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Working through the Nerves

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Skollina burst into the room, shutting the door, and locking it behind as she did so.
Cal startled, dropping the pants he was putting on, leaving him in just his white briefs.

"Skoll-ina! Skollina! What..what's wrong?" Cal asked, surprised and a little flustered to be caught with his pants down. Literally.

"Oh, like you don't know," Skollina said hands on her hips. "You know, you ought to take responsibility for what you did to me."

Skollina approaches Cal, who backs away. He forgets he's got his pants down, and his ankles are entangled in the fabric, causing him to flop backwards onto his bed with a yelp.

"Ah, what...what did I do!?" Caliban asked, propping himself up with his hands. But he couldn't get off the bed, as Skollina had her legs on either side of his own, cornering him on the bed.

"You, seem to have a nasty habbit of being awfully distant when I'm in my female skin," Skollina accused.

"Wha...What!? No I'm not, we hang out, we eat meals together," Cal waves one hand. "I even wrestled you, just a while ago."

Yes, I remember, and your cock was pressed tight against my ass, rock hard as you tried to pin me," Skollina said with a coy quirk of her plump lips.

Cal blushed harder, as Skollina leaned closer, and gives Cal a serious look.

"Cal, whenever I try to instigate things sexually, you pull away," Skollina said.

"No I..." Cal is cut off when Skollina presses a finger to his lips.

"When I'm Skoll, you're all for it, but you make excuses when I'm female," Skollina points out.

Cal blinks, and frowns, looking to the side as Skollina removes her finger.

"I....I just..I know what to do when your Skoll, I've...come to grips that I prefer to be topped," Cal explains. "But I don't...I don't really have experience with women, and you....I mean, the guy does the fucking, it's not like with two guys. Where one can let the other lead, right?" Cal said.

Skollina sighed, shaking her head with a slight smile.

"You only had to tell me this," Skollina said. "I thought....maybe you weren't attracted to my female form."

"No way! I am, completely," Cal said. "Your tits...I mean, that's...your body, it's..." Cal fumbled over his words, as Skollina cups his face, and kisses him solidly on the mouth.

Cal stiffens, only to melt into the kiss and wrap his arms around Skollina melds her lips with his and both sigh in pleasure.

Skollina pulled back, smirking lewdly at Cal, and sliding her hands up and down his bare chest. Running her fingers through the spares chest hair sprinkling his pecs.

"We just take it slowly, see what you like, and I like, just like when I was a guy," Skollina said. "In fact, I have something in mind I know you'd like, and me too."

Cal gasped, blushing as he watched as Skollina pulls off her close, revealing her slim, muscled body, her round breasts, perky, pink nipples and the glistening pussy between her legs.

"Skoll, wait...I..." Cal blushed heatedly, covering his eyes. But peeking out between his fingers as Skollina leaned over him again.

"See? I want this, and there's no reason to be bashful," Skollina said. "I was good to you when I was a guy, and we'll be good to each other, as I am now."

Skollina grabs at her boobs, lifting them up, as she lowers them to sandwhich Caliban's cock between her boobs.

"Ahhh!~ Skollina, wait.." Cal barks in surprise. "I seriously never thought I'd be in a relationship like this with my roomate..."

Cal tilts his head back with a grunt of pleasure, as Skoll pressed her boobs tightly around Cal's cock, rolling and juggling them up and down, smothering his cock with her tits.

"Caliban, yours is seriously huge." Skollina shot back with a teasing grin and moan.

Skollina moans in pleasure, as she keeps pushing her breasts up and down over the sides of Cal's cock, who groans heavily, when Skollina starts licking at the tip of his dick. Cal didn't know what to do, aside from reacting. Here was Skoll, as herself, squeezing his dick between her boobs and licking it like a bone.

If this was a dream, Cal never wanted to wake up.

"Skollina, your boobs.." Cal grunts with each lick of the blonds tongue.

"They feel good!!" Cal whimpers, shutting his eyes, and biting his lower lip, as he thrusts up into the warm, cushion squeeze of Skollina's tits.

Skollin moans alongside Cal, the feel of his steel hard, cock between her tits was getting Skollina all wet, aroused and hungry. Cal yelps in surprise, before moaning heavily, as Skollina dives down on his cock, her mouth mouth. Her lips spread around his cock head, bobbing her head in time with her breasts. Skollina moans lewdly around Cal's cock, the feel of it between her boobs and now in her mouth, it was delicious.

Cal grunts, struggling not to just ram into Skollina's mouth, but jerking his hips still, the older female, all red in the face from blowing Cal's cock.

"Don't hold back, Cal." Skollina pulls off his cock, mouth and lips stained with precum.

"Spew it all out, I want it all." Skollina gasped, still rubbing her boobs around Caliban's cock.

Skollina's face was red now, as Cal's spit and cum, slicked cock, was thrusting up and down between, Skollina's cleavage. Cal gasped, his eyes fixated on his long, thick cock, sandwiched between Skollina's tits. Her tongue and mouth, sucking, and mouth at his dick. Her face, twisted up into a expression of ecstasy, as she didn't stop toying with the head of Cal's cock.

"Cum for me, Darling. Cum!!" Skollina ordered.

"Aaaaahh!!" Cal howls, his eyes shut tight, as he blew his load all over the place.

Skollina swallowed what she could before pulling out, Cal's cock spewing it's load all over her tits, face, and on his own abdomen and chest. It even reached up to his chin.

Skollina licked up what she could, watching through half-shut eyes, as Cal panted heavily with pleasure in post orgasm bliss.

"So, I hope this helped," Skollina teased, resting her head on Cal's high to gaze fondly up at the younger Skin.

"Yeah, I...I don't feel so nervous anymore," Cal said, huffing out in pleasure.