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pink in the night

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Mark couldn't see himself at the moment, but if he could he was positive he would see himself glowing. He felt like he was glowing.

His skin was burning, even though it was February 3rd and Seoul was having it's heaviest snow storm in years. February third, Jaehyun’s birthday is coming up. He hasn't bought him a present yet, hadn't had the time, he was hanging out with Yuta.


February third meant seven months had passed since they started doing this. This. Hanging out, having late night calls, dropping by each other’s houses just because, stealing kisses when no one was watching, or, in Yuta's case, when everyone was watching them, because he wasn't shy like Mark was and Mark realized he really didn't mind when it was with Yuta.

They weren't exclusive but Mark stopped seeing Ten since November and he knew Yuta didn't sneak out to Jaehyun's place on the weekends anymore. It was just the two of them now.


Mark never had a boyfriend, not a real one, and Yuta was not that. They hadn't talked about it, they had only been going out for seven months, but they knew each other almost their whole life.

Yuta had little moles on his back. The lights were out in his bedroom, the only illumination coming from the neon signs from the restaurant across the street from Yuta's apartment. It made the whole room pink and pretty, but with his poor eyesight it didn't help him see much. If he didn't know it was there he would never have noticed, but he had Yuta's body mapped out by this point.

Yuta looked just as handsome from behind as he did up front.

He watched the taller one get up from the bed to grab some tissues for Mark. Mark could clean himself alone but Yuta insisted on doing it. "My mom always told me to clean up my messes. And it looks like I made a mess on you" He would say with that silly smile on his face and Mark would laugh, not because it was funny.

After finishing cleaning up Yuta left the room, probably to throw the dirty wipes away. He came back probably a minute later with a glass of water, which he handed to Mark.

Mark was still naked, just as Yuta, his legs spread open, and Yuta laid between them like he was just fifteen minutes before, except this time he was quiet, drawing invisible circles on Mark's tummy.

He finished his water.

This was new. This kind of intimacy after sex. Yuta wasn't cold to him before, but he didn't stick around once it was done. It was always "I have something I need to go to" or "I'm meeting up with Johnny later" or any other excuse that made him go right through the front door and don't look back. Mark didn't notice the change until it became routine. He didn't used to care when Yuta left before, but now he finds himself waiting for the aftermath.

His skin is still burning.

He led his fingers to Yuta's freshly painted black hair. They had dyed together this morning.

Mark wanted to say something, but, seven months.

Was it too soon? Could he really count all seven months when he was also seeing Ten for the first three months of it? And also that girl during halloween week. And he knew Yuta had been going out with Jaehyun too, and pretty much anyone who gave him their consent.

Yuta hadn’t seriously dated anyone since Sicheng, and that was three years ago. Maybe four? Mark isn't sure, but he remembers how ugly it was, and how weird it was. Yuta and Sicheng had been dating since Mark was born, at least it felt like that. But now Sicheng was on the other side of the planet and Yuta was between his legs. Laying too peacefully.

His eyes were closed, probably miles away on dreamland, blissfully unaware of the hurricane going on inside Mark's head.

This position was suddenly getting uncomfortable.

He tried to move without waking up Yuta, but it was useless. His eyes shot wide open, meeting Mark’s own before he buried his face on Mark’s tummy. He could feel Yuta’s smile burn through his flash.

“Ah, we should go do bed”

“We are already in bed”

“You know what I mean”

“Yeah yeah, ok. Can you grab me a shirt?”


“Come on dude, is cold as fuck”

“I’ll warm you”

“You said we were going to sleep”

“And we are! It’s just, when you sleep clothed you get hot and you can’t sleep well because you are too hot”



“That’s not true”

“Yes it is. I’ve noticed that happened three nights in a row now”

Fucking weird.

“Ok fine. But when I’m shivering cold and you can’t sleep it’s your fault only”

“We’ll see Markie”

Yuta hugged him from behind, plating a kiss on the back of his neck. One of his legs was between Mark’s, and his arm rested under Mark’s head. No pillow needed.

This was also new, it was only the second time they cuddled to sleep.

“Hey” Yuta called after a moment. Mark just hummed in response “We have to buy Jaehyun’s birthday gift”

“Yeah, right. Do you have any ideas?”

“There is this vinyl that he is crazy after. It’s supposed to be super rare or something like that”

“Yeah we can look for it”


Mark wants to say something. He didn’t know what, but it was right at the tip of this tongue.

“Are you there?” He called


“Ah, nevermind then”

“No, no, what is it”

“Is nothing, its stupid, go to sleep”

“Mark. Tell me” He said on that tone he only used when he wanted Mark to do something

He turned around, meeting Yuta’s big sleepy eyes. It felt weird at first, having Yuta’s undivided, probably the reason he hung on to Ten for so long. Now he craved badly. He woke up from dreaming of Yuta, to thinking of Yuta, to meeting Yuta. His life didn’t evolve around Yuta, but he wished it did. It kinda made him sick.

“I…” He started, whatever it was “Yuta i…” He watched the anticipation in Yuta's eyes, the way he held his breath, waiting for Mark to finish his sentence, actually wanting to hear what Mark had to say. It felt like a little too much.

He kissed Yuta instead. Yuta kissed him back instantly.

He didn’t have the words yet, but it was fine. Seven months, they had time. He didn’t plan to go anywhere, neither did Yuta.

“Good night”

“Good night Markie”

His skin kept on burning the entire night.