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13 Seconds To Midnight

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Yamanashi Prefecture, March 2024

The crackling of a broken car stereo was the only sound that could be heard within the vicinity of the dilapidated city of Kōfu. 

Its officious and broken signal was lingering on for dear life as the tenebrous sky reflected the maudlin mood of what civilisation had devolved to.

4 years had passed since the emerge of SARS-CoV-2 which had wreaked havoc on society from every angle.

But there was hope, a dwindling silver lining that a new normal could be established where the foundation and structure of society itself could be improved. Focus could be correctly placed on heath care, the distribution of financial aid being available and the use of renewable energy as opposed to fossil fuels and natural gas. 

However, that hope had quickly diminished as the ignorance of humanity would be its own down fall.

"Can anybody hear me!?" the voice from the radio lurched to life, desperation in the woman's voice, "Hello?! Can someone respond! There are survivors here, please!".

Another voice in the background cut through, calm yet disturbed, "What good is that, you're only going to bring more of them to us". 

The addled desperate arguments which followed were lost to the billowing winds and decaying streets that only the brave would dare to venture out in, or those in the pockets of the organisations that could offer protection. Debris and bodies were piled up on the sides, attracting the wildlife which had taken over. 

Society was on the cusp of crumbling, brittle and worn after 4 years of hardships. 

It was balancing precariously on a border between life and death. 

It was only a matter of time before the scale shifted permanently. 

The radio crackled to life again, "Hello?! Please, we need help. We are on the outskirts of the Chūbu region, near the Aokigahara Forest Inn. We are running out of supplies and are being pursued, please-".

Gunshots rang out. 

The interior of the broken-down car was the only thing that would hear their calls for aid 

Human idiocy, greed and lack of compassion was humanity's downfall.

The gap between the rich and the poor, the sane and the deluded, the right and the wrong could no longer be closed.

This was the state of the world.

Across the globe, 8 billion had been deracinated from what was acceptable. Approximately 3 billion of those were living in land short countries with 2 billion residing in urban areas. 

The earth was no longer a place for humans, tarnished by the actions of the few. 

"H-hello!" We need help!".

This was 2024.