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Unauthorized Activities

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Zell was almost ready for the upcoming SeeD exams. There's an emphasis on the almost, though. Like everybody else, he had a giant listing of prerequisites given his studies and expertise selection, and while his list was mostly checked off, it wasn't entirely there yet.

Which was what found him packing up the last of his camping gear in a backpack and swinging it over his shoulders before heading down to the Garden entrance. He'd taken long-term wilderness survival as an elective partly because it had a reputation as a camping trip course, but also partly because he liked the ideal of being some trained wilderness survivalist hunter. He could punch monsters to death no problem, but hiding out in the woods for a few months was an entirely different skillset.

The Garden staff drove him out to the point: the barren plains on the Balamb peninsula, with mountains one way, forest the other, and ocean everywhere else. A single scraggly gravel road to the rest of the island, some prairie grass, and nothing else. It was a pretty simple test: show up here again when the staff came to pick him up in two weeks time. Camping supplies allowed, but no stored food. Zell had been training for this. It would be fine. The thing with being a Guardian-Force-augmented super soldier is that technically speaking he didn't have to eat more than one meal a day to survive, but he was hoping he wouldn't have to fall back on that. Either way, when the Garden car drove off, Zell watched it go, stood there for a minute, and then set out for the mountains.

Good exercise, Zell thought as he hiked up the mountain foothills. Useful life skill, he reminded himself as he butchered a big rubbery Caterchipillar, hands covered in gross gunk as he peeled meat off of clots of bubbly exoskeleton. Scenic vistas, he thought, as he looked out at the ocean from halfway up a mountain, taking in the sunset. It all kind of sucked, but that was wilderness survival, he guessed. It was, at least, very new, and there were enough monsters around that he wouldn't actually have trouble eating. Rummaging around in monster guts was never gonna get less gross, but at least he was getting better at starting campfires.

It was five days into the camping trip, in the evening, that he stumbled across the temple.

He'd walked up the mountain: the low rolling foothills had given way to rocky switchback trails, and on the back side of the island it was just sheer cliffs down to the foaming sea. Zell stayed up in the mountains proper, maybe a day's travel from the island's edge, mostly walking across old animal paths, or the gravelly beds of dried-up streams. Then, around some twist in the path he saw a stone marker: a square obelisk with a worn-away carving near the tip, and then other, and another, in a ragged line across the side of a crumbling limestone path. Zell had nothing to do aside from walk: he followed the line, around the edge of the mountainside, and around the next turn there was a temple built into the mountainside. It was a sprawling complex fanning out from the carved-out mountainside, with a bigger building build into the mountain itself, centered on a long straight boulevard that ran directly into a sharp rectangular slice cut out of the mountain, now in the evening light plunged into the darkness.

Balamb island was rife with ancient religious cults; it's why there were so many Guardian Forces left on the island, and why the Balamb Garden was even established there. So the fact that there was an ancient ruin there wasn't that surprising, but-- maybe the fact that nobody else knew about it was. Walking through the ruins -- the road was a narrow trough carved in the stone, lined with more square marker columns -- Zell didn't see any sign of modern study or access. Just old broken stone, huge slabs of masonry, and a complex of roofless, half-collapsed buildings, all leading up to that tall, thin crack in the mountainside.

The entire ruin radiated out from the crack: the buildings built themselves up into multi-story towers at the base of the cliff, lopsidedly framing the crevasse. The stonework there was more detailed, with ornate carvings along the cliff wall.

The sun was well below the western mountains, and with the sky darkening the shadows were growing deeper. He'd been walking uphill since he hit the ruin; when he turned around he had an amazing view of the ocean, with a haze of pale light shining at the horizon where the moon would rise any moment. But the shadows were growing so long they met and merged together, throwing the buildings into deepening shadow. Zell really didn't want to camp in a weird ruin.

There was a rumbling like stones shifting from deep within the ruin. Zell felt all the hair on his body stand on end. He flipped back around, staring at the darkness of the mountain crevasse.

The shadows of the carvings seemed to crawl along the walls like snakes, lit by silvery light, and there was an answering gleam from deep within the darkness: a dot of shining white light. And then a second dot, shifting and moving with the first: eyes.

Zell hopped backwards, immediately falling into a combat stance as he tried to discern any kind of silhouette for the creature in the darkness. The eyes slid to the side, blinking slow, and then -- a massive creature leapt out of the darkness. An enormous silver-grey wolf-monster with straight, helixing horns jutting from its skull, and a complex lacework of glowing runes bursting across its swirled fur.

That wasn't just some wild monster, Zell realized. That was a feral Guardian Force.

"Oh hey!" he called out. "Wild Guardian Force! Let's fight!" He cracked his knuckles and pulled on his combat gloves, slipping into a combat stance.

He only had Kujata, his Garden-assigned GF, junctioned, and this new Guardian Force was just too quick for him to get anything more than the occasional spell off. His fire spells launched from his fists and sputtered out in the giant wolf's curled fur; his thunder spells got earthed in the wolf's enormous horns to no effect, like they were lightning rods; the wolf dodged his ice spells entirely, leaping out of the way of the crystalline growths. He punched the wolf's side, hard enough its paws scraped across the dusty ground, but -- he was going to lose. He may have been a little bit hasty, challenging an unknown Guardian Force.

Zell started to fight more and more defensively, throwing out spells just to give him a second's breath to step back, moving back down the path. He hadn't made it more than a few feet before the wolf lunged at him, and his heel hit a rock, toppling him backwards. He hit the ground with a whoof of breath, and then the wolf was above him, one giant paw coming down on his chest, pinning him to the ground.

"Um," Zell said, nervously. "I yield?" The pressure of the Guardian Force's paw increased, slowly squeezing the breath from his lungs. Its eyes burned down at him, each one a miniature moon: silver-white and luminous, unblinking as the enormous beast stared at him.

"You know," the Guardian Force said, voice rumbling through Zell's bones, "Back in the day," it continued dryly, "It was rude to show up without a proper offering. Much less pick a fight."

"Offering?" Zell squeaked out, visions of human sacrifice running through his head.

"Offering," The Guardian Force said. "I am Fenrir. An old god, of magic, of the moon, of the wild, of all the things the wilds do." The scene was lit sharply by moonlight, casting everything in brilliant light and pitch darkness. The runes across Fenrir's fur, the spiraling horns on his head, glowed the same silver-blue as the moon in the sky. His gaze stayed fixed on Zell, eyes unblinking, and his eyes were glowing more and more intensely as dusk fell: brilliant light cast down across Zell's body, silver moonlight. The air around them was chill, cooling sharply as night ascended, but Fenrir's paw, where their bodies made contact, was almost burning hot.

Zell's first Guardian Force, his school-assigned one, was Kujata: an enormous boar with tri-elemental powers. The first time he summoned him, it was...

Kujata was huge, standing taller than Zell. He'd pawed the ground, cloven hooves digging into the dirt. Electricity had burst from his enormous, forward-pointing horns, and the lightning had turned to ice spears that had impaled them, and the shards of ice had exploded in a fiery torrent of heat. On one level, Zell had been thinking about being given his new GF, how that meant he was graduating up to being a SeeD elect. On another, he'd been unable to draw his eyes away from Kujata's balls: grotesquely huge between his haunches, so giant that they pulled his sac away from his body into a lurching mound. They'd jiggled when Kujata had stamped his feet, audibly smacking his flanks, and in the rush of heat after Kujata's attack Zell had smelled the scent of his body: a virile, almost offensively rank smell, heady and meaty. In the aftermath of his first summon, he'd been woozy, distracted, and the Garden staff said that that was common enough for a first Junction; Zell definitely didn't tell them that wasn't why. He jerked off afterwards in his dorm bathroom, thinking of Kujata's fat, jiggling balls, thinking about what they'd taste like if he got to press his mouth against them. He'd came the hardest he ever had in his entire life, and then flushed and embarrassed even thinking about it, tried to never think about it again.

Now, with Fenrir standing over him, giant paw on his chest, there was the same heat pulsing through his body: the way the solid muscles of Fenrir's neck met his chest and underbelly, the banded shift in his shoulders when he shifted his weight. The furnace-like heat of his paw pinning Zell to the ground. The way his underbelly swept back past his ribs, lean muscle flexing under his fur, back to the thick coils of fur framing his haunches. And, yeah, of course, what he could see now beneath Fenrir: the tapering mound of his sheath, pinned to his underbelly by a taut cord of flesh; his fat, heavy balls bunched between his thighs, starting now to sag lower after the battle was done. Zell swallowed thickly, dizzily aware of his pulse surging through him, of how his cock was starting to swell fatter in his shorts.

There was a note of humor in Fenrir's voice as he spoke again: "Also, incidentally, a god of sex." He leered down at Zell, lips pulling back into a laughing snarl. "In case you wanted to offer yourself up."

The heat spilling through his body rushed to his face. Zell felt himself flush, cheeks hot, as Fenrir levelly met his gaze. "I..." Zell started speaking, and was left completely adrift thinking what to possibly say after that. He swallowed, still just staring across Fenrir's underbelly: sheath and balls impossible to ignore, Fenrir's gleaming eyes burning down on him.

"Please," he said, voice feeling like it was coming from somewhere else, squeezed out of him by Fenrir's paw. Zell hadn't really realized he'd spoke. His hands thrashed, smacking against Fenrir's forepaws; his legs kicked out, knocking against his hindpaws. Zell squirmed, gasping for breath, flushed and embarrassed at how he was fully-hard, cock obviously tenting his shorts. "Oh fuck," he whined, arching up against Fenrir's paw, the added pressure sending sparks of sensation bursting across his skin, heat singing through his veins as his cock throbbed harder.

There was an answering heat from Fenrir: his sheath shuddered and swelled, the already-fat mound thickening further. Zell watched, hypnotized, as the dark opening seamed wider and wider, flesh unfurling as it spread. Fenrir smelled... moon-touched, scent wild and heady, like hot silver and flowers and old books, but along with the wet slurps of his sagging sheath filling up with his still-sheathed cock there was a dark undercurrent, a rank reek of sex. The smell hit something in the back of Zell's nose -- in the back of his throat, bitter and acrid -- and Zell groaned, cock lurching in his shorts, leaking pre into his underwear. "Fuck yeah," he croaked, dazed. "C'mon, let's fuck."

Fenrir's paw shifting off his chest sucked breath back into his lungs with a whoosh. Zell gasped, lurching to his knees -- head buried against Fenrir's pelt, hands grasping at huge hanks of curled fur.

Zell carded through Fenrir's silky fur, fingers pressing along Fenrir's huge ribcage, then sliding along the lean sweep of his underbelly. He looked up, mouth half-open like he was about to say something, but nothing came out: just a silent yearning, a Can I? on the tip of his tongue, as his fingers hovered a hairs' breadth away from Fenrir's bulging sheath. Zell's throat made a warped croaking noise: body held tight, muscles so tense he was hardly breathing.

Fenrir just leered down at him, head twisted down so his moonlight eyes sent silvery illumination all across Zell's back. You better, Fenrir said, or maybe just thought; the two of them were half-junctioned already, so maybe Zell was picking up stray thoughts. It didn't matter. His fingertips closed that distance, digging into the soft, supple flesh of Fenrir's sheath. It was furnace-hot in his hands, like a hot iron bar, and his fingers sunk into the flesh, feeling the tubelike shape, digging in deeper to feel the shifting internal structures within. The cord of flesh webbing his sheath to his underbelly was soft and stretchy, barely-furred, and Zell stroked his palm across it, moaning when Fenrir's breath hitched above him.

Fenrir's heartbeat pulsed through his sheath, making it throb in Zell's hands, and it was with a dizzying realization that Zell found the shape of Fenrir's dick with his other hand: sunk to the base of his sheath, his sharply-pointed cocktip could still be felt through his skin. It pushed forward in jerks, sliding through his sheath and fattening it. He stroked the supple flesh of his sheath back and forth on his unsheathing cock, flushing at the soft squelch, at the wet slurps that spilled out from his sheathtip, spreading open to reveal dark purple internal flesh, slick and wet, glistening in the early moonlight.

Fenrir's sheath bumped against his nose. Zell went cross-eyed staring at it, only realizing then how much he'd leaned in: upper body nearly horizontal, face an inch away from his spreading sheath. So close he could hear the crackle of damp flesh sliding, the soft sound of his sheath spreading out. His exhales billowed back into his face, carrying with them the spicy scent of Fenrir's cock, heavy and meaty in his mouth. Zell became aware he was drooling: cords of saliva spilling in his mouth, pooling below his tongue. He swallowed, thickly, and then-- fuck it, this was obviously happening already, might as well go for it.

He closed the distance, pressing his lips against Fenrir's spreading sheathtip, and opened his mouth, wetly kissing the inside of his sheath. The taste blossomed across his tongue, a heavy tang when he licked out, lips and tongue pressing along Fenrir's slick inner flesh. He moaned, eyes fluttering shut, and slid both hands to curl around Fenrir's still-sheathed dick, jacking his sheath along his shaft as he sloppily made out with it. He opened wide, tongue dipping deeper, and there was a shock as it skidded along Fenrir's cocktip, catching a slimy mess of wet pre that'd been oozing from the tip.

Zell moaned, wetly huffing with half his face shoved inside Fenrir's loose sheath, and lapped again -- Fenrir's dick pushed forward an iota more, letting more of it slide across Zell's tongue. He hungrily nursed on Fenrir's cocktip, pressing forwards and letting more of his loose sheath slop over his nose and chin, piling up in heavy folds.

He let his tongue guide Fenrir's cocktip to his lips, moaning again, muffled now, as the heated tip pressed into his mouth. Fenrir's cockflesh was spongy and dense, turgid, and coated in a slick, slippery internal fluid that immediately coated the inside of Zell's mouth, making his throat catch when he swallowed, making his tongue slide against his teeth strangely. There was a divot at the very tip of Fenrir's cocktip, and it pulsed when he dug his tongue into it -- and above him, Fenrir rumbled, his hips sliding forward to grind his cock deeper. His cock twitched, lurching up and abruptly gushing a flood of slick, metallic-tasting pre; Zell sputtered, mouth suddenly flooded, and pulled free from Fenrir's gaping sheath with a wet slurp, leaving slimy cords webbing Zell's face to Fenrir's cocktip.

Fenrir's dick twitched, cocktip slurping out further from his sheath, and shot off a blast of pre that smacked right onto Zell's face, slashing over his cheeks and dripping down his nose. Zell's mouth hung open, hoarsely panting, as Fenrir spurted again, letting the next gush of rank wolf pre to hose right over Zell's bruised lips and splatter across the roof of his mouth. Zell gurgled, swallowing the mouthful of pre, and dove back onto Fenrir's cock, loudly and wetly slurping as he sucked across the tip, licking it clear of stringy sheath fluid. He pressed his hands against his sheath, peeling it back from Fenrir's shaft, and skimmed his lips across the underside of his shaft, tongue catching the slobbery trail of ooze that drizzled down his still-unsheathing cock.

Zell kept stroking his sheath, churning up the slimy sheath fluid into something thicker, off-white and opaque clinging to Fenrir's shaft as it unsheathed in jerky spurts. Zell found himself whining and huffing, messily slurping on the giant wolf's cocktip and only pulling off to wetly cough, throat clogged with slimy ooze. Fenrir's cock smeared across his cheek, drizzling over his shoulder, and it's the tug of wet fabric that pulls Zell's attention to how he's dressed. He shrugged off his baggy overshirt, one hand going down to grind down on his trapped cock -- his sharp inhale drew Fenrir's attention; the giant wolf let out a huffing laugh, rutting his cock across Zell's face as he opened his shorts and curled one hand around his cock, whining and whimpering as he jerked off while sucking along Fenrir's bulky wolf dick.

Out in the open, Fenrir's dick was a colossal thing. His sheath hung lower, fattened up by the girth of his shaft to be thicker than one of Zell's legs, and his cock -- thinner, but still easily thicker than Zell's biceps -- kept pushing out in pulses and jerks, until his cock hung out in the open: tip big as a fist and bulging out in a fat, tapering point; shaft sleek and swept-back, spanning from his haunches to mid-belly, hanging down from its own weight in a deep arch, nearly as long as Zell's entire arm. His flesh was a rich, dark red-purple, slick and glossy from Zell's spit and his slimy internal fluids.

Zell smeared his free hand across the bare shaft, jerking Fenrir off as he bobbed and sucked on the tip, swallowing as he tried to keep up with the immense spurt of pre the giant Guardian Force shot into his mouth. Pre burbled over his lips, spilling down his neck to glaze his chest, sticking his thin undershirt to his skin. Zell moaned around Fenrir's dick, hungrily trying to stuff more of his fat cocktip into his mouth -- his cock was just too huge to fit more than the very tip between his spread lips -- and let go of his dick, dragging his hand up his stomach and chest to smear Fenrir's pre all across his front. If he kept touching his dick he was gonna cum, and he didn't want to push over that edge yet.

Fenrir's dick slipped through his fingers, fat and heavy, flesh still turgid, and Zell cupped it with both hands, fingers squelching obscenely as he stroked down his shaft, letting pre web across his fingers and splatter to the tiles below. Fully unsheathed, Fenrir's dick was too big to stroke the entire length; Zell pumped across the tip, skimming his other hand up along the immense length. Just before his sheath, Zell could feel the structure of his cock change: flesh denser, rubbery, with heavy structures under the surface when he clenched down. His knot, Zell knew, and a full-body shudder wracked through him at the thought; of what it would look like fully engorged.

Fenrir humped his face, forepaws planted just behind him, legs pinning him in place. His drooling cocktip jabbed against Zell's face, pulling back from his red and swollen lips only to sink forward again, ploughing to the back of his throat and stretching his lips to the limit, flooding the back of his mouth with a slick, watery burst of metallic wolf pre. Zell burbled as he struggled to swallow around Fenrir's cock, webs of slime oozing past his lips; Fenrir's cocktip pulled back with messy planes of bubbles and froth stretching out between them, only to seam together and slap against Zell's disheveled face when Fenrir thrust forward.

Zell took it, on his knees in the middle of the ruin, his initial frenzy for Fenrir's cock replaced with a dazed, exhausted determination to keep taking it. Fenrir fucked his face; Zell had to brace his entire body against each thrust, burying his face deeper against his underbelly. He choked and gagged, cocktip grazing the soft flesh of his throat, and he was woozily aware he was drooling and crying, snot running from his pre-clogged nose as Fenrir wetly bred his face. His hands cupped Fenrir's shaft, glazed and dripping with pre, squelching obscenely as Fenrir's shaft pumped across his palms.

Fenrir's panting caught in his chest, bursting out as a ragged snarl. His cock throbbed, turgid flesh thickening under Zell's fingers, over Zell's lips, and when it lurched it ripped itself from the loose socket of Zell's mouth, flinging a sloppy slurry of spit and pre all across his face in wet slashes. Zell groaned, fluid gurgling in his clogged throat, and lurched with Fenrir's cock, smearing the spurting tip across his face until it sunk back between his bruised lips. He clasped it tighter as it jerked harder, fingers curling around its girth, keeping it sunk to the back of his mouth as Fenrir's underbelly flexed and clenched. His shaft fattened, swelling with blood, flesh becoming firm and glossy under Zell's touch -- and his knot swelled, too, its heavy flesh spreading at the base of his shaft.

Fenrir bucked harder, sloppily fucking Zell's open and unresisting mouth, snarling and growling, until with a lurch forward that nearly bowled Zell on his ass he raised his muzzle to the sky and let out a howl, baying loudly as his cock exploded into Zell's mouth. Zell choked and coughed, a single squirt of cum more than enough to fill his mouth: cum sprayed from his lips, burbling from his nose in a slimy mess, even as he tried to swallow. The sheer force of Fenrir's shots bounced his load off of Zell's throat, rebounding to slather his tongue and teeth in his thin, watery issue. It tasted like iron, bitter and stringy, stomach roiling from the taste even as he swallowed again and again. Zell gagged, throat clogged with wet ooze, and it only took that fraction of a second for Fenrir to absolutely overflow his mouth: cheeks bulging, cum squirting from his nose, a sloppy waterfall of cum pouring out over his lips.

Zell lurched back, gasping for breath, and Fenrir's cocktip flexed and shuddered, splattering his face in rope after rope of cum: flattening his hair to his scalp, glazing his face in a slimy mess of wolf cum, cutting through the churned-up froth clinging tight to his cheeks and jaw. Fenrir drenched Zell head to toe in his load, showering him in a wet torrent of cum. All Zell could do was hang on: hands still wrapped around Fenrir's cocktip, stroking him slightly, kneeling there beneath Fenrir's cock. His sharp spurts slowed into a continual pour, until he was steadily pissing out cum all across the crown of Zell's head, dripping in rivulets down his entire body.

Zell whined, dragging one hand off Fenrir's cock to touch his own dick -- still rock hard jutting out from his open fly, drenched now in a slimy mess of pooled cum that stuck his pubes to his skin. Zell tugged on his cock, leaning forward to slurp across the underside of Fenrir's cock, catching the stringy cords of cum drizzling down the underside. He whimpered across Fenrir's dick, sucking and lapping across his fiery-hot flesh, his hand on his cock practically frictionless from the mess of slimy cum drenching him. Cum pooled in his mouth, heavy and acrid, and Zell's entire body shuddered, orgasm snapping through him with the force of a punch: he groaned open-mouthed against Fenrir's spurting cocktip, letting the torrent of cum gurgle into his mouth and then overflow, and he came harder than he'd ever come before, cock shooting out bolts of cum into the sludgy puddle he was kneeling in the middle of.

Without his knot properly latched -- Zell couldn't imagine what he could latch, with his bulbous, head-sized knot -- Fenrir's orgasm spent itself in minutes. Zell was drenched, face glistening with slimy wolf cum, undershirt and shorts wetly clinging to his body, sneakers flooded and squelching. The continual pour of Fenrir's load slowed into a sludgy drizzle, and Zell kept himself under it, face upturned to receive the continual outpouring of cum right across his forehead, oozing through his ruined hair and sluicing down his face in sheets. He tugged on his softening cock, enjoying the pulses of heat that washed through his body, mouth open, mindlessly pressing his face against the underside of Fenrir's dick.

Fenrir's cock sagged, softening, and the solid weight of it coming to rest across Zell's face -- impossibly heavy; his turgid flesh must have been incredibly dense -- made him keen and whine, cock stirring again in his hand, as he started to jerk off in earnest, slurping across Fenrir's softening cock, lapping up slimy streaks of cum. His tongue caught huge slimy washes of cum spilling down Fenrir's shaft, pouring into his open mouth with a messy gurgle, and Zell gulped it down, panting as he humped Fenrir's hind leg, entire body slick and wet, oozing wolf cum down to the ground. Zell came twice in as many minutes, orgasm a dizzying thing that ripped through him and left him gasping for breath, vision greyed out.

Fenrir's cock still hung above him, knot sluggishly softening -- Zell stroked his hands around the huge bulbous thing, feeling its impossible, implacable weight, spongy and heavy when he dug his fingers in -- and sucked the dregs of his load from his shrinking cocktip. His fingers cupped the heavy, leathery skin of his sheath, feeling its contrast to the burning-hot flesh of his knot, and slowly helped ease his knot back into his sheath, swallowed up with a gurgling squelch that left a ring of slimy cum clinging to his sheath-rim.

Zell leaned in, huffing and panting as he lapped up the mess, tongue dipping into Fenrir's sheath as he ate up the slimy runnels of cum scraped off his sheathing cock, until his cock was only a short, fat spar peeking out from his slimy sheath-folds and Zell was buried against it, hungrily making out with his puffy sheath, tongue scraping along his inner flesh as he coaxed out the final glossy smears of cum -- the final glossy smears of cum on Fenrir; Zell was drenched head-to-toe, cum drying in tacky smears, crusting across his knuckles as it dried in sheets. Finally even Fenrir's cocktip retreated back into his sheath, leaving Zell wetly kissing his sheath.

Zell pulled back, hands trembling as if in a daze. He was still in the moment: flushed, dreamlike, spent cock hanging between his thighs, body flush with pleasure; even the slow, itchy drying of Fenrir's load across his entire body, cool and clammy now in the night breeze, felt good. But there was the other part of him that was starting to wake up, the part that was bellowing 'You just fucked a Guardian Force!'

Zell tried to speak. "So--" he started, and immediately gagged, bringing up a huge stringy glob of cum. He coughed it up and then swallowed it back down. "So, uh, what do we do now?"

Fenrir looked down at him: cum-drenched and still dripping, lips bruised from worshiping his fat sheath. "I might as well come with you. It's been a long time since I had any acolytes here to tend to me." His mouth opened in a wolfish grin: "I'll start training you to properly service me."

Zell looked away, cheeks hot, but he couldn't deny the ripple of heat at Fenrir's words; the thought that after this they could fuck any time. He was still kneeling before Fenrir's sheath, and it was almost -- embarrassing, to see his spit-soaked flesh, covered in streaks and smears of drying sludge, in splotchy patterns where Zell had focused his lips and tongue. "Yeah," Zell said, still flushed. "Yeah, that'd be real cool."

Absent anything else, and with night already fallen while Zell was— while Zell was busy, he set up camp in the ruin itself: tent staked down in the corner of some crumbling structure, with support from two old walls. He scraped off the worst of the layer of drying cum all over his skin and clothes. His mind was whirling but his body was tired, and even the hot, bruised throb of his swollen lips — and the sense-memory that they brought with them with each throb — couldn't keep him up long. He fell asleep almost instantly.

Fenrir woke him, sometime late — early? — in the night. Heat rippled around him, making his sleeping bag incredibly stuffy, and half-asleep Zell squirmed out of it, dimly aware how he was naked and cocooned in fur, pressed against Fenrir's side.

The Guardian Force's body was so hot compared to the nighttime chill, and Zell found himself pushing back against him, burying his front in Fenrir's shaggy undercoat, letting the soft press of fur slide over his naked skin. Fenrir's cock was shockingly wet: only the tip had pushed out from his sheath, a lump of hard flesh that dragged across Zell's skin, and it left behind a dripping trail that turned the smooth slide of his fur into a wet, clumping drag. Zell whined, his own cock stirring, and still half-asleep he sunk forward to press his body weight against Fenrir's cock, pinning it tight against his stomach — throbbing, pulsating, spurting out wet runnels of slime that spilled down his hip — before it skewed out of place with a lewd squelch. Zell rutted back, shifting his legs to let the sharp, fat tip smack against him, slotting into place between his thighs. Zell let out a long moan, fucking himself back against Fenrir's cock as it slopped between his legs, pushing against his balls. He squeezed his legs together, feeling his solid brawler's thighs dig into the heavy, pulpy flesh of Fenrir's cock, feeling its pulses resonate through his hazy body. He crooked one hand up, letting Fenrir's slow, steady thrusts smear his cock along his chest, cock slurping wetly each time it jolted through the crook of his open legs. Fenrir bore down, pinning Zell's cock against his chest, drenching his skin in his slick, oily preseed. Zell fucked himself along Fenrir's shaft, until his pre drooled between his pecs in syrupy, lathered-up dollops, heavy and thick.

Zell was in a daze, half-asleep; he would've been happy to keep rutting against Fenrir's cock forever. Fenrir had other plans. He pulled back, cock audibly slorping where it pulled away from Zell's glazed body, leaving his bare skin wet and chill. Fenrir played his cocktip right between Zell's thighs: butting the tip against his tightly-drawn ballsac and then sliding up to slop across his ass, digging between Zell's pert cheeks to spurt his slick animal issue right against his tight asshole. Zell moaned, the abrupt rush of slick heat making his pre-glazed cock twitch and flex, smacking up tight against his stomach. He rut back against Fenrir, eyes tightly screwed shut, mouth hanging open, as Fenrir sloppily fucked between his cheeks. His sharp animal cocktip slurped up and down, pinned between Zell's muscled cheeks. His tip dug right into Zell's asshole, but only for a moment — a lurch of pressure that had Zell moaning and grinding down on, only for the motion to pop Fenrir's cocktip out, sliding up to drizzle pre across his lower back.

They moved together, sending Fenrir's cocktip smearing back and forth, drenching Zell's ass in a slimy mess of dripping preseed that lathered up into thick, creamy dollops of opaque white froth. Fenrir pushed down, and Zell pushed back, letting his cocktip dig into his tight asshole a little bit more each time. Zell's hole opened up in little jabs each time he pressed himself back: that fat, pointed cocktip dug into his hole just a fraction more, socketing in with an obscene squelch and pulling free with slimy webs of goopy pre splattering down his taint and oozing over his balls in syrupy cords.

Zell sobbed, hands twisted up in his sleeping bag, cock untouched but rock hard, and it was with a shaky twisting sensation inside him he could feel his orgasm approach: the slick press of Fenrir's dick against his ass, the slow flowering of his hole, the pressure of hard flesh against his puffy, spreading asshole — Zell sobbed into his pillow, shaky keening noises bursting out of his throat, as his cock shot off completely untouched, shooting his load in sharp, sudden bursts. He panted, gasping for breath, lungs heaving, skin sheened in sweat, and when Fenrir pushed inside his slack, spreading hole he came again, softening cock flexing hard as he pissed out a messy stream of cum.

Fenrir fucked him shallowly, opening him up in lurches: first the tapering tip, and then the steady stretch of his shaft, plunging into Zell's opened-up guts with a steady rhythm of obscene wet slurps. His guts gurgled, pre slick and wet spilling deeper inside him, making each thrust frictionless, slick and heavy parting open his inner passages. The sheer size of Fenrir's cock felt like it was coring him out, carving him up. A thick, jiggling string of cum hung from his cockhead, slowly stretching longer as he kept oozing from the continual pressure against his prostate. His whole body burned, the raw ache of being spread emanating from his swollen, bruising hole. He pushed himself back, aching, desperate, and Fenrir leaned down, jaws clamping on the back of his neck; Zell froze in place.

"Don't overdo it, pup," Fenrir growled, voice rumbling through his spine. "Plenty of time before dawn to spire you on my knot. No reason to rush things and rip yourself up."

The only part of that that penetrated Zell's hazy mind was spire you on my knot; that Fenrir didn't plan on stopping until they were knotted. Just the thought of it: his body used as a sloppy sheath to be warped around Fenrir's enormous wolf cock, knotted tight by this alien, feral Guardian Force and pumped full of his animal issue, made his skin prickle, heat sparking around where Fenrir's fangs dug gingerly into his neck. His balls drew up tight and he came again with a sob, half-hard cock spilling out his latest load into the messy puddle of cum staining his sleeping bag. Zell went limp, only held up by Fenrir's teeth on his neck and Fenrir's cock in his ass.

Fenrir's cock rutted inside him, probing deeper, lurching erratically back and forth as Fenrir fucked him shallowly. His shaft was monstrously huge, sheer girth warping Zell's ass, spreading his muscled cheeks into bulky crescents. The very tip of his cock scoured through him, scraping and snagging on the warped folds of his ass, tapping against the opening to his guts: a hard wall that he couldn't simply push through. It was Zell who shifted — leaning to one side, back arching minutely — so that the next thrust hit just the right angle, catching on the twist of his guts and spreading him open. Fenrir eased a half-foot of his cock into Zell's guts, a smooth slide filling him up, and Zell shuddered and sobbed, soft cock flexing hard as he came again from being so deeply spired on Fenrir's cock,

Fenrir growled above him, appreciative, and clamped down a little tighter, pinning Zell beneath him. He kept sinking in, so deep his cocktip jabbed against Zell's abs from the inside, tapping against the hard wall of muscle and sliding deeper. Zell's guts burned, stretched so wide, and Fenrir kept steadily thrusting inside him, back and forth, cock emerging from his worked-open, gaping ass with an obscene squelch and a burble of slick pre; he thrust forward to an explosion of pre spraying all across Zell's ass and thighs, cock pumping all the excess pre out of his guts as it sunk back inside him.

"Don't worry," Fenrir said. "I plan on being gentle with you, for your first mating." And then, a lustier tone to his booming voice: "But there's only so gentle I can make your first knotting."

Back and forth, steady and unending, and Zell's body responded: heat gathering inside him, soft cock erratically twitching, prostate burning. A hot wave of pleasure rippled through his body, back and forth, cascading inside him as Fenrir fucked him into mush. All he could do was pant for breath, keening and sobbing, orgasm after orgasm sparking through him in a timeless daze.

Zell sobbed, lips breathlessly forming words: "Fenrir-r-r," he said, voice hitching as his body warped around Fenrir's cock. "Please," he sobbed, only dimly aware of what he wanted; what he needed.

Fenrir plunged half his cock into him in a long, brutal thrust, and Zell keened: head thrown back, mouth hanging open, eyes rolled back into his skull. His abs clenched and relaxed, bloating under the surface; the shadow of Fenrir's cock lurched out through his stomach, sharp tip rounded out into a smooth, warped bloat as he jabbed deeper. Zell's stomach warped and wobbled, slowly distending around Fenrir's shaft.

Pre squirted from Zell's gaping ass, hanging in thick cords along Fenrir's fat wolf cock and snapping to splatter in sludgy lines all across Zell's slathered thighs. Fenrir's balls lurched, his sac swaying low between his haunches, dragging against Zell's calves and scraping ooze off his saturated and dripping fur. Churned-up slime drenched the sleeping bag beneath them until it was buried under a stringy, slimy layer of pre, burbling over Zell's hands, still tightly-twisted into the bunched material. His stomach sagged, rubbery cracks resounding from inside his guts as they were flooded by Fenrir's slick preseed. The sheer weight of it overpowered his abs, and when they went slack his stomach bloated out into a fattened mound with a few deep gurgles for punctuation. Fenrir's cock carved into him deeper, slowly, working him open until his ass was a spread, gaping crater, asslips rubbery and heavy, clinging softly to Fenrir's shaft as it thrust into him, pouting open in a florid gape when he pulled back enough to let the tip play across the bruised and bloated slabs of flesh that his asshole had swollen up into. His stomach bloated, pregnant-looking, swaying beneath him in dizzying lurches with each of Fenrir's thrusts.

Fenrir's cockflesh firmed, turgid flesh finally starting to swell and thicken as Fenrir got close to his own orgasm. His shaft swelled even fatter, warping Zell's body even more — Fenrir's cock jerked upward, trying to slap against his underbelly, and so much of it was sunk into Zell that it bodily jerked him upwards, hands and knees lurching off the ground for a moment before coming back down. The base of his shaft pushed inside him, slowly eased in as Fenrir struggled to hilt himself inside — Zell gurgled, choking on nothing as the cocktip pressed against his lungs, warping his diaphragm — and even soft and unengorged Zell could feel the heavy, dense structure of his knot as it pushed through his broken hole. His asscheeks were warped and stretched around the sheer girth of Fenrir's shaft, the muscles curled around the thigh-thick obstruction deeply lodged inside him.

Fenrir's sheath came to rest against his spread ass, flesh drenched and dripping, shaggy fur saturated with churned-up pre, oozing it out like a wet sponge across Zell's back. Zell sobbed brokenly, entire body convulsing around Fenrir's cock, spiring him through. The cocktip was shoved up inside his body cavity, beating like a second heart; he could feel the implacable length of Fenrir's whole cock sunk inside him with each breath. He was hollowed out, body turned into a tight sheath for Fenrir's cock, a slick opening he could fuck and knot without any consideration. Zell came again: eyes rolling back in his skull; limp cock twitching hard, already cocooned in a web of Fenrir's sloppy pre.

Fenrir stirred his cock inside Zell, making his guts gurgle and squelch, audibly sloshing as his pre swilled inside him in heavy waves. His knot throbbed, impossibly hot inside Zell's body, like a burning ember cradled between his hips, and as it started to grow it got even hotter: engorging with blood, heavy and hard. Fenrir let out a long snarl above him, composure breaking as he finally knotted Zell: lips peeled back, panting as his knot took within Zell's body.

The smooth swell of Fenrir's knot caught against the folded ridges of Zell's much-abused prostate, and the steady pressure — ever-increasing — sent another pulse of pleasure through Zell's entire body, a throb that only increased as Fenrir's growing knot absolutely flattened his prostate. Zell's eyes bulged, open but unseeing, as Fenrir's knot took inside him: stretching his already-stretched ass to the limit, bigger and bigger inside him. The heavy, churned-up ropes of pre gurgling through his guts were streaming down Fenrir's shaft, and there was a final wet gulp from his broken guts as Fenrir's knot swelled so fat it cut off the flow, letting fluid collect against the broadening cap of Fenrir's knot, solidly lodged between Zell's hips.

Zell whimpered, sobbing weakly, entirely overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of Fenrir's knot inside him. His body hung off Fenrir's cock, heavy tension building in his ass as his guts shifted and slurped, smooth muscle rhythmically pulsing but unable to dislodge the growing intrusion. Fenrir shifted above him, forepaws dragging Zell back deeper, hips grinding forward — shoving his blossoming knot an iota deeper, cocktip bashing against his lungs — and let out a grinding howl as his cock erupted, flooding Zell's already-saturated guts with his slick issue. Wolf cum burst into Zell with the force of a punch, knocking what little air remained from his lungs, sending its burning heat billowing through his body. He gasped soundlessly, chest and stomach gurgling, sloshing, squelching, as Fenrir's load surged into him, rippling his already-bloated belly, making his flesh ripple and squirm. His body convulsed, mouth open and drooling, cock spasming continually, belly expanding until he looked pregnant. Fenrir's load was thin and watery, scalding hot inside Zell's guts, and so, so copious. Firmly knotted inside Zell, he was pissing out cum in a strong, steady flow, more and more as Zell's belly lurched lower and lower, filling the space beneath him.

Even taking Fenrir's cock was miraculous — something that a Guardian Force-augmented SeeD candidate could do, maybe. But it was only the continual outpouring of Fenrir's power, earthed into Zell's pliable body, that kept him from splitting apart, rupturing, as Fenrir dumped the full volume his load into Zell. Zell's guts rippled and warped, bloating in unnatural folds and swells, and his skin stretched in ragged sheets, seaming apart in red stretch marks all across his belly and chest. Fenrir kept cumming: cock rippling, unending, inside Zell, pushing more and more cum inside him. He looked beyond pregnant, stomach bloated and sloshing, swollen huge. His belly touched the ground, pressure increasing as it flattened out, and Zell soundlessly gasped and gurgled, clawing at his ruined sleeping bag as his swaying belly grew broader and broader with each moment.

Fenrir hauled him up, paws scraping in the dirt beside him as Zell was abruptly hung off of Fenrir's cock, solidly pinned against his underbelly with his inhumanly-huge belly a massive, swaying mound hanging off him. His belly was nearly as big as the rest of his body, a fat teardrop tightly clinging to his front, rippling in lurches when his tangled, inflated guts slid past each other, making his entire body rock with the force of the motion. All Zell could do was hold on: gurgle and groan, blearily try to breathe, while his crushed prostate jerked sideways against Fenrir's knot, making his soft cock continually weep cum down the curve of his belly.

Eventually, the tone of the light started to change — dark shadows replaced with misty blue light. Fenrir had kept him knotted the whole night. Even then he didn't stop: he just shifted his paws, sitting back, muzzle hanging open with his tongue lolling out as he bred Zell continually for hours. It wasn't until the sky was bright and the sun was reaching over the mountains — late morning — that Zell finally felt Fenrir's knot finally start to sag. The reaction from his body was immediate: his guts lurched, folding over themselves to squelch around Fenrir's softening knot, letting a messy explosion of pressurized cum burst out around his knot, squirting his thin, slimy cum everywhere. Zell was completely unable to hold himself up; his arms and legs were trembling, just spasming whenever he tried to move them. He shuddered, letting cum squirt and squelch out of him around the rim of Fenrir's knot. He was a sloppy fountain: a slimy waterfall of cum gurgled out around Fenrir's knot, the flow only getting more intense as Fenrir's knot kept shrinking. His ass was utterly destroyed, ring slack and gaping, and only the swollen bruising kept him on Fenrir's knot.

Fenrir's softening cock let him down, slowly lurching lower until Zell's inflated belly scraped the ground, adding more pressure to the fountaining squirts of cum bursting from his wrecked ass. His ass convulsed, clenching and pushing, and spat out Fenrir's knot, still nearly head-sized, in an enormous explosion of cum. His much-abused guts slurped inside-out, folding over each other in slack, rubbery folds as they burst out over the lip of his ass in a heavy, meaty prolapse that bloated out fatter around Fenrir's shaft, so thickly-slathered with cum that it was impossible to see the color of the flesh beneath.

Zell collapsed, boneless. Half of Fenrir's shaft was still sunk in him, spearing through his slack prolapse, and the slathered meat of his guts shuddered and pulsed, folding over itself in slimy, cum-drenched layers. Zell shuddered, sagging belly heaving and shuddering as cum squirted out of him, forming a huge slimy waterfall pouring between his thighs: spilling back over his body to utterly drench his legs and stomach, coating his balls and soft cock in a sludgy cocoon. Zell struggled to sit up, to get on all fours, even just to roll over, but his libs were useless: weak and wobbling, trembling and collapsing at the slightest weight. He stayed there on his knees, face on his cum-soaked pillow, ruined ass still spired on Fenrir's oozing cock.

Fenrir was the one to finally pull apart. His cock pulled free with a wet slurp, hot tendrils of cum splattering all over Zell's already-drenched thighs. Fenrir's unsheathed cock was still sluggishly oozing cum, spilling silty, finger-thick cords of churned-up sludge all across Zell's back. Fenrir stood over him, cock weakly flexing as he drained the dregs of his load all over Zell's slathered body. His belly was still beyond pregnant, bloated and enormous, with his prolapse spilling out from his ass as a brilliant red-violet mound, color murkily visible under the continual spill of cum.

Zell couldn't say how long he lay there like that: body still rippling in the aftermath of his brutal mating, guts cramping and shuddering, cock erratically flexing. His prolapse shuddered as Zell clenched and pushed at internal muscles. He could pull, tensing something somewhere in his chest, and sluggishly his prolapse slurped back into his body, blown asshole eating up his folded guts until the final lump lurched back inside him with a feeling like a wet punch. Zell gasped, breath still shaky and fast, and experimentally pushed out: cum squirting from his gaped hole, until with an enormous explosion of slime his ass unfolded again, guts spilling out over his ravaged hole effortlessly. His cock twitched hard, something like an orgasm rushing through him, and Zell let out a guttural moan, gasping for breath. He stayed there, dazed, pulling in and pushing out his prolapse over and over, cum draining out of him continually, a dizzying wash of pleasure rushing through him as he played with his ass.

Eventually, the cum slathered all over him had dried into a gummy crust, flaking apart at the edges, and the waterfall spilling between his legs thinned until it was simply a slimy mess of thin tendrils spilling down his legs. Fenrir had vanished back into him at some point, becoming a smug feeling in his head.

Zell shakily got to his feet, wobbling and shuddering. His stomach was still swollen; it sloshed and gurgled as he moved, and the change in orientation got a new spill of cum to burst out of him, splattering down his legs in glistening white layers. Zell leaned against the crumbling wall at the edge of his campsite, and used one hand to feel across the carved-open rim of his asshole. His ass was a crater, flesh there soft and sensitive, giving absolutely no resistance when Zell slid a finger across the rim of his hole, into his cum-flooded ass. He slid deeper, two fingers, three, spread wide and groping across his inner flesh: oddly cool, now, with his guts having been exposed to the open air for so long. He twisted, shakily leaning to one side so he could raise his other foot, and— his entire hand sunk into his gaped ass with only the slightest tension. Zell, groaned, twisting his hand inside himself, eyes rolling back in his skull from the messy frission of sensation: knuckles digging into the pulpy, bruised flesh of his inner ass, scraping through the thick sludge, the silt of Fenrir's load, that had glued itself to his inner surfaces. Zell sagged across the collapsed wall, hips twisted to give himself better access as he sloppily fisted himself: knuckles bashing against his inner walls, working out huge globs of cum from deeper in his guts, building up in smeared cords across his fingers before the excess overflowed, spilling out around his wrist in huge dollops. It was only the ache that eventually stopped him: wrist twisted to fit in his own ass, hips exhausted from Fenrir's brutal mating. Zell let his hand spill from his ass — clenching and pushing his inner muscles to spit his fist out of himself — and staggered to the side again, still uneven walking.

Dimly, things started to come back to him. It was nearly noon; the sun was high in the sky, and he only had a few days to get back to the pickup site at the base of the mountains. His campsite was in disarray. His tent, apparently, had been thrown across the ruin: stakes all pulled, tent itself a crumpled heap of oiled fabric along the far wall. His sleeping bag was submerged in a murky pool of Fenrir's churned-up cum; his pillow was saturated and oozing, like a wet sponge.

"You're not gonna help clean this up, even though you made the mess, huh?" Zell said, rhetorically, and slowly started shambling through cleaning and packing everything up. Still naked, because every time he leaned over — putting pressure on his still-present pudge — there was a slurping and a gurgling in his guts, and another watery explosion of wolf cum from his flooded ass. He was leaving slimy footprints behind him; the backs of his legs were entirely glazed in cum, in layer after layer building up into a thick, grimy sheet of jelly-like ooze stuck to his skin.

When he finally got going, it was with his backpack on — all his camping supplies still reeking of cum — and his sneakers, and nothing else: slick wet runnels of fresh cum were still drooling out of him.

"You know, I'm way behind schedule because of you," he said to Fenrir. "If I get a bad grade on this it'll be because of you."

Unexpectedly, Fenrir's voice came back to him: smug and very pleased with himself. "It will be worth it," he said. "Because I know you think it's been worth it."

Zell flushed. Stupid Guardian Forces being able to read your mind.

Another rumble of heated breath billowed up from his mind. "Don't worry; you still need to be broken in before you're a proper host. I'll make sure to fuck you every night on the way back."

Zell grumbled, but he couldn't stop the hot flustered feeling: used asshole pulsing, still aching from the phantom-sensation of Fenrir's knot lodged inside him. His cock shuddered, stiffening until he was fully hard: hiking over bare rocks with his cock leading the way. Yeah, he'd enjoy that, even if it would fuck up his grades.

Chapter Text

Zell got back to the Balamb plains in time, through no help of Fenrir; true to his word, he'd spent every night — and most mornings — spired open on Fenrir's immense cock. He'd wake fully drenched in cum, gaping ass still leaking, and have to spend the whole day hiking naked save for his backpack, with his well-fucked guts gurgling and churning, emitting abrupt bursts of wolf cum from his cratered asshole.

Zell could hardly believe the difference only a week had made: he'd played with his ass before, of course, and at first it had been a struggle to fit two fingers inside himself; his asshole had stayed a tightly-knotted pucker he had to struggle to breach. Now, though... after being Fenrir's cock-sheath for days in a row, he could feel his hole spread and gape even when he knelt down, bulging hole peeling open to show off his leaking, cum-stuffed guts. He could press two fingers across the breadth of his fattened, engorged asslips and sink them into his hole without any resistance; if anything, his hole shuddered and opened further, eagerly gaping around his fingers, coaxing him to slide more in, until he had shoved his entire fist into his open and hungry cunt.

Zell flushed even thinking about that morning: fitfully half-asleep jostling beneath Fenrir's body, only woken up fully when his knot pulled free with a hollow gurgle, letting gallons of cum start to sluggishly wind their way out of his flooded guts — and he'd been flushed and hard, not satisfied, needing to desperately ride his own fist until his stubbornly-hard cock had shot its messy load all up his chest. Even after that he hadn't stopped; he'd sprawled on the ground, legs braced against a tree to spread his hole, and simply luxuriated in the feeling of his fingers sliding over the bruised and puffy mess of his wrecked hole, groaning as he'd squirted cum all down his forearm. The angle meant he couldn't get any deeper than his wrist, but— he'd even started looking at rocks, trying to find any that were round and smooth enough to fit inside him. Nothing yet; he was a little afraid that he would find one, and then he'd have to seriously consider whether or not to shove some rock he found on a mountainside up his ass, just because he needed something in there.

All that was to say, when he finally turned up at the crossroads — freshly scrubbed in a mountain stream and hopefully not reeking too much of wolf cum — his mind was buzzing, utterly distracted from the Garden staff evaluating him even as he got his ranking.

The thing that he kept thinking was, surely he wasn't the only one. Even accepting that most people probably wouldn't be turned on by Fenrir, humanoid Guardian Forces weren't that rare, and he'd never heard of a Guardian Force wearing anything more than jewelery. They were almost always totally naked. Surely somebody had gotten, uh, seduced by their Guardian Forces too...?

He'd made sure to thoroughly drain himself out that morning. That was a little clinical; that morning he'd ridden his fist, sobbing and moaning, squirting Fenrir's load out around his churning fist, for far too long, until his heavy, bloated belly was something he could hide if he kept his core tight, abs clenched. But that meant on the ride back, with the car's old shocks and seemingly hitting every pothole on the old road, he'd found himself close to whimpering: hole wetly sucking on the seat of his shorts, guts sloshing with old cum. Zell struggled with the mixed desire to clench himself tight and try to ride it out, versus, grinding his ass down onto the seats, building up to a body-shaking anal orgasm just from the shocky buzz.

He was eventually drawn out of his hazy fantasy by the car shaking to a halt in the Garden parking lot. He was so dazed he hadn't even noticed they were getting close, until they hit the final bump before descending into the underground parking lot. Zell awkwardly got out of the back seat of the car, angling his shorts to try to hide his erection.

He took a long hot shower and jerked off during. Three fingers went easy into his ass. He ground back against the stall wall, probing along his aching, bruised inner walls, still teasing out spurts of Fenrir's cum that drizzled down into the swirling water in frothy streamers.

His most immediate concern with being back at Balamb Garden was that Fenrir wouldn't be able to fuck him every night. His dorm was a double. Also, it was small enough that he doubted Fenrir would even be able to fit inside. Zell felt his hole, still cratered and gaping wide easily. He'd have to figure out something.

The other thing was, somebody else had to be fucking their GFs, too.

The Garden computer network had a BBS. And, obviously, Zell wasn't gonna log in there as zdincht and post "so i found an unregistered GF who's been fucking me??? anybody else???". On the official BBS channels there was a perfunctory thread, 'Guardian Force Advisory Information & Questions', mostly populated by confused posts from underclassmen who were just about to get their first GFs assigned to them; that was going to be useless. Zell still read it, anyway, before turning to what he had actually been thinking of.

The offician Garden BBS system was divided into a half-dozen tightly-moderated forums. But what the Garden staff either didn't know about or didn't care about was that there was also a thriving underground community of secret boards — the BBS software was junk and let people post to any board id, not just the 'real' ones, and so basically every student at some point had a friend tell them how to access all the gossip boards. Zell had figured it out himself, thank you very much.

So the official boards were all about the upcoming School Festival and how the Garden Square committee were cheering on the hard-working Garden staff, and the gossip boards were plastered in threads about which latest debacle was further delaying the School Festival. The counterpart to the barren, rarely-used Guardian Force Advisory Information & Questions thread was a mess of random posts on the secret boards — 'wat do i do with a gf??' 'HELP i can't figure out how to cast spells' 'um i thnik my gf hates me?' — and it was to those that Zell turned. It wasn't like he expected a thread, So I Fucked My GF: A Retrospective, but, something.


Man some of these GFs are so hot? Leonheart is so lucky to get assigned Shiva. I want to fuck her so bad. Her tits are enormous.


keep wishing nerd


the hottest gf is my gf. get it like girlfriend. b/c i got a girlfriend unlike all you virgins. lol shiva would freeze your dick off why you jerking off to that


Squall and Shiva are a perfect pair because they're both frigid bitches who will never put out.


I think Dragon King Bahamut Is the Hottest Guardian Force =^.^=

Squall and Shiva are a perfect pair because they're both frigid bitches who will never put out.

lol seifer is that you. u angry yr bf isn't putting out?

I think Dragon King Bahamut Is the Hottest Guardian Force =^.^=

4000-year-old bas-relief etchings don't count as evidence of hotness. also, what, you wanna get ripped apart by a dragon dick? you're not gonna get to top bahamut.

... and so on. That was probably Seifer. There was a little squabbling about which of the Garden-assigned GFs were the hottest — Zell sympathized with the one guy who mentioned Madeen — and then the thread went entirely off the rails.


lol u all jerk off thinking about gf pussy or w/e but u wouldnt know what to do w/ it if you got it

check it out

There are 2 attachments to this post:

And then two attachments. Photos. They were both really, really pornographic.

One was of a guy's body, shot from the neck down, wide angle. He was on his bed, and pinning him to the bed was some enormous horselike GF, only half in frame: purple-black hide, or maybe short coat; pale white stripes along his underbelly, with shaggier tufts of white hair framing his haunches and ankles; a rear hoof in the shot; and most importantly his absolutely gigantic horsecock laid out across the guy's chest, hard and dripping, with his giant, lopsided balls draped over the guy's thighs. The guy was really hot himself, at least from the chest down: dark-skinned, smooth skin, with super big, chiseled muscles. He was hard himself, his dick really big, actually, but still just a little stubby thing pressed against the side of his GF's dick.

The second one, the guy had rolled his legs up and let the GF's cock slip down between his thighs. He was actually taking that GF's cock. He'd relaxed his abs, letting his gut bloat out from the horsedick, and his own cock — hard, dripping — was jutting up, digging into the taut flesh of his stomach bulge.

The thread went fucking wild.


wow that's gay


dude that's super hot, post more


HOly shitt!!!


Dude youre gonna get expelled for that!


That's not even a Garden-registered GF; he's gonna get expelled for that.

That's not even a Garden-registered GF

what, you can identify a gf by its dick now?


If it's his assigned GF then they can just look up who it's assigned to and expel him that way; if it's not his assigned GF then they can expel him for not registering a GF captured in the field.


i think if they wanted to expel him they'd have to make up something new because 'don't have sex with your gf' is definitely not an existing rule. also wow congrats man for living your dream.


The disciplinary committee is gonna be breaking down your door you fucking degenerate

The guy posted again, with another photo.


lol when have they ever done anything aside from jerk off seifer's ego. i got better things to jerk off ;)

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lol true. also holy shit that's a big dick

The photo was of one of the guy's hands curled around the horsecock, mid-stroke. The heavy flesh of the GF's horsedick was smooth and taut above his hand, wrinkled up beneath it; the guy was stroking down. There were shiny smears patterned across the shaft; he'd been stroking the GF's dick for a bit before taking that photo. Zell realized he was craning in, face an inch from the panel. He shifted in his seat. He was hard. He swallowed.

His dormmate was still in class for the day; he probably had time to jerk off. Jerk off, to, uh, one of his fellow Garden students getting utterly wrecked by his GF.

Zell kept scrolling down, one hand kneading his dick through his shorts. He hoped the guy posted some pics of his hole afterwards.

The thread had been getting posts like crazy after that: people saying it was faked (how?), that they were old pictures from some student who'd gotten killed fucking his GF five years ago, saying that the guy was probably fucking his GF right now and if people wanted to catch him they'd just have to go to the dorms and listen for the screaming. On reflection, one of the most impressive parts was that the guy had managed to fit his GF into his dorm room. Even if Zell wanted to do the same thing — Fenrir would knock down a wall if he tried to summon him in here. The guy clearly had a single, which might mean he was an actual SeeD, not just a student, or it could just mean he'd had the luck of the draw on dorm assignments.

The guy did, in fact, post photos of the aftermath:


u all wish u were me

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thats gross man nobodys into that shit


dude how did that dick not kill you??

In the photo he was sprawled out on his back on his bed, one leg raised up — pose incidentally hiding his face beneath the curve of his huge, square pecs — with two fingers splaying open his wrecked hole, slack hole spreading so wide the guy could probably fist himself no problem. His rim was purple-brown, flushed and bulging; guts a sloppy red, totally glazed in thick white cum, forming a river down through the slick folds of his inner ass, pouring down the curve of his ass and soaking into the sheets.

Zell groaned, clenching down on his dick, his hole spasming in sympathy. No more posts from that guy after that, unfortunately. Looking at the timestamps, that'd all been posted while he was out camping. Weird to think how while he'd been getting bred my Fenrir out in the mountains, this guy had been getting fucked by whatever this GF was. Holy shit, though. Holy shit, that was so hot. Zell wanted to send him a horny message. Judging by some of the replies, more than a few people — FisherKing, definitely — already had. What would he even say? His dick was leaking in his shorts. He was already so close, just flitting back and forth through the four images.

Zell opened up all four pictures across the study panel frame and sat back, tugging his dick from his shorts. His eyes flitted from image to image: The sheer size of the horsedick; the smear of pre across the guy's stomach; the way the flesh dimpled under his grasp; his fucking stomach warped out of shape just from taking the tip; his hole, utterly wrecked — Zell came with a stifled gasp, shooting up across his stomach in heavy spurts. He milked his cock, hips jerking up off the seat, hole aching and spreading as he humped his fist.

Zell collapsed down, flushed and sweaty, cum drooling down his chest. Fuck. He had to message that guy.

But, listen, after he'd shown off in the thread, more than a few posts were from horny people wanting more pics, being mad he wasn't responding. He couldn't just PM him saying, 'hey that's hot, please post more pics', obviously other people had already tried that. His whole account was some throwaway — the keysmash username cm89wfg809sr was a clue — and he probably wasn't ever gonna post on it again. It'd been a few days since he posted that, so it was totally possible he wasn't even checking that account anymore. Still. Holy shit.

Zell couldn't believe he'd actually started seriously considering how to photograph Fenrir fucking him. Well, first step: steal a digital camera from the A/V room. Actually, the guy must have done the same (or got his own? but how; those things were like 8,000 gil) in order to upload them so quickly. And something with a timer, since both of his hands were visible in most of those photos. Zell really, really doubted the guy had a cameraman.

So, sure, just break into the A/V room, steal a camera and a tripod, set that up somewhere (where?) where he could fuck Fenrir without anybody catching them, somehow manage to get a shot that didn't reveal his identity, and upload those to show to a total stranger on the BBS. Simple.

Breaking into the A/V room was easy. Actually managing to smuggle a big bulky camera and tripod setup out without being caught was harder, but, hey, SeeDs were trained in infiltration, not just combat. The real issue was finding a place to summon Fenrir. The dorms were way too small, there were cameras in all the public areas, and students weren't allowed off the grounds for no reason. Zell had a vision of Fenrir fucking him all over the Garden: spired on his dick, hanging off the main causeway for everybody to see; pinned down in the soft soil of the training grounds while Fenrir mounted him like a beast; knotted tight and paraded around Garden Square, bouncing up against Fenrir's underbelly. Zell had to adjust himself again, cock thickening until he was rock hard.

Zell spent the rest of the day lounging around the Garden, trying to find anywhere he could secretly summon Fenrir. There were always rumors about hidden areas — literally everybody knew about the secret access hatch at the back of the training grounds, and where there was one there were bound to be more — but he didn't have any luck. He ended up returning to his dorm at dusk, frustrated. He was at least going to enjoy sleeping in a bed again after two weeks of, near the end, an increasingly cum-encrusted sleeping bag.

Fenrir woke him up in the middle of the night. Not physically, with his cock, like he had when they were camping, but with an insistent buzz in the back of his head that woke him like an alarm. Zell lurched up, rubbing his eyes. Past midnight, according to his clock.

"If you've been looking for a place to tryst, I could be of some assistance," Fenrir said, voice ringing in Zell's head.

"Huh? What?" Zell never claimed to be the most articulate when he'd just woken up.

"It's night. The moon has risen. I can cloak your body in a shield of moonlight, and hide you from mortal eyes."

"Wait, you have an invisibility power?" Zell was still not 100% on using junctioned abilities. He kind of envisioned junctions as a bunch of glowing circles, overlapping and nested inside each other. There was a kind of... feel, to a GF's power, but Fenrir was conceptually slippery in a way that Kujata wasn't. He was only dimly aware that Fenrir would probably be classified as a magic-centric Guardian Force, with a bunch of big hazy bits he wasn't sure about. And then, "Wait, and you let me just steal the camera without helping at all!"

"It only works at night," Fenrir said. "And, I was seeing if you would take initiative, and since you have..."

Zell responded non-verbally, a kind of mental hmm. And then, "Actually, I never asked, but you're cool with me photographing your dick, right?"

"I did mention I used to preside over ritual sex," Fenrir said. Zell didn't think he had, actually. "I'd prefer more of an audience when we fuck, in fact."

Zell flushed, thinking back to his horny fantasies — Fenrir fucking him in front of the entire student body, in the middle of Garden Square. They wouldn't actually do that, but... "Yeah," he said. "Cool. One specific person as the audience, I guess."

Zell rolled out of bed, sleepily pulling on his clothes — if Fenrir really could make him invisible, well, maybe he could've just paraded naked through the halls. But probably that was a bad idea. He hefted the camera and tripod: "You can cover this, too, right?"

"Anything or anyone that's touching you," Fenrir said, and Zell nodded.

"Cool, invisible me up, then."

Fenrir's power felt like a cool tingle, rippling across his bare skin. When he looked down, he was glowing: body rippling and wavering like it was seen through choppy water, pinching and pulling everywhere. Moonlight spilled across the walls in wavering arcs.

"You sure this is... invisible?" Zell thought. "It looks pretty bright."

"It's not simple invisibility. It's a magical screen that hides you from any perception. You can see yourself fine."


Zell stepped out of his dorm room, shutting the door behind him. There wasn't any curfew; students were allowed to roam the Garden at night, but everywhere was shut aside from the training area. He wasn't headed anywhere inside the Garden anyway.

The front gate was manned by a single bored-looking member of Garden staff. Zell scuffed his sneakers against the pavement, making the sharp squeak resound off the walls, but the guy didn't look up. Yeah, maybe this was being imperceptible. The turnstiles were all locked, of course, but Zell hopped over, walking right past the guard, who didn't even look up from his magazine. Huh. This seemed like a really useful power, actually.

It was only once he hit the Garden entrance he started to maybe rethink his plan. Fenrir fucking him out in the mountain wilds had been one thing, but... right next to the Garden, on the rolling Balamb plains? It was a lot closer to home, both literally and figuratively. But he'd gotten up and gotten out and brought the camera, and maybe most importantly he'd been fucked every night for the past week. His hole ached, needy and hungry. He needed the burning heat of Fenrir's cock sunk inside him, wrecking his ass, fucking him open until his hole was a gaped and bruised mess, a slick open cunt for Fenrir to breed.

It was a short 15-minute walk over the nearest hill and down into a shallow gully, one that was only deep enough to just-barely hide the Garden from view. Zell was hard the whole time. He swallowed, shouldering off the tripod and setting it down on the ground, unrolling everything. There was a hot, nervous prickle in his stomach as he set it up: tripod level, camera latched in place and turned on.

Fenrir summoned himself in a wash of moonlight, rippling out and dispersing the glow around Zell. He'd actually been a little concerned about lighting — it was night, after all — but Fenrir glowed: runes under his fur, moonlight glimmering across his pale fur, framing the dark length of his cock in a soft glow.

"Just, uh— stand there for a second," Zell said, staying behind the camera: messing with the focus, angling down, staring through the viewfinder, adjusting the color balance. He took the first photo: a tight crop of Fenrir's dick, already unsheathed and dripping. Zell felt a little proud; clearly Fenrir was just as worked up as he was. He fumbled with the camera buttons for a while, figuring out the timer. He could set it up to take a photo every ten seconds and try to pick out the suitable ones later.

He probably could've set up something more intricate, but — staring up at Fenrir, huge and hard, dick practically steaming in the cool night air, his own dick hard in his shorts, had him impatient. He needed that dick in him.

Eventually he left the camera, shrugging off his shirt and shucking his shorts, leaving him in only his sneakers. His hard cock bounced against his stomach as he walked over to Fenrir. He carded his fingers through Fenrir's silky fur, stroking across his shoulder, cupping Fenrir's head in his hands as he leaned in to give the giant wolf a kiss. It was a dry peck on the nose that quickly turned into something heavier: Fenrir tipped his muzzle up, thick lips pressing against Zell's face. Fenrir slobbered a wet stripe across his cheeks, and Zell opened wide, moaning — and then his moan was stifled by Fenrir's tongue as he plunged the slick, rubbery muscle into his mouth. Zell gurgled, arching forward, humping his cock against Fenrir's chest — dimly aware of the first beep of the camera as it took a photo — and swallowed, letting Fenrir shove his tongue down his throat. His heart thundered in his chest, veins in his neck pulsing as Fenrir choked him with his tongue, drooling a wash of slime all down his face, squelching and slorping in his throat as Fenrir twisted his tongue around, wetly tongue-fucking his spasming throat. Zell eventually pulled back with a gasp, Fenrir's tongue an alien sensation slithering back up his throat before it emerged with an explosion of frothy slime.

Zell panted for breath, dimly aware of how his chest was already dripping with slime, a messy waterfall spilling down over his chest and dripping down his stomach, painting his cock with Fenrir's drool. "Fuck," he mumbled, voice wet and clotted.

He'd angled Fenrir so that he was on camera left, facing right. The part where he didn't give away his identity might be the hardest part; his facial tattoo wasn't the only one he had. He had another swirl of branching lines across his right shoulder, spilling down across his chest and under his ribs, and another on his left hip, curving around to his ass. Between the two, it was hard to think of any position he could shoot himself in that wouldn't show at least one, but at least facing one direction mostly hid his hip tattoo from the camera's view. When Fenrir was fucking him, maybe most of his shoulder one would be hidden by Fenrir's foreleg. That was what he'd planned, at least: in the moment Zell groaned, kneeling down before Fenrir — nose filled with the rich, wild scent of Fenrir's wolf dick, dripping gleaming pre down to the grass below.

Zell crawled on all fours under him, smearing his face along Fenrir's enormous shaft, and hungrily sucked the tip into his mouth, moaning around it at the burst of flavor across his tongue. He devoured Fenrir's cock, hands pumping the enormous shaft, throat working as he gulped down mouthful after mouthful of rank pre, only vaguely paying attention to the regular beep of the camera. He pulled back to take a deep gasp, mouth flooded with rank pre, excess burbling over his lips. "Fuck," he groaned again, lips smearing across Fenrir's cocktip, breath puffing out in wet curls.

"I hope you're ready to be bred," Fenrir said, voice a little short, hitching as Zell slobbered all over his cock. "And—" His lips peeled back in a snarl, or a grin. "You're open enough now to be fucked properly. And since we will have an audience..." he trailed off, rolling his hips to punctuate, smearing his slimy cock up and down over Zell's face. "We'll see just how much you can take."

Zell groaned around Fenrir's cocktip, both hands stroking his fat shaft. "Yeahhh," he said, voice muffled. "Yeah, fuck me hard." It was... it seemed impossible that a week ago he'd been entirely virginal, and now here he was, preparing to get fucked — and knotted — by a feral Guardian Force and record it for somebody else. His hole ached to be filled, plugged up tight with the agonizing pressure of Fenrir's enormous knot.

Fenrir fucked his face, hips rolling — practically burying Zell's body under his thick coat, head sunk into the dense fur of his underbelly, cocktip jabbing at the back of his throat over and over. Zell gagged and gurgled, choking on Fenrir's cocktip until he lined up the angle just right: head tipped back, upper body completely sunk into Fenrir's lush coat, and let Fenrir slam down his throat. Zell tipped forward, leaning so far forward half his weight was borne on Fenrir's cock, plunging Fenrir's cock deeper. His lips stung as they warped around the bloated middle of Fenrir's thick shaft. His jaw lurched as he yawned open, spread so wide it nearly dislocated. His throat swelled, visibly shuddering with each throb of Fenrir's cock. A hot trickle of pre spilled from of Fenrir's cocktip, burbling out somewhere beneath Zell's collarbone. His hands groped blindly for support, eventually finding Fenrir's haunches, and he held on as Fenrir drew back — cock yanking a heavy mass of slick phlegm mixed with Fenrir's slimy preseed up with it, bursting from Zell's nose and mouth in a slimy explosion — and then thrust forward again, burying the full length of his dripping shaft down Zell's throat. His balls swung forward, bashing against Zell's chest like a battering ram.

Fenrir brutally mated Zell's throat, using him as a tight hole to fuck, and Zell could only hang on, gurgling and gagging between thrusts, phlegmy froth squirting from his nose and drooling over his bruised lips. Fenrir's sheath slapped against Zell's face, flesh heavy and sagging. Heavy squirts of pre sprayed directly into Zell's stomach, burning hot as they sloshed inside him, building up into a heavy weight as Fenrir's cock gushed more and more preseed straight down his throat. Fenrir ground down, rutting the tip of his cock nearly all the way down into Zell's stomach, and his sheath smeared all over Zell's flushed face, slurping and squelching as it nearly swallowed up his entire head. Heavy folds of slimy flesh spread over Zell's chin, oozing up across the bridge of his nose, until Fenrir's still-sunken knot bashed against Zell's face. Zell gurgled, vomiting up cords of pre straight into Fenrir's sheath, weakly gurgling against the implacable force of his thrusts, and when Fenrir finally pulled back his sheath was half-glued to Zell's face, only peeling away in sticky jerks, leaving Zell's face smeared with froth and slimy sheath fluid, with webs of glimmering slime hooked all across his cheeks and chin, corded back to tether to the inside of Fenrir's sheath.

Zell lurched off Fenrir's cock, the whole thing burning as it ripped its way out of his throat, and heaved into the grass, vomiting up more slime: watery wolf pre mixed with phelgm and sheath fluid into a frothy, churned-up slurry that clung to the walls of his throat, making his breath warble and catch as he coughed and heaved. Fenrir's cock throbbed, flexing hard against his neck, and drenched his back with spurt after spurt of runny pre. Zell's stomach sloshed, unexpectedly heavy when he lurched to the side: Fenrir had already pissed out some huge volume of pre straight into his stomach, and now it sat there inside him, radiating heat through his entire body.

Zell sat back, haphazardly wiping his mouth with the back of one hand. He tried to speak and gagged, the movement bringing up another mouthful of slime. "Turn around," he gurgled, tapping against Fenrir's thigh. The camera light was still on, its steady beep punctuating the night. It went off right when Zell stared at it; somewhere on its drive there was a photo of Zell, face flushed, body sweaty, chest painted with ooze, already a slathered mess of wolf slime, staring dazed and unfocused right at the camera.

Fenrir moved above him. His cock dragged its way across his shoulder, tip dipping down to catch on his armpit. His slick flesh was still pulpy, dense and heavy where it slid over Zell's skin. It shuddered, slapping against his slick flesh, and spat out a squirt of pre all over Zell's back, glazing him in Fenrir's slimy issue. Pre oozed down his sides. Fenrir's cock settled behind him, sharp tip digging into the hard muscle of his ass. Fenrir flexed his dick, lurching it up to slot into place between his cheeks. Zell groaned, hungry hole shuddering, spreading open to kiss the sloppy tip. Zell rutted back, only dimly aware enough now to turn his face away from the camera as he started fucking himself on Fenrir's cocktip.

The tip slopped into his ass, spurting heated pre into his guts, and Zell sunk himself down on Fenrir's enormous cock, groaning. His hole spread itself, hungrily swallowing Fenrir's sharp cocktip and only starting to struggle when the thick middle pressed against it. Zell groaned, hole working itself wider in shaky jolts, and Fenrir bore down, pressure achingly intense, until with a sudden lurch his hole gaped wider and swallowed up the thickest part of Fenrir's shaft. Even after being fucked so many times, the initial push was intense, overwhelming. It felt like being ripped open, hollowed out, messily impaled on Fenrir's cock. His guts warped, slick and open as Fenrir rutted into him. He teased Zell's hole: pulling back far enough that Zell's rim swelled out in a fat bulge, his bruised asslips clinging wetly to Fenrir's bloated shaft, and then sunk back in, stabbing his cocktip deep into Zell's pliable guts.

Fenrir built up his thrusts, pushing deeper each time. Pre gushed into Zell's fucked-open guts, lubing him up in sloppy squirts, until the excess started to spill down his length and spray from Zell's gaping ass. Zell's wobbling arms gave out, pushing him facedown into the trampled grass beneath them, and he moaned into the grass as Fenrir rearranged his guts: knifelike cock jerking deeper into him, his fat shaft bunching and twisting his guts, ironing them out as Fenrir worked Zell deeper on his cock. Fenrir's sheath smacking against his ass drew a hollow moan from Zell's throat. He was impaled, Fenrir's cock so huge and solid inside him, sunk so deep, that it was keeping him propped up even with all his muscles gone limp.

Fenrir's sheath pillowed over itself as he bore down, grinding the root of his cock against Zell's gaping ass. His knot was still shallowly sunk inside his sheath, and as he ground down its bulbous crown bore down into Zell's body, socketing against his loose hole solidly enough to stem one, two, three heavy spurts of pre, trickling down his guts and bulging up against the rim of his ass, only to burst free in a squelching explosion when Fenrir tugged backwards. His sheath folded back over his surfacing knot with a gurgling slurp; its heat burned against Zell's cheeks, hard and solid. Zell flushed as Fenrir's sheath gurgled, knot unblocking the way for it to sloppily drain out the murky mess of slime Zell had vomited up inside it — hot strands of slimy ooze spilled down the underside of Fenrir's knot, pouring directly into Zell's gaping asshole. Zell ground down, stretching his bruised asshole out into a long gash, framed by his puffy, bruised asslips, and let out a shaky whine as the hot fluid filled him up with wet gurgles.

Fenrir smacked his knot against Zell's ass a few times, each time bringing out a sharp crack of flesh on flesh, and leaving Zell's cheeks smeared and dripping with goopy pre. Webs of excess slime smacked down across his thighs: slimy cords drooping between them before they snapped apart and splattered over Zell's glazed skin. Zell took Fenrir's implacable thrusts, gasping for breath.

Eventually Fenrir decided he was open enough — bruised, broken asshole sloppily gaping open, puffy asslips folded over each other in a slime-encrusted mess — and bore down hard, punching his knot into Zell's well-used ass with a single brutal thrust. Zell gawped, eyes bulging, mouth open in a silent shout as Fenrir easily spired him on the full length of his cock. Zell soundlessly gasped, stomach shuddering as his body adjusted to the now-familiar feeling of Fenrir's monstrous wolf cock sunk fully inside him.

Fenrir fucked him shallowly, driving his knot into Zell's guts and then pulling back enough to tease his aching rim, back and forth and back and forth as his knot started to swell, tugging more and more insistently on Zell's aching guts. Zell was used as a slick wet hole, tight and spasming around Fenrir's growing knot. The sheer pressure of Fenrir's still-thrusting knot ground against his prostate, making Zell's stubbornly-hard cock drip and leak. He whined, each motion punctuated by a shaky sob, sharper and faster until his entire body convulsed, untouched cock erupting beneath him in what felt like unending streamers of cum, wrung out of him in the longest and most agonizing orgasm of his life.

Zell collapsed, utterly boneless — but his limp body was held up by Fenrir's cock, keeping him pinned against Fenrir's underbelly. The enormous wolf used his limp, unresisting body as a cocksleeve, luxuriating in the way Zell's smooth muscles shuddered around his enormous knot, on the way the passages of his guts clung to his giant wolf cock. Fenrir was pissing out pre, more and more collecting in Zell's guts now with his knot sealing him tight, and as Fenrir kept fucking him his aching belly grew heavier and heavier, loudly churning and gurgling as pre backed up deeper and deeper inside him.

Zell realized after — hours, it must have been. Fenrir was edging himself: rutting into Zell, only to hold himself perfectly still, with only the shuddering twitches of his spurting cock moving, until his orgasm had been held at bay. Eventually he started rocking into Zell again, slowly, then harder, repeating his thrusts until he was just on the edge of knotting him again.

Fenrir fucked him through several more agonizing orgasms: Zell's cock half-hard, flagging, and as Fenrir's knot steadily scraped across his prostate, load after load was coaxed out of him, spraying out heavy streamers of cum in painfully-intense spasms.

Muffled sloshes and wet claps sounded through his inhumanly-stretched flesh as the slimy ocean of pre flooding his guts swirled around Fenrir's cock. His belly ached, slapping against his thighs, dragging on the ground. He'd long ago lost track of the flow of pre inside him; each of Fenrir's spurts let out a plume of pre into the ocean inside him, sluggishly churning its currents.

Zell weakly gagged on nothing, drooling heavily. His stomach ached, compressed by the sheer volume of pre flooding his guts. The pressure only continued to grow. Zell gagged, sputtering, and then gagged again, vomiting up a slimy mass of pre that had been stewing in his stomach. His chest heaved as he choked and gagged, spewing up masses of Fenrir's thickened preseed, forming flabby cords hanging from his nose and mouth, twisting together into huge frothy ropes as they sluggishly stretched out beneath him. His arms were too weak to even lift to his mouth to pull them free, so he just kept drooling, vomiting up slime in wet mouthfuls, letting gravity pull the thick cords free from his throat.

Fenrir eventually seemed to realize his cocksleeve was reaching its limits. His thrusts grew stronger — battering against Zell's roiling stomach, making him vomit up watery mouthfuls of slime until his stomach was wrung dry — and instead of easing back, slowing down again, he kept thrusting harder. His knot surged even fatter, the entire length of his cock swelling and stiffening. The curve of Zell's grossly-inflated belly caught the ground and stuck, forming a fat, broad pad that carried his weight, and Fenrir's next thrust rocked him over it: all his weight borne on his stomach, weak limbs lurching like a puppet with its strings cut. Fenrir used Zell's body as a hole, brutally fucking him as he built up to his climax.

Fenrir howled, slamming into Zell's destroyed ass and staying there. One huge paw pressed against Zell's shoulder, pressing him back against Fenrir's sheath, pinning him in place as the first heavy spurt of wolf cum sprayed into his already-inflated guts. Zell didn't even have the breath left to groan: he desperately panted for breath as his guts slurped and lurched, squirming along each other inside him as they swelled with Fenrir's load. He could feel the soupy mixture inside him churn, thick sludge slowly separating out of the mix and spilling downward, as thinner, waterier slime rushed deeper.

Fenrir kept cumming inside him, spurt after spurt that merged together into a long, continual spill: Fenrir was pissing out his load inside him, tightly knotted so that nothing could escape. Zell's body was warped utterly beyond what any human could hope to take; even Fenrir's junction strained its limits to adjust Zell's body without something inside him bursting, rupturing. Fenrir's knot filled the space between his hips, a solid unmoving weight on his prostate, his cock a beam of hot iron filling him completely. Zell hung off it, eyes rolled back into his head, jaw hanging open, slime oozing from his nose and mouth in cords, unable to do anything aside from ride the overwhelming sensations pouring through him: body stretched impossibly, hollowed out to be the perfect sheath for Fenrir's cock, reshaped around his implacable shaft, and now he was stretching more from Fenrir's load, slimy and heavy spilling unceasingly into him.

Zell completely lost track of time, half-conscious, only aware of the heat of Fenrir above him, the chill of the night air on his slime-soaked skin, the ever-growing ache of his warped body. He sprawled bonelessly under Fenrir, body shuddering and lurching with each spurt of Fenrir's unending load sprayed into it, only the still-steady beep of the camera tracking time.

Eventually, at some point, Fenrir's knot started to soften. The heavy pressure of cum inside him curled around Fenrir's knot, pressure pushing out winding tendrils along the crest of Fenrir's knot, and it only took the slightest of softenings before Zell shuddered and clenched, asshole warping over itself as he squirted out an immense explosion of cum. Zell bellowed, limbs jerking, entire body convulsing as it bore down on the ocean of cum inside him. Cum sprayed out of him around Fenrir's still-swollen knot, burning hot as it shot out of him in huge, pressurized squirts. Zell sobbed, even the tiniest easing of the impossible pressure inside him enough to send rippling waves of pleasure through his entire body. He came again, cock entirely soft, pissing out cum into the swampy mess around him.

Fenrir adjusted his angle above him, the shifting of his knot knocking all along Zell's inner walls, stretching and tugging him to let out another enormous spray of cum, slimy and frothy bursting from Zell's wrecked ass. Zell groaned, dazed and dizzy, barely enough presence of mind to bear down, spreading his drooping asslips wide, showing the slimy underside of Fenrir's still-enormous knot. Fenrir's knot lurched lower, cocooned in slimy folds of Zell's wrecked guts, and with a deep, guttural schlop Zell's guts spilled out of his ass, carrying Fenrir's knot with it, forming a huge, meaty prolapse of raw red flesh nestled tight against Zell's asscheeks: mound nearly as wide as his hips and warped impossibly around Fenrir's giant knot. The heavy mass of pulsing flesh shuddered and rippled; thin, watery wolf cum continually sprayed from the sloppy opening of Zell's prolapse, still latched around the very root of Fenrir's dick, and splattered all across Fenrir's underbelly and haunches, coating Zell in a thick coating of churned-up ooze.

Zell's belly twisted and lurched, guts unspooling as his prolapse swelled. Thick cords of his cum-warped guts bunched up and folded over each other, sluggishly inverting through his broken ass. Every time Fenrir shifted above him, or Zell lurched beneath, the angle changed enough to send new explosions of slime bursting out around Fenrir's shrinking knot, making his bloated prolapse shudder and pulse, beating like an obscene heart.

With half his guts hanging outside his body, Zell had enough breath to wail: sobbing and gurgling as cum churned inside him, whining each time a new burst of cum erupted out of his aching guts. Even with the immense spar of Fenrir's cock still sunk inside him, he felt hollowed-out, empty, without the familiar pressure of Fenrir's knot sunk between his hips. Without that same pressure around Fenrir's knot, it was rapidly shrinking, letting more and more cum pour out of him — letting the sharp, pressurized squirts slowly turn into a slimy waterfall, pouring down the backs of Zell's thighs in a thick sheet.

Fenrir tugged backwards, knot lurching inside Zell's prolapse — forcing Zell's guts to unspool more, sluggishly stretching his prolapse longer and longer as more of his guts spilled from his body. Zell groaned, still-enormous belly heaving and lurching, guts squirming inside him like writhing snakes. Without his asshole as resistance to tug against and pull free, Fenrir's knot was yanking more and more of his guts out with each tug. Zell whined, lurching forward to attempt to pop the knot free and only spilling more of his guts out, faceplanting in the sodden, slimy cum-swamp burbling around his body.

Half of Fenrir's cock was outside him, still sheathed in the ropy red-purple mass of his unfurled guts. There was a rubbery tension deep in his stomach: the internal connections between his guts were stretched to their limits, forming a weird pressure on his warped guts. Zell burbled into the slimy murk, blowing bubbles in the churned-up cum-mud. The tension in his guts grew, internal structure fighting against the pull of Fenrir's giant knot. Zell clenched his inverted asshole uselessly, making the base of his prolapse shudder and bob, and slowly, with a series of obscene wet squelches, Fenrir yanked his knot free from Zell's broken body.

His knot emerged with a watery explosion of cum, spraying everywhere and then settling down to a continual gurgle as his cock emerged, flesh hidden under layers of opaque white froth. Fenrir pulled free; Zell's prolapse sagged and twisted, smacking down to rest against his thighs in an obscene tail as the full length of Fenrir's cock jerked out into the open: cock still ramrod-hard, slathered and cocooned in slimy layers of churned-up, frothy wolf cum.

Fenrir's voice rung around him, half above and half inside his head: "Impressive. Remarkably durable," he said. His voice purred. "A very suitable host."

Zell could only groan, ass spasming from being so suddenly emptied, raw flesh still feeling the phantom imprint of where Fenrir's shaft had broken him wide open. With nothing left damming his ass, Zell's guts gurgled and churned, cum spewing continually from his lumpy prolapse. Even with that, he was still pinned to the ground from the sheer weight of his swollen belly, looking beyond pregnant, beyond anything a human body could stretch to. Without Fenrir's cock keeping him pinned in place, though, he collapsed to one side, belly swaying as he splattered down into the inches-thick layer of wolf cum that flooded the shallow gully.

Zell's eyes slowly focused — the sky was starting to lighten, with dawn only an hour away. The red light of the camera was still on, and slowly he started to perceive the beep of it taking photos over the wet gurgle of his own guts, over the pounding of his heartbeat in his ears. Fenrir was still stood over him, giant paws bracketing his body. His still-hard cock oozed slime over Zell's hip, spilling over the swollen curve of his belly. Zell's guts were still draining: cum squirted out of his prolapse, shuddering against his thighs as he lay there, dazed, and only the approach of dawn and the slow release of internal pressure marked the time.

Zell tried to move: arms uselessly wobbly, legs trembling weakly any time he tried to use them for anything. He ended up writhing around in the slimy cum-murk, unable to find purchase. His clenched and relaxed his guts, practically the only muscle he could still use, and sluggishly reeled in his prolapse — guts folding over themselves in gummy folds, only to spill back out when Zell had to relax, panting for breath, sweaty from the exertion. The fat tail of his prolapse lurched side-to-side, cum still gurgling out of him in bursts, guts looping and bunching inside him as he tried to suck them all back into his body.

Zell reached back, fingers hot as they dug into the soft, pulpy flesh of his ruined guts. He pressed his palm flat against his flesh, ooze squelching around his fingers, and pushed, folding his guts over themselves in a dense, bruised pancake. His fingers trailed down, to the junction where his guts met his ass — his asshole was unrecognizable to the touch, drawn out into a giant crater, its rim hidden under layers of folded guts. Zell probed across his hole experimentally, digging into his bruised flesh, smearing through layers of half-congealed cum even as more continually gurgled out from his broken prolapse.

Time went on, more cum draining out of him, and eventually he managed to lurch back up to all fours — prolapse reduced to a fat mound blossoming between his cheeks, guts folded over each other in slimy petals. Zell groaned, the effort of sitting up making him clench his core, and that sent his guts spilling back out of him, unfurling with a spray of cum that slashed into the swampy mess under Zell. Zell dragged himself to his feet, wobbling and trembling, leaning heavily against Fenrir's flank. The beep of the camera reminded him that that moment was captured now, saved in full color on the camera's card, and he spent so much time wobbling and panting, gasping for breath against Fenrir's flank, that another beep came before he could do anything else. Zell pulled internally, weakly sucking his prolapse back into his body over — according to the camera beeps — the next thirty seconds.

Zell's sneakers squelched when he tried to walk. They were completely flooded with cum, excess oozing out over his ankles, soaking over the rubber. He'd tossed his clothes aside, when he'd stripped, but he hadn't anticipated just how much cum Fenrir could produce. Only the peaks of his haphazardly-folded jeans jutted out above the slimy cum-line. His shirt and boxer-briefs were entirely submerged.

Zell shambled over to the tripod — a little askew now, with one of its struts sunk into the sludgy cum-mud — and tried to scrub off his hands, peeling off sheets of gummy, half-congealed cum off his fingers before hitting the button to stop the timer. The timer blinked up at him: 04:34:56. It was nearly 6 in the morning now. Fenrir had been fucking him for more than four hours. As if to punctuate that, Zell's guts lurched, his change in posture changing the way cum drained out of him, and an enormous blast of cum sprayed from his gaping ass, guts threatening to prolapse out again at the slightest pressure.

Fenrir's body started to glow, motes of energy leaping from him back into Zell, and with a wash of light his body dispersed, their mental connection solidifying. To Zell, on the verge of collapse, the faint surge of energy felt like a full-body rush, pulsing through him in an overwhelming wave.

"Very impressive," Fenrir said. "I may yet be able to breed you properly."

Any other situation, Zell would've squawked: That wasn't being bred properly? But now he was too exhausted to think about anything. He made a vague mental noise, a sound of acknowledgment.

Dawn was close, and the moon was nearing the horizon. Fenrir's invisibility trick wouldn't be available for much longer. Zell grabbed his clothes — utterly drenched in cum, dripping where he held them in a loose fist — and packed up the camera and tripod, swinging them over his shoulder as he started his trudge back towards the garden, naked save for his sneakers. Any other time, he'd be nerve-wracked about doing it naked — not just naked but cum-drenched, entire body sheened in a slimy layer of wolf cum, ass broken open into a slick cunt, still belching out huge bursts of cum, spilling in waterfalls down the backs of his legs. He shambled back through the Garden entrance, the night watchman about to be taken off duty, and then through the halls, leaving behind a wet trail of cum and slimy sneaker-prints.

Zell went to his dorm, tossing the camera under his bed, and then shambled into the showers, getting into a stall with his clothes still clenched in one hand before finally letting Fenrir's shimmering illusion drop around him. Fresh wolf cum turned out to be hard to get out of his hair, not to mention scraped off his skin. Zell leaned against the partition wall and slowly slumped down into a squat. The hot spray from the shower stung all across his back and sides, slowly cutting through the grimy layers of cum clinging tight to his skin.

He sluggishly fisted himself, working out huge slimy bursts of cum, erupting from his ass and bursting across the tiled floor, spiraling down the drain in a mess of sludgy froth. His dick was hard, almost incidentally; his hole gave no resistance to his fist, letting him punch in and pull out, and his cock shuddered and hardened, jouncing against his stomach as Zell fisted more of Fenrir's load from his still-pudgy belly. The continual punch of his fist through his slack rim and into the soft, soggy flesh beyond grew more and more intense, until Zell was whining and gasping, eyes squeezed tightly shut as he ground down against his guts, working out sloppier and sloppier squirts of churned-up cum from his flooded ass. His cock erupted, spraying a heavy load all up the partition wall, and Zell just whined and kept going, ruthlessly fisting himself through his dizzying, intense orgasm.

Eventually he was as drained and as emptied-out as he was going to get. He shut off the water, wringing out his clothes — less cum-drenched than they were, but still soaked enough they were going to dry stiff — and dragged his way back to his dorm, collapsing in bed an hour before his alarm was going to go off. cm89wfg809sr had better respond to the messages he was going to send. He sure had some real nice proof to send.

Chapter Text

Zell woke up what felt like five seconds later when his alarm went off. His entire body ached. His skin was crusty, coated in a cracking sheen of dried wolf cum, and his hair was a crunchy mess. The ring of his asshole felt burning hot, swollen and bruised up into a massive puffy lump. Zell flopped over, hissing as the movement put pressure on his bloated asshole, but as the pressure went on some of the stinging pain dissipated into a pulsing ache, radiating up through his body in waves. His cock, already morning-hard, shuddered against his stomach, weakly spitting out a fat bead of pre into his foreskin.

Zell groaned and flopped over again, cock pinned against the mattress, one hand reaching back to peel open his huge, rubbery ass-lips and sink into his open, yielding ass. He groaned into the pillow, rocking back on his fingers, easily working himself open for his whole fist. After taking Fenrir's cock so many times, a human fist was nothing. Zell groaned, bearing down, letting his hungry cunt gape open around his wrist as he sunk his clenched fist into his ass. His cock drooled onto his sheets, and Zell humped the mattress as he sluggishly fist-fucked himself, letting his internal muscles clench and squeeze. Old cum gurgled out of him, squirting in thick, sloppy strings up across his forearm, and Zell used that as lube to punch deeper inside himself, contorting himself into a pretzel to give himself better leverage for shoving his own arm up his ass. He grunted and groaned, eyes open but unfocused, the thrum of arousal waking him up in pulses as he rolling his knuckles over his aching prostate.

His guts spasmed around his churning fist, shuddering from being used, and Zell groaned into his pillow as his cock erupted, pulsing hard as he gushed into his foreskin, load drooling out all over his sheets. He drove his fist as deep as it could go, entire body twisted to one side, and held it there, riding the pressure through his anal orgasm until the waves of pleasure subsided. He pulled out with a wet squelch and a final squirt of Fenrir's trapped cum, leaving his hand glazed and dripping with cum: a thick band of churned-up cum just past his wrist where it'd been jammed against his bruised asshole, and sloppy strings of thinner slime spilling all the way down to his elbow. His hole gaped as he straightened out, huge and pulsing between his muscled ass cheeks, sluggishly drooling out a slimy puddle of wolf cum all over his sheets.

His alarm went off again. It had been five minutes. Zell lurched out of bed, mattress a cum-stained mess, and his knees almost buckled the moment his feet hit the floor: the impact of standing sent a ripple of pressure up his leg, smacking into his sloppy cunt as a solid wall, and he groaned and lurched forward, staggering through his first few steps before he managed to stand up straight, pinning his loose gape between his cheeks.

Well, he was up. Class was in ten minutes, and he was a mess. Cum-stained sheets, stolen video camera loaded up with contraband shoved under his bed, body and hair still encrusted with wolf cum. The endorphins from his orgasm still rushed through him; he couldn't find it in himself to feel bad about it, really. He needed another shower, though.

He was lucky classes this close to the SeeD exam were nothing. It was all wrap-up; plenty of other students were in Zell's position of having some week-long prereq to complete, so a decent chunk of each class was missing. Sitting disheveled and exhausted-looking in the back of the class, he didn't look too dissimilar to everybody else. The dregs of Fenrir's load were still sluggishly leaking out of him, and for the entire class Zell didn't catch a thing, instead focusing on the slow ooze over his bruised asslips.

The real question on his mind was who was cm89wfg809sr. A student, obviously, or maybe a SeeD who'd already graduated. The thing was... well, the obvious guess would be Raijin; there weren't a lot of big, hugely-muscular black guys around Balamb Garden, and Raijin's tendency to go around without a shirt meant Zell could, uh, compare their chests. No tattoos on either of them. But he couldn't imagine Raijin... well, he couldn't imagine anybody taking that enormous horsecock. He mostly knew Raijin from Seifer's jaunts through the Garden glowering at everybody, where Raijin stood a few steps behind him, projecting a cold aura of don't-fuck-with-us, and that didn't really square with the tone cm89wfg809sr had projected: a horny exhibitionist who loved getting fucked. He probably just thought it was Raijin because he also thought Raijin was super hot.

Probably nobody looking at him would guess he'd spent the past week getting knotted weekly by a giant wolf GF though, so maybe appearances weren't everything. Zell shifted in his seat, stifling a groan as the motion bore down on his swollen asshole.

He really hoped those photos turned out good. And that cm89wfg809sr would respond when he sent him some.

Zell pulled the camera out from under his bed. He'd only had the chance to glance over the photos last night, to see if he'd actually recorded anything, and now he had to take the time to actually sort through them all. The problem was... four and a half hours getting fucked, at one photo every ten seconds, meant that the camera card was full up, with over 1600 images. Zell swallowed heavily.

Hooking the camera up to the study panel in his room proved him right: precisely 1650 photos, from the first test one of Fenrir's dick, right to the very last one, showing a blank landscape and a huge pooling lake of slimy cum, with a tiny sliver of his arm on one side, as he'd walked over to turn the camera off. In between...

It was incredibly pornographic. He paged through the photos, each one displayed obscenely, full-screen on his study panel. A full half of them had his face in them: his expression going from a fierce focus, sucking Fenrir's cock, to a dazed, drunk, slack expression, until near the end, with his shoulders slammed into the muck, he was a blank drooling mess, eyes rolled back into his skull, mouth hanging open. He could see his belly inflate: clenched abs turning into a swollen mound, and then swelling immensely between two shots as he'd simply given up, core going slack to let Fenrir's load fill him up. He'd kept growing after that, belly slightly larger in each shot until it was a huge pregnant mound swaying beneath him, until Fenrir had knocked him forwards and pressed it against the murky, cum-drenched ground.

Just looking at it all brought back a flood of sense-memories: the overwhelming ache of his stretching skin, the gurgle and slop of cum pouring through his guts, the implacable pounding of Fenrir's knot against his gaped hole. He was hard in his shorts looking at it all.

He eventually found a few that were usable: the initial shots of Fenrir's dick, of course, and then one right after that with him deep-throating it, face hidden behind Fenrir's haunch, hips incidentally canted just-so to hide his hip tattoo, throat visibly warped, a huge slimy spill of pre and phelgm drooling into view from behind, shining in the light. Some of the ones where Fenrir was fucking him caught the image mid-thrust, when his head was lurched forward past Fenrir's foreleg: showing off the swell of Fenrir's cock distending his stomach while hiding his face. There was something about those, with his own hard cock leaking pre onto the ground contrasted with the utterly-inhuman size of Fenrir's wolf cock... Zell shifted in his seat, heel of his hand grinding against his dick. The few while he was getting knotted were no good: face on display, sweaty and tear-streaked as he'd sobbed and moaned, face wracked with the sensation of being split open. But there were more than a few while he was getting filled up, including most of the ones past when Fenrir had slammed him to the ground: paw on his shoulder, ass stuck to his sheath, belly getting bigger and bigger.

Zell jerked off in front of the screen, staring down at his dazed expression, body dwarfed by Fenrir's immense animal form, one hand on his dick and the other pressing beneath his balls, two fingers dragging along the rim of his used asshole. He collapsed back, cum splattered all up his bare chest, panting hard as he stared down at the photos of him getting used hard. Fuck, he hoped cm89wfg809sr liked them.

He decided to follow cm89wfg809sr's lead and made his own burner account. He sure as hell wasn't gonna post them under ZDincht. But keysmashes weren't his thing.

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

Hey I really liked those pics you posted. They're really hot. You're really hot too. Here's something I hope you enjoy. Hope I hear back, I've got like a thousand more of these.

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He was flushed the entire time, writing that. Fucking KnotLuvr, what was he thinking. But, hell, if he was posting images of his gaped ass he might as well go all-out.

Moments before sending it, he got a flash. He tipped back, hauling one leg over the study panel, and aimed the camera down, capturing his spent, half-hard dick and the bruised, purple ridge of his swollen asshole, two fingers socketed between his puffy flesh, keeping it splayed open to show off his cum-slimed inner walls. He added another line:


This happened last night and I'm still leaking cum.

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Then he sent it, swallowing hard when it went from being something he'd typed up to something the BBS was repeating back at him. He really hoped that guy, whoever he was, was still checking his messages.

He sat back, closed everything, disconnected the camera and hid it back under his bed, and then opened the BBS back up again to check if he'd gotten a reply. It had been less than a minute. He sat restlessly, trying to study or distract himself in any way. Ultimately he ended up slipping his gloves on and going down to the training center; at least punching things would take up some time. It'd also help him figure out how Fenrir's junction worked, aside from just... aside from the knotting.

Zel punched Grats and the occasional T-Rexaur for the next few hours, studiously not thinking anything about Fenrir or the BBS or how there was some unlicensed GF with an enormous horsecock somewhere in the Garden right now. Fenrir had a shockingly powerful magical junction, which didn't fit exactly with Zell's fighting style, but he could probably make it work somehow. Figure out how to cast spells onto his fists as he punched, to get all the benefits of an elemental junction with none of the drawbacks. He could work with that.

When he was fully exhausted, entire body drenched with sweat, he dragged himself back to the dorms. He showered down, rinsing off the last of the crusted wolf cum stuck in his hair. He was too tired to even seriously consider fisting himself in the showers again. It was too early for that anyway; he'd probably get caught.

Despite how this entire exercise had been to distract himself from his message, when he got back to his dorm he immediately checked his study panel, re-logging in as KnotLuvr and opening the private message display.


wow i wasnt expecting anybody with actual balls to message me. fuck u really took that whole knot huh? guess u really wanna get knocked up by wolf dick. thats hot. wish i couldve seen it fresh i bet u would've gaped more

ur pretty cute too u no. bet u look cuter w/ a cock down yr throat

hope u jerk off to this too

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Zell's whole body burned in a flush. He hadn't-- he wasn't really sure what the guy would actually say in response. He'd never had a guy tell him he was cute before. Or, not just cute, but cute in the same line as telling him he'd look cute with a cock in his mouth, or that he wanted to get knocked up.

The attachments... the guy had to have them just sitting around. But it'd been a few hours; it was entirely possible that while Zell had been bashing Grats in the training center the guy had been recording them. That his message was what had gotten the guy to record them.

They were both videos. One was practically vanilla: just the guy jerking off, shot over-the-shoulder as he'd been lying on his dorm bed. His dick curved up, letting his fat cockhead tap against his chiseled stomach, and he hunched and rolled his hips, grinding his broad cockhead against his skin as he fucked his hand. It was under a minute, at the end, and the guy's breath got deeper, strokes faster, until he stopped with a stifled groan. His hand clamped at the base of his cock, making the whole thing swell up fatter, and then his cock twitched, smacking against his taut belly as he came in thick lines all up his chest, a few shots vanishing off the left edge of the screen, maybe even splattering onto his sight-unseen face. The guy milked his cock, working out the dregs of his load to spill all across his abs, smearing a finger through the mess to glaze his skin evenly.

Zell's cock ached. Fuck, the guy was hot, and-- and he'd taken that video for him. Maybe. Zell wished he was there, able to jerk the guy off, lick up the mess of cum off his skin.

The second video, though. Still in his dorm, but this time the camera was set up on some kinda stand, showing a scene of the guy on his knees, a towel spread out under him, leaning back under the horse-GF, mouth wrapped around the huge horsecock. He had his sheets wrapped around his head, spilling down his back, so that only his mouth was visible, sheets braced against his brows, with loose folds hanging down to half-cover his nose. Both his hands were wrapped around the horse dick, lifting it up just as much as stroking it-- it was limp but unsheathed, its own weight dragging it down in a drooping arch when the guy wasn't hauling it up. And. The guy was swallowing the horse dick. Zell couldn't imagine that was even possible. The thing was bicep-thick, maybe thicker when it wasn't getting squeezed tight. The guy's lips stretched obscenely as he struggled to contain the flat, broad cap of the horsedick in his mouth. They were warped out in a taut arc, stretched out as they clung tight to horsedick's brutally-fat curve.

The guy gurgled, choking sound a lot more audible than his groan in the last video had been, and lurched back with an explosion of slime. Cords of phelgm splattered down his chest, webbing over his lips, and the horsedick flopped down, scraping across his chest as he panted. There was already a slimy stream of ooze spilling down his chest, messy and shining as it sluiced over his abs, forking around his huge, heavy cock and drooling down past the camera's gaze, under his thigh. He was undoubtedly dripping all over the carpet.

Undaunted, the guy leaned in again, lips sloppily kissing across leathery horse flesh as he slid his hands up, bringing the heavy horsecock to his lips again. The guy had huge hands, but the horsedick was easily as big as one of his fists. The guy opened wide, sucking across the side of the cockhead. He struggled to stuff it back into his mouth, lips dragging over the huge arcs of flesh, and somehow, Zell couldn't imagine how, he was actually succeeding. The guy gurgled, jaw practically unhinged as he slopped the full girth of the horsecock back into his mouth. Zell's breath squeaked on his exhale, and he realized he was leaning in, face an inch away from the study panel, staring at the video, at the compression-fuzzed line where the guy's lips met the horsecock. The guy's entire body shuddered as he tried to swallow around the horsedick, jaw hinging, another mess of drool and pre spilling past his inhumanly-warped lips. Zell's hand dropped to his crotch, kneading his dick through his shorts.

The guy crammed more horsedick into his mouth, using both hands to drag more of the shaft in. He gagged again, slime squirting from his nose, drooling from his lips, and with a gurgling roar he shoved himself down, entire body tense, shuddering, as his throat warped, adam's apple flattening and broadening as he somehow managed to fit the arm-thick horsedick down his throat. The horse-GF seemed to like it: there was the clump of a hoof hitting the carpeted floor at the same time its hips jerked forward, nearly bowling the guy backwards and brutally plunging a few more inches of cock down his throat. The guy retched and gagged, entire body lurching as his chest heaved, and he vomited up a mess of pre and phlegm, spraying out around his lips in viscous, opaque cords, splattering down his chest to add to the mess. Judging from the thick sheets of slime already drooling down his body, this wasn't the first time that'd happened. The guy gurgled, obviously struggling the urge to vomit for real -- his throat lurched and bulged, throbbing with the GF's heartbeat, skin drawn brutally taut around the immense cock spearing into him. He hauled himself back upright, warped lips audibly crackling as they scraped over slime-drenched horseflesh, and Zell could see the warp of the horse's cock sink down past the root of his throat, moving under his collarbone. Zell couldn't imagine doing that and not dying, but the guy had sent him this, so obviously that hadn't happened. Maybe if he wanted to identify the guy, he should look for a big black guy who couldn't fucking talk because he'd totally wrecked his throat trying to swallow a horsecock.

The guy pumped his hands around the dick. It wasn't hardening, exactly; it still hung in a drooping arch from the horses's underbelly, but it was getting fatter, and the guy's hands were slowly spreading by the thickening shaft. Each time the horsedick twitched, it jerked the guy's entire body to the side, his throat wetly sucking, his chest spasming. He gagged continually, slimy phlegm spraying from his broken mouth each time the horse jolted forward, but somehow managed to not give up. His dark skin flushed, growing darker and shinier all across his visible cheeks, over the sleek, smooth flesh of his warped neck. The guy blindly reached out, bracing his arms against the horse's hind legs, and let the GF's thrusts cram his horsedick down his throat, and what, directly into his stomach? Zell couldn't imagine how the guy could take this and not be laid out in the medical department for a week. Then again, maybe that's what the guy thought when he saw Zell take Fenrir's enormous load. Zell swallowed, thinking about how-- how the guy couldn't even swallow, here. Just able to use his throat as a tight hole for his horse GF to fuck.

The horse slowly plugged his entire cock into the guy's throat. He stood stock still, cock flexing and twitching, and then made a single brutal thrust, matched with a fierce snort, over and over, and each one without fail made the guy's throat warp from the compressed flesh slamming through it: muscled chest heaving, vomiting up slimy ooze that spilled in increasingly-thick waves down the guy's chest. There was only a sliver of the horse's cock left outside the guy's throat -- by which Zell meant a little less than a foot -- with the vast majority somehow crammed down his throat, into his chest. The head absolutely had to be shoved into his stomach by now.

The horse let out a bass whinny, entire body moving as he shook his mane, out of frame. His cock lurched, pulsing hard, each pulse matched with a gurgling squelch from the guy's ruined, fucked-open throat. Horse cocks flared when they came, right? Zell couldn't imagine that huge flat cockhead getting any broader, lodged somewhere down the guy's throat, in his stomach. The guy's body spasmed, jerked around like a rag doll as the immense horsecock thundered inside him, even his gagging giving way to a continual slimy ooze, thick froth spilling from his nose and mouth in a slimy river. The horse's cock kicked, lurching again, again, and the guy's stomach clenched, chiseled abs standing in sharp relief before they went limp, belly abruptly protruding out with a muted gurgle that still managed to get picked up by the recording. Zell's fingers tapped along the length of his cock, jerking himself off in his shorts. The guy's belly surged and grew, slopping side-to-side in waves as pressurized blasts of horse cum filled him up. Zell couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The horse GF came hard and fast, nothing like Fenrir's long hours of knotting. Instead, he dumped what had to be nearly the same volume of cum in seconds: each hosing squirt forcing nearly a gallon of fluid into the guy's ruined body, more and more until he had a huge, sagging belly, rounded over his thighs, hiding his still-hard cock under its sloshing bulk. The horse finished, hooves clopping as he pulled back, cock wrenching its way up the guy's throat and dragging his body bonelessly forward, toppling him to his hands and knees. The lump of his cockhead made its way back up, visibly popping out from under his collarbone, scraping its way up his throat, and the guy lurched back to life, hands finding purchase on the floor as he violently wrenched himself off the horse's cock with a final explosion of thick white cum.

The guy immediately lurched to the side, cum bubbling up in his throat, and violently vomited up a waterfall of cum. The horsecock draped across his back, still oozing slimy cords of cum all over his drenched body. He soundlessly heaved, vomiting up burst after burst of cum, belly sloshing and gurgling, before he managed to draw in a watery breath, hacking and coughing as he spat up mouthful after mouthful of horse cum, utterly saturating the towel beneath him and rapidly spilling out past that, all over the carpet.

Zell jerked off, watching the guy gag and heave, squirts of cum spraying from his open mouth, shooting from his nose, as he vomited up the mess of horse cum all over himself. The guy's abs tried to clench, the huge blocky shape of his muscles fluttering to the surface, warped over the sheer volume of cum inside him, and that just made the guy gag more, coughing and sputtering as pressurized cum burst up his ruined throat.

Zell came with a groan, cum splattering all across the study panel, and milked out his load while scanning a few seconds back, watching the lurch of the horsecock dragging up out of him again, the first plume of cum spraying out of him, splattering back all down his chest. He sat back in his chair, entire body flushed and sweating, staring down as the video ran out its final seconds with the guy still doubled over, belly swaying beneath him, cum pouring from his nose and mouth all over the flooded floor.


He sat back and watched the whole video over again, idly tugging on his softening cock. It was only three-and-a-half minutes long, and that felt like an eternity the first time through.

He cleaned off the cumshot he'd sprayed all up the study panel, then sat back down to write.

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

Holy fuck, that was so hot. How could you even take that??

He sent the message, impulsively, and then scrambled to write something else.


Here's some more stuff from last night. Didn't think to record it.

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Just the photos were stretching the camera's capacity to its limits; there was no way he'd be able to record even an hour of video, much less four hours.

Then, again, he paused, looking down across his body. If he tugged his shirt to the side like this, and angled his underwear like that, he'd hide all his tattoos. He kept idly stroking his half-hard cock until it was fully hard again, still shiny and slimy with his load, and then took another shot of himself, this time angled up across his chest as he flexed his core, making his abs pop.


This is what I did when I saw your videos. Fuck man, that's so hot.

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His whole body tingled with the flush of... showing himself off like that. Nervousness, but also the aroused heat from knowing the guy had thought his other photos were hot.

He sent the messages, and then immediately checked to see if he'd gotten a reply. Definitely not. The thread on the main BBS was dead, buried under another few days of posts, but the last one was FisherKing bumping it, asking-slash-complaining about how the guy hadn't responded to him. Maybe it was a little petty, but Zell felt good getting a response when apparently nobody else had. Probably none of them opened with their own GF sex photos.

He traded more messages and photos with the guy over the next few days -- the guy said it look a pretty strong wind-element junction to not suffocate when the horse was fucking his throat, which was at least half of the answer to why doing that hadn't killed him. Zell couldn't get knotted every night, but he made more than one trip out at night, invisible under Fenrir's glowing aura. The guy told him he should suck off Fenrir and then take a photo of his cum-glazed chest, which he did after a bit of twisting around to hide his shoulder tattoo; he asked the guy to really show off his gape after he'd gotten fucked, and the guy responded with a photo of him fisting himself, fist sunk inside him, his arm up to the elbow smeared with horse cum, and then another of his ass practically prolapsing out: hole spread out obscenely, guts folded out in a slimy mound.

He told the guy his GF was named Fenrir, and he learned that the guy's GF was called Ixion: a big muscular purple-black horse with zebra stripes and silvery hair, most of which he could tell already, but he also had a giant unicorn-blade horn with a sharp fishhook crook. He had golden, jewel-studded peytral wrapped around his neck, and hanging jewel piercings studded through his horn. Mostly he got to see Ixion's enormous horsecock and his giant, lopsided horse balls, each one as big as somebody's head, although there had been one particular video once the guy noticed how much Zell liked to see his cum-filled asshole where he knelt down on his hands and knees, well-fucked ass drooling a waterfall down to the floor, and let Ixion shove his enormous purple tongue up his ass, tonguefucking him until he had to beg for the GF to stop.

It was maybe a silly thought to have after exchanging photos of their gaped assholes, photos of them drenched in cum, but sometimes he thought the guy was flirting with him. Or like... the SeeD exam was only a few weeks away, and after that he'd hopefully be a full SeeD, able to be deployed anywhere on the continent for months at a time. There sure wouldn't be a Garden BBS link, and even if there was Zell didn't exactly trust sending videos of him getting fucked by a GF over it. And the guy, whoever he was, could be up for graduation too. So if he ever wanted to find out who the mystery guy was, he'd have to make... some kind of move.

After sending the guy messages like 'man your ass looks so good gaped out around that horse cock', it was a whole different kind of nervousness to sit down and type out something even more forward than that:


Hey do you want to actually meet up sometime before the SeeD exam?

He sent it before he could reconsider it, and then immediately regretted it. The guy was gonna say, like, 'nah look at u thinking u could have some of this'. Or 'why would you think id want that'.

It was only fifteen minutes later when he refreshed the BBS that a new message came in.



What was he supposed to do with that?! And then, another message:


wanna meet up @ the training center? i know a place.


What, the secret meetup place in the training center? That everybody and all the Garden staff knows about?


man yr cute when yr bitchy. nah i know an actual hidden place. there's a hatch just past the lake that goes to an underground maintenance floor nobody ever goes there

itd be pretty hard to get ixion to fuck u out on the secret meetup place anyway hes too big ;)

Fuck. What was he supposed to do about that?!

It was one thing to think, vaguely, that sometime in the future he'd ask and then maybe he'd see the guy's face or actually get to touch Ixion's dick himself -- or see how the guy responded to getting knotted by Fenrir -- but it was something else entirely to think about how it could happen, like, tomorrow.


When do you wanna do this


im free tonite

Or, scratch tomorrow, today. Classes had wound down even further for SeeD candidates with the exam happening next week; all the teachers just said everybody should be doing combat practice as much as possible. Zell had absolutely nothing scheduled after hitting all his prereqs.


Sure, let's do it.


oh well be doing something for sure ;p

the hatch code is 0451 meet me down there halfhour after curfew

That was maybe an hour from now. Fuck. Holy fuck. Zell had a momentary thought of, fuck this was how he was gonna lose his virginity, before the rest of his mind caught up with him. He'd lost his virginity to a giant wolf monster; this was just gonna be the first time he was gonna get fucked by a human. Unless the guy wanted him to fuck him more. It seemed, uh. Like, the guy was pretty cocky? He definitely wanted to fuck Zell, it was just maybe he wanted to get fucked more.

With Fenrir, the span of time between him realizing they might fuck, and him having his face buried in Fenrir's sheath was like, five minutes, max. Here the minutes stretched out like hours, giving him plenty of time to stew in his nervousness. Fuck, what if it was Raijin and he was like, 'oh, I didn't realize it was you, you're just some idiot Seifer hates'? What if it was some guy he'd never even seen before and Zell accidentally called him Raijin? What if it actually was Raijin? Absolutely any situation seemed fraught.

Zell paced around his room, eventually starting to phantom-box, just working out some of his nervous energy. This time in an hour or two he could be getting fucked and fisted. Somehow that had more of an impact than all the times he snuck out with Fenrir: he'd never thought, late at night, that in just an hour Fenrir would be knotting him, even when he'd known it would be true. But the uncertainty here had him riveted.

Ultimately, time passed. Zell told Fenrir to hide him under his gloaming aura, and he made his way, early, down to the training center. The artificial lake was at the far end of the wild area, and just off the path to the tiny artificial island there was a concrete barricade between the fencing, and just behind that there was the hatch. Zell pulled on it, verifying it was locked, and then peered down at the keypad. He tapped in the combination, genuinely a little surprised when it buzzed and unlocked itself. Was the guy Garden staff, to know this? He supposed just about anybody could be in the all-concealing staff robes and wide-brimmed shell hats.

There was a ladder down, to a tiny shed-like room with gardening tools piled up on a shelf, and a closed but unlocked door that opened into a weird open area of support pillars, arranged in a hexagonal grid. They made lines and paths; at one angle overlapping to block sightlines, and then just a few steps further nearly lined up in rows that spanned all the way across the chamber. He must be directly under the training center, and under the twelve-feet-or-so of dirt that made up its overgrown interior.

If nothing else, the guy was definitely right: he'd never heard anybody talk about this space at all, and there was definitely room for Ixion to fuck him down here. Fenrir shimmered into existence next to him, calling himself: at first a translucent shadow, then rapidly solidifying into a fully-present body.

There were footsteps behind him, and Zell turned, catching a figure stepping out of the same door he'd come from. The guy was big, which... Zell already knew. He was shadowed, backlit by the shed lights, and Zell watched as his silhouette looked one way, then the other. Zell took a deep breath, and stepped forward.

Chapter Text

It was Raijin. On the one hand, of course it was Raijin, just because he was maybe the only black guy at the Garden who was that big and muscular. It was hard to square that with his idea of Raijin, though. Mostly Zell knew him as somebody who stood around behind Seifer and glowered. Like, very hot, but also totally unapproachable for a half-dozen reasons.

And now he knew that no, Raijin was... a freaky exhibitionist. A horny fucker who loved getting his ass destroyed by horsecock. And soon, Raijin would know that Zell loved getting knotted. Fuck, KnotLuvr; Raijin was gonna make fun of him so much. Or maybe not.

Zell jerked forward, forcibly not thinking as he stepped out of the shadow of the pillars and waved to Raijin... and then, at the utter lack of reaction, realized they were both under Fenrir's invisibility aura.

Fenrir's aura collapsed around them with a snap, and Raijin visibly startled when the two of them... popped into existence? Zell wasn't sure what it would look like from outside.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," Raijin said back, walking closer. He was dressed like he always was: baggy drop crotch pants, belted with a length of cord, and only a vest across his shoulders, revealing his solid, muscular chest. Big chunky prayer bead necklace hanging down over his pecs. Zell, too, was dressed like usual, in his shorts and jacket. He'd thought about... dressing up, or something? But the only other outfit he really had was his cadet uniform, and that seemed ridiculous.

Man, Raijin was ridiculously good-looking. Good-looking and apparently loved having his throat and ass ruined by horsecock. Zell was having a bit of trouble squaring the two. He'd always thought Raijin had a nice mouth, and now he knew for sure that was the same mouth he'd seen stretched brutally around Ixion's horsecock. "...I thought it was you," he said, eventually.

"Oh yeah?" Raijin grinned. "I knew it was you, ya know."

"What?!" Zell sputtered. "Since when?"

Raijin gestured down at his hip. "You showed one of your tattoos. That one, uh," he said, and then paused a little awkwardly. "When you had Fenrir knot you on your back, uh, you could kinda still see it through the cum."

"Huh," Zell said.

They'd both said it back and forth plenty, but it still felt a little weird to just stand there and talk about Fenrir gaping him, or whatever.

"Y'know," Raijin said, leering. "I didn't know just how many tattoos you got." He stepped forward, pressing a palm against his hip, over where his tattoo spread out under his shorts. His hand was hot in contrast to the humid chill of the utility chamber. "You're fuckin' hot, y'know?"

Zell flushed, staring at Raijin's chest. He'd stared at it plenty of times, but now it was an inch from his nose, with Raijin's fat, dark nipples jutting out at the edges of his vest. "Fuck, you too, man," he said, voice rough. He raised his hands, feeling the heat radiating off Raijin's skin before pressing them flat against his chest, feeling over his giant, meaty pecs. His nipples ground under his palms, scraping as Zell slid his hands up to Raijin's shoulders, using them for leverage to pull himself up to his tip-toes, so he could lean in for a kiss.

Raijin hummed eagerly, hand sliding down to cup his cock as he deepened the kiss, tongue tapping against Zell's teeth before he sucked his lower lip into his mouth, tugging on it. Raijin knocked Zell's jacket off his shoulders with his other hand, fingers digging into the muscular swell of Zell's shoulder as he practically lifted Zell up by his dick, huge hand spanning between his thighs, grinding hard enough against his hardening cock that his toes nearly left the ground. Zell groaned into Raijin's mouth, rutting into his hand, feeling the answering bulge of Raijin's cock pressed between their bodies, hot and stiff digging into his stomach.

Raijin was just so huge. They were both brawlers, and if anything Zell was the more well-muscled of the two, it was just that he was also like four inches shorter than Raijin. He kept having to look up. Not that being eye level with Raijin's magnificent chest wasn't great in its own way.

Raijin looked down at him, lips pulled back in a leer. "So, knot lover, huh?"

Zell flushed. "Shut up!"

"Definitely would'nt've guessed it from looking at you," Raijin said, stepping back with Zell's jacket in hand, leaving him standing there with a tented bulge in his shorts. Raijin's own loose pants showed the outline of his cock obscenely: a huge ledge skewing out across his thigh, broad enough that the loose fabric draped over top, practically outlining it. His lips were flushed from the kiss, wet and shining with spit, and Zell unconsciously licked his lips as Raijin kept talking. "Yeah, you're pretty cute. Glad to actually see ya." And then he looked up at Fenrir, looming silently next to him. "You too, yeah? I guess I should take out Ixion," he said, and before he'd even finished there was the crackle of lightning, arcing between the pillars, off the shallow puddles of condensation on the floor, cohering with a crack into the form of Ixion, hooves clopping on the concrete. Zell wasn't at all embarrassed that his immediate response was to look between his haunches, trying to get more than a glimpse of his bobbing sheath.

Ixion was a little smaller than Fenrir, which still left him at around human-height at the shoulder. He only now realized the relative size difference: there was a much bigger difference between him and Fenrir than there was between Ixion and Raijin. He'd been thinking of Ixion's dick as being colossal, but if he could take Fenrir, then there wasn't really any reason why he couldn't also hilt Ixion's dick. The thought was... intense, knowing that Ixion was right there; that he'd be up to try. That in a minute or two Zell could be mewling and gasping beneath Ixion, if he wanted.

Ixion's nostrils flared, like he was scenting. Smelling how Zell was fantasizing about his horsecock, maybe. He and Raijin were both already hard, visibly tenting their pants. They were all gonna be fucking in minutes, so, really at this point it didn't matter.

"Hey," Zell said, reaching out to brush a hand across Ixion's muzzle. His eyes were deep black, filled with a scintillating shimmer, like stars. That definitely didn't record well.

"Hello", came Ixion's voice, a weird, fierce mental impulse distinct from Fenrir's definitely-physical bone-rumbling voice.

"You, uh. You another god of sex magic?" Zell asked.

Raijin let out a bark of a laugh: "He's what?"

Beside him, Fenrir let out an eager growl, aimed at Raijin: "Oh yes, I'm eager to show you my rites," he said, tone of voice very much implying that he just meant his cock.

"Oh yeah, that code for your dick?" Raijin said back.

While that was happening, Ixion snorted. "No. I just like to fuck." He took in Zell, first looking at him with one eye, then another. "You'll make a good sheath for my cock." Zell flushed. He wasn't precisely clear on if everybody could hear Ixion when he spoke, or if it was focused, but Raijin's well-timed snort implied it was the former.

Zell swallowed. He wasn't-- well, okay, yes he absolutely went down here knowing he was going to participate in a monstrous foursome. But realizing that each of the three other people here were gonna take turns fucking him at some point was a little... there was a ball of heat in his gut, half nerves and half anticipation. He wanted to suck Ixion's cock too.

Raijin pressed close again, expertly unbuttoning Zell's shorts and sliding a hand in. Zell had worn a jockstrap, just because... Raijin had said once he looked hot in one, and so he figured, hell, why not wear one. Here and now, Raijin tugged the pouch aside and curled his fingers around Zell's shaft. Zell groaned, arching up as Raijin tugged on his cock, both his hands wrapped around Raijin's bulky forearm. "Oh fuck," Zell groaned, yanking Raijin forward to press his back against a pillar, letting him brace against it as he humped into Raijin's hand, his own hands pulling at the looped bow of Raijin's belt, cupping the stiff length of Raijin's dick.

"Fuck," Raijin said, and then, "C'mere." He pulled his hand from Zell's shorts, leading them along the wall of the hex-pillar room, to where the walls started to curve. The entire room was crescent-shaped: the training center, minus the reservoir for the lake, or something like that, Zell assumed. This left two more-or-less isolated alcoves, hidden at the far ends of the curve. There was a mess of what Zell interpreted as construction debris around: the metal frame of some scaffolding, covered in tarps, a few wooden palettes, a chair or two, and probably most importantly, a stack of folding gym mats propped against the wall that Raijin toppled over and kicked open. "Kinda hard to get fucked on bare concrete," he said.

Zell swallowed. "Yeah."

Raijin grinned at him. "Nervous?"

Zell shrugged. "Not exactly done anything like this before."

Raijin tugged him closer, cupping his cock again. "I've seen how you take dick, ya know? You'll do great."

Zell spluttered. "That's not what I meant!"

Raijin tossed Zell's jacket over a scaffolding bar. "Oh yeah?" Raijin said, as he shrugged out of his vest and added it to the bar, leaving himself shirtless, huge blocky muscles flexing. He kicked off his boots, releasing the unraveling spool of his belt, and his pants fell off his thighs, leaving him completely naked. No underwear. Zell flushed, staring, his cock throbbing hotter as realized he didn't have to stop staring; how he'd be seeing a whole lot more soon.

He pulled off his own undershirt, leaving him bare-chested in only sneakers and shorts and, like Raijin, stopped holding up his undone shorts, letting them pile up at his calves. He stripped down to his jock, cock bulging the pouch, bare ass on display. Raijin leered at him, his intense gaze sending prickles up and down Zell's front. He stepped in close, one hand curling over Zell's bare side, the other cupping his cock, and he leaned down, kissing Zell deeply as he tugged on the straps of his jock, sliding it down the curve of his ass to let it puddle between his feet. His cock jerked out, skimming across Raijin's stomach, and he caught it in his hand, stroking it slowly as he parted his lips, shoving his tongue into Zell's mouth.

Zell whined, arching up, hands sliding down Raijin's muscular body and curling around his mammoth cock. Raijin had a huge cock; he'd stared at it so often in their videos, and now he could curl his hand around so, so thick his fingers only fit around three-fourths its girth. He stroked it slowly, staring down at his fat, purple cocklips: flexing in shuddering pulses as Zell stroked. His shaft twitched in Zell's hands, his cocklips parted, spitting out a fat, gleaming bead of pre that clung between his lips for a moment before it broke and spilled down the taut curve of his cockhead, catching in the fleshy foreskin as it rolled halfway up his cockhead with each stroke. Zell let out a shaky groan just watching it, steadily pumping Raijin's cock, letting his foreskin smear pre all across the surface of his cockhead, until his dark purple-brown flesh gleamed.

"Like my cock, huh?" Raijin's voice was low and husky, the puff of his breath warm across the shell of Zell's ear.

He nodded, sagging forward against Raijin's chest, rutting his cock against Raijin's hip as he kept stroking Raijin's cock. "Yeah."

"Good," Raijin said, as cocky and self-assured in person as he was on the BBS, and Zell couldn't help but let out a little amused huff. He lined up their cocks, letting them slide against each other, rutting up. Zell was surprised to see Raijin was actually only a fingers-width longer than him. Definitely fatter, though: Zell's dick was more bottom-heavy, bloated along the underside, whereas Raijin was just all-around gigantic. Zell tugged on the loose flesh of Raijin's shaft, just staring as his chunky foreskin rolled back and forth, showing off the flushed purple flesh of his cockhead, making a fat, squiggling vein along the side of his cock rise to the surface. Zell grasped the base of his cock, squeezing, and the vein pulsed hard, throbbing with Raijin's heartbeat.

Raijin's hand slid up Zell's cock, stroking him loosely, and he smeared his thumbtip against Zell's raw cockhead, hot and shocky pleasure. He let out a huff of a laugh at Zell's response: dick twitching hard, abs rippling. Using his dick as a handle, Raijin tugged him a step forward, and again, until their ankles caught on the gym mats and they sprawled over, settling on their knees, both bare-ass naked, with the huge forms of their respective Guardian Forces looming over them.

On his knees, Zell could see over Raijin's shoulder, where Ixion loomed. His horsecock spilled from his sheath in erratic lurches, each one sending a few inches of purple-black, shiny cockflesh surging out into the open. His cockhead was huge, bestial, a shallow dome with a bulging divot in the center, where his perfectly-circular cocklips were pulsing and fluttering, spitting out a continual drool of thin, watery pre. Ixion flexed it as it unsheathed, slapping it loudly against his thinly-furred underbelly and splattering pre all over. Zell couldn't look away. Over his shoulder, he could hear Fenrir moving, probably giving Raijin a similar show.

Ixion's sheath rippled, bulging outwards as his medial ring surged free with a heavy slurp. Old scum, slimy pre, clung to the binding ring, sluggishly drooling down the underside of his cock in viscous streams, piling over itself to form thick, jiggling ropes that slashed back and forth each time Ixion cracked his cock against his underbelly. Past the ring, his cockflesh grew matte and leathery, gnarled with veins. The deep purple of his cocktip faded out into pure black flesh, until the whole thing was just hanging there, fully spanning his muscled underbelly, with the bulging, ridged cockhead nearly pressed right between his front legs.

The air stunk. Not just sex, but the heavy, acrid reek of Fenrir's cock unsheathing behind him, mixed with the strangely sweet, grassy smell of Ixion. There was a wash of ozone, like the air before a thunderstorm, and an arc of lightning burst across Ixion's dick, crackling up his whole length, buzzing across the tip, and Ixion snorted and lurched, hips fucking the air and sending his colossal cannon of a cock swaying beneath him, gushing out slimy cords of pre that hosed out across the gym mats, hitting Raijin's back and ass with loud, heavy cracks.

Raijin groaned, staring over his shoulder, and Zell twisted back: Fenrir was looming above him, so close he could feel the heat of his body beat down on him. His flushed red-purple cock drizzled pre in dark splotches, and as Fenrir stepped forward his cock bobbed, flinging the next spurt of pre across Zell's calf. Fenrir's knot was out, fresh slime still drooling down its shallowly-engorged sides; that was probably what got Raijin to groan. It visibly throbbed, rippling the smooth flesh of Fenrir's dick. Zell swallowed heavily. Every time he saw it, it seemed impossible that the entire thing had been lodged inside him.

Raijin looked at Fenrir, then back at Ixion behind him. He turned to face Zell, a cocky grin on his face. "Ready to get fucked?"

"Yeah," Zell said, voice catching in his throat. "Yeah." He wasn't as much an exhibitionist as Raijin -- he sure hadn't posted photos publicly, totally without prompting, the way Raijin had -- but there was an undeniable heat to Raijin's gaze; in the knowledge that as he was getting fucked Raijin would be there to see every moment.

The both of them totally naked -- save for Raijin's necklace -- knelt on the gym mats, facing each other. Raijin reached down and idly tugged on Zell's dick, using his big hands to pull him closer, jostling him forwards so their chests pressed together. Raijin grinned down at him, kissing him deeply. The two giant GFs prowled around them, heads tilted to look at them appraisingly. Fenrir's steps were nearly silent, just a soft shift of flesh; Ixion's hooves clopped loudly on the bare concrete. Zell's skin prickled up into goosebumps as he heard him approach, moving behind him, and then the abrupt silence when he stopped sent a jolt of adrenaline through him.

"You're gonna look so good taking horsecock," Raijin groaned against his mouth, gaze flitting up to Ixion behind him. Zell's gaze drifted to Fenrir, behind Raijin: cock fully unsheathed, immense and bulky, with his spear-point cocktip dragged down to point right at Raijin's ass.

There was another clop, and then the creaking impact of Ixion's hoof on the mats as he leaned forward, and with that came the impact of Ixion's dick against his ass: a broad battering ram that knocked him forward onto his hands and knees, bowling Raijin back on his ass with a laugh.

Zell looked behind him: Ixion's dick loomed beneath the giant horse's underbelly, cockhead rumpled and warped, ridge edged in fat, rubbery nubs ringed around its length. Even unflared it was enormously broad -- but, Zell realized with a dizzying jolt of heat, not as broad as Fenrir's knot, and he'd been taking Fenrir's knotfucking pretty well. There was nothing stopping him from taking every inch of Ixion's enormous, bestial cock.

Across from him, Raijin moaned across the underside of Fenrir's dick, letting the tip drool slime all across his chiseled, flexing chest as he slung his arms around the huge wolf dick. Raijin rolled his hips up, fucking Fenrir's cock through his meaty pecs -- and slapping Zell across the face with his hard cock.

Zell groaned, open mouth panting across Raijin's cock as he ground himself down onto Ixion's cocktip. The slick flesh slid, cock wanting to surge up all across his back, and Zell fought against it, wedging the tip between his asscheeks and bearing down with his entire body to keep it in place. His asshole spread open easily, letting Ixion's round, bulging cockhole slop forward into his ass, but the flat, shelf-like spread of his cockhead had almost no give to it. Zell's asshole crawled wider as he spread himself with shaky moans. His ass-flesh warped, the slightly-mounded dome of Ixion's cockhead sinking an inch inside him, and dizzily as he kept up the pressure he felt his body reshape itself: asshole gaping, guts unfurling inside him to wetly splat against Ixion's cocktip, the rim of his asshole stinging and burning as it finally met the edge of Ixion's cockhead.

The thick, rumpled flesh burned against his ring, stinging as one edge lurched inside him with a body-jolting schlop, and Zell let out a moan that turned into a bellowing roar as his hole gaped, burning hotter as he followed the curve: feeling as his ass slurped over Ixion's ridge, tracing a burning line around the curve of his rubbery, broken-wide asshole, until with a final meaty squelch Ixion's horsecock popped inside him, immediately socketing itself into his guts. Zell let out a reedy whine, dimly aware of his cock flexing hard, slapping up against his stomach as he pissed out a slimy mess of pre and cum, cumming untouched just from Ixion sinking his cockhead inside him. His asshole burned: a heavy, pulpy ring of rubbery flesh, tugging and twisting from his heaving breaths as he tried to adjust to the sheer girth of Ixion's cock. Fenrir's knot was bigger, for sure, but Ixion was this thick all the way down.

Zell whimpered, tears filling his eyes as he shallowly rocked himself on Ixion's cocktip, and he lurched down, sucking Raijin's cock into his mouth just to have something to muffle the shaky, warbling noises he was making.

Raijin was bowled backwards, throat warped as he guzzled on Fenrir's cocktip, one arm braced behind him like he was doing a backward bend as he used the other to stroke Fenrir's slick, slimy shaft. Ooze burbled from his stretched lips, sheening his upturned face in a glistening layer of watery slime, and as Zell bobbed on his cock, swallowing the whole thing, Raijin heaved himself deeper, impaling his throat on Fenrir's cock.

Ixion shifted above him, front hooves bracketing him. He slammed forward, hips jerking forward in a single brutal thrust that had Zell bellowing around Raijin's dick. His cock rammed forward, pinning Zell's guts open as his shaft forced its way deeper. Zell's stomach bloated, already warping out around Ixion's shuddering flare. He gagged and heaved, stomach and lungs rearranged by his twisting guts, diaphragm compressed so all the breath left his lungs in a wet whoof. He drooled heavily across Raijin's cock, gurgling wetly, and Ixion's next thrust headbutted him against Raijin's tense abs, knocking him backwards. For a moment, Raijin surged deeper -- jaw pinned wide open, half Fenrir's cock sunk deep down his bloated throat, looking like he was already so deeply impaled that he could simply hang off Fenrir's cock -- and then he collapsed onto the mats, Fenrir's cock ripping its way out of his throat with a sick wet squelch, leaving Raijin panting for breath as Fenrir pissed out watery preseed all across his front.

"Fuck," Raijin said, voice clotted, and he spat to one side, leaving thick webs of phlegm and slime drooling over his lips, forming cords across his chest. "Didn't think I was gonna get all the way to the knot my first try anyway."

Zell'd seen the video. Raijin probably could've.

Raijin patted Fenrir's flank, hand sliding down to cup his heavy balls. "How about you just try fucking me the usual way first?"

Fenrir let out a bark of a laugh, flexing his cock to send up swinging up and down, splattering Raijin with globs of pre; Zell got caught in the splash, with hot wet droplets buzzing across his flushed face.

Raijin flipped himself over, rising up on his hands and knees. He swayed forward, pressing his shoulders against Zell's, and cupped Zell's distended stomach with one hand, grinning at him as he groped across Ixion's cockhead. "Fuck, you're taking it real good," he said, pressing a slobbery kiss across Zell's drooling mouth before he rocked back, slotting himself beneath Fenrir's cock. "Bet I can get Fenrir to knot me before Ixion flares, though."

Zell had no presence of mind to respond; he just groaned, entire body shaking and shuddering as Ixion's cock rearranged his guts, ironing them out into bunched lumps that he brutally fucked through, back and forth. Each movement was audible: a deep, guttural glurp from his guts, turning into wet gurgles when his immense cock let out a plume of fresh pre. That was drowned out by Raijin's bellow: one of Fenrir's huge paws came down across his back, pinning his shoulders to the mat, as Fenrir slammed into him in a single brutal thrust, with none of the ease that he showed to Zell. Raijin could take Ixion's cock; he probably didn't need it anyway.

Ixion and Fenrir pressed side-to-side, flanks shuddering as they violently hunched forward, driving their cocks deeper. Beneath them, Zell and Raijin were angled to the side, one shoulder braced against their respective beast's foreleg, the other against each others', skewed to the side so they could keep making out, slobbering and gasping, as the GFs fucked them hard.

Raijin gurgled, body shining with sweat, shoulders fully engaged. His muscles tensed when Fenrir jerked forward, slamming his shaft to the knot inside his ravaged ass with a sharp clap. Raijin's eyes rolled back in his skull, mouth open and drooling froth, breath whistling sharp and wet through his throat as he heaved, sucking in ragged breaths.

Ixion's cock ground into Zell: a constant pressure punctuated by sharp jerks that sent Zell lurching forward, hands slipping across the slime-smeared gym mats, shoulder digging into Raijin's. His asshole was splayed open, drooping lips bruised up into a meaty swell that cradled Ixion's bulky shaft, and deep in his guts -- digging up against his ribs as his stomach warped out into a lumpy mound -- Ixion's thrusts slammed his cock deeper, bunching and twisting his guts into a taut sheath stretched tight around his giant horsecock.

While Ixion was rearranging Zell's guts, Fenrir wasted no time fucking Raijin open. In comparison to Ixion's slow, brutal thrusts, Fenrir was hammering away, cock wetly slurping each time it punched through Raijin's gaped hole, splattering out glossy cords of pre beneath his haunches. His knot slammed against Raijin's bruised asslips, squelching wetly when Fenrir ground down, slopping the half-engorged swell of flesh against Raijin's gape, and with Raijin's experience taking Ixion's cock it was hardly a challenge.

Fenrir snapped forward hard, his hips flattening Raijin to the mat. He let out a roar, joined by Raijin's bellow as his spongy knot compressed down, forcing its way through Raijin's broken asshole with a heavy, meaty thunk. Raijin sobbed, tears running down his face, chest heaving, as his body adjusted to being broken open around Fenrir's knot. Fenrir's knot throbbed: each motion flexing his cock, making Raijin's hips creak, lurching his bloated belly.

Raijin looked up at him with bleary eyes, face a mess of sweat and tears. "Beat you," he said, smug and breathless, and then he gagged on nothing, wetly puking up frothy pheglm all down his front. Fenrir hunched forward, cocktip mounding out his cum-bloated gut as he settled his knot inside, already pumping him full of wolf cum. Zell reached out a hand, feeling across Raijin's tacky, slimy stomach. Fenrir's cock lurched under his skin, fountaining out a spray of watery wolf cum. Raijin's flesh shuddered and stretched, rounding out into a drooping mound as Fenrir filled him up.

Ixion wasn't far behind. He snorted, huffing loudly as he slammed forward, each thrust plowing a foot-and-change of his enormous cock into Zell's guts, until his belly was drawn out past his ribs, stretched nearly to the limits of his GF-reinforced body. Zell breathlessly panted, lungs squashed out of place, dizzy and shaking. Each twitch of Ixion's cock yanked him out of place, body swaying back-and-forth, puppeted by the horsecock inside him. Deep inside him -- clearly displayed through his warped belly -- Ixion's cockhead shuddered, flare twitching, and with a triumphant whinny Ixion reared up, jerking Zell up into the air, fully impaled on his cock, and came. His flare snapped open into a stiff serving-plate spread, stinging and burning as Zell's guts warped with it.

Ixion came in a single firehose squirt that must have been a gallon all by itself, and with his flare there was nowhere for his load to go but deeper inside him, blasting through Zell's warped guts with a burning, electric heat. Zell's guts ached, rippling and churning, belly sloshing as the cum inside him bore down against Ixion's implacable flare. Zell let out a gurgling moan, voice drowned out by the slosh his rapidly-swelling stomach. His skin ached, burning across his stomach and chest as his belly ballooned outward. Ixion's flare trembled, flexing hard, and he let out another fierce stream of cum, each shot lasting seconds, with a long delay between each spurt. Each fierce gush of Ixion's heavy load burned as it pumped through him, rippling his flesh from the sheer force, making him gag and retch on nothing as it knocked the breath from his lungs. Zell panted, sobbing and shaking, entirely focused on the ache of his swelling stomach, the burn of stretching flesh. His sagging belly made contact with the floor, forming an aching patch of dragging flesh that scuffed across the rough material with each jolt of cum that lanced into him.

Only after a half-dozen squirts was Ixion spent, stretched out over what had to be several minutes. But the time he was done, Zell looked beyond pregnant, just as swollen as when Fenrir was done knotting him. The difference... Ixion's flare shuddered, entire cock softening in moments, leaving his shaft, enormous and heavy, sunk deep into Zell's ravaged guts. Cum burst out over Ixion's softening flare, pouring down his shaft in wet bursts to erupt in a fountaining explosion from Zell's ass, lewdly slurping and squelching as cum fountained out of him.

Zell's hands slipped on the mat as cum pooled over them, smearing out in a thick, slimy pool beneath, and dizzily he rocked himself on Ixion's horsecock, groaning. The softening shaft plucked across his guts, the rubbery nubs lining his cockhead scouring across the stinging imprint his flare had left. Zell'd been soft, cock leaking cum from the sheer size of the cock inside him, mashing down against his prostate, but now that Ixion was softening his cock slid smoothly inside him, twisting along his unraveled guts, knocking against the sides of his ragged, worn-out guts with a spongy, rubbery heft. Zell shook and shuddered, cock hardening -- digging into his sagging, cum-filled gut -- as he fucked himself on Ixion's softening cock. He focused on the sloppy stretch, guts warping across the blocky tip as it slopped back and forth through his stretched-out passages, and dizzily, with a pulse of vertigo that nearly had him toppling to the side, Zell came untouched, asshole clamping down hard around the spongy horsecock inside him, guts slurping across its tip. He shot his load into the morass of slime under him, mixing with the churned-up froth from Ixion's grassy, sweet-smelling load, and then Zell's arms gave out on him, letting him collapse down into the mess, splattering cum all across his chest and belly.

"Hn," Ixion snorted above him, pulling back. His cock emerged slathered and dripping, a bulky, sloppy weight tugging back through Zell's guts. His flare slopped down between Zell's hips with a full-body lurch, meeting the slightest resistance from his blown-out ass, and Ixion tugged himself free with a squelch, flare folding Zell's ass inside-out. His guts slopped out into the open, asshole prolapsing out in a meaty blossom, glazed with frothy cum.

Zell tried to clench his ass and only squirted out burbling cords of cum. His gape slurped over itself, flesh prolapsing out further as he bore down, and when he relaxed that only slowed the spill; he could still feel flesh folding over itself, his guts sloppily unfurling out from his wrecked ass.

"You were serviceable enough," Ixion said. "I'll enjoy taking you rougher, next time."

Zell was getting an inkling that maybe Ixion was kind of a jerk. Then again... his gaze flitted over to Ixion's cock, half-enveloped in his fat sheath, flare still weakly shuddering. He could put up with Ixion for now, he guessed.

"Oh yeah?" Zell said, forcing some fire into his voice. "I can take anything you can dish out."

Ixion's muzzle twitched, lips peeling away from his teeth in an equine sneer. "We'll see, won't we?"

Zell snarled, lurching towards him. He crawled, belly dragging along the gym mat, until he was pressed against Ixion's drooping horsecock. His whole length was cocooned in cum, drenched in opaque white ropes. Ooze drooled along the curve of his shaft, forming zig-zagging lines of dripping cum danging along the underside. Zell smashed his face against the shaft, open-mouthed and gurgling as he lapped up a frothy, stringy mouthful of Ixion's load. He struggled to swallow, stomach flattened against his bloated guts, and he gagged with the slimy mass halfway down his throat, wetly coughing up ooze across Ixion's already-slathered cock. He smeared his face down Ixion's shaft, until his head was pinned between his sheath and inner flank. Zell sloppily lapped up his load, gummy and mildly sweet, letting his turgid length spill across his shoulder and down his back, oozing cum all the way down to meet his puffy asslips, drooping out around his meaty prolapse.

Above him, Ixion let out a whuff of amusement. "You're eager to be used, at least," he said. "We'll see how well you can handle it next time."

Ixion's body started fading away, dissipating into glowing sparks, even as Zell lapped into his sheath, face a mess of stringy cum. Without the anchoring bulk of Ixion's sheath to support him, he toppled forward into the glowing mist Ixion became, sprawling out across the gym mats in a heap.

What a dick, Zell thought. The least he could do was stick around long enough that he could try to blow him.

Meanwhile, Raijin was still getting knotted. Fenrir loomed over him, casting a dark shadow across Raijin's form, hips slowly rolling his knot back and forth in Raijin's guts. Fenrir was still pissing out cum, filling him up. When he'd done it to Zell, he'd always lost track of time -- lost in a hazy daze of sensation, only aware of the aching throb of Fenrir's knot and the ever-growing wet roil of cum inside him. It was strange seeing it from the outside: Raijin's eyes bleary and unfocused, tears streaking down his face, hands clenched into fists and rhythmically squeezing. Raijin was softly wheezing. A broken whimper ripped its way up his throat, and his gut sagged a iota deeper.

Zell crawled over to him, kneeling in front of him. Raijin mindlessly shoved his face against Zell's bloated stomach, giving him something extra to brace against as his body shuddered under Fenrir's slow, rocking thrusts.

Raijin almost desperately lurched his head lower, mouth dragging over the burning stretch marks on Zell's stomach until he shoved himself beneath Zell's sagging gut, lips curling around his half-hard cock. Raijin sucked his dick into his mouth, slobbering wetly as he milked Zell's turgid length. Zell groaned, sagging back to rest his ass on his heels, letting his prolapse droop down against his feet, and let Raijin suck away.

Zell looked up, at Fenrir staring down at them. He wasn't quite as wrecked as the two of them: muzzle open and panting, drool spilling down his jaw, but his eyes were still sharp, focusing clearly on him. He tipped his head down, maw yawning open, and lapped across Zell's flushed, sweaty face. Zell kissed him back, opening wide to let Fenrir shove his slobbery tongue into his mouth and punching straight down his open throat, filling it up with the soft, spongy folds of his giant tongue. Zell gurgled, rutting up into Raijin's mouth as Fenrir dragged Zell's entire head into his open maw, tongue echoing out deep, hollow glurcks as it writhed down his throat.

Fenrir tonguefucked Zell as he knotted Raijin, coating Zell with his frothy drool as he unendingly pissed out his load into Raijin's guts. Zell gurgled, drool painting his front in a mess of frothy cords, eyes squeezed tight shut. Fenrir's tongue scraped across his face, wet and pulpy, lathering him in slobber, and all Zell could do was rock up onto his knees, opening his throat wider for Fenrir to plunge the slobbering lash of his tongue deeper, until he was pressed against the back of Fenrir's mouth, head sunk between his slavering lips, wetly gagging up sloppy mouthfuls of rank drool as Fenrir's tongue tickled down into his stomach. Each gag made his guts jerk, prolapse slurping back and forth against his ass as it sluggishly furled back into him only to blossom back out when he heaved.

By the time Fenrir finished knotting Raijin, Zell was every bit as wrecked: lips bruised, stinging and split, throat a fucked-open tunnel that Fenrir lazily stirred his tongue in. Zell might have cum down Raijin's throat; the only thing he could focus on was Fenrir's tongue down his throat, clogging his air and making him gasp and whine in wet, watery heaves.

Eventually, Fenrir pulled back, tongue emerging from Zell's throat in a wash of foam. He tugged his hips backwards, Raijin's limp body dragging across the cum-slick gym mats, and Fenrir idly planted a hindpaw on the small of Raijin's back and hauled back. Raijin's ass mounded out, Fenrir's still-immense knot bulging through his flesh as his bruised asslips gaped wider and wider, until with a deep squelch Fenrir's knot popped free, pouting Raijin's guts out into a meaty prolapse too.

"You did well," Fenrir said, at the both of them, and Zell felt an almost embarrassingly-strong flush of pride hit him at the wolf's words. He wanted-- he wanted Fenrir to enjoy using them. Ixion too, he supposed. "I'm eagerly awaiting your next summons."

Zell could feel the summon finally start to thin: Fenrir rose to his full height, cum-slathered cock oozing the dregs of his load across Raijin's sweaty back, and his form burst apart into drifting motes of light and shadow that slowly spun around to sink inside Zell's body. With him gone, it was just Zell and Raijin sprawled across the well-used gym mats: bodies dripping in slime, throats worn, asshole prolapsed, guts bloated with cum.

Zell remained kneeling for a second, because that was how he was already balanced, but sluggishly he toppled over, slumping on his side and then sprawling out next to Raijin, their bloated, pregnant bellies digging against each other. Ooze squelched under them; cum was uniformly smeared across the entire surface of the gym mat, and then it spilled out past that, over the bare concrete. Fresh cum burst from Zell's ass as he toppled over, guts gurgling as the angle changed. Raijin's prolapse was steadily pouring a waterfall of Fenrir's load; Ixion's load was thicker and heavier, wending its way down his guts before erupting out of him in gushing explosions, painting the sodden gym mats in thick, sluglike globs as more and more cum gurgled out of Zell's overpacked guts.

Zell lay there, dazed: Fenrir's drool spilling up his throat in wet gushes, Ixion's cum squirting out of him in globs. Cum cooled across his skin, slowly becoming gummy and stiff, and his only movement was a sluggish twisting when he felt cum bunch up in his guts. He could still feel the phantom movement: guts warping around Ixion's cock, throat deforming under the soft, sloppy meat of Fenrir's tongue. The heat animating him slowly died down, leaving him feeling exhausted. The buzzing fluorescents that lit the underworks echoed under his and Raijin's hoarse panting. It would probably be a bad idea to fall asleep here, like this.

"Fuck," Zell said, and trying to talk made him gag and vomit, coughing up slobbery mouthfuls of Fenrir's drool. He heaved, each cough making him clench, and each clench squirted out a fresh gush of Ixion's load. He wiped his face with his forearm, struggling to get to his feet instead of stay lying there in a daze, each moment bringing him closer to falling asleep.

Surprisingly, it was Raijin who dragged himself up first. He let out a hoarse groan, fist digging into the mats. His arms trembled as he hauled himself up, straining to even rise up to his knees. His belly sloshed, gurgling as Fenrir's load churned inside him, drooping down heavily between his knees as he hauled himself up. He crawled around Zell's body, each movement wrenching out a strained wheeze.

"Couldn't pass out," Raijin said, voice low and guttural, "Before I did this--" Raijin's cock, somehow hard, dug against Zell's ruined gape. Zell let out a reedy whine, body so exhausted all he could do was be a hole. Raijin's cock dragged against his aching skin, tearing apart the gummy layer of half-congealed cum, and Raijin collapsed on top of him: sagging belly bearing down on his side, cock slopping through the folds of his prolapse to sink inside his loose gutmeat.

They both groaned, bodies at their limit. Raijin's broad hands came down across his shoulders and chest, wobbling for a second as he braced himself before he collapsed, just sprawling on top of Zell in a boneless heap. He humped into Zell's gape, cock teasing free fresh squirts of slimy, sweet-smelling horsecum. After Ixion, Raijin was nothing, but his ass was so bruised, flesh swollen and burning, that even a finger would've felt intense. Raijin's cock burned inside him, bashing at the gummy folds of his loose gape, dragging across his aching flesh. It only took a few thrusts, Raijin huffing and panting, struggling against the heft of his own cum-bloated belly, before he came with a groan, cock weakly twitching as he spat his load into the sloppy river of cum pouring from Zell's guts. He stilled, cock still sunk in his meaty prolapse.

"Fuck," Raijin said. "Guess I can pass out now."

Zell let out a groan in response. Dazed, he pulled up a spell. The sparking motes of a basic Cure spell washed over them both, and each touch on his feverishly-hot skin was like an icy snowflake: refreshing and invigorating, but also making him all the more aware of how wrecked he was.

They were both a mess: skin painted in near-opaque layers of cum and drool, bellies looking nine months pregnant, guts sluggishly spilling out between their cheeks, wetly smacking against their cum-slathered flesh. Kneeling, Zell's gutmeat squelched against his ankles, hanging down in an obscene tail from his ravaged ass.

"Please tell me there's a shower down here," Zell said. "Or a hose."

"Yeah," Raijin groaned, flopping over onto his side. "C'mere though," he said, hand hooking over Zell's hip and tugging him, and obligingly Zell curled against him, bodies aligned in what would've been a sixty-nine if their pregnant guts weren't in the way, hiding their softening cocks. Raijin's hand stroked across his gut, the sensation of skin on skin almost too intense after everything, and Zell groaned, heat flushing his body as Raijin stroked lower: thumb sliding over his soft cock, fingers tapping against his balls, before he slid his hand between his legs and cupped his enormous prolapse in one huge hand. Zell groaned, flesh stinging as Raijin spread him open, and in a daze he mirrored the motion: smearing cum over Raijin's glistening skin, staring blankly at the huge, muscular curve of his ass as he skimmed his fingers over it, slowly delving down between his cheeks to feel the hot heart of his prolapsed guts, slowly pulsing as the smooth muscle of his guts clenched and relaxed.

Slowly, leisurely, they fisted each other open. After taking the Guardian Forces' cocks, a human fist was nothing: Zell groaned, squirming around Raijin's fist as he opened him up, peeling back the folded layers of his guts to punch straight into his guts. Cum gushed down Raijin's forearm, squirting out of him in watery eruptions as Raijin slowly eased his guts back into his body. Zell pressed his fist against Raijin's drooping gape, taking a shocky breath as he sunk forward into the fierce heat of Raijin's body -- into the wet, watery mess of Fenrir's cum flooding his guts. Zell pumped back and forth, staring as he worked out huge, fountaining squirts of cum, gushing in messy gurgles over the raw, purpled flesh of Raijin's wrecked asshole. Raijin groaned, fucking himself down deeper, and it felt almost automatic for Zell to push in deeper, watching as his forearm and then his elbow slopped effortlessly into Raijin's ass as he felt his way deeper, fingers tugging and twisting their way through Raijin's cum-filled guts until his face was an inch away from Raijin's splayed ass, his arm sunk to the bicep inside him. Raijin's hand twisted inside him, so deep he could feel the press against his lungs when he opened his fist and spread his fingers, and it was only with a half-realized thought that he recognized Raijin had done the same thing: fisted his bicep deep, his entire enormous, muscular arm sunk inside him with no resistance, not after Ixion had broken him open wide.

They fisted the cum out of each other: one hand punching and twisting in their guts, the other pressing down on their bloated bellies, slowly pumping out gallon after gallon of monster cum until they were at the center of a frothy pool of cum, wetly clinging to their sides.

Zell got hard again, cock hard and hot, almost bruised-feeling, and he mindlessly humped against Raijin's belly, fucking himself on Raijin's fist as he slopped his cock over his cum-glazed skin, feeling his orgasm ebb and flow as he kept moving, until sluggishly he slipped over the edge, groaning into the chill air above as he spat out a watery load all across Raijin's front.

It must've been another hour before they managed to pull themselves up. By that time they only looked bloated, like they'd eaten a big meal, instead of so pregnant they couldn't stand. Raijin pulled out of him, more and more of his arm pulling free, leaving Zell feeling hollow and empty, cold without the solid bulk of Raijin's arm inside him.

There was in fact a spigot with a hose to the side of the chamber, and the icy water did more to wake Zell out of his trance than anything in the hour before that. It was after curfew when they met; it must've been the early hours of the morning by this point.

Even so drained out he felt hollow, cum still burst from his ass with each step: wet beads of Ixion's gummy load glurping out from his cratered ass and winding down his thighs in oozing cords. Fenrir's thinner load gushed out of Raijin in squirts, splattering down his thighs as he shambled to his feet.

They hosed each other off, bodies flushed and cocks shriveled in the icy water, and even then -- Raijin turned around, letting Zell hose off the latest squirt of cum spilling down his thighs, and Zell pried his cheeks apart, staring at the huge, crater-like spread of Raijin's hole: flesh loose and sloppy, spreading easily with just his fingers curved over his cheeks, and even with the icy water pouring down him there was a spark of heat in his cock, thinking of sinking his fist, both fists, a huge monster cock, into Raijin's ass. Zell flushed, aiming the stream of water up across Raijin's ass, and he yelped, twisting around.

Eventually, eventually, they got cleaned up. There was a grimy paste of cum ground into his hair that he wasn't gonna get out without a long shower. He was pretty sure cleaning up had taken twice as long as actually getting fucked.

Zell felt like a ghost by the time they'd managed to get dry and dressed. They'd hosed down the gym mats as well as they could, thinning out the morass of cum until it flowed down the drain, but the space was still filled by the reek of sex, and they'd added fresh stains to the concrete: dark, greasy puddles where the cum had soaked in.

This was another new angle on Raijin: disheveled and dripping, tired and lazy after getting his guts rearranged. They trudged out of the chamber, creeping up the ladder out to make sure nobody was actually training this late, and parted with a final kiss before they reached the dorms.

"You were real good," Raijin said. "Next time we should record it, ya know?"

Zell let out a huff of a laugh. "What, you wanna post evidence of your foursome on the BBS?"

Raijin's lips quirked up into a smirk. "Yeah, definitely. That'd really get on Seifer's nerves."

Zell was absolutely gonna follow up on whatever the fuck that was some time when he wasn't dead tired. In the moment, he just rolled his eyes. "Whatever, man." And then, just before they stepped apart: "Uh, yeah, that was fucking great."

Raijin grinned wide. "You know it." He pressed a chaste kiss to Zell's forehead and stepped back, heading down to his dorm room with a lazy wave behind him, and after a half-second of watching him go -- he was absolutely limping a little -- Zell turned back to his room, limping too.

Chapter Text

Zell woke up sore all over, but with a fierce core of energy that had him instantly awake and alert. His asshole throbbed with every step he took, still slick and slimy from last night -- only five or six hours ago. His asslips were bruised up into a puffy swell, slick enough to slide against each other as he moved, and the walk from his dorm to the showers was a dizzying mix of pleasure and pain.

He was half hard in his shorts by the time he got to the showers, and he tucked himself away in a stall. There were other guys in the showers. Even after getting sprayed down last night, he was still half-coated in cum sludge, and the first blast of hot water filled the air with the acrid reek of Fenrir's cum mixed with the grassy sweetness of Ixion's. If anybody noticed, they didn't comment. He knelt down instead of bending over, but the motion still yanked his slack hole open. The humid air of the showers billowed inside him, like fingers probing across his aching gape, and Zell's dick shuddered, filling out until it jutted out at an angle, swaying in front of him as he ignored it and kept cleaning off the caked-on cum sludge in his hair. It was a nerve-wracking experience.

After that he had to hurry to homeroom, the only actual class left on his schedule. All that was left was a cursory meeting with an instructor to verify that he'd done all the other exam prereqs. Which was good, because otherwise his nightly trips to get brutally fucked would've been a lot more noticeable in his performance.

Zell headed back to his dorm after class, idly debating fistfucking himself. His schedule was completely open, after all. When he checked the BBS, Raijin had sent him a new message.

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

thinking of u ;)

There is 1 attachment to this post:

It was of Raijin -- face included this time -- on all fours, braced against his dorm bed. Ixion was looming behind him, cock wedged halfway in his ass, huge flare warping his stomach out into a taut column. Pre poured down between Raijin's spread legs, soaking the towel he'd put down beneath him.

No fair. When Zell was busy with homeroom, was Raijin just...?!

Still, his dormmate was out dealing with actual classes. He had plenty of alone time. He leaned back in his seat and unzipped his shorts, groping his dick as he firmed up. He navigated back to the other pictures and videos, switching between them as he started to jerk himself off: Raijin's gaping hole, Raijin jerking off, Raijin's gut bulging around Ixion's dick, Raijin mouth and throat wrecked as Ixion brutally fucked his face. And the new one, Raijin's expression dazed and needy: eyes rolled back into his skull, tongue lolling from his mouth as he panted for breath. Zell's fingers curled around his dick, jerking off fast as his eyes darted between the images. Last time he'd looked at them, he hadn't known the guy in them was Raijin. He hadn't had his fist inside Raijin's ass after Fenrir had fucked him, punching out wash after wash of thin, acrid wolf cum.

Zell came with a shaky exhale, shooting up across his chest in messy bolts. He leaned back with a sigh, letting his cooling cum slowly spill down his abs, oozing along the groove of his hips. And then...

It was more effort than it was worth to haul out the camcorder from under his bed and try to aim it back at himself one-handed, and by the time he actually got a photo his cumshot was less some big glossy lines up his chest and more a sweaty sheen drooling down his abs and matting into his pubes, but it was hopefully the thought that counted. He took a few shots and then finally cleaned himself up, wiping tissues over his glazed skin as he uploaded them.

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

fuck that's hot.

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And then, a moment later:

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

Hey, why didn't I get to fuck you last night too?

Zell put the camcorder away, stuffing it back behind his camping supplies, and by the time he sat back down in front of the terminal Raijin had replied.

private message with cm89wfg809sr:

im still in my dorm you can show up and fuck me if u want

Zell's entire body reacted: heat prickling up his chest, cock sluggishly fattening in his shorts. He didn't even respond, just closed out everything and took off.

Raijin's dorm was past the upperclassman's section, mixed in with the actual SeeD quarters. Zell didn't even knock, just barged in, and whatever thoughts he had about maybe getting the wrong room were driven out of his head with the force of a blow when he saw Raijin sprawled out on the bed bare-ass naked. He was lying on his visibly-bloated stomach, propped up on his elbows. His broad shoulders were set wide, and the bulky arch of his back curved down to his huge muscle ass. His asshole was freshly fucked, with slivers of bruised purple flesh pouting out between his cheeks, with a thick spill of Ixion's grassy-smelling horse cum drooling out of him, painting over his balls.

"Holy shit," Zell said.

Raijin let out a low bark of a laugh, not even bothering to get up. He reached back, fingers gripping one muscular cheek and pulling to show off his bruised, cum-slathered hole. It clenched and spread, squirting out a sloppy spray of Ixion's cum that glazed down the backs of his thighs, drooling down over his half-hard dick and balls, dragged down between his legs.

Zell shoved his shorts down, not even bothering to strip, and got onto his bed behind him, hands cradling Raijin's huge muscle ass for a half-second before he shoved inside, sinking balls-deep inside Raijin's cum-flooded ass effortlessly. Cum squirted out, splattering up his stomach and over his thighs -- maybe he should've stripped -- and Zell just groaned, staring down: Raijin's asshole a raised ring of bruised purple flesh, mounded out between his cheeks, sloppily clenching around his shaft. Raijin was hot inside, flesh slick and dense, internal muscles squirting out fresh plumes of grassy horse cum every time Raijin clenched down, milking his cock.

This was the first time Zell had ever had his dick inside somebody else. He stared down, watching his cum-slathered cock pump through Raijin's hole, hands digging into the hard, plush muscle of his ass. He lasted about three thrusts before he came with a groan, grinding his cum-sodden pubes against Raijin's ass, cock spurting into the slimy mess of cum already inside him.

"D'you cum already?" Raijin said, not meanly, but Zell still flushed.

"Shut up!" he said. "You're really hot, okay!"

Raijin let out a snort. "Better use your hand 'til you can go again, then."

Zell looked down. 'Again' for him was usually like, three minutes. He'd literally just jerked off before this. It'd take less time now that Raijin was spread out beneath him, letting him slide his hands over his muscles, letting him cup his ass and play with his hole. He still pulled back, stroking the dregs of his load out over Raijin's cum-glazed asscheeks, and then sunk his fist back inside, just staring at how Raijin's slack asshole gobbled it up without a hitch. He'd done it last night, but... even now, there was something hypnotic about it: watching the heavy, rumpled flesh of Raijin's rim pout and shudder, stretch and shift, as Zell stirred his fist around his flooded ass.

Raijin groaned, arching his back, and Zell obligingly sunk deeper, steadily working his hand in and out of his ass, splattering them both with Ixion's fresh load. The sweet, grassy scent billowed up, cut with the heavy, salty reek of sex. Zell pried Raijin's hole open, fingers hooking over his rim and pulling out until he was splayed open in an obscene gape, and then Zell sunk down, hungrily shoving his face between Raijin's cheeks as he lapped up mouthfuls of cum. His nose scrubbed across Raijin's tailbone, lips and tongue shoving into Raijin's loose gape as he worked out slick, syrupy piles of cum, swallowing them down with gulp after gulp. His cock, hard again, dragged against Raijin's thigh, and Zell mindlessly rose up, hunching forward to bury his cock into Raijin's gape again, panting and drooling across his back. He groaned, cock slick and heavy, battering against Raijin's loose guts, and he came again in only a handful of thrusts, spurting his second load into the overflowing mess.

"Flip over," he heard himself say, pulling on Raijin's calf, and he obligingly rolled over, keeping Zell's cock sunk half inside him the whole time, until he could settle down again with Zell kneeling between his spread legs, knees hooked over his waist.

Seeing Raijin laid out like that -- all his huge, smooth muscle right there in front of him, his cock hard and leaking across his thigh -- was overwhelming. It felt like something shorted out in Zell's brain. He leaned in, mouth still open and drooling Ixion's load, and hungrily kissed Raijin, nipping and biting at his lips as he sunk inside him, stirring his half-hard cock around inside his ass until he got hard again. He fucked Raijin, grunting and groaning against his neck as his cock bashed through his pulpy, fucked-open guts. On his third time he lasted more than thirty seconds, huffing and puffing as he rutted up until he finally came again, dumping another load into Raijin's wrecked ass.

"Man, you really need it, huh?" Raijin said, voice loose and easy as he lay there, idly tugging on his dick as Zell humped into him.

Zell let out a laugh. "You're the one who started off his day getting fucked by a giant horse." Raijin clenched around his cock in acknowledgment, squirting out another slimy mess of churned-up horse cum.

"Yeah," Raijin said. "Sometimes I need it too, ya know?"

"Yeah. Man, I saw the videos. I know what you need." Zell flushed. It was... it felt like there was still some taboo there, like even after having a monster foursome it was still illicit to talk about the things they'd sent each other.

Raijin, of course, felt no such compunction. He barked out a laugh. "Yeah, fuck. I thought about sucking him off, but I actually gotta do some shit today. Disciplinary Committee stuff." Zell rolled his eyes at that. "It takes like all day to heal from that, even with the junction. Definitely woulda' choked without that. But--" Raijin leered at him. "You know how it is. Sometimes you just gotta suck on a huge monster dick."

"Yeah, uh--" Zell started. Seeing Raijin buried under Ixion's bulk, throat warping and rippling as the GF used him as a cocksleeve -- his cock shuddered, stiffening again, and it actually had very little to do with how he was still sunk balls deep inside Raijin's ass.

Raijin noticed. "Oh yeah? Thinking about it?"

Zell flushed. It was true, he absolutely knew it. Just thinking about Fenrir looming over him, his huge wolf dick pointed right at him... yeah. "Yeah," he said, and swallowed thickly. "I want Fenrir to knot my face," he admitted, face flushing even as he said it.

Raijin leer broke into a wide grin. "Fuck, that's hot. Man." He looked at Zell, appraising: "Y'know, I never woulda guessed you had it in you." He pulled Zell forward, kissing him hungrily, licking Ixion's load out of his mouth. "I thought KnotLuvr was a joke at first, y'know? But man, you got it bad."

Zell squirmed a little, flushing. Raijin broke the kiss, sitting back on his elbows. "Yknow..." he said. "I got some time before I gotta go. We could break your throat in. Get you ready to take an actual dick."

Zell's mouth went dry. He swallowed, acutely aware of the motion of his throat. He had absolutely no classes for the rest of the day. Raijin just kept looking at him, expression level. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah, we should do that."

Zell had always envisioned junctions as like... an egg. Or a snail, or something. Something with a shell, and each junction cracked it a little bit, letting the GF bond with the raw substance beneath. Between Fenrir and Kujata, Zell's shell was pretty much entirely cracked away. Raijin handing over his spell stock was a weirdly metaphysical action: hand coming up, just his hand, but weighty, potent, carrying with it something that had no sight or smell or weight but was clearly in his hand regardless.

Aero was a basic spell, mostly notable here and now because it was wind-element. Zell vaguely remembered something about elemental junctions having uses beyond the obvious, and he thought wind got mentioned as something that helped with swimming. The holding-your-breath part of swimming. Raijin, though...

Well, he'd seen the video. He saw what Raijin did with it.

Junctioning Aero felt like nothing, but it was still palpably present when he next inhaled. There was... a change, something difficult to quantify. He made a face, sitting back, and his cock -- hard again for the fourth time -- slurped free of Raijin's loose gape with a wet pop.

"Ready?" Raijin said.

Zell shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

Raijin got up. "Easier to do this on the floor," he said, and Zell followed. "Well," he said, and his lips quirked up in a cockeyed grin. "Kneel down."

His voice sent a shiver down Zell's spine. Zell dropped to his knees with a thump. "Wait, gonna need a towel for this," Raijin continued, turning to get one from his -- did he have an en suite bathroom? "Actually, strip too, this is gonna be messy."

"Do you seriously have the best dorm in the Garden?" Zell said, craning forward to look as he pulled his cum-splattered shirt over his head and tossed it aside, still on his knees.

"Perk of being on the Disciplinary Committee," Raijin said. Zell rolled his eyes. Raijin rummaged around as he stripped, until by the time Raijin stepped out with a fluffy white towel in hand Zell was kneeling naked on the floor, cock arching up stiff in front of him.

"This is gonna be rough," Raijin said, once Zell was in place. "But you can take it. Open wide."

Zell opened his mouth. Raijin raised his hand, thumb trailing over Zell's lower lip before he twisted his hand, sliding his dry index and middle fingers into Zell's mouth, stroking over his tongue.

"Drool," Raijin said.

Zell drooled, tongue lapping over Raijin's fingers, lips spread around his knuckles. Raijin pulled back, smearing his fingers together until they all shone with Zell's drool, and when he slid them back into his open mouth the passage was already much easier. Raijin reached deeper, hand splaying out over Zell's face as he reached into the back of his mouth. His blunt fingertips tapped against the back of Zell's mouth, and he had to struggle not to gag. He was drooling more, spit pooling on the floor of his mouth, and with Raijin stroking across the back of his mouth he couldn't swallow; he just kept drooling until it overflowed, spilling down his chin in a watery string.

Raijin caught the strand with his ring finger and twisted it up, corkscrewing his hand around as he slipped a third finger over Zell's lips, stretching his mouth open wide. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of Zell's throat, probing back and forth. A frothy layer of slick, slimy phlegm built up, gurgling up Zell's throat as he struggled not to gag. His eyes were watering, tears slowly streaking down his cheeks as Raijin kept prodding at the back of his mouth. Raijin's pinky slid up his face, digging into the side of his nose until he tucked that one in too, luridly stretching Zell's lips around his four fingers. He slid then deep, until his fingertips dug hard into Zell's throat and his knuckles pressed against his lips. A slight push, and -- Zell gagged, wetly heaving up a mouthful of slimy phlegm all across Raijin's hand as Raijin shoved his knuckles in past his lips, fingertips all jabbing down his throat. He gurgled, blowing bubbles from his nose, wetly popping out around the warped, hot flesh of his splayed lips.

Raijin probed deeper, phlegm lubing his fingers as he shoved them down Zell's throat. He found Zell's windpipe, digging into the flesh below it to cut off his air with a watery whistle, and after a half-second pulled back again, letting Zell gasp in a breath -- even though on some level he could tell he didn't need to.

"Feel that?" Raijin said, and Zell mutely nodded, smearing his face around Raijin's hand. "I'm gonna do it again."

Raijin played with Zell's throat, pushing down and then waiting until Zell started to squirm to let him drag in an unnecessary breath. His finger got frothy, wetly crackling across his skin, squelching inside his throat. Raijin fingerfucked his throat, staring down at him steadily as Zell gagged and drooled, lips warped obscenely around his hand. Raijin twisted his hand, Zell's upper teeth digging into the back of his hand as he brought his thumb up, running it over Zell's lower teeth. He pushed in, spreading Zell's jaw wider until it ached, only to draw back unsuccessfully, thumb slathered in slime.

"Definitely gotta take care of that before you try sucking either of their dicks," Raijin said. "Here," he said, and his fingers crawled across the base of Zell's jaw, index finger digging into the joint as he brought his other hand up, fingers curling in over his lower teeth and tugging. There was a tension, joint flexing past where it should, a burning ache radiating up across his jaw. There was a moment when the angle was just right, and then with a muffled pop that echoed in his skull, Raijin dislocated his jaw, letting it sag down lower. Zell let out a muffled gurgle, mouth in no shape to talk. It stung: muscle bunched weirdly around his hanging jaw, and if he tried to move it -- "Don't do that," Raijin interrupted as he tried, and that just sent a painful spike through his head, jawbone lurching to the side. This would probably hurt a lot more if he wasn't combat ready and double-junctioned, Zell found himself thinking, half-dazed, as Raijin explored his enlarged mouth: jaw hanging loose, tongue a weird anchoring point for the loose bone. Drool poured from his slack mouth in a constant stream, slurping across Raijin's forearm and spilling down Zell's bare chest.

"Fuck, you handled that really good," Raijin said, staring down at him. His other hand groped his crotch, slowly squeezing his stiff cock, idly working his heavy foreskin back and forth as he played with Zell's throat. "I made more of a mess the first time I did it with Ixion. But now--" he tried again, thumb pushing in through his slack, bruised lips, sliding up over Zell's hanging teeth as he wedged his entire fist in his mouth. "Yeahhh," he groaned, tugging his cock as he twisted his fist inside Zell's mouth, rolling his knuckles across his hard palate, groaning when he pushed deep enough for the flesh to go soft. "Fuck, that's hot."

Zell gurgled, still wetly sucking in breaths around Raijin's fist. His mouth dragged across Raijin's wrist, coarse hair catching over his bruised lips, and Raijin grinned down at him. "Enough of that, now," Raijin said, rocking his fist forward until it solidly sealed Zell's windpipe, turning his wet gasps into a final hoarse wheeze. "C'mon, feel it."

Raijin eased his fist down, solidly seating it inside Zell's throat: totally cutting off his air. Zell reflexively inhaled, exhaled, and the motion just stirred something in his chest, diaphragm just putting suction on Raijin's fist, trying to tug it deeper. Raijin kept him there, vainly struggling to breathe, until he got control of the reflex: feeling when his body wanted to gasp and stopping it.

"Yeah, you're doing it," Raijin said, stroking across Zell's cheek with his slime-drenched hand. "Fuck, you open up so nice." His fist stirred around, its loud squelches muffled by the flesh of Zell's throat, tightly wrapped around his hand. He twisted, forearm scraping over Zell's burning lips, fist rocking shallowly as Raijin bore down, leaning in like he was punching straight down Zell's throat. There was a sting: lips splitting open as they tried to stretch across Raijin's muscular forearm, and Raijin sunk his fist deeper, displacing a wash of slime that burbled out over Zell's lips.

"Oh fuck," Raijin groaned, openly jerking off. "Fuck yeah." His fist dug under his adam's apple and bloated his throat. It burned: hard knuckles dragging stinging furrows down the soft flesh of his throat, then twisting and pulling back to carve new lines, again and again until his entire throat was a mess of burning, overlapping marks. Zell gurgled, the air still in his lungs bearing down against Raijin's fist, forcing its way out in painful belches, spewing out frothy bubbles of slime.

"C'mon, it'll go easier if you breathe out first," Raijin said. "Don't try to breathe in." He slowly eased back, fist sliding up and leaving Zell shockingly empty inside, until it was nocked just at the cusp of his throat and he could exhale. His breath came out in gurgling, watery burps, until his lungs were fully emptied, leaving him feeling weirdly light and empty. He felt woozy, throat a throbbing ache, carved open by Raijin's huge fist. Fenrir's knot, Ixion's shaft, they were way thicker than just Raijin's arm.

"More?" Raijin asked, grinning down at him, and he groaned when Zell nodded, throat warping and squelching around his fist.

"Yeahhh," Raijin groaned as he sunk his fist back down Zell's throat. His fingers scrabbled against his walls, fingers catching slimy handfuls of phlegmy ooze. He pushed forward, punching straight down Zell's throat. His face was warped almost beyond recognition: a mess of froth and slime, face streaked with tears and snot, loose jawbone deforming the shape of his jaw, lips dragged out into a bruised, rubbery swell banded around Raijin's hairy forearm. "Yeah, like that," Raijin said, staring down as he reached deeper in Zell's throat, fingers opening and closing, tugging all along his inner walls. Zell heaved, throat warping and bloating in lumpy swells as the mess of phlegmy slime caught across Raijin's forearm, squirting its way up until it burst from his throat in stringy cords, splattering out in a messy eruption of slime. Raijin just groaned again, using his free hand to smear the mess up and down his arm, lubing it up.

Raijin fistfucked his throat. He punched in, letting slime -- clear, no more bubbles left from air in Zell's lungs -- burble out of his wrecked mouth, and then tugged back, leaving vacuum-sealed hollows inside him that slurped slime back inside, squirting down into his stomach to fill the space Raijin's fist left open. Again and again, punching deeper, jerking back. Raijin's fingers tapped against the base of his throat, digging under his collarbone with a wet pop that resonated through him. Raijin made noise, groans and words that Zell stopped paying attention to, only feeling the shifting pressure inside him, the steady, throbbing pain, the dizzying pleasure of being fucked open. Zell leaned into each punch, pushing himself an iota deeper onto Raijin's fist, dizzily aware of how his throat was warping wider, bruising and swelling.

It was the same dazed sensation he fell into halfway through Fenrir knotting him: skin tingling all over, body carved open around Raijin's arm. Zell's eyes rolled back in his head, body slumping forward, and he swallowed another half-inch of Raijin's arm, lips burning as they split again. The rougher skin just before Raijin's elbow scraped against his lips. His balled fist scraped against the soft, raw flesh under his ribs. Zell let out a whine, just stringy phelgm spilling from his wrecked mouth, and he came untouched: just a spasm deep in his gut, rhythmically pulsing, as his soft dick spilled out its fourth load all over the sodden towel beneath him.

"Fuck," Raijin groaned. He pulled his arm to the side, letting Zell sway with it, and used his other hand to smear his leaking cockhead against Zell's cheek, dragging through the foamy slime splattered up his face. "Hey, open eyes, stay with me now," he said, and Zell obligingly blinked, unfocused eyes turning everything into a mess of colorful interlocking blobs. He stared blindly up at the mass that was Raijin, stomach roiling and shuddering as Raijin's knuckles twisted and tugged, working him open still.

Raijin edged himself as he fistfucked Zell's throat. His fingers would twist, bringing up a wet heave of phlegmy slime and he'd reach out, smearing the slick slime up over his elbow, using the leftover sludge to lube his dick.

Raijin let out a long, "Ohhhh fuckkk," as he sunk his arm in past the elbow: Zell's teeth clicking against the bone of Raijin's elbow as it lurched into his mouth, enormous forearm shredding his burning lips wider, hanging jaw pinned beneath its bulk. Zell could feel the muscles moving Raijin's fingers press against his tongue in unsteady rhythm. Raijin leaned down, fingers scrabbling deeper, the angle of his elbow scraping hard across the roof of his mouth and plunging down into the cavernous, fucked-open pit that was his throat, until with a dizzying pop his fingers shoved into his stomach. There was a final muscle, a clenching, shuddering ring that Zell had never been aware of until Raijin forced it open, and then there was a wet, slimy gurgle: all the backed-up sludge in his throat slowly draining down, settling in his stomach in heavy globs.

Raijin pulled back and pushed forward, shoving his whole fist into Zell's stomach. And again, and again. The heavy, bulky swell of Raijin's bicep pressed against Zell's lips, and deep down in his throat he could feel Raijin's forearm flex and shift, muscle making his throat warp and bulge every time he twisted his fist around.

Raijin punchfucked his stomach until the strokes went sloppy, gurgling and churning, and the hazy, vague nausea that Zell'd been floating through got a lot stronger. He retched, squirting up slime along Raijin's arm, and lurched to the side.

Raijin pulled back, arm pulling free from his throat with an eruption of slime until his fist tore its way out with a final squelch, leaving Zell's mouth a gaping cavern: jaw hanging loose, lips bruised and bleeding, mouth an open cavity. Slime bubbled up from his throat in a thick wash, pouring over his tongue and overflowing his mouth to drool in sludgy cords from his chin. Zell knelt there, dazed, chest wetly heaving, just following the sensation: the heavy roil of his stomach, the burn across his ravaged throat, the ache of his jaw, the sting of his split lip. He still wasn't breathing.

"Fuck, you look good. You mind if I--" Raijin said, cock smearing across Zell's cheek to push between his bruised lips. Zell lapped at the underside, bruised lips stinging harder when he tried to purse his lips. He sloppily sucked over Raijin's bloated cocktip, tongue sliding along the underside to dig beneath his half-retracted foreskin. Raijin groaned, curling his slime-drenched hand behind Zell's head, and sunk him down onto his cock.

Raijin had a big dick. It was fat, bulky all the way around, and his cockhead had a thick ridge, flaring out even fatter when he flexed it. The whole thing sunk down Zell's throat effortlessly. The final few inches of his cock hit the back of his mouth and slid into Zell's slimy throat, displacing the piled ooze with an obscene wet squelch. Raijin groaned, one hand pinning Zell's head down, nose flattened against his crotch. He hunched forward, groaning, and pulled back with his cock entirely drenched, cocooned in a near-opaque layer of phlegm gurgling up Zell's abused throat. His throat was ready for Ixion's shaft, for Fenrir's knot; a human dick, no matter how giant, was nothing.

Raijin fucked Zell's throat, grunting and groaning. He held Zell's head in both hands, palms braced above his ears, and used his head like a fucksleeve: standing over him, brutally fucking down into his open throat. His balls smacked against Zell's hanging jaw, splattering slime into frothy droplets, peeling away with a slimy slurp every time he withdrew, sounding out a scummy tattoo. Zell knelt there, hands curled around Raijin's ankles, weakly clenching as he leaned into each thrust. His cock erupted again, pissing out cum in slimy spurts all over the carpet.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Raijin grunted, volume growing until the last word came out as a bellow. His cock shuddered, spitting its load into Zell's flooded throat, and he lazily jerked himself off with Zell's mouth, hands pumping his head along his slime-slathered cock as he dumped his load inside. Fat globs of churned-up ooze splattered to the floor between them, gurgling up from Zell's wrecked throat as Raijin's cockhead sunk inside, just a wet open heat with no resistance. When Raijin pulled back, his cock pulled back webbed with phelgm, clinging in finger-thick cords to his shaft.

"Fuck, that's hot," Raijin said, tilting Zell's head up to see his dazed expression, muted under the layers of churned-up froth painting his face. Ooze burbled over his lips in strings, slowly spooling out in swaying strands.

Like he was coming alive again, Zell jerked, some reflexive motion jerking him to all fours as he uselessly heaved, mouth wetly splattering drool all over the sodden towel. With no air in his lungs he couldn't cough, and with his throat so battered and flooded he couldn't even inhale. Zell reached into his own gaping mouth and grabbing out fistfuls of stringy slime before dashing it on the floor. He hauled out ropes of thick, viscous slime, sliding hand-over-hand out of his throat until he could wheeze and sputter, tongue lolling around in his jaw.

"Man," Raijin said, looking down at Zell's wrecked form: weakly heaving on all fours, vomiting up sludge before he could suck in enough of a breath to start coughing. "I just thought we'd fuck around some."

Zell burbled, wetly vomiting up stringy sludge between hacking coughs, mouth inarticulately gurgling as his tongue flopped around his dislocated jaw.

"Oh, shit, lemme help you out--" Raijin said, dropping to his knees, cradling Zell's dislocated jaw with both hands. He tugged it again, rearranging it against his face. Bone shifted against bone, just below his ears, and Raijin eased his jaw back into place with another pop, manually opening and closing it for Zell to make sure nothing was caught in place. "That's a bitch to do yourself the first time, lemme tell you," he said. Zell just weakly gagged on nothing, drooling all across Raijin's front.

"Fuck," Zell finally gurgled, and Raijin's slightly-worried expression broke open into an eager grin.

"Yeah, you were hot as hell," he said, reaching up to play across Zell's lips -- swollen now into hot, heavy slabs of stinging flesh, some splits still sluggishly oozing blood. "Can't wait to see you do that to Fenrir."

Zell felt across his mouth: skin slick under layers of churned-up phlegm, lips blood red and swollen hot, stinging bruises starting to form all across his jaw and throat. "Fuck," he repeated, trying to swallow and then choking and spitting a mess of slime across Raijin's front. "Yeah." Yeah. Yeah, he really, really wanted to feel Fenrir doing that.

"Also, uh, not to run, ya know, but I was supposed to meet Seifer like twenty minutes ago." Raijin said. "We're kinda lucky he didn't bust down my door."

Yeah, that definitely would've ruined the mood. Zell wanted to ask, 'so what's with you and Seifer', but he was currently limited to slurring out half-coherent syllables between hacking coughs. Instead he just screwed up his face in a way that hopefully communicated how much he thought Seifer was a dick.

"Yeah, I know. You gonna be okay?"

Zell nodded, and Raijin leaned in for a kiss, moaning as Zell hissed from the pressure against his bruised lips. He licked a mess of slime off Zell's busted lip, fingers swiping under Zell's chin to catch some oozing strings, and he slid his froth-coated fingers over Zell's lips, coating them again.

"Fuck." Raijin's voice was low and growly. "Wish I could stay and fuck your face more." Instead, he stood up, wiping off the slime across his thighs, and stepped over to his closet, picking up his crumpled pants. Shrugging into his clothes took all of ten seconds before he was fastening his belt. Zell was still wheezing, shaky arms struggling to stand. "See you later!" Raijin said with a final wave before he stepped out, leaving Zell alone in his dorm.

Still kneeling, Zell felt gingerly across his jaw, fingers probing at the aching flesh across his throat. His lips felt enormous, huge slabs of puffy, stinging flesh, and when he managed to stagger over to Raijin's bathroom he got a good look at the damage: he looked wrecked, face and chest painted in frothy slobber, lips bruised blood red, with thin threads of blood winding through the ooze from the worst splits. There was the first hinting of bruising all across his face, with red-purple welts starting to form from the base of his ears all the way down to his chest. He was gonna be lucky if he could show his face anywhere today, and that was assuming he laid back and pumped himself full of cure spells for the next few hours.

Still, though... he definitely wished Raijin could've stayed and fucked his face more too. Maybe fisted him with his other arm.