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Bill’s been really enjoying his first semester of community college so far, meeting new people and learning about art.  He still loves music, and still spends a lot of his time writing with Ted and getting local shows booked, but after The Song didn’t do as well as they hoped, his dad started hinting at how he’d like Bill to get a degree in something- so Bill chose art.

Now, though, he’s not sure why he started taking these dumb courses anyway.

He’s been really enjoying figure drawing, even without Ted to snicker at the naked bodies with, but now he’s cursing himself, kicking a stray can in the parking lot of their apartment complex viciously.  

He has to do a nude figure study for his homework assignment.  

The teacher hired a model for those of them who didn’t want to do a self-portrait or have someone on hand, so he could either stay late, cutting in to his and Ted’s practice, or he had to- well- he had to draw himself naked.  Or find someone to draw.

When the project had first been announced, Bill had thought happily of asking Ted to pose for him, even though he knows it’ll be a disaster with how fidgety Ted can get sometimes.  Bill doesn’t mind- he’s gotten pretty good at fast sketches.  He was sure they could figure something out.  But then the professor had said the dreaded word: Nude.  How’s Bill gonna ask his most bodacious best friend to pose naked?

It doesn’t help that Bill’s been harboring a most heinous crush on Ted for, well- ever.  Bill’s always liked Ted, even though he would have never admitted it even a couple years ago, not even to himself.  School has helped a little, if he’s been honest, meeting new, more open-minded people than he would find in San Dimas, but also- he’s just gotten more comfortable with himself as he eased into his twenties, learning that maybe he doesn’t have to be what other people want him to be.  He can just be himself.

Ted’s really helped him with that too, which has not helped along the crush front.  Ted’s always been so sweet, as long as Bill’s known him; he’s always been the nicest kid on the block, always willing to help someone out or include them.  His dad never really helped much, but once Ted got out from under his thumb, he seemed to really settle into himself and who he was.  In turn, that helped Bill, too.

But back to the problem at hand: how the hell is Bill going to ask Ted to pose nude for him and not lose it?

Ted’s sprawled on the couch when he finally goes inside, and Bill tosses his portfolio to the floor before flopping next to him with a put-on sigh.  Ted looks at him and nudges his knuckles into Bill’s shoulder.  “What’s up, dude?  How was class?”

“Good,” Bill says, and then sighs again.  “I have a homework assignment that’s pretty bogus.”

“At least it's not like your art history paper you had to write,” Ted laughs, and then sobers.  “It’s not another paper, right?”

“No way, dude,” Bill says, and then turns so he has one leg bent up on the couch, resting his cheek on the back cushions as he looks over at Ted.  Ted scoots so he’s mirroring Bill’s body language, looking back at him.  “I gotta do a figure drawing.”

“That’s not that bad, right?” Ted asks.  “I thought you liked drawing those.”

“Yeah, I do,” Bill mumbles, messing with his hat.  “It’s gotta be a nude, though, Ted.”

“Oh,” Ted says, and then shrugs.  “What’s the big deal, dude?”

“I was gonna ask you to be my model,” Bill says, feeling his cheeks get hot.  He drops his hand from his hat to the back of his neck, tugging on his curls.  “But I can’t do that now.”

“Why not?” Ted asks, and when Bill’s head shoots up to look at him, he’s grinning.  “I don’t mind, Bill!”

“But-” Bill stutters.  “You’d be naked, dude.”

Ted shrugs again, and even though he looks a little pink, he doesn’t seem embarrassed.  “I don’t mind.  We’re both dudes, dude.  I wanna- I wanna help you with your art.”

“But-” Bill says again, and then clams up.  If Ted wants to, why is he trying to fight him?

It just feels a little bogus to get Ted naked to draw him for class when he has a crush on him, getting to let his eyes linger for once on Ted’s body in a way he doesn’t let himself do normally.  Usually, he only lets himself look for a second, like when Ted stretches and his shirt lifts up to show his belly, or sometimes when he comes out of the shower and walks to their room in just a towel, Bill likes to watch the way the water drips down the length of his back. 

He can separate it, he tells himself.  He can draw Ted just for class, and not let his eyes linger in a weird way, and it’ll be fine.  Just a dude drawing his best dude friend naked.  Nothing weird.

“You wanna do it right now?” Ted asks, and Bill swallows thickly, tummy flipping.

“We should grab food first, dude,” Bill says, pushing off his knees to get back to his feet.  “Pizza?”

“Yeah!” Ted crows, looking for all the world like he didn’t just agree to pose naked for his best friend.  Bill wishes he had that confidence.




After dinner, Bill feels both less nervous and even more on edge, feeling put at ease by how casual and normal Ted is acting, but also ramped up the closer he gets to having to see his best friend naked and finally be able to look.  Ted seems relaxed, and once they’re both groaning and flopped on the couch, Ted messes with the hem of his t-shirt and looks at Bill from under his lashes, asking, “Ready?”

Bill nods, swallowing thickly, and starts to go through his portfolio for his sketchbook.  He hears the rustle of fabric while he has his head down, digging for a particularly evasive pencil, and when he finally looks up Ted is standing shyly in front of the couch in only his briefs. 

“Where do you want me?” Ted asks, playing with the waistband of his underwear.  Bill feels like he swallowed his tongue, blinking wide eyed at his friend.  He looks most triumphant.

“Uh-” Bill says dumbly before clearing his throat, reaching up to mess with his hat as he ducks his head.  “I’ll- Sitting is fine, easier than standing.”

“‘Kay,” Ted says softly.  Bill slides by him by him to tug out one of their bigger amps, moving it to the center of the room.  

“You can- Put your shirt on it so it’s not cold.”  Bill gestures to the amp.  “Lemme close the windows.”

Ted makes a little noise in agreement from behind Bill as he tugs the curtains closed, trying to delay looking at Ted for as long as possible.  He takes a deep breath, rubbing the rough material between his fingertips, and then turns around.

Ted’s sitting on the amp, legs together and hands in his lap, looking up at Bill.  Bill pauses, mouth open, before clearing his throat again and moving to sit on the low seat by the bedroom door.  Ted looks so good, sweet and tan all over as he watches Bill from behind his bangs- Bill gets caught looking at his nipples, the way his chest is kind of soft, the little hairs he can see from this close.  He’s never noticed that before.

“How do you want me to sit?”  Ted asks, and Bill shakes himself.  Stop being so weird.

“Uh, lean on one hand, so your shoulders- yeah,” Bill says, as Ted goes to follow his direction, body shifting.  “Maybe scoot over a little so your legs aren’t on the same level?  My teacher always talks about lines and- y’know.  Making things dynamic.”

“That's cool,” Ted says happily, shifting to drop one of his knees, letting his hand rest neutrally on his thigh.  Bill looks at his cock for just a second before pulling his eyes away, feeling weird and squirmy and a little bogus, chastising himself for checking out his friend.  

“Okay, I’m gonna,” Bill trails off, raising his sketchbook and pencil, and Ted nods happily.

It takes Bill a couple of minutes to get into it, focusing on getting all the basic lines down first, trying not to think about how good Ted looks, how he fidgets a little as he sits on the amp, the curve of his belly and hip, the line of his shoulders, the slump of his soft cock and balls between his thighs.  It’s like when he’s in class, getting over his embarrassment at seeing random people naked to turn their bodies into lines and shadow on the page.  He’s not the best artist, but after a couple moments, he feels like he has the lines of Ted’s body down well enough.  He would be surprised at how easily it seems to come to him, but he has spent most of his life seeing Ted grow and change, watching him turn from skinny kid to lanky teenager to the most unrivaled man sitting in front of him.

Ted’s face is turned down, hair hanging in his eyes, so he doesn’t see how Bill lets himself look for a moment, eyes dragging over Ted’s body before translating what he’s seeing to the page.  He’s never really thought about it, but drawing makes him notice things even more than if he was just looking, forcing himself to focus and translate things with his pencil.  

Ted doesn’t have visibly defined muscles in his chest, but you can still see the shadow of his collarbones, and the way his skin folds at his armpits highlights his soft pecs.  His nipples are darker than Bill’s, peaked because of his nakedness even though the room is pretty warm, and the scar on his stomach is even more apparent without anything to distract from it, belly moving with his even breaths.  

Ted’s legs are another source of lines and dark places, long and shapely even though he’s never run a day in his life.  His calves lead to surprisingly thin ankles, and Bill has to focus on getting the nob of the bone down correctly to not be distracted by the idea of taking them in hand to pull Ted’s legs apart, wishing he could crawl between them.  Those sorts of fantasies are for when he’s in the shower, alone, and not with the object of his desire sitting in front of him.

“Bill?” Ted asks softly, breaking Bill out of his stupor.

“Yeah?  What’s up, dude?” 

“Can I move for a second?” Ted asks, but doesn’t shift, even though Bill can see how tightly he’s holding himself to keep from bouncing a leg or flipping his hair.

“Oh, yeah, of course, dude,” Bill says quickly, and Ted breathes out a sigh, tossing his head to get his hair out of his face and stretching his arms above his head.  Bill looks away from the lean line of his body.  “Feels okay?”

“Yeah, I just keep wanting to move,” Ted laughs, curling forward.  “Can I see?”

“Not yet,” Bill giggles, and hopes his attraction isn’t apparent in the lines on the page.  “Want a soda?”

“Maybe after,” Ted says, and shifts back into an approximation of the pose.  “I just wanted to move a little, I’m okay.”

“Cool,” Bill says, and let's Ted settle back into position.  There’s a couple things off when he looks down at his paper, so he gestures vaguely.  “Can you angle your hips more?”

“Like this?” Ted says, and moves in the wrong direction.  Bill laughs, and puts his stuff down.  

“Can I, dude?”  He asks and holds his hands out.  Ted nods, and Bill goes onto his knees in front of him, angling Ted’s shoulders a bit more before gently taking his hips in hand and turning him, and then finally hooks his fingers behind Ted’s knee to move his leg inward slightly.  He looks up at Ted’s face to smile at him, and finds Ted looking down at him steadily, biting his lip, cheeks pink.  Bill suddenly realizes what he’s doing, where he’s sitting, how close Ted is to him, how naked he is, and feels his cheeks go hot all the way to his ears, stumbling to his feet to sit back down heavily.  “Uh, all set?”

Ted makes a mmhm, staying still, and Bill tries to refocus on drawing.  He does a bit more on Ted’s feet, and then moves up to shade the shape of his hair, and then all that’s left is his cock.

He wants to just leave it as a soft shape, a scribble for Ted’s bush finishing it off, but compared to the rest of the drawing, such lack of detail would be even more obvious than spending time on it.  Bill forces himself to draw the shape of him, tracing where the head peeks out of the foreskin, the soft roundness of his sack, and doesn’t think about how perfect Ted looks, how his cock seems to fit his body, how different it looks from his own, uncut and bigger and framed by black hair.  Unbidden, he wonders what Ted would look like hard, how red he would get, how hot he would be in Bill’s hand, in his mouth- Bill crosses his legs and furrows his brow, leaning over his sketchbook closely as he moves on to shade the dip of Ted’s belly button.  Creepazoid, Bill thinks.  Most heinous.

“Done, I think,” he murmurs to himself after another minute, and Ted makes a tiny happy noise, shifting slightly.  “You can move, dude, thanks.”

“Do you only need one?” Ted asks, shifting so he’s sitting more comfortably, looking much more at ease than he did at the start, leaning back on his hands.  Keeping his eyes on Ted’s face is the most momentous task Bill’s ever had to undertake.

“Yeah, just one detailed one, since we’ve been doing faster stuff in class,” Bill says, looking down at his drawing.  It’s actually- he likes it.

“Can I see now?” Ted asks, after he’s stood to pull on his briefs again, and Bill nods, standing to bring him the sketchbook.  Ted finishes tugging his shirt back on and takes the book eagerly, eyes widening as they dart over the page.  “Whoa, Bill, this is most outstanding!”

“Yeah?” Bill asks, and Ted nods so hard his hair flies around his face.  “I- I like it.”

“You’re most talented, dude,” Ted says, like it's a fact, and looks at the page one more time.  Bill wonders what he’s seeing- did he draw Ted the way that he sees himself?  Did he linger on one spot too long, or another too little?  Ted traces the line of his torso gently, from his nipple down to his thigh.  “I like seeing how you see me.”

Bill feels hot all over, shrugging and shoving his hands into his pockets, but he can’t stop looking at Ted.  “It’s not perfect.”

“Yeah it is,” Ted says, grinning at Bill.  “I like when you draw me.  Makes me feel like I’m, y’know.  A part of it.”

“You are, dude,” Bill says, eyebrows furrowing, and Ted shrugs as he hands back the sketchbook.  “You helped me with my paper the other day, too.”

Ted sits on the couch to tug his soft pants back on, looking down intently as he does up the tie at his waist.  If Bill didn't know better, he’d think Ted was just focusing on getting dressed and not avoiding his eye.  “Yeah, I guess.”

“Ted,” Bill says softly, sitting on the couch.  He’s closer than he normally sits, but it works- Ted looks up at him from under his bangs.  Bill looks at him a moment, feeling strangely tender, like he and Ted have passed another weird milestone in their friendship.  “You know that I think college is bogus, right?”

Ted shrugs, sighing, and plays with the hem on his shirt.  “It seems pretty cool.”

“It is cool, but it’s also most heinous, sometimes,” Bills says.  He takes a deep breath before continuing.  “I wish you could be there with me, dude.”


“Yeah,” Bill agrees, nudging his knuckles against Ted’s leg.  “Whenever I’m in class, I always wish you were there, so that we could laugh about some weird old dude’s art, or how that model Greg always walks around naked and never uses a robe.”

Most odious,” Ted giggles, and Bill grins.

“One day, you’re gonna go too, if you wanna.  And then I’m gonna be the one stuck at home, posing naked for your art homework.”

Ted laughs again, finally looking like he’s cheering up.  “I wouldn’t take art classes, dude, I suck at drawing.”

“Then you’re gonna go out and write music without me,” Bill says, and even though the thought makes his belly drop, it also makes him happy, to think of Ted learning new things, meeting new people.  Ted’s head shoots up, eyes wide.

“No way, dude!” He cries.  “I’d never write music without you.”

Bill shrugs, still smiling, and Ted knocks their shoulders together, fingers inching over to tug on Bill’s bracelets, playing with them.  Bill wishes, so desperately, that he could reach out and take Ted’s hand.

“Wanna practice?” Bill asks softly, and Ted nods, brushing his thumb over the back of Bill’s wrist.




They do a little critique in the next class, everyone hanging up their homework sketches on the wall.  Bill’s feels tiny next to some of his classmates who did their on big pads of paper, but he still can see the lines of Ted’s body and how beautiful he is, even surrounded by big works.  He’s still most pleased with it.

“You drew Ted?” His classmate asks him, sitting next to him on one of the wobbly stools.  Her name is Gracie, and she has a mohawk.  Bill thinks she’s most outstandingly cool.

“Yeah,” Bill says simply.  She knows Ted bc sometimes he picks Bill up after class in the van, but also because Bill talks about him all the time, telling her stories about how they wrote a most excellent song last night or Ted tripped over his shoelaces and almost ate it down the stairs this morning.  

“You can tell you love him, man,” she says, smiling at him.  “It’s really clear.”

“What?” Bill squeaks, eyes darting over to his piece, but before she can continue, the professor starts in on the first critique.

Bill’s a little nervous once they finally get to him, but his teacher seems to like it, along with his other classmates.  One girl even comments on how lucky he was to have a hot model, and Bill blushes all the way to the tips of his ears, shrugging.  

“If your partner is ever free, and feels comfortable, he’s always welcome to come in and model for the class,” His professor says with a smile, and Bill blinks for a second too long, because when he’s about to say he’s not my partner, he’s just my best friend, the professor’s already moved on to the next piece.

Does everyone in the class think that he and Ted are dating?  Bill crosses his arms and leans back in his seat, thinking.  Gracie does ask him and Ted to go out with her and her girlfriend a lot, even though they haven’t been able to find a time where all of them are free, with school and work and everything.  And then there was that dude who was checking out Ted at the pier the other day when they drove down to check out the record store, but when he saw Bill eyeing him he walked away.  

Oh, Bill thinks, tummy squirming.  Maybe people do think we’re dating.




“How’d it go, Bill?” Ted asks with a grin when Bill comes home, looking as sweet as can be.  Bill still feels a little tender from his professor’s words, but he can’t help but smile back.  What else is he supposed to do?

“Really good,” Bill says, flopping to the couch and leaning his portfolio to the side.  “Everyone liked it.  A couple people said you looked nice, too.  Babes, dude.”

“You drew it, dude,” Ted giggles, brushing off Bill’s words as he pops another chip in his mouth.  “You’re the reason they think that.”

Bill has to choke down the No way! and just thinks about how handsome Ted looks all the time, how it’s not just the way Bill drew him.  He didn’t even get close to doing Ted justice- there’s no way he could capture how beautiful Ted is on paper, even if he was the greatest artist in the world.

Bill gets up after a while to put his portfolio in the bedroom and change into his soft clothes, wanting to chill for the rest of the evening.  After he changes, he lays his portfolio on the bed to pull the drawing out again, laying his sketchbook out on the bed to look at it.  Even after being critiqued and complimented, he still feels like he sees something different from everyone else, maybe even different from what Ted sees... but at least Ted might get it, hopefully, someday.

Bill ends up hanging it up in his closet, carefully ripping it out of the book, the smooth curve of Ted’s belly and the soft slump of his cock being highlighted by his sweet turned in toes and the line of his shoulders.  He’s careful as he hangs it, pinning it on the wall of his side of the small closet, hidden behind the folds of his flannels.  It shouldn’t be hidden away like this, Bill thinks, but at least now it’s not tucked away in his portfolio.




“Dude, can I borrow one of your shirts?  Mine are all dirty!”  Ted calls from the bedroom, sounding muffled, like he’s already digging through the closet,

“Yeah, sure,” Bill calls back.  He’s sitting on the couch, the two of them done with their work, and homework, and everything else that’s a pressing concern.  It’s gotten a little chilly, the California winter having finally arrived, but they’re pros at layering up by now.  

It’s been a couple weeks since Bill had to draw Ted naked, and nothing seems to have changed.  Bill is still jerking off to the thought of his best friend, wishing that he could touch him and kiss him all over, but that’s no different from before- now he just has a mental image to go off of when he imagines getting on his knees to suck Ted off.

Ted’s been quiet for a minute, no more rustling coming from their bedroom, when Bill remembers- the drawing he hung up.

He jumps up and barrels his way into the bedroom, face hot, and finds Ted looking at the small drawing, hand holding Bill’s flannels out of the way.  It feels dirty, all of a sudden, in a way Bill didn’t really consider when he first hung it up, like it’s a sexy poster or a cut out from a porno mag.  Ted looks at him, eyes wide and cheeks pink.

“I’m sorry, dude,” Bill chokes out.  “I-”

“You hung it up?” Ted asks, voice small, and Bill shrugs, reaching up to scratch his eyebrow.

“I liked it,” Bill replies softly.  “But I felt weird just like, y’know.  I couldn’t hang it in the living room.”

“I guess,” Ted says, and looks back at the drawing.  “I really liked this one.”

“Yeah?” Bill asks, tummy squirming.  Just because Ted liked it, that doesn’t mean-

“I thought you made me look really good,” Ted says, shrugging and shifting on his feet in that nervous way he gets sometimes.  “It made me feel nice.”

“What?  Dude, you always look good,” Bill argues, coming over to stand next to Ted.  “What’re you talking about?”

“You think so?” Ted asks softly, peering over at Bill with a shy look, and Bill realizes what he just said.

“I mean-  I just,” Bill stutters out, rubbing the back of his neck.  “I just drew what I saw, Ted.”

“You see me like this?”

“I could never,” Bill starts softly, and shrugs again.  Too late to go back now.  “I couldn’t get you, y’know.  Perfectly.  You’re too...”

“Too what?” Ted asks, and Bill feels Ted’s fingertips touch his hand.

“You’re too much of a babe,” Bill admits, feeling like his face is on fire.  “I’m not that good of an artist.”

Ted’s silent for a second, but he inches the tips of his fingers across the back of Bill’s hand until he’s hooked them around Bill’s, squeezing gently.  “You think I’m a babe?”

Bill shrugs, swallowing thickly.  “Of course I do.”

“Me too, dude.”

“Huh?” Bill asks dumbly, looking up at Ted’s face.  He’s as pink as can be, biting his lip as he looks down at Bill.

“I think you’re a babe, too,” Ted says softly, and squeezes Bill’s hand again.


“Yeah.”  Ted looks so embarrassed, but Bill can’t do anything but stare at him, wondering if he’s dreaming.

“Like, you think- you think I’m hot?” Bill asks, and Ted giggles nervously.  A wide grin starts to spread across Bill’s face.

“Of course, dude,” Ted laughs, and Bill steps into Ted’s space, looking up at him.  Ted sobers, smile slipping into something tiny and sweet, looking so, so perfect.

“Can I kiss you?” Bill asks softly, and when Ted nods, Bill goes up on his tiptoes to press their lips together.

Ted ducks his head down to kiss Bill back, allowing Bill to drop back down onto his heels, focusing on the sliding of their lips and the gentle press, tummy flipping.  He feels like he’s going to shake out of his skin, squeezing Ted’s hand as he tilts his head to kiss him deeper, making a tiny noise in the back of his throat, unable to hold it back.  Ted responds with a little noise of his own, pressing closer, and opens his mouth a little to deepen the kiss.

Bill puts his free hand on Ted’s hip, squeezing and sliding around to his back, touching the little divots that he always used to look at.  He pushes his tongue against Ted’s, the sounds their mouths loud in their quiet bedroom, and Ted makes another gorgeous noise, his hand coming up to cup Bill’s neck, hot and a little sweaty, like he’s nervous.

Bill pulls back after a minute, breathing heavily, and looks up into Ted’s dazed face.  “Good?”

“So good,” Ted replies, almost like a moan, and lets go of Bill’s hand to wrap his arms around his neck, curling down to kiss Bill hard.

Bill groans, sliding his hands up Ted’s back to hold him close, kissing him back for all he’s worth.  He didn’t know what he expected to happen, but definitely not this, Ted willing and eager in his arms, kissing him hard and just a bit sloppy, sucking Bill’s bottom lip into his mouth like he can’t get enough.  Bill shivers in Ted’s arms, sighing happily, nose pressed tight to Ted’s cheek as their mouths move.

Ted,” Bill moans when they part again, and kisses his way over to Ted’s jaw.  The angle is off- he’s just a little too short to be able to reach, and he squeezes Ted in his arms, making him giggle.  “Can we lay down?”

“Yeah,” Ted sighs, and goes easily when Bill pushes him backwards, flopping on the bed when the back of his legs hit the mattress.  “C’mere, dude.”

Bill grins and crawls into Ted’s lap, pressing down over him, and moans against Ted’s flushed cheek when he slides his hands down Bill’s back to squeeze his hips.  His hands are so big.

Ted makes a sweet noise when Bill kisses over to his neck again, moaning breathily when Bill bites gently at his earlobe, and clutches tightly to Bill’s hips when he sucks sharply under his ear.  

“Wanna kiss you all over,” Bill breathes, punctuating his words with wet, sharp kisses down the line of Ted’s neck.  “Wanna touch you.”

“Yeah,” Ted moans, tilting his head back, hair fanning out on the blankets.  Bill doesn’t just want to touch him- he wants to trace all those shapes he saw while he drew him, follow the line of his arm and his belly and his hip, wants to kiss the curve of his tummy and find the divot where his butt meets his thigh, wants to thumb over his nipples and kiss the soft skin of his inner arm, his thigh, the inside of his knee.

Ted slides his hands firmly over Bill’s back, pulling his shirt up as he goes to touch Bill’s skin, and Bill shivers as he kisses back up to Ted’s mouth, catching his lips in another kiss.  It feels so good to have Ted under him, body firm and soft in equal parts, squirming and a little desperate as Bill kisses him, dragging his hands heavily down Ted’s sides.  His cock is half hard in his pants, and he can feel the way Ted is chubbed up, pressing against him when Bill rocks their hips together.

Ted gasps, sliding his hands to cup Bill’s ass, and pushes him down so that they rub together again, tilting his head back as he moans.  He looks so incredible, better than Bill could have ever imagined in any of his fantasies, wanton and open and gorgeous in pleasure.

“Can I-?” Bill tugs gently on the neck of Ted’s shirt, and Ted nods, squeezing Bill’s butt in his palms.  They both sit up a little to tug their shirts off, and when Bill leans back over to lay on him, he kisses down the line of Ted’s neck to his collarbone, finding the little hint of shadow that he had shaded with his pencil only a week ago.

Bill,” Ted sighs, sliding his hands across Bill’s back.  Bill makes a little noise in return, sucking at Ted’s skin, and kisses over to the knob of his shoulder before moving down to bite the curve of Ted’s bicep.  

Ted makes a startled noise, but then moans when Bill moves to suck his nipple, licking over him until it’s peaked in his mouth, bringing his other hand up to play with Ted’s chest, squeezing his pec and thumbing over his neglected nipple.  He is soft, so perfect, and the way he shivers as Bill plays with his tits makes Bill want to sit here all day, until Ted’s red and sensitive and shaking from it, but he can’t just stop here, now that Ted’s under him.

“I wanna suck you,” Bill says roughly, pressing a kiss to Ted’s sternum, squeezing Ted’s tits in his hands.  When he rests his chin on Ted’s chest to glance up at him, Ted’s looking at him desperately, mouth red and wet.  “Can I, dude?”

“Yeah,” Ted replies, voice saturated with arousal, and Bill presses his face to his chest as he squeezes him one last time before beginning to kiss his way down.  He traces the line of Ted’s scar with his tongue, wetly kissing the soft place of his tummy below his belly button, and tugs on Ted’s jeans to get them down enough to suck a love bite into the line of his hip.  Ted moans, hands carding through Bill’s hair; his cock is hard, pushing at the front of his pants, but Bill just slides his hands up to squeeze Ted’s waist, not wanting to stop touching him for even a second. 

“C’mon,” Bill finally murmurs, sitting up to undo his own pants, and watches Ted fumble with his button and zipper, panting.  Ted scoots up the bed as Bill kicks his jeans off, but Bill leaves his boxers to help Ted tug his pants off the rest of the way, immediately hooking his fingers in the elastic of his briefs, dragging his palms down the gorgeous long line of Ted’s legs until Ted is completely naked and reclining against the rumpled blankets.

Ted looks up at him, flushed and so beautiful, leaning up on his elbows as he watches Bill look at him.  His cock is even more excellent than Bill had imagined, hard and red and wet at the tip where it rests against the line of his groin, and Bill’s mouth floods, wanting to wrap his hand around him, wanting to lick over him and suck him until he comes.

“Bill,” Ted breathes, nudging his knee against Bill’s ribs.  Bill’s sitting to the side of him, having gotten all mixed up as they undressed, so he does what he wanted to do while drawing- he takes Ted’s thin ankle in hand and pulls up and out, spreading Ted’s legs so he can crawl between them.  Ted’s mouth drops open slightly, laying back on the bed, and Bill crawls up for just a moment to press a kiss to his mouth, wanting him so desperately it hurts.

“You’re so-” Bill rushes out, kissing Ted passionately.  Ted moans, wrapping his arms around Bill’s shoulders to hold him close, and Bill can feel the hot, hard line of his cock against his own through the thin cotton of his boxers.  “You’re so gorgeous, I wanna make you feel good.”

“Yeah,” Ted moans, pushing his hips up, and Bill groans before going up on his hands and knees to settle between Ted’s legs.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing, never having blown someone, never having this done to him, but he hopes his enthusiasm makes up for lack of experience.  He wraps his hand around Ted’s cock, stroking him from base to tip, getting used to the feeling, and feels a rush of arousal as Ted moans shakily, hips twitching, as Bill presses his face to the base of Ted’s cock.

Ted smells so good, hot and musky, and tastes like clean sweat and that same smell but more when Bill licks over the shaft, burning under his tongue.  Ted chokes on a moan above him, hands sliding over Bill’s shoulders, and then gasps as Bill licks up and over the head, catching the little salty drops of precum that had gathered before sucking him into his mouth.

Bill’s so caught up by having Ted in his mouth, the heat of him, the stretch of his mouth and focusing on keeping his teeth away, Ted’s noises- it’s so much to keep track of he feels like his brain is going to melt out of his ears, so hot.  He focuses on jerking his hand, tugging on Ted’s foreskin, and sucks gently on his cockhead, groaning softly when Ted moans above him, closing his eyes to concentrate.

He feels his own cock twitch between his legs, still pressing out against his boxers, but there’s no way he can touch himself now.  He thinks about how incredible Ted must look, spread out on the bed, at the mercy of Bill’s hands and mouth, shaking with pleasure, and wants to draw this too, wants to draw the long line of Ted’s torso and his hard cock, legs spread, nipples hard and sensitive.

Bill, nnh,” Ted moans, tugging gently on his ears and hair, and Bill moans, speeding up his hand and meeting it with his mouth as he bobs his head.  “I’m, oh, Bill!”

Bill sucks again, trying to tell Ted he wants him to come, trying to make him come, wanting to make him feel good, and shifts on his elbow so he can cup Ted’s balls in his hand, squeezing as he sucks again.  Ted makes a high noise, thighs shaking, his cock getting harder in Bill’s mouth and his hand- and then he’s coming, clutching at Bill’s shoulders as he moans.

Bill chokes a little but swallows, jerking Ted until he whines and pushes Bill away; he pulls off with a wet noise, mouth feeling rubbed raw, and a string of spit connecting his mouth and Ted’s cock until it breaks.  Ted’s belly is moving with his panting breaths, feet sliding on the blanket, and Bill presses his face to Ted’s tummy to press a kiss to his sweaty skin, reaching down to squeeze himself through his boxers.

“Bill, that was most triumphant,” Ted breathes, carding his hands through Bill’s hair.  Bill laughs out a little noise, sounding closer to a moan as he slips his hand in his boxers, and presses another kiss to Ted’s belly, starting to jerk himself off.  He’s so close

“You’re so gorgeous, Ted,” Bill moans, hand moving quickly, and Ted makes a little noise, gripping Bill’s shoulder.

“Wait, I wanna,” Ted says, curling up to tug on Bill’s arm.  “I wanna get you off.”

“I’m close, dude,” Bill moans, but still pulls his hand out, looking up at Ted as he pants.  “Wanna come.”

“C’mere,” Ted says, tugging Bill up so they’re laying next to each other, and helps Bill push his boxers down over his hips.  Ted doesn’t just settle at Bill’s side- he curls his arm around Bill’s neck to hold him close, throwing one of his thighs across Bill’s legs, and with Ted laying partially on him like this, he feels pinned beneath his body, even as Ted takes him in hand to jerk him quickly.

God, Ted, uhn.”  He’s close, so close, just from having Ted’s cock in his mouth and having him shivering under him, but the way Ted’s stroking him quickly is going to get him there even faster.  Bill moans again, clutching at Ted’s arm as he shakes, panting and squeezing his eyes shut as he feels the rush of arousal center on his groin, balls drawing up.  “Dude, dude, I’m gonna-”

“Wanna make you come,” Ted groans, and when he presses his mouth to Bill’s neck to suck hard under his jaw, Bill shivers and comes suddenly, moaning high in the back of his throat, held in place by Ted’s hands and body and mouth. 

Uhn, Ted-” Bill moans, hips twitching, and he makes another high noise when Ted strokes him one last time, hand wet with cum.  He doesn’t know if he’s ever come that hard.

They lay there for a moment, breathing, and Bill wraps his arms around Ted to hold him, hugging him tight.  Ted squeezes him back, pressing soft kisses to Bill’s neck, so sweet.

“Good?” Bill asks, and Ted pulls back to nod, pressing a kiss to Bill’s cheek, and his nose, and his mouth, lingering and tender.

“So good, dude,” Ted replies softly, kissing him again.

“You’re so gorgeous,” Bill says, petting his hand down Ted’s flank, over all the lines and shadows.  “My drawing didn’t do you justice.”

“Maybe you just have to draw me again,” Ted says, giggling, and Bill grins up at him before tugging him down for another kiss.