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Steve was practically buzzing with excitement when he woke up, dragging his Alphas out of bed and pushing them towards the elevator.

"Come on! Come on!" Steve urged, tugging them through the lobby and out to the car.

Bucky grunted in frustration, his jaw clenched to keep himself from snapping at Steve. It was obvious that Tony was happy to see Steve so excited, and while normally Bucky would be happy too, he wasn't excited about today.

They were heading over to Sam's to help decorate the nursery, and Bucky definitely wasn't thrilled about it. He wasn't thrilled that his Omega was so attached to Brock and the pups in his belly. He wasn't thrilled about his Alpha refusing to admit that he clearly was in love with Sam. And he wasn't thrilled about seeing Brock because he just rubbed Bucky the wrong way, which was probably due to jealousy.

He was looking forward to seeing Clint, though, so there was that. They got there, and Sam offered them breakfast, and Steve and Brock went over unnecessary details like the colors of the light fixtures and lampshades and whether or not they should get a nightlight or glow in the dark stars. They settled on both, and Bucky really couldn't care less about it.

Clint was clinging to Sam, clearly not thrilled about being woken up so early on a day that the cafe was closed. Bucky kinda wished he would cling to him instead, maybe cuddle up with him on the couch, but he just pouted and pushed his food around on the plate.

Tony dropped a hand to his shoulder, and Bucky glanced up at him.

"What's wrong, Roo?"

Bucky just grunted, but his eyes drifted over to Clint, and Tony sighed.

"Is this about Sam or Clint?" Tony murmured in his ear.

"Clint," Bucky mumbled.

Tony kissed his cheek and headed over to where Clint and Sam were sitting.

"Morning, angel, you sleep well?" Tony all but cooed.

Clint just grumbled unhappily and ducked his head into Sam's neck.

"What a grumpy baby," Tony teased. "You know, I think Bucky's feeling grumpy too. He might feel better if you cuddled with him. The morning cartoons should be playing."

Clint perked up at the mention of cartoons.

"I wanna watch the Justice League," He announced, and Tony chuckled, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"Whatever you want, little bird, just take Bucky with you."

Clint nodded and hopped off of Sam's lap, tugging Bucky with him to the living room.

Tony shared an amused look with Sam.

"You're a good daddy, you know that?"

"I try," Tony murmured, leaning down to kiss him and whimpering when Sam pulled him onto his lap.

Tony glanced over at Steve, but he was absorbed in his conversation with Brock. It was practically impossible to get their attention when they were like that, so Tony felt that it was safe to just cuddle up close to Sam, just like he would if his Omegas weren't there. Sam rumbled happily and cupped the back of his head, coaxing him into laying his head down on his shoulder.

Tony sighed, soft and content, and melted into his Alpha, letting Sam just hold him close and allowing himself to just bask in the sense of safety and security that came with being in Sam's arms.

"What even are these instructions?" Tony complained. Sam glanced over Tony's shoulder and frowned at the jumble of illustrations. "I literally write out designs for a living, so I feel like I'm more than qualified to declare these plans as shit."

Clint snickered, and Bucky's lips twitched up into an amused smirk, his arms wrapped around Clint's waist and his chin resting on his shoulder.

"Why is there only one crib again?" Bucky asked.

"Brock still insists he's only having one pup, even though the doctors have told him otherwise, and you can clearly see two pups in the ultrasound pictures," Clint told him, leaning back against him.

Bucky snorted.

"How's that gonna work when he's confronted with the two pups he ends up popping out?"

"I don't know, but I placed a bet that he continues being in denial and pretends there's only one baby."

Bucky chuckled and kissed his cheek.

"Are the pups even gonna sleep in a crib?"

"Probably not…" Clint bit his lip and glanced back at Bucky. "Wanna help me set up a nest?"

Bucky's eyes widened, and  happy  Omega filled the air around them. 

Tony glanced up.

"I wanna build a nest."

"Of course  you  do," Bucky teased. "He tried to build a nest in the bathroom the other day, and I had to intervene. There should be a limit on the number of nests an Alpha is allowed to build and restrictions on where they can build them."

Tony rolled his eyes but blushed slightly, and Sam resisted the urge to coo at him.

In the end, they let Tony help build the nest, and Bucky insisted on turning it into a blanket fort, and afterwards, he dragged Clint into it and fucked him into the blankets and pillows and abundance of stuffed animals. While they were busy, Sam and Tony slipped off to have some fun of their own, and when Steve and Brock returned from the parenting class, they complained that their Alphas were slacking off.

Brock plopped down on the couch immediately. Well, it was less of a plop and more a slow lowering with the assistance of his Alpha and Steve fretting needlessly over him. Tony tucked himself back into his pants, his cheeks red. He wasn't even sure Steve had noticed, though, seeing as he was so caught up in Brock at the moment.

Tony still blushed bright red, but he kissed Steve on the cheek and then dropped down to his knees, wedging himself in between Brock's thighs and nuzzling against his tummy.

"Was your parenting class good?" Tony murmured.

Brock hummed, running fingers through his hair and making Tony rumble happily.

"Yeah, it was good."

Steve nodded in agreement.

"I learned a lot, Alpha. If the pups come unexpectedly, I can deliver them all by myself," He informed his Alpha proudly.

"Yeah? You a proper submissive now, baby? Learning all about giving birth and carrying pups and delivering your nestmate's pups too?"

Bucky walked in with Clint then, having heard Steve get back, and scowled.

"Brock is not his nestmate."

Tony smirked.

"I didn't say he was. Come give me a kiss, angel."

Bucky huffed but crossed the room and leaned down to kiss Tony and then scooped Steve up and settled down next to them.

"You have fun, doll?" Bucky asked.

Steve nodded and kissed him, curling his toes under Brock's thighs, ducking his head into Bucky's neck, and nipping at his collar.

"Want you, Alpha," Steve mumbled. "Wanna be round with your pups."

Bucky growled, low and possessive, and wrapped his arms securely around his little Omega.

"Soon, baby. So soon. Alpha's gonna breed you up so nicely, and you're gonna be so pretty with our pups inside ya."

Steve purred, licking up his neck, leaving little kitten licks on his chin and giggling at the feel of his stubble under his tongue. Bucky just chuckled and kissed his nose.

"You're cute, doll."

Steve nodded, peering over at Tony, who had his head resting on Brock's thigh, Brock's fingers still running through his hair.

Clint and Sam were gone, so they had probably slipped off together, possibly so Clint could get knotted, or possibly so he could steal bites of food while Sam cooked.

Steve sniffed the air to try and smell if there was food cooking.

"What are you doing, baby?" Bucky murmured.

"I think Clint's riding Alpha's knot," Steve mumbled, pressing his nose back into Bucky's neck.

Bucky hummed, kissing his temple.

"You mean Sam's knot?"

Steve nodded, feeling soft, his eyes heavy and his limbs lax.

"Yeah, Sam's knot," Steve echoed.

"Yeah, probably. He's insatiable," Bucky murmured, his voice light and teasing. "Almost as bad as Brock with all those hormones running through him."

Brock narrowed his eyes at him, his fingers pausing, tangled in Tony's curls.

"You better not be suggesting that my nestpartner is pregnant. We are not prepared to bring any more children into this world for at least five more years," Brock grumbled.

Steve giggled and shifted on Bucky's lap until he could kiss Brock, his hand slipping down to rub at his belly.

"I want at least three more."

"Not in the next five years," Brock insisted.

Steve pouted.

"Want three more in the next five years and at least five more after that," Steve said stubbornly.

Brock groaned.

"For the love of God, why would you want that many children?"

Steve pouted and whined, burying his nose in Brock's neck and licking at his scent gland.

"Just want 'em," Steve mumbled.

Brock sighed and cupped the back of his head.

"Fine, but I ain't carrying all those pups."

"Oh, that's not gonna be an issue," Bucky said with a smirk, patting Steve's ass and making him squirm. "Stevie here's gonna carry all of my pups. All one hundred and one of 'em."

The words were said in jest, but Steve shuddered and whined.

"Please, Alpha?"

Bucky chuckled, and Brock snickered.

Bucky tugged down Steve's yoga pants just enough to show off his thong, slipping a thumb under the waistband and letting it snap back against his hip.

"Yeah? You want your Alpha to breed you up? Want to give me so many pups that you're ruined? So fucking loose no one will ever want to fuck your wrecked pussy ever again? Huh? That what you want?"

Steve whined and nodded, and Bucky was probably about to tease him more, but Tony suddenly growled, and Steve squeaked in surprise when he found himself being dragged off of Bucky's lap and pressed into the ground. Tony made space for himself between Steve's thighs, his hips snapping forward to rut up against his Omega.

"That's the only thing you're good for, baby. Your sole purpose in life is to give your Alpha pups, to be bred over and over and over again until you can't have any more pups. And then what? What do we do with you then, baby? Once you've served your purpose and you're barren? Do you know what we do to little sluts like you then?"

Steve's eyes fluttered shut, and he moaned.

"Replace 'em?" Steve whimpered.

"That's right. Not just a dumbfuck, after all, are you, little one? Don't you worry, though. We'll fuck all of those thoughts out of your pretty little head. Can't let our Omega be burdened by all of that yicky adult stuff, now can we? Got to keep that pretty little head of yours clear, keep you out of trouble. It's the Alpha's job to worry about things, right, Omega?"

Steve nodded, and his eyes glazed over when they fluttered back open, out of focus and unseeing.

His ass was wet with slick and his mind fuzzy with the need to just be bred and used. Steve knew he would never be given away, never be thrown out by his Alphas, and that made thoughts of being unwanted, of being useless and tossed aside for the next pretty young thing that catches their eye all the more exciting. He wasn't scared of it really happening, so he could just enjoy the fantasy, that  burn  coiling in his stomach, hot as molten lava. Steve wanted to be good, to please them so they'd keep him around, to prove that his hole was worth keeping around,  deserved  his Alpha's attention.

"M'good hole, Alpha," Steve slurred, Tony's words alone enough to have him feeling floaty, and the weight of his body making him feel secure, grounding him.

Tony rumbled approvingly and nipped at his lip.

"You're a good hole, baby," Tony praised softly, his eyes adoring as he gazed down at his little slut.

Fuck, he wanted to breed him up so badly.


So soon.

After Tony and Bucky got done playing with him, Steve cuddled up to his Alphas for a while before making his way back into the nursery and painting nature scenes on the walls. Butterflies that fluttered by, trees with their branches blowing in the wind, gurgling creeks and running rivers, and a sun setting over the ocean, hues of purples and pinks and oranges making it look like sherbet.

It wasn't exactly what he'd originally had in mind, but after being used and fucked by Bucky and having Tony knot his mouth, he found his mind flowing with inspiration that poured out onto the walls around him. Brock teared up when he saw it, and Steve knew he'd done a good job.

"Hey, c'mere for a sec," Tony said when everyone ended up on the couch to watch a movie; well, Sam and Brock settled on the couch, and Bucky was buried inside of Clint and fucking him into the ground.

Steve nodded and let Tony tug him off into the bedroom. 

Bucky glanced up as they left, but Clint quickly pulled his attention back to him.

"What's up, Alpha?"

Tony crowded Steve up against the wall and kissed him.

"I just want to check in and make sure that you're okay."

Steve tilted his head.

"Okay with what?"

"With me giving Bucky a ring."

Steve blinked at him for a moment and then giggled and wrapped his arms around his neck.

"Alpha, I don't need another ring, and I certainly don't need to be proposed to three times."

"You like the ring, though, don't you?"

"I  love  the ring, but I don't care that you didn't get me one or that you didn't put it in ice cream."

"He told you about that?" Tony blushed slightly.

Steve smiled softly and brushed their lips together.

"Yes, he did, and you know what the best part about it was?"

"Mm, what?" Tony murmured, kissing him.

Steve giggled and pulled away after a moment.

"The best part was the way he blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl while telling me about it. It was freaking adorable, and I love that you made that happen, that you gave him that because he deserves it."

"You deserve it, too."

"I know, and Bucky gave me that. You gave that to my Alpha, and he gave that to me, and it's perfect."

Tony wasn't so sure about that logic, but he nuzzled up against Steve anyway.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I promise."

Tony's fingers trailed over the bruising on Steve's neck that looked ugly now that it was almost healed, all yellow and awful, and Tony hated it. 

Steve frowned and pushed Tony away gently, knowing exactly what Tony was looking at with such a torn expression.

"I like it when Bucky hurts me, Alpha."

"I know--"

"You make Bucky feel bad about it."

"What? I didn't--"

"No, I know you don't mean to, but he looks up to you, and he wants to make you proud, and he's so scared that you're disappointed in him. He wants you to think he's a good Alpha, and he's afraid that you don't. He hasn't told me that directly, but he doesn't have to. I know he's worried about disappointing you."

Tony sighed and sat down on the bed.

"I don't want to make him feel bad, but it's hard for me to see just how rough you guys play sometimes. Sometimes it's hot, and don't get me wrong, I love inflicting pain and being mean, and I definitely haven't always played safe with past partners, but it scares me sometimes. With you two-- You both mean the world to me, and I just don't want you guys to be reckless, and I think sometimes you are. It's like you and Bucky are a wildfire when you're together. There's so much passion and love, but also this uncontrollable heat, and sometimes he can contain it, and sometimes he just can't."

Steve bit his lip.

"What if I want him to burn the whole forest down for me?"

Tony narrowed his eyes.

"Maybe I don't want him to. Maybe you are the forest that he's burning, and I don't want you to get burned."

"What if Bucky's the forest, and I'm the one hurting him?"

Tony's brows furrowed.

"Okay, this forest metaphor is too confusing. I don't know what we're talking about anymore."

Steve giggled and crawled onto the bed, burrowing into the pillows, rifling around until he found the one he wanted, and inhaling deeply. Tony let the conversation go, not even really sure where he had wanted it to go, and smiled softly when Steve plopped his head down on the pillow.

Tony crawled up next to him.

"Brock's pillow?" He asked with a knowing smirk.

Steve nodded, and Tony leaned down to kiss his cheek before nuzzling against the pillow and laying down with a sigh. They cuddled up together, falling asleep in each other's arms. Sam found them not too long after that, curled up in his nest, both of their heads on Brock's pillow. He just smiled softly and turned out the light, leaving the door cracked open.

Tony got up at some point, wandering back out into the living room to find the movie still playing.

Bucky glanced up at him, cuddled up into Clint's side.

"Where's Steve?" He asked. "Is he done yet? Can we go home?"

Tony shook his head in amusement and kissed Bucky's head.

"Steve's taking a nap, and I thought maybe we could stay a little while longer."

Bucky pouted.

"I'm hungry."

"Well, then it's a good thing Sam's making dinner, isn't it?" Clint said, snickering at the scowl on Bucky's face and kissing him.