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Eyes on Me

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Langa’s voice echoed around the room. Helpless moans drowned the lewd, wet sound of him fingering himself in front of the camera. Slim, pale legs spread wide for Ainosuke to see, one hand pulling his cheek from the other, another filling his overflowing hole with slicked digits. 

Ainosuke sighed as he watched, feeling hot under his collar despite the cold air from the AC. He could feel the heat creep up his face and he adjusted himself on his seat: right elbow over the cushioned armrest, his face atop his closed fist. Blown pupils reflected each and every screen that replayed that one video of his cute husband pleasuring his lonely self. Despite watching it a number of times, he still found it hard to fight the urge of coming up to one of the screens to lick Langa’s digitally displayed hole. 

“A-Adam... Adam...” 

Ainosuke’s eyes easily grew heavy with lust, brows meeting and ears burning at how hot his name was called. It was too much too sexy. Langa was too needy of him. Too perfect in his eyes. He swallowed the lump that gathered in his throat, ignoring the growing tightness in his pants. 

“Please... I need you. Come home to me soon.” Langa tried to lift himself up on one elbow, his other hand still in between his trembling legs, fingers spreading himself further in a way that he expected to entice his lover. There were tears in his eyes and a lovely spread of pink across his sweaty face. “My fingers... they’re just aren’t enough. I can’t...” 

Langa’s head was out of the sight again, falling back into the bed with a tiny sob as the elbow that helped him up was starting to stretch and reach for his throbbing cock. He began jacking himself, dominant hand more erratic now with every snap of his wrist, fingers disappearing inside himself without any promise of coming back out again. He kept fucking his hole, hips bucking up and ass leaving the mattress at his attempt of chasing the climax he was craving.

“Adam, please!” he screamed, voice breathy and heavy with need. “I can’t... can’t come like this. I need you. Inside me. Please!”

Ainosuke closed his eyes and let Langa’s mewls fill the otherwise quiet room. He had the tape memorized, and knew Langa would work a bit more before he could reach paradise on his own. 

Soon the crying voice got louder, the obscene, wet sound of his fingers fucking himself more prominent amidst heavy breaths and the slight creak of the bed. Ainosuke was so lost at this heavenly music that he didn’t hear the opening of the door. 


The voice belonged to Langa, but didn’t exactly come from the speakers. It was from behind him, and Ainosuke opened his eyes and looked back, finding his lover coming towards him with a flushed face and an angry expression.

Langa grabbed the controller from the table, fingers fidgetting at the buttons that, instead of turning the monitors off, he accidentally merged them together so the screens extended to one another. Now his wanton display was magnified in front of him, deepening his blush. 

Langa looked back at the controller in his hand. “H-How do I turn this off?”

Ainosuke chuckled, pulling the other into his lap, beaming sweetly as he wrapped his arms around the younger’s tender waist. Langa’s recorded whines and calls and begging rang all over them.

“Ai, why do you still have this? I told you to delete it, didn’t I?” Embarrassment colored his voice, like the deep red across his pretty face. 

Ainosuke planted a soft kiss at the mound of Langa’s hair. “How could I ever delete this treasure? You made this and sent me this yourself, made me come running home to you the way you wanted me to.”

Langa repositioned himself in Ainosuke’s lap, straddling him instead and burying his face at the crook of his shoulder, nose brushing the crisp collar of his shirt. It didn’t help block his own moans from reaching his ears, but at least he couldn’t see the lewd display this way.

“It’s your fault,” Langa said, matter-of-fact tone in his voice. “What kind of man leaves his husband three days after their wedding? Of course I was lonely.” As if proving a point, the Langa in the video finally climaxed, Ainosuke’s pet name in bed—Adam—leaving his throat as shakily as his convulsing body. 

Ainosuke’s mouth slid to Langa’s forehead, trailing butterfly kisses along his nosebridge until their heads were pressed together, Langa’s heavy breaths fading until he was sober enough to end the recording. “My poor boy. You really looked sexy in your solo, though.”

“Just how many times have you seen that? Aren’t you getting sick of it? You should delete it, seriously.” He cupped Ainosuke’s face. “You have me anyway, you don’t need that when you have the real one right in front of you.”

Ainosuke blinked, almost taken aback at the gap between Langa’s usual deadpan and the almost flirting voice that made him want to obey. He couldn’t help but kiss him square on the mouth. Langa was quick to reciprocate, arms wrapping around his neck possessively. 

Ainosuke’s lips travelled down Langa’s chin, peppering kisses along the younger’s jaw, tongue darting from time to time to taste the faint flavor of sweat on his lover’s skin. Soon a warm hand was slipped under the band of Langa’s shorts, one finger dangerously dipping to tease the beginning of the crack between his cheeks.

 “Wait~” came the voice Ainosuke considered his reward. Langa’s throat vibrated enticingly against his tongue when he swallowed. “This... you’re cheating,” Langa complained, breathless, eyelids heavy and mouth hanging open as if waiting for more. 

“Is it? How so?” Ainosuke sighed against Langa’s mouth, nipping on his bottom lip. This and the continuing caresses along Langa’s spine effectively made the younger arch his back beautifully before him.

“You’re avoiding it— you’re taking my mind away from the recording. You should—”

Ainosuke kissed him again, cutting him off. “Delete it, correct?” Another light peck on the lips. “Should I?” A kiss on the neck. “Is that what my Eve want?” A kiss on a shoulder blade.


Ainosuke’s member twitched at how breathless Langa had become, body pliant under his touch. 

“But what will you give me in return?” Ainosuke was still not done planting kisses along the younger’s throat. 

“I... don’t know.” Langa tried to think with his eyes closed. His mind had gone foggy and all he could think about was the hot, wet mouth against his skin. “Is... is there anything you need? Something I could give you?” 

Ainosuke licked the shell of his ear. “Let me film us having sex.”

Langa heaved a sigh at that, feeling his face turn a degree warmer. The suggestion had its desired effect to Langa’s member and he started grinding Ainosuke’s lap. 

“I want something more than your solo,” Ainosuke continued in his deep, dark whisper. “I want to be the one giving you the pleasure you deserve. I want to watch us doing it, see myself splitting you on my cock.”

“Pervert.” Langa’s breathlessness didn’t help convey the dissent he could have announced in a heartbeat had his head not been hazed like this. He wanted to at least push the man’s face away, but his hands won’t listen. Nor did his hips.

“Who?” Ainosuke teased, eyeing down every dragging rub against his leg. “You’re the one humping on me.”

Langa clicked his tongue but didn’t stop. “It’s your fault. I’m like this... because of...” a pause just to catch air, “you. Ahh... you made me into,” a breathy moan ellicited by the sweat that ran down his back, “a pervert... like you. Adam.”

“Of course, my Eve.” Ainosuke placed a soft, chaste kiss on Langa’s forehead. “Now shall we take this to the bed? I want to do more dirty things to you.” 

Ainosuke stood up, cradling Langa in his arms like he weighed nothing. 

“Like, filming me?”

“Only if you approve of it, love.”


Langa slammed himself on Ainosuke’s cock, his back sweaty against his husband’s broad, heaving chest. Every thrust made him see stars. Ainosuke’s length was an expert at stirring his gut, pushing his organs aside to make room for itself there. His pupils had disappeared at the back of his skull, jaw dropped and drool freely escaping the corners of his sexy mouth.

Despite receiving it on a regular basis, the pleasure Ainosuke offered him was always, always too much.  

The way Ainosuke pinched and pulled on his nipples until they were hard and standing was too much. The way he bite a new wound in his shoulder, right beside the old, still healing one, was too much. The way he crushed Langa’s poor little prostrate in whatever angle or position with unrelenting thrust was too much. Ainosuke had no other purpose but make him lose his mind. And he never failed to do so every single time.

“You look so perfect like this, Eve.” Sharp teeth latched onto his ear, bringing shiver down his spine. His abdomen contracted at the sensation, and he swore he felt Ainosuke’s monster pressing against him from the inside. “You’re more responsive too. Is it because of the camera? You liked being filmed that much?”

“N-No... that’s not it,” Langa begged to disagree, perfectly aware of how much his ass was clenching around his Adam. 

“Is that so? And here I thought we should upload this on the internet. Let the world know how good of a slut you are for me.” 

Langa shivered at the words, gut coiling and cock twitching at the suggestion. He swore he’s not an exhibitionist, but nothing that came out of Ainosuke’s lips ever sounded like a bad idea. Or was that his bias judgment talking?

“Don’t you want it, Eve?” Licking his new wound wasn’t enough so Ainosuke sucked on it, drawing a gasp from his drumming chest. “Let everyone know who you belong to?” Ainosuke hooked his arms under Langa’s weakened knees, parting his legs wider so the camera could get a better view of the place where they connected. “See whose cock make you moan and lose your mind like this?”

Langa bit his lower lip hard, head falling over Ainosuke’s shoulder as he tried to muffle the sound that ached to escape his throat. He was held in such an embarrassing position—milky thighs spread open, his tiny hole stuffed full, shaft red and angry despite being deliberately ignorned. Every dirty thought that came out of his partner’s lips was shooting straight to his cock, making his hole clench and clamp Ainosuke without any hint of letting go.

He continued to bounce himself on his husband’s cock, greedily swallowing him deep, consuming him whole. That fat, beautiful cock was his and no one else’s. Damn whoever would have a look. His hole was his husband’s property alone. Fuck whoever would peek. 

“Let them see,” he finally answered, breath short and mouth hanging open. “Let them watch... I don’t care... You’re still mine. They can all die of jealousy. You’re mine. You’re mine, Adam. Only you can fuck me like this.”

Ainosuke grinned, satisfied. Without pulling out, he repositioned Langa on the bed, pushing the younger’s upper body flat on the matress, his ass up and level with his hips. He continued fucking Langa like this, brutal and without mercy, forcing his walls to take him until they memorized his shape, exactly the way Langa liked. 

“More! More! Harder! Adam! More!” Langa’s knuckles turned white as he gripped the sheets. He felt like blacking out at any moment. Ainosuke grabbed a handful of his hair, forcing him to face the camera, to display how fucked he was and how much he loved it. 

“So pretty,” Ainosuke commented, like he could see exactly what the camera was recording. “You are so good, my Eve. So perfect for me.” He pulled Langa closer, clashing their mouths in a hungry kiss. Teeth and tongue, wet and messy. His hips kept pushing, abusing Langa’s hole like it was made to be bred.

“C-come... Coming... I’m coming—” 

“Yes, Eve.” Ainosuke whispered, guiding his head to face the camera again, hips becoming more and more violent at each thrust. “Come for me.”

As if on cue, as if the scream was pulled from the depths of his lungs, Langa came untouched. 


“Let them see. Let them watch... I don’t care... You’re still mine. They can all die of jealousy. You’re mine. You’re mine, Adam. Only you can fuck me like this. More! More! Harder! Adam! More!” 

“So pretty. You are so good, my Eve. So perfect for me.” 

“Aai~” Langa was successful in keeping his tone flat when he appeared behind Ainosuke in the middle of the night, arms wrapping around his neck despite the tall backrest of the seat. He passed out after sex, and woke up alone in their bed, body cleaned and wrapped in his favorite silk robe. As he thought, his husband was already watching their sex tape on multiple screen, speakers blasting his embarrassing voice. Thank goodness the room was fully soundproof. He tried his best to pay the show no mind, pretend a regular movie was playing instead.

Ainosuke caught one of his hands, kissing it gently without his eyes leaving their homemade porn.

Langa rounded the seat, laying comfortably on his husband’s lap once again, head against the man’s exposed chest. They wore matching robes. Ainosuke’s hair was still wet, but rather than his body wash or shampoo, the scent of expensive tobacco was strong around him. 

Langa let his hand roam his husband’s torso, feeling warm, hard muscles under his palm. He looked up and saw how engrossed Ainosuke was at their video and Langa wondered if it’s normal to feel jealous of oneself. Lust weighed heavy on Ainosuke’s lids, crimson eyes glowing as the show reached its peak. 

“C-come... coming... I’m coming!”

“You’re really going to upload that online?” He asked in a small voice, brain trying to deny everything he said earlier.

“Yes, Eve. Come for me.”

Ainosuke kissed him soft on his forehead. “Never.” It was a rather quiet promise, yet loud enough to be heard over the sea of panting and screaming all over them. Ainosuke smiled at him, eyes soft and gentle, nothing like the animal he was an hour or so ago. He returned his eyes on the screens and Langa did the same.

Langa swallowed at the sight of himself in his orgasmic high, eyes white and lips parted, body shaking with every jut of his hip, streaks of rich, creamy semen painting the lenses of the recorder.

“I am the only one allowed to see you like this, Eve. No one else.” He wrapped an arm around Langa possessively. Another kiss found its way into his head.

Langa blushed. Whether it was from watching himself climax, or from hearing those words, he had no clue at all.