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Miya Atsumu Can Take It

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It happens when Atsumu is balls deep in his boyfriend Sakusa, that the blonde suddenly exclaims,
"How about you fuck me the next time?"

To say that Sakusa was shocked was an understatement. While taking Atsumu‘s thrusts, he moans,
"Unless... you don’t wanna walk for a week, I wouldn’t r-recommend it."

Not seeming to be fazed by Sakusa‘s statement, Atsumu sped up, close to orgasm, and stated,
"Maybe that’s what I want."

He had always felt like he was missing out on a lot of pleasure just because Sakusa denied to fuck him.


For the next three days Atsumu and Sakusa didn‘t talk about the subject any further, until Atsumu casually mentioned it again while eating dinner.

"So... Omi... I was wondering when you’ll finally give in and fuck me?"

Sakusa almost spit out his risotto hearing that.

"How can you ask this right now?" he yelled, choking on his food.

"Well, Omi Omi, I was just being curious. Why won‘t you fuck me?" Atsumu continued to ask, as if the answer wasn‘t obvious enough.

"We talked about this. I don’t want to hurt you," Sakusa sighed, risotto getting cold because he suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore.

"First, you won’t hurt me, I can take dick. Second, you’ll change your mind, trust me," Atsumu grinned, while taking a sip of water out of his glass, looking at Sakusa smugly.

"Bet you haven’t taken a cock this big," Sakusa remarked, dryly.

"No need to get cocky, mister. We all know you have a monster cock," Atsumu stated, sarcastically.

"A monster cock with which I was never able to pleasure anyone because they were in pain taking me," Sakusa explained monotonously, hoping this topic won’t be touched upon further.

"I have an idea, Omi. Just wait and see," Atsumu grinned, before standing up to do the dishes.


Determined to convince his boyfriend to finally fuck him, Atsumu started the preparations for the big surprise the next evening.

Preparations being shoving two dildos up his ass, big surprise being waiting for his boyfriend on their bed like this.

It took Atsumu a really fucking long time to prepare himself so much, but when the two dildos were finally seated firmly in his ass, Atsumu knew that it was worth the time. Truth is, he had never taken something this big up his ass, so he wasn’t at the point where he felt pleasure from being stuffed that much yet, but at least there was no way Sakusa would say no to fucking him now. Atsumu knew that this must convince his boyfriend to finally fuck him. This was basically evidence that he could take a big cock, wasn’t it?

Struggling a bit, Atsumu finally positioned himself on the bed on all fours, shoulders pressed into the mattress, ass in the air and facing the door.

When he heard the door lock clicking a few minutes later, Atsumu knew that Sakusa had come home from grocery shopping. The anticipation started growing as Atsumu felt first waves of pleasure from the dildos inside of him. It was time.

Stepping into the bedroom, Sakusa expected anything but his boyfriend on the bed stuffed to the max. The sight of Atsumu double penetrating himself with his toys was overwhelmingly sexy, so Sakusa just stuttered,
"What the hell..."

"I told you I can take dick," Atsumu moaned, sounding proud of himself.

"Is that your way of getting me to fuck you?" Sakusa groaned, getting closer to Atsumu‘s bare ass.

"Bet your ass it is," Atsumu grinned, looking a little bit fucked out already.

"Well, it’s working..." Sakusa just mumbled, unsure whether he should admit wanting to fuck his boyfriend or not. However, what he had to admit was that he was already growing hard from the sight.

"Look how nicely I spread myself for you..." Atsumu whispered sensually, really giving his all to seduce Sakusa. Emphasizing his statement, Atsumu grabbed both of his cheeks with his hands and spread them apart.

"Look at me, Omi... You‘ll fit in there," Atsumu moaned, showing his boyfriend his stretched hole.

Finally throwing all reasoning out of the window, Sakusa replied,
"Fuck it, let’s do it."

Atsumu had never seen his boyfriend unzipping his pants and pulling it halfway down so fast.

Seeing how Sakusa situated himself behind him, Atsumu moaned,
"Don‘t you want t-to remove your c-clothes?"

Sakusa looked at him, not believing Atsumu‘s statement, blurting out,
"You wait on the bed for me, two dildos up your ass and expect me to wait any longer? No, Tsumu, we both know I don’t have the endurance for that right now."

"Y-you’re really pent up, huh?" Atsumu just moaned, believing he finally saw through Sakusa‘s mask. He must’ve really wanted to fuck him with every fiber of his being, but held back for Atsumu‘s sake.

"Seeing you being able to spread yourself so nicely really did it for me," Sakusa groaned, grabbing the lube Atsumu left on the bed next to him after using it.

"Fuck, Atsumu, I’m gonna do it without a condom, okay?" he added, while smearing a huge amount of lube onto his cock. It was very much needed if he wanted to push into Atsumu balls deep. Comparing the two dildos inside of Atsumu with his own cock, Sakusa realized that he was a tad bigger than the toys. So yeah, he needed the lube.

"I don’t care," Atsumu moaned, finally wanted to get down to it. They were an exclusive couple so there was nothing to worry about. And besides that, they probably didn’t own condoms big enough to fit Sakusa.

"Great," Sakusa replied, breathing getting faster as his cock hung heavily between his legs.

"I‘ll pull the toys out," he quickly warned Atsumu, before grabbing the ends of both dildos at once and pulling them out at the same time. It was by far the most intense moment Atsumu ever had so far. Even more intense than getting these toys in.

"Oh fuck, Atsumu... Your ass really wants to get stuffed," Sakusa moaned, watching his boyfriend‘s hole gaping, trying to hold onto something other than air.

"D-damn right," Atsumu stuttered, having difficulties to even form complete words, while staying on all fours for Sakusa.

Finally lining himself up, Sakusa gently started stroking Atsumu‘s back and whispered,
"I‘m going in, tell me if it’s too much..."

He was seriously hoping that Atsumu‘s intense preparation was enough for Sakusa to be able to go in in one move, but his experience taught him that this probably won’t be happening.

And he was right.

Sakusa was only halfway in when Atsumu already started to mewl.

"What’s wrong?" Sakusa asked, a pained tone in his voice, because he feared that Atsumu wasn’t able to go through with it in the end.

"B-big," Atsumu stuttered, gripping the sheets tightly. Even from behind Sakusa could see how tense his facial expression was.

"Should I pull out?" Sakusa asked, sounding worried for Atsumu, but also disappointed.

It surprised Sakusa when Atsumu suddenly shook his head and grabbed his thigh, trying to pull him closer.

"Don’t y-you dare," he moaned, "I told you I can take it."

"And don’t come at me with 'I don’t wanna hurt you'. You w-won‘t, so push in further," Atsumu added, having taken all his energy to say that. Even though he had to admit that the stretch burned and that it was even more than he had expected, Atsumu wanted his boyfriend in him completely.

"Fine, but don’t complain later," Sakusa groaned, grabbing Atsumu‘s hips.

Atsumu didn‘t reply, all strength had left his body. Instead he just focused on Sakusa continuing to push in.

He whined and mewled again, but this time it didn’t keep Sakusa from pushing in. As long as Atsumu kept quiet he would just do his job, which was fucking his boyfriend right now.

It took Sakusa quite some time to finally push in all the way, but as soon as he was done a feeling of intense pleasure washed over him. He really should’ve trusted Atsumu when he said he could take it. He should’ve fucked him earlier.

His thoughts were interrupted, when he suddenly heard Atsumu whine,
"B-belly bulge."

Right hand leaving Atsumu‘s hip, Sakusa reached forward to touch his boyfriend‘s stomach.

And damn, there really was a huge bulge.

Eager to see it, Sakusa grabbed Atsumu‘s waist and pulled him up, so that Atsumu‘s back was pressed against Sakusa‘s chest.

Looking over his boyfriend‘s shoulder, Sakusa was finally able to see the enormous belly bulge on Atsumu‘s stomach.

"Oh god, this is so hot," Sakusa groaned, hand touching Atsumu‘s stomach again and pressing it. He immediately earned a whine from Atsumu again, whose thighs were starting to shake. Taking big cock was exhausting, not that he would ever admit that to Sakusa, now that he got him to fuck him.

The thing was, the two dildos before were almost as thick as Sakusa, but nothing could’ve prepared Atsumu for the length.

Still, even though it might be exhausting, it was extremely pleasurable too. It quite literally opened new doors.

"Can I start to move?" Sakusa finally groaned, being at his limit. Seeing Atsumu‘s belly bulge turned him on immensely.

"Y-yeah, slowly," Atsumu replied.

As Sakusa‘s hands left his waist and stomach to grab his hips again, Atsumu‘s upper body immediately fell forward, not being able to hold himself up on his own. Upper body pressed into mattress, ass held up high by Sakusa, Atsumu began taking his boyfriend‘s slow thrusts.

Sakusa moved out extremely slowly and only halfway, to then push in just as slowly again. He wanted this to be good for Atsumu too, so he couldn’t just ram it in, no matter how much he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Atsumu wasn’t able to move an inch of his body anymore. And they haven’t even gotten to the main event: Sakusa fucking him fast.

Feeling how Sakusa dragged his cock in and out slowly, Atsumu felt himself clench around his cock automatically.

"F-feels g-good," he was able to stutter. Feeling how Sakusa slowly hit his stomach wall every time he was balls-deep in him was surely life changing for Atsumu.

As the minutes dragged on, Sakusa became more impatient and finally groaned,
"Atsumu, do you think I can go faster? Can you take it?"

"Y-yeah," was the only response coming from Atsumu, giving Sakusa all the reassurance he needed.

After carefully pulling out almost all the way, Sakusa pushed in faster than the times before, longing for more friction.

The movement knocked the air out of Atsumu‘s lungs; he didn’t expect the feeling to be this intense.

Not hearing any complaints from Atsumu, Sakusa repeated it until 'the carefully pulling out', transformed into fucking Atsumu hard.

Sakusa was lost in pleasure as he shoved his big cock into Atsumu‘s stretched hole over and over again, fucking him deep.

The sound of skin slapping echoed through the room as Sakusa picked up his pace even more. Grabbing Atsumu‘s hips tightly, he pushed his boyfriend’s abused ass back onto his cock while moving rapidly. Sakusa swore he had never fucked someone that hard, since no one ever was able to take it as good as Atsumu did.

"Fuck, you’re made to take cock," Sakusa groaned, as his heavy balls slapped against Atsumu‘s soft skin, while fucking him.

Atsumu didn’t manage to answer, but was able to let out a quiet whine again, signaling that he agreed with Sakusa. He had told him he could take a big cock and now he was proving it.

He could feel himself getting closer every time Sakusa dragged his big cock over his prostate, ready to shoot his load any second.

When Sakusa‘s right hand left his hip again to press his belly bulge once more, Atsumu felt like he could burst.

"T-t-" Atsumu began his sentence, but wasn’t able to finish. There wasn’t any energy left in him.

"What is it?" Sakusa groaned, also feeling himself getting closer to the edge. The visual stimulation of his own big, fat cock disappearing into Atsumu‘s tight hole was mind-blowing.

"T-tou-" Atsumu tried moaning again, but failed as Sakusa still knocked the air out of his lungs.

The good boyfriend Sakusa was, he was able to understand Atsumu even without complete words and groaned,

Atsumu just let out a whine again as thick precum already dripped from his neglected cock.

Continuing to pound Atsumu, Sakusa finally moved his hand from Atsumu‘s belly bulge onto his cock, beginning to stroke him just as fast as fucking him.

It was overwhelming for Atsumu, so that it didn’t even take him one minute to come all over the bedsheets when Sakusa dragged his cock over his prostate all over again.

Feeling how Atsumu clenched around his cock hard while coming, Sakusa soon shot his load deep inside of Atsumu too.

Panting heavily, while riding out of his orgasm, Sakusa wasn’t quite able to grasp how amazing this all had felt. He was blissed out, still moving a bit back and forth inside of Atsumu. He was glad Atsumu had convinced him to try fucking him.

"Fuck, this felt good, didn’t it?" Sakusa asked, while finally pulling out.

However, as soon as he had done that, Atsumu’s behind collapsed onto the mattress too, his whole body lying there limp.

Turning Atsumu around to check on him, Sakusa realized that his boyfriend was between consciousness and unconsciousness, eyes fluttering heavily.

"G-good," Atsumu managed to say with a lot of effort, while feeling how Sakusa‘s cum dribbled out of his gaping hole without any resistance.

He was sure he wouldn’t be walking for a whole week now, but it was worth it. Atsumu had never felt so good before. This for sure wouldn’t stay a once in a lifetime experience.