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Exactly 116 years had past since Zelda Spellman had left Greendale. In all that time, she had only been back to her hometown twice. The first, for her brothers wedding. And the second, for the birth of her niece Sabrina.


Edwards marriage to Diana was ludicrous, in Zelda’s opinion. She blamed herself for him falling for a mortal, saying it was because their Father was in Hell and her being in Italy, that Edward had lost his way and had no support or guidance to put him back on the right track. In an argument with her brother over this, she almost, almost placed blame to Faustus. Thinking that he should never have allowed this to happen as High Priest and as his closest friend, supported him and to reiterate the pure stupidity of being with a mortal. But she stopped herself, not being able to bare the thought of the unknown feelings that could arise if she spoke his name. She remembers taking the phone call before she was due to make a speech at the international magical relations ball that the palace was hosting, and how the anger boiled through her, her hands clutching onto the sides of the podium as her face reflected a beam of happiness to fool the audience.


“Zelda... I’ve met someone, actually” he nervously said.


“Satan in Hell Edward! I wish I had more time to talk, but I’m due to give a speech. I have about a minute before I must go, so speak quickly” Zelda almost squeaked.


Even over the phone, Edward’s nerves were out of control. He knew his sisters opinion on mortals. But he knew he had to tell her. He loved Diana, and nothing could change that.


“Her name is Diana and...” he paused.


“... shes mortal” he believed if he just said it, it would be easier than avoiding it before it got too far.


The line was silent and Edward had to check that his sister was still there.


“And I want to marry her” he added.


“I must go” and Zelda hung up, shock clearly consuming her.


It was certainly one of the worst phone conversations between the two of them. Though, when she did eventually return the call three weeks later, she did nothing but scream and shout at him for the better part of an hour. Lecturing him on how many different types of wrong the partnership was and why.


The phone call got that heated that Zelda slammed down the phone, to which it broke into several pieces, and she demanded that a few members of the Sovereigns-guard bring her brother to her. Damon was amused at her outburst and told the head of the Sovereigns-guard to “give her what she wants”. Realistically, it wasn’t in Zelda’s bounds to demand anything from them, or even the palace guards. But she always had her ways. Damon of course being ‘her way’.


To her delight, Damon’s entourage brought her brother to the palace so she could continue to verbally rip into him. It was devastating for the both of them. Zelda attempted to explain the reason she was reacting like this was because she loved him, but Edward didn’t see it like that. He accused her of sabotaging his happiness because she was bitter about not getting her ‘happy ending’. At that, Zelda was silent. Completely astounded that he would even dare.


Even though it had been over nine decades, his words stung her. And, in Zelda’s defence, for all he knew, she did get her happy ending.


After they had both calmed from the height of the argument. Edward quietly begged her to help him so that he could marry Diana, as he knew that it would be a slim chance. Not to his surprise, Zelda declined and tempers started to brew once more.


You’re getting royally high!” Edward yelled at his sister.


“And you are falling off your path Brother!” She snapped back at him.


“Why will you not help me?! I love her Zelda. Can you not remember what that feels like?” He sighed, not even having the energy to continue to shout at her. He felt defeated almost.


She was silent, but her eyes were like daggers staring at him. “I can not help you. I am a Sovereign Minister, I have a close relationship with the Head Sovereign. I can not be seen to be meddling in small affairs, especially ones that concern mortals”


“Then, may I ask the Head Sovereign himself? Maybe he is more willing to help than you are”.


She huffed at her brother for having the gall to ask for Damon personally.




“Is this because you can’t help me Zelda, or because you won’t?”


She never did answer the question.


Many months later, she received an invitation to the wedding ceremony of her brother and his fiancé. Zelda still had no idea how he had pulled it off, though she certainly had her suspicions, as Damon was more than encouraging for her to attend, given that the same weekend was one of the most important council dinners of the year that as a Sovereign Minister and date of the Head Sovereign, she shouldn’t have missed it.


Much to Zelda’s appreciation, there were three guests at the wedding, her and Hilda being two of them and Diana’s sister being the other. Hilda elbowed her older sister numerous times that day as she saw the disgust look Zelda pulled more often than what was acceptable even by Hilda’s expectation. But everything was white and pink and pretty, and Diana was blonde and angelically irritating to Zelda. She could barely make out her house underneath all the voil and flowers. That night, she prayed deeply to the Dark Lord to forgive her for attending such an abomination.


As quickly as she got to Greendale, she left again. Even Hilda criticised her for being such a ‘grump’ and not even pretending to make an effort with their brother. Zelda’s response was something along the lines of I came didn’t I?’. In spite of Zelda’s reluctant presence, Edward and Diana married happily and it didn’t darken their smiles once. Hilda found it obligatory to apologise to Diana on behalf of her sister and attempted to explain the complication that is Zelda Spellman.  Diana kindly brushed it off, though Hilda could see behind her bright eyes that there was a small doubt that she wanted to be accepted by Zelda.


Three years after Edward married Diana, Zelda received an unexpected phone call from her brother. They had barely spoken since his wedding. But this phone call was to inform her that Diana was pregnant. As Edward expected, the line went dead and she summoned him to the palace. Where it was agreed between the three siblings, Diana, Damon and two of his closest advisors, that the child would be home schooled until his or her dark baptism and then attend the Academy and become a real member of the Church of Night.


Zelda knew the uproar this would cause if word of Edward, the son of Carlisle Spellman, Prince of Hell got out that he impregnated a mortal. The first suggestion when they were all in one of the meeting rooms of the palace was of course, to terminate the problem’. Zelda instantly stood protectively in front of Diana and told the advisors that they were ‘ out of their minds’ and that would never happen whilst she were breathing and even then they shouldn’t push her.


Edward beamed at his sisters reaction and though Zelda had never said more than a few words to Diana, it meant more to her than Zelda would ever know. In turn, Diana or Edward would never understand why Zelda did what she did. The only person in that room that understood, other than Zelda was Hilda.


Diana had a difficult pregnancy, being bed bound for the second half of it. Hilda couldn’t be sure whether Diana would be pregnant for a mortal 9 months or 13 months. She researched everything she could think of but this was the first time a witch ever mated with a mortal. It was all unknown. Hilda couldn’t even confidently give an answer to her brother when he asked if Diana was going to be okay. Because truthfully, she didn’t know. The growing babe took its toll on Diana’s body. Having said that, Zelda had previously jumped at Diana’s defence, she did not follow the pregnancy closely. It was as though she didn’t even know. Returning to her busy Sovereign Minister life as if it were nothing.


That was until Diana was in labour.


Zelda was in Greendale before anyone could have even said ‘baby’. The sudden absence of Zelda from the palace blew Damon into a state of rage as he was hosting an international archery tournament and wanted desperately to show Zelda off. What angered him the most was that she didn’t tell him she was going, he had to find out through one of his aids.


36 long and draining hours had past and finally, baby Sabrina was born. Naturally, Hilda banished Edward out of the room and summoned Zelda in to help her. Zelda’s reaction was at most shocked, mumbling about how she was not going to help until Diana pierced her ears with her screams.


Zelda held her niece first and was completely in love. Understanding that she wouldn’t see her grow up as much as she wanted in that moment. Zelda was saddened at the idea that because her mother was mortal, she wouldn’t be able to teach her crafty little spells and about all of the witch festivals. Yes she had her father for that, but it’s not the same Zelda thought. She wanted to be the one to teach her those things, but she knew that was not realistic and she would have to pull herself together and get back to Italy, wondering when she would next see her wonderful niece.


A few days after Sabrinas birth, Diana sadly passed away due to complications and loss of blood. Hilda did everything she could think of, but it was too much for Diana to handle. Zelda may have come across more on the cold hearted side of Diana’s death, but she was secretly pleased that she at least spent a few days with her daughter. Edward was utterly inconsolable, leaving the new born in the more than capable hands of his sisters.


As the days past, Zelda grew anxious of what would be waiting for her in Italy and pulled her brother together as he needed to start acting as a responsible Father. She also stressed that Sabrina would need a Mother figure in her life and that Hilda would be too soft. Fortunately, her and Edward came to an arrangement. Zelda was to have Sabrina two weeks in summer every year. That way, she could educate her in things she felt Hilda couldn’t and the trips would also be cultural for her seeing as she would be a guest at the palace.


Zelda adored having Sabrina for that time. Teaching her what it was really like to be a witch. Sometimes, doubts skimmed across Zelda’s mind of that her niece is only a half witch. But it didn’t make her love her any less.

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Hilda was secretly pleased of the altercation that Edward and Zelda had over Diana, as this meant she finally saw her sister. After Zelda went to Italy, Hilda sulked back to England and continued to study midwifery and finished her academic studies. Years of practice eventually paid off and she finished top of her class.


Whilst in England, Hilda expanded her relations with the family in the Old Country, as most of them were unknown to her which is where she met Ambrose.


A toddler at the time, his Father was brutally murdered by witch hunters and his mother died in child birth. As soon as Hilda lay eyes on his saddened ones, she immediately felt the need to mother him. In a way, she wasn’t in any shape ready to do it, but she knew she had to.


Hilda stayed with family for the first few years as Ambrose was still young, she eventually grew brave and explored the reality of her own place and life when Ambrose was old enough to attend an academy.


It was hard for Hilda to watch Ambrose crave a Father figure and drift in and out of *groups* hunting for one. So, she only thought it necessary and sensible to move back to Greendale and allow Edward to be that responsible figure. Before Hilda had the chance to inform Ambrose, he had already trotted off on one of his adventures and sent a message to his Aunt Hilda informing her that he would be travelling Europe for a while. During which time, Hilda had still made the decision to move back home and to her surprise, Edward had found Diana.


Though Diana was mortal and knew it was wrong of a witch to mate with her kind, Hilda adored her. She couldn’t have imagined a better more fitting person for him, she was sweet and caring. When Edward announced that he had asked Diana to marry him, she was thrilled, over the moon even. Her reaction being the exact opposite of her older sisters.


Hilda was neither shocked or annoyed at Zelda’s reaction. She knew her sisters opinion on mortals and knew it she would react the way she did. Nevertheless, the atmosphere and mood of her brother was irreversible for a time.


Not long after the passing of Diana, word reached Magnus through his connections in Italy, that Ambrose was a part of a conspiracy to blow up the Vatican and that the witches council had put a hit on him. In a state of panic, Hilda rang Zelda and begged that she do something. Regardless of Zelda believing that Ambrose was a burden and had brought shame on the family, she couldn’t allow her family to suffer. Upon his arrest and before his trial, the witches council had announced that they wanted him executed.


Yet again, Zelda overstepped and pleaded with her credibility to the witches council and the high warlock begging for them not to execute her nephew. With the strong influence of Damon, it was finally agreed that Ambrose would remain in Greendale under house arrest and under the watchful eye of his Aunt Hilda.


After all the Ambrose dramatics, Hilda finally settled back in the comfort of Greendale with her niece, nephew and brother. She became the covens best midwife in centuries and eventually, her and Ambrose came up with idea of starting a business and at long last, Spellman Mortuary was born.


When Edward had asked if they were serious, Hilda thought it essential to tell her brother that she thought it would ‘ keep Ambrose busy’ . And that it did.


Hilda’s one and only hope would be that now Ambrose was in Greendale, it would keep him out of trouble. She had provided him with a family, a stable one at that and purpose. Young and naive Hilda had turned into a protector for her nephew. She also had Sabrina to contend with.


Ambrose, when he had a moment not tending to the dead bodies in the basement, taught Sabrina witch jokes from a young age. As the years passed they grew close and when Sabrina was shipped off to Italy for 2 weeks a year, he was bitterly jealous that his Aunt Zelda didn’t do the same with him.


His relationship with his Aunt Zelda was mainly based on his gratitude for her getting involved in saving his life. At times, he would still have nightmares of being locked in the witches cell in the palace awaiting his trial.


“WHERE IS HE?” Zelda shouted as she stormed through the doors and interrupted the meeting that was being held about her nephews life.


“It seems I may have to remind you Miss Spellman, that this is not your area of concern” The high warlock sneered.


Zelda attempted to take a breath to calm herself, but it didn’t exactly work. “That is my nephew you are discussing! I demand you release him to me”.


The witches council and the high warlock raised their brows in an awkward silence as they all knew that wouldn’t be possible. “Miss Spellman...” The high warlock gently began, “... your nephew has committed a crime, we can not just release him to a family member. He needs to be tried in witch court”.


Whilst the high warlock was explaining to Zelda what needed to happen, she rolled her eyes and teleported out of the room.


There was only one person who could help her other than Satan himself.


She found him in the palace gardens with his bow and arrow and tried not to make a noise as her eyes narrowed on the target he was attempting to reach. 

Drago circling above in the sky hesitated when he caught sight of Zelda.


His aim was ready but he held off releasing his arrow. “What is it Zelda?” He asked, not moving.


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come” she tried backtracking.


“Zelda...” he slowly tormented.


“Not whilst you are practising, I’m sorry” she turned in her heel and took a step.


The arrow landed an inch in front of her foot.


He was good. He was very good.


Her eyes softened as she looked at the gold feathers on the arrow and before she realised he was standing behind her. With her back flush to his body. The arrow was his way of warning her not to walk away from him.


“Tell me” he whispered into her neck.


She didn’t move an inch. “It’s Ambrose”.


The arrangement didn’t come easy, even with Damon having the title and power that he did. The witches council were acting extremely difficult in this particular circumstance.


Zelda had yet to understand how she could ever repay Damon for his interference on her behalf of her family’s inconveniences. Though he was just happy that she was in Italy with him and not anywhere else and in moments like these where her family were disappointing, she was glad to be there too.

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He would never forget that the night he was ordained as High Priest, he thought he saw her. That moment he thought he recognised her, haunted him for decades.


It was almost as if he was making this harder for himself as his mind drifted to thinking of her far more regularly than it should have.


Some may say, since Zelda left, Faustus grew grumpy, bad tempered and even cranky, to the point where tension followed wherever he went. On the odd occasion, even Edward and Magnus were timid in approaching the High Priest, in fear of him lashing out in one of his bad moods.


He buried himself deep with work and studies of old dark magic as he concluded that he would need something to do to pass the time of his awfully long life.


Many coven members were interested in the High Priest, praying to the Dark Lord that he would reciprocate, and on numerous opportunities they presented themselves to him, hoping he would accept. But of course, he forever declined.


His state of rage becoming increasingly dangerous, as it eventually ended in a downward spiral. Magnus and Faustus have never brought up that night that he asked to visit the Spellman house with a few Judas boys not many weeks after Zelda had left and he became High Priest.


Decades of misery eventually led to an extremely intoxicated Faustus and he decided to endure his old habits and explore relations outside the coven. Alongside his affairs with sex demons, he came across a young witch who, much to his regret, prised him out of his vegetated mind for a small time, but long enough for him to impregnate her with his seed.


Months later when she surprised him by showing up in his powerful office, he banished her from the academy out of fear and regret. But Satan was making him pay the price for it. Fathering an unwanted child with a witch he barely knew. He panicked and summoned Edward and Magnus to help him conspire a plan together to permanently erase his mistake.


His mind overflowing with thoughts. How could he have done this to Zelda? Would she ever forgive him?


Though he understood extremely well that they were not together and she was on a different continent, he always held on to a small amount of hope that one day they would be reunited. And this would just ruin that.


“How is she ever going to forgive me?” He spat as he paced up and down his office, frustrated and panicked. “We need to do something”.


Magnus crossed his eyes at Edward and sighed. Realising that their friend was not thinking clearly.


”I’ve crossed a line! I’ve.... this is too far. I can’t let her find out about my indiscretion” he said rubbing his fingers through his hair.


“Faustus...” Magnus began, slightly nervous of what his reaction was going to be when he finished. “... it’s over. You need to think clearly about what you want to do. It’s not like you would be the first and only High Priest to have fathered an illegitimate child. But I know you do not wish to set this particular example for yourself” he tried to comfort.


Faustus stopped pacing and turned on his heel to step towards Magnus. Edward naturally stepped in closer to, wary of Faustus’s potential next move. “I can not have a child. Not with anyone” he clenched his teeth. “Deal with it. It must remain a secret.” Faustus demanded and left his office.


Edward and Magnus both took a deep breath, knowing what they needed to do. “He needs to move on” Edward quietly stated.


“I know that” Magnus agreed.


“Because Zelda has” Edward admitted.


Magnus raised a brow in question, hoping Edward would continue. “Well it has been decades Magnus”


When the witch realised that Faustus wasn’t going to do the suitable thing and marry her, she was distraught. And for some reason, in the handful of nights that they had spent together, she believed that he cared and thought that maybe she was different. He played her well by making her believe that she was. Little did she know, she was most certainly not.


She had anticipated that Faustus didn’t want word to reach anyone that he had Fathered a child by the way he reacted when she had told him that he was the Father. Even though he would not be the first High Priest to have done this. It hurt her more than she cared to admit, so for the remainder of her pregnancy, she hid out of sight until the baby was born.


She attempted numerous times to contact him and inform him of the birth of the baby and even sent letters to the Academy with pictures. All this did was infuriate him and regret the nights of mediocre sex.


On the advise of Magnus, he sent threatening messages in the form of warlocks to ensure that she would back off and not contact him. They attempted threats and bribes, but the witch wanted nothing more than him. Finally, he visited her himself and told her brutally that he would never marry her and couldn’t get involved.


A few months after his visit to her, information reached him that the witch had killed herself. Not being able to cope with the infant alone and also out of heartbreak. As much as Faustus despised the child, as it reminded him of a mistake that he had made and a betrayal to his love, he took the child and brought her to the orphanage at the Academy where he could keep a watchful eye over her and ensure that she is raised appropriately.


During the two year period of the young witch and him fathering a child, he relied upon one of the only things he knew how to manage and feel. Pain.


The leather of his cat o’nine tails became a familiar feeling in his hand and the stinging on his back were relief and it started a routine as whatever feelings he hadn’t dealt with, came out in his sessions.


After the events of him fathering a child, and also after much intervention from Magnus and Edward, Faustus eventually came to the conclusion that he needed to begin to let go of what once was.


At a coven event held at Dorians, he allowed himself to be seduced by a familiar witch that he swore to Satan he would never be intimate with. He hated it, but it also allowed him to dig deep in his mind and think of the one person he wanted to think of.


Constance was thrilled with herself that after a century, she finally got her claws into the High Priest. She didn’t care that he was Zelda Spellmans left overs, she finally had him and she certainly wasn’t going to give him up.


In Faustus’s mind, it was going to be a quick fling. He could get out of it what he wanted, which was to just fuck her and forget and then she could get what she wanted, which was to be able to boast. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that. His brother visited and informed him that their Father had passed away after decades of torture fighting off a curse that was incurable. Leonard kindly reminded him that he needed to marry and saw fit that it be Constance seeing as she was ‘there’.


Constance was there for Faustus in a time where she couldn’t have been, and that unfortunately worked in her favour. Even though his relationship with his father was practically estranged, he was effected by it more than he was willing to admit and Constance distracted him from that. It wasn’t anything that he wanted, but he was willing to tolerate the relationship.

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The moment Zelda agreed to stand amongst the stars with him again, Damon felt as though his jigsaw of a life was finally all pieced together. He never anticipated that a few years later, his Grandfather, the Head Sovereign and his Father, the next in line were going to be involved in a terrible accident when on the Sovereign tour of Europe that claimed their lives and that the weight of the crown was going to fall on his juvenile head.


“Has the young sovereign been notified yet?” The Antipope asked.


“If you mean the new Head Sovereign, my understanding is not” One of the council members replied.


“News travels fast amongst the damned” He sighed.


“I assure you we are trying, but we’re not exactly sure where he is at the moment” the council member feared to say.


The Antipope looked in disgust at the council and his eyes suddenly narrowed “I suggest you find him, and quickly” he growled.


Zelda believed for a long time that Damon never fully recovered from the shock of losing both his Father and Grandfather. Grief and loss would certainly explain his imaginative invincible behaviour. When they eventually located him, he was flying around Italy with Zelda and Drago, forgetting the world existed. Sometimes, he had to remember to bring himself back to reality as he frequently lost himself in her company.


When he was finally told, she felt terrible that he had been with her and not where he should have been at the palace and his duty became clear as Head Sovereign. Zelda felt the pain with him, as his life was about to dramatically change and he had absolutely no time to adjust. Guilt swarmed Zelda, as she felt responsible for Damon not finding out instantly about the accident. She would never forget the look on the aids face when he had told him. The look of disgust that shot from his eyes to her and she always felt as though the other palace staff judged her and didn’t like her because of Damon.


His ceremony wasn’t for another six months as they had to pay respect to the passing Sovereign, though that did not stop his duties from flowing in strongly.


Zelda noticed over the months that passed that he was adjusting to his new role, but didn’t seem to be changing in the right way. His arrogance grew, through no fault of his own. He was told hundreds of times a day that he was now the most power warlock in the witching world and the realm was in his hands. Witches threw themselves at him, and this is why the crown had never sat upon such a young warlocks head.


She watched as the heavy crown was gently picked up from the black silk pillow, the reflection of the gold crown lit up in his dilated pupils. As soon as the crown touched his head she saw the hunger of power run through his eyes, she knew he would never be the same person he once was. For the first time since she’d known him, she didn’t recognise him.


“Just to be clear, you’re breaking up with me?” Damon asked.


“Yes” Zelda confirmed.


“The Head Sovereign?”


“Yes” Zelda sighed.


“I don’t understand. I thought you wanted this. I thought you wanted power and weight behind you. There is nothing more anybody in this world that can offer you that” he said trying to convince her.


“Do you not see? I am a burden to you. I’m the reason you didn’t find out when you should have about your Father and Grandfather. All those times when you brushed off Sovereign meetings when you should have gone to them. It’s all because of me. I am your burden” her voice growing increasingly frustrated.


“Do you not see?...” he duplicated “... you could never be a burden to me”.


“But I am” she clarified.


He didn’t understand what she was doing, or even, why she was doing it. But what he did know, was that she wasn’t going to let this go.


“You need to focus on being a Sovereign, and the Head Sovereign at that. That is what is important, not only for yourself, but for the realms. Please. I’ll still be here” she smiled.


“You will?”  He sounded hopeful.


“Yes. Though, we are like thunder and lightening you and I. Our timing will always be off”.


She didn’t want to do it. But it was what was best for him, the palace, the witching world and the realm. She was a distraction to him whether he wanted to admit it or not and his ultimate duty was to the crown, he couldn’t argue with that.


They eventually rekindled. Well, casually. For several months she saw him a couple of times, his schedule was exploding. Though Zelda in that time also progressed as her duties as a junior Sovereign Minister were growing tedious to her. She was finally offered lead Sovereign Minister. Her skills completely outshining the role. This meant more meetings including strategy, defence and networking opportunities. Finally something she could sink her teeth into.


Decades down the line, Zelda and Damon were still on and off more often than what could be gossiped about. She knew she wasn’t the only witch in his hand, but she did know that she was the only serious one. He would take her to dinners, events and show her off to numerous leaders and covens though sometimes she felt suffocated in that life. Her hot and cold response to their relationship sent Damon crazy and this is where he would divulge with other witches that threw themselves at him. But knowing about it and seeing it were two completely different things for Zelda.


Seeing it, still managed to tear something in her.


Zelda...please” Damon begged after her.


The other witch scurried and couldn’t have gotten out of the already tense room any quicker if she tried. It’s not that zelda was surprised, she was disappointed, and offended. Offended because two days ago she allowed him to fuck her in that exact spot. She strangely didn’t even want to hex the witch, or Damon.


“It’s fine. We aren’t exclusive. You are free to sleep with whomever you please. As am I” she bluntly spoke.


“Zelda wait please, I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be like this” he called after her.


Wasn’t supposed to be like what?  she thought.


“I’ve only ever wanted you, and I have waited and waited for you” he admitted.


“What are you saying, I’ve brought this on myself because, you’ve waited too long?” She snapped.


“No. I’m saying when you weren’t ready because of HIM. I waited for you...” he paused “...and I’m still waiting for you”.


Before she responded, she decided to take a deep breath to encourage herself not to verbally rip into him. “So your point is, that you’re still waiting for me and that gives you the right to fuck anything with a pulse” she hissed.


“It’s been decades Zelda. When are you going to commit to me?” He was angry, his voice loud and fierce. He didn’t even know if he was along the right lines, but he couldn’t think of any other reason as to why she wouldn’t recommit herself to him like she was so willing to do previously. He laid all his cards out to her, she knew what he wanted, but Damon couldn’t say the same.


“And not just commit how you are now, sleeping with me when the mood strikes you isn’t really a full time commitment. I mean really committing. There is nothing more I could pray to the Dark Lord for, I’ve wanted you forever and you’ve always been within my reach but I’ve never had a hold of you, not really. You’ve never felt for me the same way I have you”. he sounded so entitled, like the crown was his excuse for behaving like this.


But he was right and she knew it.


She never fully gave herself to Damon, even when they were at the academy she didn’t. Something was always stopping her. She only ever gave herself fully to one person, and that hurt her way too much for her to ever to do it again.


Zelda never really felt her whole self again, she gave a part of herself to him. And that part will always be with him just like she will always have a part of him.


She’d rather serve penance everyday for the rest of her long life than give away another part of herself . She wasn’t even sure she could do it. And Damon, he’s not been the same since that crown was placed upon his head.


She stared at him with anger in her eyes. “How can you even say that to me?” She quietly asked.


“Zelda come on. Please. You know you are supposed to rule by my side and not just as the lead Sovereign Minister. Though it seems you just don’t want to”. His tone was as if he owned her. ‘Rule by my side’ like she was actually his in the first place, she wasn’t, she never had been.


Only ever his.


“What so I can just sit in the corner at the events and parties and force myself to watch you run with the big dogs? So my duties as lead Sovereign Minister are put on hold or redirected to someone else because my main role would be ‘by your side’. Guess what Damon, I am a big dog, I run with the big dogs. I have for a long time. So yes! Maybe I don’t want to!” She bellowed back at him from across the room.


“I knew this would happen. I tried to give us a real chance, you and I. I give you so many privileges that the council are ready to have my head for. I do everything and more that you want. I always go at your pace and for what? I’m ready for an explanation Zelda”


“And maybe that’s just it. It’s just my twisted punishment for everything you’ve done for me” she began tearing up.


“Is that really what you think? Why would you believe that?”


“For my family” she quietly said, almost embarrassed of all the favours she has asked from him to help them.


“It has nothing to do with-“


“OF COURSE IT DOES. I owe you. I have to show how worthy I am of your interference by planning events and dinners and being the silent woman at your side and give up my role, my independence and my power! And live in this cage and not breathe because they are always watching.”


“You’re running” he said emotionless.


“Think about everything you know about me. Everything I’ve ever told you about what I want and tell me you wouldn’t want to run”


He had no idea. No idea that that is what she was feeling and he certainly didn’t realise that that is what she would feel like she would be giving up. He didn’t understand that being in a relationship with the Head Sovereign required a certain tick box criteria and that Zelda would have to eventually give up on so much.


“I think I need some air”, she wasn’t far from the door as it was but she slowly walked towards it to emphasise that she wasn’t kidding, the air in the room suddenly felt like it was going to suffocate her. Damon almost rolled his eyes at her but remembered he wanted to not be burned alive.


“Zelda wait” she turned to face him.


“Let me love you” he said.


She froze, completely unable to move. Her hand was just about to reach out for the handle to escape, but she couldn’t move at all. The words that had just left his lips had stunned her. Zelda felt her chest beginning to tighten.


Love? What did he know about love? Witches don’t love. He had no idea what he was asking.

Chapter Text


It was a wonderfully bright day in Italy when the council and ministers had a meeting. The agenda for the meeting wasn’t on the palace’s official schedule.


The warlocks and now witches (a fair few more now thanks to Zelda) gathered at their seats and fussed amongst their paperwork waiting for the head councilman to arrive and start the meeting.


As he arrived, he slowly dragged his feet until he eventually slumped down in his chair. The rest of the room anticipated that he would begin instantly, but instead, he decided to flick through his very disorganised folio and the room sighed in silence.


“Father Blackwood has requested a meeting” he finally spoke.


A few of the members looked at each other puzzled, as they waited for him to continue.


“For what?” One minister bravely asked.


There was a silence whilst the room waited for him to speak.


“For the attention of the Sovereign” he mumbled.


The ministers and council members looked at each other and realised it was going to be one of those meetings and silently prepared themselves for the lengthy duration.


“Due to repeated threats and dangers from a group of witch hunters that call themselves ‘Angels’” he finally finished after flicking through more paperwork.


“Are you granting a meeting?” Another asked, a seriousness to his tone.


“Of course not. This does not require the attention of the Sovereign. It is not worthy of his time” he cackled.


The members and ministers looked amongst themselves, side eyeing the head councilman. Clearly disagreeing with him.


“What do you propose then Sir?” Another member piped up, hoping to hurry along the meeting.


“It can not be ignored” another said.


“Not if the threats are real. Those witch hunters could wipe out an entire coven” a third member agreed.


“Yes. We must think of the optics. If word reaches other covens that we ignored Blackwood’s plea for support, it could be bad for us... all of us” the first member said.


“We are all in agreement that this does not need to reach the Sovereigns attention thus far?”


All the room agreed.


“So a meeting for Blackwood to come to the Palace needs to be arranged?” a minister asked the lead member.


“Absolutely not!” The lead member snapped. The Sovereign stated years ago that the High Priest would never be invited to the Palace unless it was a ‘High Priest Event’, to which the Palace is yet to hold and hasn’t held one in over a century.


The whole room looked at the lead member for an explanation, but he remained silent.


“What about sending a minister to him for a meeting? Ensure we entertain his plea and then get a report documented to see if he requires Sovereign support or not” the member re-suggested.


“Better” the lead member agreed.


“Isn’t Zelda going to Greendale soon anyway?” One of the female ministers asked.


The warlocks of the room raising their brows at her, having no idea.


“For her nieces Dark Baptism, I’m sure of it” she continued.


“That’s settled then. Zelda Spellman is to go to Greendale and represent the Sovereign and meet with Blackwood on the matter” the lead member finalised.


“Speaking of Zelda, shouldn’t she be at this meeting?” The first member asked.


Luna remained silent through the whole duration of the meeting. Not sure how Zelda was going to receive this order.




The lead council member continued to drag his feet through the palace halls to the Head Sovereigns quarters.


“Is he available?” He asked one of his guards.


“The Head Sovereign is otherwise engaged” the guard kept a straight face.


“Dimitri, I suggest you let me pass. Otherwise your life will not be worth living” he threatened.


The guard stared blankly at the lead council member, in suggestion that he was most certainly not going to let him pass. “Sorry Sir. But the Sovereign has asked not to be disturbed”.


The lead council member grunted and huffed all the way back to his office, at the other side of the palace.


Hours later, Damon announced himself at the lead’s office and he practically jumped out of his seat to bow his head.


“I heard you wanted me for something?” Damon smirked.


“Yes your majesty... I did” he said all nervous, not like the over confident warlock he acted like previously.


“What is it that requires you to bring yourself to my quarters in the middle of the day and is urgent enough to attempt to interrupt me?” His grin scary.


“A matter that as I hear, you may need to sit down for” the council member cowered.


Damon’s eyes darkened. There weren’t many things since the death of his Father and Grandfather that he needed to sit down for, but this just angered him verses making him curious.


“What?!” He snapped.


“Father Blackwood... has requested a meeting... your majesty....” the older warlock began to stutter “...but the council agreed that it is not for the Sovereigns attention of course... and... and that we should send someone to represent you instead”.


Damon raised an annoyed brow and rolled his eyes trying not to lose his temper at the mention of Blackwoods name. “Yes, more than appropriate, you do not need me for those matters” he bluntly spoke.


“I also have more to discuss with you”


Damon’s patience wearing thin, “What is it?”


“It’s regarding Zelda, your majesty”


“Oh you should have come to see me earlier...” he mocked. “... she was with me” he said, smirking.


“It was suggested and agreed upon that... Zelda be the one to represent you” he reluctantly said.


“No” Damon reacted, simple yet strong.


“No?” The council member dared to question.


“No” Damon repeated.


“But Sir, she has a trip to Greendale coming up anyway”


Damon sighed, “Oh yes, Sabrinas Dark Baptism. How inconvenient”.


Damon circled the office thinking how he could get around this annoyance. “What does Blackwood want anyway?” He cringed at saying his name.


“He has said that the coven are receiving threats and that it is in danger from witch hunters Sir”


Damon chuckled, “He can’t handle a couple of witch hunters” mocking him.


“No Sir, these aren’t just any witch hunters. He has said that they are angels”. Damon soon dropped the smug smile and now understood that Blackwood wouldn’t have asked for a meeting if it weren’t serious. Damon knows he is proud and would never ask anything of him due to their complicated history regarding Zelda.


Over the past century, the angels have recruited many in their path of the complete extinction of witches, wiping out entire covens one at a time. Damon harshly remembers that it was angels that in fact killed Zelda’s mother, and knew that if word reached her that her old coven and family were potentially being threatened by the same hunters that murdered her mother, she would never forgive him. As he once promised her that they would kill them together.


“Fine... send her. But she is not to go alone” he agreed.

Chapter Text


Damon knew he couldn’t stop Zelda from visiting Greendale for Sabrinas Dark Baptism. But now, what he hated, was instead of Zelda going just for that, she was now ‘working’ essentially. Before, she would have had minimal contact with
him as he baptised Sabrina... but now.... now she would have to meet with him. Officially.


He further sipped on his whiskey deciding how to tell her or if he should change his mind entirely and send somebody else. His eyes flicked to the clock as it chimed and saw that Zelda would be finishing her Women’s council meeting and that she would probably be on her way to seek him out any second.


Minutes later he heard the door to his suite open and he began to feel slightly tense.


“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Zelda asked, almost offended.


“I didn’t know. I found out today” Damon reassured her.


“Then why didn’t Edward say anything?” She continued to interrogate.


“I don’t know”


She huffed, trying to think of an acceptable explanation as to why her brother didn’t tell her about this. Yet over the past century he has involved her in all his other problems. “Well, how long has this been going on?”


“I don’t know that either” he sighed, growing frustrated at her questions.


She stopped pacing and stood directly in front of him as he lounged back and gulped down a freshly poured whiskey.


“You don’t know very much do you?” She crossed her arms.


“Zelda...” his tone warning her not to push him on this particular topic.


She reluctantly gave in... for now. She approached him and paused until he motioned his fingers for her to sit next to him.


He opened out his arm and Zelda snuggled directly into him, squeezing his torso and breathing in his citrus scent.


“I can sense that you don’t want me to go” she whispered into his chest, regretting saying it instantly as it had the potential to open up a can of worms.


He chose not to react, staying completely still other than his finger continuing to lightly brush up and down her arm. Of course he didn’t want her to go. But somehow the lead council member had convinced him that this would be a good idea and good for optics. For the first time probably ever, he was grateful that he couldn’t read her mind as he feared what she would be thinking.


For a second longer, he thought about what she had just said and what she expected him to stay back, it was almost as if it were to trick him. No matter what he replied, he knew she’d have an answer ready.


“Then don’t go...” he teased, knowing she would never miss Sabrina’s Dark Baptism as she had been practically prepping her for it since the day she was born. “... I’m sure we could throw Sabrina a fantastic party, right here at the palace” he continued.


“You and I both know that’s not the reason” she said as she moved to look up at him.


He sighed, knowing he couldn’t hide it and there wasn’t any point lying to her as she would eventually have him for it when she thought he was being weak. “I don’t know what you want me to say” he admitted.


She paused for longer than she should have and avoided eye contact with him. “I’m going for Sabrina. It was the council who suggested my visit be extended to matters other than that”.


Zelda in that moment didn’t know what to say other than that. She knew how punishing Damon’s thoughts must currently be and she debated whether or not she should offer him comfort and reassurance or just to ignore his fatuous scenarios he’s more than likely making up.


“Damon...” she teased.


His eyes drew back to her and saw the wicked grin on her face, and he knew what her play was. Her intention being to distract him enough so he forgets about the irritating pain that is Zelda going back to Greendale, and having his petty and trickery thoughts become a reality.


He wanted to hold back, but he was as weak as ever. His ego requiring her definitive and undivided attention. So, of course he slipped straight into her trap.




“Everything must be presentable for when the Sovereign Minister arrives” The High Priest stated.


Edward, Magnus, Constance and a few Judas boys all listened as Faustus went on about ensuring the Academy was in its finest state.


“Magnus, can you ensure the palace has sent over the Sovereign Ministers travel arrangements and details of when to expect them” Faustus sighed.


After plans were put in place Faustus sent Constance home, explaining to her that he was ‘swamped with work’ and he had ‘much to do’ now a Sovereign Minister was coming.


The trio remained as the Judas boys exited to guard the High Priests office.


“Your excellency, I need to discuss Sabrina’s Dark Baptism with you” Edward mentioned as he poured his old friend and mentor a drink.


“Hmmm” Faustus mumbled.


Edward had yet to tell Faustus that Zelda would indeed be attending Sabrina’s Dark Baptism. For one, he feared how he would react and secondly, he feared to tell him.


“It’s actually... erm...” Edward looked at Magnus for help, but he just stared back.


“Yes Edward” Faustus said, trying to encourage him along.


“... it’s just that erm... Zelda will be attending Sabrina’s Baptism” he finally spurted out.


“I know” Faustus simply replied not stopping what he was doing.


Edward’s eyes immediately flicked to Magnus, who blinked his eye contact away.


“You know?” Edward question, more confused than the previous minute.


Faustus leant back in his chair and sighed at his friend. “Of course I know. Don’t forget, I know Zelda. I know even without confirmation that she wouldn’t miss Sabrina’s Dark Baptism. Just like I know that she is in fact the Sovereign Minister that the palace are sending” he said extremely pleased with himself that, actually, the High Priest isn’t the last to know everything.


“What?!” Edward sounded startled.


Magnus rolled his eyes at his friends lack of knowledge. “Really Edward? Of course it would be Zelda. Have you told Constance yet your excellency?” He smirked, already anticipating the answer.


A dark eye brow raise emerged from the High Priests face, clearly stating that he hasn’t told her.


“Wait, Constance doesn’t know it’s Zelda?” Edward said, the anxiety slowly creeping through his voice. “Oh this is just brillant ! We have actual witch hunters wanting to annihilate our coven and are threatening us at every opportunity, and it’s only a matter of time before they attack! And in the mean time we need to get through a Dark Baptism with the return of my sister, who, has it happens use to date the High Priest, and to top it all off you’re keeping it a secret from your fiancé!!!” He eventually ended up shouting at the pair of them. The further he got through his outburst the louder he shouted.


Faustus huffed out a laugh, clearly finding this all a little over dramatic.


“Something amusing you Faustus?” Edward snapped.


“Not at all Edward” Faustus responded.


“Edward, I think you need to relax a little. Faustus and Zelda were decades ago. He’s moved on. Her coming for her nieces Baptism is immaterial. And I’m sure Faustus just hasn’t found time or hasn’t even found it necessary to tell Constance” Magnus included, not knowing why he was defending the High Priest.


“Of course” Faustus agreed.


“Right.  Of course . It’s nothing. Just that, not too many years ago, can you not remember him having an ebullition about what he was going to do if Zelda found out that he impregnated another witch! But of course, her coming is immaterial”.


Edward knew that his friend had not just simply ‘got over’ his sister. He obviously knew that Faustus had recently asked Constance to marry him, and it surprised the people closest to him. As they never thought he would do it. He and Magnus were not entirely convinced that he was as happy as he was making out, but he sure as heaven put on a good show, because as to anyone else, he seemed it.


“Edward, enough!” Magnus warned.


Edward looked at Faustus and saw his expression unchanged. “Is that how you see it Faustus?” He asked his friend.


Faustus smiled, “The fact that the Sovereign is sending a minister is a blessing, as the coven may need the support if the Angels do in fact attack. The fact that it is Zelda is just that... a fact”.


“Right” Edward huffed. “So you being paranoid all those years ago about Zelda discovering your love child was just for dramatic effect?”.


Faustus stood from his seat, and lent his clenched fists on his desk. “That was almost two decades ago. I’m not the same person I once was...” he paused, thinking carefully what words to tailor his next sentence with. “... I have since found Constance and the people that need to know about Prudence, do. I am not the same warlock I used to be”.


“Yes, I can see that you are finally no longer cuntstruck for my sister!” He spat, and left the High Priests office without saying another word.


Magnus puffed in surprise. “I don’t understand him sometimes. Once upon a time, he absolutely hated you with Zelda. Now he thinks it’s acceptable to shout at his High Priest about not being infatuated with her?”.


“Leave it Magnus” Faustus said.


“But your excellency...” He tried again.


“I said leave it!”


“Fine” Magnus quietly and reluctantly said as he went to gather some things to also head home. “May I be frank?” He asked.


“When are you not?” Faustus waved a sarcastic hand.


“You have been acting... differently your excellency” Magnus expressed.


“Differently?” Faustus laughed.


“Yes. Your tolerance of Constance has grown extremely. And, you have been acting differently ever since you heard the news of Zelda visiting” he indicated.


Faustus remained silent, feeling caught out and exposed. “I can’t help but wonder, if your change in behaviour, does in fact have anything to do with a certain redhead that you fell in love with years ago, and that you feel like you need to prove, not only to the coven but yourself that your new relationship is not a hoax”.


“Don’t be absurd Magnus. That is all in the past. Constance and I are the future of the Church of Night” he smiled.

Chapter Text


“Must you go?” He asked softly into her ear as his large hand cupped her cheek.


“I don’t have a choice though do I? Seeing as the Head Sovereign agreed to send me to represent him” she teased and chuckled quietly into his shoulder.


Damon gently grazed his lips across her forehead, breathing in deeply the sweet scent of her hair. “I could change my mind you know” he said with a hint of jest in his voice.


Zelda looked up at him and raised her brow, almost daring him to. Not to her surprise however, he didn’t.


Regretfully, Damon couldn’t stop her. He might be one of the most powerful warlocks in the witching world, but sometimes even the Head Sovereign was held to ransom by the witches council or certain other positions. On this particular subject, it was Zelda to be sent and no other. Also considering the fact he would never in his life be able to stop her from attending Sabrina’s Baptism.


“It won’t be for long” she reminded him as they both walked up to the balcony doors where Drago was waiting patiently with an entourage of personal guards for Zelda to take with her to Greendale.


“Hmmm” he grunted.


“Sabrina’s Dark Baptism is just over a week away. I’ll be back before you know it” she kissed his cheek, trying to reassure him.


One of the palace aids gingerly approached them and began to explain the protocols of travelling and go over yet again the details of the travel arrangements. To which, Zelda rolled her eyes as everyone would be waiting for her anyway, as she is the guest of honour.


Her entourage and everyone back in Greendale would be waiting for her on the terrace at the Academy of Unseen arts. Originally, it was set that Zelda travelled to the Spellman house but according to the palace guards, that would be too much of a liability and left the Sovereign Minister ‘far too exposed’. So it was agreed by both parties that the Academy was appropriate and that she would be travelling via portal and would arrive in Greendale at noon.


It was set in stone.


Until Damon thought it only necessary that Zelda take Drago as extra protection. That little tweak only made an addition less than a day ago and it hadn’t occurred to the palace that they needed to tell the recipients in Greendale.


He stood opposite her and entangled his fingers with hers. “Make sure Drago doesn’t stray too far from you. I don’t want you to be alone” Damon warned.


A small smile crept over her lips as she realised he was trying to hide his concern. But as Head Sovereign, he could not be seen in front of anyone to show a weakness.


She squeezed his hands and slowly began to untangle her fingers, but he pulled her in closer and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Drago roared, so Damon pulled away as he saw his familiar growing increasingly impatient waiting for Zelda.


Damon pushed his luck once more and pulled Zelda’s chin to his face and swept his lips across hers. Her eyes fluttered and her lips grasped his into a kiss. Just as Damon began to fall into the kiss deeply, she pulled away and by the time he opened his eyes she was already climbing up onto Drago’s back.


Moments later Drago’s wings expanded and a strong breeze swept the remaining people on the balcony. A member of the palace council opened a portal high in the beaming blue sky and Zelda’s entourage had teleported, ready to greet her in Greendale.




Magnus waltzed into the High Priests office and found more than he was expecting. Faustus, Edward, Judas boys and even Constance and Shirley tucked away in the corner.


It was havoc, mayhem even. The office was noisy and Magnus needed silence. “Get out” his voice nowhere near loud enough to top the sheer volume of everyone else in the room. “GET OUT!” He bellowed and everyone instantly stopped and stared at him, then turned their attention to Faustus.


He nodded his head and everyone except Edward exited the office. “What is it Magnus?” He grunted.


“They are on schedule your excellency and will arrive shortly” Magnus accounted.


“Edward, can you and the Judas boys ensure the coven is on the terrace ready to greet the Sovereign Minister?” The High Priest asked, and without a word, Edward followed out what he was asked.


Faustus wondered over to the window and stared out of it with a huge sigh. Magnus anticipated after a second or two he would witness Faustus check himself over and be ready to join the rest of the coven on the terrace, but he didn’t move. His eyes caught a glimpse of Magnus approaching him.


“Your excellency...” He gulped and handed him a glass of whiskey.


“Thank you Magnus” sincerity creeping through his voice.


He was nervous, Magnus could see it. Though Faustus was hiding his tension extremely well in front of the others. Regardless, the two warlocks were stood in silence, and that spoke volumes.


The two of them had known each other since childhood and Faustus entrusted Magnus to be his most senior advisor and support for his role as Satan’s representative.


Magnus knew that this magnitude of silence was an indicator that something was in fact bothering the High Priest. “What is it your excellency?” he asked vividly.


Faustus sighed, debating whether to remain silent or express his thoughts to his dear friend. One last thought, was that this was possibly his only opportunity to do so.


“How did you put it?” Faustus rhetorically asked.


“Sorry?” Magnus questioned.


“A certain redhead... was it?” Faustus sniggered.


Magnus caught on to what the High Priest was implying and understood immediately. Faustus Blackwood was apprehensive about seeing her, especially in front of his coven, when he hadn’t seen her in over a century. So much history he chose to ignore that is now creeping up and engulfing him.


Yet, he had reminders everywhere. But his eyes became blind and ignorant over the heartbreak.


She had been haunting his dreams since the day he found out she would be attending Sabrina’s Baptism. Images and memories flashing before his eyes every time he closed them, increasingly tormenting him as the date of her arrival approached.


Faustus grabbed his jacket and gently lifted his cane into his hand to join the rest of the coven outside.


Magnus and Faustus walked side by side and headed towards the middle of the terrace and saw the guards waiting in line for her to arrive. Constance smiled in greet to her fiancé but he did nothing but ignore her.


She knew this would happen. Knew, he would push her to one side today because she was coming back. She attempted to slip her arm through and link it with his, but Faustus shook her off leaving her feeling even more vengeful towards his former lover.


This was all because of her. Constance hated it. The whole terrace fell silent in anticipation of her arrival. A minute had passed and Magnus reached for his pocket watch and saw it was almost noon. The atmosphere was completely tense, and the silence contributing.


Faustus peered over and saw the time. This left him feeling even more anxious than he thought was possible. For a moment, he allowed himself to wonder what she looked like.


Would she still have the same beautiful long thick red waves that he loved so much? Would her eyes still glisten when he looked into them?


Edward, Sabrina and Hilda were stood just a few feet a head of him, being the first people waiting to greet her. Edward turned to glance at Faustus, not really knowing what face to express to him as he knew this was going to be strange for the both of them.


Faustus was rudely snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Constance hiss “Where is she?!”.


“She’ll be here” Magnus casually replied. Faustus continued to stare into the sky, the sun beaming down. It was a bright day in Greendale with only a few clouds in the sky. A sound familiar only to a few emerged from the sky.


“She’s here” One of the guards whispered.

Chapter Text



As Zelda flew through the portal, she arrived in the unusually familiar sky of Greendale. But before landing at their destination, Zelda had decided to take a slight detour in order to calm her nerves.


Drago landed in the Greendale woods, hiding amongst the trees knowing that not one member of that coven could spot them. She adjusted her frills and ran her fingers through her hair ensuring she looked the most presentable she could.


She took a deep breath, as she knew that a minute from now, she would be back in the presence of Faustus Blackwood, who was now the High Priest of the coven she rightfully belonged too. Who she had supported and encouraged whilst they were together for him to get that position. The feelings she did so well to bury deep down in the pits of her body were wanting to explode back up.


Her grip tightened on Drago and he opened his wings, preparing to take off back into the sky, but she knew as soon as he did that, she would be in sight of the whole coven, her siblings and him .


Drago hesitated, as he could sense Zelda was not ready for what undoubtably had to happen. All that time it took for her to repress her feelings for him and Greendale, for them to come swarming back up her throat.


She had to do this, there wasn’t a choice. It was just going to be strange as she hasn’t seen him in such a long time. He still doesn’t know that she snuck into his ceremony when he became High Priest.


That was the last time she saw him.


At that very moment, Zelda was unsure of how she would respond to seeing him again after all this time. In typical Zelda style, she pulled herself together, otherwise she wouldn’t be arriving on time. She felt Drago lift up from the ground and the breeze against her face felt blissful.


Students and coven members gathered tightly as everyone wanted to be present to welcome the Sovereign Minister. For those who did not know Zelda, it was that  she is Carlisle Spellmans’ daughter, sister of the great conjurer and professor, Edward Spellman and that she attended the Academy of Unseen arts  and that she is a Sovereign Minister. And rumour has it, she dates the Head Sovereign.


For those that did know her, it was either, they were pleased to be seeing her again, or it was jealously and hatred like it was for two witches in particular.


Faustus noticed Constance and Shirley whispering to one another, about Zelda no doubt. The grip on his cane was leaving marks in his palm but what else could he do? He hadn’t seen her in years and as each second past, the more anxious he felt.


The noise that filled the sky certainly got most people’s heads turning with curiosity.


“Look!” A young student shouted and pointed upwards.


Every single head turned towards the sky and what was heading in their direction.


Drago slowly and elegantly flew towards the terrace and many gasps were expressed as the coven grew nervous of how the huge beast would land. Never in their wildest dreams would most of the coven have imagined seeing a dragon familiar, it was extremely rare.


Faustus couldn’t hide his surprised yet  impressed expression on his face as he looked up to the sky to witness that Zelda was indeed making an unforgettable entrance, and even now, he was still impressed she could fly a dragon.


Gasps of excitement and mumblings escaped many mouths as Zelda and Drago drew closer to the academy. Constance and Shirley were possibly the only two people who hated everything about this.


Faustus walked out a head of the crowd, leaving Constance behind but still remained behind Edward, Sabrina and Hilda. It was only fair that she be greeted by her family first, though he had a duty as High Priest to greet her and welcome her back to Greendale.


He felt the air brush past his face as Drago flapped his ginormous wings coming to a heavy, but smooth landing as his large feet were firmly on the ground. Faustus swallowed hard as he couldn’t quite see her yet, but saw Drago stretch his neck forward and roared to the coven. Faustus knew that was a warning. It was probably even directed at him. Drago was very protective over Zelda, he always had been.


Zelda couldn’t help but notice the difference in size from when she stood exactly where she was now when she forced Faustus to fly Drago with her over a century ago after his and Damon’s little dispute.


Zelda stepped forward past Drago and her eyes were caught by her siblings and niece. She attempted to catch a glance of him in order to brace herself but her niece pulled her into a hug far too quickly, though Zelda soon pulled back and greeted her siblings more than appropriately, given they had an audience.


As Zelda pulled away, Edward left his hand on his sisters arm as a token of support and Zelda tightened her grip around his forearm, but she didn’t look back at her brother, because her eyes had finally found him .


She knew eye contact with him was dangerous, but she didn’t care. She was seduced into a world that was entirely the two of them and no one else.


From the moment Faustus saw her in the sky, his eyes had not left her. Zelda stared right back at him from greeting her siblings and very slowly she let go of Edward and began to take slow and delicate steps towards him.


Their gaze, feeling like it had already lasted an eternity because they were acting as if there wasn’t a single other person around them, not like there was the whole coven witnessing this intimacy between their well known and loved High Priest and a stranger of a Sovereign Minister.


The younger generation who did not know Zelda, also didn’t understand or even know about the history between their class-mates Aunt and Father Blackwood.


She was convinced that she saw his lips curl slightly and after all the time that had past, that was enough for her. As it was subtle and no one else would have noticed other than her.


Magnus smiled to himself, as he was extremely happy to see Zelda again. Though he knew from a long time ago, the way that those two looked at each other, it was like they had their own language and it was only them that understood it. Every time he were to look at them previously, he felt like he was intruding on an extremely private moment. Yet there they were, giving each other that exact look, it’s something he never understood, how they were so drawn in from a look.


Zelda’s eyes were still glued to Faustus as she elegantly grew closer to him. She found herself thinking about how handsome he looked. Apart from the odd line near his eyes, he looked the same.


Faustus observed that her hair was shorter and not as red as it once was. The more strawberry blonde colour suited her even more so than her natural copper. He found himself still drawn to it. He smiled, amused that her lipstick was just as bold as he remembered, such a statement of Zelda’s.


She was feet away from him, the tightness of his grip on his cane only intensified the closer she got. He could see right into those big green eyes of hers as she stood directly in front of him.


Faustus held out his hand and Zelda placed hers gently within his. She was still staring right back at him, for what seemed like an eternity. His gaze was beginning to do strange things to her defences.


He wrapped his hand around hers and she ever so slightly bent her knee and motioned her head forward, “Your excellency” her tone perfectly gentle and almost seductive knowing only he would hear her as they were stood far enough away that nobody else would be able to listen.


That was the first time since she arrived that they had broken eye contact. The touch of his large hand wrapping around hers sent tingles up Zelda’s arm and began racing around her entire body.


She brought herself back up and regained eye contact with him and it looked as though he never peeled his eyes away from her.


Hearing her voice after all this time was one thing, but hearing her say those words sent Faustus to a place where only Zelda could send him. He needed to regain some control over his mind.


Still having her hand in his, he brought it up towards his lips and placed a feather light kiss on the back of her hand.


“Hello again Zelda” he whispered to her, his voice wanting to send her eyes fluttering into the back of her head.


Both of them completely lost in each other so soon, they pulled away their hands that had held on for seconds longer than necessary as Magnus approached, yet their eyes remained glued as they smiled and desperately tried to read one another.

Chapter Text

Zelda joined the High Priest, Magnus and her brother in his office. Walking down the halls of the academy overwhelmed Zelda with nostalgia. It seemed surreal. Like it was only yesterday that she was there, but also like so much time had past since then.


Seeing that office again sent butterflies swarming in her stomach. It had once belong to her Father, and now it belongs to the warlock that she had once encouraged to own it. The one that also promised her that she would be with him when he did.


“Minister Spellman, it’s good of you to come” Faustus initiated.


He had set the tone far more formal than Zelda had expected, but then again, she also didn’t know what to expect. It had been over a century since she saw him and spoke to him. She imagined that he was not quite the same Faustus she once knew, especially now that he is a High Priest.


“No need for formalities your excellency, surely?” Magnus cackled, attempting to lighten the tone.


“Perhaps not” he agreed. “However, I am grateful that the palace agreed to hear the ongoing dangers and threats that the Church of Night face”.


“Yes, I was briefed by the palace, not that my brother cared to share that information with me” she gave her brother a stern look.


Edward bit his tongue but his words still escaped. “Yes, well. What could you do all the way from Italy?” He snapped.


Her eyes squinted at him, “More than you think, given that I have resolved all your other issues in the past century”. She intentionally said that, to make him realise that actually, without her and without her connection to Damon, he wouldn’t have had Diana, or Sabrina.


Edward remained silent as Magnus and Faustus just shared an awkward glance. Just as her brother went to open his mouth, Magnus began to explain the level of threats the coven had been receiving.


Faustus had personally received letters at the Academy and his house, detailing what the angels had planned for the whole coven. Starting with abductions, leading to torturing and even burning at the stake.


For some time, Faustus had brushed the nonsense to one side as not for one minute did he believe they would act upon it. Until one day, word had reached him from one of his Judas boys that another coven had been targeted similarly and that coven no longer existed.


He had this information confirmed with other High Priests in and around the state, and even went as far as getting confirmation from the Anti-Pope and unfortunately, it was true.


This is when he shared his concerns with Magnus and Edward, his two closest advisors and they encouraged the urgency of asking for help.


Faustus unlocked a drawer in his desk and removed a pile of opened letters and hesitated before he walked to Zelda and held them out for her to take.


Her eyes were fixated on him and not for a moment did they flicker to the pile of letters he was handing her. “What is this?” She asked without breaking eye contact with him.


He held her gaze, and paused before speaking. “The letters from the Angels, I’m sure you will require them for your enquiry” he said as he then walked away from her, back behind the comfort and safety of his desk.


“Yes, I will get these sent to the palace immediately so they can begin their investigation, your excellency ” she added.


Hearing her say those words were the biggest high of his life. And watching her deep red lips curl after she had said them gave him absolutely everything.


There was a silence in the room. Zelda tried to not have her sight focused on the High Priest but she was beginning to believe it was an impossible task. It had been a century, she would have spent a lot of time looking at him, given she stayed in Greendale, so the need to make up for it now was compelling.


Faustus met her eyes once more, not being able to stop himself. His usual short tempered and grumpy demeanour somehow seemed softer to Magnus, who once again caught them in their intimate gaze.


“Thank you, Sister Zelda” his eyes twinkled. Another pause. “I imagine you would like to get settled in before Sabrina’s Dark Baptism, we can always schedule a meeting when there is word from the palace” he said.


She was almost disappointed that he had cut the meeting this short. Though she supposed he was just being considerate to her arrival. And when she thought about it for a second more, he practically had a second meeting in the front of his mind.


“Yes, of course your excellency. I’ll be sure to reach out when I have news” she smiled far too charmingly at him as she turned on her heel and followed her brother towards the doors of his office.


She felt him closely behind her, smelling his rich spicy scent that had memories flooding her mind, and being here in this office caused the adrenalin to pump even quicker around her body, like her heart wasn’t already beating quickly enough to cause a heart attack.


Then, the unexpected gentle graze of his fingers across her lower back completely annihilated her as he guided her body as she neared the door. A sharp prolonged shiver shot up her entire body and her eyes almost fluttered shut, but before they did he removed his hand.


“It was good to see you again Zelda” he quietly mumbled into her hair.


“You too Faustus” she turned and smiled at him.




Edward and Zelda teleported to the Spellman house to meet Sabrina, Hilda and Ambrose for dinner.


Even though Zelda was so familiar with the academy and Greendale, she felt like a foreigner in her hometown. The biggest realisation as her eyes focused on her family home from the yard was that the palace was now her home.


As she walked through the front door of her family home, the familiar smell of Hilda’s cooking filled the air. When she entered her old bedroom she smiled at her younger self.


She slowly stepped through her room and ran her fingertips over some of her things. Not one thing looked out of place. She opened her closet door and found herself looking through her old clothes and some of her formal dresses. Her fingers found the dress that she wore when Faustus first took her to Vermont and her breath caught in her throat. The further she looked into the rails of her clothes, they reminded her of events that she had attended with him.


This was all so strange. Never had Zelda imagined being back here. However, she knew that of course Sabrina would be baptised, though, she was hoping she would go to Italy for it.


But Edward’s influence on this matter outweighed Zelda’s input. And Sabrina wanted it in Greendale to honour her mother.


Zelda heard Hilda shout her name and assumed dinner was ready. She strutted down the stairs and was surprisingly the last family member to get there.


It was unusual seeing the table so full as she remembered herself, Edward and Hilda occupying it for the majority of her time before she left, as her Father was rarely present. Seeing her siblings, niece and nephew surprisingly brought warmth to Zelda.


Edward scooted from the middle of the table where his Father used to sit, until Zelda replaced him after he left to work in Italy. She smiled internally that her brother would move for her to take her old seat at the table.


As she joined the table, Hilda placed the last plate of food down and everyone began to slowly tuck in.


“So Sabrina, are you looking forward to your Dark Baptism, it’s approaching quickly?” Zelda asked.


There was a small silence at the table and Sabrina, Edward, Ambrose and Hilda all exchanged a quick look. Unfortunately, they weren’t as subtle as they believed as Zelda picked up on this.


“Sure... Aunt Zee” Sabrina lied.


“Have you decided on your Baptismal name yet?” Zelda further questioned.


“Not yet...” Sabrina quietly mumbled. “... How is Italy Aunt Zee?” She asked wanting to change the topic as quickly as possible.


Zelda raised an unconvinced brow at her niece, knowing what she was up to, but played along this time. “Fine” she bluntly said.


“I’m not sure how the palace will survive without you” Edward said sarcastically, knowing how relied upon his sister is within the walls of the palace.


“I’m sure some will miss you more than others” Ambrose jokingly coughed.


The rest of the table had a light chuckle other than Zelda, as she instantly thought of how ill-tempered Damon would potentially grow in her absence.


For over a century she had been there. They may not have been necessarily together for a lot of it, but he knew he could always seek her out if he needed, mainly for her council, and other things just followed.

Chapter Text

After what was pretty much a sleepless night, Zelda readied herself and just like old times, headed to the kitchen for breakfast.


As she approached the table, she saw an unfamiliar black book. She flicked the first page and understood that the council had sent it for Sabrina, so she could pick a familiar ready for her baptism.


She smiled when she saw a newspaper and coffee waiting for her at her seat. She praised Satan that it was still peaceful and no one had joined her yet.


Though, she wasn’t blessed enough to be granted with any more peace as the rest of the family apart from Sabrina joined her.


Zelda managed to get through the majority of her newspaper (written in Italian, ironically) when Sabrina finally joined them.


“Morning Aunties, Father, Ambrose” Sabrina chirped. Far too loud and happy for this hour Zelda thought.


“Morning darling” Hilda replied.


Edward smiled and continued with his coffee, and Ambrose just ignored her.


Zelda flung her paper down on the table and inhaled deeply on her cigarette, considering lighting a second if this was going to continue.


“Sabrina, you need to pick a familiar before your Dark Baptism, the council have sent the registry” Zelda sternly said as she slammed down the book in front of her niece.


Zelda watched her with piercing eyes, waiting patiently to pounce as she sensed something was wrong. “I remember the week before my Dark Baptism. It felt as if my real life were finally beginning, wouldn’t you agree Edward?” She said, dramatically smiling.


Edward cleared his throat, not knowing what his sister was up to. “Yes, it was an exciting time for us... all of us” he added.


“About my familiar, Aunt Zee... instead of picking a familiar out of a book... which is so... I don’t know, dehumanising. I’ve been practising a summoning spell that I found in the demononicon and what if I put it out there that I’m looking for a familiar and see if anyone... wants to volunteer” Sabrina bravely said.


Her niece looked nervous, so Zelda decided to not rip into her and before she had the chance, Hilda cut in.


“I think that’s a charming idea” she said as she stared directly at Zelda, giving her no choice but to say nothing.


“What about your Baptismal name?” Zelda quickly asked again.


“I have, as a matter of fact” Sabrina replied, surprising everyone in the room. “Edwina-Diana. Edwina, which is almost Edward to honour my Father, and Diana, to honour my mother”.


Zelda again remained silent, not because she disagreed with the name that Sabrina had chosen, she still wasn’t past the familiar topic.


“Anyway... Father, Aunties, Ambrose I’m off to meet Harvey, he is walking me to school” Sabrina happily said.


Hilda and Edward closed their eyes simultaneously as they knew what would be coming next.


Finally, a conversation worth having Zelda thought.


“Who’s Harvey? A handsome young warlock I hope” Zelda chuckled.


Sabrina looked at her Aunt confused, as if she was expecting her to know.


“No Aunt Zee... he’s from my mortal school” Sabrina told her.


“Mortal school?” Zelda said, completely appalled.


“Yeah, we’re kind of dating. We go to Baxter High together. In fact, whilst we’re on this topic... I was wondering if maybe we could... possibly postpone my baptism a little bit?” Sabrina sheepishly asked much to everyone’s distaste.


Zelda was ready to explode.


“POSTPONE IT?” Zelda snapped, even making her siblings jump. “Sabrina... you can not postpone your baptism. I have come from Italy, especially for you”.


“What’s this really about Sabrina?” Edward asked.


Sabrina took a deep breath, now fearing t say anymore after her Aunts reaction. “Me and Harvey recently took things to the next level...”


Zelda cut her off, “He hasn’t defiled you has he? Witch law forbids noviciates from being anything less than virginal”.


“Oh, wow” Ambrose mumbled.


“Zelda!” Edward barked.


Hilda rolled her eyes and questioned why they all just couldn’t have a peaceful family breakfast. Zelda had been back in Greendale for less than 24 hours and already the family were breaking into disagreements.


“Aunt Zelda!” Sabrina gasped. “Not that’s it’s anyone’s business, but no”


“Praise Satan” Zelda, Hilda and Edward heavily sighed practically in unison.


“Well, now we are on the topic, I admit, I have reservations about saving myself for the Dark Lord. Why does he get to decide what I do or don’t do with my body?”


Zelda felt herself clench a fist under the table and getting closer and closer to breaking point with her niece. “Because it is witch law. Covenant”.


“Okay, but why?” Sabrina asked back. “And if you don’t know, maybe I can talk to someone before my baptism, someone who can help me understand these things so I can make an educated choice”.


Choice ?” Edward and Zelda scoffed.


“It is our sacred duty and honour, Sabrina, to serve the Dark Lord” Edward finally said.


Zelda stood from the table and began pacing behind her niece, closing in on her and Sabrina began feeling intimidated by her Aunt.


“The extraordinary delicious gifts he bestowed on ours in return for signing his book and you, you would deny him that?!” She interrogated.


“It’s my name, Aunt Zelda” Sabrina pleaded.


“We all signed the book and proudly I might add” she said as she stropped to the other side of the kitchen.


“Sabrina, do you not want to join the Church of Night as a full member?” Hilda gently asked her.


Edward and Zelda’s eyes were narrowing in on her waiting for her to answer.


“I think so, I just don’t know why I have to give up everything in my life’s that’s human to do it” Sabrina tried again to not sound so stubborn on the matter.


“Witch law. The path of Night...” Zelda began.


“... or the path of light” Edward finished and all three of them said “but not both”.


Ambrose rolled his eyes, not understanding why his cousin was being so difficult over this. It’s not like it was a surprise, she was always meant to be baptised on her 16th birthday. This is what her Aunt Zelda had been prepping her for all her life.


“And yet, you, my Father, a warlock, the son of the Prince of Hell, married my mother and she was human” Sabrina stood and pointed at Edward.


“Yes Sabrina and it very nearly got me excommunicated” he growled at her.


Sabrina slams the chair and began to raise her voice “Which begs the question, WHY?!”


The question lingered in the air and Zelda, Edward and Hilda all exchanged a look between themselves, which didn’t go unnoticed by Sabrina.


Sabrina looked at Ambrose for an answer, but he averted his eyes. She knew he knew, and didn’t understand why they hadn’t said anything yet.


“It doesn’t matter how...” Edward finally spoke.


“Of course it does. If you had both, why can’t I?” She asked her Father.


“Because that is not what your Mother and I agreed for you” Edward lashed out and walked out of the kitchen.


“You will be baptised on your 16th Birthday, and that niece, is final!”


Sabrina huffed and stormed out of the house, ensuring she gave the front door a hard slam.


Ambrose slipped out of the kitchen and escaped to the attic, as he clearly knew what was coming.


Hilda followed behind Zelda who was heading to the study to find her brother.


“You let her date a MORTAL?” Zelda shouted.


Edward and Hilda both stood opposite Zelda and watched her pace up and down, inhaling her cigarette at every opportunity between words.


“You told me...” she pointed at her brother, “... that she had stopped attending that mortal school MONTHS ago! To my surprise, you LIED!”.


Edward went to speak, but thought carefully about what he was about to say.


“Zelda, this is what Sabrina wanted. She wanted to do ‘normal’ until she couldn’t anymore” he tried telling her.


“I don’t care! She is a witch! And that can not be changed, not by me, not by you, not by anyone. This is not what is best for her!” Zelda continued.


“Zelds... it is what Sabrina asked of us. What would you have done if she asked you the same thing?” Hilda regretted even asking.


“I would have told her NO, of course! She needs to be at the academy, where she belongs !” She spat at her siblings, lighting another cigarette.


“She does attend the academy Zelda... just not full time” Edward attempted to make Zelda slightly less angry.


“Well Praise Satan! The pair of you have done something right. I can’t believe you allowed her to still attend that mortal school.... and I can’t BELIEVE you let her date a mortal, no WONDER she is having doubts about her Dark Baptism. We should have home schooled her, as is our custom” Zelda rubbed her head, suddenly feeling sick.


“Sit down Zelda before you collapse” Hilda huffed at her sister.


Zelda did in fact take her sisters advice and sit. She sat staring at them in silence which was making Edward and Hilda more uncomfortable than ever.


“Well... why don’t we get her to talk to someone” Hilda quietly suggested.


“What?” Zelda snapped.


“I just think that if she wants to talk to someone, an outside opinion....”


“Who would you have her talk to, Hilda? The Dark Lord himself?” Zelda chuckled.


“Not exactly. But I just feel like, as close to him as reasonably possible” Hilda frightfully suggested.


Zelda’s eyes widened as she understood entirely who her sister was suggesting.

Chapter Text

Zelda sat nervously waiting for the High Priest in his office. She had already smoothed over her skirt several times in an attempt to keep her nerves at bay.


Her eyes swayed to Sabrina, who was sat next to her and slouched in the chair impatiently. Sabrina’s body language almost made her cringe as her level of disrespect for this office was clear.


“Sit up!” She spat.


Sabrina groaned and heavily pulled herself up in the chair and proceeded to cross her arms.


“You, young lady, could show a little more respect and courtesy that your High Priest is taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to council and guide you. Seeing as your family are no longer good enough to do that!” Zelda’s harsh and unimpressed tone surfacing through her words.


Just as Sabrina tried to protest that she wasn’t being disrespectful, or ungrateful, the doors to the office opened and the High Priest waltzed in, surprised to find Zelda sat there with Sabrina.


She caught him hide a small, subtle impressed smile on his lips and struggled to contain one herself once she had noticed.


“I was expecting Edward, or even Hilda” he happily observed.


“Both of them are conveniently busy, which left me” she shyly smiled at him.


Sabrina saw the two of them look at each other and briefly rolled her eyes. Was her Aunt Zelda really blushing because of Father Blackwood?


Zelda stood and Faustus began to look disappointed. “I will wait for you outside Sabrina”.


As she walked out of the office, she couldn’t help herself but look over her shoulder once more at him, and to her delight she met his eyes already watching her with a smirk.


Cigarette after cigarette she waited for Sabrina for what felt like days, but in reality it was within the hour. She was certain that she heard Sabrina raise her voice a few times and she considered interrupting but believed that Faustus could handle her.


Sabrina flung open the door and stomped out of the office, “Can we please leave?!”.


“Sabrina!” Zelda called out as Sabrina attempted to walk away from her.


“Please Auntie...” she begged.


Zelda was conflicted, she could see that her niece was clearly distressed, probably for some melodramatic teenage reason and it was probably best that they leave. On the other hand, Zelda wanted to confirm with Faustus that Sabrina would in fact be joining the Church of Night, as that was the whole point for the meeting.


To her disappointment, Zelda teleported straight home with Sabrina as she fell for her nieces puppy eyes. Though, Sabrina did not realise that her Aunt Zelda was going to ask her what the conversation with Faustus entailed, regardless.


Sabrina sighed and huffed at her Auntie’s question and remained silent.


“What is it Sabrina?” Zelda curiously asked.


“Auntie... Father Blackwood, he... he doesn’t like me very much” she started.


“Don’t be absurd!” Zelda cut in.


Sabrina rolled her eyes, as she knew her Aunt wouldn’t take her seriously, even though she asked.


“He’s mean to me Aunt Zee! And another girl in my classes. We can tell he doesn’t like us. It’s like he has something against us or something!” Sabrina finished.


Zelda couldn’t resist snorting. “I’m sorry Sabrina but that is just ridiculous. Father Blackwood is a good friend of your Fathers, why would he hate you?” She rhetorically asked.


“Well, I don’t know!” She shrugged. “I can just tell that he does”.


Zelda stared hard at her niece and could see that she genuinely believed what she was saying. But also knew that Faustus would never treat Sabrina awfully, because of Edward.


“I’m not so sure Sabrina. Maybe you are being a little sensitive” Zelda brushed it off and walked away, leaving Sabrina in the hallway.




Later that evening, Zelda was summoned to a meeting with the council by the palace.


She particularly placed the candles on the floor of her bedroom, ready to astral project. But before that, she gave herself a once over in the mirror, just in case.


“We’ve investigated those letters that you sent us Miss Spellman...” the head councilman paused.


Zelda waited with anticipation, wondering whether they were in fact legitimate and where they originated from.


“... At first, we believed they were forgeries. But with more thorough detailing, we have concluded that they are from the group of witch hunters that call themselves Angels. ” He added.


“And there origin?” Zelda asked anxiously.


As she asked, Damon had entered the room and joined the council in the meeting.


His eyes were magnets to her body, his face lighting up as he saw her. Her cheeks flushed, annoyed that they allowed everyone to see how he makes her react.


“Everything indicates to within 50 miles of Greendale, we can not narrow it done further than that” he sighed.


50 miles? That could mean anywhere. Zelda thought.


“Thank you for the findings” she reluctantly said.


Damon could see that she wasn’t best pleased with the findings of the council. As everyone else disappeared from the room, Damon walked closer to Zelda, wishing she was actually there.


“It is a shame you are not here” he smirked.


She rolled her eyes at him. “More importantly...” she cut in. “... the findings were underwhelming, do you not agree?”


Even if he tried, he couldn’t not agree. The council had done a poor job and he knew it.


“Hmmm” he tried brushing it off as he anticipated what was coming next.


“I’m sure if they had a push from a certain Sovereign member, they would pick up the pace and finally begin to investigate further” she suggested, hoping it was enough.


He sighed as he knew that’s what she would say. Though, he didn’t want to say no to her. “Ahhh, Zelda. The council are responsible and leading this, you know that”.


“But Damon, you know they would actually do a thorough job if you insisted! When covens are in danger, you would think that the council would do more than half heartedly support them!” She began to get louder and Damon sensed the frustration in her voice.


“Why are you pushing for this? You’ve never done it for any other coven that has been potentially threatened by witch hunters!”. As soon as he stopped talking he knew he shouldn’t have said that to her, but it was too late and he was, for some unknown reason, annoyed at her.


“This is my FAMILY!” She snapped.


A tense silence aired between them for longer than what was comfortable.


“I can’t let anything happen to them...” she added quietly. She looked over and saw the birds queuing up near her, she was running out of time, but also, didn’t want to end the conversation with Damon like that.


“No, I know. I’ll see what I can do” he forced a smile.


What he was thinking and what he had said had been completely different. What he was thinking was is she only acting like this again because she’s back in Greendale? Is HE influencing her? She belongs in Italy, where she has been for the past century. Italy is her home now.


But he could never bring himself to say no to her.


Chapter Text


It was late, but it didn’t stop Zelda from teleporting to the academy and seeking out the office of the High Priest.


She knew it wasn’t the most appropriate thing to do, visit the High Priest practically in the middle of the night, though somehow she couldn’t bring herself to stop.


She cleared her throat as she approached the door and gently brought up her fist to knock. Almost immediately, he responded for her to enter.


“Sister Zelda” he greeted, his face having lit up as soon as he recognised her. “To what, do I owe the pleasure?” He asked.


“Rather, whom, your excellency” she regarded.


His brow raised in question.


“A matter of importance” she added kindly.


“Very well” he motioned for her to take a seat, opposite him at his desk.


Much to her surprise, he stood and lent against his desk in front of her. Their now close proximity made her pulse quicken, and she felt a flutter in her chest.


“It’s regarding the witch hunters...” she began and his stare intensified on her, almost sending a shiver down her spine. “... unfortunately, those letters you gave me, were in fact legitimate”.


Faustus remained silent, and Zelda felt the need to fill the void of silence with  conversation. “The council have also confirmed that they have been sent within a 50 mile radius of Greendale” she continued.


The High Priest, again, remained silent. But didn’t avert this eyes from her for a second. For a moment, she considered wanting to know what he was thinking, but then she didn’t know if it would have scared her.


“To confirm, I have urged the council to be more specific and thorough, and to continue with their investigation and support with this your excellency”.


When she had finished, his face finally changed and she saw his lips curl and his body relax slightly. He stood and walked back behind his desk, keeping his back towards her for a few more second. “Your niece is so much like you” he completely changed the subject.


Zelda was completely caught off guard, “Sorry, your excellency?”.


“Sabrina. She is very much like you” he chuckled and turned around. “Fearless, passionate and stubborn”.


For probably only a handful of times, she felt proud. The two weeks a year in Italy had clearly done Sabrina the world of good, if even the High Priest could see that she resembled her.


“Yes, well” Zelda said almost bashfully.


“She will make a great addition to the Church of Night” he continued. “Though, I wish her passion lay with the witching world more”.


Zelda could see he had reservations and was clearly being unforthcoming with what he wanted to say. “I concur” she said.


She quietly sighed and considered where to take this conversation. Though she remembered what her niece had told her only a few hours ago about the High Priest not liking her.


“Sabrina mentioned that you are not fond of her” Zelda dared. She heard the High Priest huff and turn so his back was facing her again. This only encouraged her curiosity.


Faustus took his time to think, as he scarily realised that Zelda wasn’t saying anything and clearly waiting for him to respond.


For what felt like forever to make a decision on what he was going to say, he chose to go with the truth.


“She reminds me so much of you Zelda...” he began, but pausing and regretting instantly that he even said those words. His back was still turned but she saw that he had dipped his head.


Surprisingly, she didn’t know what to say. She could feel that what he said, was complete honesty. It just confused her further.


“I don’t understand” she told him.


He bravely turned to face her and sat back on the corner of his desk where he previously lent, close to her. Their bodies almost brushing against one another’s.


“I see so much of you in her, and sometimes it reminds me of the past. It reminds me too much of you.” He looked away, not being able to hold eye contact with her, now in fear of what she may say.


“Faustus...” she whispered. It not occurring to either of them that she had used his name and not his title as they shared what was turning into something more intimate than what was deemed appropriate.


His eyes relaid themselves on her, intensely looking over her shiny thick hair and her plump red lips, following down to her tightly fitted suit. Oh how he had missed his eyes raking over her. How easily he fell under the spell that was Zelda Spellman.


Faustus didn’t know what overcome him, but his fingers began combing through her smooth hair that he had missed, losing himself quickly in the sweet scent.


She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his large hands lightly pulling her hair once again.


The room was suffocating as they both began to fall deeper in the toxicity. Zelda felt her head be pulled closer to him. It was dangerous, getting closer to him. She didn’t know how strong she could stay around him.


They were once each other’s weaknesses.


She dared not to open her eyes, even when she felt his lips hover against her forehead. She sensed his hesitation, but before she could think anymore, his lips were pressed firmly against her skin.


The rush in her body was electrifying as she struggled to breath. Knowing that she was going to struggle to escape this feeling.


That moment felt hours long, though it was merely a few seconds. When Faustus pulled away, she slowly flickered her eyes open and saw that he was completely composed. Confusion and disappointment hit. How did this not effect him like her?


Though she remembered, that he was always the one with the stronger will.


“Thank you for your time, your excellency” her tone high pitched, even though she had tried profusely to hide her instant pleasure.





A restless night finally came to an end as Zelda saw light through her bedroom window. She tossed and turned most of the night as she replayed her time with the High Priest in his office over and over.


As she made her way downstairs for breakfast, an unexpected knock on the front door occurred.


As it seemed, no one else was willing to make the effort to answer it, so as Zelda reached the bottom of the stairs she answered it.


She was surprised to see a familiar face.


“Magnus!” She smiled. “What are you doing here so early?”.


“The High Priest has sent me” he answered as he made his way into the Spellman house.


The High Priest ?!” She asked, concerned.  Her heart all of a sudden beating extremely fast.


He stopped walking to turn to her, “Yes, the High Priest. For final details of Sabrina’s Baptism” he said as if she should have already known.


Relief flushed through her body. “Of course” she smiled at him.


Zelda zoned in and out of concentration as she sat at the kitchen table with Magnus, Sabrina and Edward going over the fine details of Sabrina’s Baptism.


“Don’t you agree Zelda?” Edward asked as she slowly found herself back at the table and not searching for an answer for the High Priests actions last night.


“Sorry?” She sighed.


Edward and Magnus briefly shared a look and fortunately, Sabrina was non the wiser as it appeared that she wasn’t paying that much attention either.


“Why don’t we finish this up later?” Magnus suggested as he stood to leave, already making it clear that it was ending.


Zelda stood with him and followed him out, as fresh air was what she felt was needed.


She sat on the bench overlooking the Spellman yard and lit a much desired cigarette. Much to her irritation, she wasn’t even half way through before Edward joined her.


“You’re distracted” He casually said.


She shot her head to look at him “I beg your pardon” she hissed at him.


He smirked, as he saw her reaction, full well knowing he had caught her out. “You’re distracted. He’s distracted you already”.


Her eyes were stern and lips pursed as smoke from her cigarette continued to burn.


“Don’t forget Zelda, I know you, I know him, and I know you both together. I thought this may be hard for the both of you. I just didn’t realise it would do this to you both so soon. I genuinely believed you could both get through a week” he grinned, secretly pleased with himself.


Zelda began to feel infuriated. “You know nothing! ” She hissed. “All an illusion brother, your eyes are fooling you” she smiled as the lie left her lips.

Chapter Text

As the days past and Sabrina’s baptism grew closer, the amount of time Zelda was spending at the academy increased heavily. At first, she couldn’t quite bring herself to admit why she felt it necessary to spent the majority of her day there verses being at home. Though she did make herself useful and eventually began using the excuse of being ‘needed’ and otherwise she’d be bored at home.


Zelda on numerous occasions throughout the day found herself purposefully walking past the High Priests office, for no reason whatsoever. A lot of the time she would be going well out of her way to get to her destination, but as her head subtly tilted to the side so that her eyes could catch a glimpse of him, she saw that it was worth it.


She didn’t think that he would notice. But he did. The times that he was supposed to be concentrating on sermons or his next class, he wasn’t. He was getting more and more distracted by her presence. His thoughts beginning to be consumed by her and his concentration completely blown.


Sabrina’s baptism came around much quicker than Zelda would have liked, as it meant her time in Greendale was coming to an end and she wasn’t happy about it ending so quickly when she had just begun to feel settled.


On more than one occasion she had imagined her life in Greendale and how it would have been given that she didn’t go back to Italy. Though this brought her a sense of sadness. Then she remembered what she had achieved so far and that there was much more work to be done within the Churches of Darkness.


At the Baptism, Zelda stood proud next to her family as she watched Sabrina finally sign her name in the book of the beast after much persuasion and dramatics that were totally unnecessary in Zelda’s opinion, though it was nice of her niece to think that she had a choice.


Watching Faustus baptise her niece was just beautiful. Zelda felt a heavy weight ease, that Sabrina would be more protected now that she was a full member of the Church of Night, especially with those witch hunters lurking around Greendale.


The coven made its way to Dorians for  celebrations for Sabrina. Zelda couldn’t help but see a slight sadness to Sabrina’s expression and she wondered whether it was over that mortal boy.


Edward raised a glass in welcoming his daughter to the Church of Night, and the coven joined. Zelda recalls numerous parties at Dorian’s in her youth and smiled at the memory of her beating Constance at who could host the better party.


Speaking of Constance, there she was, clinging on to the High Priest and basically showing off that she was on his arm. Zelda rolled her eyes and couldn’t resist feeling slightly venomous, as her and Faustus have practically teased one another for the majority of the week.


As Zelda downed her third whiskey, hoping to make the sight of Constance and Faustus bearable, a warlock came yelling in at the balcony above the bar.


“FATHER BLACKWOOD!” The young warlock bellowed and repeated as he hopped down the stairs.


Everything instantly stopped.


Zelda, Edward, Magnus and Faustus all walked forward from their positions.


“What is it Miles?” The High Priest urged.


“It’s... it’s... the witch hunters Sir.... ” he shook. “... they have taken Harry!”.


The four exchanged a look, and without words, instantly knew what they had to do.


Father Blackwood ordered the coven to all make their way to the Academy so that he could use protective seals against the witch hunters.


As the coven waited patiently in the halls and rooms of the academy, the office of the High Priest was chaotic. There was Zelda, Faustus, Edward, Magnus, Hilda, Constance, Shirley and a few professors all talking over each other. Zelda was pacing quietly in the corner trying very hard to concentrate on a strategy and knew that she would ultimately be staying in Greendale now until the threat was minimised.


She also knew that she would need to speak to the council about the young warlock that they had taken and what tactics would be best. Though, she imagined what the councils answer would be, even if she didn’t agree with it.


Faustus sighed at the sight of everyone bickering on what was best to do. He understood that this was the most frightening time that the Church of Night had faced, yet, it wasn’t getting them anywhere.

“QUIET!” He snapped.


Everyone instantly stopped and looked at him, surprised. Annoyingly, Constance was straight at his side and began caressing his arm, as if it was going to calm him. Zelda tutted in her mind, but the eye roll was less subtle.


“I cannot think when you are all talking” he sighed, lapping up the current silence. “Everyone leave” he gestured to the door.


Everyone other than Constance slowly made their way to the door. “You too, Constance” he added. Her face looked as if he had just done the worst thing in the world. Zelda couldn’t help herself but feel slightly smug.


“Magnus, Edward and Zelda, stay. These are matters that I need to discuss with you” he murmured.


She almost completely froze, out of shock more than anything. She assumed he wanted to actually be alone, not to just get rid of everyone else.


If looks could kill, Zelda would have been dead. She could see how infuriated it made Constance, that her fiancé had asked her to leave and his ex-lover to stay. But this wasn’t about that. It was about the safety of the coven. He had asked her to stay because she was a sovereign minister, not for any other reason.


Hours had past, and numerous communications with the palace later, the ultimate decision, though much disagreed upon, was to not extract the hostage from the witch hunters, as this had a potential to threaten the lives of many more witches.


Zelda had insisted to the council that she stay, and they all agreed that it was more than appropriate and that they would be sending a few of the palace guards in order to protect the Academy. The lead councilman also added that he would notify the head Sovereign, as he had no doubt that he would want to know. She would wait cautiously for his outburst that was bound to happen.


And an outburst it was.


As soon as he was told, Damon had sent a message to Zelda via one of the aids that attended Greendale with her. A wave of what was almost fear washed over her as she was summoned to astral project into his chambers at the palace, immediately. She knew he wasn’t going to be happy, but she never expected a tantrum quite on this scale for a Sovereign.


“I want you back here. NOW!” His deep voice roaring at her.


Instead of her usual back chat, she chose to remain silent, further adding to his infuriation.


“What, so you’re just going to ignore me?!” He snapped, now scattering as he paced. “You have been there a week and you are already acting differently! Allowing you to go was clearly a mistake”.


She had never seen him like this. So, she didn’t know how to react or behave. “You need to return to the safety of these palace walls Zelda! Do I make myself clear?” His tone dark and possessive.


For a second, she allowed herself to enjoy it. If anything, she found it fiercely attractive. And if the circumstance was that she was actually there and not just her spirit, she had a feeling that they both would no longer be standing where they were.


“I have offered to stay as a sovereign minister and offer support on behalf of the palace, as this problem needs to be resolved. Not just for the Church of Night, but for all covens. Wouldn’t you agree, your majesty?” Her voice as cold as ice.


Damon’s face turned crimson with anger from her formal tone and the use of his title and not his name.


He scoffed at her and she instantly regretted rolling her eyes as she knew he would have seen.


“So you’re not even going to use my name now? Oh Zelda come on!” He tried to calm his tone.


She pouted at him for a few seconds before responding. “Would you not agree?” She asked.


Conflicted by anger, he knew the answer, though he didn’t want to say it. His personal feelings getting in the way. His jealousy effecting his decision making. He was warned about this, many many times, by numerous people. Though he did not listen, as he thought he knew best. But they warned him that Zelda would eventually influence or effect him in one way or another.


And that she did.


“Of course I bloody agree!” He said out of frustration.


“Well then...” she began.


Well then , come home!” He cut her off.


She saw what looked like pain and considered maybe that she shouldn’t be in Greendale. Maybe this wasn’t for her to do. It was out of her job remit. “Damon... they need me”.


The fact she didn’t specify ‘they’ had his mind tormenting him further than what it already had been. He knew that she really meant her family, but his name crept crawling in.


“Bring them here, with you” he really tried.


She believed that he would move her entire family to Italy, even Ambrose. But that wasn’t the answer.


“You know that isn’t the answer...” she whispered as she saw a psychopump draw in.


“BUT I WANT YOU HERE!” He yelled and realised that he didn’t need to, as he had her full attention. “I want you safe Zelda”.


“I know” she replied. “But let’s do this, let’s destroy those witch hunters”.


She had convinced him, somehow, to let her stay and help, repeating how good it would be for him, the young Head Sovereign to support a coven in destroying a dangerous pack of witch hunters. One of his terms were that he sent a palace protector, specifically for her, as he didn’t think Drago would be enough. She reluctantly agreed.

Chapter Text


It had been several weeks since Sabrina’s baptism and Zelda would have wished that the witch hunter problem had almost been resolved, but unfortunately, it had worsened.


A few members of the coven had encountered attempted personal attacks to themselves, their families and their homes. It was beginning to get out of control. Zelda had pushed the palace to do more, but they were reluctant, therefore her hands were tied and she felt helpless.


Little was still known about the hunters, such as where they hide, how many there were, what weapons they truly had, who their leader was. The only thing they really knew was their intent, and that was the only fact they had.


Although an absolute disaster was happening, the moods of Zelda and Faustus were completely opposing the rest of the coven who were clearly anxious and concerned. They had been working together closely on how the coven could defeat the hunters.


On a regular basis, Faustus had been summoning Zelda to his office and to his absolute delight, she went. Every single time. The basis had become that regular, that Magnus began to raise a brow and wondered whether it was necessary. When he heard a few whispers and that other people had noticed, he shamefully knew that he would have to have an extremely difficult and uncomfortable conversation with the High Priest.


Magnus lingered after Faustus had briefed the professors on the new bedtime protocol for the students and decided it was now or never.


Faustus had sensed his friends hesitation and chose to call him out on it. “What is it Magnus?” He didn’t look up from his desk and continued to write his sermon for the next black mass.


“Your excellency?” Magnus questioned, the decision certainly being made for him to talk.


“You’re lingering... you never linger” Faustus observed.


“You’re infatuation with her is becoming noticeable your excellency” he closed his eyes slightly and dared to say, waiting for what he thought was going to be an explosive reaction, with Faustus telling him to mind his own business.


“Summoning her to your office, spending every possible moment with her, standing too close to her when you are near her” He continued but Faustus interrupted, “Zelda and I go back along time”. He chuckled, amused at Magnus’s observations.


Magnus huffed as he could see that Faustus was just trying to brush it off as nothing. But he witnessed the two of them, he see’s the looks that they share, the tension between them. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. The worst of it, was knowing their history.


“You’re a High Priest, I know that certain High Priests before you and even now, frequently sleep with members of their coven out of marriage, but you decided after Prudence, you would never go down that path again. You need to control yourself around her Faustus” Magnus warned.


Faustus stared at him blankly and a silence filled the room before he finally said “I don’t know if I can stay away from her”.


“You must” Magnus practically pleaded.


“I know” he agreed.


“She is not who we remember. She’s a Sovereign Minister, she works at the palace. Her priorities are not the same as ours anymore. She runs in circles with our leaders and our figureheads and we will do well to remember that” his tone gentle, hoping to not offend the High Priest in any way.


“You’re right” he faked a smile as he remembered that Magnus was right. One thing he forgot to mention, and Faustus was curious to see if it was purposefully missed, was who  she was with.




When Zelda arrived home she expected to find Sabrina there, yet everyone else apart from her was. She questioned Ambrose where she was and he was nervous to give her the answer as he knew that his Aunt Zelda was not going to be best pleased.


Ambrose was almost certain he felt the house shake and slipped out of the kitchen back to the safety of his attic, knowing what was about to happen.


Zelda went in search for her siblings and found them in the basement. Hilda and Ambrose had been converting it and was starting up a mortuary service that they were going to run from the house.


The conversation had started off by Zelda asking why Sabrina wasn’t at home yet, and that she went looking for her at the academy when she was there, but had no luck. Even though she knew damn well where her niece was.


Then Hilda’s high pitched tone pissed her off and she began yelling at her siblings once again, over Sabrina’s education.


Her young niece had been skipping a few classes at the academy to attend her mortal school, and Zelda was not impressed.


“In the middle of what is going on now, you allow her to be on her own, exposed and vulnerable?!” She tried calming down as she inhaled her cigarette.


“But that it why I allowed it Zelda. She is out of sight and out of mind at Baxter high!” Edward snapped back.


“She is EXPOSED there! With no magical protection! The academy has hundreds of protection spells and not to mention numerous experienced witches who can defend not only themselves but others too” she argued back.


“Plus Zelds, I have a friend who keeps an eye on her when she goes out with her friends after school” Hilda piped up.


“A friend?” Zelda mocked.


Hilda blushed and became giddy “Yeah. Dr Cee... well I’m not sure if we maybe a little more than friends actually...” she babbled on and Zelda grew tired of listening to her and caught a glimpse of a hammer on the embalming table next to her.


Subsequently, her younger sister slammed to the floor and Zelda stood over her with blood dripping from the hammer. Edward sighed and rolled his eyes at her. “Did you really have to?” He casually asked.


“Yes!” She hissed.


Just as Edward was about to respond, the phone rang. Zelda rolled her eyes at the interruption and slowly made her way up the stairs to answer it.


What ?” She snapped as she picked up the receiver.


“It’s me” he stated. Instantly her body had goose pimples. Why was he calling her? Why call the house, when she was with him an hour ago?


She paused, listening to the silence of the line, not knowing what to say, but he knew she was still there.


“Hello?” He called hoping she would say something.


She remained silent.


“Zelda...” he sighed.


“Hi” she finally whispered.


“Hi” he whispered back.


“You can’t call me” she regrettably told him.


“Why not?” He smiled, not that she could see.


“What if Constance hears you?”


She heard him chuckle and her tense body seemed to relax slightly. “When did you become concerned about what Constance hears?”


“I didn’t I just... never mind. What can I do for you, your excellency?” She asked politely.


If Magnus believed that he was summoning her to his office too often, then the phone calls in between office hours would have to suffice and be just as regular.


And regular they were.


Another week had past by, and every night Faustus had called the Spellman house to talk to Zelda and she would ensure no one else answered the phone before her. Never minding the fact that he spent a lot of his working day with her, in his office, with hardly anyone else there.


For the first day or two, the majority of the phone call had in fact, been about ‘work’. But as the week past, the amount of laughing and reminiscing drowned out all other conversation.


Also, Edward had noticed that the first phone call or two was taken in a place where the conversation could have easily been overheard, the lounge and the kitchen for example. But as the conversation relaxed, Zelda began sneaking off to her Fathers old office (now Edward’s) or to the privacy of her room. Just like Magnus, Edward had growing concerns about just how close Zelda and Faustus were becoming.


Late one evening, Edward had walked past Zelda’s room and heard her chuckling loudly. Assuming she was on the phone to Faustus, no doubt.


“Auntie Zee seems awfully happy recently, don’t you think?” Ambrose smirked, hoping his Uncle Edward would see that he was being suggestive. But perhaps Edward’s face told him that he didn’t.


Edward grunted as his response. What Ambrose didn’t realise was that he was already irritated by Zelda, so him saying that was just the cherry on top of the cake.


He hovered outside her bedroom waiting for her to get off the phone, and as soon as she did, he entered.


“Who’s side are you on Zee?...” he began interrogating, “... the Covens, or the sovereigns, hmmm? As you seem to be saying all the right things, yet you are doing exactly what the palace wants you to do! Which is nothing”.


Zelda watched her brother open mouthed in complete shock, and after a moment to process, she felt called out. The palace didn’t want her doing anything, literally. Yet she was showering Faustus with her support, knowledge and experience.


“I - “ she began but couldn’t even find words to respond.


“You have a conflict of interest in this so big that, I don’t even think there is a word for it” he told her. Zelda remained silent but motioned to light a cigarette. This was going to be a hard to hear from her brother.


“You are playing with fire” Edward accused.


Don’t tell me what I am or am not doing!” She hissed back at him.


“It’s amusing really that even after all this time, it’s still the two of them and that you find yourself in the middle of them, again.” He quietly huffed out a laugh, now pacing up and down her room and her eyes watched him like a hawk.


“Now you really are making things up brother” she tried.


“Zelda! You are working with, whatever that means, with Faustus, on something that non of us know how to handle. Then, on the other hand, you are still working for the Sovereign! You are still a Sovereign Minister, carrying out your palace duties and protocols, and at his every beck and call when you can be. As you are with Faustus. Can you not see what you are doing to yourself?” Edward felt almost defeated trying to explain to his sister what was happening.


For a minute, Zelda thought about what her brother had said. She couldn’t see it, but that was because her judgement had already been compromised.


“You can’t have them both, and you know you can’t have him Zee” he ultimately said.

Chapter Text

Damon was growing bored and irritated in one of his many meetings as Head Sovereign. The lack of concentration he would have during the meetings wouldn’t usually be so bad, due to Zelda filling him in on what he needed to know. But she currently wasn’t there to do that.


In the middle of one of the councils sentences Damon decided to rudely interrupt. “What of the witch hunters, in Greendale?” He casually interjected.


The councilman averted his eyes to the top of the table where Damon sat, surprised that he asked a question. “Your majesty, that topic is yet to be discussed”.


Damon smirked, the councilman clearly not understanding. “Yes, I’m aware. So what update do we have?” He asked, again.


The council all looked between themselves and knew they hadn’t a choice in changing topics.


“We sent a small unit of protectors to track them down and monitor them. Upon their investigation, I can confirm that their leader, Gabriel Lockhart is the son of previous leader, Christian Lockhart...” the councilman said, and Damon looked around to see if he should have known who that was. He raised a brow and the councilman continued, “...who was responsible for the murder of Penelope Spellman. Since that, the Angels gained a lot of attention and have grown massively in numbers, in turn, being able to do what they do, which is to wipe out entire covens”.


Damon’s blood pumped around his body like fire, he was furious. “WHY AM I ONLY FINDING THIS OUT NOW?” He roared at the room.


He stood and his chair flung back from frustration. He created fists as he raised his arms and consequently, the huge stained glass windows smashed. A few of the council on the side of the table nearest the windows cowered and covered their heads.


Damon stormed over to the councilman who recently advised him that it was a sensible idea to let Zelda go to Greendale to represent him, and gripped him by his collar. “And you allowed me to send her away!” He snapped. He could hear the thoughts of the warlock and decided to let him go when he thought Damon was going to kill him.


He turned around to the rest of them and saw the utter horror on their faces. “Bring her back! Now !” His voice the deepest it could get.


“Your majesty, she will not come back. She has informed us that she will not rejoin us until the threat is dealt with” one of them quietly informed.


“Have you misunderstood?” Damon sarcastically asked.


“No, your majesty” he backed away.


Damon retired to his chambers and awaited the news of Zelda being brought back to the palace. He knew he would have to deal with her wrath, but he didn’t care. It would be worth it.


In his chambers, Damon stood over the open fire with his favourite drink, attempting to ease his mood. He rubbed his temples as he had never felt so anxious. He began to feel guilt, like he had allowed her to go to, currently what was one of the most dangerous places for a witch, but he needed to inform her about the hunters and he wouldn’t let anyone else do it. It had to be him. The realisation that he was in over his head with his feelings for Zelda dawned on him whilst in his own company.


They were complicated, they always had been. Just like she had once said; like thunder and lightening . He hummed at the memory and thought that thunder and lightening go together, extremely well in fact.


The time offered him no comfort, as it had been hours since he had demanded his guards to bring her to him. So he thought he might talk to the Dark Lord, as this felt like his last resort.


“Dark Lord, I know I can be unjust at times instead of the righteous Sovereign my Grandfather was. You know I’m so much more deserving than the weak, egocentric, stubborn High Priest. Then tell me Dark Lord, why this burning desire is consuming me?” He rhetorically asked, hoping and listening for a response.


“I feel her, I see her, the moonlight shining against her light copper hair. She has me completely infatuated. Don’t allow her to blaze me out of control or else let her be mine and mine alone” he finished.


Just as he felt he was beginning to calm down, he was interrupted by the councilman he had scuffed, not to long ago.


“Your Majesty, she is not at the academy or the Spellman house. We can not locate her” the councilman scarcely told him.


“What, how?.... never mind” he paused and instantly thought of Blackwood. It was fascinating really, seeing as he had sent a protector specifically to be glued to her and now they can not locate her. He didn’t know why his mind was tormenting itself more than unusual, but he always had reservations about her going to Greendale, given her history with the High Priest. Yet, he had to remember that she stood with him over the past century, even if it was more off than on at times. Though that did not give him comfort and his thoughts raced to the two of them together, and this only made him more frustrated.


“FIND HER!! I will find her even if I have to burn down all of Greendale!!!” He roared at the councilman, who understandably was shaking.


Damon frequently misplaced his understanding of how intimidating he could truly be due to the title he held and that he had a villainous streak that a lot of the time was hidden, but it would make itself known when he wanted.


“But your majesty, you can not leave the palace -“ The councilman stopped as he saw the Sovereign stalk up to him with haste.


“THAT’S ENOUGH!” A deep voice yelled.


Damon’s face was scrunched angrily in the councilman’s, but slowly backed away to see who dared to challenge him.


“Uncle” Damon nodded.


It was surprising to the councilman that Damon had backed down so easily at the presence of his great uncle.


“You may be the Head Sovereign, but you are not the only Sovereign” his uncle humoured.


“Evidently” Damon sarcastically replied.


“Leave us” Marcus motioned the councilman to the door. “He’s right you know” he added.


“In what regard?” Damon sighed, full well knowing in what regard.


“You cannot leave the palace. It is against protocol without a whole plan being devised and authorised” Marcus insisted.


His nephew flung around his attitude and frustration and poured himself another drink. “It is infuriating! I can’t even leave my own palace when I want. I’m one of the most powerful warlocks to walk the earth and I can’t just take a spontaneous trip somewhere”.


Marcus hummed a chuckle. “Unfortunately, that comes with being the Head Sovereign. There may be three of us in power at one time, but as you have discovered over the past few decades, there is only really one that rules and that comes with restrictions”.


“It’s limitations are beginning to feel excruciating” he murmured under his breath.


“Perhaps you will allow them to do what you’ve asked. They will not fail you” he assured his nephew.


“Hmmm, perhaps” His tone indicating not.


Damon headed for the door as he grew tired of everyone trying to tell him what to do.


“You can not go to Greendale” his uncle had one last attempt.


“Watch me” he smirked.




It had been a long and gloomy day in Greendale and somehow, Zelda found herself walking home through the woods, accompanied by the High Priest.


Throughout her day, she helped Edward mark some of his students essays, adjusted his next lesson and even secretly listened to the satanic choir, just because she wanted to see what Constance was like as directrix.


Then she found herself being summoned to the High Priests office and after talking through their day to one another, they found themselves quite indulged in their third game of chess when Zelda realised the late hour.


She insisted that she would teleport home after she dismissed her protector hours ago to keep watch of the house, but Faustus demanded he walk her home as he would have an entourage of Judas boys who would watch over them at a distance.


Without discussion, they both walked in the direction of the long way to the Spellman house. It was unusually familiar, as they frequently did this over a century ago, but it had become a distance memory.


Her laughter echoed through the trees and Faustus remembered how much he enjoyed to not only see her laughing but to hear it. He realised he perhaps was looking at her for a second or two longer than necessary but he struggled to stop.


She taught him how to be gentle, his usual hardened and cold demeanour softened for her. He felt himself get closer to her as they walked and to his delightful surprise, she didn’t recreate a space between them.


“It suits you” she smiled as she hooked her arm through his.


“What does?” He smirked.


“The cane” she simply said.


“Mmm, I never did get to thank you for it”. He remembers seeing the black box and reading the note inside in her extraordinarily neat writing. “You always did know me well” he added.


She lightly laughed at his comment. If he thought she knew him as well as that, there was one thing that she didn’t understand that he had done in the past century. One thing that she had asked herself daily since being back in Greendale that she couldn’t figure out.


She hummed and then stopped herself from speaking, though annoyingly, Faustus had already picked up on that she was going to talk.


“What is it?” He asked curiously.


“Nothing” she replied far too quickly, like a reflex.


They walked a few more steps in silence before Faustus spoke again. “I know you want to know, so why don’t you just ask”.


Did he know what she wanted to know?


“And what might that be” she chuckled calmly.


“Constance” he sternly said her name, like it irritated him to say it. “How we -“.


“No, I don’t need to -“


He stopped walking and he gently pulled her arm so that she would stop to. “Zelda...”


She looked into his eyes and he saw the dread. “Don’t. You owe me nothing. You certainly do not owe me an explanation”. With her free hand, she smoothed over her hair and they both resumed walking.


“Plus, gossip travels fast amongst the damned, or if your brother is Edward Spellman” she joked and they both burst out laughing and the slight awkward moment that had built up had completely washed away, just in perfect timing for her to be at the start of the Spellman yard.


Reaching the steps of the porch and Zelda really slowly pulled her arm from his and stood opposite him, looking deeply into his eyes. “Thank you, your excellency” she charmed.


They were stood close, their proximity over the past few weeks getting closer and closer. It’s like there was a pull, a magnet that was slowly bringing them closer.


His face was so, so close , their lips practically ghosting over each other’s. Zelda gasped for breath, but Faustus took it as an opportunity for one of his hands to  slowly cup her face as a comfort.


The moment was soon cut short as Sabrina opened the front door. “Aunt Zelda!” She half gasped as her auntie and the high priest subtly put space between them.


“Goodnight, Sister Zelda. Miss Spellman” he nodded.


Zelda went to her room without another word to anyone as she found it slightly uncomfortable that her niece had witnessed her being a little too comfortable with Father Blackwood.


Sabrina couldn’t drop it and knew she wouldn’t get answers from the horses mouth, so she went to the next best person. Her Aunt Hilda.


Hilda was just finishing icing one of the many cakes that she had prepared for the hare moon, when she saw her niece hanging around the kitchen.


“Aunt Hilda, can I ask you something?”


“Of course you can my darling” she chuckled.


“Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood...” she began, but didn’t know how to finish the sentence.


“What about them, love?” Hilda nervously asked, not knowing if she was the best to have this conversation with Sabrina.


“They are... friends?”


Hilda put down the icing and sat down next to her niece. “The thing is Sabrina, they went to the academy together, along with your Father and Magnus. They were all in the same classes. They’ve known each other for a long time”.


Even Sabrina didn’t believe that was all of the story. “Auntie, please” she snorted.


“Well, yes, they erm, they were together when they were younger. Before that, your Aunt Zelda went to an academy in Italy, which is where she met the Head Sovereign. Then she came back to Greendale after our mother died and that is when she met Father Blackwood. They were together for all of their academy years and even a little after that, before she went back to Italy”. Hilda tried to keep it brief.


“Like together, really together?” Sabrina repeated.


“Yes Sabrina” Hilda chuckled. “They were very happy together, actually”.


“Wow I can’t believe Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood were actually together. I bet my dad wasn’t happy” she laughed.


“That’s a whole other story, now off to bed!”.

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In the kitchen of the Spellman house, Zelda was enjoying her morning cigarette and coffee in complete silence when her brother scurried into the kitchen. “What are you doing? We need to leave!” Edward flustered.


Zelda looked confused at her brother, having no idea what the rush is. “Why? We don’t need to be at the academy for another 40 minutes” she said, double checking the time.


“Father Blackwood has called a last minute meeting this morning, and before you ask, no I don’t know why” he said as he gathered his things into his briefcase.


Zelda rolled her eyes and put out her half smoked cigarette, that she was sure she would come to regret not smoking, and headed to the academy with her brother.


They walked down the halls and Zelda sensed that something was off, the atmosphere had changed, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint why. She then assumed it was her that felt off, nervous almost, due to their almost moment last night, before Sabrina interrupted. Was he going to act like it didn’t happen? The closer they got to the High Priests office she saw that there were a lot more palace guards than usual and a few more protectors. She thought that perhaps one of the council had stopped by and had news.


Outside the office doors stood 2 guards that she knew and was unsure as to why they were here as they were on the Sovereign protection detail not the councils. Without another seconds hesitation she barged her way into the office.


“Damon?!” Her breath caught.


What in Satan’s name was he doing here?


“Hello Zelda” he smirked.


She finally looked around the room and saw Faustus looking like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any second and Constance, of course, stood right next to him. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, feeling paranoid that Damon had turned up, unannounced, and that Faustus would have had to deal with him first, knowing what almost happened between them.


“The Head Sovereign saw it fit to show us his support... in person” Magnus smiled awkwardly and then went on to look at Edward for an answer.

Faustus’s mood was thunderous. Missing his opportunity with Zelda last night due to Sabrina’s interruption, and walking into his office to find non other than the Head Sovereign, more commonly known to him as Damon, Zelda’s royal boyfriend, as he had once called him when they were young. 


The tension in the room couldn’t have gotten any higher. Zelda looked for a window as she honestly thought she may faint.


Faustus, Zelda and Damon all exchanged very awkward looks with each other and the remaining people in the room all saw it, then each exchanged a look between themselves.


Damon very obviously walked over to Zelda and slowly leaned forward to dramatically kiss her cheek, all whilst making sure Faustus saw him. The familiarity of his citrus scent and warmth made Zelda realise that she had actually missed him. Damon then purposefully went to greet Edward, who he hadn’t seen for a long time.


Edward was more than happy to embrace his hug, ensuring to clear his thoughts beforehand. “It’s good to see you Edward”.


“You too. I’m sure you and my sister have an awful lot to catch up on” Edward then looked at Zelda.


“That we do” he dangerously smirked.


“Yes, why don’t we give the Head Sovereign and sister Zelda the room for a moment” Faustus quickly suggested, not being able to bare being in that office for a second longer.


As Faustus walked past, Zelda looked at him with apologetic eyes, but he didn’t look at her.


When everyone else had left the room, Zelda didn’t waste a single second before she began her interrogation. “What are you doing here?!” She snarled.


“It’s good to see you too, Zelda” he chuckled at how mad she clearly was that he didn’t tell her he was visiting.


“Damon!” She raised her voice at him.


He stalked up to her and decided to run his fingers gently down her face. “I’ve missed you”.


Damn it. He knew how to soften her, but she refused to let him. She slapped away his hand and took a few steps back.


“I’ll ask again, what are you doing here! You can’t just leave the palace. It’s against protocol!” She snapped.


Damon sighed, as he was bored of people repeating the same thing to him. “And yet, here I am”.


Faustus, Edward, Magnus and Constance all waited outside and could hear the two of them continue to shout at each other. There was a lot of ‘ I’m the Head Sovereign, I can do what I please’, and even more of ‘ I told you I wanted you back in Italy and you chose to ignore me’.


Then it got worse.






Faustus sighed and put his hand over his face, trying to shield some small amount of embarrassment. Edward and Magnus exchanged an understanding look, they knew that Damon wasn’t completely wrong.




“Are they like this at home?” Edward sarcastically asked one of the guards.


“Not always... only on occasion” he whispered.


It all went quiet and they could no longer hear what they were saying. Though it didn’t mean they weren’t saying anything.


“Please just understand” she begged him. He was so mad, he couldn’t even look at her. He felt like he was losing an inventional game and that Blackwood was winning. Damon knew he was engaged to Constance, he was the one who had to approve the marriage proposal, and of course as soon as he saw the name ‘Faustus Blackwood’ he immediately approved because the other name wasn’t Zelda’s, but it didn’t keep his jealousy under control.


She ran her hands through his long hair and pulled him towards her so his forehead was resting on hers. “Please” she repeated.


Before another moment slipped away, he captured her lips and surprisingly she was more than receptive and deepened the kiss, clearly missing his affection. Arguing with him always did work a miracle. He pulled away, before allowing himself to slip too deeply. “There is something you need to know, and I wanted to be the one to tell you. It’s why I’m here”.


Concern grew on her face and the glassy eyes she had a moment ago, completely vanished. “What is it?” She cautiously asked.


He took a deep breath, knowing that this was going to be challenging, telling her that the witch hunters she so desperately wants to eliminate, are also responsible for murdering her mother.


Their faces were still extremely close and he thought it be best to keep her as close as possible, in case of any spontaneous magical outburst she may have. “The council sent a unit of protectors to investigate the witch hunters further, and the findings are going to be difficult for you to hear...” he paused and watched her face for a change of reaction, but it remained concerned. “... the witch hunters, they... they are the same witch hunters that are responsible for your mother’s death”.


Her eyes instantly began to water, but she fought back the tears and held them in, not wanting to cry in front of him. Words were lost to her, she couldn’t think of a single thing to say. Luckily Damon knew exactly what to say.


“I promised you that we would kill them, and now it is time for me to uphold that promise. We will kill them, Zelda” he whispered gently into her ear, as he pulled her extremely tense body to his. Though resistant at first, she finally allowed herself to hug him back, needing the comfort that his warm body and citrus scent offered her.


The room began vibrating and Damon knew it was Zelda’s anger. Upon feeling the academy shake, Edward thought it best to barge into the office to investigate.

When he saw the two of them hugging, he knew something was wrong. Zelda’s head was buried in Damon’s broad chest and Edward felt a pull in his chest.


“What’s wrong?” He asked, not caring which of them answered him.


“Close the door Edward” Damon told him.


Damon told Edward about the witch hunters, and with no surprise he was furious and more vengeful than ever. Zelda had never seen her brother like that before, she thought she carried the temper for the whole family until she saw her Edward. Faustus and Magnus rejoined them when they heard something smash. To both of their surprise, it wasn’t Zelda that was the culprit, it was her brother.


Once Faustus and Magnus were informed, the room was silent. It wasn’t even an uncomfortable silence, they were all thinking. Damon of course, had not left Zelda’s side as she sat on one of the chairs in the office. He stood protectively behind her and gently rubbed her shoulders, not that it was easing anything.


“What do we do now?” Magnus asked, hoping one of them had a solution to this. “It’s the hare moon, and we have the coven’s picnic in the woods, we can not cancel it”.


Zelda sighed, forgetting she helped Magnus plan the picnic in the woods. “We’ll have to do it here, at the academy” she suggested.


“Here?” Magnus dramatically said.


“Yes, so we can protect the coven and so we don’t have to cancel it. We can not panic the coven. Just slight adjustments for their safety.” she added.


“It could work” Faustus finally spoke. “I’ll summon the coven to the desecrated church and make an announcement at witching hour. We’ll have a hare moon ball instead” he smiled directly at Zelda.


She caught his sight and both of them understood their mutual look and a small smile formed on her lips.


Damon insisted Zelda at least went back to the Spellman house, if she wasn’t going to go home with him. After what he had told her, she was more determined than ever to stay and ensure the death of each one of them. But of course, she stayed at the academy so he decided to stay with her for a little longer. His protection detail was getting extraordinarily anxious, as they shouldn’t have been in Greendale in the first place, never mind the threat of the witch hunters.


Sabrina and Hilda was summoned to the High Priests office by Edward so he could tell them. Hilda for the majority remained silent. Sabrina on the other hand, was frustratingly asking questions that no one had the answers to. It wasn’t until Damon interfered that she finally stopped.


A few hours had past since being summoned and Damon was growing irritated by his protection constantly suggesting they get back to Italy. Zelda told him that he needed to go back, for his safety and before the council all want to burn him for not following protocol.


They went out into the hallway so they could have a private moment away from everyone else, but sneakily, Damon left the door open just enough for Faustus to see.


“I promised you that we would kill them, so that is what we will do” he reassured her as he cupped her face.


“I believe you” she smiled into his hands.


“I’ll do everything I can from the Palace, but promise me something?” He bluntly asked.


“Mmm” she mumbled to him, apprehensive of what he was going to ask.


“I want to see you, at the palace, frequently. We do not know how long this will go on for Zelda, and I do not wish to be without your presence for too long, and I don’t just mean astral project, I mean, I want to see you” he didn’t think he was asking for the world with this. His main priority was to ensure she was safe.


“Okay” she simply said and he was taken back that she didn’t even bicker with him over it.


His smirk was evident, and for a second he felt extremely powerful because she agreed with him and without a further hesitation, he kissed her and it wasn’t just a peck, he deepened it instantly and she even let out a small whimper, of course he checked to see if Faustus was watching. Which he was. When he pulled away, she didn’t want it to end and all of a sudden remembered that she was at the academy and became frustrated that that was as much as could happen.


“I must go...” he smiled at her.


She watched him step back with his protectors and they teleported out of the academy. A sunken feeling overwhelmed her, but realised that she had work to do in order to retain her peaceful life.


“I want someone to watch over Prudence as much as possible” Faustus told Magnus and Edward. He thought he got away with saying before Zelda re-entered his office, but luck wasn’t on his side.


She instantly looked confused, wondering why he would single out a student at the academy. “Prudence?” She questioned.


Edward and Magnus shot a look at each other and dread the worst. They knew, she still didn’t know. Not many people did, only the people that had to, really.


A tense silence surfaced and Faustus was debating what to do. To lie, and make something up, or to just tell her. She stared at him hard, waiting for an answer.


“Can Zelda and I have the room?” He asked Magnus and Edward without adverting his eyes to them, them remaining strongly on her.


“Have I missed something, your excellency?” She cautiously asked, not entirely convinced she wanted to know the answer.


“It is something I’m not proud of Zelda” he turned to look out of the window, not being able to bare looking at her out of cowardice.


She waited for him to continue and grew more anxious as the seconds past.


“Prudence is my daughter, Zelda” he told her, regrettably.


A nervous laugh escaped her “I do not understand. Sabrina informs me that you aren’t at all nice to her, cruel even. That you pick the two of them out frequently...” she tried making it make sense as she spoke but it wasn’t working.


He allowed her to mumble on for a minute before he set her straight. “BECAUSE SHE WAS A MISTAKE!”.


“How can you-“ she started to ask, and he knew what she wanted to know. It was clearly a sensitive thing to say to her, given that they had lost a child.


He grunted before continuing to tell her, “I have grown fond of Prudence, to care and protect her as a father should. Regrettably, over the years I have not been there for her”.


She now understood his action and attitudes towards both Sabrina and Prudence. At times, they reminded him of her and that was clearly too much for him to handle.


“Watching you walk away, killed me Zelda!” He hissed at her, like it was her fault. “You know me! You know that I wouldn’t have just fallen for some witch and done this knowingly. I will never forgive myself for doing that to you”.


His words cut her deeply. After all this time the heartbreak was still overwhelmingly strong. For years, she had buried her pain deep and layered her feelings for Damon on top of it. He was her perfect distraction.


She was deemed speechless. They had flirted and danced around each other ever since she arrived back in Greendale, and the light playful tone of their relationship that they had set with their brief moments of intimacy had all come undone because of what he had just revealed to her. It was now difficult, complicated and painful.


What she couldn’t understand was, why he had said that he wouldn’t forgive himself for doing it to her. But they weren’t together, they hadn’t been for nearly a century when it happened. What was he trying to tell her?



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After an extremely awkward moment in the High Priests office, Magnus and Edward had saved the two of them from imploding.


It was an uncomfortable atmosphere for all four of them after. Magnus and Edward didn’t know what had happened, or what was said, but they knew that whatever it was, it was complicated.


Zelda had felt guilt for the majority of the day. Faustus revealing what he did, played on her mind and all the feelings she had done so well to bury fought to the surface. The defences she had protected herself with were crumbling down by non other than the High Priest she lied to herself about getting over.


When they had decided to call it a day, Zelda couldn’t have gotten out of the office quick enough, which was a surprise to Edward as she had been doing anything and everything she could to be in there for the past few weeks.


He noticed something had bothered her, as she had been unusually quiet and reserved, unlike her usual confident and opinionated self. He could only imagine the conversation that went on between the two of them when he left the room, knowing he would have told her about Prudence. Without a word, she went straight to her room, reminding him of when they were students at the academy.


She closed the door behind her and pressed her back against it, almost as if it was going to stop anyone entering. His words were spinning around her head and she became annoyed with herself and her lack of a response. She slid down the door and hugged her knees, wanting nothing more than comfort.


Pulling herself together, she went in hunt of the decanter of whiskey she knew Edward kept in his office and positioned herself comfortably outside to chain smoke.


As Zelda went to pour herself another glass, she found that the decanter was in fact empty and suddenly felt slightly tipsy. In her irrational thinking, she checked the time and saw that it wasn’t too late, and thought it would be a logical idea to pay the High Priest a visit, given he is still at the academy.


Teleporting whilst not fully sober was interesting, but she managed it nevertheless, and knocked on the doors of his office without given herself an opportunity to hesitate, and he responded almost immediately for her to enter.


“Your excellency” she greeted him and saw that he was not expecting to see her again so soon.


“Sister Zelda” he coldly said.


“I’ve just come to tell you -“ she began boldly but somehow she couldn’t finish that sentence without being fearful of the outcome.


“Tell me, what?” He groaned, already tired and agitated from the day.


“It killed me too” she bravely told him. “And that these, moments between us aren’t real” her voice having a slight quiver in it.


He considered whether she actually had meant that last bit. Surely, she was lying? He felt it, as much as she did. They were real. He could see in those deep emerald eyes of hers that there was pain. She didn’t mean it. But he thought it be best to go along with what she wanted.


He clenched his jaw, “Of course. We can be strictly professional”. Faustus would have thought that saying that, would have hurt him more than it did. When actually, it just angered him. Damon’s visit had clearly had an effect on her and he reminded himself of the conversation about Zelda not being on their side completely, because of who she now was and the position that she held.




The following few days were difficult, to say the least. Faustus had shut Zelda out of several meetings regarding his announcements to the coven, never informing her that the meetings were happening and then asking Edward or Magnus to inform her of his decisions. It was unfair that he was dragging his two friends into the middle of their professional relationship. Though, this did not stop Faustus from calling the Spellman house at night. He was resilient, every single night at 10pm, without fail he called. Zelda on the other hand, wasn’t happy with his behaviour in the slightest and ignored all of his calls. The meetings she was informed about were a complete waste of her time and lasted no longer than 15 minutes and they were never alone.


The hare moon celebration turned ball, that was now taking place at the academy, was only a day away and Zelda finally had an excuse to be at the academy all day. She frequently looked for the High Priest to see if he was going to show an interest but he didn’t, not even once. With her reluctancy to seek him out, she sent a student to inform him that everything was ready, and that if he had any issues, he knew where to find her.


Faustus was furious with her, that she couldn’t even tell him, herself. That night the Spellman phone did not ring at 10pm like it had done that week. Zelda found that she was also home alone, other than Ambrose of course who locks himself in the attic, her sister at the movies with that mortal, Dr Dracula , as she liked to call him, Edward said he’d be home late as usual and Sabrina was spending time with Nicholas Scratch. Nothing like peace and quiet she thought.


Zelda fluttered her eyes open, as she distantly heard banging. When she fully awoke she realised that it was someone at the front door and hoped that Hilda or someone would answer it. A few more knocks and Zelda realised that when she had unknowingly drifted to sleep, and that Ambrose had probably fallen asleep with headphones on as usual.


She grunted and dragged herself from the comfort of her bed, grabbed her robe and headed for the door. As she past the clock in the hall, she saw that it was just after 5am.


What in Satan’s name...’ she mumbled to herself, curious to who would be at her door at this hour.


Swinging the door open in frustration of having being woken up, she confusingly looked at Magnus and half a dozen Judas boys only a meter or two behind him. Naturally, she thought of the worst but couldn’t speak.


“He wants to see you” Magnus finally revealed.


Before reacting, Zelda thought about whether or not this was him abusing his position with her and pulling rank, or he actually wanted to see her. She looked hard at Magnus and saw that his face gave away nothing.


“No” she said as she went to close the door, but Magnus quickly stopped her.


“It isn’t a request Zelda” he warned.


She huffed and stomped back up the stairs to get herself ready. She had no idea where she was going or why he wanted to see her at this hour, so naturally chose a dress, stockings, heels and a coat. All black of course, to emphasise her mood with him.


Just as she was ready, out of habit she looked into the mirror and dabbed her lips and smoothed her hair, ensuring not a piece out of place. Closing the door behind her, Magnus opened a portal in the Spellman yard. She was impressed as not many witches could open portals, it was complex magic that only a few was gifted with, her father being one of them.


As she stepped through, she recognised her surroundings immediately. They were in the middle of the Greendale woods and she saw that Faustus was stood with his back to her, clearly waiting, with the other half a dozen Judas boys.


“Magnus could have told me where I’d be going, I could have dressed for it” she half attempted at breaking the tension between them. Though she looked behind her, to see that Magnus had not followed her through.


The recognition of her voice had him turn immediately to face her. “Be quiet” he snapped.


She rolled her eyes at his attitude and crossed her arms. Knowing, she should have known better than him just wanting to see her. “What are we doing?” She asked, not caring that she was just told to be quiet.


He began walking off before answering her and of course, she followed. “We are going hunting for those things that call themselves Angels” he hissed.


“Well do I get a weapon, preferably my bow and arrows?” She asked, annoyed as she saw the Judas boys all equipped with rifles.


“No” he said and kept walking.


“Well that doesn’t seem fair” she scoffed at him.


Faustus halted, as did everyone else and turned to look at her from his distance “Life isn’t fair Zelda!” He yelled.


“What is your problem?” Her voice gentle, not to annoy him further.


“I don’t have a problem” he sneered and continued walking with frustration.


“Then why are you sending your entourage to get me out of my house at 5 in the morning, so you can summon me to the woods?” She continued to walk after him, now only a few steps behind.


“They do as I say”


“I don’t do as you say” she lied.


“You should, I am your High Priest” he told her, even though he knew he wasn’t technically speaking.


“Are you angry with me because I haven’t been taking your phone calls?” She asked and he stopped walking again, choosing not to look back at her.


The Judas boys also stopped in their paths waiting for the High Priest to decide whether he was going to continue walking or not.


There was complete silence in the woods as he regained her eye contact. She was standing there feeling completely vulnerable and he finally looked at her properly, seeing that she really wasn’t dressed for an outing in the woods. “Why are you still fulfilling your Sovereign duties for the palace, when you are here as a minister to help fight this impossible situation?”.


Yet again, her eyes rolled, knowing someone had gotten to him. It was the day of the hare moon, she really didn’t have time to deal with one of the High Priests tantrums. She was doing everything she could, it wasn’t her fault that he shut her out of meetings.


“Are you upset because the Sovereigns are actually helping us, because this situation is too big for just us, or because of who the Sovereign is?” She chuckled, calling him out for the first time since she had been back.


That is what this was about and she knew it. It was Damon’s visit that had rattled him enough for him to want to abuse his power and summon her, in secret no doubt, so he could take his feelings out on her.


“OH COME ON ZELDA, THIS ISN’T ABOUT THAT” he yelled and paced a few steps towards her.


“Well it sure feels that way, I’m in the middle of the woods for what, so you can yell at me?”. His height towered over her, attempting to intimidate her into thinking that this wasn’t about that.


“You need to choose what side you are on Zelda” he threatened and progressed with walking away from her.


“We are all on the same side Faustus, do you not understand? The palace has agreed to support in whatever way they can, that is more than you ever thought you would get” she reminded him and tried to catch up with his big strides.


Faustus continued to walk before abruptly stopping once again and narrowed his eyes at Zelda. “With the help of old boyfriends? You two sure looked fairly cosy with each other when he dropped by the other day”. And there it was, after all this time, he could no longer hide his jealousy.


She looked deep within his darkened eyes, the pure blue oceans she would usually see were darkened by torment. Surprisingly, his words took her back as she realised that he must have seen the kiss she shared with Damon.


Faustus paused for a moment, considering whether he was going to let his jealously consume him or not, but it was Zelda, he had no control and he was selfish when it came to her.


“Does he make you scream like I do? Does he know how much you like it when my hand is around your throat and whisper the filthy names you like to be called when I’m inside you? Does your name sound better coming from my lips or his? Is he everything you’ve ever dreamed of?”.  Tears built rapidly in her eyes and he knew once he saw, that he had gone too far, though she was determined to not let him see them fall.


She recognised the pain and hurt on his face, and that clearly after all this time, he hadn’t healed. Memories of him whispering in her ear while fucking her aroused her, to her complete disgrace. The way he used to dominate not only her body, but also her mind. The painful way their relationship had come to an end.


She was so angry with him. The bright morning sky began darkening as Zelda’s mood darkened with hurt as she watched him walk away. “Faustus, stop walking” she didn’t sound anywhere near as demanding as she’d hoped and he kept walking away from her.


“STOP WALKING!” She screamed.


“Look at me.... LOOK AT ME!” she demanded. Though he couldn’t turn around, he’d just realised what he’d done to her and what he’d said. It wasn’t because they were in front of his entourage of Judas boys, it was because he was still angry after all this time and he was jealous.


Jealous that some other warlock had their hands on her body when nobody else should be allowed to even look at her. He wanted to serve penance to himself there and then for the hurtful words he’d just thrown at her. He slowly turned around, dreading how upset she was going to look and be with him.


“I’m not with Damon...” she hesitated for a moment before finally giving in to what was inevitable, “... it’ll always be you”.


Faustus completely relaxed his extremely tense and fury inflated body, his face softened to see tears filling in her eyes, before he stormed over, stretching his arms out so that his hands could cup her face and his lips aggressively bruised hers with force. Zelda felt herself slightly stumble back from the impact of Faustus’s body, as he proceeded to back her body against a tree, enabling him to gain full control. His hands lowered themselves and stroked her body in rough grabs, pulling her hips against his thigh. Zelda’s core ached at the feeling of his muscular thigh rubbing between her legs as his mouth moved to ghost over her jaw and eventually sinking his teeth gently into her neck, the whimper that escaped her lips only intensified his need for her. One of his hands found the length of her dress and snaked a hand up, searching for its desired destination, and finally sighing as his hand rubbed against the silk material. The pair of them completely forgetting the presence of the Judas boys.


Zelda moaned into his shoulder that she was also scratching at, desperate for closer contact, even though nearly every inch of them was touching. Faustus silenced her with his tongue curling against hers and heard her whimper for more, just as he felt her hands shoving him away from her, whining at the loss.


Both of them struggled for breath and her face was the saddest he had ever seen it. “But I’m not yours anymore” she silently cried, taking steps away from the tree in fear that if she was close to it, she’d end up back against it.


“I know that. But it’s not over between us Zelda” he told her, not allowing for any misinterpretation.


“Then don’t let it be” she made it sound like she was telling him, and began to walk away from the High Priest.


At first, Faustus didn’t register quite what she had said, as he was in way too much shock, but as he saw her getting further away he called after her, “Are you saying there is hope?”.


She didn’t answer him and continued to walk away. “Zelda, are you saying there is hope?” He begged.


Her mind couldn’t cope with this, it’s like her heart was breaking all over again. Being here with him just made it so difficult. All the memories that these woods held and the jealousy that Faustus had was undeniable.


She stopped walking and Faustus was hopeful she would tell him what he wanted to hear but didn’t turn around to face him, she couldn’t bare to look at him again.


“There’s hope”.




Chapter Text


Constance stormed into the office at the academy “I think we need to have a discussion” she huffed.


“What?” He mumbled whilst raising his eyes from his book to see her approaching his desk.


“I think we need to have a serious discussion about your whereabouts this morning” she said as she crossed her arms.


“What are you talking about?” He questioned, sighing, really not having the patience for this.


“I’m talking about Zelda Spellman” she took a deep breath, and saw Faustus’s reaction. “You summoned her to the woods, really Faustus?!” She snapped.


“I’m not doing this with you” he leaned back in his chair expecting her to leave.


“So what was it? You just needed to spend a few minutes with her, alone, without anyone at the academy interfering, for what?” The anger and jealously was boiling inside of her.


He didn’t even want to speak. All he could think about was Zelda, when she came back all she had done is occupy his mind, every waking and sleeping minute.


“Get over her” a half hearted effort to sound like she had any authority in the relationship.


“Constance...” he sighed.


“GET OVER HER!” She screamed, the jealously finally surfacing and pouring out of her.


His eyes were wide in shock. She was hurt and he could see that. Constance always knew that her fiancé lusted and longed for Zelda but she thought in some strange way she could replace her, and he would offer her the same caring and loving side she knew appeared for Zelda. But it seemed that she wasn’t even close to seeing that side of him and it was reserved for only Zelda.


“See her again in private, without my knowledge Faustus, and I’ll tell everyone what a voracious slut  the high priest is for Zelda Spellman” she hissed as she stormed out of his office.




Zelda was at her vanity when Hilda knocked on her door. “Are you ready Zelds? Edward has just left for the academy, Father Blackwood has asked him to get there early” she asked.


She sighed at her reflection, knowing that unfortunately whether she wanted to or not, she would have to go to the extremely untraditional hare moon ball.


“Yes Hildy, I’ll be down in a moment”.


“You look wonderful Zelds” she chuckled.


“As do you”.


White wasn’t really on Zelda’s list of colours that she wore frequently, other than her Sovereign blouse, but even she had to admit, the dress that had been picked out by the palace was something to be happy about wearing.


Double checking that Hilda had left her room, she summoned a small black box that she had kept hidden for over a century. Inside, the gold leaf ring that Faustus gave her. Opening the box and seeing it again caused a tightness in her chest, regardless of that feeling she decided to put it on.


Since the woods, she had not being able to stop thinking about him. His kiss was cosmic, the feel of his hand raking over her body was practically electrifying and it had taunted her all day.


Luckily, this was a coven event and knew that Faustus would be busy entertaining the whole coven and could easily stay out of his way for the majority of the night. She knew for optic purposes she would need to be seen having a conversation with him, dreading how that would go, given the last thing she had said to him.


Throughout the day, Zelda had asked herself why in Satan’s name she would tell him that there was hope. That was basically her saying that her being a sovereign minister and him a High Priest didn’t matter, when of course it did. Realistically it could never work, and for absolute certainty, Damon would never approve.


Her mind also cast itself to the irrational part of her that thought it was okay, and that of course there would be hope and that everything would resolve itself, and that they could live happily ever after like the endings in Hilda’s books.


Unfortunately, they weren’t in a fairytale.


She dragged herself up off her chair and met her sister downstairs to teleport to the academy to join the coven in the celebrations.


When at the academy, Zelda instantly sought out the bar to find Magnus there, both of them clearly having the same idea.


“Just like old times Zelda, you have done a marvellous job” he complimented and past her a flute of champagne.


They clinked their glasses and Zelda downed the whole glass, not given herself a second.


“Better?” Magnus asked.


“Much” she told him.


Magnus sighed, and Zelda knew he was going to give her one of his little speeches. “Look, I don’t know what happened between the two of you this morning, and to be frank, I don’t want to, but clearly something has. You don’t seem yourself, and he certainly isn’t. He’s been in a tempestuous mood all day, snapping at everyone, not concentrating and I have to put up with Constance constantly asking me why her fiancé is ignoring her. Whatever it is, can it please be over. For everyone’s sake”.


“It is nothing” she forced a smile.


“It is never nothing with you two” he whispered to her as he walked away.


She turned to watch Magnus walk away and caught a glimpse of Faustus entering with Constance glued to his arm. He always did look extraordinary in a tux . She rolled her eyes and grabbed another flute off a tray, needing to make the evening easier somehow.


As Zelda looked around the room, she saw that her niece was dancing with Nicholas Scratch and hoped that she would finally start forgetting of her mortal life and start to embrace her witch life. It was clear that Nicholas liked her, and Zelda thought he was more than suitable to court Sabrina.


Then her eyes found Faustus dancing with a coven member, his duties as High Priest clearly beginning. She thought of Constance, and found that her and Shirley were of course given the witch he was dancing with nasty looks.


She mingled with a few coven members, getting extremely tired of being there due to her mood. When she saw Faustus approaching her out of the corner of her eye, she thought it best to be as neutral as possible.


“Care to join me for a dance?” He asked gently, holding out his hand to her.


For a few seconds she didn’t move, but knew she couldn’t refuse him in such a public setting. It would be expected, that the Sovereign Minister of course joined the High Priest for at least one dance.


“Of course, your excellency” she said, her eyes never leaving him and placing her hand in his.


He saw the ring instantly and felt as if his body was melting. He didn’t think that she knew, how much that meant to him, as he remembered setting the meaning of the ring with her.


For the duration of the dance, they didn’t even speak. Their eyes glued to each other in a way they never had been before. Zelda could feel eyes burning through her as the coven watched them. She dared to glimpse at the eyes watching her and caught a look of Shirley shaking her head. When the music had stopped, another coven member was already lingering to dance with the High Priest.


“You look beautiful” he whispered into her ear, and she unknowingly squeezed his forearm as she lowered her hand from his shoulder, not really wanting to part with him.


“Your excellency” she nodded as she stepped back. Faustus felt restrained, wanting to go with her but knowing he couldn’t. He quickly grabbed her arm, stopping her from walking away. Her cross face flicked up at him for an answer as he leaned down closely to her ear. “We are not done” he whispered to her and let go of her arm.


He watched her walk away completely flustered, he smiled at the coven member who was patiently waiting for him and started to dance with her.


Zelda hid herself well at the bar and watched as Faustus had dance after dance with coven members. In-between one of the songs, he saw that he whispered something to Magnus and seconds later, Magnus joined her at the bar.


“A dance, for old times sake?” He smirked, holding out his hand.


She pouted at him and smiled, remembering all of the fun times and dances they had when they were younger.


“For you? Of course” she chuckled.


As the song finished, she assumed that they were going to have another dance, seeing as it wasn’t a full song. However, she had been conned. Magnus left her immediately and Faustus retook her hand to dance again.


“Faustus, everyone is staring at us” she whispered to him. Not daring to talk too loudly in case the others dancing close to them heard. Even though the melody was loud enough to cover.


“I don’t care” he told her, grinning from ear to ear, his face dangerously close to hers.


She rolled her eyes at his response. Of course he didn’t care, not one person would say anything to, or even about him. But it would be Zelda that would be talked about.


“Do you not think it is slightly inappropriate that you have danced with me twice, and not even once with your fiancé?” She asked as she looked around to see if anyone could hear.


“Mmm” he grunted at her. He heard her sigh and smirked, knowing what he was about to say to her would make her even more tense. “But you and I are becoming something that is impossible for me to ignore”. She looked away from him, trying to make it seem as though it was strictly professional as to why they were dancing for the second time, though she was almost certain that he was purposefully torturing her with his proximity, and that the coven would definitely be wondering whether or not it was a professional distance between them.


“Do you still love me?” He asked closely to her ear, and his hand gripped slightly firmer on her waist.


Her face shot to his, eyes widened, not even sure how she should answer. “What?”.


“Do you still love me?” He repeated.


Her hand squeezed his tightly and her breath caught slightly in her throat. She could hear her heart beating in her ears and felt her chest tighten.


He had actually done it. He had called her out. Seeing her wearing the ring again clearly gave him the courage he had been wanting since she arrived in Greendale. But feelings and emotions got in the way and clouded his judgement.


Over the decades without her, he had wished many times that he was one of the witches that didn’t love, and thought that love was cursed. He didn’t ask for it, but it found him. They had both found love where it wasn’t supposed to be, in each other.


“I...” she tried speaking, yet no words came out, her eyes watering dramatically.


She thought that maybe Satan was on her side as the song had finally come to an end. She pulled her hand from his as quickly as possible as the centre of the room filled up with more people. He watched as she stormed away from him, but he felt like he had no choice but to follow her.


Luckily, he smiled at a few coven members and snuck through the crowd to follow her.


Zelda’s hands were covering her mouth in an attempt to hold in a sob, though her eyes were no longer filled with tears. There was such a mixture of emotions running through her mind, shock, panic and uncertainly at the forefront. Her pace was fast, yet not quite a run, Faustus just caught what direction she was going in, seeing her white dress flow behind her.


Strangely, she found herself opening the door to his office. Her arms were leaning on his desk for support, as his question taunted her thoughts. Her mind was spinning, not knowing what to do, and even if she did have a coherent thought it would have vanished anyway as she heard him enter his office. She spun around to look at him and she was almost crying.


“Zelda...” he sighed and tried to approach her but she shook her hand in front of him to keep his distance.


“We can’t do this” she sniffled.


Faustus wanted to do nothing more than hold her, comfort her and tell her everything was going to be fine. “Why not?” He asked.


“Because... you are engaged to Constance, I am tied to the palace, we just can’t, we can’t do this Faustus” she tried telling him.


Not caring whether she wanted it or not, he walked right up to her so their bodies were touching and he grasped both her arms. “ I don’t care . Tears trickled down her face as she held in a sob.


“Do you still love me?” He asked, again, desperate for an answer.


She glared deeply in his eyes before finally whispering “yes”.


“But we can’t, I can’t... Faustus”.


“Well I can’t fall out of love with you!! I’ve tried!” He snapped, yelling at her, but not with anger, with passion.


She attempted to look away from his piercing gaze, but he grabbed her chin for her to look back at him. Both of them now realising that there faces were about an inch away, clearly creeping forward each time they spoke. His dark stare into her eyes were making her want to uncontrollably squirm.


Her eyes flicked from his eyes to his lips, for no longer than a second, only to meet his gaze again. He chuckled as he watched her bite her lip, something she used to do all the time when they were dancing around each other at the academy.


“You miss me, don’t you?” He whispered along her jaw line, teasing her as he clearly knew the answer already.


Zelda clenched her teeth and looked to the ground, knowing he already knew the answer, but he just wanted to hear it. “No” she lied, even though her body had betrayed her and yearned for him.


His lips lingered around her ear, his steamy breath tickling her neck. Her head lolled back slowly, no longer caring how intoxicated in him she felt. Every part of her was aching for his touch.


“I don’t believe you” he mumbled, his soft hand slowly rubbing down the side of her body. Zelda’s breath shuddered, still frozen in place, all she knew was that she didn’t want him to stop.


His other hand brushed her hair behind her shoulder and pulled down the collar on her dress. The feeling of his lips grazing over her neck was infatuating, she craved him. Her body completely twitching in anticipation.


She gasped when his lips finally clamped onto her neck and her nails dug into the tough fabric of his tux jacket. Faustus began pinching up her dress and Zelda knew there was no going back as she slowly came around from her daze. Pulling her neck away from his lavish lips, she recaptured them with hers with need.


As slow as the motions were, they suddenly both became erratic. Faustus quickly pulled Zelda’s lace panties off and she grabbed to open his trousers, just enough for his hardened cock to be pulled out, that was already dripping with precum.


One of his hands snaked and gripped the back of her neck, ensuring she was as close as possible, as he groaned “Do you have any idea how much I want you?”.


All she could manage was a whimper, she was desperate for him, purely irrational and just wanted him inside her. She stroked over his length, keeping her touch light, going back to their previously slower pace.


Faustus had to use his free hand to hold on to his desk, as he pushed Zelda further onto it. He licked his dry lips to speak “Please, Zelda” he begged.


Usually, it would have absolutely been Zelda at his mercy. Did she currently hold all the power?


She loudly allowed a moan to escape, purposefully moving her lips close to his ear. His breath was hot as he heard her. He snapped out of his trance and roughly pulled up her pristine white dress and watched as her face slowly turned into one of pure pleasure as he slid into her at once for the first time in over a century.


With each thrust, he went deeper and harder making her wince at the feeling of remembering how big he was when he was inside her, his arm wrapped around her waist as tight as possible.


Her whines were loud and helpless, as she clung onto the edge of his desk. Faustus thought it best to possibly not get caught in this position, so slipped two of his fingers into her already parted mouth. That’s when he realised that actually, he wasn’t exactly quiet, either.


He continued to slam into her, it taking all of his control and more to not instantly let go as after one thrust he was already close to finishing. She had no idea the real power that she had over him, and hearing her whimper, moan and wince just edged him closer and closer. “So tight for me Zelda” he groaned.


Her cheeks flushed at his words, remembering how much his silky voice made her crumble. She moaned around his fingers before he retrieved them to wrap around her throat. She had such a weakness for him whispering in her ear and his hand around her throat, she couldn’t deny him.


“Are you going to be a good girl for me?” He dangerously asked as he could feel that she was getting close, and he was so close himself.


She nodded her head, not even able to form any words and threw her head back at Faustus’s continued rough thrusts and her legs immediately wrapped tightly around his waist, hands grabbing onto his tux jacket, bringing him as close as he could get and forcing her lips to his.


He could feel her walls clenching around him and her stomach was in knots as she uncontrollably let go, cumming hard over him, screaming into his shoulder and then throwing her head back in pleasure as her orgasm continued until Faustus groaned, staying deep inside her as he exploded. Both of them in a complete state of ecstasy of mind blowing pleasure.


Being inside her while she climaxed, was the most amazing feeling and he had missed it. Stilling his movements, he pulled out of her slowly and lightly gasped, reaching for her panties and slowly putting them back on. His lips found her ear once more, “I want to know that, for the remainder of this ball, that you will have my cum inside you, dripping into your underwear. Because no matter what; whether you believe it or not, you belong to me”.


“Yes” she whispered as her body shuddered and sobbed without tears, holding on to him as if he were her lifeline.




Chapter Text


It was way into the early hours of the morning when Faustus finally dragged himself away from Zelda, and at his annoyance, headed home.


The house was dark and assumed Constance was already asleep, much to his relief. He walked quietly to his study and reached for the light and found Constance sat at his desk, clearly waiting for him.


His stomach sank quickly, really not ready to see her as his thoughts were still completely consumed by Zelda, and seeing his reality in front of him snapped him out of his daze.


“You look like you’ve seen a ghost...” she observed, “... she was a sight to see”.


Faustus stared hard at her, now knowing exactly what this was about. “You waited up to tell me that, pathetic?” He huffed a laugh.


Constance was brewing with anger that her fiancé was so inconsiderate of her. “Where did you disappear to earlier?” She snarled at him.


She knew, and he knew she knew.


“I had to deal with something” the lie really not sounding that convincing.


“Yet Magnus and Edward were still at the ball, though Zelda disappeared too” making it perfectly clear she noticed.


He huffed and poured himself a drink, intending to leave her to get the much needed sleep he required. “What do you want me to say?”.


“Did she give you what you wanted?” Constance coldly asked.


Faustus averted his eyes to finally look at her. Instead of panicking, he was irritated by her question, “What?”.


She rose from the chair and walked closely up to him in a threatening manner, “I really hope she did, because now you may leave her well enough alone, and get back to being the high priest, and not a hopeless romantic fool that you’ve been acting. Besides, you will have a new priority soon”.


“A new priority?” He asked.


“Yes Faustus, the Dark Lord has blessed us. I am with child. Finally he sees you are worthy of a legitimate heir” she chuckled.




The following morning after the Haremoon ball, Zelda felt in a state beyond relaxation. Though, if anything, things had just gotten even more complicated. An ache was making itself known when she sat up to get out of bed, but couldn’t stop herself from smiling, knowing how she got it.


It was still early when she decided to slowly ready herself for breakfast, as she had no doubt Hilda would already be preparing it for everyone.


It didn’t matter what she did, she thought of Faustus and the previous night. Her mind completely engulfed by him. Slowly, anxious thoughts penetrated through and began overwhelmingly thinking of how it could never continue between the two of them. Eventually, she’d be going back to Italy, and he had Constance.


She joined Hilda in the kitchen and saw that Sabrina and Nick were lounging at the table, clearly feeling rough. Her brow raised, pleased that her niece was finally starting to see sense, spending less time with the mortal.


Ambrose kindly past her a morning tea, in her favourite Royal Albert tea cup and saucer, placing the spoon gently on the side in case of more stirring. Zelda picked up her paper and proceeded to walk to the table.


The spoon clattered to the floor and Zelda abruptly stopped, already irritated by the noise.


“Blast it!” She rolled her eyes.


Hilda turned from the stove “Someone’s having a baby”.


Fear consumed Zelda quicker than what she was sure was even possible, knowing her antics with the High Priest last night. “What? What in Satan’s name are you talking about, Hilda?”.


“You know the saying. ‘If a spoon falls, a baby calls’” she said rolling her eyes at her older sister.


Zelda was frozen, glaring at the back of Hilda’s head, wondering if in fact that saying were true. “Kindly spare me your old wives tale, sister” she said as she sat at the table.


“You two are awfully quiet” she said loudly enough to make Sabrina and Nick jump.


“Yes Auntie” Sabrina practically whispered.


The whole atmosphere in the house was quiet and airy. Honestly, Zelda thought. Was she the only one who could handle a ball? Though it was no excuse for Ambrose, seeing as he can not leave the house.


There was a knock at the front door, and Zelda looked across the kitchen to see which of whom was going to answer it. As she saw no one move, she got up and stomped her way to answer it. “I’ll get it then, shall I?” She hissed and no one, of course, answered.


Her eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw Faustus standing with a few Judas boys behind him.


“What are you doing here? You can’t be here?” she uttered, trying to usher him away from the door.


“I needed to see you” he admitted, trying to stand back where he was.


“Faustus, you can’t! Where does Constance think you are?” She asked, checking over her shoulder to make sure her family didn’t hear.


“Does it matter?” He shrugged.


“Yes! Of course it does. Because you shouldn’t be here!” She said, now loudly whispering.


“Zelda” his tone changed, his voice now dark and commanding.


“Morning Father Blackwood” Zelda heard Sabrina and turned to see that her and Nick were climbing back up the stairs. She saw in her nieces eyes that she clearly said it, just to prove a point. As the last time she saw her Auntie and the High Priest alone together, they were in a very suggestive position.


Zelda’s eyes closed, not from embarrassment, but it just meant that someone saw them together when they shouldn’t be.


Hilda had clearly heard Sabrina and popped her head out the kitchen. “Ahhh, Father Blackwood, would you like some tea?”.


Before she knew it, her and Faustus were alone in the parlour. Finally away from everyone. He had done well and made out that it was business and that he needed to speak with Zelda urgently. Hilda had even offered to call Edward back from the academy.


Faustus sat himself down and his eyes followed Zelda pacing up and down the room.


“Zelda, sit with me” he asked.


At first, she ignored him, then eventually said “I can’t”.


He further watched her and sighed, he knew he just needed to wait until she was ready to stop. When she finally did, she stood in front of him with such sad eyes.


“Just sit with me, and be with me like last night ever ended... please” he gently asked.


She could feel her body pulling towards him, even though her mind was so adamant she wasn’t going to do it. She did.


He opened out his arm and she snuggled right into it. Her extremely tense body relaxed, as she breathed in his spicy scent and rested her head on his chest.


They stayed completely still for a few minutes. Ignoring absolutely everything other than each other. She felt his lips brush over her forehead and wasn’t willing to just accept that, and pulled his face down to hers. Usually, kisses between the two of them would be hot, passionate and with the odd bit of nipping. But this was kind, gentle and loving.


When they pulled apart, Zelda averted her eyes and stared at the pattern of the rug before Faustus’s finger slowly motioned her head back to look at him. “I need you to know, that, I can’t stop this”.


Her eyes filled with tears and she grabbed his hands for comfort. “It’s already too difficult”.


“When was it ever easy?” He smirked.


“I can’t” she whispered.


Faustus let go of her hands and stood, towering over her. “You can, it’s just whether or not, you want to”.


She stood and her eyes narrowed on him, not impressed with his choice of words. Faustus seized the moment and took the opportunity to steal a kiss from her. Zelda didn’t make one single effort to stop it.





At the academy, Faustus had had a meeting with Faustus, Edward, Zelda and a palace advisor on the new regulations the palace wants the coven to follow.


To say the least, Faustus was furious. To the point where Magnus suggested they all left the room to leave him to calm down. Not too long later, Magnus bravely entered back into his office, as he was almost certain that it wasn’t just that, that had angered him.


“Your excellency, about the regulations...” he started.


“What?” He snapped. “It’s ridiculous! He wants us all as his little puppets, obeying every one of his orders! Well I’m not abiding by it!” He yelled.


“You are blinded by hatred!” Magnus dared to argue back with him.


“I am not!” The High Priest yelled again.


“Yes you are!” Magnus warned as he got closer to the desk that Faustus was standing tall over the other side.


“People are beginning to disappear, Faustus, daily. Maybe not from this coven, but it is happening. We need to be as vigilant as possible” he reminded him.


“You’re right. I know” his volume lowered massively.


“Is there something else bothering you?”. Faustus was annoyed that Magnus knew him so well, but what did he expect? He had known him most of his life. Faustus hesitated to tell him, though eventually he would find out regardless.


Everyone was eventually asked to resume the meeting, with the addition of two more palace advisors. One of which, said that another Sovereign Minister is on their way to support Zelda.


As the discussions began again, the room stopped when Magnus said “And Constance, she will need a guard or protector by her side at all times, given she is newly pregnant”.


Zelda thought her heart had stopped. Faustus immediately shot her an apologetic look. But it wasn’t good enough. She stood and excused herself from the meeting, needing fresh air.


The outside air hit her just as she wanted, calming herself breathing in and out as precisely as she could control.


She wondered how she could let herself get involved with him, when he has a life in Greendale. She felt bad, not so much for Constance, but he needed to do the right thing and be there for his future child.


She knew exactly what she needed to do.


Chapter Text


It had been three days since she last spoke to him, other than the occasional comment in meetings. Faustus was slowly losing his patience. He was being ignored by the person who he really wanted to speak to, and the person who he really wanted to be ignored by, wouldn’t leave him alone.


Edward was spending a little less time at the academy, so Faustus didn’t see an opportunity to just impulsively turn up at the Spellman house.


Faustus sat alone in his office at the academy for hours, thinking. Many things crossed his mind when he finally devised what he was going to do.




Zelda was comfortably distracted in Edward’s office, as he was behind on grading essays, due to the threat of witch hunters.


Many decades ago, when he slowly fell out of love with wanting to enter the political witching world, for all of two minutes, he considered whether or not he would be cut out to be a high priest. The brief thought was humorous as he considered how disciplined, dedicated, hard working and loyal Faustus was compared to himself. And also, he realised how little Faustus slept and knew he could never do the same. Even when they were at the academy, Edward could never keep up with him.


Zelda flicked through page after page of essays when an unwanted guest waltz into her brothers office.


“Constance” Zelda smiled through gritted teeth.


“Zelda” she smiled back. “I am surprised to find you in this office, and not my future husbands”.


Zelda angrily pouted her lips, wanting nothing more than the intruder to leave. She lent back in the chair and eyed her, like an animal to its prey.


Constance bravely dared to stalk towards the desk, swaying her attitude through her hips as much as was possible. “You know Zelda, there are quite a few eligible warlocks in the coven these days” she said as she fiddled with a ornament.


Zelda continued to stare at her, not even slightly raising a brow, as much as she wanted to. She had a feeling that she knew where the conversation was hearing.


“But I hear, you have the most eligible warlock of our time. How is the head sovereign?” She snarled.


“What is it you want, Constance?” Zelda bluntly asked.


“My Husband back!” She snapped.


Zelda snorted at her calling Faustus her husband .


“Is something funny?” Constance huffed.


“Yes, actually. I didn’t realise you married overnight”. Zelda’s response had Constance


“You know Zelda, there are plenty of warlocks in the coven that have shown an interest in you since you returned to Greendale. Some of them very much worth even your time” she hissed.


“Your point being?” Zelda asked.


“Maybe you should consider one or two of them, instead of being a whore for the high priest!” Constance slammed her hand on the desk, clearly distressed due to knowing how her fiancé feels about Zelda.


She remained silent and unphased by Constance’s outburst, which infuriated Constance a little more. “You even have the head sovereign at the click of your fingers, yet...” she paused, rethinking what she should say. “... you know, given half the chance he may just love me. He would never love me like he does you. But with you around, you’re not even giving us a chance”.


To her surprise, Constance wasn’t angry when she said that, she was practically pleading with her. Zelda’s eyes remained glued to her, now having lost all words she wanted to say. For a split second, she almost felt sorry for her, but knew that Constance was only doing it so it would tame her own jealousy.




After what almost felt like a confrontation from Constance, Zelda proceeded to go home and remained in the parlour, pouring drink after drink and smoking cigarette after cigarette, contemplating every single thing she had done since being back in her home town.


She relived every single moment she had spent with Faustus and not for one second could she admit that she would have done anything differently. She wouldn’t have been able to. It was him. It was always him. Then her thoughts continued to the news earlier today about Constance. How could he still be sleeping with her? She had been back months. The thought made her cringe.


Ambrose’s music was starting to irritate her as it was pounding through the walls from the attic, making it hard for her to think clearly, or maybe it was the fact that she was now on her fourth whiskey. The drink that reminds her terribly of Faustus, and the ones she drinks to torture herself.


Her eyes rolled dramatically at the sound of knocking. Her irritation grew massively as it was only her and Ambrose currently at home, and he was never going to hear the door with the racket he was playing.

Stubbing out her cigarette, she stood with a huff and answered the door.


“You don’t get to come here anymore!” She instantly snapped as soon as she saw Faustus’s deep blue eyes and ushered him away from the door, closing it behind her.


A genuine look of concern spread across his face as he knew he currently had no right to do what he wanted. She brushed past him and began pacing up and down the patio.


His eyes followed her up and down, and eventually rested his cane against the bench he once got drunk on with Edward before he met Zelda.


“Why are you here?” She snarled at him.


“What’s wrong Zelda? You pace when something’s wrong” he asked, trying to stand in front of her to make her stop.


“Did you need something your excellency?” She abruptly stopped and crossed her arms in frustration.


“You can tell me why you were pacing?”


“Does it matter?” She huffed.


“It does when you are the sovereign minister on the council that is here to help”.


“It’s not about that” she said, as well as rolling her eyes.


“Then what is it about?!” He snapped, losing his patience. Then he thought for a moment before questioning, “It’s about us isn’t it?”.


“How can there be an us Faustus?” Zelda flung her arms up to him for an answer.


“You can’t push me away Zelda. I will not allow you to, not this time!” he told her as he stood back in front of her, in her poor attempt to walk away from him.


“But you are away. You are the high priest of the church of night, and engaged ... to somebody else who is now, expecting your baby!”.


“So this is about Constance?” He scoffed.


“I smile at her, and acknowledge she exists and pretend that this between us isn’t really happening, she is a sobering reminder of why this cannot work!”


“So this is about Constance?!” He repeated.


“NO! No, it’s not!” She screamed at him. “It’s about YOU! It’s always been about you. You own me! I feel like I can’t breathe without you anymore, I can feel that my heart aches for you... I belong to you!” She began to sob silently without tears.


“YOU OWN ME!” He yelled at her, not helping the fact her chest was pulling so her so tightly. “I belong to you. Do you not think I want to be the best high priest you’d always hoped I’d be? But I love you... I’m in love with you, and it’s never ever gone away! I can’t breathe without you, I can’t sleep without you. You are the love of my life Zelda Spellman, my heart belongs to you. I wish you would see that I have waited this long to have you back and I will wait centuries more if I must. If I could escape all of this and just be with you... I would give up everything.” Faustus paused and took a deep breath before calmly saying “Be with me”.


“Faustus...” her eyes filled with tears. Why was this so difficult?


He moved his hands and gently cupped her soft face. “Zelda, let there be hope”.


“But what about Constance, and everything else?” she sniffled.


He ignored her question, and captured her red stained lips. Before she realised, he had teleported them from outside to her bedroom.


His large body collapsed on top of her as he urgently flung her down on the bed. His lip immediately sucked at her throat making her eyes flicker back into her head. Faustus’s strong hand found its way to the slit in her skirt and pulled her laced panties to the side. Without warning he plunged two fingers deep inside her and hearing her wince caused a groan to rumble from his throat.


He purposefully moved his thumb to rub her clit, knowing how much it makes her quiver. Zelda’s high pitched moan only encourage Faustus to fuck her harder with his fingers. She clawed her fingers through his hair and moved frantically over his back as he was pushing her very quickly to her release.


“You’re so close aren’t you, Zelda?” He growled into her ear, his voice ripping her from her escape.


“Yesss” she managed between her pants of breath.


Faustus slowed his movements but deepened them, missing exploring her body as he used to. “You’re such a fucking mess for me” he observed, chuckling. Even though they had had many intimate moments with each other, it did delight Faustus just how needy she was acting. Whining for her release, her cheeks completely flushed pink and not being able to stop her hips from grinding onto his hand.


He lowered his face near hers, grazing his lips over her. “Be with me” he repeated.


“No” she dared to sigh.


She was bursting, but Faustus was purposefully edging her, wanting complete control. His teasing continued as he kissed down her body through her blouse. “No?” He chuckled and pressed his thumb hard against her clit making her scream.


Zelda whined and tried hiding her face as Faustus crept back up so his lips were hovering next to her ear, his breath hot down her neck. “Then I can’t give you what you want” his grin, devilish.


Without saying ‘please’ the noise that Zelda made indicated that she was begging Faustus for more, but he abruptly removed his hand, knelt between Zelda’s now spread legs on the bed.


She sat up on her elbows and pouted at him, disgusted in the halt to her pleasure. “Come on Zelda, be a good girl for your high priest” his chuckle darker than before. He knew exactly what he was doing with his words.


Her head shook subtly and thought that she wasn’t going to allow Faustus to get what he wanted so easily, even though she desperately wanted the same thing.


“Dearest, I will edge you all night if I must. But at some point, you will give in, you always do. Especially if I use my cock to tease you” his voice low. He was running out of control, he always struggled to stay away from her, but this, this was next level. His hardened member completely throbbing and craving to be inside her.


When she didn’t take his bait, he moved to her ear once more and whispered “But I know how amazing you taste, and my patience is wearing extremely thin Zelda” he licked his fingers that had moments ago been inside her.


And that was all it took for her to beg him.


“P-Please Faustus” she cried.


His lips curled instantly and his eyes darkened with lust. “Take off your clothes” he ordered.


Her mouth parted over how intense he was currently acting and instantly reached to begin opening her blouse. His eyes raked over her as her blouse dropped to the floor, followed shortly by her skirt. He smirked when he saw that she left her heels on. Faustus shook his head at her and reluctantly she stepped out of her shoes, losing her height.


He took a step forward and became only centimetres away, now towering over her petite self. She felt her almost bare body brush up against the fabric of his clothes as his strong hand gently stroked the side of her face.


Zelda sensed something different, this wasn’t him when she denied him, normally he would punish her.


It came as no surprise to her, that when he sat down on the edge of the bed, he pulled her wrists so he spread her over his lap. The small squeal she made, made him snigger as he ran his fingers over her thighs and ass.


“Oh dearest, you have grown brave over the years we have been apart. I remember a time when you would have never even dreamt about not being with me” he smirked.


Zelda completely relaxed, finding comfort in the position and in him. When she didn’t reply to him, he gripped her hair tightly in his hand. “Are you going to count, or should I?”.


After 20 strikes, her ass and thighs were very much covered in red hand prints. He was more than pleased with himself and Zelda hadn’t felt a high like that in over a century. That being said, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have mind blowing pleasure and carnal relations since Faustus. But this was different. He had introduced her to an entirely different world of pleasure, and she had missed it.


Faustus’s warm hand slid between her folds and he sucked the air through his teeth when he felt how much she was dripping. Tearing her panties from her, he flung them to the floor and quickly moved to unclasp her bra.


Wasting absolutely no time, he eased her onto her knees on the floor. He stood so he could finally take off his clothes, revealing his tattooed body that Zelda instantly noticed a considerable amount of more ink on him. He unzipped his trousers and Zelda couldn’t resist helping pulling off his shoes and trousers as his erection practically fell into her face.


Though he was desperate to just completely fuck her, of course he was going to take advantage of her pretty mouth. She looked up to him for permission, before she proceeded to lick a stripe up his cock.


Faustus groaned and gripped her hair for control. He couldn’t allow her to do this for long, his chest was already heaving. Her soft lips were smooth as she took him deep into her mouth. He couldn’t resist pushing that little further and making her completely gag around him. Once her reflex calmed, she pushed her mouth back onto him and her tongue tormented his tip, she heard him growl and mutter something before she felt his hands grip her throat and she was tossed onto the bed.


Without a word, he spread her legs and knelt between them once again. He couldn’t resist looking at her sheen cunt and he almost felt himself about to cum. With no hesitation, he forced himself completely inside her.


He was pleased with how wet she was, she was going to need it with how he was planning on fucking her.


His hips violently pounded into her, whilst rocking the bed. With one of his large hands, he harshly gripped Zelda’s throat, causing her pussy to clench tightly around him. This was pushing him so close, he had become so... easy. But this was Zelda. One look or touch from her could make him instantly hard, no wonder he wanted to immediately cum as soon as he was inside her.


Her breathy moans and whimpers were driving him crazy. Her nails gripped the sheets of the bed and then moved to scratch over Faustus’s back, raking red lines over him as she could feel her orgasm building.


Releasing Zelda’s throat, he moved her legs over his shoulders, allowing himself to get even deeper inside her. He cheekily peeked a look down to see his cock buried inside her. “Cum all over my cock Zelda” Faustus growled and thrusted as hard as he could.


Her eyes rolled closed as she bit down on his shoulder to muffle her scream as she completely gushed all over him like he had told her to. He lapped up the feeling of her clenching around his cock, letting out muffled words as he emptied his release deep inside her, it leaking from her already.


“I’m with you” she whispered to him as he collapsed next to her.


He scooped her up in his strong inked arms and she instantly relaxed feeling her skin against his.


“I don’t think I can live without you” he said as he kissed her forehead.



Chapter Text



Faustus snuck home as witching hour approached. Constance had already been informed that he wasn’t at the academy. With the coven on strict advisories, there was only one place she assumed he would be.


The door to their bathroom was slightly open and she caught a glimpse of him shirtless, splashing water over his face, when she saw the red streaks down his back and around his neck that she knew full well she didn’t give him.


Her rage exploded through her body and knew that he had been to see Zelda. She didn’t know what she found more disrespectful, the fact that he was clearly sleeping with her, or the fact that he hadn’t even bothered to magically hide the streaks that she had so clearly purposefully given him.




During assembly the next morning, Faustus was informing the students that, due to the current circumstance, their exams would be postponed until the threat was dealt with.


As the students cheered, Zelda and Faustus exchanged a smile as they knew they had made the right decision. But he did remind the academy, that their essays and assignments would still go on.


Edward observed Constance glaring at the pair of them as Zelda approached the high priest to engage in a conversation.


“You can’t compete with a woman that a man can’t leave alone” Edward leaned over as Constance continued to eye the pair of them.


Just as Edward thought that she wasn’t going to say anything, she did. “I will never give him up, especially not to your sister”.


“Eternity is a long time to be chasing a man who doesn’t want you Constance...” his neck craned towards her ear “... and what makes you so sure he is yours to give up?” He asked as she followed his eye line to the pair of them laughing together.




Zelda was walking down the hall out of the academy. She was more than ready to go home and drink herself to sleep, when a large hand unexpectedly grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side of the hall.


Her eyes instantly shot up to see Faustus motioning her to be silent. “What in Satan’s name are you doing?! ” She whispered to him.


He teleported them somewhere she hadn’t seen since she was a young witch, and it was only by mistake that she found them in the first place.


The witches cells.


“Faustus?” She asked his name as a question, not understanding why he had taken them down there.


He stalked up to her, closing the space between them. Her head tilted back to be able to look into his darkened eyes and she tried to steady her breathing.


She felt his strong hands slip around her waist and slide around to her back, in turn, pulling her even closer to him. Her body now pressing gently against his. He kissed her passionately, now backing her up against the wall.


“I’ve been thinking about you all day” he murmured, his lips finding her neck.


Even though she trusted him more than anybody in the world, for a second, she was scared, until she heard the familiar silky tone of his voice.


Not being able to resist, her head tilted to the side, granting him the access he so clearly wanted.


His hands couldn’t stop themselves from feeling for the length of her skirt and tugging it up, trying to find its way between her thighs. He cupped her and rubbed aggressively against her. She moaned deeply as she felt the friction building.


When Faustus finally forced his hand into her lace, he groaned at her arousal. “You’ll always be wet in my presence, and yes my dear, I will be checking” he growled against her neck.


He had teased her during assembly at the very beginning of the day, and had been absent since. After the way he started the day, it was no wonder that she was getting off so quickly to him rubbing against her with his hand. She was practically left aching between her legs until now.


Her cheeks began to flush, partly from how quickly and easily she was gripping to her release. “Faustus... I’m- I’m gonna cum” she pathetically panted.


He abruptly stopped moving against her bundle of nerves, but continued to flex his fingers through her soaked folds. “Since when do you cum, without my permission?” He thundered against her ear and his free hand gripped her throat.


Zelda whined at him, hoping he would continue his expert strokes. She could tell he was in a bad mood. He always did enjoy taking his frustrations out on her.


“P-please Faustus” she barely managed, as she felt his hand pull away from her sopping centre.


As she looked at him for an answer, she saw him sink to his knees, and her head involuntarily tilted back at the pleasure of just watching him kneel. It was almost as good as feeling his tongue play with her.


He yanked down her panties and ripped them off, and ensured her skirt was going to remain around her waist. With a devilish smirk and hungry eyes he slowly dipped his tongue gently between her folds, tasting just how sweetly wet she had gotten for him.


Her hands instantly gripped his hair as he put pressure on her clit, not letting up at all. She could feel herself getting close again, as he left her craving him.


Needing more of her, he grabbed one of her thighs and hooked it over his shoulder, allowing himself deeper access. “Do you want more?” He grumbled against her, the vibration adding to her exotic pleasure.


“Y-y-yes. Don’t stop” she strained a moan.


His evil smirk broadened at the neediness in her moan, knowing he had her completely weak for him. He unexpectedly pushed two of his fingers into her soaked warmth, and a shiver shot through her body as she felt him hook them inside.


The rough movements of his fingers along with the action of his smooth tongue had her quivering. Not sure how long she would be able to stand before completely collapsing. Faustus wrapped his arm around her thigh to hold her in place as he applied the much needed pressure she wanted.


Warmth was pooling as she felt her climax building. Faustus was not letting up, and she couldn’t have been more grateful as her back arched off the wall, pushing herself further into his face as she let go of her release, her hips completely bucking as she repeatedly cried out his name.


He sucked up every drop, not letting any go to waste. Faustus crawled up her body, unzipping his trousers and releasing his aching cock as he did. Pulling her legs open, he lifted her up and her legs wrapped around him.


He lined himself up with her dripping entrance, looking deeply into her lust filled eyes.


“You’re perfect” he softly whispered to her.


Faustus roughly pushed himself into her, eliciting a sharp gasp from the sudden fullness. Her hand clung to his neck and her nails began slightly digging in.


It was only a handful of strong thrusts before he felt her beginning to clench around him, feeling that she was dripping. “Such a good girl for me” he grunted deeply, voice darker than ever.


Her focus was strong on her building pleasure but couldn’t resist between her pants whisper “Yes, your excellency”. His animalistic noises and erratic thrusting told her that he enjoyed that way more than she would have ever imagined.


“Cum with me Zelda” he growled.


And just like that, she fluttered around him, holding onto him as if he was her only lifeline, moaning his name as he emptied himself inside her.





At the Spellman house, Edward frantically searched every room for his twin due to an unexpected arrival sent from the palace.


Edward caught Ambrose as he was coming down the staircase, “Ambrose! Where is your Aunt Zelda? I thought she should be home already?” He called up to him.


Ambrose shrugged his shoulders “Auntie Zee has been gone for ages” he replied.




Chapter Text


Zelda didn’t return home until the early hours of the morning. After her meeting in the witches cells with Faustus, they returned to his office and just soaked up the time together. It was intimate, but not in a sexual way. For a lot of it, they just sat together, snuggled, on his couch. Just being in the moment with each other. As this is what he has always asked of Zelda. To just be with him, in the moment.


It wasn’t until breakfast the next morning that Zelda was lounging at the counter, casually flicking through her newspaper, completely day dreaming when her sister chuckled.


“You look a delight this morning sister” she chirped.


Zelda couldn’t retain the smile that was already brushing across her lips “The season agrees with me Hilda”.


Yes, the season.


“Morning my sisters” Edward greeted, joining Zelda at the counter. “Our guest will be down shortly” he added.


Zelda and Hilda instantly shot each other a look of confusion. Zelda wondered if Edward had finally began to move on from Diana, and in a few moments she would find out.


“Guest?” She asked.


Edward smugly smiled “Yes, guest! If you weren’t off gallivanting doing Satan knows what, with Satan only knows who, then you would know”. He raised a brow at her, only having suspicions of what she was doing and who she was with, but he didn’t think he was wrong.


“Hello Zelda”.


“Luna?!” She gasped. “What are you doing here?” She stood from her seat.


“The palace sent me” she smirked.


Zelda and Luna vacated to the parlour, as they clearly there were things Zelda needed to be informed of.


“He’s doing terrible. He’s become spiteful, hateful and tormented” Luna explained.


“Luna, that is not my problem. My focus is here” she kindly reminded her.


“I know that. But, he needs you. The palace needs you” she pleaded with her.


“Then why are you here?” Zelda asked as she stood and walked over to the other side of the room, already feeling suffocated by the conversation.


“The council has sent me to replace you”.





Luna’s revelation of Damon’s behaviour played over in her mind. She knew there would be utter chaos the longer she left it. If it was as bad as Luna said it was, she was in all honesty, surprised that they hadn’t summoned her back yet.


On the other hand, Zelda believed it wasn’t her problem to resolve. Damon’s behaviour is his own, and it’s his actions that meant they weren’t together in the first place. He let the power of the title rule his mind, and he thought he was exempt to his whore like behaviour, when he had just convinced Zelda to rekindle their on and off again relationship.


Her thoughts would always come full circle, and she would allow herself to believe that it was in fact, her problem to resolve. Though, at that moment, she couldn’t leave Greendale. She had somehow become so wrapped up in Faustus, he practically had her under a spell.


She was slowly losing her grip on reality. Her duty was to the palace. She was in Greendale, because of the palace. Yet, it seemed to be getting further away and she slipped into a dream world of where she believed, she could do as she pleased.




Sabrina had recently joined the Satanic choir at the academy, and they were putting on a performance. Zelda had of course, jumped at the opportunity to attend, as it was her niece, and her much beloved Satanic choir.


As she arrived at the academy, her eyes looked out for Faustus. They were disappointed and her heart sank when he saw that he was with Constance, welcoming the coven to the performance.


Even though she knew he was putting on an act, it looked real. His small gentle touches to his fiancé, and how they were both radiating happiness, made her doubt herself, and began getting irritated by everyone and herself.


Faustus had had made numerous attempts to gain her attention, but every time she blew it off. He knew that something has irritated her.


As the performance ended, Zelda stood to applaud her niece. It was the one thing that was stopping her from completely exploding in her mood. Throughout the performance, her eyes couldn’t resist from creeping a look over at the opposite side of the room, grasping a look at Faustus, but it then being ruined as she saw Constance cling onto him.


Everyone began to pile out of the academy, Faustus miraculously managed to detach Constance from him, and made his way through the crowd so he could capture Zelda.


He gripped her arm, pulling her towards him, not caring who saw, and made his way to his office with her.


“You’ve been ignoring me” he stated as she slammed the door shut to his office.


She huffed, not really knowing what to say. She just knew that seeing him with Constance had gotten her angry beyond belief. Not that she can believe she let her get to her like that.


“Have I?” She shrugged her shoulders.


His head craned towards her, and her eyes narrowed to look at him. “Do not play ignorance with me!” He warned.


She remained silent, as she could see that he was clearly in the same foul mood she was. “Is there a reason as to why you have ignored me?” He angrily asked.


She averted her eyes away from his, in an attempt to calm herself but it didn’t work. “Do you not think I want to talk to you throughout the day, without having to find an excuse?!” She snapped.


“How do you think I feel?!” He thundered back at her.


“I’m having to lie to my family, move my meetings around with you and the palace, and sneak around just so I can spend time with you!” She began to stomp around his office and even pointed a finger at him out of anger.


“Do you not think that if I could change that I would?” His voice getting louder.


She sighed at his question before calmly saying “I really don’t know”.


He wasn’t expecting her to say that, so it was his turn to stay silent. “Seeing you with her, as if you are the perfect couple. You’re even having a baby with her! I don’t get all of you! You always said that if you were to have me, you wanted all of me, but what about me? I don’t get all of you. I get the smallest part of you! And do you think that is fair?” He sensed the pain and hurt in her tone.


“TELL ME WHAT THIS IS ZELDA” he shouted at her, his anxiety and frustration growing.


“I DON’T KNOW!” She screamed at him.


Before the screaming match could continue, Faustus pulled her towards him and put his mouth on hers, forcing his tongue to dance with hers.


“I can hear you screaming down the hall...” Magnus said, walking into the office as his eyes were glued to the two of them.


They instantly pulled apart and by Magnus’s reaction, Zelda realised that he didn’t know about the two of them.


“What’s going on?” He asked the pair of them.


Zelda looked to see if Faustus was going to answer, but he didn’t. “It’s nothing” Zelda answered.


Magnus chuckled and closed the door, and turned back around to them crossing his arms. “But it is never nothing with the two of you”.


He wasn’t entirely wrong.


“Whatever is going on, it needs to stop. You are not in some fancy romantic fairytale, you are not the Lucifer and Lilith love story that you think you are. We have witch hunters that are waiting to annihilate us for who we are, and you two are in the middle of a lovers tif! Stop it and stop it now!” He warned.


Zelda was beside herself at Magnus’s reaction. “He didn’t tell you?” She asked him.


Faustus sighed and poured himself a drink, as he knew his friend was about to drop him in it.


“No” Magnus simply replied.


“I need to go” Zelda stated, walking out of the office. The truth of Faustus not telling Magnus made her question if this was real at all to him.


As she slammed the door behind her. Magnus approached his friend with caution. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.


Faustus downed his whiskey, hesitating to answer. “I don’t have a reason... she’s the love of my life”.




Chapter Text


The sun was sparkling through the Spellman kitchen window, as Zelda smoked, Satan only knows what number cigarette she was on. She had decided to stay at home, and not attend the academy for follow up meetings, or even just because she felt like going.


Ambrose had observed, that his Aunts perky attitude that she had only last week, had completely faded into what seemed like a depression. And, to top off that she was at home and not at the academy, suspicions ran high through her nephew.


“No trysts today Auntie Z?” He joked, but she wasn’t in a gaming mood.


The house remained quiet as Ambrose continued to work on the basement for the mortuary, and Zelda practically lounged around, trying to keep her mind busy, until the Judas boys, sent on behalf of the high priest of course, turned up on the Spellman door step.


“The high priest has asked for your presence at the academy” one of the Judas boys bravely told her.


She chuckled at the demand before replying “Tell the high priest I’m busy” as she went to shut the door.


“He isn’t taking no for an answer”.


She huffed and rolled her eyes. Clearly that was a - she either came willingly, or, the Judas boys were instructed to get her to him, by force.


The meeting at the academy proceeded regardless of Zelda’s absence. Faustus grew irritated, one by her absence and two because Constance wasn’t giving him any breathing space since she saw the scratches on his back, not that he knew she saw them. He sat there with his thoughts, accidentally winding himself up.


When the door to his office finally opened, relief washed over not only Faustus’s face, but pretty much everyone else in the room, as they were finding the high priests mood excruciating.


“Can Miss Spellman and I have the room?” Faustus talked over the top of someone else.


Everyone went silent and looked at Magnus for the answer. He eyed the door and everyone swiftly exited the office.


Zelda rolled her eyes at his request, really not understanding why it was necessary.


“You sent another minister in your place?” He questioned, as he stalked towards her.


“Her name is Luna and she is more than capable” she huffed and folded her arms in an attempt to protect herself.


I don’t care . You sent her to me in your place?” He said coldly.


There was a moments silence whilst Zelda thought of how to play this out with him. “Well I’m here now. What do you need?”.


“I want the coven under guard at all times” he demanded and paced past her.


“You know that that isn’t possible” she tried reasoning with him, but his mood seemed unchangeable.


“I want updates on my desk every morning!” His tone demanding, as he circled around her.


“The sovereigns will not authorise that for you and you know it, stop over reaching. What else do you need?”. Her arms stayed folded across her chest as she looked straight ahead of her, not allowing her sight to be swayed to look at him.


“What else do I need?” He mocked.


“Yes your excellency, what else do you need?!” there was a heavy and tense pause before she continued “Or am I just here for you to take your frustration out on? Or to be the one to pay you the attention that you are so clearly lacking from the person who is carrying your child! Am I here to make you feel good about all of your life’s decisions, including the daughter you call a mistake? Or is it because you’re feeling horny and want to bend me over your desk?” She practically ended up shouting at him.


Clearly the situation with Constance is getting to her more and more. They had argued about this exact thing less than a day ago.


You’re being ridiculous ” he snapped at her.


“WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO BE?!” She screamed at him, then there was a difficult silence.


Faustus found himself speechless. This was the first time since he saw her since yesterday, when she had raised the point of her not having all of him like he always wanted from her.


“I can’t keep doing this to myself Faustus. I can’t allow you to do this to me. One minute, I’m being completely engrossed in us and losing myself with you, and then the next, I remember that I no longer belong here, and the reason I am here is a duty. I can not allow myself to fall for you, again!” She almost cried.


His hardened expression softened, as he now knew that she really meant every word. And realised, that actually, he was hurting her, unintentionally.


“Tell me what to do Zelda” he begged.


She scoffed a laugh at the audacity of him asking her for an answer.


“Do you know what I do every night to fall asleep? I play moments of our relationship over and over in my head, and reminisce over how we met, and fell in love and actually remember how happy we were. But this... whatever this is between us, it isn’t happiness Faustus, it’s painful”.


“I don’t want to hurt you Zelda, I’m not that person” he admitted.


“I know. I think I should go” she said as she began to exit.


“Tell me what to do Zelda!” He asked again.


“Let me go” she told him.


“Anything but that!”.






Faustus spent the rest of the day battling with himself in what to do. He knew what he wanted, it was just whether it was realistic. It’s how the coven would see him and the rest of the witching world if he did, in fact, leave his pregnant fiancé. He realised he was being irrational. But he also wasn’t willing to let Zelda go as this is the closest to her he had been in a century. He abandoned his protection of Judas boys and proceeded to the Spellman house.


He hoped that it would be Zelda that answered as soon as he knocked. As he didn’t really know how to explain his visit to any of her family.


“What are you doing here?!” She gasped as she recognised him.


“Because you are here, and I love you” he told her, not caring about the volume of his voice.


Zelda looked around to see if anyone in the house overheard as he walked past her, inviting himself in. She looked around outside to see that he didn’t have his entourage of Judas boys with him.


“You can’t be here! Your movements are monitored, you’re the high priest! You can’t just come and go as you please, people will start to ask questions.” She tried telling him, but he continued to walk up the stairs, clearly heading for the privacy of her bedroom.


Zelda followed behind him, constantly checking over her shoulder. How they managed to be unseen by her family is beyond her. She closed the door, ensuring its security before she turned to face him.


“Be with me” he said, not quite a question, more of a request.


“No” she simply replied.


“Be with me” he repeated.


She scoffed and felt an overwhelming feeling of emotion flood her. “How can I?” She snapped.


“Because I look at you and I know you are worth everything ! I want it to be just you and me, away from here. Like it should have been a long time ago”.


Her brows sharpened and she began to chuckle, clearly thinking he was being ridiculous. “And not be high priest? Don’t make me laugh!”.


His hesitation in replying made her comment even more concrete. She didn’t believe he would give up his position that he had craved and worked for his entire life, as he always told her that he would have both.


“I’d give it up, if it meant I could be with you”. His voice, posture and expression was deadly serious.


“He wouldn’t allow it” she whispered, but not quietly enough for Faustus not to hear. She instantly regretted saying it.




Her silence alarmed him.


“Is this why you told me to let you go?” He quietly asked.


“No! Of course not!”.


“Then why?!”.


Her eyes saddened, she didn’t want to say it, but she knew she had to. They couldn’t go on as they were. He expected her to be his completely, but he didn’t give Zelda the same. It wasn’t fair. And she wasn’t about to come second best when she was once his top lady.


“Because we don’t have a future Faustus. How can we? You have a duty, as do I. You also have a pregnant fiancé and a daughter, how could you ever leave? You have too much responsibility here, and  your reputation would be ruined!”.


He stalked up to her, towering over her in an attempt to intimidate her. “You can’t handle the fact that I love you more than I love being high priest, and that I’d give it up to be with you if that’s what it took!”.


Her heart hurt. But the chess board that was their current relationship was hurting her more.


“Stop...” she requested as she turned her back to him, not being able to hear any more.


“Fine. We’re done” he coldly stated.


She spun back around to face him, “I beg your pardon?!”.


“You’re right, I need to let you go. So I’m letting you go”.




Chapter Text


Zelda had never felt so utterly numb. This was it, the end of them. It had topped everything. After Faustus left, she immediately went to the porch, grabbed the decanter on her way of course, and sat completely silent as she drank and smoked, staring into what had turned into a dark evening.


The palace had requested her back, Faustus had just finalised the fact that there now wasn’t anything between the two of them, it was the perfect opportunity to go back and leave Greendale once again.


That was until Edward frantically scurried out to her in a state of panic. “Zee!!”


“What?!” She snapped at him.


“The... the... the hi-” he tried.




“Faustus.... he’s... he’s been shot!” He scrambled.


The alcohol that Zelda had consumed vanished instantly and she felt stone cold sober.


The information she had just heard, made her feel like she had also, been shot.


No Satan, you can not let him die. Not today.  she begged.


The Spellman house had become erratic, yet Zelda felt like she was frozen still.




Hilda, Edward and Zelda all rushed to the academy, so that Hilda could treat him. Zelda watched as her younger sister walked through the doors to where Faustus was, and prayed that she would save him.


As she backed away from the infirmary doors, her eyes caught the trail of blood on the floor outside.


Satan in hell.


“What happened?” She heard Edward ask Magnus.


“We’re not sure. He abandoned his entourage, but Constance notified me that he wasn’t home when they had dinner plans. I sent the Judas boys out to look for him. They found him in the woods. We think it was the witch hunters” he explained.


Zelda listened carefully to what Magnus had said. But that last sentence had sent a sharp cold shiver up her spine. He abandoned them so he could secretly see her, she felt terrible.


Those damn witch hunters.


First, they take her mother from her, and now they attempt to take her high priest.


“Where is Constance now?” Edward asked.


“She’s with Shirley in her chambers upstairs, resting. The shock and stress isn’t good for the baby” he answered.


Vibrations raced around the room and Edward looked over to Zelda, who just stood frozen, but he knew it was coming from her. He approached her with caution, “Zee...” he said as he slipped his hand into hers and squeezed.


Hours had gone by, and Edward, Magnus and Zelda remained lingering outside the infirmary doors.


“What’s taking her so long?!” Zelda stood up and snapped.


Neither one of them knew how to answer.


She stood up and approached the doors. “Zelda!” They both called, not that it stopped her and they followed behind.


With all her energy, she shoved the doors open to reveal him laying on the table in the middle of the room.


There was so much blood.


Hilda abruptly stopped what she was doing. “Zelds, no!” She warned.


“Hildy...” She whispered.


“Any progress?” Magnus confidently steered the conversation as he followed in behind.


“No. Every time I even get close to removing the bullet, it moves closer to his heart” she revealed.


“What else can be done? Who else do we need to help?” He desperately asked.


“I don’t know. He’s stable, for now. I’ve stopped the bleeding, but that bullet needs to come out”.


Zelda continued to stare at his crimson torso as the three of them talked, she did not hear one single word.


“I want to be alone with him” she blurted out.


The three of them looked at each other and hesitated, but eventually left the room.


Hilda kindly reminded her on her way out that she would be right outside . She didn’t know why she said it, but she did.


Zelda slowly crept towards him and gently ran the tips of her fingers across his paled face.


Hilda had slipped him into a coma to ensure he wasn’t going to experience the excruciating pain of the bullet, as it had done damage beyond belief.


“Dark Lord, if you are at all listening, please do not let him die” she whispered.




More time passed and Magnus had joined Zelda as she sat beside Faustus, watching over him.


“He calls you the love of his life” Magnus said out of nowhere.


“What?” Zelda wasn’t sure if she misheard, or she misunderstood.


“Faustus, he calls you the love of his life” Magnus repeated, this time with a smile.


She didn’t know what to say. Clearly, after Magnus caught the two of them in his office, they had had a discussion, and at some point, Faustus had called her the love of his life to Magnus.


“I’m not sure what I’ll do if he dies” Magnus truthfully stated.


“I know” Zelda consoled.


“Not long after he became high priest, when you left, he wanted to go to your house, to your room. He needed to see it for himself, that you were really gone. We waited until the house was empty, just me and a few Judas boys, he went into your room and we waited outside in the hall. He wanted you back so badly, he wanted you by his side, he needed you, he wanted to die.”


Zelda’s eyes began to fill with tears.


Why did Magnus feel the need to tell her this... now of all times?


“He tried you know, once... I can protect him from almost anything, just not the pain that he was feeling because you weren’t there. You have so much power over him, you will never realise. You are his biggest weakness, there isn’t anything in this world or realm he wouldn’t do for you. He tried to forget you. He even looked for a memory altering spell to forget you”.


“Why are you telling me this?” She asked, as if the things he had just revealed didn’t alarm her.


“I believe you are his cure” he said as he stood up and left.


Zelda had no idea what that meant. What could she possibly do, that her sister hadn’t already done?


That was it.


She jumped off the chair and ran down the halls of the academy to the library. She laid out candles on the floor and turned to a specific page in the demonomicon.


A flash of fire appeared before her as she whispered the barely spoken Latin words that summoned the Dark Lord.


She kneeled before him as soon as his presence was exact.


“Zelda Spellman” he greeted. “Why have you summoned me here?” He then roared.


“Dark Lord, please.” She begged.


“I believe I have given you enough, more than most actually” he smugly said.


“Please” she repeated.


“Like father like daughter” he stated.


“Dark Lord?”


“Always craving more power, just like your Father always did. Doesn’t it make sense with how quickly he progressed through the Churches of Darkness” he leaned down to her.


She dared to look up at him, revealing his infuriated expression.


“It is not power, Dark Lord”.


Satan chuckled, “I know that! You don’t want your dear high priest to die”.


“No” she agreed.


“Because you think you love him” he chuckled.


“I do love him” she reluctantly replied.

“Mmm, of course you do, because witches can love” he cackled.


Zelda closed her eyes, there was a burning question inside her that she felt like she needed to know the answer. “Why did you change my path in life?”.


Satan circled her, debating whether to lie or to actually tell her the truth. “I couldn’t have a witch more powerful than the high priest” he bluntly said. “I will save his life Zelda, Faustus is far too important to the Church of Night, but you will go back to the palace, where your attention is much required” he thundered his order, making her almost quiver in fear.


Zelda couldn’t believe that was the compromise. And that the devil had granted her something so quickly, without more of a catch. Maybe she would later find out the real price. Then she supposed, begging for him to live, and then not seeing him was the biggest compromise of all.


“Yes Dark Lord” she barely got out.


As he disappeared, the bullet that was seconds ago only millimetres to Faustus’s heart, bounced on the floor in front of her.


Zelda cautiously walked back to the infirmary where just two Judas boys were guarding the doors. Not that they would stop her, she brushed past them regardless and saw that Faustus was still laying on the table, deep in his coma.


The distress of wondering if he was going to make it, was fortunately over. She approached him slowly and lightly stroked her fingers across his cold pale cheek.

Leaning down to his ear she whispered “You’re the love of my life too”.


At that, she thought she was ready to go. But tears began streaming down her face and she had to hold in a sob. She slipped into bed next to him and lay gently next to him for just a moment before she pulled herself together and lastly kissed his forehead before strutting out the infirmary.


As the cool nights air hit her, Drago was hovering in the sky above her. When he saw that Zelda was waiting for him, he landed right before her.


His scaly nose nudged her arm and she smiled as he clearly knew that something had bothered her. “Let’s go home” she told him.




Chapter Text



The palace was unrecognisable. Nothing was in check. Chaos everywhere. As she walked through the halls, she saw councillors and ministers arguing, and even palace staff.


The Dark Lord was right, her attention was required here. This would never have happened if she didnt go to Greendale. No wonder the council had sent Luna to replace her.


Firstly, she went back to her room to contemplate where to start. She had no idea where the Sovereigns were, and why they hadn’t seized control.


It was absurd.


How it had gotten this bad, she didn’t know, but she was certainly going to put an end to it.


As she paced up and down her room, the words of the Dark Lord taunted her mind. He couldn’t have a witch more powerful than the high priest. What did that even mean? Faustus was one of the most capable and powerful warlocks that she knew. She certainly didn’t see herself more powerful than him in any way. You think you love him. She didn’t think, she knew.


Her path was meant to be different. She was meant to have stayed in Greendale, with her family, with Faustus. Though, the Dark Lord changed that. He took Faustus away from her. But, then he had just saved him. Why?


Zelda felt herself getting tense, the more she thought, the more questions she had and the more frustrated she got, as she knew she would never know the real truth.




“Miss Spellman, I don’t know what you do, or how you do it. But when you walk through this palace, the ministers, the council, the palace staff start to fall in line. The problems seem to disappear. You are an asset to us all” the head of the witches council proudly told her as he walked her out of the council room, along with Damon.


“Yes, we are all extremely lucky that she is back” Damon added, smirking directly at Zelda.


Zelda and Damon walked out of the council meeting together. He very obviously slipped his hand to the small of her back, as they exited to walk down the halls of the palace, ensuring that everyone around could see, that, whatever rumours may or may not have been whispered about whilst she was gone, were certainly not to be whispered about going forward. As it was clear, that Zelda was back at the palace, and of course, at the head sovereigns side, where they all knew she would be.


As they reached his quarters, Damon abruptly stopped to rake his eyes over Zelda, and slowly backed her to the nearest wall. “I’ve missed you” he whispered as his face craned down to smell her hair.


She felt her cheeks flush and her breath caught for a second, completely blushing at his simple words. As she felt his face come close to hers, her eyes would not meet his as his lips hovered over hers.


He hesitated, as he could feel that she was not reciprocating, so he licked his lips before speaking, “You don’t want me to kiss you... because of Blackwood?” He sighed, his tone low, not even surprised or angry.


Damon realised the minute he agreed to send her to Greendale, there was a possibility that all of her feelings would resurface for him, in turn, making their relationship all the more strained. He hated Blackwood, he couldn’t narrow down to an actual reason as to why, but he did. He always had.


Part of it was because of Zelda, he just couldn’t see what she saw in him. He didn’t know how to shield her heart from this or his, as it was clear that this had always secretly been a relationship with three people.


“That’s not-“ she began, but Damon cut her off.


“It is...” he fought. “…this is interesting”. His tone was alarmingly calm, though deep inside, he found himself hurt. Once again, he could feel her slipping through his fingers, though physically, he was gripping hers hips tightly, pulling her closer to him and away from the wall.


“Damon-“ she tried again. Damon stood back from her and shook his head in disbelief, even though he anticipated this happening.


“No, really it is. You don’t know what to do. I can see it in your face, you can’t look at me. Is it disloyal that you want me? Or is it disloyal that you want him? You don’t know”.


“Damon stop” she quietly pleaded, knowing every word he just spoke was the truth.


“Kiss me, Zelda”. He took a step closer to her as she stepped backwards.


“What?”. He took another step, Zelda’s back now back against the wall.


“Kiss me, it’s just you and me with everything that’s happening, it doesn’t matter. It’s just you and me” his nose was touching hers, she could feel his breath. Warmth was building from her stomach.


“Kiss me Zelda, I know you want to”. She did in fact want to, she wanted more than a kiss, she wanted him. But she also wanted Faustus. Leaving him behind, not seeing him wake up was something she was never going to forgive herself for, though she had a direct order to leave.


She finally gained the courage to look into his sparkling hazel eyes, his voice so full of lust and she was struggling to resist. He moved his lips so that they hovered over hers, but he refused to kiss her. He wanted her to make the move, to prove that he was still important to her.


His heavy breath and lingering lips forced her to clenched her thighs. It did not go unnoticed by Damon, his lips curling with pleasure. “Kiss me” he whispered one last time.


There was a moments pause, before her lips finally clashed to his as she flung her arms around him so her fingers could grip his neck, in turn, pulling him even closer if that was at all possible.


Damon had missed her more than he could describe, so he wasted no time in sliding his hand up the length of her skirt to cup her. Zelda moaned into his mouth as he continued to rub her.


She felt his desperate need for her body and rushed to remove his waistcoat. Her fingers stumbled opening his buttons, as she couldn’t do it quick enough. Damon couldn’t resist dragging his fingers along her warmth as he rubbed along the smooth material.


Zelda was getting flustered and hot too quickly, like his quarters weren’t spacious enough, the room began to feel heavy. He pulled her away from the wall, needing her somewhere he could get access to all of her properly.


For a brief second, she changed direction, so that she was no longer walking backward to the bed, but he was. The back of his legs hit the bed, but instead of allowing himself to lay on it completely, Damon sat as his lips finally pulled away from hers.


Her eyes were dark and full of lust. It was something he had not seen since before the mention of Greendale all those months ago.


Before any further action, Zelda began to undress herself, something she knew Damon enjoyed watching. His lips parted to allow himself to steady his breathing, like his hard member wasn’t painfully aching already, she proceeded to tease him.


She slowly slipped down to nothing and watched Damon slowly crumble, with only his waist coat opened. He recognised the look on her face, she was in a tormenting mood.


Two can play at that game, he thought.


As she straddled him, their lips clung back together. The kiss was passionate, the kind you would feel hours after with bruised lips. He dragged her even closer to him, feeling her hardened nipples brush against the softness of his shirt.


She let out a small whine when he detached his lips from hers and began nipping along her shoulder. Her hips involuntarily began to grind against him.


“Stop squirming, Zelda!” he ordered.


Her big eyes looking innocently at him. She knew why he told her to stop, but it wasn’t going to stop her from playing her part. “Why, your majesty?” Her voice practically unrecognisable.


“You know why!” He growled at her.


She was edging him closer and closer by grinding on him, as if he wasn’t already dripping with precum, and he was nowhere near done with her. This had been the longest he’d been without her in over a century, he wasn’t about to make it a quick reunion.


“I’m sorry” her eyelashes battered at him.


Evidently, she was not sorry at all, because her gyrating continued as she reached up his shirt to rip it from his body. It was clear that she wanted to dig her nails into his shoulders, as she left several marks over him.


“Fuck, Zelda. I’ve missed you” he panted.


She didn’t want to speak. Though, her mouth spoke without much control. “I’ve missed you too”.


Their lips fell sloppily over each other, and her hands finally grabbed the button on his trousers, as she reached to release his aching cock.


Before she could settle herself onto him, Damon’s hands caressed her entire body and eventually found themselves grasping her bare breasts, fiddling with her hardened nipples between his fingers.


Her moans of pure pleasure were loud, and Damon was pleased, as he hoped that everyone in the palace could hear that she was back in his arms, where she belonged, and hoped that, somehow the news would travel back to Greendale, of just that.


Damon tilted his head back and let out a strained sigh, as her moans were making his cock twitch. Her feminine moans of ecstasy, such a juxtaposition compared to her normal strict tone.


Not being able to resist any longer, “Lay down on the bed” Damon demanded.


Zelda pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, smiling behind the action as she slipped off his lap and rolled onto her back, leaning up on her elbows.


Bare in front of him, she watched him practically tear his clothes off. Her legs slowly parted for him, only further teasing him.


His mouth practically watered at the sight of her wet slit, missing every single inch of her over the past several months. Not that he acknowledged it, but he knew deep down that the possibility of Zelda sleeping with Faustus in Greendale was almost inevitable. Yet, it didn’t change his feeling towards her one bit. If anything, it erupted his possessiveness over her, hence why he was adamant that he was going to have his own way with her.


Not that she wasn’t going to enjoy it.


He slowly caressed up her thigh until he reached her tight bundle of nerves and felt how soaked she was for him. He sucked air through his teeth, trying to contain the overwhelming demand to grab her by the neck and fuck her until she was numb.


“Oh Satan!” She moaned loudly, when she felt his thumb harshly rub her clit, as if he was going to force her to cum.


“No, not Satan, Zelda. Only me, and you will be at my mercy” his dark and tormenting tone warned her.


With that, Damon roughly grabbed her thighs and wrapped them around him, dragging her to the edge of the bed. His thumb found its way back to her sodden centre and began its virtue once more. Her head tilted back in the pleasure that she had momentarily lost.


After not giving her nearly enough pressure this time round to tip her over the edge, Damon mercifully plunged two of his fingers deep inside her, curling them to her hilt. Zelda no longer managed to support herself on her elbows, and her nails dug into the expensive silk of his bed. Her hips thrusted up towards his hand, almost clenching around him so quickly as he pumped in and out of her.


She let out a short sharp gasp as he pushed a third finger inside her. “How does this feel, Zelda?” Does he do it to you like this?” He possessively growled.


“Mmm” she already replied, before she realised that she had fucked up.


Damon abruptly withdrew his fingers, and her arousal practically sparkled over his digits. Her eyes widened as she whined at him. “No, please. Please Damon… Please” she begged.


He smirked devilishly at her, not blinking as he raised his coated fingers to his tongue and licked. He warned her that she would be at his mercy. “ Satan…” he mocked. “… you taste like perfection. Wouldn’t it be a shame to not let you cum”.


Her body almost flinched a sob without tears. She now realised that he was not joking in the slightest.


Did she really think she could get away with gallivanting around Greendale for months, with hardly any communication, and get away with it?


As her mouth parted to protest, and possibly beg some more, he forced his fingers across her tongue, making her gag.


“That’s it Zelda, take all of them” he chuckled.


When she began to choke Damon removed his fingers, allowing her just a few seconds before he began to tease her with his cock. Rubbing his tip up and down between her folds.


Sweat had already began to bead on her forehead and neck, and she had wanted to cum about 4 times since she had been with him.


Please Damon. I want you inside me” she desperately whimpered.


Once he finally ended her torture of torment, he fell into a frenzy as her warmth tightly wrapped around him. There wasn’t a single thrust where he didn’t hit the spot that sent shivers spiralling around her body.


Her back arched off the silk sheets, as her hips moved, allowing his size to go even deeper. Her hands grabbed and scratched at his torso, wanting him to be on top of her. He gave in, and leaned straight over her, his mouth purposefully finding her ear.


“I want the whole palace to hear how much you’ve missed me” he confessed, knowing she wouldn’t dare disobey.


Her slick walls began clenching around him as he slid his large hand around her throat and squeezed. He didn’t stop thrusting into her until he saw her cum all over his cock. Her screams echoed through the tall ceiling, Damon flinging his head back just from how amazing his name sounded being screamed from her lips. Not being able to last a second longer, he released his climax inside her.


He roughly spread her legs apart so he could watch his cum drip out of her. Her whole body quivered under his dark stare. He then collapsed next to her, needing to recover before their next round, because of course, he was nowhere near finished with her.



Chapter Text


The noise of the shower running woke Zelda. She blinked her eyes open to familiarise herself with her surroundings. She wasn’t in her bed as she saw the Ivory and gold silk sheets. She wasn’t sure if her oncoming headache was from lack of sleep or from the constant reminder that the Dark Lord sent her back to Italy.


She stretched and yawned in the gigantic bed, not wanting to get out of it. So, instead, she continued to lay there and closed her eyes, trying to clear her mind of everything.


“Morning” Damon whispered as he walked around to her side and sat on the edge of the bed.


Before opening her eyes, her lips formed into a smile, as she could smell his citrus scent. Something she loved about him. As she opened her eyes, she was pleased to see that he was wrapped in a towel and hadn’t dressed yet.


“Morning” she replied, sitting up, almost allowing the sheet to drop loosely around her.


He kissed her gently on the cheek and stood to admire the extraordinary view from his balcony. “A perfect morning for archery, wouldn’t you agree?” He asked her.


She huffed a sigh, not shocked at his suggestion. Rolling onto her side, she tried to peek a sight at the weather. Zelda saw that it was a bright morning, and hummed in agreement with him.


“Can’t we sleep some more first?” She laughed, clearly feeling the lack of sleep.


He turned to face her and smiled. “Does someone not have an awful lot of energy?” He chuckled.


“What I don’t understand, is how you have so much” she said as she flung herself back into the pillows.


He lips curled at her response and moved back to the bed, so he was sat at her side. “Let’s just say, you coming home has given me something to be energetic about” he said, smirking.


Her brow arched at his smooth attempt, as he leaned in to kiss her. She let go of the sheet she was holding around her body as they both raked through his soft wet hair.


As the kiss was deepening, Zelda shifted to straddle him when they were rudely interrupted by the servants bringing the head sovereigns breakfast.


“No! No!” They both repeated shouted as a joke to them for them to hurry up and just leave.


They saw the servants just push the trolley with the breakfast on and rush straight back out of the door, they both returned looking at each other and laughed.




After what was previously her usual day at the palace, she had forgotten how boring the meetings were. The meetings she had in Greendale used to fly past, seeing as she used to stare at Faustus throughout the majority of it.


She stopped and lingered in the hall as the thought of him shook her. She couldn’t help but wonder how he was. If he would have woken up and asked for her, or he would be pleased to find out that she was back in Italy, after telling him that they had no future.


Satan saved his life on her request, and he was spiteful enough to not allow her to see him wake up. The last verbal moment with Faustus was regrettable. She also wondered, if she didn’t say those things to him, whether he would have been shot, and if she’d be back in Italy.


Well, she knew she would have to come back at some point, the palace was chaotic. Though, would she have had more time with him?


As she was angering herself with thoughts, they were pleasantly interrupted by Damon creeping behind her and pulling her into his body.


He kissed her on the head and let her go, slipping his hand into hers wanting her to walk with him. “Come with me”.


Her curiosity is what encouraged her to follow him down the halls and outside. The  gardens of the palace were in full bloom, it was one of Zelda’s favourite things about residing there.


She watched as Damon finally stopped in the middle of all the flowers, and waited for him to say something.


“Zelda, for the longest time I have believed that the Dark Lord has wanted you to rule by my side. And now you are back home, I think we can finally start the rest of our lives” his smile beaming as he spoke.


As wonderful as all of this was for her to hear, where was this going?


“I want you to come away with me for a while. Just you and me, no one else”.


“I beg your pardon?” She exclaimed, not expecting that in the slightest.


“Come away with me. I want to work on us, I think it’s time and long overdue that we finally officiate our relationship. Now, I know it’s not been easy. I know that I have not been perfect for you, but I want to change that. We have had complications over the past century. But your absence has only made me grow more fond of you. That is… if you’ll have me” he nervously said.


Her mind wanted to explode.


What was odd, was that she did once want all of that. She didn’t know if she still did, maybe she did, but just not right this second. A decade or so ago, there was nothing she dreamt about more than being the wife of the head sovereign. She would have been the most powerful witch on earth. Everything she had ever wanted, power, recognition, faith. At the time she wanted it more than anything, Damon was being a total twat. Sleeping around, not quite using Zelda but, almost. He was the one who kept fucking up and then crawling back licking his wounds.


Maybe this is what she needed. An escape from absolutely everything. The palace, her duties, Greendale, the witch hunters and of course, Faustus. Even though she was away from him, her mind couldn’t help but wonder.


“Yes!” She confidently said.


“Wonderful, I’ll tell everyone we leave within the hour and to not expect us back anytime soon” he smiled and kissed her forehead. “I’ll also get the jeweller to meet us on the island so you can choose whatever you want”.


She forced a smile at him. Not because she wasn’t happy, because she was, but, it was too easy. Everything she had wanted for decades, now served directly to her.


And now, she wanted something else too.




Chapter Text



The sun was scorching from the sky, the gentle breeze smelt fresh and salty from the sea. It was one of the most beautiful places Zelda had ever visited. And quite frankly, she didn’t want to ever leave.


Her eyes were shut as she draped on the lounger, dipping her fingers into the sand, as she took a deep breath of freshness.


Nothing could pull her away from this.


The dramatics of her visit to Greendale, the complication that is Faustus Blackwood and the witch hunters were all very much at the back of her mind. From time to time, a thought crept forward as her family were in Greendale, but Damon assured her that he had a group of protectors that had a particularly close eye on them.


They had been on this island for 6 weeks, and the situation in Greendale hasn’t changed. Which gave Zelda hope that the witch hunters had just given up and moved on.


Chance would be a fine thing.


“You know your majesty, you’re going to have to do something other than swim and lounge around on this island, you have a palace to run! Don’t you think 6 weeks here is enough?” Zelda heard from a distance. It was Damon’s private secretary attempting for the hundredth time, to convince Damon that he should be getting back to the palace. Damon however, strong disagreed.


“There isn’t a single thing that could remove me off this island” Damon chuckled.


Zelda opened her eyes and blinked a few times, allowing her eyes adjust to how bright the day was. What was odd, was that her usually snow white skin, actually appeared to have a bit of a glow. Even for all the decades she lived in Italy, she never had this.


“Trying to convince you to go home?” Zelda asked as Damon approached the lounger next to her.


“Of course, I’d be worried if he didn’t. This is perfect, no one can bother us. No one can interfere” he spoke.


Even though she didn’t acknowledge that he said it, she knew the ‘no one can interfere’ was a dig. As he was utterly convinced that something happened between her and Faustus. Not that she ever confirmed or denied. She wasn’t about to create yet another problem. Especially one she wouldn’t have known how to resolve.






Zelda was finishing getting ready for dinner. She leaned forward to the mirror and popped her earrings in. Her dress was long and flowy, something that she wasn’t really used to. But being on the island had really relaxed her.


“Zelda, are you ready?” Damon popped his head from behind the door.


She looked and smiled at him, dinner on the beach wouldn’t never get boring. “Yes”.


Over dinner, Damon thought he would tempt his luck. “So, do you have an idea of when you would like to officiate?” He casually smirked as he brought his wine to his lips.


He saw the momentary panic in her eyes, but if he didn’t know her so well, she’d had hidden it perfectly. “I haven’t given it much thought” she honestly answered.


“Mmm” he grumbled.


“What’s the rush?” She questioned.


He broke into a smile “Nothing. I perhaps thought, after all this time, well, why waste more?”.


His last words absolutely petrified her. There wasn’t a rush. Exactly, after all this time. He had already wasted so much. But she couldn’t hold that against him.


She would have never had her moments again with Faustus.


After they ate their current favourite, sea food. Something Zelda had never even gave a second thought of trying before. They walked hand in hand on the beach, the sun was just beginning to set.


“Your majesty!” Someone called from behind.


They both abruptly stopped and looked behind to see Damon’s private secretary running after them.


“Your majesty!” He repeated, trying to catch his breath. “There’s a situation… in Greendale. Miss Spellman, a witch Hunter attempted to kidnap your niece”.




Chapter Text


Zelda was immediately teleported back to the Palace, along with Damon. She hastily changed into her usual darker choice of clothing, and flustered back out of her room where a group of protectors were waiting for her, ready to go to Greendale once again.


They received notification that Sabrina was in the infirmary at the academy, after attaining a few minor injuries as she successfully fought off the witch hunters.


As they stepped through the portal on the crisp leaved ground in Greendale, Zelda took a breath as she put her foot forward and burst into the academy.


The walls were practically vibrating as she marched down them, heading towards her niece.


Faustus and Magnus were tucked in the corner of the corridor, meters past the infirmary doors and they both saw Zelda approach.


His breath caught, and his hands gripped tightly into a fist. Seeing her again, after all that had happened since she left, he couldn’t take it much longer.


When Faustus was brought out of his coma, he was disorientated, confused, lost, and in agony. When he was still coming round from his sleepy state, he called out for Zelda numerous times. Hilda had to calm him down over and over when he realised that she wasn’t there. Constance was furious of course, that her fiancé was screaming out another witches name. But it didn’t stop him from mourning his loss of her.


Magnus cleared his throat and saw that Faustus’s eyes were glued to where Zelda was until she walked through the infirmary doors. “So since you weren’t staring at Zelda, can we get back to business?” He raised his brow at his friend.




Zelda’s temper got the better of her after she found out that Sabrina was almost kidnapped on her way home from Baxter High. She officially forbid Sabrina from continuing her studies at Baxter High and to only attend the academy. She had warned both Edward and Hilda that something along those lines would happen. But of all things to happen, those damn witch hunters.


The next morning, a meeting was being held in Blackwoods office and Zelda couldn’t help but feel extremely anxious about seeing him again.


After the events of Sabrina, she remembered that the last time she was here, she had begged the Dark Lord to save his life, and that she never got to see him wake up.


Fortunately, her brother and Magnus, along with others would be attending too, so she wouldn’t have to face him entirely on her own.


“I’m glad you’re back, sister Zelda” he announced as soon as she walked through his office doors with Edward.

She nervously smiled back at him, even in front of everyone else, she couldn’t control the blushing of her cheeks when he recognised her and not anyone else.


He looked well, refreshed and not like he was being weighed down. A look she had only seen a few times when she had been with him other than when they were young.


She wasn’t supposed to be blushing, this was a fresh start. She came back due to the incident involving her niece, not to fall back into his bed, or on his desk rather.


The meeting ran long and Faustus’s attention was fading rapidly. “I think that will be enough for now” everyone stood as he stood, and he dismissed them with a shake of his hand.


Everyone was piling out the door, but not quick enough for Zelda to escape. “Not you, sister Zelda” his professional tone was almost insulting.


She had a feeling he was going to do that. There was no way in this realm that she could disappear after him getting shot and him not need some sort of closure, given their last verbal communication.


He walked from behind his desk and stood in the middle of his office. She turned to him walking away from the door and stood an appropriate distance away from him, for her own precaution. Though, Faustus didn’t appreciate the gap she had left between them and closed it heavily, his face almost touching hers.


“Don’t ever leave me like that again” he growled, completely punishing her, it sent a strong, sharp shiver up her spine as she felt all her hairs on her body stand up. She couldn’t help that her breath hitched massively and her eyes shut in pleasure as she heard his dominating tone.


His hand slipped to grip her waist and her mouth parted so she could try to steady her breathing. “Didn’t you miss me?” He purred in her ear.


Was he completely stupid? Of course she did, but she wasn’t going to admit that to him, that would give him all the power. It was just so easy for them to slip into this play. He seduced her with his dominance, he didn’t even have to try and she just instantly felt herself submitting to him, without question or hesitation. She trusted him more than anyone, but they couldn’t. Last time they spoke, he called it off with her.


“Zelda, did you miss me?” He whispered at her neck as he moved her hair behind her ear and lightly kissed her soft skin. She felt so pathetic and weak as she allowed him to kiss and suck at her neck as quickly as that.


She was back for all of a few hours and this is how easily he got his own way with her. It hurt so much, now she was back in his presence, she realised how much she needed him, to the point she felt like crying. But she couldn’t, he wasn’t going to get what he wanted with her, so she had to stop it, even though she moaned at the pleasure he was giving her just from softly nipping at her flesh.


“Faustus stop- I cant do this”. He pulled away instantly but didn’t let his grip on her waist go and with his other hand he stroked her face.


“Why, why can’t you?” He wondered.


The look in her eyes told him everything. It was guilt.


“I was told you went away for a while…” he stated.


She took a step back from his suffocating presence, “Yes”.


“You didn’t go alone... did you?” He asked.


“No” she looked away from him, not being able to bare the look of despair on his face.


“You went with Damon?”


She remained silent, but he knew he was right. But he wanted confirmation. She quickly looked back at him and watched him clench his jaw.


“Say it” he quietly spat.


She felt as if her heart was being torn from her chest. “Faus-“ she began but he interrupted her.


“I want you to say it” he warned.


“I went with Damon. Please don’t be mad” she pleaded with him as he turned his back towards her.


“It’s a little late for that my dear”.





“Where have you been?” Edward asked as he saw Zelda attempt to style that she had been home for a while, when in fact, she had just gotten back. After what felt like an almost confrontation with Faustus, she decided to go against everything discussed in the meeting, and walk through the woods alone.


“Nowhere” she lied.


Edward sighed and poured her a whiskey, something that used to remind her of her Father, now of Faustus.


“He hasn’t been the same, you know” Edward teased.


“I imagine getting shot and fighting for your life does that to you” she tried steering away from where she knew her brother wanted the conversation to go.


“You know I didn’t mean that. But yes, that too I guess. Especially after the love of your life makes a deal with the Dark Lord” he raised an eyebrow and darkly smirked at her.


Zelda checked over her shoulders and around to make sure no one was around, listening. “How in Satan’s name do you know about that?” She whispered.


“I didn’t, not for certain. But now I do! Zelda what were you thinking?!” He shook his head.


Instead of instantly replying, she actually took a second to think about this, so Edward knew it wasn’t a in the moment decision, she needed to do it.


“I couldn’t just let him die Edward!”. It sounded much better and more justified in her head than what it came out like verbally.


“That wasn’t your choice to make Zee! Everything has a price. I learned that when I lost Diana. We begged and begged for Sabrina, and look at the consequence!” He pleaded with her to see sense.


“Well, what is done is done” she finalised.


“Zee, a lot has happened since you left. And I can see that Faustus has clearly made use of you and your time being back” he commented, but Zelda was not following what her brother meant.


She raised a brow in confusion, “What are you talking about?”.


“Keeping you back after the meeting, and you just getting home. Satan in Hell Zee, come on, it’s not necromancy, anyone could figure it out” he chuckled to himself.


“Edward, no. It’s genuinely not what you think. Not this time” she set the record straight. This was not going to be a repeat of last time, even though Faustus did attach his lips to her neck, but she was going to ignore that for now.


Her brother scoffed a laugh, and couldn’t contain his amusement “Oh Zelda”.


The straight face that Zelda maintained told Edward that she didn’t in fact, have the faintest bloody idea what has happened.


“So you really didn’t…” he tried asking but still, the idea of his old mentor and sister was just too much for him.


“No!!” She clarified. “And what do you mean he hasn’t been the same!?” She anxiously asked, not entirely sure she wanted to know the answer.


All joking aside, Edward motioned for them both to sit.


“Oh Satan, you don’t actually know, do you?”


“Know what!!?” She demanded.


“Zelda, after you left. Faustus found out that Constance lied about her pregnancy, and broke off their engagement immediately. She’s attempted numerous times to get his attention, but you know what he’s like. They aren’t together anymore” he revealed.


Zelda’s heart began beating in her ears, her breathing on the verge of a panic. This was not happening. It couldn’t be happening. Did this explain his behaviour and questions in his office?


“Don’t ever leave me like that again”

“Didn’t you miss me?” his voice echoed in her head.


He had no idea that the Dark Lord had sent her back until he could see the guilt in her eyes.


Damn it!


She needed to see him. The sickness feeling overwhelmed her. After all the time she was here previously, she begged and they argued over him not being able to fully give himself to her, and now, he’s completely free.


But she wasn’t.


She shakily got up from the couch, and paced, trying to think rationally. But all her feelings were completely clouding over her judgement.


So in her irrational thought, she went to find him.




Chapter Text


His house had changed. It was no longer the huge glass windows and modern design she remembered. He had quite clearly embraced his high priesthood and extended that into more ways than she could imagine.


She hadn’t been here in such a long time. It was unusual. But he wasn’t at the academy or at the desecrated church, he couldn’t be anywhere else other than home.


As she approached the door, two Judas boys, who were guarding the front of his house, nodded at her. She didn’t quite know what the nodd meant. Just assuming it was either a yes, he’s home, or a yes, you’re allowed on the property. Who knew?


She followed closely behind a Judas boy who escorted her into his house. Looking around, the decor suited him so much more than the modern house that his brother built all those years ago.


They approached what she assumed was his office. The door was already open, the young warlock walked in ahead and stepped to one side, revealing her to his vision.


“Sister Zelda, what do I owe the pleasure of your company, at my house no less?” He smiled brightly, not being able to hide just how pleased he was to see her really, though his tone would suggest otherwise, as Faustus nodded his head to the Judas boy to dismiss him.


“Well… I-“ she didn’t even know what to say to him. She couldn’t exactly say, I heard constance was a lying bitch, I may or may not have agreed to marry the head sovereign that you hate so much, but I’m here because you are available. Though really, that was it.


His smirk broadened at her lack of words. He had a suspicion of why she had turned up, but he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.


“Zelda?” He saw the glow on her face fade slightly and become nervous. If this was a goodbye he could not take it, nor would he accept it.


As he began walking toward her, she folded her arms across her chest. She wasn’t making it easy for him. A now unreadable expression and defensive body language. It didn’t stop his eyes from raking over her when they stood closely opposite each other. He couldn’t stop his fingertips from gently brushing against the top of her arm, hoping it would be a comfort.


“Your excellency, I am sorry to-“ she began.


“I assume Edward told you?” He interrupted. It being so much easier this way than to let her struggle with her words, now he knew that that is why she visited, especially because he knew she had never been fantastic with her words when it came to situations like this.


Her eyes flicked between his, and started to tear up. “Yes” she whispered, not daring to look away from him. She had no idea why she was getting so emotional. Perhaps it was that previously, Faustus hadn’t been as available as she’d have liked.


His hands now gripped her arms, needing more than what she was allowing (which was nothing) as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. It was intimate and deep. The thing they had missed dearly from each other.


“Then, why are you here?” He secretly didn’t need to ask, but it was more for his pride that she answered.


It was a familiar question, given the last time they saw each other, Faustus visited the Spellman house and Zelda asked him the same question.


“Because I love you” she clearly stated as a tear rolled down her cheek. And she gave him the same answer that he gave her. They were both surprised at her lack of hesitation, given that her history with talking feelings wasn’t great.


Faustus licked his lips and very slowly grazed his lips over hers, wrapping his arms around her small frame, as hers reached up around his neck and shoulders.


Her heart, beating out of her chest at this point, as she clings onto him. He didn’t allow his lips to crash to hers like they both wanted. He dragged it out, to see how desperate she truly was.


The truth was, she was very desperate to feel his slick lips and taste of his tongue.


Her head was screaming at her. She held back long enough, but as she crashed her lips to his, he pulled her into a loving and gentle embrace.


His lips were so familiar, his strong hands that were pulling at her waist for her to get closer to him, felt like a vice. She moaned into the kiss at the idea of him marking her once again.


Faustus felt his cock twitch at her delicate moan. Satan he had missed her. If he hadn’t missed her enough the first time she came back to Greendale, he certainly did now. Now he was free from Constance and having absolutely nothing holding him back from claiming her, more than he ever had before, in the way he had always wanted to.


He backed her up against the wall, pinning her with his body, forcing her wrists above her head as he squeezed them tightly in one hand. He moved from her lips, now gliding over her neck, breathing heavily as he slipped his knee between Zelda’s thighs, applying minimal pressure, making her moan out in needy desperation for more as she began to grind on his leg.


Her breath turned into panting, and Faustus could tell he was painfully working her up. Knowing she would never get off with what he was giving her. She could tell he was in a tormenting mood. It was clearly some form of torture for her, showing her that she should have never have left him, like it was her choice.


His free hand snaked up her body, but he found that his fingers were forcing them between her lips and toying with her tongue before plunging down her throat. The sound of her gagging on them only made him harder, sucking in a breath in-between his clenched teeth. Satan he had missed that sound. Pushing them down further, he saw her getting teary eyed as they held eye contact, before he mercifully removed them for her to gain a real breath.


His mouth moved to her ear before growling “I’ve missed you, more than you will ever know. No one else has ever sounded as beautiful as you”.


Her eyes fluttered back as his words turned her on even more. She whimpered in response and the two fingers that were previously in her mouth, were pushed against her lips. “Are you going to be, my good girl?” He dangerously asked.


Knowing she wasn’t allowed to verbally respond. She gained his eye contact once more and nodded innocently.  He chuckled and his smirk was dark, in turn, only making Zelda curious as to what he had planned.


“Go and bend over the desk” he ordered.


She did as he told her, and she patiently waited for his next instruction. Normally she could sense him behind her, but he was clearly admiring his view of her before proceeding.


She could hear him fiddling with something, but couldn’t work out what as her brain was too loudly buzzing over that she was with him.


Now sensing him behind her, her sight quickly captured his tie coming in front of her face. “Open your mouth” she heard, before putting the silk fabric in her mouth and tying behind her head.


He knelt behind her and deliberately pulled up her dress slowly, revealing her stockings, garter belt and lace. Steadily, he stroked her ass, knowing his pace would be killing her, like it wasn’t him.


He quietly chuckled as he felt her clenching her thighs together. To torment her more, he kicked her legs apart. He heard her huff out in frustration and smirked. “Something bothering you dearest?”.


She whined and attempted to clench her hands on whatever she could grab on his desk. Faustus reached either side of her and pulled her hands back behind her, holding them down in the small of her back with one hand, the other unbuckled his belt and pulled it from the loops of his trousers, wrapping it around her wrists as tight as he could get it.


In his eyes, she was as ready as he could get her, in his rush to start. She sensed that he walked away from her, but was back behind her before she could even think about what he had up his sleeve. Then she felt the cool material of his cane brush against her ass. There had been many times where Faustus had used multiple tools, including his hands and his oh so favourite, cat o’nine tails. But to her surprise, he hadn’t used his cane up to now. Especially since, it was Zelda that gifted it to him when he became high priest.


They both had no idea how this was going to play out. Faustus didn’t know how firm it was going to feel with his strength, as where he knew her limits with everything else. But he wasn’t about to get something else to use, it was some sort of twisted gesture.


He stood back from her, admiring her once again with the cane in his hand, in preparation to spank her with it. He sighed at just how much this turned him on. His trousers were so tight, but he would get to that. First, he needed to satisfy both of their needs, and send Zelda to a place where she deserved to be, and a place where only he could get her to.


She anticipated the first sting on her ass, but it was light and nowhere near what she thought. “Tell me how you want it Zelda” he said, concerned how it felt.


“Harder” she muffled through his tie as she squirmed, waiting for the next blow.


And it came thick and fast. She slightly judders against his desk this time. “Harder” she repeats.


Another blow, and she cries out. Perfect. She’s sure she hears him growl to himself, and she’s certain there is now a red mark.


“Is that how you want it dearest?” He said deeply as he gave her another blow.


She wishes her hands were free so she could bite her wrist, but no such luck. Tears were threatening her eyes. She was only 4 in and already feeling a hint of the ecstasy he was going to get her to. “Yessss” she manages through the material of his tie and her concentrated breathing.


He continues his perfectly aimed lashes of his cane to her ass. Enjoying as the marks became more red from the each blow.


The lashes were harsh, but she was loving every second of it. She was definitely near her limit, but didn’t want to stop, she wasn’t even close to wanting to stop. It was a shame he spread her legs, because she knew, her centre would be completely sodden from this, and would be so close to sliding over the edge, if he were to allow her.


After Satan only knows how long, probably longer than they both care to admit. Faustus lent over her and craned his mouth to her ear. Zelda already tried to squirm and protest under him as he pulled his tie from her mouth. “Faustus, please, please, don’t stop. It feels too good!” she sobbed.


“You’ve had enough” he warned, and he was aching to get inside her, his hard cock completely dripping with precum.


He moved to undo the tie at the back of her head, and unbuckled his belt, freeing her wrists. She stayed practically collapsed on his desk, completely high from what had just happened.


Faustus gripped her waist and moved her to sit on the edge so he could stand between her legs and brought her into a cuddling embrace. Seeing her pupils dilated and full of tears, he knew she was in a realm completely on her own.


He stroked her hair softly as she managed to fling her arms around him, gripping onto the material of his shirt. Feeling her softly sniffle into his chest, he leaned back  and gently pulled a few strands of hair away from her eyes that was catching in her tears. His fingers moved to her chin and raised it for her to look up at him.


“You’re mine, do you understand?” He questioned.


Her eyes were big and full and she nodded her head at him.


“I need to hear you say it Zelda, tell me, tell me that you are mine again” he growled.


A smile crept across her lips hearing him say those words again. “I am yours”.


He gasped when her hand found the hard bulge between his legs. Looking down at her, he saw the dark smirk in her eyes.


Without another moments hesitation, Zelda ripped open his shirt, buttons popping off everywhere, revealing his tattooed chest. She had missed seeing them, raking her nails over them, immediately going to unzip his trousers.


Faustus grabbed down her lace thong, snapping her suspender clips in the duration and knelt down before her. Zelda widened her legs for him, allowing his broad shoulders to sink between her. She scooted back on his desk slightly to ensure she wouldn’t fall off, almost flinching at just how uncomfortable sitting on her ass currently was.


His tongue quickly flicked through her soaked folds, immediately allowing her to forget the pain. Rolling his eyes back at the glorious taste he had been craving for weeks, needing to lick every drop.


Their eyes locked, and Zelda caressed her fingers through his hair. As soon as he applied the right amount of pressure, circling her clit, she unconsciously grabbed at his hair. He moaned into her, causing her body to twitch. She was so close. She knew it wasn’t going to take long, after already being high off the cane infliction, she was practically half way there.


Her breathing became deep and loud, which turned into her crying out pleas for him to not stop and let her cum. Faustus loved the current use of her desperate tone, if he wasn’t too busy enjoying building her up with his tongue, he would have most certainly have used his words to tease her.


He was painfully throbbing with his trousers unzipped, but his cock still in his underwear. But he needed to hear the blissful sound of her whines before he shoved himself inside her.


“Faustus… can I?” She staggered between breaths.


His tongue continued its flicking and circling as he watched her body begin to twitch and react to her building orgasm. His strong arms kept her still whilst his tongue pressed against her.


Zelda’s repeated cry of his name only boosted his already huge ego when it came to his trysts with her. Her hips bucked against him in a desperate state to stay in her release for as long as possible. Her mind exploded with relief. It simply amazed her how he can get her in such a state so quickly.


Not given her much of a rest, Faustus stood and slipped his thumbs into his waistband, pulling down in one smooth motion, finally releasing his aching cock.


He lined himself up with her entrance, not being able to resist pumping himself in his hand a few times and rubbing his tip between her cum soaked folds. She flinched from stimulation as he brushed against her clit.


The head, dripping with precum dipped inside her entrance. He needed to feel every single inch of him fill her.


Zelda pulled him closely and her mouth reached for his shoulder and bit down as he stretched her inch by inch. This time was different, the way he filled her. She knew exactly how big he was, and his size would always impress her, but this had never felt so good.


His hips began a steady pace, finding his momentum before he completely just let go. Not being able to manage without clenching at something because of how she wrapped around him, Faustus grabbed a fistful of her thick hair as he slowly began to slam into her.


“You feel so amazing dearest” he whispered between stuttered breaths.


Every damn thrust was hitting her cervix, and he knew it from her moans. His free hand gripped her throat and he rested his forehead on hers, eyes locking as their mouths lingered over each others.


It was a level of intimacy that they hadn’t had in a long time. Something was different. A connection that felt electrifying.


His groans were turning more desperate with each thrust, needing her to go over the edge with him.


“I need you, Zelda”.


“Please”  she begged.


His thrusts grew harder, and Zelda was struggling to not move every time he slammed back into her. He picked up the pace as he felt her beginning to tighten around her.


Her stomach pulled tight as warmth built up. She felt her cheeks flush as Faustus’s grip tightened around her throat and hair. His breath heavy and hot on her face.


She completely clenched around him, pulling him inside and he stopped his thrust when he was as deep as he could get, allowing his warm cum to leak inside her as she muffled out a scream with his lips pressed against hers.


This was itEcstasy. In a realm, they could only ever be in together.


“Fuck Zelda” he sighed, coming down from his release, still emptying into her.


Her mind was completely blanked, living in her orgasm for as long as possible. Digging her nails deep into his back, excited that she will see all of her marks over him.


She finally opened her eyes and found that he was already looking at her. “I love you” she simply said, though her tone was as serious as ever.


He smiled at her before replying, actually appreciating that she had told him that. “Zelda, I will love you more than you will never know, and for longer than what is possible”.


She stroked his face and pulled him in to kiss him.


When he finally pulled out of her, he held out his hands in order for her to take them.


Raising a brow in question, he gave a gentle nodd to reassure her.


She placed her hands in his and very slowly slipped off his desk, hoping to not catch her ass too much.


Wincing as she stood up, Faustus thought of no better time to sweep her up into his arms.


To his surprise, she didn’t protest at all. Clearly too tired. He teleported them to his room and gently removed her dress, bra, heels and remaining stockings.


He briefly disappeared to his closet, only to return with a crisp white shirt, for old times sake. She smiled at the memory he was so clearly trying to make them relive.


Unbuttoning the shirt, he held it out for her to slip her arms in. When she went to button it up, he slapped her hands away and did it for her, finishing with his fingers combing through her hair.


“Why don’t you wait for me in bed?” He smiled into her cheek, quickly pecking it after.


She bit her lip, not being able to wait to get into what she knew was going to be an extremely comfortable bed.


Faustus joined her after changing into fresh underwear. He immediately lifted his arm for her to snuggle against him. Without letting a single second pass, she allowed herself to crawl into his gesture.


Taking a deep breath, she had never needed such care. If anything, it was only adding fuel to her already existing fire.


In addition to his already caring embrace, he lightly stroked her hair, pulling her leg over his body, allowing her to get as close as possible.


She felt herself slipping into a sleep that she didn’t want. The warmth from his body only encouraging her more.




“Mmmm” she responded.


“Promise me something?”


She tilted her head up slightly, just managing to catch his eye contact.


“Don’t ever leave me”.


“I promise” she said, hoping she’d never have to break it.





Chapter Text


It was early the next morning when Zelda woke and realised that she was in Faustus’s bed by herself.
Some things never change. She went to sit up and the sudden ache of her entire body hit her. Fuck.


Having no idea what she was meant to do now she was back again. The palace hadn’t sent her on business, she was here for personal reasons. But how could she not do something?


The best thing she could think to do, was to get ready and possibly join in on some meetings at the academy that she had no doubt that Faustus would be holding.


For the love of lucifer, this was just all so complicated. She had fallen deeply into a spell last night, as did he. Realistically, they had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Promising to never leave him? How she even thought that was plausible, she had no idea, shaking her head at the memory. For Satan’s sake. Like Damon would just forget about her, after agreeing to marry him.


“Morning” Faustus said, interrupting her exploding mind.


“Morning” she said, not being able to retain her growing grin.


He passed her her morning coffee fix and surprised her by also passing her a cigarette, already in her holder.


Her eyes were fixed on him as he pottered around the bedroom, getting things ready for what he anticipated to be a long day ahead.


She observed that he looked particularly dapper and her thighs clenched together. Maybe his head was held a little higher than usual, or he was still feeling the aftermath of the high they created last night.


Puffing on her cigarette, she debated asking him what he had planned. At the same time, she didn’t want to know, she wanted to live in this little bubble for as long as possible, before having to face reality.


“As much as I don’t want to bring it up… are you working today, or spending time with your family?” He regretted having to ask.


She found his tone so considerate, she could see that he wasn’t too happy with himself for asking. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t work, seeing as I’m here and I can help. There is surely something that could be done”.


It was sad that they both slipped back into their professional roles so easily, when they wanted to avoid it for as long as possible. But they both knew that there was something much bigger that needed to be resolved, before they could even consider discussing them.


“I have a meeting with your brother,  Magnus and a member of the witches council this morning” he told her, as if it was a suggestion for her to join if she felt like it.


Understanding entirely, “I’ll join you”.


He walked up to her sitting in his bed, and kissed her forehead. “I’d be pleased, if you did”.


After finishing her much needed coffee and cigarette, Zelda made her way to his ensuite. She splashed water on her face and what amused Faustus the most as he followed to watch her, was that she knew, even though the house had changed, where to find a spare toothbrush.


It was absurd how pleasing it was to see her in one of his shirts and doing something as silly and innocent as brushing her teeth. He wondered at what point he got soft. Then thought, actually, he’d always been soft for her.


“Faustus?” Her voice all innocent, clearly wondering why he was just watching her do the simplest things.


“Mmm” he replied.


“What’s wrong?” The expression on her face changing to what looked like extreme concern.


“I just wish that this could be simple. But I think we know, deep down, it never will be for us” he sighed deeply.


She stepped towards him and wrapped her arms tightly around him, in turn, giving him a squeeze “I know, me too” she replied.


The fact that they both just understood, that there are bigger things than the two of them to deal with, was heartbreaking in itself. Knowing that they are both just stealing moments with each other and that surely, whatever it was between could not continue.





After the initial shock of the council member seeing Zelda present, they all sat down to discuss what possible options there were to ensure that nothing like what happened to Sabrina, happened again.


But as the councilman quite honestly pointed out, they still didn’t know enough about the witch hunters and their movements. Another attack was inevitable, due to the unpredictability of the group.


Zelda suggested that a group of protectors try and locate a weak link of the group to interrogate, but of course, it would have to be authorised by not only the witches council, but the head sovereigns (one in particular).


The meeting adjourned whilst the councilman contacted the palace, to see what the ultimate outcome would be.


Of course, during that time, Zelda continued to pace up and down Faustus’s office.


“What do you think he’ll say?” Edward asked her.


“Depends on his mood” she frustratingly said.


“Well, surely if he knew it was your idea…” Magnus added.


“I wouldn’t bet on that” she mumbled.


“So, you’re saying that his decision is going to be based on his mood, and whatever mood he is in with you?” Magnus clarified.


Zelda stopped pacing and turned to her brother and Magnus, “Yes” she confidently spoke.


Edward and Magnus huffed and sighed in unison.


Faustus continued to stare out the window of his office, not really looking at anything, but just staring forward.


“Leave us” he announced.


Magnus and Edward looked at each other, confused for a second, before realising what the high priest meant.


As soon as Faustus heard the click of his office doors being shut, he spun around and walked to Zelda, getting her to stop pacing.


“What mood is he in with you?” He reluctantly asked. She could see his face darken as he spoke.


“It’s hard to say” she shrugged.


He raised his brow at her, not understanding.


“Well, I’m in Greendale, and he hates it when I’m here and not at the palace” she honestly answered.


Faustus sighed, knowing what she said was true.


Damn it.


“Because you’re here, with me?” He cautiously asked, already knowing the answer.


“Among other things, yes. But you, being the number one factor” she said with no hesitation.


She watched as his eyes began to storm with what she could only assume to be jealousy and possession.


He craned around her face, for his mouth to be beside her ear “I wonder how he would react if he knew, that you had my cum dripping out of you last night…”.


She immediately pulled away to look at him, as his breath was hot and sent a shiver down her spine, along with his deep growl. As she gained eye contact with him, he chuckled.


“Faustus!” She scowled. “That is not something that I would even like to face. There are much bigger things we need to deal with!”.


“Mmm” he half heartedly responded, still amused with his own remark and her reaction.


Zelda lightly slapped his chest, to make sure he was taking this situation seriously, as her face was almost frowning in disappointment. But before she could drag her hand away, his big hand tightly grabbed her wrist. His other hand slipped around the small of her back, pulling her flush against him.


“I do enjoy it when you think you can tell me what to do, dearest”.


Zelda whimpered at his strong actions, seeing as her body was still aching from their interaction last night.


“Why don’t you put that mouth to good use, mmm? And hope you’re not in bad books with both of your boyfriends” his tone absolutely punishing her. It was so deep, and demanding, and she loved it.


Faustus let her go and walked behind his desk, moving his big chair out of the way and leaned against his desk, waiting for her to follow him.


Slowly, but very surely, Zelda followed when she saw that he was still.


As she approached him, she stood proudly in front of him and dared to skim her lips against his, before gently kneeling.


That motion in itself encouraged the high priests cock to twitch. But as soon as he felt Zelda’s hand grope him, he realised that he was going to completely fall apart.


She slid her hands up the smooth fabric of his trousers, loving the feeling of his strong thighs underneath the material. When she finally reached his belt, she unbuckled slowly, meaning to torture him when she knew he wanted to fill her mouth as quickly as he could.


Unzipping his trousers, her delicate fingers pulled down the band of his underwear, only far enough that his cock fell into her face.


Her grin was devilish, eyeing his hard length and slowly licking her tongue over lips.


Faustus clenched his jaw as well as his desk. Satan he was desperate . Anticipating when she’d eventually put him out of his misery.


Continuing to torment him, she licked a stripe from his base and very lightly kissed his tip. In his frustration, Faustus grabbed a fistful of her hair and met her face with his, leaning down towards her. “You should know better than to tease me, dearest. Unless you want me to be the reason you aren’t allowed to breathe!?” He growled at her. But she loved it.


She sighed and bit her lip, staring back into his darkened eyes. “Yes, your excellency” she smirked.


He returned back to his previous position, though not letting go of her hair, when she finally slipped him between her lips, forcing him to the back of her throat.


Not letting up, she completely choked around him, and felt her hair be tightened into his fist further.


She desperately pulled back, and gasped a breath, looking up at him as tears filled her eyes.


Oh the fun.


Faustus forced his cock back into her mouth and gently gripped under her chin, keeping his other hand tangled in her hair, as he slowly, yet forcefully fucked her mouth.


He had wanted this for so long.


It was finally his office. It was him that was high priest of the church of night. And Zelda, his sweet sweet Zelda, on her knees for him, taking him in her mouth like the good girl he knew she could be. This was everything to him.


Before too soon, the thoughts that were wizzing through his mind, had his release creep up on him quicker than he would have liked. Feeling her using her tongue in between his thrusts, completed finished him.


He stilled his movements, with the tip of his cock practically bouncing off the back of her tonsils as his cum leaked down her throat.


Without hesitation, as soon as he emptied himself into her mouth, he dragged her up by her hair and brought her mouth to his, needing to taste a mixture of her salvia and his orgasm.


She whimpered at the sudden movement as her hair felt like it was going to be ripped from her scalp, but the soothing touch of his lips made it all better.


He had kissed up the saliva that had previously leaked from her mouth, and rubbed a bit of smudged lipstick with the pad of his thumb.


“You always look so beautiful for me” he whispers gently to her.


Moving his chair back behind his desk, he slumps into it and Zelda, without asking, just sat on his lap with her arms wrapping tightly around his neck.


“Am I in your bad books, your excellency? She shyly asked.


He hummed a deep laugh and kissed her forehead as a reward, “Never, especially after that”.


Only time would tell, if she was in bad books with the head sovereign.





Chapter Text


It was almost predictable.


It showed Zelda that he didn’t trust her being in Greendale. And that his mood was going to potentially effect the lives of the whole coven, including her family because he couldn’t control his jealousy.


It was utter poppycock.


“I’m sorry your excellency, I tried” the councilman admitted.


“It is what it is” Zelda said, trying to reassure him. Knowing just how Damon would have behaved towards him.


“He will arrive within the hour” the councilman confirmed, before Magnus escorted him to another office.


“I’m sorry Faustus” Zelda also added.


Faustus looked at her confused, “What are you to be sorry for?” He asked.


“I know you don’t want him here, more than anyone, and if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be” she sighed, feeling deeply guilty.


“This is not your fault Zelda. Though, we do not have long before he gets here” he said as he gripped her chin, bringing her lips to his.




Not too long later, Faustus’s office waited in anticipation for the arrival of the head sovereign.


Faustus of course, stared out of the window. Edward flicked through a newspaper, passing the time. Zelda paced up and down, with a cigarette. And Magnus sat, amused and watched everyone’s unusual behaviour, as they waited, clearly very badly for Damon to arrive.


They were all massively distracted when they heard the doors to the office open. “Your Majesty” Magnus got up and nodded as soon as Damon stepped foot in the office, followed by several advisors and a few more council members.


Faustus continued to face the other way, and Edward stood.


It was clear that Damon was only interested in looking for one person, and very purposefully smiled as soon as he saw her.


“Magnus” Damon finally replied, nodding his head back at him.


“I believe you have been informed at what the council have proposed” Magnus engaged with him, trying very hard to ease the tension in the room.


“Yes, I haven’t quite made up my mind on that yet. I think I will seek more council on the topic” he said, but continued to keep his eyes on Zelda.


She only knew what that meant.


He required her council.


To his irritation, he noticed that whilst Zelda was smoking, she was not wearing the ring that they had picked out.


As time past, he kept it to himself. But the more he looked between her and Faustus, he grew more irritated and frustrated.


“Where is your ring, Zelda?” He bluntly asked, drawing everyone’s attention.


Her eyes practically shot out of her sockets, completely horrified at his outburst.


“Ring?” Edward immediately asked.


Damon sarcastically smiled at him, clearly seizing the moment to tell the room the news. “Did Zelda not tell you?”.


Zelda cleared her throat, ready to explain “Well, my niece was almost kidnapped by witch hunters your majesty. I didn’t think it was entirely appropriate to announce the news”. The use of his title offended him, only pushing him further to out their news.


“What news?” Edward’s tone getting panicked.


She blankly looked at Damon, knowing whatever face she made to him, he was going to tell the room whether she wanted him to or not. It was so he could win a round against Faustus in one of their stupid secret games against each other.


It was pathetic.


She knew she would just have to deal with whatever the consequences of Faustus finding out would be.


“Your sister, has agreed to marry me” he proudly boasted.


Zelda closed her eyes as he said the words. Feeling a pain that was not her own.


Her eyes found Faustus, and she had no idea what was going on. She saw a huge smile on his face as he was the first to say “Congratulations”.




She swallowed her feelings with a huge gulp and replied “Thank you, your excellency”.


“Wow Zelda, you kept that one quiet” Magnus chuckled.


“Yes Zee! You really did. You could have told us all last night when you came home… not that I heard you, you must have been late. And you were out before everyone this morning. I would have thought you would have made time to tell us this though” Edward commented.


He didn’t realise that he had just practically exposed the fact that she wasn’t at home. Not that he said those exact words, but he may as well had. Damon wasn’t stupid, from Edward’s words, he could probably figure out what or where she would have been.


“Like I said, I didn’t think it was appropriate as we have something much bigger to deal with…” she said trying to cover her tracks, “… wouldn’t you agree your majesty?” She asked to try and trick him into thinking it too.


“Of course” Damon snakily smiled and walked over to stand next to her. He secured his hand between her back and hip, and gripped tightly, revealing to her that he did in fact know she was trying to cover something up.





“You’re getting married!! To the head sovereign! Oh this means a huge wedding and…” Hilda squeaked in excitement.


For Satan’s sake!


She was with her siblings and niece in Edward’s office after he summoned them there to announce Zelda’s ‘engagement’.


“Hilda!” She snapped, warning her sister.


“Whaaat! It’s true! Zelds this is exciting” she sulked.


Zelda rolled her eyes, now completely anxious that what Faustus thought. It didn’t surprise her in the slightest that Damon had somehow managed to get it in conversation that she had agreed to officiating their relationship. But it didn’t make her feel any less guilty about it.


The truth was, she loved Faustus. She always would. Even though, over a century ago, she burned the wick of the candle with his name on it… what did it do? Absolutely nothing.


But she also loved Damon.


Maybe not in the same way as Faustus, nevertheless, she still did.


Her love for Damon was genuine, simple, easy.  Perhaps if she had never met Faustus, it would have been completely different between the two of them. But it wasn’t.


Her love for Faustus was like fire, she burned for him, breathed for him, lived for him. Their love was painful, complicated and difficult, and everything she had ever wanted.


Zelda would call herself unfortunate. As she felt what love was. She had wished so many times in her life for her to not feel what it was. She assumed Satan had cursed her. Then, he mocked her for thinking she loved Faustus.


Maybe it wasn’t Satan.


Maybe it was someone else.


Either way, she felt cursed, and so did Faustus.




Faustus slumped himself into his chair and poured himself a large whiskey to take the edge off. Not that it did anything at all, so another it was.


Marriage! How could she marry him?


He was beside himself.


Magnus rejoined him in his office and asked the ultimate question “How are you?”


The high priest just glared at him, thinking that he should already know.


“She loves you Faustus” he tried to comfort.


“Does she?” He sarcastically huffed back.


“Of course she does!” He snapped. Then realising that he just snapped at his high priest from the look he received. “She does…” he said softer this time. “… she wouldn’t have saved your life with the Dark Lord if she didn’t”.


“What?” He slowly said, looking at him like his whole reality was falling apart.


Magnus sighed with regret, wishing he had never mentioned it. “Edward had a suspicion, as did I….” He paused, “…You should have died. We’ve had this conversation. The closer Hilda was to getting the bullet out, the closer it moved to your heart. The night it happened, Zelda asked to be alone with you, and when we realised that Zelda was no longer at the academy, well, Edward and I… smelt brimstone. And you survived and Zelda disappeared back to Italy without a word to anyone, not even Edward. One can only guess as to how that happened” he shrugged.


“So why did she agree to marry him?!” He shortly asked.


Magnus huffed out a laugh, and Faustus raised a brow in confusion. “Faustus…” he chuckled “… you were engaged to Constance and as far as we all knew, you were going to be having a baby with her. Do you not possibly think that she felt like perhaps, there was never going to be a chance?”.


Magnus was right.


“I am beyond angry with this!” He grunted, regretting that he didn’t really have an argument.


“And you always will be, because of who it is”.


Though Magnus’s words were relevant to the truth, it didn’t calm the high priest in the slightest. His rage was boiling inside. It seemed to him, that they had lost their opportunity once again.


“But… why would she just leave?!” He thundered as he circled around his desk.


“I don’t know your excellency…”


“This is infuriating. Leave me!” Faustus spat.


Magnus nodded and left the high priest to his temper.


Faustus flung a few items across the room in his frustration. She was meant to be his. Did she really get the Dark Lord involved? So many questions with so many missing answers, his head was spinning. And now, he was having to put up with her other boyfriend.





Chapter Text


Damon was offered the high priests suite at the academy, as this was the only place that his aids, the council and protectors agreed would be even remotely safe to stay.


Of course, he shouldn’t be staying at all. He shouldn’t have even left the palace, but what the head sovereign wants, the head sovereign gets.


Zelda walked up to the suite with him, but made some excuse about needing to see Sabrina and that she would be back.


Naturally, she went straight back to Faustus’s office to explain herself.


Knowing everyone else left, she walked straight in without knocking.


“I can explain!” She blurted out as soon as she walked in.


He was sat at his desk, writing, completely not how she thought he would have been.


Slowly, he placed his pen down on the desk and leaned back into his chair. Ensuring to get comfortable as he would allow her to explain herself.


“Marriage…” he calmly stated.


His calm tone was alarming. Was he not angry? Upset? Hurt?


“Faustus… please” she begged him.


“You always were hungry for power. A high priest was clearly never going to be good enough for you. Beneath you, is it?” He coldly asked.


“That is not true! How can you say that?” She almost cried, walking further into the room as he remained relaxed in his chair, behind his desk.


“AND, you say congratulations, like you are okay with it!!” She yelled after finding the courage.


“WHAT DID YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY?! …. Perhaps all of this was just some sort of scheme, and that you would always go back to him!” He scowled, his anger finally starting to show.


“FAUSTUS BLACKWOOD!” She yelled. His words were getting out of line very quickly. “That is NOT true and you know it! When did you get so cold?” She huffed.


Faustus’s face was dark and thunderous, his true feelings showing completely. His calm manner didn’t last long at all. It was now Zelda that was angry after what he said to her. “Maybe when you chose HIM yet again, over me!”.


“YOU WEREN’T AVAILABLE!” she screamed at him.


He looked away from her, knowing she was right.


“I believed you were having a child with Constance. You were unavailable! Do not judge me for agreeing to marry him. You have no right!” Her voice a lot quieter than it previously was.


Faustus slammed his way out of his chair and stood in front of her. “Marriage though Zelda?!” He pleaded.


“Don’t you dare! You were going to marry Constance! How is it any different?!” She stubbornly asked, her point completely valid.


“Of course it’s different!” He snapped back at her.


She folded her arms across her chest, waiting for him to explain why it was any different.




“Because…!” He began, growing increasingly frustrated. He huffed and sighed, pacing around the room, now not knowing what to do.


Should he?


Should he finally show her?


It seemed that it was the only way.


“Wait here” he ordered as she watched him open his office door and whisper something to one of the Judas boys.


She rolled her eyes, as he kept her waiting when they were clearly in the middle of something.


“What are you doing?” She hissed.


Ignoring her question completely, he continued on with his previous statements. “So why aren’t you wearing the ring? Maybe you weren’t taking him seriously either. Perhaps playing us off each other? Having us both, depending on what mood you are in…” he challenged her.


“If you must know, I didn’t want you to know! As I knew you would react like this!” She revealed to him.


Her honesty genuinely surprised him.


“Why would you torture us both by coming to my house last night, when you found out about Constance?”.


She almost grunted out frustration. Was he not listening?!


“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! Do you not listen to me?” She screamed at him.


Her declaration of love this many times in such a short space of time should have had him jumping for joy. Yet, her agreement of marriage to the head sovereign trumped that feeling.


“And that it why this is always going to be so much harder than what it should be…” he said, his voice low.


After a silence that felt a lot longer than it actually was, Faustus finally spoke again. “Do you love him too?”.


Now was not the time to lie, “Yes” she regrettably told him.


“You want to know why you agreeing to marry him, was different to me marrying Constance?”.


She didn’t say anything, just continued to look at him.


“Because I never loved her” he said, raising his voice at her again.


Her eyes began to fill with tears. “BUT YOU WERE STILL GOING TO MARRY HER!” She scolded.


His patience with her, and this discussion had vanished. He grabbed both of her arms and teleported them out of the academy.


Zelda looked around an unfamiliar surrounding. Where the heaven had he taken her?!


“Where are we?” She abruptly asked.


Faustus ignored her once again, and proceeded to pour himself a drink from the crystal decanter.


The room that she was currently in was beautiful. It had a stone fireplace that was lit, leaving a glow to light up the room.


“Where are we, and why are we here?!” She asked again, slightly less assertively this time.


“This is why it is different” he finally spoke as he looked around the room, motioning her to look too..


“What?!” Zelda sighed, getting bored of him repeating himself. “How can this be why it’s different?” She asked, even more confused now, looking around.


“Zelda… I had my brother build this house for us” he gently revealed.


She couldn’t breathe.




All of her anger disappeared. He did what?


“When I first brought you to Vermont, and you said you never wanted to leave. I knew that that is what I wanted to do for you. The last time we were here, it was foggy and you couldn’t see across the lake. The house was being built for us then” he smiled at the memory.


Vermont. Their favourite place together.


“I imagined that we would live here, along side Greendale of course. It could have been our escape from the noise. I had it all planned. I even asked your brother if I could marry you…”


“What?!” she gasped.


“Though, it didn’t matter, because you were taken to Italy not long after. So all of the plans that I had made for us, were for nothing…” he paused. “… that is why it’s different”.


Satan in Hell. He wasn’t wrong. It was different. He really did love her. She knew he did, but never to this extent. She couldn’t find her words.


“I know I don’t deserve you Zelda…” she immediately interrupted him by walking up to him and hushing him, putting her fingers against his lips.


“No no no no no! We are not doing this, we are not having this conversation. I cannot bear it” she began to gently cry, cupping his face with her hands.


“It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I would give up everything and risk it all for you” he leant his forehead to hers, gripping her waist.


“Would you like to know why you’re right and that this is different?” She asked him, not to mock him, as she finally admitted that this was different to everything.


He tilted his head back to look at her properly, when she removed the illusion spell from her hand, to reveal that she was wearing the ring that he had given her.  “That’s why”.


He brought her hand to his lips and kissed. “I haven’t taken it off since the hare moon” she revealed.


“What are we doing?” He whispered, still keeping her hand close to his mouth.


“I don’t know. I really don’t know” she whispered back.


“Then we should probably figure it out” he very quietly chuckled.


He knew from seeing the ring and her informing him, that she had been wearing it since the hare moon, that it meant, that she was his. Whether she agreed to marry Damon or not, she was his.


“I want you to tell me something, and I don’t want you to lie”


“Mmm” she replied, all of a sudden nervous with a flutter of anxiety in her chest, due to her having no idea where this was coming from.


“Did you ask the Dark Lord to save me?”


She was momentarily silent, not daring to speak the truth as she knew just how mad he would be with her. At the same time, she couldn’t lie to him.


“Yes, and I’d do it again” she sternly said, no hesitation at all.


“Zeldaaaa” he sighed and pulled away from her, rubbing his fingers through his hair.


“I couldn’t live my life knowing you weren’t alive. Do you know what that would have been like for me? My heart would have been destroyed!” She scoffed.


“YES! I know what that’s like. I feel like I lose you over and over again! My heart has been DESTROYED, many times!” He began raising his voice again.


She didn’t realise at all.


The first time being when she thought her brother and Faustus died. The second, when she went to Italy the first time. Then, when she went back to Italy when he almost died. And even recently as today, when Damon just had to rub it in his face that he asked Zelda to marry him, and she had said yes.


“I’m… sorry” she whispered in between trying to not cry.


She could see that he was furious, he had never ever been like this with her before. “Maybe I just need to realise, that I will never get what I want”.


Strangely, Zelda flipped at this. It wasn’t the worst thing he could have said to her, yet it was what tipped her over the edge from being upset to angry.


She stormed up to him and hit him a few times on his chest whilst screaming “NO! NO! We are not pawns in someone else’s game!! I am tired of not getting what I want. And what you want, is the same thing as what I want! And I am refusing to not get what I want this time” she sobbed through anger.


He lifted her chin to look at him, and held her closely. “I think we need to make the most of our time, whilst we have it”.


Words failed her, so she nodded in agreement to him. Totally accepting what Faustus said, as he had come to terms with them not having time, and them probably not ending up together like they had always wanted.


“Will you be with me?” He asked once again.


“Yes” she managed with a small smile forming.


Without them both even realising, their lips were locked together. Zelda’s hands were clawing at Faustus’s neck as he pulled her closer to him.


Kissing his way down her neck, tearing open her blouse and continuing his trail along her collar bone, Zelda flung her head back, allowing him all the access he wanted.


He abruptly spun her around and felt for the zipper on her skirt. Once opened, he allowed it to slide down and pool at her feet.


Momentarily, she felt him step back. As she peeked over her shoulder, she saw him beginning to undress.


Pleased when she was back flushed against his front, a moan of desperation escaped her lips. She absolutely couldn’t wait to feel him inside her again this soon.


She admitted to herself that actually, she still felt sore and achey from the previous day, but to heaven with it. It would be worth it.


Faustus picked her up and walked over to the open fire place that was burning. “On your hands and knees” he growled from behind her, putting her down.


She wanted to clench her thighs together so badly at the tone of his voice. He ripped off her bra and panties, not caring in the slightest.


He smiled, amused that her ass was still red from the caning he gave her the previous day. He tutted at the idea of Damon not seeing it for himself, as he would know exactly where it came from.


Faustus unzipped his trousers, releasing his aching cock and lined up with her. Brushing his tip in her folds, ensuring she’s ready for him, as he wasn’t going to hold back. Of course, to his absolute delight. She was soaked, waiting for him.


He slammed hard into her, taking her completely by surprise. She knew he was in a possessive mood, however, she didn’t realise he was going to be this rough. She felt herself stretch to accommodate his size, as he would usually have to ease himself in, wincing at the initial pain of him forcing himself inside her.


Thrusting into her, slam by slam, her whole body was moving forward not being able to cope on her hands. She put her face on the floor, resting as he completely took her. Seeing this, Faustus only thought it necessary to grab her wrists and hold them behind her, aiding him in his thrusts more.


She was squealing between clenched teeth as how amazingly rough he was being. He had never been like this. Never this possessed. He was blinded by his feelings for her, and he knew it.


Zelda knew that she was going to ache hard after this. As he still took his time repeatedly slamming into her as hard as the last. Not once did he ease up.


Every so often, he would hold her wrists with one of his hands and spank her. Pushing her body forward even more.


Out of nowhere, she felt her hair be gripped by his strong hand and her body was back, flushed against his. His hand slithered around her throat as she tipped her head back, his other hand cuddling around her middle, whilst picking up his pace, needing to hear her sweet release.


“Faustusssss” she whimpered through cut breaths and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips at the sound of his name.


He growled in her ear, sending a strong shiver up her spine.


“You are fucking mine Zelda Spellman” he burned into her ear. “Mine!” He continued.


Her cries of pleasure were a hellsend to his ears as he took her and told her exactly who she belonged to.


“Pleaseee” she struggled to ask, her release building far too quickly for her to be able to concentrate to ask.


With knowing she was close, Faustus completely slowed down his pace, but deepened his thrusts. “Tell me, who you belong to first” his tone, devilish.


“Nooooo!” She whined as she felt her building orgasm slip away.


“Tell me, who, you belong to!!” His voice, borderline angry.


“You you you… please” she sobbed.


“No fucking way!” He growled as he picked up his pace again.


Her hands grasped his out of desperation, and clawed at them, hoping to encourage him to push her over the edge to her release.


“You don’t think that I would let you get away with marrying him do you dearest?” His voice ripping through the grunting breaths he took, as he wanted to absolutely explode inside her as it was, but then he decided to play the cum denial game. The same game he was currently struggling with.




“Please Faustus-“ she tried, as he fucked her like she was a doll.


“You want me dripping out of you don’t you, you dirty witch?” He growled, more turned on then ever.


“Yesssss” she sobbed, completely desperate after being edged and denied multiple times. If and when he allowed her, it was going to blow her mind.


She felt that his fingers were beginning to bruise her, as he hold on her was incredible, not even allowing her an inch of movement.


“Are you going to cum for me?” He panted, still continuing his demanding thrusts.


Words almost failed her, her mind was running away, escaping without his consent. She managed to pull herself back slightly to at least answer him “Please” she begged.


His smirk darkened as he nestled into her shoulder, he loved to hear her beg and he loved being in control.


Faustus felt her beginning to flutter around him, his cock completely smothered in her arousal. He sped up, his hips snapping into her and whispered “I love you” right into her ear, in his dark silky tone and felt her lose control.


Zelda completely gushed over him and screamed, followed by a sob of pure euphoria as he exploded inside her, deeply growling out his release. Not stopping his movements, he slowed them right down, extending both of their pleasure for as long as possible.


When he finally stilled his movements, he wanted to collapse, but guided them both onto the floor and kept Zelda close.


With Damon being around, Faustus always feels the need to be particularly possessive over Zelda, but this time, it was extreme. To the point where he still remained inside her whilst he cuddled her from behind, feeling her pulsate around him.


Her breathing finally began returning to normal and Faustus regrettable let her move to turn around and face him.


A hand caressed and cupped his face as she stared deeply into his eyes, herself also, completely possessed.


A lot would probably describe the two of them and their relationship as unhealthy, obsessive and possibly even toxic. But to them, it was only each other.



Chapter Text



Before Magnus went home, he thought he would double check with the high priest if there was anything else that they needed to do before the morning.


As he approached his office, he yawned in hope that Faustus would get the idea. Opening the door, Magnus almost collapsed at the sight of a familiar face who he hadn’t seen in over a century.


Father Spellman!” He gasped.


Carlisle chuckled, “I am no longer your high priest Magnus”.


Magnus nodded his head and remembered that he was the prince of hell. Shock completely took away his ability to form words.


“Speaking of high priests, where is Faustus?” He casually enquired.


“I- erm- I’ll find out for you!” He said and dashed off to find the nearest Judas boy.


As Magnus investigated, it turned out, the high priest wasn’t present. After numerous Judas boys had said “I’m not sure where the high priest is at the moment” , even though they were clearly lying, it was more of a code to say that he didn’t want to be disturbed, whatever he was up to. Magnus kindly threatened “find him”.


He scarcely returned to the high priests office, really not wanting to be the person telling Carlisle Spellman that the high priest had  disappeared.


“I’m sorry to inform you but, we are struggling to locate him”.


Carlisle’s expression was blank, making it even more tense and awkward for Magnus.


“And, where is Zelda?” Carlisle asked.


Magnus wanted the ground to swallow him. “We don’t know that either”.


Carlisle inwardly chuckled to himself.




Somewhat before they were both reduced to sleep, Faustus had picked Zelda up, and moved to what he anticipated all those years ago, to be their bedroom. Not wanting to return to Greendale.


He thought, the longer they stayed there, hiding away, the better. But he knew that wasn’t really true, and just like his biggest nightmare, they would have to return back to reality.


In the middle of the night, when Zelda was sound asleep. He made his way to what he made into an office and gave himself 30 lashes, ripping into his skin. If Zelda caught him, she would be furious. 


But he needed it. He needed it as a release. The pain brought him realisation and an escape all at the same time.


Ultimately, he was angry with himself.


Angry that he wanted something more than anything in the world, to breath, to live, and somehow he just didn’t have his grasp on it. Or on her, rather.


Him being denied Zelda would eventually turn him to sin. He has already said repeatedly that he would give up his position as high priest for her. Of course, he was not rational when it came to her. But eventually, he would do something regrettable, as his possession is growing beyond strength.


Fortunately, he slipped back into bed without her ever noticing. As he made himself comfortable, he watched her beautifully relaxed face as she slept.


An absolute hellsend.


She was complete perfection to him. Absolutely nothing in all the realms would compare, and it was painful.


What were they doing?


Is this really what love was? Longing heart ache, not being able to breathe without the other, and pain? Surely not.


Faustus shook the idea from his head. Though he had known for a while, possibly even longer. Probably not admitting it to himself, too anxious for it to be true. But if it was with Zelda, then he wouldn’t have been scared at all.


He tenderly stroked his fingers over her hair as the sunlight shone onto her. Radiating her beauty even more. Satan he was soft for her. In any other regard, he was demanding, ruthless, tough. But when it came to Zelda, he melted. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her, even without consideration. There are so many things where Faustus wouldn’t bat an eyelid toward, yet if it was Zelda, he would destroy the world if he needed to.


This witch had stolen his heart.


But as he thought, he realised he gave it willingly.


It’s as if his thoughts were too loud, because then Zelda woke up. He watched as she instantly looked for him, and he saw what he could only guess as fear that he wasn’t there.


He watched as her face quickly formed a broad smile as she looked back at him. How did she look so perfect?


“Morning” she very quietly said, her eyes locked with his and her smile still across her lips, shuffling her body closer to cuddle him.


“Morning dearest” he whispered, and pecked her forehead.


It was a moment where they could both pretend that that was their reality.


“Stop thinking about it” she warned him, clearly seeing that he was distracted and anticipating returning to Greendale.


He sighed, not really knowing how to respond. “I’m not” he lied.


She raised her brow at him, not impressed that he had just lied to her. “We’ll deal with it” she attempted to reassure him.


“I’m sure we will. Though, I doubt that either one of us will get what we truly want” he murmured.


In a humph of frustration, Zelda straddled Faustus. Not in a sexual way, for him to understand that she now meant business. “What do you want to do?”


His expression questioned her, and simply replied “I want to stay here with you!”


“Me too” she smiled at him, but he recognised her sad eyes.


“A moment?” He asked.


Her head automatically nodded, as she wrapped herself up in his body, and they both relaxed into each other for what could be their last moment together.


Fortunately, the moment didn’t feel rushed like it had before. An atmospheric change occurred. Neither one of them knowing whether it was magic related or not.


Faustus pulled her chin towards him so he could embrace her lips. Zelda took this as an opportunity to straddle him as the kiss deepened. Her hands began clasping at his neck but soon began to slither down his body, wanting to remove his top.


For a second she thought Faustus winced. But he didn’t do it again straight after, so she assumed she imagined it. As she reached for the hem of his top and begun lifting it up, she felt his hands grab her wrists.


Zelda instantly pulled away from the kiss and gave him a scouring look. “What have you done?”


“Nothing” he replied.


She got off him and stood beside the bed. Pulling his arm for him to also get up. He resisted, but eventually gave in as he saw that she was not going to stop until she knew what was going on.


Her hands raced to take his top off and her eyes searched for the answer. When she found it, she completely froze, not wanting to look him in the eye.


She wasn’t disappointed or angry, she was sad for him. Seeing the fresh red marks on his body, as he felt the need to do this because of their situation.


“Zeldaaa” he breathed.


Of course, she ignored him and began placing kisses all over his wounds. Faustus flung his head back in a influx of pleasurable pain, as he felt her lips graze across the soreness of his lashes. This was such an intimate moment between them.


“I love you” he whispered.


In between her kisses, she told him she loved him too.


When she finally came to a stop, her hands reached up and cupped his face, as she deeply looked into his ocean eyes. She didn’t know what to say, but she wanted to say something, without giving him hope. But something shifted in her and the atmosphere that morning.

Her priorities were clear.


They were abruptly interrupted by one of the Judas boys knocking on the door and entering. “Father Blackwood, we need to be heading back to Greendale”.


Faustus dismissed him with a nod, knowing he was going to have to go back to where he didn’t want to go.




Instead of teleporting directly into his office, Faustus decided to teleport into a quiet hallway of the academy. Zelda looked at him puzzled and anxiety washed over her expression.


He gave her a reassuring smile and squeezed her hand. They were sure they would have to face some sort of questioning from someone as to their whereabouts but they didn’t care.


Magnus walked past in a huff and slowly backed up, realising that they were indeed lingering in a hallway. He huffed out some rage and shook his head at the two of them.


He sarcastically smiled at the pair of them, preparing to restrain his anger. “Last night, I went looking for the high priest of the church of night… and I was shocked to discover that he had disappeared entirely with his girlfriend!”.


“Magnus-“ Faustus tried.


“No! No! You are the leader of this coven, and Satan’s representative on earth! You can not just disappear when you bloody well feel like it!” Magnus fumed.


Zelda timidly stood behind Faustus, not because she was actually scared, because this was not her fight. And in actuality, Faustus shouldn’t have done that, and she was angry and disappointed in herself that he did that because of her. He was becoming careless due to her distracting him, and she needed to put a stop to it.


“You’re right” Faustus said in defeat, not caring to argue with him.


“Well…” he started, as he thought he would be in for a much bigger disagreement, and certainly didn’t expect Faustus to give in so easily. He looked at Zelda before continuing “… good! Because your father is in the high priests office” he shockingly announced.


For a moment, Zelda didn’t quite register what Magnus had just said. Her father? She hadn’t seen him for years. Since he went to hell. What the heaven was he doing roaming around on earth?




“Father!” Zelda greeted, as her and Faustus waltzed into the office.


“Where have you been?!” His tone sharp stung her. Clearly having no time for pleasantries.


“I-erm-“ she began, but Carlisle interrupted her, not having the patience to listen to whatever excuse she was about to make up.


“I’m not supposed to be here, but I came to warn you…” he looked between Zelda, Faustus and Magnus. “… where is Edward?” He asked.


“He’ll be here any second” Magnus assured.


“Warn us about what?” Zelda continued.


“Wait…” Carlisle warned.


For the extra minute that past whilst waiting for Edward, Zelda lit a cigarette. Her father watched amused, and could see that she had turned into a wonderful witch, and staying very true to herself.


Satan in… Father?!” Edward gasped.


“Son, I do not have time. I’m here to tell you that the witch hunters, they are not just working on their own” Carlisle began to explain.


“What do you mean?” Zelda confusingly asked.


Carlisle looked around the room, extremely paranoid and motioned his arm for everyone to creep closer.


“The angels are not working on their own… they are being, well, used. They are just the puppets”.


“How do you know all of this?” Faustus sensibly asked, not because he didn’t believe him.


“Because their puppet master is in hell”.


Hair prickled up the back of Zelda’s neck, this was much bigger than they had all realised.


“Who is it?” Edward urgently asked.




All of them practically gasped in horror. Thee Asmodeus, once prince of hell, now a king of hell, keeps the underground in check whilst the Dark Lord lazily rules.


Magnus pulled away from the close circle and walked to the other corner of the room and remained silent.


“Why?” Faustus sighed, not understanding.


“He wants something that the rest of us, do not. Or at least that is how it started, but I do not believe he still wants the same thing. There is a small minority of us that had our suspicions about Asmodeus, that he began to turn down a different path many decades ago… but now, we believe he wants to destroy the witching world on earth, one coven at a time”.


It was horrifying. One of their own, that every single person in that room admired him for how much he had done, how powerful he was, how committed to Satan and to turn on his own kind, it was unheard of, no one had ever betrayed the Dark Lord in such a way.


“What makes it worse is that, Asmodeus has a way of getting into his victims minds and torturing them until they become his puppet, and that is exactly what he did with the Angels leader, turned him into his personal puppet. He is very powerful when it comes to the mind, manipulation is something he takes great pleasure in, and his talent for it follows” Carlisle concluded.


“What do you need us to do?” Edward worried.


“I do not know yet. I need to get back before someone notices I am missing” Carlisle said. Before anyone could ask him anything else, he vanished in a flame.


“Damn it!” Faustus slammed his hand down on his desk.


“What do we do?” Edward looked at Zelda.


“I’m not sure. Do I speak to the palace and inform them? Is it safer to keep this between the four of us? Faustus?” Zelda rubbed his arm to gain his attention.


He turned to face everyone, and saw that Magnus was having a complete meltdown in the corner. Fuck. He needed to do something.


“No. Do not repeat this to anyone, not even Hilda. This conversation can not leave these four walls. We wait to hear something further, we have no idea what is going to be coming next” Faustus sighed and rubbed his fingers through his smooth hair.


“Magnus! Did you hear?” He called.


Magnus looked at him in sheer horror. Faustus knew he had heard, but he needed to snap him out of this, and quickly.


“Y-yes” Magnus quietly responded.


“What’s the matter?” Zelda gently asked.


There was silence as Faustus and Magnus exchanged looks, and Zelda and Edward watched. Now even more confused, Zelda repeated her previous question.


“Asmodeus… is my father” Magnus regrettably told them, feeling completely ashamed.




It was still early when Zelda had told Faustus, that she needed deal with whatever wrath was heading her way with Damon.


He had stayed the night in the academy, and she was reminded that she had told him she would be right back. How there was not absolute chaos because she didn’t return, she didn’t know, but she was almost certain she was about to find out. 






Chapter Text




Zelda gingerly walked to the high priests suite where Damon was staying, and assumed was still there.


She shakily raised her hand to knock on the door before entering.


“Damon?” She nervously called out.


“You were with him, weren’t you?” A voice spoke.


Her eyes immediately found him coming out of the bathroom and confidently walked towards her.


In all the time they had known each other, this would be the first time she was actually nervous. Like, really nervous. As she had absolutely no idea how he was about to react.


His calming aura, terrified her.


“I think I’ve come to realise that, maybe you aren’t the one for me. But deep down, I wanted you to be…” he began, and she sheepishly remained still. “…I also think that, I love you too much for you not be happy”.


“I am happy!” She cut in.


Damon chuckled as she tried to defend herself, and he very subtly shook his head.


“I want you to resign Zelda”.


“What? Why!?” She snapped at him, her eyes practically popping out of her skull.


“Because you will never quit on your own, and I want you to be happy. And you will only be truly happy if you are here… with him” he honestly told her.


Damon had come to realise that, there was absolutely no competition. Zelda truly loved Faustus and actually, he was going to keep her from her happiness and he didn’t want to do that.


Of course, he wanted to be selfish and spiteful and keep her all to himself. But he figured that he would only be spiting the person he loved.


It was clear that Zelda’s path would always steer her back to Greendale and Faustus. The demon that they summoned all those years ago even warned him of that.


“Why” she said, trying to hold back a sob.


“Please just do this for us both” he begged. “I need you to do this. We will forever be stuck in this if you don’t”.


He was right. They would forever be stuck in this dance trio that he was now not willing to do. His patience had been tested and it had ran thin.


Damon cupped her face and saw her fighting back the tears. He leaned down and gently kissed her. “I will always do anything you need, all you need to do is ask. I need to focus on being the sovereign, and you need to be here”.


She felt sick, as it was ultimate and there was no way of swaying this in any way. She did want Faustus and thanks to Damon, she could now have him. Though it wouldn’t stop her from hurting.




After his conversation with Zelda, Damon found himself approaching the high priests office. Along the way, he had debated in his head whether or not to torment Faustus one last time, seeing as he had practically just given him Zelda.


He was far too tempted not to.


As he opened the door, he was pleased to find that Faustus was alone.


Faustus raised his eyes from his work to see who dared enter his office without permission. When he saw who, he wasn’t even surprised, knowing that Damon has zero respect for him or his office.


“What do you want?” Faustus cut to the chase.


Damon strutted to sit opposite him at his desk and hummed. “I suppose it is you I need to blame for Zelda not returning to my chambers last night” he spoke, even though he full well knew who she was with.


Faustus remained silent, as he knew Zelda would have already seen Damon, and he didn’t know what was said.


“You know, I have asked myself and the Dark Lord so many times over the years, why there must be this triangle between us” Damon said.


Faustus scoffed “In your mind, maybe”.


“She made her choice when she came back to Italy!” Damon spitefully spat.


Faustus sat and chuckled.


“Is something amusing?” Damon asked.


“It’s just amusing that you thought Zelda had a choice” he told him.


“She’s always had a choice”.


Faustus grunted, not really caring for this conversation to continue before adding “Being someone’s true love, is far greater than being their first”.


Damon wanted to explode at that, but he had already done the most decent thing in his life, now was not the time to lose his temper at Faustus, as he knew, Zelda would never forgive him.


“Well, she certainly does have the choice now. She’s all yours” Damon announced as he stood from the chair, and exited his office as he clenched his hands into fists and felt himself slowly losing control over his calming facade.


Faustus stood as he watched his rival leave, and furrowed his brows in confusion. What in Satan’s name did he mean?


He paced quickly out of his office to find no sign of Damon or his guards. So Faustus stormed the halls of the academy in search for Zelda.


Bellowing down the halls, looking down every hall and in every room, until he saw her, standing frozen by the satanic statue.


Both their eyes instantly  connected and for a few moments, they just watched each other breath. Their breaths were in sync and calm, possibly with relief that they didn’t know they needed.


This was it.


Nothing, absolutely nothing was going to stop them from being together.


No Damon, no constance, no Italy.


Only the two of them.


It was odd as they both remained across the room from each other. They both would have thought they’d have urgently been in each other’s arms, but this was different.


Almost simultaneously, they both took a step towards each other and then practically ran open armed, until they caught each other in a kiss.


They didn’t care who would see and that the academy was full of students, professors and coven members.


Faustus pulled her in closely where Zelda was having to tip toe, even in her higher than normal heels. Her arms wrapped around his neck tightly that she was using it to stabilise herself.


His lips were warm and comforting and she felt herself not caring about anything else in that moment.


When they finally pulled apart, Faustus gently guided her hips down slowly so she could stand properly. Bending his head down, for his forehead to rest on hers. Both of them catching their previously calm breath back.


They didn’t need words. They knew what this meant.




Chapter Text


Zelda and Faustus’s relationship secretly developed over the passing weeks since Damon left Greendale. They would steal moments together throughout the day at the academy, and Zelda would sneak to his house at night and stay over like they were young again.


What was most unusual, was that no one had called them out on it yet. Well, Magnus and Edward anyway, even though their suspicions were very much the truth.


Edward knew that Zelda snook out, and in the middle of these dangerous times, there’s only really one place other than the academy that she could go, that would be safe enough.


They had never been so happy. Every moment they were together, they were living and breathing the ecstasy of each other. Their smiles had turned genuine, even down to their auras, so much more relaxed.


It had even been mentioned in a meeting at the academy by the professors amongst themselves, that Faustus didn’t seem as grumpy.


Zelda woke up one morning to find that Faustus had already left for the academy. She thought it would probably be better if she’d teleport home and pretend that she had been there all along. However, she decided against it and headed straight to the academy.


“There she is” someone whispered as Zelda strutted past the Satanic statue in hunt for Faustus.


“Looking for the high priest, sister Zelda?” Shirley Jackson annoyingly asked in her most irritating voice.


Zelda immediately halted, instantly furious at the nerve Shirley had to dare speak to her of the high priest, after her best friend lied to him.


“As it happens, I am, sister Jackson. Have you seen him?” Zelda toyed and circled in on her.


“Don’t you usually meet the high priest in his office, on your knees?” Shirley tried boasting as she now had a few professors as an audience to show off in front of.


Zelda chuckled at her pathetic attempt to embarrass her. “Oh Shirley, I’ve already made you throw yourself of that exact balcony once before, would you like me to do it again?”.


Shirley paled, remembering the frightening experience from when they were young. Zelda took another step toward her, intimidating her for another second. “Well?” She asked.


“Everyone knows about you and the high priest Zelda” Shirley stuttered.


A broad smile stroked across Zelda’s lips “Good”.





Faustus looked up as he heard the doors to his office open. He took a deep concentrated breath when he saw Zelda, glad it wasn’t anyone else.


“I heard you had a run in with Shirley Jackson earlier…” he jokingly mentioned.


Zelda shot him an angry look. Even though he knew full well that Zelda would not have been bested by her, she clearly didn’t want to talk about it. “It was nothing, just Shirley pathetically trying to jab her jealously somewhere”.


“Hmmm” he seemed lightly amused.


“What?” She asked.


“Well, even when we were young Shirley always obsessed over you” he mentioned.


Zelda slowly walked towards the back of his chair “Not as much as Constance obsessed over you” she added, not wanting to play this game. She just wanted him. Reaching over the top of the chair, she rubbed his shoulders, and as she felt him beginning to relax, her hands rubbed down his strong arms. He felt her breathing next to his ear and it tickled down his neck, this was something different but he wasn’t going to stop it.


What a fool he had become. She quickly grabbed his wrists behind his back and bound them together with handcuffs.


So that is what she was up to. Naughty little minx.


Faustus leaned back in the chair, annoyed at the handcuffs that kept his wrists bound behind his back. His eyes focused on her as she took her place on his lap, straddling him, lifting up her skirt to reveal her lace and stockings.


“I thought you would know better than to let your guard down, your excellency” Zelda whispered in his ear, sucking on his earlobe and moaning softly when he bucked his hips up.


“So disappointing” she purred against his lips, making him tug on the cuffs. Before Faustus had a chance to talk back, Zelda silences him, shoving her fingers inside his mouth. “If you want me to let you go, your excellency... all you have to do is ask nicely. Why don’t you be a good high priest and give your most devout follower what they thoroughly need”.


Faustus clenched his jaw as Zelda unzips his trousers, freeing his cock and grinding on it so lightly until he growls out in frustration. “Zeldaaaa!”.


Zelda pouts a smile at him as she flicks her hair to the side. Whimpers escape her lips as she shook her head at him. “You can do better than this, can’t you? Daddy Blackwood”.


“I swear to Satan, Zelda!” He snapped, growing more and more frustrated, especially with her calling him that.


She chuckled and purposefully rubbed her wet entrance against his hard length.


Sighing, Faustus realised the only way forward. To use his biggest strength… his voice. “Come on dearest, don’t you want to be a good witch for me? To be a pretty whore for your high priest?”.


Zelda let’s out a huge whine, Faustus now knowing he was getting to her as she adjusted herself on his lap, moving aside her underwear, and began to slowly sink herself onto his cock, inch by inch.


Completely filled, she starts to move her hips faster. Faustus tugs on the cuffs again, and she reaches for the restraints, finally freeing him, allowing the metal cuffs to clash to the floor.


He internally chuckled at how easily he got her to obey him, even though she had the high ground. Faustus grabbed at her  sides harshly, thrusting into her deeper until he feels her getting close.


He hears her whining and mumble “Please can I cum?”.


Not that she could see, as her head was buried in the crook of his neck, but Faustus smirked and slowed his pace down, almost pulling out of her, before she reached her orgasm.


Faustus grabbed her aggressively by the neck and bends her over his desk, her body slamming down. He creeps over her and harshly whispers “Never forget that I own you” and shoves himself inside her all the way until she lets out a scream.


“Now be a good girl for Daddy Blackwood, and cum all over my cock” he warned as he grabbed her hair and painfully pulled her head up off the desk.


Her whole body began to tense up as she felt her release beginning to power through her. Zelda screamed out her orgasm, not caring that it would have echoed down the halls of the academy.


Faustus grunted as his release exploded into her and as he pulled out, he watched as he leaked out of her. His head flung back at the sight, he would forever enjoy seeing it.


“I love you… I will always love you” he whispered to her.


She wanted to sob when she heard those words leave his lips. She would forever love hearing him tell her that.


“I love you too”.




Chapter Text


When Zelda got home, she hid in the parlour and poured herself a drink, debating whether she should actually stay at home tonight, and try and convince her family that she wasn’t sneaking out, or whether she should continue with her routine.


Maybe it was just time to come clean and be a grown up about her relationship with Faustus. She’s now spending more time at his house than she ever had.


She smiled at the memory of him asking her to move in with him, because they were once like this a long time ago.


Were they just picking up from where they left? Did they need to discuss things?


Her thoughts were interrupted by her brother joining her. “How has your day been?” He asked, genuinely curious.


“Fine, yours?”.


“Same. I heard you had a run in with Shirley” he mentioned, pouring himself a drink.


“Does everyone know about this?” Her tone frustrated.


Edward chuckled at her “Quite possibly. Who else has mentioned it to you?”.


She folded her arms across her chest and huffed “Faustus said something earlier too”.


He chuckled. “What are the two of you doing?”.


Zelda almost choked lighting her cigarette. “What are you talking about?”.


“Please sister, do not bore me with lies. It is obvious where you disappear to every night”.


She had nothing, no explanation, no lie planned, nothing.


“I’m not sure” she quietly replied.


“Isn’t it time the both of you made up your minds” Edward suggested, with a reassuring expression.




The following day, Edward had a meeting with Faustus to discuss the upcoming end of the year for the pupils.


They had had a tough few months, even the coven had. Not being able to celebrate their usual traditions in ways they would. It was frustrating, and even their black mass had become less frequent.


Even though they had finished discussing what they were going to do, Edward remained seated. Faustus wasn’t bothered by Edward’s lingering. This was yet another sign that Faustus was happy.


“I don’t want to seem as if I am getting involved…” Edward began.


“Then don’t” Faustus instantly replied.


“There were a lot of other warlocks that Zelda could have chosen. But they didn’t scare her. In fact, I think Zelda frightened them. But you’re different for her. I think you frighten her, in a good way, and that’s why she’ll always love you”.


Faustus remained quiet, not knowing what exactly to say, though he had listened carefully to what Edward had said.


“Can you not remember, that there was once a time when you would have done almost anything to keep us away from each other” he laughed.


“Clearly, I can not stand in the way of the two of you” he said.






Zelda and Faustus had agreed to meet at his house later that evening, so he would have enough time to finish up all of his work.


It was a few minutes before the agreed time, but Zelda saw that the lights were on in his house.


She allowed herself in, nodding at the Judas boys who stood guard outside. She heard distant music, sounding like it was coming from his office as she walked down the hall. 

Reaching his office, she was disappointed to not find him there. Though he was clearly somewhere as his record player was on, a freshly poured whiskey on his desk and his work scattered around.


She searched around the house and quietly shouted his name. Still no response, she sighed “It’s not funny, Faustus” getting annoyed.


Something in the atmosphere turned airy, and Zelda felt a strong chill shiver over her. Something was wrong.


Where the heaven was he?


He was clearly here as little as minutes ago, she could still smell his spicy scent in his office.


After some more time had past, she began to panic a little. Not understanding what was going on.


Zelda teleported home and shouted Edward and Hilda in distress.


They both came urgently to her as she babbled out that Faustus was missing.


“What?! What do you mean he’s missing?” Edward questioned.


“He… he said to meet him at his house, and he’s not there” panic really beginning to set in.


“Maybe he just got caught up at the academy?” He tried reassuring her.


“No no no! He was at home, something is wrong!” She began raising her voice.


Edward attempted to calm down his sister and Hilda scattered to get a map to trace him.


They asked Sabrina to invite prudence over so that they could use her blood to help find the currently missing high priest.


Edward and Zelda went back to Blackwood Manor to ensure that he wasn’t there, but no luck, he didn’t appear.


Just as they got back to the Spellman house, Hilda had begun trying to track Faustus down.


Edward, Zelda, prudence, Ambrose and Sabrina all hovered around the map with Hilda in hope that something would show up.




“What do we do?” Hilda asked.


“I don’t know” Edward answered.


“My father is missing… we need to do something!” Prudence panicked.


“Don’t you think we know that?!” Zelda snapped, rubbing her hand across her forehead.


This was terrifying.


The strongest warlock in the coven, the leader had been taken. How was this even possible?


“We need to notify the council” she instructed.


“And then what?” Sabrina asked.


“I don’t know” Zelda answered.


”Well, we need to do something!” Prudence worried. 

“I know!” Zelda snapped. 

No one knew what had happened, and more importantly, how. Whoever or whatever it was, had managed to deceive a high priest, and go unknown to two highly trained Judas boys. Whatever it was, it was powerful.  




Chapter Text


Weeks had gone by and no sign of Faustus. Hilda repeatedly searched for him on every map they owned. Zelda had the Judas boys on high alert everywhere.  If this was the witch hunters, they were bloody well brave to take the high priest.


Magnus had exhausted all of his connections, apart from one. The last thing they wanted to do, was to create a panic. But they had to tell the coven something.


Zelda was currently acting in Faustus’s absence, as neither Magnus or Edward felt it was right to be them. She thought it was a pathetic reason, and that someone needed to stand up and lead. She hardly slept, and when she got really low, she would go to his house to remind herself of him.


Finally, a moment to herself in his office. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply about the stresses that were happening. She had cried every day to the Dark Lord, who arrogantly ignored her pleas to bring him back to her.


They were ready for forever. And now, he had been taken from her. She swore to Satan when she found out who did this, she could kill them a hundreds times over. There would never be enough suffering for them after the pain she had been put through.


Trying to keep a coven under control at such a time was proving to test her patience and faith. But Zelda was far too stubborn to give in.


Every single person had flexed all possibilities to find him. Even Zelda. She very reluctantly organised a meeting with Damon in an attempt to locate him.


The palace where doing all they could to support her, Damon also visited Greendale every few days to check up on her. There had been numerous intrusive thoughts about stealing her back, but the good in him won.


For all they knew, he was dead, and had been tortured for information.





Magnus was on his last possibility. He had a meeting with the high warlock of Italy to seize any information regarding Faustus.


He hadn’t seen the high warlock for a few decades, but as Magnus arrived, Alistair had already anticipated what he would be asking.


“And why would you think that I would know anything?” Alistair shrugged.


“You have a lot more connections than most Alistair, even with demons and demoness’s in Hell”.


Alistair grinned, knowing Magnus was trying to flatter him. “Well, you aren’t wrong” he confirmed.


“So do you?…” Magnus proceeded.


“Do I?” Alistair mocked.


“… know where Faustus is?”.


The high warlocks eyes darkened and his grin turned cunning. “I may have heard a thing or two” he played.


Magnus stared in silence, knowing how this whole thing was destroying Zelda. Not only was she the love of Faustus’s life, but she was also his friend who he has known for a long time, and Magnus didn’t want to see her be teared apart any longer if he could help it.


“Fine… he’s in hell” he huffed, giving in more easily than he wanted to.


“Hell?!” Magnus shook. “Who has him there? The Dark Lord?”


Alistair chuckled, “Oh no Magnus, someone much more closely linked than that”.


Magnus’s eyes almost popped out in shock as he realised who he meant, and spun on his heels to leave.


“Oh, and Magnus?” He called after.


Magnus peered over his shoulder, waiting for what he could only presume to be a sarcastic comment on its way.


“I would also double check the knowledge of your circle…”


Magnus raised a brow, not following the high warlocks last comment.


“… as I heard, the head sovereign knows about this”.


He didn’t know whether to believe it or not. It’s not very often the high warlock of Italy is misinformed.


Seeing as Magnus was already so close to the palace, he only thought it necessary he attempt to get a meeting with Damon and find out whether or not it’s true.




“What do I owe the pleasure, Magnus?” Damon greeted.


“I’ve just had a meeting with the high warlock” Magnus began lightly.


“Oh?” Damon shrugged.


“Yes, it was rather interesting, actually. He seems to have informed me, that you know the whereabouts of Faustus” he gently accused.


Damon chuckled profusely, “And how would I know that?” He finally managed.


“You are the head sovereign, after all”.


There was a difficult and tense silence, as Magnus could see the fight in Damon’s eyes.


“If you’ve ever loved her, you would tell her what’s going on. And you may have never heard Zelda scream because she’s woke up from a nightmare… but I have. If you love her, you’d tell her”.


Damon felt shell shocked. He wasn’t certain with the information, and when he got others to look into it for him, it was all dead ends, so he assumed someone was giving him false leads. “I don’t know where he is” he defended.


“You and I both know that you do” Magnus sternly said.


Satan! He’s actually there?!” He rubbed his face in frustration.


“Yes and we need to do something about it!” Magnus urged.


“Yes yes, of course. I’ll meet you at the academy, tell Zelda!”





Zelda shook her head, trying very hard not to overthink and prayed that Faustus was alive and well, and that she would find him soon.


The peaceful silence was broken seconds later by Magnus exploding through the office doors. “I know where he is!!” He shouted.


Zelda shot up from her seat in anticipation. “What?!”.


Magnus had clearly ran from wherever he had come from, as he was trying to catch his breath before speaking again. “You will not believe it Zelda… forgive me”.


Walking over to him, she put her hand on his back as an aid to comfort him, confused by his direction of words.


“My father has him, in hell”.


Zelda controlled the panic that she felt bursting in her chest. Asmodeus has a way of getting into his victims minds and torturing them until they become his puppet , the voice in her head tormented her, as it repeated the words that her Father had said about the king of hell.


She could only begin to imagine the unbearable torture Faustus was being put through.


“I need to go” she said as she began to walk off.


Magnus grabbed her arm and pull her back “Zelda you can’t! You can’t just wonder into hell and get him. My father will probably kill you!” He warned.


Like that was going to stop her.


She brushed out of his grip and paced down the halls, not really knowing where she was going but she knew what she needed to get.


“Zelda!” Magnus called after her and followed.


He had called her name repeatedly, but she was not stopping until another voice bellowed her name, their voice echoing off the walls.


She halted and turned around on her heels, familiarising herself with the voice, almost shivering in shock.


“Damon, I don’t have time” she told him.


Between the two of them, they had convinced Zelda to just pause for a few moments and think this through a little.


They were all back in Faustus’s office and Magnus snitched on her to Damon that she was going to go to hell.


“You can not go to hell!” Damon huffed.


“Of course I can! Faustus is there, I need to go and get him!” Zelda pleaded. “I can’t not see him again!”


“Fine…” Damon agreed.


“What?!” Magnus exploded.


Zelda smirked, pleased, not that she was not not going to go anyway, but that she had someone’s backing.


“… just take Drago” he added.


“This is insane!” Edward stormed through the doors.


Magnus had clearly sent him an urgent message via a witching board.


“I am going! I need to get him back” she told her brother, tears building. Her eyes pleaded with him, showing him just how much this was breaking her.


“Can you not do something?” Edward asked Damon.


“I’m not stopping her” Damon shrugged.


“Do you realise what you’re doing?!” Edward emphasised.


His eyes rolled to Magnus and recalled the conversation they had earlier about him ever loving Zelda, of course he wasn’t going to stop her.


Damon took a step towards him, in an attempt to intimidate him. He liked Edward, he had a lot of time and respect for him, though, this was not something he was changing his mind on. “As a matter of fact, I do. I’ve learned that when your sister has put her mind to something, there is nothing in this world or realm that will stop her, so you may as well get on board with it and help her!”.


Zelda looked at her brother sadly, but she wasn’t about to change her mind. To the Greendale mines she went, with Drago.


“You better hope she comes back!” Edward threatened.


“You think I would allow her to go, if I didn’t think she would come back, or had a plan in place to get her out?” Damon questioned with a brow raised.






Zelda paced up and down in front of the gates of hell, attempting to get into them. This is ridiculous. Everything she had ever read about them, she had tried. The runes, the spells, everything. Nothing was working.


She eventually stood still and stared at them, looking for a clue. Getting frustrated, she closed her eyes and her mind automatically traveled to Faustus in every sense.


She thought about the two of them together, their relationship, their past, their future, how he was, whether he was alive, or had been tortured and tormented by Asmodeus. Without realising, she began praying, but not to the Dark Lord for help, she didn’t think he would help her.


A minute or two past and she was in her own mind, channeling a higher magic that she had never acquired before. It was unusual and like an out of body experience as she could see herself stepping closer the gates, reaching her hand out towards them, placing the entirety of her hand against the stone and opening them.


When she opened her eyes, she realised that she wasn’t in fact in front of the gates, but where she were when she closed them. Yet, the gates opened. Looking over her shoulder, Drago followed closely behind her as she took her first step into hell.


It was such a juxtaposition. To be in hell is never an experience for most, but these were never the circumstances she had wanted to visit in.


A few times in her life she had thought whether she would be rewarded by the Dark Lord for her loyalty and devotion and visit the city of Pandemonium. To perhaps become a royal part, just like her father.


As the years past, she saw that she was fit to serve the sovereign, and so did the Dark Lord, and that reward was enough for her.


It was exactly how she had imagined it, and read about it. It was dark, fiery and hot. All the colours of orange and black blended together. It was horrifying. How her father had lived here all these years, she would never know. But it wasn’t pleasant.


As she walked further into hell, she realised that she had absolutely no idea where to even begin looking for him, and she knew she mustn’t get caught.


Perhaps walking through hell with a dragon familiar wasn’t such a good idea after all.


Changing course slightly, she halted and climbed on top of Drago, for him to fly, enabling them to cover much more ground.


Through the darkened sky, she saw what looked like a derelict castle. Surely this was something to start with.


Sliding off Drago, she armed herself with her bow and arrow to search for answers. But nothing. No sign of life, or even death.


Not to her surprise, Zelda was beginning to feel light headed. The heat was clearly getting the better of her, but she would not stop. Faustus was here somewhere, and she refused to go home without him.


Climbing back up Drago, she slumped down in hope to find something else as he took off back into the now thunderous sky.


The air was getting heavier with each passing minute, though this did not falter her determination in the slightest. Everything was Faustus. Her existence was for him. She didn’t make it all the way to hell, to return without him. It was even he, who she had thought of when she had opened the gates, like some sort of higher energy or power.


Flying through the sky, amongst the darkened clouds, Zelda squinted as she thought there was another castle in sight. The closer she got, she saw a flicker of orange light through a small window.


It had to be a sign.


They gently flew closer and hovered around, looking for any clue. Nothing this end, so Drago picked back up and flew to the other side and a figure was standing casually with a glass of wine in their hand, standing by the fire place, like Hell wasn’t hot enough already.


Drago hovered, lowering himself slowly as the figure turned to face them. Zelda’s devil eyes, glaring at who she assumed was Asmodeus.


“I’ve been waiting for you” he practically chuckled, taking a sip of the wine.




Chapter Text

“Where is he?” Zelda cut to the chase, lowering herself off Drago, and she nodded at him for to fly up and keep guard.


Asmodeus laughed, flinging his head back. “You think I’d give him to you that easily?”.


Zelda crossed her arms, not in the mood for the games Asmodeus clearly wanted to play. “Give him to me, now!” She demanded.


Asmodeus clenched his free fist together and Zelda felt herself beginning to choke, grasping at her neck.


When he let go, not that he did it for long, it was just to show her that she wasn’t in charge, he creeped closer to her and circled her like prey. “I do find it sweet that you came all this way, when he is not here”.


“You’re lying!” She accused him, following him circling her with her eyes.


“Maybe…” he cackled.


“What do you want?” She asked, confused more than anything.


“I want Hell to take over earth” he admitted.


“So why take Faustus?” She asked, not understanding what he had to do with it.


Asmodeus paced away from her, pouring himself another glass of wine. “You really don’t know, do you?”


“Know what?” She half heartedly asked, not really believing anything he was saying so far.


“He really did keep it from you all these years! You are the one that stands in my way” he sipped on his wine.


Zelda scoffed “I beg your pardon!”.


“So, I thought, that if I take the thing most precious to you, you will not stand in my way”.


“I do not understand, why would I be the one to stand in your way?” She scoffed again.


“The power you have, running through your veins… you are the only one who could stop me” his tone getting annoyed.


Zelda paced around, now not really feeling intimidated “Look, I don’t know what information you think you have, but I just want to take Faustus home. I do not care of what plans you may or may not have… just give me Faustus!” Her tone changing and she filled the air with vibrations, her anger beginning to show.


“Oh… I have found the soft spot. Just look at you!” He toyed with her. He began circling around her again “What if he isn’t the same Faustus as you once knew? Since I captured him, we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other. I have very much enjoyed getting into his head. He was so strong in the beginning, but I finally broke him”.


The vibrations began again as Zelda clenched her fists at the side of her. “WHAT DID YOU DO!?” She yelled at him.


Asmodeus just chuckled, seeing how angry she was getting was far too entertaining for him to stop.


“Would you like to find out?” He stopped circling and asked.


Zelda gained eye contact with him, when she felt her wrists be bound behind her and she was forced to her knees.


Flicking her hair out of her face as she looked up, Asmodeus leaned towards her, only centimetres from her face. “You can do better than that Zelda, I’m sure. I’ve seen  you do better than that” he tutted, disappointed.


She pulled against the restraints, but it was no use. For a second, she was annoyed with herself for not having any form of back up.


“So, again, what is it you want?” She asked.


“Why do you not join me? Let’s raise hell on earth, together. Your power is just… unique” he said, practically finishing his words with a chefs kiss. “Show me what you can do Zelda”.


“I honestly do not know what you are talking about” she tried telling him.


Asmodeus chuckled. “Your Father did not send you to the imperium for no reason. He had to keep you away from Greendale”.




“Why?” She asked through gritted teeth.


“Because Greendale is where he fell. The place itself only encouraged your power to grow. The place where the mortal world and hell links. Come on Zelda!” He spat hysterically.  “And then, of course… we all knew when you went back to Greendale when your mother died, and you met Faustus”.


She remained silent, not sure if she should be believing any of his words.


“There was an energy shift of magic. The more in love you became with Faustus, the more powerful you grew, and all these years you didn’t even know it! Aha! Your father never told you, how classic!” He chuckled to himself.


“I don’t believe you!” She grunted.


“No?” He smirked. “Why don’t you try and summon hellfire, only witches with real power  can do that, can’t they?”.


Of course Asmodeus made no effort to free her, and Zelda stared at him blankly.


Hellfire? Of course she couldn’t summon bloody hellfire.


He watched as she remained still “A little motivation perhaps?” He snarled.


With the click of his fingers, Faustus appeared, chained, gagged, and beaten. He helplessly screamed at the sight of Zelda.


She repeatedly shouted his name, but Asmodeus clicked his fingers again and he vanished.


“GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!” She screamed, now she was getting angry.


If he wanted hellfire, hellfire is what she would summon.


She closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as possible, her thoughts being of non other than Faustus. She needed him, as she always had done.


Sparks spattered from her, but they were not blue. The walls began to shake and an energy shift vibrated through the air. Spits of fire began to spark around, but no hellfire was seen.


“Do it Zelda!” He encouraged. “DO IT!”


Suddenly, she screamed and out flamed hellfire. Breaking through her chains, standing she allowed the power to consume her for as long as she could.


She heard Asmodeus chuckle as she felt herself completely burst, and fell to her knees as it came to a stop.


“Give him to me… now” she threatened and stormed towards him.


He saw the danger in her eyes, as she was not taking this lightly.


“He is already there” he darkly smirked.


She paced in the opposite direction, knowing she needed to get the heaven out of there. In her mind, she called for Drago and within seconds he appeared.


“Until next time, Zelda Spellman!” Asmodeus chuckled.





Chapter Text


Zelda quickly panicked back to the Academy, needing to find Faustus. Hurrying down the halls, having no idea where to find him but could only imagine.


As she slammed opened the doors to the high priests office, Edward and Magnus stood in anticipation.


“Where is he? Have you seen him?!” Zelda muttered as she looked frantically around for any signs that Asmodeus did indeed stick to his word.


“Zelda, Zelda, Zelda!” Edward tried to get her attention as he gently grabbed her arms to stop her from moving. “He’s alive. Damon has him at the palace”.


Zelda could feel the rage fire up inside her. Her knowledge as to why Damon would have taken him to the palace ripped through her. Her past sovereign minister role, now tormenting her mind of what potentially could be happening to him.


“Get off me! I need to see him!” She shouted in the face of her brother.


“No! Zelda, listen to me! You can’t!” Edward tried to keep her restrained but was struggling due to her anger fuelling her strength.


“I need to see him!” Her words started off so strong and loud, but broke off into a sob as she collapsed into her brothers arms.





Zelda woke up in Faustus’s chambers at the academy. A striking headache overwhelmed her as she opened her eyes to see her brother sat next to the bed, who had clearly been waiting for her to awake.


“I did wonder when you would wake up” he smiled.


She grumbled and sat up “I need to get to Faustus”.


“Zelda… what happened down there?” He curiously asked, strangely fearful of the answer.


“Another time, brother” she stood and rubbed her head. It was clear that the dark magic she mustered in hell had taken its toll on her.


“Zee, I’m not going to stop you. Though, I do not know what you think you’re going to be able to do once you are there. You’re not a sovereign minister anymore, and, well, you do not have the power of persuasion over the head sovereign anymore as you may think” he sighed.


“I don’t care” she stubbornly said. “I need to see him”.


Edward sighed, knowing that once Zelda set her mind to something, there was very little anyone could do. He watched her slowly get out of bed, expecting her to be unsteady on her feet, but to his surprise she marched out of there quicker than he could have said ‘palace’.




Damon struts down the halls of the palace, making his way further and further down the dark stone stairs and hallways until he reached his destination, the palace dungeons.


He nods to the guard standing outside one of the cell doors, and the door is opened for him to step inside.


As he does, he smiled boastfully at Faustus, who’s arms were hanging in chains.


“How does it feel down there on your knees?” He leaned closely and viscously spat.


Damon just couldn’t help himself. He had to admit, that he had taken too much pleasure in the action they had taken against Faustus since Zelda rescued him.


In the palace’s defence, they had to ensure that Faustus didn’t tell any secrets to Asmodeus, he was a high priest full of knowledge after all.


Faustus finally raised his head and locked eye contact with the head sovereign. He had no words to say to him.


The only thing keeping him alive, was Zelda, and his hope that he would see her again. The torture that Asmodeus had inflicted on him, nothing the palace could do would even come close.


“Where is she? I want to see her” Faustus grumbled.


“I’m sure she’ll be here as fast as the speed of light” he chuckled and left the cell with the door slamming loudly behind him. Leaving Faustus in darkness, again.





Zelda’s heeled clacked hard against the marble floor of the palace, in her fearless and angry strut. She sensed that Damon would anticipate her arrival and imagined he would be in the throne room.


Not to her surprise when she entered that room, he was. Sat arrogantly, like he had been waiting for her for quite some time.


“Ahh, Zelda. What a surprise” he smiled.


“Where is he?!” She snapped.


“You know it’s protocol Zelda, I had to-” he tried to stand tall but with all the strength she had, she smacked her hands against him.


“NO!” She screamed. “NO! You didn’t! You did it because of who he is!” She continued to hit him.


A group of guards began to run towards them both, but Damon managed to capture her wrists and hold his hand up to the guards to stop in their paths.


“Let me see him!” She yelled one last time and yanked her wrists from his hand.


He saw the pain in her eyes. The same eyes that looked tired and angry, it sent a shiver of weakness through his body. He cared for her enough to not let her suffer. “Fine” he reluctantly sighed. “But then he has one more round of questioning before I release him!” His tone evidently serious.


Her eyes soften not sure she had heard him correctly, but seeing the defeat on his face confirmed that she did. Releasing all of her rage, she placed her hands on his chest “Thank you” she whispered.


Zelda couldn’t have ran down to the dungeons quick enough. As soon as the door opened and she saw the broken down state he was in, she could have swore to Satan that she felt her heart shatter.


She approached him slowly and kneeled, taking his drooped head in her hands and lifting his face to hers.


“Zelda?” He struggled to whisper.


“Yes, it’s me” she quietly sobbed as tears filled her eyes.


From nowhere, he pulled at the chains, finding energy that he hadn’t had in weeks. In fact, he had been practically been comatosed since being at the palace, and before that his state was lethargic at best.


He grunted when he realised he couldn’t hold her back.


“No I know” she kissed his forehead. “Not much longer, I promise” she whispered to him, keeping her forehead touching his.


“Time!” A guard shouted behind her.


She squeezed her eyes together, not wanting to leave but she was lucky to even get this. “I love you”.


With every ounce of effort, Faustus raised his head as she stood “I love you too”.





Zelda paced up and down the high priests office, waiting very impatiently for a message from the palace that Faustus will be released.


Edward, Magnus, Hilda, Sabrina and Prudence all waited with her, also impatiently.


A knock on the door finally interrupted her pacing and informed her that he was being transferred now.


She sighed with relief and hoped that they would take care of him on the way. But of course, within the minute two guards appeared with Faustus in between them on his knees, and they practically flung him to the floor.


Before he slammed down, Zelda lunged forward and caught him. His dead weight was heavy for her small frame, but she didn’t care, she wrapped her arms around him as tight as she possibly could and whispered comforting words to him. Everyone gasped and rushed straight over to help.


They moved Faustus to his suite at the academy. Hilda ensured she had healed every physical aspect of Faustus, as much as was magically possible anyway. The Judas boys were on high alert and Zelda gave the order of Faustus having a minimum of 4 Judas boys at any one time.


When everything had finally quietened down, Zelda finally went to see him peacefully resting, naturally not wanting to leave his side.


She delicately climbed at the side of him in bed. Resting her head gently against his chest as he slept. She couldn’t quite grasp that this was real, as she had dreamt of it so often since he disappeared.


“You can’t leave me again...” she whispered to him. “… I love you too much for that”.





What Zelda really felt like she needed to do, other than be with Faustus non stop, was see her father. Everything Asmodeus had said to her was rapidly running through her mind.


Was everything true?


Did he in fact send her to Italy because of this so called power she held? She had so many questions and no where near enough answers.


She tried summoning him, but it was no luck. Instead of asking Edward, Zelda decided to keep it to herself, knowing she would find answers eventually.


But of course, she couldn’t get a hold of her father, and he warned her all those years ago, to not go to hell looking for him. And if she were at all honest with herself, after the visit she just had there, she didn’t want to go back anytime soon either.

Chapter Text



Physically, Faustus recovered incredibly fast. With the help of all of Hilda’s potions and skilled healing abilities, and Zelda’s strong demands of him not doing anything without her consent. The shift in power was, odd to say the least. As they had never played out this dynamic before. Faustus was always in control.


A few days after they got him back, Faustus began acting delirious. He fought off Judas boys, Edward and Magnus as he attempted to escape out of his suite at the academy. Though extremely intimidated by not only his physical strength, but his magical ability, Zelda bravely intervened as Faustus pinned her brother up against the nearest wall by his neck.


Her hands grabbed the sides of his face as half a dozen Judas boys peeled his hands away from Edward’s neck. She whispered sweet nothings into his ear, pressing her forehead firmly to his, pulling his face down to her height. Slowly, she saw his eyes turn less dark as he was brought back to reality by her soft voice.


After that incident, Zelda had made the bold decision to relocate Faustus. Deciding the academy probably wasn’t the best place for Faustus to recover. A meeting of course had to be held to discuss her decision. Whether the other members of the meeting knew this or not, but Zelda was doing it with or without their support.


The Spellman house, Blackwood manor and numerous other places were thrown into suggestion. But there was only one place that Zelda thought of.




Though it may have seemed an impulsive choice, it wasn’t. Faustus had been lashing out and experiencing episodes they could only dream of describing. What other place would have him as relaxed as the place that he wanted to spent his time with Zelda. What other place would also help him rediscover himself after weeks of continuous and unbearable torture from a king of hell.


The downside to Vermont, was that she had to reveal what was their secret. That he had a house built for them all those years ago, and explaining that wasn’t the most comfortable conversations she’d ever had.


Though, without much more hesitation, Faustus was moved the same day and his physical recovery blossomed soon after. His nightmares had gotten infrequent, but the ones he did have weren’t pleasant for all those who witnessed.


Zelda of course, still ran the academy and coven in Faustus’s absence. It had become so natural and habitual that Zelda didn’t even think about it as a job or a burden. She stepped into the role frighteningly well.


Every morning she would kiss Faustus whilst he still slept and was escorted to the academy by her own Judas boys, and every evening she would return to him.






It was early when Zelda looked out of the window at the crisp morning in Vermont. She puffed on her cigarette, and held her espresso close to her, inhaling the strong smell, hoping it would wake her up faster.


Lost in her thoughts, she was thinking how they were still trying to piece together how the coven was going to battle witch hunters and Asmodeus simultaneously. They knew the witch hunters weren’t going to give up with eliminating witches coven by coven, and now their new added problem of Asmodeus, still not really knowing what he wanted. Other than for Zelda to join him and for him to expand hell to earth, which was ludicrous!


Taking the last drag on her cigarette, she made her way to the bedroom where Faustus was probably still sleeping. Her eyes squinted in confusion when she opened the door and didn’t see him in bed. Yet she heard fumbling coming from the bathroom attached to their bedroom.


“Faustus?” She called out, taking careful steps, not wanting to startle him, afraid it would potentially trigger him into a state of rage.


He swung the door open and smiled brightly, dressed in one of his three piece suits that made Zelda weak at the knees. After seeing him practically in night clothes for weeks, it happily surprised her, remembering just how dapper he looked in a suit.


Her lips parted slightly and she took a deep breath, it not going unnoticed by Faustus who was now darkly smirking at her. He eyed her from head to toe, licking his lips in the process as her blouse was sheer, and her skirt hugged her hips slightly tighter than what was probably necessary. One of his brows raised without his consent as he saw the heels she was wearing and how her legs looked in them.


Huffing out a quick breath, he rubbed his jaw as his eyes found her red lips, needing to lavish them with his own. His hand reached out and grabbed her hip and pulled her aggressively towards him. Running his fingers through her thick curls, and inhaling her sweet scent, not realising how much he had missed something as simple as this.


Shamefully, he felt himself getting hard as her fingers gently stroked his chest and the others curled around his neck. He removed his hand from her hair and gently gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him as he pressed his lips against hers, dragging her body closer to his so he could press his need into her.


It all of a sudden became a sense of urgency, Faustus shoved Zelda against the bathroom counter, lifting her skirt to enable her to spread her legs, as she shuffled to sit on the edge. Zelda immediately reached to unbuckle Faustus’s belt. Lost in the embrace of her seductive kisses and whimpers, Faustus reclaimed his senses and snatched Zelda’s hands away, forcing her arms above her head, his large hand tightly gripped both of her wrists. Her back shoved hard against the mirror and Faustus leaned down, gazing darkly into her eyes.


She whimpered and jolted her hips to let Faustus know how impatient she was getting. He hadn’t had her in weeks, and desperately wanted to take his time, but he knew that was just not possible, with his growing need to fuck her senseless was racing through his body.


Without thinking further, Faustus released his cock and his hand made its way to move Zelda’s underwear to the side. He gripped her wrists firmly with his other hand, ensuring she wasn’t going to try and slow him down in any capacity. He lined himself up with her entrance, not even having to check her arousal and forced himself inside her.


Her gasp was loud, consuming so much of her breath. She felt him stretching her profusely as it had been weeks since he’d last been inside her. It was amusing to think now that he was thrusting himself in and out of her, how they had actually managed to go this long, that would have never normally happened.


Faustus’s pace was punishingly fast, not that it was going to take very long for either of them to catch their release. Zelda was itching to touch him, wanting nothing more than to dig her nails into the fabric of his clothes, or better yet, run her fingers through his hair and grip as she focuses on her pending orgasm, but no.


It crossed her mind whether it was his capture that made him not want to be touched, or whether he just wanted all round control. His dark eyes full of lust made her lean towards the second thought.


She felt the pleasure pool in her stomach, and her ears listened out for him to say something to her. But nothing came, slightly to her disappointment. Faustus had always used his voice to spur her to her release.


His grunts were deep and animalistic as he felt her clenching around him, knowing she was about to be tipped over the edge. His arm wrapped around her body, dragging her even closer to him (if that was possible) and he saw her eyes flutter shut as he clearly began thrusting even deeper than he was previously.


“Look at me!” He growled.


Sensing annoyance and anger in his tone, her eyes shot open and directly looked into his. He leaned down closer to her face and she felt his short sharp breaths on her skin.


Zelda held back slightly on her scream of his name and whimpered her pleasure as Faustus continued to erratically thrust into her. Her tightening around him absolutely made him come undone and he stilled his movements as he released his orgasm inside her.


Zelda couldn’t deny, it was not their usual or even remotely close to how they have had sex before, but she was not going to argue with it. She felt her hands be released and she dared to rest them gently on his chest and cheekily stole another kiss from him. She heard him hum and felt his lips smile slightly, so not all hope was lost.


“Where do you think you are going dressed like that?” She quietly asked in an attempt to lighten whatever tension he clearly had going on.


“The academy. It is time I resume my duties, wouldn’t you agree?” He questioned, watching her carefully.


“Has Hilda cleared you for this?” Zelda asked cautiously, thinking it was a fair question.


He took a step back from her, clearly annoyed with the question. “I can do whatever I like, I’m the high priest!”.


Zelda smiled at him, but with saddened eyes as she could see that Faustus was growing frustrated and wanted to resume to his duties in any form he could.






Without much more discussion, Zelda thought it best to humour Faustus and allow him back to the academy and catch up on everything that has happened in his absence and where they are up to on movements with the witch hunters.


Throughout the day, she notices little twitches and ticks of frustration, anger, maybe even tiredness set in, but to her own irritation, he continued to power through.


Faustus had closely observed Zelda since the beginning of the day. How she naturally waltzed around his office, occasionally smoking, as if she practically owned it. He had to admit, she looked so powerful.


Faustus noticed there was a few people in his office that he wasn’t acquainted to yet. New faces that the palace had clearly sent to support them. He could tell by their ‘uniforms’ that they were from the palace. He appreciated the fact that Damon had clearly been supporting the coven and Zelda in his absence, but what he didn’t appreciate was one of the warlocks eyes that were constantly glued to Zelda.


Once he noticed it, he struggled to tear his eyes away, he couldn’t stop himself. It was clear that Zelda wasn’t encouraging the unknown warlock in any way, but she also wasn’t doing anything to put a stop to it either. They had exchanged smiling glances throughout the meeting and at one point, he practically whispered to her something only she could hear, and it caused her to quietly giggle, enough for her to pat his arm in response.


It infuriated Faustus.


Seeing her, being almost sweet with someone else other than himself was not something he could cope with. Faustus sat in his chair behind his desk clenching and unclenching his hands. Imagining how he could get away with breaking the warlocks neck for thinking he could be like that with her. It made him wonder how lonely she must have been without him.


The further into the meetings they got, he was beginning to snap and be slightly short tempered on certain topics, and he also began snapping at people, particularly Magnus and Edward as his eyes averted back to Zelda and Ronan, Faustus caught on to his name after intently listening. But the final straw was when fresh tea was brought in to his office and the tray rattled slightly whilst being put in front of him and he exploded at the poor young witch who was clearly nervous as it was, then he went and ruined her day by shouting at her.


“I think we’ve had enough for today everyone, and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow…” Zelda stood and spoke. Everyone in the room looked at her with relief, like she had just saved their lives.


Faustus stood up and strangely thought to follow suit behind everyone, assuming Zelda would be following him and that they could go home. “… not you!” She sternly said. He huffed and turned to face her, almost as if he wanted to roll his eyes.


The sudden halt of everyone else amused Zelda. But when they realised that she meant the high priest, they were once again, relieved to be able to escape.


She waited until everyone left before sighing, “What can I do?”.


Her question puzzled him. But as he looked at the soft expression on her face, he realised that actually, perhaps he had been out of order. His clenched fists that he didn’t realise he had, relaxed as his eyes watched Zelda approach him slowly.


His silence concerned her as he also now averted his eyes away from her. Keeping herself still a decent distance from him, she stood still and waited for him to say something.


He didn’t.


“Faustus” she softly whispered.


“I’m not sure what you want me to say” he shrugged.


What she really wanted to do, was wait for him to answer, as she knew, that he knew, what she was after. She wanted him to admit fault with his behaviour.


“You seem lost in yourself, and lost in your work” she bluntly said, slightly shocking him.


“And you seem more than acquainted with Ronan” he sneered, not being able to hide his jealously any longer.


There he was. Her Faustus.


Her lips uncontrollably poured into a smile. If she didn’t already know how bad his mood was, she would have probably laughed at the stupid accusation he was trying to imply, but his mood was already too far fetched and aggressive. His brows furrowed and raised in response, not quite sure why she thought smiling was the appropriate thing to do.


He took a few large strides towards her, his hand gripping harshly around her throat. Zelda’s hands flung up to hold onto his wrist. As much as she loved him like this, there was the odd moment every so often, where he did frighten her.


Faustus pressed his forehead to Zelda’s whilst keeping his grip tight on her throat. “When you walk out of this office, I would have fucked you so hard that you’re going to be sore, and every time you feel that you’re sore, you’re going to be reminded that it was me, and that it was only me. You are mine”


A whimper managed to escape Zelda’s lips at the idea of Faustus destroying her. She didn’t realise that this was all it took, not that she didn’t enjoy their entanglement this morning, it just wasn’t how they would normally be.


Backing her over to his desk, he scooped the contents onto the floor and  forced her to sit on top of it, lifting her skirt up in the process. It was nothing too dissimilar to this mornings antics. Her hands cupped his face and pulled him down to kiss her. Faustus’s hands were already unbuckling his belt.


As Zelda pulled away from the kiss, she saw over his shoulder that the door wasn’t shut and hesitated in her movements. “Faustus we’re going to get caught!” She gasped, looking at his office door. Faustus quickly looked behind him, and then continued to pull his cock out. He didn’t care who knew, who found them, who heard or even who dared to watch. He was the high priest and he could do as he liked. Oh Satan how there were so many coven members that lusted after him but he chose her. And he always would. His Zelda.


“I’m going to have you again, you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow when I’m through with you, and everyone in the academy will know that you love your high priest being rough with you” he growled into her neck, sucking and biting at her skin, whilst his hands ripped down her underwear that he was so careful not to tear this morning.


Without any warning, Faustus vigorously entered her, all the way. Zelda whimpered in pain. Usually, he worked her up more, teased her or even checked how wet she was, but he wasn’t in that mood, he needed to be inside her as quickly as possible.


Faustus began moving his hips into her, staying as deep as he could, twisting his fingers into her hair and yanking as harshly as he was thrusting. Zelda was letting out little winces and breaths but slowly became a custom to him. “Does that make you feel good?” He whispered into her ear, but Zelda only moaned quietly instead of replying in case someone was walking past the office. This however, wasn’t what Faustus was after. He thrusted into her even harder multiple times “I said, does that make you feel good?” He asked again in between thrusts. “Yes” she finally gasped.


This was more like it Zelda thought. All of Faustus’s words were making her helplessly clench around him. His pace was also sending her over the edge more quickly than what she would like, and by the way Faustus was panting down into her ear, he wasn’t going to be far behind her.


“Don’t you dare!” He groaned into her ear, his grip pulling her hair so he could look at her. Zelda bit her lip, holding back a cry and Faustus slowed down his pace slightly. “Nooooo” she whined at him, not wanting him to slow down.


“You will cum, when I say you can, and that will be with me, do you understand?!” His tone warning and spiteful. Satan she loved him like this.


“Yessss” she resentfully huffed.


“Yes who?!” He pressed his forehead to hers, pushing into it.


“Yes your excellency” she tried leaning back before he flung his head back, finding his pace again. As much as he wanted to keep destroying her, he needed a release more than he was willing to admit.


He felt Zelda slowly clenching around him again. “You are fucking mine Zelda Spellman!”.


This was his way of telling her that she could finally reach for her orgasm because he was there too.


Now not caring about the door being open, Zelda screamed into Faustus’s shoulder, gripping onto his body as tightly as she could, hearing him groan and she felt his warm seed leak inside her.


As they both came down from their release, Zelda cupped Faustus’s face once again, bringing him down to her. “I love you” she assured him.


“I love you” he replied.