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no pretending, this is me

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It wasn’t like he expected it to happen. Or maybe he did, in a way, but not this way.

Fundy was just nice and persuasive and again: nice. And it’s not like he’ll be the first person to see Dream’s “face”. His best friends had seen it before. They know. He's pretty sure Ranboo has also seen it completely by accident that one time.

They’ve just come from one of their dates, and are now at their favourite hang-out by the cliff, overlooking the whole town. His boyfriend is sitting at the hood of his car, and Dream’s in between his legs, and really if this was a romance movie this should be the part where they’re already making out.


“I bet you’re really handsome though.” Fundy’s running his finger on his mask, and Dream tenses up.

If only, Dream wryly thinks.

Fundy leans up towards him, touches his forehead - the forehead part of the mask, at least - with his own. “Hey, I love you, okay? I won’t just run away because you showed me what’s under the mask.”

And that’s the thing. He knows that. Fundy just might be one of the most accepting people he’s ever met and Dream’s terrified that as accepting as Fundy is, he might not like what he might see with Dream at all. It took some time for his own friends to adjust to it, after all. He has no face. All he has, in place of a face, is a dark void that apparently made everyone see some horrifying vision whenever they looked at it directly.

“Please?” And he’s looking at him imploringly, amber eyes wide and beseeching. Right. Puppy eyes from his fox boyfriend.

Dream pulls away a bit. “That’s foul, Fundy.”

Fundy only laughs, throws his head back. His tail flicking behind him in amusement. They’ve only been on a few handful of dates but he’s quickly found out one of Dream’s weaknesses: act cute, be pitiful, and he’s bound to say yes to anything you say.

Fundy looks at him with those eyes again.

They hold a staring contest, which Dream - despite wearing a mask - very easily loses. He huffs. “Okay, I agree.”

Fundy makes a small excited noise, wiggling a bit, tail beating rapidly behind him. 

“I’m taking my mask off. If we’re going to actually go steady, I owe you this much, at least.”

Fundy grins, and taps the centre of his mask. “I knew you’d see my way eventually.” He looks calm, but Dream can see how his tail has stopped its leisure swaying and is stock still. He’s still excited, but this time, alert.

Dream doesn’t reply, just reaches behind him to undo the clasp, but pauses. “Promise me you won’t look directly at it?”

At that, Fundy frowns, confused, but gives a nod anyway. The fox looks downwards, and even closes his eyes.

He takes off his mask, revealing his void. “Okay, you can look now.”

At first, Fundy simply glances up. His eyes widen, and then he’s fully looking up.

“Fundy no! I said don’t look directly at it!” Dream’s panicking, and he tries putting the mask back but Fundy’s holding on to both his wrists.

“Fundy, please…”

But the fox only stares at him wide eyed, his grip on his wrist tightening further.


Dream thinks of Sapnap’s absolute fear in seeing his void for the first time. And George’s. And Ranboo’s. He thinks of his adoptive mom apologetically insisting that he wear the mask. Looking directly at his void has repeatedly made people have visions - terrifying ones. Had Fundy -

“You’re fascinating.” Fundy’s voice yanks him out of his thoughts.


Fundy’s expression is that of awe. He lets go of Dream’s wrists and with one hand, takes the mask, and with the other runs his thumb on Dream’s neck.

“This is incredible. You are incredible. You are amazing!” He’s all perked up, his tail behind him moving real quick. “I’m so lucky to have you as my boyfriend!” Fundy pulls him in and hugs him.

Dream doesn’t even hug back, he’s too shocked to do so. Too shocked to say a word, even.

Fundy pulls away from the hug, but he’s cupping Dream’s jaw. “I know I said I thought you’re handsome but this is better. Also, incredibly cooler.”

Dream can feel both his ears and the back of his neck heating up. Fundy might have noticed, because he laughs. “You’re blushing!”

He just smiles at Dream who’s really, more or less, melting at his gaze, before Fundy tenses again, pushing him away and then sliding off the hood.

“Fundy?” he worriedly calls out for his boyfriend, who heads and enters the car.

“Dream, have you seen my phone?”


He hears the glove compartment being opened and closed, just Fundy looking through every nook and cranny of the car. “Oh! Here it is!”

Before he can even process what’s happening, Fundy’s back in front of him, and is pulling him in. “Wait what are you -”

Fundy snaps them some photos - photos, of the two of them, together, mask off. Fundy smiles at him. “I can finally have us as my lock scree- no, wait.” He hands him back his mask. “Wear it?”

“Okay…?” Dream replies, confused, as he does what Fundy’s told him.

Fundy easily takes another couple more photos. After that he went silent, focused on his phone.

Dream stares. Thoughts running too quickly on his mind: Why is Fundy not scared, why was he not affected by the void, why was he not reacting the way the others would?

“See!” Fundy shows him his phone. The lock screen is one of the photos taken just now, one where he’s already wearing the mask. His boyfriend unlocks the phone and the wallpaper is another of those photos, but this time, it’s him without the mask, his void in full display. “Isn’t it cute?”

He looks at Fundy, smiling widely up at him, seemingly pleased and satisfied with his work. He’s eagerly waiting for his answer “Yes.” Dream manages to nod. You’re cute, is what he doesn’t say.