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The scent of heat was so thick in the penthouse that it made Tony feel intoxicated as he worked his fingers in and out of Steve. The Omega was in the peak of his heat, the very worst of it where even being filled up didn't seem like it was enough. It was far too early for him to be this far along, and Tony had half a mind to just knot him now, waiting be damned. 

Bucky assured Tony that this part would only last a few hours and then he would be fine with just being filled, wouldn't constantly need to be fucked, but that was hours ago. Even as Bucky had made the assurance he seemed uncertain. They both knew there was something wrong. Tony hated to think it was his presence and his scent that was making it worse, but he had a feeling it was something to do with him.

Bucky had seemed all for Tony just knotting Steve and Steve was certainly begging for it, but Tony felt conflicted, not sure he wanted to just knot his Omega for the first time out of desperation. So he didn't. Well, he did, but not the way they were hoping he would. Steve still seemed happy about it, though he needed something inside his cunt too. 

Which is why Tony was hovering over him, his cock tied to Steve's mouth but his own mouth pressing kisses to Steve's thigh. One hand holding his weight off of the boy as he used his other hand to pump fingers in and out of his greedy hole. Steve was wet and sloppy, his slick leaking nonstop and his hole squelching as Tony worked his fingers inside of him, twisting his wrist just to make Steve whine and squirm. His sounds were muffled by Tony's dick but he still sounded so damn sweet.

Tony grunted as more cum shot down Steve's throat and the Omega gagged on it, trying not to choke but unable to pull away. That didn't mean he didn't try to lurch away from the unexpected intrusion. Tony gritted his teeth when Steve tugged on his knot, the back of his teeth pressing against the sensitive bulge.

Tony forced himself to release a calming scent and nuzzled against his thigh, his chest rumbling in the hope of soothing his Omega. Steve whined, distressed, tears running down his cheeks and his hands pushing at Tony's hips, but he gave up and went limp when he realized he couldn't escape. 

A part of Tony, the instinctive part inside of him ruled by his hindbrain, reveled in the way his Omega surrendered. The logical part of his brain felt bad knowing that Steve wasn't submitting because he wanted to, but rather accepting his fate. He wanted to give some of the control back to his pretty little Omega, but he couldn't. 

Oral knotting didn't really allow for much leeway when it came to swallowing. It was either take it or choke on it. The thought made him release more cum and Tony cringed, trying to keep his thoughts from straying down that path. Steve sobbed but swallowed it down easier this time.

Tony wanted to apologize, but it wouldn't help and it was better if Steve saw his Alpha as the dominant one in this moment. A show of submission would likely make Steve's instincts flare up and the last thing they needed right now was for Steve to feel like he should take charge. There was no room for that with oral knotting so it was important that Steve felt submissive and drowned in his Alpha's dominance.

Tony wanted to apologize, but he didn't. He just sucked at the sensitive skin of Steve's thigh, nipping at it and leaving bruises and bite marks all over the pale surface. His fingers milking Steve's prostate to provide a distraction for his Omega.



Bucky had fucked Steve as long as he could, but he was worn out. Steve was feverish and desperate and his need to be not just filled but fucked constantly was wearing on both of them. Tony had decided that enough was enough sometime after midnight. They couldn’t stay up all night if they were going to be doing this for the next four days. 

He sent Bucky to his bed to get some much-needed sleep without Steve waking him up every five minutes, begging for his cock. Tony was concerned about Steve and was hoping to wear him out some more before joining Bucky in bed. Well really he was hoping that Steve would settle, the peak of his heat passing, but he was also concerned about how much Bucky was willing to push himself just to be there for his Omega. Tony knew he had to step in and insist that Bucky take care of himself because he was the Alpha and that's what Alphas did. They took care of their Omegas and made sure they were safe and healthy.

Bucky had frowned when he entered Tony's room. He had immediately gone over to his bed and slipped under his covers, burying his face in Tony's pillows, sniffing at them, and finding the one that Tony clearly preferred. It did smell like Tony, but the scent was so faint, even on this pillow, that Bucky realized Tony didn't sleep here all that often.

He pouted, whining but settled quickly too damn tired to do much else. His eyes fluttered shut and his breathing evened out. His last thought before he slipped off to sleep was that he was so grateful to have Tony here with them, to have his Alpha taking care of his Omega so Bucky good have a break.



Tony ended up handcuffing Steve to the headboard after his knot deflated. The Omega had cried and tried desperately to twist out of his bonds but had gone slack, his mouth opening in a silent scream when Tony pushed a thick dildo up his ass.

He was gentle about it, but the girth of the silicone cock was much wider than Bucky. Steve's body swallowed it up like it was made to take a monster cock and well it was made to take a knot so this wasn't too far off. Tony was still concerned that it might rip him open. Of course, it didn't, Tony knew logically that it wouldn't. He had used this toy on Omegas before and he was always astonished by the limits an Omegas body can be pushed to.

Steve's eyes fluttered shut and he moaned as the dildo filled him up, but he whined the moment it was all the way in and Tony stopped to let him adjust to the size. Steve immediately started to push back, wanting more, needing it.

"Alpha, please, more." Steve sobbed, tears soaking the bed as they dripped off his chin.

Any moment of reprieve was too much, the fire burning inside of him like agony the moment he wasn't getting fucked. Tony wanted to give him more time to adjust, but he also knew that Steve could take it, that he needed it. Which is why he pulled the dildo back out until only the tip was still inside and slammed it back in.

Steve screamed, his hands twisting in the sheets and his body lurching forward, but Tony didn't stop this time. Steve was so grateful and he moaned thank you like a damn mantra, over and over again, the words slurred and barely comprehensible. 

Tony wasn't sure exactly how many times that Steve cummed on the dildo or exactly how long they stayed like that, but what he did know is that his wrists were killing him by the time he tossed aside the dildo in favor of getting his mouth on Steve.

His Omega whined and squirmed under him, tugging at his restraints uselessly as Tony slurped up his slick. The taste was sweet and the texture somewhere between creamy and oily, but damn was it the best thing Tony had ever tasted. He drank it down, Steve's scent glands working on overload to keep him wet allowing Tony to just keep swallowing more. His tongue diving inside to lick it out of him and his fingers slipping inside to fuck the whiny Omega.

Tony pulled away, feeling lightheaded and absolutely drunk on Steve's slick. He grabbed the dildo that came from Steve and Bucky's apartment. They had already used this one countless times today alone. Tony shoved it inside of Steve and pressed the button on the base that made the knot inflate.

Steve was far past words now, but he whimpered, his body going slack as he collapsed onto the bed. Tony sucked a hickey onto the inside of his thigh, before crawling up the bed to nuzzle against his Omega and pull him close. He undid the handcuffs, hauling Steve on top of him, and rubbed his back.

Steve's eyes fluttered shut and he was out like a light, purring in his sleep as his Alpha combed fingers through his hair and pressed kisses to his sweaty forehead. Bucky wandered in at some point, it must have been hours after Tony had sent him to bed Tony realized from the way the sun was rising outside the window and snuggled up next to Steve.

"Thank you, Alpha," Bucky mumbled against Steve's back.

"For what?"

"For taking care of us."

Tony smiled softly and brushed his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Always, little one. Did you sleep well?"

Bucky hummed, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like yes, daddy. Tony sucked in a breath, Bucky's whimper making him realize that he was gripping Bucky's hair. He relaxed his grip, letting his fingers brush through his hair instead and Bucky melted into the touch, pressing closer to Steve and scenting his nestmate.



Within twenty minutes Steve was rutting against them and crying in his sleep, clearly in pain and needing to be fucked again. Tony ended up strapping Steve back to the bench in the hope of getting a few hours of sleep, but he couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning as he worried about his Omegas. 

Bucky fell back asleep, but Tony was used to staying up days on end so he laid awake for a good hour or two before he gave up. The clock read ten past seven and Tony knew he hadn't slept since that nap they took yesterday. He also knew he wasn't going to get any sleep for a while longer. He groaned, pushing himself up and telling JARVIS to start up the coffee.

Tony went to check on Steve while he waited for the coffee to get done. The Omega was passed out, straps around his waist and legs, but his arms free allowing him to tuck them under his head. Steve looked peaceful, his head pillowed in his arms and drool trailing out of the corner of his mouth. Maybe that seemed strange seeing as he was currently being fucked at an astonishing speed, but it was true. Tony smiled, running a hand through his hair.

“JARVIS, go ahead and shut it off.”

Tony unstrapped Steve, rubbing his legs to ensure they weren't numb from lack of blood flow before he detached the dildo from the machine and slipped it out of Steve. He pulled Steve into his arms as the Omega started to whine in protest, wanting to be fucked even in his sleep. Tony just shushed him and rubbed his back soothingly.

“Don’t worry, angel, I’m here now,” Tony murmured, carrying Steve back to the nest.

Tony laid him down on the heap of fuzzy blankets in their nest, Bucky still sleeping soundly. By this point none of them were wearing any clothes, it was really just an unnecessary barrier and Steve whined in distress anytime they covered up. Tony wasn't exactly modest, so there was no need to upset his little Omega. 

Steve sniffed at the blankets, inhaling their mixed scents that smelled strongly of slick and heat. Tony was very aware that even if he aired the place out his place would likely smell of Omega in heat for days after this was all over. He would be lying if he said he wasn't thrilled about that.

Steve rubbed his cheek against the soft fabric under him, whimpering. He was still asleep but his body was reacting to the scent of his nest. His body also felt like fire was licking his skin and wrapping around his limbs, hot and intense and demanding more. He whined and Tony was quick to shush him, slipping into Steve's gaping hole. 

"Shh, don't wake Bucky, baby. He needs his sleep." Tony murmured.

He wasn't entirely sure why he had even brought Steve back to the nest. He had forgone coffee in favor of having Steve back where he belonged and he figured it must have been Alpha instincts dictating his actions. The fucking machine sure was convenient, but Tony wanted Steve near him and he felt a subtle itch that grew worse the longer he was separated from his Omega. The itch was telling him that they needed to be close because his Omega needed to be bred.

Steve's body went slack, relieved to be filled and fucked again, and he was able to settle back into his sleep as Tony fucked him slowly, leaving kisses on his shoulder and wishing he had access to his Omega's neck when Steve tilted his head. Everything about the Omega screamed submission, from the way his lips parted under Tony's when he kissed him and the way he bared his throat instinctively, to the way his pussy took his cock like it was begging to be used. It was beautiful and Tony loved every moment of it.

He kept his pace slow, moving and rolling his hips just enough to keep Steve content under him. Bucky shifted to press up against them at some point and sighed, happy to have his mates there. Tony had been fucking Steve for hours, enjoying being in his Omega, but also feeling like he was being tortured as he brought himself to the edge and then denied himself over and over.

Did he have to fuck his Omega and deny himself his orgasm? No. He could easily fuck Steve and still release inside of him, could knot him, could fill him up without knotting him. Was he going to? No, he wasn't. He had already told Steve that he wouldn't knot him, and cumming inside of him without knotting him may decrease the likelihood of pregnancy because his fluids would spill out, but it didn't prevent it altogether.

Which is why when Tony decided to give in and finally cum he pulled out of Steve with a groan. The Omega immediately started to squirm in distress, but Tony ignored him, pumping his fist over his cock until his cum painted Steve's back. Steve continued to whine in distress as Tony rode out the aftershocks of his orgasm, grunting and groaning as he stroked himself until he could think straight again.

Bucky stirred next to them, reaching out for Steve reflexively but pulling back in surprise when his fingers squished in Tony's fluid. Bucky blinked his eyes open, staring at his Alpha's cum in surprise before stuffing his fingers in his mouth. Bucky moaned at the taste and Tony cursed under his breath, growling as another spurt of cum shot out and landed on the dip in Steve's back.

Bucky leaned forward and lapped up the cum greedily like he couldn't get enough of it. He didn't stop until Steve's back was clean and Tony just watched, his eyes dilated and his breath coming in shallow pants. Steve's squirming and whining had gotten worse and that's when Tony finally snapped himself out of his daze. 

He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a vibrator, hoping that it would appease the Omega, even if it was only temporarily. Tony needed to fill his Omegas up with something that wasn't his cum, even though the thought of them living off of his cum sent a thrill through him. If only that would be healthy, but it wasn't so Tony dragged his protesting Omegas out of bed.

Steve swallowed reflexively when Tony spoon-fed him yogurt and then applesauce, but he didn't really fully wake up. Bucky ate on his own, still not fully awake either, but awake enough. Tony was worried that he was in a bad place again and watched him carefully as he ate.

"How are you doing, Buckaroo?" Tony said eventually. "Any bad thoughts this morning, baby?"

Bucky just shrugged, but he frowned a little and set his spoon down like he just couldn't manage another bite. Tony didn't like that at all. Bucky almost looked ill, but Tony wasn't quite sure how much of it was physical and how much was mental. Both were equally as important but Tony would have to approach them slightly differently.

Taking care of Bucky physically was important, but if that was merely a symptom of something going on inside then treating the symptoms wouldn't be good enough. Tony needed to figure out the root of Bucky's problems. He also needed to get Steve through this heat. Bucky seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Alpha? I don't understand why Steve's cycle is all messed up. I don't- what if-" Bucky cut off, looking down like he felt guilty voicing his thoughts.

Tony sighed and scooped Steve up into his arms. He crouched down next to Bucky who looked so small and overwhelmed. Steve was whining again, rutting up against Tony, but Tony just reached down and turned the vibrator up a notch to soothe him.

"It's okay to tell me what you're thinking, love. You can tell me anything." Bucky just whimpered and bit his lip, his hands clenching the seat of his chair. "Are you worried that I'm the reason that Steve's heat is worse?"

Tony voiced the question for Bucky only because he had a feeling that Bucky was scared to voice it aloud himself. Bucky's eyes widened and he shook his head.

"No, I would never- I don't want-"

His mouth snapped shut again and frustrated tears welled up in his eyes.

"You don't want to upset me?" Tony guessed.

"Never, Alpha. You take such good care of us."

"Oh, sweetheart, this isn't about that though. You're allowed to be upset about your nestmate struggling and you're allowed to be frustrated that his heat is more intense than usual. I wouldn't blame you if you blamed me for it either, baby."

Bucky bit his lip until it bled, sucking in a shuddery breath.

"I don't blame you, Alpha. I'm just worried.”

“I know, little one, I’m worried too. I called my Aunt last night and she gave me the name of a biologist who specializes in Omega biology. I’m hoping that he will be able to give us some answers about Steve’s heat.”

Bucky gasped, his eyes wide. He threw himself at Tony who grunted in surprise, just barely managing to stay upright.

"Oof, okay, I love holding you, baby, but why don't we move this over to the couch?"

Bucky backed up blushing and smiled sheepishly at Tony.

"Sorry, Alpha."

Tony just huffed out a laugh and pulled him over to the couch.

"I'm glad you're happy, little one," Tony murmured, brushing his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Thank you for taking care of us. I-" Bucky pulled away, swallowing.

He fidgeted nervously, scenting anxious briefly before Steve's slick covered it up.

"What is it, angel?"

"I know that I'm not a good Omega like Stevie is and I know I've been challenging and I'm really sorry about that. I just- please don't leave me. I promise I'm gonna try to be better." Bucky finished with a sob, his bottom lip quivering.

"Woah, hey, no, baby, that's not how I feel at all. I don't think you're being difficult, love. You're the perfect Omega, just like Steve is. There's nothing wrong with you, Bucky. I don't want you to be exactly like Steve, because you're not Steve. I want you to be yourself."

Bucky's lip wobbled as he sucked in a breath and he looked so conflicted.

"I'm not disillusioned, Tony. I know that I'm not obedient enough. I keep growling and getting all twisted up about things that are stupid and shouldn't bother me. I don't even know why either. I want you and Steve to be together and to love each other. My heads just all confused and my body's acting strange and I don't know how to fix it."

"Hey, look at me, there's nothing to fix because you're not broken, baby."

Bucky shook his head and groaned.

"You don't get it. Something's wrong with me, I can feel it. I'm not lying about it."

"I'm not saying you're lying," Tony said gently, running his hand through Bucky's hair. "And I'm not saying that something isn't wrong. I'm just- I guess I'm trying to say that I think you're perfect just the way you are and whatever you're going through right now, whether it's something that will get better or it isn't, doesn't change the way I feel about you."

Bucky swallowed hard.

"And how do you feel about me?"

Tony smiled at him, his expression fond.

"I feel like I would do anything for you, support you, protect you, take care of you. There's nothing you could ask of me that I wouldn't at least consider giving you and there's nothing that you could ever need that I wouldn't be willing to give you."

Bucky sucked in a breath and lurched forward to slam their lips together. The moment didn't last long, because Steve started to whine in desperation and beg his Alphas to fuck him. Bucky pulled away with a groan and snatched up Steve.

"You fucking slut, so Goddamn desperate. You just need it don't you? Can't live without a cock in you?" Bucky taunted.

Steve whined and nodded, pressing closer and sucking at Bucky's neck. He made a frustrated sound when the collar blocked his way and pulled back with a huff.

"Need you, Alpha, please, it hurts."

Bucky's eyes were soft despite his harsh words and he nuzzled against Steve's cheek.

"I know you do, baby. I know just how needy your pussy is. Don't worry I've got you. I'm not mad. I love it when you need me." Bucky soothed.

Bucky was somewhere between soft and sweet, but still condescending and degrading as he fucked Steve. He wasn't rough, his touches gentle and kisses tender, but he sneered and called him names and Steve lapped it up like a dog in the summer sun laps up water. He was desperate and needy and begged for more and Bucky just laughed and told him to not be so greedy and just take what he's given like a good boy.

By the time Bucky had cummed twice and flopped down on the ground and pulled Steve on top of him, Steve could feel his skin rapidly cooling like his fever was breaking. He moaned in relief and snuggled into Bucky who was panting hard his chest heaving.

"Fuck, Stevie, you sure know how to wear a guy out, don't you?" Bucky teased when he managed to gain control of his breath.

Steve just hummed and nuzzled against his chest. Tony had moved off to the kitchen to slice up fruit for them to eat, but he stopped to watch them when he came back. They looked so peaceful together and Tony took a moment to enjoy the calm. He hadn't yet realized that Steve was in post-heat and neither had Bucky.

Steve was exhausted and snuggled up to Tony when he pulled him off of Bucky and into his lap. Bucky stayed on the ground for a few more minutes while Tony started feeding Steve. His hand was thrown over his eyes to block out the glare of the overhead light. Tony prodded him with his foot.

"Come on, Buckaroo, let's get some more food in you. You're gonna need it if you're gonna help me fuck Steve for the next four days." Tony teased, but they both knew he was serious.

Bucky groaned and started to push up to a seated position.

"I don't need it, Alpha," Steve said after he swallowed the bite of cantaloupe in his mouth. Bucky blinked at him and Tony looked equally as surprised. Steve hadn't said much else than need more and please, Alpha since his heat fully kicked in. Steve just shrugged. "My heat broke."

"Wait, what? Stevie, what are ya talkin' about?" Bucky said, pushing up to his feet and leaning over to scent Steve.

His eyes widened when he realized that Steve was right. The scent of his heat still lingered on his skin and would for probably most of today and into the next, but he clearly wasn't in heat anymore. Bucky sent Tony a look that was equal parts confused and worried. Tony cleared his throat drawing Steve's attention to him.

"How are you feeling, baby?"

Steve hummed and pressed closer to scent Tony.

"So good, Alpha." Steve purred.

"Good. That's good, little one." Tony murmured.

Steve was still horny for the rest of the day, but he would settle after he was fucked and not want it again for hours. It was a major relief to Tony and Bucky though they didn't fully understand why Steve's cycle was so short. If Tony had knotted him maybe it would make sense, and well, Tony had knotted him, but as far as Tony knew an Omega had to be bred to receive the benefits of a knot.

He read up on it when Steve was settled, but everything he read confirmed that knotting and breeding an Omega was how they received the proteins from Alpha sperm that would offset their heat. Not a single thing he could find said anything about oral knotting helping. In fact, many articles seemed to discourage oral knotting during heat because it didn't provide the benefits of breeding.



Steve squirmed slightly, seeming to be pulled out of some kind of trance. He became suddenly very aware of the fact that he was curled up with not one but two naked bodies. Seeing as he had just spent his heat with Tony, he really shouldn't have felt embarrassed, but he still blushed and pushed away from him.

The thing was heats were basically like being drugged and Steve had only very vague recollections of his heat, so he didn't really remember spending the last three days begging for Tony's knot. Though he could only assume that's what had happened since the Alpha was here.

Tony raised a brow at his little Omega and Bucky chuckled, pulling him flush against him. Steve squeaked when he felt Bucky's hard-on pressed against his back. He was so exhausted and quite frankly sore that he wanted nothing to do with it anytime soon.

"No, nuh-uh, get that thing away from me." Steve protested, shoving away from Bucky and glaring at his dick when it twitched.

"Ah, come on, doll. Don't you wanna be a good Omega for me, please your Alpha?" Bucky teased but made no attempt to pull Steve close again.

Steve sent him a scathing look and scrambled out of bed, grimacing when he realized just how sore he was. Steve groaned and looked around the room in confusion, like the drugs in his body were just wearing off and he was trying to make sense of what had happened, fill in the gaps in his memory.

"Where are we?"

The question made Tony freeze and Bucky bite his lip guiltily.

"You don't remember?" Tony asked softly. "You asked to stay here."

Steve frowned, glancing over at Tony, but blushed and looked away from the naked man.

"No, I don't remember that. Heat's always kinda a blur for me."

Tony swallowed, not sure of what to do with that. Did Steve's consent really count if he was too out of it even in those early moments of his pre-heat to remember it happening?

"You don't remember anything? Not even from your pre-heat or your post-heat?" Tony questioned.

Steve shook his head.

"No. Bucky knows that's how it works. Don't worry, I'm not mad about...” Steve paused looking around at the evidence of sex, the rumpled sheet and mussed up hair, the sex toys on the nightstand still glistening with slick. Steve swallowed before clearing his throat. “This. I just, um, do you have any clothes I can wear?"

Bucky got up and grabbed their bag off of the ground.

"I had Happy grab sweats and tees for us when he was at our place."

Steve nodded and grabbed the bag, his face still red as he skirted around the bed and into the bathroom. Tony just stared after him confused and then narrowed his eyes at Bucky.

"You knew that he was too out of it to consent to be with me." Tony accused. "Why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have joined you if I'd known."

"That's exactly why I didn't tell you. He needed you here and-" Bucky cut off, looking guilty again. "I needed you here, Alpha."

Tony groaned and pushed himself out of bed. He pulled Bucky in close and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"I'm glad I was here for you, for both of you, but don't ever do something like that again, Bucky. It's not fair to Steve that an Alpha took advantage of him in a vulnerable state. He should have been allowed to have a say in that."

"He did. He wanted it, he wants you,  Tony. I know he does. Trust me on this one, I can feel it. He likes you."

Tony just sighed. He didn't want to argue with Bucky about it and he couldn't change what had already happened. He definitely didn't agree with Bucky making that call when it should have been Steve's choice. There was nothing to do about it now though.



Steve showered, taking the time to enjoy the feeling of the hot water loosening his sore muscles. He was also lost in thought, slightly confused, but overall he was happy. He wasn't upset about having Tony close or being in the Alpha's space. He certainly wasn't upset about the fact that he was sure his Alpha must have knotted him. What other reason would there be for an Alpha to stick around for an Omega’s heat?

A hand even went down to his tummy as he stood in front of the mirror afterward. He was slightly scared at the thought of being a parent and more than a little nervous about the prospect of being Tony's forever. He did frown when his eyes landed on his neck. He didn't have a mark and usually that happened during the first mating, but Steve shook that thought away. 

He wondered briefly if this meant his Alpha intended to court him. Some Alphas insisted on courting their Omegas before they fully bonded. Tony seemed like that kind of an Alpha, always so gentle and cautious, he definitely seemed the type to want to take things slow. Steve smiled at the thought, his cheeks rosy red and his teeth sinking into his lip. Steve was sated and comfortable, his mind and body settled and his heart soaring, but the thought that proper courting didn’t include sex and certainly didn’t include spending heats together definitely crossed his mind.

He dug through their bag to get clothes, shaking away his silly thoughts of dates and gifts and wedding dresses. The clothes smelled like him and Bucky. They were freshly laundered, but the fabric had lived in their drawers long enough to retain some of their scent even after a wash cycle. 

It wasn't that Steve didn't like the way they smelled, but it felt like something was missing. His skin felt itchy just thinking about putting them on so soon after his heat when he should smell like both of his Alphas, be wrapped up and cocooned in both of their scents.

He ended up forgoing the clothes, modesty be damned, and returning to the bedroom as naked as the day he'd been born. He was slightly hesitant when he exited the bathroom, hovering by the door for a moment, but then he sucked in a shuddery breath and crawled back into bed. If either of his partners were surprised that he reappeared naked, well they didn't show it.

Steve's memories of his heat may all be one big blur of barely definable moments where time seemed nonexistent and reality very far away, but he had already been warming up to Tony before his heat started and he had already started thinking of him as his Alpha. 

Not to mention he had literally spent the last ten minutes in front of the mirror picturing being round with his pups and whether they could throw a wedding together before he started showing, so it was probably a good time to just accept that he had feelings for Tony. He blushed bright red at the thought but slipped back under the covers.

Tony watched Steve carefully as the Omega sniffed at the pillows, then the blankets and sheets. Steve pulled back, his eyes widening in surprise. Their scents were so mixed together they were almost indistinguishable from each other and the scent of his Alpha in their nest sent a jolt through him. Not of arousal or fear, but something softer like longing and affection.

Steve scented Bucky next and his nestmate laid back and let him explore as he pressed up against him and sniffed at his neck. They had removed their collars once they realized Steve was in post-heat, the desire to claim more manageable. Steve licked and nipped at Bucky's neck, taking advantage of the exposed skin and the way Bucky bared his neck for him. He scented his face, rubbing their noses and cheeks together, brushing their lips together, sucking on his earlobes. 

Bucky expected it, this is what his Omega did after his heat. He wasn't sure if it was a submissive thing or just a Steve thing, but Bucky didn't feel compelled to have the same in-depth exploration of his nestmate after his heats faded. 

Steve didn't stop there, he never did. He kissed down Bucky’s arms and sucked on his fingers languidly, the whole process slow and lazy, devoid of the rush or desperation of the last three days. Steve nudged under Bucky's armpits with his nose and Bucky dutifully lifted them so his Omega could run his nose against the hairs and bite at them.

His lips ran over Bucky's pecs, stopping to suckle on his nipples like a pup feeding before he licked over his abs. Steve made small sounds as he scented Bucky, mewls and snuffles, soft moans and whines, but he purred when he reached Bucky's dick.

It had gone down while Steve was showering, the scent of sated Omega strong enough now to finally start to overpower the scent of slick allowing Bucky to go soft. It twitched back to life under Steve's attention and Bucky shoved aside the covers that were now hiding Steve, just to watch his Omega lick at his tip and nuzzle up against his cock.

Steve's tongue tasted every inch of him, licking up the shaft and swirling around the head, pushing into the slit in the hope of finding some of his Alpha's potent precum, licking his balls and sucking them into his mouth one at a time. He ventured down further to lap at his ass and Bucky's thighs tensed. He bent his legs, letting them fall open as Steve's tongue circled his rim. 

Bucky groaned, his head falling back when Steve's tongue slipped inside of him tasting where his Alpha's scent was the strongest. Steve giggled when Bucky clenched around him, grinding his hips down. Bucky just smirked down at his cute little Omega knowing that Steve was far from done. 

He spent the longest amount of time rimming and tonguefucking Bucky before he moved on, nuzzling against his thighs and kissing down his legs. He licked and sucked on Bucky's toes which always made Bucky squirm, but he allowed it. 

Steve would get all upset and out of sorts if Bucky denied him access to his body right now. Bucky knew this was just something his Omega needed. He turned over when Steve pulled away, knowing that he would want access to his back too.

Steve kissed and licked his way back up Bucky's legs, nipping at his ass before burying his nose in his crack one more time, his tongue swiping over his hole again. His hands ran over Bucky's sides and his tongue licked up his spine. Kisses were pressed to his shoulders before Steve scented his neck again, their bodies pressed up together.

Bucky just relaxed into the bed, letting Steve tangle their legs together and mark up his Alpha with hickeys. His chest pressed up against Bucky's back and his cocklet pressed up against the dip in his back. They molded together perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle clicking into place. 

It was a mostly silent process, other than the sounds coming from Steve. Bucky groaned and grunted from time to time, but didn't say anything. He just let Steve have his way with him, allowing his Omega access to every part of him just the way Steve wanted. 

When they did speak, it was Steve who broke the soft silence that had settled around the three of them as Steve explored and Bucky enjoyed his nestmate’s touch, and Tony just watched in awe. He'd never seen anything quite like it. The moment somehow felt far more intimate than any moment shared during the heat, so much being said with no words at all.

"Mmm, thank you, Alpha." Steve purred.

"'Course, Omega," Bucky murmured, the words little more than a rumble.

Steve smiled softly and pressed one more kiss to his scent gland before sighing and pulling back. He glanced over at Tony who suddenly had the distinct feeling that he was a deer caught in the headlights as Steve raked his eyes over him. Steve paused to bury his nose in Bucky's hair, his fingers running through the strands before he really pulled away.

"Alpha?" Steve questioned, crawling over to him.

Tony swallowed and settled back on his back, his voice was caught in his throat and his tongue felt heavy in his mouth. Steve just smiled softly and settled on top of him, his eyes blue and round, full of questions and wonderment.

"May I?" Steve asked sweetly.

Tony swallowed again and nodded not sure he was capable of speaking at the moment. Steve seemed amused by the speechless Alpha, giggling, just the softest sweetest of sounds. Tony was pretty sure that's what angels sounded like. Tony's breath hitched when Steve leaned down to scent him, their bare skin touching and chests pressed up together.

Steve purred when Tony's chest rumbled at the feeling of his Omega nipping and licking at his neck. Tony had watched Bucky go through very much the same experience only moments earlier, but it still stole his breath when Steve worked his way over his body. Noses brushing, cheeks rubbing, eyelashes fluttering against his cheek as Steve moaned in his ear. Clearly, Steve was getting as much pleasure out of this as Tony was.

Bucky had stayed soft, very used to these intimate touches that weren't strictly sexual, only hardening when Steve got his mouth on him, but Steve hadn't kissed him the way he kissed Tony. Where Steve's lips had merely brushed over Bucky's, they lingered on Tony's. The kiss was soft and sweet and Tony thought he might die, groaning when Steve's tongue darted out to swipe against his lip.

Tony parted his lips allowing his Omega to rub their tongues together and explore his mouth thoroughly. His tongue gliding over the roof of Tony's mouth and the backs of his teeth. Tony wondered briefly if his breath tasted foul, but if it did Steve certainly didn't complain. He just moaned so pretty and rocked his cocklet up against Tony's abs. The combination of lips locking, tongues brushing and hips rocking had Tony's blood rushing down to his cock. 

Steve continued his exploration, Tony groaned as his lips wrapped around his fingers, sucking on them like he was blowing him, every pull shooting straight to Tony's dick. It honestly wasn't fair just how hot and wet Steve's mouth was. It made Tony want to live buried inside, his cock rammed down his throat and his hand tangled in his hair.

Tony grunted when Steve nudged his nose into his armpit, not used to that particular sensation as Steve sniffed and rubbed his nose against his hairs. Bucky chuckled and reached over to run his fingers through Tony's hair.

"He's really something, ain't he?" Bucky murmured, his eyes soft and tone affectionate.

Tony hummed in agreement and Steve's eyes darted up to his face. Steve's hand reached over to snatch up Bucky's wrist and rub his cheek against his palm, pressing kisses to it before leaning down to kiss Tony again. Tony could taste his own sweat on Steve's lips and maybe that should have been disgusting but it just made him groan and pull him closer, growling at his pretty little Omega.

Tony flipped them around, Steve shrieking in surprise when his back hit the mattress. He looked up at Tony startled and Tony bumped their noses together in apology.

"Sorry, I just gotta get my mouth on you. Can I?"

Steve's eyes followed Tony's gaze down to his cocklet and he blushed all the way down his chest. He bit his lip, nodding. Tony smiled softly, kissing him again slowly before shifting lower and engulfing Steve's cocklet. Steve whined at the sensation of heat, wet and overwhelming, lighting up his skin and making his blood boil. 

It wasn't the same as his heat though. This fire didn't burn fast and demand soothing. No this was a slow sensation that licked its way up his limbs, warming his skin and leaving it red as his cheeks. It made him moan and his head fall back as he squirmed under Tony.

Bucky's lips captured Steve's swallowing his sounds and Steve's eyes fluttered shut. His toes curled and his hands clawed at the sheets. Tony hummed around Steve's cocklet before taking his balls into his mouth too. Both fit easily in Tony's mouth and Steve cried out, his ass spasming as an orgasm washed over him.

Tony pulled off of him in favor of sucking at his hole and swallowing down his slick as it gushed out. Bucky's hand trailed down Steve to fondle him and he cried out in pain when the feeling became too much. Tony pulled away but Bucky just smirked, peeling back his foreskin and running his thumb over the soft tip of Steve's cocklet. Steve writhed under him, pleas for him to stop falling off his lips.

Tony's hand snatched Bucky's wrist and Bucky narrowed his eyes at him, a growl in his throat. Tony just growled back at him, the sound lower and deeper and Bucky felt the urge to shrink away from it, but his mind was telling him that Steve was his and this Alpha was a threat.

"I'm trying to show him pleasure, not hurt him." Tony gritted out.

"What's pleasure without a little pain?" Bucky shot back.

Tony clenched his jaw trying to fight back the instinct to put his Omega in his place. He was really hoping that Dr. Banner, the biologist that his aunt had put him in contact with, would be able to provide some answers about what was happening with Bucky. He had initially contacted him with concerns about Steve's mating cycle being off, but he couldn't deny that in the back of his mind he'd been hoping the man could help Bucky too.

Dominants were known for being stubborn and challenging their Alphas, but Tony couldn't help but feel like this was something else. If it was just Bucky challenging him then Tony would shrug it off, maybe even be amused by his Omega playing Alpha. It was the way Bucky seemed so conflicted and had broken down and cried like it was all just too much that had Tony worried. He knew he had to do something to help his Omega.

For the moment Tony just backed off and let Bucky take Steve in his mouth, relieved when he just held him there. Steve cried out when Bucky's heat engulfed him but slumped against the bed, his eyes fluttering shut and a moan on his lips. Bucky didn't suck, he just warmed him, falling into a more submissive headspace himself.

Tony sensed the change and brushed his fingers through Bucky's hair to encourage him to settle, to be soft and pliant. When Bucky pulled off of Steve the Omega whined in protest, but Tony just rubbed his thigh soothingly.

"Shh, you're okay, little one." He murmured to Steve before he pulled Bucky closer and nuzzled against him, coaxing him down onto the bed and nipping at his neck. 

Bucky whimpered and went limp under him.

"Good boy, there you go. That's it, just be soft for me, little one."

Bucky nodded and Tony grabbed a fuzzy blanket and tucked it around him, pressing a kiss to his head and murmuring soft words to keep Bucky under. Bucky mumbled something incomprehensible and yawned. 

"Get some sleep, Buckaroo." Tony cooed softly at him.

"Night," Bucky mumbled back.

Tony chuckled lightly but didn't point out that it was nowhere near nighttime.

Steve looked like he might fall asleep too. Tony shifted off of Bucky and nudged his nose against Steve's cheek, brushing their lips together.

"You wanna sleep, angel, or do you wanna keep scenting me?" Tony rumbled soothingly.

Steve purred in response and bared his throat.

"Want you, Alpha." He mumbled, his legs spreading instinctively.

Tony chuckled softly and kissed his cheek, a hand running up Steve's thigh and slipping in between his legs to cup him. Steve whimpered and pushed his hips up, rocking against Tony's palm.

"I'm not gonna breed you right now, baby. You're being so good waiting for me. I could knot your mouth again if you really need it, but I was thinking it'd be nice if we all got a break."

Steve whimpered but nodded. As much as he wanted his Alpha in his mouth and his knot locked behind his teeth his jaw was sore and his throat raw from being fucked. A break would be nice.

"Scent?" Steve asked instead.

Tony rumbled in approval and nuzzled against him before he laid back on the bed.

"Sorry I interrupted you before," Tony said, thinking about how he probably shouldn't have taken charge while his Omega was scenting him.

Nothing to do about that now except lay back and let Steve climb back on top of him, his hands trembling as he trailed them over Tony's chest.

"Don't be. I thoroughly enjoyed having your mouth on me." Steve teased.

He leaned down to scent his neck and Tony wondered if they had to start the whole process over. That seemed to be the case, not that Tony was complaining.

Steve didn't lick into his mouth this time or suck as long on his fingers, but he still buried his nose in Tony's armpit. Tony glanced over at Bucky to find him asleep, the fuzzy blanket pressed up against his cheek. 

Tony grunted, his attention drawn back to Steve. The Omega was suckling on his nipples and if that wasn't the cutest damn thing ever Tony wasn't sure what was. Steve made a frustrated noise when nothing came out and Tony snorted softly. He'd done the same thing when he'd suckled at Bucky's breasts. 

Tony jolted in surprise when Steve's tongue slipped into his belly button but forced himself to relax. His head fell back when Steve sucked and licked all over his dick and balls. Tony's eyes flashed and a growl ripped through him when his Omega's tongue darted out to lick his rim. He bent his legs up to give him better access and Steve purred gratefully. He didn't spend as much time there as he had for Bucky. Steve had spent more time and energy worshipping Tony's dick because that's where Tony's scent was the strongest.

The scenting ended very much the same way it had for Bucky with Tony on his stomach and Steve pressed up against him, marking up his neck, except their legs weren't tangled together because Steve was straddling his hips. It was still just as intimate. Steve grinded slowly into Tony's back, moaning softly in his ear, his teeth lightly grazing his neck.

The sheer softness of the moment, the calm and the slow affection was like a balm on sunburnt skin. The intensity of Steve's heat soothed away by the tenderness of his touch.

They fell asleep with Steve curled up in between his Alphas and Tony holding him close. Any thoughts of modesty long since forgotten, replaced by a sense of right and safe and home.