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Revue of A Thousand Stars

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Brilliance. Some say that it's blinding while others say it is perfection. But to these girls, it is a symbol of their greatness. They are the Stage Girls, young women who are dedicated to learning the art of theater and acting. And now, they shall be graced by worlds no human can never witness.

Because this is the Revue of a Thousand Stars.

"Haaahh... Finally! School's over!"

With a satisfied look, Karen Aijo stretched her arms as school is over. She's currently cleaning up her desk after school has ended since, after all, today is Friday.

"Karen-chan! Can you hurry up!" said a kind voice.

"I'm coming!" said Karen, where she's almost done fixing her bag.

After cleaning up, Karen went outside the classroom and went to the school's entrance gates where her friends are waiting for her.

"Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait! Karen Aijo is here!" Karen loudly proclaimed.

"Oh, Karen... Same old, same old..." said a stoic girl.

"Well... We won't be complete if Karen's getting left behind." said a kind girl.

And from those responses, Karen immediately responded, "You guys. Having you say these things to me is a big non non!"

"It's been a while since we're walking together, doesn't it, Maya Tendo?"

"Same goes for you, Saijo-san"

What Claudine Saijo is referring to is their group. All nine of them usually went their separate ways once school is over. Usually, Karen would be with Mahiru and Hikari while Junna will be with Banana. The same goes for Kaoruko, Futaba, Maya, and Claudine. But in this instance, all nine girls are walking as a big group.

As of now, they're heading back to the Starlight Dorm so that they can relax after a day of classes. So far, each of the girls is engrossed in their discussion with each other.

"Hey Banana! What's for dinner tonight?" Karen happily replied.

"Well, I actually don't know what to pick Karen-chan." Nana replied, "Maybe you can decide what's for dinner."

In shock, Karen immediately began to plead with her friends to at least help her out.

"Me!? Well, uhhhh... Mahiru-chan! Hikari-chan! Can you help me out!" Karen pleaded.

"Sorry, Karen-chan. If Nana-chan wants you to decide for dinner, then you should at least try answering her." Mahiru replied.

"I agree," Hikari said, "At least give Nana-san an answer."

"Oh come on!" Karen whined.

Meanwhile, behind them, Kaoruko and Futaba are arguing regarding their morning routine. Normally, their arguments would've lasted for a while but in this instance, it lasted for the whole day.

"Futaba-han! When will you fix that bike of yours!" Kaoruko whined while pointing at her legs, "My legs were about to be turned into jelly a while ago if it weren't for the bell!".

"Hey! I'm doing whatever I can to fix it so can you at least be patient!" Futaba snapped back.

"Hoshimi-han! Please tell Futaba-han that she needs to fix her bike!" Kaoruko pleaded to their representative.

Junna sighed, knowing Kaoruko she would keep on whining, and replied, "Kaoruko-san, please be patient. Knowing that Futaba is doing whatever she can to fix her bike so please be more understanding."

But even with that, Kaoruko still whined about her being too tired and hoped that at the end of the week, she'll be able to go to school with ease, leaving Futaba and Junna let out an irritated sigh.

And finally, behind the three is the duo, Maya Tendo and Claudine Saijo who were observing their classmates' from behind.

"Even as if the day ends, it never gets boring, Maya Tendo," Claudine said, "Ever since what happened back then, we never get tired of these sorts of things."

Maya nodded, seeing that her friends are still going at their 'routine' per see, "I agree Saijo-san, it seems that they still have the energy to make the day more interesting no."

From that remark, Claudine was about to say something, until...

In a blink of an eye, the Seisho girls are transported to a familiar stage that they all know too well. It is the Revue Stage, where many important events have happened there from the auditions to the ReLive stories.

"What! Why are we here again!?" Claudine said in surprise.

It has been quite a while since they've been to Elle's stage. Ever since they learned about Elle's secret, it was a bit hectic for them whenever they come by and defeat the Korosu.

"But wait a minute, why are we still wearing our school uniform?" Karen noticed as she's looking at herself.

Soon enough, the entire group also realized that their outfits never changed. Usually, whenever they went to the stage, they'd change into their Stage Girl attire. But now, they remain in their school uniform.

"Do you think Elle-chan has something planned for us?" Mahiru wondered, leaving the rest of the group to follow Mahiru's theory.

While they're trying to figure out what's going on, the group suddenly heard three voices coming from the seats.

"It appears that Seisho has arrived." said one voice.

"Oh my... You're right! It is them!" said a calm voice.

"Hi girls! Guess we're not the only ones here!" said a cheery voice.

When the Seisho girls turned they were surprised when they saw the voices' origin. It was the other Stage girls from the three schools. The Rinmeikan, Frontier, and Siegfeld girls are at the stands where they found the Seisho girls.

"Aruru-chan! What are you doing here!?" Karen said in surprise, while the rest of the girls are going down the stands to welcome the Seisho girls.

"From the looks of things, it seems you're in the same predicament as we are," Akira said, "We were inside our clubroom when we ended up here."

"Well, at least you're safe, to say the least," Tamao said, "We were worried about what will happen next."

"Hey! Hey! So how did you guys ended up here!" Aruru said in excitement.

"Well, we were going back to our dorm and suddenly, we wound up here instead," Karen said.

"I think you ended up the same correct?"

Tamao replied, "Yes, that's right, we were cleaning our rehearsal room when we're suddenly transported here."

Misora then said to them, "The same thing for us! We were about to have our dinner until poof! We're at Elle's stage!"

Seeing how everyone was transported at the same time, the Stage Girls felt that Elle must've done something to bring them all together. Knowing that it could be an emergency, some of them began to give off their pleasantries to each other and discuss what Elle has planned for them until...

"Greetings Stage Girls. You have arrived."

"Welcome back to our stage-ryuu!"

When the Stage Girls turned around, they saw two figures at the center of the stage. And those two figures are none other than Elle and Andrew.

"Elle!/Elle-chan!/Abominamole!" said the Stage Girls.

Elle replied, "Seems to me you've been waiting for me."

Andrew replied, saying, "We may be a bit late-ryuu, but we're here to explain what's about to happen."

"Then explain it, Abominamole!" Kaoruko screamed.

"And it looks like you still lack some delicacy, Kyoto Girl," Andrew said in reply, leading Kaoruko steaming with anger.

"Enough Andrew," Elle said, leading Andrew to stay quiet.

"Hey, Elle-chan, do you mind telling us what's going on?" Karen said.

"Has the Korosu returned?" Tamao said in worry.

"Did you planned a surprise for us!" Aruru said in excitement, leaving some of the girls bewildered.

"I'm sorry everyone but the answer is no," Elle said.

"Then... Why did you bring us here?" Maya asked Elle.

"It's because we have a guest," Elle replied, until...

"That's enough Elle... Let me do the talking."

From the other side of the stage, the girls all turned their heads and saw a person in the shadows.

"Hey! Who are you! Show yourself!" Fumi shouted at the figure.

After Fumi's shout, the figure walked into the light. When the girls got a good look at the figure, they were in shock.

It was a well-dressed man. Wearing a black fedora, he was wearing a suit with a black tie along with checkered jeans. He also wearing brown loafers and has a choker on his neck. He's also holding a book, to say the least.

In an elegant voice, the man said, "Sorry if I scared you all, I know you have a lot of questions but I promise you, I will answer to the best of my abilities."

When most of the girls finally got their composure, Shizuru asked the man saying, "May I know who you are sir?"

The man replied saying, "My name is Edward, and I'm here to welcome you to the Revue of a Thousand Stars."