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Angel of the Shadows

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Shadow Skill: Jump-Start. Sends an overcharged jolt of electricity into whatever it touches at the moment. Do not approach if you or your family have a history of heart problems.

To prevent an overbuild of electrical energy, Raichu regularly discharge electricity into the ground from their tail. Shadows, however, have lost that ability, and so sporadically shock themselves or who/whatever is around them.

It was a long time before Angel felt the desire to get up. How could she have frozen up like that? She was one of those whose Pokémon were like family to her. Dreamer should have been summoned. And then they should have left the Clefable in relative safety to go after Mal. Now Mal and Ignatius were probably long gone with her beloved friend, and they were unlikely to ever see each other again. The only thing that she could do at this point was continue to Saffron City. With a sigh, Angel headed off.

As she crossed into the city hours later, she suddenly realized that she needed to re-evaluate her plan. Without Ebony, there wasn’t a way she could get into the facility.

She’d wanted to complete this mission before she started digging for the truth about Team Rocket. But, after her run-in with fellow Agents, and the loss of Ebony, she’d been having second thoughts. If if if Team Rocket really were the bad guys, then she shouldn’t go through with this task at all.

Or…Wait. She could determine why Team Rocket wanted the item, and then, depending on that answer, follow through with the liberation, or inform the facility of the potential threat. Angel shook her head. No. Warning was out of the question. To know about a future crime was to imply your involvement with said crime.

Hmmn. There should be a Team Rocket base in the city or nearby. She didn’t know that for certain. It just made sense. But if she found nothing, it’d have been a waste of much needed time. But if she found something, then she could give up her control of the All-Star Gym and begin her Journey.

Ugh! This mind of hers was so darn annoying! Why did she have to overanalyze everything? It was both better and worse than what she’d done before: going with the first choice that seemed best. Essentially, under analyzing the situation. There was a medium point between the two. She just needed to find it. But it would be a difficult task, indeed, considering the fact that her mind didn’t work on the same level as normal people.

Her eyes roamed around the city. There was a lot of shouting and running around. Banners, sounds, and smells filled the air. Seemed the city was in the midst of preparations for a festival. All the greens, reds, pinks, blues, and other flowery colors made her guess it was to celebrate the arrival of spring. She groaned. If time was on her side, she’d definitely stay a while and have some much needed fun.

A cute little dandelion floof of a Pokémon came up to her, and offered a flower necklace. Angel noticed they were orange blossoms, but bowed her head and allowed the lei to be placed around her neck. She had to hold back a sneeze so as not to upset the Pokémon. There was a difficult relationship between her and her nose when it came to orange blossoms. Angel thought the aroma was scentacular. Her nose, not so much.

She called out after the Pokémon as she began to leave. Curious, the floof watched as Angel dug through her bag, bringing out her Pokédex. Understanding flashed in its eyes as Angel faced the device’s camera scanner thingy to the Pokémon.

“Eldegoss. The Cotton Bloom Pokémon. Evolved form of Gossifleur. Native to the Galar Region. Eldegoss occasionally sets its seeds to the wind, allowing plants and Pokémon alike to benefit from the nutrients within.”

“Oh, wow! What’cha doing all the way in Kanto?” Angel held out a hand to the cutiepie, but paused, unsure as to whether or not she should touch it. But the Eldegoss made a pleased sound and leaned into her hand, allowing Angel to stroke her face.

“There you are, Lyla!” A Trainer about her age rushed up to them. For a few seconds, she just stood there, bent over, hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. Finally, she stood and held out a hand. “Hi, there! Name’s Elsa. Are you in town for the festival?”

Angel shook the offered hand. “Sadly, no. Just passing through on business, but I’m hoping to have some time before I leave.”

“Ah, well that’s too bad. People have traveled from as far as the Galarian and Alolan regions to participate in this debut event. It’s a rare opportunity to see Pokémon from all over the world in one spot. If all goes well, it will return next year.”

“Oh, wow! Well, I’ll definitely try to finish things up real quick like. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime.”

“You sure wouldn’t! Oh, hey!” Elsa took the Pokédex out of Angel’s hands, only to hand it back about fifteen seconds later. “That there’s my code. If you do get the time, hit me up. I’d love to talk about my home region.”

“Th-Thank you.” Angel held the Pokédex against her chest tightly for a few seconds, unsure of how to react to this. As she placed it back in her bag, she realized she should probably return the gesture. In that moment, it felt like she was transformed into a child nervous to ask something of their parents. It took all of her courage to meet Elsa’s eyes. “May I? Well…You gave me yours.”

Elsa’s face lit up in a smile, and she handed the Pokédex to Angel, who gave a gleeful gasp as she accepted it and entered her code in. As she passed it back, she couldn’t help but apologize at her shyness. “Sorry. I’m trying, but interacting with new people is scary.”

“No need to apologize.” Elsa waved a hand in dismissal before she put her Pokédex away. “I get it. A few of my friends are like that. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it gets. The friends you make along the way to your dreams are so worth every bit of all your struggles.”

Lyla cried out, and Elsa gasped. “Ah! I’m sorry! Have to run. Forgot I volunteered to help set up a part of the festivities for Galar. See you around.” With the last part stated as a guarantee, Elsa and Lyla ran off.

Angel stared after them for a few seconds before she shook her head in happiness and went back to her thoughts on where Team Rocket’s base would be. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to think on it very long, for, in the distance, she saw someone in the crowd that couldn’t possibly be there. As she took a step towards the person, shouts from behind drew her attention, and she whirled around to find a Raichu beside someone clearly being electrocuted. But what really stood out was the purple aura that surrounded her. It was just like that of the Clefable from the forest.

Without another second of thought, Angel ran towards the Raichu. Her plan was to jump in between the two, interfering with the flow of electricity. As she was a millisecond away from having hundreds of volts rushing through her body, she realized how stupid this action was. Thankfully, the Raichu had collapsed to the ground just in time. A few sparks came from her cheeks, but she was otherwise harmless.

Once the Raichu was safe, she glanced back at the man. Her quick visual triage said there was nothing she could do for him. With people already approaching, the only thing she could do was run and hide in case they thought she had something to do with it. And even if they didn’t. Well. She was protecting the Pokémon who did. How did she keep getting involved in things like this?

Hopefully nobody had seen her face, but just to be safe, she was going to sneak in under the cover of nightfall. It was cliché, but she couldn’t risk being recognized.

After five minutes of running, she hadn’t found a decent choice, and so, she ducked into what looked to be a stable for various equestrian Pokémon. They cried out at her sudden appearance, but fell silent near instantly at her calming words.

The Raichu was already awake, and Angel could feel heat building within. “Ssh. Relax, darling. You’re safe now. Well. Not now now. But you will be. You just need to be brave and go inside this Pokéball for me. Can you do that?”

She made a sound as she turned her head away. Jolts were already becoming visible, and the next noise was a whimper of pained expectation.

“Please, sweetling. You’re in pain. It will be a while before I can get you help, but at least you won’t be in pain. And you won’t be accidentally hurting others while you’re locked away.”

Tears filled her eyes, and she turned back to Angel, making another statement as to how much she didn’t want to go into the darkness.

“It’s only temporary, I swear.” Angel stroked the Raichu’s face, tears welling in her own eyes. “There’s a difference between being brave and being stupid. Please. I can’t bear it to see you hurting anymore.”

Finally, the Raichu sighed and nodded her head. Angel breathed a sigh of relief and gave her the safety of the Pokéball. As she stared at her now empty arms, she realized that she was going to need lots and lots of Pokéballs if she planned on saving all these…Shadows. Either that, or she was going to have to visit her father very soon and see how he could help these poor Pokémon.