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Dance With Me

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“So, wait, you’ve never danced with someone? Like--like just one person at once?”

Bloodhound looked up from the book they were writing in at the man across the table. Mirage seemed aghast from what they had just said, his eyes as big as dinner plates. They sat in the kitchen of the Legend household, having finished lunch and waiting for the games to start so they could cheer on Bangalore, Wattson, and Octane. 

Bloodhound’s cerulean blue eyes looked closely over their lover, their partner. Elliott was wearing a comfy orange sweater and jeans, his pristine hair flipped to one side, as it usually was.

Mirage looked over Hound as they closed their book. Their long crimson hair was in two braids that hung over their shoulders, the scars on their face uncovered by them. They tattoo on their cheek, an Icelandic magical stave, stuck out against their pale skin. Hound was wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with small flower-like designs on it, and a pair of gray pants.

Bloodhound set down their pen and looked at him with their hands on the table. “I never have, Elliott.” They let out a chuckle and Mirage tilted his head to one side. “I have only done the old dances of my tribe when I lived among them. After that… it was only I to carry on the tradition.”

Mirage blinked in surprise, but then thought about it. Bloodhound was very rooted in their culture and it made sense now that they wouldn’t really do modern things like dancing at a club or with others. He put a hand to his chin in thought. 

Bloodhound caught his look and gave him their own puzzled gaze. “What are you thinking about, Elskan ?”

Mirage tapped his chin. “I… I guess I’m just… surpre-surpris-um, shocked.” He smiled at them. “Considering how long we’ve been steady, I don’t know why we haven’t danced together before.”

The tracker pursed their lips.

“Oh, oh, it’s not a bad thing, Hound!” the trickster replied to their look. “I mean… I just… I… um--”

“Elliott, what are you getting at,” they asked.

“Well… I think we should try some dancing.”

Bloodhound blinked. They had never danced with another person before, but this was the first time they had ever had a partner before. Elliott was someone very special to them, someone they truly loved and cared about. They would do everything and anything to make him happy. And being with someone and loving them meant trying new things sometimes.

The hunter gave a small nod. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well… um…” Mirage thought about this for a moment. “Well, how about, tonight, we throw on some music when everyone heads to their rooms?” He leaned back in his chair. “Then, I’ll show you what I know.”

Bloodhound stayed quiet for a minute, and Mirage was scared he had said something wrong. However, their small nod that came after reassured him that they were okay with this.

“Alright. Let’s do that tonight then.”


The sun had set only a short time ago, with the Games having ended and Wattson, Bangalore, and Octane returning home. Everyone had celebrated their victory, before deciding to head to their quarters. One by one, the Legends all left the living room for their rooms. Soon enough, Mirage and Bloodhound were the only two in the living room.

The trickster stood from his place on one of the couches with the tracker, opening a nearby box to pull out something. Bloodhound didn’t quite know what it was until Mirage turned it on. It showed a hologram of a list of music and he scrolled through it. Bloodhound watched him pick a song and set the device down on a table. Soft, soothing music played through speakers around the room and Bloodhound saw Mirage walk towards them, stopping a foot away and holding out a hand. “Care to dance, babe?”

The hunter smiled and took his hand, standing up and following him into the middle of the room, standing with him on the rug on the floor. He carefully changed the way his left hand held their right one. Mirage’s other hand guided Bloodhound’s free one to his shoulder. He then hovered his hand over their hip, which they nodded to and felt him place his hand there. 

“Okay, just follow my steps,” Mirage told Hound. “If I step forward with my left, step back with your right.” 

Bloodhound looked down at their feet as they stepped in unison, his foot moving towards them as they moved theirs back. They did this a couple of times, switching directions and moving back and forth a few times. The hunter seemed to be really enjoying their dancing, as a small, soft smile crossed their face. They looked up into Mirage’s eyes as he asked them, “You feeling okay, babe?”

They nodded. “I am, Elliott. I… thank you for this. I’ve never really danced with someone like this before. It’s… wonderful.”

Mirage smiled softly and stopped in his place, making Bloodhound stop as well. He suddenly dipped them back and placed his lips to theirs in a tender kiss. They seemed surprised at first, but relaxed into his touch, putting their arms around him. Eventually, the kiss was broken. Mirage simply looked down into Bloodhound’s beautiful cerulean colored eyes, and they looked the same way into his chocolate colored ones. It was a moment of understanding and care for each other. 

Elliott pulled Bloodhound back up onto their feet and found himself holding the tracker close. The trickster placed a kiss to their cheek and used a hand to gently trace over the curve of their cheek.

The tracker chuckled and smiled. “You’re the most wonderful person to ever be mine, Elliott.”

Mirage traced his finger over their tattoo while saying, “And you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Houndie. I love you more than I can say.”

Bloodhound’s heart melted. They carefully took his hands and began to get back into their motions from their dance, stepping back and forth and moving in gentle circles. The two stayed in a loving silence as the music continued playing, only able to give each other gentle smiles and gaze into the other’s eyes. 

Bloodhound had never really thought they would find someone after what happened to Boone. They never really had felt this sort of connection with anyone else, and never thought they would. But Mirage had changed that ever since they had met. His zest for life and determination to make something of himself made them so happy. He was a kind person, someone who deserved everything that would make him content. Bloodhound would often tell him that they would take on the whole system if that’s what it took to keep him safe. Bloodhound loved this man more than anything in the system.

Mirage had to admit, he never really meant to find a serious relationship in the Games. He had always been a big talker, a big showman. But deep inside, he felt like he was waiting for someone he could truly love and take care of. He never expected that person to be Bloodhound, considering they didn’t really react to his flirting at first. But over time, their shell had been broken away by the trickster, and Elliott truly would lay his life down for Bloodhound. He loved them more than anything in the universe, and he would make sure he’d always be there for them.

After a few more moments, Bloodhound embraced Mirage, setting their chin on his shoulder. “It’s getting late, Elskan. Would you like to go to our room?”

He nodded. “Yeah, we can do that.”

After turning off the music, Mirage and Bloodhound moved to the room they shared, dressing into their night clothes and climbing into their large bed. As Elliott slipped under the covers, he opened his arms for his partner and they crawled to him and wrapped their arms around him. He did the same and placed a kiss to their forehead, lightly brushing away some hair from their face. “Thank you for indi--indelg--err… doing this with me, Hound. It was… nice.”

Bloodhound chuckled. “Thank you for teaching me something new, Elliott. You never cease to amaze me.”

Mirage smiled. “Well, I’m a pretty amazing person,” he responded, earning another chuckle. “Good night, Hound. I love you.”

“And I love you too, Elliott. Sleep well.”

“You too, babe.”