "Suck, baby, I want you to taste how sweet you are."

Steve whined, parting his lips obediently and sucking his Alpha's fingers inside. His tongue swirling around them and his eyes fluttering shut. Tony was looking at him like he wanted to eat him up and Steve could barely stand it. He wanted to beg his Alpha to take him, but he couldn't. This was a punishment and he was here to please his Alpha, not to be a wanton whore begging for things he didn't deserve.

Tony groaned again, his dick throbbing in his jeans, still sticky from drying cum, as he watched Steve's cheeks hollow. His fingers made a delicious popping sound when he pulled them out of Steve's mouth and Tony grabbed the loop in the center of Steve's harness, tugging him closer to slip his tongue into his mouth instead, chasing the taste of slick.

Bucky was hard as he watched them and desperate to be touched, but he didn't dare touch himself. He did trap his hands under his thighs, practically sitting on them in the effort to refrain from slipping them into his pants. 

"Better, baby?" Tony murmured to Steve, pulling away so he didn't end up getting carried away again.

Steve nodded, leaning against him. Tony kissed his cheek, a hand slipping down to cup him between his legs, making Steve whimper.

"On your knees, pup," Tony murmured in his ear.

Steve shivered and Tony stepped back, letting him drop down to his knees. Tony crouched down, toying with his collar. It wasn't his ownership collar. No, this was a play collar, made to look like a dog collar, purple with little pink paw prints all over it and a tag that read puppy hanging off it.

Tony reached over and snatched the leash off of the coffee table and attached it to the front of Steve's harness. He gave it a tug just to hear Steve shriek in surprise and see him be thrown off balance, his hands coming out to stop himself from falling flat on his face. Tony laughed and Bucky snickered. Steve glared at them, blushing bright red.

"Aw, are you embarrassed, pup?"

Steve just whined and pouted. Before today he hadn't been called pup since he left his parent’s house, and there was definitely something humiliating about being called that. It felt different than being called a slut. It was innocent, not sexual, but still felt degrading. Steve wasn't used to that and wasn't prepared for the way it made him feel.

He felt all of the embarrassment and none of the arousal and wasn't that quite the mindfuck, because Steve was usually turned on from being called names.

"Come on, pup," Tony said, patting his thigh and tugging on the leash again.

Steve was already regretting agreeing to this. He groaned but started crawling when Tony tugged a little harder. Tony led him over to the dining room table.

"Sit," Tony said, a smirk on his lips.

Steve glared at him but shifted his weight back until he was kneeling. 


Steve huffed in annoyance but didn't protest. This was his punishment, after all, he wasn't supposed to enjoy it. Tony undid his leash, wrapping it around the leg of the table and slipping it through the loop at the top before clipping it back onto Steve, effectively trapping him to the table. The leash was only six feet long, so it didn't exactly let him go far.

Tony ruffled his hair, his lips twitching in amusement when Steve whined.

"Speak, pup. What's your color?"

"Green, Alpha."

Tony smirked and kissed him.

"Good boy. Now be quiet and stay here like a good dog." Tony told him firmly.

Then Tony left him there and Steve's jaw dropped because Tony scooped Bucky up into his arms and carried him down the hall and left Steve there, like, like, shit, like he was a dog. 

Steve could not believe he had agreed to this. He knew that he could undo the leash if he wanted to and he knew that he could safeword out of it at any point, but he didn't. This was his punishment and he wasn't supposed to like it.



Tony stopped by their room first, wanting to change out of his soiled clothes, and slipped on a clean pair of sweats. He didn't need any underwear. He had a feeling it would be easier to go without for the evening. 

Then he grabbed Bucky's hand and led him into the playroom.

Bucky squirmed while Tony pulled out the silk ties, a shorter one for his eyes and a longer one for around his wrists. Tony had him kneeling naked, and he crouched down to Bucky's level.

"You know you can stop this at any point if it becomes too much, right? I don't care if it's a punishment, if you start to panic then you tell me and it all ends. Do you understand?"

Bucky nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

Tony searched his eyes for a moment, before nodding and standing back up.

"Good boy."

"Do you remember your safewords?"

Bucky nodded.

"Use your words, little one."

"Yes, Alpha," Bucky said, blushing.

"Do you know why you're being punished, baby boy?"

"Yes, Daddy," Bucky said shyly, peering up at him through his lashes.

Tony cursed, because Christ, Bucky was beautiful like this. He was always beautiful, but seeing him so sweet and submissive like this was almost too much. Tony didn't have time to use him right now, though. He needed to get Bucky ready and get back out to Steve. He didn't think it'd hurt Steve to be ignored for a while, but he didn't want to leave him alone too long, because if Steve did want to safeword out Tony needed to be there for him to do that.

JARVIS would alert Tony if Steve became too distressed and he'd tell Tony if Steve said his safeword when Tony couldn't hear it, but it wasn't likely that Steve would say it without him there and Tony couldn't risk it. He felt anxious about leaving him alone. Tony didn't let his anxiety show, though, couldn't let his own insecurities seep through and make his Omegas scared.

"Tell me, baby."

Bucky shifted nervously, glancing down at the ground and scenting ashamed.

"I said mean things, Alpha."

Tony hummed.


"And...?" Bucky trailed off, not sure what to say. "I don't know, Daddy."

"You were disrespectful, disobedient, defiant. You wielded your words like a weapon and used them to hurt me. You didn't stay put when I told you, too. You raised your voice when you shouldn't have. If you ever disagree with something I say or do then you have every right to tell me, but you do so respectfully and you do it discreetly. You do not challenge me in front of Steve." 

Tony's voice was hard and his eyes dark. Bucky whimpered, flinching away, but Tony just continued. 

"You were destructive. You destroyed Sam's house and you disrespected my Alpha." Tony said, his eyes flashing dangerously.

Bucky's eyes widened and he blinked in surprise.

"Your Alpha?" He asked in confusion, glancing away, his brows furrowing. "Is Sam your Alpha, Alpha?"

Tony gritted his teeth when he realized the mistake he'd made. Sam wasn't his Alpha, but to be fair, it wasn't out of lack of wanting to be. Sam had asked Tony on multiple occasions to be his. He didn't care that he couldn't claim Tony, didn't care that it wouldn't be easily accepted by others and frowned upon by their neighbors. He had just wanted Tony to be his and Tony had turned him down every time, because it just wasn't right. 

He regretted it sometimes, but he didn't regret that Sam has Omegas now and he probably wouldn't have chosen to take Omegan mates if he'd already had Tony. Tony didn't regret having his Omegas either, because they were everything to him.

"No, of course not," Tony said after a moment. "Sam's just... a friend."

Bucky frowned because he was pretty sure his Alpha was lying to him and he didn't like that. He didn't care if Tony had an Alpha, but he sure wished he wouldn't lie about it, and wouldn't hide it from him.

Tony shook his head to clear it. This wasn't about him, this was about his Omega.

"That doesn't matter right now, little one. What matters is that you were a bad little boy and bad little boys need to be punished, so they can be forgiven." Tony told him, grabbing the longer of the two silk ties and crouching down in front of Bucky. "Hands out, baby."

Bucky held his hands up, wrists together, just like he knew was expected from him, his mind still reeling from the Alpha comment. Tony didn't say anything else about it though, so Bucky didn't bring it up. This wasn't about what he wanted. This was about pleasing his Alpha, earning his forgiveness.

Bucky felt himself slipping as the ties were tightened, not painfully so, but securely. It made him feel safe in a way that he hadn't anticipated and he sighed in relief when they were tied off. Tony kissed the bow, glancing up at Bucky and winking at him.

"There you go, little one. Nice and secure."

"Safe and sound," Bucky mumbled, feeling dazed.

Tony's eyes softened and he cupped his cheek, kissing him softly.

"You still with me, baby?"

Bucky nodded, but he was barely there, already starting to float.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Good boy," Tony murmured, stroking his cheek with his thumb. "There's something I want to ask you, but first tell me what your color is, angel."

Bucky hummed and Tony's hand slipped into his hair, giving it a tug that had Bucky gasping, just enough of a sting to jerk him back into awareness.

"Answer me, love. Give me a color."

"G-green, Daddy." Bucky stuttered.

"Good boy. Stay with me just a moment longer, little one, then you can float all you want." Tony promised. "You keep calling me Daddy and I'm okay with that, but I want to know what you want me to do with that. Do you want me to treat you like my little boy, or just call you my little boy?"

Bucky blinked at him.


Bucky's mind was reeling again because he wasn't sure what Tony was asking him.

Tony looked at him, considering how to explain it in a way that wouldn't freak him out. Both his Omegas had checked yes to age play, but that could mean a lot of different things. It didn't necessarily mean that they regressed and fell into littlespace. Even if they did, there was a huge range, anything from a baby to a teen headspace. So even if they were little that doesn't mean they would want to be babied. Tony kinda hoped they did want to be his babies, or maybe just his little boys.

"You like your corner, you've mentioned timeout before, but that's not necessarily a little thing. I'm trying to discern if you're falling into littlespace, or if you're just feeling submissive and small. There are some similarities, but there are differences, too."

Bucky squirmed, his eyes darting around the room.

"I don't understand, Alpha," Bucky whined, clearly distressed.

"Shh, that's okay. We won't worry about that right now then. It's not important for this, we can talk about it later." Tony told him, scooping Bucky up into his arms.

He'd just follow Bucky's lead and see how far he wanted to take it. They could talk about it later when Bucky wasn't in his headspace.

Tony set him down on top of a long dresser, grabbing the shorter silk tie.

"I'm gonna blindfold you now, baby, but you let me know if it's too much and I'll take it off," Tony promised.

Bucky nodded, letting his eyes flutter closed. Tony slipped it over his eyes, his fingers tying it expertly behind his head. Tony had plenty of experience with bondage, both being tied up and tying someone else up, so it was effortless for him. He couldn't help pulling Bucky in for a kiss and deepening it when Bucky whimpered into his mouth.


"Green, Daddy." Bucky breathed out against his lips.

Tony smiled softly, brushing his thumb over his slightly swollen lips.

"Come on, baby, let's go check on Steve," Tony murmured, kissing him one last time before scooping him up.

Chapter Text

Steve was relieved when they came back into the main room and he shifted on his knees, wondering if he was allowed to shift his position or if he was supposed to keep kneeling. He glanced pleadingly at Tony and whined when he was ignored. Tony barely glanced in his direction,  setting Bucky down on the couch and kissing him.

"Stay here, baby." Tony told him, his voice soft, but firm.

Bucky nodded.

"Yes, Daddy."

He was scenting anxious, but he did as he was told and stayed put. 

Tony went over to Steve and Steve lit up. Tony crouched down in front of him, his eyes searching Steve's.

"How are you holding up, pup? Your knees sore?"

He was a little sore. It wasn't too bad, though. He was used to kneeling on the ground, but apparently crawling was harder on his knees. Steve chewed his lip, not sure he was supposed to speak, but wanting to answer his Alpha's question. He just wasn't sure how he was supposed to do that, so he just nodded. 

"Yeah? You want a pillow to kneel on?"

Steve nodded again and Tony went to the playroom grabbing one, a flat pillow not unlike the one that was in Bucky's corner. They were flat, but supportive, perfect for kneeling on. 

Tony cupped his cheek and pulled him in for a kiss once Steve was kneeling on his pillow.

"You're being so good, pup." Tony murmured. "Now speak, baby, tell me how you're doing."

"I'm okay, Alpha." Steve said, but he sounded off.

"But..." Tony prompted, knowing there was something that he wasn't saying.

"I'm... lonely." Steve said, shrinking in on himself like he was ashamed to admit it, his voice small and uncertain like he wasn't sure he should be saying it.

Tony chuckled and ruffled his hair. 

"Good boy. Since you were so good and you told me I'll reward you, but I want you to be quiet now."

Steve pouted, whining.

"Do you need some attention, baby?" Tony cooed.

Steve nodded his head eagerly.

"Okay, come on, pup." Tony said, unhooking Steve's leash, leaving it wrapped around the leg of the table, and patting his thigh as he walked away, like an owner calling a dog to him. 

Steve crawled after him, hoping he might be allowed to join them on the couch. He was being good and Tony had mentioned that good dogs get to curl up in their owner's laps. Tony didn't invite him onto the couch though.

"Come sit by Bucky." Tony said, pointing to the spot on the floor by Bucky.

Steve pouted, but kneeled where he was told to and purred happily when Tony scratched behind his ear.

"Good boy. Now stay here, you don't have to kneel if your knees hurt, but stay on the ground."

Steve nodded and shifted until he was sitting with his legs crossed.

"Good boy, keep Bucky safe while I go grab you a toy."

Steve perked up at that, his mind racing as he tried to imagine what Tony would get him. In his head he was thinking of all the new vibrators and dildos that Tony had just bought for them, so he was sorely disappointed when Tony came back out with a dog toy and knee pads. The toy definitely wasn't a dildo, but Steve couldn't help but think that it would feel good if he used it like one. Tony seemed to understand Steve's disappointment, because he laughed.

Steve pouted, he should have known. He was a dog after all and dogs liked to play fetch. He sighed, but resigned himself to the fact that if he wanted to be a good dog then he would have to do this. He was pretty sure that his Alpha wouldn't be very happy if he refused, especially since Steve had asked for attention. It would be rude not to accept the attention he was given, besides Steve didn't want to be ignored again.

"Good boy. Such a good guard dog protecting my little boy." Tony praised, petting Steve.

He leaned over to kiss Bucky, before coaxing Steve into extending his legs.

"I know you turned down the knee pads, but I had a feeling you might have changed your mind now that you realize you have to crawl everywhere." Tony told him, not unkindly, but he still smirked in amusement.

Steve blushed and nodded.

Tony cupped his cheek and pulled him in for a quick kiss, putting the knee pads on Steve before holding up the toy. It was bright orange and about eight inches long. It looked smooth enough, though it did have a few ridges and edges. It wasn't too wide, definitely skinnier than what Steve was used to, but he still bit his lip, wondering if there was any way he could convince Tony to play with him. 

Steve blushed at the thought of asking something like that, not that he was allowed to speak right now. He definitely couldn't ask Tony to fuck him with a dog toy, even if he was allowed to talk. That was just too embarrassing.

"Come on, pup." Tony encouraged him. "Let's play."

Steve blushed, but crawled forward and let Tony ruffle his hair. He fetched the toy when Tony threw it and brought it back, but wasn't overly thrilled about doing so. Tony cooed at him and praised him when he brought it back, slipping a hand into his pocket and pulling out a small bag of bite size oreos. Steve's eyes widened in surprise, but he happily accepted his treat and was much more eager to fetch the stick like toy the next time he tossed it.

Tony kept it up, praising and rewarding Steve with treats each time he brought the toy back until Steve was tired out. Then he invited Steve to climb up on the couch and let him curl up with Bucky. Steve nudged Bucky's hands out of the way, resting his head in his lap. Bucky giggled, his fingers sinking into Steve's hair.

"You're sleepy now? Huh, doggie?"

Steve just nuzzled against his thigh, purring. Tony sat down next to Bucky, rumbling happily when the boy instinctively leaned into him. Tony wrapped an arm around his waist, cooing at him. Steve blinked up at Tony sleepily and Tony reached over to stroke his thumb over his cheek.

"You're okay, pup. Go ahead and sleep. Dogs need naps after they play hard."

Steve nodded slightly, clearly exhausted, and let his eyes flutter shut.

Bucky was content to have Steve curled up to him for maybe ten minutes before he started to squirm.

"Daddy!" Bucky whined. "I'm bored."

Tony tsked, gripping his chin, tilting his head up. Bucky couldn't see him, but the gesture still portrayed a certain amount of firmness. Tony usually liked spoiled little brats and he liked to spoil his brats, but this was a punishment. It wasn't about spoiling his Omegas.

"I don't like it when little boys whine, baby. You either ask politely or I'll gag you and you won't be able to ask at all. Got it?"

Bucky whined high in his throat, but the sound cut off when Tony's grip on his chin tightened ever so slightly, a silent warning.

"Sorry, Daddy." Bucky mumbled, pouting. "Can we play? Please?"

Tony's thumb brushed over his bottom lip and he pulled him in for a kiss. If his little boy wanted to play, then they would play. Tony knew just the game to play. The perfect mix of fun and punishment all wrapped up in one neatly packaged box, like an order of pain with a side of pleasure.

"Wait right here, angel. Let me go lay Steve down in his bed and then we can play."

Bucky nodded, grinning.

"Okay, Daddy." Bucky chirped.

Tony scooped Steve up into his arms and the Omega immediately snuggled close to his Alpha with a sigh. Tony smiled softly and laid him gently on his dog bed, careful not to disturb him. Steve deserved the sleep after being so good for his Alpha. Tony brushed fingers through his hair, pressed a kiss to his head, and returned to Bucky, pulling him into his lap.

Bucky grinned at him, excited to finally get some attention. Tony had played with Steve, but Bucky wasn't allowed to join them, not that he'd be much good at it blindfolded and tied up like he was. He was eager to get to play with Tony. Their play was a bit different than Steve's though.

Tony's hands ran down his sides in a feather light touch that made Bucky giggle. Tony smiled at the sound and gripped his hips in his hands, rubbing circles into smooth skin with his thumbs.

"You like that, baby boy?"

"Yes, Daddy." Bucky murmured, gasping slightly when Tony's thumb inched closer, sliding in between the crease in his thigh before brushing up against the base of his shaft.

"Please." Bucky whined.

"What did Daddy say about whining, baby?"

"Not too." Bucky said, pouting.

"That's right, good memory, angel." Tony cooed. "Use your big boy words and tell me what you want."

Bucky blushed so pretty, his arousal unfurling around them tinted with embarrassment.

"Want ya ta touch me, Daddy." Bucky mumbled.

"Yeah? Where?" Tony prompted, his hand returning to Bucky's hip and squeezing lightly.

Bucky whimpered, squirming on his lap.

"My dick." Bucky mumbled.

"I didn't hear that, baby. Say it louder." Tony said just to be mean.

Tony was pretty sure that Bucky was glaring at him, though he couldn't see his eyes.

"Just touch me already." Bucky demanded, frustrated.

Tony grabbed his dick, just a little too hard for comfort, and Bucky winced.

"Little boys don't get to tell their daddies what to do." Tony said, his voice calm, but something dangerous flashing in his eyes that Bucky couldn't see with his blindfold on. "If you're going to be a spoiled little brat then I'm just going to have to make you regret being given what you want."

Bucky let out a strangled moan when Tony pinched the tip of his dick before stroking him.

"You want to be touched? Fine. I'll touch you. You want to make demands like a brat? Then I'll treat you like one. By the time I'm done you won't want to be touched anymore." Tony promised, more of a threat than anything else.

Bucky moaned and whimpered as Tony jerked him off, groaning when he cummed, but his sounds of pleasure were replaced by pain filled sobs when Tony didn't let up. His hand stroked him, even though he was too over sensitive to want to be touched.

"My pretty little boy, does that hurt?" Tony cooed.

"Hurts!" Bucky sobbed. "Stop, Daddy."

Tony's hand stilled, but he kept it firmly wrapped around Bucky's dick, a too much heat on his sensitive organ.

"Shh, you're okay, angel. You're doing so good." Tony soothed, nuzzling against his cheek. "What's your color, baby?"

Bucky whined high in his throat, pushing at Tony's hand, trying to push it away.

Tony just tsked, grabbing his bound wrists in his free hand and pulling them over his own head until Bucky's arms were wrapped around his neck.

"Color." Tony ordered.

"G-green." Bucky mumbled.

"You sure, pretty baby?" Tony asked. "Say the word and this all stops. I promise, little one. If you tell me red, I'll take your blindfold off and untie you and we can all just cuddle and watch movies in bed for the rest of the night or you can help me punish Steve if you want to. Tell me yellow and I'll give you a break from playing with you or switch to something less intense. Just tell me and I'll give you whatever you need."

Tony meant it, too. 

He thought Bucky was gorgeous like this and he was thoroughly enjoying taking him apart and watching him struggle, but Tony wouldn't hesitate to stop, wouldn't even be disappointed, if Bucky needed it all to end.

Bucky was struggling and fighting against his desire to continue, because his body was protesting, but as hard as it was he didn't want to stop. He wasn't doing this for himself. He was doing this for his Alpha and he wanted to do this for Tony, wanted to struggle through it for him and know that he did it, that it was hard, but he was still able to do it, because he was doing it to please his Alpha. He wanted to feel proud of himself afterwards, not disappointed that he couldn't take it. He wanted to be praised for getting through it and told that it was so hard, but that he did so good.

"Green, Daddy." Bucky said firmly.

Tony licked his lips, leaning forward to claim Bucky's in a smoldering kiss.

"So good, baby, you're so fucking good to me." Tony groaned, rocking his hips up against Bucky's ass.

Bucky bit his lip, his head falling back when Tony started to stroke him again. The short reprieve did little to help him, because pretty soon he was reaching the edge again and spilling over. His skin lighting up like fire and a scream being ripped from his throat that had Tony's hand coming up to muffle the sound. Tony's other hand never stopped moving, stroking him through his orgasm and making no attempt to stop even when Bucky had stopped spurting cum.

Bucky whined in protest, shaking his head.

"No more." He mumbled into Tony's palm.

Tony's hand stilled, the other one pulling away from Bucky's mouth. He leaned forward, his breath hot on Bucky's ear, even that feeling like too much.

"You wanted to play, baby, so we're gonna keep playing until you can't take anymore. Then you can take a nap like the doggie."

Bucky whimpered, but nodded, collapsing against Tony's chest.

"Yes, Daddy." He mumbled.

He sobbed when Tony stroked him again, his dick trying and failing to awaken. Without Steve's slick in the air Bucky couldn't just stay hard, but Tony worked him as he sobbed and begged him to stop. It took a good twenty minutes until he was hard again and then just when it was starting to feel almost good Tony pulled away.

Bucky sobbed, tears soaking into his blindfold and leaving it damp against his skin.

"Daddy, please."

Tony just chuckled and suddenly Bucky's whole world was spinning and he was falling backwards. He screamed, startled by the sudden movement, and Tony's hand slapped over his mouth again. His back was on the couch cushions now and Tony was hovering over him, Bucky's arms still around his neck, keeping Tony close.

"Shh, baby, you're fine. I'm right here." Tony soothed, pulling his hand away. "Don't wake the doggie. He needs his sleep so he'll have the energy to play with us later."

Bucky's breathing was shallow and his heart was racing. It took him a moment to get himself together and realize he was fine. Tony nuzzled against him, rumbling soothingly.

"I know that was scary? Huh?"

Bucky nodded, his hands trembling.

"Scary, Daddy." He whimpered, sucking in a shaky breath.

"Shh, I know. It's okay though. I wasn't going to let anything bad happen to you, little one. You're safe and sound."

"Safe and sound." Bucky echoed back, starting to relax.

"Good boy. There you go, just settle so sweetly. I've got you." Tony promised.

Bucky did feel safe like this. It had only been so scary because he couldn't see or catch himself, but nothing bad had happened and his Alpha was right here, caging him in and surrounding him with warmth and safety


"Mm, green, Daddy." Bucky purred, floating.

"Good boy." Tony rumbled in response. "I'm gonna keep taking you apart until you pass out. Okay, baby?"

Bucky nodded.

"Use your words, baby."

"Yes, Daddy." Bucky mumbled. "Want more, want you."

When Tony swiped up some of the precum drooling out of his slit and used it to gently coax him open, Bucky just sighed in relief. It felt good to just let go and know that he was safe with his Alpha. Tony's fingers weren't particularly slick and Bucky didn't produce slick on his own, so the stretch was a bit uncomfortable.

He didn't complain though and he didn't tense up, his muscles relaxed from his orgasms. His whole body felt loose and his hole opened up for his Alpha easily, despite the slight sting that Bucky felt. It wasn't enough to really even be considered painful and Tony didn't want it to be.

He wasn't trying to hurt Bucky, even if being forced to have multiple orgasms tended to be more painful than pleasurable. Pain wasn't the point, wasn't the reason that Tony had chosen this particular type of play, it was just a side effect. No, he chose it, because of the sheer amount of vulnerability and trust that went along with playing like this. 

Tony wanted his Omega to trust him enough to let him do whatever he wanted with him, to trust that even when his Alpha was pushing him, that he'd never push him too far. He wanted Bucky to let him use him, to take everything that his Alpha gave him, no matter how hard it was, because he knew that if it was ever really too much that his Alpha would let him stop.

Tony fingered him until he was shaking through another orgasm, more cum joining the dried cum on his chest. Tony didn't stop there though. He pulled Bucky's arms from around his neck and pinned them above his head, licking down his neck and chest to lick and suck on one of his nipples until it was puffy and swollen, his free hand pinching the other one. Bucky's lips fell open, a gasp falling off them when Tony's teeth sank into his nipple.

Bucky was squirming and whining when Tony finally pulled away, sliding down to suck his soft dick into his mouth, his hand leaving Bucky's wrists to hold his hips down instead. His other hand grabbed at his thigh pulling his leg up over his shoulder. Bucky started to cry again from the overstimulation, but he trusted his Alpha enough to just lie there and take it, little more than soft whines and whimpers escaping him. 

Everything felt so intense, between not having his sight and not being allowed to really recover from his last three orgasms. Tony's mouth felt too hot, his tongue, soft and velvety, felt like torture on his sensitive nerves, making him cry harder everytime it swiped over the tip of his head. His hands, rough and calloused from working in the lab, were like sandpaper as they rubbed up and down his thigh and his grip on his hip was bruising. 

Bucky was barely awake when Tony swallowed down his cum. He was pretty sure he blacked out for a moment, because next thing he knew Tony was hovering over him again, his tongue licking into his mouth. Bucky wasn't kissing back, but he was making small whimpering sounds and it took him a moment to recognize that those needy, sleepy sounds were coming from him. Tony licked at his tongue one more time before pulling back and brushing his nose over his cheek.

"You back with me, baby boy?"

Bucky hummed, not fully there. He was definitely floating and somewhere close to asleep.

Tony patted his cheek.

"Come on, baby, stay with me. Daddy still needs to get off. I need you to do one more thing for me then you can sleep. Hell, you can sleep on my knot, as long as you can keep swallowing."

Bucky barely registered what Tony was implying, barely heard his words, but Tony scooped him up and settled him on his knees, Tony's legs spreading so Bucky was nestled in between them. Bucky's head fell to Tony's thigh, too tired to hold it up. He was barely aware of what was happening when Tony gripped his head, slipping his thumb into his mouth to coax his jaw open and pushed into his mouth. He was so close to popping that he was barely all the way in before his knot was locking behind Bucky's teeth.

Bucky grunted at the intrusion and coughed when cum hit the back of his throat, but he was limp, practically asleep, and his body swallowed reflexively. If anything it was easier to take Tony's knot this time, because his mind wasn't awake enough to fight and his body was too exhausted to even try to struggle.

"Good boy, fuck, you're such a good boy. So pretty all soft for me, baby." Tony murmured.

By the time his knot deflated Bucky was asleep and drooling around his dick. He decided that he liked fucking Bucky in his sleep, liked the way he was so pliant and easy to manipulate, liked the way he didn't fight him. Tony pulled Bucky off of him and scooped the boy up into his arms, carrying him to their nest and pulling back the covers before laying him down.

He went to grab a washcloth, wiping his Omega down, before wiping Bucky's cum off of his own chest and dropping the washcloth down the laundry shoot. 

He took a moment to just look at Bucky sleeping so peacefully, his body exposed and on display. It'd be so easy to just keep using him, but Tony needed to make his Omegas some food for when they woke up. He couldn't help but lick past Bucky's slightly parted lips though and chase the taste of his own seed, exploring his mouth and sucking on his slack tongue.

Tony groaned when Bucky whimpered in his sleep and pulled back, not wanting to lose control. He kissed his head softly and pulled the blankets up over him, tucking them in around him.

"Sweet dreams, baby." Tony murmured before heading off to the kitchen to get started on dinner.



When Steve woke up his throat was dry and he really wanted to ask for some water, but he wasn't sure how to do that. Luckily, Tony seemed to know that Steve would need water and came out with a bowl when JARVIS told him that Steve was awake, leaving the food warming in the oven. Steve was less than impressed when Tony set the bowl down, but he wasn't exactly surprised and he didn't even attempt to pick it up. He knew what Tony expected of him.

"Go on, pup. Drink."

Steve sighed and crawled out of his bed, making a face when he was in front of the bowl, but leaned down and took an experimental lick. He moaned when the water hit his dry throat and eagerly lapped at it, making a mess all over the place as water splashed over the edges and flecks sprayed on his face, water dripping down his chin. Steve was eager to drink as much as possible though.

"Good boy." Tony praised him when he pulled back.

Tony kissed him and the kiss was wet and sloppy, Steve feeling uncoordinated, almost like he was drunk, maybe it was his headspace or maybe it was because he was still sleep-addled, he wasn't sure. Tony just rumbled, though, and cooed at him, telling him he was such a messy pup. Steve blushed so pretty at him and Tony pulled him in for another kiss.

Steve's mouth suddenly felt very dry again when Tony pulled off his t-shirt and used it to wipe Steve's chin, tossing it aside carelessly.

"Come on, pup."

Tony didn't turn to see if Steve was following him, knowing that he would. He walked into their room and sat on the edge of the bed. Steve approached him uncertainly, looking up at Tony pleadingly and beaming at him when Tony patted his thigh invitingly. Steve didn't try to climb into his lap, he just shuffled closer and laid his head on his thigh, purring when Tony ran his fingers through his hair.

"Good boy." Tony murmured softly.

Steve sighed, scenting happy.

There was nothing better than kneeling before his Alpha and being praised for it.

Tony took a few moments to just enjoy his pretty little puppy, loving the way he purred so sweetly for him. He shifted his focus to Bucky when the boy started to stir. Tony could tell he was still deep in his headspace when he whimpered out for his daddy. Bucky's scent shifted to scared when his eyes fluttered open and were met with darkness.

"Shh, you're okay, baby." Tony cooed at him.

Bucky rolled over, shifting towards his voice. Tony gave Steve's head one last pet before telling him to lift his head. Steve shifted back to let Tony stand up and Tony pulled Bucky closer until he was at the edge of the bed, his head still on the pillows.


"Shh, it's okay." Tony soothed.

Bucky blinked under his blindfold, trying to see something, anything, before sighing, letting himself relax and his eyes flutter shut.

"Did I do good, Daddy?"

Tony smiled softly, his scent warm and comforting as his Omega scented of cinnamon rolls and a cool breeze, soft and trusting.

"Yeah, pretty baby. You did so good. I'm so proud of you for taking it all for me, for being such a good boy."

Bucky hummed, a happy glow about him that was reflected in his scent.

"Was hard." He mumbled softly.

"I know, little one. I know it was so hard, but you did so good. You're so good for me, angel. Such a pretty little princess."

Bucky's lips twitched and he tried to fight back a smirk, but his scent shifted to smug and Tony raised a brow at his little boy.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm a spoiled princess, Daddy." Bucky said.

Tony shook his head, barking out a laugh.

"That you are, my little brat." Tony rumbled affectionately, leaning down to kiss him softly. "I'm gonna go get you some water, but don't worry, the doggie's gonna keep you safe."

Steve's head perked up and he dutifully crawled closer when Tony slipped his fingers into his collar and tugged him to the edge of the bed.

"Sit." Tony ordered.

Steve sat back on his heels and looked up at Tony.

"Good boy, now you stay right here and watch over Bucky." Tony told Steve.

Tony pressed Steve's head down, encouraging him to lay his head on the mattress so Bucky could easily slip his fingers into his hair. Bucky relaxed, knowing that he wasn't alone and loving the way Steve purred so pretty for him.

"Good doggie." Bucky mumbled.

Steve turned his head to lick at Bucky's fingers and grinned when Bucky giggled at him. 

Tony returned quickly with a water bottle and handed it to Bucky. The water bottle was metal, but had a silicone sleeve that made it easier to grip. He may have switched out the regular top for a sipper spout, but to be fair, this way they wouldn't have to worry about spills. That was mostly just an excuse though, because Tony didn't really care if Bucky spilled. 

The truth was that Tony had hoped that his Omegas regressed. It was pretty common for Omegas to be able to slip into littlespace, though not all could or wanted to embrace that side of themselves. 

So maybe he had bought them some little things during their shopping trip, and maybe his Omegas had made faces at most of what they had seen, though some of it Tony had placed an order for, so they weren't even aware of it. They had sent him strange looks when he purchased pacis and teethers, but Tony suspected that they'd feel differently when they were in their headspace. Now Bucky was calling him Daddy and being so sweet and Tony was fairly certain that he was a little.

"Don't worry, it won't spill on you." Tony told him.

Bucky hummed, shifting onto his back and lifting his tied hands to tilt back the water bottle and guzzle down water. He paused half way through and chewed on the silicone spout.

"Is it a sippy cup?" Bucky asked him.

Tony wasn't surprised by the question and though technically it was a water bottle, well, it did have a spout like a sippy cup.

"It is." Tony asked, curious. "Do you like it?"

Bucky just shrugged and drank some more water.

"I like cars." Bucky said after he finished all the water.

Tony was glad he drank it all, since he'd lost a lot of fluid having all of those orgasms.

"Yeah?" Tony indulged, not really sure where this was going.

Bucky nodded, chewing on the spout again.

"Yeah, but motorcycles are my favorite."

Tony wondered if his Omega was trying to subtly ask for a motorcycle, but Bucky's next words made him think otherwise.

"Will stickers come off in the dishwasher, Daddy?"

Tony chuckled, realizing that his little boy was thinking about decorating his water bottle.

"Well, these water bottles are insulated, baby, so I actually wash them by hand. I think stickers will be just fine if you want to decorate it."

Bucky grinned.

"Oh good, cos I wanna decorate it."


Bucky nodded.

"Uh-huh, sure do. Want motorcycle stickers, Daddy."

"You got it, kid." Tony murmured fondly. "You hear that, J? Order Bucky some motorcycle stickers."

"I've already started compiling a cart, sir." The AI responded.

"And cars, JARVIS." Bucky added.

Steve whined next to him, wanting stickers, too. Bucky glanced in his direction and though he couldn't see Steve he seemed to realize what Steve wanted.

"Oh, and Stevie likes girly stuff. Like princesses and unicorns and, um, lots of pink." Bucky told JARVIS. "You like that stuff, don't ya, Stevie?"

Steve nodded, happy that he was getting stickers, too, leaning closer to lick at Bucky's cheek.



Dinner was already done, but Tony was keeping it warm in the oven, so it would be ready when his Omegas were ready to eat. He made Steve sit under the table and the pup was very confused, but Tony didn't offer up an explanation for it. He had Bucky kneel on the ground next to his chair, his hands now tied behind his back.

Tony tilted Bucky's chin up and fed him a bite of rice. A few grains of rice fell into his lap and Tony snapped his fingers, petting Bucky's hair soothingly when he flinched.

"Pup, come clean this mess up."

Steve blushed, but crawled over dutifully and licked at the rice in Bucky's lap, startling Bucky.

"Good boy, make sure you get anything that he drops."

"Yes, Alpha." Steve mumbled without thinking about it.

"Puppies don't talk, Steve." Tony reminded him firmly.

Steve bit his lip, peering up at him through his lashes.

Tony reached out and brushed his fingers through his hair, slipping his hand down to grip his collar and tug him closer, until he was practically sitting on Bucky. Bucky grunted and frowned, wanting to push Steve off of him, but unable to with his arms tied behind his back.

"What do dogs say Steve?"

Steve whined and squirmed, his blush spreading down his back.

"Woof?" He asked hesitantly.

Tony laughed.

"Good boy." Tony said, kissing him before shoving him away. "Now keep cleaning."

Steve was clearly embarrassed, but he did as he was told, shifting until he wasn't on Bucky and lapping up any food that fell. Bucky gasped when some gravy dripped onto his dick and Steve lapped it up eagerly. Suddenly the prospect of licking up food seemed so much more appealing, because it made Bucky whine and squirm. All his whining and squirming made more food spill and Steve had to work harder, lick more, to try and get it all cleaned up.

Tony chuckled when Bucky tensed up, spilling over from the attention he was receiving.

"Make sure you clean that up, too, pup." Tony said casually, like it didn't affect him in the slightest.

That couldn't be farther from the truth. Tony desperately wanted to just abandon dinner in favor of getting off, or hell, to just get off during dinner. He wasn't going to though. He had a part to play, and Tony intended to play it well. Right now that means making sure his little boy was fed and his dog cleaned up the scraps they dropped. 

Bucky squirmed even more when Steve licked at his sensitive skin and cried out, a desperate plea for it to stop, when Steve started to clean his dick.

Tony just shushed him, slipping a soothing hand into his hair, but didn't let him up until Steve had finished.

"Okay, that's enough, pup." Tony said, pulling Bucky into his lap. "I think you deserve a treat."

Bucky sighed in relief, cuddling gratefully up to his Alpha. It wasn't exactly the most comfortable position with his hands tied behind his back, but he was relieved the licking was done. He had enjoyed it at first, but once he'd cummed it was closer to torture than pleasure. He'd already been overstimulated enough for the day and Bucky wasn't eager to go through that again anytime soon.

"Come here, pup." Tony said, gesturing Steve closer so he was no longer under the table. "Sit."

Steve bit his lip, blushing bright red, but settled on his knees and glanced obediently up at Tony.

"Good boy." Tony praised him.

Steve's chest felt warm from the praise and the attention was so good he thought he could die, then Tony reached onto his plate and plucked off a chunk of chicken, feeding it to Steve, and the Omega moaned. Who'd ever thought praise and a treat could make him feel this good?

He wasn't turned on by it exactly, but he liked it nonetheless. Tony petted Steve's hair for a moment, cooing at him, before standing up and sitting Bucky on the table, his legs dangling off the edge and his knuckles brushing the surface.

"Stay here, baby, don't move." Tony told him.

Bucky's eyes widened behind his blindfold and he squeaked in shock when Tony's hand left him and his footsteps could be heard walking away. Tony returned after only a minute, less than a minute really, and placed a reassuring hand on Bucky's knee. Bucky released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding in, his shoulders sagging in relief.

"Don't worry, baby boy, I'm right here." Tony told him, giving his knee a squeeze before letting go and setting the plate of food down on the ground for Steve.

Tony had no intention of letting his Omega go to bed hungry, but he also had no intention of letting him sit at the table.

"Good boy." Tony praised. "You can eat now."

Steve pouted and glanced at the plate, whined pathetically, and glanced up at Tony, his eyes pleading with him and his bottom lip trembling. Tony wanted to scoop him up and coddle him, but instead he gave him a firm look.

"Don't beg. I don't like dogs that beg." Tony told him sternly. "Now eat your food like a good dog."

With that Tony sat back down, pulling Bucky back into his lap, sitting sideways with his legs on one side so Tony could continue to feed him bites. Steve felt tears prick at his eyes and shame sink low in his belly. He didn't mind being on the ground while he ate, but he wanted to be fed by his Alpha. It was also embarrassing, because Bucky got to be in Tony's lap and hand fed and Steve couldn't even use his hands to feed himself. He was hungry though and he wanted to be a good dog for his Alpha, so he lowered his head and began to eat his food. 

He knew he wasn't supposed to use his hands even though Tony didn't say so. Dogs don't eat with their hands. It was messy and Steve grimaced as he felt gravy and rice sticking to his face, but he didn't stop until his plate was cleared, even going as far as to lick the plate clean and lick anything off the floor that had spilled over the sides.

Tony's focus was outwardly on Bucky, and he wasn't not focused on Bucky, but he noticed Steve, too. He just didn't call attention to it. He waited until after dinner to praise him for being so good. He waited until after he had cleared the plates, until after he had wiped Bucky's face, perching him up on the counter and wiping his cheeks with a wet paper towel, Bucky making an adorable face and trying to turn away from him. Tony just cooed at him and gripped his chin to hold him still. 

It wasn't until after Bucky was settled on the couch, his hands tied in front of him again, that Tony called Steve over and rewarded him with praise and pets, licking the rice and gravy from off his cheeks and chin and pulling him in for a heated kiss. Then he sent Steve to bed and Steve sighed in resignation as he sprawled out in his dog bed again.

Chapter Text

Tony and Bucky were snuggled up on the couch, Tony murmuring soft words to try and make Bucky squirm, and cooing at Bucky when he inevitably blushed and stumbled over his own words.

"I think you'd look awfully cute in a romper, baby boy." Tony murmured, just to watch Bucky's ears turn red. "Baby blue for my pretty baby and ruffles on your pretty little ass."

He squirmed on Tony's lap.

"N-no, that's... no." Bucky whimpered.

"Aw, come on, baby, you know you want to. What about a onesie? Or maybe a pretty little dress?"

Tony was sure that Bucky's eyes were wide behind his blindfold. His mouth opened and closed a few times like he wasn't sure what to say to that. He was scenting embarrassed and Tony thought he was just the cutest thing ever. He honestly loved the idea of dressing his Omegas up like pretty little dolls and he hoped they would let him.

Bucky finally managed to squeak out Daddy and Tony laughed, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"Such a pretty little boy, baby. Daddy wants to put you in the cutest clothes ever."

"Not a dress, Daddy." Bucky insisted. "I'm not a girl."

Tony's hand rubbed his thigh and he smirked, amused that he didn't insist on not being dressed like a child, but girl clothes is apparently where he draws the line.

"You sure about that, baby. You sure are pretty like a girl." Tony teased.

"Am not." Bucky grumbled, pouting.

"Don't worry, angel." Tony cooed. "I know just how pretty boys can be."

Bucky nodded firmly.

"Yeah, just a pretty boy, Daddy."

Tony licked his lips, chuckling at his adorable Omega.

"You sure are, baby. Prettiest little boy I've ever seen." Tony murmured.

Bucky bit his lip, leaning closer to whisper in his ear.

"Yeah? Prettier than Stevie?"

Tony smirked, his hands gripped Bucky's hips, his breath hot on Bucky's cheek and Bucky's own breath coming out in a sharp gasp when Tony's hands slipped down to knead at his bare ass.

"You want to know a secret?"

Bucky nodded, whimpering in his ear, his forehead falling to Tony's shoulder when Tony's finger traced his crack before dipping in between his cheeks to toy with his hole.

"I think Steve's a very pretty little girl." Tony whispered.

Bucky giggled at that and Tony slipped his finger inside of him. Bucky grunted softly, trying to squeeze his thighs together around Tony's thighs. His brows furrowed when he realized that he kinda needed to pee and he bit into his lip, trying to hold it, pushing the need away in favor of listening to his daddy's teasing words and feeling his finger brushing against his insides.

"What do you think about that, baby? Do you think Steve's a pretty little girl?"

"Think Stevie's the prettiest girl ever." Bucky murmured, tilting his head to scent his Alpha.

Tony's finger fucked in and out of him lazily and Bucky's hips started to rock in time with the slow motion.

"Daddy!" Bucky gasped, moaning when Tony brushed against his prostate.

Tony smirked and did it again, Bucky whimpering in his lap.


Tony hummed.

"I-I think Stevie would look real pretty in a dress." Bucky said, his voice louder this time, almost a groan.

Steve lifted his head when he heard his name. He had almost dozed off, but Bucky's words had his eyes widening in surprise, his attention drawn to their conversation.

"Yeah? You think so, baby?"

"Mm, yeah." Bucky moaned. "A pink one with ruffles."

"One that's so short it shows off his pretty little panties." Tony added. "I bet you'd love to see Steve in something like that, make him twirl for us and sit on our laps so we can feel him up."

"Fuck yeah." Bucky groaned, whining when Tony nipped at his neck.

"You know what my favorite thing about Omegas in dresses is, pretty baby?"


"Easy access." Tony murmured.

Now that Steve was paying attention and listening in, he heard every murmured word. His cheeks were bright red and he could feel himself getting wet while his Alphas talked about him and got off thinking about him in a dress.

"Could fuck him real good in his pretty little dress, Alpha. Make him ride us." Bucky mumbled into his neck. "S'good, Daddy. Want it."

Tony sucked on his neck, nipping at his scent gland.

"A good little slut like Steve should always be accessible to his Alphas." Tony growled in Bucky's ear. "Don't even gotta take anything off, just slip his panties to the side and fuck him real good."

Bucky's dick twitched and he cried out, his hole fluttering around Tony's fingers as they pumped in and out of him. His cum splattering their chests and Bucky's teeth sinking into Tony's shoulder hard enough to break skin.

"Oh fuck." Tony grunted, cumming in his pants.

Apparently getting his Omega off to fantasies of their pretty little Omega in a dress and then being bitten was enough to force Tony over the edge too. He had never come untouched without being knotted, so it definitely caught him off guard, not that he was exactly complaining about it.

Bucky collapsed against Tony's chest, not caring that his cum was still wet and warm between them. Suddenly his eyes shot open and he tensed. He realized that he'd relaxed so much that a few dribbles of pee had escaped his slit. His hands shot to his dick, clutching it tightly. 

Tony smelled his distress before Bucky even squeaked out Daddy, clearly panicked. 

"What? What's wrong, baby?" Tony asked, forcing his panic to not seep into his scent, though unfortunately a bit slipped into his voice. "Tell Daddy what's wrong."

Steve's brows furrowed in concern at his Alpha's distress, but he stayed where he was. Steve immediately conjured up a million different reasons for Bucky's discomfort and he bit into his lip hard to keep from calling out to him. He knew that Tony would take care of it, whatever it was.

Tony was snapped out of his post orgasm high by his Omega's distress and cupped Bucky's cheek, his eyes flicking over his body, searching for what was wrong, and landing on his hands that were holding his dick, squeezing it in a way that Tony was pretty sure wasn't comfortable. Bucky's thighs were trying to clench together, but Tony's thighs were in the way, keeping them spread apart.

Bucky whined and his lip trembled like he was about to start crying. He didn't realize how badly he had to go, and maybe he didn't even have to go that badly. Maybe it was the fact that his muscles had relaxed enough that he started to go, even just the teeniest bit, that made it suddenly so hard to hold it. Maybe it was the sudden sharp and impossible to ignore awareness that he needed to go that made him feel like he needed to go now . Bucky wasn't sure, but what he did know is that he needed to pee.

"Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee!" Bucky rushed out in one long string of words.

Tony's eyes widened and he cursed, standing up with Bucky in his arms.

"Daddy!" Bucky sobbed when the movement jostled his bladder.

"Shh, it's okay, it's okay." Tony soothed. "Just hold it a little bit longer."

Bucky whined, clenching down on his dick as a few more drops leaked out. It only took a minute to reach the bathroom and Tony lifted the lid and plopped Bucky down on the seat.

"Okay, go potty now, baby." Tony told him.

Bucky sighed in relief when he let go. Tony reached out to press his dick down when it started to spray over the seat and Bucky jumped slightly, not expecting to feel Tony's fingers on him.

"Daddy?" Bucky squeaked, his cheeks red.

"Shh, it's okay. You just have to push it down, angel, so you don't shoot over the seat."

Bucky's cheeks burned brighter, but he made no attempt to take over. Instead he just leaned forward, resting his forehead on Tony's arm, his damp hands clutching at his wrist, not pushing him away but rather holding him there. Bucky whimpered, the sound almost a moan, and kissed Tony's arm, his teeth scraping over the same spot.

"Daddy." Bucky mumbled against his skin reverently.

Bucky's stream was weak now, petering off into just a few last drops, and he slumped forward, trusting his Alpha to catch him. Tony scooped him up easily into his arms, ignoring the few droplets that dripped on him as Bucky's dick pressed up against him.

"You did so good, baby boy." Tony murmured, cradling his head to his shoulder.

Tony really didn't care if Bucky had peed on him and the couch was leather so it's not like he would have ruined it, but there was something about helping him like this that conveyed a level of trust that made Tony's heart flutter. Bucky was vulnerable and dependent on him, just like Tony had wanted him to be. The thought of having this level of control over him, wondering if they could play around with bladder control, if Bucky would trust him enough to do that, to let his Alpha control him in every way. Tony's hand gripped at his hair involuntarily and he growled at the thought of a scene like that.

Tony wasn't a huge fan of piss play necessarily. It wasn't really the piss part that did it for him but rather the control part. Having that level of control over someone and then denying them the right to relieve themselves. Telling them to hold it, just a little longer, you can do it all the while pouring them glass after glass of water. Watching them struggle with it, squirming and begging until they eventually came apart, lost all control and moaned through their release.

Tony growled again and Bucky whimpered, nuzzling at his neck and sniffing at his skin, scenting his Alpha. His tongue darted out to taste his Alpha, pleased and barely restrained arousal exploding on his tongue. Bucky was so soft and sweet and his hips rocked forward instinctively, his dick rubbing against Tony's abs, his body reacting to his Alpha's arousal.

"Good boy." Tony growled.

He inhaled a deep breath of sated and happy Omega before reluctantly pulling away. He coaxed Bucky into standing long enough that he could push off his own pants, stiff from drying cum. He removed Bucky's restraints and collar, along with his blindfold, but let him keep on the chain that had the key to Steve's lock hanging off it. Tony was carrying around Steve's collar in his pocket, which is why there were two laid out on the counter alongside the silk ties, one pink and one black.

"There you go, good boy." Tony murmured, as he filled up the tub and set Bucky in it.

Bucky wasn't even embarrassed anymore, he was just floating. He wasn't aroused or turned on necessarily, he just felt small and totally dependent on his Alpha. Like nothing really mattered, except letting his Alpha take care of him and doing what his Alpha told him to. 

When Tony told him to pee, he peed. When Tony praised him for it, his entire body lit up, making him all warm inside, because he'd pleased his Alpha. When Tony told him he needed a bath, he just nodded and mumbled okay, Daddy, letting his Alpha hold him close and rumble soothingly before washing him up. 

Tony had taken off his blindfold so it wouldn't get wet, but he told him to keep his eyes closed. So Bucky kept them closed and floated, trusting his Alpha to take care of him, to keep him safe.



Afterwards, they ended up back on the couch, hair damp and Bucky curled up naked in Tony's lap. The only things on him were his blindfold,  the silk ties tying his wrists in front of him, his collar and the chain hanging loose around his neck. Tony was wearing a pair of sweats again, Steve's collar and lock slipped back in his pocket along with both the keys to his Omega's locks. Tony trailed fingers up and down Bucky's back, making him shiver, before gripping the back of his neck. He told his pretty Omega to settle and just relax, and rumbled approvingly when he settled just like that, relaxing in his Alpha's arms and nuzzling sweetly against Tony's neck, giving his scent gland little kitten licks.

Bucky shifted his focus to the mark he'd left on Tony's shoulder. It wasn't over his scent gland so it wouldn't stick, but Bucky growled when his tongue traced over the indents. The wound wasn't scabbed over yet, but it also wasn't bleeding, though Bucky had tasted blood when he'd bitten Tony and he swore he could still taste the salty, metallic flavor as his tongue ran over the mark.

"You like that, little one."

"Yeah, Daddy." Bucky murmured, his lips brushing over the broken skin. "Wanna mark you for real."

Bucky said the words without even really thinking about it, but tensed up immediately when he realized what he'd said. That wasn't something he should admit outloud. It wasn't that Omegas weren't allowed to mark their Alphas necessarily. An Alpha could give their Omega permission to claim them, but it was almost unheard of because no Alpha wanted to be claimed by an Omega.

Tony just growled softly and gripped the back of his neck until Bucky relaxed.

"Settle, pretty baby." Tony rumbled. "I'd love to wear your mark."

"Yeah?" Bucky asked, not really believing it.

"I'd be honored, my little prince." Tony murmured in his ear.

Bucky whimpered, pressing closer to his Alpha.

"Love you, Daddy." Bucky yawned, his hands came up to rub at his eyes over his blindfold.

"Sleepy again, baby?" Tony asked him softly.

Bucky nodded.

"Go ahead and nap then, angel." Tony murmured. "Daddy will watch over you."

Tony didn't mind if his Omegas slept during their punishment. He wouldn't let them sleep the entire time, but taking cat naps here and there would be good for them. Eight hours was a long time and it was only their first punishment. Tony would let them sleep as many times as they needed.

Bucky fell asleep quickly in his daddy's lap, but Steve wasn't sleeping. He was laying on his dog bed pouting. Tony felt bad for him. He wanted to scoop him up and coddle him, but he reminded himself that for a puppy one of the worst punishments was being ignored or left alone.

Steve wasn't the first puppy Tony's ever had and his last puppy was even more desperate to please than Steve. Timeouts had been the punishment that had really done him in, in a way that no amount of pain ever could. No, Tony would leave Steve there a while longer. If he was lucky Steve would start whining soon and he could use the opportunity to gag him.

Steve tried to lay there nicely, he really did, but he didn't like it. He didn't like being ignored and he didn't like the way his thoughts were getting darker and darker. 

Tony liked Bucky better than him and that's why he was giving Bucky all of his attention. Bucky was Tony's soulmate and Steve was just the one he got stuck with. Steve tried to shake away the bad thoughts, to remind himself that Tony loved him and Bucky loved him and being ignored for a little while wasn't the end of the world, but it felt like a long while and Steve hated it. It made him feel worthless and miserable and he started to really hate being a dog, because little boys got to sleep in daddy's arms and dogs had to stay in the corner.

Tony had told him that good dogs got to curl up in their owner's lap, but he lied. Steve was being so good, or at least he was trying to be good, but he still wasn't being invited onto the couch. Then again, maybe Steve wasn't a good dog. Maybe he was a bad dog. He was being punished for being bad, so maybe that made him a bad dog. 

Tony let him on the couch earlier though and that confused him. Tears started to well up in his eyes, because he just didn't understand it. If he was a bad dog, because this was his punishment, then that meant Bucky was a bad little boy. Steve wished he was a little boy instead of a puppy, because apparently even bad little boys got coddled and cooed at and got to sleep in Daddy's lap.

Steve wanted to be coddled, too. He wanted his daddy to murmur soft words to him and hold him close and tell him he's such a good little boy, or even a good little girl. Steve wasn't picky. He just wanted attention. 

Steve's lip trembled and he started to really cry.


Tony cursed at the sound and stood up. Bucky woke up when Tony laid him down on the couch and immediately reached out for Tony.

"No, stay here, baby."

Bucky's bottom lip trembled and he started to cry too. Tony's eyes widened and he felt a surge of panic rush through him. Tony didn't handle crying littles well, it always just made him want to start crying too. 

He scooped Bucky up and rocked him slightly.

"Shh, shh, don't cry, baby. You're okay." Tony soothed. "Please, don't cry."

Tony felt like he was more pleading with the boy than anything else. He carried Bucky over to where Steve was, bouncing him slightly, relieved when Bucky's cries turned into sniffles. Steve was still crying and Tony needed to check in with him. He set Bucky down on the dog bed and Bucky's lip trembled again, Steve sobbing harder next to them and reaching out for Tony.

"No, don't cry." Tony begged Bucky. "I need to check on our Omega, so just be good and stay right here for me. Can you do that for me, pretty baby?"

Bucky pouted, but mumbled out an okay, Daddy . He sniffled a few times, but didn't start crying again, much to Tony's relief. 

"Good boy." Tony murmured, pressing a kiss to his head.

The fear in Bucky's scent lessened and Tony turned his attention to Steve who was scenting distressed .

Tony scooped him up and cooed at him.

"Daddy!" Steve sobbed.

Tony licked his lips, because his Omega definitely wasn't in pupspace anymore and he had no idea what made him drop into littlespace.

"Oh, my pretty little baby, what's wrong, princess? Tell Daddy what's wrong."

Steve hadn't used his safeword, but Tony didn't care. A good Alpha knew when to stop, pause, or alter play. An overwhelmed little crying during sex was one thing, but a distressed little crying was not something Tony handled well. To be fair, his experience with littles was being a little, not being a daddy, so Tony had never really had to be the one comforting an upset little.

"Don't like being a puppy, Daddy." Steve got out between sobs and gasps for air.

"Oh, baby, do you need to stop?" Tony asked, taking deep breaths to encourage Steve to do the same.

Steve sucked in a shaky breath, rubbing at his tear filled eyes, but shook his head.

"No, Daddy, just- just-"

Steve's lip started to quiver and he started crying again, his breathing erratic.

"Shh, no, don't cry, princess. Daddy's right here." Tony said, forcing his scent to be soothing even though he felt in over his head.

Sam made it look so easy, but Tony was starting to think that maybe that's just because Sam's so good at it. Clint was the whiniest, clingiest, most demanding little ever and Brock said no to everything. The last couple of times Tony played with Sam was during those two months that he was pretty sure he'd never see Bucky or Steve again. Needless to say, he pretty much cried the whole time and was basically inconsolable.

There were only two things that could get Tony to stop crying when he was like that, a knot or a cookie. Tony really hoped that a treat would work for his Omegas.

"Daddy wants you to stay right here like a good boy, okay?" Tony told Bucky.

Bucky did not like that, but he nodded.

"Okay, Daddy." Bucky said, pouting.

"Good boy, Daddy's going to give you a nummy treat for being so good."

Bucky perked up a little at that and Tony smiled. Steve quieted down too, watching curiously as Tony carried him into the kitchen and rifled around in the cupboards until he found another pack of those bit sized oreos. Tony was not above bribing them if it meant they'd stop crying.

Steve started to whine when Tony started to walk back into the living room without giving him a cookie.

"Cookie, Daddy!" Steve demanded.

"Yeah, yeah, here, have a cookie." Tony said, ripping the package open with his teeth and fishing one out.

He popped it into Steve's waiting mouth, already open, fully expecting to be given a nummy treat. Steve made nom, nom, nom sounds while he chewed it and Tony plopped him down next to Bucky on the dog bed.

"Good boy, Roo." Tony cooed at Bucky. "You waited so patiently, just like a big boy."

Tony pressed an oreo to his lips and Bucky parted them, happily accepting his treat.

"I'm big too, Daddy." Steve said, glaring at Bucky, because those were Steve's cookies and when he was a puppy he didn't have to share any of his treats with Bucky. "Want cookie."

"Big girls use their manners." Tony said, though his eyes sparkled like he thought Steve being jealous about having to share his cookies was the cutest thing ever.

He half expected Steve to say he wasn't a girl, but he didn't seem to care about that. He just wanted more cookies.

"Cookie, please." Steve said in a way that still sounded demanding.

Steve held out his hand expectantly and Tony chuckled, amused, and gave him another cookie. He alternated between them until there were no more cookies left. Bucky seemed happy enough to just lean back against the wall when Tony told them they were all done, but Steve pouted and whined for more.

"No more, princess. They're all gone." Tony told him, setting aside the empty bag and pulling Steve into his lap.

Steve was trying to lean over and peer into the bag to see if his Alpha was lying, but Tony gripped his chin and made him look at him.

"Look at me, baby. Tell me why you were so upset."

Steve bit his lip, looking ashamed. Now that he wasn't spiraling he felt like it was pathetic for him to get so worked up over nothing.

"I'm sorry, Alpha."

"Shh, don't apologize." Tony murmured. "Just tell me what happened."

"I don't know, I was just having bad thoughts and I didn't like it." Steve admitted. "I'm not used to this. When Bucky punishes me he doesn't ignore me. He hurts me, but he doesn't leave me alone and he says mean things, but he doesn't ignore me."

"Oh, my pretty little Omega, is it so hard when your Alpha's not giving you all of his attention?"

Steve nodded.

Tony's lips twitched up into a smirk. His Omega was so damn cute when he was all insecure like this. Tony enjoyed it a little bit too much. He still rubbed his thumbs over Steve's hips soothingly though when he pouted because his Alpha was enjoying his misery way too much.

"Do you need to stop, baby? We can stop if it's too much or I can keep you closer to me if that will help."

Steve pressed closer, scenting his Alpha.

"No, it's okay, Alpha." Steve murmured. "Just maybe don't leave me alone for so long."

Tony's eyes were soft as he ran his fingers through Steve's hair. His poor little Omega was used to being Bucky's whole world and now he has two Alphas to spoil him rotten. Having that attention ripped away from him is a lot for him. It's different than being hurt, because when Bucky's hurting him Steve's getting all of his attention. Bucky's actively hurting him and degrading him, and even if Steve's ashamed of himself for misbehaving at least he's not being left alone with his shame.

"Why don't you come curl up on the couch with us, baby?" Tony murmured.

Tony was surprised when Steve shook his head.

"I was being bad, Alpha. I don't think I should be up on the couch."

"Needing reassurance isn't bad." Tony told him firmly.

"But I was demanding and whiny." Steve said, scenting ashamed.

Tony chuckled and tugged on his hair a little.

"You were being a brat, weren't you, baby?"

Steve pouted.

"That's okay, pretty princess. I like spoiled little girls."

Steve blushed and bit his lip.

"Do little girls get to be spoiled?"

Tony considered this for a moment.

"Do you want to be spoiled?"

Steve nodded, peering up at Tony, wondering if his Alpha would like that answer.

"If my Omega wants to be spoiled, then he's going to be spoiled." Tony told him softly. "You can have anything you want, baby. Whether you're a little girl or not."


"Within reason." Tony amended.

Steve squealed excitedly and Bucky spoke up, frowning.

"Alpha? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Tony raised a brow, realizing that Bucky disagreed with him but wasn't going to say so in front of Steve. That made Tony's heart flutter, because Bucky was respecting his wish to only disagree with his Alpha privately, at least whenever possible.

"Of course, baby." Tony told Bucky, patting Steve's thigh. "Up you go, angel."

Steve climbed off of Tony's lap, but watched somewhat anxiously, uncertain of what was happening. Tony just kissed his cheek and told him to stay here before scooping Bucky up.

"We'll be right back, pup."

Tony carried Bucky into their room and laid him out on their nest, hovering over him.

"What is it, baby?"

Bucky was blushing slightly and whimpered softly when Tony nipped at his neck, but he wasn't going to let himself be distracted.

"I don't think you should tell Steve stuff like that."

Tony hummed, pulling back slightly.

"Like what?"

"That he can be a spoiled brat."

"He is spoiled." Tony pointed out.

"I know that, but it's not good to let him know that. He needs to know his place. He has to be a good Omega if he wants to be rewarded. You can't reward him for being a brat."

"Oh, I can't, can I?"

"No, you're going to ruin him." Bucky said firmly.

Tony chuckled, pushing Bucky's bound wrists above his head and nuzzling at his armpits, nipping at the sensitive skin. Bucky grunted, jolting slightly at the feeling and pouting. Tony just licked at his bottom lip, kissing him softly.

"I was under the impression that being an Alpha means I can do whatever I want. So if I want to spoil my Omega, then that's my prerogative."

"But I'm his Alpha too. You keep telling me that and if that's true then I should have a say in the way we raise him."

"Raise him?"

"Or train him or whatever." Bucky said, blushing again. "You're too easy on him."

"Maybe you're just too hard on him." Tony countered.

Bucky huffed.

"Whatever, I don't even know why I bothered to say anything." Bucky grumbled wishing he wasn't blindfolded for this.

"No, I'm glad you did say something. I just don't really agree with you. I think if Steve wants to be a brat then we should let him. It might mean he gets punished more, or it might not. As long as he's not being disrespectful or putting himself or anyone else in harm's way, then I don't see the problem. Let him be spoiled if he wants to be spoiled."

Bucky scoffed.

"Is making demands of his Alpha not disrespectful?"

Tony smirked, thoroughly enjoying the way his Omega was challenging him. Bucky could have done it in front of Steve, but he chose to do it privately like Tony wanted him to and that really shouldn't make Tony want to fuck him as much as it did.

"It could be seen that way, but I didn't feel like it was disrespectful, otherwise I would have corrected him. If I had told him to stop and he didn't then that would be different." Tony explained. "When I told him to use his manners, he did. That level of obedience was good enough for me at the time."

Steve had been distressed enough to drop into his littlespace, as far as Tony was concerned that was a pretty good excuse for acting like a brat. He honestly would have done anything to appease his Omega at that point. Besides, Tony had a soft spot for brats.

"You're so soft." Bucky said, but he didn't sound so much annoyed as he did envious.

Bucky didn't understand how Tony could let his Omegas challenge him and not feel threatened by it, not feel the need to show them who was boss. Maybe it was because Tony was an Alpha, a higher Alpha no less, so he had no doubt that he was the Alpha. Or maybe it was something else that Bucky just couldn't fully understand. 

Sam was like this with his Omegas too. If anything Sam was even more lenient and soft with his Omegas than Tony was. It honestly just baffled Bucky, because he couldn't imagine letting Steve get away with doing half of the things that he'd seen Clint and Brock get away with.

Tony growled softly at him, nipping at his lip and making Bucky gasp.

"You want to know a secret, pretty Omega?"

Bucky nodded, whimpering when Tony kissed him.

"I kinda have a thing for brats." Tony murmured. 

Bucky swallowed, squirming under him, not really sure what to say to that.

"You challenging me always riles me up, but this, you disagreeing with me and still respecting my wish to not bring it up in front of Steve, makes me wanna fuck you real good, get you all soft and sweet on my knot."

Bucky moaned when Tony rolled his hips down and grinded against him.

"There's something about a bratty Omega finally submitting that's just so much more rewarding than an Omega that just always complies." Tony growled in his ear. "I think if you give it a chance you might discover that for yourself."

Bucky's dick started to twitch to life and he whined.

"On the flipside, brats are so much more fun to put in their place." Tony said with a smirk.

Those words had Bucky's dick leaking and his arousal seeping into his scent. The scent hung in the air around them and Tony let his own arousal seep into his scent and unravel around them, mixing with Bucky's and wrapping around his Omega, making his hole clench in anticipation, expecting his Alpha's knot.

Tony wanted to ravish his Omega, but instead he threw him over his shoulder, making Bucky squeak in surprise. Tony wanted to smack his ass, just for the hell of it, but instead he just rested his hand over his cheeks and held him in place. Steve looked uncertainly up at them, sitting on his dog bed obediently, but clearly concerned. Tony just smiled reassuringly at him and plopped Bucky down on the couch.

Bucky grumbled unhappily about how he wasn't a sack of potatoes and pouted. Tony chuckled, ignoring him and heading over to Steve.

"Come on, pretty puppy." Tony rumbled. "You've been so good, I think you deserve some attention."

Steve purred happily when Tony scooped him up and settled him on his lap. Steve was more than happy to just curl up in his Alpha's lap, his owner's lap. He could see the appeal of being a dog when Tony told him he was a good puppy and scratched behind his ear.



Steve whined when Tony stopped petting him and nuzzled at his hand. He huffed when Tony's attention stayed on Bucky who was rambling about car engines, something that was intriguing to Tony, but just bored Steve, not that he was allowed to add to the conversation. Steve whined again and nipped at Tony's hand. It was light, barely there, but it certainly got Tony's attention.

"Uh-uh, bad dog." Tony scolded, bopping Steve on the nose with two of his fingers. "No biting."

"Stay." Tony told him firmly, lifting Steve off of him and setting him on the floor.

Steve pouted, but waited for Tony to return, his pout deepening when he saw what he had in his hand.

"Good boy." Tony praised, petting him. "Waiting so nicely."

Tony really didn't want Steve to hate being a dog, so it was important to give him lots of praise and attention. At the same time, this was a punishment, so Tony didn't want to give him too much attention. He also didn't want Steve to spiral again though. It was a fine line to walk, but Tony was determined to walk it.

Steve lit up at the praise, but sent the gag a skeptical look when Tony undid the strap.

"Usually good dogs get bones," Tony told him, wanting Steve to like it, but added more firmly, "But this time it's to keep you from biting."

It wasn't necessarily a punishment to be gagged, but in this context it was. Gagging Steve would be a good reminder that he wasn't allowed to bite.

Steve glared at the silicone bone, whining in protest.

"Uh-uh, no whining or you'll have to go lay back down." Tony told him firmly. "Now open up."

Steve pouted, he didn't want to be sent back to bed. He just wanted to be a good dog and get lots of attention.

He opened his mouth obediently and let Tony hook the gag around his head to hold the bone in place. Steve whined again when Tony stood up and Tony narrowed his eyes at him. Steve knew immediately what he'd done wrong and his eyes started to prick with tears at the disappointed look Tony gave him.

"Go lay down." Tony told him, sounding disappointed and pointing to his bed in the corner.

Steve was trying hard not to cry, but crawled obediently over to the dog bed in the corner and curled up in it. 

He watched Tony coo at Bucky, who was pouting about being interrupted during his riveting tale of fixing a carburetor, and lift him into his arms. Steve felt a jolt of envy go through him when they settled down on the couch together. Tony flicked on the TV, Bucky facing away from it, not that he could see it even if he was facing the screen.

"Relax, baby, I've got you." Tony murmured.

Bucky all but melted into him when Tony gripped the back of his neck and coaxed him into laying his head on his shoulder, his arms trapped in between their chests. Bucky looked like he would fall asleep any moment.

Steve just huffed and laid his head down on the edge of his dog bed. It was made for a very large dog and when Steve dozed off he fell asleep with his head on the padded side and his body all but sprawled out across the fluffy surface. Tony was a little apprehensive about ignoring Steve when less than an hour ago he was spiraling, but Steve had agreed that Tony could leave him alone as long as it was just for a short period of time.

Tony needed to trust his Omegas and trust that when they state a limit or say that they're okay with something that they mean it. Sam always says that trust goes both ways. Omegas have to be able to trust their Alphas will always keep them safe and Alphas have to be able to trust that their Omegas will tell them if they ever feel unsafe.

Tony glanced over in amusement when Steve started to purr in his sleep, his fingers curling up in the fur lining. He got up, carrying Bucky with him and shushing the sleeping boy when he stirred in his arms and whined. Tony laid Bucky down carefully next to Steve and Steve immediately shifted in his sleep, wrapping himself around his Alpha. Bucky gasped softly, but scented happy as he snuggled up closer, his arms trapped in between their chests and his head on the side of the dog bed.

Tony took a moment just to watch them, Steve drooling around his gag and Bucky rubbing his cheek against the soft fur lining. Tony sighed softly, a fond look on his face, because they sure were cute together. He shifted until his back was up against the wall and just stayed there, not really able to pull himself away from them, needing to be close to them, but feeling that curling up in a dog bed wouldn't exactly be in character. Maybe little boys shouldn't be in dog beds either, but then again Tony was pretty sure that a little kid would curl up in a dog bed with their puppy. Kids fell asleep in strange places all the time.

He leaned back against the wall, watching as Bucky's breath evened back out and keeping an eye on Steve so he didn't choke on his own saliva. Sleeping with a gag in wasn't exactly a great idea, but it was fine as long as Tony didn't leave him alone. Tony thought it was a good thing that Bucky fell back asleep. Babies that are woken up prematurely tend to be fussy and Tony wasn't so good with those kinds of tears.

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Steve stirred first, stretching his arms above his head and yawning before he had even opened his eyes. They fluttered open softly. He smiled at Tony so sweetly that Tony knew it was worth sitting there on the hard floor for the past twenty minutes just to be there the moment they woke up. The movement woke up Bucky, but Tony couldn't see his eyes flutter open briefly before shutting again. Bucky didn't panic, though it was slightly disorienting waking up and opening his eyes only to be met with darkness. 

He could feel Steve curled up next to him, warm and comforting, and shifted closer. Steve purred, throwing a leg over his hips and rocking his cocklet up against him, rubbing himself against Bucky's cock. Bucky hissed, not ready for more stimulation. Unfortunately for him, Tony had plans to play with him more.

"Sit up, pup."

Steve untangled himself from Bucky and sat up, letting Tony take off his gag and coo at him, petting his hair and nuzzling up against him, before he scooped up Bucky. Tony laid Bucky down on the middle of the bed in the playroom, putting away the gag and grabbing a bracelet with silicone beads for Steve to chew on if he got bored.

Steve tilted his head curiously when Tony returned and slipped the bracelet on his wrist.

"Just in case you need something to do, pup." Tony told him. "Do you think you'll be okay on your own for a little while?"

Steve bit his lip, pressing closer to Tony. Tony cooed at him and scooped him up, settling back on the ground and holding Steve in his lap. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Tony petting Steve's hair and murmuring soft words in his ear.

"Speak to me, pup. Tell me what you're thinking."

Steve nuzzled against Tony.

"I love you, Alpha."

"I love you too, pretty puppy." Tony murmured, pressing kisses to his cheeks and nose. "Will you be okay waiting out here or do you want to hang out in the playroom while we play?"

Steve hummed thoughtfully, a smirk appearing on his lips. He batted his eyes at his Alpha and rocked his hips against him. Tony gripped his hips to still them, raising a brow at his Omega.

"Do I get to play with you, Alpha?"

Tony chuckled and kissed him softly.

"You're cute, but no. Not this time, pup."

Steve pouted, whining. The noise cut off immediately when Tony gave him a stern look.

"Don't make me gag you again, pup. I already warned you about whining."

"Sorry, Alpha." Steve mumbled, pressing kisses to his jaw in an apology.

Tony gripped his hair and tugged him in for a kiss.

"It's okay, pretty puppy. You're such a good boy."

Steve purred, glowing from the compliment.

"I'll be okay here, Alpha, but, um, can I change my mind if it becomes too much?"

Tony licked his lips, gripping Steve's chin between his thumb and his forefinger.

"Baby, you can always change your mind."

Steve bit his lip, nodding.

"Then I'll be just fine right here, Alpha."

Tony didn't even try to hide the pride that came through his scent and he could tell that it only made Steve happier, knowing that his Alpha was pleased with him, proud of him even.

"Then be a good boy and stay here while I play with Bucky," Tony told him softly. "But you come join us if you get too lonely."

Steve nodded, still not sure why Tony had given him a bracelet. Tony didn't offer up an explanation for it. He just ruffled his hair, setting him back on the dog bed and headed back to the playroom. 

Tony paused in the doorway, stopping to watch Bucky with his wrists tied together by the black silk ties that Tony had bought just for him, his fingers playing absently with the padlock on his collar and his scent so damn pretty that Tony wanted to roll around in it.

Bucky glanced up instinctively when he heard Tony's footsteps approaching, even though he couldn't see him. The bed dipped next to him, Tony pulling him close.

"Do you like it, angel?"

Bucky hummed, smiling softly, his fingers brushing over his collar, before he reached out for his Alpha, his fingers wrapping around Tony's biceps, digging into the strong muscles. He purred appreciatively and leaned closer to press a kiss to Tony's chest. Tony gasped softly when the kiss ended up being a lot closer to his nipple then he had intended. Tony's fingers dug into Bucky's hips and he pulled him even closer, until he was practically on top of Tony.

"I love it, Alpha." Bucky breathed out. "I'll never forget I'm yours."

Tony growled in approval, his fingers slipping under the collar and yanking Bucky in for a kiss.

"If you ever do I'll just have to remind you." Tony whispered softly, like a promise shared just between the two of them.

Bucky shivered, whimpering and pressing closer.

"Alpha, Daddy, want you."

"Shh, I know what you want, little one. I know exactly what you need, even if you don't want it."

Bucky bit his lip, his arousal heavy in the air.

"What?" He asked, somewhere between eager and anxious.

"I'm gonna take you apart over and over again."

Bucky pouted, remembering how hard that had been earlier, but his dick twitched at the thought. He desperately wanted it. He didn't enjoy pain the same way Steve did, but this felt different somehow. This was his Alpha giving him pleasure until it hurt, using his power over him to leave him helpless and vulnerable. It wasn't about the pain, not really, it was about the control. It was about Bucky giving up his control to his Alpha, because in a way it may seem like Tony was taking it away by forcing him to cum, but they both knew that wasn't what was happening.

No, this was Bucky giving himself to his Alpha willingly. Bucky had all the control here, the power to end it if it was too much, if he really didn't want it. The control that Tony held over him was the control that Bucky had given him. There was something about that that was beautiful. Something about Bucky being willing to struggle for his Alpha. Something about the way his physical struggles reflected the way he struggled mentally with submitting and yet he had no control over his warring instincts, but all the control over this. Something about it all was beautiful and Bucky wanted to give that to his Alpha, wanted his Alpha to take him apart, again and again.

Which is why even though he was pouting, he pressed closer to Tony and purred again.

"Okay, Daddy."

Tony cooed at his Omega, before shifting them until Bucky was on his back. Tony's fingers worked to untie Bucky's hands, taking the silks back to the dresser and putting them away, before slotting himself in between Bucky's legs. Tony rubbed at Bucky's wrists one at a time, ensuring he had proper blood flow after all these hours tied up, and Bucky sighed, relaxing into the bed.

Tony just chuckled, pressed a kiss to his lips, and sat back on his heels.

"Arms above your head." Tony ordered, his dick leaking when Bucky lifted his hands immediately. "You can grip the bars if that will help, but I want you to keep your hands above your head."

Bucky nodded, biting his lip, and grabbed a metal bar in each hand.

Tony easily could have handcuffed him to the bed, but he wanted Bucky to choose to keep his hands above his head, to do it for his Alpha, because his Alpha told him to and he wanted to please him. He didn't want to always be taking away Bucky's control or forcing him to submit. He wanted Bucky to enjoy it, to want it, and to do it willingly, not just because he was bound and helpless.

"Good boy." Tony murmured, pushing his legs open further and bending to lick and suck at the inside of his thigh.

Bucky gasped softly, moaning when Tony's mouth strayed down farther and his tongue flicked at his hole. Bucky's eyes rolled back as Tony ate him out, his hand fondling Bucky's cock and balls. It was all too much. Even after his short nap, the brief reprieve from playing, he still felt too sensitive. Part of it was definitely being blindfolded, because losing his sight made everything else seem so much better, or maybe it was so much worse. Bucky wasn't entirely sure.

A part of him hated it, because he felt so raw and vulnerable, so exposed and on display. Like he was fragile and if Tony wanted to he could crush him, break him. The thing was that Bucky trusted Tony to not hurt him, to not break him. He trusted his Alpha to take him apart and then put him back together.

When Tony slipped a finger in alongside his tongue, his other hand abandoning Bucky's cock to rub circles into his hip and grip comfortingly at his thigh, Bucky just whimpered, letting his legs fall open and his Alpha use him. There was something exhilarating about being used, but it was also a relief to just let go and allow Tony to do what he wanted, to have his way with him.

Another finger joined after a few minutes, Tony's tongue disappearing.

"You're doing so good, baby boy. Opening up so nicely for Daddy."

Tony's fingers squelched in his ass and Bucky squirmed, his fists clenching and unclenching on the bars of the bed.

"Daddy!" Bucky cried out, his body convulsing as he was forced through his seventh orgasm that day.

Barely anything came out of him and Tony licked his lips, wondering if he'd finally milked him dry. He would find out when he forced the poor boy to cum again if there was anything left inside his balls.

Bucky was panting, his fists clenching the bars so tightly that his knuckles were white, and his cheeks were flushed red, less from embarrassment and more from being brought to the edge and then forced over it.

"So pretty, baby. You're so fucking pretty." Tony murmured, licking at the small amount of cum on his stomach.

Bucky hoped that would be the end of it. He really hoped that Tony was done and he started to cry when Tony lifted him up and laid him belly down on the new bench, strapping him down.

"Daddy, please, no more." Bucky begged.

"Shh, baby, you're fine." Tony soothed, brushing tears off his cheek and pressing a kiss to the corner of each eye. "Now be a good boy and just take it."

Bucky whimpered, but nodded.

"Good boy, baby. You're such a good boy." Tony murmured, before walking away.

Tony went to the kitchen and grabbed a mason jar and a spatula, setting them out on the table next to the sofa chair in the corner of the playroom. It was far enough away that Bucky wouldn't hear him jerking off, but close enough for Tony to enjoy the show.

Bucky heard the sound of his footsteps walking away before returning. Then the sound of glass against wood, somewhere between a clink and a thunk, and his body tensed. He had no idea what Tony was doing and that terrified him just as much as it excited him. He trusted his Alpha to not push him too far, so he didn't even bother asking what was going to happen, he just tried to relax and let it happen, let his Alpha use him however he wanted to.

Tony went over to the dresser next, pulling out a dildo, average size but textured. It had little bumps all over it and Tony ran his fingers over them appreciatively before grabbing a bottle of lube. He wasn't a huge fan of the taste of lube, but he had never complained when Sam told him to clean his dick after Sam fucked him. He certainly wouldn't complain about his Omega tasting like lube. Besides, he'd already gotten to eat Bucky out and enjoy his natural flavor, a slight hint of cinnamon like his scent.

Bucky bit his lip as he listened to Tony's footsteps approaching him and jumped slightly when Tony's now slick fingers prodded at his hole, before hooking up the dildo to the machine and rubbing lube over the bumpy surface. Bucky wasn't stupid. He knew what was about to happen and he hated how excited he was about it. 

He knew it was going to be hard, painful even, to be fucked and undoubtedly forced to cum again, but Tony would praise him and cuddle with him afterwards. That made it all worth it for some reason. Bucky knew that he'd do anything, go to hell and back, suffer for eternity, if it would make Tony smile softly and coo at him.

Tony lined up the dildo with Bucky's hole, pushing it in until just the tip was inside.

"Just stay like this and look pretty for me, baby." Tony murmured, trailing kisses up Bucky's spine before mouthing at his neck, brushing his hair aside to do so.

Bucky tended to wear his hair up, but Tony liked when it was down like this, brushing his shoulders and falling down and blocking his face when he tilted his head down. Tony tucked a strand behind his ear and nuzzled against his cheek.

"What's your color, baby?"

"Green, Daddy."

Tony rumbled affectionately, pressed a kiss to his temple and murmured good boy, before turning on the machine. Bucky shrieked as the smooth head gave way to bumps, the feeling making his body jerk against the restraints holding him down. The dildo pushed against his prostate with every thrust, no slow start, just fast and hard, a brutal pace that made Bucky scream and sob.

Tony walked back over to the chair and settled down on the leather surface to admire the view. He pulled his dick out of his sweats and stroked himself, watching Bucky cry as the machine fucked into him mercilessly, forcing an orgasm out of him in the first five minutes. Tony grunted as he cummed, grabbing the mason jar and directing his flow into it, his cum painting the sides white as it pooled in the bottom.

He propped the jar between his knees, keeping his dick aimed down so he was filling the jar. His hand kept stroking his dick, while the other one wrapped around his knot, squeezing it lightly to help milk him and providing a nice pressure.

Bucky could smell his Alpha's relief and as much as he was hurting, his body way too sensitive and his prostate like a raw nerve ending that made him feel like his body was on fire as the dildo slammed into it relentlessly, Bucky still felt proud. He had made his Alpha cum, even if it wasn't directly. His Alpha wasn't touching him, wasn't using him the way Bucky really craved to be used, but he was getting off on Bucky's suffering and tears and the way the machine was ruining his asshole.

He liked that his Alpha liked seeing him like this, wrecked and a mess and on the verge of breaking, even if he didn't really like being like this. He also felt safe knowing that he could make it stop if he wanted to. He didn't want to though. He wanted to take it and struggle through it and cry until his Alpha was satisfied. Bucky thought that in that moment he understood Steve in a way that he'd never truly understood him before, on a personal level that only came from experience. He also wondered briefly if his Alpha understood this struggle and the desire to endure it and be praised for it.

Tony left Bucky strapped down with the machine fucking him raw until his knot had gone down, Bucky being forced through two more orgasms, before finally turning it off and pulling him off the bench. The bench was damp with sweat, but Tony smirked when he realized that there wasn't any cum. His baby boy had just been forced to suffer through three dry orgasms and that made Tony proud in a way that was hard to comprehend. 

He'd only been hooked up twenty, maybe thirty minutes at most, but Tony still pulled him onto the bed and massaged his arms and legs. All the while he cooed at him and murmured soft words and Bucky practically glowed from the praise, his cheeks red and his scent proud and so heavenly that Tony wanted to eat him. Tony let his own pride seep into his scent and wrap around his Omega like a blanket.

Tony nuzzled against his fucked out little boy, so soft and sweet as he floated, before climbing off the bed to retrieve the jar. The cum was cold now, thick and unappetizing, not that Bucky could see it. Tony made a face at it though, but that didn't stop him from feeding it to his little boy. Good little boys took whatever treats their daddies gave them.

"Open your mouth, baby." Tony ordered. "Tongue out."

Bucky didn't know what was happening, but he did as he was told. He smelled it before it even hit his tongue, the scent as thick as the substance. The scent of his Alpha's cum, so close, so potent, was enough to make Bucky moan and his dick gave a valiant effort to harden, twitching briefly before slumping against his thigh. His body wasn't capable of getting hard again, but that didn't mean he wasn't interested.

Bucky gagged when the first drop hit his tongue. The taste of his Alpha's cum was addictive, but the texture, gloppy and slimy, was horrendous.

"Keep your tongue out until I tell you to swallow, baby, then swallow it all like a good boy. I don't want a single drop to go to waste."

Bucky whined, but kept his tongue out, his nose wrinkling in disgust as more dripped from the rim of the jar into his mouth. Tony had to prompt him to stick his tongue back out again, gripping his hair to keep his head tilted back at the right angle. Tony waited until his mouth was full, cum on the verge of spilling over, before he tilted the jar back up to avoid losing any cum and told Bucky to swallow.

Bucky's stomach swirled unhappily, threatening to revolt when he forced himself to swallow.

"Good boy." Tony growled, his eyes flashing at the sight of his Omega swallowing down his cold cum.

He knew that Bucky hated it, but he was doing it to please his Alpha and that made Tony's heart soar.

They continued the process, the cum trailing slowly down the glass, Bucky forced to swallow down mouthful after mouthful of the thick liquid, that was so gelatinous at this point that it couldn't even really be considered a liquid, until the last glob plopped down on his tongue. There were still traces of cum leftover and Tony grabbed the spatula, using it to gather up the remaining cum and made Bucky lick it clean.

Bucky was relieved when it was over, but he didn't really regret it, because of how happy Tony was. Tony kissed him and licked into his mouth, before cuddling up to Bucky and cradling him to his chest.

"You did so good, baby boy. Took it all so well and swallowed down all of Daddy's cum, just like a good boy." Tony murmured in his ear. "You're so good for me, angel. The prettiest little boy ever."

Bucky sighs happily and nuzzles against his chest, exhausted from a long day of forced orgasms and overstimulation, plus all of the emotional strain of being forced to be so vulnerable and to put all his trust in his Alpha. He was physically and emotionally drained and they weren't even done yet. He was just glad that Tony seemed willing to let him fall back asleep and take another nap.



Tony stayed with Bucky, soothing him and praising him, until he had fallen asleep. Even with his two short naps earlier Bucky was exhausted. A machine forcing three orgasms out of him was enough to wear him out. Tony left Bucky snuggled under the blankets, tucked in safe and sound, and went to get Steve.

"Come on, pup. It's playtime."

Steve perked up at that. He was expecting Tony to go grab the dog toy again, but he didn't, he called for Steve to follow him. Steve happily crawled after him, excited to see what his Alpha had in mind.

"I want to stay near Bucky, in case, he wakes up, so we're going to play in here."

Steve nodded because that seemed reasonable. He kneeled by the bed and glanced at it. He wondered if he would be allowed to cuddle up with Bucky when they got done playing, just like before. Tony followed his gaze and clicked his tongue, that's when Steve realized he was holding a leash in his hand. Steve wasn't sure if he'd been holding it before or not, he hadn't noticed it if he had been, though he'd mostly likely plucked it off of one of the many hooks on the wall that displayed an assortment of toys and gear.

The leash was short, nothing more than a handle really, but it was definitely meant to clip onto a harness or collar. Tony called him over to a spot at the end of the bed and clipped it onto Steve's collar, slipping the loop onto the metal bed post. Steve furrowed his brows in confusion, but Tony didn't explain it to him.

"Dogs don't get to talk, pup, but I know how hard it is to not beg when you're being fucked, so I'm gonna make it easy for you." Tony said. "Stay here and watch over Bucky. I'll be right back."

Steve squirmed when Tony walked into one of the closets, but stayed where he was, turning his head to watch Bucky as he slept. His Alpha sure was pretty all soft like this, curled up in fuzzy blankets and purring softly as he dreamed.

Tony dug around until he found an O-ring. He wasn't a huge fan of open mouth gags, because he preferred having warm lips wrapped around his dick, but that didn't mean this kind of gag didn't serve a purpose. It was exactly what they needed right now, but it wasn't something he felt they'd use often enough to keep it on display. There were so many other things that he'd rather have easily accessible.

When Tony returned and Steve saw what he had, his face lit up and he squirmed in anticipation. They were finally going to play and Steve felt himself get wet just by the thought of his Alpha using his mouth for his own pleasure. Tony smirked at him and crouched down, slipping a hand into his hair and petting him.

"Good boy, waiting so patiently. You've been very patient today, pup, so I'm going to reward you now. I'm gonna give you a chance to prove yourself to me, to prove that you can be good and please your Alpha. Do you want that, Omega?"

Steve nodded.

"Speak, pup. Give me a color."

"Green." Steve said eagerly. "Want it, Alpha, please."

Tony chuckled.

"What an eager little slut, baby." Tony rumbled. "Open up, my pretty puppy."

Steve opened his mouth wide, desperate to be used and to prove just how good he can be, just how good he can make his Alpha feel. Steve could be anything his Alpha wanted him to be. A good boy, good Omega, good slut, good hole, even a good dog. He would be whatever his Alpha wanted him to be, whatever his Alpha needed from him, Steve would give him. If his Alpha wanted a hole to fuck, then Steve would be the best hole ever and the next time his Alpha needed a hole he'd come back for more, because Steve was a good hole. He was determined to be the best hole for his Alpha.

Tony slipped the ring in behind Steve's teeth, the gag holding his mouth wide open. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but Steve was used to being knotted by his Alpha now and this was nothing compared to that.

"You won't be able to talk now. See how generous I am to help you out like this." Tony chuckled.

Steve nodded. 

His Alpha was the most generous ever. He was so good to him.

"You can whine all you want, pup, but I'm not gonna stop until I'm done with you." Tony murmured.

Steve hoped he never stopped, hoped he never got done with him. He wanted to always be useful, always be needed and wanted. He wanted his Alpha to keep him, even after he was finished with him. Steve wanted him to love him enough to always come back for more.

"If you do ever need it to stop, then I want you to tap my thigh. Understood?"

Steve nodded, even though he already knew that he wouldn't tap out. There was no way this could be too much for him. Steve loved being used and he loved having his throat fucked.

Steve made a sound of surprise when Tony licked inside of his mouth. It wasn't really a kiss. Steve couldn't really kiss with his mouth forced open like this. It was all tongue, but Tony didn't seem to mind as he licked the back of Steve's teeth and the roof of his mouth, his tongue rubbing against Steve's, coaxing it out until he could suck on it. A string of saliva connected their mouths when Tony pulled back and he chuckled at the needy whine Steve released. Steve tried to chase after him, desperate for more, but his short leash stopped him.

Tony laughed when Steve pouted, slipping the leash off of the post and wrapping his hand in it, giving Steve a tug and making him yelp in surprise.

"You can't escape me now, pup, so you better get used to just taking what you're given." Tony threatened, pulling on the leash hard enough to make Steve choke. "I'm gonna make you my bitch."

Steve struggled to breath for only a moment, but his entire body felt like it was on fire. Flames licked up his limbs and slick pooled on the ground beneath him. He was basically kneeling in a puddle of slick now, the lube like liquid gushing out of him in his excitement. Tony had never been cruel with him like this. Steve was thrilled that he was going to be rough with him, use him real good like an Omega should be used.

Tony just smirked at him, slipping a hand into his sweats to pull himself out. Tears pricked at Steve's eyes from being choked, but he knew that if he could he would be begging for more. He couldn't really beg, only whine and whimper around his gag and pray that Tony wasn't just teasing him, that he really would fuck him hard and rough and make it hurt. Steve didn't deserve to get what he wanted, but that didn't stop him from hoping he would.

Tony didn't disappoint, shoving forcefully into his mouth and down his throat in one thrust, his hand in Steve's leash holding him in place and damn near choking him with every thrust. Tony didn't have any problem with playing rough, even if he was usually cautious with his Omegas. He was always so worried that he would make a mistake with them, but what Sam had said about how being rough with Steve was giving him what he needed really made Tony think. He realized that this was something that Steve needed and good Alphas gave their Omegas what they needed. 

It was wrong of him to deny Steve this, and right now, punishing him, was about giving his Omega what he needed. Steve needed to feel used, to feel punished, so he could feel owned and forgiven. So he knew that his Alpha loved him enough to put in the effort to correct his behavior.

The more Tony fucked him, the more of a mess Steve became, slick running down his thighs and the puddle beneath him growing on the hardwood floor. Drool was running down his chin and tears were running down his cheeks, dripping onto the floor and wetting Tony's pubes, but God, did it feel good. Tony loved the feeling of Steve's throat fluttering around him as he fucked him and Steve loved choking on his Alpha's dick. As much as he tried to relax and keep his throat open, it was nearly impossible when Tony's hold on his leash kept cutting off his airway and causing him to tense up.

For as messy and wet as it was Steve's throat was dry and he wondered if it would be bruised in the morning. He didn't hate the thought as much as he should have. Bucky had definitely fucked him at the wrong angle before and ended up hitting the back of his throat enough to bruise it. He always felt proud of himself when he got injured during sex, even if that was probably fucked up. Bucky always felt bad about it, but Steve loved the reminder as he healed. He didn't like it so much when Bucky made him wait until after he recovered to use him again though.

Steve knew Tony would make him wait, too, but that didn't stop Steve from trying to shift back when Tony changed his angle, his dick slipping down Steve's throat instead of hitting the back of it. Tony stopped him though, pulling out and slapping him, not too hard, but enough to sting and leave his cheek a little red.

"Don't move, you fucking slut. What did I tell you about taking what I give?" Tony growled. "Don't be greedy and try to take more than you're given. Fucking ungrateful bitch."

Steve whined, feeling ashamed and holding still. He wanted to be good so badly, he wanted his Alpha to tell him what a good slut he was, he wanted him to come back for more. Alphas didn't want bad Omegas though. They wanted obedient Omegas, good Omegas. Steve was determined to be good enough for his Alpha.

He was good after that, returning his focus to his Alpha where it should be. He shouldn't be thinking about what he wanted, when all that should matter right now was what his Alpha wanted. Tony wanted him to hold still and be a good hole, so that's exactly what Steve would do.

Eventually Tony pulled out, ready to knot his Omega. He let go of the leash and unhooked the gag, slipping it out of Steve's mouth, holding his knot in his other hand. He was already starting to inflate, the bulge at the base forming, but he hadn't popped yet. Steve was breathing heavily and Tony gave him a moment to just catch his breath.

"You're doing so good for me, pup. Such a good little bitch." Tony cooed at him. "Fuck you're a mess. You're so beautiful like this, little one, wrecked by your Alpha."

Steve felt the praise hit him hard and he thought he'd burst from pride while simultaneously burning up from the embarrassment of being told he was a mess.

"I'd love to breed you, but we both know that's not a good idea, so I want to knot your mouth instead." Tony told him. "I'm gonna give you one last chance to back out. Say the word and I'll cum all over your face instead, make more of a mess out of you. Otherwise I'm gonna cum down your throat and stretch your jaw so wide you'll wish you'd said no."

Steve shivered, licking his lips. His jaw was already starting to feel sore from being gagged, but he wanted his Alpha's knot. He wanted it so badly he didn't care if he regretted it in the morning, in fact, he hoped he did, hoped he woke up with a sore jaw. Well used sluts were always sore the next day. It just meant they were well loved.

"Please, Alpha. I want your knot." Steve begged. "Please let me swallow your cum."

Tony smiled softly at him, thumbing over his bottom lip.

"Open up then, pup."

Tony pushed back inside of his mouth, fucking into him slowly a few more times and grunting when his knot popped, locking behind his teeth. He hunched over, resting his forearms on the bed, his hips jerking forward, pinning Steve's head against the bed frame as he cummed down his throat. Tony's cum burned the back of Steve's throat, felt like fire on his abused insides, fresh tears pouring down his cheeks, but he was floating and blissed out as load after load filled up his tummy.

He felt a warmth settling inside of him and Steve was pretty sure it was love. His Alpha loved him enough to give him his sperm, loved him enough to use him. Steve glowed at the thought, melting into a puddle of Omegan hormones, his body shaking through an orgasm from being used and pleasing his Alpha. 

Tony cursed when he felt Steve's body trembling under him and groaned when he realized his Omega had just orgasmed untouched. Fuck he loved it when they did that. He couldn't believe how perfect his Omegas were that they could be pushed over the edge by their Alpha knotting their mouth. It was truly incredible and Tony wanted to worship them for it, touch them all over as a reward for not needing to be touched.

Tony pushed himself up, lowering himself to the ground, Steve forced to follow him down. Tony relaxed against the bed frame, Steve's mouth still locked to his knot, but his ass up in the air, presenting so pretty. Steve whined and Tony brushed his fingers soothingly through his hair.

"Shh, you're okay, pup. You're doing so good. Fuck you're beautiful, my pretty little puppy." Tony murmured reverently.

His fingers ran over his purple collar, trailing down his back until they could slip into his hole, wet and hot as it clenched down around him.

"I know you're gonna feel so good when I finally get inside of you. You're gonna take my knot so well, baby, I just know it. I'll breed you up like a good little bitch." Tony told him, his voice soft and fond, almost a coo. "You're gonna look so beautiful stuffed full of my cock and tied to my knot. I'm gonna fuck you until you're bloated with my cum. Fuck you over and over again, and when I'm done there won't be any chance that you're not pregnant with my pups."

Steve hummed around his dick, floating, Tony's words barely registering as more than a comforting sound, luring him further down. 

Tony knew that the need to claim and knot and breed was getting more intense. He knew that he needed to claim them soon, but he didn't want to yet. He was just hoping that collaring them would be enough to curb the desire for now, reassure both him and his Omegas that they belonged to each other. He was theirs as much as they were his and that may not be traditional, but it felt right to Tony.

He was obsessed with the idea of Steve with a bloated tummy, so bloated he looked round with pups, like he was just starting to show. It was that thought that had Tony knotting him again and again, fucking his throat and fingering his ass until Steve had passed out on his knot. Tony fucked and knotted him once more while he was sleeping, before finally pulling Steve up into his arms and laying him out on the bed.

Bucky lifted his head sleepily when the mattress shifted, but with his blindfold still on he couldn't see anything. He could smell the slick in the air and the scent of sated Omega that told him Steve had been fucked through orgasm after orgasm until he finally passed out. Bucky could feel the heat radiating off of his pretty little Omega, even if he couldn't see him, and he shifted closer to him, his hands free to pull Steve closer. Steve's ass provided a soft place for Bucky's cock to nestle in between and Bucky realized that he'd gotten hard while he was sleeping, the scent of Steve's slick allowing him to harden, even though he'd been forced to cum so many times today that he knew he wouldn't be able to get hard without it.

Bucky had no desire to fuck his Omega, which was rare, because Bucky always wanted Steve. Right now he was worn out and tired and more than happy to just cuddle up to him. Now that Tony was no longer knotting Steve his body had calmed down, allowing the scent of sated Omega to finally take over the scent of slick and Bucky's cock started to slowly soften. Honestly, it was a relief to go soft without having to cum, without having to be stroked and played with until he was in tears.

Steve purred in his sleep as Bucky nuzzled his neck, licking and nipping at his scent gland. Tony smiled softly at them, reaching over to run his fingers through Steve's hair and then trailed them down Bucky's arm. He shoved the blankets aside and joined his Omega's, admiring the way Steve's stomach looked, full of his cum and inflated to the point that he looked like he was pregnant.

Tony growled softly and both his Omega's whimpered in response, even Steve who was unconscious responded to his Alpha. His Omega's were perfect and beautiful and Tony couldn't wait until they started a family together. His hand cupped Steve's belly and he imagined that he had a pup growing inside of him.

Tony rubbed his belly reverently and it occurred to him that this desire to breed his Omega's might not be only because he was antsy to claim them. Alpha's only went into rut once a year, but a few months before their rut they started to feel an increased desire to breed and provide. It was a biological response to procreate and though during rut Alpha's were lost in a lust fuelled desire to knot up their Omegas and pump them full of their cum, those few months before were different. It was nature's way of preparing the Omegas for what was coming.

Their Alphas became more attentive, were driven to provide for them and dote upon them, build nests around the house and places for their mates to burrow and keep their pups safe, and they started to stockpile food. That period of time that was referred to as the preparation stage of a rut was all about preparing for both the rut, as well as the pups that would inevitably come from it.

It wasn't uncommon for Alphas to build cots or cradles during that time, set up nurseries or brainstorm baby names, read parenting books and rub their mates bellies in anticipation. It was less about being horny and desperately needing to breed their mates and more about a strong urge to get everything ready for when the pups came. Though that doesn't mean they didn't want to breed their mates.

Tony definitely wanted to breed his Omegas.

Bucky's hand trailed down Steve's side, sliding across his belly and bumping into Tony's hand.

"Fuck, he's so round." Bucky growled softly in Steve's ear.

Steve whimpered and stirred slightly at the sound.

"Alpha?" Steve mumbled sleepily.

"Go back to sleep, doll. I didn't mean ta wake ya." Bucky murmured at the same time that Tony murmured, "Shh, you're okay, little one."

Steve hummed, his eyes fluttering shut just as quickly as they had fluttered open. Bucky pressed open kisses to Steve's neck and shoulder.

"When are ya gonna knot us, Alpha?" Bucky asked, the words mumbled against Steve's skin.

He was already feeling vulnerable, trusting his Alpha to protect him and take care of him, he might as well be emotionally vulnerable, too. Express his desire to be closer to his Alpha, knotted and claimed. Bucky wanted to be bred just as much as Tony wanted to breed him.

Tony licked his lips, pushing up onto his forearm and leaning over Steve to grip Bucky's chin. He kissed him softly until Bucky was whimpering into his mouth.

"My pretty Omega, do you want your Alpha to knot you up real good?" Tony cooed at him. "You need it, baby?"

Bucky blushed bright red, but nodded.

"Need you, Alpha."

"Oh, I know, baby. I know what you need and I'm gonna give it to you so soon."

"Yeah?" Bucky breathed out. "You gonna give me your knot, Alpha? Breed me up?"

Tony growled, letting his scent wrap warm and safe around his Omegas when they both whimpered again. Bucky's hand rubbed over Steve's swollen belly soothingly.

"I'd love to see Steve full of pups." Bucky confessed, the words soft, barely more than a whisper, like a secret shared just between them. "Never thought I'd ever have that, but I've always wanted it."

"'Course you have. All Alphas want to see their Omegas round with pups."

Bucky bit his lip, licking them, his heart racing in his chest.

"Kiss me."

Tony chuckled, cupping his cheek and pressing another kiss to his lips.

"How long you gonna court us for?" Bucky asked.

Tony chuckled, nipping at his bottom lip.

"Why? You sick of it?" Tony teased.

Bucky rolled his eyes behind his blindfold.

"It's cheesy and stupid." Bucky snarked, but his cheeks flushed a rosy red.

"Maybe it is, but that doesn't mean we can't like it."

"I do like it," Bucky admitted softly.

Tony rumbled approvingly at his Omega's honesty and kissed him, this kiss deeper, tongues tangling and tasting, rubbing together.

"Fuck, you're so pretty, baby," Tony murmured.

Bucky whimpered, going willingly when Tony pushed him onto his back. Tony climbed over Steve carefully and pinned Bucky down, rocking their dicks together. Bucky hissed, trying to tug his wrists out of Tony's hold.

"No, too much," Bucky protested.

"Shh, just lay there and take it, baby boy. Be so good for Daddy."

Bucky whined but went limp under Tony, letting him roll his hips and grind into him.

"Good boy." Tony murmured against his lips, kissing him hot and hard.

"Daddy," Bucky whined into his mouth.

"Shh, I know, you're doing so good, little one. So good for me always, baby."

Tears welled up in Bucky's eyes, spilling over, his hips jerking up on their own accord and his toes curling. Tony kept at it until Bucky was crying through his orgasm, his chest heaving and his gasps wet as he cummed dry. Bucky didn't even get hard and yet Tony managed to make him tremble and his balls tighten, pulling up to try and release cum in vain.

"Please, please, no more," Bucky begged.

He thought he might die if Tony forced him to have another dry orgasm. Tony licked at the trails of tears on his cheeks, pressing kisses to the corners of his eyes where more tears were threatening to spill over.

"Shh, that's it, all done, baby," Tony soothed. "You did so good, baby boy."

Bucky whimpered and Tony captured his lips for another kiss, no rush to it, just soft and sweet. Tony ignored his own cock, hard and leaking in his sweats, in favor of cuddling up to his Omega. Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve, his Alpha spooning him, Tony's dick poking into his back. Bucky didn't have it in him to offer to help out. He was exhausted and quite frankly concerned that it might lead to Tony trying to get him off again. Bucky was not ready for that, so he just breathed in the scent of apple pie coming from Steve and let his eyes close.

"Go ahead and get some sleep, pretty baby," Tony murmured in his ear.

Bucky shook his head slightly.

"Mm-mm, just gonna rest my eyes," Bucky mumbled.

"You do that, baby." Tony indulged, pretty sure that Bucky was only minutes away from passing out again.

Tony just ran a hand soothingly up and down his side, unsurprised when it took less than two minutes for Bucky's breathing to even out.

Chapter Text

Tony was watching his Omegas sleep. Bucky had drifted off about fifteen minutes earlier and Tony had shifted away from them to answer some emails on his Starkpad. As much as he loved spending the day with his Omegas and he certainly didn't regret dedicating his whole day to them, he was anxious to not fall behind at work. Pepper would castrate him if he let his work fall to the wayside.

Steve started to squirm in his sleep, his eyes snapping open and a whine on his lips. He grabbed at his crotch under the blankets, holding his cocklet in an attempt to keep from wetting the bed.

"Alpha!" Steve whined.

"What? What's wrong, baby?" Tony asked, setting his Starkpad aside.

His Omega was clearly distressed, but Tony wasn't quite sure why.

"I gotta pee." Steve whined.

Tony's face lit up in understanding having gone through something similar with Bucky already and he relaxed, glad that's all it was. He was worried that maybe Steve was dropping again, but needing to pee wasn't something that concerned Tony.

"Okay, come on, baby."

Steve whined when Tony pulled him into his arms, pulling him right over the top of Bucky who just grumbled unhappily in his sleep when his Omega was pulled away from him. The movement jostled Steve's bladder and he rutted up against Tony, grinding into him in a desperate attempt to hold in his pee.

"Alpha, I've really gotta go!" Steve whined.

"I know, I've got you." Tony said, setting him down on his feet in front of the toilet.

Steve sighed in relief, shoving the seat up, but he frowned when Tony didn't leave. Steve was all flustered, squirming and clearly desperate to pee, but he kept looking over at Tony and blushing. He really needed to go, but Tony was looking at him.

"I can't pee with you watching me," He whined.

Tony raised a brow at him.

"You've peed in front of me before."

"Yeah, but you weren't watching me. You were, like, showering. That's different."

Tony chuckled and leaned back against the wall, his arms crossing over his chest.

"Well, it's not like we're in a rush."

Steve frowned, his thighs clenching together.

"You have to get back to Bucky." Steve pointed out stubbornly.

"True, but I could always bring you with me," Tony countered. "I'm being generous by offering you the opportunity to pee in the toilet. I thought you'd appreciate that, but I guess if you hate it so much you can just take your chances with holding it."


"If you really hate it then you can safeword out of it, baby. You have a safeword for a reason. If you really have to pee and you just can't do it in front of me and you can't stand the thought of peeing on the floor, then use your safeword."

Steve's cheeks blushed bright red, because what the fuck? Tony did not just suggest that Steve might wet himself. Tony didn't seem to think he'd said anything strange though, because he just carried on like this was a totally normal conversation to be having.

"I don't think that it's crossing any of your limits though. I think it embarrasses you and it makes you uncomfortable, but I don't feel like it's to the point where I would stop. Sometimes being pushed out of your comfort zone a little bit is a good thing. However, if you really think it's too much, then you tell me and I'll leave and let you go on your own."

Tony liked the idea of making Steve squirm and humiliating him, but he also didn't want to push him too far and he would definitely respect it if Steve used his safeword.

Steve glared at him.

"I don't think peeing in front of you is a good thing." He snapped, feeling irritable because he just needed to pee so badly and Tony was being so frustrating.

Why wouldn't he just leave?

Tony smirked at him and pushed off of the wall, wrapping his arms around his waist and resting his chin on his shoulder. Steve was clenching his thighs together and doing some kind of almost dance as he shifted from one foot to the next, but he stilled when Tony wrapped his arms around his waist, scared that even the slightest pressure on his abdomen might make him burst.

It probably wouldn't.

He hadn't been holding it long, but he would be mortified if he lost control of his bladder, even if he was peeing in the toilet.

"If you're not gonna safeword out, then I'm not gonna stop, pup. I don't think this is too much or I wouldn't be asking it of you. So why don't you be a good dog and pee where you've been told to, because I'm gonna be angry if I take you back out there and you pee on the floor after I gave you this chance to use the toilet."

"My punishment is almost over, I could just hold it." Steve said stubbornly.

Tony hummed, a hand sliding over Steve's stomach that was still slightly distended from swallowing so much of Tony's cum.

"You could. I could also extend your punishment for disobeying me."

Steve's eyes widened.

"You wouldn't."

Tony chuckled and nipped at his neck.

"I thought we were just talking hypotheticals, pup. You're not really considering holding your bladder for the next hour just so you don't have to pee in front of me, are you?" Tony teased.

Steve was seriously considering just that. There wasn't even a full hour left, but he pouted at Tony's teasing and leaned his weight back against him. Tony rolled his eyes at his stubborn Omega and wrapped a hand around his cocklet. Steve's eyes widened and he gasped, squirming in Tony's hold.

"Wha- Oh fuck!" Steve groaned.

Tony started to stroke him with two fingers, pulling his foreskin up and down with each stroke. Steve's cocklet couldn't get hard and he couldn't cum, but Tony was curious to see if he would pee if he stroked him long enough, teased him enough, distracted him enough. Steve squirmed and whined, but he never once tried to stop Tony, slumping back against him and letting his Alpha support all of his weight.

It seemed that Tony was right, because after he forced Steve over the edge, slick gushing out of him and running down his legs and soaking through the crotch of Tony's pants, Steve did finally pee. Tony pointed his cocklet down into the toilet bowl, watching his stream hit the water. Steve just moaned, the feeling intense after just having orgasmed, his eyes shut tight and his body lit up, sensitive to every sensation.

He didn't open them until his stream had petered off, seeing a few last drops leave his slit before it fully stopped. He blushed bright red when he realized that he'd just peed with his Alpha's hand still on him. Bucky had definitely seen Steve pee before, but they'd never done anything like this . Bucky had never played with him with the intention of making him pee.

Tony could smell the embarrassment in his scent and just chuckled, kissing his shoulder. Tony shook his cocklet a few times to make sure it was as dry as it was gonna get and Steve squeaked, his hands grabbing Tony's wrist and trying to tug him away.

Tony laughed but released him, heading over to the sink to wash his hands. Steve's face was bright red, the blush spreading all the way down his chest. He avoided Tony's gaze, but washed his hands obediently when Tony told him to.

Steve was horrified about it, even though Tony praised him profusely for being such a good dog. Steve still curled up in his dog bed afterwards, facing the wall and refusing to look at Tony. Tony let him hide away and wallow in his shame and embarrassment for a while, heading to their room to change his sweats before shifting his focus back to Bucky and holding him close. 

Bucky had woken up while they were gone and he was glad when Tony came and scooped him up. Bucky squirmed a little in his arms before settling and purring, Tony's arms wrapped securely around his waist.

"You left me all alone again." Bucky murmured.

Tony licked his lips, wondering if Bucky was going to be upset about it, even though he really had only been gone for maybe fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes could feel like an eternity when you couldn't see anything, when you were vulnerable and depending on someone else, the same someone who had walked away and left you alone. Plus, it was definitely an insecurity of Bucky's and it wasn't the first time this evening that Tony had left him alone, even if it was never for long.

"I did," Tony said softly.

Bucky swallowed and pressed closer.

"I didn't like it... but you came back, so it's okay." Bucky whispered, like it was a secret.

"That's right, baby. I left, but I came right back. I'll always come back, even when I leave."

"Even if I'm alone." Bucky murmured.

It wasn't a question really, more of a statement, like Bucky was trying to convince himself it was true, trying to wrap his head around it.

"Even if you're alone, angel." Tony confirmed anyway, his arms tightening around him.

Bucky sighed, content to just give himself to Tony, trusting that his Alpha would protect him, keep him safe in his vulnerable state.

"Where's Stevie, Daddy?" Bucky asked when they settled on the couch.

"He's pouting in his bed."

Bucky frowned at that.

"Can I play with the doggie, Daddy?"

Tony raised a brow at that considering it for a moment. They were reaching the end of their punishment, less than an hour left until it was over. There really wasn't anything else that Tony planned to do with them, so there wasn't any harm in letting them play together and it would be cute to watch them play together. 

Tony wasn't sure if Bucky was asking if he could fuck Steve or if he just wanted to be with Steve, be close to his Omega. Either way Tony knew it'd be cute to watch, because his Omegas were always cute together and Tony certainly loved to watch them play, sexually or otherwise.

"Why not?" Tony said, standing up with Bucky in his arms and setting him down on the rug that was centered between the couch and the TV.

Tony pressed a kiss to his head, before heading over to Steve. Steve was still refusing to look at Tony and Tony sighed.

"If I pushed you too far then I'm sorry for that. I didn't think it would upset you so much, little one."

"'M not upset." Steve mumbled, picking at the faux fur lining his bed.

Tony sighed. 

He believed that too. Steve wasn't scenting miserable or sad, his sweet apple pie scent was mixed with embarrassment, like his humiliation had been sprinkled on top before the pie was popped in the oven.

Tony didn't scold him for talking, because he wanted Steve to always know that he could speak up if he ever needed to. After nearly eight hours of not being allowed to talk Tony thought that he deserved it too. Tony liked to be lenient, he liked to spoil his Omegas. He also liked to take control and be harsh with them, cruel even. He understood both of these sides of himself better now. At least, he felt like he did.

He was always so concerned that if he was rough with them it'd turn into abuse, or that maybe that would override his desire to spoil them. Like maybe he couldn't have it both ways, couldn't hold both desires simultaneously. Like if he was rough with them, he couldn't also want to be soft with them.

Tony wasn't used to having it both ways. He was used to being dominant and harsh, mean even, or at least he was before he found his Omegas and his world was turned upside down. He used to take control and be demeaning. He was good at it too, but the balance between that and actually allowing himself to care and provide and want something more than just to use someone for his own pleasure. Wanting to actually give them pleasure and allowing himself to love them, that was new to him.

Dominance for Tony had always been cruel. He liked being cruel, and sure he was good about aftercare, well, after he met Sam and learned what that meant. Still, it wasn't ever the way it was with his Omegas.

So open and vulnerable. 

Emotional intimacy was something Tony had never really allowed himself to have before, at least not with someone who was submitting to him. He was vulnerable with Sam and he had even been vulnerable with Sam's Omegas before, but only when Tony was playing the role of the Omega. Being the Alpha and still wanting to be vulnerable, that was challenging in a whole new way.

Tony had never been so determined, so up to a challenge before. Everything inside of him was telling him, screaming at him, that he couldn't fuck this up. This was the first real scene he'd ever done with Steve and Bucky. The first punishment, the first planned out, thought-through scene, and it was important that Tony got this right. Not just during the scene, but afterwards when his Omegas would need him to be there to provide comfort and praise and soothe their fears.

Tony swallowed hard as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and glanced at the time. They were so close. Tony tucked his phone away again and shook his head slightly, trying to pull himself back to the current moment, to what really mattered right now.

"Are you okay, baby?" Tony asked Steve softly, brushing fingers through his hair. 

"'M fine."

Tony sighed.

"Bucky wants to play with you." Tony told him, as though Steve didn't already know that.

"I don't wanna play." Steve grumbled.

Bucky whined and flopped back onto the ground when Steve said that, his head thudding softly against the rug. Tony was pretty sure that if Steve refused to play with him that Bucky would throw a fit over it.

"Stevie! Come play with me!" Bucky demanded, his voice whiny and his lips pouting.

Steve rolled away from the wall and his eyes landed on his nestmate, his Alpha. His eyes roaming over him and a flash of hunger surfacing in them as he took in the way Bucky was laid out. Exposed and on display. One leg bent, foot planted on the ground and the other one stretched out. His arms were stretched above his head, his fingers running idly over the rug, fiddling absently with the woven strands.

Silk over his eyes, his hair a mess, sticking up in strange places around his blindfold. His collar wrapped around his neck like it belonged there. His lips pouting and his dick soft, laying on his outstretched thigh. Steve thought he looked angelic.

Steve squirmed and a soft moan fell off his lips. Bucky was so beautiful like this. He was always beautiful, but it wasn't all that often that he looked so vulnerable and innocent. These days Steve got to see this side of him more and more frequently, but every time he did it still stole the breath from his lungs.

"Look at that, pup. You've upset the baby." Tony scolded lightly, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

Steve pouted at him and Tony was relieved that he was looking at him again, even if he looked guilty.

"Why don't you go make it up to him?" Tony prompted, patting his ass.

Steve bit his lip and crawled out of his bed, pausing hesitantly and looking over his shoulder at Tony.

Tony leaned down to press a kiss to his ass, so round and perfectly displayed. Steve bit his lip, wiggling his ass enticingly, a sheen of slick appearing at his hole, glistening temptingly. Tony groaned and bit his ass, smacking it just to watch Steve jerk forward, a gasp on his lips, his cheek bouncing from the impact.

"Go on, pup. Don't make me tell you again." Tony told him firmly. "My little boy wants to play with his doggie."

Steve whimpered and nodded, crawling towards Bucky who was sitting up again, listening curiously to their interaction since he couldn't see what they were doing. Bucky's face lit up when he felt Steve nuzzle against his cheek.

"Good doggie," Bucky said, a grin on his face.

Steve perked up at the praise and his eyes lit up. Bucky was happy to have him here, happy to have his doggie close, and Steve was happy to give him that. Bucky giggled when Steve licked at his face like an excited dog and pushed him away.

"No, doggy," Bucky whined, but he was still giggling, that grin still present.

Tony moved over to the couch, settling down to just watch and enjoy the show. He couldn't help but think they were a lot like a boy and his dog, or rather a little boy and his puppy when they were like this, Bucky so vulnerable and childish and Steve loyal and obedient, both playful and seeking attention. Steve growled softly at Bucky for shoving him away and something mischievous flashed through his eyes that Bucky couldn't see. 

Steve lunged at him, shoving Bucky to the ground and making him scream in fear as he was knocked over.

Tony snapped his fingers at Steve from where he was watching on the couch.

"Uh-uh, bad dog," Tony reprimanded. "Be gentle."

Steve pouted up at him, before leaning back down to lick at Bucky's  face apologetically. Bucky's face scrunched up and he pushed Steve away again, his hand over Steve's mouth to fend off his tongue.

"Stevie, stop," Bucky whined in protest, pouting when Steve just licked at his palm instead.

Tony rolled his eyes, but chuckled. 

His Omegas sure were cute, letting them play together was definitely the right call. Their punishment was basically over anyway. They only had about fifteen minutes left before their time was up and Tony would pull them into bed and cuddle them, giving them all the praise and attention that they deserved for taking their punishments so well.

Steve licked at Bucky's lips, nipping lightly, his tongue licking inside when Bucky gasped in surprise. Their tongues tangled together and Steve's hips rutted against Bucky, rubbing his cocklet against his abs. They both whined at the feeling, Bucky's hips bucking up to seek friction.

Bucky was panting when Steve pulled away, his fingers digging into Steve's shoulders, pushing him down.

"Stevie, please," Bucky begged.

Even after all the times he'd already cummed, Bucky wanted Steve to make him feel good. He wanted his Omega, his doggie, his Stevie.

Steve giggled, licking down his neck to his chest, his tongue flicking over his pebbled nipples before licking his way down his abs to his dick, already hard from the scent of Steve's slick in the air. Bucky whined high in his throat, thrusting up when Steve licked teasingly at him.

"Fuck, Stevie, fuck," Bucky cursed, his hands gripping at Steve's hair and shoving him down. "Please."

Bucky sighed in relief when he felt Steve's tongue on him again, this time a broader stroke, lapping up the precum dribbling out of his slit.

"Good doggie," Bucky breathed out.

Steve licked at him, no real skill about it, just lapping at him like a dog, but Bucky whined and squirmed under him, his hands tightening in his hair.

"Nn, Stevie, 'm gonna, 'm gonna," Bucky whined, his body tensing and his hips fucking up, making his dick slap Steve's face.

Then Bucky was cumming, painting his chest white as he cried out Steve's name. His breath came out in short pants as he started to come down, his hips rolling up languidly as he spurted out a few more drops of cum, his hands clenching and unclenching in Steve's hair.

Tony was surprised that he was able to cum and he wondered if it was Steve's slick that made it possible. It made Tony want to test the theory, to keep Steve all wet and desperate and force Bucky to cum over and over again. See if he could be milked dry with the scent of slick in the air.

"Fuck, that's good," Bucky slurred, fucked out and floating for what felt like the millionth time that day. "S'good."

Steve lapped at him one last time and Bucky hissed, shoving him away. 

Steve didn't go far though, pulling away from his dick, Bucky's hands releasing his hair. Steve crawled back up Bucky, nuzzling against him and purring at his nestmate. Bucky purred back and Steve laid down on top of him, Bucky's cum still warm as Steve laid right in it, snuggling up to his Alpha.

Bucky wrapped his arms around him, his breathing starting to calm down and a chuckle on his lips.

"You know, being blindfolded really makes the whole cumming thing so much better," Bucky told his Alpha, turning his head to the left where he knew Tony was, even though he couldn't see him.

Tony chuckled, his voice coming from exactly where Bucky expected and that in itself was comforting, made him feel secure. He liked knowing that even though he couldn't see him, even though he was distracted and Tony easily could have slipped off, that his Alpha hadn't left him.

Tony glanced at his phone. 

There was only two minutes left until his boys were done with their first punishment. Tony was glad, because he was ready to be done with it. Punishments were a lot of work. They were hard on Omegas, but they were also hard on Alphas. 

Tony just wanted to scoop them up and hold them close and promise them that everything was better now, but he couldn't, not yet. They needed this, and he needed to give it to them, get them through it so they could know that they've done their penance and earned their Alpha's forgiveness. This was important and Tony would see it through to the end, just like his Omegas needed him to.

Those two minutes felt like forever, but when they were up Tony approached his Omegas, crouching down next to them. Steve looked up at him sleepily and Tony smiled softly at him, brushing fingers through his hair.

Steve was clearly much more aware than Bucky was. He had woken up alert and not in his headspace, pupspace or otherwise. Tony still murmured soft words to him and pressed kisses to his back and shoulder.

"Times up, my pretty Omegas. You both did so good, took your punishment so well."

Steve peered up at him, biting his lip. He was glowing and scented proud. Bucky just hummed and stretched out when Steve wriggled out of his arms and made grabby hands at Tony.

"Want you, Alpha."

Tony chuckled and pulled him into his lap. He was crouching with one knee on the ground, sitting back on the ball of his foot. His other leg was bent, knee up and foot planted firmly on the rug. He settled Steve right there on his thigh, nestled between his leg and his chest. 

Steve just purred and cuddled up close to his Alpha, happy to just be held close and given attention. Tony was just as happy to have him close. He didn't even care that the cum on Steve's chest was getting on him.

"How are you feeling, little one?"

Tony was slightly concerned that he had pushed Steve too far, but Steve just mouthed at his neck and hummed happily.

"Good, Alpha."


Steve nodded, peering up at him again, a small smile gracing his lips.

"I love you, Alpha."

The words were spoken so sweetly, so innocently, his eyes wide and round and his teeth sinking into his lip. 

Tony swallowed hard, a growl ripping from his throat.

"Fuck, baby, I love you too, my pretty little Omega."

Steve blushed and lowered his head, his eyes dropping down to where his hands were sprawled across Tony's chest. 

"Let's get this harness off of you, baby."

Steve nodded and let Tony take it off of him. 

He whined when Tony reached for the collar, but Tony just chuckled and reached into his pocket. Steve's eyes lit up when Tony pulled out his pink ownership collar and his heart-shaped lock.

Tony slipped it on him, the lock already open and ready to be slipped into place and clicked shut. Steve sighed happily when his collar was back on him and he was all locked up and Tony growled softly, kissing him.

Steve pulled away from the kiss, turning to look at Bucky when he squirmed and whined, blissed out and all soft and pliant on the ground next to them, and a tender look overtook Steve's features. There was something possessive in there too though, like seeing Bucky like this made his instincts flare up, urging him to provide and protect.

"Can I- um-" Steve licked his lips, scenting uncertain, but unable to rip his eyes away from Bucky.

"You want to serve your Alpha, baby?" Tony said knowingly. "Take care of him?"

Steve whimpered, but it was followed by a soft growl that made Tony's body light up with want and Bucky squirm again, reacting to the sound just like he reacted to Tony growling. Bucky whined, the kind of sound that made an Alpha desperate to help him. It was high in his throat, an instinctive sound that expressed his need.

Steve lurched forward, Tony tamping down on a similar urge to rush to Bucky's side and tightened his hold on Steve instead, not letting him escape even when he squirmed and growled at him. Tony just growled back, low and threatening. Their growls had Bucky really squirming now, whining and scenting distressed.

Tony nipped at Steve's scent gland when he struggled again and his body slumped against him, a whimper escaping him.

"Shh, there you go, pretty Omega. Settling so pretty," Tony murmured. "You want to be a big helper?"

Steve nodded and whined pleadingly.

"Of course you do. You're such a good Omega. Why don't you go soothe your Alpha, then fetch a wet washcloth to clean him up with," Tony told him.

Steve nodded, looking relieved.

"Yes, Alpha."

Tony patted his thigh and Steve climbed off him, falling to his knees at Bucky's side and running fingers soothingly over his arm.

"It's okay, Buck. I'm right here," Steve soothed.

Bucky settled instantly, reaching out to pull Steve closer. Steve went willingly with a sigh of relief and a smile.

"Stevie," Bucky mumbled. "My Stevie."

"Yeah, Buck, I'm right here. I'm all yours, Alpha," Steve murmured with a familiarity that made Tony think that he had uttered those same words countless times before.

It was very likely that this was the way Steve was with Bucky when Bucky was in heat. Pushing aside his own needs, because his Alpha needed him. 

That's what a good Omega would do.  

Tony's sure that's what Steve would say about it. 

It was endearing to watch Steve press kisses to Bucky's jaw and murmur soft words to him, promises and declarations of love and an eternity together. When Steve went to pull away, Bucky whined and tried to push himself up. Steve just scowled, a determined look on his face, and pressed him right back down.

"No, you stay here. I'm gonna take care of you," Steve told him firmly, before switching to a much softer, more coaxing tone when Bucky growled softly in warning. "Let me take care of you Alpha. Let me be good for you."

Bucky licked his lips and nodded.

"You're always so good for me, doll."

Steve pressed a kiss to his lips and Bucky slipped his fingers into his hair, deepening the kiss. Steve was up on his knees again, leaning over Bucky to kiss him, but he pulled away hesitantly after a moment, like he wasn't sure if Bucky would let him. He settled on his heels when Bucky allowed him to move away, his hand releasing Steve's hair and falling away.

Bucky swallowed, wishing he could see his Omega, wanting to rip the damn blindfold off, but also wanting to wait until his Alpha took it off of him, wanting to be good.

"Go, doll, but come right back to me," Bucky told him, giving his Omega permission to leave his side.

Technically, Steve already had permission from Tony. Tony had told him to go get a washcloth, had given him an order, but Tony had no doubt that Steve would defy him if Bucky told him to. That was one of the reasons that Tony didn't want Bucky contradicting him in front of Steve. Steve respected Bucky, respected his authority, and if Bucky undermined Tony then Steve would never really see Tony as his Alpha. He would always turn to Bucky to make the final decision, when it was Tony that he should be turning to. 

Bucky might be Steve's Alpha, but he was still Tony's Omega and to Tony that meant that he got the final say when it came to both of them. If that meant that Tony was going to let his Omega's make a choice for themselves, then that was his prerogative as their Alpha, but it was Tony allowing that, because his Omegas had chosen to give him that power over them.

"You're so good to me, Alpha," Steve murmured fondly, "I'll always come back to you."

"Yeah? You promise?" Bucky asked, a hint of insecurity seeping through.

"Forever and always," Steve promised, leaning down to kiss him once more, slow and lingering, before heading off to fetch a washcloth.

Tony moved to take his place next to Bucky when Steve left, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"You ready to get that blindfold off, baby?"

"Please, Alpha," Bucky whimpered.

"Close your eyes, baby. Don't open them until I tell you too," Tony murmured, the order soft, but still an order.

Tony waited for Bucky to nod in confirmation before slipping the blindfold off of his eyes, the light harsh even through his eyelids after so long in the darkness. Tony's hand came up to rest over his closed eyes, covering them, and Bucky sighed in relief. Tony just smiled softly at how damn sweet his Omega was, and to think that this one struggled so much with his submission when he submitted so pretty for his Alpha, all soft and trusting like this.

"You did so good, baby. I'm so proud of you."

Bucky shivered from the praise, his scent lightening as it shifted to happy with a hint of pride. Steve returned with a washcloth, his own chest already wiped down. He kneeled down next to Bucky when Tony nodded at him and started to clean him up. Bucky squirmed at the feeling, not because it was uncomfortable necessarily, it was warm and soothing, but he still felt so sensitive and vulnerable.

"Shh, you're okay, little one. You're doing so good," Tony soothed when Bucky whined. "Let our Omega take care of you."

Bucky pouted, but tried to hold still as Steve cleaned him off.

"Can I help you too, Alpha?" Steve asked Tony, gesturing to the traces of cum on his chest.

Tony chuckled and nodded, letting his Omega wipe him down, Steve carefully folding the washcloth so he'd have a clean cloth to wash his Alpha with. Tony kept his hand over Bucky's eyes until Steve was done and retreated back to the bathroom to toss the washcloth down the laundry shoot. Only then did Tony pull his hand away slightly, hovering over Bucky's eyes to shade them.

"Blink for me, baby," Tony said softly.

Bucky blinked his eyes a few times, his view of his Alpha blocked by his hand. His hand came up to grip Tony's wrist and push his hand away and Tony pulled his hand away slowly. Bucky's eyes closed against the light that flooded them, but he peeked his eyes back open after a moment, searching for Tony. Tony smiled softly at him, running his fingers through his hair.

"You good, baby?"

Bucky nodded, yawning, his arms stretching out above him and his body squirming a little before he reached out, making grabby hands for his Alpha, not unlike Steve had. Tony chuckled and pulled him up into his arms and pushed up to his feet, cradling Bucky's head to his shoulder. He rumbled in his chest over just how soft his Omega was and Bucky purred in response.

"Alpha," He whimpered.

"Shh, you're okay, little one. Such a pretty Omega, baby. You're so good for me, so soft and sweet for me, baby."

Tony continued to murmur comforting words, a steady stream of praise showering his Omega as he made his way into the bedroom to lay Bucky out on their nest. Bucky had started to come up, but being in their nest with his Alpha's scent warm and comforting around him and his words soft in the air brought Bucky right back down. He gladly let himself sink further into his headspace and revel in the after effects of his orgasm. Even though ten minutes had passed since then Bucky was still all tingly and sensitive, probably because he'd had so many orgasms today.

Steve appeared in the doorway, pausing and shifting uncertainly. Tony glanced up at the scent of uncertain Omega and gestured him over.

"C'mere, baby. Come join us."

Steve's face lit up and he all but ran over to them, throwing himself into Tony's arms. His Alpha caught him easily, cuddling him up close and murmuring praise in his ear. Both his Omegas had done so well and deserved all the praise, so Tony gave them just that. He held Steve close in his arms for a while as Bucky happily floated next to them, before laying Steve down and letting the Omega burrow into the abundance of fuzzy blankets.

Then Tony scooped Bucky up and settled against the headboard, Bucky in between his legs, laid out on his chest, and Steve cuddled up into his side. Tony stayed with them until Steve started to whine and asked for water and chocolate. Tony just chuckled and kissed his nose, telling him to stay with Bucky and slipped out of bed to get him the requested items. 

Steve curled up in his lap when Tony got back, drinking from the glass of water that Tony tilted up for him. He purred happily as his Alpha popped chocolate into his mouth that looked and tasted very expensive. 

Bucky was rubbing his fingers over fuzzy blankets next to them, barely aware of what they were doing and completely focused on the sensation of his fingers brushing against the soft material.

"You want some chocolate, Buckaroo?" Tony asked him softly.

Bucky pushed himself up when it registered in his mind that his Alpha was asking something of him, rubbed his eyes, then pouted.

Why was he sitting up? What did his Alpha ask him?

"Aw, baby, don't cry," Tony soothed when Bucky's bottom lip trembled.

Tony pressed a piece of chocolate to his lips.

"Open up, angel," Tony encouraged softly. "This'll make it all better, I promise."

Bucky sucked in a shuddery breath, but parted his lips and accepted the chocolate. He moaned when it hit his tongue. It wasn't cheap chocolate. No, this was rich and dark and probably worth more than Steve and Bucky's apartment. It melted in his mouth, smooth and creamy, bitter and harsh, but it tasted like luxury, dark chocolate with a raspberry filling.

Tony chuckled, pulling him in for a kiss, his tongue licking into Bucky's mouth to taste chocolate and the unique sweetness that was his Omega, cinnamon and something cold, like a winter's night. As far as Tony was concerned his Omegas tasted better than any chocolate could.

Steve started to get antsy after the chocolate was gone. He had a lot of sugar coursing through his veins from the cookies and now the chocolate and he pushed up off of the bed and started stretching. Tony watched him bending down to touch his toes, his bare ass perfectly on display.

Steve wasn't really feeling the effects of his punishment yet, not really. He was a little sore and his throat was a little scratchy, but he knew he'd feel it more in the morning. He couldn't wait until the morning. The excitement that coursed through him at the thought of all the bruises that would surely be littering his skin made him feel like a kid eagerly awaiting Christmas morning. He knew he'd have bruises from where Tony had sucked hickeys into his skin and he was pretty sure his neck would be bruised from Tony pulling on his collar.

When Steve got bored of stretching, he whined at Tony until he groaned and got up, pulling a floating Bucky with him. Bucky was still deep in his headspace and Tony wasn't ready to bring him up yet.

Bucky definitely wasn't ready to come up. He just wrapped himself around Tony and nuzzled up against him, purring and soft.

"Sweet boy," Tony murmured, trailing his fingers down his spine. "So good for me."

Tony followed Steve out into the living room and settled on the couch. Bucky started out in his lap, but at some point squirmed his way down until he was kneeling for his Alpha. All the while Steve bounced around the room, pulling things out of the guest room that had been turned into a studio for him. Tony watched him lay out a canvas sheet on the ground and open up cans of paint and primer.

Tony didn't say anything as his Omega started pushing aside furniture and telling Tony that the walls needed to be redone. He just smirked in amusement when Steve started to prime one of the walls. To be fair, he did ask permission before he started to get things out and Tony told him to go for it. Tony didn't really care what Steve did to the walls, not if it was going to make him grin at Tony the way he did when Tony gave him permission to do it.

He did make Steve open all the windows and the screen door, so that the paint fumes wouldn't be too strong. Other than that he just sat back and watched Steve work and listened to him chat nonstop. When Steve finally stopped buzzing, coming down from his sugar high, he collapsed on the couch next to Tony, dried paint smeared across his cheek.

Steve had primed two walls and painted part of one of them before deciding he didn't like the color and starting over. It was a very chaotic process that lasted roughly thirty minutes and Tony wasn't entirely certain that Steve would ever end up completing the project. He didn't really mind though. He would just hire a paint crew to come in and repaint. 

No harm done.

Tony did want to talk to Steve about his punishment. He was slightly concerned that it had been too much, especially since Steve did drop at one point. He was also really curious about what Steve thought about being a puppy. He waited until Steve was curled up into his side and settled sweetly before he brought it up.

"What did you think, baby? Was it too much?" Tony asked.

"Was what too much?" Steve asked, glancing back at the half painted wall like he thought his Alpha might get upset about the unfinished project.

Tony just gripped his chin and turned him back to look at him, kissing him softly.

"Your punishment, baby. I want to know what you thought about it."

"Oh," Steve said, blinking in surprise for a moment.

Steve shrugged, blushing slightly, his lip caught between his teeth.

"I don't know, I kinda liked it," He mumbled shyly.

Tony raised a brow at him.

"Yeah? What did you like about it?"

Steve glanced up at him, before looking away and glancing over at Bucky who was practically purring as he kneeled at Tony's feet, his head resting on his thigh and Tony's fingers running through his hair.

"I liked getting attention, but I also kinda liked being ignored, too. I mean I didn't like it, it made me feel like you were rejecting me, but I kinda did like it too. It's hard to explain. It made me feel insecure, but then you'd pat my head or call me a good pup and I would feel all warm and fuzzy and crave any small amount of attention you were willing to give me."

Tony hummed thoughtfully.

"Did it make you feel needy?"

Steve shook his head.

"I wasn't really turned on by it. I mean, when I was watching you with Bucky, that turned me on and when you played with me, like, played with me, that turned me on. The petting my head and ignoring me though, that didn't really do anything for me."

"Sexually? It didn't do anything for you sexually?" Tony clarified.

Steve shook his head, looking confused.

"Not really. Why?" Steve asked, shifting uncertainly. "Did it do something for you? 'Cause I didn't hate it and we could do it again if you liked it."

Tony smiled softly at him and pulled him closer for a kiss.

"I liked it. I liked when you pouted so pretty. I liked when you were obedient. I liked when you licked food off the floor."

Steve blushed and Tony paused briefly, considering his next words carefully.

"Nothing about what we did required you to be treated like a dog. We could do all those things in a different context, too. With that being said I did like it. I liked calling you a pup and watching you blush and whine. I liked asking you to do things that made you uncomfortable, made you squirm, and I liked that you did them just to please me. I liked when you were hesitant and blushing, and I liked it after I ignored you for a while and you became very eager to please. I liked things about it that didn't turn me on," Tony said before smirking. "And I liked the things about it that did turn me on."

Steve frowned, considering all of this.

"I think it did make me needy, but not necessarily for sex, but just for attention, like any kind of attention. I just wanted to be praised and touched, even if it was only a pat on the head."

"I think that's fair. Scenes don't always have to be sexual. They can be, but they don't have to be. Just because a scene isn't sexual doesn't mean it can't be just as meaningful. Sex or no sex being intimate with someone, allowing them to get close to you, trusting them enough to be vulnerable around them, these are things that mean a lot," Tony told him, brushing fingers through Steve's hair.

Steve purred.

"I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime Alpha," Steve said, blushing before adding. "Maybe just for play?"

"Anything you want, baby," Tony murmured.

Steve sighed softly, a smile on his lips, but then his nose wrinkled and he frowned. Tony raised a brow at him, wondering what his Omega was thinking about.

"I can't believe you made me pee in front of you," Steve said, clearly grossed out by it.

Tony laughed and kissed his cheek as it lit up bright red.

"I thought you were cute."

Steve's blush spreaded down his neck and chest and he squirmed.

"Why?" Steve squeaked.

Tony shrugged.

"I like how squirmy and whiny it made you," Tony said, because that was the simplest answer he could give.

Steve huffed.

"Yeah, whatever," He grumbled.

Tony just laughed again and rumbled happily. 

Chapter Text

Bucky glanced up at them, his eyes out of focus and his expression distant, somewhere far away. He lifted his head slowly and blinked a couple of times, looking around like he was confused. He frowned when he saw the half painted wall and his brows furrowed in confusion like he hadn't really processed anything that Steve had been doing while he was down.

"Hey, pretty baby. You coming back to me?" Tony asked him softly.

Bucky's eyes turned to meet Tony's and he blinked at him, definitely still confused and not fully up, but Tony was pretty sure that he was trying to resurface this time. He had lifted his head a couple of times in the past twenty minutes, looking confused like he did now, but then he'd lay his head back down and nuzzle against Tony's leg like he wasn't quite ready to face reality yet. Tony smiled at him encouragingly and Steve watched curiously, never having seen Bucky quite like this before. He'd seen Bucky submit for Tony before, of course, but this was different for reasons that Steve couldn't quite pinpoint.

"C'mere, angel. Come sit with me," Tony coaxed, pulling Bucky up into his lap.

Bucky went willingly, melting into the familiarity of his Alpha's arms. After so many hours being without sight and relying on Tony's touch and scent and words to provide comfort, it was so easy for Bucky to just relax into him and feel safe.

"How are you feeling, baby?" Tony murmured, running fingers through his hair.

"Safe and sound," Bucky mumbled, resting his head on Tony's shoulder.


"Mm-hmm," Bucky hummed in agreement.

"Good. That's good, baby," Tony said softly. "What's your name, pretty baby?"

"Pretty baby," Bucky mumbled back to him.

Tony licked his lips, chuckling in amusement because his Omega was so damn adorable.

"Do you remember where you are?" Tony tried.

"Home," Bucky mumbled, nuzzling at Tony's neck.

Tony broke out into a grin, his heart swelling, because his Omega saw his place as home. Of course, this was their home now, but it was nice to hear Bucky say it.

"That's right, baby. You're so smart. You're home with your Alpha and your Omega," Tony said in a voice that one might use to speak to a small child.

Bucky hummed.

"Alpha," Bucky agreed, mouthing at Tony's neck.

"That's right, my little prince. I am your Alpha and you're home, right where you belong."

Bucky purred, his hand reaching out, seeking, until it landed on Steve's thigh, smooth and slender compared to Tony's strong thighs.

"'Mega," Bucky mumbled into Tony's neck, his hand traveling up Steve's thigh and coming into contact with his cocklet.

Steve gasped when Bucky's hand cupped him possessively.

"Mine," Bucky growled, tensing slightly on Tony's lap.

"Yours," Steve placated, squirming at the sudden attention.

Bucky relaxed again, giving Steve a squeeze before pulling away and nipping at Tony's neck posessively, purring happily. He released a content sigh, his breath warm against Tony's skin, and pressed a kiss just below Tony's ear.

"I'm with you, Alpha," Bucky said, sounding more there.

"Yeah? How are you feeling, little one?"

"So good," Bucky moaned in his ear.

Before Tony could say anything Bucky was speaking again, his voice teasing and his breath hot.

"I remember my name too, Alpha."

Tony rolled his eyes at his Omega's teasing. Clearly Bucky thought it was a ridiculous thing for Tony to ask him. Tony didn't ask it because he thought Bucky had forgotten his name or anything like that. He asked it to try and see how much his Omega was processing what he was saying. Asking an easy question that he knew Bucky knew the answer to was a good way to determine if he was really processing what was happening around him. It was also a good way to help Bucky come up slowly, by trying to get him to focus on something.

"You gonna ask me what my name is, Alpha?" Bucky breathed in his ear, his voice still teasing and his teeth nibbling at his earlobe. "Come on, do it."

Tony sighed in exasperation, but gave him what he wanted.

"What's your name, baby?"

Bucky smirked, his eyes sparkling and his voice smooth as honey as it wrapped around Tony.

"James Buchanan Barnes and I'm the property of Tony Stark," Bucky purred in his ear, his hand trailing down Tony's chest and his lips on his neck, leaving kisses and sucking hickeys into his skin.

Steve bit his lip, his hand reaching up to touch the heart-shaped padlock on his collar. There was just something about being owned that was so appealing.

"Fuck, keep talking like that, pretty baby, and I'm gonna take you right back down," Tony groaned, a slight growl accompanying his words.

"Yeah? You gonna knot me, Daddy?" Bucky whispered seductively, his hand gripping Tony's cock through his pants.

Tony fought to hold back the growl that wanted to escape and took a breath to keep his composure. He slowly pried Bucky's hand off of him and pulled it up to his lips to kiss the palm, nipping at the heel of his hand.

"No, baby, I'm not," Tony said softly.

Bucky's lips twisted down into a frown and his disappointment flashed across his face. Not that he was really surprised by the answer.

"You fully up, pretty Omega?"

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Up enough," Bucky muttered petulantly.

Tony raised a brow at the attitude.

"Are you still in your headspace?" Tony reiterated.

Bucky scoffed at the stupid question. He had just said he was up, so why was Tony pressing the issue? Bucky tried to push off his lap, but Tony grabbed his wrists and pulled him right back down. He kept one hand wrapped around one of Bucky's wrists, but the other one grabbed his collar, tugging him closer. Bucky glowered at Tony, squirming slightly when his Alpha narrowed his eyes at him.

"Bucky," Tony said firmly, his voice hard and his hold on his collar tightened until it cut off Bucky's airway. "Answer me."

Tony relaxed his grip on his collar but held him close and Bucky whimpered, gasping in a breath of air, more from shock than anything else. His eyes were wide and he trembled in Tony's lap. Tony rumbled soothingly, freeing his wrist in favor of rubbing circles on his hip. He pulled Bucky closer to kiss him softly.

"Don't pull away from me, little one," Tony murmured, his voice soft and coaxing. "I just need to know what headspace you're in."

Bucky made a small sound, somewhere between a gasp and a moan, when Tony nipped at his lip, letting go of his collar to grip at his thigh.

"I-I don't know, Alpha," Bucky whimpered, confused.

He didn't understand what Tony wanted from him.

"Are you floating, baby?" Tony asked, the words murmured against his jaw as Tony left kisses there.

Bucky shook his head slightly and Tony trailed kisses down his neck.

"No, Alpha."

"How big are you feeling?"

Bucky blinked at him for a moment, not sure what that meant, but then something that Tony had said at the start of his punishment clicked in his head. Bucky seemed to be struggling with something and Tony wasn't sure if it was his instincts or something from his past, but after a few moments passed Bucky swallowed hard and clenched his jaw.

"I don't do that," Bucky snapped, his words sharp.

"Don't do what?" Tony asked him calmly, pulling away slightly to watch him.

His hands stayed on Bucky, squeezing his hip slightly, running up his sides and brushing over his chest. Bucky squirmed on his lap when Tony's thumb swiped over his nipple.

"I'm not like that. I'm not-" Bucky cut off like it was so awful he couldn't even say it.

"A little?" Tony prompted softly, his scent unraveling calm and comforting around them in an attempt to ease whatever it was his Omega was struggling with.

Bucky flinched the moment Tony said it and clearly looked uncomfortable, upset even. Tony frowned at the scent coming off of him, somewhere between ashamed and angry with just a hint of fear mixed in.

"Steve's like that," Bucky blurted out, pointing his finger at Steve like he was passing the blame off on someone else.

Steve's eyes widened and he looked offended by the accusation.

"Am not!" Steve said defensively.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Hey, hey, that's enough of that," Tony said, cutting them off.

Steve and Bucky were glaring at each other now and Tony groaned.

"Listen, both of you. There's nothing wrong with being little. No matter what headspace someone is in, it's always valid. Even negative headspaces need to be accepted so they can be worked through. There's nothing helpful about denying your headspace or trying to reject it."

Bucky frowned and Steve bit his lip.

"You both checked yes to age play-"

Bucky's eyes widened and he cut Tony off.

"That's not the same thing at all," Bucky protested.

Tony raised a brow at him, wanting to scold him for interrupting, but deciding that that wasn't something he was going to press right now.

"I know that not all age players consider themselves littles, if that's what you mean. Some people just roleplay as a different age and there's nothing wrong with that," Tony said, watching Bucky carefully.

Bucky relaxed slightly and nodded.

"Yeah, I mean, me and Stevie do that kinda thing. We roleplay sometimes, but I ain't no little," Bucky spat out the word like a curse. "Stevie gets like that sometimes."

Steve looked like he might start crying when Bucky said that and Tony wrapped an arm around him. Tony was caught off guard by the sudden hostility. Bucky was clearly put off by something, but whether it was the term itself or just the idea of being little in general, Tony wasn't sure.

"Shh, it's okay, baby," Tony soothed when Steve sobbed into his shoulder.

"I'm not! I don't, Alpha, I swear. I'm a good Omega," Steve sobbed.

Tony tensed slightly, realizing that he'd clearly opened some much deeper wound that he couldn't fully comprehend, not without a lot more context. Now wasn't the time to dive into that though. If Bucky had been in his headspace he probably wasn't now, either way Tony didn't want to do this right now. He didn't want their first punishment to end with a fight and he had a feeling that's where this was headed.

Instead Tony suggested they take a bath. Bucky seemed caught off guard by the suggestion, but nodded and climbed off his lap. He pulled Steve into his arms and murmured soft words in his ear while Tony filled up the tub. The tension in the air disappeared along with the tension in their muscles and pretty soon Steve and Bucky were scenting happy and Tony was relieved.

This was the way Tony wanted to end things. With soft touches and softer words, light laughter and warm smiles. It felt good to just relax after so many hours of playing a role, thinking about everything that he did and trying to always make the right decision. Tony loved being an Alpha, he loved his Omega's, but he also liked letting go and not worrying about things, even if for only a few moments.

It was after ten by the time both Omegas were settled. Tony decided he'd talk to Bucky about how he felt about his punishment in the morning, since it was getting late and they still had one more thing to do before bed.

It was time for Steve to earn his Alpha's forgiveness, Bucky's forgiveness. He'd already earned Tony's, but Steve had two Alphas and as far as he was concerned that meant he needed them both to punish him before he could truly be absolved of his sins.

Tony reminded him that he didn't have to do this if he didn't want to and that one punishment was more than enough, but Steve insisted he needed it and he pouted when Tony suggested waiting until tomorrow to do it.

Bucky knew exactly what his Omega needed from him though, and he had every intention of giving it to him, which is why he scooped Steve up and brought him into the playroom, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling Steve over his lap. His hand rubbed at Steve's ass before he brought his hand down hard. Bucky didn't care about Steve counting each smack, he didn't want him coherent enough to talk. He wanted him to cry, to bruise, to regret ever crossing his Alpha.

Bucky wanted to make him hurt. A little suffering would do the little bitch some good. He clearly needed it if he was being so damn mouthy. Tony came in and watched the spanking, but he didn't try to interact and he didn't try to stop Bucky, even when he flinched at how rough he was being. Steve was just so small and sweet, it was hard not to want to protect him.

Tony had been rough with him while punishing him too though, Steve needed it, wanted it. Tony had to remind himself of that while he watched, but he couldn't deny the way his dick twitched to life, and he was sure that it wasn't just the scent of Omega slick that was doing it for him. He found himself palming his dick through his pants and next thing he knew he was jerking off, the sounds of him fucking his fist drowned out by the sounds of skin on skin and Steve's screams.

Bucky didn't let up, no matter how much Steve cried or begged him to stop, until the Omega had passed out from the pain. Tony was relieved, because he thought that would be the end of it, but Bucky just laid Steve out on the bed and slammed into him, fucking him into the mattress hard.

Bucky knew Steve well, so well that he knew when he was close to the edge, knew how to bring him right up to it and then deny him an orgasm. Even in his sleep Steve's body still tensed up in anticipation and he whined when Bucky pulled out.

"Fucking slut, so needy even in his sleep. He wants an orgasm, but I'm not gonna give it to him," Bucky told Tony.

Tony nodded, tucking himself back into his pants and pushing up to his feet. He pulled Bucky in for a kiss, before pushing him down on the bed and hovering over him.

"When you said you were going to spank him and fuck him, this is not exactly what I pictured," Tony said, sending Steve a concerned glance.

Bucky raised a brow at him and glanced over at the passed out Omega too.

"I told you what I was going to do to him," Bucky said with a frown.

Tony nodded.

"Yeah, I know you did. I just didn't picture this ."

Bucky rolled his eyes, but didn't complain that Tony was hovering over him. Bruce had mentioned that collaring Bucky might help him feel more settled and Tony thought that maybe that was true. Then again it could be the recent punishment that has Bucky so compliant under his Alpha, no desire to fight back, no struggle to submit.

Tony lifted up one of his hands and kissed the palm, his thumbs digging into the tendons and soothing the sore muscles. Bucky sighed, his eyes fluttering shut.

"Alpha?" Bucky murmured after a few moments had passed.


"I can't be your Omega right now."

Tony glanced down at him, dropping his hand and leaning down to nuzzle against him.

"You're always my Omega."

"I know but... I need to be Steve's Alpha right now and I don't know if I can do both."

Tony nodded, kissed him softly and backed off. Tony reached out to brush his fingers through Steve's hair instead and Bucky scoffed, pushing up and trying to slip back into the role of an Alpha.

"You're so soft," Bucky said, rolling his eyes. "Don't coddle him. It's fine if you want to spoil him rotten when you punish him, but that's not the way I do things."

Tony raised a brow at him.

"How is running my fingers through his hair coddling him? He's not even awake."

"I don't hand out praise and affection during punishments. When it's over I'll hold him close and tell him how good he did and how pretty he is and just how much I love him. Until then all he gets is pain."

Tony groaned, but pulled his hand away.

"You know praising and reassuring him during a punishment won't ruin him, right?"

"You know that before you came into our lives that he was sweet as apple pie and minded his manners? Now he struts around in his panties in public and thinks he can get away with it, cos you're soft with him. He would have never pulled that shit with me."

Tony rolled his eyes. 

He didn't want to fight with him about it, so he just pulled Bucky close.

"Yeah, well I don't hear you complaining about it when I'm soft with you," Tony murmured.

"Shut up," Bucky grumbled.

Tony held him close until Bucky sighed and pulled away.

"You can leave if it's too much for you, but if I don't do this he's gonna think I don't care enough to put him in his place."

Tony's eyes softened at the insecure look in Bucky's eyes.

"Hey, I'm not gonna stop you, baby. You do what you gotta do. Steve knew what he was getting himself into when he asked for this and for as much as he protested he never once used his safeword."

Bucky bit his lip, scenting anxious .

"You know I'd never force him, right? Not like really force him. I've been playing with him since we hit puberty. I know his limits and I know when it's too much for him. He can take this. I've seen him take a lot worse and beg for more the next day."

Tony cupped his cheek.

"I know, baby. I'm not doubting you," Tony told him sincerely. "Go on, your Omega needs you."

Bucky nodded, some of the tension leaving his shoulders now that he had his Alpha's approval. Being denied an orgasm was much harder when Steve was awake, which is why Bucky slapped his ass and pinched the inside of his thigh.

Steve shrieked, his eyes snapping open.

"Back with us, princess?" Bucky sneered, pushing back inside of him.

Steve moaned, biting into his arm. Now that he was awake he was aware of just how much his ass hurt. He knew it was bruised and as much as it hurt he loved the thought.

Bucky fucked him all night, fucking him into the mattress or pulling the exhausted Omega into his lap and making him ride him. Tony couldn't believe that this was the usual way that Bucky punished his Omega. No wonder Steve was so obedient and didn't cross his Alpha. 

Tony finally left around four to go to bed and his Omegas didn't join him until well after the sun had risen in the sky.

Unsurprisingly, they were both exhausted and passed out almost immediately. Tony just pushed up and glanced between them. Steve smelled heavily of slick, but there was no scent of sated Omega in the air. Even with the curtains drawn and the light off Tony could make out the bruises on Steve's body, his wrists, up and down his arms, his hips. Tony couldn't see his ass from where he was but it had already been purpling when he had gone to bed. 

He had a feeling Steve would be covered in bruises tomorrow and Tony wasn't sure he'd be able to stomach the sight. Tony had played rough before, left partners marked up with bruises and welts, but he'd never done that to his Omegas. The thought of seeing them like that twisted Tony's insides into knots.

He had to remind himself that Steve liked being hurt and Steve wanted this. He didn't have to go through with this and he could have stopped at any point, but he didn't. Bucky promised that he'd be nice to him afterwards too. As long as Steve got aftercare then Tony could be okay with it.

He reached over Bucky to brush his fingers down Steve's side. The light touch made Steve squirm and the squirming made Bucky grunt.

"Stop," Bucky snapped.

Steve mumbled out an apology and Tony huffed, unreasonably irritated. Probably because he'd spent all night worrying about them while they were fucking and hadn't managed to get any sleep, even though he'd been laying in bed for the past four hours.

"I thought you were nice to him afterwards?" Tony said, the accusation in his voice unintentional.

He couldn't help it. He was feeling concerned for both of his Omegas, wondering if he should have allowed this.

Bucky pried his eyes open, turning his head to look up at his Alpha, a pout on his lips.

"I am nice."

Tony raised a brow at him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

"I think maybe Daddy needs to teach you a lesson about being nice, little boy."

Bucky whined.

"I was nice. I promise, Daddy," Bucky whined. 

Bucky pinched Steve's bruised ass making him yelp and his eyes shot open. Tony rolled his eyes because that really wasn't necessary. Then again Steve didn't complain, he just moaned and melted further into Bucky, mouthing at his jaw.

"Tell Alpha I was nice to ya," Bucky said, sounding like the last thing he wanted was to be awake right now.

Steve hummed.

"Hurt me so good, Alpha. Love ya," Steve mumbled against his skin, trailing kisses down Bucky's neck now.

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"No, after that. When I said sweet things to ya and cuddled with ya."

Steve's eyes were already closed again even as he sucked at Bucky's neck but he furrowed his brows, trying to focus on what his Alpha wanted from him.

"So good. 'M so good. Alpha's so happy with me," Steve managed to get out.

"That's right, doll. Your Alpha's so happy with you, because you're such a good Omega," Bucky rumbled.

"Mm, good 'mega," Steve mumbled, snuggling closer to Bucky and purring.

Tony's lips twitched into a smile and he pressed a kiss to Bucky's cheek, reaching over him to run his fingers through Steve's hair. It was damp so Tony knew they must have bathed, or at least showered. That made him feel a little better. Clearly Bucky, even as tired as he was, still always took care of his Omega. Tony shouldn't have ever doubted it because it was obvious how much Bucky cared about Steve.

"You did so good, baby," Tony murmured, directing it at Steve, but both his Omegas purred at the praise.

Tony just chuckled and nuzzled against Bucky.

"You did so good too, pretty baby. I'm so proud of you for taking care of our Omega."

"Daddy," Bucky whimpered, "Sleepy."

"I know, baby boy. Go ahead and get some sleep."

Steve groaned in pain, rolling onto his stomach to try and escape the worst of the throbbing in his ass, despite the smile on his face and the moan that fell off his lips when he acknowledged just how much he hurt. Not only was his ass bruised on the outside, but Steve was pretty sure it was bruised on the inside too. He wasn't shocked, they'd been down this road before. He wasn't mad about it either. If anything he was thrilled to know that his Alpha cared enough about him to punish him, cared enough to spend all night punishing him even though it was exhausting for both of them.

Bucky kissed his neck, rumbling happily when Steve purred.

"Love you, Alpha."

"I love you, pretty little Omega. You look so pretty all black and blue," Bucky murmured.

Steve giggled.

"It hurts so good," Steve moaned.

"Yeah? Are you gonna complain if I rub you down with some Rachel cream and take the sting away?"

Steve always protested after a punishment when Bucky tried to lessen his pain with the cannabis-infused salve. That never stopped Bucky from doing it though. It wasn't right to hurt your Omega and then just let them suffer. Bucky wanted to make Steve feel better, soothe his hurts, even if he didn't want him to.

Steve whined.

"Not yet. Just a little longer. I wanna feel it just a little longer Alpha, please?"

"Baby, I promise you're still going to feel it, no matter how much salve I put on you," Bucky told him.

"Yeah, but I won't feel it like this," Steve protested.

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Fine, you get ten more minutes, then I'm gonna kiss it better and soothe your hurts, doll."

Steve hummed happily.

"Thank you, Alpha," He mumbled, letting his eyes flutter shut and allowing the throbbing to take over, making him feel lost in the pain, dull and consistent, soothing even in some horrible way.

Steve flinched away when Bucky rubbed the salve on his ass, moaning when it soothed the hurt and made him feel all fuzzy. It wasn't until after the pain in his ass lessened that he realized just how sore his jaw was and how achy the rest of his body felt.

Steve loved it. He loved being sore and he loved Bucky soothing his hurt, but he still pouted when Bucky cuddled up to him.

"You're mean," Steve mumbled, laying his head on Bucky's chest.

"And you're a brat."

Steve smacked his chest.

"I told you I didn't want the cream."

"And I told you I didn't care."

"You're mean," Steve repeated.

"I gave you ten more minutes, didn't I?"

Steve was about to answer when he heard movement in the penthouse.

"Alpha!" Steve called out.

Tony appeared in the doorway, half panicked that something was wrong, but relaxed when he saw that both his Omegas were fine, Steve curled up in Bucky's arms.

"How are you doing, little one?" Tony asked.

Steve pouted up at him.

"Everything hurts," He whined, wanting Tony to coddle him.

"Aw, you poor thing. C'mere, lemme hold you," Tony cooed. "I'll make it all better."

Bucky frowned when Steve reached out for him and cuddled up to Tony.

"You complained when I offered to make it all better," Bucky grumbled, pouting.

Steve stuck his tongue out at him.

"Yeah, but you're the one who hurt me. I don't want you to make it better," Steve teased.

Bucky sucked in a sharp breath and flinched away from his words, shoving off of the bed.

"Yeah, whatever."

Steve's eyes widened. 

They always teased each other, so he didn't expect him to have such a negative reaction to it.

"Bucky!" Steve called out, sitting up and whimpering in pain when his body protested the sudden movement.

Tony pulled him right back down.

"No, you stay here, baby," Tony murmured, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Let me talk to him."

Steve looked so dejected, but nodded. Tony kissed him reassuringly, promising that everything would be fine.

Tony found Bucky crying in one of the guest rooms, curled up in the corner.

"Oh, baby, don't cry," Tony murmured, his heart breaking at the sight. 

"Did I fuck up? Was I too rough with him? Was I cruel?"

Tony sighed and sat down next to him.

"Baby, you were rough and you were cruel, but Steve likes that. He was just teasing you, he didn't mean it," Tony told him, running his fingers through his hair. "If you want I can sort him out, give him a timeout for being disrespectful, but we can't do anything physical until he recovers."

Bucky shook his head, wiping at his cheeks and blinking back more tears.

"No," Bucky said. "No, I don't want that. I just-"

Bucky cut off with a sob.

"Feeling insecure?" Tony guessed.

Bucky nodded, sniffling.

"Yeah, I guess."

"You're still recovering, too, baby. You just had a punishment yourself and you're feeling a little sensitive because of it. You didn't get to recover from it the way you should have. I shouldn't have let you punish Steve last night. I should have insisted that you waited.  It was too hard on you and too hard on Steve," Tony told him. "That's okay, we'll know better for next time, space them out a bit so it's not this hard."

Bucky sucked in a shaky breath and whimpered.

"Come on, we have an Omega who needs us. You hurt him yesterday, so you have to be there for him now. You can't run and hide away from him. You have to be there to reassure him that you still love him and you've forgiven him and remind him that it's all better now. Tell him just how good he is."

Bucky bit his lip and nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

"Good boy," Tony murmured, standing up and pulling Bucky into his arms. "You're such a good Omega, baby. So good for me. I know you had a really rough day yesterday, but it's gonna be okay."

Steve was a mess when they got back to their room, crying and apologizing and desperate to prove that he was good. Bucky just shushed him and pulled him close, murmuring soft words in his ear until he quieted down.

"Just lay here with me, doll. Lemme hold ya, that's all I need from you right now. My pretty little Omega. So good for me, so sweet and precious. I'm sorry I hurt ya and if it was too much you can tell me and I'll be nicer next time."

Steve furrowed his brows at him.

"What? Are you crazy? I loved it," Steve insisted. "You know how much I like it when you get rough with me. It hurts, but I love it. It's a physical reminder of how much you love me."

Bucky frowned at that.

"That's not true, Stevie. Ya know I'd love ya even if ya never wanted me to hurt ya, don't ya?"

"Of course, I do, but I like being hurt, Alpha."

Bucky sighed and kissed his head.

"I know, baby. I know, and there's nothing wrong with that. You're perfect just the way ya are, Stevie, and ya know I love hurtin' ya."

Steve purred, his fingers tracing the bruises up and down his arms from Bucky pinning him down and manhandling him.

"They're pretty, aren't they?" He asked, his eyes soft and his scent warm.

Bucky smiled and lifted one of his hands, pressing a kiss to his bruised wrist.

"The prettiest ever, baby."

Steve grinned at him and Tony pushed off of the wall where he was watching, giving them space to reconcile, and joined them in bed.

Tony let his Omegas spend the day in bed, napping and cuddling, and he came and went, bringing them food and water, and offering to massage sore muscles and run hot baths for them. Mostly he stayed and cuddled with them though, happy to just have his Omegas close.

"I feel like I slept through most of my punishment," Steve mumbled at one point, his head resting on Tony's chest.

Tony's chest rumbled as he laughed and Steve purred in response.

"You slept a fair amount through both your punishments, but with your heats approaching the more sleep we all get the better."

Steve hummed and Bucky shifted slightly, nuzzling against Steve before leaning over the top of him to trail his fingers down Tony's chest. He hesitated briefly before letting his fingers glide over one of his nipples. Tony tensed, gripping his wrist and pulling his hand up to nip at his fingers.

"What are you doing, pretty Omega?"

"Just curious," Bucky murmured, smirking at his Alpha.

Bucky didn't say it, but they both knew exactly what he was curious about. Tony just narrowed his eyes at him, before shifting until he was hovering over Bucky and pressing a kiss to his palm.

"Keep your wandering hands to yourself, baby," Tony told him, winking at him when Bucky blushed. "Today's for resting."

"And tomorrow?"

Tony chuckled.

"Tomorrow we can play, but no playing rough with Steve until he's all healed up."

Steve pouted at that.

"What about my heat though, Alpha?"

"Don't worry, angel. We're plenty capable of getting you through your heat without hurting you."

Steve pouted, whining unhappily at the thought and his Alphas cooed at him, making him blush bright red and squeak in embarrassment.

"Aw, look at that blush, Alpha. Makes me wanna do bad things to our pretty little Omega," Bucky teased.

Steve bit his lip and whimpered.

"Please, Alpha?" Steve said, batting his eyes at Bucky.

"Please what, doll?"

"Please do bad things to me, Alpha."

Bucky growled and tugged him closer by his hair to slam their lips together.

"Fuck, baby, you know that I wanna hurt you so good, but I'm not gonna right now. When you're not covered in bruises we can talk about it."

Steve pouted, clearly disappointed, but he had expected as much.

Tony furrowed his brows in confusion when he stepped into the playroom that evening. It smelled like urine and he paused briefly before walking over to the bed and pulled back the sheets. They reeked of piss and Tony turned around and headed back into the bedroom where Bucky was feeding Steve chocolate pudding cake. 

Bucky glanced up when Tony walked in, Steve whining when the spoon paused in mid air. Bucky raised a brow at Tony, wondering why his Alpha was wearing such a strange expression, but he turned back to Steve to feed him the bite that he was pouting over.

Tony wasn't sure exactly how to bring this up and just ended up blurting it out.

"Did one of you wet the bed last night?"

Bucky raised a brow at him again, setting the spoon down on the plate and setting it aside.

"What?" Bucky asked, confused.

"The playroom?" Tony said. "It smells like piss."

Understanding lit up Bucky's eyes and a smug expression replaced his confused one. Steve just squeaked in embarrassment, lighting up bright red.

"You want to tell him or should I?" Bucky asked Steve.

Steve glared at him and Bucky snickered.

"It was Steve," Bucky said.

"It was an accident!" Steve insisted, looking like he was close to tears.

Tony opened his mouth to say something but Bucky was already talking again.

"I fucked him so hard he pissed himself," Bucky said smugly.

Steve glared at him.

"I told you I needed to pee."

"And I told you I didn't care," Bucky shot back.

"You always let me pee before," Steve accused.

"Yeah, but that was before we had a bed just for fucking. Can't have you wetting in the nest, now can we? That'd be such a hassle. But the playroom bed has a plastic cover," Bucky said with a shrug. "Easy clean up, no harm done."

Steve clearly disagreed.

"Okay, well, next time just tell me so I can clean it up right away," Tony said.

Bucky nodded.

"Yes, Alpha," Bucky said immediately, his smug look giving way to a sheepish one. "I'm sorry, I should have dealt with it sooner. It's just we were so tired and then I kinda forgot about it."

Tony waved off the apology, walking closer to pull Bucky in for a kiss.

"No harm done, little one," Tony murmured.

He leaned over and kissed Steve too, before picking up the plate of pudding cake and handing it back to Bucky.

"Go on, baby. Take care of our Omega. He deserves to be spoiled," Tony said with a smirk.

"Yes, Alpha," Bucky said, rolling his eyes, his scent warm and his adoration obvious by the way he smiled softly at Steve. "He really does."

Steve blushed but lit up and opened his mouth expectantly. Bucky fed him another bite and Tony ruffled Bucky's hair.

"Good boy. I'll spoil you after I clean up a bit."

Bucky nodded, a blush appearing on his cheeks.

"Yes, Alpha," He mumbled shyly.

Chapter Text

The last time Tony came to Dr Banner’s office it was so Bucky could have some tests done. This time Tony was here on his own, because even though Bruce wasn’t a therapist Tony needed to talk to someone. He usually would talk to Sam, but Tony knew if he did that Sam would offer to help. 

He couldn’t accept Sam’s help. Not with this. This was about Tony and his Omegas and he was the Alpha. He needed to handle this on his own.

"He's doing better," Tony said.

Bruce hummed.

"As I mentioned the last time you were here, collaring him probably helped to settle him into his role as yours," Bruce said. "And with the punishment on top of that, I'm not surprised to hear that he's struggling less."

"I think you're right, but will it be enough?"

"I don't know. Probably not for long," Bruce said, before sending Tony a considering look. "Is it enough for you?"

Tony groaned in frustration, his fingers gripping at his hair.

"No. It's not. I feel all antsy, like I just need to bite them. They have heats coming up and I'm pretty sure I’m in the preparation phase of my rut." Tony said, his words almost a growl. "I might give in and bite them, just to be done with it."

Bruce nodded.

"You could. I don't think anyone would blame you for it. Your Omegas would probably be relieved by it, happy to finally be claimed."

Tony sighed.

"I know, but I don't want to. Not yet."

"What's stopping you?"

Tony bit his lip.

"I want to claim them on our wedding night."

Bruce licked his lips, his fingers running over the arm of his chair.

"Is it wise to wait? You haven't even proposed yet, have you? Then there's the preparations. I imagine you don't plan to elope in Las Vegas."

Tony chuckled, but it sounded tired.

"No, I don't. I'm going to give them the most beautiful wedding ever. The kind of wedding they deserve. Lord knows, Steve will probably want everything to be pink, and Bucky will hate it, probably tease him relentlessly about it, but as long as Steve's happy I don't think he'd really object."

"And if it becomes too much? Will you regret it, if you claim them before then?"

Tony bit his lip.

"I won't ever regret claiming them, but I think I would regret the way it happened, and I don't want there to be any regrets. I don't want any of us to look back and wish it had happened differently. I just-" Tony shook his head, not sure what he wanted.

"You want it to be perfect?"

"Yeah, I do," Tony sighed.

Bruce hummed.

"Perfection is unattainable. I suggest you shoot for something within your grasp."

"Like what?"

Bruce shrugged.

"Doesn't matter. You don't want to regret it and you want it to be beautiful. Those are goals you can reach if you try hard enough, but Tony, it won't be easy. Not if you do it alone."

Tony licked his lips.

"I'm not alone. I have my Omegas and they're all I need."

"Are they? Will you lean on them when you need the support, or will you hold it in until you break? I don't doubt your love for them, but I do doubt whether or not you're willing to show them your weaknesses."

"You mean my flaws?"

Bruce looked at him for a moment before sighing.

"Are weaknesses flaws? Or are they the things we need the most help with?"

Tony scoffed.

"Is there a difference?"

"Bucky needs a lot of help with his submission," Bruce pointed out. "Is his submission a weakness?"

Tony sucked in a sharp breath and stood up abruptly.

"I have to go now. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me."

Bruce nodded.

"Of course, Tony."

"It's Mr. Stark."

Bruce sat up straighter, sighing.

"Of course, Mr. Stark."

Tony nodded, walking out and to the car waiting for him. His hands were trembling as he slid into the backseat. He hated to admit how much that single question had shaken him up. If he felt fragile before he came here, then now he felt just one small tap away from shattering into a million pieces. He considered rushing home and tugging his Omegas into their nest, but Bruce was right, Tony didn't want to show them how weak he was.

There was one place that Tony felt safe enough to be vulnerable, safe enough to be submissive, like he didn't have to be the one holding everything together, like he could fall apart. It was the same place that Tony knew he should have headed to when he decided to seek out support. It was with that thought in mind that Tony made his way to Sam's and fell into his arms. 

Clint and Brock were there, too, and though Tony hated the thought of his Omegas seeing him like this, it was different with Sam's Omegas. They weren't Tony's responsibility to protect and keep safe. He could be submissive around them, even with them, as long as Sam was around to protect them all, to catch them when they fall.

"Tony, baby, what's wrong?"

Tony just sobbed into his shoulder and clung to him, unable to form words.

"Oh, pretty boy, shh, you're okay now," Sam murmured, scooping him up like he weighed nothing.

Sam laid him down in their nest and Clint went to call Steve and Bucky, knowing that they had the right to know where their Alpha was and that he was clearly struggling with something. Tony curled up between Sam and Brock, sniffling.

"What happened, princess? Don't tell me you're suffering from withdrawals?" Brock teased. "I get that way when Sam isn't knotting me, too."

Tony huffed out a laugh.

"Shut up," He grumbled, but purred when Brock ran his fingers through his hair.

Brock stayed with them for a few minutes before leaving and giving Tony some space. They all knew that Tony was more likely to open up to Sam than he was to anyone else. Sam just has a way of making everyone around him feel safe and with just a few simple words he had Tony spilling his guts.

"My Omegas are going to go into heat soon and I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to make it through it without claiming and breeding them," Tony admitted, ashamed that he was that weak.

Sam just tilted his chin up and kissed him softly.

"Do you want me to be there? I could help you, hold you together when you feel stretched too thin."

Tony shook his head, pressing closer to kiss Sam again, longer, slower.

"No, I appreciate the offer though," Tony murmured against his lips before pulling back with a sigh. "I have to do this on my own."

Sam pursed his lips.

"You're choosing to do it alone and you're allowed to make that choice, Tony, but you're not alone in this if you don't want to be."

"I can do this, Sam," Tony told him firmly. "I don't need help. They're my Omegas, and I'm going to get them through their heat."

Tony knew even as he said it that he was being needlessly stubborn, but he couldn't help it. He didn't want to need help. He wanted to be strong enough to provide for his Omegas in every way, all of the time.

Sam nodded.

"Okay, that's your choice, little one," Sam said, always so frustratingly understanding and eternally patient.

Tony huffed, but rocked his hips forward to brush his semi against Sam's.

"You wanna knot me?" Tony asked, smirking at him.

Sam smirked back, gripping Tony's hips.

"I always wanna help you submit, pretty boy, but I think you're Omegas will be here soon," Sam said, knowing Tony didn’t want to be on his knot when they arrived.

Tony groaned.

"Fuck, you're right. I can't let them see that. It's bad enough that they saw it once." Tony glanced up at the look on Sam's face. "Don't say it. I know how you feel about it and I just don't fully agree with you."

"I didn't say anything."

Tony just rolled his eyes, burying his face in Sam's chest, their legs tangled together and Tony's hands balled up in Sam's shirt. Sam rubbed his back soothingly and Tony sighed, snuggling closer, before admitting something else that had been on his mind recently.

"I think I'm in preparation."

Sam's hand paused for a moment before continuing to rub circles.

"Yeah? You worried about that?"

Tony shook his head.

"No?" Tony said, not meaning for it to come out sounding like a question. "I don't know, maybe."

Sam hummed.

"They're not made of glass, baby. You're not gonna break them just because you're in rut," Sam promised. "They can take it."

Tony pouted and pushed up onto his forearms to peer up at Sam.

"I know that, Sammy," Tony whined. "But I don't want to lose control with them. I'm scared that I'll hurt them or they'll safeword and I won't be able to stop."

Sam brushed his fingers through Tony's hair. It was a legitimate concern, one that Sam had as well. Sam hadn't gone into rut yet since he claimed his Omegas, but even spending his ruts with Tony, Sam had always been worried about it. Alphas in rut don't take no well, and they weren't just lost in lust. 

It wasn't like when Omegas were in heat, all horny and desperate. Alpha's don't get needy, they become vicious. They can barely do more than grunt and growl and they'll stick their dick into the closest hole they can find, whether it's wanted or not. That's why some Alphas choose to be locked up during their rut. It wasn't forced on Alphas and they couldn't be prosecuted for any damage they caused while in rut, which honestly was just so fucked up. Very few Alphas went to containment facilities when they felt they're rut coming, but Sam had always been the kind of Alpha who did.

Tony didn't, but he kept Justin around for his ruts, so it wasn't necessary. An Alpha with a hole to fuck wasn't going to go around trying to find a new one, because an Alpha in rut wasn't very likely to let their hole off their knot. That was the thing about being in rut, the person they were with was nothing more than a hole to fuck. That terrified Tony, because it was one thing to play around with objectifying a consenting Omega and it was another thing to really see them as nothing more than a means to find pleasure and relief.

Even when Alphas had mates to help them through their rut, it was more of a blanket consent kind of thing. Tony was totally fine with that before, but Sam was never really comfortable with it, even the last few years when he did let Tony help him through his ruts. Tony had never really seen the problem with it, but now that he had Omegas and thoughts of becoming his dad swirled around his head constantly, Tony was feeling really uncomfortable with the idea.


"Yeah, what is it, little one?" Sam asked, brushing a curl behind Tony's ear.

Tony bit his lip, hesitating briefly before pressing his lips to Sam.

"Would you- I mean, if it's not too much to ask that is-" Tony mumbled against his lips, blushing and pulling back slightly.

His eyes darted around the room before peering shyly up at Sam.

"Tony, baby, just tell me what you need. Whatever you're gonna ask for the answer is yes."


"I promise, now tell me what you're thinking."

"Would you help me through my rut?"

Sam raised a brow at him.

"I could do that," Sam said slowly. "I've never bottomed before though, Tony, and having my first time be while you're like that doesn't exactly sound appealing."

Sam wasn't going to say no if that's what Tony needed from him. He wasn't against bottoming. Sam had never really had much interest in that, but he definitely was capable of submitting. He may never have bottomed, but Sam definitely leaned towards a service top. He liked being dominant and being in control, but he also liked it when his Omegas were bratty and demanding. 

Clint was like that most of the time. He could be shy and blushing at times, but he was usually whiny and desperate and bossy . Sam loved that, just as much as he loved it when Brock or Tony was all soft and sweet under him. Brock and Tony tended to melt when Sam knotted them, but they could definitely be brats too. It really just depended on their mood and Sam was pretty easygoing, so he just rolled with it no matter what mood his Omegas were in. 

Sam was already planning out how he would have to start opening himself up now, if he was going to take Tony during his rut. He definitely would want to be loose for that. Tony just blinked at him, trying to process what he was saying, before his eyes widened and he blushed bright red.

"What?" Tony squeaked. "I'm not- No. That's not what I meant."

Sam didn't want to be so relieved about that, but he definitely was. He wasn’t against bottoming, but he had never really felt a strong desire to either and if he ever did bottom, well, he didn’t want it to be with an Alpha that was in rut. He just chuckled and rubbed Tony's back when Tony hid his face in his chest again.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed," Sam chuckled. "Tell me what you meant, baby?"

"I was just trying to ask if you would be there while I'm in rut, help keep an eye on things so I don't hurt my Omegas, not help out like that ."

Sam chuckled again.

"Of course I will, pretty boy."

Tony hummed and rested his head back on Sam's chest and Sam started running his fingers through his hair again.

"So I guess this means you're finally going to knot them?"

Tony licked his lips, but nodded.

"Yeah, I am, but I still want to marry them first."

Sam raised a brow at that.

"You better get on it then. Ruts might only happen once a year, but that doesn't mean it couldn't come early."

"I know that," Tony huffed. "I'm going to ask them after their heat."

"Good," Sam murmured, pressing a kiss to his head.

Tony knew that they could easily plan a wedding in a month or two and be married with plenty of time to spare. He had enough money that he knew anything that his Omegas wanted they could have almost instantly. 

Weddings weren't as common between Alphas and Omegas. It was a ritual that only existed so Betas could lay claim on each other, since it was illegal for Betas to mark anyone, but in the forties some Alphas started to pick up on the tradition. Tony wasn't a traditionalist, despite being raised in a traditional family, but he wanted his Omegas to have a party and exchange necklaces, and get to do silly things like have bachelor parties and dress up in fancy clothes. A part of him even wondered if Steve would want to wear a dress, though he was certain that Bucky wouldn't want to.

"Do you think Steve would want to wear a dress?" Tony said, voicing his thoughts.

"It's pretty common for submissives to like that sort of thing."

"So you do think he'd want that?"

Sam clicked his tongue.

"What do you imagine him in? A long flowy dress with a trail, a princess ball gown, something more fitted?"

Tony glanced up at him with a smirk.

"Are those my only choices, Alpha?"

Sam chuckled at his cheeky Omega.

"Tell me what's going on in your mind, pretty boy."

"If it was my choice I'd put him in something short with a bow in the back and ruffled bloomers underneath."

"You always did have a thing for bloomers and dresses," Sam teased.

Tony blushed, peering up at Sam through his lashes. Before he could say anything else Clint popped his head in.

"Steve and Bucky are here. Can I send them in?"

Tony shook his head, rolling away from Sam and standing up.

"No, that's alright. We won't be staying."

Clint raised a brow at him.

"You don't have to go," Sam said.

"No, I should."

Tony flinched slightly at the pain he saw flash through Sam's eyes at his dismissive tone. Sam nodded, but Tony felt bad, his teeth sinking into his lip at the thought of disappointing his Alpha yet again. He seemed to always be hurting Sam and it ate away at him inside. 

He'd been so caught up in Steve and Bucky recently that he'd barely even noticed just how much it must be hurting Sam to hear about Tony wanting to claim his Omegas. Sam did a good job of hiding it, not wanting Tony to feel guilty. Sam would never pressure Tony into anything and he would take whatever Tony was willing to give him, even if that meant never truly being his Alpha.

Tony groaned and leaned over to kiss Sam.

"I'm sorry, Sammy, but I just can't."

"I know, I'm not mad, Tony. Go do what you have to do."

Clint scoffed. 

He loved Tony, but he hated to see Sam hurt and no one seemed to do that better than Tony. Tony straightened up and Clint stepped forward, letting his hands rest on Tony's chest.

"Don't leave. We can all play together, baby. You can even play as Alpha if that's what you need," Clint murmured, his voice seductive, smooth like honey and damn near irresistible.

Tony groaned and Clint smirked, pressing their lips together, slow and coaxing.

"Stay," Clint whispered pleadingly in his ear.


"Your Omegas want to play with us, baby. You know they do. Don't you want to give them what they want? Don't you want to be a good boy for me and give me what I want?"

Tony cursed under his breath and pulled Clint in for another kiss, only breaking away when the door opened again. Bucky raised a brow at him, shutting the door behind him.

"Where's Steve?" Tony asked.

"He got distracted looking at baby clothes with Brock, but I was bored of waiting for permission to see my Alpha.”

Bucky didn’t sound annoyed, if anything he sounded teasing. He smirked, winking at Clint. Clint just chuckled and stepped aside, letting Bucky push Tony down until he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Why don't you just relax, Alpha? Let us entertain you," Bucky purred in his ear. "I promise we'll put on a good show."

Chapter Text

"Fuck," Tony breathed out, his hands gripping Bucky's hips.

Bucky chuckled under his breath, feeling Tony's dick twitch in his pants. Clint clicked his tongue and shook his head disapprovingly at Tony, tugging Bucky away from him with a smirk.

"I don't think so, Alpha," Clint teased. "Bucky's my playmate this time."

Bucky rolled his eyes, but let Clint pull him in for a kiss, pressing close and slipping his arms around Clint's neck. Tony watched them make out, Clint nipping at Bucky's lip and Bucky gasping, his lips parting to allow Clint's tongue to dart inside. Tony knew that they were playing it up, teasing him, but he loved it. Loved the way they stripped each other slowly, kissing and licking at exposed skin, their dicks rubbing and grinding together, their hips rolling enticingly, almost coaxingly.

Tony had his dick out by the time they were fully naked, his hand stroking himself and his slit dripping precum, groans falling off his lips. Sam didn't seem nearly as affected by the display. At least, not outwardly. He was definitely watching. Drinking in the sight of the two Omegas feeling each other up and taking in Tony's reactions, the way he couldn't keep his eyes off of the Omegas or his hand off of his cock.

No, Sam was definitely affected by it, but he was enjoying just watching.

Tony cursed when Clint stuck his fingers in Bucky's mouth, telling him to suck on them. Bucky's tongue swirling around the digits and his lips wrapping around them expertly. Clint removed them with a slight pop and the saliva slicked fingers went down to circle Bucky's rim.

"Nn Clint," Bucky whimpered sweetly, pressing back as Clint slipped a finger inside of him.

His forehead dropped to Clint's shoulder and his hands slid down, his fingers wrapping around his biceps, digging into them.

"Fuck, you're pretty," Clint groaned in his ear, his free hand cradling the back of Bucky's head.

Bucky gasped when his finger pressed against his prostate and his hips rocked forward, seeking friction for his leaking cock. 

Clint just chuckled and kissed his temple.

His eyes glanced up to meet Sam's and then he nodded towards Tony, letting his eyes fall to the bed before slipping his finger out of Bucky, making him whine in protest. Somehow with those very vague gestures Clint was able to communicate to his Alpha exactly what he wanted. They hadn't been together all that long, not even half a year, but they understood each other in a way that suggested they'd known each other for many lives. 

Sam leaned over and grabbed Tony's arm, startling him. Tony's eyes snapped to Sam's, wide and confused, and he tensed slightly before relaxing. When it came to trusting Sam there was no fear for Tony. He trusted him wholeheartedly, without a question, not a single doubt in his mind, because Sam would never hurt him. 

If only he could feel that certain about being with Sam, because as much as he trusts Sam with his life, he was still afraid of giving himself over to him, of being his Omega. It wasn't wrong, well, some thought it was. Sam didn't think it was wrong and that meant something to Tony, still he felt like it was a line he shouldn't cross.

They could flirt and fuck and he could fall into Sam's arms in his time of need. He could even call him Alpha, but to actually be his Omega, to accept that it wasn't just pretend or an act or a temporary arrangement that had lasted longer than either of them thought was possible. To accept that it was something more, that they were actually in love and didn't just say it in the heat of the moment, that was too much and Tony was terrified of it. Terrified that if he gave in like that, that he would lose himself in Sam's touch, his love, and never be able to find himself again. If he gave in like that, submitted for Sam in that way, would he still be able to be an Alpha to his Omegas?

"C'mere," Sam murmured, pulling Tony out of his thoughts.

Tony looked back at the Omegas like he wanted to protest, but Sam squeezed his arm lightly and tugged him backwards. Tony squeaked when he landed on his back and Sam chuckled. He wrapped an arm around Tony's waist and hauled him up the bed until he was seated with his back to the headboard.

Tony glared at him, but was immediately distracted by Clint pushing Bucky down, so he was lying near the foot of the bed. Bucky's belly was pressed up against the mattress and his hands clawed at the duvet. Clint settled in between his legs, nudging them farther apart and spread his cheeks to reveal his tight hole.

Bucky squeaked in surprise when he felt Clint's tongue on him and he tried to get away from the unexpected sensation, but Clint pulled him right back.

"Don't be difficult, baby. Be good and let me eat you out."

"Fuck you," Bucky spat out, groaning when Clint's fingers pressed into his thighs.

"Keep complaining and see where it gets you."

Bucky did complain, but Tony was fairly certain it was just for show, because every now and again he would glance over at Tony, like he wanted to make sure that his Alpha was watching. The thought had Tony so fucking turned on.

He was thoroughly enjoying the show, enjoying the way Bucky was acting like a brat even as his body lit up with pleasure and moans escaped past his lips. Tony recognized that Bucky was most likely doing it, because he knew that his Alpha had a thing for bratty Omegas. He also enjoyed the way that Clint snickered and sneered at Bucky, goading him on. 

Tony's hand was back on his cock, stroking himself and Sam was still just watching it all play out, looking somewhat amused, but there was also something hungry in his eyes that made it clear he was also enjoying the show.

When Clint forced an orgasm out of Bucky from nothing more than his tongue, Tony's knot finally popped and Sam pushed Tony's hand away to wrap his own around it. Bucky rode out the after effects of his orgasm, Clint still licking at him until it became painful and he squirmed away, Clint allowing him to this time, and curled up to Tony.

Clint found his way into Sam's lap, rubbing his dick up against Sam's thigh and whining about how Sam was more focused on milking Tony than he was on getting him off. By the time Tony's knot went down Clint was satisfied and he happily curled up into Tony's side when Tony tugged him closer, the Omega wedged in between his Alphas.

"I don't know what inspired that little show, but I thoroughly enjoyed it," Tony rumbled.

"Oh I know how much you love to watch, Alpha," Clint purred, running a hand down Tony's chest. "I know you love it when we put on shows for you and you know that I love putting on little scenes for my Alphas."

Bucky's eyes snapped to Clint and he frowned.

"Is Tony your Alpha?" Bucky asked Clint.

Clint shrugged.

"Well, he's not my mate obviously, but he is mine." 

Bucky's frown deepened.

"Am I yours?"

Clint rolled his eyes.

"Of course you are. You're my nestpartner."

Bucky blinked at that and shook his head.

"I don't get it," Bucky murmured, deciding to just change the subject, because the whole were Sam's Omegas Tony's and was Sam Tony's Alpha thing was way too complicated. He didn't need to add was he Clint or was Clint his to the mix.

"Why do you like watching so much, Alpha?" Bucky asked instead.

Tony chuckled and kissed his head.

"I like denial, little one. There's something intoxicating about getting all riled up and then denying yourself an orgasm, or denying yourself the right to partake. There is a lot to like when it comes to just watching, whether you get off or not."

Bucky peered up at him curiously.

"Is that why you're okay with just watching me and Steve?"

Tony barked out a laugh and Clint snickered. Sam just glanced over affectionately from where he was watching them, close enough to touch, but choosing to not interfere, willing to just let his Omegas have this moment.

"No, it's not, at least it wasn't in the beginning," Tony said. "It's different now, because I do enjoy watching you two together. At first though, that wasn't the reason I didn't join in. I didn't hate it, that's for sure, but I did it out of respect. I wasn't going to touch either of you when you were vulnerable like that. Steve hadn't really made any indication that he wanted me to be his Alpha and I wasn't going to pursue either of you unless you both wanted me."

Bucky pursed his lips.

"Why? You do know that you could have been with just me right?"

Tony rolled his eyes.

"I could have, but I wasn't going to. You do realize how much power you hold over Steve, right? You're not just his nestmate. You're his Alpha. I have no doubt that Steve would have gone along with it because you wanted it, even if he didn't really want it himself."

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Well, it's a good thing you helped him through his heat then, because otherwise it would have taken him forever to come around," Bucky sighed dramatically.

Tony clicked his tongue, sending Bucky a sharp look.

"You're lucky that I wasn't comfortable with punishing you back then, because if you pulled that shit now, I would put you in chastity and then bring you to the edge and deny you over and over again," Tony growled threateningly.

Bucky's eyes widened.

"What?" Bucky squeaked. "Why?"

"Because you knew he couldn't consent and you didn't tell me," Tony said, his voice sharp and his irritation making itself known. "You let me believe that he could and that wasn't fair to me and it certainly wasn't fair to Steve."

Bucky pouted.

"It turned out fine though, didn't it?" Bucky argued. "I don't see why it's such a big deal."

"You don't-" Tony cut off with a scoff. "Jesus, Bucky, really?"

"What? Even if it was... questionable, it worked out just fine and Steve doesn't care about it. Besides, he likes to play like that."

Tony growled again and Clint shifted away from them, Sam pulling him into his lap, just in time for Tony to shove Bucky onto his back and loom over him. Tony knew exactly what Bucky was talking about. Steve liked consensual non-consent and Bucky may be right about that, but he was wrong about this.

"No, you listen to me and you listen well, little boy. There's nothing wrong with rapeplay, but that was not play. Taking away Steve's right to consent is not play. If I had known that he couldn't consent, I wouldn't have been there and I do regret being there. I don't regret Steve being mine, but I do regret how it happened. You had no right to put me in that position and you had no right to make that call for either of us. You knew it was wrong, otherwise you would have told me."

"But then you wouldn't have helped." Bucky pouted.


"I needed you, Alpha. I don't regret it, because I needed you. I needed you there and I needed your help and Steve didn't mind, he really didn't. He's just stubborn."

Tony clenched his teeth and glared at Bucky, the Omega glaring stubbornly right back at him.

"I know how easy it is to not care about things like consent, to feel entitled to things that you have no right taking. I get it, Bucky. I'm not a saint and I didn't understand consent when I was your age, but I got myself a good Alpha and I learned wrong from right. I still make mistakes. I'm not perfect, but I try my hardest to do what I believe is right and I'm going to teach you what that means, pretty Omega. You're barely more than a pup, so I don't blame you for not knowing better-"

"I'm twenty-three," Bucky scoffed.

"Exactly. You're barely more than a pup, but I'm gonna teach you and I'm not asking if you want to. I'm telling you that you're going to learn and I'm going to make sure that you do."

Bucky scowled at him, shoving at Tony's chest until he was sitting next to him instead of looming over him.

"Yeah, whatever," Bucky grumbled, pushing up to a seated position himself.

"Bucky, listen to your Alpha," Sam said sternly. "This is important."

Bucky's scowl deepened.

"You're not my Alpha," Bucky snapped.

Tony bristled at that and his eyes flashed dangerously, but before he could do anything Sam had a hand placed firmly on his thigh.

"Anthony, don't," Sam warned.

Tony pouted, but sagged back against the headboard. Clint was curled up in Sam's lap, Sam's arm wrapped around him, but Sam's hand reached up to brush through Tony's curls soothingly and he let his scent unravel warm and comforting, breaking through the tension in the air.

"You're right, Bucky. I'm not your Alpha, but Tony is and you need to show him respect when he's talking about things that are important to him. You can't just dismiss this like it's nothing. Steve might not care about it, but Tony does. He was really upset about it and one day Steve might be upset about it, too. As Steve's Alpha it's your job to look out for him and protect him. You took advantage of the power you hold over him and the power you hold over Tony."

Bucky narrowed his eyes at that.

"I'm his Omega. I don't have any power over him."

Tony's eyes widened and he opened his mouth, but Sam gripped his hair in warning and Tony just whimpered and leaned into his touch.

"You don't really believe that do you?" Sam asked.

"Omegas don't have any power," Bucky mumbled, his eyes downcast and his scent miserable.

"Omegas hold all the power, because they are the ones that give it away and they can choose to take it back," Sam corrected. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to be taken care of, wanting to be protected, but you have to understand that you do have a lot of power in your relationship with Tony. You cry and pout and make demands and it eats away at him, because he just wants you to be happy and have everything you've ever wanted. You bat your eyes and say Alpha, please and it's damn near impossible for him to tell you no."

Bucky furrowed his brows, because he'd never really thought of it that way.

"When Steve does those things it's just because he's being manipulative. I don't like it when he's like that," Bucky said, shifting uncomfortably.

"You could say it's manipulation or taking advantage of an Alpha. You could also see it from a different perspective and say that it's dominance."

Bucky's eyebrows shot up and his gaze snapped over to Sam.

"That's not what dominance is," Bucky denied immediately.

"Isn't it? Dominance can mean a lot of things. Sure, typically we associate it with an Alpha that likes to control and is strict, maybe even mean. That's not the only kind of dominance though. When an Omega dominates their Alpha, they don't usually go about it by pinning them down, even if they do order them around."

Bucky was struggling to wrap his head around that and he glanced over at Tony who was watching him intently, almost curiously, wondering what his Omega was thinking, if he thought it was hogwash or if he thought that Sam was on to something.

"I-" Bucky started, but shook his head. "I'm going to go check on Steve."

Tony frowned, disappointed, but he nodded.

"I'll come with you," Clint offered, pressing a kiss to Sam's lips before following Bucky out of the room.

Clint wasn't surprised when Bucky pulled him aside instead of heading straight to see Steve.

"Do you really believe all that stuff?"

Clint raised his brow at him.

"Oh come on, you know that I like being dominant," Clint teased. "Sure, I like submitting too, but I'm not only submissive. I'm not sure anyone's really only one or the other. Maybe some people are mostly one or the other, but dominance and submission isn't just about sex. Some people who only want to submit during sex are dominant in their life and vice versa. It's not so black and white. There's a lot of gray area when it comes to power dynamics."

"Yeah, but Omegas are supposed to be submissive."

Clint rolled his eyes.

"You don't really believe that, Bucky. You're not that submissive, at least not with Steve."

"Yeah, but that's different."

"Is it?"

"I'm his Alpha," Bucky insisted. "I'm not an Omega with Steve."

Clint sighed and pushed Bucky back gently until he was up against the wall.

"I know that's how you play and I'm not saying that you're not his Alpha. You are, but only because you choose to be. You want to be his Alpha and that's cool and all, but the title of Alpha isn't what makes you dominant, Bucky," Clint told him firmly. "I'm not Brock's Alpha and he's not mine, but we switch back and forth. We could play around with Alpha and Omega dynamics if we wanted to, but we don't because we never wanted an Alpha and when we did, well, it was Sam. There's nothing wrong with how you choose to play with Steve, but we don't need to be an Alpha to dominate. We're perfectly happy just being dominant Omegas."

Bucky's eyes darted around the hall as he tried to take that in. He didn't have anything against it, he really didn't, but he always tended to struggle with concepts that directly contradict the things he was taught growing up.

"I don't get it." Bucky pouted.

"I know, that's okay. You will in time," Clint promised, kissing him softly. "There's nothing wrong with feeling lost or struggling with new ideas, as long as you can accept that your ideas aren't the only ideas out there that are valid."

Bucky nodded, whimpering and ducking his head into Clint's neck.

"It's just hard sometimes."

"Shh, I know. It's okay, baby. You don't have to learn overnight. It takes time to accept new things."

"I feel like I don't know anything," Bucky whined.

Clint chuckled and nuzzled against his cheek.

"Maybe you don't. Is that really so bad?"

"It's not great," Bucky grumbled.

Clint just rumbled in his chest and gripped Bucky's hips in his hands.

"Well, it's a good thing you have a lot of people to teach you."

Bucky rolled his eyes, but clung to Clint, letting the other Omega hold him up.

"You're gonna be okay, Bucky," Clint promised.

They stood there like that for a moment, Clint holding him up and Bucky letting him support him.



"Is Sam Tony's Alpha?"

Clint gripped his hips tighter and sighed.

"I think you should ask Tony about that."

Bucky groaned in frustration.

"I did and he told me no, but I don't believe him. He does things that contradict that and I'm not sure he's even aware of it."

Clint licked his lips. He didn't want to be in the middle of this. It really wasn't his place to tell Bucky about Tony's struggles, but at the same time Clint was his friend. He wanted to reassure Bucky.

"He denied it when I asked him directly, but he called Sam his Alpha. I'm not just delusional. I heard him say it and then immediately deny it and then when we were in there just now-" Bucky pointed down the hall. "He said that he found himself a good Alpha! I'm just so confused about the whole thing. I don't even care if Sam is his Alpha, but I hate that he's lying to me about it."

Clint sighed again and pulled back slightly, looking Bucky in the eyes.

"It's complicated. Tony's never technically accepted Sam as his Alpha, but Sam still fills that role for him," Clint explained slowly, not sure if he should be saying anything at all. "Tony's... stubborn. He has certain views that he struggles with and it's hard for him to accept things sometimes, just like it is for you."

"So Sam's not his Alpha, but he wants to be and Tony wants it, too, he just won't admit it?"

"Basically yeah."

Bucky considered that for a moment.

"Maybe if Steve and I accepted Sam as our Alpha then Tony would be able to do it, too."

Clint raised a brow at him.

"Do you want Sam to be your Alpha?"

"Well, I mean, I want Tony to be happy and I think that he wants Sam to be his Alpha."

Clint smirked.

"Why don't you just tell him that?"

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"I can't tell him that," Bucky said, like that was ridiculous.

"Why not?"

"I-I don't know, I just can't," Bucky said defensively, his cheeks red.

"Yeah, whatever." Clint laughed.

Bucky rolled his eyes and pushed him away.

"Let's go check on our nestmates."

"I don't technically have a nestmate," Clint said, his voice light and teasing.

"Just like Tony doesn't technically have an Alpha."


"Do you think Brock will ever accept that you're nestmates?"

Clint shrugged.

"I don't know and I don't really care. I don't need the label to know that he cares about me."

"Brock has feelings?" Bucky scoffed.

Clint laughed.

"Not that he likes to admit, but yeah, he does."

Bucky laughed too, but then he frowned.

"Don't you want the label?"

Clint shrugged again.

"Labels don't really matter that much to me."

"Do you think they matter to Tony?"

Clint gave Bucky an exasperated look.

"If you really want to know things about your Alpha, then you should just ask him."

Bucky huffed.

"Yeah, whatever," He grumbled.

Chapter Text

"That Omega's gonna be the death of me," Tony groaned.

"That Omega is in love with you."

"Yeah, I know," Tony said with a smile.

"He'll learn, you just have to give him time."

Tony nodded and sighed, curling into Sam's side and scenting him.

"When he told you that you weren't his Alpha, I thought I might hurt him," Tony admitted, sounding ashamed.

Sam chose not to address the not being his Alpha thing, because he was pretty sure it would just upset Tony. Bucky wasn't wrong though. Sam wasn't his Alpha. Bucky had never made any indication that he wanted Sam as his Alpha, so Sam definitely wasn't going to just assume that he was allowed that title.

"I know, but I wasn't going to let anything like that happen, baby," Sam promised. "Your anger will burn you if you can't control it though, Tony. I won't always be there to stop you, so you need to learn how to feel it without reacting to it."

"I know," Tony groaned.

He felt miserable and he really just wanted to hide away, be safe in Sam's arms and pretend that the rest of the world didn't exist. He loved being an Alpha, but sometimes it was just so hard and he just wanted to let Sam take care of him. Tony whimpered and clung to Sam, his fists clutching at his shirt.

He spent so much time hiding his true scent around his Omegas, manipulating it to comfort and soothe them, but with Sam he rarely did that. His frustration and hurt swirled around them as Sam held him close and rumbled soothingly. Sam didn't change his own scent really, he just lessened it, but he allowed his concern to seep in just enough that Tony knew he was worried about him. 

Tony didn't like revealing his emotions to his Omegas, but there was something comforting about it when Sam did it that made him wonder if he was doing them an injustice by hiding behind a masked scent so often. There was something nice about knowing that Sam was worrying about him, that he cared enough to be worried.

"Sammy?" Tony mumbled into his shirt.

Sam hummed, running fingers through Tony's curls.

"I love you."

Sam's fingers paused and he glanced down at Tony. He gripped his hair so tenderly that it felt more like a caress than a show of dominance and coaxed Tony in for a kiss.

"I know, pretty boy," Sam murmured against his lips. "I love you too, Tony."

Tony bit his lip, trying to hide the smile that wanted to break out, but he couldn't hide the blush on his cheeks. It wasn't like this was a new development or anything and it certainly wasn't the first time that confessions of love were tossed back and forth between them. It wasn't often that Tony instigated it without being all soft on Sam's knot though.

Tony shifted until he was straddling Sam's hips, his hands still clutching his shirt as he kissed him, soft and sweet, but long and deep. It was slow, like they had all the time in the world to just lock lips and lock themselves away from the rest of the world. Tony got like that sometimes with Sam. Where the rest of the world seemed to just melt away and they were all that mattered.

Sam pulled back after a few moments though, rubbing circles into Tony's hip with his thumb and trying to gently coax him back into reality. They had Omega's waiting for them. Steve and Bucky had come all this way for their Alpha and it wouldn't be fair if he just hid away from them. They deserved better than that.

"Come on, love. Let's go see our Omegas."

Tony pouted, leaning back in for another kiss. Sam let him, but he kept it short and sweet, not letting Tony dive inside his mouth the way Tony definitely intended to.

Tony huffed in annoyance when Sam tapped his thigh.

"Up you go, angel."

Tony grumbled unhappily, but climbed off of Sam and let him grab his hand and lead him out of the room.

"We should call you pumpkin, cos you smell like pumpkin pie," Steve was saying when they entered the living room.

Brock made a face and shoved him away.

"Don't ever say anything that cheesy to me again."

Steve just giggled and pressed closer again, snuggling into his side.

"Yes, sir."

Brock rolled his eyes and Bucky narrowed his eyes at his Omega, but otherwise didn't acknowledge it. At least he wasn't calling Brock Alpha. Bucky hated that and so did Brock who insisted he didn't need to be an Alpha to be dominant. Bucky and Clint were sitting on the ground, a bowl of popcorn in between them and the opening credits to a movie on the TV. Bucky's eyes darted to Tony standing in the doorway, shifted to Sam, then fell to the floor, his head hung in shame.

Tony sighed and Sam squeezed his hand comfortingly.

"He's not being disobedient, baby," Sam murmured softly in Tony's ear like an angel on his shoulder. "He's struggling, because he's being confronted with concepts that contradict what he's been taught to believe. Be patient with him and he'll learn in time."

Tony nodded, leaning into Sam for a moment before walking further into the room. He pressed a kiss to Steve's head.

"You okay, angel?"

Steve nodded.

"Yup!" Steve chirped. "I'm helping Brock choose a diaper changing table. We're leaning towards a dark oak finish."

Brock hummed.

"Or we could do maple, I suppose," Brock said, clicking on a picture of a changing table.

Steve made a face at it.

"No, because the trim in the nursery is dark. We'd have to repaint it like white or something."

"White and maple?" Brock said, like the idea personally offended him. "Not a chance."

"Okay, well, I guess we could do like, I don't know, walnut, but like dark walnut."

The Omegas were caught up in their discussion about wood finishings and Steve barely acknowledged his Alpha when Tony kissed his cheek. He did turn his head slightly to press it closer to Tony's lips, but that was it. Tony wasn't offended, he just chuckled and shook his head before taking a seat next to Clint. Clint glanced between him and Bucky, rolling his eyes at the way Bucky tried to ignore the urge to look up at Tony and Tony kept stealing glances at Bucky.

"You're both idiots," Clint muttered, pushing to his feet and stealing the bowl of popcorn.

"Hey!" Bucky protested.

Clint just stuck his tongue out at him and danced out of his reach when Bucky tried to trip him. Clint was a trained assassin, well, technically he was a former hitman turned barista. Either way, it wasn't very easy to take him down unless he allowed it.

"Don't worry, Buck," Sam said, ruffling Bucky's hair as he walked by and tugging Clint in for a kiss. "I'll get you your own bowl."

"Ooh, get me one too," Steve chirped.

"Do you want one too, baby, or can you share with Steve like a good boy?" Sam teased, smirking at Brock.

"I'm eating for two, Wilson. I'm not sharing shit," Brock told him with a look that suggested murder if Sam denied him this. "And I want two bowls just for that comment."

"Right, so a bowl for Bucky, a bowl for Steve, and two bowls for my beautiful pregnant Omega."

Brock rolled his eyes at that comment.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Sam. I'm still gonna make you repaint all the trim."

"What? Why? What color did we settle on?" Steve demanded, way too invested in the color scheme for the nursery of a pup that wasn't his, but Steve might go feral if someone suggested that he had no claim on Brock's pup.

"I'm thinking cherry."

"Cherry? Why?" Steve was clearly not into the idea.

Sam just chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

"You want a bowl, Tony?"

Tony shook his head.

"Nah, I'll just steal from Bucky."

"Like hell you will," Bucky said with a scowl.

"What's yours is mine, so technically it won't even be stealing," Tony teased.

Bucky scoffed.

"Yeah, well, Steve is mine, so why don't you technically not steal from him?" Bucky sassed.

"I thought Steve was mine, but I guess I'd be willing to share him. You can have him on Wednesdays."

Bucky growled lightly at that.

"Don't push your luck. He was mine long before he was yours."

Steve glanced between his Alphas, picking up on the barely veiled tension between them. He draped his feet over Bucky's shoulders and Bucky's hand came up to grab one of his ankles, pressing a kiss to it before nipping lightly. Steve slid closer, until his thighs were on Bucky's shoulders, and he pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"You jealous of our Alpha, Buck?" Steve teased.

Bucky snorted.

"Not a chance. We both know I'd win custody if we divorced."

Steve giggled and tugged Bucky's hair out of its bun, letting it fall down until it was just brushing his shoulders. Tony just licked his lips and shared a look with Sam before he left the room to make popcorn, Clint trailing after him.

"You should let me cut your hair," Steve murmured.

Bucky rolled his eyes.


Steve giggled again, running his fingers through the long strands. He dropped it, knowing that Bucky liked wearing his hair long. Steve didn't really care either way. He thought Bucky was gorgeous when they were kids and it was shorter and he thinks he's gorgeous now. 

"You seem tense, Alpha," Steve murmured seductively in his ear. "Let me take care of that for you. I could make you feel so much better."

"Yeah? What are you offering me, doll?" Bucky asked with a smirk, tilting his head back to see his Omega.

Steve licked his lips, pressing an upside down kiss to Bucky's lips before tracing his nose across his cheek.

"What do you want? My cunt, my mouth, my hand. It's all yours, Alpha."

"Yeah? What about your cocklet?"

Steve frowned, because he wasn't sure how that was supposed to relax his Alpha.

"Or are you going to deny me what I want?" Bucky asked, his hand gripping Steve's thigh and his lips pressing against the inside of it.

Steve whimpered, shaking his head.

"Never, Alpha."

"Good boy," Bucky murmured, turning around and tugging on Steve's booty shorts.

Steve lifted his hips so Bucky could get them off, whining when Bucky mouthed at his covered crotch, his tongue darting out to trace the edge of his panties where they gave way to smooth thighs.

"So beautiful, baby. Fuck, you're so beautiful."

Steve whimpered, his fingers tangling in Bucky's hair.

"Alpha," Steve gasped when Bucky pulled his panties down until the waistband rested under his balls, nipping at them.

Bucky chuckled and Tony shifted himself in his pants, his eyes locking with Brocks. Tony smirked and got up, pulling Brock to his feet.

"You want to submit so pretty for me or you looking to get your dick wet?" Brock asked Tony, smirking right back at him.

Tony rolled his eyes.

"Don't act like you're not dying to be knotted," Tony teased.

"What makes you think I want your knot?" Brock shot back.

Tony just snorted, because Brock always wanted to be knotted.

"Just bend over and let me fuck you, baby."

Brock narrowed his eyes at him.

"Don't call me that."

Tony smirked, patting the arm of the couch.

"I want you right here. That way we can watch the show."

Tony's eyes shifted over to his Omegas. Steve was squirming and whining while Bucky sucked on his little cocklet and the sight and sounds alone were enough to have Tony fully hard and leaking.

Brock huffed out a sigh like this was a huge burden on him, but he was scenting aroused and clearly into it.

"Clint, eat your own popcorn, angel," Sam scolded lightly.

Clint just stuck his tongue out at his Alpha.


Sam sighed.

"Okay, well, at least be helpful and carry Bucky's bowl out for him."

Clint huffed in annoyance, like his Alpha was asking a lot of him, but pressed a kiss to Sam's cheek.

"Yes, Alpha," Clint teased. "Should I drop to my knees and suck you off first?"

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Just grab the bowl, Clint."

Sam juggled Steve's bowl and both of Brock's, Clint trailing behind him, his own bowl tucked under his arm so he could steal more popcorn from Bucky's bowl as he followed Sam out into the living room. Sam barely batted an eye at the sight he walked in on, walking over to set the bowls down on the coffee table. Clint eyed Steve and Bucky with interest, but walked over to kiss Brock and then Tony. Tony was buried to the hilt in Brock, but pulled Clint closer, groaning into his mouth.

Clint likes to talk a lot of shit about how loose Brock is, but that really couldn't be farther from the truth. Omegas were made to be fucked over and over and to take knots and birth pups and then tighten back up afterwards. As far as Tony knew it wasn't actually possible to keep them loose and gaping open unless they were stuffed full twenty-four seven.

Omegas could be gaping and then an hour later be as tight as a virgin. It really was ridiculous how they were perfect holes, just made to take cock. Alphas on the other hand could be fucked to the point of being ruined. Where their muscles were too fucked out to close and their insides were permanently rearranged.

Tony's mind drifted briefly to Justin and just how loose he was. Tony had really ruined his sloppy cunt to the point that it wasn't even really satisfying to fuck him. Tony had shoved a cocksleeve inside of him on more than one occasion just to feel something. Justin always cried about it, hating that he couldn't feel Tony's cock and he got really upset when Tony knotted the toy.

Tony shook his head. He didn't want to think about Justin. He tried not to, because it just made him feel guilty about ending things, or rather avoiding him like the plague instead of actually ending things like he knew he should have. Tony was glad when Clint spoke, pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Don't knot him while he's bent over like this. I don't need him bitching and complaining about lower back pains in the morning."

"Fuck you!" Brock spat at him.

Clint takes, pulling his dick out of his pants.

"If you're gonna be like that, then I think you deserve to gag on my cock," Clint sneered.

Bucky chuckled around Steve's cocklet at that comment and Steve whined, thrashing on the couch, his fingers trying to find purchase on the leather.

"Bucky, Alpha, please," Steve begged him.

"No, not yet," Bucky growled, pulling off, his hands gripping his thighs. "Don't you dare. You don't get an orgasm until I say so."

Steve sobbed, his thighs clenching around Bucky's head, his legs up over Bucky's shoulders. It was damn near torture for him when Bucky went back to sucking on his cocklet, his member soft in his mouth, but his hole so wet, slick spilling out of him, his muscles contracting, begging for an orgasm. Clint was getting sucked off by Brock, but he was right next to Steve and Bucky and he twisted around just enough to see them without his dick falling out of Brock's mouth.

"Look at you, princess, getting your clit played with. You better thank your Alpha for giving you attention."

Bucky pulled off again, shaking his head.

"Nah, my Stevie's an ungrateful bitch. He doesn't appreciate my help like a good slut would."

"No, I'm good," Steve whined in protest. "I'm a good slut."

Bucky laughed, the sound mean and taunting.

"Oh really? Is that why you're begging me for more instead of thanking me, you ungrateful little bitch?"

Steve's lip trembled and he sobbed. Tony glanced over at him, his hands tightening on Brock's hips. He wanted to soothe his Omega, but they were playing rough right now and Tony wasn't going to interfere with their scene. Tony pulled out of Brock with a grunt.

"Come on, Clint doesn't want me to knot you over the armrest."

Brock's protests were muffled around Clint's dick, but Tony still leaned over him.

"Complain and I won't knot you at all," Tony hissed in Brock's ear.

If Steve wasn't so focused on what Bucky was doing to him he probably would have been shocked that Tony was going to knot Brock. Even when Alpha's played around with other Alphas Omega's, and Alphas sharing their Omegas was pretty common, they didn't knot them. It was just considered common courtesy to not knock up someone else's Omega. Bucky wasn't surprised though, because Brock was already pregnant. It's not like there was any harm in Tony knotting him.

Clint climbed off the couch, letting Tony take his place and Brock sank down onto his dick, his back up against Tony's chest. Tony grinded into him, rocking up into him gently. Brock wasn't opposed to rough sex and he definitely liked to play rough sometimes, especially with Clint and Tony, but he was in his second trimester and Sam had banned him from all forms of rough play, including but not limited to breath play, deepthroating, any bondage that forced him into a position that could put stress on the baby and any and all forms of play that involved inflicting pain.

Needless to say, Brock was not thrilled with his Alpha's decision and was even less thrilled that the only people he played around with seemed to take the new restrictions very seriously. Brock didn't complain though when Tony's hand splayed out over his protruding belly, his other hand on Brock's hip, encouraging him to rock back and forth.

By the time Steve was allowed to have his orgasm, Brock was stuffed full of Tony's knot and cum, eating popcorn and glaring at Tony for taking advantage of his inability to move by stealing his popcorn. Steve screamed through his release, his body trembling and his thighs clenching around Bucky's head. His eyes rolled back when Bucky pulled off with a pop and tugged Steve further down the couch, his back slipping through his own slick. 

Steve's ass was hanging off the cushions and Bucky groaned at the sight of his pretty little cunt gushing slick. Bucky's eyes darted up to meet Tony's and he smirked, any conflict or awkwardness from earlier gone. Tony just chuckled, rubbing his hand over Brock's belly soothingly before stealing more popcorn. Bucky chuckled, turning his attention back to his Omega and diving in between his cheeks to suck and lap at his sloppy hole, so wet and hot on his tongue, his slick so sweet it was better than candy and his hole loose and open from his orgasm. Bucky would live off of Steve's slick if he could, because his pretty little Omega was just the sweetest thing ever.

The first movie had ended, a second one now playing, and Steve was showered and dressed in Sam's clothes, something that seemed to really appeal to Tony, because he couldn't stop scenting him. Steve was curled up in Tony's lap, Bucky and Clint laid out on their stomachs on the floor, their eyes glued to the screen and their popcorn bowls nestled in their arms to guard from wandering hands.

"You like having Tony's knot, baby?" Sam murmured against Brock's neck, sucking at the scarred skin where he had claimed him. Brock hummed, working his way through his second bowl of popcorn.

"You know I like you the best, Alpha, but I'm a slut for knots and I will take any that I'm offered."

Tony snickered, Steve giggled, feeling all soft and floaty in his Alpha's lap, and Sam just chuckled. They all knew that Brock was just teasing. He was horny constantly now that he was pregnant, but it's not like he had ever actually accepted the knot of any Alphas other than his Alphas. If anything Brock would probably kill any other Alpha that tried to offer him their knot.

Steve stared longingly at Brock as Sam rubbed his belly. Brock glared at Sam and shoved his hand away, still irritated that Sam had stolen some of his popcorn. He grumbled about damn Alphas that kept stealing from him, but despite his prickly exterior they all knew he really did adore Sam, and Tony too for that matter. As much as he liked to put on a show of not wanting to be taken care of, they all knew it was just that, a show. 

Steve put his hand on his own flat belly and pouted, thinking about how Tony's hands had been splayed protectively over Brock's belly only an hour earlier. Steve wanted that. He wanted to be round with his Alpha's pups and be held close and secure. He wanted his Alphas to get all protective and growly over him and scent his belly and rub it.

"What's up, buttercup?" Tony murmured in his ear, noticing the shift in Steve's scent.

Steve sighed and shifted on his lap until he could press his nose into Tony's neck and inhale his scent. Tony smiled softly and wrapped his arms around him.

"Nothin', I was just thinkin'," Steve mumbled.


"Wantin' pups."

Tony stiffened slightly at the unexpected answer and Steve tensed, but then Tony was holding him tighter and pleased Alpha filled the air around them. He nipped possessively at Steve's scent gland, his tongue darting out to soothe the sting.

"I want pups too, little one, but I think we should wait until after we're bonded for that kind of thing."

Steve huffed.

"I never took you for a traditionalist," Steve teased, even though he wasn't at all surprised by Tony's response.

"I'm not," Tony said softly.

Tony didn't really care so much about the proper order of things, but from the little information he could find he had learned that submissive Omegas tended to respond better to that. It made them feel more secure. Apparently submissives who were bred before they were claimed became anxious and some of them developed self-destructive habits because of it. Tony would never let anything like that happen to his Omega.

Steve just hummed.

"Yeah, I know we should wait, Alpha, but sometimes waiting is hard."

"Waiting is hard, little one, but don't worry. Daddy will teach you patience."

Steve whimpered, rocking against him and Tony growled low in his chest. Sam glanced over at them, raising his brow in question and Tony knew exactly what he was curious about. Tony just shook his head though, trying to convey that he'd tell him about it later. Sam must have understood, or at the very least knew that Tony didn't want to talk about it, because he just turned his attention back to the movie.

Steve was passed out in Bucky's arms when they got to the penthouse. He kicked off his shoes and carried Steve off to bed. Steve's shoes were in Tony's hands, because Steve had fallen asleep before they even left Sam's place. When Tony entered their bedroom he found Steve tucked under the blankets with Bucky sitting on the edge of the bed, brushing his fingers through his hair.

Tony sighed and took a seat next to him. He reached out and cupped his cheek when Bucky glanced over at him.


"You okay, Buckaroo? I know things got intense at Sam's."

Bucky bit his lip and looked down at his lap, his fingers fidgeting and toe tapping anxiously on the floor.

"I, um, I know I shouldn't have done what I did. I know I should have told you Steve couldn't consent when he was like that. It's just-"

Bucky stopped like he couldn't bring himself to continue.

"I know, little one," Tony murmured, wrapping an arm around him and tugging him closer to press a kiss to his temple. "It's hard to admit when we're wrong. Huh?"

Bucky nodded, turning to bury his face in Tony's shirt, his hands clutching at the fabric.

"I'm sorry, Alpha."

"Shh, I know you are, angel. It's okay now. Everything's okay now. You know it's wrong now and that's all that matters. We can't change the past, but we can learn from it and change our future."

Bucky chuckled softly and shook his head.

"You're perfect. You know that?"

Tony pursed his lips.

"I'm really not, baby. I have my own demons. We all do."

Bucky licked his lips.

"I'm not sure I believe that. Besides, if you aren't perfect then I'll never be, because I could never be as good at everything as you are."

Tony groaned and rested his chin on Bucky's head.

"I don't want you to be perfect, sweetheart. Perfection isn't real. It's a lie that people tell themselves when they're hiding their pain behind a smile. I want you to be happy and successful at anything you want to do. I want you to know you're loved and to let yourself be taken care of and to accept support from others when you need it, but perfection? No, baby, I don't want that for you. No one is perfect, but we can all grow and improve as people. That's all I want for you and Steve."

Bucky bit his lip, peering up at Tony through his lashes, an awed look on his face.

"You make me feel so naive when you say shit like that."

Tony laughed and kissed him softly.

"Come on, baby. Let's get some sleep."

Bucky nodded and climbed over Steve, cuddling up in the middle of the bed, Steve wrapped up in his arms and Tony's arms wrapped around him. There was nowhere Bucky would rather be than right here with his Alpha and his Omega, his soulmates.

Chapter Text

Steve and Bucky were passed out in their bed, curled up in the nest wearing Tony's shirts, because their Alpha was pulling an all nighter in his lab. Bucky was sleeping soundly, pretty colors dancing across his eyelids, but Steve's sleep was restless and full of things he wished he could unsee. A train whipping by at full speed, snow that chilled him to the bone, and a scream that made him feel dead inside. Steve shot up with a scream and Bucky's eyes snapped open.

"What? What happened?" Bucky groaned, rubbing at his face, trying to wake up enough to figure out what was happening, but the scent of Alpha surrounding them was trying to entice him back to sleep.

"Bucky, Bucky," Steve sobbed. "I-I did something bad."

"What are ya talkin' about, doll?" Bucky mumbled, confused and still not fully awake.

"I need you to punish me."

Bucky furrowed his brows at him, glancing around for any sign that Steve had done something wrong and finding nothing out of place.

"What'd you do, baby?"

"I didn't catch you when you fell. I was supposed to and I tried, but I failed."

It took Bucky a moment to work out what the hell Steve was talking about with his sleep-addled brain, but when he did he sighed.

"Hey, hey, no. I'm not gonna punish you for a bad dream, Stevie," Bucky told him softly, pulling the sobbing Omega into his lap.

"I was- I was bad. I didn't save you! I should have saved you, Buck! I'm so sorry." Steve was clearly distressed by whatever he'd seen in his dream. "I deserve to be punished."

Steve honestly believed it too, but Bucky just shook his head. He wasn't going to punish him for a dream. There was just no way Bucky was going to do that.

"Hey, no. You listen to me and you listen well. I will not punish you for anything scary that happens in your dreams. It wasn't real, baby. It never happened. I'm right here and I'm fine," Bucky told him firmly.

"Alpha, you died!" Steve sobbed.

"Shh, it's okay. I'm sorry you had to see that, baby, but it wasn't real. We're both safe and sound. I'm right here with ya."

It took a while, but eventually Bucky was able to calm Steve down, but by then the sun was up and there was no chance of Steve going back to sleep. Bucky just sighed and pulled him out of bed and into the shower, kissing away the tears in the corners of his eyes and telling him that everything was gonna be alright.

Steve didn't feel like anything was alright though. He felt like everything was all wrong. He had done something bad, and even though he recognized that his dreams were out of his control, Steve was not thinking rationally about it. He needed to be punished so he would know that his Alpha was happy with him. He needed Bucky to forgive him for letting him fall, he needed it so that the image of Bucky falling, screaming Steve's name, would go away. 

Bucky didn't want to hear it though. He told Steve to stop bringing up a punishment, because there wasn't going to be one. Bucky was not going to punish him for a dream. He just wasn't. Steve was clearly scared of what he'd seen and a punishment was not going to make that go away, even if he thought it would.


Tony glanced up from his desk, furrowing his brows when he saw Steve's expression and scented the distress in the air.

"What's wrong, baby?"

Steve's bottom lip trembled and he fell to his knees.

"I'm sorry, Alpha," Steve sobbed.

Tony's brows shot up in surprise.

"What? Baby, what are you sorry for?"

"I've been bad."

Tony was very confused, but he stood up from his chair and crouched down next to Steve, running his fingers through his hair.

"Why? What happened, little one? Tell me, what has you so upset?"

"I did something bad, Alpha. I'm so sorry!" Steve wailed, tears pouring down his cheeks.

"Steve, look at me," Tony ordered, lifting Steve's chin. "Tell me what happened."

"I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to and I thought it would be okay, but I was bad and it hurts."

"Steve, tell me what you did. Now," Tony demanded, putting a bit of force into his voice.

"I stole the cookies."

Tony's brows furrowed again and his confusion grew.

"Cookies? What cookies?"

"The oreos, Alpha. The ones you give us as treats."

Tony blinked at him for a moment before chuckling. Steve just frowned at his reaction.

"Oh baby, c'mere." Tony murmured, pulling Steve off the ground and into his arms. Tony settled against his desk, his chin resting on the top of Steve's head.

"I don't care about the cookies, princess. If you want oreos then I'll get you oreos. I'll get you a whole crate of oreos, little one. Just please don't cry. I love to see you cry, but it breaks my heart when you're so distressed. This isn't the fun kind of crying that I enjoy, angel. I'd much rather you cry on my knot."

Steve whimpered.

"You gonna punish me, Alpha?"

"What? No. Baby, I'm not gonna punish you for eating cookies."


"No, quiet. I'm still talking," Tony said firmly, making Steve fall silent. "I don't care that you ate the cookies, I never told you that you couldn't eat the cookies, and I'm definitely not going to punish you for doing it. That's final. Now why don't we head upstairs and cuddle for a little bit until you feel better."

Steve wanted to object, to say that he didn't deserve cuddles, to insist that he needed to be punished, but he didn't. He didn't deserve to make demands and be spoiled.

Steve seemed to really be struggling and Tony was at a loss. He called Sam and though Sam didn't say it to Tony, he dropped everything he was doing to be there for him, telling him to head over and that he could be there in twenty minutes. So Tony headed over to Sam's. He explained what had happened to Sam, Steve's dream and then the cookies, and how Steve was all out of sorts and Tony wasn't sure what to do about it.

He had tried settling him, coddling him and holding him close until he stopped crying whenever he would break down, but that seemed to be a temporary fix at best. Tony knew that Steve wanted to be punished and he needed to be sorted out, but it felt wrong. He couldn't spank Steve over a nightmare, could he?

Yes, Steve had taken the cookies, but those cookies weren't off limits. Tony never told him he couldn't have the cookies, so Steve hadn't done anything wrong by eating them. He knew Steve was only reacting so badly, because he felt like he needed to be punished and since Bucky wouldn't do it, he had turned to Tony in the hopes that he would.

The thing was that Tony agreed with Bucky on this one. It seemed cruel to punish Steve, or even just sort him out with a light spanking, when Steve hadn't done anything to deserve it. While usually an Omega feeling like they needed it in order to feel better might be a reason all on its own, Steve was scared of the nightmare he had and being spanked because he was afraid, just didn't seem right.

So naturally Tony turned to Sam for the answer. Sam watched Tony carefully as he explained the situation, nodded and then sighed.

"Tony, if Steve is begging you for it and feels like he needs it, then he needs it. If you don't give him this then he's gonna keep finding ways to act out until he feels he's been thoroughly punished. For whatever reason he had got it in his head that eating those cookies was bad and would lead to a punishment. That's why he did it and then tattled on himself. I say you spank him and then you leave him in time out for a few minutes and then you settle him. It doesn't have to be anything rough, just a few swats and then you're good to go."

"And that'll work?"

Sam shrugged.

"I don't see why not."

"I don't know, Sammy..."

"Look, Tony, the only real difference between sorting out an Omega and punishing them is that sorting out is always done in the moment and is always quick and then over with and punishments can be given after the fact and can be as long and drawn out as an Alpha wants it to be. The most important thing is that you set an expectation and then Steve feels like he's met it."

Tony bit his lip, but didn't say anything. He knew logically that Sam was right, but it was harder in the moment to see what the right thing to do was. He felt bad for Steve, so spanking him felt wrong, even if it was what he should do for his Omega.

"If you tell him he has to take twenty swats and then spend ten minutes in timeout, then he has to take twenty swats and spend ten minutes in timeout. That's all there is to it. He'll do it and feel proud that he did it and you can cuddle him so you feel better about doing it. Just don't make it into a bigger deal than it is. You're acting like it's some huge thing and turning it into something it's not. You're letting your own guilt override your responsibilities as an Alpha. This isn't about what you want. It's about what Steve needs."

Tony pouted, because he felt like he was getting chastised and Sam sighed and pulled him into his arms.

"I'm not trying to be mean, baby, but you need to recognize that being an Alpha isn't easy and oftentimes it's the hardest choices that are the right choices."

"What if I can't do it, Alpha?" Tony whimpered, clutching at Sam's shirt and burying his face in his chest.

"Then you'll send him to me and I'll do it for you."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Of course I would, angel. I'd do anything for you, Tony, you know that."

Tony bit his lip.

"Steve would still expect me to punish him anyways."

Sam rolled his eyes and Tony giggled, because it was so rare for Sam to show any amount of irritation, because, well, Sam just didn't get irritated often.

"Yeah, well, he needs to get over that whole he needs both his Alphas forgiveness bullshit." Sam's words were light and teasing as he said it and he poked at Tony's side, making him giggle more. "You're the Alpha, Tony, and your Omegas don't have to always like your decisions, but they have to respect them and trust that you have their best interest in mind. So you need to tell Steve that there's a hierarchy. You don't have to believe it, but he needs to hear it."

Tony frowned.

"A hierarchy?"

"Yeah, baby, you're the Alpha. Bucky might be Steve's Alpha, but you're Bucky's Alpha and Steve doesn't get to turn to Bucky to override your decision once you've made it, right?"

Tony shook his head.

"Right. So he doesn't get to turn to Bucky to punish him once you've said he's forgiven. If Bucky punishes him then, sure, maybe you still punish him too if you feel it's necessary, but if Bucky punishes him and you decide that it was good enough, then Steve doesn't get to demand another punishment. If you send him to me to be punished then that's that. Once it's over and you've decided that he's been forgiven, he doesn't get to whine about it and he doesn't get to make demands. There might be a lot of things that I'm willing to be lenient about, but my Omegas know that if I pull rank it's for a reason. They don't always like it, actually they always get pissed off about it, but I don't do it often and when I do I mean it."

"Because you're the Alpha?"

"Yeah, baby, because I'm the Alpha. Now I may not believe I'm better than Omegas, but I know that I'm in charge when it really matters. I don't care about controlling everything that my Omegas do in their day-to-day life and I don't even care about controlling them during sex. Whether or not they want control when we're playing or in life is their choice and I'm not gonna take that away from them, because I'm not that kind of Alpha and you guys aren't that kind of Omegas. When it comes to respect and safety though, I don't play around. You know that and Clint and Brock know that."

"I've told my Omegas stuff like that before."

Tony sounded a touch defensive and Sam cooed at him, pressing a kiss to his temple.

"Aw, I know you have, baby, I'm not criticizing you. I'm telling you what you need to hear, because that's what good Alphas do. You might not care about a hierarchy, but your Omegas do, and the truth of the matter is that there is a hierarchy. We don't have to rule with an iron fist, but that doesn't mean we're not in charge."

Tony huffed and cuddled up closer to Sam.

"I don't wanna talk about this anymore."

Sam chuckled and kissed his cheek, cradling his head to his chest.

"I know you don't, baby. That's okay, we don't have to talk about it anymore. I know that you'll do right by your Omegas, Tony. You always do in the end."

Tony frowned, pushing away just enough to glare at Sam.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that Alphas don't always do the right thing in the heat of the moment, but it's whether or not we can admit our mistakes and fix them that makes us a good Alpha."

Tony pressed his lips together and thought about that for a moment.

"Do you make mistakes, Alpha?"

Sam's eyes shut for a moment and he sighed, a heavy and tired sound.

"More than you could possibly imagine, little one."

Tony bit his lip and shifted slightly, cupping Sam's cheeks and bumping their noses together.

"Tell me what's wrong, Sammy."


"Please, Alpha."

Sam's fingers brushed through Tony's hair and Tony pressed a kiss to his nose and then his lips.

"You know I love when you call me that."

Tony blinked at him, tilting his head in confusion.


"When you call me Alpha."

Tony dropped his hands to his lap, looking down at them.

"I-I didn't realize I had."

"I know. You never do."

"Sammy, I'm sorry-"

"Shh, don't be. It's not your fault, baby." Sam shook his head and realized that maybe this was one of those moments where he needed to be the Alpha and do what was best for his Omega. "I'm the Alpha and I let you struggle with this for so many years and it needs to stop."

Tony looked up at him with wide eyes.

"What do you mean, Sammy?"

"Tony, baby, I don't care if you never want to admit to anyone else that I'm your Alpha, but I am your Alpha, because we both know that's what you want and you've accepted it on some level, even if you deny it constantly. So I'm gonna make a new rule. When we're together, just you and me alone like this, you don't get to lie about it anymore. I'm yours and you're mine and no matter what lies you tell to the rest of the world, I don't want any lies between us."


Sam shook his head and gripped Tony's chin, making him look up at him.

"No, say it, Tony. Tell me I'm your Alpha."

Tony's bottom lip trembled and tears welled up in his eyes.


"That's right, baby. Good boy. You're so smart, so beautiful, and all mine. You might belong to many others, but you have always been my Omega."

Tears poured down Tony's cheeks and he threw his arms around Sam's neck, breaking down in the safety of his Alpha's embrace. He sobbed Alpha over and over again like a prayer falling off his lips and Sam just held him close and whispered soft words until the tears stopped and his breath evened out.

When Tony's eyes fluttered open he knew instantly that he was at Sam's. Everything around him smelled like Sam and it made Tony feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He yawned and stretched out, burying his face in Sam's pillow and breathing in his scent. Sam smelled like freshly cut grass blowing in the wind with a hint of pine. Tony sighed, soft and content and snuggled further into the covers.

He was almost asleep again when he heard the sound of Sam rustling around in the kitchen. Theoretically, it could have been Brock or Clint, but Tony knew it wasn't. They didn't cook. Well, they did on occasion, but Brock hated cooking and almost always ate out or ordered in before he mated with Sam. Clint, well, Clint got too distracted and burnt things half of the time, so they tried to keep him out of the kitchen as much as possible.

Tony slipped out of the bed to go investigate and blinked when the cold air hit his exposed skin. He wasn't wearing anything but one of Sam's large shirts, the kind that hung down to his thigh. He vaguely recalled waking up at some point and stripping off all of his clothes because it was too hot, and then whining about it being too cold and Sam giving him his shirt.

Tony's feet pattered across the cold floors and he shivered. The kitchen was warmer though, probably because Sam was baking cookies. Tony squealed in delight and scooped up some batter out of the mixing bowl on the counter with his finger. Sam snatched up his hand though and tugged it away from his mouth.

"No, baby. Don't eat that." Sam wiped off his finger and handed him a cookie instead.

Tony pouted, but munched down his cookie and grabbed another one. It was only when he ate his fifth cookie that Sam tugged him away.


"Shh, you're okay, baby. No more cookies."

Tony whined and tried to pull away from him, his fingers reaching out for another one. Sam tsked and grabbed his wrist.

"All done, Tony. You can have more later."

Tony's bottom lip trembled and he dropped to the ground.


Sam crouched down next to him and brushed his fingers through his curls.

"I know you do, but we're all done."

Tony rubbed at his eyes and sniffed a few times before making grabby hands at Sam.


"Shh, you're okay, pretty baby. Daddy's got you."

Sam scooped him up and carried him out of the room, away from the temptation of freshly baked cookies. Tony settled quickly when Sam brought his box of toys into the living room and set him down next to it.

It was only when Tony started to feel bigger that he felt guilty and curled up in Sam's lap, kissing him in apology.

"I'm sorry for you know..."

Sam raised a brow at him.

"No, I don't know, baby. You didn't do anything you have to apologize for."

"Well, I've been lying to you." Tony's voice was small and he was looking down at his lap guiltily.

Sam hummed.

"Yeah, but I never corrected you, so it wasn't really your fault."


Sam shushed him.

"How about this, if you do it again then you can apologize for it."

Tony nodded, mouthing at his jaw and purring.

"Yes, Alpha."

Sam rumbled his approval and nipped at Tony's nose making him giggle and pull back, his hands flying to his nose protectively. Sam just chuckled and pulled him in close again.

"I really am sorry about today though," Tony said after a moment.

Sam sighed, because he knew what Tony was talking about. Tony always apologizes when he drops.


"I know, I know, I shouldn't apologize for it, but I do feel bad."

"I know you do, baby, but I wish you didn't. You know that I like taking care of you."

"Yeah, but this was different, Sammy. I just dropped and it wasn't planned at all or nothing."

Sam hummed.

"Yeah, but you were so soft and sweet that I have no complaints. I kinda like it when you break down and cry in my arms, even though I don't like you being sad."

Tony peered up at him.


"Yeah, because I like it when you let go. Sometimes letting go means letting the dam break."

Tony bit his lip and whimpered, pressing closer and breathing in Sam's scent.

"I won't lie to you anymore, Alpha. Not-not when it's just us."

"That's right, baby. You can lie to the rest of the world, but you're not allowed to lie to me. Not anymore. I let it go on for far too long, because I thought I was doing you a favor, but I realize now that I wasn't doing either of us any favors by letting you lie to yourself or letting you lie to me. Omegas don't get to lie to their Alphas and by allowing you to lie to me I was saying it was okay, but it's not. There are only two things I don't budge on and that's safety and respect."

Tony rubbed at his eyes, feeling like he might start crying again.

"Alpha," He whimpered.

"Shh, you're okay, angel." Sam rubbed circles into his hips. "Do you know why we don't let our Omegas lie, baby?"

Tony's bottom lip trembled and he shook his head. He didn't want to say it. He wasn't a bad boy. He would never disrespect his Alpha, would never lie to him.

"I know you do, Tony, because you're such a smart little boy. Tell Daddy why we don't let little boys lie."

Tony did start to cry then and Sam just cooed at him and wiped at his tears.

"Come on, baby. I know you can do it. Tell me why."

"Cos-cos it's dis-re-respectful," Tony managed to get out in between sobs.

"That's right, baby. Good boy. You're such a good boy, Tony. C'mere, let Daddy hold you."

Tony collapsed in Sam's arms, sobbing and sucking in gasps of air, clearly distraught about the idea of lying to his daddy, his Alpha.

"Shh, it's okay, baby. Everything's okay now. Daddy's gonna make it all better."

By the time Clint and Brock came home Tony was in much better spirits.

"If Tony gets to be a baby, then I want to be a puppy," Clint demanded, stomping his foot like he might throw a tantrum if Sam told him no.

"Okay, but no wrestling with Tony. He's too little to play rough like that."

Clint nodded and dropped down to his knees, crawling over to Tony who was sitting by Sam's feet stacking blocks. Sam had a hand in his hair, brushing his fingers through it soothingly as Tony played. Clint barked a few times and Tony blinked at him, giggling when Clint licked at his cheek.

"Okay, well, you guys have fun playing. I'm gonna go lay down and put my feet up, because they've swollen up to the size of balloons. Pregnancy's a real bitch." Brock had a hand on his stomach, almost like he was trying to hold it up and relieve some of the strain on his back.

Tony's eyes widened at the swear word and Sam rumbled soothingly to reassure him that everything was fine. When Tony was like this he didn't always handle adult things so well. Sometimes it upset him or just caught him off guard and other times it made him giggle or didn't phase him at all. It kinda just depended on where Tony was at in his head.

"Let me know if you need anything, baby."

Brock frowned.

"Don't call me that."

Despite his objection to the endearment he still kissed Sam when his Alpha stood up and pulled him in as close as he could with how large Brock's belly had gotten.

"Love you."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Don't get all sappy on me, Alpha," Brock grumbled, blushing slightly, pushing his Alpha away and turning to the Omegas on the ground. "Okay, if you want a kiss you're gonna need to stand up, because I'm not physically capable of crouching right now."

Clint hopped up to his feet for a kiss, but Tony just whined, making grabby hands at Brock, thoroughly expecting to be picked up.

"No, baby, I'm not picking you up," Brock sighed.

Tony's lips trembled, because Brock barely ever told him no.

"Aw, don't cry, angel. You know I would, but I'm already carrying this fat baby around that clearly wants to wreck my body when it comes out a twenty-pounder."

Tony just whined again and turned his pleading eyes on Sam who was already bending down to scoop him up. Tony clutched at Sam's shirt, but smacked a kiss to Brock's lips and mumbled something that was about as close to I love you, mama as Tony was capable of saying in his current headspace while also sucking on a pacifier.

Everyone cooed over him the way they always did when Tony spoke while he was little. Tony didn't usually say much, because he tended to be pretty young, so when he did talk he usually got a pretty big reaction to it. Tony blushed bright red at all of the attention and hid his face in Sam's neck, earning him more coos.

Eventually, Tony did get big again. He really needed to get back home. It wasn't like his Omegas needed constant supervision or anything, but Tony missed them when they weren't around. He planned to follow Sam's advice about the light punishment when he got home, but he wanted to ask one more question before he left.

"Do you think I should be allowing them to play so rough together?"

Sam took a moment to form his thoughts before speaking, because he didn't want to give Tony the wrong message. Everyone had their own way of doing things and their own preferences when it came to playing and the last thing Sam wanted to do was kink shame Tony's Omegas.

"There's nothing wrong with Steve liking to be hurt or Bucky wanting to hurt him, but Steve still has bruises from his punishment and he seems to constantly have a bruise here or there and be sore and achy from playing with Bucky. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but Steve's not invincible, even though he likes to think he can take anything."

Tony sighed, because he knew Sam had a point and he'd definitely had similar thoughts about it.

"What do you suggest then?"

Once again Sam paused before answering.

"Well, I don't think telling them to not play rough is the solution. I think they're always going to want that and the last thing you want to do is make them feel like there's something wrong with the way they like to play. You could suggest trying out some impact play though. Something that's lighter than what they're used to that could still get them both into the right headspace and allow Steve to feel pain and Bucky to hurt him."

Tony sighed.

"Bucky spanks Steve as punishment and I mean that's not exactly unusual, but I thought the way he did it was pretty extreme. I don't know, I did things to them that could be seen as extreme too, I guess, but this was something else, Sammy. I told them next time we're gonna space out the punishments, but then you said that maybe there shouldn't be more than one punishment-" Tony was starting to sound panicked, like he was second guessing himself.

"Hey, calm down, baby. I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your Omegas. It was just a suggestion, okay?"

Tony nodded.

"I know, but a part of me wonders if letting it continue is good or not. It was really intense, Alpha."

Sam hummed.

"Have you ever heard of maintenance spankings?"

Tony frowned and shook his head.

"No, what is it?"

"It's a scheduled spanking that has nothing to do with a punishment."

Tony tilted his head in confusion and Sam chuckled. Tony was just about the cutest thing ever.

"What I mean by that is that it's not scheduled after an Omega does something wrong. It's just a regular part of your routine."

Tony raised a brow.


"It sometimes helps Omegas to feel more settled so they don't act out. I'm not saying often Steve acts out or anything, but I was thinking that in this case if Steve and Bucky know that they have a set time everyday, or every week or however you want to do it, for them to play like that, there's a chance they won't need to be so rough the rest of the time."

Tony looked skeptical.

"I don't know, Alpha. They like playing mean and I don't see how more frequent spankings will help that."

"It might not, but you could suggest trying it. I'm not saying you have to and I'm not saying that they won't still like to play mean, but maybe their play won't have to be so rough all of the time. If nothing else there's a chance that with scheduled spankings in place the next time Bucky punishes Steve he might not feel the need for it to be so extreme, because Steve might not feel the need for it to be. Chances are the reason Bucky does it that way is because he wants his Omega to know that he cares about him."

Tony remembers Bucky saying something along those lines and how Steve made a mention of his bruises being a physical sign of his Alpha's love for him.

"It's pretty common from a traditional viewpoint for an Omega to feel unwanted or unloved if they're Alpha doesn't leave them black and blue after a punishment. That's not necessarily healthy though, especially if it's happening regularly. Playing that rough every now and again is one thing, but it can be dangerous so you want to try and limit the amount of times that things are taken to that level of extreme."

Tony nodded, because Sam was definitely right about it, and there really was no harm in suggesting it. Steve liked to be hurt, so he would probably jump at the chance for some impact play. If it helped his Omegas, well, Tony was willing to try anything if it meant helping them.

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Bucky was right there, greeting Tony the moment he got out of the elevator and pressing up close to him.

"You okay, Alpha?"

Tony nodded, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissing his forehead.

"Yeah, everything's fine, angel. Where's Steve?"

Bucky sighed, looking exhausted and dropped his head to Tony's shoulder.

"I sent him to bed."

"Yeah, you going all strict Daddy on me now, baby?" Tony teased.

Bucky chuckled, but then he bit his lip and shook his head.

"I don't know what to do with him," Bucky admitted. "I've seen him scared before, but I've always been able to settle him and everything was fine afterwards. I don't know why he's so out of sorts over some dream. I just don't get it."

Tony nodded, because he didn't fully understand it either, but whatever it was it had Steve shook up pretty bad.

"He said he saw you die and I could see how that would shake him up, but it's been days now and he's only getting worse. I think coddling him is making it worse. We have to try something else."

Bucky growled, his eyes flashing all possessive and protective.

"No. I won't punish him for this."

Bucky couldn't punish Steve for this, because Steve had seen Bucky near dead, black and blue and struggling to breath from his broken ribs. Steve may never have been beaten by his parents, but he had witnessed horrible things. Steve had always handled it surprisingly well, been calm and patient and joked that he was like Bucky's own personal nurse. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Steve is so worked up about not saving Bucky in his dream. Maybe Steve never really processing all of those emotions when scary things like that would happen is what led Steve to get so freaked out over a dream.

To Tony and Bucky it was just a dream, but to Steve it was a nightmare that he had lived through and the thought of finding Bucky dead and realizing he couldn't save him this time around had always terrified Steve. He had to be strong though and take care of Bucky, because Bucky always took care of Steve and protected him from all the prejudices and cruel things in the world. Bucky was his shield, blocked out the rest of the world and kept Steve safe in their own little bubble in any way that he could. Steve wanted to be a shield for Bucky too. To protect him and provide for him when Bucky couldn't do it himself.

Tony sighed and cradled Bucky's head to his shoulder, scooping him up off of his feet and rocking him slightly in his arms. He rumbled soothingly at the scent of panic coming off of his Omega and murmured soft reassurances in his ear until Bucky had settled.

"Shh, I know, baby. You don't have to worry about anything. I'm gonna take care of it. I'll give our Omega what he needs, okay?"

Bucky tensed up again and lifted his head up.

"No, Tony, you can't. Promising me that you won't punish him for this."

"I won't punish him for a dream, but he's acting out, Bucky. He threw his plate at the wall during breakfast. I'm all for spoiling brats, but there has to be a line and I'm drawing that line at refusing to eat and then breaking our dishes when we try to insist on it."

Bucky groaned and tugged at his own hair.

"I know he's lost it and I scolded him for it, didn't I? But Alpha, he's not being a bad Omega cuz he's just seeking attention or being a brat. He's doing it cuz he's scared of whatever he's feeling and he wants us to take away those scary feelings."

"Which is exactly why we have to do something about it. We have to take away his scary feelings, baby. That's our responsibility as his Alphas."

Bucky could see the logic in that, but his own guilt was clouding his judgement and he shook his head.

"No, I won't allow it. I'll-I'll fix it... somehow... We can find another way."

Bucky really wasn't sure what to do, because Steve had never gotten like this before, not really. He always settled for Bucky and he was always obedient and he never just acted out intentionally like this. He had gotten upset with Bucky on several occasions, sure. He'd gotten jealous when Bucky flirted with other Omegas and protective when Bucky did stupid, reckless shit, but Bucky always just pulled him close and kissed him until he was all squirmy and desperate and the problem just got swept under the rug.

This time was different and Bucky wasn't entirely sure why.

Tony sighed and kissed Bucky's head.

"No, baby, I'm gonna handle this and you're gonna be a good boy and let me do it."

Bucky frowned.


Tony groaned and crowded him up against the wall, entwining their fingers and pinning Bucky's hands on either side of his head.

"I'm not asking you, baby. Now be good for me and don't complain."


Tony cut him off with a stern look and a nip to his lip.

"No, I heard your objection and I'm ignoring it. We can't let this continue or Steve's gonna keep getting worse. Sam thinks we should just give him a light punishment and call it good."

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"Well, if Sam said it then it must be true," Bucky sassed.

Tony narrowed his eyes at the disrespect towards his Alpha, just barely fighting off the instinct to snap at Bucky.

"I'm gonna go talk to Steve."

Bucky pouted when his Alpha walked away and felt his own insecurities bubbling up inside of him. He tried to swallow them down, because he needed his focus to be on Steve, not on his own fears or the slowly building resentment over whatever was going on between Tony and Sam that his Alpha refused to just share with him.

Steve was pouting when Tony came in and settled on the edge of the bed next to him.

"Bucky sent me to bed."

Tony tried to hide an amused smile, but his eyes sparkled with amusement and Steve huffed.

"It's not funny."

"It's a little funny.

"It's not! I wasn't doing anything wrong!"

Tony sighed and put a hand on his knee, squeezing it comfortingly.

"You weren't being difficult?" Tony asked.

Steve glared at the covers and Tony lifted his chin.

"Look at me, baby. I think you've been having a really hard time recently and I think you've been acting out, because you're having some really big feelings."

Steve bit his lip and whimpered, turning his head to nuzzle against Tony's hand.

"It's so hard, Alpha."

"I know, baby. I... don't really understand what you're feeling, but I know that it's been hard on you, little one. It's my job as your Alpha to make sure that you get what you need and you've been telling me what you need and I've been ignoring you. I'm sorry about that, angel."

Steve gasped softly and Tony's thumb brushed over his bottom lip, before he kissed him softly.

"Are you gonna punish me, Alpha?" Steve sounded hopeful, but anxious.

Tony nodded.

"I'm gonna make sure that you get what you need, baby."

Steve bit his lip, feeling all those emotions welling up inside of him and threatening to consume him. He felt so relieved and yet so scared all at the same time and it was so confusing and overwhelming. Tony could smell it on his scent and pulled him close, rearranging them until Steve was curled up in his arms and Tony was laying down with him.

"Please, help me, Alpha. I'm so scared."

Tears poured down Steve's cheeks and he cried into Tony's shirt. Tony's heart broke and he glanced up to see that Bucky was in the doorway, watching them, tears welling up in his eyes. Bucky was hurting because Steve was scared and Tony was hurting because his Omegas were hurting. It was a mess.

Tony felt that guilt welling up in his chest again and he knew that he just couldn't do it. He knew that Steve needed something from him, but Tony felt like he needed to break down, too, like he could use some settling of his own. How was he supposed to help his Omegas when he needed help that he wasn't asking for, and when he was refusing it when it was offered?

Tony thought about what Bruce had said and then about what Sam had said and Tony groaned and buried his face in Steve's neck. He knew what he had to do. Steve needed help, but Tony felt too fragile, like he might shatter if he tried to help him. Maybe that made him weak or pathetic, but Tony knew Sam wouldn't see it that way.

Tony needed Sam to help him help his Omegas, even though he wanted to be strong enough to do it all on his own. Maybe asking for help was being strong. Sam had said that making the right choice usually meant making the hardest choice and this was certainly a hard thing to do.


Tony glanced down at Steve and sighed, pushing up and steeling himself for what he needed to do.

"I know how to help you, baby, but I can't do it. I'm sorry. I want to, but I don't know if I'm... able to."

That was the closest Tony could come to admitting that he wasn't strong enough, that he felt like he was chipping away little by little and that he would soon fall apart. Steve's eyes widened and he pushed up too, confusion swimming in his eyes.


Bucky cursed, pushing Steve back down onto the bed and tucking the blankets around him.

"You stay here, baby. I'm just gonna talk to Alpha real quick, okay?"

Steve whimpered and begged him to stay, but Bucky shushed him and tugged Tony out of the room.

"What are you doing?" Bucky whisper-yelled.

"I'm doing what I think is best."

"Telling him you can't help him is not going to help anything, Tony! You're the Alpha! You have to hold it together when he's falling apart."

"I know, but it's not working, Bucky! I can't hold him together. I can't hold any of us together, because I'm falling apart!"

There. Tony had said it. Finally admitted what he was thinking. That maybe he wasn't capable of doing this, of being an Alpha.

Bucky was taken aback, not sure what to say to that, because Tony was always so confident and had the answers and Bucky could depend on him to always help him. 

What was he supposed to do with his Alpha's uncertainty?

Tony immediately regretted saying it when Bucky just looked lost and scared and so terribly unsure of how to handle that. Tony swallowed hard, sucking in a breath to try and even himself out.

"C'mere, pretty Omega."

Bucky went easily, wrapping his arms around Tony and clutching at his shirt.

"What are we gonna do, Alpha? How do we help our Omega if we're both falling apart?"

Tony nuzzled against him and tightened his hold on him.

"We're gonna ask for help, because sometimes that's all we can do... Sometimes even Alphas don't know the answer."

Bucky whimpered, his lip trembling.

"How are we gonna get help, Alpha?"

"Sam's gonna help us."

Bucky tensed and pulled back, eyeing Tony suspiciously.


"Because I don't know the answer, baby. I don't know what to do, because I can't bring myself to do what I know I'm supposed to do."

Bucky frowned.

"But why Sam? Why not Pepper?"

Tony's lips pressed together.

"Because I said it's going to be Sam. Now why don't you go cuddle with Steve while I make a phone call."

"To Sam?"

Tony sighed, sounding exhausted and so done with this game of twenty questions.

"Yes, Bucky. To Sam. Now go do as you're told."

Bucky bit his lip, looking like he wanted to protest, then he made a sound of annoyance and stomped his foot before heading back to their room. His Alpha was annoyed with him and Bucky was annoyed with his Alpha. He didn't want to send Steve to Sam. Sam was not Steve's Alpha. Sam was not their Alpha.

Bucky didn't see why Sam should be allowed to punish them. Even letting another Alpha settle your Omega was a lot, said that you trusted that Alpha immensely and most Alphas wouldn’t allow it because of how intimate it was to settle an Omega, but to let them sort out or punish your Omega?

That just didn't happen.

Sure, some Omegas had more than one Alpha. It wasn't exactly common, but it happened. In most case like that, one Alpha, the more dominant one, would be in charge of dealing out punishments. Bucky had expected that Tony wouldn't let him punish Steve, but then again Tony seemed to do a lot of things untraditionally.

Lots of Alphas swapped their Omegas, threw parties just to watch their Omegas play together and play around with someone else's Omega. Alphas didn't let their friends sort out their Omegas though and they certainly didn't let them deal out punishments. It was one thing to be physical with someone else's Omega, but the other stuff, the stuff that required an immense amount of trust, the stuff that was emotionally intimate. That sort of stuff was only for mates, for Alphas and their Omegas to share.

Punishing someone else's Omega? It just didn't happen and the fact that Tony was even suggesting it meant there was clearly something going on between him and Sam. That wasn't exactly new news, but it was frustrating nonetheless. Bucky didn't care if Tony liked Sam or submitting, but why did he have to be so damn secretive about it?

Steve didn't understand what was happening. Tony told him he was going to get help from Sam, that Sam was going to punish him, and Steve didn't get it at all. It didn't make any sense and all he could think was that maybe Tony was so fed up with him that he was being sent away. Maybe Sam had agreed to take over and be Steve's Alpha, because his Alphas didn't want him anymore.

Tony had said all sorts of soft and nice things and made all these promises about how everything would be fine, but Steve barely heard it. Sam said nice things, too, murmured reassurances that Steve couldn't process. He just felt numb and so terribly confused and rejected.

He was such a bad Omega. He couldn't save Bucky and he wasn't good enough for anyone to want him. Steve was devastated about it and it only got worse, because Bucky threw a fit. Steve wasn't entirely sure what he was saying, because his ears were buzzing and he felt like he wasn't really there. 

Bucky was pissed off that Tony was doing this, allowing this, allowing Sam to punish their Omega. Clint had to pin Bucky down and threaten to restrain him if he didn't calm down. Steve just watched, feeling strangely apathetic and detached and yet still like it was all his fault. Tony kissed his forehead and scooped him up, taking him into a bedroom.

Steve turned to sniff at the pillow when he was laid down on the bed and he knew it was Brock's pillow from the scent of fresh rain fall and a rushing river. He thought maybe he was put there on purpose, because he instantly relaxed and melted into the bed, burrowing deeper into the nest. Sam and Tony were talking, but Steve wasn't really listening. He had settled to the point where he was almost asleep and he started when Sam sat down next to him.

"Shh, it's okay, little one. I know this is a big change for you, but I promise that you're safe here."

Steve glanced around and noticed that Tony wasn't there anymore. Steve's lip trembled and Sam cooed at him and climbed onto the bed next to him, snatching up a fuzzy blanket to throw over them. Steve snuggled up close and buried his face in Sam's chest.

"Your Alphas are just right outside and if at any point this becomes too much for you, you can go be with them, Steve. I want you to know that you can always stop this at any time. If you tell me to stop, I'll stop. I'm not gonna force you to do anything, but your Alphas don't want to punish you. They feel guilty and they want to help you, but you don't need to be coddled right now, do you, little one?"

Steve shook his head and whimpered.

"I need to be punished."

"That's right and since your Alphas can't do it, they've asked me to help."

"You're going to give me what I need?"

"I am. I'm gonna tell you exactly what you need to do to earn your Alpha's forgiveness, then you're gonna be so good for me and take your punishment like a good Omega. Then you're going to tell your Alphas that you're sorry and get settled and go back home. Do you understand?"

"Yes... sir?" Steve said it hesitantly, like he wasn't sure what to call Sam.

Sam didn't comment on it. He just smiled reassuringly and brushed his fingers through Steve's hair. Steve bit his lip and let Sam shift them until they were sitting up.

"I have safewords. I like to be able to fight back." Steve blushed, clearly embarrassed, but Sam just nodded encouragingly. “I use the traffic lights.”

It wasn't like Sam didn't know that Steve liked to say no and be ignored. He had seen Steve play before. Not to mention he was close with Tony and mated to Clint and Brock. The way Steve played wasn't exactly a mystery to Sam.

"Okay, that's okay, angel. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Do you want me to ignore you if you say no then?"

Steve nodded, peering up at him.

"Please, sir?"

Sam nuzzled against him and gripped his neck until Steve sighed and melted into his arms.

"There you go, just be nice and soft for me."

Sam didn't do anything at first. He just held Steve and murmured soft words, releasing c alm and safe until Steve wasn't scenting anxious anymore.

"Good boy. So good, Steve. It's time now, little one. I'm gonna tell you what I expect of you and you're going to tell me that you understand before we start, okay?"

Steve nodded, lifting his eyes to look up at Sam. He felt slow and heavy, but he blinked back that floaty feeling as Sam slowly coaxed him back to the surface.

"I'm going to give you twenty swats, no pants, but over your underwear, and you're going to count each one. Then you're going to sit in the corner for five minutes before I take you back out to your Alphas to apologize and to be settled. Do you understand?"

Steve furrowed his brows.

"That's it?"

"That's exactly what you need."

Steve frowned. That didn't sound like nearly enough.


"Uh-uh, none of that. I've told you what I expect and you're going to give it to me. If at any point it becomes too much then you're going to use your safeword and I'll stop. Now say yes, sir if you understand."

Sam's tone of voice left no room for arguing. He wasn't raising his voice and he didn't sound angry. He was calm and patient, but firm and decisive. It made Steve feel safe to have the decisions stripped away from him. He didn't have to decide, he didn't get to decide, because Sam had already decided for him.

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy. Do you want to lay over my lap or do you want to present for me?"

Steve gasped softly. Bucky always spanked him over his lap, had never given him any choice, but there was something about being told what was going to happen and then being offered this small choice that was intoxicating. Steve felt a rush of arousal and his hole clenched in anticipation. He scrambled to present, whimpering when Sam settled behind him and leaned over him, gripping the back of his neck.

Sam was strong and confident, a dominant presence, almost oppressive, but in the most delicious way. Steve could see why Clint had fallen for him almost instantly and why Brock had fallen into bed with him once and had become absolutely obsessed with him. If being with Sam was like this, then it wasn't shocking that even Tony liked to submit for him. Steve whimpered and cursed softly when Sam tugged down his pants.

"I'm gonna give you one more chance to choose to go over my lap, because if you take your spanking like this then you better keep your ass up or I'm gonna start all over. Got it, angel?"

Steve moaned and nodded.


Sam just hummed and rubbed his ass over his thin panties. Steve wanted them off, wanted to feel each spank on his bare cheek, but he didn't have time to ask for it. The first swat came without warning and Steve jerked forward, making a surprised sound, his fingers clawing at the blankets. Some of the swats came in quick succession, others had more of a pause between them. 

On the ninth swat, hard and unyielding against his ass, low enough that it was on bare skin, below the hem of his panties that really showed off much more skin than necessary, Steve screamed and forgot to count. Sam was patient with him, gave him a moment to settle, before telling him they were going to start over. 

It wasn't fair, because Sam didn't tell him that would happen, but Steve was so grateful for it. He had never seen Sam quite like this before, so firm and demanding. He had seen Sam be dominant before, of course, but it was never quite like this, never quite so strict. Then again, Steve had never seen Sam punish his Omegas before. That kind of thing was usually done in private.

He sobbed when it ended and begged Sam for more. Sam just silenced him and leaned down to nip at his thigh before grabbing Steve's ankle and pulling his legs right out from under him. Steve squeaked in surprise, flat against the mattress now, and melted when Sam hovered over him, his weight pressing down on him just ever so slightly, comforting and safe as he grabbed Steve's wrists and pinned them above his head.

Sam murmured soft words in his ear, told him how good he was and how beautiful he looked with his ass all red and Steve floated under him. The pain hadn't been much to Steve. He was used to so much worse and he'd been in a good headspace, pretty much already floating by the time Sam even started spanking him. He had a feeling that that was intentional. Sam didn't want to hurt him, he just wanted to make him feel dominated.

Steve did, oh God, he did. He felt so good and so soft and he whined when Sam told him it was time for his timeout. Steve pouted when Sam scooped him up off the bed and placed him down on his knees in the corner, kneeling behind him for a moment, letting Steve lean his weight back into him.

Sam talked to him softly, asking him questions and slowly bringing him back up until he was a bit more coherent before reminding him that he has to stay in the corner for five minutes and backing away. It felt like the longest five minutes ever and Steve was so relieved, so grateful , when Sam scooped him back up and murmured more praise.

Steve snuggled closer to him as Sam carried him out to the living room. Steve had been scared and confused, but Sam had a way of just putting people at ease and Steve was no exception. He was like putty in Sam's large hands and Steve absolutely loved it.

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When Tony came back out without Steve, Bucky started to get pissed off all over again and Clint sent them outside the moment voices started raising.

"You can't just do this!"

"I can do whatever the hell I want to do!" Tony growled right back at him.

Bucky glared at him.

"You said he's my Omega too," Bucky muttered bitterly, full of resentment and hurt.

Tony groaned and ran his fingers through his hair.

"He is, but I'm your Alpha and I made the choice that I think is best for all of us."

"We agreed we weren't gonna punish him," Bucky pressed.

"And I changed my mind! Now drop it."

Tony was at his breaking point and Bucky knew he should back off before his Alpha snapped, but everything inside of him was screaming at him to push back.

"Why? Because Sam told you to?" Bucky snarled, all attitude and sneering and one hundred percent brat.

Tony wasn't having any of it. He shoved Bucky down to the ground so fast that Bucky couldn't even scream before he was on his belly, pinned down under his Alpha right there on the patio.

"Back off, little boy, or I swear to god you're going to regret it. What I do with Sam is none of your goddamn business, but I will make you sorry if you bring it up again. Now drop it," Tony growled in his ear.

As quickly as it happened the moment had passed and the tension slipped away as Bucky sobbed out apologies and Tony softened, nuzzling at his neck. His feral Alpha instincts were replaced with the urge to protect his Omega and keep him safe. Tony let up, pulling off of Bucky and tugging him up into his arms instead. He held Bucky close and brought him back inside, letting Clint cuddle up with them to help calm Bucky down.

Brock stayed away, because he and Bucky weren't exactly on the best of terms and Bucky probably wouldn't appreciate it if Brock offered to comfort him. It really wasn't that long before Sam was carrying Steve out and Steve was apologizing to them. It took maybe a half an hour, then Steve was curled up in Bucky's lap and his Alphas were cooing at him. Steve was soft and sweet and mouthed at Bucky's jaw, his hips rocking and small little whimpers falling off his lips.

He was more settled now than he had been all week and Tony sent Sam a grateful look. Sam just smiled and nodded in understanding, pulling Clint into his arms and heading off to make Brock cookies.

"You okay, baby?" Bucky asked.

Steve hummed, nodding.

"S'good, Alpha.

"Yeah? You feeling better now, doll?"

"Yeah, j'st horny. He wouldn't knot me," Steve pouted.

Bucky's hands gripped his thighs hard and Steve moaned, his hips jerking forward, rubbing up against his Alpha.

"Well, thank God, because I would have killed him."

Tony chuckled at that, because as much as he loved Sam he had to agree. He would have lost his shit if Sam had knotted his Omega. Bucky smirked at him and Tony groaned, leaning in to kiss him. He kinda loved it when Bucky got possessive, especially when he was feeling that same rush of instinct to kill anyone who tried to take his Omega from him.

Bucky grunted into his mouth when Steve's hands fumbled with his belt. His hands grabbed Steve's wrists to stop him and Steve whined in frustration, rocking against his Alpha.

"Alpha, please."

Bucky pulled away from Tony and gave him a teasing lick on the lips.

"Can we play Alpha?"

Tony raised a brow at him, not fully understanding why Bucky looked so amused, like he was making a joke that Tony didn't understand.

"I mean, I have to ask permission now, don't I, Alpha? Cos you've decided to pull rank on us and call the shots."

Bucky didn't sound irritated, just teasing and Tony rolled his eyes.

"You're such a brat."

Bucky just laughed and Steve whined, not following their conversation. He was just trying to tug his wrists out of Bucky's grip and was frustrated that his Alpha wasn't paying him any attention. Bucky laughed again and shoved Steve down on the couch, climbing over him and kissing him. Tony situated himself in between their legs, nudging Bucky's wider to make space for himself. Steve wrapped his legs around Bucky's waist and Bucky pinned his wrists down rutting against him.

He grunted when Tony reached in between them to undo Bucky's belt and his pants. He didn't even bother taking the belt out or anything. He just tugged his pants down far enough to expose his boxers. Bucky tried to keep his focus on Steve, whining and whimpering under him, but he kept getting distracted by Tony. His Alpha shoved up his shirt, kissing down his back before shoving down his boxers and licking and sucking at his hole.

"Oh, fuck, oh-oh, fuck!" Bucky groaned, dropping down onto his forearms, his ass up in the air for his Alpha to eat out. 

Bucky's forehead pressed into Steve's shoulder, but Steve was too needy to just let him find comfort in his Omega.

"Bucky, Alpha, please!"

Bucky ignored him for a moment, Tony's tongue pushing inside of him, but then Tony was pressing a finger inside of him and Bucky's back arched up and he pressed his forearm across Steve's chest, biting into it to muffle a scream.


"Stop, just shut up," Bucky groaned, shifting to wrap his hand around Steve's neck and squeeze just hard enough to make him whine and struggle under him.

Bucky cursed and groaned as he was fingered open and he slammed his lips into Steve's, hard and brutal, teeth tugging at his lip and biting at his tongue. Steve whined and moaned under him, his hands grabbing at Bucky's wrist when Bucky squeezed tighter around his throat, cutting off his air. Steve's lips parted and his legs tightened around Bucky, his nails digging into his wrist, leaving crescent marks. 

Steve sucked in a breath when Bucky let up, his lungs expanding as they filled with air. He was so wet that his slick had soaked right through his pants. Bucky's hand was still on his neck, a constant presence, a threat that thrilled Steve. Bucky forced Steve to tilt his head up and kissed him, moaning into the kiss.

Tony had three fingers working in and out of him now and he must have decided that spit wasn't good enough, because he pulled his fingers out and tugged Steve's pants down, tapping his thigh to tell him to lift his hips. Tony straight up ripped his panties off before shoving his fingers inside of him. Steve screamed and Bucky leaned down to suck on his nipple, scraping his teeth over it.

"Fuck, you're so wet for me, baby," Tony groaned, his fingers making a lewd squelching sound as he fingered Steve, three fingers with no real prep, just slammed inside of him.

Then they were gone and Steve felt like he could cry from the loss. Bucky cursed when Tony's slicked up fingers wrapped around his dick and stroked him off before guiding him to Steve's cunt.

"You keep our Omega nice and full while I have my fun, pretty baby."

Bucky whined, pushing into Steve. Steve whimpered and clenched around him, squirming desperately when Bucky bottomed out, but didn’t move.

"That's right, baby, just like that. Hold right there while Daddy plays with you."

Bucky whined pitifully at being told to hold still and Steve sobbed. Tony just cooed at them before scooping up some of the slick spilling over onto the couch and shoved his fingers back into Bucky, adding a fourth one. Bucky's mouth fell open at the stretch, it burned.

"Fuck, Alpha."

Tony chuckled, pulling out and pushing back in.

"I hear you can take a fist inside of your pretty little pussy, baby."

Bucky's eyes widened and he shook his head, fear shooting through him at the prospect of taking Tony's fist. Tony's hand was so much bigger than Steve's and Bucky had only ever been fisted during his heat, when he was open and loose and his body was demanding more and more.

"No, please, don't. Alpha, Daddy, don't."

Tony hummed, twisting his wrist and making Bucky scream and all but collapse onto Steve. Bucky started to sob and Tony slowly eased his fingers out of him.

"Shh, you're okay, baby. I'm not gonna make you take my fist, little one. Not right now."

Bucky was so grateful, he just cried harder, mumbling out thank yous. Then Tony had his cock out and was slicking it up with Steve's slick before slotting himself in between Bucky's thighs. Tony shuffled around for a moment, shifting so his legs were on either side of Bucky's and Bucky's were trapped in between his legs, his ass up and his thighs pressed tight around Tony's dick, providing Tony the perfect spot to fuck his thighs.

Sam came out with a plate of cookies for Brock, Clint trailing after him, munching on his own cookie. Tony was knotting Bucky's thighs and while technically Bucky could open them, Tony kept his thighs pressed together around his dick as he shot load after load in between his Omegas, splattering their chests and stomachs with cum. When Steve's squirming made Bucky squirm, Tony growled and bit into his shoulder.

"Don't move."

The sound was feral and all the Omegas in the room froze, every muscle locking up at the Alpha's command, laying heavy on them like a weight holding them down. Sam was the only one unaffected by it and he rumbled soothingly, trying to ease the tension in his Omegas. Then Sam was standing next to Tony, a hand slipping onto his neck, his thumb pressing in. If anyone else had tried it while Tony was out of control, they would have gotten attacked, but Sam’s scent wrapped around Tony and pulled him down into a softer state.

Tony's hips stuttered forward and then he whined and the command, hanging heavy in the air and drowning out even the scent of Steve's slick, suddenly broke. Steve's eyes were glossed over and unfocused and Bucky shuddered, dropping hard from the unexpected power of his Alpha's command. An Alpha's command always affected Omegas more than anyone else, but especially when they were already in such a vulnerable state.

"Tony, baby, ease up, pretty boy," Sam murmured.

Tony whimpered, his primal instincts confused as Sam's dominance fell over him and coaxed him into submission.

"That's right, baby, be soft for me."

Sam glanced back at his Omegas who were fairing slightly better. Clint hadn't been around Steve's slick that long, so even though he looked slightly dazed, Sam didn't think he was under. Brock looked like he might slip under at the slightest shift of the wind. Sam wanted to go to them and ease them down, because that was really the best thing to do after an Omega fell under the spell of an Alpha's command.

Bucky shook, his anxiety breaking through the scent of slick for a moment, and Sam cursed softly, shifting his scent to soothe and comfort. Bucky was too close to the edge, possibly even slipping when Tony's command hit him and it hit the poor Omega too hard. Likely Bucky also had some sort of negative association with Alpha commands, too, so it was enough to force him into a negative headspace.

"Tony, baby, it's time to be all done," Sam murmured softly, his hands landing on Tony's, which were pinning Bucky's thighs together, clasped tight around his cock.

Sam rubbed at Tony fingers soothingly before prying them off of Bucky. The moment Tony's hands weren't holding his legs in a vice grip, Bucky shifted and Tony snarled. Sam growled right back at him in warning, even though the sounds of angry Alphas was making Bucky cry.

Sam pushed Bucky's thighs open and reached in between them to wrap his hand around Tony's dick. Now this was gonna be the trickiest part. Sam didn't want Tony to drop, because he was also in a vulnerable state right now and at risk of dropping.

"Clint, you still with me, baby?"

Clint was just standing in the middle of the room, like he wasn't sure what to do. He blinked a few times, shaking his head to try and break through the strange feeling that had settled inside him.


"Good boy. I need you to go grab a knotting cocksleeve for me, angel."

Clint nodded and stood there for a moment longer before he managed to make himself move. The order to not move had been broken, but the effect still lingered in the minds of the Omegas, making it hard for them to do much of anything at all really.

"Brock, how are you, baby? You okay?"

Sam glanced over at him and Brock nodded slowly, his hand placed protectively over his stomach. Brock looked down at it with a strange expression and Sam wasn't sure what was going through his mind. Sam didn't have time to worry about that though. He turned his focus back to Tony and Bucky.

Steve was clearly out of it, his eyes closing like he was being pulled under so far that he was drifting off. Bucky was a mess though and Sam murmured soft words to him, reaching out to brush his hand through his hair in an attempt to soothe him, but he withdrew his hand when Bucky flinched away from him.

"Please, don't hurt me," Bucky begged.

Sam's heart broke at the sound and he was relieved when Clint reappeared.

"Shh, no one's gonna hurt you, little one."

"Sorry, it was hard to remember what I was doing," Clint whispered like he was afraid to raise his voice.

"I know, it's okay, baby."

This had only happened once while Tony was playing with Sam and his Omegas, but Sam knew from that particular experience that it would be a little while before any of the Omegas were feeling like themselves again. Sam had luckily never accidentally used an Alpha command, but a lot of that had to do with the fact that Sam grew up in a household where he never once heard his dad use it.

Tony had heard it a lot growing up and though it didn't affect him quite as much, even pups that would one day present as higher Alphas could feel an Alphas command and it still weighed on them and compelled them, even if it didn't force them the same way it did for everyone else. It was very rare for a higher Alpha to experience the effects of an Alpha's command and even when they did they could usually fight it off and ignore it. Which is one of the reasons that higher Alphas were so valued as soldiers.

Tony had not only grown up with an Alpha who abused his power over others, but Tony was raised to do the same and he had used his Alpha command many times in his life. He made a point of not using it anymore, but it was so ingrained in him that sometimes when he was on edge and lost control it slipped out.

Clint handed over the cocksleeve. It was made specifically for Alphas, so it was made out of a material that would stretch to go around a knot and squeeze tight, locking in place. It was really best used before the Alpha popped their knot, but Sam slipped it over Tony's dick and stuck his fingers inside of it, stretching it to fit over his knot.

Tony squirmed and whined while he did, but sighed in relief when it was in place. Sam was relieved, too, and scooped Tony up, cooing at him as he took him off to their nest, telling Clint to follow them. He settled Tony in bed and left Clint to cuddle up to him. S