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Snivellus? No his name is Severus

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Everything was normal, it was just a new year(third year to be specific)
Only one thing was different, snivellus was missing.
“James do you know where snivvy is?”
Asked Sirius. Sirius hated snape only because he was a Slytherin, and Slytherins are bad.
He knew what he did was wrong but he didn’t care.
“I don’t know where he is, but we will find him padfood”
Said James.
James hated Severus too. Why? because he didn’t understand why someone like lily was hanging out with someone like Snape.

James liked Lily, and that’s the reason he hated Snivellus.

Or that’s what he said to everyone, the real reason is that he just wants to be the brave Gryffindor, that defeated the snakes.

“Let’s find snivvy”
Said Sirius.
“Guys you are really gone hurt him,just stop”
Said Remus, he wasn’t a fan of pranking but he couldn’t stop them.

“Let’s go” said James, and the only thing they could do was follow.

They were lucky that they had the map, they found Severus in the potion class, with Lily.

James saw lily, and he wanted to kill Severus, but Sirius held him back.

“Let’s wait here, and listen to what he’s gone say, maybe we can used against him” said Sirius .

They agreed and waited.

But Severus didn’t talk, he showed lily something, it was a violin.

The marauders stared in disbelief

And Severus started playing
(He plays: the death of a violin)

When he was finished playing, he started talking.

My mother loved my father, and my father loved her.
She gave up her Magic and they lived happy, until I was born. My mother knew I had magic, and then he knew. He saw me as a rival, his child. He was scared that I was gone be too powerful. I never wanted to be, I just wanted to be normal. And then the abuse started. I never cried no Mather what happend. I never cried when the marauders attacked, but today I want to cry like a baby.

“You can cry sevy” said lily.
They were friends for years but she never saw him cry.

“But why know” asked lily.

“Because my mother died”

Because my mother died lily, MINE mother died lily, she died.

And Severus started crying. Lily just held him very close, she hugged him. She couldn’t do anything else.

“You know I only wanted to be a Slytherin for my mother nothing else”

“I know” said lily and hugged more.

When the marauders heard what happend they couldn’t believe. They felt so guilty

“Guys we need to make it up with Snivel— no Severus”
Said James, and they agreed

They had a lot of time, but will they succeed?