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Grown Up Good

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it's been four years since johnny has came home.

getting a scholarship over at korea was something he didn't expect to accept but it was very much needed for many reasons.

he was never able to come home during holidays or vacations which made his parents upset but they knew that their son was on physical stress since his scholarship was for swimming and the school he was going to was for gifted athletes and cost over tens of thousands of dollars. the fact johnny was even scouted was a shock and the family thought an opportunity like that couldn't be passed up.

so the giant alpha said goodbye to his parents and went to korea.

but now here he was back in chicago, recently graduated and was able to save up some money from his part-time job to come back home to be with his family for a while before going back for work.

nothing seemed like it changed as the latter looked out the bus's windows that showed house after house in the beautiful suburbs of chicago.

he saw all the familiar houses that he would jog by when he had to do some afterschool workouts. he saw that some of the yards changed up over the years, some definitely got more and more cluttered by random garden knick-knacks.

the bus went into a halt at a threeway--making the alpha realize it was the end of his street, "wait sir! i'm getting off," johnny yelled as he jumped to his feet, grabbing his duffle bag on the empty seat next to him and the carry-on that he sandwiched between him and the bus's wall.

the bus driver nodded as he pressed the button to open the doors of the bus, making the alpha wave at the older man as a silent 'thank you' as he got off and instantly went onto the sidewalk as the bus started to turn left and drove off as the alpha begun to walk down the street to his right.

just a couple houses down from the corner and there was his house. it's been a long time since he saw it but it was the same as always.

johnny smiled as he walked through the driveway to the walkway to the front door. the alpha stood there at the door as he gave it a loud knock.

some footsteps were shuffling on the inside as a muffled 'coming!' was yelled through the dark oak.

and swung the door opened and there was johnny's alpha mom standing there in a simple black shirt and her jeans as she looked up to meet her son's eyes, "heya mama," johnny said with a smile and soft chuckle which made his mom's face bloom with glee.

"johnny, my love~," his mom sing-song as he arms engulfed around johnny's waist as the alpha returned the hug with gusto.

his mom let go of the hug to let him inside. the younger alpha excused himself as he walked inside, shucking his shoes at the entrance as he placed his bags to the wall so no one would trip over them.

"where's dad?" the alpha asked as he followed his mom, who was walking back into the kitchen.

"working, he should be home at six," she said with a bright smile, looking over at the oven to see the time was almost five o'clock, "i'm making your favorite but," his mom frowned small as she faced her darling son, "i forgot the wine you like,"

johnny just chuckled at his mom's cute poutiness. the young alpha knew how much his mom wanted everything to be perfect, especially stuff that revolve around him.

"it's fine, mom," he waved his mom off but she stubbornly shook her head and walked over to her purse that was sitting in a corner countertop, "no, no, we must have everything you like," she said as he back was faced to johnny and all the alpha could see was his mom shuffling in her purse.

"here," she said with a small huff, turning around to reveal a twenty dollar bill, "get your wine at the store,"

johnny let out another chuckle--this scene was far too familiar to what his mom always did back when he was a freshman in high school.

"do you need anything else?" the alpha said as he walked closer to her and taking the twenty dollar bull from her, "since i'm back to being your own personal shopper,"

the older alpha chuckled this time and shook her head, smiling up at her son, "no, i've got everything almost done. just waiting for the meat and we should be able to dine when your dad comes home,"

"kay, i'll be back then," he said as he lowered down and gave his mom a peck on the head before exiting the kitchen, "be careful, johnny!"

the alpha took that into consideration as he slipped on his shoes yet again before walking out the front door and grabbing the keys to his old car. the alpha closed the door and made his way to the driveway as he saw his black car parked there; as if time hasn't passed.

johnny unlocked the vehicle and got inside, turning on the ignition as he allowed the car to warm up. he fixed his mirror before he turned on the air conditioner and allowed himself to reverse from the driveway and onto the road to the nearby supermarket that him and mom always went to.

thankfully it wasn't that long of a drive and the fact that it wasn't that packed either. the alpha was able to snag himself a front spot and parked the car, turning it off before he got out of the vehicle and locking it.

he went up the the decently big supermarket and smiled as he walked through the mechanical doors to see the doorman standing there with a nice smile, "well well, isn't it big ol' johnny boy!"

"hello mr. gus," johnny smiled at him and gave him a small shake of hands, "welcome home, boy," the older man said with a wide smile, patting the young alpha on the back before allowing him to get his things.

johnny walked down the middle of the store before turning to aisle two which was strictly all the alcohol the store carried and happily, he found all the cheap wines that johnny far too much enjoyed drinking when his parents would sometimes go on business trips a couple times out of the month.

"okay, if i remember," johnny went inside the middle of the aisle and saw the pretty big selection of wines, "it should be on the bottom shelf," the alpha remembered as he crouched down to look at all of the wines that were on the second to bottom and bottom shelves.

“my my, is that little johnny? my cute little neighbor, johnny?” 

johnny shouldn’t have done it but he looked up to see the man of his wet dreams, the reason why he thought it was probably best to leave chicago and go to korea for a moment of clarity and harsh reality—lee taeyong, the mother he’d always wanted to fuck, was right in front of him.


"m-ms. taeyong!" johnny said as he jumped to his feet, standing up straight as he noticed that there was a very obvious height deference between him and the older omega. the elder gave a fond smile and chuckled softly at johnny's cat-like behavior--something that never changed since the younger alpha moved away.

"i knew it had to be you," the omega said with kind smile, "your mom said you should be coming home this week but i didn't think it would be on a wednesday,"

taeyong giggled softly as johnny chuckled dryly, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, "ahh yeah, the plane ride was cheapest on wednesday so i just snagged a ticket," the younger shrugged as he looked down at the omega who was looking so good.

mr. taeyong has always been a very fashionable parent but he definitely dressed a little inappropriate at times for someone who was almost thirty-five. just like right now, you don't usually see many older omegas in a black body-con dress but ms. taeyong always made it look so good. the way his slender body looked so good against the skin-tight material always made johnny's eyes want to wonder.


a voice from behind taeyong interrupted the two as johnny peered over the elder's head to see the spunky teenager with a goofy smile, "what's up, mark,"

johnny smiled as mark chuckled and jogged up to the older alpha with what seemed like dried pasta?

"dude, i didn't know you'll be home today!" the younger alpha said with a large smile, being excited to see his swimming mentor and best friend finally back home in chicago like where he belongs.

"staying for a few weeks before i start my job back in korea," the alpha mentioned with a smile, "didn't mean to drop on a weekday but it was the cheap flight," johnny explained and it didn't matter to the younger alpha. he was just really happy he got his best friend back.

"dude, you should come over tonight! we can have those dumb sleepovers like before," mark said with a laugh, smiling at him then at his mom, "is that okay, ma?"

johnny's smiled dropped just a little as he glanced to taeyong, who looked back at his son and johnny then back to his soon, "of course, markie," the omega said with a soft chuckle, "i'm happy to have my sweet boys again for the summer,"

the older alpha didn't noticed mark saying 'awesome!" with a fist of happy victory as he was too busy with looking at taeyong's bright smile that was moments flashed to him before mark started to talk again.

"see you tonight at eight, bro?"

johnny snapped himself out of his trance and looked over at the younger alpha, smirking small with a nod, "fuck yeah, dude,"

"schweet!" mark smiled, holding his fist out for johnny to bump and the older happily did so.

"i got to go," johnny said with an awkward laugh, looking down to see his favorite wine and bending down to swipe a bottle, "my dad should be home soon and i want to see him," the alpha explained and the small family in front of him smiled and understood.

"of course, sorry about that, johnny," taeyong said with an apologetic smile but johnny waved off the omega.

"no, don't be ms. taeyong,"


"i'm sorry?" johnny said, slightly caught off guard by the omega.

"just call me 'taeyong', johnny," the parent said with a kind smile, "after all, you are an adult now and it's a little weird to hear that coming from such a young man,"

johnny was really hoping he wasn't blushing because he swears he can feel his cheeks feeling warm but the moment was thankfully ruined by mark's annoyed groan.

"ew, mom. you sound like you're hitting on johnny,"

"oh shush it, markie," 

the older alpha let out an awkward laugh as the omega playfully scolded her son, "uh, well then," the alpha said that caught the two's attention, "i'll see you later tonight,"

"yeah, dude," mark nodded, "mhm, see you then, johnny," taeyong said with a smile.

johnyn took that moment to turn his heel and instantly walk down the aisle to the most available cashier, pay for the wine, and the heck out out of there. he waved 'bye' to gus and went straight to his car and unlocked it to get inside.

ms. taeyong.

fuck, it's been a while since he thought about him.

this all started back when johnny was ten years old.

mark and his mom, taeyong, moved in to his neighborhood. apparently they were originally from canada but taeyong wanted a fresh new start with mark. thankfully, mark was only two years younger than the alpha and he told him that his dad was a bad guy and his mom didn't want to take it anymore and left.

for the most part, johnny was really happy for the two and mostly saw taeyong as a second mother figure his whole life...until he saw something at fifteen that changed his entire point of view of taeyong. 

johnny was staying over at mark's while his parents went away for a convention meeting for his dad's job--taking up the entire weekend then returning monday evening. it wasn't a bad thing either. being with mark and eating junk food, drinking way too much monster so they would have ungodly long nights of playing COD, and swimming in the pool until they got shitty sunburn.

but it was on sunday night where something changed.

mark passed out after living off of nothing but pure caffeine for hours. johnny laughed as he walked out of the latter's room to take a quick piss before he knocked out himself. he managed to almost get there before a low moan was heard from another side of a door that was just before the bathroom's--and it so happened to be taeyong's room.

johnny didn't think much at first, he thought that taeyong could be sick. so the alpha slowly and quietly opened the door but the sight was nothing like he thought.

there was taeyong, his face planted straight into his pillow as his ass was straight up in the air, a pair of panties bundling around his calves as johnny sees some object go in and out of taeyong's pussy. you wouldn't have caught it by sight but by smell, a ravenous explosion of lavender and vanilla whaffed out of the room and straight into johnny's face.

"o-oh, m-more a-alpha," the omega moaned into his pillow, speeding his pace of what johnny can only assume was a dildo, into his hole.

the sight made johnny feel flushed, read, and almost have a carnal heat be waved all over his body. that's when johnny shut the door so quick and made his way into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.

and just the young alpha's luck, you can still hear taeyong's sweet voice.

johnny wasn't proud of that moment but he definitely got off to taeyong's moan--he literally got off from his best friend's mom. what's even more wrong was the fact that johnny came twice during that.

the alpha sighed as he turned off the car and got out of the car as he reached home throughout that entire inner (guilt) monologue. 

he locked the doors as he walked up to the front door, entering through while taking his shoes off, "i'm home!" the young alpha called out as he made his way to the kitchen, seeing that his mom and dad were setting up the food on the small dining table they had.

"welcome home, son," his dad said as he looked up to see his son walking in with a bright smile.

"thanks, dad," johnny chuckled softly as he walked towards his dad and gave him a small hug.

"okay, c'mon, let's sit and eat before it gets cold,"

johnny's mom nagged the two men and made them take a seat.  johnny chuckled as he looked at the amazing spread of food--homemade korean food with his mom's special kimchi stew. it was everything the alpha could ever ask for.

dinner went well and the young alpha was able to catch up with his parents. johnny found out that his dad got a promotion in his company and that his mom has recently joined a book club and took up a hobby on embroidery; she even decked out some of johnny's plain t-shirts with some cool designs. 

johnny was happy to have this moment with his parents but he explained how mark was even more excited for him to be home and that he instantly wanted to have a sleepover like before. johnny's parents thought it was cute and let johnny do what he wanted.

so after dinner, johnny helped his mom clean the table and wash the dished then packed up some stuff in one of his old backpacks and headed right across from his house to mark's own.

the giant walked up the steps of the porch then knocked on the door.

thankfully, the door swung open and there was the bouncy college junior right in front of him, "ayo johnny," the younger alpha said with a smile as he stepped aside to let johnny walk inside.

"hey bro," johnny smiled back as he gave mark a small shoulder hug then looked around the small foyer the family had.

"mom's in her room, i think she's doing her work or something," mark shrugged.

"oh yeah, he's, like, an editor, right?" johnny asked as the older alpha followed the younger alpha's steps up the staircase, "yup! he made it to co-chief editor of the magazine he's working for."

"holy shit, that's amazing," the older alpha chuckled as his eyes lingered on the taeyong's door as they passed it to make it into mark's room.

"yeah, apparently he got it last year," mark smiled as he opened the door to his room, revealing the same old room but with newer sheets and slightly bigger bed.

"you don't live here anymore, dude?" johnny asked, throwing his backpack onto one of the many beanbag chairs that mark owned.

"nah," mark shook his head before plopping on his bed and leaning against the wall of pillows that he had against his headboard, "school is only like forty minutes away but i kinda wanted to try and living on campus," the younger shrugged, "i actually made it into a frat too, had some swim buddies help me get in,"

"damn, that's cool," johnny chuckled as plopped next to mark, seeing the younger alpha turn his tv and xbox controller on, "yup, but enough of school," mark laughed, "i want to enjoy now being in the hell and just want to play some gta online with my best friend,"

mark passed over a controller to johnny which made the older laugh as well, "yeah, let me beat your ass on those stupid race tracks,"

"you're so fucking on!"


after almost five hours of straining their eyes, mark and johnny called it quits when mark said he just wanted to get drunk and knock out. the older alpha laughed when the college kid pulled out a six pack of beer and half filled vodka bottle.

johnny didn't want to question as he opted for one beer while mark took large swigs of the vodka and downed two beers.

the two friends ended up catching up. mark won a few first places in high school which caused some scouts to offer the boy a scholarship to many east-side colleges but ultimately stayed in chicago to be close to his mom.

the thought was sentimental when all johnny could think about was the reason why he chose korea--literally across the way--over other colleges who gave johnny the same offers was that he would have a guarantee excuse of why he can't see taeyong again for a while.

only after an hour or so, the younger alpha ended up knocking out with his spiel of alcohol consumption. 

the older alpha was far too awake to go to sleep--he blamed it on being too used to korea's huge time gap. so, he decided to try and sneak down to mark's kitchen and grab him some snacks then watch some netflix.

johnny got up from the bedroom and silently walked out the door before closing it behind him. the older alpha shuffled his way down the hall before he heard a familiar noise coming from the cursed door.

it caused johnny to stop dead in his tracks like it seven years ago.

he turned his head to the right to see the door closed--just like last time. the alpha gulped and knew what he was about to do was going to be just as shitty as he did before but he needed to know.

johnny walked towards the door grabbed the doorknob, carefully turning it as he pushed it open to just reveal a small crack into the bedroom and boom.

the familiar scent of lavender and vanilla whaffed back into johnny's face, just like it did seven years ago. god, johnny didn't know how but this scent was stronger than it was before. at first, it would make johnny get all hot and flushed but this time, the alpha was getting drunk off of the scent. he could swear it wasn't the alcohol in his system.

johnny's glossy gaze looked at taeyong, who was laying on his back this time. one arm hooked under the crook of his knee to hold his leg up--for better access--as his other hand went between his legs and was holding the base of what seemed to be dildo again.

"m-more," taeyong softly panted, trying to increase the speed but was just sloppily pushing the toy back into his slicked hole.

"j-johnny, p-please i-i need m-more," 

johnny froze at the door, breath hitching.

him? did taeyong just call out his name?

taeyong kept whimpering at a pathetic rate as he tried so hard to make the toy hit his most pleasurable spot, but falling short each time. 

the alpha didn't know what came over him but his feet started to move. he quietly stepped into the bedroom, closing the door so mark wouldn't hear. he inched closer to the most amazing sight he's seen.

taeyong's eyes were shut close, tightening as small droplets of tears were escaping his eyes and falling down the sides as his hips were slightly buckling to try and gain more pleasure.

johnny decided to help the poor omega out.

the alpha placed a hand on the slick, open thigh of taeyong's. the omega's eyes flew open as the remaining trapped tears fell down as he looked up shocked to see the younger alpha in front of him.



johnny placed a finger on his lips as it slowly fell back to his side, looking down at taeyong's sopping pussy. the way his slick was gushing and running out of him was almost ungodly. it covered his pussy fully, letting it drip down to his ass and even down his milky thighs. the way johnny's mouth water to even get a taste was pressuring.

"you're all wet like this because of me, doll?"

the alpha didn't look up at the omega as the omega let out a soft whimper, suppressing a moan as johnny took out the dildo that he shoved recklessly into his pussy.

"all you had to do was ask," johnny put the toy aside and replaced it with his fingers, running up and down taeyong's folds as the tip of his index finger played with the neglected clit. the feeling of johnny's fingers on his sensitive cunt made taeyong shake and buckle to his fingers.

"i-i couldn't" taeyong whimpered, softly moaning when he felt two of johnny fingers enter into his pussy, pumping them slowly in a out as johnny just looked at how taeyong's slick easily covered his fingers.

"why not, baby?" johnny cooed, letting his free hand slide off his sweatpants and underwear.

"m-mark's your b-best friend, i-i couldn't,"

"and you're the man of my wet dreams," johnny smirked as he pulled his fingers out of taeyong's cunt, making the latter shiver and moan when he saw johnny put the two slicked fingers into his mouth to suck off the essences that taeyong was creating.

and fuck, did it taste amazing. it was like the sweetest syrup that johnny has ever had.

"mm, gonna make you feel good, okay baby?" johnny said, traveling his hand down to his cock--which was already so hard that it was leaking pre-cum down his shaft.

taeyong looked between his legs to see the organ standing proud against johnny's clothed stomach, making the omega moan at the sight. the omega didn't mean to but he felt more slick gush out of his cunt, making johnny groan at the sight of it.

"p-please al-alpha, give it t-to me," taeyong pleaded, making grabby hands at johnny to come closer.

johnny smirked softly at the cute omega, shuffling closer to him so his hips were just touching his. johnny held his cock at the base and smacked it a couple time against taeyong's wet cunt, seeing a string of sticky slick connect to the shaft and pull a string every time his cock pulled away from it.

"fuck, okay baby, i'll give it to you," johnny whispered, aligning the head of his cock to taeyong's hole, teasing the cute fluttering hole, "we need to stay quiet, okay? or else mark will hear,"

"can you do that for me, baby? can you be good for me?"

taeyong whimpered at how gentle johnny was being with him, nodding to make his alpha happy, "y-yes, alpha, i-i'll be so g-good for you," the omega promised as he felt his body tense up and he let out a cracked gasp. he felt johnny slowly inserting his large cock into him, pushing ever so slowly as taeyong could feel every inch enter him.

"f-fuck, baby," johnny groaned as he bottomed out into taeyong's cunt, "you're so fucking tight, jesus fuck,"

the omega whined at the stretch as he can feel johnny fill him to the brim, as if he made it up to his stomach, "s-so full," taeyong was breathless as his mind went dizzy when he started to breathe in johnny's scent, something that he never got to smell until now. the room was mixing the light scent of his own with johnny's more musky own. the smell of teakwood and chamomile was something he didn't think he would get addicted to until now.

"gonna start moving, baby," johnny let out a soft growl, slowly retreating his hips back as he planted his fists on either side of taeyong's shoulders to give him better position and stability.

taeyong let out a quiet cry when he felt johnny slam his hips back into him, making the omega let out a croaked moan. he immediately covered his mouth with his hands as johnny did a soft 'shh' to him before creating a decent pace with his hips into taeyong.

the omega let out soft moans and mewls as johnny started a little gentle, making the omega catch his breath and become more level-headed. the alpha growled at how his cute omega was closing his eyes to feel all the pleasure down below. it made johnny crack a smirk as he leaned down and kissed the omega's collarbones and up to his neck, where his face snuggled into the small space, taking big whiffs of the delicious smell that taeyong was giving off.

"you're sucking me in so good, baby, holy shit," johnny groaned into the clammy skin of taeyong neck, nipping at the sweet skin as taeyong bit down his lip to muffle his moans when he felt johnny's hips constantly snap back into his.

"how long have you thought about this, huh?" johnny whispered right below the omega's ear, "how long have you longed for me to rearrange your fucking guts so only your pussy can remember me, how fucking long?"

taeyong's mind was buzzing as johnny spoke to him. the feeling of johnny stuffing him over and over again was so fucking good--it practically felt like euphoria, the way johnny was hitting him in the spot that he was desperately been trying to reached for almost months was pre ecstasy. taeyong has never felt this type of rush before and he didn't want it to stop until johnny knotted in him.

"answer me, puppy," johnny hissed in taeyong's ear, bringing the cute omega back to planet earth as he started to recollect his current situation.

"how long?" johnny asked as he felt his knot begun to swell, johnny made sure he was grinding himself into taeyong for the knot to get it's full size. the feeling in taeyong's cunt made taeyong whimper and johnny groan at the feeling of the velvet walls.

"y-you sent mark a v-video of you w-winning your b-big t-tournament i-in korea," taeyong moaned as johnny quickened his pace, growling softly as his hips snapped in a more rough motion, "y-you c-came o-ow-out of the w-water," the omega gasped when he felt something press against his clit, his eyes fluttered down to see johnny's thumb lazily rubbing at the sensitive nub to push the omega over his edge.

"yeah, a-and," johnny motioned the omega to continue with a stutter through his words as he bit back a loud groan. taeyong's pussy begun to clenched hard around johnny's cock, and the alpha knew it could only mean that taeyong was about to come undone.

"a-and i saw h-how g-grown you were," taeyong panted softly at the feeling of johnny starting to speed up his pace, johnny can easily feel the decent motion he was going was becoming sloppy as he felt the coil in his stomach start to loosening up by the second, "y-you w-weren't the c-cute b-boy i s-saw for s-so long.." taeyong yelped softly as his breath became shorter, a bubble in his stomach becoming so strong that he begun to blind the omega's senses.

"y-you were a m-man! y-you looked l-like a t-true al-alpha and i-i w-wanted you s-so b-b-bad, j-johnny,"

and that was it.

johnny growled as he leaned back down to taeyong, opening his mouth as his teeth sunk into the omega's left shoulder. the feeling made taeyong gasp and shake as he felt the bubble in his stomach pop and there went waves of pleasure running through his body as his pussy gushed out squirt all over johnny's cock and onto the omega's sheets. 

johnny groaned at the feeling of taeyong's wet cunt gripping around his cock so harsh that it was the final straw in johnny stomach. he let his teeth go of the milky skin of the omega as he let out a deep moan as he felt his cock spurt cum into taeyong's pussy, his sopping cunt milking johnny's cock dry of semen.

"jesus, shit," the alpha groaned at the feeling, making taeyong whine and mewl at how johnny's cum was warming up in his cunt.

"good puppy," johnny whispered against the clammy skin of the omega's neck, "you took my fucking knot so fucking well, such a good angel," johnny praised the omega which made taeyong giggle softly and smiling with euphoria.

"do you think mark heard us?" taeyong whispered, looking over at the alpha who picked his head up from his neck and placed his forehead against taeyong's in a gentle manner.

"probably not," johnny chuckled softly, letting a small smile creep on his lips, "he kinda downed a half bottle of vodka pretty quickly and chased it down with two beers, i think he's in an alcoholic coma,"

"where did he get alcohol?" taeyong questioned, raising an eyebrow to johnny with a playful glint in his eye.

shit, kinda forgot you fucked your best friend's mom, dude. and the fact that mark isn't of age to drink.

"to be honest, i don't know, he pulled it from under his bed and i just went with it," the alpha snickered softly as he looked at the sweet omega below him.

the moment was sweet. it did take almost ten minutes for johnny's knot to be safe enough to pull out of taeyong's pussy without hurting him. the alpha took that opportunity to fall back against the bed and lay his arm out for taeyong to use as a pillow--which the omega happily accepted as he snuggled up to the strong alpha's side as his arm cradled around his petite figure.

"did you ever expect to like me?" johnny asked, his fingers tracing lightly over the omega's hip as taeyong's face was snuggled into his chest. the omega shook his head with a soft giggle before picking it up and resting his chin on the alpha's chest so he can look at him, "nope. never. and not in a bad way but," taeyong sighed softly, "you were my son's best friend, johnny. although you did grow up to be a very handsome boy," taeyong eyes sundered a little, "i couldn't do that to mark,"

"hmm," the alpha hummed, nodding. he understood taeyong's reasoning and all he really wanted was that.

"by the way,"

johnny looked down at the omega who had a mischievous smirk on his face, "what did you mean by "and you're my wet dream"?"

"oh, um, i," johnny stuttered with an awkward chuckle, making taeyong go into a giggle fit as the two laid in bed, holding each other close before johnny had to sneak back into mark's bedroom, as if nothing happened.