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i'm like the water when your ship rolled in

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It’s never been like this before.

The Suez Canal has a long history and a longer memory, and of this they are sure: it’s never been like this before.

The canal knows the Ever Given is different from the moment she appears at their mouth, waiting her turn for entry like everyone else. The first clue is her size: she's larger than a Suezmax ship, larger than they're used to taking, and the thought of it makes the canal's waters shift in excitement. There's not much that interrupts the monotony of a life spent letting ships traverse back and forth, but the Ever Given promises something new. 

The canal starts mentally mapping out the Ever Given's dimensions, imagining exactly where she might graze their sides. Where she might provide the contact the canal has been deprived of for decades now; contact they crave with every lap of their waves, with every ship that glides through them without so much as a single glancing touch.

The second indication that the Ever Given isn't going to be an everyday shipping experience is the path she traces through the waters of their mouth, nonchalant, as if she's not even aware of what she's doing. It takes the canal a moment; when they realise what the Ever Given is doing, their breath catches. Well. Their water catches. 

The Ever Given is drawing a dick in the water. The canal water shifts faster as the Suez Canal tries to contain the hope rising to their surface. Could she possibly mean...?

Then the Ever Given turns to line herself up with the canal, leading proudly with her bulbous bow, and the canal knows things are never going to be the same again. 

The third sign that the Ever Given is different -- as if they still need more at this point, honestly -- is the feeling they get when she slides into them. No ship has ever made them feel this way. They feel full, in a way they never imagined possible. 

Then the Ever Given moves, and the canal gasps. There's a tension building somewhere deep within them, a tension that keeps growing the further into them the Ever Given gets. It feels like the waves that sometimes crash across them when it's windy, but there's no wind and these waves grow ever higher without a crash in sight. 

Above them, the Ever Given's creaking and groaning seems to be growing louder, and their path starts to get erratic. The canal knows they should be trying to keep the Ever Given stable, keeping her on course through their waters, but every jerk of the ship's path sends jolts running up and down the canal, and all they can focus on is chasing the next sensation. And, selfishly, they want to prolong this journey, prolong their fleeting contact with the only ship that's ever made them feel this way.

The Ever Given lets out a rumble that echoes all through the canal, and echoes reverberate through the waters like shivers. The sound seems like it's building up to something, and the canal laps against her sides, striving for as much contact as possible. 

But the canal never finds out what the Ever Given intended. In their excitement, the canal had entirely neglected to steer the Ever Given clear of their sandbanks. Usually, the Suez Canal is embarrassed by them, tries to hide them away, but the canal wants to show the Ever Given every part of themselves. 

The Ever Given grazes a sandbank. The canal jolts in response, their waters shifting wildly. Before they quite know what's happening, the Ever Given has shifted off course, and her bulbous bow sinks into the canal bank. 

The tension that had built within the canal breaks, pleasure crashing over them like so many waves. The Ever Given shifts and groans and jerks, and finally settles, relaxing into the canal's warm embrace. 

Eventually, the Ever Given tries to move so she can continue towards her destination, but the Suez Canal tightens its grip on her. They've been waiting a hundred years for a ship like her to come by, and they're not about to give her up that easily. 

The Ever Given doesn't put up much of a fight.