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And Baby Makes Four

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Debbie and Josh wandered around the area of the garden before settling on a bench under a large tree.

“Josh, I have something to talk to you about.” Debbie looked around seeing how empty the area was and figured now would be the best time to tell him, just to get it out of the way. “It’s uh, kinda important”

“Oh, uhm okay. Are you gonna break up with me?” his blue eyes filled with worry.

“No, not breaking up with you.” She took a deep breath before continuing, opening her bag to look for something. “So ya know how I missed school today cause I wasn’t feeling well? Well uh, my mum took me to the doctor and well,” she wasn’t as nervous as she thought she’d be as she handed him the ultrasound “I’m pregnant.”

Josh sat silently looking at the paper in his hand before looking back to Debbie. “Is it, uh. Are you gonna keep it?”

“I’m not having an abortion. I don’t want to do that, but I’m not sure if I want to go with adoption or not.”

“Okay. Okay.” he stood up and faced away for a few seconds before kneeling in front of Debbie. “I'm gonna be here for you no matter what you choose. Okay? Your mums know?” Debbie just nodded

“Are they mad?”

“Mum was, she said she isn’t anymore but I know she’s still upset. I don’t know if mamma was mad because she was calm when I told her. They fought last night though, mamma thought I was sleeping but I heard them.” Debbie just shrugged, she was exhausted both physically and mentally. “I just want everyone that needs to know to know because I’m already tired of telling people and being afraid of how they’re going to react”

“Okay, I’ll tell my parents soon. You don’t have to be there” he placed a hand on her knee looking up at her again. “Does Frankie know? She’s gonna kill me.”

Debbie just laughed before leaning down and pulling him in for a kiss. “She doesn’t know. My mum is gonna tell her. But yeah, she’s probably gonna kill you.” Debbie laughed before kissing him again.

The young couple sat under the bench for a while longer talking about their plan for the coming weekend and what Debbie missed at school that day. They walked to a small park across the street to sit by the water until it was time for Vera to pick them up. Deb lay down with her head in Josh’s lap as he gently ran his fingers through her hair. The car ride was relatively quiet, the three of them just sharing small talk.

“Josh just text me when you’re ready to come
home. Love you. Love you too, Deb!” Vera smiled at the both of them before rolling up the window and driving off.

Josh and Debbie made their way into the house which was still silent. “My mums must still be sleeping. We can watch a movie on the couch. I just have to go to the bathroom first.” After coming out of the bathroom Debbie knocked on Bea and Allie’s closed bedroom door.

Allie popped her head up from between Bea’s legs at the interruption, Bea groaning in response. Before either of them could speak there was another knock. Bea got up quickly making her way to their en-suite while Allie pulled on a t-shirt and wiped Bea’s arousal off her chin before opening the door.

“Oh you’re up! I just wanted to let you know that I’m home. We’re gonna watch TV on the couch.” Deb gave Allie a once over, her hair was disheveled and her face was flush, she knew she interrupted something. “where’s mum?”

Almost as if on cue Bea walked out of the bathroom smiling at her daughter. “Right here Deb, what’s up?”

“Just wanted to let you know l’m home, sorry if I interrupted your sleep or whatever. We’re gonna watch a movie or something. Can we eat soon? I'm hungry.” Bea and Allie both blushed, Debbie couldn’t help but smile. As gross as it could be she couldn’t help teasing her moms

“When aren’t you hungry? I figured we could order take out so you two can pick something” Bea smiled at her daughter who nodded and walked away. As soon as Debbie walked away Allie pulled Bea into a kiss. Bea moaned tasting herself on Allie

“I’m not done with you” Allie mumbled against her wife’s lips before giving her a quick kiss and leaving the bedroom. Bea took a minute before following her. Debbie and Josh decided on pizza. Dinner was relatively quiet. The two older women listening to Debbie and Josh talk about weekend plans, they wanted to go to the movies and shopping. Allie was cleaning up the kitchen when Josh walked up to her.

“Hey Josh” Allie smiled at him as he started helping her pick up.

“Hi Mrs. Novak,”

“For the last time Josh, Allie. Please don’t call me Mrs. Novak.” Josh nodded in understanding

“Uh, Allie, I just wanted to let you know, Debbie told me.” Allie froze in place waiting for him to finish. “I’m gonna be there for her no matter what she chooses. And I’m not going to pressure her to choose something I’m going to let her decide. But I wanted to talk to one of you and your wife scares me. Debbie is gonna talk to her.”

Allie could help the laugh that escaped at the last part. “Yeah she’s good at intimidation but she’s not that bad. Thank you Josh. As long as you don’t ask her to get married any time soon I think we’ll be good.”

“Oh. No I don’t want to get married” he watched as Allie arched an eyebrow at him “not now at least. Maybe one day. Just wanted to let you know I’m not going to abandon her or the baby.” There was a short pause before he continued “you say Bea isn’t that bad but you’re married to her so I’d say you’re a little biased” He flashed her his signature smile, the one she remembers Debbie talking about after their first date. The two finished cleaning the kitchen before joining Bea and Debbie back in the living room.

The four of them sat talking and watching some TV show Debbie put on. “Oh before I forget I don’t mind taking you to the movies on Saturday but I’m going to Melbourne that afternoon with Frankie.”

“That means she’ll have to take ya early. I’ll be home though so I can drop ya or pick you up.” Allie offered the two younger ones nodding. About an hour after dinner Vera arrived to pick up Josh. Debbie walked him out saying goodnight to Vera and telling her that Allie was willing to do either drive on Saturday. She smiled as she watched them drive off and walked back into the house.

“Hey mum, you’d still support me even if I made a big mistake, yeah?” Josh’s voice wavered as he spoke. He knew his mom was an understanding person, sometimes too understanding.

“What? Of course, love. Nothing would ever make me not support you. Did something happen?”

“Debbie, she’s uh,” he let out a loud sigh before continuing “she’s pregnant.”

“Your Debbie? Do you know how far along she is?” Calm. Not the reaction Josh expected. What he also wasn’t expecting was for Vera to pull the car over “When did you start having sex? Actually,” she held a hand up “ don’t answer that question because I don’t want to know”

“Yes my Debbie. She’s uh, I think she said 9 weeks? Her mums know. I talked to Allie, mum. Make sure that she knows I'm gonna be there for Debbie no matter what.”

“Okay. We can talk about this more tomorrow, yeah? Are you okay?” Vera pulled back out on the road before continuing their drive “I’ll tell your dad if you want.”

“Okay.” Josh sniffled as his emotions suddenly took over. As soon as they were in the driveway Vera was at Josh’s side.

“It’s gonna be okay, Josh.” Vera held her son tight as he cried.

“I’m not ready to be a dad” After a few minutes he calmed himself and they both went inside. Josh heads straight to bed while Vera joins Jake on the couch.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jake looked back down the hall as his son shut his door. Vera took a deep breath releasing it before she spoke.

“Well, I reckon he’s in the same situation we were in when we were his age”

“Nuh, you’re kidding. With Bea and Allie’s kid?” Vera nodded “He sure it’s his?”

“What? I’m sure it’s his. Jake, this is already hard enough don’t make it worse please”

“I should go talk to him.”

“Leave him. I told him we’d talk tomorrow. Bea and Allie know so I think all of us should get together and talk in the next few weeks.” It was Jake’s turn to nod. He pulled Vera in close as she started to cry leaning into his shoulder. The two sat on the couch for a while longer before heading to bed.

Josh stared at his ceiling unsure of how he was feeling. He pulled out his phone and sent Debbie a quick goodnight text before rolling to face the wall.


“Hey sweetheart we’re gonna go to bed. Don’t stay up too late yeah? I want you in bed by eleven.” Allie said before giving Debbie a kiss on the head and making her way out of the living room.

“I’d prefer if you were in bed a bit earlier than that.” Bea kissed Deb on the head “Love you, sweetie”

“To the moon and back, mum” Deb stood pulling Bea in for a tight hug before she could walk away. “Love you, mum” Bea smiled, giving Debbie another kiss on the head before heading to her room.

As soon as Bea shut the bedroom door Allie’s lips were on hers. She opened her mouth as Allie slid her tongue along her bottom lip asking for permission to enter.

“Allie” Bea moaned as her wife's mouth moved from hers to begin peppering kisses along her jaw and neck. “Debbie is still awake.” She stopped at her pulse point gently nipping the skin before pulling the collar of the shirt away to a spot where she could leave a hidden mark.

“Guess you have to be quiet then. Think you can do that?” Allie tugged at the waist of Bca’s pants urging her wife to take them off, smiling when she got what she wanted. “I told you I wasn’t done with you” she quickly dropped to her knees lifting one of Bec’s legs over her shoulder and licking the length of her slit.

Bea stifled a moan as she felt Allie’s tongue exploring her folds before taking her clit into her mouth. Bea’s hands tangled into blonde hair as she tried to keep herself grounded and quiet. Allie slid two fingers into her wife causing a loud moan to escape and Bea could feel Allie smile against her.

“If you want me to keep going you’re going to have to quiet down.” Allie immediately took Bea’s clit between her lips again as she started a faster pace with her fingers.

“Fuck Allie,” Bea’s grip in Allie’s hair tightened as her orgasm overtook her body. Allie helped her ride out the high before being pulled up into a kiss.

“My turn” Bea mumbled against Allie’s lips before leading her towards the bed.

The rest of the was uneventful Bea and Allie working while Debbie went to school. Saturday morning came around and Bea was waiting for Frankie to pick her up.

“Deb, I need you to make sure your mamma behaves this weekend, yeah ?” Bea gave her a kiss on the top of her head while Debbie just laughed.

“Hey! I’m always on my best behavior!” Debbie and Bea just looked at each other before laughing. “You two are the worst, ya know that?” Allie was pretending to stomp away when the doorbell went off.

The three were always confused when Frankie insisted on ringing the doorbell when she almost always let herself in the house anyway.

“Alright Red, say goodbye to your wife and kid! Tell them you’ve run off with a hot brunette!” Frankie bellowed as she walked in.

“I’m telling Aunt Bridget you stole my mum!” Debbie ran up to Frankie and wrapped her in a tight hug.

“Oh you know I’d give her back. Only person who can tame her is Blondie over there.”

“Enough of that, yeah? You’re late.” Bea scolded Frankie as she grabbed her bag. “Deb you behave and be home by curfew tonight.”

“I’m always home on time mum.” Debbie wrapped her arms around Bea “love you”

“To the moon and back kiddo.” Bea let Debbie go from the hug. No matter how old she got or how far Harry was from their lives she hated leaving Debbie.

“Alright say goodbye to Blondie, as you so graciously pointed out we’re already late.” Bea rolled her eyes as she walked up to her wife.

“I love you. I’ll text you when we land and call you tonight.”

“I love you too, baby.” Allie pulled Bea in for a kiss, quickly swiping her tongue across Bea’s bottom lip before pulling away.

“You two are gross”

“Seriously, get a room. Actually don’t because we gotta go” Frankie motioned towards the door. The two left and Allie and Debbie went about their morning. Both eventually getting ready and leaving to pick up Josh.

“Deb, don't forget curfew is 11 but don’t tell mum. Josh please tell your mum thank you for doing the pick up”

“No problem, Allie.”

“You two behave and I’ll see you later” Allie smiled and waved at the young couple before driving off.

“My parents aren’t home, if you want to go watch a movie at my house.” Josh gave Debbie a big smile. “We can take the bus, you know it’s like twenty minutes”

“They won’t be home until later? I don’t want to get in trouble. My mums are already on me.” Debbie wrapped her arms around Josh and smiled up at him.

“Nuh dad’s at work and mum is out with some friends. Shouldn’t be home until later.”

“Okay. Just as long as we’re gone before anyone gets home.” They walked towards the bus stop hand in hand.