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The Dragon of the Night

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Sokka was definitely expecting the dragon. Yes, he was. No matter what anybody else said.

Getting closer to the Palace, he'd asked around about the prince. Some called him weak and disrespectful and not a true heir to the throne, but the majority of the people loved him. They called him patient and kind, and honorable.

But he did not account for the black reptile.


Maybe sixteen feet long, Prince Zuko the Dragon looked more like a scaled version of a pygmy puma than a dragon.
... That long, whip-like tail made him look a lot bigger than he was.

Sokka was sitting on the edge of the window sill, looking into the Prince's room. The black scaled beast was curled up asleep in the blankets on the enormous bed.

Seriously, who needs a bed that big?!?

He could feel the dragon's breath warming the cool night air. The non-bender was silently cursing Piandao for not telling the group about the Prince's dragon-ness.

...He didn't see any claws on the dragon, which surprised him. Weren't dragons supposed to have claws?

Then he noticed a four small slits on the huge paw. For it was a paw, designed almost exactly like a cat's. Interesting.

Sokka watched as the Prince shifted slightly more towards the edge of the bed. He smirked. Gravity should be kicking in any minute now...yup. The dragon disappeared off the end with a Yelp. Or a surprised yip. That was up for interpretation.

Sokka slipped silently into the night.

Pale yellow eyes gleamed in the dark.