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Food Wars: Erina discovers Joichiro's Son

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(One day as Erina & Hisako approaches Soma & friends she is looking surprisingly giddy.)

Soma: Hey there Erina you are in a surprisingly good mood today.

Erina: Of course I am, I'm sure you all have heard of Joichiro Yukihira right?

Soma: Hmm?

Erina: Well of course you all have, Joichiro is not only one of the greatest chefs ever he is easily the sexiest man I know.

Ryoko: Well I can't argue with that.

Yuki: Uh-huh

Ikumi: He's okay I guess

Hisako: Yeah...

Soma (thinking): Wait does this mean that Erina wants to be my step-mom?

Erina: Oh for the longest time I've always wanted to save myself for Joichiro... but alas I am aware that our... slight age difference might be a potential problem. However I have heard some interesting news that not only Joichiro was here somewhat recently that his son is a student in this school! Can you believe that?!

(Now everyone is slightly puzzled by Erina here.)

Soma: Eh... yeah I can believe that...

Erina: Oh yes and when I find Joichiro's son here in this school oh there is no telling what kind of erotic things I would be doing to him. Ah... *as she rubs her breasts* oh he and I would be going at it all night long! Oh I'm sorry I'm normally not like this... well with a boy that is. But if this guy is Joichiro's son then he must be as dreamy as his father.

(Now everyone else's reactions vary from shock to amusement but now Hisako is incredibly nervous.)

Hisako: Eh... Miss Erina?

Erina: Yes Hisako?

Hisako: Well you... you see... about Joichiro's son...

Erina: Yes spit it out!

Megumi: Eh Miss Erina I believe what Miss Hisako is trying to say is... yes those stories you've heard are true and we know who Joichiro's son is.

Erina: You do?! AH! Oh thank you Megumi, thank you so much! So who is it? Who is it?!

Megumi: It's uh... Soma.


Yuki: Yeah Soma is Joichiro's son and while Soma may not be as dreamy as his dad but he does have some endearing boyish charm to him.

Ryoko: That is true.

Soma: Yep Joichiro is my dad, after all I am Soma Yukihira.

Erina: Yuki...hira...

(Then Erina's mouth gapes in horrified shock & terror as Soma remains completely oblivious.)

Soma (slightly bashful): Well Erina I'm not sure about all those things you were saying but I suppose you and I could get to know each other better. Heh heh... Hmm? *then he notices Erina giving him quite the death glare* What the? Uh-oh... AH!

(Now as Erina is strangling Soma.)

Erina (gritting her teeth): Listen to me well little man, this was all just a great big misunderstanding. Do I make myself clear?

Soma (trying to breathe): Ack... uh... Cr...Crystal... ma'am.

Megumi: Miss Erina please put Soma down!

Yuki: Yeah there are far too many witnesses here!

Erina (as she lets go of Soma's throat): *sigh* That is true...

(Now Erina places her arms around Ikumi & Ryoko's shoulders.)

Erina: Ohhh at times like this I am so considering the idea of going women only for now on.

Ryoko (slight blush, thinking): Wait what is going on here?

Ikumi (thinking): Wait so is Miss Erina... yay me!

Hisako (thinking): *whimper* Oh Miss Erina why won't you put your arm around me?

Erina: Now come along girls I need something to do to get my mind off of this... fiasco.

Ikumi: With pleasure Miss Erina.

Ryoko: Uh... okay, I guess.

(Now as Erina drags Ikumi & Ryoko away from the scene.)

Hisako: Hey Miss Erina wait for me!