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Keeping up with the Barneses

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The postcard fluttered to the ground as the 3 figures stood outside the town, the 2 men holding hands. James "Bucky" Barnes and his fiancee Sam had decided to go on an all-out backpacking journey from their New Orleans bungalow to the Upper Peninsula so they could visit his kid sister Becky who lived in a small town named Hatchetfield. Their roommate Sharon had insisted that she would come along so she did. They started the long trek into town to find Becky's house that she shared with her new flame Tom and Tom's son Tim. They walked by a local coffee shop and wanted to stop by to support local businesses. A sassy little bell rang as the party entered the store. "Welcome to Beanies what can I get for you today", a barista with short black hair said starting at Buck. "Um I would like a big Chai Lataee EMMMAH" he said his eyes darting to the women's nametag. "I- ok I guess, Can I have a name for that please sir," she said picking up a metallic sharpie. "Uh yeah, it's fucky, SHIT NO BUCKY." He shouted. "Me and Sharon will do the same," Sam said. He dragged his big hunky lover over to wait for the drinks but Sharon stood there transfixed by the beauty of the barista in front of her. "Um can I help you ma'am or can I get back to my minimum wage job", Emma said as she noticed Sharon's glossy face. "Oh yeah I 'm ok," she said as she walked off to join the other two. 'Sharon has a crushhhhh Sharon has a crushhhhhhhhhhhhh" Sam and Bucky starting singing quietly "I DO NOT BOYS." she started blushing "Oh be QUIET Sharon we both know gayyyyyyyyyyyyy when we see it", Bucky said with a smirk on her face. "You gotta go ask her out Shar". She lightly slapped him, "I DON'T KNOW HER BUCK. SHE IS REALLY PRETTY BUT I DON'T KNOW HER. SHE PROBABLY ISN'T STRAIGHT." Emma Perkins came over trying to balance the 3 drinks. She set them down on the little table and winked at Sharon as she walked off. As they stepped out into the crisp cool midafternoon air, Sharon felt on top of the world. Chances are that that barista was flirting with her. She didn't know what to think about that at all. Ever since Steve went back to love her Aunt she hadn't had anyone to really kiss or to hold onto at night. They finally got to Becky's house with 3 empty cups. They gawked at the car in the driveway, steam sticking to the windows like some ethereal curse. Bucky knocked on the door with his hollow metal arm and a young woman with firey red hair opened it and opened her mouth in a shocked expression.