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Sesshomaru's Wedding Gift

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“Another gift?” Rin questioned Jaken as he walked to her, A-Un trailing behind him with a something tied to his saddle. She frowned at the large parcel. “Master Jaken, you need to tell Sesshomaru-sama to stop spoiling me. The villagers already call me Princess,” she breathed out nervously. She fidgeted on the spot as A-Un nudged her shoulder gently with one of their heads.

Jaken sighed and shook his head. “You accepted his offer of engagement. He is going to spoil you until the wedding. Thankfully, it’s only a day away now,” he told Rin. He then shuffled nervously on his feet and Rin saw him reach into the folds of his clothing and pulled forth a small, wrapped item. “This is…this is from me,” Jaken said quietly and turned his head away.

Rin knelt down and took the item from his outstretched hand. She resisted hugging him, he had found it unbearable when she had finally towered over him. “Thank you, Master Jaken,” she smiled and brought it close. “What is the occasion?”

“You…you don’t have a father to give you a gift. So, I-I am giving you one,” Jaken huffed and nervously glanced at her.

Rin smiled gently. “I loved my father very much, but I also love you very much Master Jaken. I will treasure this always,” Rin told him.

“You don’t even know what it is!”

“I don’t need to know. You picked it out with me in mind and that is enough to be important to me,” Rin told him gently before unfolded the wrapping around the item. She smiled at the butterfly hair ornament that had a chain hanging down from the top of one wing. “It’s beautiful.”

“You don’t have to wear it…I just wanted you to have something,” Jaken told her.

A-Un snorted softly as if giving a derisive snort.

Rin wrapped the gift again and stood up. “I’ll wear it, you’ll see,” she said with a smile. “Come on, let’s get you some tea and A-Un some grass before you need to head back to Sesshomaru-sama,” she told them.





Rin sat with Sesshomaru as they participated in the drinking part of their wedding ceremony. Guests in the village center as Kaede’s house was too small.

Sesshomaru turned to Rin, stoic as ever, but his amber eyes seemed softer. His eyes landed on the butterfly hair ornament that peeked out from under her white hood. “He was nervous about giving you that gift,” Sesshomaru told her quietly.

Rin nodded as Kagome took the tray away with a smile. Rin turned to Sesshomaru and smiled. “I know, he probably worried that his gift would be insignificant compared to the gifts of my husband,” Rin told Sesshomaru.

“A husband should spoil his wife in every means he is capable of. I have the luxury of dressing you in the finest silks, provide the finest combs, jewelry, books, and whatever suits your whims. It is yours,” Sesshomaru told her.

“Augh…did you have a personality switch?” Inuyasha shouted out.

“Sit boy!” Kagome shouted.

Rin laughed softly as Sesshomaru cleared his throat and sat back.


A couple hours later, Rin nervously laid back on the bedding, Sesshomaru watching her as he followed her. Naked, their heated flesh pressed together. She felt his strong body against her soft and it made her shudder. Sesshomaru stared at her lips for a moment before he kissed her slowly and she gently held his shoulders. Kissing was not new to them, but in the context of their current nakedness, Rin trembled.

“Are you cold?” Sesshomaru asked her as he pulled back and gently ran his fingers along her cheek.

“No, milord. I’m nervous and excited and worried all at once,” she admitted with a sheepish smile.

He nodded and took her hand and placed it over his heart. It was beating to the same rhythm that hers was. She smiled up at him and pulled him back down for another kiss that he gladly obliged.

With his body pressed against her, laying between her thighs, she could feel his penis hardening between their bodies. She broke off the kiss and opened her eyes slowly with a soft pant. “Milord… Kagome said there is a way for it to hurt me less,” she said quietly.

He kissed her temple. “Tell me how then,” he responded and nuzzled her hairline.

Rin rubbed his back, feeling those muscles beneath his pale flesh. She bit her lip and whispered it out in embarrassment.

Sesshomaru nodded and kissed down her face and neck. “I am happy to oblige,” he told her.

Rin blushed as she watched him kiss down her chest, one palm kneading her breast as he sucked on the other, teasing the stiff nipple with his tongue and teeth.

“Milord…are you experienced?” She breathed out as she threaded her fingers into his hair, holding him to her chest. She expected that with his age and standing that he would be very, very experienced.

He popped off and gently bit around her nipple. “No, I decided to read a book from the mainland, it was enlightening,” he told her and kissed to the valley of her chest. He slid down her body, kissing and nipping.

She panted as she watched him stare at her womanhood, wet for him. He grabbed the back of her thighs and spread her legs as he leaned down and licked along the seam of her lips.

“Ahn,” Rin cried out, tossing her head back.

Pleased with the sound, Sesshomaru parted her folds and licked more vigorously along her folds, dipping his tongue into her.

Rin panted and moaned but wanted attention on her pearl. He admitted having no experience but knowledge from a book. Rin had experience with touching herself.

Sango and Kagome told her how to and that it was natural to do so.

Rin opened her eyes and slid her hand down, resting her weight on the other arm so she could meet Sesshomaru’s gaze as she leaned up. “Here, this is where…mhm…I like to be touched,” she told him as she rubbed her clitoris between her thumb and forefinger.

“My claws are too sharp,” he told her as he moved her hand away and licked her clitoris.

“Mhm,” Rin pitched out with a high keen. “Sango and Kagome…they say it’s sensitive. You can suck it, lick it…oh-ah-ah…like that, yes, yes,” Rin moaned and tipped her head back. Her hips moved and gyrated. She could feel sweat forming on her skin as she felt so warm despite the cool evening.

Sesshomaru pinned her writhing hips with one arm and reached up to squeeze and knead her breast.

Rin gasped and felt the familiar coil in her lower belly, but it was more intense than in the past when she touched herself. Probably because it wasn’t just her own fingers and fantasies. Sesshomaru’s low groans against her sensitive flesh had her tumbling over quickly. She clamped her thighs around Sesshomaru’s head as he licked her eagerly, dipping his tongue into her and tasting her.

She fell back against the bedding and panted harshly as Sesshomaru pulled her thighs apart and emerged with a smug smirk.

“Did that satisfy you, Rin no kimi?” He asked her.

“So much better than my own fingers,” she admitted and then flushed.

Sesshomaru stared at her almost impassively. “You’ve touched yourself?”

“Haven’t you?” She asked him.

“Not really,” he told her and moved over her. “I suppose, we can touch each other another time. My book is here, and you may wish to explore the contents,” he told her as he reached between them. His hips pinned her to the bed, but she felt safe. The pressure of the head of his erect shaft pressed in and Rin held still.

Sesshomaru rocked into her slowly and let out a groan.

Rin breathed slowly.

Kagome and Sango said sex would only be uncomfortable the first or couple of times.

Rin wondered if their husbands were even as endowed as Sesshomaru was. Long and thick, she could feel him stretching her internally and she clung to him as his hips pushed, pushed, and pushed until he let out a low grunt by her ear, their pelvises flushed together like two puzzle pieces fitted together.

Both breathed heavily and he pulled back, staring down at her. She cupped his face. “My gift, the only gift I can give, is myself. My body, heart, and soul are yours milord, my love, Sesshomaru,” Rin told him with a soft smile as she stroked his striped cheeks.

Sesshomaru leaned down and kissed her, his lips pressing against her, tongue pressing against her lips until she acquiesced and parted her lips. He groaned as their tongues touched. She grabbed his sides as he began to move, his hips pulling back and pushing in, slowly, rhythmically. She gasped into the kisses, her shuttered brown eyes meeting his lidded amber gaze.

“Fuck,” he groaned and pulled back from her lips. “Rin…Rin…uhn,” he groaned and panted out, his hips pushing harder into her.

Rin bit her lips. Pain and pleasure. Her body ached from the stretch but hearing and watch Sesshomaru above her had been a fantasy for so long. She felt his hand on her breast as his hips pistoned faster into her. He was taking her, claiming her just as she wanted. She wanted to give him her body.

“Tight…hnngh…fuck…Rin,” he slammed into her and she let out a quiet scream as she felt stretched even further.

Jaken had given her a letter last month from the Lady Mother warning her of this moment.

Rin clung to Sesshomaru and let his knot form, biting his shoulder as he continued this thrusts, trying to be gentle. His hand cradled the top of her head as he took her as slowly as he could. His instinct probably scream to take her harder. She dug her nails into his back, legs wrapped around his waist.

His breathing was harsh against her neck and ear. “I’m sorry,” he groaned and let out a noise before sighing. Rin felt his release as his cock throbbed in her.

She buried her face into his shoulder and trembled from the feeling of him buried inside her. “Please…please,” she whimpered, relinquishing his flesh from her teeth as she moved her hips.

Sesshomaru rolled his hips, giving her relief she needed, and she slid a hand between them, rubbing her clit.

As much as it had been uncomfortable, she loved that it was him. She had made him pant, groan, and sigh. She had him naked and saw that he had matching stripes that wrapped around the top of his thighs. She was his wife, his only wife, and she brought him pleasure.

“Ahn…I love you,” Rin moaned out and finished with a sigh.

Sesshomaru pulled back to look down at her as he moved his hips until she opened her eyes, chest heaving. “I didn’t think you would…I lost control,” he told her and looked away.

Rin turned his head back to her. They were deeply locked together still and from the Lady Mother’s letter Rin expected it would for some time still. “Sesshomaru I gave myself to you for your pleasure. But you also gave me pleasure. You still spoil me,” she told him gently. “I have no wealth, no family, no land to offer, yet you still wanted me. I will give you children, I will give you all my love, that is my gift to you my beloved lord.”

“Rin you offer all of yourself that is worth more than all of the silks, gold, and material wealth I could ever offer you,” Sesshomaru told her.

Rin sighed softly and pulled him down. He rested his head on her shoulder as she stroked his hair. “I will always be yours. But I will say this, most of the village women say men don’t last long ever…I look forward to building our stamina together,” she hummed out.

She gasped as Sesshomaru bit her shoulder. He licked her skin immediately and chuckled. “I desire to have you in many ways, Rin no kimi. I wonder what it would be like with you on top,” he hummed.

“Something to try once I’ve gotten used to you,” she hummed out.

“Mhm, I would also like you to touch me,” he told her as he nuzzled her, pressing kisses along her neck.

“Kagome said…she explained something she called sixty-nine,” Rin laughed softly.

“Hmm, Kagome is nosey. Don’t tell her too much,” Sesshomaru huffed against her cheek.

“But she has many wonderful ideas,” Rin added with a smile as Sesshomaru pulled back to stare down at her. Rin could feel his knot easing.

“She should write a book then,” Sesshomaru told her as he gently pulled from her.

Rin winced and Sesshomaru got up and got a cloth for her. “I’ll tell her to write it all down and sell it to the village ladies. Their husband’s need all the help they can get apparently,” Rin laughed softly as he wiped between her legs.

“You bled,” he said with a frown.

“That’s normal…virginal blood. See, it’s not that much. I’m okay milord,” Rin told him as she moved and sat up on her knees. She could tell he was unconvinced. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I promise, all women bleed during their first time. Kagome, Sango, everyone.”

“My book didn’t say that could happen,” Sesshomaru stated drily, annoyed.

“Well, it does. If it was written by a man who never been with a virgin then that is your answer,” Rin said with a nod.

Sesshomaru huffed and Rin kissed his cheek.

“We’re married, no frowning on the wedding night,” Rin told him with a laugh.

He stood up, lifting Rin up. “I’ll take you to soak with those salts, they will ease any pain.”

“I’m sore, not in pain,” Rin corrected him.

He huffed and carried her out of the room and down the hall in the small manor in the woods. A large tub was waiting in a bathing chamber.

Rin wondered if she would be able to try one thing Sango told her Miroku liked when they bathed together. She wasn’t sure, but she was going to try and convince Sesshomaru.

“You are thinking something that is arousing you,” Sesshomaru stated as he set her into the tub and followed her in.

“Dammit…but it’s an idea I’m sure you’ll be uninterested in trying,” Rin hummed out.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and crowded her against the wall of the tub. She smiled and knew she won as he liked a challenge and would not be deterred. “Tell me,” he said lowly, and Rin smiled as he ran his knuckles along her cheek.





“So, how was the wedding night?” Sango asked Rin as they met Kagome at their old hot spring three days after Rin’s wedding night.

Rin untied her obi and dropped and allowed her layers to drop to the grass. Naked, Sango whistled.

“He’s a breast and ass man,” Kagome hummed out as she came out of the woods. “Rin, he bit your bum!”

Rin laughed softly as she walked to the water and sunk into the natural spring. Sango joining her quickly while Kagome united her hakama. “Well, we did the things you both suggested. First night after the first time, we took the bath and did the thing you suggested,” Rin said with a nod to Sango.

Sango laughed and Kagome rolled her eyes.

“How are you even walking?” Sango asked Rin. “We haven’t seen you in three day!”

The three gossiped about their husbands and Rin didn’t care if she got in trouble with her husband. She was going to brag about how he spoiled her. Kagome held out her arm and Rin guessed a measurement and dragged her finger from Kagome’s wrist to a point where both women gasped and understood why they hadn’t seen her in three days.

“Really, I am just spoiled and that is the best gift he could have ever provided me,” Rin giggled out.

Sango laughed and fanned her cheeks off. “Seriously…how are you walking?!”

“It also gets thicker when he knots,” Rin purred out. "It's such a blessed gift, Sesshomaru was amused when I thanked yesterday morning when he finished and I enjoyed the knot twice," she finished with a wink.

“Excuse me?” Sango gasped out.

Kagome snorted a quiet, “What?”

Rin then explained the knot and both women clapped their hands at Rin as she giggled.

“So…every time?” Sango asked.

“Yup!” Rin nodded out.

“I wonder why Inuyasha doesn’t have one,” Kagome whined out.

“You’re jealous? Inuyasha is only a bit shorter in that department. Your fine!” Sango told Kagome with a roll of her eyes.

“I’ve seen Miroku…you’re doing quite well,” Kagome laughed softly.

“He discovered tantric sex recently,” Sango hummed out. 

Kagome and Rin stared at Sango as the woman smiled and leaned back against the rock.

“Best four hours of lovemaking ever!” Sango giggled out. "I thanked him too."

“You need to explain this...Inuyasha sometimes just gets too excited,” Kagome said with her eyes narrowed.

The demon slayer nodded and smiled before delving into all the details. Both women looked to each and nodded. They would have to convince their husbands to try.