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a gentle sway on your salt licked banks

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The Suez Canal has had many lovers; her waters know no bounds, the rickety sound of metal always an alluring note at all ends of the day. Yet, this ship is different. Evergreen ships are always fun events, their sounds rancorous and hungry for the adventure.

The Indian languages of the Ever Given sing to her being, and she lets the depths of her water surround the sailors like a gentle embrace. It isn't her fault that they're stuck, nor is it her responsibility to see them leave, but it tugs at her heartstrings regardless.

She would be a liar if she refused to admit the selfish need in her to see it stay. The Ever Given, that blessed ship, is her most cherished lover. It swells at her edges in a way that makes her gasp, in a way that no other ship has accomplished before. A greedy thought whispers to those beings of wind and sand that led her to maintain such a bounty, for their generosity can never be understated.

But the most important thing, she reminds herself, is that the Ever Given was ever hers to begin with. Many ships make her part of their voyage but rarely do they stay. The Suez is grateful, languid in the knowledge that for now it is enough.

There was a time, once, where to have the Ever Given and her people, the Suez would have sank a thousand vessels.

But she is mature in her age and far less grasping. The people will leave her, that she knows. The Canal refuses to know such a love again, for she will never yearn so greatly once more. This will be enough.

And for this lesson, she is grateful.