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Lust in the Dust

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Ward was furious.

He was also soaking wet, draped only in an ill fitting lab coat and scowling angrily at Fitz in the middle of the lab.

The lab that was now locked up tight under strict quarantine protections.

The Scot returned his gaze, full of anger and frustration, refusing to cower. He was just as wet, also wearing only a lab coat (it fit him better, as it was his) and sputtering loudly in Ward's direction.

"I said, it was unwise to engage the controls in the field and to avoid any unnecessary contact! How is it that you still never listen to a bloody word I say?!" The pink in his cheeks rapidly became more red as Fitz forced the words out as loud as possible and as close as he could get to Ward's face, given their difference in height.

Ward, trying desperately to still the emotions on his face, leaned further into the engineer's space. He was the specialist here, and no matter what Fitz threw at him he would not let this argument devolve into another Peru. He would keep to mind his training.

That was seemingly easier said than done.

"Well, so glad you think that instructions long enough to have their own index are helpful when bullets are flying over our heads! God, I think I need Coulson or Skye to write you a thesaurus for the field that includes the phrases, 'Stop', 'Don't touch' and 'Will explode and cover us in purple alien dust'!" Yeah, that came out louder than intended, Ward thought. His heart was pounding and his adrenaline was spiking. Just looking into those blue eyes, shining with rage back at him, was making his palms itch. He felt like he had to hit something, and soon.

Panting heavily, Fitz let out a rough laugh. "Ha, ha! Very funny, Ward, did you sprain something when you said 'thesaurus'? Maybe Simmons can help you with that after we get out of containment." His face was completely flushed now and Ward could see the pulse in his neck jumping rapidly under his smooth pale skin. Sweat was also trickling down from his hairline, traveling slowly down his cheek and past his jaw. Ward realized he had become laser focused on the trail that bead of sweat left on his skin. He almost thought he could smell it...

Ward shook his head. This was not his usual response to an adrenaline rush. Yes, becoming more aware of your surroundings is normal but this felt different. Those bullets did get awfully close to Fitz. Ward was developing a fondness for the team as he spent more time with them and after South Ossetia he felt a little more responsibility for looking after the brave little Scot a little more carefully. He had proved his loyalty and that meant something-meant everything to Ward. Maybe his fear of Fitz being hurt today was taking control of his emotions.

Ward leaned back and stood with his arms crossed over his chest and sighed. Fitz still looked ready to jump at him and to be honest he was still feeling worked up himself. Training kicked in though, and he realized that he had to try to diffuse the situation before they really did explode like a bomb.

"Fitz", he said as calmly as he could manage. That meant gritting his teeth, but so be it. "We have to focus right now on figuring out what the hell happened. Now, I know Simmons is working on this on base but since we're here, do you think you can try to speed that along, help figure it out?" Maybe getting Fitz to concentrate on the work, on science, would help him settle down a bit. His face usually lights up like a switch has been thrown in his brain whenever he gets the opportunity to figure out something new.

Wow, Ward really hoped this would work because he felt he was only moments away from losing whatever control he had over himself as well.

Fitz stared at him with an intensity Ward had never seen from him before. His eyes were flashing, pupils blown, jaw tight and he was still panting as if he had just run a mile. He was looking at Ward as though he wanted to rip him apart... or devour him whole.

Wait, what?

Where did that thought come from, Ward wondered. The more he stared at Fitz the more he realized that this was not their usual angry banter, no matter how much he had been worried about Fitz being shot earlier. Or how awful it had been to be hosed down from the back of the Bus, clothes stuck wetly to their bodies as they stood in muddy puddles on the jungle floor before they were even allowed to reboard and get locked into the lab. Or having to strip down completely, put their clothes in the incinerator and clamber into the decontamination shower one at a time and were left with only lab coats for cover. That was all frustrating and humiliating to be sure.

The way they were still reacting, though? Not usual, not usual at all. Instead of calming down, they both seemed to be getting worse. Ward's pulse was still rapid and he was finding it almost impossible to look away from the powerful gaze coming from Fitz. He felt the need to get closer, to grab him tightly and...

"Sure, that's all I am to you, right Agent Ward?! Just another lab rat here to do your bidding! No matter that I told you to be careful and this is your fault! I'm still just another sniveling tech with no visible musculature here to fix all your mistakes!" Hands waving rapidly through the air, Fitz continued his tirade. "All you specialists are alike, all brawn, no brains! Never appreciating those people who make your job even possible! Never appreciating people like me, literal geniuses who save your ass on a regular basis!" His voice started to shake and his eyes flitted from Ward's stare down to his lips. Between breaths, Fitz stuck his tongue out and licked his lips lightly.

The sight of Fitz' tongue knocked something loose inside of Ward. He found himself staring at the man. His hair, still wet from decon, was curling in ringlets over his forehead, shifting slightly from the blood pounding into his face. His cheeks burned bright red and his lips, now shining with saliva from his tongue, were plump and pink. His blush went from his face all the way down his neck and over his collarbones, just peeking out from beneath the collar of his lab coat. Ward could feel the heat radiating from him as he stood, shaking slightly in front of him.

Suddenly, Ward no longer felt the need to hit. Instead, another need was curling low in his belly. It started slowly but as soon as he acknowledged it, it came surging forth like a river bursting through a dam. A dam, he was now realizing, that had existed for quite a while. Ward had never admitted it to himself, never allowed himself to, but looking at Fitz now, in all his obstinate glory, he had to concede that the man was attractive. Small and powerful, so ridiculously intelligent and with a brave heart and intense loyalty that appealed to Ward. He was like no one else he'd ever known. He wore his emotions on his sleeve, something so foreign to the specialist that it was comforting. You always knew where you stood with him, there was no need to guess. It was written all over his face.

Well, usually it was. Right now it was hard to tell. As Ward fought through this change in his own emotions, he took another look at Fitz. The intensity in his eyes seemed to break. They became glassy, filling up with tears that he refused to let fall. His lips became a drawn line, coming together tightly to seemingly hold in his resolve.

"I know that's all I'll ever be to you, Ward. Just the awkward little monkey gamboling about the lab, always underfoot, always annoying. I know that, and that's fine, I'll just get to work on your little problem, yeah?" He shook his head and brushed past Ward, shoving him out of the way as he made his way over to an empty lab table. His shoulders slumped as he rifled through various papers he grabbed from his desk, and proceeded to pretend to work.

"Fitz", Ward muttered, his hand glancing off his arm as he pushed by. "You know that's not true. I value you as a member of the team. You had my back in South Ossetia and I know I can count on you. I trust you."

Fitz turned suddenly, facing Ward, eyes locked on his. There was no doubt now about the look he was giving him. It was full of longing and desire. It hit Ward like a truck and before he knew it so did Fitz, who flew into his chest and held onto him as if he would fall into an abyss if he let go.


Fitz became all hands as he ran them up and down Ward's back, gripping the lab coat firmly in his fists in a desperate effort to get as close as possible. He pushed himself up on his toes and messily brought his mouth to Ward's. Teeth clacking and tongue raking out over Ward's lips and into his mouth Fitz let out a gasp and a moan that Ward felt move through him all the way to his toes. That fire that had begun in Ward's belly was becoming a raging inferno, lighting him up and becoming hotter everywhere he came in contact with Fitz. Fitz clawed at his shoulders, ran his hands up Ward's neck, over his cheeks and into his hair where he held on tightly to keep himself up to kissing height.

Ward felt himself overcome with need-need for Fitz, need to be as close as possible to him. Fitz managed to sink his teeth into his lower lip and with a groan Ward lifted the smaller man up, turned and deposited him onto the lab table, scattering his "work" all over the lab floor.

Fitz hit the table with a small thud, causing him to shift back for a moment. He quickly resettled himself around Ward, lacing his arms around his neck and dragging his tongue all along his pulse point.

"Grant", he sighed into his collar bone. "What're we doin'?" His brogue became thicker and lower, more full of gravel and it made Ward's cock twitch under his coat. "I...I donnae feel righ'...I cannae control...this..."

Ward barely heard him, too caught up in feeling as much of Fitz as he could. He ran his hands through his thick curls and down the nape of his neck. Ward leaned over and nipped and sucked on the side of his neck, leaving blooming purple marks on his pasty skin. He couldn't get enough of his taste, his smell, the smoothness of his skin. All he was aware of was Fitz. Fitz was the only thing in the world right now, nothing else existed.

Fitz moaned from the attention, leaning into Ward. His hands came forward to fumble with the buttons on Ward's lab coat, pulling them open one by one. At the last button he paused and shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut like he was fighting to think straight.

"Grant... Ward... I think that alien powder is affecting us...", he whispered. "I... I cannae..."

Ward vaguely acknowledged that Fitz was speaking, and he quickly brought his lips to his. Nothing should be distracting them from each other, the need was too great. He wanted Fitz completely, for him to belong to Ward just as Ward belonged to him.

The kiss was deep and languid, full of building heat. Their tongues lashed together as their lips slid deliciously over each other. Ward was fully hard now, and he pulled Fitz closer to the edge of the table and he stood between his legs. His hands moved down to grasp Fitz' ass firmly and brought him close enough to rut against. Fitz was hard beneath his coat and Ward brought their cocks together to rub exquisitely through the cloth.

Fitz moaned and gasped, dropping his head against Ward's chest, fingers gripping his shoulders tightly. He began moving his hips, trying to thrust them closer to Ward, looking for friction.

Ward took his hand from his hips and brought a finger up under Fitz' chin. He lifted his face to his and kissed him again, moaning into his mouth.


Fitz' blue eyes flew open and he sat back again. "No, Ward, I cannae do this. I cannae do this to you." Desperate sadness covered his face, his eyes filling up with tears again.

Ward caught the words this time, but he could not understand.

"Fitz?... What are you talking about?" Ward tried to lean back in for another kiss but Fitz pulled away.

"This!" Fitz gestured between them. "You don't want this! You... you don't want me... I can't... I can't take advantge... of this... even though..." He looked away, head down. "...Even though I... I want you..." Fitz trailed off, sniffling and panting, finally unable to keep his tears from falling.

Ward stilled. Fitz was still so beautiful, even while crying. His brilliant blue eyes were full of pain, his head was bowed and all Ward could think was that this was wrong. Fitz should never feel this way. This is Fitz. Fitz is wonderful, the only person in the world that Ward could trust and made him feel like he should be better, do better. The person that made him feel like he was worth something more than just being a weapon. His lust addled mind flitted back to times where they teased each other on the Bus, playing cards and board games. Fitz never let him get away with thinking too much of himself, always called him on his bullshit. And he proved his loyalty and friendship many times over, on mission after mission. He knew he had often seen Fitz as someone special, someone he could rely on, that he needed. Now he was coming to the conclusion that he was more than that, had been more than that for a while.

His soft skin, his fluffy curls, his nimble and expressive hands all stood out to Ward as beautiful, and he knew this wasn't the first time he had noticed. The sound of his laugh was something that had always made Ward's heart flutter and he tried to bring it out of him as often as possible. The kid had a smile that Ward would crawl over hot coals for, and he knew that before now, before all of this. Whatever Fitz thinks this powder stuff is, it didn't create that. It couldn't- all that was already there.

Ward blinked and brought his attention back to Fitz. He looked crushed and was starting to pull back completely, away from the edge of the desk, away from Ward. He brought his hands to Ward's chest to push him back gently.

"No." Ward took his wrists in his hands. Fitz looked up at Ward.


"No, Fitz. Now I need you to listen to me." Ward looked him straight in the eye and Fitz nodded, slowly.

"I know you think we are being controlled by some weird alien dust. And maybe you're right. But you aren't making me do anything I don't want to do." Ward tried to put as much earnestness into his gaze as he could, trying to will Fitz to understand. "I want you to know that I find you irresistibly attractive even without the dust. And if you feel the same, I am absolutely consenting to more."

Fitz' mouth fell open. His eyes grew as large as saucers and he stared silently at Ward. Ward gave him a small smile and a sultry look. The corner of Fitz' mouth twitched upward.

Fitz brought his arms back up to Ward's shoulders, circling his neck. His eyes shimmered and he scooted forward on the table. He leaned forward, bringing his lips softly to Ward's, kissing him slowly. Ward drew his tongue against his lips and begged for entrance. He deepened the kiss, letting all his emotions pour into it. He slid his hands down Fitz' back, gently bringing him closer. Ward reached down to unhook his last button and dropped his coat to the floor.

Fitz sighed, taking him in. Ward felt his erection fill again, under his hungry gaze.

Fitz let his hands roam all over Ward's smooth chest, feeling the firm muscles there underneath his skin. The feeling of Fitz' hands on him reignited the need in Ward. He felt his cock jump toward Fitz as he brought his hands lower on Ward's stomach, drifting through the dark patch of hair and finally settling at the base of his dick.

Ward groaned, and his hands went for the buttons on Fitz' coat.

"Can I?", he murmured. Fitz nodded, sliding his hand down Ward's length. The other he slid around to cup Ward's ass, squeezing firmly.

Working quickly, Ward unfastened the buttons and pushed the coat from Fitz' shoulders. He reveled in the expanse of smooth milky skin he had uncovered, running his hands over his chest, his hips, his stomach. "You're beautiful", he whispered, and Fitz blushed, face first then all the way down his chest.

"You're not so bad yourself", he chuckled, stroking Ward from base to tip. Ward felt himself grow even harder and he reached for Fitz' cock, pulling up and down his shaft at the pace Fitz set on his own. They fell into each other, Ward's mouth back on Fitz' neck, Fitz holding on to Ward's shoulder. They stroked each other, feeling the pressure build, each letting out differing sounds that neither of them heard- Fitz cursing under his breath and Ward groaning softly. Ward added a twist to the end of his stroke and Fitz gasped.

"Grant... Oh fuck... just like that..."

He threw his head back and Ward could feel him twitching, getting closer. He knocked his hand away and grabbed both of their dicks, swirling his thumb through the precum leaking from their heads and using it to slick their shafts. He began stroking them together. Fitz let out a squeak, then moaned loudly, bucking up into Ward's hand, his name falling from his lips. The sensual feel of their skin sliding over one another was driving them both closer to the edge. Fitz brought his hands back to Ward's chest and began to run his fingers over his nipples. He began to pinch and twist and it was all Ward needed to push him to powerful completion, his vision whiting out as he covered his hand with ropes of come.

Ward grunted, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, but did not stop his hand on Fitz. He leaned forward, stroking him quickly as Fitz moaned louder. He fell to Fitz' chest, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and gently placing a bite in the middle.

Fitz cried out, back arching, head falling back, as he spilled hotly between them. His eyes were shut and his mouth had fallen open as he shivered through the afterglow. Ward looked down at Fitz, wrecked and spent, and saw that this engineer was indeed incredibly attractive without any outside help needed. He drew him into an embrace before getting up to locate a towel to clean them up with.

That accomplished, Ward grabbed the fallen lab coats. He folded one and put it at the end of the table under Fitz' head. Then he climbed up onto the table and scooted close to Fitz, spooning him so that they would both fit, and he gently covered them both with the other coat. Soon they were both asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.


Coulson walked into the base's lab, looking for Simmons. She had sent him a message regarding the 0-8-4 that had caused all the trouble. Hopefully that meant he could get his specialist and engineer out of quarantine soon.

"You said you've made some progress on the 0-8-4?"

Simmons was smiling, holding a packet that looked like research data. "Oh, yes sir! I was able to determine that the alien dust is just that. Dust from an alien planet. Fascinating, really, the planet is millions of years older than the Earth! It must have come from a much further region of space, it would be so wonderful to be able to learn more-"

Coulson smiled tightly and interrupted her. "Yes, fascinating. I am assuming that it is not dangerous since you aren't prioritizing the effects to Fitz and Ward?"

She startled. "Oh, no sir, not dangerous at all! Just basic, well, planet dust. Mostly silica. Probably got into the mechanism on it's home planet before it came here. Interesting that it is purple, but I haven't isolated the cause for that yet. As for the 0-8-4 itself, we haven't been able to activate it at all. I'm sure we will find out a lot more about it once Fitz is released from quarantine."

"Fantastic! I'm heading to the Bus now. I'll give our boys the good news and let them out of their cage."


15 minutes later

Phil looks at the scene through the glass doors of the quarantined lab. He shakes his head and chuckles to himself.

"C'mon guys, it's never actually sex pollen", he whispers under his breath.

"Oh, and I better wipe the camera footage, Skye is gonna have enough ammunition as it is."