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of grocery shopping and tea

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It’s a quiet and peaceful day, not a rarity these days, and Zhao Yunlan is wreaking havoc. To be fair, he’s not actually actively causing trouble. To be unfair, he’s just about successful at giving Shen Wei a headache.

In what was supposed to be a maximum of half an hour of grocery shopping, Zhao Yunlan has miraculously turned it into nearly two hours of wandering with a constant game of hide-and-seek and—

Zhao Yunlan drops something in their cart with a grin, the plastic packaging crumpling loudly as it lands that Shen Wei thought something must’ve broke when it hit the other contents of the cart.

Shen Wei looks down to check what was dropped and then looks back up to the grinning man beside him, “Yunlan, put it back.”

“But baobei-!”

Shen Wei gives him a flat look, “There’s already several things in there that none of us needs and what do you need that much candy for?”

Zhao Yunlan shrugs, “You never know.”

The look of disbelief must be an amusing sight on him because Zhao Yunlan’s grin grows wider. In the end, Shen Wei lets him keep a pack but sends him to put the other two back.

He doesn’t realize his mistake of letting Zhao Yunlan out of his sight again until half an hour has passed and he still has not come back. He sighs and huffs in amusement before wandering aimlessly in each aisle, looking for him.

It’s Zhao Yunlan who ends up finding him. They meet somewhere between the cereal and grain bars aisle with Zhao Yunlan carrying an excessive quantity of something he can’t make out.

This time, he doesn’t let him keep any of it and Zhao Yunlan goes with a pout to put them back. Shen Wei recalls if he’s missed anything they need but finds nothing amiss so they agree to meet at the checkout.

Again, it takes another good twenty minutes before Zhao Yunlan meets him there, looking contemplative.

“Yunlan, are you alright?”

“Mn. Though we do need to stop somewhere first before going home.”

He agrees while Zhao Yunlan checks their items one last time before humming to himself. Now, Shen Wei can’t help but feel he’s missed something but can’t remember what.

They pay and set their bags in the backseat of the car. Zhao Yunlan makes a turn, two streets before he’s supposed to and Shen Wei tries to remember where exactly this road led to. The car stops before he can come up with an answer.

Zhao Yunlan unclasps his seatbelt, opens the door and cheerfully says, “Stay here. I’ll be right back!” The door slams shut and Shen Wei’s left to wait.

He sees him enter a shop and as he waits, he contemplates whether he’s truly forgotten anything. Stewing in his own thoughts trying to remember, he doesn’t know how long it took before the driver’s seat opens again and Zhao Yunlan is setting something against the rest of their groceries.

“What did you get?”

The seatbelt clicks and Zhao Yunlan grins up at him, “You’ll see.”

The rest of the drive home is comfortably quiet, only broken by Zhao Yunlan occasionally humming along with the song playing on the radio.

25 minutes and 6 songs later, they’re parking in their driveway. Zhao Yunlan takes the rest of the bags from the back as Shen Wei opens the door for them.

They’re in the kitchen putting away the groceries when Shen Wei pulls something out of the bag he did not expect to see, one that he was definitely sure he did not get and absolutely forbade Zhao Yunlan from getting.

“Yunlan,” his husband turns to look at him and then to what he was holding. “Didn’t I tell you to put this back?”

Zhao Yunlan, like the child he is, cackles. “I’m sorry! It was too adorable not to get!”

“So you bought something I know you don’t even like just to get the free, adorable plate?”

With all the confidence of someone who knows they can get away with anything, he says, “Yes.”

They stand there, in the middle of their kitchen, for a good long while just staring at each other. The mirth and mischief clear in Zhao Yunlan’s eyes.

Shen Wei huffs and promptly bursts into laughter along with Zhao Yunlan.

When their laughter dies down, they continue packing away the rest that took way longer than it should because Zhao Yunlan thought that would be a good time to have a snack. It’s not until he grabs the empty jar for tea did he realize that they hadn’t gotten any.

“Oh, I forgot to grab tea.”

Smiling softly, Zhao Yunlan hands him what he had gotten earlier. Shen Wei finally realizes where they had stopped at and why Zhao Yunlan looked contemplative on their way out, and as if he heard his thoughts, “They were the closest tea shop to us that had what you like.”

Unsure of what or how to respond, Shen Wei pulls him in for a kiss. Chaste and quick, almost a peck, and says in the interstice between them, “Thank you.”