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And Baby Makes Four

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Frankie and Bea landed in Melbourne around eleven grabbing a quick bite before making their way to the hotel.

“Frankie, when you get settled can you come to my room? I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“If it’s that you want me I already know.” Frankie winked at her before going into her room.

Bea was sitting on her bed drawing when there was a knock on her door. “Red let me in so we can start our affair!”

Bea rolled her eyes before getting up to let Frankie in.
“Ya know, one day someone is gonna hear that, believe it, and tell our wives.”

“Yeah yeah, like either of them would believe it! Blondie has you wrapped around her finger.”

“Yeah and Bridget has you so whipped when she tells you to jump you ask how high.”

“Oi, I’m not whipped!” she gently shoved Bea before sitting on the bed. “What’s so important you couldn’t wait to tell me?”

“First I need you to promise me you won’t freak out.”

“Don’t tell me you and Allie are splitting up. Or Harry is out”

“No, Allie and I are fine. And as far as I’m aware Harry is still at Walford where he will remain.”

“Alright then, what is it? Spill”

“It’s about Deb.” Bea took a deep breath looking up to stop the tears from spilling out.

“Is she sick?” Frankie watched as Bea shook her head.

“She’s uh, she’s pregnant”

“Get fucked. You’re playing me right now.” Frankie looked around the room for Bea’s phone or a camera.

“Wish I was, Frankie.” Bea sighed, plopping down next to her friend who almost immediately stood up.

“I’ll fucking kill that boyfriend of hers. I’ll get around to her when she’s not pregnant anymore. What the fuck.” Frankie was pacing the room now, clenching and unclenching her fists. “I swear when I see that boy it’s over for him. Don’t care who his parents are, he's done.”

“Yeah I felt the same way when she first told me. Got up from dinner and had to go for a run, didn’t make it very far before I sat down to cry. She’s about ten weeks along too. I imagine when she told me she felt like I did when I was about to tell you”

“Fuck, Bea. What’s she gonna do? What are you gonna do?”

“Dunno, said she doesn’t want an abortion. I think she knew that before she told us. She had already gone to the clinic. I guess I’m just gonna support her and help her when she needs it”

“Gidge’s clinic?” Bea nodded “Gidge didn’t say anything about even seeing Deb, or you for that fact. Fuck. How are you?”

“Not great Frankie. My sixteen year old is pregnant. She told Allie first. Feel like I failed as a parent, she’s been having really bad morning sickness which will hopefully be over soon, I just feel like everything is falling apart. It took so long to rebuild my life after Harry and I thought I was doing good but, huh, guess not.”

“Woah Bea, you didn’t fail Debbie. You’re there for her yeah? Letting her make her own decision on this but supporting her no matter what. You’re a good mum, Bea. I however am the aunt that is going to freak out and yell at them both. Can't leave the little bub without parents now can I?” Bea shook her head wiping her tears away with a small laugh “Why did she make you tell me?”

“Probably because she’s seen you mad”

“Fair enough. But enough of this stuff that’s making me sad and mad. We don’t have to be anywhere until one tomorrow so let’s go find a bar, get so drunk we forget who we are, yeah?”

“I need to shower first but yeah a drink sounds nice. Oh please don’t call me Bea, it’s weird.” Frankie was standing at the door laughing

“Yeah it does, won’t ever happen again” she left and headed towards her own room. Bea jumped in the shower let her emotions take over as she felt the hot water run over her body.


Allie had just gotten home from dropping the kids off and running some errands. She checked her phone and saw Bea had text her that they landed and were safe at the hotel. She started getting lunch ready when the doorbell rang.

“Bubba!” Kaz pulled Allie into a tight hug.

“Ugh Kaz I missed you.”

“Same kiddo. I know you’re super busy with your own practice and raising a kid but we have to get together more often.” Both women made their way to the kitchen, Allie finishing up before joining Kaz at the table.

“So where’s the wife and her clone?”

“Bea is in Melbourne for her annual ‘girls trip’ with Frankie and Debbie is out with Josh, she’ll be home later.” Allie took a bite of her food as Kaz gave her a questioning look “What?”

“You aren’t worried about the two of them?”

“Who, Frankie and Bea? They’re like sisters”

“Not them. Debbie and her boyfriend. Don’t think they’ll try to take advantage of you?” Allie couldn’t help but laugh.

“No. I don’t think Deb would do that. She knows Bea would have her head. Plus,” Allie took a deep breath trying to keep her emotions in check nodding her head towards the fridge “too late for me to be worried” Kaz looked to where Allie motioned.

“Is that an ultrasound? I thought you and Bea decided not to have a baby after-“

“Not one of us. Deb,” Allie felt a few tears escape “she’s about ten weeks.”

“Wait Deb, and you’re okay with it?”

“Far from okay with it, Kaz. But it is what it is. I can’t change anything.”

“Is she keeping it?” Kaz was standing at the fridge looking at the ultrasound “I can help her find a family.”

“She’s said she doesn’t want an abortion.I’m pretty sure she knew that long before she told us. She was so scared to tell us, especially Bea. But we talked, whatever she wants to do is up to her. We’ll support her but we won’t make a decision for her.”

A silence fell over the room as Kaz wrapped Allie in a tight hug. They stood there like that for a few moments until Allie broke away making her way back to the table.

“I know it happens all the time but I feel like this is some kind of punishment from the universe.” Allie let out a small laugh. “Like I fucked up so bad in my past that now I’m getting to pay for it. Like the universe is showing me how unfair it really is. Bea and I tried so hard to get pregnant and when we finally did, well you know how that ended. We almost got divorced and it would have been my fault. Now Deb is pregnant and she didn’t even have to try.”

“Allie, none of this is your fault. You couldn’t have prevented it. As for your past, you did what you needed to do to survive.” Allie scoffed

“I was barely alive when you found me.”

“But you were alive Bubba. After a lot of fighting you finally let me help you. Look at you now, happily married, a beautiful house, your own practice, despite this you are raising an amazing kid. You did good for yourself, you’re going to continue doing good. Do you blame Bea for not being able to get pregnant?”

“Of course not, it’s not her fault.”

“So why do you blame yourself for losing the baby?” Kaz pulled Allie close to her again as the younger blonde sobbed.

“Drugs, Kaz. It was my fault. Now Debbie is pregnant and it’s not fair. I wanted a baby with Bea so bad and I couldn’t give her one and it almost destroyed us.”

“You know Bea doesn’t and never has blamed you, right?”

“Well she should. She should blame me for this too.”

“Why don’t we go sit on the couch, put something funny on, and we can just talk? You can cry if you want. But these chairs are uncomfortable” Allie just nodded, getting up and following Kaz to the living room.

Kaz put on a rom-com hoping to cheer Allie up but she just continued to cry until she made herself sick.


Debbie woke up to her phone buzzing. She quickly glanced at it, not able to answer it in time. She picked it up seeing she has 15 missed calls from Allie and Vera as well as texts from them both.

“Josh, wake up” she shook him until he woke up throwing the blanket off herself jumping up and pulling her pants on. “Both our mums have called and text me asking where we are. Here.” she handed him his phone as hers started to ring again.

“Hey mamma.” Josh could hear Allie on the other end but couldn’t fully make out what she was saying. “No, we just decided to see a later movie!” Josh was on his phone reading the texts from Vera. “Mamma no, you don’t have to do that.”

“They know we’re here” Josh mouthed to Debbie before showing her his phone. Debbie closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose taking a deep breath before she hung up the phone.

“We have to go downstairs.”

The young couple walked into the dining room to find Vera and Allie sitting at the table waiting for them. Debbie could see the disappointment on Allie’s face. After a short conversation between the four of them Allie and Debbie left heading home.

“I hope you know you’re grounded.” Allie said as soon as they started to pull away. “ One week, school and home, that's it. No one is coming over either.”

“Mamma, that's not fair! We didn’t do anything!”

“Don’t start Deb. You didn’t do anything? You were supposed to go to the movies but snuck to Josh’s house instead. Ya know if you wanted to hang out at a house, we have one of those.”

“Yeah but you were home!”

“So you went there knowing Vera and Jake weren’t home?” Allie hated being the tough parent. Part of her always felt like she didn’t deserve to be because she wasn’t in Debbie’s life from the beginning.

“You can’t ground me! I’ll tell mum!” Allie couldn’t help but laugh

“You think mum is gonna take your side in you sneaking off to your boyfriend’s while no one is home? I can ground you Deb, I’m your mother too. Also, if you tell mum now you’ll ruin her weekend and I’ll add a week on.”

“You didn’t tell mum?” Debbie looked over at Allie almost in shock. Allie shook her head quickly glancing at Debbie. “It’s still not fair.” Debbie mumbled before the car fell silent.

It was nearing midnight when Allie’s phone started to ring. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw Bea was facetiming her. Her smile fell immediately when she answered and saw Frankie there instead.

“Don’t be mad at her, okay?” Frankie was clearly in a hotel room, probably Bea’s, and Allie could see the glazed over drunk look in her eyes.

“ALLIE BEAUTIFUL GIRL IS THAT YOU?” Allie just arched an eyebrow at Frankie as she heard Bea yelling.

“Don’t be mad, Blondie.”

“Okay I won’t be mad but can I talk to my wife?” Frankie didn’t say anything, just smiled and handed the phone over to Bea who was in bed.

“Hi Allie,” Bea was drunk. Allie had never seen her this drunk before since she could usually handle her liquor. Though since Allie had gone completely sober, Bea had also stopped drinking. “my beautiful wife. Hi.”

True to her word, Allie didn’t get mad. “Hi baby. You a little drunk?” Bea just laughed and Allie couldn’t help but laugh too.

“mhm. I miss you wanna come home.”

“I miss you too but, I think you should stay with Frankie. You’ll be upset if you don’t.”

“You you’re right.” She was dosing off and Allie knew it wouldn’t be long before she was asleep. “love you my beautiful girl”

“I love you too babe” Allie got herself situated in bed as Bea fell asleep. Allie found herself drifting off after a few minutes. Before she fell asleep she couldn’t help but think how this was like when they first started dating, sleeping on facetime because they missed each other.