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13 Seconds To Midnight

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2020 - 100 Seconds 

December 31: China reports 27 cases of pneumonia related patients to the W.H.O

January 31: UK withdraws from E.U

January 3: Tension between the U.S and Iran culmulates the fear of nuclear war

January 9: Australian bush fires continue to rage on

 February 6: Antarctica’s northern tip recorded a temperature of 18.4C (65.1F) – roughly the same as Los Angeles that day

March 2: Turkey launched a major military operation against Syria after Syrian and Russian air and artillery strikes

March 9: Stock markets crash 

March 11: W.H.O declares COVID-19 a pandemic

April 2: Cases surpass 1 million 

May 13: Potential of COVID-19 becoming an endemic as the mental wellbeing is impact by death, poverty, anxiety and isolation 

May 25: Murder of George Floyd places the spotlight on racism and police brutality, triggering protests worldwide 

June 24: China approves CanoSino vaccine

June 28: Global deaths exceeds 500,000 

July 14: Phase III testing for the Moderna vaccine 

August 12: Phase III testing for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

August 19: Record breaking California wildfires 

September 9: U.N states record highs for green house emissions and global temperatures 

September 29: Global deaths exceed 1 million 

November 5: Danish Government cull 17 minks as mutated COVID-19 strain discovered 

October 5: 10% of world's population infected according to W.H.O 

December 8: First person to be inoculated in the U.K 

December 30: Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine confirmed for usage in the U.K


 2021 - 100 Seconds

January 1: New strains of COVID-19 that are more infectious are detected and confirmed in the U.K (B.1.1.7), South Africa (B.1.351) and Brazil (P.1) 

January 6: Capitol Hill insurrection instigated by Trump supporters 

January 9: North Korea announces the development of new weaponry including tactical nuclear weapons 

January 16: COVID-19 death rate exceeds 2 million 

January 26: COVID-19 cases exceeds 100 million worldwide 

January 27: W.H.O begin investigation in Wuhan, the epicentre of COVID-19

February 1: Coup d'état in Myanmar reinstates military rule 

February 25: COVID-19 death toll exceeds 2.5 million 

March 18: COVID-19 vaccinations exceeds 400 million 

March 19: U.K increases its nuclear stockpile from 180 to 260 Tridant warheads

March 23: Suez Canal blockage causes disruptions of global trade 

April 13: Provocation from North Korea continues to amass with testing of new weaponry 

May 4: Active volcano, Tungurahua, in Ecuador erupts

June 2: Right wing groups gain momentum around the globe, inciting violent protests 

July 5: COVID-19 death toll exceeds 3 million

 July 28: Rising COVID cases push world health systems to the brink 

August 11: Israeli and Palestinian conflict regains fuel as fire exchanged 

August 30: Wildfires around the globe 

September 8: Rising global temperatures surpasses 1.80 °C 


2022 - 50 Seconds

February 14: Erup B Olod Syndicate (E.B.O.S), a rising anti-vaccine movement establishes its presence

April 27: Major world organisations such as W.H.O, U.N and C.D.C see funding stopped 

June 3: Mt Vesuvius erupts, death count unknown while covering Europe's airspace in volcano gases and ash 

June 20: COVID-19 mutations progress to deadlier strains as anti-vaccine movement flourishes 

June 17: Europe in disarray due to eruption 

July 19: Russia and China cyber attacks on western powers causes retaliation 

October 4: COVID-19 deaths surpass 6 million 

December 16: Longterm effects of COVID-19 continue to deliberate survivors causing economic slowdown 


2023 - 25 seconds 

January 23: E.B.O.S gains control of power, backed by military 

 January 29: Civil unrest around the globe as prices surge, resources deplete and COVID-19 death toll surpasses 8 million 

February 2: E.B.O.S releases health information of those vaccinated with orders to terminate them 

April 3: Health systems crash 

 May 13: E.B.O.S shuts down opposition and takes control of global data, ordering incarceration of those caught documenting the pandemic 

July 19: Monsoon season shrouds South East Asia, causing drastic loss of life and displacement 

September 8: Middle East erupts into war as Saudi Arabia resumes its assault on Yemen, causing a domino effect 

October 26: North Korean jets intercepted near Japan 

November 14: Nuclear Arms Race begins 

2024 - 13 Seconds

January 2: Global conflict and civil unrest in most countries, scuppering the system as health care, banks and services crash 

 February 15: E.B.O.S totalitarian rule over western organisations renders the world into war with the east

March 6: COVID-19 deaths surpass 10 million 

March 23: weaponised usage of COVID-19 strains deployed over Russia by U.S