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A little Slytherin Green

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"Yo, Chaewon-ah! I heard you like someone!" Jo Yeojin yelled the moment she stepped through the door and barreled straight to the blushing Gryffindor in question, which seems to be caught in an embarrassing conversation with Jeon Heejin and Choi Yerim, teasing her relentlessly. If Chaewon's flaming cheeks and ears were any indications, it would seem to Hyejoo that the accusation does have some kind of truth to it.

This is not a conversation Son Hyejoo wants to hear so early in the morning.

Chaewon was still blushing furiously as Yeojin joined the trio, Chaewon helplessly stuttering through her words. Heejin seemed to convince her into naming the blonde's subject of affection. Chaewon obliged albeit hesitantly, Heejin leaned closer as she whispered. The older one's eyes widened with disbelief as she turned to Chaewon.

"Seriously Jung Chaewon? her?!" Chaewon's brows furrowed at that, then raising a bit. She pointed at the unknowing Slytherin across the room which didn't escape Hyejoo's gaze. Of course. Hyunjin.

"Okay Miss Jeon then why her?" Chaewon points at Hyejoo's older sister, Son Hyunjin. Hyejoo chuckles in secret delight as Heejin furiously swats the pointing finger.

"THAT'S DIFFERENT AND YOU KNOW IT!" Heejin defends herself not like anyone believes her. "We do not sleep with the enemy" Heejin says firmly. Yeojin chuckles at that.

"You want to tho." Yeojin says slyly. The three younger ones laugh much to the Gryffindor prefect's chagrin.

"Hey, why is the attention on me. It should be on Chae." Heejin whines defeated. Every single person with a functioning eye should be able to tell that the Gryffindor prefect had her sights set on a certain Slytherin seeker. Unfortunately for Heejin, Hyunjin was as dense as a Slytherin can be. Hyejoo almost pities the girl. Almost being the key word.

"Dude, seriously tho. You have to tell her— HEY HYE–" Chaewon slapped a hand on Yeojin's mouth with more force than necessary. Ouch. Chaewon's panic stricken hazel eyes met Hyejoo's curious ones, one elegant eyebrow raised in silent question at the strange display but this is Chaewon and Yeojin after all. If it wasn't for Yerim, Hyejoo was sure they would've thrown hands a long time ago.

"Good morning, Hyejoo-ah!" Chaewon grinned enthusiastically at the raven haired girl. Hyejoo greeted her back but before Hyejoo could ask what the ruckus is about, Professor Sunmi arrived to start their alchemy class.

Needless to say, it bugged the Slytherin girl nonetheless, this unknown person that Chaewon likes which she couldn't bring to trust Hyejoo enough to tell. Hyejoo's eyebrows met, they were friends right? They spend a lot of time together because of their circles so who could possibly be the person Chaewon likes that she can't tell her. They've gotten close lately, Hyejoo even tutors the blonde, as she was having trouble with potions, during her spare time in the library and Chaewon sometimes accompany Hyejoo in her quidditch practice. It bothers Hyejoo because for her, she at least had earned the right to know. But for some reason Hyejoo's not sure herself if she wants to hear it.

"How incredibly annoying." Hyejoo murmurs absentmindedly.

"Did you say something, Hye?" Yerim asked sitting beside her.

Hyejoo made a dismissive shrug, indicating she's fine.

Son Hyejoo knows why it bothers her. She just doesn't want to admit it. Not quite yet. This envy she feels over how lucky this unknown person Jung Chaewon likes. To apply a more appropriate term, Son Hyejoo is jealous.

Hyejoo tried guessing it but for the bloody life of her she couldn't figure it out. It can't be Yeojin or Heejin or Yerim since they were the ones teasing her.

Sooyoung and Jungeun doesn't seem to be interested in any romance with the blonde no matter how notorious the two were for sleeping around since Hyejoo's sure they see Chaewon as a younger sister. Haseul and Vivi were already in a relationship. And of course Jinsol, the older Jung, was out of the question. That of course leaves her own sister, Hyunjin and Jiwoo. Jiwoo is unabashedly spoken for tho. Although Hyejoo is not sure if it's with Jungeun or Sooyoung or who knows maybe Jinsol is included in that too. Hyejoo doesn't exactly ask questions she didn't want to know the answers to. Her unnies' love troubles were a headache and there's no way Hyejoo is getting in the middle of that.

During their flying lessons, Yeojin once again brought up the crush thing in hopes to get a ruse out of the blonde in true Yeojin fashion. No sooner than Professor Park gave them the signal, Yeojin shot off on her broom, sidling up beside Hyejoo's broom. Chaewon following them closely behind in a god awful speed that shouldn't be recommended for flying with the someone as clumsy as the tiny blonde.

"Hey Hyejoo! Chaewon has a crush—" Yeojin has yet to finish that sentence when Chaewon lost control of her broom and crashed into both of them, making them spiral out of control and throwing Chaewon out of the broom. Fortunately, Hyejoo only had to swoop down and reach out just in time to catch her. Unfortunately, the momentum caused both of them to a forced rough landing with Hyejoo breaking Chaewon's fall and right on top of the blonde heiress.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry, Hyejoo" Chaewon stuttered, concerned hazel eyes looking up at her. Hyejoo groaned, that was a bad fall. Hyejoo shot the blonde an icy glare

"Jung Chaewon?! what in bloody hell were you thinking?! What if I didn't catch you? What if you were thrown off your broom and broke all your bones? You have to think about these things, unnie. What could be so important that you would risk your life to chase Yeojin!" Hyejoo huffed at the blonde witch who was refusing to meet her eyes. Chaewon so rarely sees the raven girl lose her temper, it embarrasses the girl that the fury was directed at her and it was out of concern too.

"It was my about my crush" Chaewon mumbled then looked back to Hyejoo with determination to see those crimson eyes, which normally appeared when the raven haired girl has intense emotions, only for it to be replaced by apparent concern.

"Chaewon-ah your nose is bleeding!" Hyejoo exclaimed, fumbling to stand up to scoop Chaewon in her arms and she did so quite easily.

"Hyejoo! Put me down! I'm fine!" Chaewon grumbled, blushing furiously as Hyejoo was now carrying her bridal style to what seems to be the direction of the hospital wing

"No, you're not. Just stay still." Hyejoo rushed through the building, Chaewon has to wonder how much strength the brunette has for being able to carry her like this after such a nasty fall.

"Sorry Chae-unnie" Hyejoo whispers softly. "Your crush might see me carrying you and get the wrong idea but I'm not letting you down until we reach the hospital wing" Hyejoo smirks down at the blonde, noticing the stares they were getting from the hogwarts students. After all it's not everyday you see a Slytherin carrying around a Gryffindor.

Chaewon tugged at her sleeves, making Hyejoo stop in her tracks and look down at the blonde in her arms as if in conflict of what to do next but then shook her head and kept walking. "I don't think my crush would mind, Hye." Chaewon smiles softly at the taller girl, making herself smaller and hiding her face in Hyejoo's arms although her reddened ears didn't hide the blush anyway.

"Hyejoo? what happened?" Hyejoo wasn't surprised to see Haseul, the Hufflepuff head girl and Vivian Wong, the headmistress granddaughter, in the hospital wing. They usually volunteer their free time here.

"Broom accident. Nothing to be worried about, it's just a nosebleed" Chaewon says dismissively.

"Just to be sure Chaewon, let me have a look at you" Hyejoo gently set down the blonde onto the bed then proceeded to pass a wand throughout her body. "Everything seems to be in order. Hyejoo get an ice pack and press it over Chae's nose, you'll be good to go in 15 mins. "

"I suggest you stay for 30 tho." Vivi nods and gestured to Hyejoo. "I'd like to check on Hyejoo as well." The raven haired girl did so as requested and it was done.

"Thank you, Seul-unnie you too Vivi unni" Chaewon said, as the couple took their leave, Hyejoo came back with the ice pack. Chaewon sat nervously as Hyejoo tenderly places the ice pack over the swollen area.

"I'm sorry, Hyejoo. I really didn't mean to hit you. Or make you worry." Chaewon bit her lip. "Are you feeling alright?"

"It's alright. I'm fine, unnie. Accidents happen." Hyejoo turned to look at her and Chaewon still looked guilty. "Sorry for snapping, I was just worried."

Chaewon placed a hand on top of Hyejoo's which is still on the ice pack on top her swollen nose. "I know, Hye."

Chaewon looks at her and for the meantime it didn't matter that they were on the hospital wing or that they just got into a broom accident. It was worth it, Hyejoo decides. If Chaewon was looking at her with those soft brown eyes she would get slammed by a broom for everyday in her life.

After a beat of comfortable silence "What's this ruckus about you having a crush?" That's when chaewon's face turned beet red and broke the gaze, the tips of her ears flaming as well.

"Uhh... I can't tell you" she stammered.

"Why not? Considering you ran me over and I saved your life, you owe me one correct?" Hyejoo teases.

"I'll pay you back some other time!" Chaewon insists. "Watermelon ice cream? I'll treat you!"

"Hmmm." Hyejoo nods unconvinced.

"Are you planning to confess anytime soon?" Hyejoo asks nervously. Chaewon turned even more into a tomato.

"No." Chaewon says dejectedly, bowing her head in disappointment. "I just don't think I'm their type"

"Wow they got bad taste then? They would be a complete idiot not to like you. You're an amazing person, Chae-unnie. You're a good friend, a hard working person and you care a lot for the people around you. I mean yeah you botch potions and can't cook for shit but anyone would be lucky to have you." Hyejoo couldn't help herself after seeing her usually confident friend sad over a rejection. Seeing that frown on Chaewon's face pisses her off. This crush of Chaewon's has to blind not to see how much the blonde shines in every situation she is. Like a mini tiny portable Chaewon sized sun. Hyejoo meant it. Anyone would be lucky to have the blonde. Hyejoo knows she would be.

"You think so?" Chaewon perks up. Hyejoo just smiles adoringly at the brunette.

"I know so."

~*~ The next morning ~*~

"Good morning Hyejoooooo~" Chaewon sidles up to the taller girl, smiling brightly than the sun itself, her hair messier than usual.

"Good morning, Chaewon. You still have bed hair" Hyejoo reached up and arranges the tiny bangs into proper places. When she looked at the girl, Chaewon was already looking at her with a look she can't quite distinguish. Chaewon grins, winking at Hyejoo.

"It's a secret." Then went on her merry way.

Hyejoo sighed. There's no way she's going to be happy once Chaewon finally confessed to her crush.

I'm so sorry Chaewon, but I can't seem to cheer for your happiness when I want it to be with me. I'm that jerk who's silently wishing that the person you like likes someone else.

This is not good, not good at all.

Being jealous isn't an emotion she's familiar with. It won't let Hyejoo be at ease with anything. With her studies, with her spare time, even the little time she has before she falls asleep. Every bit was dedicated to thinking about a certain blonde Gryffindor with hazel eyes twinkling with mischief. There's no telling how much more of this Hyejoo can take.

"Hey, have you heard, Chaewon's confessing later" Hyejoo almost groans overhearing Yeojin's voice from the next table.

"Chaewon's got guts, I'll give her that" Heejin's grumbled voice answers, stirring her food mindlessly. "Think she has a chance?"

"It's Chaewon even if she doesn't, I'm sure her crush will fall for her in no time." Yerim answered this time. "I mean they look pretty cute together."

"Uh-hmm" Heejin nods in deep thought. "Yeah, I would even say they're perfect together."

Hearing that, Hyejoo couldn't take it anymore. She closed the book she was focusing on quite loudly and stormed out of the great hall. She couldn't let Chaewon confess. Not before telling the blonde how she feels first. This is her last shot after all. Hyejoo has to take it.

Hyejoo dashed across the halls, the quidditch grounds, even passed by the weeping willow, still not a sign of the girl in question. She's panting by now, near the statue of Godric Gryffindor, was she really... Too late?

"Hyejoo? Are you okay? You look pale." A very familiar voice that never fails to make her heart skip a beat.

"Chae!" She exclaimed happily. "I have something to tell you, meet me in front of ravenclaw tower after class has ended."

Chaewon furrowed her eyebrows. "Okay? Why are you acting so weird?"

"Just be there! I'll be waiting!"


"I'll skip!!!"

~*~ ~*~

Hyejoo barged into the Slytherin common room making Hyunjin and Heejin jump away from each other. Hyejoo eyes the Gryffindor prefect.

"Wow Heejin-unnie so much for not sleeping with the enemy"

"I— we— we're not sleeping together" Heejin rebuffs at the same time Hyunjin says

"She's my girlfriend." They both look at each other then much to Hyejoo's confusion.

"Okay. I hate to interrupt whatever this is but unnie I need your help." Hyejoo says seriously to her sister. Hyunjin turns to look at her, dropping Heejin's hand that Hyejoo didn't realize her sister was holding.

"Yeah sure, you have it." Hyunjin placed a comforting hand on Hyejoo's shoulder. "What's wrong, Hye?"

"It's Chaewon." Hyejoo's voice broke then. "I need to tell her, unnie." Hyunjin lead her to the seat she previously vacated, next to Heejin as she crouched down to talk to her younger sister.

"It's going to be okay, Hye. Just tell her." Hyunjin pats her head, meeting Heejin's gaze from on top of Hyejoo's head, understanding that look.

"Hyejoo-ah" Heejin gently takes one of her hands. "Listen to me okay?" Hyejoo nods then. "You matter so so much to Chaewon. No matter what her answer is going to be, I'm sure she's still going to be your friend."

"I don't know, unnie." Hyejoo wipes at her tears furiously. "I really don't want to be just her friend." Hyunjin chuckles and ruffled her hair.

"That's why you're going to tell her, silly" Hyunjin once again meets Heejin's eyes mouthing a silent thank you. Heejin just smiles softly, tucking a strand of Hyejoo's hair in her ear.

"But you gotta tell her today, Hye." Heejin smiles encouragingly at the younger Son. "I heard she's confessing to her crush soon." Hyejoo nods resolutely.

"Uh hmm. I don't really know how to do that?" Hyejoo turned to look at them. "How'd you two even get together? Heejin was just all whiny earlier." Heejin playfully slaps her shoulder.

"Ya, I was not whiny!" Hyunjin pressed a kiss on Heejin's temple.

"You were but it's alright. You're cute that way." The blush was instant on Heejin's cheeks, not even bothering to hide it. Hyunjin was about to press another kiss on Heejin's cheeks this time when Hyejoo placed a palm on both of them.

"Okay. Okay. Enough. You guys are not single. I get it. But that still doesn't solve my problem. I need a person who has game."

"Hey! I got game!" Hyunjin protests offended. Hyejoo just raised an eyebrow at that as Heejin chuckles.

"Full offense unnie you get the girls but you have absolutely no game. I'm pretty sure Heejin unnie did all the work for you." Heejin laughs louder at that as Hyejoo stood up from between the two to let Heejin comfort her pouting girlfriend.

"Where's Sooyoung unnie?" Heejin and Hyunjin met eyes once more and they both looked at the direction of the dorms. At that, Hyejoo took to the stairs when Hyunjin blocked her way.

"Move, unnie. I need Sooyoung-unnie." Hyunjin sighs and stepped aside.

"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you." Hyejoo opens the door to find Jung Jinsol trying to put on her robes. Hyejoo groans.

"Is there a single Slytherin here in this dorm that's not sleeping with a Gryffindor?" Jinsol's eyebrows furrowed at that.

"Uhh Hyejoo I'm a ravenclaw." Jinsol pointed to herself then at Sooyoung. "No Gryffindor here, see." Hyejoo rolls her eyes at that.

"Jinsol unnie, you're wearing Jungeun unnie's robe." Hyejoo sighs. "Jungeun unnie you can come out from my closet, I haven't found the cockroach Yerim asked me to keep there."

At that, Jungeun came out jumping out of the closet in pristine Ravenclaw robes, trying furiously to swat away the imaginary cockroach.

"Sooyoung unnie. I need your help with Chaewon." Sooyoung turned to look at her.

"You're going to confess?" Sooyoung asks the younger one, patting the space beside her. Hyejoo obliged.

"EHHHH? Aren't you two already dating?" Jinsol looks at Hyejoo confused. "That's weird. I've never seen Chaewon that comfortable with anyone." Sooyoung looks at Jinsol as if she hangs the stars on the sky.

"I wish that were true, unnie. But no we aren't together yet. But I'm going to ask her out today" Hyejoo says nervously.

This is Jung Jinsol, heir to the Jung Dynasty. As pure blood and as royalty as they come. Truth be told rumors has it that the Jung family are related to the royal family before it was abolished. Jung Jinsol and Jung Chaewon might be the princesses walking amongst common witches like them. They never acted like it though. The Jung siblings were the most kind and generous people Hyejoo has come across with and it's no wonder Jung Jinsol is pulling two of the hottest girls in Hogwarts by their neckties.

"What's wrong then? Isn't Chaewon like in love with you already?" Jungeun quips earning her an elbow to the rib from the older Jung.

"Ignore her, she doesn't have enough braincells for this conversation." Jinsol says, Sooyoung laughs with her, trying to pat the hair of the younger one which Hyejoo actively avoided.

"Ew. Don't touch me. I don't know where that has been" Jinsol's tell tale blush had Hyejoo making vomit faces.

"Ya! Sooyoung, don't traumatize my little sis too much." Hyunjin said from the doorway.

"Shut up, Hyunjin. You're just jealous. This has more game than you." Sooyoung smirks, gesturing to all of her.

Hyunjin rolls her eyes, pulling Heejin closer to her. "At least I have the prettiest Gryffindor."

Sooyoung smirks. "And I have the prettiest Ravenclaw" said Ravenclaw blushing in question.

"And I have the most braincells than all of you knuckleheads combined." Jungeun pulls out a piece of parchment paper from her robe, the one Jinsol's wearing. "Except Jinsol of course. Jinsol's brain isn't even human"

Everyone in the room gasps. The Marauder's Map.

"Seriously? You had that and we're spending all our time sneaking around?" Sooyoung accuses.

"Shush you. Why do you think we haven't been caught yet." Jungeun turns to the youngest in the room.

"Here, I trust you to take care of it. Use it to find the room of requirement and all you have to do is bring Chaewon there." Jungeun handed the enchanted parchment off to a stunned Hyejoo.

"Wow, unnie. I hate to admit it but you just might be the best person in this room" Hyejoo laughs when she heard a collective groan from her unnies in the room.

"Thanks guys, I gotta run" Hyejoo stands up.

"Sure kid, get your girl!" Sooyoung cheers and the rest of the room followed. Hyejoo heads to the door but as if forgetting something she turned back to Jinsol.

"Unnie, what are Chae's favorite flowers?" Jinsol smiles softly at the raven haired girl.

"I would answer but you know the answer already right?"

"Lavender tulips" Jinsol smiles widely at Hyejoo's answer. The girl took her leave then.

Everyone in the room except Hyejoo knows the answer to her question for the blonde too.


"Hey, Hye! You want to tell me something?" Chaewon appeared in front of her, Hyejoo was hiding the bunch of tulips behind her back, unsure whether it's the right time to give them yet.

"yeah. I kinda want to take you somewhere with less people first if that's okay?" Hyejoo says eyeing the students walking to and from their dorm rooms.

"Uh yeah. Is something wrong? Are you okay? Why are you so formal?" Chaewon looks at the raven haired girl in question and could feel the nervous energy rolling off her in waves.

"No no. I'm fine. Can you hold these please?" Hyejoo almost facepalms herself as she hands Chaewon the flowers. God, she was supposed to say the flowers were for Chaewon. Chaewon took the flowers without question and smelled them.

"Oh, these are pretty. Who are they for?" Chaewon asks. Hyejoo wanted to say those are for her but for some reason the words aren't coming out of her mouth. So she did the best thing she could do. She gently took the blonde's hand and tugged her towards a staircase Chaewon didn't know exist.

"Hye— is this the part where the Slytherin murders the unsuspecting Gryffindor?." Chaewon chuckles nervously as they were going through several flights of stairs and going into unknown rooms with Hyejoo leading the way, glancing down at the old parchment in her hands.

"Here we are." Hyejoo says quietly. "Hey Chae, before we go in, I heard you were going to confess today?" The taller girl asks nervously, completely out of character for Hyejoo.

"Oh. Damnit. Did Yeojin tell you?!" Chaewon looks like she's going to throw up.

"No but uhh can you close your eyes for a bit?" Chaewon tilts her head in confusion. "Please?"

"Okay, imagine you're on a date. What would be the perfect place for you?" Chaewon's breath hitched in her throat. It can't be. Is she...?

"Hye—" Chaewon whispers, unsure. Chaewon heard the tell tale signs of an opening door.

"Do you trust me Chae?" Chaewon can hear Hyejoo's voice from her back now, whispering near her ear, it sent a dozen butterflies in her stomach. Chaewon nods.

"Okay keep them close." Hyejoo slowly guides them inside.

"Alright open them" Chaewon opens her eyes and looked at Hyejoo first then to the place where they are. Her eyes lighting up with so much excitement that Hyejoo wanted to kiss her right at that moment but knowing that it would throw her whole plan off, she silently watched the blonde girl take it in.

The fairy lights and the fort, a PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo switch, boxes of Pizza and several of Chaewon's favorite snacks even Kirby plushies.

"Hyejoo what—"

Hyejoo smiles shyly as she offers the tulips she got from the girl earlier.

"The flowers were for you, Chaewon." Hyejoo starts blushing. "All of this was for you."

"Hyejoo I don't know what to say..." Chaewon stepped closer to the taller girl, accepting the flowers. "Thank you. You even remembered my favorite flowers."

"Can you hear uhm me out first?" Chaewon nods much to Hyejoo's relief.

"Alright, first I must say sorry because I can't be happy for you and the person you like." Chaewon looks confused.

"Hyejoo what—" Hyejoo cuts her off with an icy glare making her shut up.

"I'm sorry I can't cheer you on. I'm actually one of those people who wishes the person you like has someone else"

"Hyejoo seriously I think I should go fi—" Chaewon gasps and almost giggles when she was again glared at. Chaewon has no idea how much it's taking out of Hyejoo just to stand there.

"Please forgive me but I can't let you confess to your crush..." Hyejoo took a deep steadying breath. "because, Jung Chaewon, I want to have you for myself"

Chaewon took a step back from Hyejoo, as if the impact of those words were too much for her, tears springing from her eyes.

"If you were to date me instead, I'd show you I can make you smile everyday." Hyejoo refuses to look at Chaewon, a bundle of flustered anxiety and nerves.

"Hyejoo, look at me" Chaewon said softly, standing in front of the taller girl who was looking everywhere but at her.

"I... like you, Chaewon." Hyejoo whispers, bowing this time. Chaewon almost laughs at the taller girl. Choosing not to, she touched Hyejoo's cheeks and lift it to look at her.

"Say it again, please." Chaewon smiles cupping the raven haired girls' cheeks in her hands.

"I like you, Jung Chaewon. I like you a lot." Hyejoo repeats getting braver as she sees how Chaewon's smile gets wider with every word that comes out of her mouth. "Everytime I see you smile it feels like my whole world lights up with you."

"Hye, listen very carefully okay?" Chaewon lifts a messy strand of Hyejoo's hair and tucked it in her ear. "It's you."

"What—?" Before Hyejoo can finish that sentence, Chaewon went on her tiptoes and placed a soft kiss on Hyejoo's lips.

"It's you, Son Hyejoo. You're my crush from day one." Chaewon whispers, placing their forehead close as Hyejoo finds her hand on Chaewon's waist.

"Everyone knows it. Heck I bet they knew it before I even realized it" Chaewon chuckled at Hyejoo's pout.

"They didn't tell me anything" Hyejoo whines.

"What? Who knows about it?" Chaewon seperates their forehead to look at the taller girl.

"Basically everyone." Hyejoo groans. "Heejin was with Hyunjin unnie then I found out your older sister is sleeping with my other older sister." Chaewon laughs at that.

"Sooyoung unnie and Jinsol unnie does look pretty good together don't you think?"

"I heard we look pretty good together too" Hyejoo wiggles her eyebrows at Chaewon who just laughed at the girl's antics.

"Uh hmm pretty brave coming from a person who hasn't asked me on a date yet" Chaewon moves to sit down at the fort, patting the space next to her. Hyejoo grins at the blonde.

"See, that's the trick, Chae. I don't have to ask you, I brought you to the date. But for formalities sake, my princess. Would you go on a date with me?" Hyejoo kneels in front of the blonde hand outstretched in court fashion, which had the girl giggling.

"Why, of course, my dearest." Chaewon placed her hand in Hyejoo's as the taller girl kissed her knuckles. "On one condition tho, you also go out with me"

"As you wish, your highness." Hyejoo bows and finally takes her seat behind the blonde spooning her close, placing her head on Chaewon's shoulders, her arms circled on the girl's stomach.

"You're an idiot" Chaewon gives a kiss on Hyejoo's cheek. "But that's okay, you're my idiot, Son Hyejoo"