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Mark Of The Fated

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Rin sighed as she watched Inuyasha grumble to himself and pace around their office, his iced coffee creating a ring of water where the condensation was moving slowly down the glass. When he’d first jumped up at the news of his brother's imminent return from Israel and began his tirad Rin had tried to be empathetic, but at this point it had been almost 30 minutes of whining and her coffee was gone. 


“I hear you Inuyasha, you hate your brother. You’ve been whining about it for half an hour. How about we talk about something else? Maybe the reports he is coming to look at tomorrow?” Rin suggested, waving the file in her arms at him. Inuyasha groaned and shook his head, pulling his cell phone from his dress pants. 


“I’m gonna call Kags. She’ll know what to do.” He said firmly. Rin sighed and leaned back in what she’d deemed his big boss chair, spinning herself as Inuyasha started yelling into the phone when Kagome must have answered. 


She really did love her job, and she really did love Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome had been her big sister in college and in Rin’s senior year, Kagome had met Inuyasha in a fender bender accident. When he’d got out of the car to yell at her for denting his Lexus he’d stopped and immediately asked her to dinner instead. Now knowing both of them fairly well they told the story very differently. 


Inuyasha said once she’d realized they were fated she’d swooned and apologized profusely, asking him if there was any other way for her to apologize. She had said he started stuttering and asked her to dinner which she offered to pay for dinner as an apology for the accident. Rin assumed it was something in the middle, with Kagome swooning and Inuyasha stuttering and them awkwardly deciding to go to dinner and eloping about 8 months later. 


The biggest pro in Rin’s mind was that Inuyasha was a COO of a tech company and Rin was looking for a job to use her business degree. He’d met her and offered her an internship during her final semester of college and hired her as soon as she’d graduated last May as his personal assistant. Since then they’d become close and after Moroha was born about 6 months ago she’d been almost a third wheel in their marriage, helping Kagome on weekends with baby needs and Inuyasha on weekdays in the office. 


She listened to him whine through the phone at his clearly exhausted wife before looking down at the two magenta stripes on the inside of her wrist. She knew she should probably care that her fated was out there. She knew if she was a normal 22 year old she’d probably be searching the earth for him, feeling lucky for the chance to be fated and if the deep magenta color on her wrist was anything to go by, to a very powerful demon. 


However, she didn’t particularly care. She thought maybe after she’d become more established in her career she would start looking around. She would take the longer life span and grow herself and let her Fated arrive when he did. Honestly, her past experience in dating had been lackluster to say the least. She’d dated a few guys in college but never going further than a couple dates. Many of the men she’d met didn’t understand her love of flowers or their language, they didn’t care that she preferred reading with a glass of wine to going out to a fancy restaurant, and they definitely didn’t understand her unwillingness to jump in the sack with them after a couple dates. She didn’t really enjoy dating knowing at some point her fated could turn up and sweep her off her feet. 


She was one of the few humans to be born destined for a full demon. It was much more common for people born with the mark of the fated to have a half mark, like Kagome, or no mark at all. A human without a fated mate would have no mark, destined to live a human life span and find a human to settle down with. Those fated to half demons would have marks with half color. Their souls were tied to demons and therefore their lifespan was longer, to give the gods a chance to bring the two together and once they did find each other the aging process stopped to match their mate, freezing them together for eternity. 


Then there was the pull. Kagome had explained it to her as an indescribable need to be with your Fated. Although she hadn’t known Inuyasha was her Fated until he had pointed at the half navy mark on her shoulder, she had felt an unimaginable need to just be with him. See him more, talk to him more, touch him more. Her mother hadn’t been shocked when Kagome had said she was eloping with a tech COO after she’d explained he was her Fated. That seemed to just be how it worked; you met your Fated, normally spent about 2 weeks learning about them and then promptly married or mated depending on their customs. Kagome said her mother was actually shocked when they had waited 8 months but with how hot headed both Kagome and Inuyasha were, Rin thought it was probably some sort of intense chicken. 


According to Kagome’s father-in-law the marks were more for humans than demons. Humans needed a notice that they were to be claimed and they were destined for their demon. As an inuyoukai he had known Izyaoi was his Fated as soon he smelled her washing clothing by the river and the pull had made him immediately feel the need to keep her close. Inuyasha had confided in her that he knew Kagome was his own as soon as he stepped out of his car, seeing the mark on her shoulder had just helped her agree. 


Full demon marks were rare in these times, since most demons had already found their human mate centuries ago and sired their half demons who had equal chances of finding their mate in a demon or human. Her adopted demon father had squealed when the marks had started to darken around her 14th birthday. When she’d shown them to Inuyasha he’d nodded in understanding before moving the topic back to why beef Ramen was superior to chicken. 


That was why she loved Inuyasha. He didn’t seem to care about the world around him other than what he held dear, which was a short list; Kagome, Moroha, Ramen, Family and Work. In that order.


Was he also a huge asshole who was kind of a bully to everyone but her? 




Did she know for a fact that was because Kagome had threatened him with no sex if he was ever mean to her?


Also, yes. 


She sighed and stood from her place behind his desk, moving to swipe the phone from his hand. She looked at the screen to see Moroha in frame, her eyes half closed and blinking slowly at the screen. 


“Can you please tell Daddy to stop panicking and that your uncle Sesshomaru is really not that bad?” She heard Kagome coo through the phone, finger drawing down Moroha’s nose making her eyes droop even further. 


Rin giggled and pushed Inuyasha’s hand away as he went to grab the phone again. “My little Moro, you tell Mommy that Aunty Rin is going to talk him off this ledge.” She promised. She saw the phone shift and a grateful Kagome smiled at her. 


“I don’t know why he’s panicking, Sesshomaru is also staying with us for the week he’s in town. He’s only nervous around him in the office but when they’re home together it’s like two little boys wrestling over the last donut. That exact scenario has actually happened.” Kagome whispered, her eyes downcast to the baby in her arms. 


Rin laughed and turned toward and grumbling Inuyasha, his hand held out for his phone. Rin sighed and handed him the phone once more his eyes lighting up at his wife on the phone. “I love you, just tell me you’ll wait for me if I go to jail for murder.” He pleaded into the phone. 


She heard Kagome sigh before speaking. “I will wait for you but I will also get a side lover and have more babies with him.” She said casually. Inuyasha seemed to stop for a moment before growling, “They have congical visits Kagome, that’s a dumb answer.” He growled at her. 


“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Now go prep with Rin and let me take a nap while I have a chance.” She whispered into the phone. Inuyasha nodded before ending the call and turning to Rin. 


“Alright, let’s look over the documents.” He grumbled and Rin let out a cheer before moving quickly to grab the abandoned file. 

When she’d come in on Wednesday morning she’d found an unknown man already in Inuyasha’s office, his back ramrod straight as he looked through Inuyasha’s computer. 


“Excuse me?” Rin squeaked, drawing his attention from the computer. He looked over at her and her breath caught in her throat. He was definitely Inuyasha’s brother. High cheekbones set against alabaster skin, his jaw hard and angular opposed to Inuyasha’s baby face. He had a crescent moon centered on his forehead between his bangs and familiar silver hair pulled into a high ponytail on his head. Bright golden eyes stared blankly at her, widening a fraction of his an inch as he stared back at her. A tailored gray suit fitting him perfectly from arms to torso and she assumed matching pants hidden by the desk, a soft fur unfurling over his shoulder. 


She could have kept her composure through his beauty, she was sure, until she noticed the two magenta stripes on his cheeks. Two marks that matched the marks on her wrist perfectly. Two marks that meant the man sitting in her bosses seat, her boss and best friend's brother , was her Fated. She let out a shaky laugh and moved to sit across from him, the agenda she’d printed laying abandoned on the desk before her. 


“How did you guess his password?” She tried to ask casually, her heart racing as her eyes kept moving back to focus on the marks on his cheeks. He hummed at her and turned back to the computer with a smirk. “He is married with a child, it was not difficult.” He replied before turning from the computer and staring into her eyes.


“You.” He said and she let out a shaky breath before nodding, pulling her shirt sleeve up and revealing her match stripes against her wrists. He hummed again in understanding before giving a curt nod and relaxing against the chair. 


“You’re name.” He asked again. She sighed and straightened her back, staring straight into his eyes. “Rin. You’re Sesshomaru?” She asked and he gave another curt nod in confirmation. She took a deep breath and let it out through her nose before staring deeply into his eyes. “You have shitty timing, you know that?” She teased, causing a small smirk to spread across his face. Before he could answer Inuyasha pushed through the room, his tie hanging loose around his neck and hair flying behind him. 


“Sorry I’m late, Moro was up all night and Kagome had an exhaustion melt down this morning.” He explained, his eyes completely trained on Rin. Rin shook her shirt down to cover the marks on her wrist before standing and tutting at him. “You should have texted me, I almost assaulted Sesshomaru when I walked in here.” She said with a laugh, moving to him to tie his tie before moving behind him to braid his hair. 


“Also you need a more secure password, he guessed it and was going through your computer.” Rin said, finishing the braid and reaching her hand forward to take a hair tie from him. “He didn’t guess it, he texted me and asked for it. You trying to show off for Rin?” He asked his brother who simply shrugged and stood from behind the desk. Rin felt a small flush come to her face and didn’t move from behind him. 


“Should I make other arrangements?” Sesshomaru asked and Inuyasha shook his head, the braid hitting Rin in the face causing her to grumble and move from behind him. “No, Kagome spent all week looking up vegetarian recipes for you. You also haven’t seen Moroha since she was born and she’s holding herself up and starting to babble real words. If you don’t stay now you’ll just end up with a million videos of it.” Inuyasha said with a small smile. 


“Rin, what's on my docket today?” Inuyasha said, moving to reclaim his seat and clicking out of things on his computer. Rin scurried to the abandoned agenda on his desk and flipped it over to push towards him. “You and Sesshomaru are meeting with Myoga this morning about finances, then Kouga is coming in to talk about the expansion to Germany. Kagome is bringing Moro in for lunch and wants you both to come with her to that new salad place up the street.” She said firmly, eyes moving between the two brothers who nodded in agreement. “Bankotsu has a marketing plan about the new phone design, then you’ve got a conference call with the board of directors to end the day.” She finished, her finger ending at the bottom of the page. 


Inuyasha groaned as he looked over the paper in front of him. “And you built in my breaks because you love me?” He asked hopefully and she snorted but nodded in agreement. “Yes you big baby. Twenty minutes between each meeting so you can bitch about the meetings and I can run and get us coffee.” She replied. 


She heard a small chuckle behind her and turned to smile brightly at Sesshomaru. “I don’t have your agenda but you’re in every meeting except the one with Kouga. How do you like your coffee? I can pick up for you when I go for him.” She asked with a smile. “Black.” He replied with a small smile on his face. She nodded in understanding and turned back to see Inuyasha staring at her in shock. 


“Excuse me, did he just smile and laugh at you?” He asked in wonder. Rin shrugged and nodded, pulling the agenda back to her and sliding it back into her folder. “I think if we’re being technical he laughed at you.” She said, pulling back to slide into the chair in his office. Inuyasha appraised her slightly before looking between the two for a moment. 


“Let me see your mark.” He said, his eyes turning hard at her. She flushed and shook her head. “You can’t be fucking serious.” He growled and looked between the two again, Sesshomaru staring back at him with a blank face and Rin flushing bright red, her head turned to stare out his wall. 


“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Rin said, still refusing to make eye contact. Inuyasha growled and looked back at Sesshomaru. “I swear to fucking god you can mate her but if you take her away as my assistant I will rain fire and hell down on you.” He growled. Rin squeaked and stared hard at him but Sesshomaru nodded. 


“It is time I moved home.” He said calmly and Rin’s eyes snapped to him as Inuyasha nodded in understanding before standing and moving to the entrance of the door, chuckling on his walk. “Just wait until I tell Kagome about this. She’s gonna flip.” He said with a laugh, exiting the room and leaving Rin gaping at his empty chair and Sesshomaru standing behind her. 


“Rin.” She heard from behind her and she turned to look at Sesshomaru smiling gently down at her from the doorway. “I believe we are needed in a meeting.” He said calmly and she nodded in agreement before standing and moving after him out the door. 


“Let me grab my computer and I’ll meet you there.” She whispered quickly before rushing towards her desk and grabbing her laptop before moving down the hall towards the meeting space. Her phone buzzed in her pocket as she entered the room and she slid it out of her pocket as she opened her computer to take notes. 




She groaned before looking around the room. Myoga was bouncing around at the front of the room trying to set up the projector. Inuyasha was smirking at his phone and texting quickly and Sesshomaru seemed to be staring at her openly. She flushed and turned back to her phone to see another message had popped up. 


[From: Kagome: Just let me know if he’s going to be staying with you. Yash told me he’s probably already looking at new houses here.]


Rin flushed bright red and looked up to see Inuyasha smirking at her and Sesshomaru’s unwavering gaze still locked on her. 


“Myoga! Do you need any help getting that thing to start?” She said with a shaky laugh, moving from her position to help the elderly demon get the projector set up. 


“Thank you Rin! Much appreciated.” He said with a smile. 

Kagome pushed into Inuyasha’s office, dropped her baby bag on the floor, and smiled brightly at the three occupants of the room. Rin’s laptop was open as she recanted notes from the meeting with Kouga to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha chiming in with pieces as he saw fit. 


Rin looked up at her and shot her a wide smile. “You brought my favorite baby. Did you miss Aunty Rin?” Rin cooed, moving to run her fingers through Moro’s short black tuft of hair. The baby’s eyes were held wide as she looked her over before moving to Sesshomaru and giving a very visible sniff. 


“Yes Moro, that's Uncle Sesshomaru. Did you miss him?” Kagome cooed, unwrapping the Boba and easing Moroha into her arms instead. Moro seemed to stare hard at him before her gaze shifted to Inuyasha and a huge gummy smile spread across her face and she wiggled in Kagome’s arms. 


“How’s my little pup doing? You being good for Mommy?” Inuyasha cooed, coming forward to grab the squirming baby from her mother. As he hefted her into his arms he leaned forward to press a gentle kiss on his wife’s lips. “Feeling better?” He asked cautiously. Kagome sighed but nodded. 


“She took a nap this morning for two hours and I did too. I feel a lot more human.” Kagome said with a shaky laugh. She moved around him to come to Sesshomaru, wrapping him in a huge hug. “How are you big brother? You didn’t call when you got in!” She chastised, pulling back and patting his arms. 


“I arrived at 4 this morning and came straight here. I didn’t wish to wake you.” He said calmly. Kagome snorted and looked back to Inuyasha and Moroha, making faces at each other. “Unfortunately I was up, but I appreciate the sentiment.” 


Sesshomaru hummed and moved to Inuyasha and held his arms out for the Moroha. Inuyasha plopped her into his arms and adjusted his hands slightly to support her head better. “That’s uncle Sesshomaru. If you’re going to poop do it on him.” Inuyasha said booping the baby on the nose. 


Moroha moved her head to nuzzle into Sesshomaru's chest, snuffling loudly before letting out a small yip and giggling up at him. Inuyasha let out a sigh and beamed up at “See! Smart as a whip!” Inuyasha boasted, ruffling the giggling girl in his arms. 


Rin continued to stare as Sesshomaru began bouncing the baby in his arm, his eyes soft as he stared down at her. 


It was doing things to her. 


Things she definitely shouldn’t be feeling in her bosses office. 


Things she definitely shouldn’t feel less than 4 hours after meeting a man.


“Don’t worry about it. That's part of the pull, he’s probably doing it on purpose. Showing you he’s a good provider so you’ll want to have babies with him. Inuyasha did with Shippo too.” Kagome whispered to her, a smirk matching her husbands on her lips. Rin flushed and swatted at her arm but Sesshomaru was still playing with the baby, holding his finger out for her to grab at and gnaw on. 


“She is teething.” Sesshomaru said, Rin noticing a slight flinch as Moroha nibbling on his hand. Inuyasha nodded and reached over to run his fingers through her hair. “That’s why she was up all night, doctor thinks a fang was pushing through.” Inuyasha said solemnly. 


Kagome clapped and began moving towards the door. “Come on you three, I want to try that new salad place and catch up with Sesshomaru since he’s been away so long.” Kagome sang, grabbing the previously divested baby bag and walking out the door. Inuyasha huffed and followed after her, leaving Sesshomaru, Rin and a babbling Moroha alone. 


Rin coughed slightly and moved to grab her bag coming back to walk with Sesshomaru from the room. “So why did she yip at you?” Rin asked, trying to pull conversation from him. He hummed and moved to tickle her under the chin.


“It is instinct. It is a submissive reaction.” He explained, shifting the baby to hold her more upright at his waist. Rin nodded in understanding and moved to exit the room. She was stopped by a hand on her wrist, pulling her back slightly.


She tumbled back and fell slightly into his chest, her back flush against his chest and directly beside Moroha as his hand moving to rest on her hip.


“Have dinner with me.” He asked quietly. She gulped but nodded, her heart beating hard against her chest and a strong instinct to turn and pull him further against her rushed through her. He seemed to rumble in approval and she flushed before moving forward and out of the office, to Kagome and Inuyasha smirking in the elevator. 


“Don’t say a fucking word.” Rin growled as she entered, followed closely by Sesshomaru. Kagome pretended to zip her mouth before pulling Moroha into her arms and whispering loudly into the baby's ear. “Aunty Rin is really going to be Aunty Rin,” Moroha giggling wildly and smiling wide at Rin. 


Rin growled low and Inuyasha snorted in amusement, pushing the ground level to bring them to the street. They began their walk, Rin stopping to stare at her favorite flower shop to see the newest arrivals. “Come on Rin!” Kagome moaned, pulling her arm to continue their trek. 


“You guys go ahead, I want to see if they have anything new.” Rin said, shooing her away. Kagome groaned but Inuyasha chuckled and grabbed his wife’s hand. “Come on Kags, I know what they both want.” Inuyasha commented, pulling his wife away. 


Rin turned to ask what he meant but saw Kagome and Inuyasha had moved away from them but Sesshomaru had stayed behind. She smiled awkwardly up at him and gestured towards the shop. “You don’t have to come in with me, ya know. I know you guys have sensitive noses.” She said gently. He simply looked down at her and moved to open the door for them.


She moved quickly in and began looking at the beautiful blossoms around her. She felt Sesshomaru standing beside her and her heart begin to race as she reached out to touch the soft petals of Iris in front of her. 


“What do you hope for, Rin.” She heard him utter beside her and her eyes flashed up to him. She nodded and looked around the room, moving landing on Oleander across the shop. She moved quickly over to it and touched it’s petals as well. He hummed beside her and gave a curt. “We can move at our pace. I prefer it quickly.” He said with a small smirk on his face. 


She gave a quiet giggle before looking around the room and rushing to the corner of the shop, her hands reaching out to touch the Ivy sprig of white tendril hanging in a basket. He snorted and moved to grab her hand in his own, her skin feeling lit and alive at his touch. “I am quite content to learn of this. No anxiety at all.” He said, his hand squeezing her own tightly. She let out a shaky breath as she moved her hand to a waist level, slowly touching the white Lily in front of her. 


He tensed slightly before squeezing her hand against and moving his own hand to bundle of Candytuft, making sure her eyes were locked on the motion before he slowly moved his hand to a red Carnation. She let out a shaky sigh before nodding in understanding and beaming up at him. He gave her his own soft smile and she giggled before pulling him by the hand out of the shop and down towards the salad place to meet Inuyasha and Kagome. 


“So, any good flowers?” Inuyasha said through a mouthful of food, his salad looked more like a bowl of toppings with minimal lettuce. Rin smiled and nodded, taking the offered salad from Kagome and breathing a sigh of relief when her salad looked like an actual salad. “Yup. He passed the test.” She teased, taking a bite of her bowl. 


Kagome laughed and nodded. “Honestly, I can’t figure out how I never thought of this before. I know your mark and I know his face. Why didn’t you two meet when Moroha was born?” Kagome asked, scooping a piece of avocado from her bowl and setting it in front of Moroha who grabbed it and squashed it between her chubby hands. 


“I was only here for 48 hours.” Sesshomaru said, his own bowl open and looking like a vegetarian's paradise. “And I was in the middle of finals and didn’t get to meet her until a week later, remember?” Rin said, taking a bite of her own food. 


Kagome let out a small oh of understanding before tucking into her own salad. “Remind me to send you the video of Inuyasha at his bachelor party. They went to Tel Aviv and Sesshomaru had to hoist him over his shoulder to get them back to his apartment.” Kagome said with the laugh, causing Inuyasha to give an indigent shout. 


Rin snorted and pointed her fork at Kagome. “Don’t tease, you remember what happened at your bachelorette party, don’t you?” Rin said and Kagome flushed and turned to focus completely on her salad.


“What happened?” Sesshomaru asked calmly, his eyes seeming more expressive and interested as Rin spent more time with him. “Kagome got so drunk she thought I was a man trying to get into her pants while I was helping her get ready for bed. She kept telling me her husband was a fierce demon warrior and he would beat my ass if he knew I was trying to take advantage of her.” She finished with a laugh. 


Inuyasha chuckled in agreement and glanced at his wife. “Very correct but you’re in the wrong time period if you want me to fight for your honor.” He said with a wink. Kagome flushed and stabbed her salad. 


“At least I go out and have fun unlike someone I know.” Kagome grumbled, moving to grab a soft chickpea and popping it into Moroha’s mouth. Rin huffed and continued to eat her own salad. “Enjoying wine and books rather than clubbing and tequila does not make me unfun.” Rin grunted. 


Sesshomaru continued to eat his salad slowly before looking up at Rin. “What are you reading?” He asked and her eyes snapped up and she smiled gently at him. “Currently Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. Trying to manifest my dreams to take over as COO.” She said with a smirk when Inuyasha snorted at her. 


“You’re about to be married to the CEO, you can have any other position in the company.” He grumbled at her. Rin squeaked and flushed bright red and Sesshomaru seemed to be completely focused on his salad. Kagome let out a loud laugh and moved to hand more food to a whining Moroha. 


“I promise we’re teasing you. It’s just going to be so much easier for you since I’ve already been through it. You can go at your own pace, it’s not like time is moving any faster.” Kagome said with a smile, patting Rin on the back slightly before turning back to her own salad. 

[From: Kagome: Just relax and let his instincts guide.]


[To: Kagome: Again, who says we’re having sex?! Stop pushing me.]


[From: Kagome: Me and Inuyasha ended up having sex in his car on our first date. The pull is going to get you too. You remember what happened in the office? ]


[To: Kagome: It was a fluke. He’s just coming over for dinner. We were both too swamped from the day to go out to eat out. We’re just going to eat some pasta and talk.]


[From: Kagome: Yeah. Okay. Glad you’re on birth control.]


Rin rolled her eyes at the final message and looked back at herself in the mirror. The whole conversation had started when she’d sent a text to Kagome about her outfit, asking if she looked too much like a mess. She was wearing an oversized black crew neck sweatshirt and loose cotton shirts, her hair in a messy bun on top of her head. Kagome had replied with rolled eyes and told her it was irrelevant since she wouldn’t be clothed for too long. 


Thus had begun the disagreement; Kagome continuing to tell her they’d be having sex, Rin continuing to remind her she was a virgin and not necessarily working in that direction, Kagome reminding her that she’d also been a virgin, Rin saying she was strong, Kagome reminding her that the pull would get her like it did every other person in this situation and Rin continuing to fight her, never getting an answer to her question about her outfit. 


She sighed and moved out of her bedroom staring around her living room, her nerves finally setting in the pit of her stomach. Her apartment wasn’t very large and was pretty minimally furnished. She had the normal things; a couch, end tables, small two person kitchen table, a medium sized TV and several bookshelves. But she also had plants. Lots and lots of plants.


Plants she was now second guessing, knowing her Fated was as fluent in their languages as she was. Bells of Ireland she’d purchased after she’d graduated from college and before she’d talked to Inuyasha about working for him, to bring her luck. Several cactuses she’d planted when she’d gotten frustrated after a long day. The hanging pot of Ivy in the corner that Kagome had gotten her as her Big her sophomore year of college after she’d explained her love of plants and explained that an Ivy meant friendship. Finally her large fern that she’d gotten in college and brought with her to every new home, a silent reminder of her Fated. 


Her Fated who she now knew, found extremely attractive, and knew she would have a lot of trouble keeping her hands off if their incidents together today had been any indication. 


When he’d pulled her flush against his chest she had to remind herself he was also holding a baby to not turn and kiss him senseless. When he’d brushed her hand as they both reached for the door of the conference room, she felt electricity spark in her soul and she looked up to see his eyes had already snapped to focus intently on her. When she’d handed him his black coffee after a run for Inuyasha and he’d thanked her, a shiver shooting up her spine and Inuyasha letting out a snort in amusement. 


She flushed and looked at her walls, trying to find anything else she should be embarrassed by. Nothing popped out at her, the normal photos she’d grown accustomed to in her almost year at the apartment staring back at her. The photo of her with her biological parents and twin brothers. Her and Jaken when she was graduating high school, his big eyes watering and beak blurred from the slight shake of held tears. A picture of her and Kagome in college, decked in onesie pajamas at a fundraising event. Inuyasha and her in their office, his angry scowl completely contradictory to his arm wrapped around her shoulder and Moroha in his other arm held rightly, pulling on his hair. 


The only thing she was a little nervous about were her Etsy posters, now feeling they may seem childish. A framed poster of all of the yellow flowers and their language, a print named the ‘herban dictionary’ that had several plants and their needs listed, and 3 large prints of watercolor ivy and leaves hanging over her couch. Just as she’d decided she should probably take them down to look less insane she heard a loud knock on the door. 


She sighed and flattened her hands down her sweatshirt before moving quickly to the door, undoing her multiple locks before swinging it open to reveal Sesshomaru. He had changed from his business attire into heather grey sweatpants and a lavender henley only obstructed by his momo hanging over his shoulder. A very tight, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination-about-what-his-muscle-looked-like-under-that-shirt, henley. She gulped and moved to the side, smiling at him as he entered her apartment, removing his shoes and stepping into her apartment. 


She closed the door behind him, redoing her locks and turned to see him appraising the small living room just as she had just done. He didn’t seem at all ruffled by her decor, moving to the wall housing the photos of achievements and staring hard at the photos. 


“You know Jaken?” He asked, his tone seemingly shocked. She hummed in agreement and moved to stand beside him, pointing at the photo of her biological family. “My parents and brothers died in a fire when I was 8. Jaken adopted me when I was 10. He was actually the one who supported my obsession with plants and showed me all about their languages.” She said with a soft smile. 


He hummed in understanding before turning to her and holding out something in his hand. She looked down to see a bright orange cover of a book. Taking the offered book from his hand, avoiding grazing his fingers to keep her composure. She looked down at the book, seeing it was Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld. She smiled brightly up at him and ran her hands over the cover. 


“How did you know this was on my reading list?” She teased, moving back away from him and towards her couch. He moved to follow and sat beside her, leaving a few inches of space between them. “I enjoyed it and thought you may as well.” He said quietly. She flushed and nodded in agreement, whispering another quick thank you before setting the book on the end table beside her. 


“This is super weird right?” She asked quietly, turning her upper body towards him. He seemed hesitant before shaking his head. “I have been waiting for you.” He replied, his eyes boring into her own, making her feel flushed again. She nodded slightly and moved her sweatshirt up to look at the marks on her wrist again, the marks looking much more pronounced against her black sweatshirt. 


“Jaken was so excited when he saw these, said the only person he’d ever known with such marks was a very strong Lord.” She said quietly, tracing the marks on her wrist. He nodded slightly and reached his hand over to trace them as well. “I knew Jaken many centuries ago, we were traveling companions for several decades.” He said quietly, his fingers lightly tracing up around the curve of her wrist before moving slowly down to the point again. 


Rin let out a shaky laugh, trying to temper the heat in her body, eyes locked on his hand tracing her marks. “How old are you?” She asked him, her voice sounding slightly rougher than normal. 


He hummed and continued his tracing. “I have not kept track. Almost a millenia at this point.” He said, the tone of his voice matching her own. “And you’ve been alone the whole time?” She asked again, her voice shaking and eyes completely focused on his hands tracing. 


“I have conquered the world alone.” He said, his hand pulling back to rest against her own. “I am content to now have a partner in it.” He whispered, his voice rough causing her to look up at and meet his eyes. 


Golden eyes looked molten as they stared down at her. His eyes almost unfocused as they raced around her face, taking in every part of her, as if he couldn’t believe she was real. She adjusted her position on the couch, their thighs brushing slightly in her movement. She gasped slightly as his eyes turned a darker shade of amber. He seemed completely focused on her lips and she instinctively licked her lips in anticipation. 


“Are you hungry?” She whispered, feeling herself leaning forward without her control. He shook his head in the negative and she swallowed hard before her eyes slid closed as their lips connected. 


It was like electricity flowed through her veins. Her mouth instinctively tilted as he pressed more firmly against her. His lips were soft but firm, the pressure growing more insistent as her head moved. She raised a hand to rest her hand on his cheek, her thumb brushing against his markings. She felt an unimaginable heat pool in her stomach. She needed more.


She pulled away, her heart beating erratically and her breathing heavy. She leaned back slightly and found herself straddling his lap, the hand not on his cheek fisted in his momo on his shoulder.  “I’m sorry.” She whispered. He seemed to be breathing heavily as well, just a slight flare to his nostrils as he stared deeply into her eyes. “It is of no consequence.” He replied, his voice sounding raspy and deep. 


“That’s one hell of a pull.” She teased, her hand releasing his momo to rub the tightly held fluff. He hummed in agreement, his own hand coming up to hold her hand to his skin. “Rin.” He whispered, reverence of his voice hitting her soul. Like she was all he’d ever wanted, like he’d truly been waiting a millenia to finally find her. 


She took a shaky breath and squeezed his bicep. “What should we do?” She whispered, trying to convey her anxiety about the situation. He simply hummed in understanding, his hand still holding her own to his cheek and his other resting under her sweatshirt against the skin of her hip. 


“We will do as you wish.” He said, his thumb brushing against the skin of her hip. Another full body shiver wracked her frame as she weighed her options. 


He was her Fated. There would be no other. 


Kagome would be right. 


This was the literal god's plan for her. This quiet man who spoke softly and knew the language of flowers. 


Inuyasha would tease her endlessly. 


He was very pretty and well read. He would bring her up and be her partner in life. 


Jaken would be elated to find out it was him but also probably embarrass her for a literal eternity. 


She would -


Her thoughts were cut short as his head moved to nuzzle against the small stretch of skin exposed at her collar. He wasn’t even kissing her and she felt like her entire body was on fire. He simply ran his nose against the skin, stopping only at the crux of her shoulder and neck, the place she knew he would mark her as Kagome had a scar there from her own mating. 


He was her Fated. 


He was her mate. 


The decision was easy. 


She pulled back, realizing she had never removed herself from his lap, and gently removed herself from his grasp to stand. “Can you be gentle?” She asked quietly. He gave a small nod in agreement and she reached her hand out to him. 


She led him from the couch to her bedroom, internally shrieking at her pile of dirty laundry overflowing in her hamper and her only queen sized bed. His 6”3 frame would probably hang off the bed that she could starfish and not even hit the edges on. He stilled behind her, his hands coming to rest on her waist. 


“We can wait, Rin. Eternity.” He said quietly. She nodded in agreement before turning to him with a shy smile. “Let’s start eternity tonight.”


She slowly walked forward and pulled her sweatshirt over her head, quickly undoing her bra and cursing herself for not wearing something more sexy. She stopped as she put her hands on her shorts. He wasn’t moving and she was suddenly very aware of how cold her room was. Her hands gripped her shorts tightly and shoved them along with her panties off in a quick motion as she rushed to the safety of her sheets. 


She slid into the bed and pulled the blanket above her chest before peering back towards the door. Sesshomaru hadn’t moved, his eyes large and staring hard at her, his nostrils flared and pupils wide. 


“Would you like to join me?” She asked hesitantly. He gave a curt nod before peeling off his shirt and moving quickly to the side of the bed. She scooted over, careful to keep the blanket covering her. She swore he flushed slightly before his pants hit the ground and he moved quickly into the bed with her. She kept her eyes fixed on the ceiling, her body acutely aware of his naked form now mere inches from her own. 


“Rin.” He said firmly and she slowly moved her gaze from the ceiling to look over at him. His eyes stared back at her, once perceived blankness now filled with a clear comfort, a message of care and adoration. “It is new for me too.” He whispered. 


“Never?” She asked softly, adjusting her body so she was laying on her side to stare at him. He gave a curt nod and his hand moved to stroke her cheek. “I have been waiting for you, Rin. It has only ever been you.”


She smiled gently before scooting closer until they were pressed together, the only thing separating them, the thin top sheet. “We can learn together.” She whispered before moving forward to bring their lips together in a gentle kiss. He pushed back, the softness of his lips counter to the firm press against her. 


She shifted closer and the sheet moved, their chests pressing together. The reaction was instantaneous. She was on fire and no matter how close she was to him, it was too far. Her hands moved to grab the back of his neck, ensuring he wouldn’t pull away. His hands moved quickly to her hips, pulling her entire body flush against his own. 


Their kiss turned frantic, his tongue darting out to taste her lips, drawing a gasp from her. He immediately took the opening, his tongue teasing against her own and licking at her teeth. She pushed her own tongue back, tracing his fangs causing a shiver to travel through his body. 


She pulled back gasping for air but he continued his assault, his kisses moving to cover her face and trailing down to the exposed skin of her shoulder and neck. He seemed completely out of control, his hand moving from her hip to stroke against her side. She moved her own hands down his chest, feeling the hard muscle underneath soft skin, her neck craning to give him better access. 


His hands continued to roam until they landed on her ass, groping her and groaning against her skin. He pulled his mouth from her neck, panting as he stared in her eyes. 


Golden eyes had turned a molten amber almost completely engulfed by huge pupils. “Intoxicating.” He growled before capturing her lips again, demanding and hard. She moaned into his mouth and leaned back causing him to fall over her. 


She felt him shift until he laid between her legs, his hands moving to grab her chest. She pulled away and gasped at the sensation. His mouth moved from her lips but did not retreat to her neck, instead traveling lower and coming to rest where his hands were cupping her. He licked against the swell of her breast and scraped his fangs against the delicate flesh. She arched in response, her head thrown back the new sensation. “Sesshomaru!”


He completely stilled against her and she took gasping breaths, her body unable to comprehend the feelings flowing through her. She was so hot, every place his hands touched felt like she’s been lit on fire. She could feel his saliva against her skin, the place where his fangs had scraped begging for more. 


“Again.” He demanded. She took a moment to collect herself before flushing slightly and taking a shaky breath. “Please continue, Sesshomaru.” She whispered. 


His mouth immediately moved back to her skin, his kisses more insistent, his fangs scraping more frequently and tongue moving to loll against her nipple. She gasped and her eyes slid shut, completely focused on his mouth on her body. His hands abandoned her breast to travel down her sides and rub against her hip bones. 


“May I use my mouth?” He mumbled, his mouth still feasting against her chest. She must have whimpered some sort of response because his mouth slowly began to descend, traveling down to lick against her ribs, stopping to dip into her navel before he ended at the apex of her thighs. 


She thought she should have tensed. Should have maybe been embarrassed that she wasn’t trimmed and shaved like the magazines said she should. Maybe been worried that although she’d showered after work maybe he shouldn’t be doing that now. None of that happened though. As his face came to rest in front of her she spread her legs and sighed in anticipation. 


“Intoxicating.” He growled again before his mouth descended on her. She threw her head back and groaned as his mouth made contact with her. The fire she'd felt pulsing through her body exploded and all she could do was moan in abandon as his tongue began teasing her. 


“Oh god, Sesshomaru.” She groaned, her hands moving to hold her head in place as he teased her. It seemed that whenever she said his name he would lose some of his control. His tongue teased her entrance before plunging in. 


Her hands tighten against his hair and she let out a low moan. She wasn’t unfamiliar with touching herself but something he was doing was more. It felt like he’d known her body forever, like he’d been built specifically for her. He continued to lap at her cunt, tongue flicking against her clit before plunging back to her entrance to tease and thrust. She felt her orgasm race through her and gasped out his name in broken syllables. 


He didn’t stop, continuing to lap at her until she physically pulled his head away and back up to her eyesight. “Are you sure never?” She gasped out, her face flushed and hair almost completely out of its previous bun. He smirked down at her as he nodded. “Instincts are strong.” He said before leaning down to kiss her. She could taste herself on his lips and it seemed to reignite the fire in her belly. 


She released his head to reach down and grab his cock, a small gasp of fear going through her as he hissed at the contact. It was big, to be expected from how huge of a man he was, but she was pretty sure her body could never accommodate him. Her wide eyes locked on his own, wide and concerned. He leaned down to kiss her cheek as he spoke. 


“There are many terms for Fated.” He whispered against her skin, kissing her cheek before leaning to the other side. “I’m Hebrew it’s called Beshert.” He said, leaning to her forehead to kiss again. “In Japan it is being tied by a red string.” He said moving down to kiss her lips. “No matter the term the meaning is clear. We are meant to be.” He whispered, kissing her on the lips again. She sighed against his mouth and moved her hand away from his length. 


She felt him situate himself until he was poking against her core, her fears unable to compete while he was kissing her. She felt him begin to ease forward, his length stretching her aided by her previous orgasm. It wasn’t necessarily comfortable but she didn’t feel as though she was being ripped in half. It felt like a stretch after a long work out, a little burn and tensed but nothing painful. 


She felt his pelvis come to connect with her own and let out a sigh, their mouths disconnecting as he looked down at her. “Are you alright?” He whispered, his mouth moving quickly to pepper kisses around her face. She gave a small nod before tentatively bucking her hips at the feeling.  He groaned and tightened his hold on the bed sheets around her head. 


“Start slowly.” She whispered. He gave a curt nod before slowly retracting his hips to push back in at the same tentative pace. She felt the same stretch but the burning sensation had lessened. He continued to slowly saw in and out, his hands tightly grasped against sheets. She let out a small moan as he pulled out and his entry back in was much harder and faster, her eyes rolling back at the sensation. 


“Please.” She heard him whimper. She looked up to see his eyes screwed shut, his hands so tight she assumed her sheets would be pierced from the force of his grip. She pulled her hands up to bring his face down for a languid kiss. “I’m ready.” She whispered and he groaned in satisfaction, his hips moving more freely. 


At his next harder thrust she found herself pulling back from his, her eyes rolling back. He seemed to notice and began to move harder against her. She groaned in response, her hand moving to grab his momo to ground herself. She felt his hand shift to her leg, hiking it up around her waist and she let out a gasp as the new angle allowed him to hit something deep inside her full force. 


He let out a whimper and his pace increased, continuing to hit the spot until she began chanting his name like a mantra. “Sesshomaru.” She whimpered, her hands flying up to bring him down for another heated kiss. His hand left her leg as he pulled away, shoving it into his mouth and snapping off the sharp claws. She saw it travel down her front, tweaking each nipple before coming to rest against her clit and rubbing in fast tight circles. 


She let out a moan and her head fell back against the pillows as she held tightly to his momo, her other hand laying against the pillow. “So close.” She whimpered, her hips bucking back at another deep thrust. He seemed to groan in agreement, his mouth coming down to lick and bite against her shoulder blade. 


“Cum for me Rin.” He growled against her skin and as if the sound of his voice was enough, she felt herself unravel around him as she screamed his name. She could half hear him groan as he found his own completion, his body coming flush against her own and mouth moving quickly to seal against her own. She moved her hands to wrap around his neck and prolong to contact, whimpering when he continued to pump against her. He pulled back, panting slightly and she looked up at him with dreamy eyes. He smiled down at her before slowly pulling out and nuzzling her neck. 


She was boneless. There was no other way to describe the feeling. He had moved to cuddle her side, his head pressed firmly against the crux of her shoulder, snuffling against the skin and leaving small licks and kisses. His leg was hiked up on her legs and his arm wrapped tightly around her torso. She was completely cocooned in him. 


“Mate or marriage?” She asked, her voice feeling almost raspy from her previous enthusiasm. 


“Both.” He said, his voice somewhat obstructed by his head still pressed against her. 


“How many kids do you want?”


“Several. I am not in a rush.”


“Can I really have any position in the company?” She teased. She felt him exhale hard against her neck and it took her a moment to realize he was laughing at her.


“Would you like to be CEO? I am happy to stay home.” He replied and she could feel the chuckle that did not escape his lips deep in his chest. 


“I should probably get an MBA before I take on a multi billion dollar industry.” She said with a giggle. He nodded into her shoulder and she snuggled further into his arms. 


“How quickly did you know it was me?” She asked, nuzzling into his chest. “As soon as I entered the building and even further within the office. Your scent was fresh and strong.”


“Before you even saw me? Is that why you looked so tense when I came in the room?” She asked. She felt him give a curt nod. “Honeysuckle and Jasmine. A perfect perfume.” She said, his head nuzzling her own. 


She smiled against his skin before pulling back slightly. “Tell me more about you. Favorite Hobby?”


“Travel” he said, his words once again slightly muffled by her neck. 


“Mine is reading, but I could read on a beach too. Favorite country?”


“Japan, I will bring you.” 


“How many languages do you speak?”


“27, I have had many years of practice.”


“So many years of practice but you aren’t very talkative.” She teased. He nodded against her neck before pulling himself up on his elbow to look down on her. “I have been out of practice. I will speak more for you.” He promised. 


She beamed up at him and leaned up to kiss him once more, the electric feeling flowing through her soul. He pulled back and a gentle smile crossed his face. “I am grateful it is you.” 


She smiled and nodded in agreement before pulling his head down to kiss him once more.