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Uncle Tony

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For the first time in a few weeks Tony felt relaxed. The world wasn’t demanding him to fix everything. His phone was off but for world ending emergencies. He was slouched deep in May Parkers oddly comfy and frumpy couch. A class of horrible box wine barley touched in one hand, head back and eyes closed. It was heaven. Who would of thought this small cramped apartment in Queens would be a safe haven for him.

Well it would be relaxing if he didn’t feel Aunt Hottie staring at him. He opened one eye at her and lifted a brow in question. May set her drink down.

“Peter ever told you of his Uncle Tony?”

Tony blinked both eyes open rapidly. He was pretty sure there were no more family members let alone a Tony. May huffed out a quiet laugh.

“No, I suppose he wouldn’t. It would embarrassed him."

Tony shark gained at her. “ oh? I think I need to hear about this Tony.”

May patted his shoulder and reached for his glass and hers before rising.

“For this story we need to change locations. If your up for driving?” may looked back at him from the kitchen. Tony shrugged he barely took a sip and a drive did sound nice.

“ And where are we going?”

“To a storage unit. Peter doesn’t know its there. He thinks all of his project before Ben passed were tossed out.”.

Tony rose and put his jacket on. Only fair he see the kids first beginnings. Lord knows Peter has crawled through all of his. They made their way down to his Audi. It wasn’t as flashy as he normally drives but he learned sometimes simpler was better.

May gave him the address of a storage unit on the other side of Queens. The traffic was oddly light but he wasn’t complaining. After a bit he prompted her for this Uncle Tony.

“After Peter’s parents had died he started to shut down. Ben and I tried so many things to get him to open up. Therapy, Friends, school. He was fading . One day Ben brought home a science journal I don’t know what it was about it, but Peter picked it up. He read the whole thing and became obsessed. After that we were so relieved. He must have drove the girls at the library nuts with his request, but they willingly got everything he asked for. “

She took a breath and was a bit hesitant. She fiddled with her hands a bit trying to come up with the right words.

“ There was one person he liked above all. At first I was happy. He was our Pete again, but when he switched to just one person I stead of the 6 in the journal…. I was hesitant. See this person had a reputation."

Tony found himself tensing up. He looked over to May to find her looking at him. He gave her a Gaelic shrug. What could you do? He knew his reputation, everyone knew his reputation.

May gave him a wiry smile. “ You don’t have much to read in break rooms at the hospital. Its either read about Contessa and her Pirate Duke for the 10th time or read the gossip magazines.”

“ I didn’t like that was the Role model Peter had picked out. The arguments we had. Ben would try to mediate between us but we are both stubborn. Don’t know if you have ever been made to feel small by a child’s honesty, but Peter didn’t hold back. He showed me the difference between Tony and Stark. “She laughed and grinned. “In fact that speech was cleaned up and was what got him into Midtown.”

Tony was surprised and a mischief glee came over him. “Friday find Peter's entrance essay.”

“Will do boss.” May rolled her eyes

“Try not to embarrass him to much.”

Tony faked mocked hurt. “ Me! Embarrass him! Have you heard the snark that comes from that boys mouth? I have to give as good as I get and better.”

May laughed. “ You can blame his mother for that. He always had that morally good but his mouth is all his mother. She could make you bleed by how sharp her tongue was. “

Tony sobered from the happy feeling. “ I take it there was a split. Uncle Tony and Stark.” May hummed in agreement and patted his arm.

“No offense but I really didn’t want him to follow after some of your antics. So Uncle Tony became the genius that did such wonderful science. Stark was the guy I didn’t like. Then …” Mays grin was big and teasing.

“Then Stark became the guy we watched. Peter was upset how the media would paint you when he knew you had been a science conference and not a party. So he started the Stark Watch.”

Tony hit the breaks and looked at May is disbelief. “ That was you!? That odd little blog was you!?”

May started to laugh and laugh harder when Tony started cursing and moving the car again with horns blaring behind him.

May wiped the tears from her face. “ Yeah that was his brain child. Him and I would do the research. After a while it got to be to much with his school and our works. I’m not fully sure who bought it, but we were able to clear up a lot of debt.”

Tony’s ears became a bit red. He cleared his throat. “ I think Pepper said something about it.” May started laughing again as Tony grumbled.

“ You've been a part of our lives for a long time. Mostly as Uncle Tony the mad genius.”

They pulled up to the storage units. Tony looked to May. “Why are we here exactly?”

“Like I said you've been apart of us for a long time. Some of the stuff I saved from Peter's experiments I think should belong to you.” She quickly moved down the rows, keys out. “ Whenever something science caught Peter's eye he would find a way to replicate what he could to better understand. Ben and he would spend hours building this thing or that. “

“After Ben died he stopped and destroyed a few things but I saved a few knowing he would want then again later.” She rolled up the door and turned on the light. There a few boxes and odd objects covered by sheets. In the middle was something under a sheet she headed to first. Pulling off the sheet reveled three odd versions of Dum E. The first was cobbled together with cardboard , string and glue. The next was and erector set and the last was a two foot tall nearly identical replica of Dum-e. Tony stared at them all for once a loss for words. May hung back a bit and he moved forward to get a better look.

“ This is what brought Peter back after his parents. All he could talk about for months. The last one was one he started in his robotics club and brought it home when he couldn’t get the thinking parts to work. He and Ben would spend hours on it to check each joint. He called it D2 and desk helper for small projects. “

The first time Peter had stepped foot into his lab it was Dum-e he had zeroed in on first. The bot had the biggest attitude afterwards. Anytime Peter came over after that the damn bot would find him whether Peter came to the lab or not. Getting calls for him to fetch his wayward bot From all over was a weekly occurrence.

Tony blinked away moisture and cleared his throat. “ I’m surprised he didn’t ask that Ned kid for help. “ May hummed.

“ This was his project, but I was thinking he and Uncle Tony could finish it. Not often you get the originator of your project to give a hand.”

Tony pulled his phone out. “ Well then let’s call some movers.”

May smiled “Try not to torment him to much?”

“Me!? I give as good as I get. That mouth is going to get him in a situation his powers. Ant save him from.”
May laughed and patted him on the shoulder moving towards other boxes.

“After the stunt he pulled last week this is going to a museum of Peter and I’m going to critique each one.” Tony rubbed his hands gleefully. It was going to be delicious to see spider baby’s reaction.

“Oh? And what did happen last week?” Tony waved a hand around trying to dismiss the question.

“Oh the usual saving the day and adding gray hairs.” He brushed pass he quickly, she had that arm crossed glare look going. “what’s that thing?”

“ Yeah, no that doesn’t work like that Stark what did he do?” She followed closely after.


On a roof top in Queens Spiderman sneezed for the fourth time. He was reasonably certain his allergies were gone after the bite but the sneezing and danger chill he kept getting was working him. Karen called out a purse snatcher and the thought was gone. He swung from the building off to fight crime.