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 “Dude, seriously, rogue-type builds are the best PCs to play in Dragon Age.” Josh says.

“Hmmm. I prefer the mage-types,” Charles says. “They’re more powerful.”

“Yeah, but rogues can pickpocket and lockpick,” Josh counters.

“Metis, don’t you think mages are better than rogues?”  Charles turns to Metis to ask.

“I’ve played both and I have to agree with Josh,” Metis says.

Josh laughs and turns to Metis to say, “That deserves a kiss,” and proceeds to snog the hell out of Metis.

Charles closes his eyes and says, “For the hundredth time, I do not need to see you two kissing.”

“Not true. That was only the sixth time you’ve said that,” Josh says, grinning.