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Extra Cuddles?

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Sitting at the kitchen island you were almost halfway through your coffee, laptop in front of you as you scanned through emails from the weekend. Casey came down the hallway, dumping a pair of heels near the door before hucking a pill bottle roughly in your direction.

“Jesus Case! That almost landed in my coffee.”

“Sorry.” She mumbled, pouring herself a mug as your hands picked up the small bottle, flipping it around.

“Why’re you throwing Midol at me?”

“You’re gonna need it later.”

“How ominous of you.”

Casey moved around the island, kissing your temple softly as she wrapped an arm around you, her head coming to rest on your shoulder. You hummed at the motion, leaning into her embrace before dropping a kiss to her head.

“I take it you just started?”

“Last night.”

“And you’re somehow this perky? God I hate you.”

She laughed lightly, kissing your shoulder before moving to grab a yogurt parfait from the fridge, tossing it into her bag. You’d envied her basically as long as you’d been together, since her first period during your relationship. She simply shrugged it off and headed to the gym, mentioning that it only ever lasted a few days anyways, and they weren’t painful, she could pop a Midol and be on with her day without any worries. You on the other hand, were a grumbling mess, sometimes even starting with horrible cramps days before you started bleeding. Your periods were heavy, painful and knocked you on your ass each month, you’d had partners in the past judge you on it, thinking you were taking advantage, using your weeping uterus as an excuse to get out of things. Thankfully, Casey didn’t view you that way and always made sure you were prepared and the goodies were fully stocked, it hadn’t taken long before you’d synched up, making it even easier for her to know when you were about to start.

“Are you working from home today?” Casey asked and you glanced up from your laptop, sighing.

“I was gonna go in but after that warning I’m thinking home office and pyjamas sounds a lot better.”

“Okay.” She ducked in, kissing you gently, “call me if you need anything. I should be able to get out a bit early today.”

“Thanks.” You smiled, grabbing her for another kiss, “love you.”

“Love you too.” She shot you a dazzling grin as she ducked out the door of the apartment.

Sighing, you looked back at the screen in front of you, wondering if you had at least twenty four hours to power through as much work as you could before you’d be out of commission. You flagged the emails you deemed could be dealt with later, replied to the important ones and took a couple of calls with clients. You made sure to make lunch, double checking that there was enough prepped for dinner and the next day, and then double checked the bathroom for other supplies, shooting a text off to Casey asking if she could pick up extras on the way home. It was just a safety precaution since you’d both be going through it at the same time.


Casey managed to get home shortly after four, finding you buried on the couch sleeping. You were wrapped in a weighted blanket, a heating pad clutched against your stomach. She pouted at the sight, kissing your head gently before moving back to the kitchen, flicking the kettle on before darting to the bedroom to change.

When she settled on the couch, gently shifting your head to lay it in her lap you groaned, rolling over slightly, your eyes scrunching in the pain shooting through you.

“Sorry…” she murmured, stroking your cheek gently, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“S’okay.” You grumbled, “should probably change anyways.” You shoved the blanket off you, groaning out again as the movement pulled another cramp from you. Casey’s hand snagged the magic bag, popping it back in the microwave for you when you returned.

“Any nausea?”

“I puked after lunch.” You admitted, dropping back to the couch, taking the heating bag back from her, clutching it to your stomach. She pulled the blanket up around you, her hand rubbing soothing circles on your lower back.

“Did you want me to make you something?”

“No.” You shook your head, “not yet at least.” You kissed her shoulder, “thank you though.” Accepting the tea she’d made for you, you snuggled into her shoulder, blowing onto the steaming beverage before you took a sip.

“Okay. You just let me know.” She kissed the top your head gently, her hand continuing to rub at your back while your attention turned back to the t.v.

A few hours later, despite the pain, your stomach began to grumble. Casey had come to know that even if you were hungry, even if your body was trying to tell you to eat, you’d usually ignore it. Sometimes it meant more pain, or more vomiting, but she’d found a few ways around that over the years.

“How’s the pain?” She asked, lifting your head from her shoulder.

“You know that scene in Alien?” She nodded, “I wish that would just happen because I feel like that’s what my fucking uterus is trying to do.”

“Oh sweetheart.” She laughed, kissing you gently.

“Let’s get you some food, hopefully it’ll help. What’d’you feel like?”

“I want McDonald’s…” you grumbled.

“I’ll order some.” She moved to stand from the couch and your hand caught hers, pulling her back.

“Case it’s fine, there’s food in the fridge.” Smiling, she cupped your cheek,

“If my baby wants McDonald’s, my baby gets McDonald’s.” She kissed the tip of your nose and you smiled back at her, “What’d’you want?”

“One of everything.” You groaned, dropping down onto the couch again, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

Casey laughed, picking up her phone to order, she then mentioned she had a work call to take and you waved her off, not worried about it. You dozed on and off for the next little bit, only really coming to when you heard Casey answer the door. Wincing as you pushed yourself back up to sitting you glanced over the back of the couch.


“What?” She asked, her hands overly full with two large bags of food.

“I was kidding!!”

“I didn’t actually get one of everything,” she laughed, placing the bags down on the coffee table, “their breakfast menu isn’t available all day.”

“Great…now I want a hash brown.” Smirking, her hands explored the bags for a moment before she pulled out exactly what you asked for,

“Turns out you can get breakfast sides all day.”

“Baby…” you whined and she laughed again, this time at the literal tears blurring into your eyes. “I love you…”

“I love you too.” She replied, but still snagged a bit of the hash brown before letting you have it. It turned out she’d gotten an array of burgers, chicken burgers, wraps, nuggets, (with extra sauces) fries, and two different kind of McFlurry’s. Nothing too repetitive, but enough to cure whatever craving you could have. You happily munched away on the food, briefly forgetting about how much pain you were in (assisted by Casey’s nagging to take another Midol).

“You’re too good to me.” You murmured, wrapping yourself into her arms, “and I’m jealous of your non murdering uterus.”

“I know.” Her hand stroked at your hair, laying a kiss on your temple, “I hate seeing you in this much pain, you know I’ll do anything to help you relieve it.” She squeezed at your shoulder, “come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“Extra cuddles?” You pouted.