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Gina is tried of light's shit

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She raised her hand to the window watching as the light passed through her fingers. Closing her eyes for a brief moment as she felt the warmth of the sun on her hand. She treasured moments like this, full of peace. Life certainly became more interesting after she had married Light. It wasn't that she didn't love him but even she needed a break from his antics. He was always getting himself into trouble. And just as she began to think it was getting too peaceful, the high-pitched scream snapped her out of her thoughts. She sat up rapidly, that sounded like Light. She doesn't think she’s ever run so fast. The feeling of dread grew as she thought about whatever could make light scream in such a way. She ran to the source picking up the closest weapon, which was a broom. She ran outside raising the broom preparing to swing it.  And when she stepped outside Gina saw Light screaming in a corner conjuring flames ready to throw them at a rather scary-looking insect, she shivered. And without hesitation wanting that thing out of her sight as soon as possible, she hit it with the broom killing it. She raised the broom again propelling the corpse of the insect sending it out of sight. And with the horrible thing out of her sight, the next responsible thing which was to yell at light for almost burning the house down, … again.  Light looked at her relaxing slightly, the flames in his hands dispersing. A look of relief came across his face as he smiled slightly. His eyes shining as he quietly thanked his savior. His lip trembled as he let out a sob. His face was now covered with tears as he ran towards her burying his face into her chest. She stumbled back slightly. She could not stop herself from smiling, how could she be mad at him when he was like this. 


“Come on let's get you inside” Gina dragged him back inside. Sitting down on their bed pulling him onto her lap, he rested his face against her shoulder as she ran her hand through his hair. He closed his eyes, he rather liked the feeling of her hands running through his hair. He opened his eyes slightly. She looked mad, he pouted trying his best not to smile as she began to smile. She pushed his hair out of his face pressing a kiss to his forehead. And this time he could not stop himself from smiling. Unlike last time he made their house go up in flames this time she considered his actions reasonable. That thing was disgusting and she too would have burned the house down had that thing left her sight. She wasn't scared of it but the thought of it crawling on her made her want to gag. Light however seemed to still be recovering from the encounter, and she couldn't help but worry about him. 


“You okay?” She cupped his face. 


He nodded leaning into her touch. She smiled softly, he had no right being this cute.


She kissed the tip of his nose watching his face scrunch up. And out of nowhere Light yelled jumping out of her lap. He began dragging his nails across his arm. 


“It's on me Gina it's on me it's-” she pulled him into her arms petting his head.


“Shh it's okay, I killed it, it's gone, it can't hurt you” He relaxed, reasoning it had probably been his hair. 


He sighed loudly giving a small nervous laugh, he had given himself a heart attack over nothing. 


She sat down and he laid down next to her, resting his head on her lap. 


“Do you want to talk about it” she sighed, running her fingers through his hair. 


She did not know what else to offer to comfort him. Gina was never the best in these situations, as she had years of experience in avoiding her emotions. 


He let out a long breath before closing his eyes briefly. 


“I've seen that thing before, they were everywhere in the cave. And sometimes they would crawl inside the lamp, or on it and-” He cut himself from shivering. 


“It felt like it was crawling all over my body” he brought his hands to his arm dragging them across leaving red marks.


She grabbed his trembling hands, stopping him from hurting himself further. She brought one to her lips, smiling slightly as his face went red. 


“I thought it was sent to put me back in the lamp” realizing he sounded too serious he cleared his throat changing his tone, “ I never wanna go to that boring place again yucky” he stuck his tongue out.  


“I'd like to see someone try to take you away” He sat up and when he did she wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him towards her. 


He laughed trying to escape from her grasp, “You're so clingy”. 


“Hmm, I thought you liked it” her grip loosened slightly.


She smirked watching as he huffed leaning against her pulling her arms around him “I never said I didn't like it!” he shook his head. 


“You're so cute,” she ruffled his hair. 


“I'm not cute,” he pouted. 


“You're right you're adorable” she giggles watching as he struggled to talk as she squished his face with her hands. 


And after a moment of silence, he called her “Gina?’


She hummed in response. 


“I love you”


“I love you too”


He clung to her tightly, his grip losing slightly as he began to drift off to sleep. She smiled softly before pressing her lips against his forehead. Gina placed her head on top of his as she began to fall asleep. Who knows when she would be able to rest like this again.