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Revue of A Thousand Stars

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After a while, the tank that was chasing Tintin and Haddock finally separates itself from the building, revealing it to be a hotel.


But when the driver opens the hatch, he instantly screams as the tank falls to the ocean.


The Stage Girls laugh at the driver’s misfortune, seeing how that’s karma for chasing Tintin and Haddock.


“Ha! Serves him right!” Futaba said with a smile.


“That’s what you get for trying to run over Tintin and Haddock!” Aruru said to the driver.


Then, Thompson and Thomson get up from the hotel’s porch, weary from the tank that caught the hotel building.


“We’re saved,” Thompson says in relief.


“I love the beach,” Thomson says to his partner.


“You said you wanted a holiday,” Thompson says to Thomson, as he replies, “Quite.”


“Wait a minute! Why are we at the hotel building!?” Ichie said in confusion.


“I think your counterparts stayed at that hotel. They must be really unlucky that they chose the wrong place.” Yachiyo said with a grin.


“But on the bright side. At least they get to enjoy the ocean view.” Michiru said with a smile.


Then, the hotel’s manager walks out of the building with a satisfied face as he notices that the hotel is in the perfect spot.


He walks towards his signboard and places a star that he picked up, making it a “three” star hotel.


Some of the girls chuckled at the manager who added another star to his hotel signboard.


“Well, he is near the coast and I’ll admit, I’m willing to spend my money if I get a good view of the ocean,” Akira said with a soft smile.


Haddock walks along the harbor and says, “Nobody takes my ship!”


“They’ve already taken it,” Tintin says to the captain. 


“And nobody takes my ship twice!” Haddock says in anger as she points to the Karaboudjan. 


“We’ll show them, won’t we Tintin?” Haddock says to the lass who is busy patting Snowy, “All right then, what’s the plan?”


Tintin says to the captain, “There is no plan.”


“No plan!?” some of the Stage Girls said in shock.


“What do you mean no plan!? What has gotten into you, Tintin!?” Rui said in shock.


“Of course there’s a plan. You’ve always got a plan.” Haddock says to Tintin, making the reporter reply, “Not this time.”


“Sakharine has the scroll. They’ll lead her to the treasure. It could be anywhere in the world. We’ll never see her again. It’s over.” Tintin says in a flat tone.


“It can’t be over Tintin! You can’t give up!” Karen said with pleading eyes.


“You were this close to getting the scrolls, Tintin! I still believe you can do this!” Aruru said with a determined look.


“Heh. I thought you were an optimist.” Haddock says to Tintin when Snowy shakes off the water from his fur.


“Well, you were wrong, weren’t you? I’m a realist.” Tintin says to the captain as she walks towards her.


“That’s just another name for a quitter,” Haddock says to Tintin.


“You can call me what you like. Don’t you get it? We failed.” Tintin said to the captain.


The pain. The despair. It was all too familiar to Tamao and her friends. They all thought that losing their theater department was the end. If it weren’t for Tamao’s newfound courage, the Performance Association would never have come to fruition.


“Tintin…..” Tamao quietly said. 


“Please Tintin…. Please! You can’t give up!” Rui said, clenching her fist.


“Failed,” Haddock says, beginning to point her finger at Tintin saying, “There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure. A fool. A loser. A hopeless souse!”


“Don’t you ever say it of yourself!” Haddock says, pushing Tintin back until she lands on the reclining chair.


“You send out the wrong signal. That is what people pick up. Do you understand? You care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it. There’s something you need to know about failure, Tintin.” Haddock says to Tintin as she turns away from her, saying “You can never let it defeat you.” 


After Haddock makes her speech, the Stage Girls are in awe of what she said to Tintin. They had never seen this side of Haddock and they were very inspired by how Haddock was able to tell Tintin to never give up.


Suddenly, Tamao began to tear up as her friends were surprised to see her like that.


“Tamao-senpai, why are you crying!?” Rui said in horror.


“No, no. It’s… It’s okay. I just…. It reminded me of how I failed back then.” Tamao said while wiping her tears away, “I called myself a failure for not saving our department. But now…. I’m even more determined to keep our dream alive. So what do you say everyone, are we letting our failures beat us?”


Soon enough, everyone agrees with what Tamao said. Letting failure keep you down is nothing more than a thorn on your side.


“She’s right. Even if I make several mistakes, I won’t let it bring me down!” Karen said with a smile.


“I agree. ‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ Thomas Edison” Junna said with confidence.


“Alright girls! We solemnly declare that we won’t give up, no matter what!” Aruru shouted with joy, causing some of the Stage Girls to shout with determination.


Akira smiled, seeing how she herself will never let her past define her. Because after all, she is Frau Platin, the leader of Siegfeld’s Edels.


Suddenly, Tintin suddenly stands up and says to the captain, “What did you just say?”


“You hit a wall, you push through it.” Haddock says to Tintin, when she replies, “No, no, no, you said something about sending out a signal.”

Then, Tintin claps her hands and says, “Of course! Captain!”


Tintin turns around and says to Haddock, “I sent a radio message from the Karaboudjan. I know what radio frequency they’re transmitting on.”


“Oh yeah! Tintin sent a message from the Karaboudjan before they escaped!” Tsukasa said, making Junna realize why Tintin thought of the radio transmission.


“Well, how does that help us?” Haddock asks the lass as she says to her, “All we have to do is send that information to Interpol, they can track the signals and figure out which way they’re headed.”


“She’s right! That’s how Thomson and Thompson found Tintin! They tracked the signal when Tintin sent her message to the port!” Junna said.


“And with that information, Interpol can find the Karaboudjan wherever they are in the world,” Akira said in confidence.


Haddock then points ahead and says to Tintin, “Here comes Interpol now.”


“Tintin!” Thomson and Thompson said, waving their walking canes as they made their way to the duo.


“Any port they’ll enter, we’ll know at once,” Tintin says to the captain, until the captain says to Tintin, “And we can get there first.”


Haddock points Tintin to an object, revealing it to be a seaplane.


“Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere!” Futaba said with a grin.


“Now Tintin and Haddock can get to her first!” Aruru said with a smile.


Then, the Karaboudjan sounds its horn as it lands at the harbor at night.


Suddenly, Sakharine, Elma, and Tom get out of the ship as Tom says to Sakharine, “What are we doing here boss? I don’t get it. We’re right back where we started.”


“They’re back in Antwerp!?” Claudine said in shock that Sakharine came back to the place where the story begins.


“I don’t know why they came back but….. It could be about the scrolls that she has. Maybe study about them more?” Junna said with a curious look.


“In any case, it is mysterious why Sakharine would come back to Antwerp,” Akira said, making some of the Stage Girls think about why she would come back.


“You speak of this to no one. Keep your mouths shut.” Sakharine says to her group as Elma replies, “Don’t worry. As long as we get our share.”


The girls also notice that Nestor is also there, wearing a chauffeur outfit and with a car.


“Oh hey! I’m back again!” Misora said, noticing that her counterpart had arrived with Sakharine’s car.


“I’ve got to admit. You do look snazzy in that outfit your counterpart is wearing.” Yachiyo said with a grin.


“You’ll get your share,” Sakharine says to them in annoyance.


“Where are you going?” Tom says to his boss as she says to Tom, “Just guard the ship.”


“Where’s the filthy moolah?” Tom says in confusion, forcing Elma to coax him back to the ship.


“He really is an impatient man. Thinking that he’ll get his share in a blink of an eye.” Claudine said in annoyance.


“On the bright side Saijo-san, I’m sure Tintin and Haddock will arrive sooner or later to stop them,” Maya said to the French woman.


“Good evening, ma’am. I trust you had a successful trip abroad.” Nestor says to her master as Sakharine replies, “Do I pay you to talk to me?”


“You don’t pay me at all,” Nestor says nonchalantly.


Some of the girls shake their heads in annoyance, seeing how Sakharine is mistreating her servant.


“Some master you are….” Misora grumbled about how her counterpart is being treated.


Suddenly, ropes tied around the car’s wheels lift the car in the air as Sakharine notices that something is wrong.


“What the blazes? Nestor!” Sakharine says in shock.


“Nestor!” Sakharine said, looking out of the window, leaving her servant to shrug it off.


“Alright! Tintin and Haddock made it to Antwerp early!” Karen said with joy.


“And it appears that they have already set their trap,” Akira said.


Then, Tom and Elma get out of the ship to see Sakharine’s car being hauled in the air.


“Tom! Elma! You blithering idiots, don’t just stand there do something!” Sakharine shouts at them as the car is being hauled to another building, whereas the Haddock is chuckling with glee that her archnemesis is done for.  


“Hope you like prison, Sakharine! Because that’s where you’re headed!” Aruru said in excitement.


“Wel,l it was a fun ride, Sakharine. But your time’s up.” Fumi said to her counterpart.


“Caught her like a rat in a trap,” Thompson says as the car is being placed at the top of a building.


“Congratulations, gentlemen. She’s all yours.” Tintin says, standing alongside the duo.


“Yes, we also had an arrest warrant issued by both Interpol and the FBI.” Thompson says to Tintin as Thomson also adds, “Your friend who got shot…”


“Barnaby,” Tintin says as Thomson continues, “...he was one of their agents. Hot on Sakharine’s trail from the start.”


“So Barnaby’s already after Sakharine from the start,” Junna said with curiosity as Claudine added, “But unfortunately, he ended up getting shot.”


“Hey Edward-san, what is this FBI that Thomson is talking about?” Aruru said as Lalafin said with excitement, “Are they also a police organization like Interpol?”


“Correct Lalafin. The FBI is like Interpol but is stationed in the United States. Although they prioritize their efforts domestically, they do have a helping hand with other police departments across the globe.” Edward said to the pink-haired girl.


“It still doesn’t make sense,” Tintin says as the detectives turned to Tintin, “She has the key to the treasure of the Unicorn, which is sitting somewhere on the ocean floor. Why would she come back home?”


“Even Tintin wonders why Sakharine came back home,” Akira said.


“In any case, maybe we’ll learn why Sakharine went home instead of going out at sea,” Nana said with a curious smile.


Haddock chuckles with glee as she lands the car at the building where Tintin, the detectives, and some policemen are waiting.


“Right.” Thomson says as the detective duo look at the car and say in unison, “Sakharine.”


Until, Sakharine pulls out a gun and says, “That’s Ms. Sakharine to you.”


“Oh come on! Really!” Aruru said in annoyance that Tintin and the detectives are holding their hands up high.


“Sakharine must’ve had a backup plan!” Karen said in shock.


“I’ll admit….. I’d give Sakharine some respect since she must’ve placed a gun in the car. If she’s cornered by the police.” Maya said with respect.


Sakharine turns around and says, “Hold it.”


The policeman in front of her puts her hands in the air in fright.


Haddock notices the ambush when suddenly, Elma appears, forcing Haddock to move the crane, making Elma miss her shot.


“Captain, take her out!” Aruru said in determination.


Haddock walks towards Elma as they begin to fight for the gun, not noticing that the crane is still moving.


“Look out!” Thompson says in shock as the policeman moves away when Sakharine says “Oh no!”


The car slams at the brick wall, losing the roof in the process as the car is scraping across the wall.


Then, Elma punches Haddock, making her fall off the crane.


Luckily, Haddock manages to grab the railing as she flails around.


“Captain, hang on!” Lalafin said in suspense.


“Elma! Elma, get me down!” Sakharine says to her lackey as Elma pulls one of the levers, making the crane move to the other side.


“What? Not that way!” Sakharine says angrily.


Haddock struggles to pull herself up as Sakharine continues to berate Elma saying, “Not that way, you fool, the other way!”


Elma pulls the levers once more when Haddock grabs Elma and pulls her out of the chair as she throws her off  the crane where luckily, she lands on a passing truck full of boxes.


“Geez, that was close!” Tsukasa said with relief.


“I almost thought I’d see Tsukasa-senpai go splat.” Misora said, relieved that Tsukasa’s counterpart didn't die a grisly death.


Haddock controls the crane once more when Sakharine sees that she has to finish off Haddock herself. She grabs her cane and jumps to another nearby crane as she turns it on using her cane.


“Right!” Sakharine says in annoyance as she sits down and activates the crane.


“Are we seeing a crane fight!” Karen said with enthusiasm.


“It looks that way, Karen-chan!” Aruru said, clapping with excitement.


“Alright! Now this is a first for me!” Futaba said, seeing how for the first time, she’ll be seeing a different kind of ‘sword’ fight.


Intense music begins to play as Haddock pushes one of the levers, making the crane hit Sakharine’s crane. Sakharine groans in pain as she controls the crane to hit Haddock back.


The force of the collision causes Haddock’s cables to snap as the car falls to the ocean.


Enraged, Haddock moves her crane, clashing with Sakharine’s crane when one of their cranes collides with a nearby building.


“Look out!” Thomson/Thompson says as their group immediately runs for cover.


“Everyone get out! You’re going to get hurt!” Tamao said in horror.


“Tintin, go! Let Haddock handle this!” Aruru said.


Noticing the debris, Sakharine moves her crane to the left, as debris is thrown right at Haddock’s crane, making a lot of smoke.


Haddock starts to cough because of the dust when suddenly, Sakharine’s crane launches forward, breaking the glass as it knocks Haddock down.


“Captain!” Mei Fan said in horror.


“Come on Arsenia, take Sakharine down, now!” Aruru said, cheering the captain from her seat.


“This is getting intense!” Futaba said with a smile.


As Haddock gets back to her feet, Sakharine’s crane is retracting backward.


While the cranes are causing destruction, Thompson replies, “Good lord! Come on!”


While Tintin and the rest are getting to safety, a police car drives by when suddenly, one of the cranes immediately destroys it in half.


Luckily, the police officers were spared since the two of them were in the front.


“Geez, this is complete mayhem!” Kaoruko said.


“I guess with a battle like this, it sure spells mayhem and destruction to those who are not careful.” Nana said.


“Oh they have no idea of what other battles they might see…” Edward said to himself.


Haddock activates one of the levers as the crane smashes Sakharine’s crane throught the right.


“Close but no cigar!” Sakharine says to Haddock as she activates the crane, hitting Haddock’s crane from below, launching Haddock from her seat, hitting the crane’s upper wall.


“That’s gotta hurt!” Aruru said while clutching her head.


“Oh no! Sakharine is gaining the upper hand!” Karen said in horror.


Because of the attack, various objects are falling from the boxes, forcing Tintin, Thomson, Thompson, and Snowy to run for cover.


Tom notices Snowy as he tries to shoot him when suddenly, random tires fall on him as he falls down.


Once again, the girls laugh at Tom's misfortune on how he’s being treated as the movie’s laughingstock.


“Hey Tom! Where’s your self-awareness!” Ichie said.


“I think he forgot to bring it with him before the trip.” Yuyuko replied, as some of the girls chuckle at the Rinmeikan girls’ jokes.


Snowy peeks out from the tires when some of the Karaboudjan’s crew begins to shoot at Tintin’s group.


With quick feet (or paws), Snowy rushes towards a box and pushes it as the box spills its contents all over the ground.


Not noticing the cans, the crew immediately slips from the cans as Snowy smiles at his handiwork.


“Snowy’s the best! I really wish I had a dog just like him!” Shiori said, gushing at how amazing Snowy can be.


“Good boy, Snowy! Good boy!” Karen said with enthusiasm.


“G… Good boy…” Hikari said whilst blushing.


Sakharine activates one of the levers as her crane slams against Haddock’s cabin, crashing against a building.


Undeterred, Haddock shouts in rage as her crane clashes with Sakharine’s, not knowing that it instantly snaps from the clash.


“Oh no, her crane!” Karen said in shock.


“Without her crane, Haddock’s a sitting duck!” Futaba said in suspense.


After the crane’s collision, Haddock’s cabin crashes into Sakharine’s cabin, causing Haddock’s windows to shatter.


As Haddock gets to her senses, she stares face to face with Sakharine.


The theater is filled with suspense as Haddock and Sakharine are in a staredown.


“To think that after a hundred years, their descendants would meet again.” Maya said in a solemn tone.


“Who knew Red Rackham’s promise to Lady Frances would come to fruition. Destiny really wants these two to fight for their family’s honor.” Michiru said.


“Come on Haddock…. You can beat her!” Aruru said in a determined tone.


“Red Rackham,” Haddock says to Sakharine as she replies, “That’s right. My ancestor. Just as Lady Frances was yours.”


“Unfinished business,” Haddock replies as Sakharine proudly says to her, “Oh, I’m glas you know the truth, Haddock. Until you could remember, killing you wouldn’t have been this much fun.”


“No way! She didn’t kill Haddock just because she doesn’t remember!” Shiori said in horror.


“I think she wants the satisfaction of seeing Haddock defeated. She doesn’t want to kill her right after she steals Haddock’s ship. She wants Haddock to remember first, before killing her.” Junna said to Frau Jade.


“No way Sakharine can beat her! Haddock’s just getting started!” Aruru said.


Sakharine pulls back her crane and with a mighty swing, Sakharine’s crane strikes true as it destroys half of Haddock’s cabin.


Sakharine laughs with glee, seeing that Arsenia is about to lose.


While Tintin’s group is running away, Tintin sees Haddock’s crane, crashing into the Karaboudjan as Haddock falls at the ship, groaning.


“Captain!” Karen, Aruru, and Lalafin said in horror.


“Tintin, save her!” Rui said in horror.


Beyond the distance, Sakharine is walking along the crane, using it as a bridge to where Haddock is lying at.


Grabbing a machete, Haddock says to Sakharine, “Who gave you permission to board my ship?”


While Haddock is struggling to stand up, Sakharine draws her cane sword and says, “I don’t need it. I’ve never needed it.”


Haddock jumps onto the platform as the women face off in the duel to end their families’ rivalry.


“Time for the final round! Haddock versus Sakharine!” Futaba said with a grin.


“Come on Haddock, you can do this!” Mahiru said in determination.


Haddock starts with a thrust as Sakharine dodges it and smacks Haddock with the back of her sword.


Haddock tries the thrust again but instead clashes with Sakharine’s blade. When Haddock clashes with Sakharine again, she tries to overpower Sakharine but the crimson clad villain stomps Haddock’s foot and hits her with an elbow.


“Haddock what are you doing!? Fight back!” Aruru said in horror,


“I guess Haddock’s not as good at sword fighting than Sakharine.” Futaba said.


“But even so! How can Haddock fight back!?” Aruru said to the Seisho girl, leading her to reply, “Well if I were her, I need to change my approach as soon as possible. She can’t rely on aggressiveness to win this fight.”


Gritting her teeth, Haddock stands up and charges at Sakharine when suddenly, Sakharine throws a net at Haddock disorienting her.


After that, Sakharine throws Haddock away, landing at the boxes where she swings her sword like her ancestor Red Rackham.


“Captain Haddock, get up!” Aruru said with pleading eyes.


“I guess even Sakharine inherits Red Rackham’s mannerisms.” Junna said in an interesting tone.


Then, Haddock notices the whiskey bottles on the floor as she places her hand on it.


While Sakharine is swinging her sword, a bottle hits her from the back.


“Hey, Sakharine! The fight’s not over yet!” Karen said with a determined smile


“Heh, heh, sometimes, you just gotta play dirty.” Futaba said with a grin.


Seeing it as a nuisance, Sakharine smacks another bottle but soon, she is experiencing an onslaught of bottles that instantly disarms her of her weapon.


Thanks to the momentum, Haddock keeps on throwing the whiskey bottles at Sakharine, until she falls to another platform.


“Come on Haddock, finish her already!” Aruru said with a smile.


“Looks like this battle is over,” Akira said with a smirk.


Haddock is about to throw the last bottle when suddenly, Sakharine reveals that she lit a lighter, and the scrolls are close to its flame!


“No, the scrolls!” Junna said in horror.


“I forgot! Sakharine still has the scrolls in her pocket! She must be very desperate if she doesn’t want Haddock to get the treasure!” Rui said in anger.


Aruru grits her teeth, seeing that Sakharine once again was able to weasel her way out.


“The legend says only a Haddock can discover the secret of the Unicorn...” Sakharine says as she smiles in victory, “...but it took a Rackham to get the job done.”


“So you’ve lost again, Haddock,” Sakharine says with glee as Arsenia looks at the bottle on her hand, “That’s right. Why don’t you take a drink? That’s all you’ve got left isn’t it?”


“You coward! You won’t get away with this! You hear me!” Aruru said in anger.


“Tintin, where are you!” Rui said in desperation.


“Everything that was rightfully yours is now mine,” Sakharine says to Haddock, “Including this ship.”


Suddenly, Tintin swung by Sakharine as she was able to grab all three scrolls from her!


Soon enough, the theater erupts with joy as some of the Stage Girls cheer for Tintin.


“She did it! Tintin grabs all the scrolls!” Aruru said with joy, jumping in the air with happiness.


“God! Buddha! Thank you! Thank you!” Rui said with tears in her eyes.


“Alright, Tintin! Marche à suivre!” Claudine said, praising Tintin.


Tintin lands on the Karaboudjan’s deck, holding the three scrolls in her hand.


As Sakharine freezes in horror, Haddock says to her, “Thundering typhoons.”


She then turns around with a smile and says, “Nobody takes my ship.”


With a loud punch, Haddock tosses Sakharine to the ocean as she screams on her descent.


“Bye bye Sakharine! That’s what you get for stealing Haddock’s ship!” Aruru said with pride.


“Well…. Guess that’s it for my counterpart.” Fumi said with a sigh.


“I’m surprised you’re this calm, Fumi-san,” Tamao said, making Fumi reply, “Hey, at least she put up a fight against those two. She’s not half-bad.”


Seeing that Sakharine is still swimming, Haddock kicks the whiskey bottle on the ground as it lands right at Sakharine’s head, knocking her out.


The Stage Girls laugh at that moment, seeing how for everything Sakharine has put Haddock through, they know that she deserved it.


“Ha! Serves her right!” Tsukasa said whils smiling.


“And that’s what I call an insult to injury!” Kaoruko said, pleased that Sakharine gets her comeuppance.


With confidence, Haddock looks at Tintin with a smile as Snowy makes his way back to his master.


Meanwhile, Thompson and Thomson were able to haul Sakharine on their boat.


“We have you now, you devil,” one of the detectives says as Thompson replies, “You are under arrest.”


“To be precise,” Thomson says as she looks at her partner, “you are under arrest.”


Seeing that she has nowhere to go, Sakharine raises her hands in defeat.


“Game over, Sakharine! You’re under arrest!” Ichie and Lalafin said in unison, noticing that they said the same line at the same time.


“Wow! Who knew that the two of them could say their lines at the same time.” Tsukasa said, as the Ichie and Lalafin high fives each other.


As the morning sun rises, Tintin holds all three scrolls into the light, revealing the hidden message.


“Do you see it?” Tintin asks the captain as the scrolls reveal all of the hidden numbers.


“Blistering barnacles, they’re coordinates.” Haddock says in awe as Tintin replies, “It took all three scrolls to form the numbers.”


“So that’s it…. They finally found the treasure’s location!” Junna said with a smile.


“She did it…. She finally did it!” Rui said happily.


“Latitude and longitude.” Haddock says as she replies to the lass, “That is it. That’s the location of the treasure.”


With great joy, Tintin offers her hand to Haddock but instead, Haddock hugs her as they jump with joy.


“We did it!” Tintin says to the captain.


Aruru instantly jumped for joy as she said, “Yahoo! We finally got the treasure!”


“Hey, Aruru! Get do-” Misora said when her childhood friend rushed towards Rui and hugged her while jumping.


“Hey, what are you doing!?” Rui said in shock.


“I’m jumping with you, Rui-chan! Aren’t you glad that Tintin and Haddock got the treasure!” Aruru said smiling.


Although Aruru is annoying her, Rui can’t help but let it slide since she’s really happy that her counterpart.


After Aruru and Rui went back to their seats, the Stage Girls were chuckling at how Aruru jumped to Rui.


Some time later, Snowy is basking across a blue sky and Tintin’s exhales in anticipation.


Meanwhile, Haddock is holding a sextant and says, “Almost there, Ms. Tintin!”


“Look Rui-chan! I’m sailing the seven seas with you!” Aruru said with joy, making Rui reply, “And it looks like we’re looking for the treasure as well!”


“Oh! I hope that we’ll be able to sail the seas with you, Hikari!” Karen said to her roommate.


“Hey! Don’t forget about me, Karen-chan!” Mahiru said to the brunette as she replied, “Of course, Mahiru-chan! I won’t forget about you too!”


“A nudge to starboard should do it!” Haddock says to Tintin, revealing they’re actually on land rather than sea as Tintin is driving a car.


“Eh!?” some of the Stage Girls said in shock.


“They’re on land!?” Karen said in disbelief.


“But I thought they’re on water!?” Aruru said in disappointment.


“I think it’s the coordinates. Maybe the place they’re going isn’t on water, but on land.” Michiru said, leaving Karen and Aruru to groan that they’re not seeing an underwater excavation of the treasure.


“Are you sure we’re on course?” Tintin says to the captain as she replies, “Trust me, lassie.”


“I know these parts like the back of my hand.” Haddock said while lowering the sextant.


Suddenly, Haddock places the sextant on her eyes and says, “Starboard! Quickly! Quickly!”


“Aye, Captain, starboard it is!” Tintin says as she turns the car to the right, hitting some shrubbery along the way until they stop at a familiar sight.


“Is that Marlinspike Hall!?” Claudine said in shock.


“I think that’s where the coordinates point to!” Fumi said in surprise.


“You mean that all this time… Sakharine basically lives at the mansion, not knowing that it’s there the whole time.” Yachiyo said with a mischievous grin.


“Oh man! I’m really glad that Sakharine didn’t find the treasure by luck!” Futaba said in a grateful tone.


“All stop!” Haddock says to Tintin as they reach their destination.


“Marlinspike Hall,” Haddock says solemnly as the reporter says in shock, “Those coordinates lead here.”


“And this is where Lady Frances hid it?” Tintin says in bewilderment as she says to the captain, “I thought the treasure went down with the ship.”


Suddenly, the hall’s doors open, as Nestor greets his visitors, “Mistress Haddock, Ms. Tintin, I’ve been expecting you.”


When the girls saw Nestor welcoming Haddock home, they were all glad that Haddock came back to her ancestral home. 


“Welcome home, Haddock…. Welcome home.” Aruru said gently.


“It must’ve been years since Haddock came home.” Nana said with a gentle smile as Karen replied, “Yes…. I’m just glad she’s able to come home.”


As the group enters the old house, Nestor says to them, “Welcome to Marlinspike Hall.”


“Will you look at this place,” Haddock says to Tintin, “I don’t think it’s changed at all since I was a wee girl.” 


“And may I say, ma’am, how much I’m looking forward to having a Haddock back in charge of the estate.” Nestor says to the captain.


“You’ll be waiting a long time, Nestor. There’s no way I could afford to live here!” Haddock says to the caretaker.


“Come on, Captain, you deserve this!” Aruru said with joy, “After all this time, you finally got your home back!”


“I don’t think so, Aruru-chan,” Shizuha said to the blonde girl, “Haddock may have her home back, but she needs to learn to adjust her lifestyle. She must’ve stayed on her ship for who knows when.”


“Well, Captain, you know the house,” Tintin says to the captain as she walks around her, “Where do we start?”


“Is the cellar still here?” Haddock says.


Then, Nestor opens the cellar door as Snowy and the Rottweiler plays around.


“Aw, Snowy’s having a new playmate!” Shiori said, gushing over how Snowy is playing with another dog.


“I wish I had a dog like Snowy….” Hikari silently said.


The group enters the cellar but Haddock begins to panic, “No, no, no, no, this isn’t it.”


“I meant the other cellar,” Haddock says to Nestor as she replies, “I’m sorry ma’am, there is no other ‘cellar’.”


“Other cellar? Is Haddock talking about another room in there?” Junna said in confusion.


“It was bigger than this,” Haddock says when Tintin notices that her dog is gone, “Snowy.” 


She then hears her dog’s bark as she says, “Snowy, where are you?”


“No, Hector,” Nestor says to his dog, as it barks at the wall, prompting Snowy to bark back.


“Captain, help me,” Tintin says to the captain as they move the objects blocking the wall until a hole appears from it.


“Snowy,” Tintin says as she peeks from the hole as Snowy peeks out of it.


“Snowy found the cellar!” Shiori said with a smile.


“Good boy, Snowy, good boy!” Rui said happily.


As Tintin and Haddock look from below, Tintin says to the captain, “Just as you said, Captain.”


“You hit a wall,” Tintin says as Haddock and Aruru said “you push through it./ you push through it.


Suddenly, Tintin breaks the brick wall with a ram as both women enter the hidden cellar.


“My grandfather must have walled it up before he lost the house,” Haddock says when Tintin replies, “And then shine’s forth the Eagle’s cross.”


Tintin and Haddock walk towards a statue with a cross when Haddock replies, “Well, I can see the cross, but where’s the eagle?”

“St. John the Evangelist, who was always depicted with an eagle,” Tintin says as St. John the Evangelist’s statue reveals itself, “And he’s called the Eagle of Patmos.”


“So that’s the eagle from the poem. It’s talking about St. John the Evangelist.” Akira said.


“But the big question is,” Claudine said, “Where does it point to the treasure?”


“He is the eagle,” Tintin says, pointing Haddock to the statue, “What’s he trying to tell us?”


Then, Haddock walks towards a globe when Tintin replies, “I’m at a loss.”


“Heh. That island, the one in the middle, that doesn’t exist.” Haddock says as Tintin replies, “How do you know?”


“Because I’ve sailed those waters countless times. I’ve been there. There’s been a mistake.” Haddock replies as Tintin suddenly realizes something important.


“What if it isn’t?” Tintin says to the captain, prompting her to look at Tintin.


When the girls heard what Tintin said, they suddenly realized why there was a nonexistent island.


“It’s the last test! This is Lady Frances’ test to see if a Haddock can solve it!” Junna said.


“Because only a true Haddock can get the treasure!” Aruru said with a smile.


“Lady Frances wanted her inheritance to go to someone who was worthy of it. Someone like herself, who knows the seas like the back of her hand. Someone who could look at a globe and tell if one tiny island was out of place.” Tintin says to the captain.


Slowly but surely, Haddock places her finger onto the island when suddenly, the globe bursts open, surprising Tintin, Haddock, Nestor, Snowy, and the Stage Girls.


But when Tintin and Haddock looked at the globe's interior, they were in shock to see the treasure within it.


“Blistering treasure,” Haddock says in shock as Tintin runs her hand on the golden loot, “It’s Red Rackham’s barnacles!”


“It’s the treasure that Lady Frances caught from the explosion!” Aruru said with joy.


“Well I’ll be….. To think that Lady Frances brought the only remainder of the Unicorn’s treasure. Now that is amazing.” Junna said with a smile.


When Haddock looks at Tintin, both of them smile at each other that they finally achieve their goals.


“What is this?” Haddock says in wonder as she grabs the treasure’s container, revealing it to be a hat.


After grabbing the hat, she pours the hat's contents into a bowl while Tintin notices another item inside the globe and grabs it.


“My, my. What did Tintin see inside the globe?” Yachiyo said in curiosity.


After pouring the contents, Haddock wears the hat, revealing it to be Lady Frances’ hat.


“It’s the hat. It’s Lady Frances’ hat!” Karen said with joy.


And as the girls saw Haddock wearing it, they now believe that Haddock has completely transformed. Gone is the cowardly drunkard who spends the day drinking in her cabin. And now, it has been replaced by an honorable (slightly drunk) captain who will carry her family legacy for as long as she lives.


“You deserve it, Haddock. You deserve to wear that hat.” Aruru said while tearing up a bit.


As Haddock wears the hat, it’s as if she feels the history within it. 


Meanwhile, Tintin grabs the item from the globe, revealing it to be a parchment.


“Is that a map?” Mei Fan said with curiosity.


“Why is a map inside the globe?” Claudine said in curiosity.


“Maybe it’s Lady Frances’ old map that was preserved?” Karen said with her finger on her chin.


Then, Nestor returns to the room, along with two glasses of champagne.


Haddock laughs with glee as she grabs one of them and says to Tintin, “Just a wee tipple.”


“A toast to our good fortune,” Haddock says to Tintin as she gives her the other glass when she drinks her champagne in one gulp.


“I guess some things don’t change,” Misora said with a sigh as Aruru said to her, “Oh come on, Misora-chan! It’s ok! My counterpart deserves every bit of rest she needs after a grand adventure!”


“Well….. For once, I’ll let this one slide,” Fumi said to Aruru, “Just be sure she limits herself from drinking too much.”

“Oh, that’s better,” Haddock says to Tintin, “It’s odd, really. You would’ve thought after all the fuss and botherm there would’ve been more.”


Then, Haddock grabs Tintin’s glass and drinks it all up.


“More of what?” Tintin says as Haddock replies, “Red Rackham’s treasure.”


The girls laugh at this moment, seeing how Haddock still has her….. “drinking” issues.


“Other than her ‘drinking issues’, I do agree that the location should’ve shown more of the Unicorn’s treasure,” Junna said while fixing her glasses, “It is still somewhere across the ocean floor.”


“You’re right, Junna-chan! I wonder where the rest of the treasure is!” Karen said with enthusiasm.


“I mean, by your account, she looted half of South America. I just thought…” Haddock says to Tintin, “Never mind. There’s plenty to go around.”


“It’s a funny old life, eh?” Haddock says as she puts arm around Tintin while they walk, “Well, you’ve got your story for your newspaper.”


“All’s well that ends well.” Haddock says to Tintin.


“Indeed it is, Haddock. Indeed it is.” Junna said in a pleasing tone of how Haddock is quoting Shakespeare in their journey’s end.


“Oh everyone’s going to love this story when my counterpart publishes it,” Rui said.


“I hope it will inspire countless others to create their own adventure too!” Aruru said happily.


“It’s not ended,” Tintin says to the captain as she shows Haddock the parchment, “Lady Frances left another clue at the bottom of the globe.”


“A clue to what?” Haddock says as Tintin replies, “Four hundredweight of gold.”


Haddock stops Tintin as she continues, “...just lying at the bottom of the sea.”


“How’s your thirst for adventure, Captain?” Tintin asks the captain.


“Ready for another adventure, Aruru?” Rui said to the blonde as she responded, “Of course, Rui-chan! Of course I’m ready!”


“Unquenchable, Tintin,” Haddock says as the two of them hold the parchment together.


And from it, the screen fades away as the theater erupts with applause. 


“Thank you for watching ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’,” Edward said to his guests, “Please keep your surroundings clean and proceed to the exit in an organized manner.”


“Also, please wait a while in the lobby. I have some private business with Ms. Elle and Andrew.” Edward said as the Stage Girls find it weird on why Edward wants to talk to Elle and Andrew.


“Should I ask why Edward-san wants to talk to Elle?” Junna thought when she decided to save that question for later.


After leaving their seats, some of the Stage Girls begin to talk about the story that they have watched. Some are excited while the others are interested in what other stories they may encounter next.


“That was awesome!” Aruru said with happiness, “I never would’ve thought a story such as that would exist!”


“Ugh…. Well, it was a fun story,” Yuyuko said while stretching, “It ain’t no rakugo….. But it was a fun story.”


“Oh…. I can’t handle this!” Karen said with excitement, “I can’t wait for the other stories Edward-san would show!”


“I’ll admit, never in my wildest dreams would I encounter a story such as this,” Claudine said with a smile, as Maya said to her friend, “Of course, Saijo-san. The future stories that we’ll encounter may be more interesting as Tintin’s adventure.”


As the Stage Girls make their way to the exit, Edward proceeds to talk to Elle and Andrew.


“How was it, Miss Elle? Does it exceed your expectations?” Edward said to Elle.


“It does, Edward-san,” Elle said with a gentle smile, “The story that you introduced to the Stage Girls was very fascinating.”


“Of course-ryuu! Andrew doesn’t even know when to be excited or intrigued!” Andrew said with his paw in the air.


“In any case, I’m thankful that you both enjoy the show,” Edward said with a bow, “Now then…. Time to show these girls my theater.”