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Two Is Better Than One

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"It's not enough. I want more cock."


The grip on Azhdaha's shoulders got so strong that he flinched, looking up to the face of the person currently riding his cock.




He's sweating a lot, some of his long bangs stuck messily against his cheek. His naked chest heaved as he took deep breaths.


His eyes, though, glared in annoyance.


"My Lord ," The bigger man said, bucking his hips again in an attempt to fuck Morax even wilder, but his lover was having none of it. "We're using our human bodies. It's much more fragile than our draconic forms. I'm not sure your body can handle two cocks—"


" I ," Morax interrupted. "Want more cocks."


His eyes were glowing orange.


Azhdaha sighed, brought one of his hands to his own temple, massaging it. Eyes weren't on Morax's anymore. He also stopped bucking his hips, stopped fucking his human erection into Morax's hole, contemplating what he should do after this.


Morax got impatient. He slammed his own body down to Azhdaha's cock, then raised his hips again, then slammed down again, fucking himself against the other man's cock. He moaned between each thrust but still made sure to let his voice completely heard, "Quick… modify… your penis… use your dragon dicks… I need two of those… inside me…"


The suggestion itself was sexy, but Azhdaha was in doubt. He touched the slight bulge on the other man's belly every time his dick filled Morax to the hilt. Even in their human forms, Azhdaha was much bigger than Morax. Including his dick . It looked like the size of his dick alone was the same size as Morax's lower arm.


"My Lord—"


" Azhdaha ! Quick," Morax insisted.


"I can't risk hurting your human body,"


"Don't underestimate me."


"But—" Azhdaha knew Morax wouldn't be hurt that easily. But he also couldn't risk wrecking that beautiful human body. "I can't—"


" Azhdaha !"






—no, that voice wasn't Azhdaha's. It was another voice coming from behind them. Both of them stopped, looking to see who just called Morax in the middle of their sex.


Osial .


The man, with his human form, made a gesture for the two to keep doing what they're currently doing. He walked towards them and smirked, only stopping when he's right behind Morax's body. "Having fun without me, Morax?"


Morax only turned his head slightly, stared at him in annoyance, before slowly moving his hips again to ride Azhdaha’s cock. "I believe this is not the right time for me to welcome a guest, Osial. I apologize, but I need you to go back— ah! ♡... "


Morax let out an erotic cry before he even finished his sentence as Osial slapped his butt.


"’ I want more cocks’~ " Osial repeated Morax's words with a teasing tone. "Funny you use formal words with me while you're basically spurting out slutty words just now."


Azhdaha almost sent Osial flying with his power before the water man assured him, "I'm not gonna hurt him, Azhdaha." And then his hand kept squeezing Morax's perfect globe.


"What are you— ah! —doing…"


"Yes, yes, keep moaning like that, Dear," Osial rested his chin on Morax's shoulder, nibbling his ear. "You want more cock, hm? I can give it to you."


And with that sentence, he pushed a finger into Morax's wet hole, right beside Azhdaha's cock.


"No—!" Morax's back arched. He hugged Azhdaha's neck so tight to keep his own balance as his lower part got violated by Osial's finger. Azhdaha calmed him by caressing the back of Morax's head, then he sent a sharp glare at Osial.


"What's with the glare, dude? It's your fault for not granting his wish," Osial smirked, pushing two more fingers into Morax. He could feel Morax's walls tightened around his fingers. "It's not like he doesn't want it, too. Right, Morax?"


The fingers came out with a pop sound, and Morax actually whined in annoyance for the sudden emptiness even though Azhdaha's cock was still in him. It made Azhdaha frown and Osial laughed instead. "Look, he wants it! Tell me, Morax, you want my cock, don't you?"


Osial let his cock out and rubbed that hard human dick against Morax's body, making Morax's flinch, and hugged Azhdaha harder.


Morax answered in a whisper, "...yes"


"That's the spirit! Good boy," Osial lifted Morax's hips until Azhdaha's dick was almost entirely pulled out of the archon's hole, then positioning his own dick beside Azhdaha's.


Azhdaha frowned. "Yours is… touching mine."


Osial didn't even give him a glance. "Yeah? No homo."


" Quick ," Morax whined, his tone was almost like an order.


Osial grinned then put the head of his cock into Morax's entrance before shoving the archon's body down again, letting the hole engulf two cocks at once. All of them groaned in lust, Morax's being the loudest.


"Nnnn~ ...!"


"Don’t hold back, Princess, let us hear your scream," Osial grabbed Morax's waist, helping him move his hips up and down.


"He's no princess," Azhdaha kept caressing Morax's head and back, but his eyes were glued to Morax's bulge that kept getting bigger as their cocks attacked his inside. He’s not gonna lie; that’s sexy.


"Shut the fuck up will you?" Osial responded, thrusting his cock deeper into Morax's hole out of spite, making the archon moan again in pleasure.


Azhdaha glared at Osial and so did Osial toward him. Soon after, their thrust to Morax's hole got more and more fierce, each one of them trying to compete who'd make Morax moan louder. Their position was getting messed up, Morax looked like he could fall on his side whenever Osial didn't grab his lean waist and kept whispering sweet nothings to him instead. Azhdaha teased Morax by rubbing his cock as fast as his thrust, sometimes decorating his shoulder with kisses and bites. They didn't forget to keep increasing their tempo, taking turns in hitting that one sweet spot, not letting it have an even one-second rest.


"N… nnnngh …! A… Azhda— O, Osi…al… nnnn … a… aa mmmmh …" Morax looked so messed up, he couldn't even finish his sentence, sometimes biting into Azhdaha's shoulder to hold his moan down. It didn't take long for him to reach his climax, and with that, his walls were automatically twitched and tightened, making the two cocks inside feel even more stimulated and finally let out their cums inside.


The two pulled out, letting Morax's exhausted body lie down, cum flowing out of his hole. His stomach looked bigger as two men's cum invaded his guts.


"Do you like it?" Osial asked, lying down beside him.


Morax nodded. "... we should do this more."


Azhdaha agreed.