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Taehyung always had an intense love for animals. 

Ever since he was young he loved them and took care of them whenever he could. He couldn’t count how many times he rescued strays off of the street or took home wounded animals, secretly nursing them back to health because his parents never approved. 

Especially his mother. 

She really didn’t like it when he picked up animals off of the street. 

But it wasn’t just because they could have diseases or could have hurt him. 

No. She always said, “You never know if that’s really an animal.”

It didn’t make sense to Taehyung. Was she saying that the stray dogs he brought home were really ghosts? Or that the injured birds he nursed were goblins? He didn’t understand and his young mind went wild with possibilities. 

And then he realized that the neighborhood kids called her a witch. Stories about how she bewitched bad kids and made potions circulated the block, much to Taehyung’s surprise.

This, too, didn’t make sense to Taehyung at the time but as he got older he did begin to notice that his mother had some... odd habits. Drying herbs hung from their back porch and every full moon she went to her “quiet” room. 

She wasn’t necessarily religious, but she was definitely spiritual and she would often speak of “the universe” and keeping the balance. She would tell Taehyung stories of faeries and nymphs and old, ancient magic. 

His mother was definitely a bit... odd, to say the least but she was his mother and Taehyung loved her. He grew used to her distinct way of doing things and peculiar stories and sayings. 

What he could never grow used to was her insistence on him leaving stray animals alone. 

He just couldn’t do it. 

So when he finally moved out of his family’s home he felt a bit of fresh air enter his lungs. He was free to do as he pleased and that included leaving food out for the neighborhood cats and petting the squirrels. 

Taehyung had no idea what his mother was so worried about. Really, it was fine. He was fine. 

And then, one night, on his way home from work Taehyung stumbled upon a stray dog. 

It was wet from the rain and it looked hurt—injured. He could hear his mother’s voice in the back of his head telling him to leave the dog alone, but he just felt inclined to help. It looked so miserable and sad. 

So Taehyung took the dog home. 

He was surprised when he realized that it was much bigger than he initially thought. But it was a docile dog and after a nice, warm sudsy bath and a good brushing it cozied right up to Taehyung. 

The dog stuck to his side and while Taehyung had plans to take it to a shelter the following day, he found himself putting off that chore more and more until he just resigned himself to the fact that it was never going to happen. He loved the dog too much. 

And it seemed like the dog loved him just as much. 

“I’m gonna call you Kookie, is that okay?”He asked. 

The dog nosed at his side, nuzzling into him and letting out a small huff. No barking or lighting biting. Just more cuddling. 

“Okay, then Kookie it is.”He said. 

And Kookie was such a good boy. So obedient and sweet. He was a big dog, for sure. Definitely a great guard dog, but he was also a cuddle bug that would never leave Taehyung’s side. 

That little fact was cute...until Taehyung needed some “alone” time. 

After a rather rough day at work Taehyung decided to treat himself. He ran himself a bubble bath and poured a tall glass of wine for himself. He’d even gone as far as putting on his favorite lingerie. 

All of it was to make himself feel better. To cheer himself up. 

“Okay Kookie, time to get out now.”Taehyung had said as he held the door wide open. 

But his dog just sat and stared at him as if to say, No. I’m not moving

His pussy was already wet as he’d played with himself a bit in the bath, so Taehyung was extra impatient. But Kookie was extra stubborn and refused to move. And since he was such a big dog there was no way Taehyung could pick him up and move him by himself. 

So reluctantly, Taehyung sighed and closed the door. He got onto his bed and grabbed his vibrator from his bedside table. He was hesitant to masterbate with Kookie in the room, but there weren’t really any other options. 

Although it wasn’t long until Taehyung had gotten lost in his own fantasies and fucked himself with his vibrator as if he were really all alone. 

Loud, whiny, and definitely wet and messy. He was so focused on reaching his own orgasm that he had no idea that Kookie, his lovable dog, was watching him. He watched closely with a humanlike interest that would’ve been disturbing had Taehyung noticed. 

But he hadn’t. 


Kookie has been clingier than ever and Taehyung can’t tell why. 

He was a cuddly, close kind of dog from the beginning but he’s even more so now. It’s a bit amusing. Taehyung finds it cute for the most part. The only times it’s a bit troubling is when he’s fucking himself to orgasm. 

But that’s okay because he’s adapting well and has gotten pretty good at blocking out his dog’s presence while he masterbates. 

Tonight though, his pup has been sniffing at him constantly. It’s something he hasn’t done before but no matter what Taehyung searches up, he can’t seem to find a real answer. Kookie isn’t sick, he at least knows that much, but something is going on with him and he’s worried. 

“My poor boy,”Taehyung says as he pets the big dog. “I’m so sorry. I just can’t find out what’s wrong with you.” 

Kookie licks his face in response. At first it’s just short little licks, but then he licks even more along his face and even starts licking at his neck and toward his chest. It’s enough to make Taehyung blush and he begins to giggle, although it’s just a knee jerk reaction to the awkwardness he’s feeling. 

Because for some odd reason, his dog’s tongue feels good along his body. 

Really good and it’s both embarrassing and concerning. Especially when Taehyung realizes how wet he is already. 

He shifts back in discomfort and manages to push Kookie back, escaping from his tongue. 

“Okay boy, calm down. I get it, Mama is just over reacting.”He says, still gigging awkwardly.

Kookie seems to reign in his energy and so he finally stops fighting against Taehyung to continue licking him. It’s an interesting thing to witness—it’s like watching a person restrain themselves. 

Taehyung can’t help but find it a bit odd. Fascinating, but odd. And then he’s reminded of the warnings his mother always gave him as a child. Warnings about not picking animals up off the street. But rather quickly he shakes his head of those thoughts. There’s no reason to be thinking about his mother’s odd musings. 

Especially not now. 

Kookie is just a dog. A particularly big dog, for sure, but a regular dog nonetheless. 

“Okay Kookie, time for bed.”Taehyung says after a long while of staring at his doggy. 

Kookie hops up from the couch with him and trots to the bedroom, walking right alongside Taehyung. When he gets on the bed he goes to his normal spot and watches as Taehyung changes into his pajamas. 

“Ahh, why are you staring at me?”He asks his pet as he crawls into bed. “Feels a little creepy Kookie.” 

He pouts, but isn’t actually upset and Kookie must very clearly know that because he licks Taehyung on the cheek and then cuddles in closer to him. His large, furry body engulfs almost half of Taehyung’s body. 

His presence does well to relax Taehyung and soon he’s falling asleep. 

As soon as he falls asleep though, Kookie gets up and starts licking all over him again. His taste is addicting and his smell is even better. Taehyung is delicious in every sense of the word and yet he has no clue. 

But Kookie—well, Jungkook does. 

Jungkook knows full well how delicious Taehyung tastes and smells. He’s never met a human that has been so intoxicating and magnetizing. It’s the reason why he really doesn’t mind being treated like a pet for hours on end. 

There’s no way in hell he’d live it down if others were to see him like this, but he’ll take his chances as long as it means he can be beside Taehyung. And Jungkook meant that in a purely non sexual, non romantic sense at first. 

But now...well, he means it in every sense. 

Especially now. 

His cock is throbbing—hard and aching. He feels the burning desire to breed someone and for a long while now he’s been wanting to bend Taehyung over and fuck him full. 

Watching him masterbate certainly didn’t help, but being so close to him and hearing his breathy, whiny moans was something he just couldn’t pass up. Not at all. 

And now he just can’t help himself. 

He stays in his dog form, nosing at Taehyung and licking along his body. 

It’s easy to gain access to his cunt because Taehyung only ever sleeps in a large shirt with nothing else on underneath. So he pushes his thighs open and licks at his pussy, feeling a growl bubble from within him as he finally, finally tastes him. 

And just like the rest of him, Taehyung’s pussy tastes so good. 

Jungkook wants more. He wants to eat him out until his precious human is crying and begging him to stop, but now isn’t the time. With the way his cock is throbbing and aching he just doesn’t have the patience for it. 

He nudges Taehyung’s legs open wider and then stops, watching with bated breath as Taehyung grumbles and twitches. But thankfully, he doesn’t wake up. He is still asleep and happily dreaming. 

Which is good...because Jungkook just knows that if Taehyung were to wake up he’d push him away. He likes it when Jungkook licks him, that he knows for sure, but Taehyung is held back by his conscience so he doesn’t let Jungkook go any further. 

But right now he’s asleep.

So Jungkook lines up his thick, throbbing doggy cock to Taehyung’s wet cunt and slowly thrusts in. He lets out a whimper of his own when he realizes just how tight he is. And fuck, he’s incredibly wet. 

Jungkook tries—he tries so hard to go slow and to savor the moment, but Taehyung’s pussy is already so addicting. It’s perfect. So he can’t help but thrust his cock completely inside of him, selfishly fucking into him despite how tight he is. 

It causes Taehyung to not only stir, but to wake up. 

And he wakes up with a start, the feeling of a long, thick cock inside of his pussy surprising and scaring him out of his slumber. 

Only in his wildest dreams would Taehyung ever expect to have his dog’s cock nestled deep inside of him. He’s incredibly surprised but, truthfully, he’s also incredibly turned on. It wasn’t often that Taehyung let his thoughts wander to his dog’s dick, but when he did he never ever imagined it would feel this good. 

But still...this isn’t right. He can’t just let his dog fuck him, can he? 

So he struggles against the body on top of him, but it’s no use. He’s too weak to push his pet off of him. 

And besides, there’s no way that Jungkook is going to let this end. Not when he’s already inside of him. He pulls out of Taehyung completely and is amused to see the mixture of relief and regret in his precious human. But that’s okay, no need to feel any regret because then he thrusts back into his tight, wet heat. 

Taehyung moans loudly. So fucking loud. “Kookie, I―”

His pussy tightens around Jungkook’s doggy cock and his hands, which had been limp beside him, tangle into Jungkook’s thick, soft fur. A visible tremble runs along his body and that drives Jungkook insane. Taehyung is already so affected and he hasn’t even actually fucked him yet, he’s only stuffed him with his cock. 

Jungkook thrusts inside him. No, it’s more like he slams inside of him. 

Taehyung chokes on another moan, and then an absurdly loud wail leaves his lips. It’s not that surprising that he’s so loud given that Jungkook has watched him masterbate, but Taehyung is even louder than he usually is. 

And that turns Jungkook on even more. 

His pussy quivers around his cock and Jungkook lets out a bark, not being able to hold himself back. Taehyung’s wet, drooling cunt is just too perfect. 

So without much warning he slams into Taehyung’s cunt once again. For a brief moment, all Jungkook can do is stop and get lost in his tight, wet heat. He rocks into Taehyung, fucking into him slow. His precious human is trying his hardest to not enjoy this, but it’s as clear as day that he loves the way his pet fucks him. Taehyung can’t even keep his moans to himself. 

It’s embarrassing for Taehyung though. 

He’s never been fucked this well before, and it’s by his dog no less. But Kookie fucks him so good. His cock is so deliciously thick and long, and every time he thrusts into him there’s a slight bulge that protrudes from Taehyung’s stomach. 

It’s entirely by accident. Taehyung doesn’t intend to do it, but he can’t help the way he cants his hips, fucking back into his pet’s cock in time with his thrusts. It pulls him in deep, causing him to let out a groan.  

“So good. So good Kookie.”Taehyung says, not being able to keep himself silent any longer. “So good. I—” 

He then shifts and lifts his leg, bringing it up toward his face. He wanted Kookie deeper inside of him, but this new angle allows his doggy cock to hit his gpsot over and over again.  

Taehyung cries out, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Drool flows from his open mouth and his tongue hangs out, his words dissolving into useless babbling. 

It’s clear to Jungkook that Taehyung is about to cum. His pussy spasms around his cock and his fingers tug on his fur. His moans get louder and louder, too. 

“K-Kookie.”He manages to say between his loud, slutty moans. “I’m gonna cum, baby.” 

It’s too much for Taehyung. 

The angle. His cock. The fact that he’s fulfilling a deep, dark fantasy. 

It’s all too much and Taehyung is so close to falling apart.

Tears cloud Taehyung’s unfocused eyes. He continues trying to speak but again, nothing worth listening to comes out. 

And then he lets out a strangled wail, The words “please” and “Kookie” are the only things distinguishable but Jungkook knows that that’s the best he can do. That, amidst his cloudy mind, he can’t muster up anything else. 

He angles his dick and thrusts into Taehyung, knocking the air out of him as he does so. 

Taehyung is just so pathetic—so pitiful. His entire body quivers and shudders as he cries and moans. He’s getting fucked stupid, brainless. He feels so good and it’s all because of his pet dog’s cock. 

How shameful. He knows he should be disgusted with himself, but he’s so glad that Kookie is fucking him. He’s never been fucked this good. Ever.

More senseless yapping comes out but Jungkook doesn’t pay it any mind as he lets himself get lost, once again, in Taehyung’s intoxicating cunt. As he brings his precious human closer to orgasm, his pussy grips him tighter and tighter, already trying to milk him for everything he’s got. 

Jungkook relishes in the way his cunt has a vice grip on his cock while it trembles from an orgasm. 

And then Taehyung’s back arches off the bed—hands tugging and pulling on Jungkook’s soft, thick fur. Sobs wrack his body as his pussy gushes while his muscles jerk and twitch. 

Jungkook follows soon after, cum shooting from his dick and painting Taehyung’s insides white. 

But he’s not done. He’s nowhere near done. 

So he pulls out of Taehyung’s cunt and nudges him to move. It takes a while for Taehyung’s head to clear enough for him to understand, but eventually he does and so he turns over and gets on his hands and knees. 

His pussy is on perfect display for Jungkook and for a second he just stops to marvel at it. His own cum leaks from Taehyung’s pussy and he watches it clench around nothing, greedily desiring to be filled once again. 

So Jungkook gives him what he wants. 

He thrusts back into Taehyung and begins fucking him once again. 

He doesn’t plan on stopping until Taehyung is completely full of his cum and his desire to breed someone has been fulfilled. 

And that must be clear to Taehyung because he shakes his hips, teasing Jungkook to fuck him full of more cum. Jungkook is more than happy to oblige, forcing his cock deep inside of his precious human which causes him to moan loudly. 

Taehyung likes that. He likes the idea of being bred, especially if it’s by Kookie,  and it seems that he likes it a lot more than he thought he would. He has his face buried into the pillows, presumably to keep himself silent but it seems like Kookie doesn’t want that. 

He nips at his neck and drills his cock deeper into Taehyung, ramming right into his gspot. 

Taehyung whines and finally lifts his head up from the pillows so that his loud moans can be heard. “Love your cock so much Kookie. Such a good boy, making Mama feel so good. Love the way you fuck me. Wanna give you so many pups.”

A growl rumbles from deep within Jungkook's chest as he thrusts deep into Taehyung’s cunt, stabbing into his g-spot. The image of Taehyung all heavy—fat and plump—carrying his litter turns him on even more.  

It drives him a bit crazy, really, and he can’t help but lose control. He’d been pretty clear headed despite how intoxicating and addicting Taehyung’s cunt is, but with that image stuck in his head he can’t help but lose himself. 

Jungkook ruthlessly and fiercely fucks into Taehyung. He has very little regard for Taehyung at this point but, as it turns out, Taehyung is loving every second of it. He enjoys being fucked roughly. Being treated like nothing more than a cocksleeve turns him on. 

He grinds into Jungkook’s cock as whimpers leave his mouth. “Kookie please. Need your cock so bad. Please fuck me, fuck my pussy please. Mama will be good for you, I promise. So please.

Another whimper trickles out of his mouth, but as Jungkook’s cock scrapes against his g-spot it quickly turns into a wail. Taehyung’s body shudders against his pet’s furry one. 

He’s getting fucked stupid. He can’t think of anything but Kookie’s perfect doggy cock and how good it feels in his slopping cunt. 

“I’m all yours Kookie.”He says out loud, knowing that later on he’ll be beyond ashamed and embarrassed by himself. “Wanna be fat with your pups. I love your cock, I―” 

Jungkook fucks into his precious human as if it were his rut. Below him Taehyung grips the mattress. He rocks back into Jungkook’s dick, making his thrusts reach deeper. His own pitiful, slutty moans are joined together by Jungkook’s continuous growling and barking. 

Taehyung is close, so close to another orgasm. Jungkook can tell. So he forces his cock into him and fucks him at a brutal pace. 

“Gonna cum.”Taehyung announces as pulls on the sheets. “Gonna cum, I―” 

His stomach muscles clench tightly and he can’t seem to help it when his entire body surges forward. His eyes glaze over and his mouth hangs open with his tongue hanging out. He drools on himself but he can’t muster up the feeling of shame. Not when he’s getting fucked so good that his mind is completely empty. 

Taehyung babbles nonsensically at this point, not being able to form a coherent thought. 

It’s cute. 

Adorable, really. 

He’s already so perfectly messed up, but Jungkook is at the point where he wants to ruin him. 

It doesn’t take long for him to cum once again, emptying another large load into Taehyung’s fertile womb. But again, he’s nowhere near being done with him. So rather than pulling out of Taehyung, he begins fucking him again. 

Beneath him, Taehyung lets out a slurred moan but he doesn’t fight it. 

It’s most definitely going to be a long night for him, but he welcomes it openly. 


It isn’t until early into the afternoon that Taehyung wakes up. 

His body is incredibly sore and as he sits up he realizes that the bed beneath him is still wet, damp from cum though he can’t tell whose it is.

It’s hard to get out of bed when he realizes what he’d done. What he said

He begged for his dog’s cock―pleaded to be fucked full and bred. 

How shameful. How embarrassing. How will Taehyung look at Kookie now that he’s allowed this to happen? 

But just as he’s praying for the ground to swallow him whole, a tall, naked man enters into his room with a glass of water in his hand. He looks incredibly surprised to see Taehyung awake, but Taehyung is more surprised to see him in general. 

“Who are you?”He asks, trying desperately to hide his naked body with his covers. 

The man smirks and sets down the cup of water, climbing onto the bed afterwards and making himself quite comfortable between Taehyung’s legs. 

“Aww, darling. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me already. I know I look a bit different, but you were begging for my cock all night long.”He says with an amused smile on his face. His hands then rub along Taehyung’s legs, spreading them wider as he does so. “For someone who begged to carry my children, you sure are acting shy.” 

Taehyung’s eyes widen and he freezes a bit. He tightens his hold on the covers but then vaguely, he’s reminded of the warning his mother always told him when he was a child. 


“Actually, It’s Jungkook. But honestly, Kookie was surprisingly close so I don’t mind it much.”

Taehyung is surprised. Absolutely floored. He doesn’t know what to say, but that’s okay because Jungkook doesn’t need him to say anything. Instead he busies himself with pulling the covers off of Taehyung and kissing his thighs. 

His pussy is still leaking with his cum. 

“Oh look, some of it leaked out. I guess now I gotta fuck some more into you, huh?” 

Taehyung doesn’t refuse him. 

Why would he? Jungkook is drop dead gorgeous and he fucked him so good last night. He made him feel good. Better than Taehyung as ever felt. 

So he cups Jungkook’s face and leans in to kiss him. His tongue easily slips into Jungkook’s mouth and his hands tangle in his hair. And when he pulls back he smiles at Jungkook. 

“Now that I know you have a human form, you’re not gonna stop fucking me in your doggy form are you?” 

Jungkook nips at his thighs and looks up at him with a smirk on his face. “Of course not darling, not when you’ve gotten so addicted to doggy dick.”