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Crazy for you.

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“and what do we have here?” taeyong tries to suppress a grin as he looks up. “o-oh officer suh, good evening,” he says in his most innocent voice, batting his eyes at the policeman. they’ve been at this game for a while, taeyong getting in trouble just so johnny can come and arrest him. be it theft, graffiti, vandalism.. anything that would require a thorough search. “no need to sweet talk me, taeyong. drop your spray cans and bend over the hood of the car, you know the drill.” that he knew indeed. he drops the cans, admiring his work of art one last time before walking over to johnny’s car. on his way there he makes sure to sway his hips. he bends over, spreads his legs and arches his back just that tad bit more than necessary. he knows it drives the officer crazy if his short intake of breath is any sign to go by.

he doesn’t have to wait long for the older to come stand over him, pulling his arms back and handcuffing him. “i’m going to have to pat you down now, you know your rights,” he says to him and a shiver runs down taeyong’s body. they’re so close taeyong can feel the heat radiating off his skin. “hmh do i, sir?”, taeyong teases as he looks over his shoulder, his eyes boring into Johnny’s. the older keeps the eye contact as he starts patting taeyong down. “don’t play dumb now, we’ve been in this situation more than enough times.” taeyong bites his lip as johnny touches his hips. he’s always been more sensitive around his waist.

“perhaps if you did something differently, we wouldn’t have to be,” he says through gritted teeth as johnny’s touch lingers on the swell off his ass. “are you trying to seduce an officer, taeyong? you do know you could get actual jail time for that, right?” taeyong scoffs at that. “don’t pretend that you wouldn’t fuck me right here, right now, officer.” johnny chokes up, his hands coming to a halt at the back of his thighs. he regains composure quite quickly, continuing with his search. “i wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.”

taeyong decides it’s time to up his game then and he pushes his ass back right as johnny stands up again. the effect is immediate, as soon as he comes in contact with johnny’s groin, the older growls and takes a hold of his hips again. “you’re playing a dangerous game, taeyong.” taeyong giggles and pushes into his touch. “a game you desperately want to participate in, just give in sir, i know you want to,” he says as he licks his lips. he knows he has johnny in his pocket when the officer groans and tightens his grip.

“are you such a cockslut, taeyong? do you want to be fucked so badly that you whore yourself out to the first person you see?” taeyong gulps. he didn’t expect that, at all. he can only reply with a whimper, which seems to rile johnny up even more. “answer me,” he says through gritted teeth, his body covering taeyong’s. “y-yes sir, need your cock,” he answers. he can’t help but let a moan escape as johnny starts nibbling on his neck. “how bad do you want it?” he whispers against his neck, leaving a trail of marks along it. “i want you to beg for it, like the pathetic whore you are.” taeyong whimpers again, his dick hardening in his jeans.

“please sir, i need you so bad, been wanting you for so long.” johnny hums at that, his hands trailing to taeyong’s front. “yeah? tell me what you want and i might give it to you.” he accentuates his words by grinding against taeyong’s ass, making the younger go insane. he can feel his bulge and how hard it is. the only thing he can think about is that he wants johnny’s cock inside of him. “wanna suck you off,” he moans erratically. before he knows it, johnny is grabbing him by his arms and pulling him off the car.

he pushes him down rather roughly, his knees getting scraped by the pavement. he winces in pain, making johnny chuckle. “you’re all talk but no bite, taeyong.” the officer tilts taeyong’s head up, looking in those pretty eyes of his. taeyong goes willingly, staring up at him with want in his eyes. “open up.” taeyong obeys and opens his mouth before johnny pushes his fingers in. he slowly moves his tongue around them, making sure to use enough spit. whilst sucking on the other male’s fingers, he gets the urge to touch himself but the handcuffs restrict him from doing so. he whines in response and looks up at johnny with pleading eyes. the other merely chuckles. “you really think this is about you, slut? i’m going to get what i want and you’re just going to take it.” taeyong gulps around his fingers while his eyes widen. he didn’t expect the officer to be this dominant, but he can’t deny that it got him even harder.

johnny pulls his fingers out of taeyong’s mouth, smirking at how helpless the younger looks. all he wants is to devour the little minx. he unbuckles his belt and slides his pants down just enough to free his cock. this gets him a moan from taeyong, who looks at it with pure lust. “well? what are you waiting for?” johnny pushes his head closer to his groin, ordering taeyong to suck him off. taeyong grins as he nuzzles johnny’s cock. “so big..” he murmurs as he gives the tip kitten licks. taeyong had dreamt of this for a while now and god his dreams didn’t disappoint. johnny was packing. not only in length but also in girth. he places light kisses along the shaft, looking up at johnny teasingly. he wants to rile the other up, wants him to snap and fuck him stupid.

“you can do better than that. i’ve heard about what you can do. you’re made for taking cock.” the words make taeyong whimper and he finally takes johnny’s cock into his mouth. he bobs his head slowly first, making sure to use his tongue as well. johnny seems to be the person to like it sloppy anyway. as he circles the tip with his tongue, johnny lets out a deep groan, spurring taeyong on even further. he picks up his pace, bobbing his head feverishly. johnny throws his head back, his hands finding place in taeyong’s hair. without thinking about it, he grips some of the strands and pushes taeyong further on his cock. the younger gags, not having expected the sudden intrusion. he recovers quickly though, taking johnny in his throat. he looks up at the officer again, batting his eyelashes at him. johnny gets the hint, grinning at taeyong. “want me to throat fuck you, pup? hmh? is that what you want?” taeyong moans as he nods, slacking his jaw as to give him some more permission.

johnny moves his hips in earnest then, fucking in and out of taeyong’s hot cavern. taeyong can’t do anything but take it and try not to gag too much. spit is dribbling down his chin and he can’t help but moan around johnny’s dick. “you’re so fucking hot,” johnny groans, his thrusts getting rougher. “fuck i’m close.” taeyong’s eyes widen at that and he desperately tries to free himself. he’s not going to leave here without getting fucked and by the looks of it, johnny isn’t young enough to have a good refractory period. johnny get the hint but instead of stopping, he just laughs and pistons his hips faster. “don’t worry, you’re gonna get fucked. now fucking take it.” taeyong goes lacks then, tears forming in his eyes. no one has ever talked to him like that, he’s used to taking the lead. he can’t deny that this gets him harder than he’s ever been though. his throat hurts and he just wants to get fucked in this car. johnny’s thrusts start to get more erratically, a warning sign for taeyong. the older male moans one more time before coming down taeyong’s throat, forcing the younger to swallow it all. johnny pulls out, wiping his cock on taeyong’s cheek. “i don’t want a single drip wasted. swallow it, kitten.” taeyong just nods as he swallows johnny’s load, licking his lips for good measure.

“fuck, you’re insane. such a good cockslut, who would’ve thought?” johnny pulls him up then, pulling him in a kiss. it’s filthy from the start, his tongue exploring taeyong’s mouth. taeyong tries to kiss back but he struggles to do so with how dominant johnny is. the older kisses him as if he was dying to devour him. taeyong moans into it, trying to push closer towards johnny’s body. the older grins against his lips, his hand suddenly cupping taeyong’s bulge. “you’re so hard, it’s quite pathetic,” johnny whispers as he pulls back from the kiss. “please sir, i need it,” he breathes out against johnny’s lips. the older just chuckles before taking his arm and pulling him towards the backseat of the car. he opens the door and bends taeyong over the seat. it’s so hot that taeyong sees stars. all he wants is that big cock inside of him.

he doesn’t have to wait long. johnny pulls his pants down in one quick motion, looking at his ass with pure want. “god if we had more time i would devour that ass of yours, kitten,” johnny groans, his palm coming down on taeyong’s butt rather harshly. the younger moans due to the pain, looking back at johnny through lidded eyes. “maybe you should take me home sometime,” he whispers. this delivers him another slap that shuts him up. he moans again, louder this time. johnny pulls his upper body towards him, holding him by his throat. “don’t make me gag you, you filthy cockwhore. we’re still in a public space. i can’t have you moaning for everyone to hear,” he grunts into taeyong’s ear, effectively shutting him up. he nods in approval, making johnny click his tongue. “words.” taeyong swallows down his pride as he answers him: “yes sir.” johnny releases his grip on taeyong, pushing him down again.

he brings his attention back to his ass, pulling his cheeks apart. what he finds there surprises him. it makes him hard again in no time. “really? how many times have you had this inside of you whilst committing crimes huh? how many times have you hoped that i would fuck you?” johnny pulls on the heart shaped plug as to accentuate his words, another moan escaping taeyong’s lips. “e-every time, sir. i’ve wanted it every time.” johnny groans at that, lust spreading throughout his body. “oh you’re so naughty. do you even know how old i am, taeyong? do you even know if i have a family or not? you’re so desperate for my cock but you don’t even know me,” johnny says as he pulls the plug out slightly, only to push it back in with force. taeyong’s mind is too hazy to answer, he can’t produce a single word. all he can think about is johnny’s cock. another slap to his ass. “answer me.” johnny sounds stern and it only makes taeyong hornier. “d-don’t know. don’t care. please just fuck me, sir.” he knows he sounds desperate but at this point he’d do anything for the officer to fuck him.

johnny just chuckles, not stopping with playing with the toy. “hmh i’m not sure if you deserve it yet. maybe i should just leave you like this, let any passerby enjoy your body huh?” taeyong whimpers, the thought of anyone seeing him like this making his legs turn into jelly. he’s positive that he’s leaking, staining the seats. “but no, you’re all mine. and i’m going to fuck you so good, little cock sleeve.” he finally takes the plug out, trying not to think about the size of it. johnny mewls, his hole feeling too empty now that nothing is filling it. he feels it fluttering around nothing, begging for johnny to fuck him. and johnny listens to it. he inserts two fingers inside of his hole, making sure he was stretched out enough. the sudden intrusion makes taeyong gasp and he pushes his ass back against johnny’s fingers. he wants it so bad, he can feel it in his veins. “a-ah sir please. i’m already so loose for you, please just fuck me.” taeyong sounds like a fucking whore. he secretly loves it. “now where would be the fun in that, huh?” johnny says menacingly, searching around for that one spot deep inside of taeyong.

when the younger arches his back with a broken moan, johnny knows he’s found it. johnny smirks and starts massaging his prostate. johnny swears taeyong keens at that and it only spurs him on. he slowly adds another finger, fucking in and out of taeyong whilst hitting his prorate every time. taeyong trashes around, his moans getting louder with every thrust. johnny slaps his ass again, a red mark already forming. “i said shut it, whore.” he loosens his tie, stuffing it in taeyong’s mouth. the younger wants to take it out but yet again, the handcuffs restrict him. he whines, struggling against his restraints. johnny just laughs and continues fucking into him. “you’re so pathetic, taeyong.” he whimpers again, his thoughts going insane. he can’t think straight, pleasure taking over.

once johnny deems taeyong loose enough, he pulls his fingers out. he spits in his hand, lubing up his cock. “if it hurts too much, sign with your hands. i don’t have lube on me.” taeyong merely acknowledges johnny’s words, mind too hazy. johnny slaps his ass one last time before prodding his dick at taeyong’s rim. the younger moans as he feels the head pushing against his hole, so close to what he wants. “please,” he mumbles around the makeshift gag, pushing his ass back against johnny’s cock. “don’t be so impatient. you get what i give you and nothing more than that, understood?” taeyong gulps at his tone and nods. johnny is driving him insane with his words, he’s never had someone so dominant. he’s sure he’s never going to be satiated after this. johnny take his sweet time with it and taeyong is starting to get impatient. he whines again, hoping it will lure the officer in.

johnny gets the hint and decides that he has teased his little kitten enough. he slowly pushes in, taking his time with bottoming out. he might look like he fucks rough, but he always makes sure his bottoms fully accustom to his size. he doesn’t like to boast but he knows he’s big. this only makes taeyong go crazier. he’s been waiting so long for him to fuck him, has been purposely getting into trouble for it. “please, fuck me.” his words are still muffled and he’s not entirely sure if johnny even understands him. it seems so though, because soon enough johnny bottoms out, making both of them moan out in pleasure. he’s so big, taeyong is sure he can feel his bulge on his stomach. “you’re so fucking tight, slut,” johnny groans, slowly building up a rhythm. he can’t deny that he’s been wanting this too, taeyong having seduced him a long time ago. “h-harder.” johnny groans at that, taking a hold of taeyong’s hips and pistoning in and out of him with force. his tight little hole is making him see stars and the only thing he can think about is how he wants to destroy his little slut.

his grip tightens, taeyong wincing in pain. he’s sure that it will leave marks in the morning but he doesn’t really care. he wants taeyong to remember this moment. he brushes along taeyong’s prostate and the younger screams, quivering in his hold. “s-sir please. harder, need you. you’re so big. f-feel so full.” taeyong is a mess, his words barely coherent to johnny. but he gets the gist of it. he fucks him in earnest then, taking a hold of his shoulders as leverage. “oh i’ll fuck you, little slut, don’t you worry about that,’ johnny grunts in his ear, his pace picking up even more. he feels the younger tightening around him, a moan escaping his own lips. this little minx is driving him insane.

“fuck, taeyong,” johnny breathes out, his teeth finding a place on his neck. taeyong screams, the tie falling out of his mouth. “feels so good, fuck, please don’t stop, please sir.” taeyong feels johnny’s hand going down his front. he flicks one nipple, taeyong mewling at the sensation. “ah, sensitive nipples huh?” johnny says with a smirk. he continues to play with them whilst fukcing taeyong and the younger swears he can see stars. he’s so close to the edge, surprised that’s he’s going to be able to cum untouched. “i’m close, so close sir.” johnny flicks his nipple one last time before making his way down to taeyong’s untouched dick. “you don’t cum until i say so, understood?” taeyong nods, he can’t form words anymore. johnny is cruel to him, all he wants to do is cum and pass out.

as soon as johnny starts stroking taeyong in sync with his thrusts, the younger can’t hold it anymore. he screams and moans in johnny’s arms, completely falling apart. he’s never felt this good before. johnny is fucking him so hard that he’s sure he won’t be able to walk after this. “p-please, i can’t do this anymore.” the tears are flowing down now, making his vision blurry. he feels like a whore, getting fucked on the backseat of some police patrol car by an officer that’s surely way older than him. he also never wants this feeling to stop. “you can and will. i’m not done with you.” johnny adjusts himself then, one foot on the edge of the car. this new position allows him to fuck into taeyong much deeper, his prostate getting hit every time he pushes his cock in. taeyong sees starts then, his head hanging low as johnny uses his body for his own pleasure. he’s not sure if he’s fully conscious or not, but he doesn’t care much. the only thing he can focus on is the pleasure he’s feeling.

he knows johnny is close when his hips start faltering. he bites his lip and starts pushing back on his cock, as to help him reach his orgasm. “i want us to come together, yeah? you ready, pup?” taeyong nods, whimpering pathetically. all he can focus on is the feeling of johnny sliding in and out of him. “you’re doing so good baby, such a good boy for me.” taeyong keens at the words, working his ass the best he can. all he wants to do is please johnny, make him feel the same pleasure as he is feeling. he feels hot all over, sweat trickling down his back. “please sir, can’t hold it any longer,” he whimpers again, hoping johnny gets the hit. “yes, yes i know. just hold on a little longer, i’m almost there.” after every word, he gives him a hard thrust, pounding into him harshly. they both can’t believe that they haven’t been caught yet, but they don’t really mind either.

taeyong cries out at a particularly hard. thrusts, his back arching even further. “johnny!” he screams out as johnny starts stroking him again. it sends an electrifying feeling down his spine, to hear taeyong moan his name like that. taeyong tightens around him again and that’s when he sees white. “cum for me, my cockwhore.” he doesn’t need to say it twice, as soon as the words are out taeyong comes, hard. they moan in unison, johnny filling taeyong to the brim. white hot stripes blur taeyong’s vision as he dirties the backseat. he helps johnny through his orgasm, but soon he gets overstimulated. he whimpers in pain and johnny gets the hint, stilling his hips before slumping over taeyong’s body. they both take their time catching their breaths, johnny’s head resting against taeyong’s shoulders.

as soon as they’ve calmed down, johnny uncuffs taeyong so that the younger can pull his pants back up. they soon stand in front of each other, fully clothed again, the only evidence of their time together smudged along the backseat. “you’re so fucking hot,” taeyong whispers befor he pulls johnny in for one last kiss. he knows the officer is still going to want to arrest him, so he soon breaks the kiss and smirks up at him. “until next time, officer suh.” johnny chuckles at that, taking a hold of taeyong’s wrist. “you can stop the crimes now, bubs. i’ll fuck you whenever you want.” taeyong smiles at that, pecking his cheek one more time. “we’ll see about that.”

before johnny is well aware, taeyong has already picked up his bag with spray cans, planning to take off. “oh and taeyong? i’m thirty three, not married...yet.” taeyong falters in his step, but doesn’t look back. johnny knows he’s heard him but that’s a conversation for later.