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Can I Have a Moment of Your Time?

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Kara descended onto the balcony of Lena’s office. Half of the lights were out and Lena was nowhere in sight. Kara sighed with her hands on her hips, already knowing where the brunette could be. She scanned the building with her x-ray vision and found a trace of what she had expected to be Lena a couple of floors down. Again? Lena had been working herself to the bone on a trial and error experiment she had been running. Her determination kept her away from home and Supergirl was worried that she wasn’t taking care of herself, so she began bringing her food and dragging her off for a walk to get her out of the lab and office. Lena would tell her that she would be home at a decent hour but Kara had known better. Although the blonde didn’t mind Lena’s impressive drive, she had been missing the days when she had Lena all to herself. Recently, it was in a more ravenous sense. Lena had been at it for two weeks now and Kara could stand to be by herself but she had been itching to feel her lover’s skin and the feel of long fingers probing inside of her. Kara’s arousal brought her chills and she shook them off to begin her journey to find her girlfriend.

When Kara reached the door she hesitated momentarily. She always did this. She was always worried that she was imposing on Lena’s space and otherwise tried to talk herself out of it but the dark haired woman had barely been getting enough sleep. Coming home to a sleeping Kara and leaving before she even woke up. Sure, they had exchanged messages and calls during the day but she missed having Lena around for even the smallest of things. She felt clingy and embarrassed by her own needs and wants, but she had missed her. Kara gave a proper knock before entering with her own keycard. Lena was holding an erlenmeyer flask in one hand as she spoke aloud.

“Isotope 454, trial three of experiment K--” Lena stopped to look over her shoulder before continuing. “Room temperature 23.3 degrees celsius, a minor difference from the last trial at 24.4 degrees celsius. Solution is in liquid form, red in hue with luminescence prior to heating.” Lena sat the flask down onto the lab table, writing something down in a notebook. Kara quietly and carefully walked over with her hands clutched behind her back. Lena reached over and pressed pause on the recorder.

“Different lab than the last. Are you going to keep hopping around in hopes I don’t find you?” Kara walked to the other side of the table to see the layout. “Actually, how many labs do you have?” Kara admired the chemiluminescence of the flask and waste beaker.

“I suppose it’s of no use to keep changing rooms considering you’ll always find me.” Lena huffed. “Do you mind?” Lena gestured towards the recorder.

“No, not at all. Continue with your experiment.” Supergirl proceeded to walk around the lab, reading the labels of chemicals stuffed into large cabinets and Lena began recording again.

“Isotope 454 displays a drastic difference when exposed to heat,” Lena looked over to Kara, knowing the difference in the chemical’s change was due to her, explicitly. “The luminescence of the chemical depreciates before reducing in volume and continues to reduce down to a gaseous and solidified state, vermilion in hue.” Lena adjusted the knob of the bunsen burner for the desired flame, centering it on the ring stand. “As in previous trials, 250 milliliters of chemical will be used to ascertain boiling point.” Lena looked at her watch and lifted the flask to secure it to the clamp on the ring stand so that the thermometer was in the proper position to accurately measure the change. “Starting interrupted heating period at 11:56 PM. Note that contamination, interference, and change in room temperature is projected to affect final reading.” Lena paused the recording again and Kara turned at the click of the recorder.

“I’m sorry for interrupting.” Supergirl made her way back to the lab table. Lena closed her eyes and hung her head. “Okay,” she admitted with a pout, shrugging her shoulders. “Not that sorry.” The brunette lifted her head to give her a knowing eyebrow raise and small smile.

“Despite your repeated and unexpected visitations, the experiments are going quite well.” Lena kept her eyes drifting between the solution and Kara.

“I could heat that up for you, you know.” The reporter said playfully. She came around the table as Lena turned the recording device on again.

“There is a visible decrease in volume starting at 33.7 degrees celsius, time 12:05 AM. The prediction stated in the beginning of the trial is showing true to form with the issues noted before, more enhanced because of an otherwise great change in room temperature.” Lena’s eyes didn’t fall from the flask, writing down notes without looking at the notepad.

“What would it take to get you home and into bed?” Kara tried to encourage. Lena didn’t move, eyes trained and her writing hand posed at the ready. Kara rubbed at her chin and tried to think of a more elaborate way to convince her partner to join her without taking too much of her attention. Mmm. Lena was already enticing enough to get her mind reeling but seeing her in her craft was especially sexy. There was something about her passion and attentiveness with her work that turned her on. Kara reached along Lena’s body to clasp her hands around Lena’s hip.

“I’ve missed you.” Kara whispered in an inadvertently sultry way. Still keeping tabs on the flask, Lena rubbed her cheek along her shoulder in order to create a diversion from the huskiness of her lover’s voice. Kara took advantage of the stretch of skin by peppering kisses at the base of her neck. Lena fought the impulse to close her eyes and relax into strong arms. Kara embraced her girlfriend in a more firm hold and Lena tried and failed to subdue the distracting stimulation.

“Solution has risen in temperature much faster and is becoming gaseous.” Lena looked up to the vents. “Enable chemical exhaust vents.” The voice activated servicing vents started with a whir, a vacuuming sound came into hearing and Kara backed away. “Don’t worry, darling. I’m being careful.” She put her free hand on Kara’s and wrote down the effects in her lab report with the other.

“I couldn’t help but hear how hot things get when I’m around. Do you feel it?” Kara said below a whisper in her ear. Lena bit her lip. “Think you can handle it?” Kara slipped her hand into her lab coat, running up to purposefully graze the underside of her breast only to continue downwards to her thigh, wrapping her fingers around her inner thigh and grasping there to assert her frail dominance. Heat crept up Lena’s neck and her heartbeat increased.

“Don’t forget who’s in charge.” Lena suggested insidiously and Supergirl sucked in a sharp breath as filthy memories played in her mind. The sound of her heartbeat drew the blonde’s vision to her pulse point and she had to resist the urge to sink her teeth into the sensitive skin there.

“Is punishment warranted?” She asked, placing openmouthed, featherlight kisses on the exposed skin she could access. God, I hope it is.

“If you have to ask, you already know the answer.” Kara smiled into her skin, her fingers drawing circles dangerously close to Lena’s core. Lena shifted her weight onto her other foot and bent down slightly to read the temperature.

“Temperature is nearly at its endpoint.”

“Do you want to know what I’ve been thinking about all day?” Kara said in a voice full of lust while nibbling at her ear lobe. She shuddered, eyes closing in bliss of the feeling of careful fingers excruciatingly close to her aching cunt.

“What’s that?” Lena closed her eyes when the blonde finally bit down.

“You and me,” Kara bit a little harder at the muscle in her neck. “In bed. You taking me from behind and your mouth and tongue on all the places I want you to mark me.” The dark haired woman hissed at a particularly hard bite and it emboldened Supergirl. “Do you know how wet I am for you?” She breathed out a sigh from the slight disorientation, trying to regain herself when Kara cupped her sex. That was it. Lena’s concentration broke and she dropped the pen in favor of grabbing the back of Kara’s neck to pull her into a fervid kiss as her other hand grasped her wrist, forcefully pushing Kara’s palm up against her cunt. Supergirl moaned into the CEO’s mouth, melting into the pure, raw sexual power of her girlfriend taking charge of her own pleasure.


“Enable red sun lamps.” The CEO commanded and the fluorescent lights were replaced with dim red lights. “You’ve ruined my experiment.” Lena turned off the gas and removed the rubber line to push the burner and other contents to the center of the table.

“Ending so soon?” Kara feigned innocence, readying herself for whatever punishment was to follow. “Also, red lamps? Really? You must have gone through quite a bit to get them installed in a lab.” She emphasized the last word.

“I’m never going to find a permanent solution to your one and only weakness if I have to keep repeating trials.” Lena stalked forward, pressing a flat palm to the insignia on her suit and pushing her backwards until her hips hit the countertop.

“The only thing I’m weak for is you.” She said straight faced, nearly stuttering from the pressure rising in her chest. Lena smirked and brought her hand up to her shoulder, not even needing to apply pressure to get Supergirl to her knees. Serious Lena was always a turn on, but serious and irritated simultaneously made her want to give her everything and anything she asked for.

“Appease me,” Lena shrugged out of her lab coat, letting it fall to the floor carelessly. She was wearing a lilac suit ensemble without a blazer and the blonde had thought that it might have been the first time she had seen her in a color as light as this. Nimble fingers pried the buttons out of the cuffs of her dress shirt so she could roll the sleeves up above her elbows. “How long have you been planning this little stunt?” Kara gulped as she watched the dark haired woman’s hands unbuckle her belt to free it from her waist.

“I--uhm.” She squinted as she tried to think of the first time the idea sprouted. “A week. Week and a half?” Her throat went dry at the sight of Lena unbuttoning her pants and dropping them to the floor before stepping out of both her shoes and the pants. Kicking them to the side, she began to unbutton her shirt, casually throwing her leg over Kara’s shoulder and grasping at the back of Kara’s head and the counter.

“Show me how much you’ve been wanting me.” Sitting up on her haunches, Kara licked her lips and pried moist underwear to the side as Lena pulled her towards her sex. Her scent hit Supergirl first and the taste made her clench a hand at the thigh on her shoulder. Kara drank her in, tongue lapping at her wetness as she teased at her clit and down around her entrance. The hand on her neck dove into her hair and made a fist to pull her nearer. Kara sucked her clit into mouth and Lena thrust into her, throwing her head back. The blonde braced an arm over the small of Lena’s back to force her scorching flesh against her tongue. Unable to get enough, Kara licked a hot trail to the curve of her inner thigh and bit hard, eliciting a loud moan from her girlfriend. Lena pulled her face back from the apex of her thighs.

“Just wait until I get my hands on you.” Eyes black and attentive as she snarled, thrusting forward to sit on Kara’s face. The sound of her moan made Kara shiver and she plunged her tongue past brunette’s entrance, moving her head side to side to stimulate her clit. Lena let out a raspy moan, pulling at her hair harder as her thighs shook. If Kara knew better, she’d replace her tongue with her fingers but instead wanted to tease her lover into frustration. Strangled moans fell from the CEO’s lips and it only spurred Kara on. She worked thrice as fast, working her arm down so she could tease her fingers just under her tongue.

“Stop teasing.” Lena said through clenched teeth. Kara withdrew and pressed a kiss to the molten heat of her pussy.

“How many?” She asked with a sneer, tongue laving gently over her clit while she dipped her middle finger just past her entrance.

“Keep it up with the false naiveté; I’m adding to what you’ll be getting later.” Supergirl grinned ear to ear, pushing two fingers into her with ease. Lena’s moan turned to a laugh and her girlfriend watched as her face turned from serious, to lips parted with her head hanging low. Seeing Lena at her mercy shifted her into overdrive. She wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked hard, curling her fingers inside of her partner at a speed she was even impressed by, considering the angle. Lena quivered around her fingers and Kara fucked her faster and deeper.

“Fuck!” Lena exclaimed, fingernails digging into the back of Kara’s head. Her orgasm hit her like a brick wall and she was thankful for the leg that was supported by Supergirl’s shoulder. Kara kept her tongue on Lena’s clit, her fingers remaining stationary till she recouped. Lena brought her leg down and lightly yanked on up to bring the blonde up to mate their lips. Kara selfishly ground her hips into Lena’s for some kind of friction, pushing her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth so she could taste herself. Lena bit down hard at Kara’s bottom lip.

“Turn around.” A command that the blonde was too thrilled to accept. As soon as hip bones met the counter, Lena pushed her flush to the counter. Moving the cape out of the way, she brought the zipper of the suit down and spread open the flaps over strong shoulders. “Up.” Kara raised onto her arms and Lena removed and discarded the suit.

“Now, a week and a half, you said?” Supergirl bit her lip and nodded. “I prefer whole numbers, so I think it’s only fair--at least in the name of science--to round it up to fourteen. Wouldn’t you think?”

“Ye-yeah.” She barely made out. Lena reached down to rub against her wet center from behind.

“What was that?” She pulled her underwear down in one swift movement. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes.” The blonde moaned a little too loudly as warm fingers circled her clit.

“Good girl. Add that to your other infractions and we are at a total of sixteen.” She stilled her fingers and rested her chin on the curve of her neck, pressing a kiss there. “Are you ready?” She nodded again and Lena pushed her back down with one hand, mouth kissing a path to the middle of her spine.

The first five smacks to her ass were almost relieving and she turned her head to the side to rest her cheek on the cold table; her hands clambered to find something to hold onto as Lena continued her assault. The CEO bit her lip, holding herself back by using her excess sexual energy to scratch down her muscular back, leaving kisses in the wake of inflamed pink lines.

“Eleven, yet, you’re so quiet.” Kara laughed as she was letting out a heavy breath, turning back to look her partner in the eyes.

“Harder.” Lena smirked and happily obliged, reaching down to scatter her back with lovebites as the spankings continued. Kara was definitely moaning now. Her chest heaved and she clenched her thighs together to alleviate the pulsing need of Lena’s fingers against her slit.

“Sixteen. You’ve been such a good girl.” Lena cooed into her ear, keeping her hand on her ass to rub away the stinging sensation Kara must have been feeling. “How about a little reward, darling?” Kara rubbed her cheekbone against the table, her face and body on fire from all the waiting and spanking. Lena sank to her knees and gave a broad stroke of her tongue up the length of her cunt. The blonde whimpered, her hands finding purchase on the wall to push into her girlfriend’s mouth.

Lena licked the slickness from her thighs, nipping at the reddened skin leisurely. Kara’s legs were quaking already, an early sign of release. Out of curiosity, Lena spread her labia to apply pressure to her clit with the pad of her thumb. Kara shot forward but the brunette tugged her back by her hip bone. Kara couldn’t help the airy moans that were coming out of her and when Lena’s tongue slipped inside of her, she could swear she yelled Lena’s name. It was too much, too fast and she could feel herself scrambling to withhold for longer. The CEO smacked her ass again as a warning to keep still and as soon as her long fingers swept up her clit, she came. Body shaking wildly and fingernails scratching at the wall. Lena licked up her slit once more before standing, still ghosting the tips of her fingers around an oversensitive clit as Kara came down from her high. The blonde wiped at her face, reaching behind her to feel Lena.

“I think it’s time I gave you what you came for.” She said sweetly and Kara breathed out a shaky sigh, her body still in tremors. Lena pressed two fingers against her entrance.

“Wait.” Kara clutched onto Lena’s side. “Slow.” The brunette’s stomach flipped and she kissed her lover’s back adoringly as she entered her. The feeling of being filled again made her make sounds somewhere between a hum and a whimper. In addition to having Lena slowly pumping in and out of her, her girlfriend was kissing at her shoulders and neck while whispering sweet nothings between her shoulder blades. The reporter relaxed and melted into her and began moving with her thrusts. Lena licked up her vertebrae and scraped her teeth along her deltoid.

“Okay. I’m ready.” The brunette placed a kiss high on her jawline. She kept an unhurried pace until she stood up straight, leaving her hand pressed against the middle of her back to hold her down. Lena pulled almost all the way out of her before slamming back in and a guttural moan filled the room. She hummed as she watched her fingers disappear into her partner.

Kara moved her arms behind her to wrap around her back, hands clutching hard at the strained muscles in her forearms. The indication did not miss Lena and she grasped hard mid-forearm and powerfully pulled her in time with her thrusts. The blonde groaned wantonly, struggling at her lame attempts to keep quiet. The sheer force of Lena brought the upper half of her body off the table and Lena tugged her up the rest of the way. The CEO kissed sloppily at her throat before biting hard when Kara tossed her head to the side to give her more access. The blonde clenched hard around her fingers.

“Not yet.” Lena demanded with a growl, snaking her hand up a taut stomach to a hardened nipple. She pinched hard and resumed her desired path, fingers gracing the swell of her throat as the blonde tilted her head back onto Lena’s shoulder to kiss at her jawline between heavy breaths. The brunette turned to tease at parted lips with her own, not quite giving her what she wanted so soon. She watched Kara, revelling in the way her eyebrows knit together and how her eyes shut at a particularly deep thrust. She kissed her, swallowing her moans and getting more and more worked up from the fluttering of her pussy. Lena tightened her fingers around her throat, varying in pressure. She loved having her like this, hard and rough and all the delicious sounds pouring from Kara’s mouth.The reporter was enraptured by the feel of Lena everywhere and the mixture of pain and pleasure as Lena bit at her shoulder made her legs quiver.

“Come for me.” She said, voice muffled from the soft kisses she was painting on flushed skin. Kara came with a cry, back arching painfully while Lena slowed her movements and put her hand between her breasts to hold the blonde against her. Lena hissed at the now very prominent throbbing between her thighs. She stilled her fingers, staying inside her lover.

“How about we head home so you can show me just how much you’ve missed me?