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It's Time

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It was a Sunday afternoon. Alex and Lena had picked up coffees from the cafe in Alex’s building before strolling to the nearby park to enjoy the rare, cool, Southern California day. Having found an empty bench they watched a woman teaching her son how to throw frisbees while their dog happily retrieved the discs. Alex lamented not having a dog of her own and how her schedule made the prospect nearly impossible.

After they’d finished their coffees the couple resumed their leisurely walk, enjoying the weather while it lasted.

“I want you to meet my mom,” Alex shared as they observed more happy families.

Though she didn’t stop completely, Lena stumbled, “You… you want me to meet your mother?”

“I do,” Alex nodded, slowing her pace as she watched Lena in hopes of understanding her reaction sooner rather than later. “Is that not a good thing?”

“I, yes, but… You really want to introduce me to your mother?” she reiterated, coming to a stop.

“Is there some reason I shouldn’t want the two of you to meet?” the redhead attempted to clarify as she still didn’t know what to make of her girlfriend’s reaction.

“Does she want to meet me?” Lena asked, glad they were relatively secluded.

“Lena…” Alex started, finally understanding Lena’s reaction and pulling her into a hug. “Of course she wants to meet you. She’s all but told me. Lately, she says I’ve talked more about you than anything or anyone else. That is good news, right?”

Lena just nodded, soaking up the relief and reassurance, glad that Alex made no attempt to end the embrace until Lena was ready. When she finally pulled back Lena smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Alex grinned and leaned in to give her a kiss.