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The office building was small, brick, and the pathway out front was lined with flowers. Tony carried Bucky in his arms, his hand entwined with Steve's as he led him inside.

Steve glanced curiously around the space but there wasn't much out of the usual. A desk and bookshelves and a seating area by two large windows. Bruce gestured to the couch and took a seat in an armchair across from them. Steve plopped down next to his Alphas and tilted his head at Bruce.

"I'm Dr Banner, though I'm sure you're aware of that." Bruce told him with a soft smile.

Steve bit his lip and glanced at Tony. It wasn't exactly proper to address an Omega directly when their Alpha was present. Tony smiled softly. The fact that Bruce greeted Steve, who was clearly a submissive, was a good sign as far as Tony was concerned. It meant the man didn't care much for traditional dynamics.

"You can talk to him if you want to." Tony encouraged.

Steve leaned closer to Tony.

"Does he know about me and Bucky?" Steve whispered in his ear.

Tony shook his head.

"I would never share that without your permission. It's not my secret to share. You can tell him if you want to, of course. Pepper had him sign an NDA, so you can tell him anything you want."

Steve licked his lips and looked back at Bruce.

"This is my Alpha, Bucky, and this is our Alpha, Tony." Steve told him politely. "I'm Steven Grant Rogers, but most people just call me Steve."

Steve was clearly nervous about the introduction and it was unnecessarily formal, but Tony thought it was cute. Bucky lifted his head to snicker at Steve.

"Jesus, Stevie, what are you addressing the queen of England? You don't have to introduce yourself as ours. I'll admit the sentiment is cute. You definitely don't need to give him your full name though."

Steve just shrugged and blushed.

"Well, I appreciate the introduction." Bruce said with a small smile. "You can call me Bruce if you'd like."

Steve nodded and leaned closer to his Alphas. Bucky shifted and worked his way in between them, Tony scooching slightly to give him space to fit. Steve immediately curled into his side and Bucky wrapped an arm around him, leaning up against Tony. Tony just smiled at them.

"Should we get started then?" Bruce asked. "I'm very curious about why you've come and the nature of your relationship."

"The nature of our relationship?" Steve asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"I thinking he's asking if we're fucking." Bucky said crudely.

Bruce shook his head, looking amused.

"I wasn't actually. Not really. Rather the intricacies of your relationship. How you function."

Bucky laughed.

"Well, jokes on you doc, because we're very dysfunctional." Bucky told him with a smirk. "Tony holds us together, but Steve and I are just a mess."

"Hey! I'm not a mess." Steve objected, glaring at Bucky.

"Fine. I'm a mess and Stevie's a saint."

Steve giggled.

"I'm not a saint. I've had sex before bonding so I'm not exactly innocent. My first time wasn't even with my Alpha either, well, not a real Alpha." Steve teased, sending Bucky a mischievous look.

"You little brat. I am a real Alpha. I'm your Alpha aren't I?"

"Oh I don't know, Buck. A real Alpha would be able to knot me up real good and breed me full of pups. You can't offer me either of those things, so I might run away with Tony. He can give me a knot."

Bucky growled and shoved Steve back onto the couch, climbing on top of him and nipping at his neck.

"Mine." Bucky growled.

"Yours." Steve purred, baring his neck sweetly.

Bucky rumbled happily and nuzzled up against the exposed skin. Tony watched his Omegas and shared a look with Bruce who was watching them curiously.

"What do you think?" Tony asked him.

"It's interesting. Not very surprising that Bucky would be the Alpha seeing as he's the dominant, but the way Steve goads him into dominating him suggests that he enjoys riling him up. Perhaps he likes making his Alpha jealous or possessive. Likes inciting the aggression that is often associated with Alphas."

Bucky turned to glare at Bruce. Steve made a small noise like a whine and called his attention back to him. Bucky went willingly, returning to his neck to suck and nip, leaving his mark on his Omega.

"The marking is interesting as well. It suggests that Bucky wishes to claim his Omega but is restraining himself, therefore the desire to make his claim on Steve known is being redirected. Hence the desire to leave hickeys on him."

Tony chuckled.

"Steve does that too." Tony said.

"Does he now? That would suggest a desire for mutual bonding."

Tony licked his lips, shifting himself in his pants. The sight of his Omegas together and the thought of them claiming each other and claiming him was enough to make his dick stir to life.

"Yes, well, we should probably get started." Tony said, feeling distracted, his eyes trained on his Omegas.

"I was under the impression we'd already started." Bruce said with a smirk.

"Perhaps." Tony murmured.

Tony reached out and ran a hand up Steve's thigh, before trailing it up Bucky's thigh. They both squirmed and whimpered from their Alpha's touch and Bucky pulled back to look at Tony.

"You're okay, little one. I'm enjoying the show." Tony murmured, his voice low and his hand reaching in between Bucky's legs to cup him. He was hard in his briefs and Tony traced the length before gripping it. Bucky hissed and rocked into his hand.

"Fuck, Alpha." Bucky whimpered.

Tony chuckled and pulled away, turning his attention back to Bruce who was watching them, not with lust but fascination, like a scientist studying a test group.

"I reached out to you because of my Omega's heat. I spent it with him, but I didn't breed him."

Bruce nodded, looking at Tony.

"You have more restraint than most." Bruce told him.

"Maybe, but his heat was much shorter than usual and I'm not sure why."

Bruce considered that for a moment, humming thoughtfully. Bucky pulled back, settling back on the couch, wanting to hear what the doctor had to say. Steve whined and Bucky pulled him into his lap, letting his Omega scent him.

"Do you have any... thoughts on it?" Bruce asked, glancing at the Omegas wondering if they would add their thoughts to the discussion or if they preferred to let their Alpha speak for them.

Tony licked his lips.

"I knotted him, I just didn't breed him, but everything I read told me that they need to be bred to receive the benefits of knotting."

Bruce's eyes lit up with understanding.

"Ah, yes. It's true that it's not common knowledge that oral knotting is beneficial, because oral knotting doesn't produce pups and that goes against the idea that Omegas exist to be bred. However swallowing an Alpha's sperm is just as effective when it comes to balancing out an Omega's hormones as breeding is."

Tony nodded, that made sense, plus Tony was well aware that the government cared less about what was best for Omegas and more about what would keep them dependent on Alphas.

"When I looked into submissive Omegas I found a ton of information on how to best claim them or court them or knot them. How to treat them, how they like to be treated, how they should be used and bred and put in their place. Half of it just sounded like propaganda bullshit, but some of it rang true from what I already know about submissives. I've slept with a few over the years, but I have a whole wing in my medical center dedicated to Omegas. It's run solely by submissive Omegas. They come from all over the world to seek refuge under the Stark name. My assistant works with them to ensure it's as accommodating as possible."

"Yes, I have of course heard many great things about your mother's work with Omegas." Bruce said. "From what I hear the Maria Stark Foundation for Omegas and Pups in Need has been taking in Omegas for decades. It's one of the most reputable foundations when it comes to supporting and providing shelter for vulnerable Omegas and their pups."

Tony nodded slowly.

"My mother, a submissive, ran it before her passing and ever since then it's been run by my auntie, Ana, and her submissive. I've had very little active participation in the foundation because I'm an Alpha. My presence in the clinics and shelters would likely frighten the Omegas there. However I know enough to know that some of the things I've read about submissives are generally true, while other things are simply a means for Alphas to assert their control over the more vulnerable population. What I have found very little about is the why? Why do submissives biologically differ from dominants? They're differences are quite drastic and yet we group them together as Omegas. They're instincts differ, their needs differ, so why do we insist that dominants are simply more troublesome Omegas that must be broken, and submissives are docile and demure enough that with very little training they can be kept as, for lack of a better word, slaves."

Bruce hummed.

"Ah, yes, domestic servitude. I do believe that's what you're referring to. Dominants do not naturally wish to live to serve and please, which is why they are broken before they are considered to be good Omegas. It's disgusting really. I have done extensive research on Omegas to answer these questions and many more like them. The truth is that submissives do naturally enjoy pleasing others and they will generally comply with anyone who asserts control over them. Dominants however do not. They will only submit when they feel emotionally connected to the one giving them orders. Without that connection dominants do not feel a desire to please. Now I use the words comply and submit intentionally, for these terms are not interchangeable the way we are often led to believe they are. Submissives will, for the most part, comply with anyone whether they truly wish to or not, simply because their instinct tells them to. Dominants will comply only when they're will is broken. However there is a distinction between compliance and submission. Submission by definition cannot be demanded or coerced through manipulation or punishment. It must be given willingly and cannot be taken by force. When one is forced to be obedient they are not truly submitting, they are complying."

"So submissive Omegas aren't really submissive as much as they are compliant?" Bucky asked.

Bruce nodded.

"Yes, in fact calling them submissives is merely one of the ways that our society intentionally muddies the definition, by implying that there is no difference between submission and compliance. Or rather by suggesting that what submissive Omegas do is submit, when in fact they are almost always complying. There are very few submissives who actually feel an attachment to their bonded mates and truly submit to them. Dominants are far more likely to truly submit, because it's not in their nature to simply comply. Hence the reason we have to break them."

Bucky raised a brow at that.

"Then why do we say dominant Omega? I've always wondered about that, since we're taught that Omegas are always supposed to be submissive for their Alphas. It seems contradictory."

Bruce nodded and clasped his hands together, placing them in his lap.

"Yes, well the implication there is that dominant Omegas are unnatural. Their nature goes against the accepted purpose for the existence of Omegas. Dominant Omegas fight for control that they supposedly don't deserve and therefore it is expected that their Alpha puts them in their place. Using force and, quite frankly, beating or emotionally manipulating them into complying to their Alphas will. That is essentially what it means to break in an Omega. The name "dominant Omega" implies that the Omega is a bad Omega and that they can only become a good Omega by destroying their natural instincts. This is why once a dominant is broken in they are called a broken Omega. They can never truly be a pure Omega, a submissive, but it as close as one of their nature can get. Of course it is appalling to break in an Omega and I wholeheartedly believe the practice should be illegal. Unfortunately, it's still the way that the world works."

A lot of what Bruce was saying wasn't news to Bucky but it was still a hard pill to swallow. Hearing it all laid out like that made him feel sick. Tony could smell the shift in his Omega's scent and changed the subject.

"There is something else that I wanted to talk about."

Bucky stiffened at that, certain that his Alpha was about to bring up how bad of an Omega he was, even for dominant standards. Tony didn't though and that surprised Bucky.

"I was curious if you knew anything about imprinting."

Bruce looked surprised as well but nodded.

"I do actually, though it's not so much a science as biology is. The concept of soulmates falls into the category of myths, however it is a subject that has fascinated me for quite some time. Why do you ask?"

Tony glanced at his Omegas, both were looking at him curiously. Tony cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Bruce.

"When I first met Bucky I felt drawn to him. He was upset and I felt that I just had to comfort him. Now normally I would never have approached a distressed Omega who was all alone and clearly in a vulnerable place like Bucky was. I tried to fight the feeling but it was nearly impossible. The desire to soothe him was so strong that I did give in. He was very submissive, and I don't mean compliant, I mean truly submissive. I did nothing to suggest I wanted him to please me, but he submitted so beautifully for me. I wanted to claim him right then and there. Of course I didn't, but I went home that night and thought about stories I had heard growing up. Stories about imprinting."

"Ah, yes, of course. The fairytales where an Omega meets an Alpha and they fall in love at first sight. Stories about soulmates."

Tony nodded.

"Is there any chance that something like that could be real?"

Bruce considered his next words carefully.

"I do not wish to mislead you in anyway, so we should all keep in mind that anything we discuss on this matter is merely theoretical. We have stepped outside of the realm of facts and firmly into the realm of beliefs."

"But theoretically it's possible that I imprinted on Tony, or he imprinted on me, or something like that?" Bucky asked.

Steve's brows were furrowed and he looked wary of where this conversation was headed. He ducked his head to hide in Bucky's neck and Bucky ran his fingers through his hair absently, almost reflexively.

"It is possible, theoretically, that you imprinted on eachother." Bruce confirmed.

Tony had so many questions that he wanted to ask, but he waited, wanting to allow his Omegas to ask their questions first. He may be their Alpha, but he had no desire to speak for them. Not now, not in this instance, not unless they were looking to him for answers or guidance.

Bucky seemed to be considering something.

"I felt like Steve was mine, like I was his Alpha and he was my Omega, the moment he presented. Does that mean I imprinted on him too?" Bucky asked after a moment.

Bruce looked at them thoughtfully, considering something.

"Did you feel drawn to him when you met him?"

Bucky nodded.

"'Course I did. He's always been my Stevie."

The response was automatic and didn't require any thought. Steve blushed, lifting his head to look at Bucky.

"And you, Steve? Did you have a similar reaction to Bucky?"

Steve nodded, but felt hesitant.

"We were just kids, though. Surely we couldn't have imprinted on each other. Besides don't most kids feel compelled to play with another kid when they meet them?"

Bruce was amused by Steve's word choice. He didn't say that he had wanted to play with Bucky, but that he had felt compelled to. That meant something to Bruce that the Omegas didn't understand.

"Did you feel that way about other kids? Compelled to play that is?"

Steve frowned slightly, shifting closer to his nestmate.

"No, but Bucky's my best friend, it's different." Steve mumbled, pressing his nose into Bucky's neck.

Bucky smiled softly at him, gripping the back of his neck and rumbling happily when Steve melted into him with a purr.

"He wasn't your best friend when you saw him that first time though, now was he?"

Steve furrowed his brows at the question and glanced at Bucky who just nuzzled against him.

"Face it Stevie. I claimed you as mine the moment we met." Bucky teased.

Steve huffed and twisted to look at Bruce.

"That can't be right, we were just kids."

"Imprinting isn't a romantic thing. It can be purely platonic, so age isn't a factor. It's very likely that we imprint on many people in our lives, though most of these bonds remain platonic. I believe that this is because our souls are drawn to those we recognize. So perhaps you both share a soul connection that made you care deeply for each other. Over time as you grew and your feelings shifted it became something more. You matured and so did your connection. There are stories from long ago where imprinting is purely platonic, no romantic or sexual feelings developing from the connection, but there are other stories as well. Ones not unlike yours where friends become more. Then there are stories of the love-at-first-sight sort that are similar to Tony and Bucky's story. Those are perhaps the most commonly known these days. However I do not believe that the people in these stories truly fall in love upon meeting each other. I believe that it is their connection that draws them together, but their feelings, their desire to be more than just close friends, is something that develops on its own. The reason I say this is because I would like you all to understand that your feelings for each other are not something that happened because you imprinted on each other. Your feelings are real, for those you imprinted on," Bruce said looking at Bucky, "And those you did not." Bruce looked at Steve and then over at Tony, who nodded in understanding.

"So, you're saying that me and Tony can love each other just as much as we love Bucky?" Steve asked softly, hesitantly.

"I'm saying that many people fall in love who haven't imprinted on each other and their love is no less real than those who might be called soulmates."

Steve seemed to relax, looking relieved and peered over at Tony, biting his lip like he felt the desire to go to him. Tony must have felt it too, because he opened his arms invitingly. Steve grinned and launched himself at his Alpha, snuggling up to him. Bucky just chuckled and shook his head, his eyes sparkling with amusement and affection.

"The belief is, and there is no scientific evidence to prove this, but many do believe that imprinting is caused by souls that have met in a prior life meeting again in their current one. Now whether this is true or not, I can't tell you for certain. In fact everything that I've said here should be taken with a grain of salt, because this is not hard science, it is softer. Faith and belief, matters of the heart and soul. If this belief is to be considered true though, it would simply mean that Tony and Steve's souls have yet to meet. That does not mean you are any less fated to be together in this life."

"Why did Bucky submit for Tony though?" Steve asked. "He's dominant, he's not supposed to just submit like that. I've never seen him just submit like that before he met Tony."

"Bucky's desire to submit to Tony might have come from his connection with him." Bruce looked at Tony. "He trusted you the moment he met you, because his soul remembered you. That's my best guess as to why he immediately accepted you as his."

"I do have a question about something. I, um, have been struggling ever since I met Tony in a way that neither of them have struggled." Bucky admitted.

"And what way would that be?" Bruce asked curiously.

Bucky worried at his lip for a moment, shifting closer to his partners.

"Well, I've been getting all growly at Tony sometimes. It's like my instincts are telling me two different things at the same time that completely contradict each other. Sometimes I want to submit but there's a part of me that's fighting it and makes me think things that don't really make sense."

"So you're struggling to submit?"

Bucky nodded, looking ashamed. Tony wrapped an arm around his waist and nuzzled against his ear and Steve shifted until he was able to wrap his arms around Bucky's neck and scent him, his lower half straddling one of Tony's thighs.

Bruce took a while to respond to the question.

"I believe this is either because you imprinted twice in one lifetime and both bonds were more than purely platonic or because you imprinted in such a way with both an Alpha and an Omega. Perhaps it is a combination of these two factors. I'm not entirely sure of course." Bruce told him. "You had already matured when you met Tony, so there was no need to have such a gradual development in your connection. You were drawn to him because your soul recognized his, you were compelled to care deeply for him and that alone allowed you to instantly form a connection that gave you the desire to submit, and you most likely had an instant physical attraction that, from what I've read in stories, seems to be the tipping point when an imprint extends passed purely platonic. Because you met Steve as kids you most likely didn't reach that point until you hit puberty, at which time I imagine your feelings began to shift in one way or another."

Bucky smirked at Steve and the Omega blushed.

"The adverse reactions though, you said it might be because there were two imprints?" Bucky said.

"Yes, two that were something more. It's not something I know much about, there are very few stories where someone imprints on more than one person in such a way, however it could be the reason. Since you had already attached yourself to Steve romantically, your soul might be confused by your attachment to Tony. This most likely led to your mind and body having adverse reactions, due to the confusion from your heart and soul. Of course, it might not be the two connections that are causing the confusion. It could be because of the nature of those connections. That maybe you're confused because you are split between an Alpha soulmate and an Omega soulmate. Perhaps you are unable to settle into either role because your soul and your heart are telling you that you are both, but your mind and your body are unable to accept that."

"And what do we do about that?" Tony asked when Bucky remained silent.

"Honestly? I think if you claim Bucky his hormones might even out again and his mind will probably accept the connection. I believe that Bucky's mind and body are waging war on him, because they are receiving what they view as conflicting messages from his heart and soul. Most likely this is because of our societal influence. The ideas about what a relationship should be as opposed to what your relationship is. Ideas about how an Omega should have an Alpha, and an Alpha can have two Omegas, but an Omega should be solely devoted to their Alpha. Bucky having an Omega would possibly challenge his accepted belief that an Omega should devote themselves fully to their Alpha."


The word rang in Tony's ears and it took him a moment to realize why, but then it clicked.

"I told Bucky to devote himself to me and he settled."

Bruce looked at him consideringly.

"Interesting. Perhaps that is because it appealed to those beliefs he already had. Perhaps it soothed his mind briefly, allowing both his body and mind a reprieve from the confusion."

"So what does that mean?" Tony asked.

Bruce looked at Bucky thoughtfully and Bucky frowned.

"If you claim Bucky, I imagine that his mind will accept the connection and hopefully that will be enough to settle him firmly in his role as your Omega and for him to accept that he can be yours even if Steve is his."

"And if it's not?"

Bruce considered something for a moment glancing between all three of them.

"Then I would suggest that you claim both of your Omegas and they claim each other. Solidify your bonds, so there is no space left for confusion, only love and devotion for all."

Steve frowned, because Omegas were not supposed to claim their Alphas. Instead of saying that he asked a question about something that was nagging at him.

"If we're both his soulmates then why is it that everytime I rejected him he was fine, but Tony doing it hurt him so much?" Steve demanded, looking hurt. "I rejected him countless times over the years and Tony rejected him once, but he didn't even outright tell him they couldn't be together. It doesn't make any sense."

Bucky's eyes widened. He hadn't realized just how much Steve was doubting himself and their relationship because of that, though maybe he should have.

"Stevie, baby, I'm sorry. I don't know why I got so twisted up about that, but I swear it doesn't change the way I feel about you. It never did and it never will." Bucky said, pleading with Steve to understand.

Steve swallowed, tears pricking at his eyes. He ripped his gaze away from his nestmate and looked expectantly at Bruce. The Beta sighed, a sadness in his eyes, Steve recognized it as pity and he hated it instantly.

"How did you reject Bucky?" Bruce asked Tony softly, recognizing that it might be a sensitive subject.

Tony swallowed and glanced at Bucky who pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

"I didn't technically reject him. Neither of us rejected each other in the traditional sense. We just weren't in contact for a couple of months."

"I see. When you rejected Bucky, Steve, did you leave him?"

"What do you mean?" Steve asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"You were still his best friend, were you not? Or did you distance yourself from him because you could not be more?"

"No, I mean, we live together so it's not like I could go far even if I had wanted to."

Bruce nodded.

"So you never actually left him, you just told him that you couldn't be together. You were physically still there and emotionally with him, right?"

Steve nodded.

"'Course I was, even if I wasn't in love with him like I am he's still my best friend. I'd never leave him." Steve said like the thought was ludicrous.

Bruce smiled softly, his eyes crinkling in amusement.

"Well, I believe that is the biggest difference. Your rejection didn't feel so much like a rejection, rather like you were resigned to the fact that it could never be. You were still there, so Bucky never actually doubted that you cared for him. Whereas Tony and Bucky most likely questioned whether or not the other cared for them."

Tony looked so guilty about that and turned to Bucky.

"Shit, baby, that was all my fault. I didn't think it mattered since we weren't bonded, but I should have reached out to you."

Bucky nuzzled against him.

"I didn't reach out either. It's not your fault. No one blames you." Bucky murmured.

Steve huffed, glowering in a way that made him look like a petulant child.

"I do. You made my Alpha hurt. You should have just stayed."

Tony nuzzled against Steve and Bucky cooed at him. Steve blushed and shifted to hide his face in the crook of Tony's neck, scenting his Alpha and melting into him.

"I know I did. I'm sorry, little one. I know it was hard on you too."

Steve nodded, whimpering, and clinging to Tony.

"I didn't like it." He whined.

"Shh, I know you didn't, sweetheart. It's all over now. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." Tony rumbled.

Steve purred in response and licked at Tony's scent gland, tasting safe and comfort on his skin. Despite Steve's purrs Tony could tell that this was a lot for his Omegas to take in. He did have something that he wanted to ask Bruce about without them there. Bruce seemed to sense this and told the Omegas that they were free to explore, nodding to a door.

Steve glanced at it curiously. Bucky scented Tony before pulling Steve up to his feet and tugging him towards the door. He was aware that the doctor wanted to get their Alpha alone and Bucky was certain that they were going to discuss him. As much as he didn't like that, he was still grateful for the reprieve. He didn't want to think about all of this right now. It was a lot to take in.

Tony waited until they were alone to ask Bruce the question that was nagging at him.

"What if I don't want to claim them yet?"

Bruce raised a brow at him.

"Do you not intend to bond with them?"

Tony shook his head, that wasn't it at all.

"I do, but I want to court them. There's a way that things used to be done. I've already deviated from that in the most traditional sense, however there are still things that I want to do right. I've never cared much for traditional unions, but from what I've been able to discern from the very limited information on submissives is that they like those things."

Bruce nodded and hummed in agreement, watching Tony carefully.

"It's true that submissives tend to respond well to traditional unions, but they also like to please, so if you tell Steve you want to claim him now, he'll do it for you."

"You mean if I order him to he'll do it to please me." Tony said, but it wasn't a question.

"More or less. You could do it gently, but he'll accept it if you tell him that's what you want. He might not like it, but he won't tell you no." Bruce said honestly though he seemed wary about saying it.

"And if it's not what I want?"

"You could always claim Bucky now and Steve after you court him."

Tony sighed.

"I can't do that. He's already doubting my feelings for him, because he just found out I imprinted on his nestmate but not him. I can't claim them separately."

Bruce nodded, understanding in his eyes.

"He wants you to claim him, even I can tell that."

"I know he does, I don't doubt that. I just don't want him to look back years from now and have any regrets."

"So you want to know if Bucky can wait?"

"I do. I won't risk his health, so if I have to I'll claim him now and Steve will just have to live with it."

"That's reasonable."

Tony groaned.

"So there's nothing I can do for Bucky."

"I didn't say that." Bruce said softly.

"You didn't say anything." Tony growled in frustration.

"There is one thing that might work, but I can't guarantee it. It would require a lot of effort on your part and it wouldn't be easy for you or your Omegas. I'm not entirely comfortable with suggesting it, but I feel that if any Alpha is capable of doing it without overexerting their authority it would be you."

Even as Bruce said it he seemed to doubt himself.

"But you can't guarantee that it would work?"

"No, but you can always claim him if it doesn't work out."

"What is it?"

"You can put him in his place when his instincts are acting up. If he's confused because he has both an Omega and an Alpha and his mind is struggling to accept that, then you can dominate him. Show him that you're the Alpha and then knot him, orally if you'd prefer. Your sperm should help balance out his hormones and being reassured that you're his Alpha will help retrain his instincts."

"Retrain him to be compliant? So you want me to break him in?" Tony asked slowly, narrowing his eyes at Bruce.

Bruce shook his head and leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands clasped together.

"Not at all. I don't want any Omega to be broken in. Breaking an Omega is done by force and against their will. I suggest that you talk to Bucky and see what he wants. He may just wish to be claimed now. And if he does then I urge you to respect that."

Tony nodded and swallowed.

"And if he doesn't I should suggest breaking him in? I can't do that."

Bruce shifted uncomfortably and licked his lips.

"Let's put it this way. If he chooses it, if he wants you to put him in his place, then it's not really breaking him in, it's sorting him out."

Tony thought back on spanking him and how it did effectively settle Bucky even if he clearly hadn't liked it. He had been totally fine throughout the whole appointment because of it. Maybe Bucky didn't want to be spanked but perhaps he didn't need a gentle hand to settle him. Maybe he needed a more firm hand to sort him out. Spanking wasn't the only way to sort out an Omega after all.

It was an Alpha's responsibility to give their Omegas what they needed and that didn't always line up with what they wanted. Regardless, if Bucky said no, told Tony he didn't want that, then they would find another way. Tony would claim him now, whether he really wanted to or not, if that's what Bucky wanted.

"Why don't you bring him back after you have the time to talk to him, and if he wants it then I can run some tests for him. I won't be able to tell you definitively if you're soulmates or not, but I can tell you if Bucky's hormones are out of balance."

Tony nodded and thanked Bruce before checking in on his Omegas. He would have to talk to Bucky about it before he made any decisions, but he already knew what he wanted to do. 

He found Steve and Bucky in a room with ample amounts of natural light pouring in through the windows and plants all along the walls. Steve was stretching on a yoga mat and Bucky was watching, looking amused.

He glanced over at Tony when he walked in and walked over to scent him. Tony rumbled low in his chest, looking over his shoulder as Steve pushed up into a position that put his ass on display up in the air. Tony decided immediately that he liked that particular pose. Bucky pulled back when he smelled Tony's arousal and looked over at Steve.

"He's beautiful isn't he?" Bucky asked.

"He sure is and he's all ours." Tony agreed.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Steve lowered himself and settled on his knees. He turned his head to see them and blushed when he realized they were watching him. His face scrunched up adorably and he frowned at them.

"Don't just stare, it's creepy." Steve whined, pouting.

"Ain't nothing creepy about it, doll. We're just keeping an eye on our little Omega, and enjoying the show."

Steve huffed, but bit his lip.

"Did you like it then?"

"Oh, definitely." Bucky said, smirking.

Tony rumbled in agreement and kissed Bucky's neck before scooping Steve up off the ground.

"Come on, little one. Let's get you home and feed you before the sun goes down."

Steve nodded and tucked his nose into the crook of Tony's neck.

"Yes, Alpha." He mumbled against his skin.

Bucky trailed after them, smiling softly at the sight of them together.